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Windows 8 does not start with usb hub connected

Q: Windows 8 does not start with usb hub connected

Hi there. Don't know in what subcategory to put this question, but I found this strange: When I have a powered usb hub connected, my windows 8 will not start. The same usb hub connected to xp or to windows 7 does not cause problems. But it does in windows 8. So I need to disconnect that hub and start windows 8 without it and connect it after windows 8 has booted. Said hub has two drives attached: 1 32GB and a 1 TB. How come Windows 8 cannot handle it? Thanks in advance for your help.

A: Windows 8 does not start with usb hub connected

Check BIOS for boot order.

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I have XP and I am sure I have a Virus. If I unplug my wireless internet, then it will allow the computer to turn on. However, if I leave it plugged in, then it will go to the Blue HP screen, but before the Windows screen it reboots again, and again, and agian, until I disconnect the internet. So, I can't find anything on the internet about this, so I am not sure if it is a virus or my wireless USB just decided to get a short in it while I was on the computer surfing on the internet.

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i could really use some help, my laptop continuously freezes within 2 min of connecting to my schools public network and i also resently noticed my windows defender isnt able to start...

A:laptop freezes when connected to school network, windows defender wont start either

Hello and welcome to TSF.

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NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

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I've got a new NAS (WD MyCloud 3 TB) which seems to be good connected to my LAN over a GBit Router. At least it's possible to transfer big files at maximum 105 MByte/s with the Windows copy function.
So I decided to make the NAS my backup drive (Windows 7 integrated Backup function from a SSD). Before I used a USB2-connected hard drive. The daily incremental backup took about 5 minutes  (2,5 GByte). Now when using the NAS the backup
took 43 minutes for the same amount of data.
A daily backup usually consists of 50 files, the data is collected by .zip-Files (about 200 MB each). Looking at the timestamps I see that on of these files (mostly containing 4-5 parts of outlook.pst) needs about 5 minutes to be generated and/or transferred.
What could be the reason for the slow data transfer? Is this a caching issue? What can I change?
Greetings, Halweg


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Win 7 Ultimate 64byteThe network icon in the tray is red with a red X.Network and Sharing center states I am currently not connected to any networks.I click on 'Connect to a Network', at the top of the pop up it says 'Not Connected', below the 'Connections Are Available' icon it shows my wireless network and connected.I can't connect to a HomeGroup.Internet connectivity is working.

A:Windows 7 states I'm not connected to any networks when in fact I am connected to my wireless network??

I found a solution for (my version of) this problem.  My tray icon never showed the red X, but if I clicked on the icon, the popup showed a bigger icon with a red X, and said "Not connected".  As in your case, Internet worked, but I'm unable to setup a VPN connection because it insists on using a non-existent modem, obviously because I'm "not connected" (which I am). 

I monitored the processes running the NlaSvc and Netprofm services (using ProcMon), and noticed that both were denied read/write access to subkeys within the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList hierarchy.  

The processes were running as NetworkService and LocalService, respectively, so I tried adding full access for these service accounts to the entire subkey mentioned above.  Notice that permissions are not automatically inherited in the registry, so you may need to explicitly "replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object".

Within seconds, Network and Sharing Center tells me I'm connected to my domain.  Yay!
A reboot was required to fix the tray icon and its popup.

However, I'm still unable to add my VPN connection.

I'm interested in hearing from you guys if your registries miss the same permissions?  If so, Windows 7 must have a bug somewhere with misaligned service permissions/rights.

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Had the worst experience of a lifetime. Was able to access the internet everywhere, even McDonalds. Get Warner Cable internet at home, says connected, but getting the 'this page cannot be displayed,' page. Tried troubleshooting, resetting TCP/IP, going into the internet tools when I could access it at other locations to set the security; downloaded new search engine, mozilla; called cable and sat on phone for 2 hours resetting our modem, walking through the process, with a technician and ended up scheduling for one to come back out to the house; to say the least every tip, I tried it. Cable even came out and tried and could not solve the issue. The desktop and other laptop in our house worked fine. Then I came here and found a post from 4 fricken years ago that worked instantly. I found it on my cell phone, took my computer over a friends who has netgear that I piggy backed off of and set a restore point and downloaded the software. I couldn't wait to get home to test it and WALLAH, it worked immediately, I love you tw0rld. So I posted the remedy again, for anyone who can't access the internet, try this, its an awesome tool!!!!! Don't go calling geeksquad. To think its 2012 and TWC technicians don't even know how to fix this issue!!!!!!!!!!

TechSpot Maniac

Create a restore point, then install and run the utility found on this link.

. Th... Read more

A:Wireless laptop connected, but not connected. TWC/Windows XP SP3

I had trouble using the link you posted until I saw it was fractured (ie broken into two parts)
so here's the corrected link to the WinsocksXPfix.exe

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OK, so i am connected to my wireless network, but windows says that i am not connected

A:Connected to Wireless network, but windows says Not connected

Hi bdman32,

Try removing all network profiles, re-add your own SSID (wireless network) with the correct encryption.
Wireless Network - Remove

Make sure that 'Obtain DNS Server address automatically' in your wireless setting is set to auto.
Setting Up a DHCP Ethernet Connection in Windows Vista/7 - Virginia Tech Knowledge Base []

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I am having the exact same problem this user did:

However, resetting my router -- an SMC -- and trying several channels have not solved the problem. In fact, I even tried a different router. Same problem.

It worked flawlessly for nearly two years, and now suddenly it is having this trouble. It says either "Not Connected" or "Automatic" when communicating with my wireless router, and if it says "Not Connected," it is actually connected -- i.e., I can surf in IE or Firefox -- but then eventually loses the connection after about 10 minutes or so.

I'm thinking it must be some weird software quirk.

Anybody have an idea?


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Logged in this morning and certain network connected apps Xbox app, true key password manager, microsoft hello face recognition would not connect to the internet. I have internet access and have no problem browsing but settings shows I have no network connection. Tried other PCs connected to the same router and connection to the internet is shown in settings on all others.

It's the same if I use my wired ethernet or my wireless connection on this PC. I have uninstalled the adapters and reinstalled them.

Any ideas as to what can fix this problem?

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Connected to Wireless network, but windows says Not connected
OK, so i am connected to my wireless network, but windows says that i am not connected

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Hey guys,

I'd really appreciate your expert assistance!

I've got an Origin Eon-17 SLX laptop that has recently gone out of warranty. I'm getting very frequent BSODs on start up, and it seems to happen almost every time if I have something connected to the HDMI output. It usually will BSOD, then restart fine.

I've tried a fresh install of 8.1, to no avail.

Please find the logs attached.

Many, many thank yous in advance!

A:BSOD often on start up, especially with HDMI connected

Hi mkbcnr33 & welcome to the forums ^_^,

I have analysed your dump files and below has been provided an analysis of the same for informative purposes :-

**************************Thu Apr 9 03:42:31.874 2015 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\SysnativeBSODApps\040915-4734-01.dmp]

Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (8 procs) Free x64

Built by: 9600.17668.amd64fre.winblue_r8.150127-1500

System Uptime: 0 days 11:14:33.575

Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiFastFailDispatch+d0 )

BugCheck 139, {3, ffffd000248f7500, ffffd000248f7458, 0}

Arg1: 0000000000000003, A LIST_ENTRY has been corrupted (i.e. double remove).
Arg2: ffffd000248f7500, Address of the trap frame for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg3: ffffd000248f7458, Address of the exception record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, Reserved



FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x139_3_nt!KiFastFailDispatch

CPUID: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.70GHz"

MaxSpeed: 2700

CurrentSpeed: 2694

BIOS Version 4.6.5

BIOS Release Date 02/14/2014

Manufacturer Notebook

Product Name P17SM-A

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????... Read more

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my computer is working normally without connecting the cd ,but when its connected it the computer doesnt recognize neither the cd nor the hard disk and it doesn't start
both are IDE

A:my computer doesn't start when the cd is connected

Hi honaplus and welcome to TSG.

If they are both on the same IDE cable, you need to check the jumper settings on the hard drive to see if it configured as the Master or CS (Cable Select).

If it is jumpered to be the Master, you need to set the jumpers on the CD drive to Slave.

If it is jumpered to use Cable Select, you need to make sure the IDE cable is the CS type with a Blue connector to the motherboard, Black connector for the primary (Hard) drive and a Gray connector for the secondary (CD) drive. The CD drive then needs to be jumpered to use CS.

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I just built my first computer, but i am having some difficulty. My computer will not show video when i boot if the floppy is connected. I disconnect the floppy and it will show video. Everything else runs fine once you get it going. I have tried replacing the motherboard and that didn't work. I have replaced the floppy and that didn't work. I even replace the floppy cables and that didn't work. Please help me if you can.



A:my computer won't start if my floppy is connected

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I have a HP notebook 250 G4 I5 with Win10 ; The notebook does not start when a projector is connected to VGA ( Epson EB - 570 / EB - 575Wi and other similar models ) .The bios and the drivers are updated .With Win7 operating normally.What can I do?

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A dell inspiron mini 10 i have, stalls halfway threw the dell flag start up screen, when no usb installed boots fine, it runs a windows xp, O'S which will soon be finishing updates so i was going to install ubunta and give the notebook to a friends 7 year old for school, as i dont use it and its a light computer to carry.

As far as i renember the issue with usb stick has always been there from start up, but was not a problem, but as i want to install an OS from usb it now is a major one as this is the only way to do it, only option in OS bootup menu is hard drive nothing else there, i then went into bios setup utilty advanced press f12, boot menu has +infront of hard drive, +not in front of usb storage, cd/ dvd , removeable devices, network book i can not change order set up.

This started as small easy thing to do, but now has me brainshook any help will be welcomed.

A:[SOLVED] computer stalls when usb connected at start up

Try this....reboot the computer and just after the post beep, start tapping the F12 key repeatedly until the advanced boot menu appears, from there pick the usb hdd.

Do you have the usb set as a bootable USB device. If not it won't recognize it. You will need the ISO of your OS and use Rufus to create a bootable USB. Rufus is free and I use it all the time.

Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

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Every time I want to access a shared folder in Windows 7, the computer that is sharing this folder, always have to be connected to wired network, accessing the share wirelessly there is no problem, but if that computer is not connected to wired network at the time of system startup, the share is not accessible through the wired network, only the wireless network.

It is as if Windows was not listening or accepting connections on Ethernet NIC.
The Ethernet NIC is a Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller, when the network cable is disconnected, the NIC is automatically disabled, I believe this causes the problem at startup, It seems that Microsoft fixed this problem in Windows 8 and later.

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Hi all!
Thanks for reading.
I am at my my sisters and she had lost internet connectivity with her HP Windows 8 laptop.  It would say it was connected, with limited connectivity and all 5 bars or 4 bars depending on where in the house I was.  However, it would not connect to the internet
I had read some posts and tried different things (some guy named vonnie?) and it did not work
I saw a youtube video where the guy said to update the drivers and that did the trick.  I was able to connect to the internet!
Now the problem is that when we turn on the computer, it does not automatically connect.  When I click on the wifi icon, I have to tell it to connect and I have to put my password in (every time) and it connects, but it says limited connectivity.  It does work, however.
My can I get it to connect automatically (even though I have the box checked to connect automatically) without having to enter my password and why does it say limited connectivity?
Thanks all...

A:WiFi connected with limitations and won't start up automatically

1.  Right click on wi-fi icon.
2.  Click on Open Newtwork and Sharing Center.
3.  Click on Wi-Fi (wi-id).
4.  Click on Wireless Properties
5.  Click Security Tab
Have a great day!

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Hi people.

I have an Acer Veriton PC running W7 Pro.
Have had a couple of EXTREMELY slow start ups recently, with the black ACER screen coming up and
staying there for ages, and the fans running very fast.

I've recently blown all the dust out of the cabinet, so that's not the issue AFAIK.

Is it possible that USB connected 'phones could be affecting proper start up?
I've had problems before if there are CD's in the drive, would a 'phone cause the same sort of problem?

The Missus left hers connected, and after I disconnected and restarted, no problem.

Coincidence, or cure?

Many thanks. Tony.

A:Solved: USB connected 'phone affecting start up?

Yes. Some computers boot from USB devices so if one is connected in can time time for the computer to examine the device and figure out if there is a bootable OS on it. It is just easier to not have USB devices with any sort of memory connected to the computer at boot up.

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I have problems to start programs when Im connected to Internet, ecpecially Outlook and MSN messenger.
outlook take like 5 min to start before I can do anything and when I attach files it takes forever to attach a single file.
When I look up how much CPU processor working its always on 100% when I start this programs. But not when I try to attach a file.

I also run Hijack following come up:

please advise or help

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 11:54:36, on 2004-04-19
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program\Delade filer\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program\Delade filer\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program\Delade filer\Logitech\QCDriver3\LVCOMS.EXE
C:\Program\Yahoo!\browser\ybrwicon... Read more

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My laptop won't start when the usb for the xbox wireless controller is plugged in. The laptop starts, the screen turns on but it's black and nothing appears on it. The fans run and everything but screen just stays black and windows never loads. If i remove the wireless receiver and restart the computer it stars normally and then if i plug the receiver it works just fine.

Any ideas why this is happening? This is a new laptop and the same receiver used to work perfectly on my old laptop. Also i tried plugging it into different usb sockets but same result.

A:Laptop won't start when usb for wireless controller is connected

From your description it sounds like the USB device is not recognized by the BIOS or it is conflicting with another device at the BIOS level.

Here is the first thing to try: go into your BIOS settings and navigate to the BOOT tab and note the Boot Order. I'm wondering if your current setting is to boot from a USB hard drive first, or before the Hard Disk Drive. If it is, switch it to boot from the HDD first and see if that makes any difference.

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When I try to start my HP Pavillion a450n first I get an error message that says "backupnotify.exe application failed to initialize properly (0xc00000005)". I click OK and my desktop comes up (after a while) but then everything just freezes (including the clock) and I can't open any programs or do anything, even ctl-alt-del does nothing and I need to hard shut down. This does not happen, however, if I unplug the cable to my Lynksys router. I've run Norton Anti Virus, but it tells me nothing is wrong. I'm running Windows XP. Here's the results of the highjack this scan I did today:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:38:43 PM, on 11/2/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\nav... Read more

A:Start up stalling when connected to cable modem

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One of my kids friends was "just looking at youtube" one day and says some viruses might have been infected. He said some spyware removal popups started coming up so he clicked on them. Needless to say I'm having a hard time not killing the little porn freak but I digress.I have SpyHunter and Avast on my computer and neither on can seem to get the job done.Portions of SpyHunter's answer are as follows-remove most viruses and 99% of all the Trojan-virus infections, however, there is one specific case, which the infection is placed at a very delicate part of the system, the logon part, and even though we are able to remove it using the support log feature, we rather not do it, because there is a very high risk that when we remove the infection, we will break the system and the customer would not be able to ever boot the system again.Unfortunately, you are infected with one of those very rare infections.However, there is only one safe solution for your problem. You need to perform a system repair from the Windows XP Installation CD.If you would like to try this solution, you will need either the original Windows XP Installation CD, or a compatible/bootable Windows XP Installation CD.When you repair the system, you will not lose any data or program installed on the computer. Just to be on the safe side, we highly advise you to backup all the important data on your computer, because even though the system repair is a very safe procedure, problems could happen.I've run a ... Read more

A:Virus Connected To Start Up- Spyhunter & Avast Not Working

Hi,I'm sorry to hear that you purchased Spyhunter. As I can read from their post, their support is lousy. There's really no need to perform a Windows Repair install. Because that won't remove the malware. And there's no need either to format and reinstall Windows as they suggest as well. Also, Spyhunter doesn't remove ANY viruses. Guess they don't really know the difference between a virus, trojan, spyware and adware. Sad to read this..Anyway, perform next please... * Please visit this webpage for instructions for downloading and running ComboFix: includes installing the Windows XP Recovery Console in case you have not installed it yet.Post the log from ComboFix when you've accomplished that, along with a new HijackThis log.

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Logitech Gaming Software (latest, 8.51.5) is in my auto start list and everytime I boot it makes a device connected sound.
I have the same on my Windows 7 x64 computer and it doesn't do that so Windows 8.1 x64 must be the culprit.

I have looked in the Logitech help forums but they just blame Windows and have no solution.
I have tried reinstalling it of course.
I have tried to run it as a Hidden Task on logon but it makes the same sound!

Now.. is there a way/workaround to run the program without triggering the sound each time?

Help appreciated.
(BTW I want to keep it in autostart and I want to keep the sound so simply disabling it is not a solution. )

A:Program in auto start causes device connected sound.

Happens here's the system connecting to the logitech hardware through the USB....The sound is the one windows makes when a USB device connects.

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For some reason my laptop does not connect to my wireless network. It says I have "limited access." I tried troubleshooting as administrator and it says diagnostics policy service will not start. All other gadgets in the home work. I have tried so many methods to fix this and I just cannot find any solution to this on internet. I've looked on previous threads on this topic but none of the methods listed didn't work for me. Is anyone able to assist or have any ideas?

A:Diagnostics policy service won't start - Connected, but no internet

This is a fairly common problem but with a few different solutions. The following link shows 7 pages of people with this same problem. Some of the solutions seem to be working so should be worth trying.

Windows 7: Diagnostics Policy Service not running - Microsoft Community

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Dear all,

I just received my new Thinkpad X1 Yoga, brand new, with a dock OneLink+

Both are running fine. But it is impossible to start the PC when the dock is connected: The screen freeze at the red square LENOVO display from the Bios, windows 10 pro doesn't start.

I have to disconnect the dock, et relaunch the PC to enable a normal start. After the start, I can reconnect the dock.

I updated all drivers, flashed the bios, latest FW of the dock and even resetted Windows, but without success.

Lenovo support wants to change the laptop (!), it's brand new!

I thought maybe one of the topgun member of this community might have a better idea.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Hi, I'm working with a new PC build that uses a 60 GB SSD for its boot drive, and which is also reusing some "old" SATA HDDs for storage.

At the time I installed Windows 7 Ult 64, I had only a new SSD plugged in, and the bios was set to AHCI mode. The installation went fine and I was able to boot into Windows afterwards without issue.

Then, I connected a WD Caviar Black SATA HDD to use as storage, with the SSD being the boot drive. With both of them connected, Windows will not get past the Starting Windows screen.

I made this video of the program before I understood that it was a drive controller issue: Startup problem - YouTube
In it, you can see that Windows boots fine in AHCI mode with just the SSD plugged in, but that when the backup SATA drive is also connected it doesn't get past the Starting Windows screen.

For the record, this Caviar Black HDD was my previous boot OS, and it also has a Win7 install on it (which I've renamed the base folder of), but it is not booting from that HDD. Also, I have tried the same thing with other "old" SATA HDDs that do not have any previous Windows install on them, and the result is the same thing which is shown in the video.

I do not understand why, and don't know what to do about it. All help is appreciated, thank you!

A:Cannot start Win7 in AHCI mode when multiple drives are connected

Have you scoured the BIOS for any other setting relating to AHCI? I seem to recall at least 2 different settings for it on my ASUS motherboard. Also look for any settings that might relate to hard drives, bootup, anything like that. How much of the BIOS did you change from its original settings?

Also, have you gone to the motherboard's manufacturer and installed every last driver for your version of windows? I found this, but it seems like a short list (considering some of these were for different versions of windows)

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Dear all,

I just received my new Thinkpad X1 Yoga, brand new, with a dock OneLink+

Both are running fine. But it is impossible to start the PC when the dock is connected: The screen freeze at the red square LENOVO display from the Bios, windows 10 pro doesn't start.

I have to disconnect the dock, et relaunch the PC to enable a normal start. After the start, I can reconnect the dock.

I updated all drivers, flashed the bios, latest FW of the dock and even resetted Windows, but without success.

Lenovo support wants to change the laptop (!), it's brand new!

I thought maybe one of the topgun member of this community might have a better idea.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I know I had a virus or still have a virus (I watched my computer being remotely controlled). I have ran malwarebyte on my computer and it detected and deleted 2 threats, and shows nothing else after several runs. Ran CCleaner. I have WiFi connection but Google Chrome only works for a couple minutes before it stops loading. Java update keeps popping up on my bar but when I click it nothing happens. When I got to the windows search bar to search for anything nothing happens beyond the "searching..." screen. Last night I had to force the computer to shut down after it remained on the shut down screen for 20 mins. Also had cpu spikes that seemed to have stopped suddenly. When started in safe mode everything works fine.everything started after I updated world of warcraft, but I doubt that was the issue because the remote control happened a day or two before that. Reinstalling Windows 7 is not an option right now.Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

A:WiFi connected, browser not loading, start search bar not working

Welcome aboard
Does Internet Explorer work?

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My 2 year old Dell 3537 is not starting at all.No lights can be seen neither the fans start as soon as I hit the power button. It was working fine till last night. this morning I connected it to charger (without starting it) (charging light was on on laptop) and went to sleep. When I woke up,the light was off and it refused to start. I have been trying since morning but no success. I have tried that static charge method too.
also as soon as I connect the AC adapter,a buzzing sound near the charging port on laptop can be heard. it was never there before. The sound stops as soon as I switch off the charger.

A:Dell 3537 won't start! Buzzing sound near charging port when adapter connected

Resolving A/C Adapter Noise on a Laptop:

A guide to identifying the source of an Abnormal Noise on a Dell PC

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Okay I live in the dorms in college.(well actually they are not the dorms but overflow apartments because the dorms were full, not sure if it matters but thought i should add) I brought my wireless netgear router with me to school to plug my Ps3 into and to download certain things the school blocks on the regular wireless internet.

So I plug my router into the jack in the room and then run wireless to my laptop and wired to my Ps3. I set up the router and it determined the internet connection is DHCP . I set the router to obtain I.P. and DNS addresses dynamically and it won't work. then i set it to use static addresses. ( the address that it picked up dynamically ) It then works for awhile, sometimes a few hours and sometimes less than an hour. To get it to work again all I have to do is set it back to dynamic wait a couple minutes and move it back to static. When I lose connection my playstation says its a DNS error.

my roommate plugs his laptop directly into the jack on the wall because he doesn't have a wireless card and he hasn't said anything about losing his connection. But once i plugged him into the router he loses his connection just like me.

I am sure i am forgetting something important if anymore info is needed I will add. Please help it is really getting annoying changing the setting on the router

A:Connected but losing internet access on wireless router connected to dorm room

If you don't use the router at all, does your Internet connection stay active?

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So, this is not a major issue but kind of annoying. Recently I have noticed that the system tray icon for the wireless network always has that little red X and if I open the Network and Sharing Center it says "You are not currently connected to any networks." When I click "See Full Map" it shows a line from my PC to the Router but the line from my router to the internet has a red X.

The thing is, I am connected to the internet. I can go online just fine. Any ideas?

A:network system tray icon shows not connected but I am connected

Hello Serg, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sometimes a simple restart of the PC will sort the network icon for you.

If not, then a quick disable and enable of the wireless network usually will toggle it back with the correct icon.

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys and girls

have a problem with a friends laptop and i need your help because ive run out of ideas and i dont like formatting unless i have tried as much as i can too rectify the problem and im close to losing the rest of my hair.

so the problem started with the normal limited connectivity, i was given the laptop and tried to rectify the problem using ip resets renew, release, ipvc reset, winsock reset and it wouldnt budge,

if i leave the ipv4 settings to automatic it will not display the ssid of the router, it will connect to it but display unidentified network, if i enter the ip address dns e.t.c then it will display the router but it will still not connect to the internet,

i have tried updating drivers, removing all drivers and letting windows rediscover and install driver.

i have also tried installing an internet dongle, the laptop will pickup the dongle, install the software but then display no connection.

i then tried installing a belkin wirless adapter but since the software is only up to vista i dont believe it has worked. ( everything installed ok but still will not connect to the internet)

i am also finding out that it is not getting proxy details either. and on occasions i will get limited connectivity or the adapter will refuse to connect to the router.

i have run xirrus wifi inspector on both my laptop (working) and his laptop (not working)

the signal strength runs from about -44db too -50db which is strong enough but the automatic ip address di... Read more

A:Solved: limited connectivity, unidentified network, connected but not connected.

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Hi there:
I have a weird problem here.
I have two laptops. Laptop A is my personal one using at home. Laptop B is my company laptop...The problem is about my laptop B
When I use my laptop B at work, everything works perfectly... When I get
home, this laptop could connect to Skype but just can not browse website...
I used ping and found that it can only ping IP address instead of websites...
I first thought that maybe the DNS server was screwed . Then I used my
laptop A to test, Laptop A and Laptop B have the identical settings, both
use Automatic DHCP server, settings on the TCP/IP are identical...
Laptop A works fine, can ping website and browse websits with a chime....
I then followed the Instructions and posted the following info and hope someone
here could give me some hints...BTW, I have the genuine windows xp pro cd.



DDS (Ver_09-09-29.01) - NTFSx86
Run by huis at 20:39:06.65 on 05/10/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_16
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.2.1033.18.2038.1260 [GMT -2.5:30]

AV: VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {918A2B0B-2C60-4016-A4AB-E868DEABF7F0}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\sp... Read more

A:Laptop connected to wireless , skype is connected but can not browse internet

bump please

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I thought i was reasonably PC savvy but after reading some of these posts I realise that I have no idea! - please be gentle...

I am living in a boarding hostel which has a wireless network (via Mac Airports) which I have connected to - it says that the signal strength is good (though it does appear to fluctuate)

This wireless connection uses a proxy server to connect to the internet (so that they have some control over what the students can see).

My problem is that I can connect to the network, but not always to the internet (using firefox). the internet seems to cut in and out, and if it is connected, it runs VERY slowly, and most often times out (even when opening something simple like

What I need to know is:
1. how can I tell if this is a PC issue or network issue?
2. I ran the intel PROset diagnostics tool and it says that the ping test failed (no response: default gateway, DHCP server)
Some things that I've tried:
1. other computers seem to work fine on the network
2. disabled windows firewall
3. talked to the techs but since they're mac users they weren't familiar with vista and therefire not too much help.

Ideas on what to do please??

A:Solved: Vista connected to wireless network but internet not connected

got it sorted now) It appears that even though my PC said the signal was strong enough, it wasn't (Vista must need a very stong and consistent wireless connection) After some searching I found that one of the airports in the building had been switched off and even though it was the furthest from my room, it made a big difference when activated...

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AJA System Test fails on one or more of the external USB 3.0 hard disk drives connected under USBIF compliant USB 3.0 Hub (VIA KGH / Cypress HX3 / Microchip) which is connected to the Type-C port of Dell XPS13 running Windows 10, 64 Bit OS. Test Setup and steps to replicate the issue: 1. Self powered USB 3.0 hub connected to the Type-C port of the Dell XPS13 using a Type-C receptacle t0 Type-C plug. 2. Four USB 3.0 Hard disk drives connected to the downstream ports of the USB 3.0 hub. 3. Following test tool is installed and run (4 instances run, one instance each for each of the hard drives connected to the Dock) Following are the tool settings:3a. 'Test File Size' = 512 MB3b. 'Settings > Run Continuously' selectedThe tool does continuous cycles of read / write to the selected Mass Storage device 4. USB traffic is captured on the upstream port of the USB 3.0 hub in continuous recording mode 5. One of the instances of the tool reports failure to access the drive after about 10 to 30 minutes after starting the test. Stop recording the USB traffic.
Sample set of Mass Storage devices used:
1. SinapisTek Poseidon Pocket SSD 128GB 2. Apacer AS710 USB 3.0 Portable SSD 128GB 3. Seagate Expansion 1TB HDD 4. BUFFALO HD-PZFU3 1TB HDD

Other observations:
1. Issue not seen on other Windows 10, 64 Bit platforms (Intel Series 7 chipset Desktop, latest Macbook, etc.)
2. During the test, it is ... Read more

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Hi, I have an HP Pavilion p6-2060a installed with Windows 7. (no disc came with the computer)The night before, I was impatient and forced shutdown and went to sleep. The next day, I booted the computer to find a message at the beginning aboutrunning a disc check. I skipped it and proceeded with the normal booting. The desktop had changed to a default format and the bubble at the right hand corner stated that I was in a temporary login.I Googled how to return to my usual desktop and majority of the advice was to restart or log off (I only have one user)So after logging off/restarting the computer a few times my original desktop and files returned. The next morning when I booted my computer, the "disc check on startup" message appeared again but I was too late to skip it and it started the checkup.I needed my computer so I forced shutdown and restarted the computer, and I was again logged in to the temporary profile. I came back home around 6 after uni and booted the computer and ran the disc checkup. The computer restarted afterwards and then gave me the options;startup repair or start windows normally. I selected start normally, but it returned to the HP screen then gave me the two options again. I've tried to do startup repair but it just stops at the blue background with the mouse only moveable. None of the advanced options seem to work either, such as safe mode, etc.I've tried starting the HP recovery system but that doesn't work too.In short. Stupi... Read more

A:Windows 7 won't start up constantly left with startup repair or start windows normally options.

The next day, I booted the computer to find a message at the beginning about running a disc check. I skipped it and proceeded with the normal booting.Hello and Welcome -Have you ever let the diskcheck run the full range ?? It runs 5 stages, takes about 1 hour, and will not harm your system.If you wish to run the check, it may cancel the restart problems - Please follow these directions >>Start your computer in Normal Mode -Run a Disk Check on your C: drive in Windows :•Click Start and open Computer•Right-click on C: (or your Hard drive letter) and select Properties•Click on the Tools tab•Under Error-checking click the Check Now... button•Mark the 2 boxes next to Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors•Click on the Start button•When the message box pops up, click the Schedule disk check button and >> Restart your computer•Once your computer restarts it will check the drive, don't press any keys so that it is allowed to do soAllow about 1 hour (on average) for the check to complete and it will Reboot itself back to Normal Mode -Next -Go - Start > Programs > Accessories > Find Command Prompt > Right click and select Run as Administrator > Then type sfc /scannow > Press Enter - Note the space between c and / > Allow about 15 to 20 minutes (on average) -This will Check System Files against original installation -Try these 2 simple procedures first to rule out... Read more

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I get this error message when I try to star up my computer.

Windows Boot Manager

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Status: 0xc000000e

Info: The selected entry could not he loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

I tried following those steps to fix the problem, but nothing worked. Startup repair didn't work. I had one system restore point, but that doesn't work either. I'm not sure what to do. Can someone please help me? Thank you!

Also, I don't want to reformat my computer or start new or anything. I have too many important files on my hard drive that haven't been backed up yet.

A:Windows 7 won't start. Status: 0xc000000e. Windows failed to start. A recent hard

You haven't yet told us the brand, model, age or configuration, so it is not likely we can come up with some suggestions.
However, it is likely a hard drive glitch, or a software failure.
Save your data to another computer using a USB external drive, or put it in another computer as a slave, so you can save the data before you get too far along.

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Since about 2-3 days ago I been getting in the icon tray the PC and a big red X icon meaning not connected to the internet but the thing is I am connected if I hover over it, it will say connected. I have no idea what the problem could be I'm just hoping I'm not infected by any virus.

System information
Intel Core i3 530 / 2.93 GHz
6.0GB of Ram
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit Edition

A:Internet Icon tray shows "not connected" but I am connected

Hi Negotron,Found a possible answer on Microsoft Answers for you Microsoft Answers Red X on NetworkHope this helps

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My computer downloads and plays music in the background when I am connected to the internet. I have rebooted, run malware antivirus programs and nothing, they say the computer is clean. The music stays muted in the background, but it takes up bandwidth. Please help

A:Windows 7 background music playing on Windows Media Player when connected to internet

Follow the below Instructions Carefully:
1. Download Hijack this from the link
(Choose the installer of HJT—Hijack This)
2. Run a Scan.
(Doing so when NOT Instructed Might cause Unwanted System Instability, BSOD's and Even Render your System Unusable)
3. Save a Log file (On your Desktop)
4. Copy and Paste all the contents.

5. Paste them in the Reply Window.

I am NOT an Authorized Malware Remover.

The Log is requested by me only for Optimization Purposes, troubleshooting and removing applications that are causing various problems such as Crashing, BSOD’s and Freezing and helping the poster remove any incompatible application/program and driver.

I will therefore NOT help if anything related to Malware is found in your log.

The thread will then moved to the Malware Removal Forums for expertize assistance.

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I have 2 users 2 laptops both windows 7 Prof 64 bit - connecting to a Windows 2008 Server via Terminal Server, mainly one laptop gets an occasional black screen, when minimizing the session, working on the laptop and then goes back to the session it sometimes takes 30 sec to 2 min and then the user is back connected to the server like nothing happens, the other laptop has an occasional a black screen but not as much and does the same all day, minimizing working on the desktop going back to the remote session etc.
I had Dell Support look at all the settings on the server and everything looks fine.

The connection is not disconnected when it comes back up.

Any ideas what could cause this issue ?

Our ISP is Comcast

thanks for any feedback

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I have a desktop PC connected to my router with an ethernet cable. I have another desktop in another room which is connected wirelessly. After I reboot my desktop says "not connected - no network connections available" on the system tray. Meanwhile the wirelessly connected PC is fine.

This has happened three times. On the first two occasions I was able to get back to normal by doing a few system restores ( the first one never worked and sometimes the second and third.) until it magically started working and I had internet access. This time that isn't working. I thought it was related to a windows update but I have disabled them and it happened again today.

When I got my access back there were no problems for ten days until I had to reboot and then I get the problem again.

I have read this board and tried the following without success:

- reset winsock ipv4 ipv6
- clean reboot
- disabled and re-enabled my network adaptor

Any other ideas? This is really frustrating.

A:not connected - no network connections available direct connected

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I'm sure this question has been asked multiple times because I myself have read countless posts trying to figure out my problem and solve it, but nothing has seemed to work for me. I have an HP G60-230US laptop and a Linksys router. It says my laptop is connected to linksys but it has a limited connection. It will not connect to the Internet and I can't open the Internet at all. I got an error saying that it was unable to communicate with the Primary DNS Server but I'm pretty clueless as to how to go about fixing this.

Thanks in advance!

A:Laptop is connected to router, but is not connected to Internet.

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Hi to all
The Network icon shows Not Connected, but I'm connected and can brows the internet.
my prblem solved but after restart my computer this problem come back.
I'm confused because I tried many ways to sole it!

I disconnected my pc from modem, waited about 30 seconds and reconnected it
Reset the network adapter
use the Diagnose and repair the connection
Uninstall driver from device manager and restart my computer

When the computer will restart my problem is solved!!!!!!! but When the computer will restart again,
my problem come back!!!!! Even when I disconnect from the Internet and connected, this problem come back

Could someone help me? (windows 7, 64)

A:The Network icon shows Not Connected, but I'm connected

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Can you surf to here:
More info here:

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I purchased this laptop for school and it was working perfectly fine. The network connection was great and everything. Today it decided not to connect to the internet, yet it is still connected to my network, but recognizes it as undefined. Instead of having the normal bars it has a yellow exlamation mark. I have contacted my ISP and my router is working fine. I'm on a different computer and it is working fine as well, so there's something wrong with my computer. I have contacted a representative and they said they could not help me either.

But surely someone here will be able to help hopefully.

I have tried everything I know to fix it. I cannot connect even if I'm using the ethernet cable.

The computer is an Acer laptop and I have Windows 7.

A:Connected to Network adapter, but not connected at the same time?

Could you go to the start menu and run the command "cmd", then when the black window opens up, type in: ipconfig /all (there's a space before the '/', but not after it) then press return. A whole bunch of stuff will scroll. Could you cut/paste that info into a response here?

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I have lots of network choices for my laptop. I used my neighbor's network for the meantime. The signal is good but not as perfect as the old one I'm using here. Everytime I turned my pc on it connects me straight to my old wireless connection. The PRIVATE-PC on the network setting said connecte to it. But the globe grafix(internet) is not connected. But with other network I can get through. But not this one.I'm using vista home premium. Pls help.

A:Laptop is connected to network but can not get connected to the internet

please do not duplicate posts
continue here
where you have a reply
closing this one

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I haven't used my desktop in a while (been on this laptop), but I got on it the other day and was greeted by terrible performance. There was a program called VirusRemover2008 on the desktop that I instantly recognized as malicious because 1.) I didn't put it there and 2.) It was very busy with prompts. I ran AVG and it took forever to scan my computer, but after two attempts (the computer just didn't want to work, I had to use the task manager to open programs because I couldn't get to the task bar) it finally finished its scan and found tons of adware/spyware/etc., along with two "threats" that took some effort to get rid of. I ended up using a program remover to get rid of "VirusRemover2008" and whatever it had in my registry.

So, after a restart or two my computer is running relatively well. I'd say it's healthy now...except for the fact that it will not connect to the Internet. It thinks it is...but my browsers won't load, programs can't update, etc. My connections show that I'm connected, my router and my modem say that I'm connected (tried bypassing router, no difference), and no restarting/disabling/connection repairing or anything else has made a difference. From my amateur technical perspective, everything is perfectly fine...except my computer just seems to be missing some step that I don't understand. It looks fine, everything checks out...but apparently there's no connection despite reading "Connected" everywhere I know to look (Ne... Read more

A:PC is connected, but not connected. Weird problem that I can't understand at all.

Is there no edit option? Sorry for double post, but I fixed the problem...somehow. I remembered that I had a registry cleaner on my computer and went ahead and ran it to see if I could get lucky, and it did the trick. After it repaired the registry I gave Firefox a try and it popped right up!

Have to recommend Eusing Free Registry Cleaner now.

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I have lots of network choices for my laptop. I used my neighbor's network for the meantime. The signal is good but not as perfect as the old one I'm using here. Everytime I turned my pc on it connects me straight to my old wireless connection. The PRIVATE-PC on the network setting said connecte to it. But the globe grafix(internet) is not connected. But with other network I can get through. But not this one. Pls help.

A:Laptop is connected to network but can not get connected to the internet

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I have 2 users 2 laptops both windows 7 Prof 64 bit - connecting to a Windows 2008
Server via Terminal Server, mainly one laptop gets an occasional black screen, when minimizing the session, working on the laptop and then goes back to the session it sometimes takes 30 sec to 2 min and then the user is back connected to the server like nothing
happens, the other laptop has an occasional a black screen but not as much and does the same all day, minimizing working on the desktop going back to the remote session etc.
I had Dell Support look at all the settings on the server and everything looks fine. 

The connection is not disconnected when it comes back up.

Any ideas what could cause this issue ?

Our ISP is Comcast 

thanks for any feedback 

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My mom's computer: hp pavilion running windows 98. when you power on the system, the monitor will only display "VIDEO CABLE CONNECTED?"
I took to her a compaq presario running windows xp. this unit had a bad power supply, therefore used the old power supply from the hp pavilion. also used cd drive and 3 1/2 floppy drive from hp and installed in the compaq. powered on the system using the peripherals and connected the ethernet cable - again monitor would only display "VIDEO CABLE CONNECTED?"
She also has an old Gateway that I believe is running Windows 95. The same peripherals were connected with the exception of the ethernet cable as the gateway has no eternet connection adapter on it. - on power up - no error. system booted and works fine, except no internet service.....
She called the internet provider (hi-speed wireless satellite service) who verified the service was working properly from the antanea on the exterior of the house going into the modem. he did advise her that he could not verify anything any further in without coming to the location and billing her for a service charge.
My common sense tells me that with a video cable error, the problem would be with the video cable (duh) or the video card - but that doesn't explain how the same monitor worked on the gateway and not the hp or compaq when the hp and compaq have 2 different video cards...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:windows 98, windows xp, error: video cable connected?

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I have a video card that used to boot up in windows 7 - but know this computer with a GeForce 9500GT video card boots up with the Vista boot up logo.

I found out this was the video card because I have another card with another GeForce video. I took the swapped the video cards, and the indication changed. The original computer booted with the windows start up screen. And the test computer booted up with the vista boot up screen.

I was told by a local computer repair facility this had something to do with video drivers. I tried what the organization suggested and uninstalled all video drivers (I used generic Windows 7 Video Drivers). Then the organization recommended downloading the latest video drivers for the GeForce 9500GT.This video card has 512GBytes of memory. I did this. Then I was told to install the newly downloaded video drivers. I resrted the computer with the Vista login screen with windows 7 operating system, and the vista login screen was displayed.

I also purchased a new GeForce video card with 2 GBytes of DDR2 memory, and installed this in two different computers with the same vista start up with windows 7.

Can you provide any insight why this would occur?

Can Tech Support provide some sense to this issue.

Thank you for your support.

A:Video Card Vista start used to be Windows 7 Start - windows 7

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum.
No disrepect intended, but I have never encountered a video card that will boot up in Windows.
I have a video card that used to boot up in windows 7 Click to expand...

Please run this forum's sys info utility & post the results.

Here's the method I use to update drivers.
Download the driver from the graphic card's manufacturer
2nd choice, from the chipset manufacturer
3rd choice: Windows update
Download Driver Sweeper from Guru3D if the chipset is nVidia or ATI
Install Driver Sweeper
control panel > upper right, set "view by" to "large icons"
Select the driver & uninstall it
Boot to safe mode
Run Driver Sweeper
WITHOUT rebooting, run the driver install program
Reboot; this time to normal mode.



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Windows Update, Live Mesh and other Windows utility's say im not connected to the Internet or they cant communicate with the sever. I can get on the internet just fine and it says im connected in the task bar.

A:Windows says im not connected, but I am

Can you go into device manager, uninstall the driver for your internet adapter, and then click "scan for hardware changes" for me?

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Greetings to all,
I do hope someone can help me.
I have a netbook with Windows 8 in it. It has worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Nothing happened to make it change; it just decided to change by itself. For example, I didn't change settings and also automatic updates doesn't happen; I have to decide to install what I want.
The problem is that Windows 8 tells me I am connected to our wireless network, however, it won't actually connect. No browser, email, and etc. will connect, though the netbook insists I am properly connected. The settings are good, and everything else in the house connects to the wireless as usual, so it isn't our internet system's problem. I don't have a firewall going on. The troubleshooter doesn't know what the problem is either. I asked a guy who is in his last year of a computer engineering program and he doesn't know about it either. His only suggestion that I didn't do already is that I should hook it up to the wire instead of the wireless to see if that works. I didn't do that yet...
But I need it to be wireless because I use it outside the house.
The netbook and thus the Windows 8 is less than a year old.
Any advice?
By the way, I am soooo a non-techno person. My husband is, but he doesn't want to think about Windows 8.
Thank you,
Sincerely, Booknut

A:Windows 8 says it's connected but it really isn't--what to do?

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I did nothing different to my computer. It was online fine and then an hour later when I came back, it wouldn't load any pages. I have a DSL modem and a wireless router that also connects another family member's desktop to the Internet. (As well as our phones via wifi.). The connection is fine on the other PC through a wireless adapter (both are desktops), and on the wifi the phones work perfectly so I know the modem and router aren't the problem. But even though my desktop says it's connected (not wirelessly, it directly connects to the router.), no pages will load. If I use chrome browser it eventually tells me this webpage is not available regardless of which page I try to load, or sometimes it's telling me no data received - unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data. Yet oddly a couple of times after forever it seemed to half load a couple pages. Internet Explorer just keeps trying to load pages forever with blank white page as a result. I don't know what the problem is. Please help me fix this!

A:Please help! Windows XP Connected, but not?

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I have a laptop that I was given to work on that needed a re-image. I went and loaded up the base WIndows 8.1 and it won't accept the product key. When I go run a tool to grab the product key, it says that it is for "Windows 8.1 Connected". Is there a way to get an iso for this "Windows 8.1 Connected"?

A:windows 8.1 connected

Hi, As far as I know, the oem key for '8.1 with Bing' will only work for that specific version and I've not seen any downloadable ISO for this. The only suggestion I can give would be to purchase the oem recovery media from HP - if you wish to do this, you can start on the following link. Regards, DP-K  

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So, these issues have been present for 3-4 months but i have ignored them.

First, windows says i'm not connected to the internet when i actually am.

Adressing the first issue, as seen in the screenie, i'm connected to the internet but Windows says i'm not, this is annoying and means i can't join a homegroup, the screenie shows the regular icon, wired, with the warning symbol, however i have a secure connection, please help with this as i am getting more and more annoyed.

I have attached a screenie showing the issue and i will post more if needed.

Thanks in advance.

- Dylan

A:Windows says I'm not connected when I am.

Can you post a screen of the network adapters in sharing center and in device manger. Like this. Are you using any vpn programs on your pc like hamachi?

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Ive tried a few things but cant seem to work it out. I have a Desktop computer with Windows XP home on it and a Laptop with Ubuntu 8.04. With my laptop/linux the internet works fine using my Realtek RTL8187 usb adapter, but when i try to connect to net with desktop/windows my netgear wg311v3 wont connect and even if i use my realtek adapter with my Desktop/windows in the exact same place as when connected to laptop/linux. Desktop come up with a few situations, CONNECTED but unable to use internet, NOT CONNECTED and LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY.

I did the system scan and this is what i got while it was 'CONNECTED'

Any help would be great
Modems and Network Adapters
- Network Adapters


+ [00000010] NETGEAR WG311v3 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter ArpAlwaysSourceRoute = (empty)
ArpUseEtherSNAP = (empty)
Caption = [00000010] NETGEAR WG311v3 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter
DatabasePath = (empty)
DeadGWDetectEnabled = (empty)
DefaultTOS = (empty)
DefaultTTL = (empty)
Description = NETGEAR WG311v3 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter
DHCPEnabled = TRUE
DHCPLeaseExpires = (empty)
DHCPLeaseObtained = (empty)
DNSDomain = (empty)
DNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder = (empty)
DNSEnabledForWINSResolution = (empty)
DNSHostName = (empty)
DomainDNSRegistrationEnabled = (empty)
ForwardBufferMemory = (empty)
FullDNSRegistrationEnabled = (empty)
GatewayCostMetric = (empty)
IGMPLevel = (empty)
Index = 10
IPConnectionMetric = (empty)
IPEnabled = FALSE
IPFilterS... Read more

A:Windows XP Wireless 'not connected'

More or less your computer is pulling an IP but is not connecting with your browser. First thing you want to do is see if there is a conflicting address issue.
Go to the start menu. Click 'Run' and put 'cmd' for command prompt.
Put 'ipconfig/release'
It releases you old IP address.
Now put 'ipconfig/renew'
This will cause your computer to pick up a new IP address.

If that still doesn't connect you, if you're using Internet Explorer, try going to tools, options, advanced, 'reset'. Clear up anything that could be causing it.

If neither of those work, give reply and I'll offer another fix.

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I am new to creating a VPN, but i did every trouble shooting guide on the internet i was able to find.
here is what i did.

-Disabled firewalls both on PC and router.
-Made sure router DCHP range is not within the VPN iprange.
-Made sure Default gateway is unchecked in IP4
-Port 1723 Forwarded
-PPTP enabled on linksysx100 router

i tried using two diffrent clients, one was windows 8 64 bit and the other win7 32 bit.
Both results were the same. Can not ping server, or see network computer shared folders

All i want is for the client to see only the server, so i disabled also access to entire network( even enabled does not do anything)

Can someone please what i am missing, i've been tryin to figure this out for 2 days and i cant seem to find out what is wrong.

Thanks in Advance for any reply. and will appreciate fast replays, since this VPN is crucial for my business to setup a Inventory management SQL server across multiple sites, Hamachi is unstable since i have to route through servers. That is why i had to turn to this more direct tunnel.
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Server-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : TA... Read more

A:windows 7 Vpn connected but not working

Sorry if too primitive, did you try to connect with IP address?

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I have a sony vaio laptop model pcg-7183m with windows 7 installed on it. I was using it tonight just checking emails and a note flashed up on screen about wireless connection. Now I cannot connect to the internet as it says wireless internet is not connected and there is a big red cross.

I have tried disable and then enable but nothing changes. I even tried plugging the ethernet cable from my desktop into it and it came up with error 651. I have a netgear router for internet access and my desktop is working fine with this via the ethernet cable

I cant dowload anything onto the laptop as I cannot connect to the internet from the laptop.
Can anyone help


A:windows 7 adapter not connected

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I get popup windows stateing i have various problems.example: Messenger ServiceWindows error message-Registry Damanged install the cleaner program. And Message from Security monitor to user buffer overflow WWW.Dlpatch.comThe popups only happen when connected to the net, and it dos'nt matter if i have microsoft explorer running or not.Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 4:20:41 PM, on 2/22/2006Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINNT\System32\smss.exeC:\WINNT\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINNT\system32\services.exeC:\WINNT\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\PROGRA~2\Grisoft\AVGFRE~1\avgamsvr.exeC:\PROGRA~2\Grisoft\AVGFRE~1\avgupsvc.exeC:\WINNT\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Kerio\Personal Firewall 4\kpf4ss.exeC:\WINNT\system32\regsvc.exeC:\WINNT\system32\MSTask.exeC:\WINNT\System32\WBEM\WinMgmt.exeC:\Program Files\Kerio\Personal Firewall 4\kpf4gui.exeC:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Kerio\Personal Firewall 4\kpf4gui.exeC:\WINNT\system32\spool\driver... Read more

A:Popup Windows When Connected To The Net

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the exact order in which they are mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes.Step #1Scan again with HijackThis and check the following items:F2 - REG:system.ini: UserInit=C:\WINNT\System32\userinit.exe,C:\WINNT\System32\svcinit.exeAfter checking these items, close all browser windows except HijackThis and click "Fix checked".Step #2We need to make sure all hidden files are showing so please:Click Start.Open My Computer.Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.Select the View tab.Under the Hidden files and folders heading select Show hidden files and folders.Uncheck the Hide file extensions for known types option.Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option.Click Yes to confirm.Click OK.Step #3Reboot Your System in Safe Mode:Restart the computer.As soon as BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until the Advanced Options menu appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode menu item.Press the Enter key.Step #4Find and delete these files and folders (if they are still there):C:\WINNT\System32\svcinit.exe <= this fileReboot your computer normally.Step #5Please go HERE to run Panda's ActiveScanOnce you are on the Panda site click the Scan your PC buttonA new window will the Check Now buttonEnter your CountryEnter you... Read more

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Alright, so here's the deal. In my Network Connections it shows nothing. It is just white space. In my system tray, at the bottom right-hand corner of my screen, it shows no flashing computers. This has been so for around five months, I'm guessing. It never really bothered me until lately, and here is what I have done in order to fix it (to no avail, obviously):

- Installed all critical Windows updates
- Ran Ad-Aware entire system scan (it's my only anti-virus program)
- Tried to make a new network connection, but according to Windows, I have no network hardware, either
- Put my Windows installation CD into my CD drive, went to "Install Optional Windows Components," and installed everything network related, then restarted.

My brother, who programs for a living, is completely stumped.

What do I do?

A:According to Windows I am not connected to the internet...

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Hi there!

I am new around here, purely because I'm after some help regarding my laptop... It's saying it's not connected to Internet, and that no connections are available, but on my iPad and on another laptop I know there are connections available (our wifi, neighbours wifi etc) + The little Internet icon thing has a Red Cross?

So here's my problem. I've looked around online basically all day yesterday and this morning trying to find solutions. A lot of people have said to uninstall the wireless network adapter. Mine in the device manager is called "Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter." I've uninstalled it, deleted the data. I then Rebooted laptop, and when I went back to device manager, and reinstalled it, it now has a yellow exclamation mark next to it.

The driver is up to date, but device status is telling me "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)." Then it has another error message, I will attach photos.

On top of that, I've tried plugging in my phone to my laptop via USB to try and activate personal hotspot on my laptop. All it says is "identifying... No internet access", however, I'm posting this on my iPad right now via personal hotspot, so I know personal hotspot works.

My laptop is an asus F555LD-XX110H, (here's a link: Asus F555LD-XX110H 15.6" Core i7 1TB Notebook)

It is currently running Windows 10. I've attached some photos, to... Read more

A:Not connected- No connections are available WINDOWS 10

Welcome to the forum. While the driver has a yellow triangle it wont work is your system a 32 or 64 bit system? Did you download the drivers from here you download the drivers then right click on the .inf file and choose install

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I'm getting this icon...

I am connected to my wireless network.

I'm using Windows-7 Home Premium x64
I'm using a purchased version of windows 7, I updated my windows-7 few hours ago, restarted, nothing changed.

I wouldn't mind the icon, since I have Internet, but Origin is being b*tch about it, and I cant play games until I fix this.

edit :
Is there a way to force my machine to think that I'm connect to the Internet?

Even if I'm not connected, I don't mind, cause that will solve all my problems.

A:Windows is stating that I'm not connected to the I-net, when I am.

I'd check your WiFi adapter driver is the latest for W7x64 and ensure the devices properties are set at the optimal values through Device Manager.

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Well, I left my computer to fill out some important papers and now when I come back the internet was showing that it was connected with limited access but there was a red x in the connection panel.
When I tried going on the internet it said it was not connected, so I disconnected from my network and tried connecting, it still connected with limited access, I diagnosed the problem and this is what it said.

"The Network's adapter Atheros AR5007UG Wireless Network Adapter" is experiencing driver or hardware related issues.

Make sure your Internet Protocol Bindings are correct.

I've tried restarting the modem, restarting the computer and I can't update since my internet is not connected.

Appreciate the help.



A:Windows Connected but not working?

With another computer download the drivers that you think you need to a finger (USB) Drive.
Insert it in the problem computer and install from the USB.

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I have a sony vaio laptop model pcg-7183m with windows 7 installed on it. I was using it tonight just checking emails and a note flashed up on screen about wireless connection. Now I cannot connect to the internet as it says wireless internet is not connected and there is a big red cross.

I have tried disable and then enable but nothing changes. I even tried plugging the ethernet cable from my desktop into it and it came up with error 651. I have a netgear router for internet access and my desktop is working fine with this via the ethernet cable

I cant dowload anything onto the laptop as I cannot connect to the internet from the laptop.
Can anyone help

A:windows 7 adapter not connected

Have you tried doing a system restore to see if it resolves itself?

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Hey everyone. I've been try to get online with my wireless dual-band Linksys/Cisco N desktop adapter on my Windows XP SP3 to my dual-band N+ Belkins Router, but nothing I do seems to work.
I can get connected to the network, and I do believe I have an IP address other than the "169" one, but I still can't access the internet!
It usually returns between low and good signal, with a connected speed of around 200 Mbps.
The packets sent as I check right now are about 700, and the received packets are 4.
I've tried many different methods, including [TCP/IP manual IP/DNS server address to automatically obtaining them], [Repair Internet Connection], [cmd prompt: ipconfig /release, ipconfig /all, ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /renew], [Computer Management>Services>Routing and Remote Access], and [Internet Explorer Tools>Settings>Connections>LAN Settings>Automatically detect settings].
My computer is not too far from the router, but it does detect around 5 different networks as well, each one with WEP-security so I can't access them. My laptop is only 54.0 Mbps connection speed maximum, and it's in the same room as my desktop PC. It has "Excellent" signal strength, connects fine to the internet with an average of 14 Mbps download speed, and is running Vista 32-bit Premium.
I have no clue what the problem is here. Hopefully, someone can help me out >.< Here is my ipconfig:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . .... Read more

A:Connected but no internet - Windows XP

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First of all sorry for my bad english..

Hello there, I have a Windows 7 Laptop which has got a red X on the connectivity icon even when connected, and this since april. Now, I don't have any idea of what caused it. I have Tunngle installed, but i don't think that's the problem. I also have updated my internet drivers, but without success. In the network boards i also have a weird second wireless connection which is called "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #6"

I also attached so screenshots and sorry if my PC is Italian


A:Windows 7 connected but shows red X

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Hey I am pretty inexperienced with computers but I recently moved and got a new internet provider. I have a Verizon wireless router and a Sony Vaio laptop running windows XP. For some reason my computer will connect to the internet but still won't seem to transfer any information. It says that it is connected, and that I am on the network but I can't surf the web at all. My room mate seems to be having no problem with her wireless so i know its got to be my computer and if I plug my computer directly into the router via ethernet cable it seems to work fine also. Its about to drive me nuts! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Please Help! Wireless connected 'connected' but still can't surf the web

Disable encryption on the router (and make sure you are not using MAC Address filtering) and try to connect. Assuming success you can probably re-enable encryption and reconnect. If unsuccessful ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I recently got a computer from my brother-in-law that he wasnt using anymore. When I got it up and running (he forgot his windows password and I had to bypass it) I plugged my internet cord into and it displayed the message Limited or No Connectivity. It was set to the automatic settings for DCHP and IP. So I used the IP address and settings from my other computer on the one I was trying to get running. After I put the IP address in it says connected but when you try to load a web page it acts as if it is not connected. Also, when I click repair connection when it's limited or no connectivity it cant renew the IP address and just assigns the 169 IP. When I click repair connection on the "connected" settings it says "cant clear ARP cache. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Internet connected but acting as if not connected

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I'm having problems getting a VPN to work which seems to be a common problem but I cannot find a solution

Basic hardware:
XP and 2 win7 Ultimate computers (A&B). B is the VPN server.
Router: Thomson SpeedTouch TG585v7Xp . Port Forward tester confirms port 1723 is open
Internet access via Router or via local wireless hotspot (FON)

I have followed the tutorials on this site to set up the VPN at both ends (so I have a special VPN user set up)

If XP is logged onto the LAN, it will connect (shows connected at both ends) to the VPN using the LAN IP address (192.168.etc) I'm not sure what use this is as I can see the shares on B through the network anyway!! The VPN connection does not show up anywhere else.

Also rather oddly, if I click on the workgroup name in Explorer I am told the workgroup is not accessible (not have permission etc etc) despite the fact that I can see and access the other two computers in the workgroup

I copied the VPN connection, changed the IP address to the external address of my router (188.222 etc)
Logged the XP machine onto the local Wifi hotspot (109.144.etc) and connected again (VPN connections show connected on both computers) no problem

The server connection is valid only for the VPNuser and as all bar TCP/iPv6 ticked.
TCP/iPv4 has
* Allow callers to access my network ticked
* Assign IP address automatically
* Allow caller to specify its own IP address

The VPN user also shows in netw... Read more

A:VPN Connected but no network access; TCP/IP Not connected

i am sure i can help you but i need you to answer some questions first
are a & b on the same router
when you config the server you have to change :Assign IP address automatically: and set ip address pool anyway as you are using normal windows not server so you cant have more than one client connected at the same time
also another tip you have to change the router server to be uncommon ip address like 192.168.xx.xx
try to keep Assign IP address automatically on the client first then try with out
try to map the drive using ip address \\\(shared local disk) example d
try to map it Assign IP address automatically is on and off
let us know if they are on the same router or not as it does make difference

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I have a teacher who uses a laptop as a workstation. She uses it to get online from here at the school and when she comes home.

Recently, she said that she can surf fine from work but when she gets home she plugs into her network and gets all the signs of connectivity but when using the internet explorer, she only gets the "Work Offline" option and is unable to use the internet.

She has a wireless connection set up as well as the regular ethernet connection. She usually only uses the ethernet port and rarely uses the wireless connection but both are running simultaneously.

Anyone have any ideas as to what this problem may be?

A:Connected at work, not connected at home? WTF?

does she shut down the laptop - or hybinate it ?

she uses the LAN cable connection for both work and for home correct

she does not change anything in the firewall at all at work.

can she post an ipconfig /all

can you do the following tests when its working and then repeat them all when disconnected

Post back the results of all the test - clearly labeled which is which - ie connected OK and disconnected

its important to do all the ping tests

1) Ping the default gateway
2) ping by the name
3) ping google using IP address

all details below
ipconfig /all

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

TWO -----------------------------------------------

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
NEXT lets see if you can get out onto the internet with both names and IP's - its possible the IP number you get back on the first test is different to the one I post {I'm in UK} so use the number you get instead of mine

try ping the name and then the IP see below


C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping {the default gateway ipaddress you got above }
C:\Documents and Settings\way... Read more

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Well this is what it is telling me when i do the diagnosis.... also it says it could be my firewall settings that are also blocking connection....need help please....

A:Connected to Primary DNS server but still not connected

Closing duplicate.

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i have windows xp, i also have a dial up connection at home. the dial up worked fine until i took my computer to work to download a game from the high speed net there. when i got the computer home ii hooked it back up and dialed up it connected then i tried to view my webpage. it said page cant be displayed. my downloader was disconnected to. i had all the signs i was not connected to the internet but i was. i called my isp provider and they told me my ip address was gone on my computer. they tried some stuff but none of it worked they told me to call hp and have them help me setup a new ip address but my warranty is up so it cost to much for their help. can one of u guys help me with this im desperate.

A:computer is connected to the internet but is not actually connected?

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I have Internet Serviec throug At&t, its not wireless.. Originally when i got the internet i Had a desktop computer that it was set up on. Since then I have aquired an Xbox 360 and ASUS Notebook. I went and bout a wireless Belkin Router so i could connect all three. A month or so later the desktop computer (which was about 10 yrs old and had no virus protection) DIED. I just unconnected it from the wall. now the modem (AT&T) is connected to the wall phone jack the Xbox is conected by and HD connection cable to Belkin Router and My laptop is wirelessly connected (we have had good connection for about 6 months to a year). Recently i have been having problems with connection and speed. Ill be online connected and when clicking on say another web page it gives me the Error page where it states not connected to internet and has the option to "Diagnose connection problems" when I diagnosed it.. it states " there may be a problem with your domain Server Connection name DNS"...Ive tried doing some reasearch since usually i can fix minor computer issues alone.. but im at a loss here.. The connection has been disrupted on the Xbox as well of which it states to shut down te router for 20 sec and restarts but keeps happening.

A:Network Connected, Internet Not Connected

Well, since both machines are experiencing issues, my guess is you have modem or ISP issues. Do this with a wired connection from the laptop to eliminate wireless issues.

Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. It's best to run this test with a direct wired connection to eliminate any wireless issues from the results. It's useful many times to run this test several times, and we'd like to see each of the results. Post the results link from the top of the test display page for each test run here.

The link to post is near the top of the page and looks like:

If you wish to post this result to a forum, please copy/paste this URL <- sample only, yours will obviously be different!
and your IP will be disguised.

Copy/paste that link here.

Note: You will have to enable PING (ICMP) request response either in your router (if you have one), or in your computer's firewall for direct modem connections. This is very important to get the most important part of the test to run.

Here's also the Line Quality Tests FAQ to help you understand the results. This will answer some questions about the line quality display.

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After upgrading to Windows 10 in Lumai 640 XL wi-fi is not getting connected in offfice, when i connect to wi-fi it says "your phone can't connect to wi-fi network". I can add and use my home netwrok.

A:Windows 10 in Lumai 640 XL wi-fi is not getting connected in offfice

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question After upgrading to Windows 10 in Lumai 640 XL wi-fi is not getting connected in offfice, when i connect to wi-fi it says "your phone can't connect to wi-fi network". I can add and use my home netwrok. can you remove the office network and then add it again?
And also restart the phone?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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We have several clients that have networks of stores that are interconnected using static ip and windows built in VPN. Often though the VPN says it is connected but the stores can not communicate with each other. If the VPN is dis-connected and reconnected the communications link is re-established and the stores can then connect to each other properly. I have made .bat files to disconnect and reconnect the VPN and set them as tasks in the task scheduler but they still do not always work. I'm at a loss as to what is the real issue... any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Thanks Gordon

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Ok so the internet on my computer looks as though it has disconnected. I get no response from Firefox, Aim, etc. But under network settings, the computer seems to recognize it as being connected. The connectivity light on my mobo is on, and the activity light flashes every second. Also, every second my comp says I've received 2 packets. The next second 4, 6, etc. That amount of activity is so small! It must be routine checks for information or something. It also says I send 0 packets. Any suggestions?

I'm using a D-Link DI 524 Router
Windows XP Home Edition

(And the router works for my other comps, I've tested the cable and it is not the cable's problem. My ethernet port is built in to the mobo so it's not a problem of a network card. I tried running the ethernet throught a USB adapter, but still no connection)


A:Internet Won't Connect. Windows says connected!

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I'm having an issue with my USB 3.0 port. Recently, whenever I start my laptop with my external HDD connected to the USB 3.0 port then it will be stopped at the start up black screen. The only way to solve it is disconnecting the USB 3.0 port then wait until Windows finished loading then connect it again. It only happens if I use USB 3.0 stuffs to connect, not those using USB 2.0 standard such as my mouse or old external HDD.

I tried to check the registry and update driver for my lap but the issue remains. Anyone encountered this problem before?

A:Windows can't startup with USB 3.0 port connected.

Is USB 3.0 enabled in BIOS?
If you plug in this same HDD to a USB 2.0 port - does it do the same thing?

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I am currently using newly installed windows xp (service pack2).The problem is whenever I plug my DSL router, everything freezes after 10 minutes. I can't even use my mouse and keyboard. It gives no errors or what so ever. It simply halts.
I have formatted hard disk and re-installed windows but the same problem. It was working fine when I was using Windows Vista(until last week).
I have ZTE-ZXDSL (831 series) router for DSL. I have figured out that it has something to do with Dhcp, because event viewer tells me that:

The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address 000C76AE0D51 has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).

I am posting my connection properties:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

A:Windows freezes when connected to router

DHCPNACK is, in short, a message your router sends back. Most commonly it happens when you move from one network to another (e.g. - Work to Home/Home to work, etc). Essentially - your computer is requesting to renew an IP address that is either invalid on that network (e.g. - the IP address your computer is requesting is 192.168.x.x and your router is configured as 10.0.x.x) or there is another computer on the network which has been assigned that IP address now. There are a couple of things you can try that from experience I've seen work in this situation (Repair option doesn't seem to work very well).
First make sure your TCP/IP settings aren't set to hardcoded IPs for the system, DNS, etc.
1) Run command prompt as administrator and type:
ipconfig /release <ENTER>
ipconfig /flushdns <ENTER>
ipconfig /renew <ENTER>
Test to see if it corrected the issue
2) Turn off ALL the network devices connected to the router whether wired or wirless (including game systems like Wii, Xbox360, PS3). Then unplug the router. Leave them off for a good while. It could only take a minute or so, but I actually unplugged everything and dinner was ready. Came back about an hour later and plugged up the router, waited for it to sync with the modem and then turned on the device with the error first - worked like a charm. Booted up everything else and it all worked perfectly.
I'll post more potential fixes here if I find any, but so far #2 seems to be working the b... Read more

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A friend has asked me to fix his laptop & I'm finding that I'm out of my depth.
This apparently started when his Trend Micro premium expired & was uninstalled.  I don't know if this is part of the issue, it seems that there are enough other potential reasons that I wouldn't place bets
The Basics:
ASUS Notebook N53SV Series
Win7 Home Prem 64
The problem:
The computer connects to the internet  - I can ping Google, Facebook, etc. but both Chrome & IE 11 will not access any site (incl. Google & Facebook).
Tried different networks with the same results
What I have tried:
I've uninstalled several suspicious toolbars, programs, etc.
Although uninstalled, I downloaded & ran the TrendMicro Diag kit to ensure it is truly uninstalled
Freed up space on C: (from 1Gb to 40gb free)
Ran updated Windows updates successfully
ipconfig /[insert your favorite command], DNS release-reconnect, winsockfix (returns Registry Inport Information not Found), and several other things that have faded from my short-term.
Malwarebytes - Installed (but couldn't update def) & scanned - nothing found
MSE - Updated & scanned - nothing found
Looking at other posts asking for help I've run these diagnosis programs.
Security Check
Farbar Service Scanner
And here are the results:
Security Check:
 Results of scree... Read more

A:Connected, but No Internet Access - Windows 7

G'day PhantomRick and to BC.
Please run THIS
Instructions are on the download page

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I have windows 7 64bit and I had few weeks SB X-FI GO!.when I restart windows sometimes the driver does stop working
But when I reconnect it, it came back on,VARSET=CategoryID:1

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Hi my windows 10 pc is connected to the internet OK, and I can access the web, but is showing no network connection. there is no !known networks option! showing on setting page ?.I wish to set up home sharing, I have rebooted the router, deleted and re-installed the driver but it did not resolved the issue.
any help would be appreciated

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I have an issue that my windows will not finish loading when I am connected to the internet. It will load (Have Icons & taskbar ) when I disconnect the ethernet connection. I have tried running the AVG anti virus and anti spyware but it did seem to eliminate the problem. I have seen several Trojan Horse messages pop up and I have healed or quarentined them. I also tried cleaning up the issues before installing SP2 as directed on this site and ran into troubles before that process was completed. I also get an "Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\ijciiqc.dll" error message when starting windows at a user level. I clicked OK and iI t went away. I was able to run Hijackthis and this is the log file :

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:00:13 PM, on 2/10/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\WINDOWS\S... Read more

A:MS Windows XP will not load when connected to internet

You have a lot to clean out....

I see you are not running Service Pack 2. Please save and run the download.It will copy the results to your clipboard. Will you copy and paste them back here please.

Please download VundoFix.exe to your desktop.Double-click VundoFix.exe to run it.
Put a check next to Run VundoFix as a task.
You will receive a message saying vundofix will close and re-open in a minute or less. Click OK
When VundoFix re-opens, click the Scan for Vundo button.
Once it's done scanning, click the Remove Vundo button.
You will receive a prompt asking if you want to remove the files, click YES
Once you click yes, your desktop will go blank as it starts removing Vundo.
When completed, it will prompt that it will shutdown your computer, click OK.
Turn your computer back on.
Please post the contents of C:\vundofix.txt and a new HiJackThis log.

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Had to to a format :drive /p:2, that is format with zeroing out the secondary flash drive which still had some boot loader, that activated randomly screwing up the system boot. Turns out the Asus Flash Erase is worth sh*t.

I've got Windows 8.1 Pro x64 installed for a month now and up until today everything was running smoothly.
Today the Os will not boot though, the boot process hangs during the loading animation, similar thing happens, when I try make a new install or repair the system using the repair tools from the dvd - when I click "Repair Tools" or "Install" nothing shows except for the blue background.
The problem goes away, when all other drives, except for the one with the OS, are disconnected.
I use a following build:
MB: Asus Maximus VII Gene
- Plextor m6e m.2 pci-e ssd<- Windows 8.1 installed
- 4 x WD Green as archive
- Crucial m4 SSD for vm's
Removing all drives except for the helps, however that is not really a solution. Disabling the SATA Ports does not help either, they have to be physically unplugged.
Also! - after disabling the Plextor drive an keeping the other drives connected, right after POST there is a message about a missing windows bootmgr. It's in my native language (now I have 8.1 en_us, a month back I had another installation on the Crucial ssd), so it seems the second bootloader is somehow interfering (?) although like I said, everything was running with no problems for a month.
EDIT: I should also ... Read more

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I'm brand new to the forum as I've been having a really odd problem with my internet since about a week after installing Windows 7 (and installing all critical and most of the optional updates / drivers). I live at a boarding school on a network which is used by about 75 people in all. Usually the internet is very fast and to date I've not had a single problem, but after my computer completely failed with my trusty Windows XP, I installed Windows 7 and it worked like a dream, no problems up until now.

After scouring the internet for about a week now no-one seems to have the EXACT same problem as me, but a few people had issues similar, albeit their respective solutions did nothing for me! I'm competent enough with computers but not to this extent, and I feel I have tried everything and looked everywhere for answers by now, but to no avail.

The persisting problem is that one day the network centre says that I am connected to the local network, but have no internet access. After some basic checks I deduced that the problem is Windows 7-based as I can see no other cause (it won't even give me internet on safe mode, but all other 74 students at my boarding school have no problems, many of them with Windows 7 themselves). My drivers are all up-to-date, I have done two system restores to see if that fixed the problem, tried a multitude of different things from the internet but it's still the same.

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A:Windows 7 - Connected To Network But No Internet

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I have a problem, today I received a new router from my isp and connected it to the modem and everything seemed to work perfectly fine. All my devices connected both wirelessly and using the ethernet cable without any problems at all and the internet was useable on all of them (hp pavillion windows 7 laptop, ps3 nokia n900 and nokia c6).
My windows xp acer aspire one won't connect at all wirelessly but an ethernet connection works perfectly fine. What is interesting is that this morning I was able to connect wirelessly to my old wireless t home modem with my xp (which i can no longer use because I have a new isp; kabel deutschland) Please help I really need my windows xp to work wirelessly with the new router.

A:Windows xp connected to wireless but no internet

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Dear all,
I have some trouble with my windows 10 setup. when I installed my new gtx 1070 everything seemed to be fine until I restarted my pc. I got a black screen. It was probably a driver issue, but I couldnt fix it. After a fresh install of windows 10 everything ran fine for a minute. Then the same black screen. I managed to install the nvidia drivers without my internet connection and everything runs fine. But when the ethernet cable is plugged in windows freezes after around a minute. After that it won't restart. When going back through a system restore of 10 minutes earlier everything runs fine again. Windows 7 doesnt have this problem, but I would like to have windows 10. anything I can do?

A:windows 10 freezes when connected to internet

system specs:
motherboard: asus maximus v gene
cpu: intel i7 3770k
ram: 16gb 2133mhz
gpu: gtx 1070

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Three things.

Got Windows 10 on my tablet and I've got no idea how to see if I'm connected to the internet (short of trying a browser).
Windows 7 had the wi-fi or internet icon in the bottom right hand corner but I've nothing and can't find any way of getting it.

Secondly, how do I update Windows? I Googled some things but I can't find a single option that lets me do anything such as downloading updates or even updating drivers.

Thirdly, my network card keeps saying disabled. I enable it, a box appears saying "enabling" yet the box next to the Bluetooth box stays grey and say "disabled". I can possibly access the internet but then it cuts me off saying "no connection".

A:How do I know if I'm connected to the internet / windows update

Welcome to the forum

? Right click on an empty space in the Taskbar
? Settings
? Scroll down to Notification Area
? Click on Select which icons appear on the taskbar
? Change Network to On
? Click on the Wifi icon in right of Taskbar
? You will see a list of available networks and the one you are connected to, a pointer hover will also show this..
Also there is turn Wifi and Airplane mode On or Off
Click on Network settings for various options

? Settings
? Update & security
? Click on Check for updates
Also, there are various links to update options on that page

Sorry, I don't know anything about network cards etc. Someone else will probably be able to help with this but I think they will need more information, at least the make and model of your tablet computer

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I have an windows XP system and a Sony Vaio RCV-RZ-54G computer. I have an external 1 teribyte external drive, which when connected to any of my USB ports, prevents the computer from starting or restarting unless it is disconnected. When it is connected the computer freezes when the word "Sony" first appears on the screen. The only way I can start or restart is by disconnecting the external drive from the computer, wait until windows boots, and then reconnect the external drive. Is there a way to fix this problem?

A:Can't reboot windows when drive connected

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Hey guys,
I updated my windows 7 acer to windows 10 while i was connected to my tv screen via hdmi... but now my screen doesnt show up on my laptop at all. It only shows up once i connect my laptop to my tv via hdmi... so i cant actually use my laptop without my tv screen which is difficult while trying to study... i am desperate to get this fixed... if anyone has any ideas please let me know

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Okay, so I AM connected to the wireless router, as is the other PC on the network (that PC is running XP). I used to be able to print to the printer that is connected directly to the XP computer, but now it keeps telling me it is offline. So, upon further investigation, I tried to figure out why and try to access the XP computer, I get the error that this computer (Windows 7) is not connected to a network, so I open network and sharing center and try to connect to a network. Then the popup in the system tray pops up that shows me connected to the Internet, but "NOT CONNECTED - Connections are available" - what the hell does that mean? So then I open network and sharing center and select choose homegroup and sharing options. THEN I get the error "This computer belongs to a homegroup" with the error "homegroup is not available because i'm not connected to a network" - and the viscious cycle begins again.

I go over to the XP and look at workgroup and both PCs are listed. When I click on mine (Windows 7), it wants a username and password. I don't remember what those are!

Whenever I try to access the printer that is connected to Win 7 PC FROM XP PC, I get a denied access error!

Please help! I have two computers and two printers that I just want to be able to use both printers with both computers!

Windows 7 is connected to a Lexmark laser printer and XP is connected to an HP inkjet.

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A:Windows 7 shows not connected to network

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I'm currently connected to the internet through a wireless network to post this thread. If I open the wireless network connections, under the list of network names, it says I'm connected. However, the taskbar icon shows no connection, and Windows recognizes no connection if, for example, I go to the Network and Sharing Center. This image shows what I mean.

This problem applies to every wireless network, not just specific ones. This has been going on for almost a year, and hasn't really caused any problems, so I paid it no notice. However, I'm now discovering some problems. Since Windows thinks I'm not connected to a network, I can't do any of the following things:Create or join a homegroup
Stream media to an XBox 360
Change network security settings (home/private/public)
Pass Ubisoft DRM checks for a network connection

Does anyone know what's going on? I've asked for help on the Steam forums, I've updated my wireless card driver, I've tried to change network security settings... no solutions yet.

Gateway NV5909h
Windows 7 home premium x64 (OEM)
Atheros AR5B93 wireless network adapter
Intel core i3-330m
More specs can be provided on request

A:Wireless connected, but Windows thinks it's not

Hello szthesquid,

See if removing then re-add your wireless network profiles help. Make sure you type in the correct network encryption if your network is secured.
Easy Way to Delete Wireless Network Profile in Windows 7

Also, verify that 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' is enabled in your wireless connection.
How to enable DHCP in Windows 7? | Windows 7 Themes

An update will be nice.

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