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Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

Q: Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

Hey guys, I'm actually new here, so I am not sure if this is in the right forum page, but I need help. I have had a problem with my HDTV and laptop for a few months and finally decided to start a thread for help. The problem is that the HDTV is blurry and fuzzy when connected to my laptop via HDMI. However, I realize this is an overscanning issue, because in the AMD Catalyst Control Center, whenever I set the scaling for overscanning to 0%, the fuzzy text and screen is fixed, but the edges around the screen like the taskbar are cutoff the edge of the screen. I do not think my TV has an option for "Just Scan", but maybe you guys can find something I can't. Here is the manual:

Also, I am running Windows 8.1 with an AMD Radeon HD 7520G graphics card.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A: Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

Not sure I can help but I have the same thing. I have a cheap TV and I think it has more to do with that. I play videos is all and not an issue there, just desktop is expanded past screen.

My TV is only 720p.

I'd love to see if someone has a fix.

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Hey guys. I have connected my PC to my HDTV (Sansui), and I cannot find an option in the TV for 1:1 Pixel Mapping. I need this because my TV is overscanning my laptops display and the taskbar and other images are cut off the screen. It is also quite blurry. I have the TV's manual here:

I could not find an option in the manual, but maybe you guys could.

Many thanks.

A:Need help with my laptop connected to my HDTV (HDMI Cable)

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I am having problems using my HP G72 17" laptop extending the desktop to a 55"Visio HDTV. It works fine with a 12' HDMI cable but will not work with a 100' cable with built in booster. I have tried a HP G60 laptop with HDMI output and it works fine with the 100' cable. Help!

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3764 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1754 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463838 MB, Free - 265342 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway , ID59C , V1.05 , LXWLJ02009023BBCC42200
Antivirus: Bell Aliant Security Services Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

Okay, so over the holidays I received a brand new Hisense television and I was watching movies and tv shows on my laptop on the big screen through an HDMI cable for a few weeks. Before that I was doing the same thing with the big screen in our living room for months. I got up one day and wanted to plug it in but I kept getting a message saying no signal. I had had it plugged in the night before and it worked just fine. Yes, I checked to make sure it was on the right setting, HDMI 1. I also tried plugging it in the other HDMI slots on the tv and it didn't work in those either. It is doing the same thing to our tv in the living room and it just doesn't make any sense. The only thing I can think of is that my computer has some kind of driver that just needs to be updated or something but I have no idea which one. HELP PLEASE!

A:No signal message when laptop is connected to Hisense TV through HDMI cable!

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My laptop's screen goes black when I connect it to the TV via a HDMI cable, however this is completely new as it used to work fine. I can still watch things on my TV but I have to look at the TV screen where text comes up quite small and it makes it hard to do stuff, so I was wondering if anyone would know why my laptop's decided to start doing this, and how I can get it back to both screens working at once? The volume and everything else works ok, it's just a bit annoying is all!

I have Windows Vista Home Edition, not sure of the details, but I got it just when Vista first came out.


A:Help needed: Laptop screen goes black when HDMI cable is connected

do you have your drivers set to "clone mode" in your CP? (the bit where you set up multiple displays

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I am trying to hook up my Radeon 5870 HD to my 1080p HDTV via HDMI cable and not only is the image onscreen slightly blurred, but there is also a black border that is approximately 1" around the entire display. Pardon me if I'm missing something but why even have a card with the option to hook up a HDTV via HDMI if it cannot properly display a picture?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Emitted from my Droid Bionic via Tapatalk

A:Graphics Card to HDTV via HDMI Cable Even Possible?


First ensure that you have installed the most recent software\driver for your Radeon 5870 HD.


Right click on desktop,click\run Catalyst Control Center,on the right side click preferences and select Advanced view.

Now in the left side list select Desktop Management\Desktop Properties,on the Desktop area list click HDTV\1080p Aplly.

Now click on My Digital Flat Panels\Scaling options (Digital-Flat-Panel) and adjust the screen to eliminate the black border.

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NVIDIA geforce 8200 does not detect LCD HDTV PC connected to Samsung LE46530F1W by HDMI

The PC is running Win 7 Premium Home 64 bit SP1. It is connected to a 19 inch monitor (Viseo 190W) via a vga cable. The monitor is at 1366x768 at 60HZ.
The nvidia driver version is 275.33.
The tv is a recent Samsung LE46530F1W and is connected by new HDMI cable from PC to TV.
The TV reports that this source is not connected. The current resolution of the TV is 1920x1080 at 50HZ.

If I look in Nvidia control panel, under 'setup multiple displays' - I only see the Vi##SPAM## 190W as a single display. I choose 'My display is not shown', followed by 'Rigorous Display Detection' and 'Yes' to 'Would you like your TV enabled'. This puts a 'tick' in the 'force television detection on startup' checkbox. The 'restart now' button is greyed out - I restart the PC anyway, without effect.

The TV does not recognise it is getting a signal from the PC. The PC does not recognise the TV display as existing.

Any advice would be welcome as to:

Am I posting in the right forum?

What should I do to make the TV display my PC output?



A:Nvidia 9200 in PC connected to Samsung HDTV by HDMI does not display

I would recommend you to connect the TV alone and check if there is any display or not.

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I just purchased this TV and used a very cheap 6 foot HDMI cable to connect it to my satellite receiver.

The picture looks fantastic when objects are shown up close. But small or far away objects appear pixelated. It's just not the resolution I've come to expect from an HDTV.

I've set the satellite output to 720p but curiously and perhaps unrelated, the picture only works with 4:3 aspect ratio and the 16:9 appears stretched. I've tried all the different formats and the 4:3 is the one that produces the best picture.

Is there an issue with the HDMI cable, or is the problem somewhere else?

A:Could cheap HDMI cable cause pixelation on Panasonic TC-L37C22 720p LCD HDTV?

It may not be the cable. Unless you got it at a dollar store for $1.00, an inexpensive 6 foot HDMI cable should be able to handle 720P OK.

Are you watching an actual HD channel when checking the picture quality? If not, the receiver is upconverting the 480 lines of standard definition TV to 720 lines and that can cause some pixelization.

The pixelization may also be due to over compression of the video by the satellite operator. The cable and satellite companies are all falling over each other claiming they have more HD channels than the competition and are adding channels to back up their claims. Given a limited and finite amount of satellite bandwidth, they need to increase the compression to fit more channels. Some channels may get compressed more than others. The additional compression may have some intelligence and apply higher compression to parts of the scene that it deems to be of less importance.

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My laptop only has VGA output (no HDMI or DVI) so I purchased a powered VGA to HDMI converter. I am getting sound but no video. I am receiving an error message on my HDTV screen that reads "Incompatible video signal received. Check your output source" I am running Windows 7 and accessed my NVIDIA control panel settings but can't seem to get it to work. Do I need to adjust the video output settings?

A:Trying to connect laptop to HDTV via VGA to HDMI

Quote: Originally Posted by masterchefstan

My laptop only has VGA output (no HDMI or DVI) so I purchased a powered VGA to HDMI converter. I am getting sound but no video. I am receiving an error message on my HDTV screen that reads "Incompatible video signal received. Check your output source" I am running Windows 7 and accessed my NVIDIA control panel settings but can't seem to get it to work. Do I need to adjust the video output settings?

Hi there

Now that's a different issue completely --some of these VGA==>HDMI video converters aren't much use I'm afraid. - I had one ages ago but could never get it to work -- what you could try though is see if your computer can set to DUAL monitors first and then try and use one as the primary. I think (if I remember W7) that Windows + P key scrolls through the external monitor settings.

With VGA output from one of those converters you won't get 1080p - you might have to set your TV to a much lower resolution than 1920 X 1080.


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When I plug in the HDMI connection, I cannot use audio outputs from laptop. Audio only from TV (LG HDTV has no audio outputs, Ugh)Changed sound settings - default etc.
Need to use ear phones from laptop due to hearing problem.
Is this usual when you plug in the HDMI cable?
Options appreciated.

A:Solved: HDMI Laptop to HDTV

Connecting the HDMI, by default, changes the audio output to the HDMI chipset, thus sending the audio to the attached device. If you don't want the audio to go out the HDMI port, you will need to change the default audio device/port in the audio configuration.

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I have just connected my new latptop via hdmi output to my HDTV, i was offered 3 options by windows vista, I think I have selected the wrong option as I cannot make the HDTV my main monitor (the option is greyed out) and the best I can do is extend the desktop display to the TV which merely shows a small version of my desktop backround (no icons or taskbars) at a very low 30Hz.

is there any way I can revert to the options that vista offered me? as one was to make the external display my main monitor, they seemed like automatic options like when you plug in a flash drive or a blank CD or something, but they won't reappear once I remove the HDMI cable and plug it back in.

Thanks in advance!

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My television goes to sleep in about 15 seconds when being used as a monitor with my laptop. Clicking the mouse does nothing. I have to reselect the input with my TV remote and it wakes back up.

When I'm running the laptop display, this does not happen.
Any ideas on this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi.  Last week and prior mths HDMI connection worked, TV had sound.  This weekend, 8-20-16, TV sound went away but still had video.  Looked at forums, utube and did the control panel sound device manager.  the Digital Display Audio-AMD High Definition Audio Device; not plugged in is grayed out.  clicked on it to no avail.  the set default is also grayed out so i cant even set a default.  PC speakers do work.  bought a new HDMI cable but no change.  all the drivers are up to date.  not really sure what happened.  worked for months and now no sound.  any idea????

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Hello, I just bought an HDMI cable to connect from my HP Pavilion x360 onto my TV. Unfortunately, I only get video on my TV but no audio. The audio only comes from my Pavilion x360. I am aware of right clicking the volume icon and clicking on "playback devices" to set defult the HDMI cable or TV. Unfortunaly, this is not visible even after enabling the disconnected and disabled devices. Please, anyone help so I can get the audio on my TV as well? I've let a screenshot. As a reminder, my HDMI is connected on both sides, and I have both disconnected and disabled devices visible. Thank you!

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I've seen an NVIDIA laptop use a "Resize Screen" program that works majestically. Unfortunately, I do not have a laptop with an NVIDIA graphics card (It's a Radeon, I a Sony VIAO). Is there a program out there that will resize a screen to fit the TV? As you might have already guessed, when I use an HDMI cable from Laptop to HDTV, the screen just doesn't fit properly! Annoying...

A:How to resize screen? (Laptop to HDTV w/HDMI)

Well there is a chance that your computer does not have the right resolution for your tv... but...

See if you can't make that work for you.

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Hi there. I have a problem that just presented itself in the last 24 hours. I have previously connected my laptop computer to my HDTV via the HDMI port on a regular basis but randomly as of last night my laptop will no longer acknowledge that the HDMI is connected to the HDTV. I have tested 2 different HDMI cables to be sure they are working properly as well as all 3 ports on my HDTV and made sure the TV was on the correct input. I have not done any updates/installations/uninstalls/deletions/resolutions changes or anything else that could have prompted this issue. I double checked my graphics card drivers, which were out of date but I was able to update them. I have cleaned my registry, did a system restore, checked for viruses/malware/spyware, power drained, and rebooted multiple times.

On, what I would call, a related note... The online game that I play has also started having problems when I run it. This started the exact same time that my laptop's HDMI would no longer connect to my HDTV, hense the belief of relation. The game has become extremely laggy dropping me down to 2-3 fps. I can drop my video settings down to minimum and be lag free, however, I have been playing the game on this same laptop for 8 months on the highest ultra settings with absolutely no problems until whatever occurred last night.

These 2 things lead me to believe it is a graphics card problem. I am currently running NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G. As I said before, I have updated to the most recent ... Read more

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Hey, guys. I'm stumped right now. I tried hooking up my laptop to my TV on two days ago and I got bupkis. The first time I tried it, the laptop shut off, rebooted and asked me if I wanted to start windows normally or boot in safe mode. When I took the HDMI cable out and put it back in, the same thing happened, only when it booted up this time, it recommended Start-up Repair, so naturally I was like "What the hell?!" Prior to this, I've never had an issue hooking my TV up to my laptop. I've done it tons of times. Also when I tried doing it the laptop would not even pick up the TV and strangely I never saw the BSOD on my laptop, I saw it on the TV screen! Yet, no other images or sounds will come through. The only thing I can tell you is that I haven't hooked it up to the TV since around late last year, so can anyone tell me what the heck's going on? Here's the BSOD info below:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 7f
BCP1: 00000000
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Sharano A. Walkine\AppData\Local\temp\WER-88608-0.sysdata.xml

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not avai... Read more

A:BSOD when I hook laptop up to HDTV via HDMI...

Hi Goku,

Can you go through the steps on posting a BSOD post for me?
(Link in my signature)


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i just got my HP Pavilion DV7T laptop and it has an HDMI output port and i cant figure out how to use my HDTV (Toshiba Regza) to clone the laptops screen, ive tried using the ATI "Catalyst Control Center" and tried using many different resolutions including at least 2 that the owners manual of my TV says it can display. i am connecting an HDMI cable that is usually plugged into my PS3 and works fine for that, on the same setting on the tv that i would use for my PS3 (the setting is called HDMI1) ive connected my desktop to the tv before using VGA hookups but cant seem to get my laptops HDMI to output to the tv, sorry if this is not enough details ill add more if needed

A:using HDMI outpot port on laptop for HDTV

Try looking at your F keys for a key that looks loke a monitor screen, then Press FN and that key at the same time. You may have to do this to switch to external monitor

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I just bought a Lenovo v570 laptop with vga and hdmi output and I cannot get the hdmi to output to my tv. The tv is a vizio 47" 3d LCD and the laptop is running windows 7 home 64bit. I have tried windows graphics drivers, lenovo drivers and intel drivers. To me there is not much difference between them but who knows. The laptop will output to tv using vga and it will connect to an LG 42 inch LCD at my work using hdmi, just not to the one I have at home. I have tried everything that I can think of as far as settings go and on my tv as well. Nothing changes whatever I do. Does anyone know of any hardware compatibility between some vizio tvs and windows 7? I have seen one on the compatibility website for windows but it was not my tv. Mine is not listed. The model number for my tv is E3D470VX. Not sure what else to try. Next I guess I will call Vizio to see if they can work out the problem. Lenovo support doesn't know. Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks in advance.

A:No hdmi input on LCD hdtv with Windows 7 64 bit laptop

have you happened onto a solution for this yet? i exactly have the same hardware (v570 and E3D470VX tv). i've tried my girlfriend's laptop (sony vaio with hdmi) and it works just fine. mine doesn't do anything at all when plugged in. i don't see anything about hdmi in the device manager, and haven't tried it with any other tv, so there's a possibility it's my laptop hardware; but it's brand new equipment...

please help if you have any further information. thanks!

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Hey, guys. I'm stumped right now. I tried hooking up my laptop to my TV on two days ago and I got bupkis. The first time I tried it, the laptop shut off, rebooted and asked me if I wanted to start windows normally or boot in safe mode. When I took the HDMI cable out and put it back in, the same thing happened, only when it booted up this time, it recommended Start-up Repair, so naturally I was like "What the hell?!" Prior to this, I've never had an issue hooking my TV up to my laptop. I've done it tons of times. Also when I tried doing it the laptop would not even pick up the TV and strangely I never saw the BSOD on my laptop, I saw it on the TV screen! Yet, no other images or sounds will come through. The only thing I can tell you is that I haven't hooked it up to the TV since around late last year, so can anyone tell me what the heck's going on? Here's the BSOD info below:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 7f
BCP1: 00000000
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1
Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Sharano A. Walkine\AppData\Local\temp\WER-88608-0.sysdata.xml
Read our privacy statement online:Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows
If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
C:\Windows\syst... Read more

A:BSOD when I hook laptop up to HDTV via HDMI...

Did you try to update your video card drivers?

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I recently found out that every time i plug in a HDMI or Auxiliary cable, my computer crash. I tried changing the cable to see if that was the problem and it wasn't. I just don't know where to look to start fixing the problem. I've considered that maybe the connector is faulty, but i'm looking for option before going to that.

I use HDMI to connect my TV for movies
I use the auxiliary Cable to connect a speaker.
on different occasion.

A:Computer crashes after HDMI/Aux cable is connected

Did you try shutting the computer down, plugging in the cable then starting back up? I've crashed a computer when plugging in a USB Thumb/Flash drive, turned out it was caused by static electricity that I'd built up walking across a carpeted room, now have anti-static touch pads on my desks to touch before anything else.

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As the title says, I've tried connecting my TV to my computer with an HDMI cable, and the video part works, but no sound plays. When I checked the list of playback devices, the TV appeared (as shown below), but it apparently cannot play sound.

I don't think I know anything beyond what I've posted, but if anyone could help me out with this, I would appreciate it.

Also, as a side note - I am completely unable to interact with any of these objects - I cannot set something as a default device; there is no response when I do it, and disabling the audio device only works until current sources of sound (like videos) are restarted.

A:LG TV not playing sound when connected via HDMI cable

If you highlight the LG TV you should​ be able to set it as default. If not, it sounds lik a permission issue (like non-admin account).

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I know this is one that has been floating around the forums for a while but I have not been able to find anything that works in my situation. When I connect my laptop to my TV (Panasonic Viera Plasma) via an HDMI cable, I can get the video to show on the TV fine but there is no audio on the TV; it comes out of the laptop. I have tried everything I can think of including deleting the drivers then reinstalling them, updating them, rolling them back, etc., etc., etc. Here are the specs on my laptop:HP ENVY dv7 Notebook PCWindows 8.1 64-bit, 8GB RAMIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHzIntel(R) HD Graphics 4000Intel(R) Display Audio (with Beats Audio)IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Also, here is a snapshot of the Playback Devices:  As you can see, I have nothing which says "HDMI". I have gotten quite frustrated with not being able to get this to work. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you. Alex...

A:HP Envy dv7 - No Audio When Connected to TV by HDMI Cable; W...

Can someone please help...?

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Hi! I have this monitor

and this cable

Connected to a normal TV and HDMI to DVI cable to my lcd monitor at the same time it gave me an option at startup to switch to my HDMI source, but when I did all I saw was black on the LCD screen.

I was able to go into Display settings and switch it to HDMI manually but when it swaps to my lcd monitor its nothing but black again!

Do HDMI to DVI cables work for PS3s? My lcd monitor does not have a HDMI plug in. Only VGA and DVI

I'm hoping theres a trick to get this working or at the very least an adapter that wouldn't degrade the quality as much.

A:Playstation 3 and HDMI to DVI Cable connected to LCD Monitor

oh nvm my monitor dosent support high def outputs =\

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I used to be able to connect my r11 to the TV and get sound.  For some reason, this has now stopped.  I have been through all the forums and tried various options to no avail. All help gratefully received.

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I have an Acer Aspire laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

I regularly connect it to my TV monitor via HDMI cable and fall asleep watching movies (played on VLC or Windows Media Player).

I set the computer to go to sleep after 1 hour.

Multimedia Settings are set to "Allow computer to sleep" under "When Sharing Media" in the Power Management section.

Screensaver is disabled.

I have overrided my audio driver, since powercfg command suggested it may be a conflict.

If I am playing a movie without the HDMI cable plugged in, the computer goes into sleep mode right on schedule. It is only when I have the HDMI cable plugged into my TV monitor, that it refuses to enter sleep mode.

What could be causing this problem? Makes no sense to me.

A:Computer won't go into sleep mode when HDMI cable is connected.


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Windows 10 plays Mp3 Files just fine. Connect an HDMI cable to the video output port, and then windows 10 suddenly wont play those files. An error message pops us inside windows media player and Grove that this file type is not supported. Also no sound is played through the HDMI Cable to my TV, and no sound is played when i click the volume bar on the bottom right side.

More detail:

I work for an integration company. We just installed a couple of conference rooms for a company in which we have an HDMI cable running from the table through the floor in the walls and to the TV. From there it breaks out into the Amplifier and plays audio in the room. Normally i bring my Mac book pro for testing but i purchased this Windows 10 computer as a test device. I did not have a second laptop with me to test this out.

However, With the computer and the HDMI cable i am getting video to the TV. When i enter my TV menu and arrow around the menu option my sound works on the built in speakers in the room. So i can confirm that the cabling is all correct. This is the identical setup that we always use. I have also plugged my Iphone into the cabling behind the TV and played music which worked perfectly fine.

The computer, as i mentioned, would play MP3 files perfectly fine, untill i plugged in the HDMI cable. Infact i can be playing and MP3 file and then plug in the hdmi cable and suddenly the computer stops playing the MP3 file and gives me the error that windows c... Read more

A:Windows 10 wont play MP3 if there is an HDMI cable connected

Hi, welcome to tenforums. There are other threads on this forum with similar symptoms. Just search 'hdmi'

This may point you in the right direction:
Solved No audio after upgrade from 8.1 to 10 using HDMI cable - Windows 10 Forums

Please have a look at the others if that doesn't help and post back if not resolved. Good luck!

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I have connect my laptop using an HDMI cable to my TV. And from my tv I have connected my two HiFi speakers. When the TV is on an AV channel I have sound coming from the TV and HiFi speakers but when I switch it to the HDMI source channel, sound only comes from the TV and not HiFi speakers.

This is frustrating because I want to watch movies on my TV through my laptop and get the feel of some surround sound through the HiFi speakers but it is not working!!!!

Please Help!


A:No sound to HiFi speakers when HDMI Cable Connected

The problem is not your PC but your TV and how it handles HDMI audio. There is nothing we can do for this, it is strictly an issue with your TV and how it routes audio internally (or to external devices).

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I have an HP Pavilion dv7-6050ea, and I've connected it to my Samsung UE32D6100 HD TV. Unfortunately, the colour looks awful, and I've tried my best to adjust it. I have tried playing with th settings of the TV, but I can't get it to where display well. I tried using the 'calibrate color' option in the display settings of Windows settings, and I found a configuration that works, though it's not perfect. The problem is, every time the screen saver comes on, the settings revert to default.

Any ideas?

A:[SOLVED] Dodgy colour when connected to TV via HDMI cable

whats the resolution of the laptop ?

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I have a notebook..
Model : TOSHIBA Satellite L-510

and a TV
Model : SHARP LC32A37M (

I have a HDMI cable and connected them both.. There are PICTURES.. but no sounds..

Please help.. Maybe if you think I need to install something additional please give me the sites.. Thanks...

My mom has been trying to fix this since last week..

A:Notebook connected to TV with HDMI cable doesn't work. Help pls!!~?

Have you checked the default audio device settings in your sound control panel?

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I just installed a gigabyte hd4350 in my hp a1520n desktop bc it has an hdmi output. picture looks good, sound works, however when the hdmi cable is connected to the my samsung lcd tv, i get no sound through my computer speakers even when im not using the tv as a monitor or when the tv is turned off. i get sound through the tv though. when i unplug the hdmi cable from the tv, i get sound on the computer.

is there a fix for this? i have onboard sound enabled in the bios.

i have windows xp 32bit. in the sound and audio device properties, under the audio tab, default device, i see both realtek hd audio output and ati hd audio rear ouput when the hdmi cable is connected. when its not connected, just realtek hd audio is available.

i know i cannot have sound coming through the tv and computer speakers at the same time. is it possible for the sound to be switched back to the computer speakers when the tv is off WITHOUT having to unplug the hdmi cable that goes to the tv?

A:no sound through computer speakers when hdmi cable connected to tv

Weeell. Have you even tried setting the "Default audio playback device" (or whatever, in control panel->sounds->defaults tab to Realtek HD audio when the cable is plugged?

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Tv: Panasonic Viera E6 PC: Asus K55VM with Win8
Basically the tv cuts the corners. Can anyone help me?
Screenshot by Lightshot
Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance

A:Tv connected by hdmi cable to pc doesnt display the entire screen

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Is Windows set to the correct resolution?

Are your video drivers up-to-date?

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Whenever I connect my laptop to the TV via hdmi cable my desktop icons are moved and auto aligned in vertical columns down the left hand side of the page (my desktop). I have to drag them back to where I want each time. It's a fairly minor nuisance, but is there any way to avoid this, I've searched but can't find a definitive answer.

(I've tried, right clicking and unchecking 'align icons to grid' but that doesn't make any difference, it still always happens)


A:Desktop Icons Auto Align Left When Hdmi Cable Connected

Originally Posted by ouroboros72


Whenever I connect my laptop to the TV via hdmi cable my desktop icons are moved and auto aligned in vertical columns down the left hand side of the page (my desktop). I have to drag them back to where I want each time. It's a fairly minor nuisance, but is there any way to avoid this, I've searched but can't find a definitive answer.

(I've tried, right clicking and unchecking 'align icons to grid' but that doesn't make any difference, it still always happens)


I believe this is an issue with the change in resolution that is likely occurring when you connect the HDMI cable. If you can set the HDMI output to the same as the screen, then the icons should stay where you left them.
I had the same issue with icon location changes when another user signed into the PC and then signed in. My icons rearranged. After a lot of trial and error I found that if I set the resolution, scaling, etc. options in both profiles to the default values, the issue vanished. I don't think Windows 10 knows how to deal with resolution changes and desktop icon locations very well, although I vaguely recall experiencing this issue with prior Windows versions. I could not remember how I solved it then, but the resolution/scaling/etc. work around is acceptable.

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I have the GTX 560 connected to a 1080p HDTV. Getting fuzzy picture in Windows environment.

A:HDMI - HDMI gettting fuzzy display on HDTV.

Tried new cable? Fiddled around with the options in the control panel? Left nvvsvc.exe and nvxdsync.exe alone?Latest drivers? Not sitting too close to the TV?

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Is it possible to record an HDMI input from a (comcast) cable box onto a laptop, via HDMI cable? (Without using TV tuner / Capture card?)
If yes, what software would this require?

Essentially I want my laptops HDD to act as a DVR. I understand that laptops picture is being pulled as an output, so does the laptops HDMI port accept input?

It is an - lenovo IdeaPad Y550P(324156U) NoteBook Intel Core i7 720QM(1.60GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M
lenovo IdeaPad Y550P(324156U) Intel Core i7 720QM(1.60GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory 500GB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M NoteBook


A:Is This Possible - HDMI Cable TV to Laptop

No. The HDMI is an output only port. You would need some sort of USB Video Capture device compatible with Win7x64. But if you were going to do that, you may be better off with a USB TV tuner that can also take a cable TV signal.

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hi all,
my dell laptop model is Studio 1555 Service Tag: 57JZ7K1 , i have a LG 32 inch HD tv. Im connecting my laptop and tv using HDMI cable but, i dont see anything in my tv.i have another lenovo laptop i connect it with my tv and its working fine.
i have downloaded DellSystemDetectLauncher.Application from but, i got exception as "Application cannot be started . contact the application vendor"
from desktop, i did right click 'screen resolution', from display i could see "lg32" when i select and click ok then my laptop restarted. i tried the same many time but, it keeps on restarting but, no display comes on tv.
So, i tried download driver but, i unable.
i tried to setup display but, its also not working.
can you please help me to resolve the problem...please...

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Basic Specs

Brand New Toshiba Satellite C855
Win 8 64-bit

Display Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics (2000)
Driver: Intel

Playback Devices
Show Disabled Devices - checked
Show Disconnected Devices - checked

High Def Audio Device displays as not plugged in

Cable is plugged inCable has been tested on backup laptopCable connected to HDTVVideo is fineNo Audio

I have spent hours installing and uninstalling drivers from the Toshiba and Intel sites. Tech support said to return it but I have just spent 2 days installing software. I never took a break to watch Netflix. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

A:Audio Over HDMI Cable Not Working - HDMI Cable Not Plugged

The video is apparently not detecting the HDMI cable. Assuming you have a good HDMI cable it suggests a hardware problem in the new PC.

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I have an Elitebook 8530p that I am trying to connect to my TV so I can view online TV on my TV screen. I can stream the online TV and watch it on the laptop ok, and I can connect the laptop to the TV with HDMI cord and I see the picture on the TV too, but as soon as I push the play button and it starts to stream the Laptop freezes. This happens on both TV's in our house with different HDMI cords which leads me to believe it is an issue with the laptop (not the TV's or cords). I have tried pushing the Fn + F4 buttons to clone it but that makes no difference. I have tried changing the display settings but I don't really know what I am doing! Another post said to choose full HDMI setting but even though the laptop has a HMDI port it didn't appear to have that setting. Is it too old?

A:Laptop freezes when connected to TV through HDMI

The problem is most likely the video card driver, so yes technically your laptop is too old, but luckily you can save that geezer! If updating the drivers doesn't work then you can try changing resolutions.

Solution found here:
a. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

b. Click System and Maintenance, click System, and then click Device Manager.
Note If Control Panel is in Classic View, double-click System, and then click Device Manager.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.

c. In Device Manager, expand Display Adapters, right-click the display devices, and then click properties and under the driver tab click on Uninstall.

d. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click OK.

e. Restart the computer.

After the computer restarts, the drivers will be automatically installed. Check after this procedure. Also check if you have any exclamation mark or cross marks alongside the display devices listed in device manager.
You can update the drivers using windows update. Refer to the below mentioned link and use the steps provided accordingly -

You may also check if there are any updates for the drivers at the manufacturer website. You may even install the latest drivers from the manufacturer... Read more

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I have a Compaq presario (windows vista basic).
I can get video, but no sound on the t.v, i've disabled my laptop sound and enabled the HDMI one, still no sound. please help me...

A:Connecting my laptop to my t.v wia HDMI cable.

Hello supergirl123 and welcome to the forums

Go to:

Control Panel > Sounds > Playback

Then click on HDMI sound and click on the Set Default button


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I don't know if I posted this correctly but I would really like for you to inform me a little bit about HP pavilion 1TB Hard Drives.  I have bought a HP Pavilion 1TB With ADM processor less than a year ago. There was whiskey spilt on it a couple of months ago before summer, but I managed to bring it back to working and it was fine and stil in good shape. A few weeks ago I dropped the laptop from the desk and it fell on a carpeted floor. Not hard, but not gentle either. And it was still on when I picked it up and working. When I shut it down the laptop refused to restart. I made a quick diagnose check on the hard drive and it said failiure something with red letters.I took the laptop to a PCs shop and the man that had a look at it said to me, the hard drive is dead and I need a new one fitted it. "Everything else is in good condition" he surmised and I agreed with him in changing the hard drive. I told him specificly to replace the hard drive with another 1TB Hard Drive, though he later adviced me with good confidence that I was better off with a 320gb and buy an external hard drive. The laptop will work just fine in terms of speed. So he fitted in a 320 HDD and gave me back my laptop with Windows 7 ultimate. Now the laptop is not connecting to HDMI and AMD catalyst is not being recognised no matter how many times I install it. And I honestly don't know if the man really took something out of my laptop. The HDD that he gave back to me says its Sam... Read more

A:My Laptop Does Not Recognise the HDMI cable

Hello Dee, To be able to help you better, I first need to know the full model number of your laptop. Usually, the model number is inside the battery compartment on the back of the laptop. Take the battery out to see the numbers.Post the full model number here but do not post the serial number. Let me know what you have.  

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basicaly i dont have VGA on my TV on DVI and HDMI(well the ports left unused) and i was looking into this solution please someone reply soon so i can order one if its correct for me

i want it to work from LAPTOP VGA to my TV HDMI, i have a VGA DVI cable once and it was only DVI to VGA signal not the other way round.

edit, or this cable|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

A:can this cable to used form my laptop VGA to my TV HDMI?

I am not certain how a cable would allow an Analog signal to connect to a Digial signal without a converter?

My guess is this cable may be specific to a product.

I would be suprised if it works as a generic Analog VGA to Digital HDMI converter, or vis versa.

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Trying to connect my samsung r439 to y Sharp 22l 50m tv hdtv via hdmi
I bought a Hdmi cable plugged it in to the tv and laptop but in control pannel when trying to connect an external display it just says another display not detected. I have tried starting to computer with the cables plugged in.
The graphics is just the intel HD graphics if that would explain anything? and im using windows 7 home premium

Thanks, hope u can help

A:connecting my laptop to tv via hdmi cable

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Does the audio transfer too or do I need external speakers. I ma tryin to watch netflix through the TV. I get the picture to come up on the TV but no sound.

A:When I hook up the tv to laptop using HDMI cable.

You need to change the audio to the HDMI. Try Start > Control Panel > Sound

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Hi all,
Toshiba Satellite U400-157
Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core(TM)Duo CPU [email protected]; RAM 4.00GB
Display Adapter: Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family
Stage 1
Laptop connected to Panasonic LCD 42" with HDMI cable
Both LCD screen and laptop monitor diplay correctly
Able to change display settings and control cursor at laptop
Everything is working fine

Stage 2 two weeks later
When HDMI cable is connected, Laptop screen goes black, but the LCD screen works fine and the cursor appears on the LCD and can be controlled by the laptop

Stage 3 two (more) weeks later
When HDMI cable is connected, Laptop screen goes black, LCD screen is blank, no cursor visible
I right click laptop screen, go to Graphic Properties>Display settings and try and change the Operating Mode: from Single display to Two
Primary Device: LCD
But these choices are not available.
I go to Control Panel> Personalization> Display Settings
Drop-down menu shows
1. Generic PnPMonitor on Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family
Select down arrow
2. (Default Monitor) on Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chipset Family appears

Connected HDMI cable and try again
I have two Black Screens ...!
Have tried restarting comp then TV, and vice versa, before and after connecting HDMI cable, but nothing works.
(all other independent operations on the laptop and the TV work perfectly well)

Yelp, help, please ...
PS I did not post correctly, so I ... Read more

A:Black screen when laptop connected to TV via HDMI

Hello, Do you have another HDMI cable to try , if not, do you have a VGA cable to use ?

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I have connected my HP Laptop with Windows 8 to my TV through an HDMI port. I watch netflix and youtube. A couple times a day the sound will just quit working. I check the audio and it says it is still hooked up to the TV. The only way I can figure out how to get it working again is to restart the computer. This has never happened while audio was playing, just when it is not in use for a little while.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Laptop connected to TV through HDMI Sound turns off every now and then

HP has tens of thousands of different laptops. Which exact one do you have? The full model number will be on a sticker on the bottom and will be similar to DV9240ca or DV6-2130us.

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I have a Toshiba satellite L305-S5875 I have it connected to my Vizio HDMI HDTV to watch netflix with. It has been working fine except for the past week. When I unplug the laptop to skype and then plug it back into the tv when I am done I get a, "NO RGB signal" message from the tv. I don't know why it is doing this, I have been able to use system restore to get it working again, but it is no longer working. Any ideas?

A:laptop connected to HDMI tv was working now keep getting no RGB signal

Try this:

Hold down the input button on the right side of the Tv. This is the bottom button
With the tv off, press and hold the bottom button (input)

When the TV powers up and you see the input menu, release and press the button
to change the mode to your preference.

Hope that helps.

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I messed up display settings for when I attach a TV via HDMI to my laptop. I set the system to display only on the TV (OK, not a totally stupid idea) and then picked a resolution the TV doesn't support (that was TOTALLY stupid!) When I disconnect the TV, laptop display works as normal. As soon as I connect the TV, laptop screen blanks and TV goes to Invalid Format. I have tried to change display settings through the control panel with the TV disconnected, but as soon as I plug in the TV, it goes back to the bad resolution on the TV and no laptop display.

Is this stored in the registry somewhere? I want to reset the flag telling the system to display only on 2nd display.

Please help

A:Invalid Format when laptop connected to HDMI TV

Hi OldWraith, welcome to the Seven Forums.

This should work:Connect the TV, don't mind the Invalid Format warning
Press WIN + P to open Display Switch dialog. You don't see it as it's on the non-working TV display but trust me, it's there:
(Screenshot from our tutorial Display - Change Main Display)
Press Right Arrow > Press Enter to change from Display 2 only to Display 1 only
Now you should have the desktop on laptop's display, you can change your display settings as you wish

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Recently my hard drive went out and I had it replaced with a solid state drive. The problem I'm having now is when I hook up my Samsung Smart TV through an HDMI cable (also tried a new cable with same results) I get wavy, scrolling lines on my laptop that go away when I disconnect the cable. The lines don't show up on my TV and this didn't happen before having my computer repaired.

The Staples tech wants to charge me again for diagnosing it after paying over $270 for a diagnostics and replacement of the hard drive. He said it's not possible for it to be a problem with the new hard drive so it would be another charge even though it didn't do it before having it repaired and my computer reformatted. I'm concerned I'm going to burn something out if I keep using it this way but I also don't want to pay more if it's something simple. He said it could be the motherboard or graphics card but I'm not sure whether or not to trust him. I'm a senior with little technical knowledge.

I want to use an HDMI cable so I can watch Xfinity programming that's available online only. I can live with it doing this as long as it isn't hurting my computer. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

MSI Laptop - 3 years old
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3886 Mb
Graphics Card: Int... Read more

A:Scrolling lines on laptop when connected to TV through HDMI

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Hi, new here. After searching for information on my problem I could not find a single thread with the same issue.
Having said that, here goes.

I just bought a new TV and attempted to connect it to my laptop via HDMI. I have used both the laptop and the cable with other TV's in the past with no problem but when I connect the two the laptop powers off as if the power has been cut. It will not boot when the two are connected and only happens when the TV is on. The laptop will boot into safe mode but it seems that HDMI out is disabled in safe mode so I cannot test it. I have checked and my graphics drivers are current. Hope someone can help! Thanks.

More Information: I have since exchanged for a different TV (Different Brand) for an unrelated issue and it doesn't work with this one either, same issue.

A:Laptop Shuts Down When HDMI Connected To Television

I found this article on the Forum not sure if it will be any help

Computer shuts down while TV is connected through HDMI

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Hey guys, it was a long time since I needed assistance with any technical stuff but today is the day again.

So it is like this,
I am using an Asus N61JQ laptop and I always used the VGA cable to connect any monitor or projector. Today I wanted to connect my laptop to my Dell U2412M monitor with a digital cable instead of VGA and that is when got in to problems.

Dell U2412M connections: DVI, Display Port, VGA.
Asus N61JQ connections: HDMI, VGA.

To connect the laptop to the monitor I have used an nVidia adapter that came along with one of the GPU's + an 1.8m HDMI cable.
This is the link to the adapter:
So I connected the adapter to the monitor and then the HDMI cable from the laptop. In the end I did not get any image.
Just to be safe I have also installed the original drivers for the GPU and audio chip from Asus support.
The cable is not faulty nor is the adapter, tested it on an old laptop that had DVI on the side of it.

WHY? Something to do with the signal conversion and it suppose to work just from the back of a GPU?
What kind of an adapter or cable do I need then?

I do not really want a big adapter sticking out of my laptops HDMI port, it is way too easy to break. But please include both the adapter and the cable that I need in the explanation just so I know this for the future.
Thank you for your time.


A:HDMI laptop / DVI monitor cable connection

Faulty/incorrect adapter. Try a different adapter or use a DVI to HDMI cable. It's also possible that it won't work at all. The adapters are generally meant to connect to the PC side (ie: DVI output). This is because most HDMI ports also expect/utilize HDCP.

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When I connect the HDMI cable to the TV, I see nothing on the screen and my laptop starts to blink until it causes an error to the graphics card and sometimes the computer crashes, checked several HDMI cables and that's not the problem. Any suggestions what causes this?
Thanks for the help.

A:Connecting HDMI cable to TV crashes laptop

Sounds like a resulution issue, go into controll panel, and make sure under display that you select hdmi only, this will use your tv as main screen, dont split it, most laptops have a shortcut key that when pressed auto switches the screen, this avoids errors and crashes, the main reason for crashes on dual screens i found was the resolution differance, the pc cant decide on which to follow, the crashes(this was way back on old screens). So set laptop resolution to full, make sure it set not to split the screen, but to use the tv as hdmi only. Obviously upgrade your grafix drivers, and see if it helps. Have a look on your laptop for a key that alows screen switching, its usually second function keys on the "F" keys, on my laptop its secondfunction F5, this makes things allot easier.

Hope it helps

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Have a new HP Envy laptop upgraded to Windows 10. Tried to use my old VGA HP projector. They said I needed a HDMI cable to connect on the laptop and VGA on the other end. When turning on the projector it says projected the HP logo with a count down and when it got to 0 the logo disappears and I get a blue screen and in the bottom right of the projected blue screen it runs through all different options of searching but nothing happens to project my desktop onto the screen. I was on the phone with HP for over 2 hrs. They updated the NVIDIA drivers but still it does not project. Is there something that can be done to fix this? I am able to use the VGA projector with my older HP DV7 laptop which has a VGA port. But I need to use the new HP Envy laptop.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer on this.

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I have a VAIO VGN-AR61S running Vista Premium

Having a Blue ray drive, I wish to play HD movies on my TV... However, when I plug in the HDMI cable, my machine crashes.

If it is already plugged in, my machine won't boot up.... It reports a Hardware error.

If I plug in when up and running.... 'crash' screen.

In panic I didn't take note of error codes....and I obviously don't wish to repeat the exercise .

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.



A:Plugging in HDMI Cable crashes my laptop

This is not a networking issue, I'll move you to the correct forum.

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I recently tried hooking my HP G60 laptop up to my 50in Element plasma tv using a VGA cable to take movies that I have downloaded on my laptop and watch them on the tv to sort of do away with having to burn the movies onto a DVD. I had no luck with the VGA cable as I got no picture what so ever on the tv. So I went out and purchased a HDMI cable after do much research on the internet on what was the best option to hook your computer up to your High Def tv and found that using an HDMI cable was a great option as you can achieve video and sound from one cable (or so I had thought).

I hooked the cable into the HDMI slot 1 on the back of my plasma and into the HDMI port on my laptop. I can get perfect picture, but I have yet to achieve any sound coming out of the tv, I was of course able to get sound out of the laptop speakers but when I did some searches online of ways to get the sound to transfer over to the tv speakers, everything that I tried left me still with no sound. I have did endless searches with basically almost every search that I do or forum that I read on giving a different answer or way to go about it, and I am basically stuck about to give up and need some guidance or insight or something.

I'm not fabulous or a genius on computers but I am pretty decent at them so I will do my best to answer anything that I may need to. Just please be gentle

Thanks in advance!!


A:Laptop to Plasma using HDMI cable...But I can't get sound?!?

I have read several places that I may need to update my drive....But I am not very sure as what drive I need to update and I am willing to give it a try so if anyone can also help with this it would be awesome.

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So I've gone blue in the face for the past 2 days trying to figure out what's been going on with my HDMI port. 2 nights ago I was watching a movie through my Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop through my Panasonic HDTV. Yesterday, I tried to connect my HDMI cable to my laptop and computer, but nothing happened...So frantically I've been searching everywhere and trying what I have so far with no progress...

1.System Restore to earlier date when my HDMI port was working.
2.Toggle Computer/Duplicate/Extended/Projector Only and nothing worked(Also made sure tv was on the right HDMI input)
3.Tried 3 different HDMI cables and HDMI inputs
4.Uninstalled all sound drivers and Display Adapter(Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
5.Contacted Dell and had them try to reinstall drivers
6. Checked BIOS but I couldn't find any enable/disable feature for video.
7. Took battery out of laptop waited for 30 seconds pressed power button to reset.

Anything else you want me to try? I don't know why it would stop working for no reason. My Panasonic TV doesn't even show up under my playback devices and when I try and do a dual screen through screen resolution it says another display not connected. I'ved tried going Intel HD Graphics Control Panel as such Luck! Beginning to think that my HDMI port on my laptop is broken. Please any other options?

A:Laptop not detecting my TV through HDMI cable anymore

You say you think the HDMI on your laptop is broken, but also that you tried your computer with the TV as well?

And first thing to always do when connecting a TV up through HDMI, check your screen resolution. It should be automatically detected and set after the TV and Windows talk to each other, but sometimes communication just breaks down.

And of course... You did select the right HDMI source on your TV, didn't you?

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I have two laptops, both of which have HDMI ports. Is there any software that will use the HDMI cable to make one of my laptops act as a secondary monitor? I don't want any software that requires a network connection because I'm going to be in college.

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I have a Lenovo Y50 Laptop.

Seems that everytime I plug an external monitor via HDMI cable, I'll get a Blue Screen, the Laptop will restart and then it'll be working just fine with the 2nd monitor.

I'm new here, so please tell me if I need to do anything else.

Thanks in advance for any help suggested.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF8800636D2CE
BCP3: FFFFF88027A8DB80
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

A:Plugging HDMI cable into laptop BSOD

Complete this tutorial so our experts can have a look.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I've recently purchased a Samsung T23A750 monitor and to my disappointment when I try to watch a movie the built in speakers are not functioning. I have a Sony Vaio Z216GX connected via HDMI to the monitor (HDMI-DVI) port. I can definitely see the video, but no audio is playing from the speakers. The built in speakers are not at fault- I did a self-diagnosis of the monitor and the speakers seem to work fine. I also set the monitor as the default for the audio and even when Win 7 says its functioning properly, the speakers still don't work. Conversely, setting the default to my PC speakers work fine. I'm sure its not the HDMI cable- I used the same one to hook my pc to my tv with everything working fine. Any ideas??

A:Monitor Speakers not working when connected via HDMI to laptop

make sure you have the latest drivers for the hdmi can check by going to the windows start bar and right clicking on computer and choosing manage then click device manger and open the tab were it says sound,video and game controllers if you see somthing related to hdmi and has a yellow triangle then right click on it and update software if no yellow triangle is there try it anyways if that doesn't help then post here again, hopefully someone who knows more about hdmi can help also because i never had hdmi but ive had audio problems with my speakers before and this is how ive fixed it before

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Problem started a little over a month ago on my HP laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

When I connect the laptop to my either of my TVs through an hdmi cord everything works fine. Videos run smoothly and the audio is in sync as if there's no problem.

If I try to watch a video on just the laptop though the problems start. If I try to play anything (songs/videos) in Windows Media Player then it says "Windows media player encountered a problem while playing this file".

When I play a video on YouTube the video runs smoothly but there isn't any audio to go with it.

If I go to control panel - sound - speakers and headphone properties and try to play a test sound it says 'failed to play test tone'

Attempted to update the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver but windows said it was up to date. Same thing with the Intel(R) Display Audio driver.

Thanks for any help

A:hp laptop audio and video problems (unless connected through hdmi)

Are you leaving the HDMI cable connected to the PC when you try to us the PC's sound (IDT)? Generally, when an HDMI cable is plugged in and detected the sound automatically switches from the "Speakers" (the IDT) to HDMI as the default audio playback device and thus no regular PC sound.

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Laptop audio works until I plug in HDMI cable to external monitor.  Looking for guidance on resolution.  Thanks,

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Greetings everyone,
Im not too tech savvy so I will try and explain exactly happened and hopefully get some assistance. I have an HP G42 AMD Turion II Dual Core Notebook that I am using for school (had the laptop for a year now, Windows 7 installed). I use it for watching movies (using GOP player), listening to music (itunes), completing term papers and attending online courses. I recently purchased an HDMI cable to watch movies from my laptop to my tv (I have an old Hitachi CRT 1080p w/HDMI compatibility), and when I plugged the cable in my laptop screen turned black for a brief moment, resumed normal and then completely froze. The only thing I was able to do was power it off and attempt to restart. I tried to restart the laptop and was barely able to type in my password as the welcome screen before it froze again. I can run windows in safe mode (both network and cmd prompt) but I cant run in normal. If more information is needed to troubleshoot I will be more than happy to provide. Thank you for your help!!!!

A:Laptop permanently freezes after plugging HDMI cable???

try a windows restore point to an earlier date when all was ok

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Hi I am facing issue with my Laptop (Pavilion G6 model) unable to connect monitor with HDMI to HDMI

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So yeah, I use a HDMI - HDMI cable to my laptop whenever I want to watch DVDs on it.
It used to be that the audio would work, but now that does not seem to be the case.

I've tried rolling back to previous versions but to no avail.

And yes, i've lurked through all the previous threads but to no avail.
The default audio device has been set to the TV's, the HDMI audio has been enabled and i've tried everything. Nothing

Please Windows 7 forum guys, you guys are my only hope!

Here are the specs

Acer ASPIRE 4741G
Intel Core 5-460M processor 2.53 GHZ
4 gig ram
Windows 7 64bit Home premium

A:Need Help : Audio won't work when I attach my HDMI cable to my laptop

found this info for you,give it a go and let us know how it went
- Click on the "Start" button
- Click on "Control Panel"
- With the Control Panel in "Control Panel Home" view please click on "Hardware and Sound"
- Where it says "Sound" in green letters there are three options below that are in blue click on "Manage Audio Devices"
- This will bring up a window labeled "Sound"
- On the "Playback" tab there is listed the sound options available to you. One should read "Digital Output Device (HDMI)" Click on that.
- There should now be a check mark on that option.
- The Sound should then play through your HDMI hookups to the TV.

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I've pluged a HDMI cable from my laptop into my TV and theres no sound coming from the TV just the laptop speakers. I've tried going into my control -> sound options -> playback -> and setting the HDMI output to default but still no luck, whats listed is :

Realtek Digital Output (Optical)
Realtek HDMI Output
Digital Output device (HDMI)

and next to each one listed is like a sound meter, the only one thats active is the speakers at the top which im guessing is the laptop speakers.

A:No sound output from HDMI cable in my tv, only laptop speakers

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Dear all that are reading,

I currently have a Sony Vaio laptop that has a HDMI output. I want to use a HDMI cable to connect my laptop up to a Samsung UE40B8000XW LED TV. The TV does have numerous HDMI inputs. (Please bare in mind I havent yet purchased the TV yet)

For sound I connect up my BOSE sound system using the 3mm stereo jack on the laptop.

Ok the situation is I still want to use the BOSE sound system when I connect up my laptop with the TV (Output cable from BOSE is only a 3mm stereo plug). The question is does the HDMI cable transfer sound to the TV and I will have to hook up the BOSE system to the TV or can I still hookup the BOSE system to the 3mm jack on the laptop and still get sound?

Any advice and help much appreciated.

Many thanks


A:Laptop to LED TV hookup with HDMI cable (Soun advice)

HDMI does transfer audio if the laptop supports it, but you can still use the stereo jack for audio if you so wish - just mute the audio on the TV.

If the laptop automatically switches to audio through the HDMI then you can go to the Control Panel and switch it back to the normal sound card.

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Hi I am facing issue with my Laptop (Pavilion G6 model) unable to connect monitor with HDMI to HDMI

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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!

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I am using an Asus X53U Laptop.

I am using hdmi cable to watch on my t.v.., so I wish to disable the image
or darken the laptop screen without affecting the display on the t.v. screen,
since I don't need to have the laptop and t.v. screen on at the same time.

So how do I disable and enable the laptop screen using Windows 7 ?


A:Disable Asus X53U Laptop screen using HDMI cable

This is the steps to use your tv as a monitor How to Use a TV as a Monitor for a PC |
then ie Show desktop 2 only

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I just bought a new laptop and it has an hdmi output on it. It is only an average laptop so the graphics card is pretty basic- i think its just the standard intel one.

When i connect my laptop to my 42" lcd screen and run it just off the TV, the video plays fine but about every 10 seconds or so it goes jumpy for a few seconds then back to normal.
however if i connect them and run both screens- the image on the tv is much smaller but plays fine. i'm thinking that when its outputting a larger image- that is causing the slowdown cause my graphics card can't handle it.

is there anyway to produce the 42" image without the slowdown?

thanks for the help


A:Solved: Output Laptop to LCD Tv thru HDMI slowdown

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Hey everyone, I'm having this problem with Dota 2 and Diablo III. Whenever I connect my approximately 15" laptop to my 24" monitor using an HDMI cable, it forces me to use a lower resolution in order for the game to not be laggy. When I use my laptop by itself, it can support the highest resolution which is like 1324 x 1024 or something like that, in addition to all the highest settings (except shadow), and the game looks perfect. However, when I connect it to my monitor, there are many more resolutions to choose from, the highest being 1924 x 1000 or something, but when I choose this resolution the game LOOKS like it does when I just use my laptop at the 1324 x 1024 (or something close to that) resolution but it plays much much slower and forces me to use a lower resolution such as 1024 x 800 in order for it to be playable at the cost of graphics. I'm just wondering because when I play other games on my laptop that's hooked up to my monitor the games I play look the exact same on the monitor as they do on the laptop and I'm not forced to use a lower resolution, such as HoN. But when I play dota 2 and Diablo 3, the graphics become shittier on my monitor because I am forced to use a lower resolution. I don't need or want a higher resolution supported by my monitor if using it only makes the game laggy and unplayable, I'd rather use the lower resolution of my laptop with the perfect graphics and have it displayed in that exact way onto the monitor, which is what happe... Read more

A:Resolution Issue when connecting Laptop to Monitor via HDMI cable

Flangdoogler, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The full make and model of your laptop would help, as then we could see what it has for graphics in it (GPU). Depending on what it is it is likely that you answered your own question,

Or is that I simply cannot have the same graphics displayed on my laptop (15") be copied exactly onto my monitor (24") due to graphics card reasons?

If the graphics card in the laptop isn't up to running it at high settings and resolution, then one or the other has to be lowered (and most time both) to get the game to be playable.

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Sounds complicated (To me anyway)

I'm running Windows 7 64bit with 2 video cards (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT and NVIDIA GeForce GT 240) as I use 3 monitors.

My TV is located where it is not possible to run a cable to it from the PC, It is however beside a CAT5 box that is connected to a CAT5 box beside my PC.

I use a TP-LINK TL-MR3420 router for my PC and wireless access upstairs.
It is connected to a Belkin Share wireless router set up purely as an access point downstairs via the 2 cat boxes mentioned earlier for wireless access and a wired connection to my xBox.

I want to use one of the spare video card ports to connect to my HDTV
I have a HDMI output on the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT and a DVI output on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 that are not in use.

I think HDMI is the way to go as I believe I can use a S/PDIF cable to connect my motherboard to my NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT and so I will have audio as well as visual.

My question is:
Can I use a HDMI to CAT5 converter, connect a HDMI cable to the video card output, connect one end of a CAT5 cable to that, the other end to my TP-LINK TL-MR3420 router (Which is connected to my Belkin Share wireless router)
Take a CAT5 to HDMI converter and run a HDMI cable from my Belkin Share wireless router to my HDTV?
Is it possible to do this via a router at all?

Any help is much appreciated ..

A:Connect PC to HDTV via HDMI -> CAT5 -> Router -> Access Point -> CAT5 -> HDMI -> TV

Hi and welcome to TSG.

The HDMI to CAT5 converter most likely sends raw high speed serial video through all four twisted pairs of wires in the CAT5 cable rather than converting the video data to Ethernet compatible data packets. Any Ethernet router or switch would not know what hit it.

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After troubleshooting it says DNS Server not responding

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I have this problem that my laptop connects to internet only via WiFi and not through LAN cable. Although this is not a major issue for me but I wonder why this happens? would appreciate and assistance in sorting this out.


A:Laptop works only on WiFi and not when connected via Lan Cable

For an attempted ethernet connection ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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The little icon on the bottom right corner pc says internet access but i cant connect at all. The modem is connected to the router. I set up the wireless connection and no internet access on my wireless tablet. Sometimes the little right corner pc shows limited connectivity. Any idea whats wrong? It was fine a few hours ago.

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i have an E-system 3115 laptop and have managed to connect to the internet using an ethernet cable to my Scientific Atlanta modem, but what i want to do is connect the ethernet cable to my Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO router and go online wirelessly.

I'm having problems doing this as it only seems to work when the cable is plugged into the laptop.

Thank you if you can help me.

A:Laptop only works when connected with ethernet cable

Have you disabled all encryption on the modem and tried to connect that way? Does the laptop connect to any other wireless networks? Does a wired connection work when you connect to the router and not the modem?

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So basicly I was trying to hook it up to TV then I wouldn't budge so I pulled harder then the cord separated leaving HDMI tip stuck hanging out of the port I need to remove this quickly please let me know what to do I tried tweezers

A:my hdmi cable broke and now the hdmi tip is stuck in my hdmi...

I meant to say HDMI tip is stuck in my laptops HDMI port I'm only 13 and I don't know how to take apart and I'm looking for non repair answers 

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My laptop (acer travelMate 5520) reboots automatically when the internet cable is connected. If I remove internet cable and then shut off laptop it does not reboot automatically.

please help me solve this problem.

thank you!

A:laptop reboot automatically when internet cable is connected

Sounds like a hardware issue. If the unit is under warranty, contact Acer. That said, a couple questions: Does it happen in Safe Mode?
Does it happen if you use MSCONFIG to boot in Diagnostic mode?

If the answer to either or both of those is no, you may actually have a bug that's triggering a reboot with internet connectivity. Try the advice elsewhere on Tech Support Forum for removing malware.

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I've been having a problem for the last few weeks where my laptop wasn't recognizing my internet. When it stopped working I could see my connection through the network access, but it always failed to connect and the troubleshooter told me to restart my router. After trying a few times, shutting down and restarting my computer, doing a system restore, and a factory reset twice, I can connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable. However, now my laptop can't even see that any connections are available.

There are other computer in my house, all they all connect just fine. What should I do?

A:Laptop can't connect to the internet unless it's connected to an Ethernet cable

The laptops internal WIFI card has probably failed. You can get around it by using an external USB wifi adapter

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I have just bought this Dell laptop and is having issues while connect the screen to my LG TV - the first day it works all fine, then after the TV screen start to blink (screen on for say 10 seconds and then black out/blink 1 or 2 times) - I have tried switching to another HDMI cable and still having issues - what is the problem??
Dell Laptop: Inspiron 15 5000 Series 1TB HDD 8GB RAM Core i5-6200U Win10
LG TV: LG Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV (Model 55LA7400)
I don't think it is a TV problem as I have used the same HDMI cable for other devices and it has worked just fine. 

A:New Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series laptop - trouble connecting to LG TV via HDMI cable

What is the exact system model? Does this occur with or without the adapter connected? Is the issue seen on both duplicate and extended mode?
Update the BIOS - - enter the service tag and download the BIOS, update and restart the machine and check. Also, reinstall the video drivers from the support site.
If the issue persists, then reinstall the video drivers from the vendor site and check. 
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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i disconnect the HDMI cable from my Asus laptop and put the laptop on sleep ....and when i want to resume the screen goes blue or black if i do it immediately
it happens every time i have to cut out the power and turn it on so that it works again.
Can anyone help me?

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i've ruled out over-heating and drivers are all up to date with no conflicts, apart from that annoying microsoft 6to4 driver that always shows up as a problem

virus/worms/spyware seem clean too, any suggestions?

A:Laptop rebooting randomly when connected to internet via Ethernet cable

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i hook up a htpc directly to my LG lcd tv through a hdmi cable.

i recently turned it off and unplugged everything and now that i hooked it back up it does not recognise the tv through hdmi. it will however work through a vga cable

i have tested the htpc on another smaller lcd screen i have and it works fine through the hdmi connection.

any thoughts?

A:hdmi hdtv

Quote: Originally Posted by yada10

i hook up a htpc directly to my LG lcd tv through a hdmi cable.

i recently turned it off and unplugged everything and now that i hooked it back up it does not recognise the tv through hdmi. it will however work through a vga cable

i have tested the htpc on another smaller lcd screen i have and it works fine through the hdmi connection.

any thoughts?

Have you enabled the HDMI input on the TV again?

Regards....Mike Connor

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. I recently developed hard drive trouble and have had to order a replacement.

Instead of installing Windows 7 all over again, with all the drivers, etc., I want to clone my existing hard drive to the new one.

I intend to connect one of the hard drives to my system via a USB SATA cable with the other drive connected inside my system.

To test this, I removed my hard drive and connected it using the USB SATA cable that comes with Seagate Hard drives ( Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Cable - USB 2.0 STAE100: Electronics)

I tried booting up my laptop using this setup.

The BIOS does detect the OS on the hard drive and attempts to boot from it, but flashes the BSOD when the Windows logo appears on the screen and reboots to a message that says that I should reseat the hard drive.
It then goes to a menu that asks me if I want to run startup repair or boot normally. Selecting "boot normally" repeats the process.

Any help? What can I do to rectify this problem? And more importantly, how can I make sure that my cloning process will go off without any trouble? I intend to use DriveImage XML for the cloning.

A:Unable to boot from Laptop Hard drive connected through USB SATA cable

Windows 7 will not boot and run from a USB drive.
However, that should not interfere with your ability to clone the drive using a USB connection.

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I just purchased a new HDTV & connected it to my desktop w/ a HDMI cable ( the connection is via a splitter, one input to monitor the other to the TV ). Everything seems to be working but when I look @ playback devices it shows the TV that was previously connected as the one currently detected. There is no indication that a new device was connected. Any help would be appreciated. Also, graphics card drivers are up to date.


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I have just installed Win7 64 and noticed that both my 17'' TFT monitor and Sony HDTV are picked up in device manager as "Generic PnP Monitor"

This seems to effect the Nvidia control panel as it detected the HDTV as being connected via VGA.....

The only thing I can think of would be to acquire the monitor profile for the Sony HDTV but obviously Sony don't have monitor drivers on their website.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?!

A:HDTV Picked up a VGA on HDMI


Have you looked at the various options available under 'Setup multiple displays'?

There are several options there that you might want to look at if you haven't already.

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I'm using:
AMD 64 3700+ with ATI Radeon HD 4670
A HDTV Samsung 40" LE40A656 as my computer display
The TV connected to my PCs using XP or Vista work fine (1920x1080) through the VGA cable but via HDMI the text is fringing and image quality is poor. No big deal, I just use the VGA cable.

ISSUE: Since I updated my HP from Vista to Windows 7 RC the TV can't display the PC at all - "mode not supported". It works with the HDMI cable though but the quality is as poor (I can barely work on it) as it is on XP or Vista.

Is there a fix? Should I wait for an update of 7 RC or do I need to reinstall Vista?

A:VGA / HDMI issue on HDTV

Try using the reccomended resoultion when connected through an HDMI. That solved it for me. mine is running 1360 X 768 now I know its not 1920 X 1080 which would be great but it looks alot better with the reccomended res. The Pic is Very clear and Sharp.

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So my dad ruined Chritmas.... He opened our new Sony Bravia 40" LCD early This one has a VGA port on the back which I would use with my computer, but the maximum resolution supported is 1400*1050 @ 60HZ (per the user manual). And, no, it doesnt work, I tried. This would be fine, but its not a widescreen resolution and the supported resolutions that are widescreen are way too low. So now to the question; If I use a DVI-HDMI cable from my computer, will the tv support a picture in its native resolution, 1920*1080? The manual directly says: "do not connect a PC to the TV's HDMI input. Use the VGA input instead when connecting a pc." Seems fishy to me.... Hopefully someone knows something and can help me??

A:Using my HDTV as a monitor (with HDMI?)

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Looking to buy a new desktop.
Have an old HDTV that works great. Has DVI but no hdcp so when I connect it to my cable box I get the "please use component cables". If I buy a new computer with hdmi out and use an adaptor cable will everything get locked out or just protected files? I've asked this many times and the sales people are honest enough to say "I don't know." does anyone here?

Thanks So Much in Advance!

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First its HDMI to HDMI. Both direct inputs I guess you call it( im not good with this stuff so work with me here thanks).
Ive tried everything and done my research and I cant find a answer. So I thought I would start posting in forums.
So I tried turning it my PC off [AlienWare(I know I wasted my money and should have built I computer) lol], turning it on and having both the HDMI hooked up.
It picks it up at first everythings going good, its popping up on my TV and on my Desktop Screen which is what I want. Then as soon as the Windows preivew or whatever you wanna call it gets done, and it goes to were your type in your password, my Desktop Screen goes Black and My TV says this. "UnSupport" with a black screen, and that floating around.

Then I tried to plug the HDMI while my PC was on and I was at the desktop screen. When I plug into the back, it does a little reset thing and then pops up. When it pops up all my desktop icons that are normally all the way to the right of my desktop are all the way to the left (which are all my games) and all of the desktop icons that are on left side, like internet, avg, skype, ect. arent on the screen. And when I have the HDMI hooked up and im stuck on the screen with all my normal desktop icons to the right on the left now, 1. I dont have my windows bar at the bottom ( where you pen task and the start menu) and 2. If I move my mouse to the left and off my screen it disapers completely like trying to go to another screen. And ... Read more

A:Trying to set up PC to HDTV with HDMI (not working to well)

Yes what graphics card do you have installed? What version of Windows are you running? What is the model number of the TV?

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Hey guys.. I did a search but I couldn't find someone who had exactly the same problem with me.. I tried a lot of things but I still can't solve this one..

I bought an HDMI cable today because I want to connect my PC (equipped with a Gigabyte GTX 260 which came with a DVI to HDMI adapter) to my HDTV (LG 32LG5000).

I read some guides online that said some kind of setup wizard should pop up and I can fix the settings for the TC but no such thing popped up, and the PC doesn't seem to recognise the TV at all.. I connected it to the second socket (so I can have dual monitors) and I also tried connecting it to the first socket but still nothing...

Any help whatsoever would be appreciated.. Thanks!

A:help with connecting PC to HDTV via HDMI

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I'm running a late 2008 Unibody aluminum Macbook, and trying to use a second monitor which is a TV. It's an Emerson HDTV but like 2007, no HDMI. I have an INsignia VGA converter runnig from the MiniDisplay on Macbook...purchased at Best Buy. Then VGA runs to a "HIgh Resolution Video," VGA Conversion that turns into S-Video and runs to the TV. When I plug it in, the TV goes to multi-colored vertical lines. And Macbook does do the soft power down fade to black and come back like when I plug it in to other monitors to mirror.

Any ideas? The S-Video converter is the common type found on eBay for like $17. I'm really frustrated.


A:Macbook to HDTV no HDMI

Those VGA to S-Video adapters generally don't work. The good ones that aren't eBay garbage only work if the graphics card has s-video support which a DisplayPort adapter most certainly does not.

What inputs does the TV have? What is the model of the TV?

You can get converter boxes but realistically the picture quality will be poor since it's s-video. Or you can get a new TV.

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