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Set IE10 tile default

Q: Set IE10 tile default

If you want the IE tile in Start to always open the desktop version of IE 10, then you have to make the 2 settings shown in the picture. You get there from Internet Options > Programs tab. Then do not forget 'Apply'.

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hi guys,i have some problem..i accdntly change app tile and app background image on win8 photos app..can i change it back to default because an image on app tile not change randomly,only show selected picture..hope u guy slove my problem..tq about app background i start to acceptble

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I have seen numerous search results from Google, but none of them work

I just sent my computer in to be worked on a month ago. I had this working before then

It was factory reset so this is a computer/browser issue, nothing with the restore

I had Yahoo Email set as default. For each of my previous computers, I did too.

Even when I got this in March

I cannot find the link telling me how to do it: I remember seeing it could be done with a particular version of Yahoo toolbar And I saw one that would install the mail plugin with Yahoo Messenger

Neither has been there when I installed several vesions

Any help would be most appreciated


A:Default Yahoo Email Win 8 IE10

Hi Eric,

Can you tell us a bit more about how you'd like to use Yahoo?
Do you use it via web mail (in your web browser)?
Or do you want to use the built-in Mail app that appears on the Windows 8 Start Screen?
Or do you have other email software that you want to use?

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The problem: IE10 seems to now default all web sites to "Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View" browser mode.  

This will in turn change the Documents mode to something other than "Standards" unless each web page has explicitly defined : <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible">, and often screw up how things are rendered.  The user is able to
change it manually via the f12 menu, but it reverts back the next time IE is opened.

Also: the broken paper icon in the address bar is no longer displayed for any page, and "tools > compatibility view" is greyed out.

It's this same way for any PC at my business, and regardless of what's in the compatibility view list.  And yes "display all websites in compatibility view" is not checked.

Up until some point in the last year, it didn't work this way.  Before: it would default to "Internet Explorer" unless the web site was explicitly included in the compatibility view list.

Can anyone still on IE10 recreate this?  Was there a windows update at some point in the recent past that has affected this behavior?  Or does this have to be something in my environment?


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I was troubleshooting the problem of removing qv06 from homepage from last 3 days.
Since I tried all the options, I even took a lot of help from forum but to no avail.

Accidently I deleted all the internet explorer 10 registry entries through regedit.

Kindly provide me with default registry entries,

Awaiting ur response, I remain

Thanx in Advance

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So yesterday automatic Windows update installed IE10, today I noticed that links in certain applications open in IE10 instead of my configured default browser, which every link from this or any other application used to open in before that update and the reboot that followed the update.
I checked the Default Programs section in the system control panel, expecting maybe Microsoft wanted to get themselves in any more trouble with the EU and changing the default to IE. This was not the case however, all the associations were still pointing to the configured default browser, I noticed however I could not uncheck the defaults already set.
So despite the obvious configuration being correct, links would still open in IE10 even after yet another reboot.
I went ahead and checked the registry associations, and found that http(s) protocol as well as htm(l) filetypes were associated with Internet Explorer with various EditFlags set (presumably to prevent changing them through the user interface, or to ignore the user interface settings).

Seriously Microsoft? Don't you have enough trouble yet?

A:Windows Update IE10 Install messes up default browser configuration

I'd avoid IE10 and uninstall the update. It's riddled with bugs.

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Does anyone here know of a fix to this?

Since I updated Internet Explorer to ver 10, Now links someone sends in Google Talk open in IE 10 not my default Firefox !!

A:Google Talk Opens Links In IE After Update IE10, Not Frirefox Default

Hello voiceartistusa and welcome to the forums

Can you open your Start Menu, click on Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program. This should bring up a list of your filetype associations.

Under the Extensions header, can you tell me what is listed in the Current Default column for the following names,

And for these Protocols (at the bottom)

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I am using windows 8.1 RTM version.
I cannot find my desktop tile or the store app anymore. I have tried searching with the search charm too. I checked various users and they are not there either. Some desktop programs have gone missing too

I will appreciate any help from you guys

A:My desktop tile and store tile has disappeared Windows 8.1

Do they show up in the Apps view, Apps Screen - Open in Windows 8 , if they do then just pin them back to the start screen.

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I am new to Windows 8, and on the tile display, when I touch a tile, i.e. the weather tile, a black screen appears with in the middle; this lasts about a second, then the tile window display reappears. I would expect that the website would appear, but it never does. Other tiles act the same way, but some apps are executed when the tile for them is touched.
Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

A:When a tile is touched it returns to tile display in a sec

Hello Auricman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if going through the troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below may be able to help for now.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I have problem with Muliple Broswer tabs (self) opening & pointing to "IE10 start here" pages and when using Outlook it goes to "start here" pages when trying to type in Outlook emails. It is quite something to see over a hundred cascading windows trying to get you started with Welcome to Microsoft Internet Explorer 10... and another one is the

Same problem whether typing any characters in the search engine boxes on IE10 or google chrome. New tabs open "by themselves" and attempt/redirect to go to start MSN/Bing pages. They dont all load fully and new tabs open. Over 180 tabs "self-opened" last time in google chrome. I tried google chrome after having this happen in IE10 - so it seems to be a windows 8 issue. Maybe other programs are affected but ive only tried Outlook 2010 and Web Browsers...thats enough for now!

This is a new HP Desktop PC with factory fresh windows 8 Home premium and MSOffice Pro Plus 2010 install. Have changed all browsers to home page of google but IE10 or chrome if i make it the defalut browser and still self opens and tries to go to MS start pages.

I closed IE10 and/or chrome with task manager and created a dump file and also set windows error self reporting to auto (because it was set to manual by default) and it should be running self error reporting windows app like in previous Windoes versions but there is nio indication it is sending anything to MS. Any fix... Read more

A:40 or more IE10 tabs open after typing in Outlook or IE10

Yep...sure enough there was no other users out there with similar problem so must be something unique to equipment.

PC was set up with HP wired Keyboard and issues after testing installation. New Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse was issued and after a while (few days) problem began to appear.

F1 key was sticking. Beat it up a bit and problem gone. Hold down the F1 key and same problems...multiple browser windows opening, help windows opening etc depending on application you are in. haha...stupid. To think... blamed windows 8 for this problem when it is only everything else that is wrong that is windows 8 fault.

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Sorry if this has already been asked - I'm trying to catch up with developments and it seems easier asking rather than blundering my way between Metro and Normal mode.

For regular browsing I'm using IE10 from the normal Windows desktop. I find that if a program opens IE10, it opens the metro style IE10 (is that the right terminology?). For example, if I use Control Panel > Appearance and Personalisation to go get some online themes, I get this metro-style IE10 opening.

Is there way to turn off the Metro style IE10, and just use the classic one?


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ok, I believe this is due to some bad windows update, but there isn't a list that i can locate to uninstall.

I've already tried force uninstall all remnants,

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*10.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"
FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*9.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"

after a reboot, I will get IE8., then I am able to only install ie10. (I've already tried installing ie9/ie11 with the antivirus uninstalled with no effect)

in the windows update screen.
ie11 fails with 9c59,
ie9 fails with 3715
When I run IE10, it will load up, for a while (white completely devoid of any text/icons/menu) then close with no error message (even in eventlog) , I've tried reset to default settings/restore advanced settings from control panel\internet options\advanced tab.

KB2846071 does not appear to be installed.

A:Cannot run ie10, cannot install ie9/11 (ie10 installed)

The CBS log shows this problem...

2014-06-26 23:34:44, Info CSI 0000033b Couldn't find the hash of component: Microsoft-Windows-IE-HTMLRenderingMedia, Version = 11.2.9600.16428, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_IA32_ON_WIN64 (10), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the catalog [l:192{96}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\Catalogs\".
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI [email protected]/6/26:15:34:44.100 (F) d:\win7sp1_gdr\base\wcp\componentstore\csd_winners.cpp(1302): Error 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] originated in function CCSDirectTransaction::AddImplicationsToCatalogsAndVerifyComponentHashes expression: (null)
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI 0000033d (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #6917973# from CCSDirectTransaction::PrepareForCommit(...)[gle=0x90092004]
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI 0000033e (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #6917972# from CCSDirectTransaction::ExamineTransaction(...)[gle=0x90092004]
2014-06-26 23:34:44, Error CSI 0000033f (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #6917971# from CCSDirectTransaction_IRtlTransaction::ExamineTransaction(...)[gle=0x90092004]
2... Read more

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Hope I am in the right area...

I have the app The Weather Channel. I would like to watch 3 different cities near me for the weather. I have the app setup with all three but all I can see is one city at a time.

Is there a way to create 3 live tiles of the same weather App and each tile have the weather for a different city?


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Do like tiles use cpu when the start page is not visible?

A:Give tile cpu use?

I would suspect they do, but very little if so. It would show up as a process in windows task manager as one of the main CPU suckers if it used a lot. May be hidden behind another windows process

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When I open my mail tile, it does not show my entire inbox? How do I view my entire inbox?

A:Mail Tile

Click on the Inbox and a message below your last email will say "To get messages older than one month, go to settings." and click on it and it will take you to mail settings which will show up on the right side of the screen. There will be a pulldown menu <Download mail from> and select <Anytime>

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Not really sure if i should post this here or in a different forum. If this is incorrect it can be moved.

I need a seamless tile made up. I tried to make one but it doesn't seem to like me much. Not my fortay i guess...

I need a faded blue to white. I do not want blue anywhere but on the right column. When I do it it does not come out seamless.

The graphic is what I would like. I tried to use what I posted to make it seamless but it defiantly came out funky.
Any one board and would like to make one for me?

A:seamless tile.........

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What is the best digital clock tile that updates fast and works well

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Is it possible to rotate a large tile on the start page 90 degrees to form a vertical tile so i can add a vertical photo.

Regards Dom

A:Vertical Tile


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]Hi, I've just upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 and have tried to set up my email address but when I open the mail tile it has message NOT YET SYNCED - I don't really know what this means.
Every email address I've tried either says can't get mail or outlook tells me it can't find it.
I've tried everything I can (following lots of info on websites and microsoft's own "help page").
I don't really want to have to open a browser every time I want to look at or send mail.
I want the notification message and the ping!
I'm a bit of a novice so can anyone help me PLEASE.

A:Outlook app (tile)

Hello Eileen and welcome

I'm assuming you are using the new W10 mail app. If you click on its settings (cog icon at bottom left) you can access Manage accounts and select the outlook mail account to reach the box as shown below:

Then you can select Change mailbox sync settings and scroll down to turn on the Email sync.

This is the first thing to check but my apologies if you have already done this.

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I tried to pin a desktop shortcut of msconfig system app as tile to the start metro screen but refuses to pin.
It doesn't even exists 'Pin to Start screen' selection when i right click the shortcut. What should i do?
I even copied the shortcut to the 'All Apps' folder and appeared on the left to the up and down app list but i can't
drag to start screen as tile.

A:Pin msconfig as tile

In the All Apps menu>> Windows administrative tools>> choose System Configuration & right click that.
Or you can do it from Control Panel:

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When I pin the Crome exe to start menu all is well, but if I change the size to small it will lose the icon and tile is faded? Anyone have a fix for this?

A:No icon on tile

I need a fix for this as well. It showed up fine until i updated to the November Update. Now when sized to small the icon goes away and the tile becomes faded. I would definitely like a fix for this.

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would some one be willing to make this graphic into a seamless tile for me. I keep getting the "to close to edge error" I change it but can't accomplish what I need. Or explain to me what it is I need to do so I can make seamless tiles myself. I tried to follow various tutors but my brain is not functioning....

A:seamless tile

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Really dumb the heck do I add a tile to the Metro GUI. I can move them around and remove them, but I can't for the life of me figure out to add a new one.

A:Adding a tile...?

I found when you install a new program a tile is created, you can then move it to where you want it.
Also when using IE in the Metro you can pin a site as a tile, just right click and choose the pushpin icon to create a tile to pin to the Metro screen.

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I wish to create a tile from a shortcut on the metro start screen windows 8.1

Can you tell me how to create one



A:Shortcut to tile

Hello Jeff,

Which app is this for? I may already have one available in a tutorial if it's a default app.

Starting in Windows 8.1.1 when released on April 8th, you will be able to also pin modern apps to the taskbar.

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In the Tutorial section, there is one as "How to Minimize the Windoes Exlporer "Ribbon"". Right after I installed W8 two days ago, I also downloaded "Windows 8 BluePoison" and by using this, I "unlock hidden features". From then on I no longer see the "Tiles". Windows Explorer is just like that of W7 and it has not "Ribbon".

I am just curious to know how I can get that Tiles back and see "Ribbon" on Windows Explorer.

A:Tile and Ribbon ???

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer and
modify the RPEnabled key to a “1” which will set it back to default.

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The only thing keeping me from upgrading to Windows 7 is:

See attachement.

Does anyone now a solution. I now, I could not have tile view, but it's what I am used to.

A:Tile View

To be honest I don't think theres a way of doing that just yet unless theres a 3rd party file manager that I don't know of yet.


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I do like Win7 so far (compared to XP), but one of the things I'm missing is the "Tile vertically" function (you know, where you can select a few programs in the taskbar and make them automatically fit on the screen together).

Is it really no there or am I just overlooking it?

Thanks in advance!

A:Tile vertically

aero snap sort of replicates this feature, where you drag a window to the edge of the screen.

or try playing with windows key + arrow keys.

i know it's not quite the same, maybe other forum users will improve on this idea...

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I just purchased a new hp portable with windows 8. I have used every version of windows since 95 except for Vista and windows7.  My personal favorite is XP Pro since my system is used 90% for business use and xp is so easy to compartment and navigate.  I know that win8 has be confused but I will succeed.  My first desire is to disable the live tile desktop and use the conventional desktop only.  Is there a way and does this hurt the system

A:tile desktop

I use this from our Tutorials Section.

Windows 8 no longer includes the traditional Start Menu that Windows users have become associated with using..........With this in mind, a free program called Classic Shell has been updated to support the ability to add a Start Menu to Windows 8.

Good Luck

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I've been putting URL shortcuts into my Apps Menu but it doesn't always give me a good name for it. For example, I go to and created a shortcut by clicking on the IE11 gear, then clicking Add Site to Apps; but when it puts it on my Apps Menu, it gives it a title of "Member Logon for Entertainment Coupons", when all I wanted was "Entertainment Coupons".

Regards, Patric

A:Hot to Rename a Tile

Right click the shortcut >> Open file location >> now right click the shortcut there and select properties.

Enter the name you would like in the box highlighted below:


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Can anyone tell me how to personalize a tile that shows up on the screen when you turn on the computer?

A:How to personalized a tile

Like this ? ---

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Hey guys!
I have a weird problem with my Chrome and I hope someone can help me:
When I first installed Windows 8 there was the IE tile, with lighter blue background and white icon. Then I installed Chrome, at first start I used it as my default browser, mostly in W8 mode, sometimes in desktop mode, but it always had the grey background tile with the Chrome icon. I wanted to make new tiles for my non-metro apps with OblyTile, and because I use IE sometimes I made one for that too, but after that my Chrome tile became a standard non-metro style tile with blue bg and smaller icon, using it first opens the desktop then the metro-mode chrome, and the original IE tile (I kept it from the beginning) reversed to the original, blue bg, white icon style, but Chrome is the default browser.

Can you help me to reverse Chrome to the gray bg tile and make it open the metro-mode without first opening the desktop?

Thanks in advance!

A:Chrome tile

Why not just try to do an in-place reinstall of Chrome for starters and see what happens?

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Just a quickie for you expert people out there

I have my tiles and have unpinned the ones i don't want. Now, i am left with Mail and Calendar.
Trouble is i don't have (don't tell anyone) a MS email and don't want one, i am on Gmail - is there any way i can edit the properties of that tile so that when i click the Email icon it will open my Email client as it does on the main desktop?
I've had a look at the right click options of the icon on my main desktop but it doesn't say "pin to start" - which is what i want it to do....

Any ideas??

Thanks so much in advance.

A:Tile Customization

You can use Obly Tile to create your own Gmail Tile.

Download OblyTile 0.8.8 Free - Design tiles for your Windows 8 Start Screen - Softpedia

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This is just my OCD kicking in however, I am wondering if their is a way of re-colouring a program tile of a program?

A:Tile customising

Sure there is. Depends on what you need.
You could use oblytile and / or create your own or change personalization to high contrast.
Can do, with Paint Shop, Xara, Oblytile, etc...

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Hello fellow humans!!

Alright, so I was wondering what my Main Panel on my Star Screen is missing but I couldn't figure it out.. Until I wanted to check the time. Usually, I would just do a double finger gesture on my Microsoft Touch Mouse and boom, time shows. Or just check the time when I'm already on desktop mode. This time however, my batteries ran out and I was on my Start Screen wondering what the time was. Oh, yea, I was super lazy too. So I wondered why didn't Microsoft make a time/clock app yet? It would make perfect sense to have one. Nonetheless, I know we can't always have everything.. So I'm asking you guys, are you using any apps for this exact reason? Have you got any suggestions? All I want is a tile with the time shown all over it.. No need for other information, like date or anything, just the time.. I'm asking you because, well, I don't know, I just like posting here instead of reading reviews for every single app in the store.

Thanks in advance!!

A:Time Tile

Hello Wael,

If you like, you could press the Windows + C keys to see the clock anytime and anywhere in Windows 8.

Hope this helps,

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whenever my pc restarts the desktop bg image is set to tiles (instead of stretch). why is this happening and how do i stop it from changing?

A:desktop bg changes to tile

Have you tried going to the control panel, then appearance and themes, then display, then desktop.Set it to stretch then hit apply and ok that should do it.

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I just installed windows 8 Pro on desktop, now in metro start screen, I click on the music tile go through to find some music I want to listen to and when it plays it opens this Xbox music thing. Why and is this normal?

A:music tile

LoL.. sheeples.. Xbox+metro= multiple platform support = phones that become the laptops (docking) = app store = revenue channel.
They thought this through while they were high on cocaine and champagne like every good corporate meeting.
It will take a awhile for competitors to build placement tiles since they have to learn the new interface and recompile their code.
MS's main competitor is Apple. Ms = Xbox+hyper visor, Pc = Steam, Apple = Riaa + Mpaa.

I remember when the FBI was busting down doors because people where using betamax to copy broadcasted tv shows, beating the children and shooting their dogs. Criminals = whatever stops the money flowing to the appointed authorities.

I wonder if they sell folk music on Xbox music center, hahahahaha... I'm like the 1 guy that searched for it.
I guess the old timers still prefer a smokey bar with live music.

Try installing Winamp for a push and forget solution, not that I like lamas or anything, but they are fun to pet.
You are probably wanting streaming music, and there has never been a convergence of streaming music stations.
Except shoutcast and a few other .com's. Someone will have to converge all their API's into one app without pissing someone off, which is VERY VERY VERY hard to do.

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can you change your profile pic on Facebook
view communication from all of your social networks
post a message, check in or, set a chat status?
or All of the above

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I have the Nokia 625 and had a picture on one of the tiles on the start screen (I think that is what it is called) I have had to replace the tile but cannot find out or remember how to place a picture on the tile.

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I opened two internet explorer windows by clicking the shortcuts on the quick launch bar.

I tiled these windows vertically ( windows xp home edition ).

I right clicked on the task bar and clicked on the undo tile option.

This appeared to work - however clicking the internet shortcuts on the quick launch bar on another day produced a window of tile size.

Any attempt to change the the window size permanently fails.

Re- opening the windows from the quick launch bar results in the the original tile size.

Any suggestions please ?



A:Cannot undo tile

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I right click on the .exe file in the file manager and select Pin to Start Menu. The Tile appears and works. However, the next time I log on that tile has disappeared. Any ideas on what's happening?

A:Tile missing on every logon

What is the executable you are trying to pin?

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Hello all
I have the default Microsoft music app installed (and lovin it), but its live tile is just too dull->

Isnt there any way to customize it a little (like make it show artwork on live tile)?
Or please tell me some free alternate music app that has a good looking live tile

A:Customizing music app tile

I use the Groove Smart Music Player app, that one does add a cover art photo to the live tile.
Take a look in the store and try some of your own I would suggest ;-)

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Anyone having a similar issue?
I have linked my FB, Linked in accounts to the People Tile - when I click on it it launches the app but as the window opens up - it crashes back to the metro interface?

Any suggestions?

I upgraded from Windows 7. I have done the latest update.


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So I understand that the photo app gets my photos from my picture library and then just randomly scrolls through them, however there is a specific folder of photo that I don't want to be shown. Is there a way to make it so it doesn't show that folder when flicking through the various photo I have or do I have to move the folder to another location?

A:Live photo tile

Take it out of My Pictures (e.g., just put it in your C: User folder--top level--like My Pictures) and give it a non-picture related name (not sure if that's necessary). I have some snips that I don't want to see on my start screen, and that's what I do--use a folder named Snips.

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Do you know of an easy way to change the colour of the User Tile border?

A:User Tile Border

I take it you mean on the login screen? I've wanted to change that for so long, but it's picky with the transparency and such. I guess you'd need to find a way to patch authui.dll, and then reshack it. If only I knew of a good patch or hex edit or something.

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Hi,Just had this new laptop running windows 8 and its an Acer.
When I select the photos tile on the screen it goes to another screen which is black with a blue square icon and underneath it tells me that there are no files or folders in this view.There are photos in my picture folder as I just put then in.But if I go to the other method and select the My picture folder the photos are there.
Any Help Please.

A:Windows 8 tile problem

Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, tankid.

You might want to run through these:

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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Unistalled hp connected music, but now I have the icon in start menu. Clicking on it only opens install/uninstall window. How do I remove this orphaned tile?


A:Remove orphaned tile

Right click-Delete on classic shell.
Unpin from Start in metro.

A screen shot would help of when you right click the tile.(options at bottom of screen)

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Hello, I thought that with Windows 8.1 the Netflix app would be updated with Live Tile and all that good stuff, but so far, I only noticed that it supports the new big tile format, but it is useless when it doesn't have a live tile

I am asking about this, because I did saw a video with the Netflix app having a working live tile (It was some Microsoft employee video). Could it be in the works with an update to come? What do you think? Would you like to have a live tile for Netflix?

Thanks in advance!

A:Netflix App: Live Tile?

Doesn't your Netflix tile show your recent usage in a live tile?

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Recently I have been unable to access my hotmail email account from the tiles. When I left click it does not respond but when I right click I have options that do not involve seeing my emails.

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Hello windows 8 forum,

I'm wandering if I can find its folder directory. After I followed similar tutorial with the hope is there but quite disappointed. There no games tile associated with other tiles there. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thank you.

A:Games Tile is missing

Hello Botard,

Double check to see if the Games app is on your Apps screen.

If so, then you could just "Pin to Start" it.

If not, then you should be able to reinstall the "Xbox Games" back from "Your apps" in the Store.
Apps - Install Metro Apps from Windows 8 Store
Hope this helps,

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Looks like I have found another forum to read while at work

I have set things up and added a hotmail account and things worked fine even though the hotmail screen seemed to lack in inforamtion as in win 7

So tried to connect to Outlook .com with no success (my lack of ability) maybe now I have lost the mail tile somehow and cannot find a way to restore it

When I restore it can someone help me to use with the tiles ...............................Please
Not sure about win 8 at the mo

A:Lost my Mail Tile

click charms, search, apps, mail or right click on start screen to bring up all apps, locate mail and pin to start screen

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Does anyone other than me think this would work for controlling the All apps screen?
It's nothing more than our Programs folder on the screen with all subfolders displayed.
Like others, I think we should have an option to have them all collapsed into the title bar. Or to pick which ones we want pinned to the All apps board. As well as the Start screen.

In example below

1.- I showed a customized All apps

2.- then installed Microsoft Works which gave a popout

3.-clicked the title bar ? made choice to pin Word Processor & Spreadsheet to Start screen & Not to hide them on the All apps screen

4.- Shows those 2 programs plus a tile saying 4 more programs available (Get Started, Database, Calendar & Portfolio)

A:All apps tile control

Yeah, that would make the "Apps" screen more user friendly.

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If a windows 8 compatible app does not have a metro design. Is the app allowed to have a tile?

A:no metro design but can the app have a tile?

Hi, seasonss, welcome to the Eight Forums!

Yep, see here:

windows 8 install on older laptop

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Hokey Smokes, Folks, I clicked on the tile for Windows Store, and it has a variety of free game and other free apps.

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I've unistall the email app, How can I turn it into a metro tile?

A:How can I turn it into a metro tile?

Hello Asus,

I'm not sure what you are wanting. Could you post back with more details?

If you uninstalled the "Mail" app, then it will no longer be on the Apps screen since it's been uninstalled. Where you wanting to restore the Mail app?

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I recently upgraded to 8.1 (actually, made a clean install), and everything seems to be working as designed. Except, on the Start Screen, although all the other apps show live tiles, the Weather app does not, showing only a plain blue background with the word "Weather" on it. The live tile feature is definitely turned on for this app.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix for it?

A:Weather app - no live tile?

Here's what I have:

I don't know if it is normal or not.

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I use Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3 and my desktop. Both are x64 Pro and logged in with the same windows live ID. Occasionally the desktop tile will move on its own on both systems. I have never moved the tile from the bottom left corner myself but it occasionally will move itself to higher in the column or into the next row.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent it from continuing.


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I can easily make my own icons for the tiles, but how would I apply said icons so that it looks like a nativly supported metro app instead of just an old icon?

A:Customize Tile Icons

OblyTiles is what you need.

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Hi, i was wondering if there was any way I could get a battery tile?

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My computer slowed down...a ton lately, and it is tossing up random tiled-pictures when I try to click on links, or address bar, etc. I do not think I have a virus, I have ran lots of scans. I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue...the pictures flash so fast, I can not screen shot it. But it seems to be pictures from websites, not my photos saved on comp. Also, when I type it is just freezing and I have to "wait" for comp to catch up. thanks for any advise

A:tile pics, slow pc

Right after I made this post, I went to click n a new link and it did it again, but I got the screenshot this time. It looks like two different pics both from websites I visited earlier. I added a photo with the picture random photo to imageshack

I am not sure which link i need to show on forums so trying both links I THINK are best to use for here. sorry if it is wrong ones, but hope you can see it. <a target='_blank' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

Uploaded with <a target='_blank' href=''></a>

Also, my firefox went out again when i was trying to post this, it popped the picture up again and stopped responding again.

BTW, this has been happening for about 3 weeks now. I thought I had a virus or one of my updates did not work. I first had trouble with google chrome (it was not responding saying i had "adobe" issues. So I changed to firefox, it did great for a few days..then it started this random photo bombing issue.

Thanks again

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Should Windows end its live tile? I've recently got rid of them - so to speak. They're still on the screen but not visible. I've just got the icon's for each app I use. The screen looks clean and light and seems to react a bit quicker. Anyway having done so I realised its just not necessary to have those floating tiles - more Window(s) dressing than practical. What do other users think?

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Does anyone know how to remove this hideous orange/black tile from my start screen?

A:Switch Apps Tile


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I would like to assign image files to a few of the Start Screen Tiles. Su far, I am only able to do so with the Photos tile. Is it possible to assign images to others?

A:Change Tile Image

Hello jds4000. Welcome to the Eight Forums.
There are a couple of programs in the Store that you can use to customize tiles. - not free -

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I am missing the Skype tile.

I installed first the Metro version, then unistalled it and installed the desktop one, but the tile is missing and I only have the desktop icon. When I right click the desktop icon looking for "pin to Start Menu" it is not there. I don't know why, because it is there for any other icon/program, but not for Skype.

Any clue?

A:I am missing the Skype tile.

Go on the start screen and search for Skype. The Skype for desktop app in the app list should come up. Right click it and then pin to start should be on the bottom of the screen.

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I already know how to change the tile size for stuff like the store, internet explorer, etc. But for unofficial apps like Firefox, how would I do it? There has to be a program out there that can do this...

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I've been reading on how to set color of the metro tiles. Curious question:
How does one create a custom tile for their application?

All the metro apps have cool tiles. When I create one visual studio 11, all I get is the standard black box with the star and the app title.

Anyone know how these app developers get the cool looking tiles with graphics, wording and stuff?

A:Metro tile maddness

That is something I would like to know too. Maybe somebody knows.

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Is there a way to nest or embed Metro tiles so they act like folders? For example, Microsoft Office deposits at least eight tiles on my Start Screen. I rarely use any but Word and Excel, so I would like simply a generic "MS Office" tile that, when clicked, gives me all of the Office tiles.

I know I can make a folder from a bunch of shortcuts and then pin that folder to the Start Screen, but I'm looking for something that stays within the realm of Metro Tiles.

A:Metro Tile Nesting?

Originally Posted by patrickd314

I'm looking for something that stays within the realm of Metro Tiles.

This is probably not what you had in mind, but this is Windows 8.

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On the live photos tile on the start screen. How can I determine which pictures it shows and which not to?

Can anyone please tell me how to customise this tile?
Of the hundred of photos in the My Pictures folder it shows just 4 poor ones on a loop.

All help much appreciated

A:Live Photos tile

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How many photos does the photo tile app allow on the start screen? I'm asking this as I'm finding no matter how many photos I import the app only displays 5 or 6 photos, is this all it displays?

If not, is there a work around for it?

Thanks for any help

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All of a sudden I can not get the Tile Windows function to work.
I clik in Taskbar, clik tile Vertically, screen jumps and nothing happens, but there then is the Undo Tile option. Same for Horizontal, Cascade. Was working for me yesterday. Wot happened?

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When I select the money tile I get "service is currently not available please try later" . Any suggestions on what is wrong. It was working fine and all of a sudden a few days ago it quit working.

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New install on Asus transformer.
Full screen start is permanent. Clicking start button makes no difference. Button goes grey when I hover, black when I press, and there is no change to any other aspect of the display.
I have gone to personalise and set 'Use Start Full Screen' to both On and Off. Makes no difference to anything.
Veeeeery frustrated as I do not do tiles!
I have googled for hours and tried changing everything I can find referred to.
It is an upgrade to win 8 that came with the system.
Wondering if the install is corrupted.

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Having trouble with Live Tiles. I'm trying to open up Live News and weather tiles. I am able to open the start menu and see that they are updating with appropriate weather and top stories. When I try to open up the tile however, I am greeted by "An error occurred. Try Refreshing" but to no avail does it solve the issue.

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Trying to resize some of my tiles on the Windows 10 start menu. I have added Outlook 2016 and want to set it to Wide but the only options are Small & Medium.

How do I get all the options on the resize?

A:Tile Size limited

Size options are limited to certain Apps only, default Apps all can be resized to 4 different sizes but the ones we add to Start only have two options.
EDIT: Have a look at this tutorial:Tiles - Resize on Windows 10 Start Menu - Windows 10 Forums

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How do I tile images in paint, or view, say, 4 images at a time?

A:How do I tile images in Paint?

Originally Posted by gogreen

How do I tile images in paint, or view, say, 4 images at a time?

In Paint that is not possible. You can only open one image (file) in one session.

You can import an image to be pasted to another image using Paste from feature:

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I just recently installed W8. is my only email source. I created a tile but it isn't live and it doesn't look the same and doesn't seem to have all the features that the web based version has. I'm trying to have the web based program on the W8 Start screen so I don't have at it open in a browser. What am I missing here?

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I have a thumb drive that I regularly plug in and out of the front of my tower using the same USB port. The drive has an assigned letter.

Plugging it in is no problem. It is detected fine and I have AutoPlay set to do nothing. I do not desire to use the AutoRun/AutoPlay on the desktop taskbar to unplug it. Is there anyway I can create a tile on the Start Screen to do so? I would imagine I have to pin some executable there?

A:AutoRun/AutoPlay tile

Hey Tony,

Are you referring to Safely Remove Hardware? If so, you could "Pin to Start" the shortcut below for it, but it'll still open to your desktop though.
Safely Remove Hardware Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums
If you have write caching disable on the USB drive (should be by default), then you should be able to just disconnect it when you like without having to use the above as long as you are not in the middle of saving anything to it.

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hullo a new member and i need not a techy person yet.
everytime i open my laptop the windows tile cascades a hundred times. what do i do? HELP PLEAAAASE!?

A hapless helpless techy wannabe


A:windows tile cascades

What are the windows that are opening...a program, a file folder, something else?

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Today i unistalled a program i no longer wanted to use but to tile remained on the start menu and it won't unpin or delete. Any ideas.

A:Program Tile Won't Delete

It'll probably disappear on it's own after a couple of reboots.
The Windows 10 OS is still very VERY buggy and can't be relied on for stability or ease of function.

Have you tried this?
File Explorer History - Clear in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hey guys,

Are there any apps that provide a battery status as a live tile and in the taskbar? The only app I could find so far is batter bar however, in my opinion, it looks quite ugly.

Thank you for your help.

A:Battery Tile and Taskbar App

Go to the Windows Store and type battery status. You will find a number of them there.

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I'm using Windows 10 Pro and can't unpin a tile from Start..
someone please??!

A:Can't unpin a tile from Start

Originally Posted by Orel123

I'm using Windows 10 Pro and can't unpin a tile from Start..
someone please??!

Hi @Orel123, welcome to!
Try opening the Task Manager, (right click Start and choose Task Manager), scrolling all the way down to Windows Explorer, right click and choose Restart.

If that doesn't work, the Tile in question may not have cached properly;
right click on Start, choose Run, type shell:appsfolder, press Enter, look for the application in question in that folder, right click it and choose Unpin from Start.

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IE 11  will not open from the start screen in the apps. So , I can not see my frequents  or see the star to click to my favorites. From start screen, can only open IE in desktop, but does not show place to "search" in the middle
of the screen, but at the very top in a smaller search space. Below is a larger search space for BING.  I can use IE 11 in the desktop. I am using Windows 8. Main problem is that I can not get to the App view. I did take out the Skype a few days ago that
came with Window 8. Have set a time about 6 hours from now to download Windows 10. I had tried earlier today, but would not work. Program said other updates were being entered, and could not do both at same time. I am planning to download the latest Skype
in a few days.

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for about a week my mail tile has received no email, but I can send. I have to log into my hotmail account to see new emails, what has happened

A:mail tile not updating

and no one seems to have this problem but what options do I have, as I have to log in to my account each time I want to check my emails

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I've just done a bit of housekeeping and I seem to have lost the Tile Picture for Google Chrome. It appears when I chose 'all apps' but if I unpin and then re-pin it to start menu it just appears as a black tile.

Anybody have any ideas how I can get it back?

A:Lost Tile picture

Hello Skewett,

You might see if reinstalling Google Chrome may be able to fix it.

Hope this helps,

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I am trying to center my desktop background but it is stuck at one position/size and I can't tile/center/stretch it.

I searched the forums and one option was to make sure windows photo viewer is not selected from the drop down menu and then move the picture to downloads or pictures folder. But it didn't work.

Any suggestions?

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I seem to have mistakenly deleted the Windows App Store tile from my Windows 8 machine. I, of course, have looked under All Apps and it's not there.

Does anyone know how to reinstall this app?


A:Reinstall Windows App Store tile

Hello dg, and welcome to Eight Forums.

For now, you might see if this Store shortcut may work for you. You can pin it to the Start screen.

"Store" App Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Currently, I run Windows 7 Pro on dual 24" monitors, and life is good.

In Win 8, if I open the desktop tile, I presume that the default action is to open the full-screen desktop app on just 1 of the 2 monitors. I'm guessing that the "Start" screen remains on the 2nd monitor.

Can I have the desktop app open, full screen, across both monitors? Can I have icons for my so-called legacy programs littered across both monitors like I have them on the Win 7 desktop? Just to clarify, I am NOT asking about having the background wallpaper extend across both monitors. I want the actual desktop application to extend across both monitors.

A:Desktop Tile Across Multiple Monitors

Yes, you can have the Desktop on both screens with the Taskbar on both where you can either pin certain things on each monitor or just the the Taskbar for separating windows on each screen. You can also have the Start Screen on one and Desktop on the other.

Taskbar - Hide or Show on Multiple Displays in Windows 8

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I see on my friends laptops that they have all four resizing choices available on their Desktop tile in the start menu. I don't know why but I do not have the large option available, as you can see in the picture attached. I'd like to have it like the tile next to it.

I'm running 8.1. Any ideas?

A:Odd 'Desktop' tile on start screen

Hi There. Try this:

Fix Store Apps and Tiles that are Not Working or Responding in Windows 8 and 8.1

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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I tired to get my mail in windows 8.1 recently and it just hangs never opening
but if I reboot the computer I can open the mail tile for a small amount of time then it hangs again

I tired store app nothing there

any suggestions

A:windows mail tile just hangs

Are you truly connected to the internet?

Try to fix the apps with this:
Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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has anyone figured out how to make tile group names in bold yet?

A:Tile Group Names in bold

Or at the very least control the way they are colored? I don't wanna use a plain-jane ugly flat grey background just to see my labels, but my group header text is barely visible as it is now.

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How do I set a home page for IE with the IE Metro Tile? I don't see an option for that. When I click on the Internet Explorer Tile, I want it to open to a specified Home Page.


A:Metro IE Tile - Home Page

For the IE App, I just typed in the URL for what ever homepage I wanted at the bottom of the page in the white area, or use the Bing box to search for it. After that go to the right and click on the "pin" to pin down the page.

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I can't seem to turn on live tile for my weather app. When I right click on it, there is no option at the bottom of the screen to turn it on.

Compared to the photos app, it is currently running live tile by default, and when I right click on it, I can toggle live tile on and off.

Is there something special I need to do with the weather app to activate live tile?

A:Cannot turn on live tile for weather app

Hello Pauleduc,

Double check to make sure that the Windows Time service is enabled, and that your system time is set accurately and synced.

You could also do this by opening an elevated command prompt, then typing the commands below and press Enter after each one.
net start w32time

w32tm /resync

Afterwards, see if you have the "Turn live tile on/off" option.

Apps - Turn Live Tiles On or Off in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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