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Make a Mini Start Menu With No Additional Software

Q: Make a Mini Start Menu With No Additional Software

Some people want their Start Menu back. Although I love the new Start Screen and tiles, there are times when I am on the Desktop that I wish I could launch a regular Windows application. Instead of having a bunch of icons on my Desktop, a menu would be better.

I don't like installing additional software, like the Start Menu 'restorers', so I tried to figure out a way to do it without installing anything.

So, here's a way to fake the Start Menu by using the built-in Taskbar functions. It's not as pretty and complex as the Start Menu, but it's sure better than having a bunch of icons on your Desktop or spread across the Taskbar.

A: Make a Mini Start Menu With No Additional Software

If you like, here's another Start Menu toolbar option.

Start Menu Toolbar - Create on Windows 8 Taskbar

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Windws 7 Pro SP1 with IE v8.

I recently had to install Windows Live and 3 new entries were added to the context menu in Internet Explorer.

1) Blog with Windows Live
2) Email with Windows Live
3) Translate with Bing

I want them gone. I've looked through the usual registry keys like:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt

And cannot find any traces. In fact, I searched through the entire registry for the values "Blog with" or "Email with" and nothing turned up.

Just where in the heck is this buried in the registry? If I disable Windows Live addon in Internet Expolorer, I think that my games (Gears of War and Batman Arkham Asylum) will no longer work. I could be wrong about that certainly. Does anyone know how to get rid of these?

A:Is there a way to edit the context menu without additional software?

Manage the context-menu entries for files, folders, drives and Namespace objects

Regards....Mike Connor

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Anyone know how to add folders to the right side of the Start Menu, beyond those that are default or that can be added via Customize Start Menu options?

A:Additional Start Menu Folders

You can't.

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hi people
its my first time post

im having a prob with windows.
when i click the start button, it takes about 5-10 seconds for it to shoot up.
the same thing happens when i open IE6. either from the desktop, the little tray next to the start menu, or when i right click a link and open in new window.

my system is new and is 512mb RAM.

does anybody have an idea what this could be??
i did have 2 viruses called ptsnoop and ffen but i got rid of them last week

thankyu in advance

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im new, this is my first post

my problem is:
every time i click my start button or internet explorer 6 icon, it takes about 10 seconds for the action to execute

its like they both freeze for a while

it also happens when you "right click>open in new window" on a link in IE

thanks in advance for any help

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Is there a way to make Windows 7 startmenu look like Windows XP's without losing functionality? With the tab on top? see pic John

A:How to make Start Menu look like XP's

The quick answer is yes.

The complete answers requires a 3rd party program and I've forgotten the name thereof but I'm sure somebody here knows it.

Actually, I tried it out and decided that I preferred the Win7 approach.

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hello everyone,, i'm a newbie in this forum,, this is my 2nd post,,
and i really need some help here,,

I tried to change the image in the start menu (in white background) using restorator to be transparent, but had no effect,,

when I tried to change to a transparent image, programs in start menu is not visible,,

here the screen shot,,

A:How to make start menu transparent

Hello Sakata and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think you're going to have to find a third party theme that provides a transparency effect. Start Menu 7 may do what you want. If it doesn't you might want to google transparent Windows 7 start menu and see what other people have developed.

Start Menu 7

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as in windows 8 all apps have a tile shown on start screen can I make tiles on the windows 10 in addition to the current tiles shown for some apps ?

A:is it possible to make tiles in start menu

I'm not sure if I fully understand what you're looking for. Can you explain it in more detail?

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I've already picked the smallest icons for the start menu

Is it possible to make the start menu text smaller too?

I have a 1366x768 screen, and would like to fit more pinned apps to the start menu by shrinking the text

A:how to make start menu text smaller?

I don't know if this will work for your computer or not. But Microsoft says it might be possible to change the font in any part of Windows (for example, menus.)

Change Windows fonts

There are also 3rd party programs that provide a greater range of customizing and personalizing Windows 7. Some are free and some are not. Two that I'm somewhat familiar with are:

Fonts and Coloring

Vista Start Menu ? Convenient alternative to Start menu

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How can you make the folders behave as menus in the start menu? For example when I click on All Programs and there is a folder called Microsoft Office, I would like to click or hover on it to show the contents off to the side instead of opening a window.

Everything is backwards in my start menu. The left side is all empty and white, while the right side has stuff on it. I would like move all the right hand stuff to the left, but the folders do not work like I want.

Thanks for any help.

A:How to make folders into menus in start menu

In XP, creating groups of applications was easy. You create a folder on the Start Menu and put your app shortcuts in it. Then the folder would behave like a menu and you can start any app easily from that menu. I would group together all my favourite "Internet" or all "Video" apps. Making going to the cascading "All Programs" menu unneccessary
In Window 7 I to cannot find out how to do this. The alternative would be to edit the right-side buttons.
I hope someone knows of a fix for either solution.

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I found that the "God Mode Folder" idea also works with other CLSID's. You can give a folder any name you want followed by a CLSID and it will become a link to something. Apparently, as we're all finding, that kind of link can't be made a toolbar. But if it's INSIDE a toolbar it can work.

The trick is this: If an item of that kind inside a toolbar is VISIBLE as an icon on your Taskbar, clicking it will only open a folder in a window. But if it's NOT visible and you click the arrow to see it, it will cascade through all subfolders -- like the old Start Menu.

Start Menu Toolbar - Create on Windows 8 Taskbar

So that provides another way to get a cascading all-programs toolbar, by creating a new folder with the name


(That's the CLSID of the Windows-generated "Programs Folder" which is a combination of both Start Menus.)

Create it in the Quick Launch folder, or in any other folder that is already being displayed as a toolbar. (Or put it on the Desktop and it will appear in the Desktop toolbar.) Then close up the toolbar so your new "MYSM" icon is invisible. When you click the arrow to show it, you'll get a menu-type display of the entire contents -- including those that don't appear in the Programs Folder itself.

A:As it Turns Out, You can Make a Start Menu Easily

This is cool. I had a folder on my desktop called Programs used as Toolbar where I moved my desktop icons. I renamed your folder Start and moved it into my folder. Now I have a Programs Toolbar with frequently used icons plus a folder Start with all the start menu stuff.

It seems that by default new stuff added to my Programs folder is shown at the bottom of the toolbar(can be dragged into alpha order or whatever) so I'll just leave the Start folder at the bottom.

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I would like to be able to make one by just right clicking on a startmenu item and "Send to Desktop as a shortcut".. or similiar. ( as pre windows 7) I know how to "pin" but that's different.
As it is,the right button does nothing. If I try to drag the program icon across.. it loads the program.
I managed to do it recently by modifying something like Folder Behaviour but after having to resort to an earliier backup I lost both the function and the method of achieving it.

Anyone help?..please.

A:how to make desktop shortcut from Start Menu?

What happens when you right-click an icon? Doesn't a menu appear?

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Before, when I would type anything into my seach menu, pretty much everything on the computer would show up, now only certain things do. I did the properties, display all folders, etc and it is doing the same thing. How can I fx this?

Windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit HP

A:Make start menu search display everything

Have you checked out this article?

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Good day all, I'm wondering if there is a way i can add Control Panel to my start menu in the same area where Settings is currently located.

Thanks for your time.

A:Is there a way to make the Control panel appear in the start menu?

One guy asked the same question, but it turned out he wanted the list of CP in Start Menu.
I hope you don't mean that either.

Go to All apps > scroll down to alphabet W > open Windows System > right click at Control Panel > Pin to Start.

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I have 2 monitors and am wondering if there is some way to make it so that when I bring up the new metro start menu on my 2nd monitor that I can make it stick there?

As it is now, if I open the new menu on my 2nd monitor and then go back to what ever program that I have open on my first monitor (like chrome or I.E. etc) then the start menu will close from my 2nd monitor.

I'd like to make it where it stays open on my 2nd monitor. Is this somehow possible?


A:Is there a way to make the new metro start menu stick to my monitor?

The only answer at the moment is "No." Like you I have several monitors (3) and would like the "Start Screen" on at least one of those all the time.

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I need to know how to make 3 images into a usuable start menu button i am usin a program called Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6 to change the menu but i need to know how to use my own images to make the start button any help would be great

A:I need to know how to make 3 images into a usuable start menu button

Start Button - Create a Rectangular Start Button

it can also be used for orbs I suppose

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I went to customize the start menu and checked the "Show as a menu" option under Computer. So now when I go to start menu> Computer, a menu pops up showing my drives, etc. My question is how can I make it branch out all of my folders and not only My Computer? Thank you

A:How to make Windows Explorer branch out in Start menu?

Have a look at ANN: Classic Shell 2.9.3 is out - Now with Search!

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(Win 7 - 64) I recently was hit with the DOJ "computer locked" hack. I followed the u-tube video instructions and restored my PC to an earlier date. This solved the issue, everything is back to normal, except I cannot make changes to the Start Menu props or unlock the Task Bar. I also ran the MalwareBytes program which removed three instances of malware. Also ran a Vipre deep scan.

I have checked the registry section regarding keys which might be locking these items, but found none. Would appreciate any ideas regarding how to approach this issue. Would creating another user account help? I thought about creating another account, signing out and signing in under that account. Would that boot Win 7 back to the default settings for the Start Menu and Task Bar? (so I could change them?)

Thanks for any ideas.

A:cannot unlock taskbar or make changes in Start menu properties


Some policy was probably set by the ransomware.

Let's see what we can find...

Please download SystemLook:
Save to the Desktop

Right-click SystemLook.exe and select: Run as Administrator

Copy the content inside the following quote box into the open field:


Click the Look button to start the scan.

When finished, a Notepad window opens with the results of the scan.

Please post the SystemLook.txt in your reply.


Let's see what your system shows with the following short scan...

Please download RogueKiller:
Tlcharger RogueKiller (Site Officiel)

When you get to the website, go to where it says:
(Download link) Lien de t?l?chargement:

Select the version for your system: 64-bit (button with x64)
Click the applicable dark-blue button to download.

Save to the Desktop.

Close all windows and browsers.
Right-click the downloaded file and select: Run as Administrator

At the program console, wait for the prescan to finish. (Under Status, it says: Prescan finished)

Press: SCAN

When done, a report opens on the Desktop: RKreport.txt

Please provide the RKreport.txt (Mode: Scan) in your reply.

... Read more

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Any way or hack to make folders in Start Menu - All Programs expandable withing All Programs Pan on mouse hover instead of mouse click, or cascadable on mouse hover? The only way I found mentioned is to use command line utility mklink for each folder you want to add expandable (or cascadable - I didn't try) to All Programs.

Open Command Prompt in %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu and enter the command:
mklink /D <Name to Pin as> <Target folder to pin>

For example, to pin Program Files, type:
mklink /D "Program Files" "%ProgramFiles%"

Is there a way to make it simpler and working for any folder already in Start Menu? All Programs folder in Start Menu is expandable by default: what registry setting delivers that? Can the same setting be auto added to any new folder under All Programs? And how to convert the existing ones?

P.S. I just tried mklink on the example above, and it simply pinned the folder without making it expandable. Probably, some switches should be added when running mklink to allow that?

A:Any way to make folders in Start Menu - All Programs expandable

I'm sorry but it doesn't matter how many times and in how many different ways you ask this question, the answer isn't going to change. It can't be done! If you want cascades that much, go back to XP!

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*If this is in the wrong forum, please tell me which one to put it in.
Okay, forgive me if the title is a little hard to understand. Yesterday I made a huge mistake by going to Taskbar and Start Menu and unchecking both "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu" and "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar". What I'm trying to find out is if I can make shortcuts to two of the programs that are pinned to my taskbar. Those programs are Google Chrome and iTunes. I've noticed that if I unpin them from the taskbar that they will appear on the Start menu, but I don't want to unpin them. I have tried pinning them to the Start menu, but with those two programs pinned and the other programs just sitting there, it actually makes my Start menu look really cluttered and messy. So the real question is, can I put items on the Start menu without unpinning them from the taskbar and without pinning them to the Start menu?

A:How do I make shortcuts to pinned taskbar items to Start menu?

Quote: Originally Posted by shadowboy1795

*If this is in the wrong forum, please tell me which one to put it in.
Okay, forgive me if the title is a little hard to understand. Yesterday I made a huge mistake by going to Taskbar and Start Menu and unchecking both "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu" and "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar". What I'm trying to find out is if I can make shortcuts to two of the programs that are pinned to my taskbar. Those programs are Google Chrome and iTunes. I've noticed that if I unpin them from the taskbar that they will appear on the Start menu, but I don't want to unpin them. I have tried pinning them to the Start menu, but with those two programs pinned and the other programs just sitting there, it actually makes my Start menu look really cluttered and messy. So the real question is, can I put items on the Start menu without unpinning them from the taskbar and without pinning them to the Start menu?

Yep: re-enable "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu", and then open the programs. When there are unwanted programs in there, just right-click them and choose "Remove from this list".

You can also use Windows Key + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. to open any pinned item on the Taskbar because each number corresponds to a pinned item starting from the left. So Windows Key + 1 opens the... Read more

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Hi there :)

i found an empty port in my T130, next to the hdd-port, see also here -> [klick|]

Is this a working mSATA-Port for mini-SSDs like "ADATA SX300 mSATA SSD 128 GB",
so that i can use both, SSD _AND_ HDD*??


(* for Example: Boot- and Windows-Partition: SSD, Data-Partition: HDD)

A:Satellite T130-10G: additional port for mini SSD?


I?m quite sure this isn?t mSATA port and this series doesn?t support the mSATA SSD definitely.

Fact is that models belonging to the same series support different hardware specs.
For example: some models were quipped with an: miniPCI 3G module and miniPCI Bluetooth module, and some models supported only the miniPCI WiFi.

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I ran CCleaner and I checked the box that said "Menu Order Cache." Before I did it, it warned me that my start menu would be reset and that custom ordering would be lost.

Now that I've done that, it doesn't show the recent programs at all in the list. I thought by 'reset' it meant that it would just clear the cache, and as I go along it would create a new one. I didn't know that it would permanently erase everything and that it would just be blank.

Is there a way to make this work like it did before (show the recent programs that I've opened)? Do I have to go to a backup, and will that even work?

Thank you,

A:Blank list in my recent items area in the start menu, how do I make it work?

Hi Psychotron!!!

Actually, what you did is just a simple thing, its nothing to worry about. As you go on using your computer once again, all the files that you accessed will be listed again in the Recent Items. You don't have to do anything now, you can continue using your computer like usual now, and try to see the recent item list after a while. You can see the list grown once again

Hope the description helps

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how doo i make an sofware start automatically when i lock my pc . im using win10 pro (Using win10 pro)

A:how do i make a software start automatically when i lock my pc

How do you start a program when you lock your PC?

You use the task scheduler, create a task and specify the appropriate trigger:

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I have a new HP Mini 210-2000 with Windows 7 loaded. I have a Samsung flatscreen monitor plugged in. I can duplicate the desktop on the second screen, but cannot find an option for using an extended desktop in Windows 7. Is this a limitation of the HP Mini 210, or is there some setting that I have missed?
Bruce P

A:No extended desktop option in Windows 7 on HP Mini 210 with additional monitor

Info from Microsoft on dual monitors -

Dual monitors: How to connect two monitors to one computer
Guided Help; Dual monitor setup is easy in Windows 7
Set up multiple monitors

HP Mini 210-2000 PC series - HP Mini 210-2000 PC series*-* HP Business Support Center

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I would like to know which freeware software which can play vcd which start from the menu.

I tried VLC and Windows media play and Media PLayer Classic.

They all seem to just play right away without menu in the begining..

VLC show an error 1st before it starts playing.


A:Software play vcd which start from the menu

Are you sure the file you have has a menu?

If I remember correctly, VCD's don't have chapters - so a menu might not be possible.

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So I changed my theme in colors to the dark theme; I also in-toggled the three toggles (transparency, show color on start, taskbar, and show color on title bar).
For other windows, that worked fine. For example, the Settings window is full black.
However, for some reason, my taskbar and start menu are NOT black. They are a dark gray.
I restarted my system, thinking that perhaps it needed to be restarted to fully implement the change, but no luck... the start menu, taskbar, and notifications windows are still a dark gray... very clearly not black, especially when viewed beside a window that has fully implemented the dark theme.
The preview window above the color swatches clearly shows that my start menu and taskbar SHOULD be completely black... but they aren't.
I've seen screenshots from articles on the dark theme update, and they showed a black start menu, taskbar, and notification area.
Any ideas on why this would be the case?

A:Why doesn't the Windows 10 Anniversary Update dark theme make my taskbar and start menu black?

what have you set for transparency? I think it should be off

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I left my computer on throughout the night while trying to format an external HD. When I woke up this morning I noticed the most common software used are games. When I check the folders in the program files (start menu directory), I see the folders, but the shortcut contents are all "(empty)". However when I open windows explorer>Program files I see the the programs are there in the folder, so I could still use it it if I double click it. Is there a way to correct the shortcut back in the start menu? I'm not sure why this happens.

A:Almost all software shortcut gone in Start menu>Program files

Would this be helpful? Start Menu All Programs in Windows 7 - Restore Default Shortcuts

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Trying to Remove the Start menu & button without any 3rth party software.

Couldn't find anything in the google machine about people doing this without 3rth party software.

I just want the explorer bar with any current running programs but no start menu or button.

A:Removing Start menu & button without 3rd party software.

If you don't wanna use any 3rd party app, then your best bet would be to edit explorer.exe start menu buttons replacing them with an image of equal height and width as the taskbar strip so as to create a non-start menu buttoned taskbar effect.
You can ask the members with GFX badge to make one for you under the latest iteration of custom start menu button thread under customization thread.

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i have too many items in my 'all programs' in windows xp start menu.

im unable to see any new added items as the screen space in totally occupied by old ones.

i do not want to organize them in folders, but want to be able to see all of them.
if not possible to see all of them at once, is there any software than can show them in 2 or more pages or tabs.
or some arrow button on the right which upon clicking will show the items on the right.

tried but failed to find such software if any.

pls help

A:any software to Arrange a lot of Start Menu items in Pages or Tabs

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My computer stops during creation of start menu folders and/or shortcuts. I have to go into explorer and go to start menu (I have ownership) and take ownership of the installation folder, subfolders and shortcuts. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on that I have to take these unnecessay steps? i get error 1909, could not create shortcut. verify installation folder exists

A:Software Installation Stops When Trying To Create Start Menu Folder

Are you admin and check your settings in the Control Panel.

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I am using my laptop (Asus U46SV 8 gb ram) which I recently installed Crucial m4 512 gb for 3 days now. Windows is working fine but programs are gone/disappeared from start menu. Also from the quick launch bar. A lot of programs have disappeared, including windows programs like paint, snipping tool. I have no idea why. I've included a screenshot of the start menu. Even weirder when I use the search function, I can't find it. However, if I open windows explorer go to program files, I can manually find the program and launch it. Though the program icon has changed to a generic non-icon. I noticed it this morning when my logitech mouse failed to detect.

Any ideas why this happens?

A:Software disappeared from start menu/search but file/folder available

Take a look here

Files should be in %temp%\smtmp\1,2,3,4
%Temp%\smtmp\1 files in there will go C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

%Temp%\smtmp\2 files in there will go to C:\Users\<your login name here>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\

%Temp%\smtmp\3 will in there will go to C:\Users\<your login name here>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar

%Temp%\smtmp\4 files inside there will go to C:\Users\Public\Desktop

Save the smtmp folder to a flash drive. Then remove the virus . Don't run any temp files remover programs like Ccleaner .

Also might want to do a scan with THIS program and upload the log file

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I wonder if anyone can help me.

My PC seems to be buggered after running system defrag last night. Before running defrag I deleted a few empty folders from My Programs, which I think were just old spyware folders which had been deleted by Spybot.

When I booted up today Windows loaded, but my Appearance settings had changed (font, colours etc) and also I have no Start Menu button and no Quick Launch icons, just a blank grey bar.

I have tried installing various free AntiVirus applications from to see if I could remove a virus which may have got in, but each time I finish installing the AntiVirus apps and click to open them I get the following error message:

"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

However, I can run any other application on my Start Menu (by pressing the Start key) like Microsoft Word etc.

One thing I must tell you is that I haven't been running any AntiVirus software for the last week as my downloaded copy of Norton expired. Therefore some sort of virus has probably got into the system.

I have run a check with HiJackThis and here is my log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 14:52:36, on 05/08/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
D:\... Read more

A:No Start Menu/Toolbar and can't install Anti-virus software

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

I have a situation where a program shows on "All Programs" but not in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs in Explorer. How can I see that shortcut or whatever in Explorer?

Also, on C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs there appear items (files, shortcuts, whatever) of the same name. What's going on here?



A:Program shows on "All Programs but not on username Start Menu or All Users Start Menu

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Hi guys,

similar problem over here with additional, multiple menu entries in outlook 2000.

The problem in detail:

Step 1: I delete "outcmd.dat", "extend.dat" and "FRMCACHE.DAT".

Step 2: I start outlook -> everything is normal.

Step 3: I open any folder from the folder list -> a second "Adobe PDF" (from Acrobat 7.0) menu appears on the left side.

Step 4: I close outlook -> outlook crashes.

Step 5: I start outlook again -> 2 "Adobe PDF" menu items appear on the right side.

Repeating steps 3 - 5 add additional "Adobe PDF" menues.

Closing outlook without opening any folder before does not add any menu entry. In this case, outlook closes without crash.

Hope, anyone can help me...

Best regards,

A:Outlook: Additional menu entries and crashes - please help

Hi mmatzing

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Changing the following Registry value removes the Adobe PDF tool bar and menu item from Outlook:

With Outlook closed:
To prevent the Acrobat PDFMaker COM Addin from loading, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\PDFMOutlook.PDFMOutlook
and change the LoadBehavior value from 3 to 2.
Restart Outlook.
The PDF functions will still be available in Word and the other Office programs.
Note that installing Acrobat updates may reset the registry key.Click to expand...

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Subject says it. Just setting up new pc for my wife. Came with XP Home preinstalled but the start menu was the classic. Switched it to the XP start menu (which I've grown to like better) and My Computer, My Network Places and Internet Explorer icons were removed from the desktop. Only recycle bin remained. Switching back to classic puts them back again. Oddly enough, when I was saving a dowload to the desktop (while set up as XP) the My Computer, My Network Places showed in the save to box when pointing at the desktop.

A:Switch from Classic Start Menu to XP Start Menu removed desktop icons

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Ok, having some strange problems..

On one profile I'm missing the start menu. I can access task manager with CTRL+ALT+DELETE, but I don't get any user names for the process'

On another profile there is a start menu but I just get an hourglass when I mouse-over it.

A:Missing Start Menu / Unable to access Start Menu (XP home)

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When I click on the START menu, why is there no path for me to be able to look at say, C:/my documents/my pictures etc...There is nothing there like it is in other Windows programs I have used.

Also when I right click on a program and try to "pin to start menu", there is no option for that, only the shortcut option.

What's up with these things?

Anyone feel like helping a XP Pro Novice out here?

Thanks in advance forn your help!

A:XP Pro question Path to C: on start menu & pinning programs to start menu. XP Pro

Right-click the taskbar and look through the Properties. There are some settings in there under the Customize rubric that may help you make changes.

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My PC at work has a Kaspersky AV which I think has its own Firewall. I am just wondering if I need to get another firewall that would stop network hacking on my side? I am just concerned because lately I've been seeing incoming attempts to attack my PC and others as well. Can you recommend anything that could be done or more so an open source or free since the office is not keen on buying the licensed software. We are on a tight budget and computer softwares are just not a priority right now.

A:Do I need an additional Firewall software

Hi RSA,Running multiple firewalls may cause application issues or intermittent connection problems. Kapersky does have a two-way firewall, just make sure your software updated.Comodo firewall is another free solution if you decide to switch: Keep in mind that most free solutions are licensed for personal use.Running multiple software firewalls is unnecessary for typical home computers. Using two firewalls on the same connection could cause issues with connectivity to the Internet or other unexpected behavior. One firewall, whether it's the Windows Firewall or a different software firewall, can provide substantial protection for your computer. (Source)-Chris

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This is my first post asking for your assistance; I'm not sure if I posted the topic in the correct forum section.
Last month I bought a laptop, a Lenovo G50-70. It had McAfee security software pre-installed, to be used for 30 days. That trial period ends tomorrow. My finances at this time won't allow me to purchase commercial security software.
If this 30 day license to use the McAfee sofware expires, does that mean the software all of a sudden “stops working” i.e. does it leave my laptop completely unprotected.
I understand that it is possible to adequately protect one's computer using freely available programmes? What programmes do you suggest would be best suited for my laptop? Is it possible to use freeware that is ad-free? In what order should I install/activate and uninstall/remove programmes?
I've been reading up on the subject but the amount of information on this site is so overwhelming, and my knowledge of computers turns out to be so very limited that I don't trust myself to make the right choices. Could you help me? Suggest specific programmes to download maybe? Point me to the most relevant tutorials? Recommendations?...
Specifications laptop:
Lenovo G50-70
processor: intel®Core™i3-4030UCPU @ 1.9GHz
installed RAM: 4,00GB
system type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Windows 8,1
Security status, at this point,
McAfee firewall, McAfee anti-virus and anti-spyware is turned on
Windows sma... Read more

A:Do I need additional security software?

I would dump Mcafee and install the free version of Avast. All you need to do in register (your e-mail address) and it is good for 1 year. I run the free version of that and I also have a paid subscription of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and Anti-Malware. I have yet to get into trouble with those programs.
You could also install the free versions of the Malwarebytes but they do not offer real time protection. Either way, these are the three that as far as I am concerned.

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I am running firefox Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US;
everytie i try and install or download additonal software from with in Firefox
I rec a pop message " software installation is currently disabled - click edit options & try again" I cant see to find what to change ? and get it working.

A:Firefox - Cant install additional software

Type: about:config in the address bar of Firefox then hit Enter.
Scroll down to the xpinstall.enabled entry and if the Value is false, double click the line to change it to true. Close Firefox and then reopen.

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I have recently acquired a Toshiba Portege R930-14X from a friend. It is running Windows 8.1 Pro, it came with no discs etc. It does not appear to have any of the bundled software it would have come with out of the box. Please excuse my lack of knowledge but is there anyway I can restore this or download it please.

Many thanks

A:Portege R930-14X and additional Software


According notebook specification this notebook model was delivered with preinstalled WIN7 64BIT PRO & WIN8 64BIT PRO DVD.

I don't know which OS version is installed now, I mean is this original Win8 with update or clean Win8.1 installation but all necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support and download page -

Additional software is included in recovery image only.

If you have more questions please be free to ask.

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I have an issue with tif documents.

When I had Windows 2000 I used a wonderful program called imaging. I would open a tif documents with about 40 pages in it. I would be able to rotate all the images at once and then save the document.

Now under Windows XP I have Windows Fax and Picture viewer.
Although it lets me rotate pages I have to do them one at a time!

This is most annoying when I have a 40 page document!

I have tried using Paint but this does not work.

Does anyone know of any software (ideally free!!!) that I can get that can help me?

In other words I want to be able to rotate the pages of a tif document in one go!

Any suggestions welcome.



A:Can anyone recoomend some additional software for Windows XP?

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like everyone else i want max security on my pc allthough i have norton 360 and have tried lots of other security sofware i was told by norton that some extra security can conflict with norton and in some cases cause errors so what i would like to ask is there any free security software that works with norton 360 many thanks

A:Solved: additional virus software

You shouldn't have two security suites running at the same time - they may conflict with each other. However there are various "on demand" options suggested here at TSG:
Also, additional suggestions re security:

I hope these are a useful start for you?


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On this fresh install of XP, I have downloaded most all the updates required for XP, but have one question. On the optional software part, along with other software, MS is listed. What I'm curious about is that it lists versions 1 2 and 3. Do all these have to be installed one at a time, or can I just install version 3 to cut to the chase. I wouldn't think they would all be listed? Why install the others when you could just install the latest....why would they all be listed.


A:Windows Update and additional software.......

I don't know if this is a good explanation but I have installed all three before at once and experience no issues whatsover.

If you are not confident then just do one at a time, nothing is wrong with installing them one at a time.

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My friend is not very technically literate, but she uses email and the internet constantly at home. She is setting up a computer at home with DSL, etc, and another friend told her that she really needed to get firewall software for her home machine.

Considering that a firewall software would be one more application that she would have to contend with, I am inclined to tell her to just use the firewall that comes with XP Pro. What are your thoughts? Do you think she should buy firewall software in addition to what XP has built-in?

I have also considered setting up Zone Alarm Free for her at first, just so she can see what a firewall does. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

A:How Important is Additional Firewall Software?

ZoneAlarm free is awesome. That should do, and don't forget SpywareBlaster, and SpywareGuard.

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i have a new mini laptop and he work's a litle slowly
my configuration is: mini HP laptop, intel 160 atom, 2G memory, Windows 7 starter

what is the recommended anti-virus and browser to enlarge the laptop speed ?

(i have chrom and symantec endpoint 11)

thank's for any help

A:how to make mini laptop faster ?

You could take a look here:

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I installed some software and didn't make it, 'admin', so now every time I start it, it asks for permission to allow it to modify W8.1

My question; Is there a way to change it now, after it's already installed?

A:I installed software/didn't make it 'admin'/How make it

Hello Mawil,

If you like, you could use the method in the tutorial below to create an elevated shortcut to run the program elevated without getting a UAC prompt.

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I want to make DVD copies of mini DV home movies.

I'm using a Sony DCR HC96 Handycam. On its base station, there's a USB port as well as two other ports marked DV and A/V.

As for computer, I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop with a DVD burner.

Can I use the Handycam as a deck, and record a DV in real time? Or do I need to digitize/encode/rip the video tape onto the hard drive, then burn or DVD?

Where do I start?

Thanks in advance!

A:How Make a DVD Copy of a Mini DV Video Tape?

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Hi. I just want to know if there is a hack that will make the print spooler start in safe mode. I'm using Windows Vista 64 bit. If there is no hack currently, could someone tell me of an easy way to create one? I know there was one for xp, but it didn't work for Windows Vista. Thanks.

A:How do you make a hack to make the print spooler start in safe mode

The link to the safe mode hack for xp is this:, but it doesn't work for Vista. Could someone tell me how to modify this for Vista? I would have modified my original post to include this info, but a message came up saying that I couldn't edit my post after the first 15 minutes of posting it. That didn't make any sense to me since I've been on forums where you could edit your post at any time. Could an admin fix that please? Thanks.

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I have a Dell Inspiron E150 64GB capacity. This computer is used daily mostly for internet use. This computer runs PC Tools Performance Toolkit where it dumps all temporary Internet files/cookies in addition to their Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.

After receiving a message that the hard drive was almost full, I transferred all photos and graphic program files to a thumb drive and that seemed to alleviate the problem. A few days later I received the message again, went through unused programs and removed. That too seemed to alleviate the problem for the time being as well. Not long after that I received the message again and removed more unused programs, which that too helped the problem at the time. It again filled up and I received the message again. Having exhausted all unused programs and transferring most of the documents to the thumb drive, I uninstalled iTunes and it's entire library and that took the drive from 100% capacity down to 40%. Since that time an HP printer was re-installed to alleviate some errors from when I uninstalled some of the programs components and also an update from PC tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus, and the hard drive is again filled to capacity. I've exhausted any unused files/programs and at a stand still with what to do next. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!!!

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love the windows phones...used them since the begining....but lack of new device and specialy 'small"size devices like samsung s4 mini is leaving me without options besides migrating to android phones...this is a pitty..dont understand microsoft buying nokia and dropping all production of an nice up to date small unit...they are wondering why they dont have more than 10 pct of market share?..come your customers love you and your products...easy..thanks

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yes i am searching for a good software that can pack all of my software collections into one single installation.exe pack which i can install for later usage will some pliz give me a recomendation of such software to pack all the my files into one installation pack ?

A:finding a good software to make a collection of stuffs software into a installation

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Assume I pin a prgm to the Taskbar in Win7. How can I (later) add some additional start cmdline parameters for the launch of this program?


I pinned Windows Explorer. How can I add parameters like

explorer.exe /n,/e,D:\work

Do I really have to create a shortcut first, then add the parms here in shortcut Properties and finally pin the shortcut?
I cannot believe this procedure is the only way.

Under WinXP I could directly right click on an icon on QuickLaunchBar and add the parms without problems.

This is not possible in Win7 any more

A:How to add additional start parameter to a pinned prgm?

you've answered your own question.

a pinned icon isn't the same as a simple shortcut, so can't be edited the same way.

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I don't know if this has been posted before, however, here's freeware that helps protect your system from virus type invaders that will go in and change your start page.

“StartPage Guard (SPG) protects your PC from cyberscam, by detecting and preventing any unauthorized changes to your internet browser's Start and Search pages. It is also capable of removing automatically most of known "invaders".

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I want to open the Start Menu folder to remove some shortcuts I had created there (because back then, I wanted them to appear in my Start Menu. Now I don't.) And this has led me to this rather peculiar observation:

I can open the Start Menu folder not only for the current user but also for "All Users" by click the Start button -> right clicking "All Programs" and then selecting either from the Menu that  comes up.However, I cannot open the Start Menu folder if I do Windows+R on the keyboard to open the Run window -> type in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu" -> hit Enter key. When I press enter, the computer presented the
UAC prompted asking me if I wanted to open the Airdroid application installed on my computer. Since this was unusual, I uninstalled Airdroid and ever since, when I paste "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu" and hit enter in the Run window,
it doesn't do simply returns me to Run window again.

Why is this happening? Why doesn't the Run window open the Start Menu folder? Is this some kind of Trojan activity?

I also notice that for the past 2-3 days, since I run the last Microsoft Security Essentials scan, my computer has been rather laggy in its performance...despite the fact that the CPU usage and the Memory usage were only around the 20% mark. I remember
that I had assigned Processor Affinity for some processes that time (including the MSE because I thou... Read more

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I wondered if anyone out there has had a similar experience to me...

For some weeks now I have had problems where the START MENU wouldn't launch, metro apps (OneDrive, Tweetium, Money, News etc) would fail to launch (just a blank window up), right mouse clicks wouldn't work, internet browsing slowed up...
Signing out of my windows account then back in again solved it... FOR A WHILE. After an hour or two gradually (one app after another etc) the same problems would occur.
Researching this, I came to the conclusion that Windows 10 was corrupt (or at least my user profile was) and a re-install was necessary. OR I also read of compatibility problems with Windows 10 in my AV software (Kaspersky Internet Security and wondered if the problem lay there.
Yesterday I uninstalled Kaspersky and relied on Win Defender. For 2 days now (unprecedented recently) my laptop has behaved impeccably, no problems as above.
So, am I to blame Kaspersky? Am I safe with Just Win Def? Any other AV suites throwing up problems? Any Kaspersky users with any experiences to share?

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A couple of weeks ago (well maybe 10 days ago) I turned on my computer to see that the desktop was nothing but the photograph background I usually see. My icons were gone! Taskbar, Start Menu, too.

I tried CTRL-ESC. Didn't work. I tried to run explorer.exe. Didn't work. I can't even access Control Panel (control.exe). I don't have malware or a virus (though I did just do a big clean, but only the speed of my computer improved; I still have to run all my programs through Task Manager), but I think the damage was probably done by a virus or trojan.

I've tried the Fix on Kelly's Korner. I've tried looking at Microcoft's page for help, but I can't find anything. I even tried copying the explorer.exe file from my machine at work and putting it in place of the other explorer file (I kept the original, though renamed it). Nothing has worked. I'm fed up and don't want to have to do a clean install. Can someone help me?


A:Major Windows Problem! No Start Menu, Task Bar, Icons, Right-click Menu . . . :(

Welcome to Bleeping Computer MissBigBlue,Which fix at kellys-korner did you try?Line #195 "Restore Desktop Icons and Taskbar" Or, Line #117 - Restore Taskbar and Start Menu, Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm Can you get into Safe Mode?Then you could try a System Restore.

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Hi, I'd like to add a context menu entry to the default set
Open/Open all users/Explore/Explore All users/Sort by Name/Rename etc
which appear when you

right click on a folder in an expanded Start menu (after 'Programs).

Technically, the 'folder' is a 'file folder'.

But the normal set of file folder context menu entries is suppressed by Windows in this instance.

Thus normal additions to the context menu set associated with 'anything' or 'file folders' or 'directories' never affects this set (so far).

I can add context menu entries which appear when I right click on a shortcut, but NOT folders.

I've tried Fast Explorer, and a couple of other utilities.

'Sort By Name', 'Explore All Users' are not in the registry. (Normally context menu entries appear in one of about 6 locations).

Ideas welcome!

Background: I want to do this 'cos I want to keep a 'bad' context menu entry that stops explorer running from this context menu (some programs do that, alas, thus you can't right click, explore the start menu once you install them and their context menu). Normally I have disabled such entries using Shellex View.

So I want to add one which uses a different file manager.


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i just got my screen led replaced and when i got back, i couldnt find the brightness option in power settings. i also have the brightness up and down buttons on the keyboard which r not working. my hp model is mini 110-3700. in device manager, it says generic monitor but there is no driver with it. please tell me what to do

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I upgraded from Windows XP to 7. I have "menu command" and "menu pop-up" sound effects set but they are not working for the Windows 7 start menu. They used to work for XP. It was helpful to hear a sound effect whenever a menu expanded or item was pressed in the start menu. I know this may be a minor problem, but can this be fixed in a future patch or service pack?

A:Menu sound effects not working for Windows 7 start menu

You should be able to go into your windows sound menu and set the sounds...

Right Click Desktop > Appearance > Windows Sounds

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I have lost some items from my start menu or the one that pops up when you hit 'start' at bottom left of screen.
I have lost the menu item 'recent documents, and have lost the drop-down menus from both the items, 'My Documents' and 'Control panel'. The 'recent documents' also had a drop down menu.
The drop down menu used to appear where the arrow is, in the picture I have included with this post and also to the right of the menu item 'control panel'
Here's a picture

Many thanks

A:Hi - Lost menu items and drop down lists from start menu.

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I have created and pinned some personal folders to the start menu. They now appear on the left hand side of the start menu, along with the other applications.

Here are my questions:

1) How can I set up those folders so that they would appear with the little arrow on the right that will allow me to see the content of those folders as a menu, instead of having to open them as Explorer windows?
I would like to do that instead of using the "pull up" option in the taskbar.

1a)How can I change the name of a folder pinned to the start menu without changing the name of the real folder?

2) Is it possible to create personal folders to insert on the right hand side pane of the start menu? (to appear under the system default folders called "pictures", "music" etc)

Thank you for any advice on this.

A:menu view of personal folders pinned to start menu

1.) You should be able to right click the folder and select "view as link" or "view as menu"

1a) Not sure if you can do that.

2) It is not possible to include personal folders on the right side of the start menu.

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I guess this is best explained with images, so here's what I want. (If possible of course).

So in this screenshot you can see my Start Menu, notice that some of this icons (Steam, Curse Client and Origin) have an arrow next to them? When you hover, or click, with the mouse the Task menu opens up.
What I want is to add an icon of Microsoft Office and make it so that the arrow is there too (just like Steam, Origin and Curse Client) and make it so that when I click or hover the Task menu will appear, and on the list will be MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc
I would like to know if it's at all possible and if so how can I do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:How do I pin a folder to Start Menu and have it show Task side menu?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Nice wall care to share the original with us

I don't know how one would go about that with the start menu and all of the office programs,
I believe it would be possible using a toolbar on the taskbar though,
Customize toolbar,

Windows 7 annoyances - Microsoft Community

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Hi, I am having a few problems with some appiclations that are not using the full extent of my bandwidth, and I am sure the problem can be fixed

I.E. A download manager (e.g. IDM) makes use of the full bandwidth available, how would you allow other applications to do the same?

I was thinking of creating a proxy server and use "hyper threading" to speed up the connection.

I am sure other people have this problem as well

The reason I ask, it because an "updater" for an application is very slow, I have taken into account server bandwidth, connection limits etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Software that helps other software make use of all available bandwidth?

You pretty much use the full available bandwidth with a default install. Download managers just hold your place in a download in case the connection gets interrupted. You could have some QOS issues for that updater I would start looking there.

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I actually have no beef with the Win 8.1 Start menu, but the colors of the regular desktop environment are killing me. Namely, the weird, off-off white of the menus. The High-Contrast White option under Personalization gives me the right color for the menu backgrounds but everything else about the theme screams windows 3.1
Is there maybe a registry tweak that I can use to change this one little color? I've tried a few things but nothing so far has worked.

See attached pic to see what I'm talking about.
Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!!

A:Change menu background color in win 8.1? NOT Start menu...

Haven't had any success either.
Even creating 'Classic' theme in Windows 7 and copying it over doesn't work!

Attachment 45614

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I think the only thing that will work here is a registry hack.

By default if you set the start menu properties to display "favorites" it does so by a menu. It does not give you a choice to display this as a link or a menu like it does for other folders.

Is there a way to fix this?

A:Display Favorites as a link not a menu in Start Menu

Drag it on to the start menu ( left hand pane) and pin it and it will open up in a new window when clicked.

Sorry i know its not what you want but its the only option i know.

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We have a custom application which users are used to launching by right clicking on the start menu and selecting it from there.

We have made this customisation in both XP and Vista by adding an entry in:

However when I try to do this in Windows 7 nothing appears.

The only item that appears are the default windows items:
"Properties" and "Open Windows Explorer"

Any ideas if we can actually do this in windows 7 or is there another location in the registry this kind of thing is read from?

A:Custom Items on Start Menu Context Menu

Quote: Originally Posted by sirikan

We have a custom application which users are used to launching by right clicking on the start menu and selecting it from there.

We have made this customisation in both XP and Vista by adding an entry in:

However when I try to do this in Windows 7 nothing appears.

The only item that appears are the default windows items:
"Properties" and "Open Windows Explorer"

Any ideas if we can actually do this in windows 7 or is there another location in the registry this kind of thing is read from?

I've never tried this, so I don't have back-up on this.

I doubt this could have been changed in Windows 7, since it is used for other options. I've added my own options, but when right-clicking files only. It is only an assumption, though.

I'll check on this.

Tell me if any of these here help. I can't find exactly what you're looking for.

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a full screen menu screen instead of the standard windows start menu?

I want something similar to the linux gnome menu screen whenever I press my windows key.
I've already posted this question on the rainmeters forum but I think I should be looking for some sort of shell extension or possibly program it myself in .NET (any pointers on where to start? I have limited knowledge of .NET I suppose I should be looking at the windows API code pack...) or if it already exists some sort of third party application that does something similar so I can customize it to look like gnome.

My idea is to have something like this when I press my windows key:
It should have the standard start menu search function implemented.
I've already tried the omnimo rainmeter skin but this doesn't allow for setting the hotkey to the windows key nor does it have the standard start menu search functions implemented.

I should also disable the standard start menu when I press the windows hotkey.

Any ideas?

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My Start button's context menu has double entries. It either happened when updating from Win8 to Win8.1 preview, or from Win8.1 preview to Win8.1 official release, though I'm pretty sure it was the former. Where does Windows contain the entries for this context menu so that I may prune duplicates and possibly reorder them to my liking?

Picture shows duplicated entries in top left corner.

A:Start Menu Context Menu Double Entries

Hello Havvy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you should be able to use the program in the tutorial below to edit your WIN+X menu to edit out the duplicate entries.

Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8

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Today I found a good solution to the start menu problem in windows 8.
Aston menu worked fine and very good and returned the familiar customized XP look and feel

I Changed the program Icon and pinned it to task-bar and moved it to the extreme left

you can try it for 30 days
Aston Menu is Windows Start Menu Replacement with the Enhanced Functionality. Tweak Windows Vista, 7, XP Start Menu with Beauty and Style. Boost Productivity with Amazing Fuctions and Widgets.

A:Aston menu works fine as start menu


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I know that the full version can be achieved while holding the shift key, but is there way to bypass that and have the regular full sized menu by default?

A:Why is the context menu in Start Menu and Taskbar so small?

not as far as i know ; unless one resorts to magnifying windows entirely .

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The win 7 start menu download folder item on the right sorts by name. This is very annoying. I cannot find a download unless I know its name. If by date I just look up a recent download at top of list.

How do I change behavior so downloads in start menu (right column) sorts by date?

NB. I changed the folder properties in explorer so the download folder sorts by date. It does there no problem. But not in the start menu.


A:sort start menu download menu by date not name

What a worthless feature to sort by name when it is downloads. I am checking for a registry work around, but it is a slow bushiness for me.

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I don't know if this is a widespread problem, but I just noticed that I have duplicate context menu entries for "Files" and "Programs" that are reached by typing into the search box at the Start menu. See attached screenshot. This doesn't apply to Control Panel items, Videos, Documents, Music, etc.

Any solutions?

A:Duplicate Context menu entries in Start menu

A long standing issue (XP also) with the context menu when accessed from certain locations.

One menu is appearing for the target, one for the link.

If you right click the offending item - check properties - you will see that your viewing the link, not the actual file.

Wierd, huh?

If I recall, I could avoid the problem if there were no "customizations" in the context menu.

I also remember a connection to the shortcut arrow. With the arrow shown, no doubling.

I really don't remember why it does that. One of the two.

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Hello All,

When I click on the search button in the start menu of WinXp,
or when I use the search item in the context menu, it doesn't work.

Nothing happens and I have to wait about 30 seconds
before regaining control over the computer
(the start button remains in the dark state, and nothing reacts,
except the task manager)

Searching does work if I use the Search button in Windows Explorer.
It also works in safe mode.

Reinstalling the search assistant does not help.

I also checked my computer with adaware, spybot and some AV-programs,
but that doesn't help either.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks and Have a Great Day,



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So I have the Classic Shell start menu replacement program (fantastic by the way), and it just occurred to me. Is it possible to have a menu on the right pane, instead of adding a scroll arrow on the bottom when there's too many items to fit on a screen, behave like the All Programs menu and automatically throw the other items into a second column? (If there's nothing you can tell me, that's fine, just thought I'd ask)

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Two Win7 computers
[1] 32-bit
[2] 64-bit

On [1] Win7 32bit
- to add a short cut to Notepad.EXE file
Start > RClick > New Shortcut
Browse to "C:Windows\Notepad.EXE" file etc
... shortcut runs the EXE file
... I run primary shortcuts with WinKey > number 0 to 9

On [2] Win7 64bit
- add a short cut to Notepad.EXE file
Start > RClick > New Shortcut
Browse to "C:Windows\Notepad.EXE" file etc
- shortcut on Start is created as a menu ... (I am not clicking on the "New Folder" on context menu)
- the menu contains Recent Items
- to run the EXE file I have to "Click" the menu name,
*** WinKey > number only opens the menus side list

In 32-bit I can also add folders/shortcuts to Start menu at ...
C:\Users\<Computer name, eg Owner>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

But where would that be in 64-bit ?
Or am I missing something ?

Would appreciate any help

Both PC have Classic Start Menu
- maybe my question should be directed to "Classic Start Menu" ??

A:Shortcuts to EXE on Start menu Win7 64-bit, converts to menu


I should have looked before burdening this forum ...

Is a setting in "Classic Start Menu" that I had wrong

Classic Start Menu > Start > RClick > Settings > General Behavior
[ ] Enable jump lists .... DISABLED

Problem solved

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Hello all!!

I need to know if is possible to add a custom entry to shutdown menu, that's in the Start Menu.


A:How add custom entry to Start Menu shutdown menu

This might be of help.

Remove Options from the Windows 7 Shutdown Menu [How To] | Windows 7 Customization | Windows Tools, Help & Guides

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hi i want to make a GUI that when i press a button it does a command, i already have these command in .bat files which execute some .exe files how do i put these into a GUI?

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I have some avi files that i converted into a dvd folder with VSO convertxtodvd. The problem is that the menu VSO creates for the dvd is very crappy, so i turned of the menu creation option off. I need someway to make a good menu for my pre-built dvd folder. I have tried nero vision but it won't let me import my dvd folder to make a menu for it. Any other suggestions?

A:Need to make a menu for my dvd

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Hi everybody!

My problem here:

1. When I open Start Menu and right-click some icon on "program or open recent program" the menu context don't show "fixed on the taskbar".

2. When I right-click on "open recent program" icon on Star Menu I can't delete from list.

How can I fix this trouble??

(sorry for my english)

A:Context Menu on Start Menu don't work

1. try Shift+right click
2. If that does not work, see here: Start Menu Context Menus and Dragging and Dropping - Disable or Enable

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Hi All,

I have seen screenshots where people have network connections when they right click on the start menu. I am trying to figure out how to add it.

Any ideas?

My Context Menu:

Others' Menu:

A:Start Menu Context Menu Customization

Hello Deimos, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to customize the WIN+X Power Users Tasks menu.
Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8
If you like, you could use the "Network Connections" for the shortcut in the tutorial below to for the context menu.
Network Connections - Create Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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How do I add a folder/menu to the "Programs" menu

In WinXP I could do it with my eyes shut in "C:\Docs and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs"
When I attempt to do the same in Win7 64bit "C:\Users\All Users\Start Menu" is a link -- "access denied"

Image is my old XP structure
I am using Classic Shell Start (Sourceforge) -- just to annoy the younger players

Will appreciate any help,

A:Add custom menu to Start > Programs menu


If I read you correctly you can navigate to:

C:\Users\"Computer name"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Create a new folder in the folder named Programs and it will appear in Start> All programs

See ive created a folder called "Boo" and my "computer name" is scotty:

AppData maybe hidden, if so go to control panel, icons view and locate Folder Options. Once opened
click the view tab and click Show hidden files,folders, or drives.

Hope this helps?

P.S. Do you like Batman TAS?



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Im referring to this bottom menu;

when I right click my app/programs, nothing pops up below. I also cant rearrange tiles, groups and stuff. Any help. Thanks

A:Start menu, app right click menu not working

Hello GGPS90, and welcome to Eight Forums.

See if you may be able to open it using one of the other options in the tutorial below.

Start Screen Context Menu and Options Bar - Open

Hope this helps,

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I've been searching around, and failed to find a post with an answer.

I'm currently trying to figure out wether I can create a custom map, and make it a menu which is able to expand like the "Getting Started" menu.

I have my folder "Microsoft Office" with shortcuts with all the programs, however I fail to find a way to make it expand like a menu.

Tried to make a win32bit DWORD key in regedit, following a earlier post I found, but with no luck.

Hope ya know how to do.


A:Start Menu: Custom Folder Menu

Hello Scout, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to allow you to.

Jumplist Launcher - Create Custom Jump Lists

Hope this helps,

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Just moved to Windows 7.

We're told over and over that the new start menu is better in every conceivable way, but the truth is, for a keyboard oriented power user like me, it truly sucks. At least, the default setup, and all the customizations I've attempted, truly suck swamp water.

In XP, I configured all my programs to be accessible in 3 keypresses. Eg. by putting Notepad under Start > Tools > Notepad, I could bring it up in a split second by pressing Windows Key, T, N - likewise for the ~20 other programs I have. I've had this for 8 years and it's ingrained in my style, but more importantly, it is genuinely highly efficient.

I've tried my darndest in W7 to recreate this. However several things are in the way:

1) After the windows key, the Search box has the focus. So no matter what you type in, it isn't shortcutting through the programs menu, it's typing in a search query.

2) I can't seem to create my own top level menus under the start menu (like "tools", "office" etc).

3) The All Programs link doesn't open up a menu with sub menus etc - just lists them in a single list. Maybe typical users prefer this (fair enough) but it's brain damagingly irritating for a power user, as you lose all sense of hierarchy and location.

Can anyone suggest how I could recreate my old XP behavior in W7?

-old-fashioned Brendan
P.S. Honestly I'm astonished that Microsoft have *forced* such a major change on their users. I think the new start menu has some gre... Read more

A:Start Menu - making All Programs a menu?

It sorta annoyed me at first, but I had too many programs installed and too few shortcuts memorized so I had to adapt to the change. I tried the Windows Classic theme on another win7 machine but apparently the "improved" start menu got backported to classic as well, meh.

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Are there plans to add BIOS support for Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX) to the ProDesk 400 G2 Mini? This system is a 6th generation Core and has both vPro and SGX support. 

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Looking to replace my old Iomega Zip Drive with a much smaller and quieter, and larger storage capacity Iomega Mini USB Drive. Currently, have Iomega Sync automatic backup software which came with the Zip Drive. Iomega pre-sales support who I contacted says their Iomega Sync software should work with their Mini USB Drive, but they have not tested it. From experience, does anyone really know if this will work?

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I just powered this new monitor out of the box.   All is working fine, but I want to load the latest driver software into my Mac   to get all the flexibiliity available.    The HP support website did not have a listing for these drivers and suggested I try the forum for where to find them,  assuming they are available.  So here I am.  Thanks in advance for your help.Dan_the_Man_67

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Are there plans to add BIOS support for Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX) to the ProDesk 400 G2 Mini? This system is a 6th generation Core and has both vPro and SGX support. 

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Hey folks,

So many devices these days come with a driver on a mini-CD. My laptops (Acer and Toshiba) take forever to access them, then think they're blank and ask to format them.

In Googling this I found a guy who said he fixed this problem by reinstalling Roxio. Said his computer came with it but he'd uninstalled it cause he never used it. That it must "turn on" a feature in W7 or something, cause after he reinstalled it, his computer could read mini's.

When I got both my laptops I wiped all partitions (including the hidden "recovery" one), re-partitioned the way I wanted, and reloaded all drivers and W7 (64 Ultimate). The DVD players in both laptops have a central spindle, so they are designed to read mini-CDs. They DO detect them, but again, think they are blank.

Anyone heard of Roxio or other software being required to read mini's? Thanks much.

PS I have a lot of media software installed but not Roxio. (Nero, ImageBurn, Handbrake, Ashampoo, etc.)

A:Is Media Software Required to Read Mini-CDs?

Windows should be able to read your mini-CDs . You might want to eject the CD and place it in the middle . It will take a few seconds to read the disc due to it size. I never had an issue with mini-CDs being read.

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Im creating the DVD for my sign classes, I would like to create them because these will come in handy, Firstly i need to put videos in right cataloge... Like below...

So which software i could to make mulit-DVD menu, (perferable full-verison or trial) or freeware if there is...

Thank you for help


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