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Dell Computer wont turn on

Q: Dell Computer wont turn on

Woke up, tried turning on my dell computer. Everything was going alright until the Windows Xp loading screen. it loaded, then the screen just went black. I tried reseting it a few times now it freezes on the opening Dell screen when i turn on the computer. I was unable to get to the log on page which was at first annoying, but now its more annoying that i cannot get into my computer setup or boot options through the opening dell screen. Any suggestions?

A: Dell Computer wont turn on

Please try this in Safe Mode:

Manual steps to run Chkdsk from My Computer or Windows Explorer

Open My Computer, and then right-click the hard disk that you want to check.
Click Properties, and then click Tools.
Under Error-checking, click Check Now. A dialog box that shows the Check disk options is displayed
Use one of the following procedures:

? To run Chkdsk in read-only mode, click Start.
? To repair errors without scanning the volume for bad sectors, select the Automatically fix file system errors check box, and then click Start. (^^tick)

? To repair errors, locate bad sectors, and recover readable information, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

Note If one or more of the files on the hard disk are open, you will receive the following message:

The disk check could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive access to some Windows files on the disk. These files can be accessed by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule the disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?Click to expand...

Click Yes to schedule the disk check, and then restart your computer to start the disk check.

Wait until Chkdsk finishes Checking / Repairing any faults
Windows will then either restart your computer or continue loading Normally.

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Hi all,

Somebody has just asked me to look at their computer because it won’t turn on. It is a Dell XPS WHL desktop computer and is about 4 or 5 years old. When you press the power button on the front nothing happens. I have checked the power cable and also tried a spare that I know works and that is not the cause, I have checked that all of the cables in the computer are secure and that there are no burn marks or breaks in cables.

When you first plug a computer in you normally hear the fans spin for a second or some noise but with this one there is nothing the only sound that I could get it to make was by plugging the power cable in to the mains and then connecting it to the computer and it makes the "Pop" sound. Even the fans on the power unit don’t make a noise or move. The owner has had this problem once before where it would not turn on and they took it to somebody who plugged it in and there was nothing wrong. I have heard of this before though and it is when the computer needs totally disconnecting for 30 seconds and then everything is fine but now that does not work. No lights on the front of the computer or on the Motherboard light up even for a second, there are no beeps.

Does this sound like a problem with the motherboard or the power supply unit and how would I test each of them? I had a look to see if it is possible to have a look at the power unit but it seems to be in its own compartment that I cannot see how you detach it from the tower. I have... Read more

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Hi i am Writing on Behalf of a friend who is having trouble turning his dell pc on.

what it is yesterday he left his pc on as he went walking his dogs
and when he got back it was off. so he thought his mum must of shut it down

he went to turn it back on and the lights on the front which ususallly go green stayed orange.
he also said his fan seemed to be going really fast.

anyone know the reason for this..? so i can pass on the information.

thanks alot

A:Dell Pc Wont Turn on,

Hi tomo!

First things first - just to clarify, there is no display and the lights do not resolve to green? Can you tell us, are there any beeps when you turn the machine on from a powered-down state?

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Hi,,I have the same problem as the below post which went unanswered --any takers this time for me ,thanks
Somebody has just asked me to look at their computer because it won’t turn on. It is a Dell XPS WHL desktop computer and is about 4 or 5 years old. When you press the power button on the front nothing happens. I have checked the power cable and also tried a spare that I know works and that is not the cause, I have checked that all of the cables in the computer are secure and that there are no burn marks or breaks in cables.

When you first plug a computer in you normally hear the fans spin for a second or some noise but with this one there is nothing the only sound that I could get it to make was by plugging the power cable in to the mains and then connecting it to the computer and it makes the "Pop" sound. Even the fans on the power unit don’t make a noise or move. The owner has had this problem once before where it would not turn on and they took it to somebody who plugged it in and there was nothing wrong. I have heard of this before though and it is when the computer needs totally disconnecting for 30 seconds and then everything is fine but now that does not work. No lights on the front of the computer or on the Motherboard light up even for a second, there are no beeps.

Does this sound like a problem with the motherboard or the power supply unit and how would I test each of them? I had a look to see if it is possible to have a look at the pow... Read more

A:Dell XPS WHL wont turn on

Try another power supply first, its easier and a more sure way to test/rule out the power supply.

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After taking out memory my laptop wont turn on it just has the caps and number lock button flashing for a while and nothing ever shows on the screen after a while it turns off. I tried the display test and the screen flashes different colors. How can I get the laptop to turn on?

A:Dell inspiron1521 wont turn on

Unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.   Return the system to the original memory configuration.  If it'll power up, you're set.
If not, did you remove the memory with the system plugged in and/or with the battery connected?  If you did, you may well have fried the mainboard.

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              So I have had this problem several times with the same laptop. I will go to sleep and when I wake up the laptop won't turn on. I do the RAM reset thing, remove the memory cards, but nothing. I'll just leave it plugged in and usually after a couple of days the laptop will suddenly turn on. Well, it happened again yesterday. I woke up and the laptop once again will not turn on. Can't contact dell support because they are absoultely no help. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

A:dell laptop wont turn on

Check for a tiny little switch below the screen lid. It's possible that it got stuck down. Also, check the bios battery. A dead or low bios/cmos battery voltage will cause all kinds of craziness. Remove power plug, remove laptop battery, press hold power switch. Plug in power only no battery see if it boots. It could be a worn out or broken power port on the laptop.

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So it all started a few weeks ago when I was completely convinced that I was having AC adapter/battery issues. When I went to plug in the charger into the back of my laptop, it would just turn off(or go into standby because the power light would stay green after this happened). The only way I could use my laptop was to have enough battery for what I needed to do, or already have it plugged in to the charger when I went to turn it on.

So this continued for a while..the same problems. Now for some reason when it's plugged in and the computer is moved a little bit, it goes black again. These were the reasons I figure it was my battery connections or the adapter.

CURRENTLY...I cannot turn on my laptop at all. I tried taking out the battery and leaving it out for a long time. I tried turning it on w/o the AC and with it (with battery and without).

AND..When I go to turn it on the power light comes on for about 3 seconds then just turns off again (with no sounds from fan or processor).

I read something about breaking the touchpad sensor but I'm not the type to just unscrew the lid of my laptop ahhh.

Anyone have any ideas?


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I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on with this. I hit the power button and it starts to light up like its going to turn on but then it doesn't. I am wondering if anyone knew what was wrong with it. I am debating on taking it to get looked at to see if its even worth fixing. I think it has something to do with the motherboard. Not really sure though. Any suggestions?

A:Dell 8600 Wont Turn on

Please DO NOT double post

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I plug in the power chord and try to swithch on the laptop.
3 light's on the laptop turn on for 3 seconds and then nothing .Nothing comes on the console is all black.
I have tried switching on without battery, without ram and nothing _> same light on the laptop comes on for 3-04 seconds and nothing after that.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks All

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Vista that will not boot up. When I turn the computer on the fan runs but the screen stays black and nothing turns on. The battery light blinks amber, and the wifi catcher light blinks yellow then blue. I thought it was the DC power jack/USB board, so I bought and replaced it, but that didn't do anything. It still does the same thing. I couldn't find any diagnostic for the blinking lights (the keyboard lights do not light up). I tried re-seating the RAM and anything else I could think of, but nothing works. Does this mean my motherboard is fried? How can I tell if it is that, or something else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 wont turn on

Hi this is from the manual

Solving Problems
Power Problems
If the power light is off — The computer is
either turned off or is not receiving power.
• Reseat the power cable into both the
power connector on the computer and the
electrical outlet.
• If the computer is plugged into a power strip,
ensure that the power strip is plugged into
an electrical outlet and that the power strip
is turned on. Also temporarily bypass power
protection devices, power strips, and power
extension cables to verify that the computer
turns on properly.
• Ensure that the electrical outlet is working
by testing it with another device, such as a
• Check the AC adapter cable connections. If
the AC adapter has a light, ensure that the
light on the AC adapter is on.
If the power light is solid white and the
computer is not responding — The display may
not be connected or powered on. Ensure that
the display is properly connected and then turn
it off then back on.
If the power light is blinking white — The
computer is in standby mode. Press a key on the
keyboard, move the pointer on the trackpad or a
connected mouse, or press the power button to
resume normal operation.
If the power light is solid amber — The
computer has a power problem or an internal
device malfunction. For assistance contact Dell,
see “Contacting Dell” on page 50.
If the power light is blinking amber — The
computer is receiving electrical power, but a
device migh... Read more

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I have a dell win 7 laptop that just beeps and will not turn on. I tried replacing the ram with good ram that did not work.
The beeping does not have a pattern it just keeps beeping if it is turned on. No bios screen comes up.

I am not sure what else to check for ..or if there is a way to fix this

thanks for any help

A:Dell laptop just beeps and wont turn on

Have you try to connect via AC with battery remove? Check if its working

When its all the sudden occur the issue? Seems it can be an hardware issue like broken power jack.

A common problem which causes that is a broken power jack - you can check for that by wiggling the power cord where it goes into the laptop - if it seems loose or you see the battery charge light intermittently, that's likely the problem. There are companies that specialize in that repair (it's that common) for a fairly reasonable fee or, if you are adept at soldering it can be a DIY thing
That isn't the only possibility but it's common enough for your symptoms that it should be checkedClick to expand...

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I have a Dell Optiplex SX270 Desktop that has always ran windows XP and it has ran acceptable. I shut it off Friday at the end of business and went to turn it on Monday and it will not turn on. I assumed it could be the PSU so I swapped it out with another adapter from a similar computer and it still doesn't work. The light on the mother board will turn on but the fans will not. Dell's support site said to take out the hard drive and the ram but this didn't have any effect. They said that after the ram is taken out and you try to power it up again the system should emit a beep code, but this did not happen. Does anyone else have any suggestions for me to try?

A:Dell Optiplex SX270 wont turn on

Unless you have a power supply tester, and a spare known good power supply, the best thing to do is to take the tower to a shop and have the power supply tested. If the power supply tests "bad" then they could jump a known good power supply to the motherboard and see if the board is good.

I do these tests in my shop quite often. It takes about 20 minutes and the cost should be minimal, perhaps $25-$30.

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I have a n7110 17r, i got it used so there is no warranty on it. I got it around February of this year. Then one day around May the screen stopped working but the fan and everything else worked still. I decided to take it apart to see if the cable to the screen was on correctly but then when I put it back together nothing started working and there are no lights except for the Windows mobility center button (the one with 2 gears on it). It lights up as soon as i plug in the charger in the laptop with no battery or if the battery has some charge and I push the power button. Is there a way to fix this or is this laptop dead?

A:Dell Inspiron n7110 17r wont turn on

Download the service manual here - - remove the memory modules, disconnect the HDD / ODD and power on the system and check the exact # of beeps in a cycle. This will help diagnose the source of the issue.
Press and hold the fn key + power button - it should initiate diagnostics and if there is an error, count the exact # of beeps in a cycle and it will help isolate the source of the issue.
Connect an external monitor and check if the display works fine.
If nothing goes, I would primarily suspect the motherboard.
As there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I was installing windows on my laptop (latitude C840). I deleted the existing partition, created a new one and quick formatted. After formatting it turned off and now will not turn back on. None of the lights flash when pressing the power button, with or with out a/c.
If anyone could shed any light on the problem it would be much apreciated

A:Dell latitude laptop wont turn on


Sounds like somethings gone a bit iffy, here the manual for the laptop, make sure things like the memory havent worked loose etc etc.


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i have Dell Latitude E6320 and since today everything worked perfectly.
now if i try to turn wifi on, it switches imediately off. 
I updated the drivers, and tried to pres Fn+F2. it doesnt work
is there another key combination for E6320? Because the wifi led isn't on .

A:Dell E6320 wifi wont turn on

What is the current OS installed on the system? Does the ethernet work fine? Is the wireless card detected under network adapters in device manager? Did the issue start after any recent windows updates?
If the system was working fine earlier, then perform a system restore to restore the machine to an earlier point where it was working fine -
Update the BIOS if possible - - restart the system and check if it works.
Restart the system and press f2 on startup to enter BIOS - check if Wireless swtich and wireless devices are enabled in BIOS.
Restart and check in safe mode with networking.
Enable the built in admin account and check -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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hi my e1505 wont turn on when i press the power button, no sound...nothing. Preceding this was an accident where orange juice was spilled on the bed where the e1505 was sitting but i think it only crept in where the cpu radiator vents are, so i opened it up thoroughly cleaned everything on the top and bottom of the mobo with rubbing alc and put it all back together and pushed power and no go. although its sounds like a mobo issue i have a sneaking suspicion its the tiny little board that holds the actual power button because in the past(before the orange juice) i would have this problem where it wouldn't do anything and that was eventually solved by pushing really really hard down on the power button, so i feel like it could be that the little power board's connections are weak or the power board itself is fried.

any thoughts?

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 wont turn on

The power board or motherboard could be damaged or shorted by the orange juice or by static electricity... when you disassembled the laptop

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I have a Dell xps 13 (2015 edition). I have owned it for just over a year (warranty has just ran out}.  I was doing some light Internet browsing, as I always do, before bed and then shut the lid. The next day when I opened the laptop the screen did not come on, so I held the power button until it shut down, and then tried to power on. On came the power button, but nothing happened on the screen except for  slight flicker. No Dell logo. I searched online and found a comment saying 'hold D and press power on to check the monitor is okay'. Well this works perfectly, bringing up a display of different colours. However, holding fn+power key does nothing. I have searched online and tried the removing battery trick, however this has not solved the problem either. I am quite angry about this - it looks like quite a few people have had this happen just after their warranty has run out, and I am reluctant to pay to fix what blatantly appears to be a problem with Dell. I have left the laptop on to completely run down the battery and will try again later, but any help would be desperately appreciated.

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Dell Studio 1558 (i5 2nd Gen, 4GB, 500Gb, 1Gb Graphic)

My laptop screen suddenly shows some small color boxes and goes black but laptop still on.

when I restart, screen shows nothing but Hard disk, CPU fan are running normally.

than I tried this:

1. Power off the computer.
2. Press and hold the "D" key on the keyboard and then press the power button and wait for the computer to start.
I just heard only loud beep sound continuously, but screen remain black.
than I tried this:

1) Unplug the power cord --> Remove the battery --> Hold the power button for

60 seconds --> Connect the power supply then try to switch ON the laptop

and It Worked and laptop start normally.

but after 2-3 minutes, it happen again screen gone black(it shows small color boxes and go black)
than I tried above method once again but this time It's not working.....!
Than I connect the laptop to the external monitor and start, It shows nothing on it. First 10 sec monitor run like working mode(green light) then it goes to offline mode(orange light).

It's like something is resist in laptop to startup.

I don't know what's happening.

Please help.

Mod note: Please do not spam the boards with posts of the same problem. One time in the appropriate forum is sufficient. Thanks.

A:My dell laptop Screen wont turn on

Sounds like the graphics processor on your laptop is on the way out, if even an external monitor didn't work.

Does BIOS work? F12/DELETE when booting up to get in.

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i had this computer for a few years now but
i only used it for about a year then i messed up the os..
eventually i go to ficxing it late last year but it only worked for a few days
then it never turned on again...
its not the battery because
i plug in the charger and no charging light comes on the computer
but the light on the charger is on
help? what could it be?


A:dell inspiron 1501 wont turn on?!!

It could be a loose power jack on the laptop. If you move the power connection around while plugged it, can you see the battery charging light come on?

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was using my laptop the other night when in bed and had it on my quilt cover. all of a sudden the whole thing just turned off and when i tried to turn it back on again there was no power goin to it at all no lights nothing. so i took the battery out of it and tried and power lead and then put them back in and tried to turn it on again and nothing happened. it is a windows vista. also when i have the lead plug into the socket and not the laptop the blue light will come on the lead but when i go to plug it into the laptop the blue light turns off.. please any help is greatly appreciated

A:please help my dell inspiron laptop wont turn on

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Dell Inspiron 15R (5537) suddenly wouldn't want to start. When boot up, nothing seem to appear, blank screen, no logo, no text, nothing. there is a continuous beeping, it not 2 beep or 5 beep or any number of beep, it just beep continuously, never ending, until I turn off the laptop. 
Did some searching around on the web, forum, and so far I attempted:
-Checked ram and hard-drive to see if it fully connect.
-Turn off computer, unplug battery and ac power, press the power button for 30 sec.
still haven't resolve the problem yet.
Next, I try to do a Pre-boot System Assessment, FN+Power. Took SEVERAL attempt to finally got it to run Pre-boot System Assessment. Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off, Hold FN + Power, hear beeping, turn it off.
Did that for about 20 times and finally got Pre-boot System Assessment instead of the beeping.
This is the result I got from it, Currently doing the remaining memory test. It taking a long time, ill have an update once that is done, it stuck on 98%. 

A:Dell Inspiron 15R wont turn on (continuous beeping)

This paper discusses troubleshooting steps for notebooks that are not turning on.  Typically it could be one of three issues,  No power (no power to the notebook), No post (the system has power but is not fully turning on), or No boot (the system has power, it is turning on, but it is not booting to the Operating system).
From your post it is obvious that the notebook has power,  but it isn't fully turning on.  I would have to say that this is a No post problem. This paper will go over further troubleshooting steps to help determine the problem.
If the notebook is not starting up or showing a blank screen:

Remove any peripheral devices that are attached to the computer. Peripherals include:

Media Card Readers
Mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets or portable digital assistants or MP3 players
Digital cameras or video recorders
USB storage devices
Remove the computer from a docking station if it is in one
Remove any CDs or DVDs in the optical drive
Remove the AC adapter from the computer and remove the AC power cord from the wall outlet.
Remove the computer's battery. For instructions on how to do this, consult the Online Owner's Manual.
Press and hold the computer power button for 15 seconds.
Insert the AC adapter plug and make sure it is seated properly.
Plug in the AC power cord to a known good working outlet.
Press the power button to see if the computer turns on.
If the computer starts, turn it off and put the... Read more

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I have a dell inspiron 6000 adapter light went off, wife saiid dogs jerked it out running thru the house. got new adapter, adapter lights up, pc does nothing when power button pushed, no lights nothing. The battery has not held charge for some time. But it worked before with the same battery, so I am confused. I tore it apart after reading about magnet sensor problem, and that was a msitake as my pc does not seem to even have that same part as mentioned in the post. Any suggestions are appreciated for this newbie. I will be getting a new pc for self, but would like to keep this one for the kids.

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 wont turn on / power up

When the dogs jerked out the AC adapter, this probably broke the DC jack from the motherboard. This can be repaired, but you "tore it apart", maybe causing more damage

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My computer wont turn on. Please put into simplest form you can.

A:[SOLVED] Dell Diminsion 9100 wont turn on.


we could use more information than just wont turn on. Do you have another power supply to test with? if not see if someone you know has one you can use to test with.

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I have a Dell inspiron 5150 laptop, I have a battery installed in it, also have the powercable plugged into the back and yet I have no power going to it. I've got the power light on at the recharger, so that appears to be working, but the laptop itself isn't recieving any of the juice. Any ideas?

A:dell inspiron 5150 laptop wont turn on

gwana said:

I have a Dell inspiron 5150 laptop, I have a battery installed in it, also have the powercable plugged into the back and yet I have no power going to it. I've got the power light on at the recharger, so that appears to be working, but the laptop itself isn't recieving any of the juice. Any ideas?Click to expand...
I had the same problem with a Latitude. Try taking the battery out and starting it. Could be that the battery is bad.
The other thing that could be wrong is the power cord. My Latitude has had a bad power cord even though the green light in that box in the cord stays lit.
Dell sent me a new one. Good luck


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My laptop started showing signs of trouble last year. At first, it would go blue screen while I was using. I neglected that. Then, It started turning off if shaken. Now it turned of after I picked it up, and it's been dead nomather what I do.
I tried unplugging everything, including power supply, discharged flea power, but nothing happened...
When I press the on button, the LED light up as they should. The screen remains dead. After about 10 seconds, the battery LED and the CD LED start pulsing on and off (around 1Hz). The fan also follows the LEDs, accelerating and decelerating... No beep is heard.
What could it be? How can I test it?
Warranty is long gone.

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Hey there,

I have an Inspiron 11 3000 hybrid laptop. Yesterday it was freezing all night while I was watching a movie, and buy today morning the screen wouldnt turn on. I can hear the ventillation and the backup light is on, when I push the start button. I googled a bit, and someone suggested connecting the laptop to a TV via HDMI, and it actually works. So I can see the windows 10 start screen on my TV, and even the touchpad works -- it just fails to show up on the laptop screen. Any suggestions, Id like to avoid the service point.

Thank you in advance!

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Yesterday i was trying to install windows on to my dell vostro 5470 but later i want to make some changes so i exited the installer since then my laptop wont boot up not even power led blink
When I tried to press power on only battery led blinks once no other indications even i have connected the supply
Please help what to do futher?

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2 days ago my Dell started to mess up. It's only a couple years old, but it won't turn on. I put it on standby a couple days ago, and when I woke the next morning, all it does is flash orange (or amber) rather the turn green and power up. I tried messing with the insides and sercuring cables, but I don't even hear the fan blowing, so I have no idea whats wrong.

It would be great if you could help. i'm desperate here.

A:Help Dell wont turn on after putting it on standby all it does is flash orange/amber

sorry, i'm so used to posting here i accidentally posted this in the wrong section. i posted this in the appropriate section 'other hardware'

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After upgrading my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, When I manually click on "Start-------> Shutdown " my power button light wont turn off, screen goes black but the bottom is still giving light, it only turn off men I press it 7 sec ore remove the battery. Can some one help me and solve my problem. 

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i took my computer apart and cleaned the insides and put it back together and now it doesnt turn on. what went wrong??

A:computer wont turn on at all!! wont do anything

Computer won't start troubleshooting suggestions

Try each one in this general order until problem is fixed:
1) check all your connections including your memory, power connectors, cards, fans and ensure the 4-pin connector for your CPU is installed if your system requires it. If you have removed your memory, make sure it is the correct slot(s). Not all slots work. I don't know if this will prevent the computer from trying to boot. At any rate, every motherboard manual details exactly how RAM should be installed for that particular board. If problem persists:
2) test the power connection with a lamp
3) make sure your on/off switch (if you have one) on your power supply is ON
4) remove the cables from ALL drives and restart
5) also remove unnecessary cards and non-cpu fans
6) Borrow a power supply (sufficient power and appropriate 20 or 24-pin connection)

I've seen this happen when a connector is improperly placed. The motherboard and/or power supply can detect an inappropriate power surge and not even start.
Some people have accidentally joined power connectors to each other, usually when hooking up system fans.

Your system can turn on and start booting to the BIOS with only the motherboard, a power supply and I assume some RAM (though I'm not positive the RAM is requied). It does not even need the monitor, although you obviously won't see what is happening but you will hear the power supply start. In general, with such a fault if the... Read more

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This was in the XP forums untill i realized this wasnt a Operating System malfuntion as much as it is obviously a Hardware malfunction... ANYWAY
Okay well here's the deal. I recently formatted my computer not... 4 days ago. Anyway I first noticed a problem when I was playing BF2 online... My computer would randomly stop displaying picture and sound. First thing I tried was reseting the computer but that didnt work, I had to hold the button and power it down for 3 seconds before turning it on again.
Then after this happend the second time. It would take me 2 attempts of turning the power off completely in order to get the video card to display anything.
This happend to me last night.. Now I cant get the video to display at ALL or get a startup BEEP

So I'm really quite concerned at the large array of problems i could be facing. If you have any tip's I'd love to hear them...

Also. I Checked the connections on everything and pulled the battery off my Bio's and replaced it 40 seconds later. Still nothing

*later I posted this*

I put all of my hardware into another computer untill i got a comboniation that worked... and now its displaying video and turning on when a different video card is in it. So. does that make sense to anyone?


Ok... now it gets even better I placed everything back where its supposed to be.. and just put my friends video card into my motherboard with my Power Supply, my processor, my ram... everything...... Read more

A:Computer Wont Turn On

I've got a similar issue and I suspect I might have a dodgy power supply unit. So check that/change it out and see if that makes a difference

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Hi everybody.
I got home from a 4 day vacation to find that I had left my computer on. So, I turned my monitor on and nothing came up. I tried a few times, then i tried pushing the reboot button on the computer and it didnt work... multiple times again.
So, I got fed up and just unplugged the darn thing. I plugged it back in, and just my luck, the computer doesnt turn on anymore. I think i mightve messed up the power supply or something, does anyone have any advice?
Anything appreciated, thanks

A:computer wont turn on

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Computer wont turn on its plugged in light is white but when I try to turn it on nothing happens

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im fixing another computer for someone,
and there is no power at all, im thinking its the power supply or the power button!
i cleaned the inside

A:Computer wont turn on!

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HELP MY COMPUTER SCREEN WONT TURN ON.  Our family computer usualy works just fine even though it's a bit old. A few days ago it was working perfectly no issues or whatever. But yesterday, I tried opening it but it won't start. The CPU was working (I think it was working) the light on the back was turning on, the fan was working and overall i think the CPU was working. But, the monitor wasnt. It kept saying no signal and then the monitor is going to sleep. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP What do I do with it? 

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My computer is a custom built, nearly brand new machine. I've had it working perfectly since Christmas, with only minor setbacks.

Here's some info.

I'm using Windows XP home edition, so it's not an outdated operating system
I have at least 5 fans in my computer, so I don't think it overheated
I haven't had any problems up until today
My computer was working fine all day, until it suddenly started to restart at random times. It did it once, and I was fine for about an hour. Then, it did it again, and I was fine for half an hour, the time kept decreasing until finally, my computer just stopped turning on. I have a huge report that I need to get off of there that I need by tuesday, so I don't have a ton of time.
I have Norton Anti-Virus on my computer, and I'm pretty careful about what I download, which isn't much, when I download something.
I was playing games on it earlier, and then stopped, and it didn't start restarting until I got into microsoft word.
I have nothing on my computer that anyone would want to steal, so I don't know why someone would hack into it.
I haven't installed anything new on it for a long time.
I don't even know what could be the problem!!!
If I could get some help as soon as possible, that would be really great.

A:Computer wont turn on...

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Alright well i bought this older computer off of a friend for 10 bucks thinking it would be a good fix up project.Well it is not so easy,the damn thing wont power on.He says it was working fine then suddenly it would not power on.This computer was not a victim of power surges or lightening storms as far as i know,and the mainboard looks to be in good shape..(no burns no blown compacitors etc....)

I've tried different memory modules in different slots several times,disconnecting drives one by one and both IDE channel cords as well.Tried clearing CMOS and removing/putting back the battery.So this has lead me to beleive that either the PSU is dead or the power switch somehow got ****ed (not switch on PSU, switch that connects from mobo to case) I don't know how to tell if the PSU is dead,usually i'll plug in a network cord into the LAN port to see if it lights up,but this computer does not have onboard LAN nor do i have a LAN card.I've tried putting the power switch in a bunch of different pin combinations with no luck.But when i plug in the main power cord (from wall to PSU) lights will flicker in my room,as this is normal in my experience with WORKING PSU's so....i'm stumped.

If the PSU isn't ****ed,is there any other way to power it on manually if the case's power switch or pins on the mobo is the culprit?

Computer is a Emachines W1500,Motherboard manual:


A:Computer wont turn on.

First get an electrican to fix your house wiring,lol. You are getting dirty power. Second try a different known working psu in the computer after putting the jumpers on the mobo back to their original settings. Third is the mobo,ram or hard drive may be bad as well as the vid card if it has one but most likely it has on board video.

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Me and My Father today were trying to Install Memory and a New DVD Burner into my Computer.
An Emachine C1904.

The New Ram I got was PQI DDR 266 RAM, two 512 MB sticks.

The new DVD Burner I got was a Pioneer one of some sort.

We put in the new Memory and Burner, turned it on and a Lound BEEP emitted from the Motherboard, we took out the new ram and put in the old, and it still made it, and we unplugged the DVD Burner and the sound still emitted

This is not going to be the happiest of Birthdays of this doesnt work out.
Thank you,

A:Computer Wont Turn On!

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 and when I press the on switch, the switch just blinks as if it was on sleep mode and it wont turn on. The monitor works fine and I tried everything like unplugging and plugging back in and stuff. are there any other solutions?


A:My computer wont turn on

Check out the manual to see what your blinking light means?

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Well if you read my other post I couldn't get the OS started, now the computer itself wont start.

Just when I thought It couldn't get worse it did. My PC won't turn on at all now. I didn't do anything, I went downstairs for a half an hour or so and it was off, I try to start it and nothing. I've done the typical outlet check and plugging the cord back in and stuff but nothing.

A:computer wont turn on at all

So how's your day been so far?

If you try to turn it on if you don't see any lights come on or hear fan or the HD start up then

1/ is the plug outlet supplying power ie is something else working from that plug?

2/ check the fuse in the PC power chord plug

3/ if no joy the power supply, supplying the motherboard needs to be checked with a multimeter.

When it rains it **** pours.

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i have a computer that i got from an old friend so i wanted to c if it works, i plug it in and it turned on but it gave me an error and it ask me to press f1. i cannot type in c: or a: so i installed a hard drive that i had into the computer and turn it on again and it gave me another error turn it off and i just went back downstairs and try to turn it on and the monitor or the tower wont turn on.. can someone help me with this problem

A:Computer wont turn on

Yes. Give us the brand and model, and what you have for software... we will c if we can hep.

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Everytime Id play a game itd freeze or shutdown on me. So I switched the direction of the psu fan to blow in instead of out. I then started playing lfs again then it just shut off on me again. Now when i hit the power switch it wont turn on. Nothing runs. THen i hit the psu switch off then on again, press power and hear a very small sound inside the case but its very short and nothing turns on. Why wont my stuff turn back on?? how can i use it fine, it shuts off now it wont even start back up?? I need quick help. thx!!

A:My computer wont turn on at all.

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I had just installed a liquid cooling system on my computer. I checked it after a couple of hours and found that one of the connections wasnt water tight and there was a couple of drips on the graphics card. I took ou the LCS, the GPU and dried it out. It was all working fine then. I then proceeded to use my new computer and cracked vista with a timer stop crack. The os then downloaded updates and asked to restart which I allowed. However, when the computer restarted it would come on for about 2 seconds then turn off and do this again. This happened every time I turned the system on.
I stripped it down and checked the motherboard and processor, both seemed ok. I turned it on and it was coming back on so 1 by 1 I put the Ram, HDD etc etc back in. Everything seemed to be ok. I moved it back up to my computer room to check everything was really back working. BUT, when I started it up it wasn't POSTing again and there was a strange noise coming from it, like the hard drive spinning up, however the computer didn't turn off. There was no POST and when I plugged in the monitor and it wasn't picking it up. Can any1 advise me on what component's could be causing this or if the LCS dripping on my graphics card could break my mobo? All the capatitors on the mobo seem fine.

A:Computer wont turn on

water and electronics don't mix. That's why i don't recommend water-cooling. This is the risk you take. Some of your components have most likely shorted out. You will have to replace and swap out components until you have found the one(s) that have failed. good luck.

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Ok i just got my comp that a friend built for me and it was running fine... I put it on standby and left the house.. I get back and it is off and wont turn on... the fans will go on for like 2 seconds ocassionaly when pressing power but other than that NOTHING happens... please gimme sum suggestions

i also got sum suggestions from

A:Computer wont turn on?

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After shutting down my computer a few hours ago it will not boot up! (its an HP Pavillion
a302x) The back power light is on/off randomly ( though in not pattern... and not quickly altrenating) and the front power button, that gets backlit when the computer comes on, stays off. the task-light, as i call it (not sure what its really called, the orange light above the power button that flashes/illuminates when the computer is doing a task) is flashing very quickly.

Nothing appears on the monitor.
i've checked all the connections and they all seem fine.

maybe it just finally died? i hope not.
can anybody tell me whats wrong or how to fix it?

thanks for your time.


Power supply light stays on until power button in pushed then turns off completely. then back on when unplugged to show that its dieing.

A:Computer wont turn on

sounds like a bad power suppy the light on the supply shoud be on not blinking not a big problem

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My laptop won't turn on. The power light turns on when I connect the charger. When I press the power button the power light turns on and then goes off again. I dont hear the hard disk or fan working. Please help

A:computer wont turn on

agbey7 wrote:My laptop won't turn on. The power light turns on when I connect the charger. When I press the power button the power light turns on and then goes off again. I dont hear the hard disk or fan working. Please helpSometimes electrical components needs to have all power sources removed and reintroduced to work properly.  Try performing a hard reset first, if it doesn't work then use this troubleshooting document to see if you can resolve the problem on your own.  To Perform A Hard Reset Shut down the computer by going to the Start menu and selecting shut down. (If you have no display, hold the power button down for  5 seconds); (if the computer doesn't power on, move to the next step)Disconnect the AC Adapter from the notebook.Remove the battery from the bottom of the notebook.  There will be a switch/button to eject the battery.Wait at least 1 minute with all power sources disconnected.Re-insert the battery and reconnect the AC Adapter and then attempt to power on the notebook.

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HEELP, my computer wont turn on

I have an HP slimline the really small pc's, like a month ago or so I had an energy power off, but I had my no break, which is really good, then when I was done using it i turneed it off, anyways wheen I trieed to turn it on again, it would't start so a couple of days later it turned back on, likee nothing happened, and for these last weeks this has been going on, sometimes it turns on sometimes it doesn't...The little green light on the back is on when it's plugged and off when it's unplugged, when I push thee power button it blinks once and if I keep pushing it, it sounds likee the computer is starting but the light on the front won't turn on at all, and if i stop pushing the sound stops and you can hear like your turning off thee computeer

p.s. Pls heelp mee!!! I really don't know that much about computers so...try to explain mee in the eeasiest way you can!!

A:Help, my computer wont turn on

I strongly expect this is due to hardware.

In reality, it could be anything from the PSU (Power Supply Unit) to RAM or motherboard. But i think it is a psu problem.

Put your hand over the rear PSU air exhaust vent. Is it cool or very warm?
If it's hot your PSU is undoubtedly running near its design limits.

Also, check to see that the cpu heatsink is seated properly. (Which is your cpu fan, and is quite big so you shouldn't miss it).

Regards Jase

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This morning I turned my computer on and went through start up....did a little in my email and then started playing a game that I play everyday. All of a sudden my computer shut down and I can't get it to turn back on. Help what do I do.

A:Computer wont turn on

It might be a virus, seeing as how it shutdown all of the sudden.

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It is a HP Pavilion running on Windows XP. When I press the power button nothing happens but the green light on the back goes on, however none of the fans or anything goes on. Right now I think it might just be the switch, or at least thats what im hoping it is. Would there be any way to check that or turn it on without the switch working properly? Thanks in advance.

A:Computer wont turn on

We'll need to no more info about your computer setup, give us your system details, be as complete as possible. It could be your psu, or LED wires may have come loose from connection.

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ok i had the same problem as this person: did what u said and after installing combofix it ran and it said it was going to restart but it basically froze and now my computer wont start at all it gets to the windows and it restarts and then it says woudl u like to do last known configuarion safe mode etc and ive tried everyone and nothing happensit just restarts and goes to the same screen and everything happens all over again..can u please help me asap

A:Help- Tried To Fix & Now Computer Wont Turn On At All

no one is going to help me?

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i just bought this system for 15 bucks from a local pawn shop sorta...anyway, it had no hard drive... i put one in and tried to turn it on...all that happend was the front light went on, nothing else. power didnt even go to the hard drive, and the power supply was makin a low noise....and then i tried another power supply, same thing happend...but this time it didnt make a i tried ANOTHER power supply and the same thing not sure wats wrong, i dont kno if the motherboard is fried, but i think one of the capacitors is blown, cuz the top of it isnt flat, the top looks round and bloated, can someone help me out?

A:i need help i need help i need just wont turn all.

The top of many capacitors are rounded... what you look for is splits and bulges on the side... or reddish brown powder or dust sprinkled around. But if the capacitors near the cpu are bulging in an uneven way, you have a dead machine.
What you neglected to tell us was the brand and model of computer, or in lieu of that, the brand and number of the motherboard.
Motherboards seldom fail, unless it is an eMachine or Tri-Gem board, but somebody could have become reckless with gaming or whatever, and fried it.
Do some simple things like carefully examine the cables, and the wires between the power switch and the motherboard.
Does the CPU fan look OK? You will get the signs and symptoms you report if the CPU fan is bad, or poorly connected. Look for loose heat sink.
Look very carefully for a rainbow-like look on the mother board... If it has been fried, you will see an uneven color or a rainbow moire pattern sometimes... Look closely at the larger chips. See if any of the tie-downs or clamp-downs have pulled out of the board. Give it the sniff test to see if anything smells burned or strongly odd.

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hello everyone

it appears my computer a e machines windows xp is failing to start, well it starts and loads and goes to this black screen with a list of startups (safe mode, safe mode networking, normal start etc) and when i click the normal one it loads but before it gets to the screen with all the users it will restart after a blue screen appears. this blue screen has a bunch of words which i cant make out something about command because it disappears and reboots so quickly
help would be wonderful

A:Computer wont turn on

that's what we like to call the blue screen of death...lolz...when you get the startup options, u might want to try and start up in safe mode...see if that works... and then get back to us...

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I recently put together a new computer. I have used it for about a week now, today I got home and my computer won't turn on. I am guessing bad power supply but wanted to check if it might be something else.
The mother board that I have is a Biostar K8NHA GRAND Socket 754 ATX Motherboard, DDR400, 1394, SATA RAID, 6ch Audio & GB LAN

I am using a AMD 2600 sempron

I received an error message two days ago saying there was a problem with the processor and the setting adjusted. When going into the Cmos (hope that’s right) I found that everything was on the lowest settings. My computer froze up once since then but no other problems. When I press the power button my computer lights flash for a brief sec and then nothing... Could this be the power supply or the processor?

A:Computer wont turn on!

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Hello everyone, thank you in advance for helping me out here.

My emachine 1.7 Celeron machine suddenly did not turn on Tuesday morning and it had just been turned off on Friday night in working order. Pulling the powercord from the machine case, my friend said that he thought he saw an electrical arc. Therefore I think, "bye-bye Power Supply".

Pulling this computer in elsewhere yields nothing....dead! Since this computer is used as a workstation in my business, I replaced it with a new computer. That station is up and running and now I have a computer I need to get up and running to use as a spare or to take the HD out and install it in another computer to retreive data.

My inclination is to replace the Power Supply first. Emachine website has replacement PS for each machine. Should I purchase from them or go to my local computer store and get an better than stock one. Any ideas here would be great.

If I fail I will then remove the HD and move on to retrieve data and use the HD on another computer for data storage etc.

What do you guys think?

Thanks again

A:Computer Wont turn on

If I were you I would call up eMachine's techinical support and ask if your model PC uses a standard ATX power supply. If the answer is yes then go to the store and buy a brand name PS like Enlight or Antec...They are much more reliable and much more powerful in terms of wattage than the PS they will put in it. You'll probably also end up saving money if eMachines charges for hardware service.

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okay so it all started like 3 weeks ago when my fan stopped running in my computer. this is the fan that works with the liquid cooling system. i figured i would talk to my buddy about it and have him fix it or something but until then i could probably keep on gaming.

(i realize the stupidity in this now but then i just wanted to play man!)

Then sunday morning...
i was turning on my computer ready for some intense gaming when the monitor did not acknowledge my system was on.

i had no idea what could be wrong so i researched a little and started playing around. i opened up my PC to find some blue liquid all over the place, mostly on my top video card. further investigation showed my liquid cooling system had begun leaking, what could i do but try and clean up. so i cleaned off the caked on blue **** and plugged everything in and stuck a towel under the leak and started up my computation system. Everything seemed to be working now.

(yah again i see how retarded this seem but at the time i just wanted to play...)

alright so today i was playin some games when quite suddenly my computer turned off. it did not shut down it just turned off. i felt around in the computer(grounded of course) and it was quite hot inside(particularly the box thing i think is the CPU). i let it all cool off then i tried to turn on my computer. nothing happened at all no lights no fans no noises. the only light i see on is a tiny red flashing light on my motherboard that seems to b... Read more

A:computer wont turn on help please

I think you already know the answer to your question.

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i have a Compaq windows xp home edition and i went to turn it on but all it does is show the Compaq loading screen and nothing more and if i press the power button on the computer and it just turns off.
please help

thank you

A:My Computer Wont Turn On

Have you tired using Last Known Good Configuration or Safe Mode? Do you have a Windows XP Home cd, you may try booting to this and preforming a Repair Install

Perform a Repair Installation

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I need help asap! 2 days I came home from school and went on my computer. I clicked on my mouse and keyboard to get off sleeping mode but it didnt. My monitor was on standby and something didnt feel right about all that. My computer was on but I didnt heard none of the fans running. So I turned it off and tried to turn it back on anytimes but nothing happen.Next time I did was disconnect all the plugs for like 5mins and plugged it back but still nothing. After that I took a long in my computer and there were A LOT of dust built up so I tried my best to remove them especially the fans. I havent bought a can of air yet but im goin too. The computer isnt turning on and each time I connect the power plug the green light on the back is turn but when I press the turn on button is goes away. This happened before but I let it rest and cleaned the inside, soon it worked again.



A:Help my computer wont turn on!

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I have an intermitent problem with my computer. It seems to work fine but every now and then it won't turn off. It's stays on the shutting down screen forever and I have to shut it down manually.

I have Vista Home Premium Service pack 2 64 bit. I've been having this problem for a little while and I scaned with Avast, Spybot and Malawarebytes and everything was fine.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

A:COmputer wont turn off.

there could be multiple problems causing this, but try reading some of these articles and they might help you out.

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My computer specs are:
Intel Pentium4 660 Hyper Threading 3.6
Gigabyte LGA775
G5 looking Case with Enermax Noisetaker 485w ATX12v v.2.0
1GB ddr2 Dual channel
XFX Geforce 7600GT
2 Dvd drives
Zalman Heatsink/Fan
2 80 mm Fans

A week ago I added a 120mm fan to the outside of this case(on the side) screwed it to the bottom vent, the fan is pluged to a 4pin cord. I didnt didnt have time to test it until the next day to find out that my computer wont turn on, no lights, no fan movement, monitor is black but asks about monitor connected? when i unplug it from the PC. I dont know why there is a problem because theres a 80mm fan in the fan rack in the case plugged into a 4pin cord too, which ran fine.
People tell me its the PSU(485w should be plenty of power to support a extra fan thats 120mm right? ), motherboard or both. I searched the net and read about shortcircuts, and using anti static bags. Which at the time i was sitting on carpet when installing the fan but would any of this be related to the computer not turning on I need to find out why it wont turn on, whats causing this and whats the solutions. It will be Greatful if someone teaches me hows the right way to install a fan.

A:Computer Wont Turn On<<<

Hey there, and welcome to Techspot.

Yah, opening up and working on your computer on a carpet is really a dangerous thing to do. So much static electricity in carpets, that there is a chance you may have zapped something.

Can you give us some more details?

When the computer is OFF, do you see any LED lights lit up on your motherboard?
When you hit the power button, what EXACTLY happens? Fans spinning? Beeps?

Also, just to be sure, remove and re-seat your PSU connections, ram, video card, HDD connections etc. Something may have simply come loose.

Good luck!

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I get an error message on startup and the error message is

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse recovery: LogonUI.exe - Application Error

The instruction at 0x0000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written.

Click ok to terminate the program.

when i click ok i get another error message.

explorer.exe - Application error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000007b). click OK to close the application.
And when i click ok it is just a blank black screen.

A:Computer Wont turn on

Can try using a non-bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

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last nght computer was fine this morning tried to turn on it wont the power light is blinking the mouse is blinking my monitor says my computer is in power safe mode i on hooked everything hooked it back up nothing all day i tryied pleeeeeaaaasssseee help what is it ????????

A:Computer wont turn on

help me please so confused need my computer

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hey, merry christmas all! i was playing solitare on my computer, and all the sudden the blue screen of death came on and said there was an error with "win32k.sys" so i turned off the laptop and when i turned it on, the green light would come on with a black screen and then shut off. it continued to do this many times, then after several times i got it to turn back on...any idea as to why this occurred? thanks!

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I was givin a computer that wont turn on....i figured something was wrong with the power supply..any ideas or is it junk???

A:Computer wont turn on

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I recently tried ti reset my cmos by removing the battery for an hour then putting it back in. But m
Pc no longer turns on now... What did I do wrong?

A:computer wont turn on

Hi xxsomethingxx,

It may not be the battery, have you checked that the power supply is plugged in correctly and that its switched on at the back? A simple mistake i know but i have found myself subject to it many times,

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Hello all
My computer was working fine and i added more memory to it and then it never turned back on I was running windows ME and I have a Dell Optiplex Pentium II please help thank you

A:computer wont turn on

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my sister tried to send a picture she had scanned to her email address and now the computer wont turn on. well it turns on then gives an orange window saying "It is now safe to turn off your computer". Have checked hard drive with virus scan and the power settings and still nothing. please help?

A:computer wont turn on

Unplug the computer (not the monitor), wait a few seconds, plug it back in, then push the power button on the computer (not the monitor).

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Hi I have a HP m640n series computer and today i went to turn it on but when i pressed the button nothing happened. I noticed that the green light on the back of the power supply that is usually turned on when it is plugged in was not lit up. I figured that i need a new psu. Does anyone else know anything else that cuold be wrong with my computer?

A:Computer Wont turn on

The power cord can become lose from the computer, on PC's it has to be pushed in really hard. Also confirm the plug in the wall is OK (plus confirm that outlet is working too - ie switchboard relay may be off)

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OK whenever i push the button on my pc the light turns for a sec then it dies WHAT DO I DO please help


Maybe theres a problem with the power supply, I'm not sure either, if you have other pc try to use the working pc's power supply

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i am having problems with my computer... i went away for two days leaving my computer off... but turned on at the mains. when i came back this evening my computer just wouldnt turn on at all... there was a green LED on inside the computer however pressing the on button wouldnt do anything at all...

im not sure what the problem is at all...

my computer :
DEll dimension 5100
512 ATI RADEON Gfx Card

if anyone can help i would be very thankful


A:Computer just wont turn on.

read the guides:

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I've had this issue in the past and it turned out to be my ram. the computer did the beep thing when i tried turning it on and i replaced the ram, and bingo no problem. Now I tried turning it on and nothing, i hear the fans getting up to speed, then very anti-climactic, nothing. any ideas? i realize it could be anything. what are the symptoms of a blown cpu? i'd love some advice. thanks in advance.

A:Out of no where computer wont turn on!

I take it by "nothing" you mean the system stays on but nothing appears on your monitor? You are right in that the problem could be many things. However, power supply would be the first thing on the list and the CPU the last.

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This has been hapening for a while, i go to turn the comp off and nothing happens, in order to turn off i need to go to switch users and then turn off!

Not a major problem, but a niggle none the less!


A:Computer wont turn off

Hold down the power button without letting go for 10 - 15 seconds.

This could be because of any of the many reasons like, stubborn programs or TSRs, virus, damaged drivers and so on.

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My computer won't turn on (not this one I am posting from a laptop) I have tried connecting and connecting all power sources made sure everything was on. The monitor which is plugged in is flashing green so it is definitely receiving power. I fear it may be the power supply or a hard drive failure but have no idea.

I am worried about losing data as well. The irony is I had just purchased an external hard drive and was going to back up that computer in the next few days.

any help would be appreciated

A:Please help computer wont turn on

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i have just moved all the parts from my old case to my new one but it wont power on now, i think it might be the f panel connectors as i have a f panel place on my motherboard but i dont know where the wires go.

here is a screenshot of my motherboard f panel

A:computer wont turn on!

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I have been having some problems with getting my computer to turn on when I want it to. When I put my computer on sometimes it will start but wont let me turn it back on again the same day and I would have to wait for the next day to turn it on. But some days it wouldn't start at all.
When I put the plug on and check the power light at the back of the computer the green light would be on and when I press the power button I hear a slight noise maybe the fan? I'm not sure! Then it would not start and when I check the green light at the back and it has gone off.
I have checked all the wires at the back of the computer they were all fine and even vacuumed all the dust away inside , but still have the same problem.
Can anyone please give me any information on what the problem could be.
Thank you ^^

A:Computer wont turn on sometimes

It could be the on/off switch, the power supply or problem with the mainboard/cards.
From what you describe though it sounds like you need a new power supply.  They are pretty easy to install if you feel up to it.

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Hi all,

When i try and turn my computer on they light on the front of my computer turns on but the pc doesnt boot up. At the same time the lights on the speakers flash on and then off they also make a noise like they have power for a second and then nothing. this has been happening for a few days now but at 1st it would do it and then you walk away and come back and it will turn on like normal but now its gone from that to it wont turn on at all. I changed the power lead into a different power socket in the wall but the same thing. I always scan for virisus and clean the pc and registry. Thanx ............

Im told it could be the power supply unit but If anyone else had any other info on what it might be please post their ideas, cheers

A:PLEASE HELP!!!!! My computer wont turn on

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

From your description, it sounds like your psu(power supply unit) may have failed. Try another psu and see if that helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Me and a buddy of mine, just got done building a pentium 4 from scratch. We were able to get it going and running fine. Then we decieded to install all the other goodies. We then started to have problems. This computer consist of 1.8 gig pentium 4, 40 gig hard drive, lg dvd/cdrw drive, creative cdrom, and a creative soundblaster audigy platinum, which is where we came up with problems. We have a 400 watt power supply. That is what I think the problem is, but want to be for sure. The problem in general is we try to turn it on, and it starts to turn on, but then it just shuts off, like a breaker was being hit, or the power was not being routed right. Talked to another buddy who said to erase the cmos, or it could be electrostatic discharge on the processor. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:computer wont turn on

Have you reseated the processor, make sure the processor fan is connected and starting. check for loose cables, cables reversed on the ide's. If that doesn't do it then try the following.

pull all the extras out except the cpu, memory, processor, floppy, vid card, and hard drive. Will if boot now, if not, remove the hard drive and use a boot disk, will it boot now.

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My boyfriend turned his computer off before we left for church yesterday and when we came back he tried to turn it on. He pushed the power button and the only thing that came on was the fan and the light for the cd drive turned on. The blue power button didn't even turn on and the monitor didn't turn on [[the light stayed orange]].

He said its done that before, but the reason was because of dust, so we unplugged the CPU and took the side off to look in and of course there was dust but not enough to make it stop working. We cleaned it anyway, plugged it back up and it still wouldn't work.

Any suggestions?

A:Computer wont turn on but fan does?

By the way his CPU is gateway.

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One day I was watching hulu on my laptop and my slipped out my hand and fell from like 2 inches over my computer and my computer started glitching. So, I turned it off and it wouldn't turn back on. So i left it off the charger overnight thinking that maybe it was too hot and the next morning i plugged it back in and it turned on and it was working well. Well, about a few hours later I went to get back on but it didnt turn on AGAIN! i did the same method that i did before but it still wont turn on. I also tried the 30 second thing but that didnt work either! please help, i really need my laptop

A:My computer wont turn on

Hi,Attempt to perform a hard reset to remove all the excess static using: if the above doesn't work:Attempt to connect the charger to an alternate power outlet, alternate power cable and if it doesn't work either You may need to contact HP on 1800-474-6836 for further support as you may need to get the pc sent to an hp repair center (ensure the pc is under an ADP warranty as otherwise there may be a charge included as the issue occurred after the accident you had).

Although I work for HP Inc -The views and opinions I post here are of my own.If my post helped you out, give me the Thumbs up, i deserve #HPExpertDay

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so i go to bed last night and shut down my computer like usual and everything was running just fine so i wake up this morning and go to press my power butto and nothing happens when i press it its like im not even pushing it. plz help me :(

A:My Computer Wont Turn On!!!!

Hi and welcome to TSF,open the case and check that all leads cards and RAM are seated firmly if they are have got another Power Supply you can try, this will eliminate the most obvius cause. Let us know how you go and we can proceed from there

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while i was on my computer, it suddenly turned off, thinking i had hit the power button with my toe and held it, i reached to turn it back on, but after pressing the button, absolutely nothing happened, no fans running, no status lights. I gave it a 24 hour break, and switched spots on my surge protector. Everything that draws power from that surge protector with exception from the tower is running fine. Could anyone help me find out how to get this thing back on? thanks

A:help computer wont turn on

Sounds like your power supply kicked it.

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I have XP.. laptop by HP.....its only a year old... ran the stupid antivirus and nothing...

I have been trying for an hour now to shut the compyter down. something so simple...

it doesnt do a darn thing.

I had to press the power button manually which i think is really bad for my laptop right?

waited a little, turned it back on and tried again, and still NOTHING


A:Grr HELP!! My computer wont turn OFF

Cant shutdown?​
When the power scheme is causing the problem:
In Windows XP, the "Always On" Power Scheme can cause some computers to hang at shutdown. To correct this setting, follow the steps below:
1. From the Start menu >Control Panel. Click Switch to Classic View.
2. Double-click Power Options. From the Power Schemes tab, in the "Power schemes" section, select Home/Office Desk or something other than always on.
3. Click Apply, and then click OK.

Shutdown hangs on "Saving your Settings" or "Windows is Shutting Down"

During shutdown or reboot, Win XP may hang (stop responding) at the “saving your settings” screen. During such a hang, there is no response to Ctrl+Alt+Del; the mouse may or may not work. The problem may be intermittent.

As a workaround you can attempt to disable the Windows Welcome Screen. This however, may not work in some cases.

System or hard drive corruption

1. Click Start > Run > Type cmd
2. At the Comand Prompt Windows type chkdsk /f.
3. If asked to schedule at reboot hit "Y" and hit "ENTER"
4. Reboot.

Power supply

1. The only remedy for a dud PSU is a new one. If you suspect this is the problem have it changed with a new one.

The known issue in Windows XP

Hope this helps

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I have had some trouble trying to get my tower to turn on. I have gone through 2 cases and 2 motherboards trying to get it to turn on. It started when i went to get get a new case. I also ordered a new motherboard too. I made sure everything was correct, I turned it on and it stayed on for about 4 sec, died, and never returned. I learned later that i was using the wrong RAM for that motherboard(i have ddr) so i bought i new one along with a new cpu. I made sure everything was set, exactly to what the manual said. And not even a spin of a fan. So i figured it may be the case. So i purchased another case, tried it, put everything on their exactly where it should be, and still no start. please help me as to why my computer will not start, as I am on the verge of suicide lol

A:Computer wont turn on

would you mind listing the make and model of the components your using on your final setup.

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So i was playing world of warcraft and downloading a torrent last night 3/16/10 3/17/10 i came home during my lunch break to see if my torrent was done and i tried to open wow and the log in screen was lagging it never lags at all so i restarted the computer and the resoultion changed from 1920-1200 to 800-640 so i thought it might be the video card. so i download this random program to test the video card and i ran it and the screen would turn on and off so i left it on, i come back and the computer is completely off. So i check the back of the computer and the green light under the power cord is on. but when i push the on button it turns off along with everything else.
So i tried switching the power supplies and same thing happened. so i checked the vid card but it turned out i have been using the on board video card instead of my own because i rushed to put it together........
But now if i just put the cord in the green light stay on until i push power on the system.
Do you know why that is?

A:My computer wont turn on

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Okay, so my computer has been down for a while due to a faulty power supply. I just got a new one today and it works. The light on the computer turns on, but nothing happens. Nothing on the monitor, no fans, nothing. I do get the POST beep though if I take the ram out. There is this one cord from the power supply that doesnt have a place to go. It is the 4 pin 12v atx connector. I have no clue what to do. Please help. Thanks.

A:My computer wont turn on.

Hi if it is the connector I am thinking of on all of the ATX motherboards I have used it plugs in to the left of the cpu on the motherboard.

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I have a compaq presario 6000. One day i was just typing a document then all of a sudden it turned off on me. When i went to turn it on again a red blinking light is now showing..and nothin else is on not even the fans on the computer...can someone give me some info.

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Good afternoon.
I have a Lenovo G570 laptop. I have installed windows 8 and it automatically updated. The thing however is that after a couple months I was typing a document and It told me that there wasn't enough memory to save even though there is nothing on it. I restarted and it reached to the folder that said Welcome and blinks, turns off and repeats this... I am without a Lap top since February. HELP

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i just built a new computer and it wont turn on. the fans keep turning on and off though when i plug in the psu though.
any help[ would be appreciated

A:need help with new computer it wont turn on!

Throw up some specs and any problems you had putting it together

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I don't know if this is the right place to post it in but I couldnt find any other place. Well I went out and left my computer on I came back and I saw it was off. I clicked the on button on the tower wouldn't turn on. The safe guard cord couldn't of burn out because the monitor and printer would turn on. I disconnected everything and than reconnected and still wont turn on. While doing that I noticed a small green light on the back of the tower. About the site of a out of order light. It was flashing at a kind of medium slow level. If i was quiet enough I could of heard it ticking at the pace the light was flashing. I unplugged the master cord for the tower and the light would still shine but faster and the ticking was faster too. I wondered to myself how could something be flashing if no power was attached to it. This computer is only about 4 years old. Not even. I can't tell you the specific model yet because im at my friends huse but ill soon tell you. But I do know it is a HP Pavilion. Thank You

A:Computer wont turn on

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We'll need to know the model of the HP and the location of the flashing light. Is it on the power supply (near where the power cord plugs in) or lower like by where the network cable plugs in?

Do you hear any beeps?

Are the fans spinning or is it as if you never hit the power button when you try to turn it on?

Post back with the info requested and we'll go from there.

BTW, this post should've been in the Hardware section of our forum, so I'll have it moved to Hardware Support> Motherboards, Bios, and CPUs.

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Hi i notices some dust on my computer so i inplugged the computer i hovered around it pluged it back on press the power button but it wont switch on. The computer screen turns on but not the computer. Behind the computer there is no lights in the computer case i dont know what to do. My os is windows xp home

A:Computer wont turn on

Hi .

<< i inplugged the computer i hovered around it...>>

You need to be more explicit, please. Why did you unplug the system? What did you do after unplugging it?

System manufacturer and model?


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I have just bought my computer and i plugged everything in. I turned the coomputer on and it started up for 1 second and immediately went dead. Then i tried pressing the "on" button again but it doesnt respond. I checked the motherboard and saw there is a green light which should have power from the psu but it doesnt respond when i press the "on" button.

i also tried taking the battery thing out of the motherboard, waiting 30 mins and putting it bak on again but it still doesnt work.

can anyone help, thanks

my computer info are:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64x2 3600+
MOther baord: ASUS m2v
graphic card: Geforce 7300gt
Ram: 512mb DDR2

A:new computer just wont turn on

Hi there, and welcome to techspot.

The green LED on your motherboard should be on, regardless of whether or not your computer is on. It indicates that the motherboard is getting power. If it is not on, then your motherboard is not getting power.

Could be a number of reasons as to why this is happening.

1. Your PSU is dead.
2. Your PSU connections to the motherboard came loose (there are two of them, a 24 pin connection plus the additional ATX12v connection).
3. The switch on the back of your computer is in the wrong position (should be 110v for the US)

Check your PSU connections first. Hopefully something is just loose. Did you build this yourself?

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I just rebuilt my computer which I installed a new Power supply last night and for some reason its not turning on at all. Is a 115v power supply and I have a 125 volt power cord. Does that make any differnce?? All my cables are securly plugged in the right spot. I have a power sw little cable that connects to the motherboard along with other cables such as power led and HDD led. Does it matter when I connect them to the motherboard which way they are facing?? I really want my computer working today!!!!! Any adivse would be wonderful.


A:My Computer Wont Turn On

As for the case interface wires yes, it does matter which way they are facing so make sure that they are properly connected. The voltage rating of the power cord does not matter as long as you are running the psu on a standard 115v power source.

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