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Optiplex 3010 mini tower diagnostic lights 3 & 4

Q: Optiplex 3010 mini tower diagnostic lights 3 & 4

Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I bought 2 years ago a dell optiplex 3010 mini tower, suddenly it stopped working, I have no screen, no video or any kind of sound, the only thing it does is to light up the number 3 & 4 lights on the front panel. What can I do ?


A: Optiplex 3010 mini tower diagnostic lights 3 & 4

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to us !
To understand the cause of this issue I would ask you to try these steps and advise the result ,
*Disconnect the system from wall socket ,then press and hold the power button for about 15 - 20 secs .Then connect the system to wall socket and try to turn on the system .Here we are trying to release static charge from the system .
*Then disconnect all the peripheral components from the system and try to turn on the system .
*If the above step fails then remove all the memory modules from the system and try to turn on the system with only 1 memory module at a time .
If there are any more queries do reply to this post with system service tag sent via private message .
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Kind Regards,

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Dell Optiplex 3010 Mini Tower
intel core i3 3220 3.30 Ghz
265 watt PSU
24 pin connector

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I cannot get an OptiPlex 755 Mini Tower to power on. It had been running fairly continuously in an office environment on a APC battery backup/surge protector until it failed Monday morning. Then there was some orange light that was flashing or continuous. When the computer was turned off, it would not come on again. Sorry for the vagueness, but this is second-hand information. I found a fair amount of dust inside, but I've seen far worse on computers
When I push the power button I get no change: no light in the power button, no diagnostic lights, no sounds, no fan movement. When I connect it to power the "AUX LED" light on the motherboard comes on a solid yellow/amber so the PSU is putting out something.
Is this likely to be a PSU problem? Is there some way to pin it down other than buying a replacement PSU?
Thanks for any help,
Joe M

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Hi, I might be able to buy a second hand Optiplex mini tower and I would like to install the motherboard etc. of my Optiplex 755 SFF.

Wilt thi fit?

The idea is that with the Mini Tower I can buy a better GPU.


A:Does motherboard of Optiplex 755 SFF fit in a Dell optiplex 745 dualcore mini tower?

No it wont fit.   The board layout, number of slots etc is different.

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I have an Optiplex 320 (Celeron 3.06,2G) It has win XP pro installed and works fine. I would like to install Win7 Home premium.I want to change the boot order so that I can boot from the cd rom.Somehow it's set to floppy. When I enter setup to do this, I get diagnostic lights 1-2-3. and it won't let me change the boot order. I've checked the cables, reset the RAM but to no avail. Any ideas?


A:Diagnostic lights 1-2-3 on Optiplex 320

This means POST is complete. Are you certain the CD/DVD drive works correctly?  This is exactly what you'd see if the drive were faulty (the boot halts when it can't find a boot record).

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We have a Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop system which will often fail to boot after a restart.  The diagnostic lights show a 1-2-3 pattern which has no definitive solution in the manual.  Pressing the power button shuts down the system immediately after this particular boot failure.  Pressing the power button from an power off condition always results in a successful boot.  This problem only occurs after a Windows restart and then not with every restart but intermittently.

A:Dell OptiPlex 745 Diagnostic Lights 1-2-3 on restart.

I have Dell optiplex 745 with device number H0KS3D1. The problem with my computer is some times it does not start but the fan runs and only after many trial it starts and sometime it gives me different colors. So how can i fix this problem.

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My Optiplex 780
- will not post
- will not beep
- will not output any video

When I push the power button, 
- Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 flash
- Power button is of solid amber

When I turn the computer off:
- if I press the Power Supply test button, it illuminates green
If I disconnect the power cable
- A tiny LED on the circuit board (next to AUX PWR label) stays amber for a minute or two.

Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 are not documented in the Dell manual. I have tried to disconnect all peripherals, all drives, all cards, even all RAM, still no POST no beep, no video: just the fan running, and diagnostic lights flashing.

Any hope for this computer? 

A:Optiplex 780 diagnostic lights 1 & 4 with solid amber power light

Thanks for writing to us. 
Diagnostics led 1 & 4 indicate power connector faulty. Please reseat the PSU connector if not yet done. 
If issue still the same, then consider replacing the PSU . Sometimes the PSU connector on the motherboard to be faulty. 
Do let us know how it goes post reseating the PSU connector.

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I own a Optiplex 760 Mini Tower. 
I found out that I have a 0G214D Motherboard. Unfortunately I still can not find out if this means I can upgrade to a Quad core. Can you please tell me if this is the case and which CPU is the most powerful Quadcore I can use? And if not wich of the Dual cores I should use. BTW, i use an Nvidia  GTX750ti using 60W.
Thank you and all the best

A:Optiplex 760 Mini Tower Quadcore
Q9650 is max.  Bios update should be done BEFORE trying to change cpu.

 750 TI only fits in the TOWER and Only After Cutting the Bracket off and ONLY with Short cards with 1 fan aka 8.4 inches max.

There are no single slot cards.   If one was put in they hacked the bracket in half or removed bracket altogether.  If you remove the bracket on EVGA models you can use tin snips to CUT OFF half the bracket.  The cooling vents are blocked so you might also have to drill holes in the case to let air out.  Long Cards with 2 fans DO NOT FIT and WILL NOT EVER FIT into the Tower or any other size.

Only Short cards with Short fans Fit.

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Hi,I am looking into upgrading the gpu of this 745 that I currently don't have yet. I have my eye on an Asus NVIDIA GT 710, but was wondering if it will fit in terms of height. I read online someone expressing concerns about it needing two slots space, but that was never clarified or refute in the discussion. Would this one fit?If not, what other options do I have in a similar price range? I would prefer to go for a 2GB card, but will settle for 1GB if I have to. Thanks for your time.Regards

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I have an Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower with an i5-2400 and integrated Intel HD 2000 video.
The case has both a VGA and Display Port connector, I am presently using the VGA port. I am investigating going for a Dual Monitor setup and am confused whether I can do so without having to purchase a discrete video card. I am reading conflicting reports that some say yes and others no. Can some kind soul please confirm one way or the other ?
I do not use the PC for gaming, it is work only with the occasional video and web browsing. Mainly I need dual monitor for multiple file editing, scripting, database programming etc.
Many thanks, Fin.

A:Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower Dual Monitor ?

Hi Fin,
OptiPlex 790's onboard video solution supports both VGA and DisplayPort at the same time. You can connect two monitors to the computer without adding a discrete card.
Please let me know if you need further information.

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i have searched the forum but have not been able to find anything that says it is ok to use a regular atx power supply in an optiplex 960 mini tower.  I have an 620 mini tower and it uses a regular atx but no info on the 960.  Anyone know if it is ok , or have to use dell only power supply

A:atx power supply with optiplex 960 mini tower

Optiplex 960 MT power supply upgrades

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I have a Intel core2 duo E8400 3.00 GHz and 4 sticks of 2 GB ram sticks = 8 GB
Please tell me what i can upgrade to max for best performance i dont know that much.

A:Max processor and ram for the Mini-tower optiplex 755 (BIOS A17)

You are maxed out at 8GB.

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I Have Dell optiplex 745 With 3.4 Ghz Pentium D Processor with 4MB cache Memory .... Recently I wanted To Upgrade my p.c to dual core 2.6Ghz  E5300.. when i put Dual core processor into my board and truned on p.c the all lights was green and fan was running too fast and mY lcd Does Not dsplay anything .... And also My bios version is 2.6.3 .. what is the main fault in it.... kindly anyone tell me.... what should i do ???

A:Dell Optiplex 745 Mini Tower Upgrade

Hi Asfand_Munib,
Before installing a new processor, please update the BIOS to latest version from Here.
Note : Please save and close all running programs and documents and disconnect all external peripherals (printer, flash drives, external hard drives, etc) and connect the computer to a surge protector before updating the bios.
If all the lights are green and you are not receiving any beep codes from the system then it means that the processor has been installed correctly. Please check if the keyboard lights (Capslock, Numlock, etc) respond when you press the corresponding keys. Please verify the connections on rear of the system and check if they are connected firmly. Also, check if you are able to hear any windows jingle sounds after some time when you power on the system. Please share the exact model of Optiplex 745 you are using as it comes in 4 form factors viz Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF), Desktop (DT), Small Form Factor (SFF), and Mini-Tower (MT). A picture is attached below.

Please reply with the information. Will take it further from there.

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I'm wanting to get myself the Q6600, and I own the Optiplex 760 Mini Tower. My motherboard is 0M858N.
I've had problems finding answers for this, some say it can, some say it cannot.
Does anyone have an idea?

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Hi, I am doubting wether my Optiplex 755 is a Mini Tower or SFF model.

I found the following tagd:

Service Tag: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Express Service Code: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

I cannot find the explanation on the website.

Does anybody know where I can find the info?

A:Finding out Model 755 Optiplex service tag Mini Tower or what?

Match the appearance of the case with the photo in the pdf below (from L to R, mini tower, desktop, SFF, and ultra SFF.

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Hello, my Optiplex 7040 just arrived this week.  I bought a Kingston 120mb SATA ssd in a 2280 stick, so I'm trying to see if I can use this for my main boot drive (Windows 10) and then move the 500gb 3.5 Sata drive over to a storage drive.When I install the 120gb 2280 stick into the M.2 slot, and load the bios...   *It shows up under General / System Information / PCI information / Slot5_M.2 & also under Device Information / SATA-4   *When I look under System Configuration / Drives, it also shows up under SATA-4 here as well.  However, it's showing up as a 0gb Drive under 'type'!
So when I boot from a USB drive to try and reinstall Windows on this M.2 stick, it's not showing up at all.
When I connect the M2 SATA drive and load Windows on the existing 3.5 SATA drive that came with the 7040, the M2 2280 stick shows up in 'device manager' under the hard drives.  The serial # there corresponds to a Toshiba-form hdd; unfortunately, I can't do anything with it in Windows 10.
SATA operation is set to AHCI, and I am booting into legacy with the USB.Any thoughts?  I'm wondering if maybe I have a dead memory stick.  There's no real way I can test it on another computer to see what happens.

A:Optiplex 7040 Mini Tower M.2 slot upgrade....

For Windows 10 you should have a UEFI Boot with SecureBoot Enabled. The USB should be made using the GPT partition scheme for UEFI BIOS. I hope you mean 120 GB and not 120 MB....
See here for details: 

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There is a design problem with the OptiPlex 7040 Mini Tower case that leads to excessive noise. The plastic grid panel on the front of the case rattles loudly, especially when the system is operating under a heavy computational workload. I'm not certain if the vibration originates from a fan or from the hard drive, but it's clearly causing resonance in that plastic front grid panel. I'm certain that the front panel is what's making the noise. The noise goes away completely if I press my finger against the front panel (and resumes immediately when I remove my finger). My current workaround to the problem is to prop up the front of the case with a piece of bubble wrap. Dell's engineers should consider altering this case design to address the vibration problems.

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I intend to purchase optiplex 7040 MT for gaming purpose. So I would like to know:
1. Does the motherboard have standard CPU and motherboard power connectors or proprietary ones?
2.  Is it possible to replace the stock PSU with a cooler master extreme power plus 600W? If no, then what size /kind of PSU will fit there?
3. Is it possible to fit a gtx 1080 in there?

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I bought this a couple of years ago from a local computer store. It's been very reliable and I run Ubuntu 16.04 Linux on it. This afternoon I had a power drop of a second or so and since then when trying to boot the issue in the subject happens. I can get to boot as usual by pressing the power supply test button which gives me a green light on the power supply and then pressing the power button will let it boot normally. I don't have any version of Windows installed so it's not possible to run any diagnostic unless there are some Linux based ones.
Thanks for any help

A:Dell Optiplex 780 MiniTower, power light flashes amber diagnostic lights 1 & 3 flash

Blinking Amber power: Initial state of light at power up. Indicates system has power, but the POWER_GOOD signal is not yet active. If the Hard Drive light is off, it is probable that the power supply needs to be replaced. If the Hard Drive light on, it is probable that an onboard regulator or VRM has failed. Look at the diagnostic lights for further information.
1+3:  Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error has occurred.
You could try resetting BIOS to see if you can clear the error.

Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup
Copy down all current BIOS settings
Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reseat RAM modules in their slots
Reinstall battery- good time for new CR2032 coin cell, if this one is old
Close case and reboot

If that helps, go back into BIOS setup, and confirm that all settings match what you wrote down. Be sure to save any changes before exiting setup.

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Hi everyone:

I was curious if anyone else experienced this issue? I have a Dell OptiPlex 7010 desktop/mini tower that I bought off the official Dell site. I configured that mini tower to have an SSD drive as the main drive, which I like very much, except one very annoying issue. Sometimes out of the blue Windows 7 will hang up, I can't click anything and the mouse starts spinning in a circle. This continues on for about half a minute and then it always comes back to life. Suddenly I start getting all my previous clicks moving windows, opening things, etc, all at once. This happened at least a dozen of times by now and I started to notice that when this happens the HDD/SSD LED on the case glows solid, which made me suspect that there's something going on with the drive itself.

Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix this?

PS. I tried contacting Dell support about this issue but they are pretty useless. I spent several hours in a chat with a guy once that eventually simply hung up on me. Then I emailed someone at Dell, for which the guy replied with instructions to run their hard drive diagnostic tool, which I did, that did not show any errors. (Note that I don't have a hard drive, it's a solid state drive.) I replied to the guy only to never hear from him again.... So I think I'm pretty much done with the Dell support

A:Dell's Optiplex 7010 mini tower SSD hang-up issue


Have you tried updated the firmware on the SSD?

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I'm considering buying a used Dell OptiPlex GX790 MT computer, and I'm wondering what the maximum video card length can be without having to remove the hard drive cage.

A:Used Dell OptiPlex GX790 Mini tower video card

The hard drive cage isn't the only problem.  The power supply is not standard.
So a short GTX750 TI non SC would be the max.

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I ordered the new Optiplex 7040 minitower and its a horrible design.  I tried to open the case and they have a plastic tab that snapped off.  the spring and slide assembly inside. You can't reach the expansion bays and the case design is horrible.  It reminds me of the old style Acer PC's that ended up being throw aways.  Sending this one back right away.  Biggest flop I've seen in a new Optiplex!

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Hi TechSpot Forums!

I own a Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower PC, and am seriously considering buying a graphics card for it.

My question to you is, which would best be compatible with my specs?

System Specs:

Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX280
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
2552 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
500.10 GB HDD

Current Video Card:

Name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 128.00 MB
Current Display Mode: 1400 x 1050 (32 bit) (60GHz)

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor? That is partly the reason I will be purchasing one.

Thanks for any info or suggestions,

~ TomHax

A:Graphics card for Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower?

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor?Click to expand...

That depends on the maximum resolution supported by your monitor.

What's your main reason to purchase the card? What's your budget?

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i am using dell optiplex 780-Mini Tower. last week my pc didn't startup windows and stuck load on dell logo screen with flash light showing 1 - 4 and off LED light. also  didn't access/load boot menu, bios. i tried power on with all external devise unplugged but show same problem.
can you pls help me out. thanks in advance. 

A:dell optiplex 780-Mini Tower. flashing 1 and 4 with off power light

You ram is bad.  F2 Bios setup requires working ram.

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I have a Dell OptiPlex GX280 mini-tower (smallest one thereis), and the original 160W power supply died a few months ago without warning. I ordered a new power supply, but accidentally ordered the wrong size (210W for one of the larger towers). I used it in the meantime until I could get the proper size (although the 210W supply wouldn’t fit in the mini case – I left it out of the case and ran the wires through the power plug hole). The computer booted up just fine with this 210W power supply. I finally got around to ordering the 160W smaller correct size, but that power supply would not boot up the computer (just got an amber flashing light). Thinking it was just faulty, I sent it back and requested a replacement. The replacement did not work either. I ordered a third replacement, and the third did not work either! So now I am back to using the 210W power supply (No. HP-U2106F3) which does not fit in the computer housing. I know these Dell OptiPlex machines are notorious for having power supply and capacitor issues. But the question is, why will the computer power on using the 210W power supply? I contacted Dell and they were of no help whatsoever. The guy told me that 160W wasn’t enough to power my machine and to order a 210W power supply correctly sized for my chassis. Gee, thanks! First of all, they don’t make 210W that fit in the mini towers, and second of all, why did it used to work just fine??? Oh, and no I have not upgraded anything (i.e., video card, etc.) which... Read more

A:Dell OptiPlex GX280 mini-tower power supply problem

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Hi, Currently I'm using a dual core 6850 and I'm thinking about buying a quad core. I have a PSU of 500 W as spare.

Can i replace the CPU to a Quad Core without changing the cooling system?

A:replace dual core CPU by quad core what about heatsink? in Mini Tower 755 Optiplex

These are the specs of the spare PSU. Aren't they better than the original Dell PSU?
That power supply is ATX and not EPS12V
Better is not the issue.  Dell power supplys are 80 percent efficient not 70 percent ATX.  The -5v rail is an issue as well as this may cause a motherboard fire or damage your system.  Its a dead giveaway that this is a power supply from 1990 to 2000.
What current is on which rails is not trivial. There is a single 12V RAIL on that unit and its max is 17A
EPS 12V units have multiple rails of 12V @ 18 amps each.  MAX Power on the 12V rails is 264w not 204w
That unit has a lot more on the 5V and 3.3V rails at the expense of the 12V rails and CPU 4 pin connector. So no that spare unit is not likely to work well if at all.

Recommended update or replacement is EVGA 750B1

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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX 755 PC that has- 
*Intel core 2 quad processor 2.4 GHz
*8GB ram
*320GB hard drive (kinda small i know, i'm looking to upgrade that as well)
I'm posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly. It doesn't have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had (some) people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much. But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it. Also a recommendation for a video card would be greatly appreciated as well. Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject, i am new to the PC world. I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist and my laptop died, and I had orders coming in. I'm not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or quite a few steps to get underway, the help is still greatly welcomed! I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs. Thank you to anyone who can help :)

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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX 755 PC that has- 
*Intel core 2 quad processor 2.4 GHz
*8GB ram
*320GB hard drive (kinda small i know, i'm looking to upgrade that as well)
I'm posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly. It doesn't have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had (some) people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much. But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it. Also a recommendation for a video card would be greatly appreciated as well. Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject, i am new to the PC world. I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist and my laptop died, and I had orders coming in. I'm not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or quite a few steps to get underway, the help is still greatly welcomed! I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs. Thank you to anyone who can help!

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I have a Dell Optiplex 3010.
I want to install Built-Out VGA from NVIDIA geforce family .
The motherboard is the Dell Inc. 042P49 (CPU 1) and currently has a Intel Core i5 2400 Socket 1155 LGA installed.Motherboard Slots => 3xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16PCI Express Version Supported =>   v2.0P.S.U =>  Dell H265Am--00  Max Output Power 265w I need the advice to choose the proper graphics card compatible with my device Thanks

A:Dell Optiplex 3010 Built- Out VGA

You already have onboard VGA (and HDMI) video output on the 3010, so is there a reason you want VGA from an add-in (NVidia)  video card?
You'd need a PCI-e x16 video card, regardless of which exact card you pick.

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Hi, I have a dell 3010 sff with an i5 3470 and 8gb ram. Im looking for a decent graphics card around 100 to 150dollars. I heard the gtx 750ti is good but im not sure my psu has enough watts? I have a 240watt psu. What do you guys recommend?

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I cant seem to update the bios beyond A09. I do not get any errors but it does not change after update. It has some other issues too such as only seeing 2 SATA devices unless I use command and configure to reactivate the other ports. I run the update from a cmd prompt and create a log file which gives no errors but does have no system manifest found under the info for the current bios version. At the end of the log file it says exit code 2 need to reboot to continue. Now for some extra info. The harddrive has been changed and there is only a single partition. Im not sure if that has something to do with it for example if its looking for some Dell files that it cant find ? I have also doe this from freedos booting from a USB and it does the same thing. It acts like it works but then reboots, messes up my SATA settings where I dont have a CD drive again, have to run the CC files in windows to fix that and reboot again to have CD. 
I guess my question is are there any others ways to update or flash the bios ?

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Optiplex 3010. no audio drivers available. Sound quit working after Windows 10 update. I updated the BIOS and the chipset, but still no sound. It worked before two updates ago. I hopped the latest update would fix it. But it did not. Dell drivers does not list any audio drivers, let alone Windows 10 drivers. Has anyone fixed this

A:No sound after Windows 10 update Optiplex 3010

The last Conexant CX20641/CX20651 HD audio driver we released was only for Windows 7/8. We did not release one for Windows 8.1 or 10 because those operating systems should be installing the innate audio driver. The only workaround you might try is to attempt to install the old driver in compatibility mode.

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Purchased a 3010 SFF from the Outlet.  Installed Win10 and everything else I needed and assigned it to my user.  She is using Dual Monitors, one via Onboard HDMI and one via Onboard VGA.  The VGA side is "blurry"
I have tried:New CableUpdated DriversUpdated BIOSDifferent Monitor
No matter any of those, the onboard VGA is blurry.
So I decided to drop in a PCIe SFF Add-in card.  With this card installed, the system does not boot at all.  The system will turn on, full fan, then off, Then on again and sit there with no video.
If I connect the video cables to the onboard WHILE the add-in card is in, I get the usual "Unsupported Video..." error.
I have no idea what to try next.

A:Optiplex 3010 Blurry VGA No Boot with Add-In Video

Do you know that add-in video card actually works?
Is it in the PCI-e x16 slot? And have you tried reseating it in the slot?
Have you tried clearing BIOS with that card installed?

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reinstall battery
Close up and reboot

Using onboard video, have you tried changing the resolution for the VGA monitor? Does Win 10  correctly identify the VGA monitor? Does it need its own driver?
Did you install all the right Win 10 drivers from Dell's site, including the chipsets?

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Hi forum members,

I have a Dell Optiplex 3010 desktop running Windows 7 Pro, 32Bit in my office. This morning I was unable to access the internet though I was able to print and access other network drives. I did a troubleshoot and found out that networks status changed from work to public. Error on network icon is "Unidentified network, no internet access". I did ping our router but timmed out. I can ping other servers & PC's on the same network but cannot ping the router or default gateway. I did the following

1. ipconfig /release or renew-did not work
2. ipconfig /registerdns/flushdns - did not work
3. Disabled network card or enabled it - did not work
4. Changed IP address from DHCP to Static - did not work
5. Updated, uninstalled, repaired network driver - did not work
6.Changed Speed/Duplex settings to 100Mbps, 1TB or Auto - did not work
7. Removed other networking services - did not work
8. IPReset All - did not work
9. Removed all Antivirus softwares -did not work
10. Disabled firewall

I am not sure about this issue. If anyone can assist me here. I will really appreciate him or her. I have been working on this issue for almost a day now.

Thanks in advance

A:Dell Optiplex 3010 Internet Issue

Hello jshix and Welcome to the Forums, try some of the fixes in this article first. There are a couple you have not tried yet: Windows 7 DNS server not responding
If still not resolved, we can try other things. post back results please.

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Hi everyone, I have BSOD at least once a day, sometimes twice while browsing the Internet, and using text editors.

I've received following information after reboot:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA800881B2D0
BCP2: FFFFF88003F358C8
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
Files that help describe the problem:
Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows
If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Could anyone please let me know what those codes mean and what should I do in order to avoid having BSOD? I've done a clean install already.
EDIT: Logs attached after running Log Collector

A:Random BSOD on Dell Optiplex 3010

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I have an Optiplex 3010 that doesn't seem to want to post when monitors are just plugged into an add on video card.
It will post when a third monitor is plugged into the onboard but will give a the usual System halt incompatible hardware config error. After which if I shut the system down, unplug the monitor on the onboard and start the system it posts just fine with the dual monitors plugged into the add-on video card(ATI 2950).
I have updated the BIOS to A09 with no luck.
As far as I can see in the new Dell BIOS's there is no setting for me to manually set the system to either onboard or PCI-e as on previous models. This leads me to either the PCI-e card is not detecting the monitors on boot; keeping the system from posting or something of that nature. The monitors are Apple Cinema displays using a DVI breakout plug, but I don;t see why that would matter
This is a problem I have not seen before, and some net research hasn't turned up anything.

A:Optiplex 3010 won't post without monitor plugged into onboard

Long shot here 2 years later.  Did you figure this out?  I have the same issue, the system won't boot with an add-in card and there are no BIOS options.  

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Hello guys!
I have a Dell Optiplex 3010 and I have recently installed Windows 7 on it.
I have also installed the drivers and everything works fine, except the video driver, and I cannot get rid of the black bars around my monitor. I know it is a scaling problem and I've read on some forums that this could be fixed easily using  catalyst, but I cannot install it.

Please help.

A:Dell optiplex 3010- cannot get rid of black bars around my display

I am not familiar with this particular system, but in the white box world one often has to set HDMI connections to overscan to use the full screen.

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I have an OptiPlex 3010 which has decided not to start up. When I power it on, the fans start, the green light on the back of the PSU lights up then the 3 & 4 LEDs on the front panel flash before the box turns itself off. By the way, when the power cable is attached there is a permanent orange light near the SATA connectors on the board - not sure if that's always the case or if it's a clue.
I read about these LEDs usually being the sign of memory problems so I've taken both slabs out but still it won't start. I have a monitor connected to it but it doesn't get as far as talking to that. I tried putting the RAM back in one-at-a-time as per the guide but still no joy.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what the error is or how I can home in on it?
Thanks in advance.

A:No POST on OptiPlex 3010, starts/stops LEDs 3 & 4 blink

What form factor, desktop, mini-tower, small form?
What color is power button, blue or amber, when it won't boot?
You can try clearing BIOS:

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
(Reinstall all RAM modules, if not currently installed)
Reinstall motherboard battery. Use a fresh one if this one is old. CR2032, 3-volt lithium ion battery, ~$2 at discount stores
Close case and see if it boots with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected

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Could someone tell me some compatible part numbers for a power supply for an Optiplex 3010?
We have the desktop model. We have about 30 of these, They did work well for 4 years, now we've had 5 power supplies go out.
I want to buy a few replacement power supplies. One part number is Mpx3v for our power supply.
Someone is selling a power supply on Amazon and says that all of these part numbers are compatible. Is this true? Are all these compatible?
It would make it easier to buy a power supply if I could buy any of these part numbers.
What are compatible power supply part numbers for 3010, such as Mpx3v?
Are all these compatible?: Several computers probably use the same power supply, but I don't know which models are similar.

Compaitble Model Numbers: PS- 5251-5, L250NS-00 , PS-5251-08D, H250AD-00, D250A1005L, D250ED-00, DPS-250AB-67 A, F250ED-00, D-0250ADU00-101, D250ND-00, REF, DPS-250AB-73A, AC250NS-00, PCA038, TFX0250D5WB, D250AD-01 D250ED-01, DPS-250AB-68 A, D250AD-00, F250AD-00, D-0250ADU00-201, PC7068, HP-D2506R0, PS-5251-5, DPS-250AB-36, TFX0250D5WB, H250ED-00, D250E006L, PS-5251-06
Compatible Part Numbers: WX9P8, CYY97, 7GC81, 6MVJH, YJ1JT, 3MV8H, 3WFNF, 5FFR5, 76VCK, HY6D2, MPX3V, PWJ55, T498G, W208D, W209D, W210D, X3KJ8, XFWXR

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My enterprise has perchased many licenses of Windows 7 Pro.  including KMS activation license key.  And I have deployed the KMS activation infrastructure in my enterprise network.
Recently, we bought a set of Opliplex 3010 , 7010 & 9010 PCs, nearly 100 PCs. All of them are N-series without pre-installed Windows 7 by Dell factory.
I tried deploy OS and many enterprise APPs to these PCs through network , using MDT.

The OS image I used in MDT is Window 7 Pro Volume License Edition which was from Microsoft volume license site. But the KMS method cannot activate Windows 7 Pro. on Optiplex 3010, 7010, 9010 .

After deployment, the PCs telled that the the volume license key is invalid, MAK is required. Windows cannot be activated. 

But the issue has never come out on any other computers of our enterprise before.
I have been searching for the solution on internet, but get nothing. And some one said that the BIOS somewhere is locked or modified by Dell to prevent
prated operating system. But the OS and KMS we are using is lawful.
Can any one tell me how to activate our volume licensed Windows 7 Pro. by the KMS infrastructure in my enterprse? Thanks!

A:Volume license activation (KMS infrastructure) cannot activate Windows 7 Pro. on Optiplex 3010, 7010, 9010 ?

did you purchase these computers without any OEM Windows license?
Volume Licensing agreements only offer "upgrade", not "full" - an existing license such as OEM, will have the necessary SLIC table in BIOS populated, and this is usually what VL products look for, to confirm legitimacy.
You can use the MGADiag utility from MS to confirm the SLIC table in BIOS has been populated.
Without the SLIC table populated in BIOS, it may be necessary for you to use MAK not KMSDon
(Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer", where applicable.

This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thanks!)

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Is there any way to turn off the multi-coloured lights on the tower without having to open up the tower?  I really don't have the experience and know-how to start fooling around the inside of a computer tower.

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Hi guys and gals,

I recently bought a new Xion Vantage Series (AXP-100) when the Thermaltake tower I wanted became unavailable. (http://www.xionusa.c...ales tool.JPG)

When the Guy from CompUSA/TigerDirect sold it to me, he said it was fully customizable. and that If I bought a Red LED Fan the whole Tower would light up red. I found out when it arrived that it wasn't true. It's trivial, I know, but My favorite colour is Red. and the tower lights are blue. I contacted TD, they sent me to Xion. Xion apparently has no custom/ replacement parts for their Towers. The Power light is actually painted blue and the LED Light inside the Door is blue, and some how glued according to Xion. I been feeling a bit duped, but then i have seen Sick mods on the net and I am wondering if any of you experts out there can help me make mine the way I want it.

You will have my eternal gratitude is you can help me I would like to build the thing already .

A:Modifying Tower Lights

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somethin is not right tower is turned on but there is no signal goin to the monitor....and the lights on the tower lights is now of my dvd drivers open half way and the other just wont has to be the damn voltage settings on my power supply

the story is there was a shutdown in my area for almost 12 hours becuz the city needed to rewire and fix some **** on the ground.

and when the power was up again...this happened.

i thought at first it was a bios issue so i took out that little round thing out of the motherboard and put it back but no luck......

my powersuppy is a 500w antec.....and i have a gigabyte motherboard.

the bad thing about my powersupply is theres no voltage i dont know how to adjust it...... ANY HELP well be appreciated

A:TOWER lights up but monitor no signal

You have a few misperceptions on how things work... such as voltage switcher on the power supply. You don't want to mess with the power supply.
Your problem could be power supply, hard drive, video graphics, or memory failure... or some other problem.
You can help us help you by posting your computuer brand and model as well as operating system, age of the unit, memory installed, and type of video graphics.
Further, we would like to know what antivirus software, Antispyware, and rootkit snoopers you have installed.
What was going on with your computer when the power failure hit? As that seems critical.
What was that little round thing? A CMOS battery with the number 2032?

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I'm just wondering where to find the settings that would adjust/turn off lights that are on my tower.  Or am I stuck using a winter hat to cover it up for the rest of my life, lol.  Thanks.

A:Turning off lights on my desktop tower

Hi, From the following front, which ligh or lights are you talking about ?               Source: Worse case, a black piece of tape (such as electrical tape) could fix it/them Regards.

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I reset all of my ram slots, video card and sound cards tonight. I also removed my processor heat sink fan and cleaned it b/c it was full of dust. When I put it all back together my computer turned on fine. I went into bios to check some things and when I saved and exited bios my monitor went black and my processor fan went full blast and the lights 3 and 4 on the front of my tower light up. Now every time I try to start my computer it keeps just doing that. Fan full blast and 3 and 4 lit up. I can't figure out whats wrong.

If anyone can help me with this, you will have my eternal gratitude and love.


A:Dell XPS 720 Diagnostic Lights and Fan

I believe those were btx type mb. They are very prone to failure and one of the indications of failure is the fan running at full speed.

What was the original problem that caused you to reseat ram, video card, etc?

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On Dimension desktop with ABCD diagnostic lights (Dim 4700), the lights show G/Y/Y/G green/yellow/yellow/green. The Dell Service Manual and the Owner's Manual neither show this G/Y/Y/G series among the lights shown in the manuals.
One problem is that the POST procedure doesn't complete and it is extremely difficult getting into the F12 Boot Menu for troubleshooting or making changes there. Pressing F2 indicates "Entering Setup" but it doesn't enter Setup, probably because it doesn't finish the POST. Regarding the part on the monitor showing the POST procedure progress, it gets almost to the end and stops there. Whatever that last POST step is, that is probably where the main problem is which we cannot find. Does anyone know the final POST steps and/or what the yellow lights for the B and C indicate.

A:ABCD Dell Dim. Lights Diagnostic

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This morning I turned on my computer and it is making a loud noise but it will not start. The diagnostic lights on the front say 1 3 4. This happened a couple of times before, and I would shut it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on and everything would work fine. However, this time it did not start at all. I am thinking it might be the processor, but I am not sure? If it is, how would I know what kind of processor it needs? Dell will not tell me unless they troubleshoot and determine what the problem is and then they would send their technician out to fix it (too costly). Help!!

A:dell xps 410 diagnostic lights 1 3 4 will not start

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I have a dell precision 490. She is a bit on the old side but a serious work horse. For whatever reason if I shut it down and then try to start it up later, it will not turn on. It gives me the diagnostic 1 and 2 lights with an amber power button. According to dells website and i believe this is before POST (power on self test) which indicates "a possible system board failure has occurred".
Yet, if i turn the power off at the surge protector after shut down, then once i turn the surge protector back on then it boots up like nothing is wrong. How do i test this one?

Thanks for all your help in advance

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5160 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12285 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152524 MB, Free - 75577 MB; D: Total - 953634 MB, Free - 555758 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0GU083
Antivirus: SymantecAntiVirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Diagnostic boot up lights?

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Hello all,
my aunts pc ( a dell dimension 4700) had some security issues last month....i go tthat taken care of and all seemed to be well....however last week they turned it off and could not get it to boot back up....It appeared to be a problem with the graphics because the pc seemed to be running ok except the monitor was totally garbled....when i opened it there was more dust than I had ever after cleaning it out I am getting a beep code of 1-1-2-1-1 and the diagnostic lights are reading "Memory modules are detected, but a memory failure has occurred." I'm not an adept at pc hardware repair so if anyone can give me some pointers to get me started I'd greatly appreciate it..Thanks for all the help in advance..

A:Beep codes and diagnostic lights

looking at this document
the lights are
A - Yellow
B - Yellow
C - Green
D - Green


I would reseat the memory modules

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A:Optiplex GX1 Tower


You need to use Thread Tools in the ORIGINAL Post to flag you Q as solved. Creating an unrelated new Post is a compounded problem.

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We have a four-year-old Dell Optiplex 980 small form factor computer in my office which refused to boot the other day when I wasn't here. The diagnostic light pattern I was given indicates that lights #1, #3, and #4 lit, but not light #2. When I looked at the pattern in Dell's service manual, that particular pattern was not listed! When I tried to boot the computer this morning, I got the same pattern the first time, but the next two times I tried to boot the computer, the pattern I got was lights #2, #3, and #4, which indicates that the computer hardware is operating normally but the BIOS may be corrupt or missing.

One more boot attempt, and the computer booted normally. I'm doing a current backup right now.

What tests/diagnostics should I run to track down the cause of the problem and/or prevent it from happening again?

A:diagnostic lights indicate possibly corrupt BIOS

First, be careful as there is no backup or recovery from a bad/corrupted BIOS on a Dell. On consumer Dell's there are hardware diagnostics accessed by F12 at power on. Not sure if the commercial line has this. If it does you can run a full battery of hardware tests (but it doesn't test the BIOS).

Do you get any beeps at power on? That may help in troubleshooting.

You can try resetting the BIOS, and maybe even replace the CR2032 CMOS (BIOS) backup battery. To fully reset the BIOS, with the PC powered off, open the case and remove the CR2032 battery for at least 10 minutes (Intel says 15 minutes). Reinstall the battery (or a new battery) observing battery polarity. Power on and see what you get. If there were any custom settings in the BIOS they will have to be reset. F2 at power on accesses the BIOS.

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I have a Dell E521 desktop, which I've had for nine years and one day I suddenly discovered the front power button was flashing an amber light and then over time the power gradually died completely. I then looked online to confirm it was the power supply at fault and so went on ebay and bought a new power supply the exact same as the original.
The problem I have now is that everything powers up fine with a front green power light, but it is now showing green diagnostic lights on the front panel which are clearly 2 & 4. I've looked in the manual and it says, 'a possible graphic-card failure has occurred'. I've tried taking my Radeon HD6450 graphic card out and reinstalled it and I've also tried booting with just the integrated graphics on the motherboard, but the lights remain stuck at 2 & 4 and the computer will not boot up properly. Only the Dell logo screen appears on my monitor and the bar underneath that fills white as it boots is only three quarters of the way white. It's really frustrating to be greeted with yet another problem which I don't think is the graphic card, because how can both go down at the same time?
On the motherboard there is an LED that's showing an amber/orange light, it used to always be green, so what does this orange light mean? Can anyone please help me diagnose what the problem could be and a possible fix. I really like my Dell E521 and really would like to get it up and running again. Hope you can help.... Read more

A:DELL E521 - diagnostic lights stuck at 2 & 4..?

Try clearing BIOS to clear that error:

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Make sure RAM modules, video card and other PCI cards are correctly seated in their slots
Reinstall the battery - use a fresh one since the old one may be weak/dead. CR2032 3-volt lithium ion battery
Close case and reboot

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 that will not start up. On the diagnostic lights on back of the cpu only b and d are lit up (they are green). A and C are not lit. I cannot find any thing on this issue. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on with it?

A:Dell Dimension 2400 Diagnostic Lights

In case you don't have a manual for your 2400, here a list of diagnostic light errors.

Usually these errors point to a memory or video problem.

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I tried to add a PCIe 16x video card to this machine and plugged a monitor into the card as well as the on board VGA in an effort to setup dual monitors. When I booted after that, I was given an error message after POST that said that is in incompataible configuration. I checked with Dell and they said it was too. I've done this exact thing with a PCI card on an older Dell machine and it worked instantly. Are there any work arounds or BIOS settings that I can change? The add-on card is a Dell ATI Radeon X600.

Thanks in advance.

A:Dual Monitors Optiplex 760 Tower

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Hello experts,
I am really frustrated with my dell optiplex 745. I have been endeavoring to get on when I replaced the power supply but with no success. I have also changed the motherboard and again nothing to be happening. The dell powers up just fine and then the cooling fan goes noisy. There is a green light in the front panel show showing the numbers; 1, 3,  and 4.  I would be grateful if you can help me with this issue.

A:Dell optiplex 745 tower won't boot

Beep code

1-3-1 through 2-4-4
Memory not being properly identified or used
Power button Solid Amber is Bad CPU/Motherboard.
Power button blinking Amber is Bad Power supply.

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Hi all,
recently my Optiplex 980 refuses to boot: when I press the power switch, starts a sequence of codes that always ends up with all four diagnostic led on. The power switch is blue and for a second even blinks the hard disk led. But nothing appens...
Any idea?

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We currently have Dell Optiplex 7010 tower in our office. It's using a single Acer G6 G276HL monitor via DVI-I port on the video card. We were thinking to buy a second monitor and I want to know if it's going to work?
The video card inside this Dell is AMD Radeon HD 7470:
I was thinking to get the same screen: issue is connecting it to the display port on the Radeon card. So I was thinking to get this adapter:

A:Trying to set up second screen for Dell Optiplex 7010 tower

I presume you're using a DVI-D cable since the current monitor doesn't support DVI-I which the video card supports.
Why not get a second monitor that supports DisplayPort and go directly from DP on the video card to DP on the second monitor without complicating things with that DP>DVI-D adapter?

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Hello -
I hope Bev is still around as she has been so helpful to me in the past.  I have and 8400 that shut off while I was working.  I thought the power to the house went out...but it was just my computer.  Blinking amber light on the power button, no diagnostic lights in back.  Tried to start up, nothing.  Read posts here about it and tried removing CMOS for 10 minutes, removing PCI cards and disconnecting all power and connections from drives to MB (no change...still blinking light, nothing else), then did the jumping test from green to black (yes, I probably should have done that first...) and got nothing on that.  No fan, nothing.  
Can I definitely say it is the PSU?  If so, is the PSU from a 2400 interchangeable with this one?  If it isn't, are there particular brands I should look for or stay away from when purchasing a new PSU?

Thanks so much!

A:Dell 8400 blinking amber light won't start, no diagnostic lights

Blinking Amber means Bad Power Supply.
This particular model needs tin snips to cut a hole in the back for a regular power supply.  If you buy the startech model it will fit without requiring case modification.
Or you can buy one from an OEM vendor.
The 400 Watt ATX12V 2.01 Dell PC Power Supply is compatible with standard ATX style versions of following: Dimension Series Models: 1100 / 2200 / 2300 / 2350 / 2400 / 4300 / 4400 / 4500 / 4550 / 4600 / 8200 / 8250 / 8300 / 8400 / B100 Optiplex Series Models: 170L / GX60 / GX150 / GX240 / GX260 / GX270 Power Edge Series Models: 400SC / 600SC Precision Workstation Series Model: Model 340 / 350 Smart Step Series Models: 100D / 150D

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Nvidia P356 Quadro FX4600 graphics card - 768MB GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 dual DVI out thank you all

A:Wondering if this will work in my Dell Optiplex GX 280 tower-style PC

As long as you have a PCI express socket on the motherboard, that card will work. You may need a power cable adapter to be able to connect the card to the power supply

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Had a KDM-MTFX9320 320W TFX. Ordered a KDM 320W FLEX MFX 9320C. Will this work?

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Got a store-bought Gateway SX-2800 model which is a mini-tower. Upgrading the video card, and as a result I am also upgrading the power supply.

Being a mini-tower, will it definitely need a specialized power supply, or will a standard PSU work?

If it needs a specialized PSU where do you suggest getting them and how - would I take the dimensions of my PSU and then talk to a manufacturer? Or would buying a new case along with a standard PSU be cheaper?

A:Mini-tower Power

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I purchased a GeForce GTX550 IT graphics card a while back only to realize it wouldn't fit into my computer's case (it's a mini ). I was wundering if perhaps theres a way to hook this up externally? I believe it would need a seperate power supply, if it doesn't could you possibly give me the link to a moderatelly priced one that fits my case.
System specs:
Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit
AMD Athlon II X2 220 dual core processor
Nvidia GeForce 6150SE
DVD-Super Multi Drive
4GB DDR3 mem.

A:GTX550 TI in mini tower help!

No. Video cards connect directly to the motherboard. There aren't any external options, much less a way of using an internal card externally.

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There are usually 3 HDD in this case, but in this image, when I installed the GTX 260, I had to remove one. Don't use it anymore though, it was Vista. It's now in an external HDD case for backing up two other PCs in the home...

A:Mini-Tower Close-up

That wire mass can't be good for air flow. You might want to clean it up a little.

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Hi, I'm using an 755 SFF now and the system is operating wll. However the adding of a better grafic card is problematic cause of the limited space.

Now I'm thinking of finden a (evt. defect Mini Tower model) and put the motherboard, HDrive of the 755 SFF into the larger Mini Tower case and buy a better grafics card.

Are the components compatible?

A:Motherboard etc. 755 SFF compatible with the Mini Tower?

Yes everything would work well however from what I know your motherboard is smaller it will go in to the chassis though none of the expansion slots will align with the chassis slots as your motherboard as smaller than the chassis. I suggest you pick up a 755 MT motherboard for full compatibility and by the way these are like $50 or maybe less and you could just put all your current hardware on it (cpu, ram ,hard drive cable, etc) with no capability issues.

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I have an OptiPlex 990 Tower and want to install a Flex Bay Card Reader.  I have the following P/Ns:
0g7v21 Card Reader
0N95F Bracket
01YMGT Cable Assy
DS-8A8SH  DVD Writer
SATA cable
I need the cable assy number for the card reader to motherboard.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Bob

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I might be building a new computer soon, I am wondering if these parts will go well together:

Motherboard: BIOSTAR H61ML LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
tower:LIAN LI PC-A05NB Black Aluminum ATX Mini Tower Computer Case
Video card: EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1452-RX GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
Memory: CORSAIR 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory Model CMV8GX3M2A1333C9
monitor: Hanns-G HW-173ABB Black 17" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 600:1 @ 1440x900
Power Supply: Hanns-G HW-173ABB Black 17" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 600:1
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 Sandy Bridge 2.8GHz (3.1GHz Turbo Boost) 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I52300

If any part in here is not compatible please tell me and point me in the direction of a compatible part if you can. I do need the tower everything else can be changed.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

A:Building a computer witth a mini-ATX tower

Typo: you listed the monitor twice, once under PSU, Otherwise those parts look fine however even though it is a minitower due to the front mounted power supply that case will support a full ATX motherboard. I would personally recommend a Full ATX motherboard since they offer much more expansion. This is a good option and only costs slightly more, Although If you go with something like this you will get SATA 6gbps, USB 3.0, more memory slots, and a faster chipset.

Also Biostar motherboards are ok but far from the best try to look for boards from Gigabyte, ASUS, or MSI.

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I have the HP Compaq DC7700 Convertible Mini-Tower(CMT) with Windows 7 SP1 on C partition, and WinXP Pro 64 bit on D partition. I have bios Version Hewlett-Packard 786E1 v01.16, 8/17/2011 Is there a later version of the bios for my machine?  Here are the msinfo32 information if it helps=========================================OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home PremiumVersion 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601Other OS Description Not AvailableOS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name HOMESystem Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardSystem Model HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible MinitowerSystem Type x64-based PCProcessor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz, 1867 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard 786E1 v01.16, 8/17/2011SMBIOS Version 2.4Windows Directory C:\WindowsSystem Directory C:\Windows\system32Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2Locale United StatesHardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"User Name home\BillTime Zone Central Daylight TimeInstalled Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GBTotal Physical Memory 3.94 GBAvailable Physical Memory 2.77 GBTotal Virtual Memory 7.87 GBAvailable Virtual Memory 6.25 GBPage File Space 3.94 GB=========================================

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Purhased an AXC-704G-UW61 mini tower Desktop on Wednesday Sept 14, 2016, whereas the SNID/Serial Number sticker was to be was not there and Information found on dicscarded box needed to register, Acer has refused to send a replacement sticker so I now have to keep box. Any options to avoid boycotting ACER?

A:AXC-704G-UW61 mini tower Desktop

SNID is available on BIOS too, press Del at boot and check on mainscreen.

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Currently, I'm using a Gateway PC (Mini tower) with the built in Intel GMA 4500 HD Graphics. I'm looking to find a decent Mini tower PCI Express Graphics card that can run games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at a low-decent resolution at a high FPS - preferrably 80-90 or more if possible. My price range is basically anything under / around $70.

I found a Radeon HD 5450 1 GB supposedly low profile graphics card on Amazon, any opinions on that quality of that?

I'd just like some suggestions, please. Thanks.

A:Solved: Mini tower graphics Support

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Hi everybody,
I recently inherited an unused PC from work. It's an Optiplex 780 with a faulty power supply.
I replaced the power supply with a working one from an old Optiplex 740 and also had to buy an standard ATX 24 pin to mini ATX 24 pin cable in order to use the 740' PSU in my Optiplex 780.
I have plugged in the power cord (but no mouse & keyboard because I don't have any USB keyboard available) and I expected the computer to show DELL logo as well as on screen POST messages during power up but instead I can see the following :
1) Power button in orange color. No blinking. : according to service manual it means PSU is probably OK and PC has reach booting stage 2.
2) 1,2 & 4 green diagnostic lights are on. This combination (1,2,4) is not listed in service manual so I have no idea on the possible kind of error.
Any suggestions about the possible error and how to fix it?
Kind regards,

A:Optiplex 780 - unknown diagnostic light code 1,2,4 plus orange power button

Hello!  I would unplug everything go into the computer and unplug any cards you have like graphics card and network cards etc. Also unplug your HDD and Optical Drives and plug them all back in and see if that clears it.  I looked at the manuals you did and just combined 1,2 and just 4.  

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I need help updating the BIOS on my HP dc7800 CMT. I keep getting this error: The system BIOS updte file (C:\Users\f\Downloads\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated. I tried to update using the sp53611.exe (8.0 MB) 1.32 Rev. A(6 Dec 2011) HP Compaq Business Desktop System BIOS (786F1 BIOS) Which can be found here. The current version of my BIOS is: 786F1 v01.04 7/18/2007 I am running Windows 7 64-bit  Ultiate. I noticed on the page for the software (linked to above), it mentions most flavors of Windows 7 64 bit, but it DOESN'T mention Win 7 ULTIMATE 64-pit. Here is what I did: 1) Restarted computer in safe mode2) Logged in as administrator3) Started task manager to make sure all apps and most services were stopped3A ) as an extra precaustion, I even stopped Windows Defeneder4) Double clicked sp53611.exe and let it install software.5) This opened a web page. I clicked on the link that was under the Update Bio from a windows environment.6) The process started, but then I got the error above. Any ideas on what to do next? Is it possible that the BIOS CAN'T be updated because the software doesn't support windows 7 64-bit ULTIMATE??? Thank you in advance. I have a new graphics card coming today (Radeon HD 6570 - which was recommended by Mr. Paul Tikkanen, Thank You), and I guess that I... Read more

A:Need Help Updating Bios dc7800 Compact Mini Tower : ROM.CAB ...

Hi: There should be no need to update the BIOS if everything is working correctly. If you want to update the BIOS you should use the built in Flash System ROM menu in the BIOS. That is the safest and easiest way to flash the BIOS. All you need is a USB flash drive formatted with the FAT 32 file system. Download the latest BIOS update and run it. You should get an instruction page.  On that page, you want to select the F10 flash system rom option and you should see a view contents of DOS flash folder. Copy all of the files in that folder to your usb flash drive. Plug the flash drive in the usb port, reboot the PC and at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, tap the F10 key to access the BIOS. There will be a menu to Flash System ROM. Select that and it should see the BIOS update files on the usb flash drive.  Then follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with updating the BIOS.

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Hi out there to Vistax64. I am a recent XP to Vista user. I have a Vostro 200 mini tower (specs below) that has been running XP pro for the last few years - couldn't stand the GUI anymore lol - so I installed Vista HP and am very happy with the new interface and features. After tweaking some, the desktop appears from cold start in 30 seconds or so and almost everthing runs as snappy as it did before with XP. But the task manager is showing an average use in physical memory of 1.17 gigs, CPU usage is higher, and some, not all, internet pages scroll slowly e.g. Yahoo news pages, Hearts of Space etc. where as they were fine before. Everthing else on the internet, including this site, works well - though a few installs like Starry Night Enthusiast and a John Deere farm game are slower.

My question is this: Would installing a seperate video card give me better all-around performance or would another gig of ram do the trick? And what brand/type of video card do you folks recommend?

Intel Core2 Duo E4500 @ 2.3ghz
2 Gig of Kingston RAM
Intell G33 Express Chipset (on motherboard)
80 Gig WD SATA Hard Drive
Seasonic 350w PSU

Thanks for the opportunity to have my questions answered and I'm looking forward to cruising the site here!

A:Video Card For Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower

Windows will allot 50% of your ram by default, for when you need them programs. Remember, rams fastr than hard drive, and why have all that ram and not use it.

For your power supply, a nvidia 430/440 or an ati/amd 6450, maybe get away with a 6550... Seasonics are quality.

The slowdown is probably because Vista is a bit more of a beast than xp, and graphics can be a bit more hefty.

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Brand: Gateway
Type: Desktop
Model: LP MINI TOWER TB3 Essential 500

Problem: Won't turn on
Manufacture Date: 12/02/99

A:Gateway LP MINI TOWER TB3 Essential 500 Desktop won't turn on.

This computer is 16 years old and came with Windows 98. It isn't worth spending time worrying about it; it is just too old and slow.
Processor: Intel Pentium III, 497 MHz
It probably has at most 256MB of RAM.

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i searched in a lot of forums to see if a gtx 750 ti is compatible with the dell 660 mini tower and i cant find a reliable source and i need help to see if its worth it to get it if it is compatible.


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Vostro 200 Mini Tower tries to start, shuts down, then repeats until the power button is pressed to stop the cycle.
The power button is steady amber
The blue drive activity light turns on
MOBO light is on
All fans (CPU, GPU, PSU, Case) are working
Video card removed and reseated
Memory modules removed and reseated
PSU connector to MOBO reseated
CMOS battery replaced
All connectors feel solidly connected, yet there seems to be no power to the monitor or the keyboard.
I've disconnected power, drained residual power and reconnected the power.  The cycling continues.
I would appreciate some other suggestions on what I can try (like - why the monitor and keyboard are not receiving power from the computer).

Thank you.

A:Vostro 200 Mini Tower tries to start, shuts down, then repeats

Vostro 200 Mini Tower tries to start, shuts down, then repeats until the power button is pressed to stop the cycle.
The power button is steady amber
The blue drive activity light turns on
MOBO light is on
All fans (CPU, GPU, PSU, Case) are working
Video card removed and reseated
Memory modules removed and reseated
PSU connector to MOBO reseated
CMOS battery replaced
All connectors feel solidly connected, yet there seems to be no power to the monitor or the keyboard.
I've disconnected power, drained residual power and reconnected the power.  The cycling continues.
I would appreciate some other suggestions on what I can try (like - why the monitor and keyboard are not receiving power from the computer).

Thank you.
Are there any 'Beeps', see page 80?

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i have a Dell Vostro Mini Tower with the following specs:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz
4GB RAMIntel(R) HD GraphicsI have ran a System Requirements check and it says I have 2048MB of Video RAM.  i would like to upgrade this to 4GB if possible.  would anyone be able to recommend a card that is compatible with my computer?I understand the wattage of my power supply matters also, would anyone know what this is?Thanks in advance

A:Upgrading Video Card on Dell Vostro 270 Mini Tower

The 2GB you are referring to is how much system ram is being given to the onboard Intel GPU video to use. You cannot increase that to 4GB. But you can add a discrete PCIe x16 video card. The Vostro 470 has a 300w power supply. So that will limit you as to which video card you can use. The two video cards that we shipped on this model were =
YG17P Nvidia GeForce 640GT 1GB67V2J Nvidia GeForce 620GT 1GB
Or you could remove our power supply and install a higher wattage power supply and then get a better video card.

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I have a Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower, and it currently has the Intel Pentium E6500 processor. I would like to upgrade to something better, because my current processor does not meet the minimum requirements of some games I would like to play. I was wondering which processors I could upgrade to? I know that the new processor has to fit the socket on the motherboard, but I don't know how to find out what socket my current motherboard has, or even what motherboard it is.
I would also like to know, if I don't upgrade the processor, but instead get a new motherboard, can I get any motherboard, and plug it in, and will it come with a new processor, or will it have to fit my current processor? Does upgrading the motherboard make much difference to the CPU speeds if I don't actually upgrade the processor?
I am running Windows & SP3, DirectX 11, with 4GB RAM, and i also have an ATI Radeon 5670 HD Graphics Card, and a 300W power supply. 
Would I need to get a new power supply if I upgraded the motherboard or processor? 

A:Upgrade processor or motherboard on Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower

I have mentioned list of processors which are also compatible with Vostro 230 mini tower.


Code Name


Clock Speed

Front Side Bus



12 MB

3.00 GHz

1333 MHz



12 MB

2.83 GHz

1333 MHz



4 MB

2.66 GHz

1333 MHz



4 MB

2.50 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.33 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.16 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.00 GHz

1333 MHz



3 MB

3.06 GHz

1066 MHz



3 MB

2.93 GHz

1066 MHz



2 MB

2.80 GHz

1066 MHz



2 MB

2.70 GHz

800 MHz



2 MB

2.60 GHz

800 MHz



512 KB

2.20 GHz

800 MHz

Vostro 230/230s has been tested with Intel G41 chipset (Motherboard) with ICH07 only. Motherboard and processor are two different components. I would suggest you to upgrade the processor. Please reply for further assistance. Thanks & Regards Manshu S #iworkfordell

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Hi Everyone,
We just started a new contract with Dell for corporate Optiplex 7040 mini-towers and I have 2 that arrived DOA. Techs replaced motherboard and we've tried every other conceivable plug in, don't plug in, to see if they will fire up. The irony is the second one just came in as the replacement for the first one which was RMA.
Are there any known issues with these models and defective internal parts out of the factory? I'm hesitant to order more at this point and I've made our distributor CDW aware of the issue.

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Hello everyone.

Can someone post a good GFX card for no mor ethne $100 for a miini tower PC such an emachine El series etc. So a low profile GFX card. My friend does some basic gaming WoW, Moonlight etc.

i know a regular card is too big. What is one of the best 100 dolalr or below gfx cards that are low profile and can fit into mini tower PCs? The slot can be the regular PCI 2.0

Thanks guys

A:Solved: Best budget Graphics card for mini tower form factor?

The biggest problem with OEM PC's is that the power supplies aren't typically up to the task of an addon card. So it's generally recommended to replace the power supply as well. With this being a mini-tower, I wouldn't be surprised if it does not use a standard sized power supply, so that is likely not an option.

If you want to simply try a new card anyway, your options will be limited by the card size. There isn't much of a selection of low profile cards. Find the latest generation chipset which fits your budget.

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I have a Vostro 460 MT from Dell.
The Specs:
320GB HD
Stock PSU - 350W

I had a NVIDIA GT 210 card in previously which I sold and bought an R7 240 to upgrade with. When plugging in the R7 240 and booting up. I get NO VIDEO SIGNAL. NO BIOS SPLASH SCREEN etc.
NOW if I take the card out and use the onboard VGA it works fine. The NVIDIA GT 210 worked fine too.

Why does this card not work? Is there a solution to my problem?

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So I bought a mini tower. It did not come with a card reader. I was looking at some at a few places, then I get the credit from dell rewards and tried to find the card reader on Many Vostro 3900 come with one, so I know dell makes them. But I tried and tried but can not find them. Does anyone know what to search for? Thank you!

A:Vostro 3900 Mini Tower Multimedia card reader on

Hello Mathcat
Thanks for writing to us. 
If you are looking for an internal card reader, then we would request you to talk to part sales team on 1-866-440-3355 . 
Have a good one. 

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Ladies/ Gentlemen: 
1. I noticed my Windows Diagnostic Service is OFF, but I can't turn it ON, the "choice" is greyed out. Can anyone help me on how to turn it back on? 
2. Not sure if it is related OR separated problem, i encounted a mini dump/ crash, but not the "blue screen of death, rather, the computer will simply turn off by itself. From the control panel/ problem list, i see 2 issues: Services Diagnostics Host Hung on starting, & Services internet sharing hang on starting.....
I ran a Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool test, luckily, it states NO memory errors were detected. 
I ran the famous Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpywares, which both are highly recommended by this forum/websites, turns out to be OK ( i ran in safe mode) 
Can anyone help me on how to fix my problems. Thank you.
Here are the specs of my compuer:
Sony AR-770 Vista Ultimate SP2/  32 bits based computer/ 4 GB RAM Memory/ 300 GB Solid State Drive HD/ 

A:Windows Diagnostic Service is OFF & mini dump crash related!?

Thank you in advance !

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What is an "add-in" graphics card (definition) on an Optiplex 990 tower? What does that mean?

I can't find a definition on the internet.


A:What is an "add-in" graphics card (definition) on an Optiplex 990 tower?

A card going into a PCI-E SLOT AKA PEG.

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sounds from hd like beginning to boot, but screen remains black. tried rescue disc, 95 windows floppy,
installed new memory, used wrist strap and problem started. reinstalled old memory problem remains.
hp pavilion 7125/windows 95/intel133mhz pent/48 mg ram 1620mbhd,cd rom will open/close lights up while hd is making noise then everything stops, exept scroll lock, num lock and sometimes caps lock lights stay on keyboard.
monitor is ok...connected it to son's computer and works fine.

A:screen blank, keyboard lights up,hd lights up, no light on floppy, no boot

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hi, I am going to upgrade my graphic card to ATI 5770 so I need a new power supply which has power about 550--600 watt. But the most frustrating problem is that I failed to find a proper power supply with the correct dimension.
I have an HP pavilion e9300 which uses a very wired power supply tower-150mm(W) 86(H) 140(D). But so far all the PSUs I found is the standard size --150mm(W) 86(H) 150(D) which cannot fit in my setup.

So could any PC God give me some suggestion, please??
Is any PSU with the size of my tower or can I just simply install a bigger PSU which can still successfully power up the comptuer?

Thx in adance.

A:Power supply bigger than the tower - frustrated by HP PSU tower

If the power supply will physically fit your case, it should work fine with your computer. Will the extra 10mm interfere internally with anything inside the PC?

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I need to retrieve some old info from my old tower. Is it possible to hook the old tower to the new one and use it as a big memory bank? And if so, how do I do it?

A:Hooking old tower to new tower to retrieve old programs

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

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Forgot to ask this in my last thread. Is there any difference between a mid-tower ATX case and a full-tower other than height? Thanks.

A:Mid-Tower and Full-Tower Cases

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Hican I upgrade to w7 from XP still? I thought I had a disc with an operating system for W7, but it seems I have a set of 3 discs, HP Restore Plus The second disc is marked operating system w7 I have backed up my important bits, I don't really want to buy a new PC, any help? regards ALAN

A:xp to w7 upgrade for pro 3010

Hi, Alan: The 3 disk set should clean install W7 on your PC. They should be labeled disk 1 of 3, disk 2 of 3, and disk 3 of 3. You boot from disk 1, and follow the on screen instructions, then it will load files, eject and prompt you to insert disk 2 and so forth. Then after disk 3 is done, the PC will install W7. It will take a while. You will lose everything on the hard drive during this process.

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Hi I need some help and advice, I have a HP Pro Small Form Factor (SFF) descktop PC which I primarily use for gaming and watching video's, over the past few months I've found myself upgrading cerain things on it such as the graphics card and RAM. It's a fantastic little machine I've come to realise and I want to get the best out of it as I can.My question is this:what is the best processor I can put in my machine to make it faster and as I use this system alot for gaming will it improve it at all and last question will I need to upgrade the BIOS as this is something I haver never done before.One other thing will I need to upgrade the power supply to to get optimum power or is the one provided fine for this?Kind regards all, Jay.

A:Processor upgrade for HP Pro 3010 SFF

Hi, Jay: Below is the link to the quickspecs for that model. The supported processors can be found on page 3. Since there doesn't seem to be any X's next to the MT or SFF models when looking at the processor list, my assumption is that the listed processors are supported in both form factors with their current power supplies. For example...when you look at the quickspecs for this business PC, there is a column of X's for the components supported in that specific form factor.  See pages 7 and 8 for what I am referring to. As to whether or not the BIOS has to be updated...probably not.  There is only one BIOS file listed on the HP Pro 3010 driver page with no revision history.

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Hello all,

So I've attempted to do a thorough search of my problem here and see if it could be answered, but unfortunately I am still unable to solve it.

The Problem: My AMD Phenom II X4 945 Quad-Core, 3MHz, 125W (HDX945FBGIBOX) from Newegg's "AMD Dragon Platform" Bundle is running at ~802.70MHz with a x4.0 multiplier.

My Troubleshooting: I have updated all of my drivers, re-seated all of my plugs and hardware [RAM, GPU, etc.], Set the Windows Power Management to High Performance, disabled Cool 'n Quiet and CE1 Power Management, reset the CMOS, disabled CnQ and CE1 again, run Video Card Stability Test, played Age of Empires III [performed fine, good FPS], played Arma II [performed terribly, very low FPS <10], just attempted to use Prime95 but couldn't really figure out what I was looking at. Ran a Blend Test and it made my first core go to 100% Load while the temperature maxed at 40°C. Monitored with Core Temp and CPU-Z and nothing has brought my ~802.70MHz, x4.0 multiplier, and 1.106V up or down. Somethings is keeping it locked there.

I did manage to use ASUS' supplied TurboV overclocking utility [I don't overclock anything myself otherwise] and was able to raise the Core Speed to just over 1000MHz before the PC shut itself down. I promptly uninstalled TurboV but took the fact that the processor sped up to mean that it isn't a CPU problem, but something else holding the CPU down. My Core Temp readings are static between Mi... Read more

A:Solved: 3010 MHz (x16) CPU running at 802 MHz (x4)

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My scanner powers up OK, but when I click on scan on my computer tile I get a message TO GET STARTED CONNECT A SCANNER. I recently up graded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. I also had the same message on 8.1. I have replaced the cable between the scanner and the Dell Insperon 3847 computer. When i go onto a HP site and search for hardware connected, other devices are recognized but not the scanner. I tried to find a site where I could possibly download a newer driver but have not been able to find one that conforms with windows 10. What to do?

A:HP Scan Jet G 3010 problem

Your HP Scanjet G3010 Photo Scanner has a full-feature software driver package for Windows XP and Vista and 7, but not for Windows 8 or 8.1. or 10.
It has a basic software driver package for Windows XP and Vista and 7 and 8 and 8 .1, but it has no software driver package for Windows 10.
You might consider making use of the links in the "Knowledge base options" column and see if any of them are of any help to you.

One of the common problems with upgrading from Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is having devices or hardware that no longer work or work properly.
You may need to purchase a more modern and newer HP print/scan/copy device.


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