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3rd internal SSD shows as removable SCSI Disk Device

Q: 3rd internal SSD shows as removable SCSI Disk Device

Hi all. I have an Asus P8Z77V-Deluxe mobo with Win8.1x64. The mobo has 4 6G SATA ports, 2 are Intel and the other 2 are Marvell. I have the main OS SSD drive and 2nd internal HDD connected to the 2 Intel 6G SATA ports without issues. Today I added a 3rd SSD drive connecting it to one of the Marvell 6G SATA ports. The drive was picked up by Windows but problem is that in System Tray it shows as a removable SCSI Disk device. I tried to reset the BIOS to default values without success. How can I make Windows see this 3rd drive as a fixed drive and not removable? Thanks.

A: 3rd internal SSD shows as removable SCSI Disk Device

That port is probably set as eSATA and windows sees it as external drive. In the bios you can probably set it as "normal" SATA port but Marvel controller is not particularly good for SSDs anyway, you should ideally connect it to primary controller and connect HDD or CD there if there's no available connections on primary (Intel) controller, HDDs and DVDs don't care about it.
If you want to keep present configuration, you can go to Device manager > Disk drives > Policies and set to "Enable write caching for this device", it should make it an "Ordinary" drive.
Oh, just to ad, all IDE, PATA, SATA are part of SCSI standard so it's mention doesn't mean it's conventional SCSI connection.

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Hi all,

I'm running Win10 64bit. My sig has all my system details.

I use 2 SSD's and 1 internal HDD.

Issue 1:
My internal 2TB HDD is displayed in Device Manager as Portable Devices. This HDD hosts my User's Folders.

Issue 2: I have an external HDD which is a USB3.0 compatible. When it's connected to a USB3.0 port, the LED on the HDD is blue, and if it's USB2.0 the LED is white.
When I wake up the PC from Sleep mode, the HDD doesn't return to USB3.0 status, instead it's LED is white. Unplugging and re-plugging, won't help. I'll have to reboot the PC to get it back to USB3.0

I'd appreciate your help.
If more info is required, please let me know.

A:USB3.0 Issues and Internal HDD shows as removable

Your internal drive can show as a removable drive if:
It is set as a "Hot Swap" drive in the UEFI/BIOSYou have not installed the Asus SATA/AHCI controller driver

Is this a new, recent install? Upgrade or clean install?

When the USB problem occurs, is the external drive plugged into a USB3 port on the computer case, or in one of the ports in the back, attached directly to the motherboard?
If it is the case, try the rear port and see if the same problem occurs.

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I have a 160Gb internal SATA harddrive and the computer recognizes it as a removable drive, how do i go about getting it to not do that.

A:internal HDD recognized as removable device

Some Nvidia chipsets (and maybe others) do that. It's normal.

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As you probably know the issue is that the HDD shows as removable device in the taskbar.

I have the lastest drivers available from Asmedia and it does not remove the icon from the taskbar.

I also try the MS register fix
My internal SATA device appears in Devices and Printers and in the - Microsoft Answers

1- Since the sata port is not Intel , would the register location be the same for the proposed solution above to work?

2- I tried channels 0..5 , should I try any other number? The solution says that the channel in device manager it is not always the correct one. Under device manager , general tab it displays "Location 0 (Channel 1, Target 0, Lun 0)"

I will appreciate in suggestion.

thank you

A:HDD on Asmedia SATA port shows as removable device


This is normal if you have AHCI enabled as AHCI supports hot-swapping.

If AHCI is not enabled, and you have an intel chipset motherboard IIRC, you need to install the Rapid Storage Technology drivers. I've not proven this myself as I always have AHCI enabled.


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I just built a new computer and I had my first problem. I'm relatively advanced with computers but this one is over my head.
Here it is:
I have one optical drive. It's a Pioneer DVR-112DBK. It's IDE and set to Master. All other drives are HDD (and they are all SATA). The main issue i'm having is that i can't boot into linux live cd. I've tried 2 versions of Slax and 2 versions of Knoppix. These CDs work perfectly in my other computers. They load up to a point and then give me a 'limited kernel'. Back|Track 2 was kind enough to tell me that it may be because i have unsupported hardware such as SCSI or PCMCIA-CDrom). That led me to look in my Device Manager. There i saw that windows sees the drive as SCSI. Another odd thing is that the virtual drive i created in Alcohol 120% is also listed as SCSI. The cable i used to plug it in to my mobo was definitely IDE. My Bios sees it as IDE in the 'boot device priority' menu. I tried disabling the 'SCSI/RAID host controller' in my device manager and it disabled the dvd drive. i suppose the windows install disk supports scsi because that worked no problem. I think that this issue is also keeping me from being able to complete a burn of a Dual-layer DVD. I've looked all over the net for answers and can't find any. please help me. Any advice is welcome.
I think i've put everything in here but if you need anymore information from me, just ask.
THANK YOU in advan... Read more

A:Device Manager shows IDE Optical Drives as SCSI

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my ssd broke so i went got a new one today i do a fresh install of win 8 but its showing up as removable disk

my pc specs-sabertooth fx990 r2.0 mb

win 8

A:hard drive shows up as removable disk windows 8

why is this being mark as solved i still cant figuer how to fix it??

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So I had my OCZ Rally2, it had linux on it, and it was bootable and working just fine.
I accidentally reset the MBR on the flash drive while I was fixing another computer's MBR (i'm not sure if you should delve into this further, i'm not even sure I know what I did). It no longer boots or is accessible on windows. When I plug it in, all it does is make a new Removable Disk on my computer. The drive is empty and asks to insert a disk when clicked on.

A:Reset USB MBR, shows as empty removable disk in My Computer

In linux (or windows) try running TestDisk to recover the MBR.
Does the drive show up in Disk Managment?

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I have an eSATA drive that has stopped functioning properly. I was trying unsuccessfully to install some completely unrelated software when I noticed that my eSATA drive was presenting differently. Under My Computer it now said that the drive was empty and there were four drives that appeared that said "Removable Disk (G)", "Removable Disk (H)", "Removable Disk (I)", and "Removable Disk (J)". When I select my eSATA drive, it says 'folder empty'. When I select one of the removable disk drives it says "Please insert a disk into removable disk (?). Whenever I reboot the computer with the eSATA drive disconnected, all five disk drives go away.

I don't remember changing any settings or anything like that. Thanks. One thing is odd that in device manager, the eSATA drive comes up as a SCSI drive. The device manager shows it as "WDC WD10EADS-65M2B1 SCSI Disk Device", but it is actually a "WDC WD500F032".

Thanks for the help. Device manager report follows:

[System Summary]
Item Value
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name HOME
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP Pavilion P6000 Series
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, 2900 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 6.03, 4/12/2010
SMBIO... Read more

A:eSATA drive shows up empty and as four removable disk drives

How many eSATA ports does your motherboard have? Will that external enclosure actually hold 4 drives? If it required drivers to be installed to work, I would re-install them. If it's still under warranty you may want to return it. If it's not under warranty can you open it without breaking it to have a look inside?

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Couple of hours ago my Windows 7 could not recognize my external USB hard disk (Maxtor Basic). It came up on Disk Management and Device Manager but not on My Computer. However I fixed it (by deleting its line off regedit in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices, plugging out the ext. HD and plugging back in). Windows automatically installed the drivers and I could access the drive.

But now Windows shows my Maxtor as a fixed disk drive, instead of "devices with removable storage". I still have the option to "Safely remove hardware and eject media" from taskbar, however I rather have Windows treating it as a Removable USB Storage so that the disk can sleep when not in use. I am pretty sure it has something to do with regedit, so any help would be appreciated.

A:USB external hard disk shows up as internal fixed disk

Welcome to Windows 7 Support Forums, Sactyr.
A word of caution! Its never a good idea to alter your register,
IMHO please review your device manager and check your devices for your disk drives, check for any warnings in the driver area.
I'm attaching my screenshot for comparison as I have a similar configuration.

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couple of weeks ago my NAS drive stop working, i try to SSH it but did not work, so i use the Diagnostics tool from WD to check whether its ok or not but the HDD pass all the test. then finally i decided to take the HDD out of the enclosure and attached
it to Desktop running win 7 Pro. the BIOS detect the drive as 0.0GB, when i check it in Disk management it showed as unknown and not initialized. i tried to initialized it but keep getting I/O error. then i used DISKPART tried to use clean all command and
getting same I/O error. 
is there a way to recover data and make use of HDD or is it fried HDD now.

please help thanks.

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western digital caviar sata 80gb. it is the c drive, and in the taskbar it show safely remove hardware. (i know i cant remove my hard drive). how do i make this go away?

A:internal hd is removable?

You don't. This is a "feature" of many new BIOS versions when you're using SATA drives. My new ABIT Fatal1ty MB tells me that both of my RAID drives are removable, but I don't think so. I believe it happens with the current version of nVidia nForce 4 motherboard drivers, which is what I have.

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My device - asus vivotab smart LTE - ME400CL
microSD - transcend 64gb sdxc u1

ok, the prob is that, i guess in ALL win8 tabs, microSD cards come up as 'removable' in 'my computer' ....this puts lotza restrains which u would kno

i've tried mounting it as c:\sd if u kno i mean... it does technically do the trick but still lotza things dont work this way, like the music/vdo/pic apps dont refresh linked contents properly bla bla

next i also did the virtual hdd thingy where the response becomes soooooo slow tat its impractical

so basically, some1 tell me some registry hack or tool tat would FOOL the OS to believe the microSD is internal hdd & show it as hdd in 'my computer'

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I just assembled a pc for the first time. AMD based motherboard. I installed the trial ver. of Windows XP Pro. 64 bit. I have an Western Digial 500 GB SATA drive installed using the SATA plug on the MB.

the Icon where you can stop removeable USB drives for safe removal is on the task bar and it shows the Western Digital Sata HD as a removeable. Is this common?
Should this be corrected? and can it be corrected?

A:My HD shows up as removable in taskbar

Normal behavior. Don't know any way to make it not show. Nothing to worry about. ?NVidia based board?

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I'm considering a 15,000 rpm SCSI as one of the drives on my new dream computer (when the dream becomes real). Is it tricky to get those in place and get the drivers to work, etc.? Is there a special MoBo I should think about or are there adaptors, etc.?

Thanks much,

A:Internal SCSI drive setup

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Recently I installed 4 GB of RAM and Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit OEM on my moms 2008 Acer Aspire 6530 with ATI Radeon 3200 HD and AMD Turion X2 64. Now the RAM was accepted perfectly. I installed the OS over top of its original OEM copy of Windows Vista 32-Bit, and I noticed that it treats the internal primary drive as removable. I also deleted the OEM partition that came with the PC since it wasn't going to be used anymore. There are now 3 partitions, the C: which is primary, D: whichs is DATA and is not in use, and I: which I created from the unallocated space I got from the OEM partition I deleted.
I went into Device Manager, and I did a scan for changes, but nothing changed anything. I updated the BIOS to v. 3303. I didn't install any of the Acer ePower and Acer Software since it is just bloatware and not necessary and is not used frequently, all the other drivers except for Bluetooth are present.

So is there anyway to fix this issue that Windows 7 thinks the internals are removable when they are not?

A:Windows 7 Treats internal drives as Removable

AFIK you can disable the icon, but that is normal for SATA drives.

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My secondary HDDs are treated as Removable Hardware and goes into Sleep mode when not used for a while.

Does anyone knows how to make Win7 treat the HDDs as permanent and keep them running?

A:Internal Secondary HDD treated as Removable Hardware

Q1: Removable drive: You have installed W7 in AHCI mode and are using the generic AHCI driver that comes with Windows.
You want to find and install the correct AHCI driver from your motherboard manufacturer.
Edit: The “Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver” installs the AHCI Drivers. (AKA “Intel Matrix Control Driver” on older systems)

Q2: Drive goes to sleep: is solved in your power management settings:
Control Panel >Hardware & Sound > Power Options
Whatever Power Plan you are on - click "Change Plan Settings"
Then click: "Change Advanced Plan Settings"
Click to expand Hard Disks
Click to expand "Turn Off Hard Disk After"
And change the time to Zero. It will now say "Never"

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I have an Epsom A810 printer, connected to desktop PC by USB.

The printer has a USB port for loading pictures to the printer from a thumb drive. Thing is, this port makes the printer show up in Disk Management and My PC as a removable drive.

But it is not a drive at all. I can't access the files on the thumb drive through the printer, so it functions as a phantom drive.

Does anyone know of a method to stop Windows from recognizing the printer as a removable drive?

A:Printer shows as removable drive

Yes, Windows uses that port as a removable drive. The same thing happen if the printer have a card reader on it.

Try to change drive letter and path... for the printer, give it a lower letter like "P", hope it'll working again.

To stop Windows from recognizing as a removable drive? Can't find any tricks for that.

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I have an Epsom A810 printer, connected to desktop PC by USB.

The printer has a USB port for loading pictures to the printer from a thumb drive. Thing is, this port makes the printer show up in Disk Management and My PC as a removable drive.

But it is not a drive at all. I can't access the files on the thumb drive through the printer, so it functions as a phantom drive.

Does anyone know of a method to stop Windows from recognizing the printer as a removable drive?

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Hi- I purchased an internal PCMCIA Reader for my desktop and cannot get the thing to work. The brand is unknown, but I'm guessing Linksys (due to the picture on their page). There's no SCSI ID or termination jumper (weird-?), no power connector (assuming gets power from the SCSI chain), and (2) 50-pin 'internal-type' SCSI connectors. I'm running Win 98 & using an Adaptec AHA-2940 AU controller. My basic connection test: out of the card into the first reader connector, out of the second reader connector into my CDRW (Richoh MP 6200S) drive. At boot-up, I freeze on the 'press CTL-A now to enter SCSI select utility' (I always get this message, but after the card sees everything on the bus, it continues with the boot process). The reader has (2) lights- one for each card port, but they don't come on at all. The only thing I can think of is that the cable I used from the card to the reader is an internal cable with (10) 50-pin connectors on it & a Centronics SCSI connector on each end. Maybe this is the wrong cable, but I thought that the card would see what (if anything) is connected on any of the connectors. Maybe one end of the Centronics must be connected to the card? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

A:SCSI PCMCIA internal desktop reader

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Curiously, one of my internal hard drives attached to a Marvell SATA port shows as a removable drive when AHCI mode is selected but as a standard fixed drive when IDE mode is selected in the BIOS.

I'm using a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard and using the latest version of the Marvell SATA driver (Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller).

Is there a fix to the annoyance of the drive showing up as removable in AHCI mode? Is there much of a performance hit in selecting IDE mode? The drive is only used for file history backup anyway so performance is not a big issue.

A:Internal Hard Drive on Marvell Controller Removable?

That would be a motherboard bios issue that you need to get in touch with Gigabyte about.

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I don't want this showing in taskbar. I know it is considered normal for AHCI Sata 3 drives

A:windows 7 64 bit treats internal hard drive as removable

When I had the same problem, I realized I had connected the hdd to the removable(external) port on MOBO.

I changed it and problem solved.

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First of all the BIOS is set to AHCI.
All drivers are up to date and yes I've tried uninstalling controller drivers, the drive itself to no avail.
It's a 3TB LaCie eSata GPT volume (so Windows would accept an over-2TB drive), formatted NTFS (4 partitions).
It replaces a LaCie 1TB one which suddenly conked out - which was connected in exactly the same manner and showed OK as an ATA drive and as an HDD in the BIOS.
Furthermore that ATA Channel is now running at "Ultra DMA Mode 0" as distinct from Ultra DMA 6 with the old drive.
I set AHCI recently with the OS already in place, so that may be a partial cause.
Any ideas to remedy this situation, or isn't it dire? I did some searching and found similar threads which I'm afraid didn't answer anything.
(See my system details & attached pic for more info).

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I have been getting the following error message on a Windows 2000 Server with a Promise Fasttrak controller basically ever since I owned it (1.5 years): The device, \Device\Scsi\Fasttrak1, did not respond within the timeout period. I h ave had system hangs since the beginning, but the time between hangs has ranged between months to days, but eventually it works into a pattern of days. We have IDE drives and Fasttrak1 is pointing to our 30 GB OS pair.

This error intermittently causes the server to hang until it becomes a daily problem. My IT consultants have been stumped, have been on numerous calls with Promise, who continue to say we have bad drives. All four drives have been scanned and show no errors. We replaced the cables and this bought a couple of months of no crashes, but is started all over. All drivers have been updated.

We finally talked Promise into replacing the controller, and this didn't work. Shortly thereafter, however, the controller finally told us that a drive was bad. We replaced that drive, and now it is crashing again, but the controller will not tell us a specific drive is bad. We have three other drives that have not been replaced.

The last crash gave a blue screen that stated the boot drive was not available. It rebooted fine. Sometimes, rebooting takes four or five times before you can get past an error stating "missing or corrupt file" or being hung at the windows start-up bar.

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Hi, I have a SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD, Win XP Pros, the driver is recognized in MyComputer as Removable Disc, and it is not listed in device manager, it is recognized in the BIOS, I tried unplugging and replugging and also tried running Add New H/W Wizard, but it not recognizing the drive. Please help me.

A:CDRW/DVD problem, shows as Removable Disc in My Computer,

if this is a new drive the most likely cause of the problem is that the jumper is not properly set. if it is alone on the ide cable then it should be jumpered as master. ( most DVDRW's come with the jumper set to master) if it is on the cable with another drive then one drive must be set to master adn one to slave.

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hi,guyz after i installing a driver called Intel matrix storage,my DVD drive stated showing as an removable one and now i just clicked safely remove option and drive completely vanished.i actually installed that Intel driver as CDburnerXp soft was not recognizing my drive and after installation it did recognize but this new problem has started plz help me..

A:TS-T633A DVD +/- RW drive shows as removable on Studio 1555

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suddenly I do no more get a menu windows asking what to do when I insert a removable media !

I get a pop-up window asking whether to check / test the media / drive or continue without analysis, but no more the other pop-up window asking what to execute

Earlier ( wednesday...) I got a window asking for example for my photo compactflash cards if I wanted to Import using Nikontransfer, open in explorer, and other options. That window does no more appear

I have checked autoplay options in Config Panel -> Autoplay: autoplay is on for all drives
I have checked in registry HKLM / HKCU NoDrivesAutoplay is set on hex 91

Any idea what I could do ?

Nothing changed intentionnally. Antivirus is ZoneAlarm

A:Autorun on removable disks/cards no more shows what to do menu !

<==== Download Link

<==== Download Link

Click on one of the links above that goes with your Windows 7 bit versions

Save to the Desktop.

Close all windows and browsers

Right click on and choose

Press: SCAN

provide the RKreport.txt (Mode: Scan) in your reply.

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Hey guys,
Ill try and keep this straight and to the point but at this point myself, intel, and dell are baffled. I have a Dell XPS730 with the Nvidia Nforce 790i chipset. I run two 500 gig SATA drives under RAID 0. I recently installed an Intel X25 80 gig SSD and have ran into problems. Windows recognizes the drive as SCSI in device manager. Granted it works however because it is listed as SCSI TRIM and the intel toolbox wont work which makes an SSD useless.

After tons of research I have found that because of the Nvidia chipset it makes the drive show up as SCSI. I have tried Vista and Windows 7, both show it as SCSI. I have moved the SATA cable away from the other main 4 that support RAID with no luck. I have refomatted several times as well with no luck. I have completely disabled RAID in the bios and it STILL shows as SCSI. Is there any way to get around this? I have read that changing the nvidia controller drivers may work but im not sure what I would switch them to? I am totally lost and any info would be MUCH appreciated!

A:SATA SSD Drive shows up as SCSI - Rediculously baffled...

Windows will do this with some Sata Controllers.

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I hope someone out there can assist me. I have had an internal SCSI zip drive for years in my computer. One day it started to malfunction. Froze the computer while copying files to it and then some of the files contained gibberish when opened or put phantom gibberish folders on the disk that were grayed out. When I reformatted the disk to try again I got a message saying that the drive was probably going. (the disk went too) I figured that since I'd had it for a good 5 years that that could be the case, so I bought a used replacement from eBay. It worked fine for about a week or so and then started doing the same thing. Now I'm wondering if my SCSI card is messed up or something else is going on.
I use Windows 98se. Pentium III, 800mhz, 640 mb ram. Tekram Ultra SCSI card DC-395U (updated the driver, didn't help) Iomega SCSI Internal Zip drive (Tried the Iomega software that I'd never needed before and the computer wouldn't boot up all the way, so I uninstalled that) No conflicts with the numbers of the devices. I have a scanner too. Both are set up as the ends of the bus. Scanner is external, Zip is internal.

[After all this I gave up and got an internal IDE zip drive, but stupid me, I didn't check first to find out that I can only have 4 IDE devices at once and they are full (I have 3 HDs and a CD/DVD writer), so back to the original problem.]

A:SCSI internal zip drive freezes computer or writes gibberish, Win 98se

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Have a W540 with the Samsung MZ7TE512HMHP-0001L SATA Solid State drive.  Noticed after one of the updates from either MS or Lenovo, the driver changed to a SCSI driver, and the performance has slowed.  It now shows a 6.3 on the windows experience, vs the 7.6 it did before.  I haven't seen a SCSI drive in years and doubt that is what is rockin in this workstation. Things I have tried:1. Update driver (says I have the correct driver)2. Run Lenovo Support utilites Suggestions welcome

Samsung SCSI.jpg ?118 KB

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So after I changed to SATA AHCI mode in the BIOS, the main boot internal hard drive shows as a removable device in system tray. So how do I fix this issue, and I did follow the instructions in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 922976,
to enable the sata driver first before I changed the BIOS setting. However in the Vista on the
same hard drive in the same computer, with the same SATA AHCI fix done to enable the needed
drivers, the internal hard drive does not show in the system tray as removable. So possibly if
I install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager from their site for this ASUS P5QL Pro motherboard
with a Intel P43 express chip set, known as ICH10, then after a re-boot it may no longer show
as removable. This computer is a 2009 store built desktop that has only one 500 GB SATA hard
drive installed. I had it set in the IDE compatible mode, so that I could mult-boot with XP, Vista, 7, and Ubuntu Linux.

A:after change to SATA AHCI mode in BIOS the drive shows removable

That's not an issue at all, and it's perfectly normal. AHCI offers, on some boards, hot swap capabilities. It's nothing to worry about.

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I have OfficeXp (2002) on my (new) W7-64bit system and when I open Word, I get a message advising me to "Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (G:\)", when I click cancel, the message disappears and immediately reappears, if I click cancel a second time, the message disappears for good and I am able to use Word. When I close Word and launch the Word program again, the same thing happens and as best as I can tell, I don't have a Removable "G" Disk .
Any help would be appreciated.

A:MSOffice Xp (2002) Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (G:\)

Something like this happened to me years ago with Office 2000. After no success trying to fix the problem, on a whim I did insert the installation disk. Word opened normally, nothing was re-installed, and I never had the problem again. No clue why that worked, but it did.

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Hi all,
it's my first posting here thus I hope I'm doing everything fine.

I'm having this weird problem: after a PC crash I had found out that my Windows XP laptop (Compac nc6120) didn't see anymore any CD/DVD drive or any virtual CD/DVD drive. The device manager stated that the driver had been started correctly but there was no corresponding HW available (Error 41) which in the case of virtual drives is quite funny

I had already seen this problem on other PCs and solved it by removing Upper and Lower filter entries in the CurrentControlSet\Control\Class entry for CD-ROM and rebooted.

After reboot all disks were available as expected and I had to reinstall some of the CD-Writing software to re-install the needed upper and lower filters.

Now everithing seems to work fine with one notable exception: If I show devices in Groups Explorer insists in placing my CD/DVD both phyiscal and virtual in the "Hard Disk Drives" group.
This is not a problem in itself, except for some annoyances:
- When I insert a CD or DVD ROM Explorer says the HD is full and nags about clenaning it up
- Autostart does not seem to work as expected all the times

I've noticed that when I create a new virtual DVD or install an external CD-ROM, it is correctly seen as a "Removable" Device but I don't have any "Properties" option in the contextual menu.
If I refresh the explorer window (F5) then the same driver is seen as an HD, the "Properties" opti... Read more

A:Removable Disk seen as Hard Disk Drive by Explorer

Hi Paolo. Welcome to TSF.
It's possible some files got corrupted when your machine crashed. Try reinstating them by running sfc /scannow. Provided your XP installation disc has SP2 installed put it in your drive. If autorun isn't working you may have to start it manually. When it starts, press EXIT at the welcome screen. Then press Start>Run and type sfc /scannow in the box and press OK. You may have to press retry several times - this is normal. When finished, reboot your machine and see if this has improved things.

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I have a 5-in-1 card reader, ive tried it in an XP computer and now my Windows 7 computer - it installs, lights up when you insert and SD card, windows plays a sound to indicate its detected, when I go into My Computer its there and its called REMOVABLE DRIVE F: - when I double click on it, it says "PLEASE INSERT A DISK INTO REMOVABLE DISK"..?

the card is from my camera and works in a USB Adapter/reader - its not write protected either?

can anyone help get this working?

A:SD Card Reader says: Insert disk into removable disk?

i have had a few of these with the same symptoms........they are made so cheap alot of them work 1 or 2 times then dead

its not even worth sending them back to the vendor (if its new).............. i just steer clear of 'em

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Please HELP !!
I have encountered a problem in my USB .
The USB Drive is hidden and it says "Please insert a disk into Removable Disk.."
my USB is maxell 16gb . I already used the Partition Wizard but it cannot detect the USB

The picture is attached .

A:Hidden Removable Disk and Please insert a disk

Did you try the USB drive on another PC yet?

Open Device Management and see if there are any errors/warnings, post a screenshot of Device Management too. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hi Folks,

I have created an encrypted drive (X) on my system (Windows 7 - 64 bit) and wish to store my emails there. I did this successfully in Vista.

To do this I need to change X:/ from a Removable Disk to a Local Disk, please can somebody explain to me how and wehre to do this?
OS Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 build 7601
System Type: x64-based PC

A:Changing a Removable Disk to Local Disk?

All of my drives, internal\external\flash all show as local in the drives property page, what does the drive property of X say ?

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I have an old Western Digital drive that came with Dell Inspiron One 2305 and replaced it after 5 years. There are some files I need from it now and I'm trying to connect via usb to sata. The WD volume does not show up. I got to device manager and found it listed in in unknown devices and it needs a driver to install. Where do I go to find the driver. Western digital site basically said that I need to go to the manufactures webstie (dell) for the driver but once im on dell i see nothing that hints at a Western Digital Driver. Here is the Wester Digital info from there site
Here is Dell Website of the model I use drivers section[/B]

Dell Inspiron One 2305 Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista


I think I found it, would it in fact be this driver . It is listed on the availale drivers for the model I have after entering my express service code. I assume it is but would feel better if someone could confirm this to be true.

Western Digital WD2500AALX/WD3200AALX/WD5000AALX/WD10EALX 3.5 7200 RPM SATA3.0 Firmware UpdateView details
R313263.exe | Hard-Drive (1 MB)

A:WD SES Device USB Device driver not found from old internal hard drive

could installing that drivers mess up my computer. I'm using another similar Hard drive.

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So after I did change to SATA AHCI mode in the BIOS, the main boot hard drive shows as a removable device in system tray. So how do I fix this issue, and I did follow the instructions in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 922976, and is found right here;

A:after change to SATA AHCI mode in BIOS, the main boot hard drive shows as removable

There is nothing to fix, SATA drives are hot pluggable so that is all perfectly normal.

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I have this rig:

I haven't found any bios update to it, but i always wonder why i have 139GB, but i have a Hitachi (160 GB). Same as my external hd, 500GB but only shows 465GB.
Not that 139 and 465 aren't enough, because its perfect haha, i was just curious.

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I paired Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse to my Windows 7 Professional x64 HP ZBook 14 which is connected to my company's corporate domain. Everything worked beautifully until they had to re-image my PC to resolve a disk encryption issue. That issue is resolved, but I have had bad luck getting my keyboard and mouse to pair and remain connected ever since. However, that's not even the problem now. After troubleshooting my Bluetooth issues by installing different driver versions, pairing and un-pairing my keyboard and mouse, changing settings in Bluetooth Support Service and more, I now have two Bluetooth Peripheral devices that always appear in Device Manager. I believe these are remnants of previously paired devices, but I can not get rid of them no matter what I try. These devices do not show up in Devices and Printers, they become Bluetooth Low Energy HID Devices when I install the computer manufacturer's drivers... As I typed this I thought of installing the Intel Bluetooth drivers I had previously installed to see what would happen... Ok that made things worse. Now there are three random Bluetooth Low Energy HID Devices and none of them are actual devices that are paired to the PC. And pairing the devices does not help. If I could, I would just delete the registry keys but I can't (remember, corporate domain PC). Any help from you brilliant people would be great. Thank you!

Bluetooth Peripheral Devices appear due to previously paired devices which... Read more

A:Forget/remove unpaired Bluetooth device WDM shows BT Peripheral Device

Problem solved. I'm typing this on my phone so I'm going to leave out some details.
1. Remove all non-Windows Bluetooth drivers
2. Disable all problem devices in Device Manager
3. Stop and Disable Bluetooth support service
4. Use PSexec(64).exe to launch regedit as system allowing me to delete keys
5. Delete all keys related to parent Bluetooth device (07f92671... as pictured above)
6. Uninstall Generic Bluetooth adapter and scan system to make sure devices do not return
7. Restart PC
8. Set Bluetooth support service to automatic and start it
9. Install manufacturer provided Bluetooth drivers and have an awesome day. finally

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My integrated speakers and audio port do not seem to be working. It happened after I was playing around with bluetooth trying to get that to work. Now only bluetooth is able to connect. 
So far I have tried:
System restore
Deleting and redownloading audio drivers
Adding legacy hardware for Realtek
ePSA test was able to hear the tones
The audio logo has a red X through it and only the bluetooth headphones drivers appear in device manager. Any ideas what might be the issue and how to solve them? 

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OS: Vista Ultimate Service Pack SP1
120GB HD
Intel Celeron D 3.33GHz

About a month ago, I began having isses with my removable devices. If I try to enter any device (microsd, flashdrive, external HD) through "Computer", I got "E: Application not found", but the devices work fine if you enter them with "Explore." This happened in any USB slot it used, so I doubt it was a faulty usb slot.

Now, today I got this error,

Is there anyway to fix this? I'm really desperate, as I'm tired of dealing with it.

A:Removable device issues.

Nobody has a solution? :/

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i have a asus, aspire TS-105 , it has Windows 8.1 on it. I have a new home based job and they have provided me with a USB drive that contains what I need to perform the job, but I have tried getting my computer to boot from removable drive but it won't
1.I have went into bios and made boot #1 removable device,
2.I have set CSM to always
I will lose my position if I'm unable to boot from the usb is there ANYONE who can help me?????

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Is it possible/feasible for a USB external hard drive to be bootable under XP Pro? If so, is there documentation available?

A:Removable HD as boot device

i don't think that bios would detect it. that's where you have to look into.

Hello and Welcome to Techspot :knock:

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Hi there,

I succeed in installing a SCSI controller (Adaptec AHA 3940 AU) and and SEAGATE DAT device (cf. Adaptec 2906 SCSI windows vista 64 bit driver needed urgent - PlanetAMD64 if your are interested), but I didn't find how to use this device in Windows 7.
Backup and restore application don't recognize this device. The help sais that cartridge DAT cannot be use to make backup (This is the only use of cartridge DAT ... ).

Thank you for your answer ... I would like to use my old backups.

A:How to use SCSI DAT Device in Windows 7

No idea ?

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I just installed Win 7 and I'm having trouble with my 2 device writers and it says that they are scsi writers and can't burn any cd/dvd's. I found this advice online but don't know how to do step 2) and 3).Help!!

This is what the advice said:

Due to wrong Nvidia drivers Windows XP sees a IDE writer as a Scsi writer.To solve the problem:
1) download new drivers from Nvidia site
2) remove the DVD/CD writer from the Windows XP hardware list
3) remove Nvidia videodrivers (if present)
4) restart
5) install the new drivers
After this Windows will see an IDE writer...and no more SCSI command aborted errors!

A:SCSI device writers??

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Ok I just reinstalled my internal usb card reader. Now it wont find it and bios hangs if I have my sd card in the reader. Also when I turn off my comp it gives me an error saying that drive a is open. I have no floppy drive, and I have no drive labeled A. In the device manager it just keeps saying that thee is nothing in the slot.

A:crazy removable device problem

What is your boot sequence set to? You might want to reset the settings back to default or manually set the system to boot from the hard drive as first device

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I recently purchased a Sony PSP, and have been attempting to connect to my computer for the past few days. I connected the device to my computer using a USB cable and attempted to use the Windows XP Hardware Update Wizard to install the necessary drivers for it as instructed. For some reason, immediately after installation begins I get the following Error Message:

There was a problem installing this hardware:

PSP Type A

An Error occured during the installation of the device

Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

When I attempted to do the same on another computer, it worked just fine.

If I could get any assistance on why I'm getting the message, and how I can fix it I would greatly appreciate it. I've done alot of reading up until now trying to see if any others have had the same problem I am having now, but I was unable to find any problems remotely related to my own. I'm not too familiar on how driver installation's work, but I do know for a fact that I am not lacking 'system resources'.

A:Error installing removable USB device.


please list your system specs, [memory,ect]

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I'm connecting a "designed for XP" digital camera to an XP loaded machine. When I connect the camera, Windows identifies the model correctly, and shows it as a removable device but doesn't give it a drive letter or any sort of access through explorer. I can 'stop' the device using the green arrow icon in the system tray (opening this also shows the camera is connected and recognized) but i can't access the camera at all. Disk Management does NOT show the camera as a removable device, or as anything for that matter.

Now, if I boot up with the camera connected it shows up fine in explorer and everything is fine EXCEPT that XP takes over the first network drive (f:\) for the camera.

I'm definitely stumped on what is going on here. Any help or suggestions are very appreciated at this point.

A:XP not allocating drive for removable device

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I think this first started being an annoyance to be back around the launch of Windows 7. I've got an entire array of drives in use on my PC at any given moment, disbonded on my task or needs. With the advent of much larger USB thumbdrives, I've had less and less need for swapping/moving USB HDD's all the time.

SO this is what I want...I would like to be able to tell DeviceManager that these USB drives are just plain old drives. It makes me insane in the file explorer where under THis PC (or My PC) that when I expand, displays a whole collection of left my phone in the car--it was safe all girl!


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Hi there,
First time posting on this site so please be gentle.......
I have been using my 4 gig memory stick for quite some time now, only to lend it to my colleague. Once upon my return from hols he seems to have formatted it to 200mb (much to my annoyance!) so is there any way i can reformat to the full 4 gig? i did have a little look my self but it only gave me a maximum capacity of 200mb when i went to re-format.

Can it be resolved or do i just chuck it away like my old 500mb device?

Out of Darkness cometh light


A:Formatt removable device undo?

Plug in the device and go to disk management [start>run and type in "diskmgmt.msc" without quotes. See if it shows any unallocated space on the disk. Post a screenshot of disk management.

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Hi, Recently I Have Connected My Pen drive Into My Friends PC , Ever Since That The Pen drive Is Got Infected With Some Weird Virus i.e. it creates One Folder Of My Pen-drives Name By itself and then shift all my stuff into that folder that folder is totally un accessible till i delete the autorun.exe file from any antimalware tool, but main problem occurred after that the pc on which i have connected that pendrive is got infected with this virus now what ever USB Removable Device i plugging in into that pc is also getting affected with this virus... 
I Have tried To Scan My System and Removable devices with several antivirus like mcafee, node32, kaspersky,avg, avast, and malwarebytes antimalware, superantispyware  , spybots but none of this actually able to detect that virus and make my system and removable devices free from it...
On Some Of The Forums i have found the solution is to change attributs of the folders through command prompt did that tooooo ... but nothing works for me.....
please let me know to sort out this issue...
Omkar Toraskar

A:Need Help To Remove Virus From The Removable Device

Welcome aboard  To start with keep that flash drive off your computer for now and let's see if your computer is clean.  Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and fo... Read more

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I have a problem to access the removable device from Rocketdock. I've set up a "Drivers" docklet at RocketDock, but it cannot read the removable device such as flash disk, removable hard driver etc, so I have to exit the RocketDock and re-open it then the removable device can be shown in the "Drivers" Docklet. if I click the "Drivers" Docklet after the removable device is safely removed, the Rocketdock software will have problem and will closed by itself.

Would someone be so kind to help me set up a docklet for removable device for Rocketdock? Thanks very much!

A:How to Set up a Docklet for Removable Device for RocketDock?

You might try Posting over at the Rocketdock Forum rather then in this General Microsoft Forum, you will have more luck there.

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I have a Rosewill RX-DU100 Sata drive dock. Whenever I plug a HD into it on any of my W7 Pc's, it shows up as an internal drive. That's great for me as I use Carbonite and they only backup internal drives. I was wondering why W7 sees it as an internal and I could fool Windows into thinking other drives were internal as well?

A:External drive shows as internal

If you are connecting using the eSATA connection and not a usb that would basically explain it away.

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Dear Users,
as usual when i get tired to from google searching and could not find solution of my problem i come to this forum. i have a USB drive, up to yesterday it was working fine. today when i attach it to usb port the message installing the driver ...comes and
the ..the device is ready to use....but after this when i go to my computer there was nothing. and then in folder view option i select show hidden files and folder, after that i could see my usb drive, but it was a little different. when i clicked on it it
show the message  "please insert a disk into removable disk E:". after google search i opened the disk management and there i changed the drive letter for it. i plugged this usb drive and restarted my computer, i uninstall the usb drivers and
restart the computer but result is the sameee..... please tell me if i could solve it by any utility or any software....i will buy it because....

i have very important data in it....what can i do....
i am using windows 7 professional

Tahir Mehmood

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Dear Users,
as usual when i get tired to from google searching and could not find solution of my problem i come to this forum. i have a USB drive, up to yesterday it was working fine. today when i attach it to usb port the message installing the driver ...comes and the ..the device is ready to use....but after this when i go to my computer there was nothing. and then in folder view option i select show hidden files and folder, after that i could see my usb drive, but it was a little different. when i clicked on it it show the message "please insert a disk into removable disk E:". after google search i opened the disk management and there i changed the drive letter for it. i plugged this usb drive and restarted my computer, i uninstall the usb drivers and restart the computer but result is the sameee..... please tell me if i could solve it by any utility or any software....i will buy it because....

i have very important data in it....what can i do....
i am using windows 7 professional

A:please insert a disk into removable disk....

Always my first response: Do a System Restore to a date prior failure. This works 99% of the time.

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who knows about the generic dvd-rom scsi cdrom device dvd/cdr?that two hardwares appears from (i dont know) on my computer dvd drive(f) and dvd drive (g). what is the use for this two drives?thanks for the attention

A:who knows about the generic dvd-rom scsi cdrom device dvd/cdr?

That sounds like some program you installed created virtual drives. Many programs can do this, from burning programs like Nero, to emulation programs that let you load a CD to your hard drive to speed up games. Anything new installed that relates to or uses DVD drives?

Look at the properties of the drive, what drivers are used, etc. and you may get a hint about what installed them.

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Hi i have purchase a windows Vista home premium :
Amd Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5600+
3072MB System Memory
500GB Hard Drive
well after i load up the windows my system was working good and them i start to get updates,and then my HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H60L SCSI CdRom Device was no responding or recognise a DVD or CD when check in device manager the Harware had a Exclimation mark in Yellow. I tried to update driver but it keep saying Windows Find the Driver up to date, what could be the caused ??? i really need help here

A:Need Help with HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H60L SCSI CdRom Device

This is the Driver Details :

Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows

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Windows XP Compaq Presario 2500 laptop PC

When fixing my sound problem I noticed there was a yellow exclamation mark next to these SCSI and RAID controller devices:

1.) Adaptec AHA-151X/AHA-152X or AIC-6260/AIC-6360 SCSI Host Adapter (non-pnp)

2.) Adaptec AHA-154X/AHA-164X SCSI Host Adapter (non-pnp)

#: 1 I clicked Properties and it show this as the Device status:

Windows cannot determine the settings for this device. Consult the documentation that came with this device and use the Resource tab to set the configuration. (Code 34)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.


The documentation I have doesn't cover this problem. So I clicked the Resources tab and it says this under Resource settings:

The device isn't using any resources because it has a problem. Then there is a set configuration manually button. I have a screen shot attached of this window here. Don't know what to do next or how to fix these problems. This happens with both of them. Please help. If you need anymore info let me know. Thank you.


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The particular HDD is a Samsung HD103SI. This is a SATA drive. It is connected with a SATA cable. My PC doesn't have any SCSI ports.

But Device Manager - Disk Drives lists it as SAMSUNG HD103SI SCSI Disk Device.

It works just fine. Except for one thing, which I don't need at the moment. I cannot make it an un-pluggable AHCI drive because somewhere along the line Windows believes that it is SCSI.

Edit: I have 2 of these drives. If I plug the spare one in (a different SATA port) Windows lists it as SATA.

A:Why does Device Manager say my SATA HDD is SCSI

Some drivers for some hard drive controllers will list SATA drives as SCSI.

All works normally except that the system shows them as SCSI and it may indicate that they are removable.

All my Marvell controllers (with Marvell drivers) list them as SCSI but I can turn off the removable function in the drive properties.

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Anyone have any ideas here...

PowerEdge 600SC, Perc4, scsi, raid5
Array is all setup and configured. After some other unrelated issues, I was able to start Windows NT install as you would expect. Install Perc4 driver, it sees logical drive, partitions, copies files that it needs for setup, and then prompt for reboot. The problem is that when the system reboots, it doesn't know to boot from it. Per the documentation, all I should need to do is enable the Perc4 bios by either hitting Ctrl+M or Ctrl+H and then choose Configure, set boot device (or something similar). I've done this about a thousand times but it never tries to boot to it.
The logical drive isn't even listed as a boot device in the system's BIOS.
So, I guess I need your ideas on why that isn't an option to boot to. I've got NT waiting on it to install but I can't get to it!

A:Scsi raid - not seeing as a possible boot device

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WHEN I CLIP START-MY COMPUTER I WAS SEE MY HARWARE DEVICES FLOPPY,CDROM,DVD ROM,LOCAL DISC.NOW FROM (I dont know) i see two new devices:dvd drive(f) and dvd drive(g).what is the purpose of each one?that components conflict with my other devices?thanks for the attention

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Hi guys I am trying to recover some deleted files from my android phone (samsung galaxy s3) but the file recovery software I am using only detects removable devices yet the S3 Shows up as a portable device. Is there a way to override this, because in the file recovery software it only detects drive letters.

Hope someone can help I really want to recover deleted photos

A:Changing portable device to removable storage

If the phone is rooted, you can try this:

Or, on Windows, this: NTFS Undelete &mdash; Easy to use undelete software

You might be unsuccessfull though, because on flash drives, the empty space is flushed occasionally to speed up writing operations, since flash memory cannot simply be overwritten like harddisks, but the deletion of the old content is a separate operation. This is why the TRIM command is used by many OSs when accessing flash disks.

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I plugged my old IDE hard disk inside my computer and tried to install Windows 7. It was divided into two partitions but neither of them permits a Windows installation (which baffles me when I already formatted one partition in NTFS).. So I booted from another hard disk and tried to see if I can use the it as slave instead. It worked but the problem is, windows detects it as removable drive.

After booting, MyComputer doesn't show the drive first. I have to wait for minutes OR I have to refresh the device manager. And then Autoplay pops out! That's the only time I can use it. When I restart my system, the process repeats.

I even configured it at BIOS as Slave but nothing happens.

A:IDE Hard drive detected as Removable device

you do not set IDE HD to Cable Select, Primary, or Secondary in BIOS.

How to Build Your Own PC - Setting Hard Drive Jumpers

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My old 70GB HDD which is now in a USB caddy is refusing to mount as a Hard Disk Drive and is instead mounting as a Device with Removable Storage.

I have two newer SATA drives in USB caddies as well and these both mount correctly.

How can I make it so that it mounts as a HDD?


A:HDD Wrongly Mounts as Device with Removable Storage

I'm not completely certain, as I can't seem to find an answer anywhere, but I believe it may have something to do with the size of the removable device. Back in the day, 70GB was large, but nowadays, you can find USB Flash Drives larger than that.

If that's not the reason Windows calls it a removable device, it also might have to do with the USB housing, although I doubt it. Either way, does it really matter much? You can still access your hard drive just as well, and in 7 you have the option of ejecting the device from the Explorer menu whereas you can no longer eject from Explorer with regular external HDDs.

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i got the same problem with nss0410,but i dont see any solution to this problem.pls help.
here's my hjt log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:30:55 AM, on 8/1/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
c:\program files\\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe
C:\Program Files\\VSO\mcvsshld.exe
C:\Program Files\\VSO\oasclnt.exe
c:\program files\\agent\mcagent.exe
C:\Program Files\PowerISO\PWRISOVM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\NMBgMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\NMIndexStoreSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1... Read more

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I recently noticed something very weird: every time I connect a removable device such as USB flash drive or external HDD or even my smartphone, the sound volume goes down to 5% but only for the browser & mediaplayer. I can change the sound volume using volume mixer but it's annoying doing so every time I connect something to my PC.
I reinstalled the drivers for my sound card & for every device I usually connect & also I reinstalled the browser(Opera browser) & Winamp without luck.
Also, I had some problems in the past that might be related to this one. After installing SP1 every time I logged into windows I was notified that Audio Service is not running although it was running. (solved this one).
Another problem was related to USB removable devices. Apparently Windows was unable to assign letters to all my removable devices, even if I manually assigned a letter to a certain device. I didn't solve this one, however I use USB Safely Remove to assign letters and it seams to be working fine so far. ( Windows 7 does not assign drive letters to external HDDs )
Any ideas?

A:Sound volume goes down to 5% after connecting removable device

Yeah, well it's a little bit too late but I solved this.
Control Panel -> Sounds -> Communications tab ->When Windows detects communications activity -> Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80% was checked

I switched to Do Nothing and so far it seams to be working.

Don't know exactly why hard drives were detected as communication devices but my guess is that this has something to do with Winamp/WMP library since I am always asked by these 2 apps to add the new device to Library, even if there's no audio/video/image file on it.

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removable storage device is access denied

A:removable storage device is access denied

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Take a look a this: [How to] Disable access to removable storage devices in Windows 7

But instaid of disabling it, you should enable it.

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After fresh instalation, windows seven see hdd and wireless (Broadcom) as removable device?
I install all drivers from official hp site.
Any suggestions?

A:hp 4515s problem-hdd and wireless as removable device

Have you installed the correct chipset drivers for your motherboard? You should be able to find them on the HP website.

All of your drivers are located here:

HP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC- Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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I am trying to install my external drive as an internal drive (SATA connection, 3.5") without losing any data that I already have stored. It will not be used as a boot disc, only storage.

I've taken 3.5" SATA drive from the enclosure and connected to my system, but can't get it to access the existing NTFS file system. At first, the drive wouldn't show up in "Computer", so I looked around and found it listed as "unallocated" in the "Disk Management" area.

Now here's where I may have messed something up. I tried to initialize after reading advice from other forums, and believe (can't remember) that I chose to create a new volume. I was hoping this would allow the drive to read, but I was then prompted to format before I could use the drive. I did not format, and was hoping I could reverse what I had done, but now my drive shows up as having a RAW file system. Is there any way to get this to read, or even reverse the new volume so I can at least load it back in to the external enclosure to make a backup?

A:Converting ext. drive to internal. Tried Initialising, now shows RAW.

Try to find some data recovery software, that might do it.

Here's a site and here's another. Might be hard to find some good freeware ones, though.

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Ok I came home from out of town this past weekend and my power supply had blown...not completely because 2 fans were still running. But the machine would not boot. So I ordered a new computer. But I took out my C drive from the old machine and plugged it up with a USB/IDE adapter to a desktop at work.

The drive shows up and I can view files such as music etc....but I cannot get to "My Documents" by going through Documents and Settings. It says it is "inaccessible".

I want to get into My Documents to retrieve all of my pictures that are there. Yes I know I should have backed them up before the Power Supply failed but I guess I never got around to it/didn't think it would blow up one weekend.

When a PSU fails does it normally affect other parts of the computer such as mobo and hard drives???

Any help is greatly appreciated.

And by the way, the drive the pictures are on is a WD Caviar SE 160 GB.

A:Internal Hard Drive only shows half

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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My newest problem really has me stumped!

Earlier tonight I installed a PNY CompactFlash USB Serial Card Reader on my two-year old Dell computer. I clicked on My Computer and saw that the reader was listed as "Removable Disk (F." I used it and it worked well, without any problems. Now, however, when I click on My Computer I notice that the Removable Disk designation has somehow inadvertently switched from Drive F to Drive D, and I'm figuring that is what has been causing me problems all night.

After using the reader successfully I opened MicroSoft Streets and Trips but couldn't get it to work. I kept getting an error message:

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be
shut down.

DRIVERPG caused an invalid page fault in module DRIVERPG.
EXE at 0197:00404234

I went to My Computer and that's when I first noticed the Removable Drive designation had switched from F to D. My Yamaha burner is Drive D, so I figured it shouldn't be considered a Removable Drive. (My DVD-ROM drive is Drive E.) Perhaps if I can get the designations changed back my problems will be solved.

I'll now add some details about what else I did tonight. After being unable to get MS Streets and Trips to work, I uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall it, but the install process had hardly started when I suddenly received a prompt to insert the Run CD. This seemed very strange to me since I was expecting the Setup CD to do its thing compl... Read more

A:Removable Disk (F:) is now is now Removable Disk (D:)!!!

Yeah, I solved my own problem. It was easy enough; I just didn't know how until tonight. I simply went to Device Manager and switched the drive/letter designations back to their original settings.

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I have this removable F: disk just like in the picture above and I don't know where it came from and I can't seem to get rid of it... do I need it? And if I can can anyone tell me how to remove it.

A:Removable (F:) Disk

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Hi i can't explain about where all these came from but i would like to get rid of them if i could. I right click on them but theres no delete option. Can someone tell my how i can remove these if possible. My OS is Windows 7 U.

A:removable Disk

Hello Alphamale,

If you mean the removable disks, then do you have a media card reader installed on your computer? These will usually show up like this with a drive letter per card slot of the media card reader.

If this is the case, then you could check the Hide empty drives in the Computer folder box in Folder Options like in the tutorial below to have these drives hidden until you actually insert a media card into one of the slots.

Drives - Hide or Show Empty Drives in Computer Folder

Hope this helps,

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Dear Sir,

I have a problem recently with my removable disk.

It happened last two weeks when my kid download something in the computer (very unfortunate even I have an active anti-virus program). Suddenly it frooze everything. Everything become too slow. I cant even open my C:, D: and my removable disk F and G. Later I reinstall my window xp hope. Things seem to get back to normal where I can access to everything except my removable disk.

The funny thing is that, when I plug in my removable disk at the USB port, the system regonises it. An icon appear and when I click the icon and check the status the message "The device is working properly' appear. The information on the properties are as follows:

USB Mass Storage Device
Device Type: Universal Serial Bus Controllers
Manufacture: Compatible USP storage device
Location: Location 0 (Flash Disk )

However when I go to my computer, the drive F and G (for the removable disk) does not appear at all. All the thumbdives are working propelly when I used it with other computers.

I have tried using a scanner and USB computer Mini Scanner at the same USB port and it works properly.

Please help me. I am despate! Thanks in advanced.


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I am working on a computer for my daughter and I need help. She would like the reference to Removable Disk E:, F: G: and H: eliminated. Since there are no removable disks installed that seems as though it should be easy BUT....

A:Removable Disk E: - What is this?

Its the memory card reader - usually seen on HP PCs
But any multi card option has this

Just ignore - rather than remove - then when you want to use just plug a memory card into the device

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It says I have a removable disk in my computer, but nothing is plugged in to any of the ports.
If anyone has a soltion please reply.
I think the volume of the thing was taken from the local disk, so it is running low on storage?


A:why does it say I have a removable disk in my pc?

Hi eary57,

I'm wondering if you have hot-plugging enabled in you BIOS for your drives? If so, that would cause the safely remove icon to pop-up with no ability do so. At least it does (did) on mine. However, I have no need for hot-plugging so I have disabled it for all SATA drives. Hope this helps.


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So what your saying is that you've burned stuff on a Removable Disk right? If so I just about have the same problem as you. If any one could please help me:

I have windows xp and inside my "My Computer" folder I have these removable disk. "Removable Disk E, F, G, and H." What are they really for? I had plans to save stuff on them but I dont kno what they really do. Thanks!

And to answer ur question you might need to install what you did onto another Compact Disk.

A:Removable Disk E, F, G, and H." What are they really for

the Removable Disk E, F, G, and H are for the card readers that probably are on your computer they look like little slots in the front.

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before my usb flash drive works fine and i can read/write into it. but my problem now is when i try to plug it into my computer, my flash drive no longer detected instead a removable disk drive label appears and whenever i access this drive a window appears saying that my usb flash drive not formatted and when i try to format it, an error message appears that my drive cannot be formatted. can you help to what particular reason why this happens...

A:removable disk

change the usb socket you use .. i.e stick it in the back and instead of double clicking it to open it try right clicking it and selecting open instead .. I had simular probs with mine and this worked for me .. hope it helps

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Hi ..i have Windows XP ,Home Edition ...i'm using removable disk ..i can copy from it ..but i can't copy to it or even move docouments and pictures within ..every time i try to do that a popup message saying (( the disk is write-protected..remove the write protection or use another disk will be appreciated.

A:removable disk

May we have some specifics on the removable disk, such as the make and model of it or any other applicable descriptions?

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oh i am ****en fade up of this virus. Infact Kaspersky will remove it but the file remain hidden and i am expected to unhide manually.what other solutions do you suggest me

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In device manager I have this Unknown Device showing up "ACPI\AWY0001\2&DABA3FF&0" and I have no idea what it is.

Any suggestions in helping to solve this one would be a great help. Google brings up Intel VIIV for Media Centre but doesn't help me very much.

A:Unknown Device shows in Device Manager

its a asus driver for windows xp refer to your having problems then refer to if this isnt helpdul its a 2 sec job using yahoo search

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Hi there

We had this machine when we trying to plugin the USB drive into this computer. The disc won't show up in the Windows Explorer. After further troubleshooting and found the drive letter has been A-Z by the majority used by the DiscSoft Virtual SCSI Device (almost 20+). Then we checked on the Devices and Printers in Control Panel and we found almost 65 devices listed under DiscSoft Virtual SCSI Device.

So we removed one by one from this Devices and Printers and then reboot the machine. After the reboot, we can use now the external USB drive BUT when we checked the Devices and Printers (Control Panel) still showing 65 devices. ?!?

Any ideas how to remove this completely? Or how this might happen?

Just give you a background:

1. Apple MAC running on Windows 8.1 via Bootcamp
2. No virtual disc app installed ie. Daemon or PowerISO etc etc.

Thank you

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Hello, I own an HP Envy desktop prebuilt system (h8-1534), and each time at startup now Event Manager displays the following message: The driver \Driver\UBHelper failed to load for the device SCSI\CdRom&Ven_hp&Prod_DVD-RAM_GH82N\4&1535927f&0&000200. According to Device Manager, the driver is for the hp DVD-RAM GH82N SCSI CdRom Device. Naturally, as the driver is failing to load, my first instinct was to find an upgrade to it. I'm unable to roll back to a previous driver, as this is the only driver that has ever been used. Unfortunately I am unable to cite the exact driver version that I have, as this system has been upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Home and then 10 Pro, so the driver version now matches the OS version as displayed in Device Manager. I do know that the release date for my current driver should be accurate, which is listed as 6/26/2006.  I have not flashed the BIOS in this machine to upgrade firmware, so that may be needed, but I am uncertain whether or not it is related, as the only hardware change that has occurred has been an upgrade to the graphics card, as the old one failed. I have searched online for this driver (see above) and was hoping to obtain an update (should one exist) directly from the source - HP. I found several sites that advertised having a similar driver, but I tend to only trust the actual manufacturer.  Someone please help, is there an update to the driver I current have a... Read more

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This may have appeared after I installed Nero 9, but not too sure.

I've disabled it for now as I do not have a 3rd optical drive and certainly not an SCSI one, whatever that is.

See the pic attached. Windows even gave it a drive letter.

Any ideas what the heck it is? I did search the web and the nearest I came to an explanation was that Alcohol 120% creates such things, but I don't have it installed.

I can delete it but it returns at every boot...weird. Nothing about it in the bios so I suspect some software is guilty.

A:Phantom SCSI CDROM In Device Manager


The culprit was Daemon Tools Lite - somehow I had told it to mount a virtual drive. Once I undid that all is well.

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Okay--I do not know very much about computers, so if I ask any "dumb" questions, I apologize in advance...

My Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop (running Windows XP) started having issues with the DVD/CD drive a few months ago, where it didn't want to open. It finally resolved itself, but now it won't recognize any discs I put in it. It'll make sounds like it's reading the DVD or whatever, but does nothing else.

To try and find out what was going on, I went to my device manager and found an exclamation point (much like the icon I chose for this thread) under "SCSI and RAID controllers", and it came up with "error 28--unknown device". It says the drivers aren't installed. I don't know how this happened so spontaneously, but anyway... I'm pretty sure this is why my DVD/CD drive doesn't work, but have no clue as to how to fix it. I move around a lot (switching dorms, etc.), so all my installation software discs got lost, and as a result, I can't reinstall XP.


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Everytime my Seagate Expansion Portable Drive is plugged into my PC (Windows 10 64bit), Window's Event Viewer repeatedly reports warning messages:

Event 129, UASPStor

Reset to device,\Device\Raidport1, was issued

Also, USB 3 write speed was extremely slow - it often took more then 8min to write a 5GB file into the drive. During the writing process, the writing speed cycled between 0MB/s to 90MB/s. Most of the time, the writing speed stayed at very low values, < 1MB/s.

Device Manager reported that I have the latest UASPStor driver. If I disabled the UASPStor driver, the drive became disconnected.

If I plugged in the Seagate drive into a Win 7 machine, it worked perfectly well.

Can anyone help me to solve the problem?

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Hi there

We had this machine when we trying to plugin the USB drive into this computer. The disc won't show up in the Windows Explorer. After further troubleshooting and found the drive letter has been A-Z by the majority used by the DiscSoft Virtual SCSI Device (almost 20+). Then we checked on the Devices and Printers in Control Panel and we found almost 65 devices listed under DiscSoft Virtual SCSI Device.

So we removed one by one from this Devices and Printers and then reboot the machine. After the reboot, we can use now the external USB drive BUT when we checked the Devices and Printers (Control Panel) still showing 65 devices. ?!?

Any ideas how to remove this completely? Or how this might happen?

Just give you a background:

1. Apple MAC running on Windows 8.1 via Bootcamp
2. No virtual disc app installed ie. Daemon or PowerISO etc etc.

Thank you

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I am trying to connect this scanner to a Windows XP machine. I need the driver for this scanner for WIN XP. Can anyone help me? I have tried the twain driver and it doesn't work. From seaching on the net, I have read where the driver for WIN 2000 will not work either. These are excellent scanners and nothing wrong with them. I see no need in having to buy new ones when these work great but can't seem to get them to work with Windows XP. Any advice??

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Somehow, I have no idea how, another DVD drive has appeared on "My Computer". It shows up in Device Manager as "Generic DVD-ROM SCSI Cdrom Device". I have a CD-RW and a DVDRW only. Both are IDE drives.I know this because I've checked it out in my BIOS. If I try to uninstall the generic drive, when I re-boot, it's back. How do I get rid of this phantom drive. I do not have any SCSI devices in my comp.

A:Solved: Generic DVD-ROM SCSI Cdrom Device

Do you have Alcohol 120% CD burning software installed by chance? What is you CD/DVD burning software?

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If I update the BIOS on my Intel motherboard to any one of the three most recent BIOS's, my add-in Intel network card (located in one of the pci slots) shows up as a removable device in the taskbar (Much like a USB device; for example a passport removable hard drive or flash drive). However, the motherboard's network controller does not exhibit this behavior.

Intel support is telling me that it can vary as to how the devices are detected by Windows and that this is normal. I have never ever seen a pci slot card being detected as a removable device in the 20 years that I have been using Windows, so I was wondering if what they are telling me is a valid statement? It seems kind of scary that this is happening.

System: Custom
Motherboard: Intel DP55KG
PCI Network Card: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter (82574L)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

A:PCI network card showing up as a removable device in taskbar

I guess I posted to the wrong forum site.

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my media player is not detecting any usb removable drive for syncing....when i plug a device into my pc, the autoplay comes up, i can browse tthe device but media player does nothing, so i cant sync the device, it does not get detected...i have tried different devices and none are detected....i have also tried to uninstall and install the media player from the 'Turn windows feature on or off' do i fix this ? it only started happening yesterday

A:Windows Media Player 12 Cannot Detect Any Removable Device

i tried deleting the settings of WMP from the registry, still nothing happened so i restored the i tried uninstalling all the usb devices ,but still , nothing

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