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y510p screen flicker FIX!

Q: y510p screen flicker FIX!

Found a possible fix (workaraound) of the famous screen flicker problem. I've tried all of the proposed fixes found anywhere on the web and nothing worked for more than 5 minutes. I also sent it to be serviced, came back even worse.The screen would go crazy when showing high contrast images with a lot of black. The flicker was most prominent when testing the pixel-walk(inversion) on this website: you have the same problem, try applying pressure on the LCD frame in one of the corners. In my case the flicker went away. I put a piece of fabric between the plastic and the metal LCD frame and after some fiddling I managed to find a sweet spot with no flicker.My laptop is y510p with 755M SLI and FullHD screen.Try at your own risk!Cheers

A: y510p screen flicker FIX!

Ok, I have an update. The flickering can be fixed with a bit of DIY. There's a band cable attaching the display circuit to the metal frame holding the LCD. This band is glued with some sort of conductive glue that goes bad over time, messing up the electronics somehow, I guess preventing the capacitors from discharging properly, dunno.Try and make your own conductive band, I made mine using aluminum tape, it works very well. No flicker noticeable for over a week.Once again, try at your own risk.

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HiIt just "died" . When I try to turn in on using power button , or levono button - it's just blank , black screen. No keyboard backlit. No sound.I have tried starting with battery only , or without battery on psu only. Is is dead for sure , or there is some magic trick I can try ?

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Note: I've already switched the LCD panel with another functioning SL510 laptop, but no change. 1. Display is always perfect on external monitor.2. Flicker stops on LCD screen' when connected to an external monitor and configured in Control Panel, Screen Resoution with DUPLICATE display turned on (although some screen colours are 'off').3. Only when I switch back to EXTENDED display the laptop screen returns to extreme flicker but NOT the external monitor. That seems to display just fine no matter what's happening on the laptop.4. When I do a screen capture of the dialog box displayed on the laptop screen, the image that I captured on the screen is fine when I paste. But here's what I'm actually seeing:   Any ideas??? Thanks in advance! 

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Hi there. I'm just hoping that I can find the solution as soon as possible. So I tried playing some casual games yesterday and all of a sudden the game froze and the image started tearing apart. Next thing you know it, the screen went blank. So I force shut down it and reboot, but after the Lenovo logo, the screen goes blank. There's a faint glow, but there's no image or cursor. Could it possibly be that the GPU crashed and there's no graphic to power the display? Or should I try entering Recovery Mode or Safe Mode to switch the display graphic to Intel HD? Besides, how do I enter Safe/Recovery Mode since I'm on Windows 10. Any help would be much appreciated.  

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Recently, my Y510p screen has begun to change some pixels colors (green and purple) based on how far I open the lid of the laptop. Currently, I cannot open the lid past approximately 90 degrees or the screen's color will change. Websites are still readable, I believe that it has something to do with the connections in the joints of the laptop, but I am not positive.
Here is a picture of the lenovo website with the issue occurring.
Link to picture
Some extra information:

Laptop Age: ~ 5 months
Never been dropped
College Use (Usually kept on desk in dorm room)
Light travel in backpack
Always closed lid on shutdown
I do have a warranty plan, if nothing can be done, worst case I can send my computer back.

If anyone else has been having this issue and been able to have it fixed, please chime in with what was causing your problems.
Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules

A:Y510p Screen Green at Certain Angles

Hello, I know this post is very old but I would love to know how you fixed the problem or if you returned the laptop. I have been having this problem for like 6 months or even more, but now it's become so bad that I almost have no LCD angle position where I don't get these pin/green/red dots. They move with the video or pictures and I believe there are only certain colors that trigger this problem. But now, it's become worse so I get this problem at nearly all the colors. I personally believe the problem is in the screen connector, because it depends on screen tilt position. Also, when this problem started, when I pressed the laptop near the LCD hinge on the right side, the dots disappeared or reduced. But now, almost nothing helps. There's just like 1 or 2 very precise LCD tilt positions where I get very less such green/red/pink dots.  This is my first post/reply and I had to make an account just to ask this question! Hoping to hear from you and the community. 

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Hi so my reason for the dual boot is because some games have stopped working on 10 and apparently 7 due to some services are no longer there which are better for secuity. first of all i had a problem with it not knowing my pc hardware configuration i got round this using xp pro x64 disc which i got on ebay. now i get a blue screen (0x000000A5) i've tried changing everything in bios to see if it makes it work but no luck, ive got really stuck with this problem ive got the latest bios. images below are my blue screen and bios. thanks james Preview attachment IMG_0407.JPG  IMG_0407.JPG973 KB   Preview attachment IMG_0409.JPG  IMG_0409.JPG782 KB  Preview attachment IMG_0410.JPG  IMG_0410.JPG718 KB Preview attachment IMG_0412.JPG  IMG_0412.JPG699 KB 

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Hi, I've been having troubles with my laptop screen. Upon reopening my laptop from sleep mode, the screen remains black instead of loading up the login screen. I've plugged in an HDMI external monitor and it displays fine so I know it is the laptop screen. Also if I restart the laptop, the laptop screen works fine. I've tried updating graphics drivers and adjusting external monitor options (Win+P) but with no success. Any suggestions on what I should do? I've had this laptop for a while now and there is no valid warranty.Thank you

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Hi, when I tilt my screen forwards and backwards (not really when I rotate it in its frame) I get a flicker and the screen goes black for a second. It feels like it might be a hardware issue - I just wondered if it was common and there was a cheap fix? Or if it is a software issue is there something that can be installed to remedy it?

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i have my xp screensaver setup so that when i move the mouse to exit the screensaver it takes me to the login screen. when it goes back to the login screen though the screen flickers/refreshes for about 10 seconds. with horizontal bars going down the screen and the picture slightly clearer each time. does anyone have any idea why is does this? or what i can do about it?

thanks for any help

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Recently my screen has been flickering every so often. I first noticed it playing some video games, but I thought it was a graphics setting. Now it seems to be happening while reading on Firefox. Is this a problem with my graphics card? It's a Radeon HD 5500.

A:Screen flicker

Try changing your graphics card refresh rate. Make sure that your monitor and the card are within eachothers' compatibility range, ideally as close as possible.

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I've been having an issue in Windows 7 since last night.

Every game I attempt to open, and some application windows, are giving me flickers as though the screen is trying to minimize and maximize repeatedly in rapid succession.

I was recently using Advanced System Optimizer and I'm guessing the problem stemmed from my brief stint with it. Unfortunately my computer wasn't set to take a restore point, or this could've been avoided.

I'm using the most recently updated version of Windows 7 Home Premium right now, and I'll gladly provide any other information you all might need.

Ideas? Anyone?

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Hey all,

I have a Packard Bell PIII 450MHz PC running Windows 98SE that I've recently been making a few amendments to (wireless network, addition of RAM - originally 64MB, another 256MB added). I don't know what has caused it but the screen will flicker very badly and I think the monitor might be near its end. The PC has an inbuilt graphics card and is installed with another one (Hercules) but I don't think this is the problem as it ran fine for a long time with both of them in. I recently tried changing the refresh rate to 75Hz AFTER the monitor started to flicker but that didn't make any difference. It seems the top of the screen is worse than the bottom and its starting to go a yellowish colour at the top. Doesn't sound good I know. Do you reckon I need to change the monitor or could it be the graphics cards? Thanks for your help.


A:Screen Flicker

Test the monitor on another computer. If it does the same thing, you've answered your question.

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I just got Windows 7 Home Premium today and installed 64bit edition. I must say, I'm over the moon. Great OS.

Have a very small annoyance issue I was hoping someone could tell me is a result of a feature that I can turn off that isn't a major.

So here's what's happening

In Windows Explorer / My Computer when it's maximized "full screen", when I double click a folder and navigate around the directories, the screen changes brightness to bright then back very quickly to the original level (it basically flashes). If a folder only has a few other files inside of it, it even changes brightness when I hover over the icons. It's not a major and doesn't do it when it's not fully maximized. Even if I make it the size of the screen by dragging the corners when it's restored down it doesn't do it. Very weird, and kind of hurts my eyes, especially when it's getting late at night and I should be in bed already.

When I disable visual themes, the problem goes away, but then it looks like rank, and I want to have all the flashy things that are unique to this version of windows, so....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Screen Flicker

hi Lamda09a, and welcome to sevenforums, you'll like it here,

i had a similar problem back in my brief vista days with a samsung monitor - it didn't like any program going fullscreen - especially movies, it would flicker like crazy.

a visit to the manufacturer's webiste and a quick driver/profile download sorted it out - the one and only time i've needed to download a monitor driver ever, i think. luckily the same monitor has no problems in any of the 7s that i've tried.

hope this helps, if not, come back here!

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i recently installed win XP, however i now find that the far left part of my screen is slightly flickery... as though its juddering from being shaken really fast. its very slight but highly irritating... i have an AMD xp 1500 and geforce 2 64Mb... anyone offer any help?

A:Win XP screen flicker

Verify XP installed the correct driver for your graphic card. If it is, try adjusting the refresh rate.

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Since a couple of weeks I notice that the screen flickers from time to time on my Dell XPS15 (4K display).
Seems to be related to doing typing on the laptop, as it doesn't seem to happen when I for example
watch a movie and don't interact with the laptop.

Any thoughts?

A:Screen flicker

What is the exact system model? What is the current OS installed on the system? Does this happen with or without the adapter connected? Is the adapter frayed? What applications are you using when you notice the screen flicker, while using the keyboard to type?
Connect an external keyboard and check if the screen flickers while using the external keyboard.
Connect an external monitor and check if the issue is seen there as well.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
Run the LCD bist - Turn off the system and press and hold the "D" key + power button to turn on the system and it should run the LCD built in self test - see this link for more info -
While running the tests above, use the keyboard and press any key, although the keypress would not come into effect on the display, check if the screen flickers while in this mode.
Also, run a custom test on the keyboard through Support Assist and check if the screen flickers at that point -
Based on your response, we could isolate the source of the issue.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I just installed sp3 on my lenovo laptop following the instructions found on this site. Everything seems ok but occasionally I get a slight flicker in the screen. It does not seem to be happening at a regular interval and I could miss some flickers if I blink too long. Any thoughts? I hope this is nothing and that it is not going to mess up my laptop. I haven't fixed my desktop yet.

A:screen flicker after sp3

First, check your monitor's refresh rate; make sure it's set to the highest available value.

Failing that, update your video card and monitor drivers from HERE. Ideally, this should have been carried out prior to the SP3 install, however, as you've had no major issues, you seem to have got away with it, so give it a whirl now.

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I'm not sure when it happened but my screen flickers constantly. I was thinking it was something with the refresh rate but I'm not experienced in this sort of thing so I could use some help.

Wrong forum?
Need more info?
Let me know!

A:Screen Flicker

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Over past two days noted a flicker on screen, notably in top bar area of FF and in a game, Not constant but there occasionally.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750ti on 24 inch iiyama flat screen

wonders if anyone after recent update applied?

A:Screen Flicker

Is it the monitor doing something weird? This happened to my neighbor a few weeks ago. It turned out to be a bad monitor. Also, what cord are you using to connect your display to your desktop? (Displayport, VGA, HDMI, etc)
Is the cord twisted? I doubt it's a twisted cord. Maybe a setting in the game itself or it's just part of the game and you just never noticed it. (Again, I doubt that's the cause too.)

What's the game you've been playing?

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It just started today. Windows XP Pro, office 2003, Firefox three, lots of RAM, plenty of hard drive space, Dell precision 390 about one year old.

The image on the screen flickers like it's being reloaded several times a second. Additionally, the mouse is not responsive.

After using Alt F4 when I reload the program (Outlook or Firefox) it is stable for a period of time.

Where should I begin to locate the source of the problem?

Thank you

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Hi guys!
How's it going? Recently built a new rig for working and gaming but I've noticed that there is some slight screen flicker when I load up a game and sometimes even if I'm just on a greyscale webpage- the machine doesn't crash or anything though. There's also no "System information" in my DX Diagnostic so slightly confused why that is as well- I did a scannow scf thing for it and it seemed to repair something but don't know what. I'll write how I built the machine and perhaps that'll give a clue.

I installed all parts in the case as directed and set up. I ran Windows 7 but since I couldn't find my original CD key I couldn't register my copy (I assure you it's all above board- I got my copy of Windows 7 via the Academic Alliance my University has with Microsoft) so with it installed I used the upgrade function of Windows 8 to upgrade and do a fresh install. Once completed I ran the NVideo 310 driver for the GPU I've got. It seemed a bit buggy so I did a complete uninstall of it (unstalling through Device Manager then deleting the NVidia Files in My Programs (realising it was a Beta driver) and replaced it was a slightly earlier WHQL Driver- which is far less buggy. However, this has not fixed the Screen Flicker issue.

As with the lack of "System information" in DxDiag I have no idea. It doesn't seem to register anything but the GPU in one of the latter info sections but there is noth... Read more

A:Screen Flicker

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Hi I have SL 400, my screen is flickering. I had downloaded and install the drivers given by the lenovo.But still i safe the same problem.I want to know whether this is screen flickering is an hardware problem or software problem.I'm using Windows Vista in my laptop Could any one can please help me here to clear my screen this is one year old TP

A:SL 400 Screen Flicker

I have the same problem. I am afraid it might be something serious. Have you managed to solve your problem somehow? My laptop is also one year old. I have not installed anything yet.

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I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this. I have a laptop and whenever I take it to class, it is running off of the battery. only when it is running of the battery do I get this random thing on my computer where the screen goes black twice for just a split second. It's almost like it is blinking. It usually only does one set of two "blinks" each time that I unplug it and go to class. I wasn't sure if this is something I should be worried about or not. It never does it when I am plugged in. It is not an issue of low battery as it can happen when I have 80-90% remaining or it can happen when it is low around 20%. It does not happen every time. Any ideas or thoughts about this would be appreciated.

And I also have this thing when I turn my computer off (Again, not every time) where sometimes it will say it's shutting down something called Shell Icon hidden this a bad thing to see?

A:Screen flicker?

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could a bad video card cause the screen to flicker? -- Looks almost like its "crawling" or moving.

its a pretty new Viewsonic 19inch LCD monitor - maybe a year old at the outside.

Im hoping its a video card although so many other things have been wrong with this machine that nothing would surprise me at this point.

A:Screen Flicker

have u tried to use ur pc without the card?[being disable in device manager]... maybe ur right its the card...what u can do go n test this LCD with the pc of a friend near ur place n see. if everything works fine zen uve got ur culprit..........

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Whenever I try to open the File Manager, it doesn't open and the screen would flicker. Also, if I right clicked on an icon on the desktop, the screen would flicker and doesn't open that thing beside the icon. The only way to access the FIle Manager is to search a folder in it, but if I try to interact with it, it will close and the screen would flicker. It's been happening since I tried to download an uncompatible AMD driver into my laptop. I emailed the AMD support and didn't really get an direct answer. Been trying to find a driver for my laptop, but none shows up. I'm really despreate for a solution, please help. (I hope this is reversible, but if it isn't, oh well) If you ask me why I tried to download an uncompatible driver on my laptop, it's because I didn't know at the time and I'm not a hardware/software expert. 

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This has been going on for a few weeks, but i have been ignoring it. I dont know if this is a video card or monitor problem (video card is pretty new, monitor is 5+ years old). When im on parts of the screen will "flicker". Like a quick black fuzzy flicker. Dont know really how to explain it. It dosent do it all the time, its random. Like right now its not.

I hope this is the monitor rather then the card. Any ideas?


A:Screen Flicker

According to the Electronic Product Recovery and Recycling Baseline Report, published in 1999 by the National Safety Council, the estimated average lifespan of a computer monitor is 4-7 years

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not sure if this is where i post, but my screen is either flickering, or not working at all when I start windows in normal mode (not when in safe mode). it just started yesterday after installing napster the day before and itunes the day before that. i tried deleting the programs, and when that didn't work i tried a system restore to about a week or two prior. nothing is working - in fact it seems to be getting worse. can someone please help me?

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i go this card when ccc versions were in the 10's, i updated it to the 11's when they came out and ever since then one of my screens flickers i can get them to switch screen flickers from screen to screen by changing 60hz to 75hz but cannot get it to go away all together. now the one thing about this is i have ccc disabled on startup. at start up i have no problem but as soon as i start ccc it will flicker. if i manually close the program it keeps the flickering until restart. it doesnt just constatly flicker but durring game play it does or scrolling up and down on a web page. if you know of a fix or something to try please let me know. i just installed 12.1 and no change.

just checked and only happens when ccc is over clocked

A:ccc screen flicker since 11.0

Quote: Originally Posted by fastslvblkcar

i go this card when ccc versions were in the 10's, i updated it to the 11's when they came out and ever since then one of my screens flickers i can get them to switch screen flickers from screen to screen by changing 60hz to 75hz but cannot get it to go away all together. now the one thing about this is i have ccc disabled on startup. at start up i have no problem but as soon as i start ccc it will flicker. if i manually close the program it keeps the flickering until restart. it doesnt just constatly flicker but durring game play it does or scrolling up and down on a web page. if you know of a fix or something to try please let me know. i just installed 12.1 and no change.

just checked and only happens when ccc is over clocked

hi you say it only happens when the settings in the ccc are ticked to overclock? i have seen this problem from other users/forums and they all UN-TICK the overclock box and then the flicker stops. so if you don't really need this function on when using the pc don't use it mine is turned off and it does not affect my games when i am playing them.

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having a problem with my lg 700s studioworks monitor, it wasn't flickering that much before i got this registry mechanic download, i clicked tune up, and i tried the recommended and minimal options, and then tried to restore it the way it was, (didnt even think about the monitor acting up) but i still have the problem now, and am without the cd, so i forget what the default settings are for this monitior with this hard drive, just wondering, what can be done about my problem to make it flicker less/ none there be any default info somewhere for this setup?...(like i said it could be a problem specifically somewhere in the registry, permanent damage or something..not 100% sure if its a registry issue tho either) any help would be a plus!


A:Screen Flicker

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Seems like ever since the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers update (I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think it's the case), my screen stays black upon being woken up from sleep or hibernation. I know it's on, and it's not a matter of the computer being slow, because it's not, and even if it were, leaving it on for many minutes and it remains blank, and the power button and keyboard and everything light up and it starts heating up, so I know it's doing something. Hitting FN-F2 for the backlight does nothing, so I don't think that's the issue. The only way to resolve it is to hold down the power button and reboot, which **bleep**ing pisses me off because sometimes I have important work up and am forced to lose it. Anyone else seeing this issue? Could it be related to the new graphics drivers, or is this something worse and hardware related? My screen seems A-OK when it comes to everything else. Thank you!

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Hi everyone, I've had a Lenovo Y510P with SLI 750m's for about 1 year and 3 months now. 2 weeks ago (around the time I upgraded to Windows 10). My laptop suddenly is unable to boot for the most part.When I press power, it hangs on the initial blank screen, with no logo pop-up. I have managed to get it to boot before, just simply by restarting over and over, but it's been 3 days and no luck now. It simply stays on a blank screen (no backlight), though the keyboard and power button light up. Here are the steps I've taken to troubleshoot:-> Removed battery, unplugged AC, performed "fleeting power removal" by holding the power button for 60 secs (have done this multiple times)-> Removed RAM, changed slots etc. When there is no RAM, the machine will continuously reboot-> Removed HDD, reseated-> Removed 2nd GPU. When the 2nd GPU is plugged in, the fan will try and spin every so often-> Unplugged connectors to wi-fi module-> Restarted many times-> Pressed the NOVO button, it simply brings it to the blank screen Any advice would be much appreciated. The laptop itself is in good condition, and has little physical ware. Unfortunately it's no longer under warranty, and I'm sure the cost of sending it in is quite high. 

A:Lenovo Y510P not booting, blank screen on startup

If you boot without the HDD, what happens?

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Hi All,
I purchased my y510p (GT755M SLI) in July of this year from and I am having similar issues as described in this thread.
In my case, the issues usually begin 45 minutes after startup and persist until I turn off the laptop for several hours; and then the cycle repeats. After 45 minutes, my display begins "flash" white screens for fractions of a second, oscillate on dark shades of blue/grey, and also display vertical colored bars (similar to the videos posted in this thread). I have identified several ways I can quiclkly replicate the issues: (1) setting the brightness to the max setting, (2) visiting websites with dark grey backgrounds (, for example), (3) watching video in either windowed or fullscreen.
Some other things I wanted to note:
-I discovered by chance that when I apply light-moderate pressure to a certain spot underneath my laptop (on the underside of where the "x" and "c" keys are on my keyboard), the problem disappears. This leads me to believe it is a hardware issue or loose component.
-The problem does not appear on external displays, only on the laptop.
-I have already sent my laptop to lenovo for a repair and the screen was replaced. The issue resurfaced after the second or third use.
-Problem ranges from a few infrequent flashes of vertical bars to full screen mayhem.
-An electrical sound can be heard near the LCD, as if there isnt enough energy to power it completely.
11/5 EDIT: This post was moved to ... Read more

A:Re: Y510P Screen Flashing, Flickering, Random Colo...

I just bought a Y510p and the screen flickers on certain colours. On Lagom  the flicker is very strong on 7b. The screen is 1366 x 768. I actually wanted to lower resolution screen as I've got a few older programs like photoshop which don't scale and my eye site isn't great. Is there anyway to fix it? If not, do all of the Y510p laptop screens have the same problem? I'll probably send it back but I really like the laptop otherwise so would love to get another one if the flickering was fixed. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Is it true that there is a manufacture defect of a faulty motherboard that has caused this?

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I've been experiencing a problem that seems to be progressively worsening. In general, it only seems to manifest when playing games, and even then, only specific ones seem to trigger it. Sometimes it happens moments after a game starts, other times I can go hours. If I'm lucky, sometimes I can catch the following error bubble:

Granted that is a slightly old image as my nvidia drivers are current. Either way, if I'm not forced into a restart, games reboot all garbly and I have to do it anyway. I have taken to trying to monitor my temperatures, and in general my graphics card seems to idle around 50C. When games like Rift or Tera are active, temps hover between 60-65C in most cases, though I acknowledge Tera has some optimization issues in some areas that may creep it up to the 70s. In attempts to find the cause of this issue, the best I've found is maybe my graphics card, power supply, or even my motherboard is about to croak. None of which are appealing outcomes.

And now some stats:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Original OS: Windows XP
System Age: About 4 years old
OS Age: About 2.5-3 years
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8500 @3.16Ghz and @3.17Ghz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX285
Motherboard: P5N-D
Power Supply: 750W (Unsure, but this is an Area 51 Alienware unit)

The following is a screnshot of my PC running CPUID, probably about 15-20m including working on this post:

Unfortunately, I can't log in to Rift at the moment due to some server authentication issues to try and... Read more

A:Screen flicker and crashing.

Okay, so got into Rift and nabbed a screenshot after maybe 15-20m of playing:
Coincidentally, while setting about cropping the screenshot, I got hit by the issue I'm trying to address and managed to snag another of my readings:
From the looks of it, the Amps on my Current tab spiked significantly. If that is the likely culprit, I suppose my next question would be if there's something I can do about it.

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I have a shuttle win7 pc setup as a media center, running a ati radeon 4550 over hdmi to a sony lcd tv.
After the system has booted (on a ssd for os, harddisk for data,1gig network nas for films and music) i get intermittent problems with the display blanking out. When it starts it goes every 3 mins, with the tv loosing signal for a second then the display returning.

Ive tried...
Swapping the hdmi cable
Reinstalling the os
Swap graphics card for nvidia
Adding extra cooling to the ati4550 card to keep it down below 50c.
Even got a new barebones case and motherboard

Reinstalling the os seemed to resolve it for a while, then it reappeard after a few weeks.

There are no eventlog entries, no powermanagement logs I can find and all drivers are upto date..

Im getting very frustrated.. any ideas welcome.

A:3min screen flicker

Welcome to Seven Forums stav242. This may actually just be an HDMI/TV issue. Do you have other HDMI sources connected to the TV that work fine? This intermittent dropout issue is very common with Direct TV boxes and Motorola Cable boxes. I can sometimes correct it for customers buy doing an "HDMI reset". This involves unlugging the cable from the TV, unplugging the AC power from the TV and the source device. Reconnecting the AC and let the device boot. Turn on the TV and then reconnect the HDMI cable and switch to the HDMI input.

Check for the latest update for your Sony TV (they are often for HDMI connectivity issues, I am a TV tech).

Sony eSupport - Electronics - Select Your Model

Put in model number and choose Drivers and Software tab.

This could however be a PC issue of course, but if it is a TV issue, you will never fix it by going the PC route obviously.

A Guy

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can anyone please help, using the code below on a worksheet, i am getting a lot of screen flicker each time a button or data entry is made, even though i have set application.screenupdating = false and application.calculation = xlmanual
is there something i have missed out or not put in that would rectify the problem

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

If OptionButton1 = True Then
For Each c In Range("b5")
ActiveSheet.Unprotect 'range 10 - 30
c.Value = Round(Rnd() * 16) + 10
ElseIf OptionButton2 = True Then
For Each c In Range("b5")
ActiveSheet.Unprotect 'range 30 - 55
c.Value = Round(Rnd() * 26) + 30
ElseIf OptionButton3 = True Then
For Each c In Range("b5")
ActiveSheet.Unprotect 'range 55 - 80
c.Value = Round(Rnd() * 26) + 55
End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic

End Sub

Private Sub worksheet_beforerightclick(ByVal target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
End Sub

Private Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range)
Dim WB As Workbook, ws As Worksheet
Set WB = ThisWorkbook
Set ws = WB.Worksheets("English Cricket")

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

If Not Intersect(target, Range("D9")) Is Nothing Then
ws.Range("E9&... Read more

A:Solved: screen flicker

Hi there,

Try something like this. Use a slightly more condensed code as follows:

Option Explicit

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If OptionButton1 = True Then
Range("B5").Value = Round(Rnd() * 16) + 10
ElseIf OptionButton2 = True Then
Range("B5").Value = Round(Rnd() * 26) + 30
ElseIf OptionButton3 = True Then
Range("B5").Value = Round(Rnd() * 26) + 55
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
End Sub

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim WB As Workbook, WS As Worksheet
Set WB = ThisWorkbook
Set WS = WB.Worksheets("English Cricket")
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("D9")) Is Nothing Then
WS.Range("E9").Value = WS.Range("E9").Value + WS.Range("D9").Value - WS.Range("b5").Value
End If
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("D10")) Is Nothing Then
WS.Range("E10").Value = WS.Range("E10").Value + WS.Range("D10").Value - WS.Range("b5").Value
End If
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("D11")) Is Nothing Then
WS.Range("E11").Value = WS.Range("E11").Value + WS.Range("D11&qu... Read more

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I bought a new computer off E-Bay and I am having a problem with either the monitor or the onboard graphics card. What is happeneing is when I set the monitor to its native resolution, it turns green and flickers bad. I have to run at a very low resolution and even when I do it flickers when I play movies. What is the first thing I should look for?
AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition Processor @ 2.3Ghz Per Core Socket AM2+
8GB (4 X 2GB) 240pin DDR2 800Mhz PC6400 Memory
500GB SATA 300Mbps 7200RPM 16MB Buffer Hard Drive
Nvidia GeForce 8200 Chipset Motherboard with HDMI, 8 Channel Audio, Gigabit LAN, SATA 300Mbps, USB 2.0
Nvidia GeForce 8200 Video w/Hybrid SLI Available
Windows Vista 64
Benq FP222W 22" LCD monitor

A:Solved: screen flicker

try increasing the refresh rate of your monitor

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When I lower my screen resolution, the screen, videos or games is fine. But when I set it on my native resolution it starts flickering. What could probably affect that, and how to solve it??
Screen resolution: 1366x768 , 60 hz. HELP!!!!!

A:Windows Screen Flicker

Crysis, what kind of video card do you have? I ran into a similar situation with my AMD\Radeon 6700HD after I used the included software to overclock. I even let the software pick the settings, but shortly after I started getting screen flickering. Especially when moving the mouse around. I would make sure these settings are OFF or Default. If you don't see anything in particular, I would remove all the video card software, not just drivers, and install from a fresh download.

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guys im experiencing a very frustating problem...everytime i open games or apps it is not in full screen mode and it flickers when i click...i already updated the drivers for my video card...i experienced this after uninstalling RegistryEasy

Here is the specs of my Desktop PC

Intel Core i5 650

GeForce Gt220

2gb memory

Tnanks in advance

A:full screen flicker

Did you let RegistryEasy do any system (registry) changes?

The best course of action is to perform a System Restore to a date before you installed RegistryEasy. If that was too long ago then second best would be to restore to a date before you first experienced the problem.

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My friend is having lots of issues with his moniter and screen flickers.

I'm fairly certain that the issue is the redraw rate but haven't been able to make any headway.

Sadly, it's next to impossible to change any relevent settings considerig how bad the problem is. I'm asking if anyone has a pinpoint solution so I'm not guessing while fighting the clock, since the problem seems progressive the longer the computer is running.

So sorry, I don't have any relevent information regarding the drivers or adapter seeing as... well, I can't see. I do know that the monitor is an 566LM made by LG, and is only about 3 years old since purchase.

Next step is getting another monitor over here to work with, but I was hoping that someone might tell me something that might save me a tiring trip up and down 3 flights of stairs with a big old monitor.

Any advice would be apprecated.

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My Screen on my laptop keeps on flickering and i don't know why. How do I fix this problem?

A:Laptop Screen Flicker

Hi and welcome to TSF have you checked in device manager for any error flags ie yellow ! or red Xs,have you gone to the makers support site for your model and updated your video driver,please post your make and model if you have any problem obtaining the driver

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I have been having as of late (the past couple months) or so noticed that my flat screen monitor (MAG Innovision) 17" LCD.

I have gone through all the Nvidia adjustments and have even tried re-setting the defaults.
All to no avail, Can somebody offer a solution?
I am sure I have the latest drivers installed for the monitor.

Compaq Presario-Ms Windows-Xp-Home SP-2,
1GBRam, P4-2.4Ghz ,NVidia GForce4-TI4600 ,SB Audigy 1040 .

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Im getting weird horizontal lines that flicker and cause a weird corruption effect when I start my computer up for the first time in a few hours.

The thing is, it only happens very slightly on the desktop and heavily when i open a windows explorer window (ie my documents, pictures, or control panel. It will immediately stop when I open a program or web browser. When i switch back to a windows explorer folder it will do it again. After 2-5 minutes it will stop completely.

If I restart my computer it will not happen either, I have to turn my computer off or put it to sleep for an extended period of time.

Heres some videos

I have 2 monitors; a 1080p60hz display and my main 1440p144hz display. The 1440p display has amd freesync
Windows 8.1 64bit
Intel i5-4670k oc'd to 4.3ghz
Sapphire AMD r9 290x 8gb
Catalyst Control Center 15.7 drivers and a few older ones as well

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I bought a new X260 which was delivered a few days ago -- On all operating systems (windows, various linux flavors) I see screen flicker in the background. Foreground windows are fine, but the background has this faint flicker to it -- almost like im seeing the refresh rate. I've verified that the display is running 1920x1080 60hz in each of the operating systems.  Additionally, I see it in the boot options menu (F12) on startup when it is happening.  The strange thing is that it seems to do it sometimes, and sometimes it does not. An intermittent problem Has anyone else experienced or solved this problem?

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Good day,

Although this is something minor, it's starting to annoy me a lot. Recently, I noticed that every time after I log into Windows 8.1 with my password, the screen flickers for like a second. I did not have this problem before and have no idea what might have changed to cause this. I haven't installed anything new before the problem occurred.

I do remember that I was fiddling with some display options (changing items sizes) but I did restore them back to the default options. Just updated my nvidia drivers but that didn't solve the issue either.

Win. 8.1 Pro x64bit
i5 3570K stock speed
nVidia GTX 660Ti with 340.52 WHQL driver

A:Screen flicker right after logon in 8.1

What make of monitor do you have, CRT or LCD?

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I recently had to format my HD on my Inspiron e1505 and re-install Windows XP as well as all my drivers and programs. Since then I've had a problem with my screen flickering on certain screens or programs (like Quicken). It's not a constant flicker but a couple or more flickers every few seconds or more. I've noticed it in other things (like Facebook) but not nearly like in Quicken.

A:Laptop Screen Flicker

Are certain colors, or color combinations, prone to the flicker? You've used the latest drivers and have the video settings configured optimally?

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Has anybody encountered this with the latest firefox version?

I installed it and loaded my old profile to keep my information, but every other time when I load a page, the entire computer screen flickers (say I make a page refresh and then start doing something else, the screen will still flicked when its done loading it) at first I thought it was my graphics card, but it only occurs with firefox as it had never happened with previous version while I used the same card.

Thanks for your input.

A:Firefox causes screen to flicker

Try disabling Hardware acceleration

Open FF> Tools> Options> Advanced> General> Untick Use hardware acceleration when available

See if that helps. You might see if your GPU driver is up to date, as that may allow you to use Hardware acceleration.

A Guy

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So my mother got a laptop some months ago and its running Windows 7.
It worked fine for several of those months, but now every few minutes or just randomly her screen with flicker. It not the actual screen itself, but her icons will flash and flicker and some times seem like their being randomized. When she uses her FireFox and is surfing the interwebs the screen with flicker also and make it seem like its refreshing several times. Even when viewing photo's, the screen flickers and randomizes the pictures.

Some forums say that its a mouse issue, and others say to update the video card drivers. Their was even a post about changing the refresh rate of the screen to 60. All have failed.

Could anyone please shine some light as to what might be going on.
I can tell this isn't a hardware issue. I have taken remote control of her laptop from mine and I can see it on my end.

Thanks for any help!

A:Windows 7 Screen Flicker

What is the make and model # of the laptop? Where did you get the driver for the Video card?

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I am trying to solve a problem on my father's computer. It's starting to drive me bonkers, mostly because of my own computer-y ignorance and the fact that my father calls me daily asking for help that I can't give.

Anyway, the computer goes into these fits where all the icons flicker but it stops the moment you right click on the screen. If you open up a web browser or another program during the fits, you can't select anything, can't type...nothing. Today I was pretending to fix it and it went into a fit, but this time I let it go to see what would happen. Windows explorer crashed after about a minute and a half. I cannot pinpoint why this happens. The computer usually starts this when it boots up or it could just be sitting there, doing nothing and BAM - icon flickering galore.

I have run every virus scan known to man on this thing and cleaned it up the best I can. I don't think it is malware. (Though, like I said...I'm not exactly a computer genius here.)

I have a short video of the problem:

If I can get the computer to agree with me for more than five minutes, I can try to get a log like y'all want. But for now I can copy/post the basic information about the computer I pulled off via dxdiag ('cause that thing isn't letting me do much else at the moment.)

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60 GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM

... Read more

A:screen/icons flicker

desktop or laptop? computer feel like it is getting hotter than normal? if desktop, try opening the case and make sure it is dust free. If laptop, you can can blow air through the vents - avoid the fans if at all possible. air can damage the fans.

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Hi, I'm a bit new in here, but I could use some advice. I have a Thinkpad T21 that I've run WIN2K on for the past several years with minimal problems. Recently, however, it has developed a periodic flicker, I can continue to work on it, and it comes and goes. For example, when I started writing this post it was flickering and now it's stopped. While it flickers, the machine makes sort of a whirring whisper. I'm up to date on WIN updates, as well as IBM updates from their webpage (drivers, bios update etc). Any ideas? or is this machine dying?

A:Crazy Screen Flicker

Flicker on an LCD display is usually caused by the Backlight going on/off. This can be electrically or mechanically caused. If it fails permanently the screen will go dark, but you will see the displayed info if you look closely with the screen well lit from the front.

As always it is easier to diagnose a hard failure than an intermittent one.

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I've been seeing something strange with my machine recently.

When I have an excel document open, the screen will flicker. It doesn't go blank, just kinda blinks. I can still use it, but it's a bit annoying.

I've also noticed it when I play Freecell (Solitaire type card-game), and a few times when I use Notepad.

Any ideas?

Here's my HJT:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:14:33 PM, on 5/25/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VAScanner\comHost.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\ipoint.exe
C:\Pro... Read more

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Has any one else noticed screen flicker on the Yoga 900? Every minute or two, the screen will turn black for a second, then turn back on. Any idea how to resolve this?

A:Yoga 900 Screen Flicker

Hi Mirubinstein,    
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with screen flickering in your Lenovo yoga 900 notebook.
Reinstall the display driver and check for the issue, try to move the LCD back n forth and check if there are any flickering.
Click here for the display drivers for windows 7.
Let us know the result.
Best regards,         

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I have a lenovo y50 touch, and lately the screen has been flickering randomly. It doesnt flicker when i move the laptop, it just flickers on its own. I updated the graphics card drivers last night and it still flickers. I am running an Nvidia 960 GTX card on intel i7. Compatibility issue?

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My XPS One 2710 has worked great for over a year. This week it has started to flicker on exactly one half of the screen on the right side. The flicker is quite violent and makes that side unusable. I have updated all drivers and have performed diagnostics which showed no failures. My BIOS is A09. I think that is the best one for a machine running Win 7.

Any ideas?

A:XPS One 2710 Screen Flicker

Thanks for posting.  A friend asked me to take a look at her XPS 2710 and that was indeed the problem.  Symptoms were exactly as described in previous posts.  I took off the plastic cover and metal shield and blew an industrial fan into the back of the machine to test.  The machine was stable for two hours, which was significantly longer than it usually lasted.  Satisfied with my testing, I got creative with my Dremel:

Using a 140mm fan template, a spare Fractal R2, a 140mm fan grill, and a 3-pin fan to USB converter I cut a hole in the plastic cover and mounted the hardware (the 3-pin converter is necessary because messing with the CPU and GPU fan headers will cause the BIOS to throw a fan speed error).  Then I reassembled the entire thing without the metal shield underneath.  Three hours of runtime and no issues.  Before it would start spazzing after ~20 minutes.  $30 in parts to fix a $2000 machine.  Not bad.  Thanks again, everyone who posted!

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Why does the screen flicker when the UAC window comes up?

Whenever I install anything new, the UAC window comes up and the screen almost goes off and on and then then ofcourse you have to click on the ok to install and then everything is fine.

I find the screen flicker very annoying............ Is there anyway to prevent that?

I am assuming it is a Vista thing as the screen behaves perfectly fine all other times.

System and monitor are brand new btw.

A:Why does the screen flicker when the UAC window comes up?

yes you can turn off uac, here is a link to to tweakuac, you can use this to do it.

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Hello guys, i recently bought a Lenovo Y-50 and i have a problem.

The screen "flickers" quite alot. This means: black horizontal bars flickering across the screen or a random pink flash (happens occasionaly but the black bars are 97% of the flickering). It seems to be that my screen is not properly connected.

I have a solution but it is a really lame and unefficient way of fixing it.

When i am watching a livestream or playing a game the screen does NOT flicker. The fix i have right now is: opening Twitch.Tv (gaming streams) and just leaving it open in the background when i'm doing stuff. This works verywell... My screen does not flicker at all, but ofcourse when the wifi drops or i am not at home i obviously can not watch a live stream, causing it to flicker again.

So at this point i am convinced that the screen flicker happens because of the low prestation when i am not using things like a livestream or a game.

Is there any way to fix this? As in... a background application or settings fix.

(i will stay active in this thread and i can post printscreens if needed.)

Note: i have 3 years of warranty so when i finish this school year (few months left) i could always bring it back to get it fixed. It is not possible right now due to the fact that i need my laptop everyday and i can not afford to lose files.

Thanks in advance for taking your time on reading/ trying to help.


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Hi, my laptop recently developed abit of a flutter which quickly turned into a major flicker that has made it unusable.
I've tried booting it a few times since and it occasionaly makes a series of beeping sounds.

Any ideas would be apprieciated? I've dissembled the laptop to look for bad connections but everything looks fine to me. I imagine it could the graphics card?!
I did recently strip it bare for a heatsink clean, maybe 3 days before the problem arose.

Any help appreciated.
Regards, Dave.

A:Hp pavilion screen flicker

First thing I would do is connect the laptop to an external monitor and see if you get the same problem. If you do then its a good possibility the problem is the graphics card itself, if you don't it is possibly the screen or associated part.

If it is not the graphics card itself, my next thought would be possibly the backlight / inverter. These are normally fairly easy to replace as long as you don't mind taking the laptop apart a little bit. What is the exact make and model?

A test for a failed backlight is, when the machine is turned on, if the screen is very dark or appears to be off use a normal torch and shine it at the screen, while doing that look closely at the screen to see if you can see the normal image, it will be quite feint. If you can see it with the torch shining at the screen then there is a good chance the backlight / inverter has failed, this is a fairly common component to fail on laptops.

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I'm using Windows XP, and about a week ago I started getting this weird flicker on any windows screen that I open on my computer.
Let's say I open the "My Computer" folder - all of a sudden, it goes full size, then minimizes, then goes full size, etc. It does this really, really fast, to the point that it looks like the screen is just flickering.
If I open an internet window (either Mozilla Fireforx or Explorer), the same thing happens, except that the format of the internet buttons changes as well.
In doing this, I can't use any of the screens that I open, making my computer worthless.
I think I have a virus because this problem came about during the week window when my Norton anti-virus subscription lapsed.
Since I have downloaded Norton Anti-Virus '06, that seems to be the only screen I can open without the flickering problem. However, I've tried all of the NOrton tools, and nothing seems to be able to fix the problem of the "screen flicker."
Any help as to what may be the problem, and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

A:Flicker on any screen I open

Presume you have done a complete virus check.
Before tackling a potential problem with your graphics card try this:

Right-click on your desktop and select Properties
In the Settings tab click the Advanced button
In the Troubleshoot tab knock the Hardware acceleration slider back a notch or two.

You can put it back if it doesn't fix the problem.

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I have two computers connected to the same monitor and keyboard and seem to be having a problem. One of the computers causes the screen to flicker intermittently. The flicker is becoming more frequent. I don't know what type of information is needed to help with the problem but here is some info.

The motherboard is a Soyo KT 333 platinum edition.
ATI Radeon 7000 64 meg DDR (graphics).
AMD Athlon 1900+.

I have checked and believe I have the most current drivers.
If a new graphics/video card is suggested would someone suggest a moderate priced version to go with this setup.

Thank you, in advance, for any help you may lend.

A:intermittent screen flicker

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Hi I'm using dell inspiron 15R 7520 SE for past 3 years.It was working fine till some horizontal doted lines appeared on screen and all of sudden screen started flickering and jumping up and down. Can anyone help me how to solve this issue. It's continues and is disturbing to do any work in it.

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I'm using a new hp envy noticed a flicker in the screen. I updated the BIOS and downloaded hp graphics driver updates but still have intermittent screen flickers. The model is a HP Envy 17 N060NA.

A:Occasional screen flicker

Hello @chen_badwick, Thank you for posting on the HP Forums! I understand that your HP Envy 17-n060na notebook is experiencing an intermittent screen flicker. I know you have updated the BIOS and graphics driver, but the drivers page was updated just yesterday with some revisions. Please begin with a hard reset. Once that is complete, please follow the steps in these troubleshooting documents: HP Notebook PCs - Green Screen and Other Video Playback Issues (Windows 10)HP PCs - Blinking or Flashing Screen After Upgrading to Windows 10 I look forward to the results!

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This is my last shot at resolving this before taking to a service center and paying to have this sorted, selling it and never buying a Lenovo product ever again... I have a Y40-70 that is 15 months old and when i am unplugged from the power the screen starts flickering at around 90% battery. I have seen this mentioned several times on the forum, and have done everything that has been suggested. Updated all drivers, switched to power saving modes etc. and nothing works. Running Windows 10, reverted back to 8.1 to see if it fixed it but did not, hence I think it is a hardware and not a software issue. I have also heard that this is an LCD and not a battery issue, unfortunately I have to pay a diagnosis fee to the service center anyway, really annoyed with the whole Lenovo experience to be honest.  

A:Y40 Screen Flicker on Battery

Did you try all the suggestions on this thread, including disabling adaptive brightness? Screen fickering on Y40-80 on battery  Windows 8 ? How to disable adaptive screen brightness Windows 10 ? How to disable adaptive screen brightness Good Luck

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I Have a HP Pavilion DV4-1430US.
I have this annoying screen flicker problem and I'm probably going to have to take it to a Laptop Repair center here. But I'd like some feedback on what my problem might be first. This has been happening for over a year already and it's got progressively worse lately.

here's a video of what happens
Screen Flicker - YouTube

A:Windows 7 Screen Flicker?!

Is this when you move the LCD Screen?? If its not, i would definitely see about upgrading some video drivers, ive seem some odd things with out of date drivers. Haven't seen this one quite exactly, except when moving a messed up LCD screen which needs to be replaced.

Could you please boot this up into Safe Mode and verify the same thing doesn't happen in Safe Mode?

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Getting a flicker on screen of aspire 5330 laptop. Any suggestions to correct would be appreciated.

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Alright, so, I recently moved my computer into my living room, because it has better light, and I don't play that many video games anymore. Hooked it up to my tv, so I could watch some series on HBO Nordic(a scandinavian private company and player that licenses content from HBO - so NOT HBO GO). Here I am suddenly experiencing an issue I have not had previously watching HBO Nordic on my usual dual screen setup.
When watching an episode of, say, Sopranos, the image will sometimes cut out for half a second, and the sound with it. This can be a one time thing, or it may repeat rapidly, in a series of flickers. It's not constant, and I can see no logic as to when it does it, and when it doesn't. I have no issues watching local HD content, neither in native players, nor through Plex Home Theatre, nor do I have any problems with lower res content from youtube and other flash players. It's only the HBO Nordic player.
I have tried changing the HDMI chord, or using another output(running SLI) from my computer, it's all the same.

I'm not sure what's relevant information here, so here's a some specs

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model Z68A-D3H-B3
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8,00 GB
Video Cards: 2x Geforce 560
TV is a Sony Bravia KDL 32W5500

I should a... Read more

A:Screen flicker when watching HBO

As it only occurs with the one service, I'd suspect an issue with only that one service. Have you tried contacting their support?

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Sometimes fingernail-sized parts of my screen flicker. Are these called artifacts?

They smooth out when I drag the mouse pointer over them.

My drivers are as new as can be.

A:artifacts? screen flicker...

Sounds like a driver problem.
Did you download the driver from Win update or the manufacturer?

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Hi,  My ~3 year old ideapad purchased from Newegg seems to have gone south. I have Windows 8.1 installed. Last night I shut it off to bring it to class and when I got to class and tried to boot up, it wouldn't finish starting up, would sit at the logo screen for about 30 seconds before shutting down and starting over. The fans power up like it is going to start. It repeats this loop indefinitely. I tried holding the reset button next to the charger port and still nothing.  Suggestions?  Thanks 

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Just received the XPS 13 (9350) last week and I've been having some intermittent black screen flickering that normally occurs in short bursts of 4-5 short black outs within a span of two or three seconds. Tech support updated all the drivers and such, but I'm still experiencing the issues. Has anyone had similar issues and possible solutions?
I looked at previous posts and the screen flickering is not where it actually distorts things on screen, it literally just looks like it flashes on and off. Any help is appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 (9350) Screen Flicker

I have that problem and when it starts happening randomly, whenever I click on the Wireless Icon in windows 10, it suddenly happens again. I turned of wireless adapter in settings and to my surprise, the problem stopped!!

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Odd problem with monitor; When using Microsoft Works and a few other programs, I get thin dark greyish horizontal lines across screen that go up and down the screen at probably--but just guessing here--the screeen refresh rate.

Annoying, and am wondering what's causing it -- any ideas? Had monitor since January 2006, problem started about a month ago.

Here's NVIDIA settings I'm using:

GeForce MX100/200 EGA/VGA card (32 Mb)
DirectX 9

Screen Resolution: 1280x1024
Screen Refresh: 60Hz (Have tried other values available -- 70, 72, 75 Hz -- still get the lines)
Color Quality: 32-bit (Also get lines with 16-bit)
Image setting: Performance (Get lines with High Performance, & Quality Settings)
Antialiasing: Application controlled
Anioisotropic filtering: Application controlled

Digital Vibrance: Off

NVIDA Desktop Manager Version 61.76; Driver Versions:
Had theory I might be pushing the Video card too much & need to drop resolution down to say, 1024x768 or less.

Theory #2: Could it be electrical interference causing it? Haven't moved anything on the desk though....

A:NEOVO F-419 LCD Monitor Screen Flicker

Well, if it only happens while you're using certain applications then it's most likely a software / driver issue.
Perhaps try some different driver versions?

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I have no idea what is going on with my computer but if someone could please help, I would appreciate it more than you know! Anyway, I left on vacation last week, and un-plugged my computer. I returned today and have been trying to get on it all day with no avail. (I am on it right now in safe mode+networking) Everytime I start it up it gets to the welcome/login screen and the screen is all shakey and flickering I can barely make out what anything is...I got lucky once and clicked on a login name and once logged in it did the same thing just all messed up - i cannot see anything. I tried a system restore but only had two available dates and niether worked...Can someone please tell me what to do!! :) Thanks in advance!

A:Screen Shake, Blink, Flicker...

Taking a complete stab in the dark, I'd try to update the driver for your graphics card from safe mode. Safe mode uses a different driver to the one used during normal boots, so that points to a software rather than hardware issue and probably explains why safe mode fixes the problem. Perhaps. Maybe.

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I'm trying to figure out why my monitor screen flickers, like it is having convulsions, from one window to happens for about 5-30 seconds at a time randomly throughout my work day..and can occur when I am browsing, typing in outlook, or typing in word. I have switched monitors, cables, and it still occurs. The problem occurred with a previus laptop (ACER using windows 7) which crashed in Nov. It is now happening again with a new Lenovo desktop using windows 8.1. I bought a new backup battery and that didn't make a difference. I changed outlets and that didn't make a difference. Any thoughts?

A:Random rapid screen flicker

Is the common denominator the building where you use the Laptop? Does it not happen when using only battery power? I'd suspect some kind of power problem in the building if the above assumptions are correct. If not... never mind.

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Hi There,

I currently have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 connected to one of these docks:
When connected to a dual screen setup the screen flickers bad and it is very annoying to work with.

Once I unplug the dock and plug one monitor straight into the surface itself the screen never flickers.

I have provided a video of the issue below:


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Hi, I'm writing (finally) because I've had this notebook since late July and within a week of getting it, I noticed this apparently common issue of my screen flickering. I'll go over some details and oddities I've encountered. The flicker itself: as some other people have noted, this most often appears in the form of this, horizontal lines flashing across the screen. I've seen limited but severe cases of the entire screen going black and flickering back and forth betweeen black and normal for a second or two. Other times it is a persistent flicker of thin, white and black lines every 5-7 seconds for as long as 10 minutes. While I'm typing this out, I notice flickers here and there, much to my annoyance. When the flicker happens: I've most often, almost exclusively, noticed this problem when the computer is sitting idle on the desktop, when using a web browser (there is no difference between Edge, Chrome and Mozilla, from what I've seen) or when performing other relatively low-power functions, such as going through my files or looking through pictures. When it most definitely does not happen is when I use any of my Adobe Creative Cloud applications (predominantly Photoshop and Illustrator), when I play any of my games (all of which are accessed via Steam app) and when watching movies. I haven't used Netflix or any other streaming service to test that particular aspect of the problem. Exceptions to these are the handful of times it's had a flicker fit while ... Read more

A:Y70 touch - Screen Flicker and W10 slow down.

Hi LetumExAquila , 
I would recommend that you try to update your Video card drivers initially from the support site else manuafacturer site.
I would be handy if you have the Machine number posted from the sticker or get it from here (just kep the Serial Number confidential) . 
Aside from video driver update you may also want to proceed with this related thread for the same issue . 
Update us how it goes. 

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Hi , I just upgraded my ram from 512meg to 1gb , after the install i noticed the mouse pointer and desktop had a slight wobble/flicker.Is this normal or has the shop assistant given me the wrong type ? My pc has picked it up under properties as the new value.Please advise before my machine blows up !

A:Ram upgrade , screen flicker problem

Hmm , after a couple re boots it seems to have settled down.Probably just needed the juice to run through its veins.

I put the old 512 back in as well as the gig and its registered the new value under properties ,but to be honest it doesnt seem to have done much atall

My PF data usage is exactly the same as when it only had 512 and nothing seems to be loading up any quicker.

Whats up with that ?

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So I had the issue where the screen would flicker incessantly, I booted into Safe Mode, unsintalled the graphics drivers and all that ended.  However, Windows Update downloaded an update to the graphics card, which consistently failed to install.  This would also cause the laptop to reboot, and start the whole process over again (after about half an hour).  I tried to bypass Windows Update and go right to the device manager and update the driver there.  Windows did download drivers and I believe the system again rebooted while installing them.  Now when I boot up, I see the Lenovo Logo, then the swirling circle of dots (after the Lenovo logo disappears) just swirls constantly.  I can not reach Windows at all to go back into Safe Mode even.

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I'm running windows xp and in the final part of boot up the icons on the screen flicker a couple of times before boot up is complete. Any suggestions?

A:screen icon flicker at boot up

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Ok, I'm having a problem with the screen flickering when I connect it to my computer. It used to work before, but it doesn't work anymore. All it does is flicker. I've tried different the different hertz modes, 60,70,75,85,100,120. 60 through 85 all produce screen flicker, 100 and 120 aren't supported. I'm running Windows 7 starter (blah) and I'm connecting the tv to the computer through the VGA port.

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I have a HP Pavilion Laptop dv4-1220us Entertainment Notebook AMD Turion X2 that has a screen flicker, or like static in bad TV reception. The unit is about 1 year and 10 months old sinse purchase.

The screen has a 1/8" white line at the bottom that shows up about every 3 seconds--now the entire screen rather blinks like static showing up on bad TV reception with the white blinking line at the bottom.

I have unplugged the unit from the power supply as to where it runs directly on the battery, disconneted it from the wireless AT&T DSL and it stll continues to do this.

I have nothing operating in the house electrical as to where it could pick up interference.

Does anyone have an idea as to what this might be?

A:HP Laptop Screen Flicker, Static

Try starting in SafeMode and see if the problem persists.

How to Start in Safemode

1. Restart your computer.
2. Before the windows logo you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu.
3. Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys.
4. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.
5. Do whatever tasks you require and when you are done reboot to boot back into normal mode..

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I'm new to new to this forum and would like some help with my HP Pavilion DV5-1005AX laptop. Recently the screen has started to flicker up a gray screen briefly then it'll stop but it is a very regular flicker. My friend and i think it could be a virus, although none of my virus scanners have picked up on the infection. i keep the scanners up-to-date, unless the virus has blocked access to the upgrades. i am using CIS and Spybot.

CIS will occasionally pick up on a supiciuos file but it will only detect it and will not remove or quarantine them. i have read the comodo forum about that particular file and how to get rid of it. although that was unsucessful, and it did not mention anything about the screen flickering.

What should i do?


A:Virus Making Screen Flicker

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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Hi. I have a CTX Ultra monitor and a Trident 3D card. Problem is that the screen seems to have a constant, faint flicker. Especially when bright.

I have tried to find the refresh rate but can't seem to fond where it lives. I have looked in Device Manager, Display Adapters resource tab - and Monitor, no resource tab.

I am using W-95 950b with proper updates and the CPU is a local build with a 333P2. It doesn't matter what software I'm using or if I'm on the web. Could it be that I can't adjust the refresh rate?

Well, penny for your thoughts. Thanks, Steve-x8086

A:Screen Flicker - Refresh Rate ?

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I'm having a problem I've never had before. While surfing the web running programs etc., my computer is sticking sometimes. If while it's "stuck" I click on the tab on the bottom of the tool bar I get a black screen flicker really quick and it returns to normal although whatever I typed while it was "stuck" is there like it was registering what I was doing. It almost always does the flicker in twos back to back. It's getting progressively worse. It was only happening occasionally and not really locking up for long. Now it's freezing totally and not allowing me to switch between applications. At least not in a timely manner. It acts almost as though it is doing what I tell it to only super slowly. I just did complete virus and addware scans and fixed anything that came up. I am really not sure what might be wrong. About 1-2 months prior to this problem I had a few random restarts in which I was prompted to restart Windows in the last known working configuration which I did. It really had been several weeks between the instances though. If anyone has any suggestions for figuring out what is wrong I would greatly appreicate it.

A:Black screen flicker/lockups

Sounds like spyware to me.

I know you scanned it in the past, but try again with SpyBot, and in addition afterwards Ad-Aware.

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Hey, I have a Yoga Pro 2.  After I upgraded to Windows 10, the screen will be fine for awhile, and then it will suddenly start flickering, turning black for a second or two, then the screen coming back on briefly, then back off, on and on for as long as 30 seconds.  I try to switch applications to see if I can kick it out of this mode, and maybe that works or maybe it just fixes itself eventually.  I have video of this happening, if anyone wants to see it. I took it to a Microsoft Store, and they were baffled, thinking it was graphics driver, but noticing that I had the most current graphics driver installed. What's up with this? Thanks, Eric

A:Yoga 2 Pro Windows 10 screen flicker

Hello, You should try and update the BIOS to the latest version.

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I'm having an issue with a newer pc laptop. Win 7 dual-core etc...
During use the screen begins to flicker black every couple seconds. I've seen this before and it turned out to be an over-heating issue. I believe that is not the case in this situation.
I'm fairly new to Win 7 and did some digging around in the system. Everything looks ok except for 1 thing...
It has a 220 Gig HD and the primary partition is set-up on 20 gigs. The remaining 200 Gigs are set-up on a logical partition, but here is what looks strange to me... the primary partition contains not only the page file, etc... but also the system files and "Program Files" folder, etc...
The only thing on the logical partition are some Dell factory pre-installed folders and the remaining 199 Gigs are free space.
The primary partition has reached near its 20 Gig capacity and my only guess is that the flicker/freeze is caused by lack of space/memory.
Has anyone seen a set-up like this and will combining the partitions into 1 primary solve the problem?


A:PC Laptop Screen Flicker/Freeze

bump ^^

anyone have any clue?

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I know there are some forum post about this issue, but I have had a nearly continues issue with screen flicker below 30% brightness with my Yoga 2 Pro. It is not a software issue, current video drivers, bios ect power managment has adaptive turned off and power save mode is off on the Intel Drivers. Here is my story and I am hoping Lenovo can make it right. I am a long time consumer of IBM and Lenovo products, my prior Laptop is a T410 which has never had an issue and I still use it to this day. I purchased my first Yoga 2 Pro and right off bat noticed the screen flicker issue on low brightness so I sent it off to the depot for repair, they swapped the motherboard and sent the device back with the screen flicker issue still happening. So again the device was sent off to the depot and this time the screen was replaced and again came back with the flicker issue still existing. I was then sent a replacement unit and right out of the box it has the low brightness flicker issue, but this time a BIOS update did the trick. Now fast forward 3 months and the issue is back and off to the depot it goes again, where it has sat for a week waiting on parts. I have no faith that the device will come back repaired or when it will even get to me with the parts hold, I have hardly used this device in fact the newest unit still has some of the protective plastic.  Lenovo needs to recognize that the low brightness issue is happening to a lot of individuals and provi... Read more

A:Yoga 2 Pro - From Screen Flicker to a Nightmare

Make sure you have disabled 'Display Power Saving Technology' in the 'Power' tab of 'Intel HD Graphics Control Panel'. Also, make sure you have installed Energy Manager software by lenovo.

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After installing the new bios update, the screen flickers every few seconds.  After rolling back to previous bios, the problem went away.

A:XPS 9550 4K screen flicker with new bios

Simple answer is the latest bios is not for your configuration. Bios updates are for specific problems and specific configurations of the same model. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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My computer had a flicker screen and turned all black after i while and i thought it was the display driver of my ATI Radeon card.

Reinstalled it but same problem.

I Uninstalled the driver and the catalyst software.

Now whit just the VGA-Standard it sometimes looks like the video .

Is my computer ****ed?

In the picture it is very much flicker, it is not allways this much.

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I have this strange error of B&W2 doing flickers every 2 or so minutes, the "when it does it" time is unstable anyway so I can't explain in great detail.

The screen flickers, it will make a freeze and then it goes black for 2 seconds or sometimes even more, then it will freeze and go black and again until it stops or I do a "Control+Alt+Supr" command. Then the problem gets back again.

I have tried a lot of fixes possible, for instance, I have tried to change the Nvidia control panel, thinking it was the antialias or anisotropic and such, but no, none of them are the problem. Not even VSync, Triple Buffer, Threaded Optimization or any other feature. So this isn't probably Nvidia's fault, but I'm not sure.

I tried to do "Compatibility" run, from Windows 7, to Windows XP, none changed anything. "Running as admin" and even some like "Disable visual themes" too, but still flickers.

My system can handle BW2 very easily, but why is it so unstable?! Can anyone please find a fix for this?

Of course, these are my specs;

Windows 7 64-bit
Nvidia GTX 285
Intel Q8400 Quad Core 2.66GHz
4GB of RAM

Yes, it has the latest drivers. Yes, I have the latest DirectX. My system does not overheat, GPU goes at 90c as average, which is fine until it reaches 105c

A:Black and White 2 screen flicker

Is it only for this game?

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hi... last fall, i purchased an Nec lcd1760V 17" monitor from it didn't start giving me problems until 2-3 months ago when it started flickering... the highest refresh rate that this monitor can handle is 75 hertz... ever day or so... it undergoes this random burst of flickering which doesn't stop usually until i turn the computer off. I have tried every single configuration possible, all the screen resolutions... can you help me deal with this issue temporarily before i purchase a new, brand name, monitor in the summer?

A:insane screen flicker on an lcd monitor...

your refresh rate should be @ 60hz

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All screens in the game flicker both in the menus and in game. It flickers so fast it is like a strobe light. The game is otherwise playable.

Compatibility options make no difference. This is with the DVD version of the game. Silent Hill 2 and 3 work fine. This issue was not present for me on Windows 7.

A:Silent Hill 4 screen flicker

I found a solution on Reddit. (Problems with Silent Hill 4 on Windows 10 : silenthill)

Download 3D-Analyze | Tools Channel | 3D-Analyze | Latest Release
Using 3D-Analyze to run the game, use the options "force windowed mode" and "Spider-Man fix."

This will run the game in a window, but at least there is no flicker.

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I have a Dell XPS 2720 Touch Screen AIO, running with WIN 10.  For the past 6 months it has been blinking completely off for 1-2 seconds.  It appears to be doing this when there is a lot of WHITE space on the screen.  The desktop screen has plenty of color and there is no blinking.
I have updated all the drivers, including Nvidea, and have upgraded the BIOS to A13.  I was hoping to be able to adjust the "Brightness" but it looks like that is not an option.
Is there a video board that can be replaced?

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Hi !

I am experiencing screen flicker when running MS Train Simulator - the screen flickers according to the graphical polygons that make up all of the scenery outside the drivers cab view. I also get screen flicker inside the drivers cab - especially on the red hands in the dials in the electric locomotive.

The specifications of my PC and Graphics card are:

P4 1.8GHz
512MB Ram
64MB NVIDIA Gforce 2 graphics card

..... and loads more - I have read the 'read me' text that accompanies the program and have obtained the lates drivers as instructed from NVIDIA.COM and have installed them accordingly. Unfortunately this does not help.

The game is playable but the effect is certainly spoilt by this very annoying screen flicker. Maybe someone might be able to help??

A:Screen Flicker on MS Train Simulator

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when the screen saver comes on, it imediatly turns off. it will pop up for about 1 second and then cut off. someone in a diff thred told me to post here when i mentioned it in a different post. said something about malware.

"Would not guess that malware is responsible. Perhaps the screensaver files were damaged by the baddies. Create a new thread in the XP Forum on here for further assistance." -- CTSNKY

origional post

help me out guys!

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