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Change User Profile Folder Name in C:\Users

Q: Change User Profile Folder Name in C:\Users

I am networking, among others, 2 Win7 machines and 1 Win8 machine. One of the Win7's used the same user name and password as the Win8 machine. I wanted to fix it so that the two usernames and passwords were different--specifically I wanted to alter the Win7 user name and password. I though first about just changing the username on the Win7 machine, but recalled that doing so would not change the related user profile folder name in C:\Users. I could not recall how to do so. I found this tutorial on our Windows 7 forum. From a thread on the our Win 8 forum, I learned that the procedures of the tutorial also apply to Win8 (maybe there is a related Win8 tutorial that I didn't find).

After reading through the tutorial, I was uncertain about a few things and also could not figure out why proceeding as described would be advantageous in regard to what seemed like an easier way to get at least mostly the same result. So, instead of using the tutorial,

1. I added a new (administrative user--the level I wanted) having the user name and password I wanted.
2. Copied the files and desktop items (shortcuts and a few folders) I would need from the old account/desktop to the new account/desktop.
3. Did minor desktop customization on the new desktop (I usually don't do much theme-wise.
4. Deleted the old account, and all was good once I joined my HomeGroup and shared a few not HomeGroup items. The stage now is set to do an a Win7, Win8, Lion, and Mt. Lion networking experiment that I am interested in.

I had though that some programs and shortcuts might not work, but was unconcerned since the computer and its installation are "old." I figured that I would just add things back as needed if there were problems. As it turns out, all the programs and shortcuts worked.

Anyway, I am curious about if, and why, it might have been advantageous to do things the tutorial way rather than the way I did them. It seems to me that the fuss and bother is somewhat less the way I proceeded.

All discussion and thoughts appreciated.

A: Change User Profile Folder Name in C:\Users

Hello znod,

I agree that it is best and safer to create a new account instead of trying to rename the old user profile folder.

The tutorial is just how to do it if one really wants to, but I do have the note at the top of the tutorial that would be best to create a new account instead.

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Just joined this forum recently, so this is my first post. Anyways, I've been looking online for a method to simply delete the folder of an old user profile in C:\Users. I have yet to come across a successful method. The message that appears when I try to delete the folder is "You require permission from ('computer-name'\Administrator to make changes to this folder". Any proven methods or tips? It's not a big problem or anything, just a mere nuisance.

I also wish to rename my active user profile folder to something else...

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Hey guys,

This is my first time posting, but it's a doozy. I built a computer for the first time about a year ago, and was able to get everything up and running just fine. My main hard drive is an SSD, and I used robocopy / symlink to copy my users folder to a different drive with more space, and to create a junction to it from the SSD.

This setup has been fantastic 99.9% of the time - however - Shortly after getting everything working I ran into this problem while installing software and was able to fix it after a week long freak out and lots of obsessive research....but it's happened again (installing the same software) and for the life of me I cannot remember or find any information that I used previously.

I started to install all of my 3D software (I am a 3D Designer and use Maya / 3DS Max, etc.) While installing VRay for Maya, I start getting errors that windows can't connect to my Users folder. I minimize my windows and nothing on my desktop will open. Upon reboot, I am informed that my User Profile Service won't let me login.

Troubleshooting so far:

I used safe mode to login, and of course everything on my desktop was gone. I used system recovery to the most recent date, which allowed me to login, however my desktop / users folder is still missing. I ran a registry fixer and found all kinds of errors, "fixed" them, then I couldn't login again. Recovered again, booted from my windows 7 CD and attempted to move my actual ... Read more

A:Windows can't find users folder / User Profile Service can't Login

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. On reading your post - and I did so three times, the first thing that jumped out at me was
I ran a registry fixer and found all kinds of errors, "fixed" them, then I couldn't login again.Click to expand...

You can run most registry fixes on a computer with a clean install of windows and they will find errors.
The problem is 99.9% of the time, they are NOT errors, they are simply errors that the program considers exist.
It is accepted by many people that registry fixes should not be installed and again many of them will sooner or later cause more problems than EVER they solve.

I do appreciate that this is probably NOT what you wanted to read in response, but it would be remiss of me if I did not warn you of the situation.

3. NOW to the actual problem
As far as I know, there is no sure fire way of moving a user profile in its entirety to a different drive, than that which it was originally installed on.
YOU can of course establish a new account and move the personal data from the corrupted user account OR you can move simply the personal data to another location

HOWEVER please see below

By changing the default location of the user profile directories or program data folders to a volume other than the System volume, you will not be able to service your Windows installation. Any updates, fixes, or service packs will fail to be applied to the installation. Microsoft does not recommend that you change the loca... Read more

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I know this seems like a trivial thing, but just curious if anyone can figure out why it broke.

Originally, I went into C:\Users and went into the Properties of my profile folder. Went to the Customize tab, then Change Icon and chose a custom icon.

After doing this, when I would click on the start button and hover over my name in the upper right part of the start menu, the icon would change to that of my custom icon (visual explanation of what I mean:

Anyway, now the problem... it worked fine for several months, then it suddenly stopped showing my custom icon. As you can see in that picture it went back to the default generic icon when I hover over my name.

So I go back into the Properties of my C:\Users\David folder, back to Customize, but then beside the Change Icon button, the sample of what it will look like still shows my custom icon, yet it's not displaying anymore. For giggles, I click change icon and again browse to my custom icon, and hit OK on everything. But it's just not working.

I've tried choosing to restore the default icon option, and then change it to something custom again. I've tried different custom icons, Ive tried using native windows icons. In the GUI it appears as if my choice was taken, yet on the start menu the icon continues to just be the default one.

Just curious if anyone would have any suggestions. TiA!

A:Cant change my user profile folder icon anymore.

Hello Club,

You should be able to change your user profile folder's icon using OPTION ONE in the tutorial below through the Desktop Icon Settings dialog instead.

User Folders - Change Default Icon

Hope this helps,

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OS: Windows XP v2002 Professional SP3
1) I restored the computer system as I had lost everything stored in the old user profile.
2) A NEW USER PROFILE: 'mlinda" is created with the correct domain attached to it (eg. CAA MAU) and is fully restored.
3) The OLD USER PROFILE "m.linda" remains in the documents and settings BUT
- the domain is of a local computer (eg. SPARXX) and it no longer works with the (eg. CAA MAU) domain
4) The original "m.linda" user profile contains almost nothing in it (no documents etc)
5) m.linda is still listed in the userlist in computer management BUT NOT THE NEW mlinda
6) In administrator mode, I dont't see ALL the contents of the newly restored profile
How do I change user profile "mlinda" (that has successfully retored everthing) back to "m.linda" since the new profile has everything intact:

1) How do I safely delete the newly restored "mlinda" and ensure everything is back to normal with the OLD USER PROFILE: m.linda?

2) How to ensure that the correct domain name is attached to the profile, by transferring all the data from THE NEW mlinda (eg. domain: CAA MAU) to THE OLD m.linda (that currently has a local computer domain: SPARXX). User profile, m.linda has to be attched to domain: CAA MAU.

3) Should I be backing up before eventhough the new mlinda is in super condition?

4) I read in forums that the links to desktop can be lost by transfering. How do I retain it?... Read more

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we had a windows server 2008 Domain network.
now we have deployed a brand new windows server 2012 R2 forest.
so we must disjoin client computers from previous domain and join them to this new domain.
when users of this new domain login to their computers, new profile folder is created for them (e.g. c:\users\u1.newdomain.lab, but this folder definitely doesn't contain their previous profile folder contents (desktop, documents, App data....)
what is the best solution to migrate user profiles from each previous user to related new user without any problem ?
i tried copying the entire profile folder of each user & replace it on the profile folder new user, but some problem arises, when this new user tries to login using this replaced profile folder.
i am not sure is it right forum to ask user profile related question?
thanks in advanced

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As of today, in our domain environment consisting of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Enterprise machines, we are experiencing the "User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded" error message whenever a user tries to login.
This only affects users new to the particular machine. If they have signed on before and already have a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue. This is occurring on both Win8.1 and Win7 machines. We are an academic institution so this is becoming
a huge problem in our labs. Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently. I have a solution for the issue. It appears that on the non-working machines that the "Default" user profile is corrupt. I have discovered
that if I find a machine, Win8.1 or Win7, doesn't matter, that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the "Default" user profile and replace the corrupt one. I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new
one. I am doing this over the network by navigating the C:\users\ folder. Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over 1000 computer in labs. I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions, none which
are any more practical than my method. I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere. I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet. ... Read more

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A twist on the creation of user folders on a drive other than C: in Win 7 Ultimate. Does anyone know if one could designate a user folder location such as E:\Data instead of using the users name and being a subdirectory of "Users". I am the ONLY one on my computer - and it would seem much easier to look to the top folder in the E drive than clicking thru E:, users, name, documents, project. I fully realize that I can set up shortcuts, but when you are in an application that wants to place a file somewhere else and presents you with an explorer windows it is a pain. The only method I thought of is using redirection with symbolic links. Every time I try to use symbolic links, I end up with something other than I anticipated. Any ideas would be appreciated - setting up new machine so anything goes!

A:User Profile folder - static folder instead of created by user signon

User Profile - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Forums

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I am trying to rename a user profile under C:\Users (I am logged into the Administrator profile on my computer), and am getting an error that the folder or file is in use, so I cannot rename it.

I have tried multiple options to fix it after researching online:
I tried ending the "explorer.exe" process, and then restarting it via "new task" in task manager. It was suggested that this would "unlock" the file or folder for a short period of time. It did not work for me.
I tried clearing both my recycle bin and my "Thumbnails" folders from Disk Cleanup. That also did not work for me.
I was going to try to disable thumbnail caching temporarily by following instructions online, but the computer was unable to locate "gpedit.msc".
Could anyone advise? This is a very important step of a process I'm being worked with on in a separate thread and I cannot proceed until I have renamed this file, and am afraid to restart the computer since I've just done a "takeown" command on this Administrator profile.

A:Unable to rename user profile folder under Administrator profile

Boot into Safe Mode and try again.

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My user profile became corrupted after years of problem-free usage (no clue why), so now I always end up in a temporary account after a reboot.

As per Microsoft's instructions I found here Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help, I

1. created a new account
2. logged out and logged in again using another account (not the newly created one)
3. tried to copy the data from the account that had its user profile corrupted to the new account.

However, under C:\Users, the user folder I want to copy from is a white generic icon (not a folder) and it is padlocked and has a size of 0KB - so I can't open it to copy from. Looking at how much data is on C: it looks as if all my data could still be there (I hope).

How could I get access to copy all data from my old account into the new account?

Many thanks in advance for some hints as to what to do!

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I got two cases on this today. It was the subject of an Ed Bott article a year ago though I hadn't heard anything until now. It seems some users wanting to upgrade to 8.1 Pro have been stranded and are blaming moving User profile based on Ed Bott's article Don't move your Windows user profiles folder to another drive | ZDNet. The latest case used Kari's tutorial for User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation.

I don't yet fully know the irreversibility of this and whether it might also apply to User Profile - Change Default Location. Will Method Two to Restore User Profile to Defaults suffice for either method of moving?

I've never recommended moving the entire User Profile but only the active User folders, mainly because of the thicket of file associations involved in AppData.

Kari and Shawn may be needed to help in UNrelocate User Profile Prior to Upgrading and another thread I'll find the link for.

A:Heads up: Users cannot upgrade to 8.1 Pro if 7 User Profile was moved?

That Ed Bott article is incorrect. Kari will be able to explain a lot better than I can.

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I have problem after rename users profile folder like c:\users\ABC change to c:\users\XYX. The problems are :
1. can't search from start menu
2. can't bookmarks in google chrome
3. many program missing in start menu
4. after delete the shortcut which i don't want in start menu, it's still there

I already rebuilt system indexing, delete registry key but the problem still can't be solve...
Please help me to fix all this problem...

A:How to fix the problem after rename users profile folder

Hello Suzik0n, and welcome to Seven Forums.

How did you rename the user profile folder?

If you are able to, log on to another administrator account (step 4 at link below), and see if you may be able to pick up at step 9 to change the registry settings to match the renamed folder since you already renamed the folder.

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

Hope this helps,

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Hello all,

This is my first post, I am looking forward to getting involved with the community here

As the title says, I cannot log into my Windows 8 computer and I get the error message "The user profile service failed the sign in. User profile cannot be loaded"

This appears to be a common problem from the searching around I have done, however none of what I could find addressed my particular issue.

The setup I have on my desktop is a SSD boot drive with Windows and a HDD data drive. When first installing windows I followed this tutorial to move the user folder to the larger data drive. It has been working fine for nearly 2 years.

I purchased an additional SSD with the aim to setup a RAID to increase the capacity of the boot drive (need more programs!). During installation I was doing a bit of debugging work and booted up the computer without the data drive (where my user profile is) and I received the aforementioned error. After shutting down and rebooting with the original setup of drives (Boot drive and data drive) I am still getting the error.

What I can only assume is when attempting to login only using the boot drive it created a temporary user profile that it is now trying to load and is no longer pointing to the data drive even after replacing it.

Hopefully someone will be able to help me out!

Many thanks in advance ,


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A past virus must have caused this.The C:\Users folder is not visible in explorer for some reason.I can still visit the contents and the pc works fine,but this is not right.Also, there is a lock on my users/alexandros folder icon.Maybe it has something to do?

A:Users folder not visible in explorer,lock on admin's user folder icon?

Oh,note that i went in and tried to give "users" read and write rights of the users\alexandros folder to see if the lock goes away ,but i saw the processing was taking too much time and also some files had access denied so i quit.I hope i did not mess up

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I clicked on the Hidden box of Properties for a couple of my folders.

I lost my limited user account folder in the Users folder. How do I get it back?


A:I lost my limited user account folder icon in Users folder.

You mean you hide it? If that what happened, just change the folder view setting to show up the hidden folders.
Refer here:
Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide

If that isn't what happened, then elaborate the situation much more.
Take Care

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(I have Windows XP Professional 32-bit)

A few hours ago I went away from my computer for a few minutes and discovered that there was a BSOD being displayed. I didn't think to write down the error code (doh) and instead just restarted the computer. When I got to the sign in screen and tried to sign into my only user account, it started to load and after a few seconds a pop-up appeared with a 30-second countdown that said:

"User Environment
Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator."

(Note that this is a home computer)

After clicking "OK" before the "Time Remaining" countdown ran out, this message appeared:

"User Environment
Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off."

This also had a countdown and when I clicked the OK button, it loaded the new profile which had the same name and security permissions as my regular profile has, but otherwise looked like a new profile. I checked my local disk drive and all of my files appeared to be safe and sound, so I went searching to find how to fix this.

The first link I found was this. I followed the instructions and made a new profile to copy the files to, and another new profile to act as a middleman. I finished step 2 in ... Read more

A:User profile corrupted and access to the C: Drive is denied for other users

Hello and welcome to TSG Forums.

Try booting into Safe Mode by tapping Function 8 before XP loads, then log in to the Administrator account. Go through the process of taking ownership of all the relevant files and folders in the name of the new User Account then restart back into Normal Mode and see if it worked.

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HELP! I've accidentally moved my Documents Folder into my user profile folder by mistake and now i have a mess. basically I now have a folder that goes something like this: c:\users\documents\ and it contains a duplicate of everything that was already in the desktop\username\documents folder except now I can't rename or delete my user profile I don't have a restore point to go back to what can I do? any help would be very much appreciated please!! Thanks!!

A:Moved Documents Folder to User Profile Folder

You could try to open another user account. I think that would be a possible way to solve your problem.

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Hi All,

Im trying to install AT&T application which is a profile based application. Means it installs in the user profile directly instead of other location.

My Problem is user dont have the admin access, either i need to use my ID or administrator ID. Which installs application into Appdata\Local folder which wont be accessible by other users.
How to i enable the application for other users as well without providing admin access

A:Installing profile based application in other users folder

What ATT app is this? If it's for accessing the internet then that doesn't require any installed program, just plug in the wire or access wireless signal via icon in SYstem Tray. Any installed program beyond this for this purpose is bloatware.

But once we know what the program is for exactly we can help you better.

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I am laptop user. About 2hr ago, i login to my lappy and discover that my profile is different. My folders on desktop went missing and some of the setting changed. Then i try on my own to solve it but to no avail. Fortunately i come upon my C:\Documents and Settings and discover that strange profile C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP and my original profile C:\Documents and Settings\p0716499 was still there. This imply that my previous setting and files are still in my laptop. However, I cant changed back to the original profile and struck with the temp profile.
Initially i suspect is registry problem so i DL "UPHClean Service" by miscosoft but to no avail. Now currently i suspect it might be the work of a virus. I need help. Thank anyone who help me in advance.

A:User profile path change to user profile path change to C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP :\Documents and Settings...

This morning when i woke up, i discovered a icon named "syminstallstub" on my desktop. I checked online and i believe that it could be a virus. I try to find ways to uninstall it but to no avail I not sure what did my younger brother do to my laptop. I feel that im damn unlucky and encounter 2 problems in a row. Please help me solve my problems.

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I turned my computer on after work and found that it seemed like everything had been deleted, as in I had no installed programmes anymore and my documents, pictures and videos libraries were empty. Also that I had no record of my email anymore.. So I had a look and found this new user folder (Dan.Dan-PC) which was created in my users folder.

My old user (Dan) is still there which has all my old information and library structure there but it is not being showed anymore. It is some virus which is loading these new libraries on startup!! Please help me!!!

I did a scan with AVG and got this:

A:Virus making new user folder in users folder!?

You might try the procedure's listed in the guide. This system seems to be pretty far gone. Interesting virus, a swing and a miss for AVG.
How to easily clean an infected computer (Malware Removal Guide)

Having an extra drive with a recent system image + system restore procedure using DVD is the best method for fixing these problems.

Of course these days you need to keep that extra drive unplugged if you really want to keep it safe.

You might want to try the security section of the forum for more help.

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Hello and thank you for your help.

I need to change a user profile name on a laptop using Windows XP -

I have searched but can't find how to do this.

How do I proceed please?

Thank you

A:how to change a user profile

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When shutting my desktop, Windows-7 automatically downloaded its latest update, asking me not to power off my PC.
The next day I started my PC and a window appeared asking me to either create-a-new-profile or select an existing profile.
Not knowing which profile I've been happily using, I chose "Default" profile.
Windows started but...
I lost all my bookmarks
Some of my cookies were erased so I had to enter my user-id and password at sites I visit daily.
On the right-portion where I enter URL's of sites I visit; there used-to-be a "search" field, it's gone.
How can I go back to where I can select the user-profile; before Windows did its latest update ??
It's definitely not the one I erroneously chose (default)

Thank You

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i want to change the name in the red account name from control panel says its Jeff. and the licensed owner is jeff....i want that changed to jeff please....can i get some help?

A:How Do I Change The User Profile Name?


In the User accounts section on control panel there should be an option to change the name. However this does not change the name in the command prompt or the documents and settings. I had this problem a while back and the solution I chose was to create another account with the correct name and transfer my files accross to the new account then deleting my old one. Its a lot of hassle, but it fixed the problem.

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how to change from default profil to hp-HP\hp (my profil)?
please help me, cause frequent error

sorry for bad english

A:how to change user profile ?

dimashandoyo you want to change your Windows account Username?

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How can I specify my user profile to be on another partiion rather than c:. I've got all the stuff I want in My Documents on my E: partition. Thank you. I'm using Win XP Pro

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I recently changed the user name profile of my laptop. Prior to the change, my user name was: C:\user\oldlaptop\... and it would have a padlock on it. I assumed that this meant it was an administrator account. Now, when I search in C:\user, I find both the new user name (newlaptop) AND the previous user name (oldlaptop) with a padlock attached to each of them. There are also two other folders in the User folder. One is Public, which I believe needs to be there, and the other is Default. The Default folder is greyed out.
When I go into User Accounts, all I see is Newlaptop. It is an administrator account. Can I delete the oldlaptop user folder or should I take some other steps first to see if it is still in use?

A:having issues with user name profile change

If you are nearly out of room on the hard drive, then you can remove the user profile (folders/files). Otherwise, just leave it.

If you opt to remove the folder/files, let Windows do it.
Restart the computer
Log on to an admin account that you plan to keep

Start > Control Panel > Add or remove user accounts

Select the account to the removed...
...and then select Delete the account.

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Hi! I want to know how to change a user profile name on an XP account. I have a account on this computer but then I want to change the name because the name has some weird characters in it that some programs don't recognize. The name i want to change is the user name that comes in the folder Documents and Settings in the Local C drive. Can anyone help me with this?

Someone told me that I might have to create a new account and then transfer the data from the other user profile 9as in from my current account) but I am not sure if this is what to do or how exactly to do this!

Thank You for taking your time to read this and helping me!

A:Solved: Change a user profile name (XP)!

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Hi, if someone wants to change the name of user account, I think it is only logically that he wants also change the user profile folder name, isn't it? But how can we do that? is it possible?

A:User profile folder

Hello Zuu,

You could use the tutorial below to also properly change the name of the C:\Users\(user-name) profile folder. The procedure is the same in Windows 8.

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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I use a Lenovo T61 issued to me by my employer based in another city (they use a network I never connect to, except remotely via exchange). It has Vista 32 SP 1, and Office Pro 2007. My employer set up the machine and over time have changed the user profile that I use a few times. My profiles have administrator privileges, we'll call them desired profile and current profile. While logged into desired profile, I was trying to network between my home XP desktop, Linksys router, and said Lenovo. I changed the workgroup in system properties (previously it was "WORKGROUP") to match the workgroup name on the XP. I also messed with "Network ID", though I cancelled out of the wizard once it asked for a PIN.

Me: OK on system properties.
Windows: Restart to complete changes.
Me: OK
Windows: Restarts to login screen of previous unused admin profile (current) with no option to switch to desired profile.

Under C:\users my desired folder still exists with all data intact.
Under Settings\Control Panel\Users desired profile is not there, only current admin profile and guest. Thus I cannot login to desired profile where my working data and Outlook are located.

How do I reinstate my desired profile? The oldest restore point available is dated later than my changes to profile, though I'm not sure that would do it. I tried creating another admin account with the desired name, but you probably knew that wouldn't work either. I will transfer all data to, and recon... Read more

A:Change Workgroup = Deleted User Profile

Forgot to mention, that I shared the C and D drives. I wanted to be able to transfer files between the two computers.

Before I changed the workgroup I could see the shared drives on the XP but no access them, but could not see the Lenovo from the XP obviously. Now, it's the same. I shared all of C on the XP, but cannot access any folder I have not specifically shared.


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i want to change the location path for the whole system user proflies. i tried the KB from microsoft and they explain how to modify an user proflie but that is not what i want to do. i tried the system variable environment but seem not to work for administrator users or it not work at all. what i want to do is to change the location, for example, instead of users profiles to be stored in c:\documents and settings\ i want them in other partition as d:\documents and settings\ but for the whole system. meaning that apply for All Users, Default User, Guest, Administrator, and so on.

any procedure to acomplish it?

any help is welcome...

A:Solved: change user profile location

There seems to be some fairly good directions here and here, uless you have seen that already.

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After adding a User as a Family Member(child), when the family member logs in with his user he gets this message: The User profile service failed. The sign in user Profile cannot be loaded.

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I just got my Sony tablet back from repair through the Microsoft store. In fact, it is a replacement unit, so the system is completely fresh. However they didn't use my preferred user name. The profile is located at C:\Users\Stephen, while I prefer C:\Users\Steve. Renaming the local account from Stephen to Steve didn't change the profile folder name.

What's the best way to fix this?

A:Rename user profile folder?

Hello Steve,

The best and safest way to do this would be to create yourself a new account named Steve to use instead, and delete the old account later while signed in to the new one.

Hope this helps,

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Hello All,

I have suddenly started to get the error message "can't find user profile folder" when I try to login into my DB Manager.

I am using Vista.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey Everybody am new here, and desperately need somebody's help with this problem, anyways 2 days ago my computer was acting up pretty bad so i decided to reinstall Windows XP without formatting the hard drive by just deleting windows XP folder and reinstalling it again, anyways before i reinstalled it my user account was password protected, after i finished installing windows i tried to go in the user profile folder of my old installation but it was inaccessible, access denied!, and that is where i had my important files. is there anyway to remove the password protection or to make windows use this folder as my current user profile folder. any feedback would be appreciated.

A:Reinstating user profile folder

more info...OS, what profile folder are you talking about? Have you tried creating a new administrator account, logging in with that, and then accessing the folder? All you might need to do is go into the folder properties/security, and give either your new account, or an administrator account priveledges to that specific folder.

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Just upgrded my systen to a PZ77 v pro mobo with 3770Kproc. on doing a clean install on a new HDD I am getting a user profile folder with a lock symbol on it. I am unable to install many third party s/w including mcafee.

Please help..

A:Locked user profile folder

for those who are going to tell me that i need to get ownership of the folder and so on, I have already tried to and failed. The biggest question is why was it created read only while doing a clean install of win 7.

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While setting up my notebook, I spelled my user name incorrectly. I've changed the user name but can't rename C:\users\(user name). Can someone help me correct this silly mistake?

Thank you for your help in advance.

A:Change Users\folder name

The easiest thing to do would be to just create a new user account and delete the one with the error, after you've logged in with the new account, choosing to save the files from it and just drop them into the new account. Changing the name is probably possible in safe mode, but I seriously doubt you'll ever have a stable account as long as you continue to use it after that. There are too many little registry entries and accompanying data that follows a user account. This is the reason the system will not allow you to rename the folder it's ALWAYS, in use.

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Here is my problem :

I have 4 pc's with Windows 8 Pro ,all in one home group , all the pc's have reserved IP's from my router.

from - .I want to say that i don't have any problems accessing the pc's each other but the problem comes when i try to change the User account name on one of them ,then i cant access this pc anymore no matter what I enter in the fields when it ask me before I try to access a share on it .

For example : has Old user - User1 and i perfectly access any of the shares by the run - \\ but as soon as I change the name of the account to User2 and try to enter by \\ and user - User2 + same password I get the login screen redisplayed and asking me to correct either the user or the password which is obviously correct.

I have noticed that : C:\Users\User1 is not changed to C:\Users\User2 ,could that be the problem ?? I also played with the security options of any of the shared folders but no any luck again.

Can someone help me to find the cause of this and successfully change the account with my new user and enter my shares with no problem .

Thank you in Advance

A:Win 8 pc user change | Cant rename C:\Users |connect by IP

i think that is the problem because your PC may not have Administrator acsess to change the username.Did you logged in with the admin account??.Or you have to turn homegroup off edit the username and turn it on again.Did you tried that?

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I've recently re-installed windows, leaving all files the same appart from c:\windows.
I want it to use my old account folder (c:\documents and settings\adam), it is currently using "c:\documents and settings\", is there any way to change my profile folder back to my old one?

A:Solved: How to change you're profile folder locations?

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The keyboard settings in my user profile are corrupted, so I have tried to follow the instructions I've seen here and on MS for creating a new user account and copying files into it. The problem is that I cannot open the old user folder in Windows Explorer if I am in another user account. In fact, I can only see the folder from opening the hard drive, but I can see (and open) the other user account folders just by opening Explorer. All accounts are ADMIN, no passwords on any. Windows XP Pro SP2 - was updated from 98. When I try to open the folder from any other account, I get "Access Denied." How to get around this?

A:Corrupted User Profile - Can't open Folder

I would run a chkdsk/f and see if it fixes any corrupted files.

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Hi everyone!

I really changed the default location of all my Existing, newly,public user account's profile folder to another new location.
However, there is a default user account's profile folder is still in the default location '%SystemDrive%\Users\Default'

*This user account is for what?

Besides, the most strange is that the modified date of this folder as the screenshot below shows is very old, although I have installed the windows very recently in 5/01/2013.

Also, all the files and folders inside main folder 'default' are dated as '17/03/2009' as the screenshot below. However, the one highlighted is dated recently.

Even my laptop wasn't purchased at this date '17/03/2009'; however it was purchased in about 2011.

Finally, is it recommend to change the default location of this user account to another locations then I delete this and all its content?

A:What is the default user account's profile folder for?

This is a last resort user profile if any other profile will fail to load.
Do not worry about it. Moreover, it is better not to touch it.

In case of any hardware or software failures with your newly, public user account profiles that Default profile will help you at least to login into your computer. The date is off because it was copied from the one when that particular version of Windows was created.

Recommendation: keep it and DO NOT change it's location.

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First let me provide a little background... The computer I am using was previously a university laptop and because of that it remained a member of the university domain long after I left the school (and the physical network). Last night I decided to separate my machine from the domain by changing it to a Workgroup instead. After doing this (which required I clear the 'administrator' account password from the machine) my primary user 'ntaylor' which was imported from the domain was removed from the list of available users on the machine and I became unable to log into it because it did not represent a valid local profile. I have since created another 'ntaylor' and Vista created a profile folder for it called 'ntaylor.V2' under 'C:\Users'.

If at all possible I would like to remap the profile directory 'C:\Users\ntaylor.V2\' to 'C:\Users\ntaylor' so that I may resume using my account with all of my settings. I haven't reformatted in almost a year so manually migrating my settings would force me to reconfigure a completely unreasonable number of applications.

I read this guide: and it is kind of the right idea except for the fact that I am not moving any directories and I am only remapping registry data for a single user. I'm thinking if I just do a find and replace 'C:\Users\ntaylor.v2' with 'C:\U... Read more

A:Changing the Profile Folder of a Single User

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I just had to reinstall windows. But before that I took a copy of my Users\[Username] folder. Is it dangerous, may cause instability if I directly copy and overwrite files in the fresh user folder with my backup? I'll install most of the applications on my old windows so those programs may use data and settings stored in my old profile.

A:is it dangerous to copy user profile folder?

It's OK to backup by copying User folders or named User Account folder, however to copy the files back in, open each individual User folder (Docs, Pics, Music, Downloads, Desktop, etc), from the Organize tab Select All, then drag the group to the corresponding User folder in the Explorer bar at left.

Make sure you don't release left click while dragging until the Explorer bar stops unfolding and it confirms in the hypertext your destination folder.

The reason you must do this instead of paste the actual folders in is because these are System Shell folders and the fresh install will have it's own set which cannot be overwritten.. So it's best simply to copy the contents over instead.

Someone else may know a workaround that will replace the shell folders with the ones you copied, but I wouldn't want the hidden AppData folders anyway since these are a corruption path into a fresh install.

Other tips for getting a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Hi there everyone.. something crazy happened with my computer about 2 hours ago. I tried to log into the main user profile (Kelly) I use, but upon logon Windows gave me an error stating that the profile was already being used? Which was definitely not the case since I had just restarted my computer. After this happened, I was able to log on but all of my settings, etc. were gone! I found that all of my files where in the "Documents and Settings\blank(i dont remember what the name of it was)" folder and that the the profile Kelly was running off of the "Documents and Settings\TEMP" folder.After creating a new account and logging off of Kelly, I changed the name of the "blank" folder to TEMP, logged back onto Kelly and saw that everything was back to normal.Now however, I'm scared to log off of Kelly for fear that the files in the TEMP folder will get deleted, because isn't that what windows does? Somehow I need to change where the Kelly profile is storing it's files, and then rename the TEMP folder to whatever it needs to be, but I can't do this without logging off the profile because then the files in the TEMP folder will delete and I can't have that happen. Basically I have no idea what to do! Maybe if I could stop the TEMP files from automatically deleting upon log off? I would save the files in the TEMP folder, but because my music, etc. is stored there that would be saving over 30 GB somewhere and... Read more

A:Help! User Profile Files In Temp Folder

Use Windows System Restore to reset your system state to an earlier date such as yesterday or any date before the problem began.

You access System Restore by clicking start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore.

It will not affect your data but if you downloaded any update since the restore date you will have to do it again.

Let us know.

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I had an install of XP that became corrupt so I installed XP ontop of the same partition [without formatting] hoping to retreive my data. Unfortunetly, when I boot up, I realize that my user profile folder [c:\Documents and Settings\JASON] is still intact but I cannot access it [message="[dir] is not accessable. Access denied"]. I cannot open the folder, search it's contents or even delete it. I cannont create a new user profile with the same name / password on this install either.

At this point losing the data isn't even that big of a deal. I'd just like to get the space back since my hardrive is full. I've tried booting the computer from another install of XP on another drive. Both opening and delteing the folder was not an option.

Does anyone know how this folder is protected and how to defeat this protection? I know that I could back up data and format the drive and reinstall the OS but that is such a hassel.

Any ideas?


Try following the same procedure outlined here:

see post 8

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Hi there,

I recently downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 and on installing Windows 7 I made a spelling error in the name of my profile. I followed a tutorial thread on this site that help me change my profile folder name in directory C:> Users>"User Name" which was a complete success however now I have an issue where the folder of my old profile name gets recreated constantly when I install new software like Dropbox or anything.

How do I fix this?

A:Old User Profile Folder Being Constantly Recreated

Run: netplwiz
See if you can rename with this.

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I was just given a brand new HP Pavilion dv2225la (I live in Colombia) and my father put a name on it that I don't want in that /usuarios/xxxxx/mis documentos folder (users/xxxx/my documents) , I'd like to change it to my name and I've even changed all the names of the computer via My Pc properties window to mine but that folder name won't change. I know it's a small detail but I'm picky like that.

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium
1024MB of RAM
Intel Core Duo
32bit system

A:Solved: How do I change the name of the users folder?

ConsumingHatred said:

I was just given a brand new HP Pavilion dv2225la (I live in Colombia) and my father put a name on it that I don't want in that /usuarios/xxxxx/mis documentos folder (users/xxxx/my documents) , I'd like to change it to my name and I've even changed all the names of the computer via My Pc properties window to mine but that folder name won't change. I know it's a small detail but I'm picky like that.

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium
1024MB of RAM
Intel Core Duo
32bit systemClick to expand...

scroll to #3

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Here is a step by step solution of how to move your Users folder in Windows 7:

The easiest way to move Users folder, new installed OS or not is

1. Start command prompt from installation DVD1.1. Start your computer with installation DVD
1.2. After entered Language to install, Time and currency format and Keyboard or input method, Click Next.
1.3. On next window, Click Repair your computer
1.4 Click on Command prompt2. Identify your drive letters2.1 In recovery mode, drive letters are change from your common drive letters:
C: this is virtual C-drive
E: this is your C-drive
D: this is your first extra HDD3. Copy your Users folder to destination of your choice.3.1 Use command: robocopy /MIR /SEC /SECFIX /XJ [homedrive]\Users [destination path]
Example: robocopy /MIR /SEC /SECFIX /XJ E:\Users D:\Users
3.2 Make sure all files are copied with no errors reported in the end.4. Remove your [homedrive]\Users folder4.1 Use command: rmdir /Q /S [homedrive]\Users5. Create hard link from [homedrive]\Users to [destination path]5.1 Use command: mklink /J [homedrive]\Users [destination path]
This destination path shall be with the normal drive letter, not the letter changed in Recovery mode. This may differ on your computer.6. Restart computer and log in. You're done.

A:How to change location of Users folder

Hi Simon, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Here two even easier methods, from our Tutorials section:
User Folders - Change Default Location
User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation


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I changed my user name but that in the Users' folder remains unchanged. Is it possible to change that name to be the same as the new user ID on log-on screen?

A:User name changed but that in Users' folder is not.

You may need to make a NEW account, then delete the old one.
Changing the User Account name will not change the name in the Users folder.
Warning! Never change the name of the folder manually, or applications that depends on User Data will not work properly.

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Hi there ,

We have a number of Power users on our network ( using a workgroup not AD ) that require the ability to be able to change drive letters. This is because they deal with removable media quite a bit and need to have the ability to change letters to enable drives to be seen. I don't wish to give these users admin rights just for this privilege however. Can this be configured via local security policy?

Thanks ,


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Hello, one of the user profiles in Windows XP Pro has disappeared. I cannot recover the files because the folder in Documents and Settings has disappeared too. I am running a virus scan now. Any help in how this could have happened?

A:User profile on XP Pro disappeared, folder in Documents and Settings gone

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Hi All,

I just recently got a new bigger SSD to use as my boot drive. I wanted to move my User Profile over to my secondary HDD to help save room on the SSD. I used Brink's tutorial User Profile - Change Default Location (which was great by the way) in order to do this. Everything worked out smoothly until I went to delete the old user profile folder.

When I go to delete the folder a window pops up warning me that the file is shared (which it isn't) and asks me if it is OK to continue. Once I click continue another window pops up and informs me that the action can't be completed because the folder is open in another program. I can't seem to figure out what is open. I have tried using different administrative profiles and rebooting the computer multiple times but nothing seems to work. I was however able to delete the folders inside the user folder (Documents, Pictures, Music etc.) without any problems.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there is a way to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated and please let me know if anymore information is needed.

Thanks in advance,

A:Cannot Delete User Profile Folder in Previous Location

The C:\Users folder contains hidden critical folders (and files) that cannot be moved or deleted.

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First of all: I am familiar with that my thread should have been asked in the Win 10 Forum. However, since I don't like now to sign up a new account in Win 10 Forum and also this thread is related to both systems Win 7 and Win 10, I posted my thread here.
I always prefer this partition setup:
First HDD:
- C for the OS
- D recovery partition (often hidden)
- E for personal files (so you have to move your special folders 'Documents, Pictures, Downloads etc. there and preferably your mail etc. Anything that can change on a daily basis).

- I was having Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed on C:
- In windows 7, I moved all existing user account profile folder from the default location(C:\Users) into (D\:Users) in both the Windows explorer and in the registry. by following the Brink's explanation

- By following Brink's explanation, I moved all newly created user account profile folder from the default location(C:\Users) into (D\:Users)

- I moved public user account profile folder from the default location(C:\Users) into (D\:Users)

- I was working well with this partition setup.
- However, I have now installed a new fresh of Windows 10 Home 64-bit in-place the old Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit(in the C partition).
My question is: Can I do the same thing with the Windows 10?

A:moving all user account profile folder from the C:\ to another inWin10

Could anyone please reply to me?

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I tried to change the name for my account user name Folder , but do not have the features as in this guide , Im using windows 8 , here is the guide Link - to "Computer Management" , when I expand to the System Tools folder, I see that I do not have a "Local Users and Groups folder" , 1st problem=========================================2nd problemscroll down to Method 2 - where it says Run this program "secpol.msc" , I get message Windows can not find secpol.msc , because windows 8 Home edition does not have this. =========================so what other option is there if I want to change my "users Folder name" ??

A:problem with guide to change users Folder name

Actually, from what you describe, what I believe you're trying to do is rename the default Administrator account, not a "User Name Folder."The third paragraph explains that if you're running the Home version of the OS, follow Method 4.It's good that you're renaming the account...always a smart move security-wise.message edited by Jennifer SUMN

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I'm using an Active Directory and I want that users don't use the windows folders.

-- Every user has in his "Profile" a Home Folder like: * Connect | Y: | to | \\sambastorage\USER |

-- In a GPO I'm using UserConfiguration\Prefences\WindowsConf\Registry to modify attributes.

With this options the users only view Y: But in a OpenDialog if you "GO UP" to "Desktop" and user could see: Libraries, USER FOLDER (for ex. John Smith) and Computer.

I want that user only see Computer or that he can't go up to Desktop. Other thing could be change the USERFOLDER to Y: and the Y: folder has the normal folders (AppData, Documents, Music, ....) and the normal user folders in Y:

Could you help me??


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If I go in as myself, I can't find the folder Users\my user\Documents but I can if I go in as admin.

Checking folder permissions in Admin, my user has full permissions so I'm rather baffled why I can't see it.

Actually, I seem to have found the folder C:\Users\my user\Documents but the folder is called Public Desktop - I haven't renamed it.

Any ideas as to what may have happened?

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I have asked this question in another forum and thought this would be a better forum to ask this question.
I have 1 user who logs on with the user name reference. She recently logged on to find that all of her folders and files where no longer in My Documents, Downloads etc. When I search the properties and location of these folders they have a path to C://users/staff/documents.
I am trying to have her folders and files located in the correct places. There is no user named reference any where on this pc. The only place that user name appears is on the log in screen. I did a search for the name reference and the properties of the docs
pointed to the staff account.

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I have a WIndows 2012 R2 server, on that server I have about 10 users. My desktop computer is Windows 10, my boss' computer is Windows 10. We are both users on the network. I am trying to share a folder with only him and none of the other employees. I have gone to Properties, Sharing, advanced sharing, checked share this folder, then gone to permissions, I removed everyone and added him and me with full control.

The dang folder is showing up on every computer on the network and they all have access to it and open and change anything in the folder.

No matter what I have tried I get the same result. Hopefully someone here can have an answer on how to fix this. I had no problems with this on my old computer and only he and I could see the folder. That computer suffered a hard drive failure so we are working with a new machine.

All other net work functions see to be working fine. But then we share pretty much everything else.

A:Folder Specific to one user shows up for all users

Welcome to the forum. Have you tried setting the permissions on ntfs on the share did you remove the Group everyone

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Not sure how it got there or why, is it suppose to be there? it's size is 0 bytes, tried scanning it with both avast and virustotal, neither found anything

A:'ipconfig' file in c:\users\user folder?

If it is 0 bytes, you needn't care about it.

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I need help badly! While working with NeonFx in the "Malware, Trojan, Virus" Forums. The OTS.exe tool deleted key vista files. I am unable to boot up normally! I am writing this request for help after booting up in safe mode. All of my vista settings are either gone or serverely imparied! I need help restoring my vista settings, user profile, recovering files, drivers, applications, etc. I have attached NeonFx's last post describing how my machine got to this state. Someone please help ASAP!

A:Vista - Failed to open by the service user profile. Unable to load user profile

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Hi Guy’s I have some Problem's andsome Issues including User Account's and profiles Windows 8.1
(I tried all of this with Avast and MMBTs turned’ off no Joy)
I am the only user on this Desk-top Dell Computer? I have the Administrator Account /+ a Local acount I am on now (ZZ33) /+ Local Admin Account + (A1 ) Account and (B2 ) Account and (C3) Account
(C3) Is a New account (not usable) I “made” trying to fix all these issues? It has no Profile It is set up’ but it Also Like the old (A1) Account it wont open’ never has, the first time I tried after creating It, Instead of going thru the HI Iam setting up your new account Preamble’ It said: “Cannot open User ...Profile Not Loading”
The (A1) Account was my Main account then this trouble started and I have been trying to move... Read more

A:Cannot access Store Change PC Settings User Accounts Profile not Loading

Can somone please tell me why my post is "Grayed Out" is it in the Wrong Place? What does the Down Arrow mean? does that mean that its been Rejected can somone tell me if I should repost in another foru? Or Have I done somthing wrong and been Banned from Bleeping Com. you guys have always helped me before I dont understand? If I hear nothing tomorrw I will close the Thread and seek help elsware I cannot do that if I don't know whats going on Dasha

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I couldn't find the solution for the following problem:
I have a software which reguires the user profile to have rights to change system time. Software is run as a non-admin user profile so software's installer should give the proper rights. Installer is run as admin. Can this be done and if it can, how it is done?

Thanks in advance,

A:Automatically giving rights to a user profile to change system time

Hi Antti,

i didn't get your question correctly.

What i understand is you don't want to give the access to the particular user. is that right?
For this, you can change the priorities for the user account.

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I just detected in my Windows' users' folder an user we don't have at home: wangzhisong
I checked in Internet and it looks like that it can be a virus or something similar. After running AVG and Avira rescues CDs to clean up my machine this folder still exists and I'm not sure if my computer is clean. What can I do? Thanks!
Kind regards

A:I detected the user wangzhisong in my Windows' users' folder

Hi, Frank;
If the folder is empty, it is to be hoped that the problem is gone. However, I would recommend downloading and using Malware Bytes as it goes a little deeper into malware as well as viruses. Although I like AVG, it doesn't always find everything. If MB doesn't find anything, and you find your pc running slower than usual or having unusual errors, it might be necessary to run some other programs and/or tests that others here would have more expertise with.
Good Luck!

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my computer is password protected. i only have one user account on it. how can i fix this without losing anything on my laptop?

A:vista-the user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded

Just a thought, did you password the default administrator account?

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It is an HP computer that my brother brought over because it wouldn't boot. It was giving me a "bootmgr is compressed" message. So I got my Vista repair disc and uncompressed his drive. That got rid of that message but then it was giving me winload.exe errors. So I fixed that and FINALLY it booted up but when I clicked on his user account to log on, I get this error message. I have searched for answers. I came across a fix where you edit the registry if there is a duplicate entry in the profiles section but there isn't an extra one. I can boot into safe mode but I get no administrative tools, no ability to see the event viewer or manage users (idk if this is normal). I did a command I found to make the default administrator account active or something like that, and now when it boots up, there is his user account, and an admin user. If I click his user to log on, I get the error message. If I click the admin account, it loads, but it loads telling me the Vista copy is not genuine.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Why is the admin account telling me Vista is not genuine? Thank you.

A:Getting a "user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded" message

I came across a fix where you edit the registry if there is a duplicate entry in the profiles section but there isn't an extra oneExtra one? you mean the .bak key?Did you follow this guide?

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When I tried to log on to administrator account on vista laptop this morning I got the following error massage "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." I did some research and found a potential solution: The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

However the problem is that the solution needs a working administrartor account and the only account I'm able to log in is a standard one with no power to change account type or boot into admin safe mode/ do a command prompt whatsoever.

Would anyone happen to have an alternative solution that doesn't require an admin account to fix this?

A:Vista - The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Was able to log on in safe mode and follow the registry edit procedure. Thanks anyway

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Admin account worked fine on Monday.  The kid used her (non-admin) account in the meantime.  Now it won't log into the admin account - "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."  I've read a few other boards on this issue, so I am now doing a thorough virus scan and will include results as soon as they're available.  But I am not confident about moving forward with any of the paths I've seen laid out, and some of them don't apply if you can't access the admin account anyway, so I wanted to start a thread here (I've gotten fabulous help here several times before).  It's running Vista Home Premium SP2.  AVG 2013 Internet Security.  Can't think what other specs may be relevant, but am happy to provide whatever would be of use.  Thanks!!

A:User Profile svc failed logon. User profile can't be loaded." on admin acct.

I got the same message when attempting to login on Windows 7, after no previous problems or changes before shutdown the night before. It continued to loop back to the logon screen even after rebooting. I ended up having to log on in Safe Mode, then do a system restore to restore back to the last restore point, which was a system checkpoint a couple of days earlier. That fixed it, and I've had no problems since. I hope that helps.

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I was uninstalling windows live essential on my profile and added ms office outlook 2007 for email. For some reason, when changing users to my wife's profile, the desktop has to be prepared each time - as a temporary profile. The folder location has moved from Users/wife to Users/Users/wife and has a lock icon on it. I have tried moving the entire folder as administrator and received a not responding message.
Short of a restore in which I will lose data is there a way to 'import' her profile under a new user and then delete the corrupted profile?

A:LOST a USER profile (folder location has moved + lock icon)

Hello Redjack, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could try using the tutorial below to see if you may be able to fix her profile.
If not, then you could create a new administrator account for her to use instead. Afterwards, log into the new account, copy anything (ex: shortcuts, files, etc...) she wants from the old account to the new account, and delete the old account.

Hope this helps,

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Ok - first off - please no spankings!! I stepped on my wilie and I know it! And worse - I knew better...

This is about a fundamentally ok and up-to-date Windows 7 Ultimate system with plenty of resources and no virus or malware problems. Just a user prob...

I had (and still do) an 86 GIG user profile (like I said - no spankings!!). I've been making attempts to "fix" this and resize to something reasonable for some time now. Today I (foolishly) thought System Restore would cover me, set a restore point, and ran a script to 'clean up' the profile. Well - it sure did - now every thing is "new".... And of course the system restore fails with the dreaded 0x0800700xx error code. Have tried all the restore-fixes and nothing works. Now I don't even have the old restore files!

I'd like to get back to the old humongous profile - and IT STILL IS THERE! However it doesn't show up in "Local Users and Groups".

One repair I tried (which only sorta worked) was to log in as an Admin, and copy all the files in "AVR" (the lost one) to the new one "AVR.GBXBOX". I took several hours to copy all the files over (no spanking!!) and when I restarted, the "AVR.GFXBOX" is still the current user but only behaves somewhat like the original. But still isn't quite right: Outlook thinks it hasn't run and I had 6 email accounts I rather not have to rebuild. And other similar probs...

So with all that sad whining - my ... Read more

A:How do I restore "deleted" user profile (can find the file in Users)

Can you go to Start / Control Panel / User Accounts / Manage another account ? (the 'old user' account?)

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So, I'm sysprepping Windows 8.1 with an answer file set to CopyProfile=True.  I log in to my customized account and sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:unattend.xml.  Everything copies over just fine.  I get my layout in the Metro
start menu, etc, etc...

However, when I log in to the default profile I originally customized after sysprep, everything works great.  But when I log into any other account created during sysprep or thereafter and I hit the windows key and do a search for "Update" -
and select "Windows Update"  I get an error:

Title: C:\Users\ORIGINALDEFAULTACCOUNT\AppData\Local\Packages\windows.immersivecontrol.....
Message: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.  You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
It's not every single shortcut... Only a certain fiew.
I get a nearly identical message when trying to launch "Programs and Features" from start.  If I manually navigate to these controls, they load up just fine.  Just the search items seem to be pointing to the wrong point.  Is there like
a cache that copyprofile seems to be copying over for some reason?
I've tried modifying the built in administrator account thinking Microsoft has gotten a bit stricter on which account I can use, but I get the same error.

Can anybody help?

A:CopyProfile causes search shortcuts on all users search screen to point to the default user profile

Ok.  So.... after updating the image as of yesterday, this issue has disappeared.  Same image.  Haven't done anything differently.

I can actually use my base image, not run updates and replicate the error, but updates between the last time I ran updates (couldn't have been more than two weeks ago) and yesterday, the issue has disappeared. 

Thank you MS!

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No matter what I do, and how much I edit the security settings on that folder (not that it lets me even do that) I can't access this folder for some reason?

What's the deal? Thanks.

This is on Windows 7. I have two admin accounts. I can't access it from either account.

A:Can't Access "Default User" folder in Users Folder

Can you take ownership of the folder?

Quote: Originally Posted by karlsnooks

Taking Ownership of Files and Folders
As an administrator you can take ownership of a file or folder as follows:
1. In Windows Explorer, rt-click on "properties" for the file or folder.
2. Security tab | Advanced
3. Owner tab| click Edit
4. In the Change Owner To list, select the new owner. To take ownership of all subfolders and files within the folder, select Replace Owner On Subcontainers And Objects option.
5. OK | OK

Assigning Ownership
As administrator or the current owner, you can assign ownership to another user or group as follows:
1. In Windows Explorer, rt-click on "Properties" for the file or folder.
2. Security tab | Advanced
3. Owner tab | Edit
4. Click Other Users Or Groups
5. Type the name of a user or a group | click Check Names | Choose the name you want if its not already filled in | OK
6. From the Change Owner list, select the new owner. For a folder, select Replace Owner On Subcontainers and Objects to assign ownership of all subfolders and files within the folder.
7. Ok | OK

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No matter what I do, and how much I edit the security settings on that folder (not that it lets me even do that) I can't access this folder for some reason?

What's the deal? Thanks.

This is on Windows 7. I have two admin accounts. I can't access it from either account.

A:Can't Access "Default User" folder in Users Folder


I don't know why you want to, but you have to fiddle quite a bit with the permissions.

Navigate to the folder (Default User) and right click on it and select Properties.Under the Security tab, click Advanced.Under the Owner tab, click Edit.Click "Other Users and Groups".Click Advanced.Click "Find Now".Scroll down and double click on Everyone.Click OK THREE times.Click on the Permissions tab.Under type Deny, single click on it and click Remove.Click OK.Click Edit (now on the standard file Property window under the Security tab).Click Add.Click Advanced.Click "Find Now".Scroll down and double click on Everyone.Click OK.Single click on Everyone and then tick the "Full Control" box under Allow.Click OK TWO times.
This will get you in, but I don't know why you want to. Don't fiddle with anything in there.


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I have a very bad problem with my PC. It started yesterday and the vista system repair came up and scanned my computer. When it finished I clicked finish and my PC restarted then it did it again..and again...and again.
Then I went into safe mode and virus scanned everything but came up with nothing. So I restarted my PC and it said The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. So I clicked ok then my user account came up somehow. I clicked it and it took me to desktop except that half of my programs were gone and like nothing worked, all my documents, downloads, pictures were all gone. I can't do anything on that computer, can anyone help please??(I have googled it but none of the solutions work so I want to find an answer specific to my problem)

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded

Most likely it is loading a temporary profile.

First try a system restore to see if can recover the user profile.

If system restore fails to load while in windows or you get errors, try it from the recovery environment
Here is another solution to try if SR fails to work for you, it shows you how to create a new user account, then log into the new account and copy your old profile over to the new account. This article is for XP but the process is the same for Vista. See "Moving to a new user profile"

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I had the following error:

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

I googled how to fix it. I now can't get to my photos from my other user account. How can I get to them so I can burn them on a DVD and clear up some of my hard drive? I can still see they are there in my Picasa program just can't get to them on desktop now.


A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Use an admin account, go to the account's picture folder you had before, and answer yes if it asks if it should modify security. ( haven't done this in a while so I can't remember the exact wording )

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Im trying to create a new user account on my computer, but every time i do that, Im unable to login to that name. Only the main account is accessible. All new accounts I create with my account will give me this message:
"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." This applies to the guest account as well.

If this helps, when you go to C:\Users, only the main account's folder and a folder called "Public" is present. Im pretty sure it should have showed the folder of the newly created account. Because of this, im unable to copy files from my main account to the new but inaccessible account as the folder for it does not exist.

This is frustrating as im trying to create an account for my brother with parental controls. But we cant even access it without it saying that the user profile cannot be loaded. How can I fix this?

I've been following these instructions from Microsoft:
Error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded
I went to the registry editor and went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. Apparently there should be two folders with S-1-5 that is followed by a long set of numbers but there is only one. It seems that there isn't even any folder associated with the new account. I was only able to find a folder associated with the main account. But none for the new accounts.So that method to resolve this problem doesn... Read more

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

Did you try the other 2 methods from that webpage?

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Today, Dec.20th, I wanted to create a standard user account for testing.
I named it Test.
When I tried to log on to Test account, I received the above message.
I used the tutorial compiled by Shawn but failed :
The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

Problems :
1. I don't remember when was the last time I successfully created a new user account. Therefore, not knowing which is the good restore point for this matter.
2. The tutorial mentioned SID key with .bak at the end.
There are 3 SID keys, but none has .bak at the end.
3. name of ProfileImagePath is as follow ...........
a.1001 belongs to t-4-2
b. 500 belongs to Administrator
c. 501 belongs to Guest
I don't see the SID key for the Test account.
Therefore, I am stuck. not knowing how to proceed.

see screenshot :

Please advise.
Thank you.

P.S. Guest account was NEVER activated.


A:User Profile Service Failed the Login User profile cannot be loaded

Hello t-4-2,

The SID key for the user profile will not be created until the first time a newly created user account is logged on to.

You might see if this part of the tutorial may be the issue you are having.

Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Fix for Vista's: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

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i encounter this problem when i try to login my account which is under a domain.

User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded.

Will the OU in ad will affected this problem? Firstly, this machine hostname have not move to Finance OU. But i can login my own account. my account has move to Finance OU. I try my colleague login id as well. His user account was also in the Finance OU. but he cannot login. he get the user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded. This is cause by OU or is it the windows issue? i have try to rejoin the domain same problem. This is a new machine so i believe the registry fix on the profile list does not help at all. i try to copy the default folder under user to my usb and then transfer to the new pc same problem as well.

anyone have any solution to it ?

A:User profile service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded

You'd need to ask your IT Adminstrator.

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Hello. I am new here. I know absolutely nothing about computers, so I wasn't even sure where I should post this thread. Please help. I am desperate. Here I will explain what the issue is AND what I tried  to do to fix it. But I failed. Recently I've had issues with my computer randomly opening a lot of windows on it's own. Yesterday I was away and my computer was on and when I came back I saw about 50 new tabs opened and all almost my computer icons seemed to have disappeared. I assumed it was just some computer mistake because no way everything go deleted on its own. So I restarted it.When I restarted it, I got the message from the title- "User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be found." I don't wanna take it to a "professional" to get it fixed because I don't trust any people here in my city- whenever I did that, they deleted ALL my files. And I have some EXTREMELY important files in this computer that I wish I had saved on USB, but I haven't, so I definitely can't lose them. I just never thought anything will go wrong with this computer, as it worked pretty much perfectly. So anyway, I decided to try to fix it on my own, despite that I admittedly know nothing about computers, I read that this issue is fairly easy to fix. So I found tutorials and forums where people say you should press f8 and it will take you to "safe boot" mode. I did this and the first 2 times nothing happened- and... Read more

A:User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

You can try to fix with Safe Mode - repeatedly tap F8 as you boot up.It may take two or three tries to start the safe mode.Continue with Safe mode and user the Administrator login.Are you able to get into the computer with Safe mode as the Administrator? **** In this context administrator is the name of a hidden account used in safe mode. Normally you would not have to use this account. It can be used to repair or create user accounts.

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I've searched for about a week now and have not found a solution. I followed the suggestions about the corrupt Profile and the .BAK SID, but neither are my situation.

My SID is fine - I did manage to find a temporary fix. If I delete and recreate the user in Active Directory on the server it fixes the problem. The problem is, I have 300 computers and every morning there are at least 10 - 15 users I must do this to. Not an ideal solution.

We bypassed Vista, so we had no idea that this Microsoft bug existed until last week.

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be load

Hello ! Welcome to SF !

Check this article from Microsoft run the Fixit and see if that help Error message when you log on to a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7-based computer by using a temporary profile: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"

- Captain

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Recently i have had a few users in our domain unable to logon due to this error. To fix the issue  i have been deleting their local profile and then logging back on so they pick up the mandatory profile stored on the server and everything then works
Server is running server 2008 r2 and workstations are running windows 7 pro. 
I have just noticed the below error in the event logs on a few of the affected machines.
Windows cannot copy file \\?\C:\Users\lnyberg\AppData\Local\Temp\jds1029303519.tmp\ to location \\?\UNC\CM-DC01$NOCSC$\Profiles$\StaffNew.V2\AppData\Local\Temp\jds1029303519.tmp\. This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security

DETAIL - Access is denied.
Is this what could be causing the issue with logging on? I am a bit confused as to why it would be trying to copy a temp file back to the mandatory profile on the server.
Any ideas would be great

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windows 7 will not let me log on to my administrator account.  this is my son"s computer. could he have downloaded something that is causing this?  how do i fix it? thanks!

A:the user profile service failed to logon user profile cannot be loaded

i was able to resolve the problem.  system restore in safe moce,

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I would like to create a new user and migrate all data/settings/etc. from an existing user to the new user, on the same computer. Reason is some conflicting names between some computers on the same network and a Windows Home Server.

I tried changing the name of the user, but that doens't change the name of the profile. That created some confusion with Remote Desktop. Seems that even though I changed the user name, I had to log on via Remote Desktop using the old user name.

I've read about a method of creating the new user, logging on then off, logging on as the old user and just copying all the files from one user to the other after turning on show system and hidden files, etc. That doesn't migrate any settings I wouldn't think, only files. And another problem is there isn't enough hdd space to copy the profile, not sure what to do other than get a larger hdd, which I could do if totally needed.

I looked at the USMT, a little, but it looked like a lot of work for what I was doing.

I've also seen a 21 step method by Joshua Mouch which still involved copying the files.

Is there a way to just change the user name and then change the profile name that coincided with that user? That way no files are copied or moved, just changing the profile name associated with that user.

edit: I just found this, does this really work? That's all I want to do, change the user name and have that profile name match the user name.

1. Delete or rename... Read more

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I recently tried working with my Sony VAIO Desktop. I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 and ever since I did this I have had a few problems (keyboard would disable after the W7 OS Loaded, etc.) I have been working to remedy this problem and others by 1) cleaning up the hard drive, registry, memory, etc. using AVG Antivirus which I recently installed and its family of products, 2) updating drivers to Video Controller and Storage Controller which AVG alerted I needed to update in Device Manager.

I attempted to update the drivers to the two controllers mentioned above and as windows started to search the internet for solutions after 1-2 hours, I did not get a response and my screen/OS became unresponsive so I had to do a cold boot. (powered off for 15 cycles - standard).

I rebooted my system this morning to find that once I logged on I got - "User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded" press Ok and it sent me back to the Windows 7 SP1 logon screen again. (looping)

Please provide any knowledge on what to do to remedy this issue. Thanks in advance. Daveq

A:User Profile Service failed the Logon- User Profile Cannot be loaded

Hello Daveq, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below should be able to help with this error.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

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Hey all 
Long time user of bleeping computer - gonna jump on in and join the fun and games!
Anyway I work in a small local computer repair shop and recently we had LOADS of Vista and Windows 7 machines with the error
"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"
We can repair the fault changing the profile from temporary profile path and swapped the .bak extension in registry. 
But what the hell is causing it? We have had two machine back in within two weeks of initial repair. We figured windows update at first but its not a given. 

A:"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"

Have you read this Microsoft Support article?
There are similar articles for Vista and XP.

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Im trying to create a new user account on my computer, but every time i do that, Im unable to login to that name. Only the administrator account is accessible. All new accounts createdwill give me this message:
"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." This applies to the guest account as well.

If this helps, when you go to C:\Users, only the main account's folder and a folder called "Public" is present. Im pretty sure it should have showed the folder of the newly created account. Because of this, im unable to copy files from my main account to the new account as the folder for it does not exist.

This is frustrating as im trying to create an account for my brother with parental controls. But we cant even access it without it saying that the user profile cannot be loaded. How can I fix this?

I've been following these instructions from Microsoft:
I went to the registry editor and went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. It seems that there isn't even any folder associated with the new account. I was only able to find a folder associated with the main account. But none for the new accounts.

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

Back to the beginning...what steps did you actually create a new profile?


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I have a very annoying problem on wireless tablets running windows 8.1 update. 
The tablets boot nice and fast (approx 30-35 seconds) to the ctrl + alt + del screen. 
However the network mandatory profiles used by students do not work for another 60 seconds after that. 
For the first 60 seconds or so after ctrl+alt+del shows up they get the error message "User Profile Service Failed the sign-in.  User profile cannot be loaded".  After that they
will login just fine.  
We've looked at procmon bootlogs and it shows BADNETWORKPATH the first couple of times you try to call the network path to the mandatory profile.  
We have tired setting various Group Policy Objects to force them to wait for the network based on various other posts on this  and other sites. 
Always wait for the network, Wait for group policy processing, wait for network timeout etc.  None of them seem to make any difference. 

Can somebody explain to me how to resolve this issue. 

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Restart F8 brings up F2 Set Up or F12 Boot Menu.  Can't find advanced boot options to start in safe mode.

A:User Profile service faied to logon. User profile cannot be loaded

System manufacturer and model?

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lately when i try to turn on the Guest user ( its my first time to turn on it)
then when i try to log on using guest i encounter a error message?
the user profile service failed to logon user profile cannot be loaded , i already try to make another user but the message or error is still appearing ,

but my main user is working im just worried about this and i already try some solution here but its not working

im using Windows 7 , thank you in advance !

A:The User Profile Service Failed to Logon User Profile Cannot be loaded

Hello John,

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help fix this for you. User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
If not, then I'd recommend to turn off the Guest account, delete any 501 key below found for the C:\Users\Guest account at the same registry location in the tutorial above, delete the C:\Users\Guest folder, and restart the computer. This will give you a fresh start with the Guest account as if you never turned it on.




Hope this helps,

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Hey Guys so this happened to my laptop the other day and I have only got round to fixing it now, I tried a few options like editing the .bak files etc with no luck so I recovered what I could and just deleted the user profile an that seemed to of fixed the issue.

I was just wondering if their is anyway to delete the data off the old user user profile without having to format the hard drive. As its still taking up space on my hard drive even though the profile is deleted.

Many thanks in advance


A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

Hello Damian, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Since you have already deleted the user account through the Control Panel, you should be able to just delete C:\Users\(user-name) folder for the old user account while logged in the new account.

Hope this helps,

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On my daughters W7 x86 PC the above message is happening when she tries to logon, the PC was set up with two users, I do noyt know if the other user can logon as she is away and we do not know the password.

What can I do to fix this error, all the fixes I can find require the user to logon, which is not happening.

Any ideas on how I can proceed.



A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be load

Hello Daniel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help with fixing this error. The "In Preparation" section at the top will help to get logged into an administrator account to be able to do the rest of the tutorial. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, at windows start i get the message "The User Profile Service failed to logon. User profile cannot be loaded". There was no known activity last time system was up and running and it was shut down normal.

The desctop(HP) was delivered some years ago with V7 installed, ONE personal userID with admin auth. was created. Then a System repair disc was created.

What is the safest and simplest way(if any) to fix this problem and maintain the user data?(I did see support strings about this problem but they seem very complicated and confusing to me)

1. Shoud I restart system some functional key to get into safe mode or use the System repair disc and then what option?

2. Should I then logon to the default accountID(not known to me), and restore system to older backup point or shoud I try to repair the personal UserId?

Please advice

A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be load

Hej Stene, v?lkommen till Seven Forums .

See this tutorial for fix: User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.


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I have literally tried every solution found online and NOTHING seems to work.  Our environment, Windows server 2008 domain controller, Windows 7 Pro x64 bit PC's.  Trying to login as a domain user and get the error " User Profile Service failed
the logon.  User profile cannot be loaded".  I can only login with the domain Administrator account, or the local administrator account.  We are NOT using Roaming profiles.  The application event logs do have event error 1500 and event
warning 1509.... see screenshot below.

What I have tried:
Microsoft FixIT 50446
Tried editing the SID's out of the registry manually per KB
Deleted all domain user profiles from machine
Removed PC from domain and rejoined
Deleted user account from Active Directory and recreated
Verified GPO was not configured to "allow users to logon with temporary profiles"
SFC /scannow
Fresh install of Windows 7 Pro
Live Essentials was never installed (some forums referred to the .sqm file fron event ID 1509 possible relating to an issue with Live Essentials)
Google update was never installed (remember seeing it referred to in a forum as well)
I am now out of ideas..  This has been an ongoing issue for about a month and I am finally admitting defeat.  This is my last effort to get help before breaking down and paying the $259 to Microsoft to help resolve it.
Thank... Read more

A:User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hi Phillip,
I would like to verify whether the issue only occurs on special Windows 7 computer or on all Windows 7 computers.

I suggest checking the permission of the user profile folders and Default folder. Make sure the users has full control of their profile folders.

Meanwhile, ensure the users are the owner of the C:\Users\theirname\NTUSER.dat. Also, please put NTUSER.dat in the security software exclusion
list for testing.
Please also post in Server Forum to get more assistance.
Best Regards,
NikiPlease remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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