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audio randomly stopped working in windows 8.1

Q: audio randomly stopped working in windows 8.1

so about a month after I bought my computer,all of a sudden there was no audio comming from my headphones or speakers. i do have to say that windows 8 was a bit new for me because i was using windows xp the only way i can get audio now, is by plugging in a usb with bluetooth connection. even HDMI won't work. i'm getting no errors when running errorchecker.

perhaps usefull info:
-pc Model No: HP ENVY h8 PC series
-running windows 8.1
-i have extra beats audio (for audio settings).

A: audio randomly stopped working in windows 8.1

Hey mate, what worked for me once was just resetting the audio in Sound>Properties>Restore Defaults

See the image below:

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Hey guys,

Normally I can fix most issues with the PC's I maintain, but recently my brother's audio on his PC stopped working. It uses the AC97 chipset, and I have tried multiple drivers etc to fix it, but not getting anywhere.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue, its an asrock k7gs41s I believe. Its also running XP, and I'd rather not format it, unless this would be the only likely fix.


A:AC97 Audio stopped working randomly.

im sorry to say I also have the A97 sound stuff in my lappy
one day i was playing happily ... listening to music ... then the speakers started to distort!
i turned off the music and ran some speaker tests and eventually the problem cleared up.
next time i turned the laptop on i didnt hear anything .. when i went to play music i got the error "media player cannot play the file as there is no audio hardware present"

i had a look in device manager and my sound stuff wasnt there

restarted the system and it worked fine again

but a few days later the windows seems to think that the audio hardware does not exist in my machine!! its so frustrating!
i contacted acer and they said to return my laptop to factory settings ... which didnt work
so acer wanted to take my laptop from me ... for 8 weeks!!!! i cant realistically be without my laptop for more than a week as i need it for work, presentations and university.
even though my laptop is still in warrenty period they will not give me a like for like transfer!

in the end and bought a really nice creative 5.1 external sound card and its really good!

should have been 45 but because it was the last one in stock at comet they sold it to me for 20

tho i really would like my on-board sound to work again because lugging external speakers about isnt really handy.

so i guess my advice is to expect the worst and buy another sound card preferably creative!

if anyone has any suggestions i woudl ... Read more

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My sound stopped working last night, and everything I have tried hasn't worked. I've had this computer for 2 years using vista.

Here are the symptoms:
In the "playback and recording devices", it says my headphones are working.
If I try to do the "test" option, it gives me a failed to play test tone error.
If I use my microphone on another laptop that also has vista, it works
It's obviously plugged in. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and I've restarted my pc, still doesn't work
I have tried restarting windows audio in services.msc, doesn't work
the "roll back drivers" option is greyed out for me in device manager
Googling hasn't helped me either, none of the solutions so far have solved my problem. Even some method involving regedit.

So I'm exhausted and a bit frustrated. Does anyone know?

A:Audio randomly stopped working, I can't figure out how to fix it

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My sound stopped working a week ago, and everything I have tried hasn't worked. I've had this computer for 2 years using vista.

Here are the symptoms:
In the "playback and recording devices", it says my headphones are working.
If I try to do the "test" option, it gives me a failed to play test tone error.
If I use my microphone on another laptop that also has vista, it works. I've also tried multiple headphones and speakers.

It's obviously plugged in. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and I've restarted my pc, still doesn't work
I have tried restarting windows audio in services.msc, doesn't work
the "roll back drivers" option is greyed out for me in device manager
Googling hasn't helped me either, none of the solutions so far have solved my problem. Even some method involving regedit.
Does anyone know?

A:[SOLVED] Audio randomly stopped working, I can't figure out how to fix it

Try running SFC. Check out the information at the following link and follow the instructions. It will run and if it passes, it will tell you it didn't find any integrity issues. Your other option is to restore your system to an earlier date when the sound worked. That procedure is also available at the following link. Let me know what you find.



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Realtek HD Audio Drivers randomly failed after about a month of perfect operation.
The icon for Realtek has vanished, and the audio manager is nowhere to be found in the control panel. Realtek is no longer seen in Device Manager as well. Playback Devices menu shows nothing related to Realtek like it previously did.

Now my front and back audio ports do not detect anything. Only the HDMI audio is working via my monitor speakers. All other peripherals are working fine as well (I don't have anything to test the mic ports).

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers multiple times, from both the version given on the Realtek site and Gigabyte site. The HD Manager is still nowhere to be found.

I tried manually installing the driver to the device manager via the "Install Legacy Driver" and receive "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" as the device status. I have NVIDIA High Definition Audio also installed and working perfectly. I tried uninstalling all of my audio drivers (including the High Definition Audio Controllers in the System Devices categories) only for it to reinstall my NVIDIA drivers that I believe supply the HDMI sound.

I am under the impression that Realtek is supposed to install to both Program Files and Program Files (x86)? It is only installing to the latter every time I try to uninstall and reinstall. A search for RAVCpl64.exe yields nothing.

I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Specs for my custom bui... Read more

A:Realtek HD Audio Driver Randomly Stopped Working and Disappeared

First question what is displayed in the Device Manager, Sound Section? (All entries - post a screenshot).

HDMI sound and PC sound are separate as the HDMI sound is generated by a sound chip on the video board.

If the sound chip is working and not having a conflict, if the RealTek will not install the generic Windows installed HD Audio Driver will be used. If this is not installing either (after uninstalling the Realtek and rebooting) it does sound like a potential hardware problem.

Try this, go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the RealTek sound (even if it has the error code), then Left click "Uninstall" and check the box to also uninstall the drivers (if it gives you that option). Then restart the PC and watch to see if Windows detects the sound and installs the HD Audio Driver. If it does, that says the sound chip is OK. If not, either its bad or it has not been identified and you need to reinstall the Intel motherboard chipset drivers (one of the chipset functions is it identifies all the devices on the motherboard).

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So my USB ports decided to stop working. I'm using Windows 7 and they were working fine this morning until I unplugged my USB devices and packed my computer, then when I came home, the ports stopped working. I have two ports and I've tried placing three different items (two mice and 1 webcam) in all the ports, no avail. Even the light under my mouse isn't lighting up. I restarted twice and when I go to device manager there are no exclamation marks or anything wrong under USB tab.

I even uninstalled all my USb serial controllers and restarted and they got installed back but still nothing. Then I disabled selective suspend and nothing too. =[
Any help guys? thanks!

A:USB ports randomly stopped working on Windows 7

I've noticed that nobody's replied to your post, so I figured I'd try to say at least a little something. I'm not too sure that it'd be of any help to you, but have you checked any settings in your BIOS that might be responsible for the control of it? It's probably a bit of a long shot but it can't hurt to check it out.

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Just the other day my Aero stopped working. Ive been using Windows 7 and my graphics card since win7 was released. My graphics card is ati radeon 3450. i know its older but thats fine for me. money is tight so if so i want to avoid buying anything. im using Windows 7 x64. The MSFixit for Aero says that my graphics card does not support Aero. I know is false because its been working fine. I have directx 11 installed currently. I am all the way up to date on Windows updates. I have downloaded the latest driver for my card from ati's website. tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Looked at my system restore points it shows nothing happened within a few days of my problem starting. im not sure what other info to give...thanks for your help!

A:Windows 7 Aero randomly stopped working

Hi carlos28355click on the
type in search aero and it should show find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects
run the troubleshooter and see if that fixes it
Keep us posted.

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Every other time I play a video or a song, I get this popup window..

The only way to fix it is by right clicking on the little speaker by the clock, clicking sounds, then it asks if I want to turn the audio back on.

It's so irritating, how do I fix this?

A:Windows Audio Has Stopped Working :(

This is caused by stapo64.dll, which - from name - is a driver by IDT Audio. If you are not sure about this device and/or its driver, whether or not it's actually a component of your PC, then you'll wanna check the driver using The file's located in Windows/System32 directory. If the file turns up clean, then find an update for it at your audio device manufacturer or your PC vendor's website.

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I have a notebook HP Pavilion DV5-1159SE and now I'm getting a "Windows Audio Stopped Working" message. Here's the problem:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: svchost.exe_AudioSrv
Application Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47919291
Fault Module Name: stapo64.dll
Fault Module Version: 1.0.6225.0
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a664604
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000000000012e3cc
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1046
Additional Information 1: 0a71
Additional Information 2: 2b9e64833ded1b8566df2c12e9bbc072
Additional Information 3: 9c1e
Additional Information 4: 07250e8aa3e8a202ef2ff229b5ce3c93

Read our privacy statement:
Microsoft Online Crash Analysis

I'm also getting the same message but now about the "DHCP Stopped Working". I'll post the issue as soon as I get the message again.

Please somebody help me! I already tried to install codecs from various codeck packs (K-Lite, Vista, etc) but none of them worked. And I only install system updates from Microsoft Update program which is automatic on my notebook. Btw my OS is a Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit SP2 ok? Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Audio Stopped Working

Restart the service, and you may have to reinstall your audio drivers if any.

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I have a dual boot Win 7, Win 8 setup. Suddenly the audio has stopped working on Win 8. (Works fine on Win 7) I checked for driver updates, even "installed" an old driver which didn't actually install. The volume control shows its trying to work, puff of green comes and goes at the bottom of the slider.

If you have had this problem and solved it please let me know. Other suggestions welcome however I've tried "cleaning" for other concerns and that made a real mess of the setups for several programs. I suppose I could do a refresh but that's equivalent to a re-install... what a pain.

A:Windows 8 Audio suddenly stopped working

I guess I looked in the wrong place for answers and they moved my posting to this area. Unfortunately it appears others have the same problem with no solution. I did try updating the video driver along with all available Win 8 updates. Still no audio.

I have all my programs running well on the Win 7 partition so I'm thinking of doing a Refresh. If that "refreshes" back to the original installation I assume the many many updates will be required. Any idea how long that will take?

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Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me with this issue as I have tried everything I can think of and it still happens.

Whenever I'm playing any sort of full screen game (Read as: Counter Strike, BF3, Shogun 2, Etc.) after about 5-20 mins I usually experience full sound loss. The game continues to run fine but it is if someone hit the mute button for it and I have no way to re-enable the sound unless I exit and restart the game.

Now while this is happening, if I tab out and view my sound mixer and drivers, everything is functioning fine, as well as everything on my desktop screen has sound. I can browse to youtube while the issue is occurring and play a song and it will play fine, if I'm in Skype with my friends talking that continues to work fine. It is always just the game I am playing.

I have recently also purchased a new analog sound headset and the issue is still occurring. I used to have a USB Headset that was experiencing the same issue.

I have restarted my computer multiple times, everything is up-to-date according to Windows Update, and yet the issue still exists.

Any further insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.


A:Windows 7, Audio Randomly Stops Working

My girlfriend HP probook experiences the same issue. All I can say is to update your audio drivers from the manufactures of your machine website.

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Ultrabook with Windows 8, and a little while back the sound just stopped working. It's not the speakers - it still makes sounds when being switched on/off etc, it's just when trying to play music/videos/games that it doesn't work. I've read somewhere that one of the endless updates this thing subjects you to had a glitch that caused similar issues for other people, but I haven't been able to fix it. Any of you amazing people got any advice? Thanks in advance!

A:Audio stopped working on Lenovo laptop with Windows 8


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I bought a Gateway E56R41u to replace my Acer netbook. I'm really happy with this machine. However, I downloaded the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 and my audio quit working. I've downloaded all the drivers that I could find and nothing works. Is there a driver for another machine that will work with my Gateway?

A:Realtek HD Audio stopped working after I upgraded Windows

There is a generic driver available from RealTek, but if you have reinstalled the correct driver from Gateway, I doubt that the direct from RealTek will help.

Are there any other problems that you are aware of, after the 8.1 update? I don't recall this being a problem with audio.

Go to the Device Manager and display what is listed in the Sounds Video and Game Controllers section. Post back on what is listed there, including any error codes. Better yet, post a screen shot of that section.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

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This is regarding my custom built desktop. my Microphone works fine, and my sound works fine, so long as i dont try to use both at the same time...

Whenever i use a program like ventrilo, or a game that has built in voice chat, or skype, the microphone works great as well as the sound, for a little while, but most of the time after anywehre from three minutes to two hours, the sound on my computer goes out. the microphone continues to work, all the settings in the sound configuration menus are said to be working fine, but the sound just does not work.

a reboot fixes the problem but it will come back as soon as i try to speak again.

Something else to note: When i try to play a movie/mp3 in winamp or itunes, they do not play correctly after this microphone induced problem starts. The mp3's will "play" in that the sound appears to be being sent from the program to the computer but what is wierd is that the bar that shows how far through the song/movie you are, moves at half speed. so instead of going from 0:00, to 0:01 in one second, it moves slower and after about 20 seconds, will only be seven seconds into the song. I cannot hear if this is a graphical problem or a sound problem but since ithappens both in itunes and winamp, this problem is directly related.

for reference, im using the "speakers" option in windows 7's Sound application
my microphone is "novahsdesktopmic" which is what i named mine, and then there is anothe... Read more

A:Audio stops working randomly after using a microphone (Windows 7)

update: I have since found out that the microphone is not directly related. Tonight is the first time it went out without using the microphone at all. I was compiling a video and trying to listen to music when it went silent. It seems to kick out whenever i am doing alot of things soundwise.

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I've tried to google this (windows audio device graph isolation has stopped working) but all that keeps coming up is vista forums.... I was looking over my system reliability index and this is here every other day....

Any Help would be great thanx

A:windows audio device graph isolation has stopped working

I Guess no one knows...umh.....ok then

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I have a Dell Optiplex 780 desktop running Windows 10 successfully until this morning when the on-board audio has stopped working. Note that I am talking about the built in speaker not plug in ones. I can still get sound if I plug in headphones but I prefer not to use them and I want to know what's up.

I figure that there might have been a windows update that may have changed things but I'm no expert.

Thanks in advance

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Does any one what this means.....Its happens all the time???

as you can see it happens alot

A:windows audio device graph isolation has stopped working

If you do a google search for that item you will get a lot of info however most suggest the audio driver is the problem. Look for an updated driver and if none is available reinstall the one you have and see if it helps.

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Some of you know that i had to format my computer because of the directx problems, everything is back to normal but now when i am playing nfs world i keep getting constant freezes (3-5seconds) the game doesn't stop working but the audio stops working. Anyone can help me with this please?

A:windows audio device graph isolation stopped working

As this apparently is only a problem in the game, you may want to repost on the graming section for help.

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I've been having this problem with my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 when waking from sleep mode. I always get a "Windows Audio stopped working" message followed by saying the "Host Process Stopped working". Here is the error details:

Windows Audio

Stopped working

27/02/2009 5:54 AM

Not Reported

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: svchost.exe_AudioSrv
Application Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47919291
Fault Module Name: SFDAPO64.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 46b27b19
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0000000000006678
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 4105
Additional Information 1: 4513
Additional Information 2: 1f5e053bca87792f97b43835351b7644
Additional Information 3: 8d3d
Additional Information 4: 3a4e4e972fc8970acc348dd0f3d2f310

Files that help describe the problem

I'm not sure if its related to faulty codecs or drivers. My mobo is an Asus P5K Deluxe with integrated sound. I would appreciate any help...

A:Windows Audio Stopped Working after waking from Sleep (svchost.exe_AudioSrv)

Hi wingy17, Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the information pasted from "Problem Reports and Solutions".

Just Rename SFDAPO64.dll (Related to Sonic) and verify.

It may be due to "Fast Resume". Try this fix from microsoft.

Refer this Article.

Good Luck

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I have this problem since this afternoon on my laptop with vista home. I get this message about the host and even though the computer is connected to the wireless network and the blue circle is on the icon I cant surf the net, messenger cant connect also at start up the audio is off saying audio service is not running then turns on after few minutes.
On a post for a similar problem they mentioned to check the event viewer but on mine its either empty or it says its not available.I also got a message about the dhcp and when I check in the task manager itsstop ped and if I turned it on it i immediatly receive a message saying it had to be stopped. If anyone can help me with this or needs more info to help I'd be truly grateful

A:host process for windows services stopped working+no internet+audio service not runni

forgot to mention that it works fine on my wifes laptop and on the xp instalation on mine

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I make music with my computer and therefore the onboard sound card that came with my motherboard is disabled and I've installed a dedicated sound card instead. The soundcard I work with is an M-Audio Delta Series 2496 Audiophile PCI card. I've been using this card without problems for about 5 years.

Today the card seems to have stopped working and I suspect it has something to do with recent stuff I've been doing with my computer.

Here is stuff I did prior to my soundcard's failure to work. I have no idea which if any of these things are related to the problem or not. I also have know idea at what stage the sound stopped working.

- a friend came with an mp3 player (Creative ZEN Jukebox). He had some data on it (using it as a kind of external hard drive) which he wanted to transfer to my computer.

- I downloaded/installed the latest driver and plugged it (via USB) to my computer. The computer recognized the device, but for some odd reason it did not show all the data. We tried several things including re-downloading and re-installing the driver and installing a media player app by Creative but nothing worked. I uninstalled the driver and the Creative app.

(at this stage I remember my audio was fine, because I listened to some music. This was the last time I attempted to use audio before first noticing the problem)

- I realized that when installing the Creative app I had without noticing installed some bundled software that scans for... Read more

A:Solved: M-Audio PCI Delta Series Audio Card Stopped Working. Please Help

To start, I would uninstall any of the m-audio software. Once done, shutdown the system and pull out the card. Pw ON the system and let it fully boot. Download the latest driver for your sound card. Now shutdown again and install the sound card. Restart and attempt the driver install.

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Well a while back my wireless networking hardware stopped working. Now whenever I try to turn my switch on it stay with the orange light instead of blue (meaning it doesn't work anymore). When I try to diagnose why I can't find any networks it says: 'This computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured'. Then below that it has a click able box that says 'Install wireless networking hardware and verify the correct drivers are downloaded'. So, naturally, I click this box and it takes me to windows help and gives me a list of options such as: 'I installed new drivers and they do not work' and 'My driver used to work, but now it doesn't.' So I click on 'My driver used to work, but now it doesn't.' From there it says that I should install windows updates, which I have many a time. It also says I can try 'rolling back' my driver to a previous version, which also, I have tried many a time only for it to do nothing. I can't update my driver to a newer version either. So for a couple months I was just like oh well I'll let it be not that big of a deal. However, recently, it started working again, I boot up my laptop and it says 'Wi-Lan (or whatever it is called) Enabled' and the blue light was on my switch meaning it worked. So I was like alright sweet not sure what happened but I'm not complaining. The next day, does it work? no, it went back to as it was - not working, saying to check windows update, etc. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what i... Read more

A:Wi-lan (something Like That) Randomly Stopped Working

Hi MuffinMan,

I have the same problem and would love an answer as well! When this happens to me I usually use a cord to plug in to the router and it seems to fix the wireless within a few hours. But this will become much more annoying when the weather warms up and I will be outside with my laptop!

Hopefully someone will be able to offer some suggestions!

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Im a gamer just talking in ventrilo while playing a game and my mic randomly stopped working and started playing music. I looked up how to solve it and it said to re install Vista and I did that. I installed all drivers and it still did it. I have had this problem before and I had to get the Geeksquad to fix it but I don't have the $150 to have them do it again. I am using Gateway FX 7026 with Vista Home Premium X64. Gateway Computer, Server, Portable, Consumer Electronic Product Support have all the drivers for it and it just wont work. I have my mic plugged in to the rite spot for sure and im using Barracuda HP-1 Gaming headphones. Can someone please help me

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On Thursday I turned on my Xbox and found my xbox live wouldn't connect to the internet, thought it was strange so I checked my IPhone, same thing.I go and check my school laptop and it also would not connect to the wireless. However, my personal laptop which is connected to my router through the Ethernet cable worked fine for a few days. Then the internet on it went out, which my Windows troubleshooter told me was my DNS server not responding. Which I fixed by changing my preferred DNS server to which fixed it on my laptop but has not fixed the wireless. I have a Westell Versalink Model 327W router if that helps at all.

A:Wireless has randomly stopped working

Quote: Originally Posted by KaylaMosho

On Thursday I turned on my Xbox and found my xbox live wouldn't connect to the internet, thought it was strange so I checked my IPhone, same thing.I go and check my school laptop and it also would not connect to the wireless. However, my personal laptop which is connected to my router through the Ethernet cable worked fine for a few days. Then the internet on it went out, which my Windows troubleshooter told me was my DNS server not responding. Which I fixed by changing my preferred DNS server to which fixed it on my laptop but has not fixed the wireless. I have a Westell Versalink Model 327W router if that helps at all.

You will definitely want to perform a reset on the router using the reset button on the router. Router's typically will lose wireless while the wired connections stay active.

Sometimes a 30-30-30 reset is required to fix these types of problems.

The 30-30-30 Hard Reset Rule for Routers

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So, I was on my laptop just doing whatever. When I went to youtube to watch a video, no sound came on. The sound worked earlier, maybe 15 minutes before attempting to watch the video.
Can anyone help me?

A:Speakers randomly stopped working

So did the sound return?

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I have a windows 8, Packard bell laptop.
I forgot to turn my laptop off, and instead left it on sleep mode for a day or so. When I came to enter my password, my keyboard was not working, and I have had to use the on screen keyboard to type.
I have rebooted, and have checked things like Filter Keys.
When I tried again today, I managed to type a couple of random letters in the search bar, while the laptop and windows was still starting up. Once everything was fully loaded, I was unable to type anything more.
Does anyone have any hints at all?.

A:Keyboard randomly stopped working.

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I just recently got some amazing advice here on there forums and solved some strange problems with my computer.

however, just recently, I've noticed several programs that rely on an internet connection (such as iTunes store and sometimes AIM, nothing illegal) suddenly stopped working.

The iTunes music store simply never connects, AIM sometimes does but mostly doesn't, but the weird part is all the while my internet browser works just fine and at pretty fast speeds. So i'm fairly certain the internet connection is not the culprit, seeing how Firefox works like a dream but some other programs don't.

Also, sometimes both IE and Firefox won't be able to download things online. some things work fine, large files and small, but other items simply cause the searching indicator thing in the corner spin forever with no result, even after several attempts and even restarting my computer and waiting for a while.

I also tried disabling my firewall (though extremely briefly, just to test the problem) thinking maybe some things were just being blocked all of a sudden, but the same things keeps happening. I even tried reinstalling iTunes, IE, and Firefox but the problem persists. it's obviously not a huge urgent problem, but very annoying all the same, especially since not only am I very into media but I make almost all my purchases and downloads online because it's easier, cheaper, and in greater supply than in any local store.

might be there'... Read more

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Hi, we have a D-Link DSL604 G Wireless router, but for some reason the internet has completely stopped responding one one computer. It's connected over an ethernet cable and can communicate with the router fine, but just the internet won't work.

It's fine on my wired connection and the wireless connection, but not on this one pc. I have ran ewido and found a few tracking cookies and i have a HJT log here too, although i'll get a new one tomorrow because this one's a few days old.

It has Norton Internet Security 2004 installed (unsubscribed). I tried starting up without it, because it has Zone Alarm Security Suite too, but it still didn't work.

Thanks for any help.

A:Internet randomly stopped working on one pc

uninstall norton completely, redo your internet conection/home networking wizard/ISP cd, reboot and it'll work.

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I installed Windows 10 not long after it was released and everything was running absolutely fine. However, about 2 days ago the hotkey shortcut buttons (Brightness up, down volume etc) stopped working. I have tried to install drivers but I think they are the wrong ones because it says that they are not supported by the system. Please help?

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Ok so i've been running Windows 7 for like 2-3 months on my pc and up until this week it was working fine. For some reason this past week the pc has been turning off on me and then the light on the pc proceeds to start blinking in 1-2 second intervals. Well tonight i feel asleep with the pc on and it did this and usually i have to disconnect the power to turn it on but when i went to do this it doesnt turn on properly. The pc sounds like its powering up but its not powering up its components. The screen does not turn on and it doesn't turn on my external HDD the right way.(My external HDD usually takes like 3-4 seconds to turn on and the light on it usually blinks a couple times but it does not do this now). Any ideas what could be causing this. I have not changed parts in that two month period. I tried turning the pc on with just the monitor plugged in and no luck.

A:Computer randomly stopped working

Anyone got any ideas on this?

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I have a Samsung ES15 digital camera with which I use a Sandisk Ultra 16gb class 4 sdhc, using windows 7. I inserted it into my laptops sd card reader, and could view the files. For some reason after trying to select certain files and change from tile view to list view, the window froze for a little while. I could see about 50 icons then when scrolling down the remaining files didn't have an icon. Selecting one of these to open and in the file viewer it said this file may have been deleted or removed (from what i can remember).
I then removed the card (Using 'safely remove hardware' tool). Then upon reinserting the disk i get the message 'You must format the disk in drive before using it'. When inserting into my camera it says 'card error'. But if i format the card all the current data will be erased.
I then used a software called Recuva to try and recover some files before formatting, but nothing was found even in deep scan.

What can I do, I really need those pictures/video clips.

Also, i noticed a funny thing when i first inserted the card. There were about 5 folders named as letters (N, O..). No idea how they got there, but when opening it would let me in saying those folders may be on the harddrive instead. There was also two files with no file extensions, with just symbols in the name (!$...).
The only thing I know of, is changing the rotation of a few images last week from my laptop - which then couldnt be viewed on my camera.

... Read more

A:SD card randomly stopped working

Sadly you are probably out of luck, SD cards like all storage devices fail all the time.

I'd try PhotoRec first:
PhotoRec guide:

You can try these programs as well and see if they have any better luck then Recuva:

Just as an FYI, you really shouldn't work on the pictures while they are on the SD Card, you should copy them off the SD before editing them. SD cards have very limited read/write cycles. Most times once a photo is edited(ie. rotated) many camera's won't open them anymore. Additional, just like the SD has failed so can your computer's hard drive and you can lose everything just as easily so hopefully you have a very well established data backup for your computer as well.

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Hi everyone,
The track pad on my toshiba satellite randomly stopped working last night. Can't right or left click, can't mouse anywhere.
I tried system restore, but it failed. The control panel shows that the driver is properly installed and up to date.
Any help?

A:Track pad randomly stopped working

Two possibilities immediately come to mind. One, you may have accidentally switched the trackpad off. I think on a Satellite it is the Fn key and F6, but I'm working from memory here. Look at your Function keys and one of them will have some symbol that looks like a mouse and/or a trackpad. You use this, with the Fn key to toggle the trackpad off and on.
The other possibility is that your trackpad may be on the way out. They are, I believe, replaceable if you feel up to it, but the simplest solution is to use a USB connected mouse. As I don't like trackpads, I normally plug a mouse in and switch the pad off if I'm doing anything other than casual work on a laptop.
Chris Cosgrove

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ok like 2 weeks ago, IE just started not letting me look at websites and started saying "cannot find server" every time. ive run virus scans, adware scans and stuff like that. it just started randomly and i didnt install any programs that may have started this problem. I am still able to use the internet for AIM and games that need online. we had a guy from charter come look at it and he made it work for a couple hours, but then it started again. could anyone please help me with this?


A:trouble with IE? randomly stopped working

sorry about the double post. internets running slowly and i thought the other one just didnt work cause i got a "cannot find server" after i posted

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I recently did some housecleaning with my pc and now the audio isn't working. I had shut off some services, not windows audio service. I also used adaware programs, of which only a few low threat items were listed. Overall the system is pretty clean.
But for some reason the audio stopped working. I have updated the creative soundblaster live drivers just in case. I patched them as well. Still nothing so I uninstalled the audio. I then reinstalled it and also moved it into different pci slots. Windows picks it up each time and everything seems to work fine. If I run Windows Media Player, it acts like it's playing the music. If I run system sounds through audio in the control panel, they act like they play fine. But still no sound coming from the speakers. I switched the audio card with another. It also installed fine but still no sound. I then tested the speakers on another system and they had sound on that system.

I just don't know what could have gone wrong. I went back and reenabled all services just in case there was a dependency for Windows Audio that was keeping it from working.
I just don't understand how the light on the speaker that shows its getting audio from another system works fine, but hooking it up to this one the green light doesn't come on. It's like the signal isn't being transmitted out from Windows even though the audio programs are saying it is.

I also checked audio properties in the taskbar to make sure that for audio... Read more

A:Solved: XP Pro - No Audio, Audio has stopped working.

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Yesterday I was using my laptop, everything was working fine, I left it for a couple of hours whilst I went away to do something else, when I came back it was in Standby Mode, I powered on & I noticed that my wireless wasn't picking up my network, I tried multiple restarts, installing the device driver again & switching to switch on the side to no avail it just has a Orange light & does nothing.

Anyone know anything else I could try?

Really hope it's something software related, my DVD drive failed a few months back, hope I don't have to spend more money on it.

A:Laptop Wireless Randomly Stopped Working

You've done the driver, good. You've checked the switch, good. I doubt a System Restore will help here, but you could also try that.

Also, most of the laptops face the problem with the residual charge storage. Residual charge gets stored near the RAM chips of the laptop. If the voltage of the residual charge reaches threshold then the system will not be able to access the memory and hence will give some problems while working. To bring the laptop back to the working state, you will have to clear the residual charge which is stored on the laptop. To clear the residual charge, shut down the laptop and disconnect it from the AC source. Remove the battery and then press the power button of the laptop for about 30 seconds. Replace the battery and see if the problem still persists or not.

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Problem started a few weeks ago. Not sure exactly if anything changed on my PC in terms of software. I know there have been no hardware changes. I am having horrible WiFi capabilities on my PC. Every other device in my household works perfectly fine. My PC is custom-built, running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. The BIOS and drivers are all updated. I was using a TP-Link USB WiFi adapter, which seemingly out of nowhere started running slowly. Then, the Internet would disconnect randomly and intermittently, or slow to almost a crawl. Since then, I ordered 2 more WiFi adapters (Panda and Linksys). All 3 adapters seem to work just fine on my laptop. All of them do the same thing on my PC. Oddly, the Linksys adapter worked beautifully for a couple minutes right after the installation. However, it eventually went back to horribly slow download speeds and/or intermittent connection. Nevertheless, I know the problem is not with the adapters, since they work fine on other machines. I have tried swapping out my keyboard, mouse, etc. with all of the available USB ports to no avail. The keyboard and mouse work fine in all of the USB ports, but the adapters don't work no matter what ports I use. Recently, I ran CCleaner, cleaned up the system and registry, did a fresh install of the WiFi adapter, and still it sucks (again, though, the adapter worked GREAT for a minute or two, then the connection pooped out). HELP??? Never seen this problem in all my years of building P... Read more

A:WiFi stopped working randomly on custom PC

#1 - How is your antivirus situation?

+ Would you post a screenshot of the Wireless Network Connection Status (double click on your network adapter)?

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Hello guys.

I was playing League of Legends, whilst on Skype to some friends and my internet randomly stopped. I checked to make sure all the connections in my "TP-Link PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline" where secure, and tried my "D-Link" dongle to make sure my power line wasn't faulting.

The dongle couldn't find any networks and the internet is working fine on my laptop "I'm using it". So I've came to the conclusion that it's my computer software, and struggling to find a working answer an Google I came here.

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks. Lee.

A:Internet Randomly stopped working on one computer.


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Recently, when connecting my desktop PC to my TV over HDMI, all it shows is 'no signal'. It was working fine before then and I know it isn't the TV or the HDMI cable through testing. Has anyone got any ideas what's happened and how to fix this?


P.S: I would write some PC specs but I would need to be able to use a screen for my computer to see them so...

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Recently, when connecting my desktop PC to my TV over HDMI, all it shows is 'no signal'. It was working fine before then and I know it isn't the TV or the HDMI cable through testing. Has anyone got any ideas what's happened and how to fix this?


P.S: I would write some PC specs but I would need to be able to use a screen for my computer to see them so...

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I have a Windows 10 laptop and an external monitor. The monitor was working perfectly for a few weeks, until one day I switched on the laptop to find that the monitor was no longer working. Going to 'Display Settings' only showed one monitor, and pressing 'Detect' said 'Didn't detect another display'.

After updating all drivers, then purchasing new leads and adapters for the monitor, I still couldn't get it to work. Then I stumbled upon the 'Hardware and devices' troubleshooter which, after restarting my computer, made it work.

Less than a week later, I just restarted my machine and suddenly it's not working again. This time, the troubleshooter isn't fixing it. Every time, it just says to restart my computer to finish applying updates/drivers but restarting doesn't help.

Anyone have ideas how I can fix this?


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Hello! So my notebook has a lovely function key line-up that lets me adjust screen brightness, turn the backlight on the keyboard, mute and adjust volume, pause/play/fast-forward/rewind, and turn the wi-fi on and off. I have never had a problem with these keys and use them all the time, but they all randomly stopped working a few days ago. I've tried pressing them in combination with the fn key, but they still don't work. And when I do press them, it seems like they are doing other stuff (for example, if I press f6/mute, the content of the google search/address  bar will become highlighted).  I thought maybe my cat stepped on some combo that turned the function keys off, but I haven't been able to find anything under "settings" that would allow me to turn them back on. I did the BIOS thing - they were already enabled in there, so I disabled, restarted, tried the keys with no luck, shut down, enabled, restarted, and they still don't work.  I've been browsing the forums and downloading drivers that people have posted, but that hasn't helped.  I've gone into the device manager and made sure my keyboard and monitor drivers are up to date.  I've tried going through HP support for updated drivers, however Windows 10 isn't an option for my notebook, only Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and neither of those had a hotkeys support driver option anyway. And before you ask, I've been running Windows 10 for a long time now without any trou... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and it's about 5 years old (can't really afford a new one right now). I'm running on windows 7.

The other day, my computer randomly disconnected from the wireless connection in my house. It cannot connect to the Internet at all. It isn't my router, because I've restarted it a lot of times and it works fine on my iPad and the other computers in the house.

When the problem first arose, my computer said that there was another computer with the same IP address on the wireless, and I needed to check with a system administrator. Since then, that message hasn't shown up again and now when I try troubleshooting, it can only suggest that I restart the router (it isn't the router!)

I'm a huge beginner so I haven't tried much more than restarting the router, restarting my computer, or restarting the Internet switch on my laptop.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do!!

A:Wifi on my comp randomly stopped working

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I have a MacBook Pro running Windows 8 (via BootCamp) and I was running games on Steam.

Randomly, the game froze, and my Xbox 360 controller stopped responding. When I exited out to try and fix the problem, the trackpad stopped working completely and the whole thing froze.

Upon restart, the trackpad simply doesn't work (still doesn't) and I have to use a mouse to control it at all.

I reinstalled all of the BootCamp drivers, and it still doesn't work.

Any idea why this could be?



A:TrackPad Driver Randomly Stopped Working

Found a fix. Just needed to go to Device Manager, found two errors with the trackpad, selected "Properties" then "Resintall Drivers", selected the drivers from the list (in WindowsSupport folder) and then updated them and everything works again.

Thanks anyway!

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I really have no idea what has happened I hate my laptop right now been giving me crap for weeks. It was fine yesterday yet today it just won't connect to my home network. It will connect on the wire and will find connections but won't connect.

A:[SOLVED] Wireless randomly stopped working

Lets take a peek at your network environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again.

How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router, Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB drive, or a CD-R disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

then please Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press... Read more

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I woke up this morning and some of the keys on my keyboard have stopped working.

Im nearly 100% sure it isnt a faulty keyboard but rather a virus or something that is remapping my keyboard. The keyboard has been working fine up until today when the f, y, m, and ' keys stopped working all at once. Nothing spilled on the keyboard.. nothing like that. Ive tried a system restore but it didnt solve anything.

I tried to do some research on my own, but didnt find much.. one guy had the same problem, but I didnt see any concrete fixes.

One thing that makes me think its a remapping problem is that when i hold down the f, m, y, and ' keys and hit x, the return is " \eqx ". Holding different combos of the keys that arent working yields different results, but results nonetheless, and since theres some sort of return when i hit the keys, i assume they still work but something on the computer happened. The other person who had this issue that I found gave me the idea of holding down the keys and hitting x, since he did it and had the same results.

Is there a known virus that I may have? Any way to restore the key set/map to factory defaults? Anyone have any idea whats going on here?


A:Keyboard keys randomly stopped working

So have you verified that you have no virus or other malware infections? Download and run free Malwarebytes, and see if it flags some malware

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sorry for starting a new thread but i have searched through so many and still not found a fix for my issue

I was watching a movie and sound worked perfectly fell asleep woke up the next morning and no sound through my tv connected via gainward gtx550ti HDMI port it still shows in playback devices and when i test it still shows sound is playing but nothing comes out of the speakers. i have tried every possible thing i can think of to fix it system recovery, update drivers, uninstall and re-installing drivers, using both hdmi cable and tv with a different device and using speakers with built in sound card so im thinking its my graphics card that has a problem but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:HDMI sound randomly stopped working

The HDMI is generated by the video card. If the HDMI is set as the default audio playback device and there is still no audio, its most likey a problem in the video card.

One thing you haven't tried, reseating the video card. Its a long shot but give it a try. Power off the PC before reseating (unplugging and plugging back in).

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I can't find a solution anywhere, here's the situation..

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, the mouse is a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 (along with the keyboard)

So i've been running the windows 7 RC for a long time now, i'm telling you this because i know many will put it down to the fact that it's probably not stable, which in fact i don't think is the reason at all.

So today i was just browsing the internet etc, when suddenly my mouse goes a bit jurky then just stops. I tohught don't panic, theyll be a simple solution. So i checked the batterys, fine (i knew they were anyway as the led was still on normally), i knew it cant be drivers etc as the keyboard was still working.
Next i thought it must be the mouse itself, so i unplugged everything and booted up with a mouse i used to use (a plug in 1, u no with the green end) and guess what ... not working! So it must be something to do with the computer, so i reboot with my microsoft mouse and check the driver, servies (mouhid.sys etc) and the process, and my computer just says that everything is working fine. I really don't understand, iv re installed drivers, gone back to previous versions of drivers, uninstalled then re installed windows updates, system restored, but still no luck. Please not that I have been doing everything you are reading with my keyboard!)

Does anybody know what could be wrong?

A:Solved: Mouse randomly stopped working!

Try in Safe Mode and see if the problem persists

How to Start in Safemode

1. Restart your computer.
2. Before the windows logo you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu.
3. Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys.
4. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.
5. Do whatever tasks you require and when you are done reboot to boot back into normal mode..

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I had this memory stick for a while, and its been working fine. It has a lot of my important college work on it too. Just a few days ago it randomly stopped working. I've tried it on all computers I can and none of them recognised it, and it didn't pop up in 'My Computer'.
The best reaction I got was on this laptop, where it said it was processing, but then said that I did not have a suitable driver software or something like that. Please help, I have a lot of work on it .

A:7dayshop USB memory stick randomly stopped working?

A lot of them quit just because they have been dropped more than 12 inches.

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Hi all. I have a odd problem that just occured today. I have spent the last 20 minutes searching the forums for a solution, but to no avail.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

My problem is, my Retrolink USB SNES controller just stopped working. Just like that. I've had it for about two months, and it's worked flawlessly, including when I used it today. But then when I went to load a game using an emulator a couple of hours ago, it just randomly stopped working. I didn't get any error message or anything, so I thought it was a problem with the input configuation in the SNES emulator ... but then I found out that it wouldn't work on any emulator no matter what I did.

I have two usb ports on the side of my laptop. Just to test to see if my USB ports were working correctly, I took my wireless optical mouse and plugged in the usb dongle. Worked great, so I assume there's no actual problem with the ports themselves, just this controller.

In device manager, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the device, and taking it out and plugging in back in, "updating" the drivers (it always says "you have the best driver for this device installed", searching for newer drivers on google ... couldn't find any, and even restarting. Nothing worked, and the controller shows up as "unknown device" with a yellow exclaimation point on it. Disabling and re-enabling the device does nothing. All other usb devices are working fine. Windows tells me th... Read more

A:Retrolink USB SNES controller randomly stopped working ...

hi, Friend..
i have an usb controller but does not let me play on my zsnes. I play online games of snes and it?s so bad that i can?t play with the original controller... we got to find and option soon..

do you investigate something more about it?

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I'm sorry, I know this is a poor thread title, but I can not be more specific.

Quick background:
I built this system a few years back. After dealing with a bad memory stick and swapping it out for new ones this has been the most stable system I have ever built - until recently.

About a month ago my computer suddenly would not start. Most of the time it would not even get to the bios - it would simply keep restarting (as I could tell by the CD-rom doing it's boot sequence spin over and over). Sometimes it would get to the windows loading screen before freezing though.

It was really random, and I worked desperately trying to figure out what was causing it but I could not seem to find the specific culprit. After a while of re-seating hardware it just randomly started working again! However, now it seems to BSOD a lot.

I wound up buying a new larger power supply (since mine was a little lower than I would have liked), but it did not seem to solve anything.

The last week or so it has been extra worse crashing multiple times per day. Some of the crashes will cause a string of crashes over and over for a bit before it'll let me get back to windows. It's very random where it happens. Tonight while playing a game a few times, a few days back a few times while just in firefox, sometimes just in different programs, or even just sitting at the desktop while I'm doing something at my desk.

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on fixing my computers, but this has really frustrated ... Read more

A:Computer stopped booting, working again but now randomly crashes

Things that I have done in attempt to solve this:
Updated any drivers that were old.
Installed latest Windows updates
Defragged HD multiple times and ran check disk multiple times - nothing was ever found wrong.
Returned my memory (was manually timed with higher voltage for years and was stable) back to base safe settings.
Uninstalled all USB devices (had a weird suspicion it was an issue) and had windows re-install the drivers.
^Same with Audio Drivers^.
Removed some programs that ran in the background (one was listed in a crash dumps) - Did not help.
Ran stress tests on Video card, CPU and Memory, finding no issues.
My CPU is running quite cool (Low/Mid 60s when playing games *typoed "50"*), the case is a phenomenal cooling system.
Replaced some cables (such as IDE) in case they were faulty
Tried running the system with as few things attached to the PS (when the system would not even boot) but it did not help.

I'm just very confused since this all happened after that one day when the computer would suddenly not start. I suspect it must be a hardware issue at this point but I don't know how to decipher the crash dumps very well and I'm hoping someone here will be able to tell what item is causing this instability.

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Ok so I have *no* idea what to do or why this happened. I've been on my computer all afternoon, and I have been browsing the internet, talking on AIM, and making a flyer using GIMP photo software. Later in the day (after 5 pm) I decided I was not using the internet all that much and switched off my wireless on my laptop, and focused on using GIMP. (I do this all the time - turn off wiFi but turn it on when I want to use a program. It's ALWAYS fine and i have done it many times today alone). I turned it back on to look some things up for my mom about beef jerky, then kept it on but didnt sign in to IM or anything. At some point, I decided I'd go back on AIM.

However, it wouldnt connect (Connection Failed). Thinking this was odd, I went ahead and clicked "Auto Configure", which usually fixes an intermittent problem - it didnt! Soon I realized that Windows Update can't access the internet, my e-mail wont access the internet, and AIM and MSN messengers cant get on the internet. There was NO CHANGE AT ALL during this whole day, and my browsers (firefox and IE both) are fine. I'm quite annoyed. I restarted computer three times because this seemed like one of those restart-and-itll-be-fixed random problems, but its not apparently.

This is ridiculous, and I would REALLY REALLY appreciate any thoughts. My firewall shows no unusual activity (esp. no blocking of these programs) and I don't have a virus or spyware... this is very random.
... Read more

A:Solved: Internet randomly stopped working but browsers are OK!

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This morning I was surfing the web on my Lenovo 3000 Y410 just fine--no problems. Then it just completely randomly stopped working. It disconnect while surfing, and now it just says "No wireless networks available".

I've tried restarting and reinstalling the wireless drivers numerous times. I'm also aware that the Fn + F5 key turns the wireless on/off, but pressing this does nothing. I've tried system restore as well as system recovery, but nothing is working.

What could have possibly gone wrong? I was just browsing a forum and this happened. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, but I assume this has nothing to do with it as the internet has been working just fine until today.

I've very confuzzled

A:Solved: Wireless Internet Randomly Stopped Working


I started reinstalling all the other drivers for the Lenovo, and now when using the Fn keys the notifications started popping up for every Fn key pressed.

NOW, when I press Fn + F5 (the wireless on/off switch) the notification comes up that wire capabilities have been turned off. But, no matter how many times I press it, it always shuts OFF, and never on (whereas in the past it would alternate on/off)!

Why is this? Why can't I turn on my wireless?

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Just turned my computer on, tried to load a gme put it did not detect the CD. I then restarted the computer, still no difference. Opened up my computer to see if there's any loose connections, although there was none I still took them out and put them back in, still no difference.

I went on device manager and this message was on the driver 'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)'

How can I fix this?

A:TSSRcorp CD/DVDW TS-H653L randomly stopped working

Quote: Originally Posted by saroy94

Just turned my computer on, tried to load a gme put it did not detect the CD. I then restarted the computer, still no difference. Opened up my computer to see if there's any loose connections, although there was none I still took them out and put them back in, still no difference.

I went on device manager and this message was on the driver 'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)'

How can I fix this?

Uninstall the driver in device manager and reboot. Win 7 will find and install the correct driver
Ken J

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I recently bought a new cisco e2000 router and had no problem connecting to it on all the devices in the house (about 10 of them)

Just now, all the devices in my room (ipod, netbook, phone, and laptop) lost a connection to the router and no matter where I am in the house none of these 4 devices can get a connection. I can see other networks, just not mine. They all worked perfectly fine before, and out of nowhere they stopped working. Other devices that were not in my room at the time of this 'wifi surge' still have a connection to the router.
The wired connection works and that's how I'm typing this right now...

Any suggestions?


A:Wifi on all the devices in one room only randomly stopped working

Hello laxman7,

I would start off with a Power Cycle. See if it helps, if not please move on to the next tasks.

You may visit Linsys site and see if there's a most recent update for you router even though your router is brand new.

Install and run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector from one of your wireless computers.
Double click the Xirrus Icon on your Desktop, Tap the Printscreen key on your keyboard, open up Paint then choose Edit from the Menu and select Paste, then SAVE it. Upload and attached the file here.

Please post an update.

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--Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1--

--Dell Studio XPS Laptop--

This problem started about about 2 days ago, but until tonight I thought it was something different. Though my system has not crashed in around an hour, experience tells me it can happen almost any time.

I was browsing the web on multiple tabs (don't remember what I was browsing) when suddenly Norton Antivirus detected an attack on my computer. As I was about to check the details of the attack, my computer shut down. I don't recall whether it restarted itself or I turned it back on, but as I browsed the computer again, I began to sporadically receive multiple "X program... has stopped working" error messages. Believing this was probably bad, I tried a system restore; but with the restore, I received the error message that "system restore did not complete successfully: your computer's files and setting were not changed. Unspecified error." Again, I received messages that programs stopped working sporadically.

Thinking I could go about restoring my computer in another way, I tried the method of restoring by going through startup repair. Startup repair did not launch, however, and lead instead to a "create new user" screen. This worried me; I thought I had lost all of my files, so I quickly shut down worried that I would make it worse and didn't attempt to start my system back up until I had gotten some advice.

Someone told me that the startup repair erro... Read more

A:Constant/random crashes and programs randomly "stopped working"

Hello,And welcome to, before we can assist you with your question of: Am I infected? You will need to perform the following tasks and post the logs of each if you can.Malwarebytes:Please plost the log for Malwarebytes, and then proceed with the next set of tools.SUPERAntiSpyware:Please download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware FreeDouble-click SUPERAntiSypware.exe and use the default settings for installation.An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.If it will not start, go to Start > All Prgrams > SUPERAntiSpyware and click on Alternate Start.If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here. Double-click on the hyperlink for Download Installer and save SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to your desktop. Then double-click on SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to install the definitions.)In the Main Menu, click the Preferences... button.Click the "General and Startup" tab, and under Start-up Options, make sure "Start SUPERAntiSpyware when Windows starts" box is unchecked.Click the "Scanning Control" tab, and under Scanner Options, make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.

Scan with SUPERAntiSpyware as follows:[list]L... Read more

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I own a Latitude E5530, and I use it for school purposes, so this is extremely urgent I get it fixed ASAP.

My WiFi has been working for a while now,and all the sudden, my Wifi stopped working completely. I try troubleshooting, but it wants me to hookup to the wired connection. I open the DW WLAN Utility, and it says I need a wireless network card to use the utility. I open device manager, and the only thing listed is the Ethernet adapter, under Network Adapters, and nothing with an exclamation point.

I noticed that after installing driver updates from the Dell website, my wifi stopped working and it's just like it disappeared on me, but idontknow if that had an influence at all.

I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit SP1

Please, I really need help fixing this, as I go back to school on Monday, and need it that morning.

A:***URGENT***: Latitude E5530 Wireless Randomly Stopped Working

Advise us what the "service tag" number and/or "express service code" number is on your Dell Latitude E5530 laptop so we can confirm the identity of its devices.


If only the ethernet adapter and not the wireless adapter is listed in the Network Adapters heading in the Device Manager, that indicates the wireless adapter isn't being detected and may have gone bad.

If that laptop's wireless device can't be fixed, the quickest solution is to buy and install an external USB wireless adapter.


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The other day I went to a friends house, came back home, booted up my PC, and my wireless network adapter wasn't working. I've tried everything to fix it.

It's a D-Link DWA-525 802.11n Wireless PCI netowrk adapter. On device manager it just says 802.11 Wireless LAN Card with a yellow exclamation next to it. And when I check what the error is, it's either error 31 or 52 at different times, depending what I've tried to do to fix it.

I tried downloading the driver for it off the D-Link website, nothing happens at all when I install it. I tried taking it out of my computer and plugging it in. I tried enabling it and disabling it on device manager.

I noticed one thing, when it's in my computer the green light at the back that says activity next to it isn't on. Could it be broken? I haven't done anything to it, and really don't want to buy a new one.

Please if you have anything else I can try to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wirless network adapter randomly stopped working on Desktop.

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Hello, this is my first post here on this forum.
About a week or two, I Downgraded my Computer (Dell l502x) from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits, installed the drivers from the Dell Page, and everything worked good, except for the Realtek HD Audio Driver Version (Recommended for my PC on Dell Website), This is the problem:
When I Start my computer, a message shows up with the following error: "Realtek HD Audio Manager has stopped working" and then, I Have to close the message and open Realtek HD Audio Manager again from the Control Panel. I Have already tried re-installing Windows and the error keeps appearing After I Install that driver, I Was wondering if maybe that version of the driver is faulty or something (It would be weird, since it's the one Dell recommends for this computer on the page)
I Have visited many forums, including this one looking for a fix to this issue, but I have not found a solution yet. So I was wondering if someone had this issue before and has a solution to this annoying problem.
any Help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Here's a picture of the issue im having when I start Windows 7 (It's in Spanish, but I think you will understand it)

A:"Realtek HD Audio Manager has stopped working" at Windows Startup

Try the R275 version on the RealTek site. Its the latest version and will work on your PC. When you run the Realtek installation the first thing it will do is uninstall the current version you have installed and then restart the PC. After the restart it will continue and install the R275 version. This is the version I have on all my PC's for both Win 7 64 bit and Win 8 64 bit.

Download the High Definition Audio Codec R.275 64 bit OS version.

BTW, here is the info on posting screen shots on this forum. You con't have to upload them to a host.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I had been using a D-Link wireless router for over a year with hardly any problems and recently my wireless internet has stopped working. To make sure it was the router and not the DSL modem itself, I disconnected the router and hooked the modem directly into the computer and my internet connection was fine for that one computer. I tried restarting both the router and modem several times and used different ethernet cords before deciding that it certainly had to be a router problem. So, I purchased a new Netgear router 2 days ago and much to my dismay, the same problems occured when trying to set up that router. The internet light still doesn't show on the modem and the wireless light doesn't show on the router..."No connection detected".

I have heard and seen several similar problems and heard solutions relating to IP addresses and contacting the dsl service (Bellsouth/AT&T), however I am not fully aware or informed of these procedures and was wondering if anyone could give some straight forward help in helping to fix my problem. Thanks

A:Wirelss randomly stopped router didn't solve problem

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Hello, guys. It seems I got a BSOD suddenly after my Xbox one controller stopped working out of no where. It was working fine a couple of hours ago. I updated my computer restarted and everything seemed fine. I went to go play a game with my Xbox one controller and BAM, the light wasn't on. I checked to make sure it was plugged in, and even restarted my computer again, but nothing. Soon after I unplugged my controller and plugged it in, I got a BSOD.

This is a relatively new Alienware computer, I only had it about 2 months from today. I have the .dmp file from Bluescreenviewer, and I know it has something to do with my Xbox one controller. The moment my Xbox one controller stopped working I got the BSOD. I included what bluescreenviewer showed me. I just don't know how to go about solving this. The computer works fine and I restarted it several times and no BSOD. But, my Xbox one controller simply does not work. Much help will be appreciated. Text file as an attachment.

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I have a laptop with Windows Vista. All of a sudden there is a red and white X over the sound icon on the system tray. If i put the cursor over it, it says "No Audio Output Device" is installed. I have Googled this a few times, and the first suggestion I am seeing is to go to Device Manager and uninstall and reinstall the driver. There is no sound driver there anymore all of a sudden... I've gone to HP's website and tried to manually install the driver, and it installs but I get an error saying "Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver".

I'm out of ideas... Anyone? I have an HP dv2810ca.

A:My audio has stopped working

The list of drivers for your laptop is incomplete do know on this model that you need to have the UAA buss driver installed befor the audio driver best bet would be to contact HP

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My sound stopped working. My computer says that everything is working fine but its not working at all.
There is this error message I get when I press the start button (the specified module could not be found msls31.dll) It all started with that error, now Iv'e tried to do the sfc/scannnow but I get this message (Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them). I can't seem to figure out how to do it manually. I have no audio on my laptop for 2 days now. I can't seem to fix it myself. Help!

A:Audio stopped working Win 7 32 bit

I've seen many posts about fixing the msls31.dll problem with google searches. Microsoft's fix is the sfc scannow which you did and didn't fix it.

Although you have no audio, the best option is another forum section. After you get the msls31.dll problem (and any other system issue) corrected you can then address the sound (if it is still an issue).

The Software section may be a place to start. Repost there, as I can't move this to a different section. Software - Windows 7 Help Forums

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IDT PC Audio Stopped WorkingI have pavilion g6 2277et laptop.. I have Windows 8.1 64 bitHow can i get the latest updated audio drivers, or how can i resolve this?

A:IDT PC Audio Stopped Working

muratsahin Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about needing audio drivers and wanted to help. This is the link to the HP Product page for your PC: The drivers you want are under Driver-Audio.Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.

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i downlaoded some Audio Disc images which had DTS audio...they used to play fine but when i tried them today i only heard very HARSH NOISE...happens with windows media player and i also tried itunes, same thing happens ...but it works with VLC used to work great on windows media using klite codec pack. any idea why this happeded and how can it be fixed?
here are the things ive tried so far:
-Unisstalled/ Reinstalled K-lite Codec Pack Full
-Uninstalled/ Reinstalled ALL Media Features Of Windows 7 (WMP and WMC)
-Uninstalled/ Reinstalled Audio Drivers

None of these helped

A:DTS audio stopped working

ok i fixed my problem, i had unistalled ac3filter....btw when i set ac3filter to AS IS (no change) it only output 2 channels of audio even though the input is multi channel.

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and came here because I have an encountered a problem which I cannot seem to fix. I have a custom built pc I put together myself. I'm running windows 7 and over the past year and a half since I've had it there have been no major issues. However, today I restarted my computer to let it do some updates. I have bitdefender and it kept bugging me to do the update. After restarting my pc I suddenly had no audio whether I used headphones plugged into the audio jacks or my Bluetooth gaming headset. I went into audio device management etch and from the outside looking in everything seemed to look fine. I googles the problem and tried to go into my bios. That didn't work and when I tried to access them my screen went black and now when I restart my computer it doesn't show the "Gigabyte" screen before loading windows. It gets worse though. I thought maybe I could fix the problem by reinstalling my realtek hd audio drivers. So I uninstalled them and went to the realtek site to download them. Did that and installed the drivers but they didn't show up when I went to computer/manage under the audio/game section. Next I tried to update them using the install legacy hardware option. That's when the real problems started. Doing this gave me a blue screen and my computer crashed and when I went back into manage computer it showed the realtek was there now but it said no drivers were installed. I've tried multiple times to update/install legacy har... Read more

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Last night I was listening to the audio on my laptop through headphones. Today my audio just stopped working. The headphones belonged to my friend and I can't find mine so I can't to even test to see if it is the speakers. Does the computer think the headphones are still plugged in by chance?



A:Audio stopped working

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So i've had my audio connected via dvi-hdmi cable (750ti) and its been working fine for months.

this morning i blew a bunch of dust out of my system with an air compressor and noticed when i turned it back on it wasn't giving audio anymore.

tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers that didn't work.

The Tv still comes up in the "Set up digital audio" options in the control panel, but windows isn't seeing the audio anymore.

any ideas?

A:TV audio just stopped working.

Is HDMI set as the default audio playback device? HDMI audio either is generated internally in the video card or is fed from a digital audio S/PDIF connection on the motherboard. Since you were inside, either the cable connection has been disturbed or if that is not how yours works, reseat the video card and see if that helps (Reseat - with the PC powered off, remove the video card then reinsert making sure its fully and correctly seated on the motherboard).

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After recent windows 8.1 update, IDT PC Audio crashes on initiation.  Worked fine in the past.  Driver is stwrt64.sys version 6.10.6491.0

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XP Home
2.13 GHz AMD Athlon XP
512 MB Ram
120 GB HD

Board: First International Computer, Inc. AM37 PCB 1.x
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 3/18/03

Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device (onboard MOBO)
Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM)

Friend's boyfriend called me and told me his sound stopped working right after he "cleaned up his hard drive of junk".
I went there and checked Device Manager and it said there were no drivers for his Audio.
I went to a drivers site and d/l drivers for Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio.

Installed and Device Manager now said they were functioning properly.
However the speakers still dont work.
I plugged the speakers into my Laptop and they worked fine.

What do I need to know here?
I told him I'd purchase an audio card but I dont want to do that and then have to return it if that's not the problem. I will. But if there's something else I should check first, I'd rather do that.

His PC is a relatively new eMachine.

Any ideas?


A:Audio Stopped Working

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My computer's onboard audio recently stopped working. The Realtek High Definition Audio Speakers suddenly show as "Not plugged in" in the Playback devices dialog.

Coinciding with this, five new devices, all "Speakers," all showing as "Ready" or one of the defaults, have appeared: WsAudio_DeviceS(1) through WsAudio_DeviceS(5).

None of these WsAudio_DeviceS produce any audio when tested; I have tried this with both my speakers and some headphones.

The Realtek Digital Output still appears as "Ready," which isn't useful, given that I don't have any S/PDIF devices.

I have tried connecting some wireless headphones with a Bluetooth dongle I had lying around, but I couldn't get them to work very well (nor could I back when my speakers were working). Recording with a USB microphone works fine, but I haven't tried it through the onboard audio Line In jack.

Looking at other, similar problems on forums, I found many people who were able to resolve this problem by changing the settings in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, which I don't have for my MSI PH61A-P35 motherboard. The only effect that reinstalling the audio drivers had for me was uninstalling the drivers for my USB keyboard for no reason.

Does anybody have any ideas about how I can get audio to work? I haven't been able to find my old PCI soundcard, but I'll try that if I find it.

A:Audio stopped working

Hello TortoiseWrath, Welcome to Sevenforums.

Have you try System Restore to go back to a time when you know it was working properly.

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I recently did some housecleaning with my pc and now the audio isn't working. I had shut off some services, not windows audio service. I also used adaware programs, of which only a few low threat items were listed. Overall the system is pretty clean.
But for some reason the audio stopped working. I have updated the creative soundblaster live drivers just in case. I patched them as well. Still nothing so I uninstalled the audio. I then reinstalled it and also moved it into different pci slots. Windows picks it up each time and everything seems to work fine. If I run Windows Media Player, it acts like it's playing the music. If I run system sounds through audio in the control panel, they act like they play fine. But still no sound coming from the speakers. I switched the audio card with another. It also installed fine but still no sound. I then tested the speakers on another system and they had sound on that system.

I just don't know what could have gone wrong. I went back and reenabled all services just in case there was a dependency for Windows Audio that was keeping it from working.
I just don't understand how the light on the speaker that shows its getting audio from another system works fine, but hooking it up to this one the green light doesn't come on. It's like the signal isn't being transmitted out from Windows even though the audio programs are saying it is.

I also checked audio properties in the taskbar to make sure that f... Read more

A:XP Pro - No Audio, Audio has stopped working.

When the speakers are connected to another system, as soon as the other systems turn on, the green power light for the speakers turn on. These speakers are powered by an adapter that plugs into the wall, they aren't powered by usb. But when those speakers are plugged into this pc's audio card, the green light does not come on at power on or even when fully into windows. Its like the pci slots aren't getting power or something? But if that was so, wouldn't the audio cards not be read by the system? So, I don't know, so confused.

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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: setup.exe_Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
Application Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Application Timestamp: 5010a298
Fault Module Name: setup.exe
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Fault Module Timestamp: 5010a298
Exception Code: c0000096
Exception Offset: 000020f4
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

A:Windows installer has stopped working or setup.exe has stopped working


Lets start here:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click 'Copy' - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the validation tool here in your next reply


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my smart audeo has stopped working, how do I fix it?

A:smart audio stopped working

You need to be more specific, did your audio (speakers/headphones) stop working, do you get a DirectSound error message. I have found that when the audio cuts out on my system (rare, but does happen), I get it working again by going into control panel, services, and stopping and starting the WINDOWS AUDIO service gets the audio going again.

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My sound randomly stopped working today.
I turned on my laptop (from hibernation) and noticed that sounds weren't playing.
I have tried fiddling with everything. I restarted the Windows Audio service, and checked everything having to do with my sound card and drivers, and it says there isn't any problems. I have rebooted my computer a few times, and tried remote restore, but it hasn't fixed it.
I haven't seen any error messages.
I looked in event viewer, and I can't find anything that has to do with Audio.
When I mute the sound, I can hear the static buzz sound that my speakers make stop.
If I unmute the microphone I can hear that work through the speakers, but I still can not play any sounds from my computer.
When I record sound with Sound Recorder, it shows the wave forms as it plays, but all I hear in the speakers is the buzz that they make when they are turned up.

I can't think of anything that I may have done to change the Audio.

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Audio Stopped Working

I disabled the audio device and rebooted my computer.
The sound seems to work now.

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I just got a new hp envy beats laptop and it worked fine for the first 2 weeks. Now my audio does not work at all. I have checked all the mute and volume controls and still nothing...I uninstalled and re-installed all my audio drivers, still not working...In device manager there are no errors...I even see the audio meter go up and down when I attempt to play audio through cd, dvd, youtube and zune...nothing..Even headphones don't work...please help..this one is baffling me and pissing me off because it's not even 2 weeks old...It worked 1 night and the next day nothing...I did not install anything during that period...


A:my laptop audio stopped working

Not even 2 weeks old? I would strongly advise you work with whomever you bought it from and use the warranty process.

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This happened once before.
I somehow got it back by reapplying the IDT drivers.
However, now seems as though I can't get those drivers to install (error message is hardware not supported by drivers, which it was before and working). Within the device manager, when attempting to update drivers, error comes up saying that the "co-installer" needs to do something.
Any thoughts?
Thank you,
Fritz Golman

A:M4500 Win 10, audio was OK then stopped working

This seems to have corrected itself after a reboot, of all things!
Driver happy now.

Go figure.

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so I have a dell xps1530 with vista. awhile ago i used my laptops hdmi to my tv, the sound and everything worked fine. for some reason now i can't get the sound to default over to it. i know how to usually do it but when i hit make hdmi default audio nothing happens. the kicker is that when i hit 'test' on the hdmi the audio works through the tv, so the cord works and everything, my computer just won't let it become the default. i attached a hijack log if it helps

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.3 (BETA)
Scan saved at 8:51:59 PM, on 2/3/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Google\Gmail Notifier\gnotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxWatchTray9.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\MediaDirect\PCMService.exe
C:\Program Files\Fingerprint Reader Suite\psqltray.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exe
C:\Program Files\DellTPad\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Replay Media Catcher\FLVSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\\Agent\mcagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateS... Read more

A:HDMI Audio stopped working

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I have a Samsung laptop (about 4 years old) which has worked fine. Sound still works fine. About a month ago I noticed that when I plug in headphones the sound would come through both the headphones and the pc speakers (instead of just the headphones like it had been doing for years). Then about a week ago, the headphone jack stopped working altogether. Sound only comes through the pc speakers. Seems like a software thing to me. The jack does not appear damaged in any way. Nothing is jammed in it and it doesn't feel loose.

Here is my Realtek Audio Manager

Here is my device manager

Here is system information

Here is sound information

I have tried uninstalling all of my sound drivers and having them reinstall on a reboot. I tried a number of things I found on the internet. (ie My "little yellow folder" in Realtek Manager is missing. My "show disabled devices" does not reveal anything, etc). I have not dropped the laptop and nothing has spilled in it. I really don't see how anything could have physically damaged the jack (unless it just failed from use)

Please advise. Thanks so much for what you all do. This is a huge help although I know it seems trivial.

A:Audio Jack Not Working - It Just Stopped.

Didn't post my system info correctly. Here it is.

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I have a win7 64 bit. My audio stopped working as of this morning. Not even headphones work. Can't do a system restore,it was shutoff for some reason I need help

A:Solved: Audio stopped working

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Both audio playback through the integrated sound card and recording through a USB microphone stopped working suddenly
I cannot play back or record anything
No application software can find the either the sound or recording channels.
In device manager both recording and playback devices are listed, enabled and working properly.
If I launch an audio track the sound bars levels against the device do not move. The speaker next to the clock is present and does not have a red cross through it.
The first thing I did was do a system restore to a couple of days previously when I know it was all working - still nothing.
I have checked the BIOS to make sure audio is enabled and set to automatic - it is.
Cannot be the integrated sound card - Dell XPS 430 - because the separate USB microphone does not work either.
It is like all audio functions have stopped being accessible to software applications, although Windows 7 Ultimate 64 sees them as present, enabled and working.
So Windows sees the audio devices, Windows applications do not.
Any ideas please?

A:Audio suddenly stopped working

 Do headphones work?  How about bluetooth?  Bluetooth adapters are pretty cheap, I paid $15 for mine, but I'm told you can get them for as little as $5.  I have a problem with my Toshiba laptop speakers that I've circumvented with bluetooth speakers when home, and headphones when I'm not.
Good luck.

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I don't know why but some games that I play have no audio. I go in the settings of the games and its not the game itself. I think its my computer and I'm not sure if its some settings that got put on some how. One thing im confused about is, it's not all the games, some do have sound but its not the ones I play the most. What should I do?

Games I play are, Without sound: StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod (or simplified my Valve and Blizzard games)
With sound: Terraria, Realm Of The Mad God,

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I just updated my computer and about 30 minutes after the update the earbuds I use to listen to music just stopped working but my headphones work perfectly fine.It's not an issue with my earbuds because I used them on my phone when they stopped working on the computer and they worked just fine.  It can't be the front jacks that are screwing up because I uninstalled the drivers and installed them again to see if it would work and they installed when I plugged them in the front audio jack. IDT also detects them when I have them plugged in... The earbuds work when I plug them into the audio jacks at the back of the desktop Appearently my computer doesn't want to register the front jacks anymore... 

A:Audio stopped working after win 8.1 update

Hi there @McIovin?,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that a set of earbuds are not working in the front audio jack, but they work in the back one. Also a set of headphones do work in the front jack. I am happy to help with this. Have you tried a different set of earbuds?If you apply light pressure on the earbuds when in the front audio jack, is there any change? Please let me know.

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hi all.
For some reason my realtek audio has stopped working on my windows7 64bit system.
I just turned it on this morning. No sound.
I checked in playback devices and noted that under 'speakers' it tells me "Realtek high definition audio not plugged in"
Under that there is 'Realtek Digital Output' and this says "Realtek High Definition Audio Default Device"

The speakers are plugged in an I have tested them on another system to check they are working.
I have opened the Realtek HD Audio Manager and noticed that all analog back and front panel jack inputs are grayed out.
I have uninstalled all Realtek drivers and software. I have rebooted and let windows find the audio devices again and install drivers.
This made no difference at all.
I have cleaned the registry of anything relating to Realtek.
I have downloaded the latest driver software from the Realtek web site and installed that. This makes no difference either.
I have set the bios back to default. This has made no difference.
In the bios I have set the HD AUDIO option to both 'auto' and 'off'. still no sound.
All connections are in the correct jack sockets.

Could you please help me to get audio back on my system?
I have pretty much run out of things to try.

Thank You.

A:realtek audio just stopped working

Hello sledge try this first mate Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 > do point 15 first.

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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone can help.

My wife was using our PC, playing an online puzzle game, and she muted the sound.
When I came to use the PC myself, I noticed the sound was muted, so I un-muted it, expecting all to be good again, but it wasn't.
No sound at all !
After messing around for quite a while, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the drivers, that hasn't worked.
I've just done a system restore, and that hasn't worked either.
I've run MBAM & Microsoft Security Essentials, and neither has shown any problems.
I'm at a total loss, please help.

Many thanks in advance


A:Audio Stopped Working Suddenly

Don't know if this is relevant,
but in Device manager/Sound, video & game controllers/ legacy audio drivers, properties is blank.

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My audio has stopped working for Windows and Gaim, but Winamp and various games are still fine. I've reinstalled the drivers many times and uninstalled every possible audio device, but I always end up with the same thing.

In Winamp's WaveOut plugin, the first device is messed up.
In DirectSound everything is fine.
In Windows' sound manager, the preview button is greyed out.
I think this means there is something wrong with my wave settings, I just don't know how to fix it. Hope the pics help, let me know if you need more info.

A:Audio has suddenly stopped working.

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I recently purchased a Razer Carcharias which has a low microphone. I have to put the microphone boost on +30db for it to be adequate for ventrilo/teamspeak.

With that being said, it has static due to the extreme microphone boost. There's an "enhancements" tab under the microphones properties which has the options: DC Offset Cancellation, Noise Suppression, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation.

I checked "Noise Suppression", this completely removes the static in my microphone, but muffles my voice slightly (which is fine).

Now I decided to plug in my old headset (microphone part only) in, and run some quality comparison tests using Windows Sound Recorder. After I was done and plugged my Razer microphone in, the Noise Suppression option stopped working completely.

I've tried using the back jacks, front jacks, and I even reinstall drivers, and used older drivers. I can't get the Noise Suppression option to remove my static, it has no effect checked or not.(And it used to before) How can I fix this?

A:Realtek HD Audio - Enhancements Stopped Working


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Hello everyone. I'm using an Asrock p4i65g motherboard running xp3, and it has onboard an audio chipset called cmedia AC97. It's attached directly to the motherboard and has line out, microphone in, and line in. It was working beautifully up until a couple days ago. I suddenly had several problems at once with various system components, (my wireless card and my video card), all of which I got sorted out (the former by rolling back the driver, and the latter by updating the drivers). However, the audio has stopped working altogether. Windows seems to be unable to even see it at all. I've downloaded the driver installer package from the motherboard manufacturer (here: ASRock > Products > Motherboard > P4i65G > Download ) and when I run the installer, it says fairly quickly a message about how I my computer isn't installed with the chipset so I can't install the drivers.

Very frustrating. It's as if windows thinks the physical chipset has disappeared from the motherboard. Which it hasn't, as I can actually see it. How can I force xp to recognize my onboard audio chipset? Please don't say reinstall windows! =)

I even went into bios setup and changed the setting for the onboard audio from "auto" to "enabled".

At this point I'm thinking my only solution is to buy a PCI audio card and use that instead. Sigh.

Thanks for any help. Benjamin

A:C-Media AC97 Audio stopped working in XP

At that site, download and install the "INF driver ver:" for your chipset then the audio.

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I have an E6540 connected to an E-Port docking station, running Windows 7 64 Professional.
I just upgraded everything to the latest version, i.e. BIOS to A16, Audio drivers and audio manager to NCN00_WN32_6.0.1.6069_A11, and now the speaker jack on the dock is no longer working. It does even show up on the list of audio devices. The built in speakers/microphone and the headset jack on the laptop works fine, as does everything else on the dock (video, USB ...).

A:E6540 E-Port audio stopped working

After upgrading BIOS to A17, the dock port now works as "headphone", provided that nothing is connected to the headset port on the machine itself.

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my ac'97 audio installed fine with windows 7, from the start...didnt need any drivers after the install...then all of a sudden i booted and its non functional, i tried updating driver(through device manager), it did... that didnt fix it, then i used the vista driver for it....that didtn fix it...?

A:ac97 audio suddenly stopped working


The first step here is to go ahead and check the service Windows Audio.

Do you know how to do this?

Windows Audio should be set to
Startup type: Automatic
Make sure it is Started!

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I have a Lenovo 3000/C200 laptop and was cleaning up some old audio software and now Media Player can't play any WAV, MID or MP3 files. I get a message that there might not be any sound device installed on my computer.
How can I find out if I have a sound device and get a driver for it??
~~~~~~~~~~ Update:
When I rebooted Widows tried to install new hardware - found audio device on High Definition Audio Bus. It couldn't find what it needed and asked me if I had installation media, which I didn't.
I thought remembered it being related to RealTek, but they want 29.95 to download and update all my drivers.

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Hope I'm posting it in the right category -_-.

Anywho, my audio was working fine one day. The next day I turned my computer on and the audio had stopped working. My speakers were still plugged in correctly, there's power but no sound. I've tried to rewind my system but it changed nothing. I tried plugging my headphones into my computer and sound works there. I've tried to go to device manager and remove my realtek driver and let the system restart and let it reinstall. I've noticed it says I have two audio drivers, I don't know if that's the problem.
I've got "AMD High Definition Audio Device" (actually before it said ATI, but I went to their website to try reinstall the drivers though it didn't help) and "Realtek High Definition Audio".
So my speakers work fine and I take it there's nothing wrong with the sound card since my headphones work when plugged in. I've tried removing both the two drivers, let them reinstall on their own and update my drivers.

It'd be lovely if anyone had any advice.

A:Solved: All of a sudden the audio stopped working

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