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Classic IE10 instead of Metro IE10

Q: Classic IE10 instead of Metro IE10


Sorry if this has already been asked - I'm trying to catch up with developments and it seems easier asking rather than blundering my way between Metro and Normal mode.

For regular browsing I'm using IE10 from the normal Windows desktop. I find that if a program opens IE10, it opens the metro style IE10 (is that the right terminology?). For example, if I use Control Panel > Appearance and Personalisation to go get some online themes, I get this metro-style IE10 opening.

Is there way to turn off the Metro style IE10, and just use the classic one?


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IE Metro tile is missing from my metro start screen. It's not in the 'all apps' list either. when I go to program default, it is set as the default browser. I went through all the checks in the tutorial on here, but at best, I can only get the desktop IE tile to pin to start. I would rather have the metro version tile on my start.

A:IE10 Metro app not available in my Metro start screen

Hello Ababb, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check through all the options in the tutorial again, and make sure that Internet Explorer is set as the default program with all of it's associations.

Hope this helps for now,

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Recently, I have a problem with IE10 (Metro).

I have one webpage(Page A) with Java script that produce another webpage(Page B) and broadcast some content to user.

In IE10 (Desktop), it works well. But in IE10(Metro), I found that Page A will be block and Page B didn't show
anything. But, if I manually switch to Page A, Page B shows something.

So, I think IE10(Metro) will block the webpage execution not on the Top . Is that right ?

In addition, could anyone give some tips to solve this problem?

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I feel like an idiot, but where can I find the "Favorites" in IE10 Metro?

I'm not talking about sites pinned to the taskbar or desktop... or "Frequently used sides"... but my list of favorites.

I can't see how to add anything to favorites, how to see favorites, etc.

And it doesn't seem to share favorites with Desktop IE10... in fact, they don't seem to share much of anything (cookies, logins, favorites, ...)

A:IE10 Metro Favorites?

It doesn't have a favorites per say, what it does have is most frequent sites visited and pinned sites which is close too what favorites once was. You just hit the push pin icon on the right to pin sites to it "picture below".

You need to click at the bottom of the page where you type the URL's. When you click there the frequently visited sites and your pinned sites will show up at which point you can click on them.

It's better in a way because it shows you a larger icon which is easier to find compared to the very small icons used for the old favorites list. A right click on the browser also gets you recent sites which is handy "second picture".

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Is there some way to get this working? I have it set to HTML5, but it says it does not recognise any video formats.

A:Youtube in IE10 Metro?

Tried installing Adobe Flash/Shockwave Players too?

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Can't install Flash in IE10 Metro version. Just seems to go to the 'desktop' version.
Any ideas?

A:Flash and IE10 Metro?

Try this version of flashplayer:
Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

I haven't tried but worked for Airbot.

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Greetings! I am using Win 8 and enjoying the new IE. I have my favorites loaded into IE10 and I like the integration of the desktop and metro versions. Recently though I have found my favorites in metro missing, while still being available in desktop. Anyone seeing this? I'm going thru to see if I maybe changed a setting by accident.

A:IE10 Metro Favorites

Hello jlondon,

Double check using the tutorial below to see if you see your favorites in IE10 Metro afterwards. Unfortunately, favorites in IE10 Metro are not organized like they are in the IE10 desktop.

IE10 Metro - View Favorites, Frequent, and Pinned Sites in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I upgraded both my laptop and my girlfriends from win 7 home premium to windows 8 pro on Saturday. Although mine has worked perfectly I can't find the IE10 metro app on hers. It was never on the home screen after the upgrade and I can't find it when searching for apps on the home screen or in the windows store. IE10 is definitely installed, it works through the desktop but I cant get the metro app anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:IE10 Metro app missing?

you can use the search charm on the right hand side of screen and type it in, when it comes up right click and Pin it to start, or you can also right click on the metro tile screen and in bottom right it will say show all apps, find it there and again right click on app and pin to start

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I'm using the 90 day RTM trial and somehow IE is only available as a desktop app now. Previously, the Metro tile opened the Metro version, but now it opens the desktop.

Any ideas how to get Metro back?

A:IE10 Metro app disappeared.

Make IE your default browser.

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I have problem with Muliple Broswer tabs (self) opening & pointing to "IE10 start here" pages and when using Outlook it goes to "start here" pages when trying to type in Outlook emails. It is quite something to see over a hundred cascading windows trying to get you started with Welcome to Microsoft Internet Explorer 10... and another one is the

Same problem whether typing any characters in the search engine boxes on IE10 or google chrome. New tabs open "by themselves" and attempt/redirect to go to start MSN/Bing pages. They dont all load fully and new tabs open. Over 180 tabs "self-opened" last time in google chrome. I tried google chrome after having this happen in IE10 - so it seems to be a windows 8 issue. Maybe other programs are affected but ive only tried Outlook 2010 and Web Browsers...thats enough for now!

This is a new HP Desktop PC with factory fresh windows 8 Home premium and MSOffice Pro Plus 2010 install. Have changed all browsers to home page of google but IE10 or chrome if i make it the defalut browser and still self opens and tries to go to MS start pages.

I closed IE10 and/or chrome with task manager and created a dump file and also set windows error self reporting to auto (because it was set to manual by default) and it should be running self error reporting windows app like in previous Windoes versions but there is nio indication it is sending anything to MS. Any fix... Read more

A:40 or more IE10 tabs open after typing in Outlook or IE10

Yep...sure enough there was no other users out there with similar problem so must be something unique to equipment.

PC was set up with HP wired Keyboard and issues after testing installation. New Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse was issued and after a while (few days) problem began to appear.

F1 key was sticking. Beat it up a bit and problem gone. Hold down the F1 key and same problems...multiple browser windows opening, help windows opening etc depending on application you are in. haha...stupid. To think... blamed windows 8 for this problem when it is only everything else that is wrong that is windows 8 fault.

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I've disabled autofill, suggestions etc. in IE10 non-metro version address bar.
However, when I use IE10 metro-style, I always get a list of tiles with frequently visited sites.
I would like to disable this feature. If possible, permanently.

Metro has a lot of these features. The weather in remote places is shown etc. I find it annoying and distracting.
Is there a simple way to disable all of them at once?

Now you have to "opt out" each time. It would be nice if metro had a default "opt in" setting for basically every automatic feature.

A:disable tiles in IE10 metro

Can't answer on all--but am hoping I am understanding you. So, for example, on the weather app, you could right click on it and either unpin it or uninstall it.

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Hello, I'm trying to fix a friend's computer, the problem being that the IE10 metro app (start menu app) will open, looks like its working, but will never load any webpage. it just trys to load the homepage forever. It wont allow you to click any buttons or open any of the settings (About, internet options, etc). IE is set as the default browser, and there is no other browser installed. The weird part is, the desktop version works.

I tried turning IE10 off and then back on in the windows features list, but that did not change it at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is a time sensetive matter, they're leaving for vacation and would like to bring the laptop with them, so I'm hoping this has popped up for someone before!

A:IE10 metro starts, but never loads site

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How do I arrange the favorites in IE10 METRO that appear below the address bar above the address bar to look like this:

See posting by chev65 07 Mar 2012

All I get is a long roll of frequently visited sites and favorite below the address bar

A:Thumbnail view of ie10 metro favorites

Welcome to the forums, have a look at this tutorial and see whether it helps:

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I stumbled upon this forum when I was asked by a Microsoft employee to try out the Windows 8 CP. Great forum!

Recently I ran into some problem with Metro IE10. Whenever I enter a URL it just keeps quitting. I, honest to God, have no idea how to describe it differently so here is a video of it: - BSR-2012.05.02-19.59.10.avi

Do you guys have any idea of what's causing this and how to prevent it? This is driving me nuts!

Best regards!

A:Metro IE10 keeps quitting whenever I enter a URL in the address bar

It seems that the video player at Zippyshare doesn't want to play my clip. Please use the download link to watch it.

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Hello all, I've been using W8 on my HP TM2 for a little while and am having some difficulties getting the most out of it. I tend to visit a lot of forums, and the most efficient way to read the posts is to bookmark the "new posts" button
which typically starts with a url like so

but then changes to a url like so

When I pin the site it will pin the second url, which eventually expires. In any other browser you would simply edit the bookmark, or right click and add the link as a bookmark, but I can't seem to find any option for this in IE10 Metro. Is there any workaround or way to edit the pinned sites so that I can specify the URL I want? Thanks!

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Is there something I have to do to enable it or is it something that doesn't work yet?

If I hit to view on desktop they appear fine on IE10, but not inside metro.

A:Metro IE10 not rendering embed youtube

Metro IE10 doesn't have Flash Player, and I don't think you can install it in the Metro version.

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If I do a search from the metro ie10 address bar it gets redirected to

How do I disable this re-direct?

A:Metro ie10 search redirected to

Malware Removal Software

I am not a spyware removal expert so go to one of the sites below or Google for others if you choose to pick your own preference
(Just make sure it is FREE and a site that has spyware expects...that are volunteering for FREE)

The easiest way to remove MyStart.Incredibar is by utilizing the free version of Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is proven to remove the MyStart Virus.

Try Malwarebytes Removal Tool...use the free need to pay unless you want to ...the free version is fine

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer

There are several free antivruse removal sites
(Key word is not get scammed by going to a pay for help site)

In their forums; post on the Spyware help forum...they have general computer free help too

Just give a short post of your problem....they are all volunteers so it may take checking back before a volunteer gets to you
As you can imagine they get pretty busy...and incredibly they do it for free

Pick one ....they get testy if you post in several different sites @ the same time
You are just wasting their time in that case

Here are a couple that I trust...they have several forums pick the Spyware removal forum

Spyware Help (Help2Go)

Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal - Geeks to Go Forums (Geeks to Go)

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Flash in Windows 8 - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


Flash in Windows 8
Monday, March 11, 2013 1:01 PM

Starting tomorrow, we are updating Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows RT to enable Flash content to run by default. On Windows 8, all Flash content continues to be enabled for IE on the desktop.

With this update, the curated Compatibility View (CV) list blocks Flash content in the small number of sites that are still incompatible with the Windows experience for touch or that depend on other plug-ins.

This updates the immersive IE experience on Windows 8, and both the immersive and desktop IE experiences on Windows RT. The update will be made available to customers with Windows Update. The curated CV list applies to IE on the desktop for Windows RT since the most common reason to block Flash is that the site relies on other plug-ins that are not available on Windows RT.

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Surprising winner in JavaScript speed wars: Metro IE10

While it's impossible to objectively measure Web browser 'speed,' a few JavaScript benchmark tests produced surprising results

By Woody Leonhard | InfoWorld

Late last week Google announced it had released an iOS version of the Chrome browser. Expectations for the iOS interface ran high, but nobody expected iOS Chrome to shake off the lethargy that's a defining characteristic of all Web browsers running on iOS.

To put it simply, Apple doesn't let Web browsers run their own JavaScript engines. As I explained a couple of months ago, non-Apple browsers are all forced to use a slow rendering class known as UIWebView, while Safari gets to run its Nitro version of JavaScript. It's anything but a level playing field.

Read more.. Surprising winner in JavaScript speed wars: Metro IE10

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ok, I believe this is due to some bad windows update, but there isn't a list that i can locate to uninstall.

I've already tried force uninstall all remnants,

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*10.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"
FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*9.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"

after a reboot, I will get IE8., then I am able to only install ie10. (I've already tried installing ie9/ie11 with the antivirus uninstalled with no effect)

in the windows update screen.
ie11 fails with 9c59,
ie9 fails with 3715
When I run IE10, it will load up, for a while (white completely devoid of any text/icons/menu) then close with no error message (even in eventlog) , I've tried reset to default settings/restore advanced settings from control panel\internet options\advanced tab.

KB2846071 does not appear to be installed.

A:Cannot run ie10, cannot install ie9/11 (ie10 installed)

The CBS log shows this problem...

2014-06-26 23:34:44, Info CSI 0000033b Couldn't find the hash of component: Microsoft-Windows-IE-HTMLRenderingMedia, Version = 11.2.9600.16428, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_IA32_ON_WIN64 (10), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the catalog [l:192{96}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\Catalogs\".
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI [email protected]/6/26:15:34:44.100 (F) d:\win7sp1_gdr\base\wcp\componentstore\csd_winners.cpp(1302): Error 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] originated in function CCSDirectTransaction::AddImplicationsToCatalogsAndVerifyComponentHashes expression: (null)
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI 0000033d (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #6917973# from CCSDirectTransaction::PrepareForCommit(...)[gle=0x90092004]
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI 0000033e (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #6917972# from CCSDirectTransaction::ExamineTransaction(...)[gle=0x90092004]
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI 0000033f (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #6917971# from CCSDirectTransaction_IRtlTransaction::ExamineTransaction(...)[gle=0x90092004]
2... Read more

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My IE10 seems to have its "Metro mode" disabled. I can't seem to use it. The Internet Explorer tile in the Metro Start Menu just brings me to desktop and opens IE (in the desktop instead of opening it in Metro). I barely recall it was working (goes into Metro when opened in the start menu) when Win8DP was newly installed. I can't exactly figure out what cause it or how to bring back its "Metro mode".

The only tweak I used on it was:
Internet Explorer 10 (64-bit) - Enable in Windows 8
I tried to undo that, but it's still the same (IE Metro Tile opens it in "desktop mode")

If it helps, I also applied a few others (which I don't think affects IE, but still...):
One of the themes from the program "Blue Poison" (just a theme and nothing else) and

Though, normally, I use Firefox instead of IE and I just found this out when I accidentally clicked IE's Metro tile. But it's still bothering me.

A:IE10 "Metro mode" disabled?

Try Refresh using this tutorial and see whether it fix the problem.
Refresh Windows 8

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How can I have more than one web site (split screen) on my screen using ie10 from the metro screen.

I can do it from the desktop but I have not found a way to do it by launching ie10 from the windows 8 metro screen.

A:split screen using ie10 from metro screen

That's the new feature added to IE11 in Windows 8.1, I don't think we can have IE11 in Windows 8.

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I've updated from Seven and i cant get IE "metrostyle", when i open the IE i get sended to the old style IE, not the Metro... any ideias?

A:No IE10 "metro style"?

You can go to destop IE and make it default.
Default Programs - Set Your Default Programs in Windows 8

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Q: Ie10

I need to remove completely IE10 in order to reinstall it or install a previous version. It appeared it is partially removed. I cannot uninstall it from program & features as it is not there anymore. But each time, I try to install or reinstall it I get the following messages.
Internet explorer did not finish installing

Setup cannot continue because a more recent version of internet explorer is installed on your computer




I answered you in your other thread that you started yesterday.


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Q: IE10

why does ie10 allow a page to come and as soon as you use the mouse its gone


same for me in the Metro IE10, wait a few seconds then pops back until mouse moved again
in the desktop IE10 the home page pops up then goes away -white screen- never returns to webpage
tried reset in programs/features and netsock reset from another help

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Q: Ie10

hi all this my 1st post and I will say sorry straight up as I not anygood at typing but anyway I attaching a web page and I would like to no how to stop the sign up box appearing everytime I open page when it has cookies cache cleared I have pop up blocker set 2 block all so all info be really great Thanks ps have i got this in right forum ???

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Hi Guys

I tried to install IE10 Last night but got an error on reboot saying IE could not be started or something like that so I rolled back to IE9.
Today I thought I would try again and ran an sfc /scannow first to restore my modded system files first to see if that was the issue (icons etc) and it installed fine. Played with it for an hour or so with no problems and then added back my modified system files in both system32 and systemwow64 (imageres.dll, imagesp1.dll, shell32.dll, zipfldr.dll, devicecentre.dll, authui.dll, enabled custom themes by patching resourses, custom start menu button, and changed logon and logoff text) As I do with all my windows.
Now IE10 will not start again, it just sits there trying to load for 5-6 seconds and bombs out.
It seems like it doesn't like one or more of the system files been altered. Anyone here with modded system files having the same sort of issues at all.


A:IE10 A Bit Of A No Go For Me

Hey Danny -

Maybe it's because you're on the wrong side of the pond.

I've got a few modded system files and IE10 installed just fine. Only suggestion I have is to uninstall IE10 one more time, restore defaults with SFC, and then reinstall the mods one at a time to see which one breaks IE10. Then you can decide if it's something you can do without or go back to IE9 and give IE10 a couple of months to iron out any issues. I kinda seem to recall some similar problems when IE9 first came out.


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Since being automatically updated to IE10 I get one or more "Script Errors" on every page of every website I visit. The dialogue box asks if I "want to continue running scripts on this page".

Even worse I get many more IE freezes than with version 9.

I would like either a fix or instructions on how to switch back to IE9. I cannot figure out how to uninstall IE10 since it does not appear in the Control Panel Uninstall list of programs. HELP please!

A:IE10 vs IE9

and welcome to the Forum

In general IE 10 is faster and more stable . . try uninstalling all addons, then reinstall the ones you need/ want. There is also a option to disable script error reporting in internet options . . advanced

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Everytime I get to a site and I try to open a pdf I get the message on the bottom of the screen saying ie wants to use foxit pdf, etc. But the only choices are diable and ignore???? Tried both at different sites and no pdf's?
How do I say OK?

Why is everything so hidden-I am really getting fed up with Microsoft "assuming" they know best.
Anyway thanks

A:Fox it and IE10

Disable was the choice to use-but you wouldn't know that unless you hover the mouse over the button and then you see disable enhanced protection.
Once again-plain stupid choice for MS. When I see disable I think disable the pdf app.
Oh well

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I note from another thread, on subject of same question for IE9, that one only has to look at the Help>About where all is revealed. However, this is not the case with IE10.

The same advice is true, that one selects the 32 or 64 by using the appropriate value in the shortcut, that is to say the Program Files(x86) or just Program Files versions.

The Help>About says the same for both versions, only looking in to the Properties can one discern any differences. I hope this helps anyone unsure of what they are using. If in doubt, create a shortcut for whichever IE10 you want to use. You can have both, make sure they are named appropriately and if you have a problem with your default IE10, you can switch immediately to see if the problem is the same in both versions. This may help you, or others, to identify the source of the problem...

A:How to tell if IE10 is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Starting the 32bit version of IE10 on a 64bit operating system will just cause that 32bit version to exit RAM right after it launches the 64bit version.

That 64bit version will "watch over" each tab that you open. The tabs (and add-ons) can be 32bit or 64bit.

See this post and the tutorial above it:
Internet Explorer 10 - Enable 32-bit or 64-bit IE10 in Windows 7

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Laptop and desktop with 7. Updated both from IE9 to IE10 last month. Shortly after I realized I could not longer access the verizon wireless help page. Thought it was a site glitch but after a week realized to try from my phone and the mobile site was working. Could access from firefox fine on both computers. Then after a week suddenly I could access from IE10 on desktop but I still cant access with IE10 from laptop. I get this funky page which is what I was getting on desktop before it corrected itself and I have no clue how to fix it so the page loads to the help forums or what is different that it suddenly started working in IE 10 on the desktop, have all my updates on both computers as far as I know. Mary

A:IE10 help

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does it exist on windows 8 RTM x64? How to enable it

A:IE10 x64?

I think it does, although I'm not sure about the Metro version. I'll check later on when I'm back on my home computer.

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In the past month, I have been experiencing lag in IE10. This is a Gateway laptop, which is using Windows 7 and Office 2010, not strong enough for gaming programs. Until recently, I have never had this problem.

Now IE is no longer able to function with searches occurring on multiple tabs, informs me that it's not responding, forces the closure and reopening of tabs, with no success at finishing the search, and forces me to wait in order to load links to webpages.

Please note that I am NOT very technically savvy.

No other applications on the machine have this issue.

Skype was downloaded about 6 weeks ago, but I have already disabled it in the start-up menu, and it does not appear to be running at all.

The Canon printer toolbar, Google toolbar, and Norton toolbar are all installed, but ONLY Google is enabled.

This problem does not happen in Firefox. I would rather not use Firefox as my default, and would prefer to delay installing Chrome for as long as possible, as I'm not a fan of it either.

Final aside, when I look at the task manager, it appears that something is causing IE10 to use much more memory than it should (500K)? I think?

Suggestions? Thanks...


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Q: IE10

my window explorer stops working every few minutes. any idea how to fix it?


my window explorer stops working every few minutes. any idea how to fix it?
Hello -
I take it that you mean Internet Explorer, rather than Windows Explorer is your problem ??
Please add a few extra lines with your reply as to what happens to your internet when you use it -
Please download MiniToolBox, Save it to your desktop and run it.Close any Firefox browsers you may have open

Checkmark the following boxes:

•Flush DNS
•Report IE Proxy Settings
•Reset IE Proxy Settings
•Report FF Proxy Settings
•Reset FF Proxy Settings
•List content of Hosts
•List IP configuration
•List last 10 Event Viewer log
•List Installed Programs
•List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
•List Minidump Files
Click Go, and copy / paste the result (Result.txt).
Next - Please post a snapshot with Speccy for more details, and include make and model if known.How to Publish a snapshot with Speccy <<-- Bleeping Computer Directions Here
Thank You -

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What is the last version of IE? 9 or 10?

A:IE 9 or IE10

Windows 7 and Vista is IE 9
Windows 8 is IE 10

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If I go to Help/About in my IE10, it does not say it's a 64-bit version.

But its exe file is in Program Files (not x86) and if I run it directly from that exe file, Help says the same thing.

So what do I have? 64-bit or 32-bit?

(Running in 64-bit W7 Pro)


A:What IE10 do I have?

They are both on your system, you have to enable 64bit if you want it.

Internet Explorer 10 - Enable 32-bit or 64-bit IE10 in Windows 7

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I have W8 64, as is the case with W78 x64 there is a IE in both Program Files and Program Files (x86) but the ones in W8 seem to be the same, both are IE10 X64 so online scanners such as Nvidia Graphics Cards online driver scanner do not run.

Is there a IE32 I can run?



A:IE10 32 bit

Hello Daniel,

In 64-bit Windows 8, the Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) browser frame process (both “modern UI” and Desktop) runs 64-bit.

However, for compatibility with plug-ins, IE 10 on the desktop runs 32-bit tabs by default.

Internet Explorer 10 (64-bit) - Enable in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Wife needs to use ie 10 for custom program. She has win 7 64 and I can't get a download which works.
Help please

A:ie10 for win 7 64

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My OS is Win 7x64 IE9 . Lately on MSN website I keep getting offers to download IE10. Kind of hesitant to upgrade as IE9 works for me. Read tutorials with regards to both and not sure. Does anyone have feedback on preferences and performance.
Thanks in advance. Regards..................


I am new to IE10, use it on Win 7 Pro X64.  At first glance it seems alright.  Although chrome is my primary, so i dont use it often.  I havent experienced any crashing or performance issues with general web browsing.

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Q: ie10

Hello guys!

I just removed internet explorer 10 from my computer.
I cant start it up from my metro menu but what i can do is search via bing. that opens a ie10 window.
That file is called iexplore.exe But when i add that file to my metro menu it opens ie9?
Could someone says where to find a download for ie10?
thank you very much!


Hello Jappteeuw, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Only IE10 comes with Windows 8. There is two versions of IE10 in Windows 8, a Metro and Desktop version.

Could you explain more about how you removed IE10 from your computer, and how you believe it opens IE9?

For now, please do not try to download and install IE9 or IE10.

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On 2013.03.12 (yesterday) my computer informed me of many updates available. I installed them, all save one were successful. I was unable to identify the culprit update, so I sys. restored and re-installed them one at a time. The last one was IE 10 and required a restart. When my desktop was loading an error box titled 'ie4uinit.exe' appeared with error code 0xc000007b. I closed the box and the desktop/startup continued and completed without any 'visible' or operational incident except one. When I went to start the internet by cliking my IE icon nothing happens. I opened the task manager with the process tab visible. I cliked on the IE icon again and watched the task manager. I saw the ie task appear for about a second then it disappeared. So, for now, I have uninstalled the IE10 update and all seems well again.

Is there a known bug with this update?

Or are there other issues I should be cognizant of?

(FWIW, when I view 'Installed Updates' the list shows that the IE10 update installed 'successful' - in status column)

-thank you

A:WU w/IE10 Anomaly

Hello MourningStar,

If when you open IE9 and click on Help (menu bar) and About Internet Explorer, does it show IE9 now?

If so, then you might see if using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to install IE10 using a standalone installer instead may work better for you.

Internet Explorer 10 - Install or Uninstall in Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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I have been struggling for the last 3 days trying to make IE10 stable in Win7. I am disabled and I cannot begin to explain how frustrated I am. When I open mamage addons its is a blank window and if I open with no addons there all there. It all started with ad choices which must have been hidden in Adobe IIR. I downloaded webroot and it found that iexplore.exe was corrupt and deleted, I had to use system restore to go back to ft ie10.. Any assistance anyone can provide would be appreciated, I was unable to remove the update for the IE10 install and was unable to install ie 11. I apologize for the confusion in this email, I was a it engineer my self but I am completely beside myself. Please help me. Thank you, Blessings, Rick

A:IE10 Is Highjacked ??

Review Jacee?s instructions to run Adwcleaner here post #7,
Ignore the title of the thread,
Instant Savings App
Screen shot of the download button to use for Adwcleaner
You can use these free tools to see if they find anything,
Manually Update them before running full scans,
Try not to use your computer while the scans are running, (one at a time of course).
Uncheck the box to Activate the Free trial from the final install options,
This one is the longest up to 4 hours, the others are only about 45 minutes,

Post the scan results,

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I installed Internet Explorer 10 was not working. Gives the following error:
PrintWindows Network Diagnostics Publisher details
No issues detected
Detection details Expand
InformationalNetwork Diagnostics Log
File Name: 62150BE6-6B28-4D25-85DB-B17AA20541A1.Diagnose.0.etl

InformationalOther Networking Configuration and Logs
File Name:

Collection information
Computer Name: KIAN-PC
Windows Version: 6.1
Architecture: x86
Time: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:46:48 PM
Publisher details Expand
Windows Network Diagnostics
Detects problems with network connectivity.
Package Version: 1.0
Publisher: Microsoft Windows

But when the vpn connection I open up the site was work

A:ie10 problem

Post file 62150BE6-6B28-4D25-85DB-B17AA20541A1.Diagnose.0.etl

Can you browse no websites at all? Does it work when vpn is active? Can you describe in more detail what exact problem you have

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1- why does open as ?
when I remove the t. from it in the the homepage setting of IE options, it adds it back in

2- when clicked links open a new tab, too often the site never opens and the busy circle spins forever. once it happens
the best thing to do is exit IE and reopen it until it happens again

3- I've looked online for IE10 repair tool buit seems it hasn't been created yet

A:IE10 issues

You will notice that it says "MSN for Windows 8". Microsoft is detecting via the browser agent string that you're using IE on Windows 8, so it redirects you to the version that is specific for Windows 8. It's not anything in the browser per se that's doing it, Microsoft is doing it on the server side.

I've never seen you second problem.

I don't know what you mean about IE repair tool.

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I just upgraded my browser to IE10 and found it to bee a lot more slower then IE9, why is this, it would be very helpful if somebody would help me thanks a lot

A:Why is IE10 slower than IE9

Open ie,
Use the F12 key,
Browser mode/ ie10 works the best it might be stuck in Compatibility view.
Document mode/ Standards
After confirming,
Hold Alt and type TB (tools-Compatibility view settings)
Uncheck Download comp-view list from Microsoft automatically/ Close and test,
I've found this comp-view list some what of a burden on ie10,
I've only needed comp-view on rare occasions for video controls..
If all else fails Reset ie,
Internet options/ Advanced section/ reset button/ Check the box to Delete personal settings.

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Big problem,I think I messed up.I use windows8&ie10.I created a second partition and transfered most of the files out of my personal folder to there.I copied the favorites to
there also while leaving the original folder where it was.Now to the point,I decided to merge the partition back to the c drive so I copied all the folders back.The favorites folder has no star,it's just a plain folder and I have no favorites in ie.I can't even bookmark a web page.I tried resetting ie,did not work.I uninstalled ie and reinstalled,it did not work.I also ran scannow and that did not work.Anyone have any ideas.

A:IE10-No Favorites

Can someone delete this,it's been solved.

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today I recently cleared my history on IE10 and when I went back and signed myself into all of my accounts and told it to save passwords, but when I exit the browser and then open it back up to facebook and then it shows me logged out and when I put my e-mail and password in it asks me again if I want internet explorer to save the password for this site and this happens across all my websites including this one, how should I fix this so I don't have to sign back in everytime

A:IE10 signing me out of everything

As long as Delete browser history on exit isn't checked ie should remember as it used too,
Gear symbol and Internet options/ General section,

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Does anyone know whether information bar is still availbale in IE10 to let you install ActiveX control? Thanks!

A:Information bar in IE10

If a site attempts to load an activex control, the modern IE will prompt you that the site must be opened in desktop mode to view the site's full contents properly (along with a button to do so) at the bottom of the screen above the address bar. Site developers can also add a meta tag to their site that will force this prompt in IE10 as well, if necessary, to avoid this.

However, modern IE doesn't actually allow loading of any activex controls (except Flash, which is technically baked into the browser now ala Google Chrome), so there's no bar specifically for those.

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hi iii guys,

My company has a website in which works properly on chrome and Firefox but it cannot be seen properly in IE10. Need some help.i have tried using Metatag but it dose not help

A:Problems with IE10

Is this website on the Internet or an Intranet?

If Internet, what is the link to the page in question.

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Has anybody noticed that IE10 is now working properly or am I the only one it seems to be fine, maybe Microsoft has fixed all the bugs for it already

A:IE10 working right?

Tuesday I suppose there was a new version released plus a large update for windows 7 so who knows,
I've never really had any problems with ie10 so any problems or fixes might of came from another third party app/ toolbar....

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I don't know what happened but when I open IE all I get is a blank page. I have my home page set to MSN which I have set many times but it still occurs. In addition, I have the BING toolbar loaded on the opening page which displays a blinking courser inside the BING box. If I place MSN inside the box it pulls up a blank page but if I put GOOGLE inside the box it opens with no problem. Any ideas appreciated.


A:IE10 will not load

Hello enigma,

You might see if completely resetting IE10 may help. Since you can't start IE10, you'll need to open "Internet Options" via the Control Panel (icons view) instead to do so.

Internet Explorer - Reset - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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IE 10 Problem ?
I installed Windows 8 / IE10 ?
Can not connect to my bank link now ? (error ? invalid cookies or disabled)
Can I go back to IE9 (bank link worked under IE9) under Windows 8 ?


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Hi forum,
I found that the ie10 for Win7 64-bit has been released few days ago.  I'm wondering that if it is good to use without any bug concern.  I'm now using ie9.  If I upgrade it to ie10, it is hard to turn it back with a lot of effort to do so.
I want to know how good ie10 when handling some webpage with Flash, java and html5.

A:ie10 for Win7 64-bit

I suggest not using IE at all, it's still lacking when compared to Chrome or Firefox.
Here's a recent review:

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Hi there,
To run our office VPN application I need the installation files for IE10 for Windows 10 x64.
Can someone help me? I already removed IE11...


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My laptop is having problems, every time I open Internet Explorer it opens for about half a second and then disappears. My computer is a Windows 7 Home Premium 64/32bit Acer. Can someone please help my computer, plus, when I go on programs and click windows turn off and on features I untick but it says an error has occured, not all features were successfully changed. I am having a lot of trouble so can someone reply to me as quickly as possible!

A:How can I fix IE10 on my laptop?

when did you install IE10, if it was just recent then you can go do a system restore back to the time before you installed IE10 and it will put you back at IE9, I had the same issue a couple of months ago with IE10 release preview

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Since the updating to ie 10 my internet is very slow but only on the external monitor.  If I use the laptop  internet comes up fine on the laptop but the monitor is way behind.  When I type on the monitor it is a good 20 - 30 seconds befor it appears yet it shows on the laptop monitor. Any solutions?

A:Update to ie10

I'd remove IE 10...then see if issues remain with IE 9 or a different browser...before going any further.

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Hi Can anyone explain why when I hover my cursor over the IE icon in my taskbar, I see numbers?

A:IE10 Mouseover

It should say "Internet Explorer" - Check the source file and see if it has been renamed to... - Actually, that looks like a phone number. If that's your's you better change the image.

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since upgrading from 9, website passwords are no longer being saved after i close a window, and also when i open new tab instead of the usual list of 10 sites i frequent, i just get a blank page with the word "frequent". And nothing is being saved in my history tab

A:IE10 problems

Usually best and more straight forward to reset,
Internet options/ Advanced section/ Reset button/ Check the box to Delete personal setting.
Test the issue.

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have windows 7 x64 bit OS and 16GB ram. I used Ie8 before and it printed without any issues on either printer. If I upgrade to IE9, I get an error when trying to print - "An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line : 2053
Char: 1 Error : Invalid procedure call or argument.
Code: 0 URL: res/ieframe.dll/preview.js.:"

Yet when going from IE8 to IE10, I can not print on either printer of HP Laserrjet1015 and HP 8600 pro. I have the latest drivers for both printers. I have tried to repair IE10 which did not work and fix the issue. I even roll it back to IE8 which works for fine printing. I do not get any error message in IE10 but if I am in safe mode when trying to print, I get "An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line : 2053 Char: 1 Error : Invalid procedure call or argument. Code: 0
URL: res/ieframe.dll/preview.js."

have tried a lot of techniques and nothing seems to have fixed the printing issue on IE9 and 10. I have tried turning off protected mode, running IE10 as admin and without any add ons, cleaned out temp files, reset ie10, have the latest drivers for both printers, and still not being able to print. I have the latest video drivers for my machine and no change

Just tried to print... Read more

A:Not be able to print in ie10

why don't you try printing using FireFox or Google Chome try one of those they may work

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I've got a problem with IE 10.
If you use it to do a google search for my new forum
Then click on the listing when you find it, you get taken to a completely different site, is this a hack or is it problem with IE10?
I followed the advice given in this thread :
but the problem persists.
Help please !

A:Problem with IE10

does it do the same thing when using other links? can you try you forum link on other web browsers like firefox or Google chrome?

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This past week a friend had major problems with his Windows 7 computer which is only 2 1/2 years old and he called me and told me the following information
--- On Friday, he couldn't run his Norton 360 because of some corruption issue and it had error codes 8504 & 104
------ On Friday evening he ran Malwarebytes and it ran overnight for 13 hours plus and it was still scanning. It wasn't reporting any infections during that time period
--- On Saturday moring he reset his computer back to its factory restore settings with help from HP, so the good news is his computer is as good as new and he hasn't lost any data
--- When the computer was restored it used IE8 and then through all of the updates he had to do, IE8 was automatically updated to IE9
--- Since the technician was still on the phone with him, he asked the technician whether or not he should upgrade to IE10
--- The technician told him that Windows 7 doesn't work with IE10
Since I was curious about that answer I googled the issue and it appears to me that Windows 7 does work with IE10 
--- Personally I feel my friend should stay with IE9 unless there's a compelling reason to update to IE10
I have 2 questions
1. Does Windows 7 work with IE10?
--- Why do I ask? Because some websites I found are ambiguous on the issue and I have no idea of what is being discussed other than problems with IE10
2. If Windows 7 does work with IE10, is it just a matter of time that IE10 will be automat... Read more

A:Does Windows 7 take IE10?

In answer to your first question, yes Windows 7 does support IE10. However after having said that there have been numerous instances of users complaining about issues after having updated to IE10 and eventually rolled-back to IE9.
Personally, I have not upgraded to IE10 because there still seems to be some issues. Eventually this will be sorted out by Microsoft. I prefer to wait until all of the 'bugs' have been tweaked.
Secondly, you have the option to allow updates or not.
Hope this answers your concerns

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Whenever I open IE10 I receive the following message:

Exception EAccessViolation in module spCapBtn.dll at 0014FB43.
Access violation at address 0662FB43 in module "spCapBtn.dll". Read of address 00000237.

How can I stop this happening?

A:Opening IE10

I fixed it by removing IE 10. I was getting a similiar error. I don't believe that IE 10 is suitable for Windows 7.

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We have a Windows 7 x86 box that won't install IE10, first via automatic updates, then through manual install.

I took over the problem and removed IE10 in Windows Features, only to discover I was left with no IE at all. I attempted to reinstall 9, but got a message that a later version was already installed. Additional attempts to install 10 fail with no specific error message.

Searching TechNet and the Web in general yield nothing relevant to our case. Any input ??



A:IE10 won't install and now IE9 won't either


Run the tool that is below

System Update Readiness Tool

Turn the Internet Explorer feature back on by placing a check make in the box for Internet explore inside Windows Features .

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system - win 8 64 bit

At one time IE10 seemed to work okay - and I definitely like the functionality of the thing.

Then it had issues with YouTube - would not play videos directly - had to select "old version" etc., updated browser needed, wrong version of flash, etc. none of that was true. Ridiculous - of course FF and Chrome played everything normally without issues.

Then it was Yahoo Calendar - YC updated their software after which it became incompatible with newer versions of IE and Win 8 - hogwash.

So in frustration I have migrated to Chrome - guess what IE10? everything works great in Chrome.

Sorry MS/IE but I am done - if you get it fixed I will be back, but until then I am done.

A:IE10 last straw

If you have any business to do on dot-gov websites, Chrome is not compatible with some of those, especially those that have any popup controls. You'll just have to see which ones work in which browser. For me, it was the electronic copyright office, I was not able to make upload deposits with Chrome, I had the browser open ready to go, had to switch to IE10 to finish.

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I'm an IT guy running W7 Ultimate 64bit in a January 2016-built system.

My main browser is Firefox, but I use IE9 occasionally.

However, just lately IE9 has been a little glitchy so I wondered if I should install IE10.

I'm not sure if 10 is still downloadable, but I have an archived copy that I grabbed in October 2015 (145MB) that I assume will work.


PS: In case anyone is wondering, I don't use Windows Updates. I set up the system in January this year with only the stuff I wanted, then turned off updating.

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I have another issue that I am not familiar with what is causing a problem. When I am at web site the home page is fine, but if I click on a link to read a story, the page does not load correctly. It has very small print that does not align correctly, pictures are not there and at the top print is overlayed with the icons of twitter, face book and such so you can not read the first few lines of any story. I have the same problem with my pc at work and it still uses IE-9 but both pcs run Windows 7. Is there a setting that needs changing? This is the only web site that does this or is it a problem on their end? Thanks.

A:Problem with IE10?

Hello :)

Is the problem resolved by clicking the Compatibility Mode icon, which is the little broken paper icon next to the refresh button?

Thank you!


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I have windows 7 x64 bit OS and 16GB ram. I used Ie8 before and it printed without any issues on either printer. If I upgrade to IE9, I get an error when trying to print - "An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line : 2053
Char: 1 Error : Invalid procedure call or argument.
Code: 0 URL: res/ieframe.dll/preview.js.:"

Yet when going from IE8 to IE10, I can not print on either printer of HP Laserrjet1015 and HP 8600 pro. I have the latest drivers for both printers. I have tried to repair IE10 which did not work and fix the issue. I even roll it back to IE8 which works for fine printing. I do not get any error message in IE10 but if I am in safe mode when trying to print, I get "An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line : 2053 Char: 1 Error : Invalid procedure call or argument. Code: 0
URL: res/ieframe.dll/preview.js."

have tried a lot of techniques and nothing seems to have fixed the printing issue on IE9 and 10. I have tried turning off protected mode, running IE10 as admin and without any add ons, cleaned out temp files, reset ie10, have the latest drivers for both printers, and still not being able to print. I have the latest video drivers for my machine and no change

Just tried to print using xps and it worked fine and no issues. but still not printing a hard copy to printer on Hp LaserJet 1015 and HP Pro 8600. I need to be able to print to these printers

I have the latest printer drivers for the machine and no change.
NO... Read more

A:Not be able to print in ie10

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Has anyone had problems with IE10 on win 7?

Mine was installed by MS updates and worked great for several days. Yesterday it started having problems, saying that "this page can not be displayed". It would display some pages.
Today it would not display any pages, including my homepage.

I uninstalled it and am back to IE9, which is working fine.

A:Solved: IE10 On Win 7

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I'd like to reinstall ie10 over ie11 because it is less intrusive, but windows keeps telling me ie10 is already installed, when I check the version it still says ie11. Please help. I'm running.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 7850 Dual-Core Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 380450 MB; K: Total - 953868 MB, Free - 899793 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M2N68-AM Plus
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:IE10 over IE11

You cannot re-install IE10 unless you are using IE9, you just need to uninstall IE11 and it will revert back to IE10.

This guide is for IE10, but all the instructions are the same, just substitute IE11 for IE10 in the instructions and make sure you follow the part showing you how to hide the update or it will get re-installed.

Please follow this guide: How to install or uninstall IE10 in Windows 7

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I am hoping to cut a very long story short!

I did a windows update and ever since then my Internet Explorer and Google Chrome has been giving me the 'Not Responding' error. I have via Turn Windows features on and off managed to uninstall Internet Explorer 10 and managed to download Google Chrome, however it's not a proper install.

I have installed IE10 again via the Turn windows features on and off programe and what I am trying to do just now is install Internet Explorer 11, however I keep getting the error 'Internet Explorer did not finish installing'.

When I try and open IE10, I get a blank white page and then it comes us Not Responding and closes down.

Internet Explorer (No Add Ons) is doing the same thing as IE10. I have also tried to go into Internet Explorer Performance under Troubleshoot, but it's not there.

Once I have managed to successfully download IE, I will then uninstall Google Chrome and install it properly.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

A:IE10 Not Responding

ie10 has to be on.

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Has anyone else had the great joy of IE10 not saving passwords? I've gone through the usual procedure - Tools / Internet Options / Autocomplete Settings and made sure everything was checked off.

But IE10 is still refusing to give me the option of saving passwords and is not saving passwords. Help will be appreciated. Thanks!

A:IE10 & Passwords

IE10 is not a final release yet, not until mid-November. You should hold off downloading it until then as the Preview Release you are currently using may not be fully-functional.

Besides, you'll have to uninstall it anyway when the finished version is released. You've only got to wait about a week for the finished version and you may find the problem has been fixed.

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I recently downloaded Internet Explorer 10 and all I get is "This page can't be displayed". It had a button to "fix the connection" but it doesn't detect any problem. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Trouble with IE10

I recently downloaded Internet Explorer 10 and all I get is "This page can't be displayed".

Just to make sure I'm understanding things, you tried to download IE10 but got the error message. Is that correct?

This is the official Microsoft download site for IE10 for Windows 7. You need to have SP1 installed and you need to know if your computer is running a 64-bit or 32-bit version of Windows 7.

Download Internet Explorer 10

It's possible that when you tried to download IE10 the Microsoft servers were at their busiest and your request didn't go through. You could try again now that the initial rush has subsided. Please post back if you're still unable to connect.

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Hi, I am a new member of this forum. I greet every one on this forum. My OS WIN 8 64 bit with IE 10. It seems the Flash Player I think which is integrated there does not work. Pleasehelp/suggest to solve this issue. Thanks and regards to every one.

A:IE10 in WIN 8 64 not working

Remember that there are two versions of IE10 in Window's 8, one is the desktop version and one is the tile version. Which are you referring to and what that uses Flash are you having trouble with?

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Simple question, simple answer. I'm curious as to what the latest word about Internet Explorer 10, is. Will it be available for Windows 7? I read something about the beta release only being available for use in the Windows 8 CP, and a previous beta was available for download to use in Windows 7. But will IE10, the final product be supported on Windows 7?

Do we know the answer, yet or is it still pending?

A:Will IE10 Be Available for Win7?

Will Internet Explorer 10 ever be available for Windows 7 Users?

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Any noticeable improvements ? Speed/loading, better Flash images, etc ?
This would be one of the main reasons I would upgrade to 8.1. When I ran the 8.1 preview, the Flash images seemed slightly more clear, but difficult to compare.

A:IE11 vs IE10

Hi torre,

I am not a regular IE user but I can tell you that I noticed IE11 generally seems to be quicker on launch and faster when browsing in general. Good luck.


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On a variety of sites -- YouTube, eBay,, etc -- IE10 (the desktop, non-Metro version) crashes twice and then gives up, returning this error message:

"When a website causes a failure or crash, Internet Explorer attempts to restore the site. It stops after two tries to avoid an endless loop."

If you google that error, you get some MS suggestions on how to fix it in IE9. The auto fix doesn't run under Win8, and clearly doesn't apply anyway, and the manual suggestion to reset IE didn't work. Any other suggestions?

A:IE10 keeps crashing on me

Try resetting IE10, click Tools at the top, Internet Options, in Advanced tab click reset at the bottom.

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Microsoft has released the RTM version of IE 10 for Windows 7.

Download Internet Explorer 10

IE10 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

A:IE10 RTM version available

how reliable is it now - i have read it had quite a few bugs , i downloaded this morning but decided not to install yet (windows 7)

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Have uninstalled many times and I have turned it off many times it keeps coming back and has caused me all kinds of problems of which after many days of trying and about the third time after repairing many other problems Reimage was able to correct all the problems which seem to be in the registry, how ever since I cant get rid of 10 the problems come back shortly and reimage is able to correct it . I need to get this IE 10 inoperative to get a total fix . does anybody have a solation

A:Solved: Can,t Get rid of IE10

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I've just installed IE10 and wondered what Caches and Databases does? I thought that sites would have automatically been added while browsing but it is always empty. Anyone know why?

A:IE10 question

Hello Templar,

Individual website "cache and database" sizes can be controlled in this tab. IE10 offers the ability to set limits on both file and data storage for specific sites, as well as notify you when one of these limits is exceeded.

In addition, the section below from here:

IndexedDB Updates for IE10 and Metro style apps - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Controlling How Sites and Apps use IndexedDB

In addition to updates to match changes in the W3C specification, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes improvements that allow users to remain in control of how sites and apps use IndexedDB on their devices:Introduced an uninstall handler for Metro style apps that use indexedDB. This handler ensures that any time end-users remove an application, the related data in the app’s IndexedDB database will be automatically deleted during the uninstall process.
Implemented a quotas (storage limits) to prevent sites from exhausting disk space. Quota limits can be updated by IT Admins via group policy settings or by users with administrative access to the Registry. However, quotas don’t apply to Metro style apps.
Added a new browser interface for end-users to manage their databases and manage quotas. Users can use the Caches and databases dialog to remove individual databases. Alternatively, you can remove all databases using the Delete Browsing History dialog to select the “Cookies and Web site data” ch... Read more

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I have some delays accessing my router web interface. Sometimes straight in and other times long delays of waiting for reply. Also happens on mybook wd live web UI. It was fine on IE9. Strangely on advice from my routers forum in netgear starting 'in private' browsing makes the issue go away and all is fine. This seems a frustrating bug introduced by ie 10. Fiddling with the compatibility modes under developer tools makes no difference. Only in private browsing makes it run fine 100% of the time.

Also I read this on other forums and experienced myself. They have messed up FTP browsing in IE10. I often access my ftp drive and select option to open in explorer view. However launching a file of any type just opens up blank with zero bytes. Dragging/copying files between FTP still works ok but to be able to open an ftp file up it has to be copied locally now. So this is an annoying bug. Like I say it's been picked up by a number of people and see this on my own laptop plus the machine at work. Roll back to IE9 and all is fine again.

Why do they have to break things with new roll outs. Here's hoping IE11 is better. Actual external web browsing under IE10 seems fine, no better than ie9 and no worse. Seems a pain to lose features /gain bugs just to gain a few milliseconds on web page loading. Anyone know how far away IE11 public release might be?

A:IE10 annoyances

In-Private browsing disables third party browser add-ons,
Use No Add-ons mode/ Click the Start button and type in the search box,
Internet explorer
Click on the suggestion (No Add-ons) or it?s located at,
Start/ All programs/ Accessories folder/ System tools folder/ No add-ons.
If using ie10 the first link will apply to ie9 as well,

Where did ie 64 bit version go,

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I asked this question before and received no helpful reply. I shall try again before I give up completely on Internet Explorer. I am using ie10 on a win7 premium laptop.

The options:
i. Always switch to new tabs when they are created; and
ii. When a new tab is opened, open: "Your first home page"

have to be selected every time I open ie10; it simply will NOT go to the new tab.
Isn't there a way of selecting these options once and for all?
Thanks in advance.

A:new tab navigation in ie10-win 7

What is your Home page ?
I pretty much use the same settings and haven't had any difficulty getting them to stick,
Attachment 289951
Which Security suite do you have installed and what third party toolbars/ ccleaner.....

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I installed it on a test machine running windows 7 pro sp1. I did not use windows updates. I went to windows IE10 site and picked it up there. I installed the 32bit because that machine only runs 32bit.
I saw not much of a difference between ie9 and 10 but again I was on a test machine that doesn't really have too much stuff on it. It is not running Office, it is running Libre Office 4. So far I see no problems but i am hestitant to put it on a machine that runs all kinds of programs at this time till I see how others have faired.
I will tell you I did not install the Kb2670838 pre rec update at all, and unless it is inside the ie10 browser it did not ask me for anything while i was installing it.
So- what about the rest of you all?

A:Who has installed ie10? and what do you think?

ooops, I did not realize to put it in Browser and Mail, sorry bout that

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Because I kept receiving the same updates over and over again, I stupidly used a toolkit program to block installation of IE10 and now I am unable to unblock it.

Can anyone tell me how I can unblock it please ?

A:How can I unblock IE10 ?

What program did you use?

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I appear to have an incorrectly installed version of IE10 on my desktop (win 7 sp1) occasionally it tries to configure IE.
I need to uninstall and reinstall but can't find IE 10 either in CCleaner or Revo Uninstaller, I can't find it in Add/remove programs nor in Windows updates. It is obviously there somewhere because if I go to all programs and click on Internet Explorer it opens.
can someone advise please
many thanks

A:Need to uninstall IE10

Download IE setup and re-install IE. Does it work? or does a system-restore point work?

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I can't get IE10 to reset at all, I have tried everything to get it to work, like uninstalling my Anti-Virus software, after the reset I restarted my computer it came back up and when I clicked on IE it came up to MSN, like a reset would normally do and when I go to yahoo I find out I am still signed in and then I go to facebook to find that I am still signed in on there to, is there any way for me to fix this to make sure I am signed out and yes I did make sure to check delete personal settings before the reset, any help would be appreciated thanks

A:IE10 not Resetting

If you remain signed in, have a look at your cookies.

Open IE> Tools> Internet Options> General tab> Under Browser History, Settings button> Temporary internet files> View files button

Make note of any cookies cookie:(User name) for instance

Now reset (a reset is not necessary to just delete cookies normally. Open IE> Ctrl+Shift+Delete> Put a check next to cookies and website data> Delete button)

See if the cookies remain. It sounds like your IE is resetting, but not deleting cookies as it should.

Settings that are deleted (Delete personal settings is selected)

Browser history, temporary Internet files, cookies, form data, and stored passwords

Typed URL information, menu extensions

InPrivate Filtering data

Explorer most recently used list

A Guy

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I am unable to install IE10 on my Win 7 x64 mamchine. I tried all the suggestions by MS, no luck. I am getting error code 9C59. Please help! Log attached.

Attachment 260789

A:Cannot install IE10 on Win 7 x64

From your CheckSUR report....

Seconds executed: 208
Found 63 errors
Fixed 45 errors
CSI Missing Component Key Total count: 3
Fixed: CSI Missing Component Key. Total count: 3
CSI Missing Pinned Component Key Total count: 2
Fixed: CSI Missing Pinned Component Key. Total count: 2
CSI Missing Identity Total count: 30
Fixed: CSI Missing Identity. Total count: 30
CSI Missing C Mark Total count: 5
Fixed: CSI Missing C Mark. Total count: 5
CSI F Mark Missing Total count: 7
Fixed: CSI F Mark Missing. Total count: 7
CSI Missing Winning Component Key Total count: 18
From your CBS.log....

Line 21152: 2013-03-24 00:09:31, Error CSI [email protected]/3/24:04:09:31.197 (F) d:\win7sp1_gdr\base\wcp\componentstore\csd_locking.cpp(324): Error STATUS_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING originated in function CCSDirectTransaction::LockComponent expression: (null)
Line 21154: 2013-03-24 00:09:31, Error CSI 00000330 (F) STATUS_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING #9643844# from CCSDirectTransaction::OperateEnding at index 0 of 1 operations, disposition 2[gle=0xd015000c]
Line 21155: 2013-03-24 00:09:31, Error CSI 00000331 (F) HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING) #9643729# from Windows::ServicingAPI::CCSITransaction::ICSITransaction_PinDeployment(Flags = 0, a = 81bfd4366c250b9f644b6c624aea0dcc, Version = 6.1.7600.16762, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64 (9), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicK... Read more

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Just recently, IE 10 has stopped downloading files. I've had various programs that tell me an update is available and when I go to download it I will get the standard box asking if I want to Run or Save but when I click on either of the icons, nothing happens. If I go into IE 10 "Tools" and "View Download" it will show the download with Run and Save but again, clicking on them, nothing happens.

I saw something in another forum that suggested to go into Internet Options, Advanced and do the Reset, while deleting your personal preferences. Doing this ended up with a reboot and it worked, the first time. It stopped working again. Opera has no problems doing the same download so it is IE 10 specific.

Any suggestions?

A:IE10 Not Downloading

Hello thenit and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think IE10 is still experiencing some compatibility issues on Windows 7. You might see if these prerequisite updates help.

How to obtain prerequisite updates for Internet Explorer 10

But before trying to install the updates, I'd make sure that any previous installation of IE10 is removed from the computer.

Internet Explorer 10 - Install or Uninstall in Windows 7

Then I'd check for any damaged or corrupt system files by running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and immediately reboot the computer after each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

And finally, at a minimum, I would definitely create a new restore point before trying to reinstall a fresh copy of IE10.

System Restore Point - Create

System Restore

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Hello Guys

Is Windows 8 x64 using the 64 bit version if IE10 as default as I can't work out what's running what and what flash player is doing what. I installed flash version which I thought was just for the 32bit version but IE10 from program files and program files(x86) are both playing flash content.
Are the flash downloads now containing both versions because I only have 1 showing in programs.

Thanks Danny

A:Windows 8 and IE10

Yeah, not sure what's going on there. There doesn't appear to be any difference to IE in program files and program file (x86) on the surface. The one from program files doesn't show it is the 64 bit on in it's About Window, and the program file (x86) one doesn't show an asterisk in task manager at all. :crazy:
There is a Flash installer (the flash 11 RC form Adobe Labs) for both 32 and 64 bit browser that installs both the 32 and 64 bit flash players if you downloaded and installed the 64 bit Flash 11 RC player installer.

Also, the Metro style IE 10 doesn't load or use plugins, so it won't use flash player. Don't think that's what you're talking about anyway though.

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I have made some very simple php pages for different people. Since I updated to IE10 on the last Windows Updates, when I view the pages in IE 10, all I see is the code that was written. When I was using IE9 there was no problem viewing these pages.

How do I get the actual page to show instead of the code script?

Thank you

A:php pages in IE10

Try clicking the compatibility view icon next to the address bar perhaps? Looks like a broken page, as in Shawn's tute

Internet Explorer Compatibility View - Turn On or Off

A Guy

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I try to sign in with Hotmail. the first box with @ address should remember the name I used last. other sites also do not remember. so I have to type each time. in ffox(beta)/chrome(srware iron version) this function is fine but in internet explorer it does not work. I have tried the lot. I have tried the following
No1.internet options/content/autocomplete settings (here I have tried every configuration and restarted..nothing changes. set internet explorer back to default.
No3.uninstalled/reinstalled internet explorer via command prompt due to it being absent in progs
No4.tried Microsoft fixit.
No5.changed value in reg edit
No6. printing up an A4 with bang head here spot in red blue tacking at head height and following instruction
No7. this is the same on my windows 7 as my wifes windows 8 both Toshiba's mine R830 hers R930 both being perfect uninfected or modified in any way, except running Vpn's and BTgnome from flash drives sometimes. they both start in 43 seconds and shut down in about 8 to 15 seconds. they are fast and apart from this no problems. scans all clear, rootkits clean, getsusp,rougue killer, all are clean Kaspersky is my security paid for
***the only reason I have come up against this issue is that my srware browser has stopped working on sites where I fill fields in like this one here now in for some reason, also it has miniaturised the autocomplete fields and the bookmarks when they run in a strip down the screen have a larger gap between them so ta... Read more

A:IE10. autocomplete not working tried everything

Try to clear your cache,
Close all open browser windows,
Click Start and type,
internet options
General section/ Delete browser history button/ Uncheck the top box and Check all others/ Delete.
Shut down your machine.
Power back up and Reset Internet explorer,
Tutorial of Resetting Internet explorer,
Accessing Internet Options from the Start menu search,
Reset process first opening Internet explorer
Manage add-ons,
If you have a Kaspersky toolbar... or any other Browser add-on Disable it manually if need be,

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So for a normal user, it is best to use another browser with Win8, or upgrade to 8.1 ?

I have tried 8.1 but returned to 8 which came with my computer. Lots of error messages in 8.1 and no noticeable improvements that I need.

Microsoft has failed to deliver a fix for a remotely exploitable flaw in Internet Explorer 8, despite being informed of the vulnerability in October 2013.The bug in Microsoft's browser, discovered by Belgian researcher Peter 'corelanc0d3r' Van Eeckhoutte, can be exploited if a user opens a link to a malicious web page (known as a drive-by download) or by opening a booby-trapped email attachment.
Read this
Microsoft issues fix for IE zero day

Read more

Details of the bug were disclosed by HP's Tipping Point Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI), which offers rewards to researchers for reporting bugs. When flaws are found, ZDI handles disclosure to the vendor and, as per its policy, keeps previously-unknown bugs under wraps for 180 days after informing the vendor, given the vendor enough time to develop a patch.
Despite confirming the vulnerability in February, Microsoft has failed to include a fix for the flaw in any of the three Patch Tuesdays that have passed since then.
IE 8's 20.85 percent market share makes it the most widely used browser version in the world, according to Net Market Share figures. On Windows machines, IE 8 accounts for 27 percent of all browsers installed.
Released in 2009, it was the newest version of I... Read more

A:Educate me Please - Win8/IE10

Windows 8.1 with update 1 is going to be where you need to be at some point in near future to get Windows updates. Microsoft is going to push for people to be on the latest versions. I'm already planning the upgrade at work for people on 8.0 to get to 8.1 update 1. As far as I can tell, it's going to have to happen.

As far as browsers go, use whichever you like. I use the Sync feature of Chrome extensively. And I have a need for a browser that is cross platform as I use Windows/Linux/OSX/Android. So for me, I don't use IE at all, unless I absolutely have to for compatibility reasons.

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