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Problem While Installing Windows 8 in Dell INSPIROn n4010

Q: Problem While Installing Windows 8 in Dell INSPIROn n4010

I Made a bootable usb drive...using ROFUS..(i.e, UEFi supported)

But this Laptop Fails to boot from usb drive...

It Just Boots to Installed Os..

Please Help me to Resolve this Issue..

i Want to Install Windows 8..ASAP

A: Problem While Installing Windows 8 in Dell INSPIROn n4010

Hi vinatex,

You have to access the boot menu by pressing a special key (ie, F key, Del, etc) when the splash screen first appears. It should display a text menu that identifies which key you need to press,. Once there, select the UEFI USB boot option and it should boot from the USB drive but "only" if it is recognized as a valid boot drive. However, if it is not, see this tutorial for help:

UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

Good luck and hope this helps.


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Dell Inspiron N4010 Network and sound Driver Problem on windows 7 after installing windows 8 dual boot.
on Friday i install windows 8 on my laptop with wins 7 dual boot. everything was working fine but after yesterday night windows 7 not working good, here r some problem
1) At login Screen when i touch mouse screen light goes dim.
2) There is no Personalize option .
3) No Network icon is Showing and Showing that "No Hardware found"
4) Sound Icon is cross.
5) Windows Theme is in windows Classic mode and Personalize Missing.
Plz Help Sooon

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I have problem with my dell inspiron n4010 sound's.
The sound is not working like before.
I have to try to install the driver of sound, but it's still not working.
Dell Inspiron n4010 core i3, graphic card is intel graphic, not ATI Radeon.
I have to try to install the driver from dell driver CD but, it's still not working, they said it's not working in your system. But I have to checked on web of DELL. My Dell's Laptop working on win 7 home premium 64 bit. I try to install win 7 home premium too, but it's still not working, I have to try almost all of tutorial how to make my sounds work, but it's so frustating me. It's so frustated if you work with laptop that sound's not working ..
Please help me !! Thanks

A:DELL inspiron n4010 sound's problem

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Have you any errors in the Device Manager ? Did you Install the Driver for the sound from the Dell Website .. The Link is below ...
Product Support | Dell US

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I have DELL INSPIRON N4010 laptop which works fine.
Yesterday I using it with AC adaptor on and suddenly it turns off.   
Now when I press the power button with or without AC adaptor it won't give any response and no LED is turn on.
When I connect AC adaptor the charging LED is glow for 4 to 5 sec. and turns off. 

I also tried to hold the power button for 30-40 sec. by removing battery and AC adaptor and then reconnect battery but still, I face the same issue. 

Please, could you tell me  possible issues?

Thanks and regards,

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I have been using a Dell Inspiron N4010 since last 6 months. I have windows 7 home basic installed (64 bit) I have come across some problems for which i need ur help

1. Bluetooth doesn't work. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling. it fails again. The system tray doesnot show th icon at all.

2. My windows explorer keeps crashing. I really don't know why.

3.The right click and open with command at times does not work. I keep getting a message telling that "there are no programs associated with this file" Is this really an error?

4. It takes very long time for the system to shut down.

Please help, i am no comp expert.

A:Dell Inspiron N4010- issues

Run a MBAM anti-virus scan: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Reviews and free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware downloads at CNET

Bluetooth: - Bluetooth Software Download

Intel Chipsets: Drivers and Downloads

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So I've been checking around for a ram upgrade for mine and I was wondering if this kingston model is compatible or not.
KVR1333D3S9 / 4G, 4GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHZ SODIMM  could someone please get back to me on this as soon as possible? Many thanks!! :D

A:Ram that's compatible with my N4010 Dell Inspiron

Hi Kevinsiaw,
Inspiron N4010 supports DDR3 1333MHZ SODIMM  .This computer can support Minimum of 2GB and Maximum memory of 8GB.
The memory which you are referring to KVR1333D3S9 / 4G, 4GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHZ SODIMM is compatible with Inspiron N4010.
Please let me know if you have any other queries.

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Hi, My Dell Inspirion N4010 working smoothly, just next morning when I switch on NO Hard drive detected and go to PXE ROM msg and not boot due to no OS found. BIOS version I think needs to be updated as shows A08 where current version is A13. but since this BIOS file is EXE not even able to run from DOS. Please suggest what to do ASAP. Thanks and Regards, Santosh

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hi everyone,

i am using Dell Inspiron N4010 laptop. and i just finished making a dual boot for my laptop with win7 & win XP (7 installed first). So, i need some help about win xp 32-bit drivers for my laptop. can you give me a list of drivers that i should installed on my win xp OS???and if u don't mind hope u can share some drivers for me...

hope u all can help me to solve this problem...


A:Dell Inspiron N4010 XP 32bit drivers????

It will depend on your hardware you have, can you send a picture of device manager?

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Hello, I hope someone on here can help me with this issue. Ok here it goes... I just bought this used laptop. I bought it so I could speak to friends & family on Skype. Before buying the laptop the previous owner was attempting to connect to his wireless internet connection & it would pick up the signal and then loose the internet connection. The computer seemed as if it would freeze for a few seconds when attempting to open up the Internet Explorer browser. The screen was blank and a swirling circle would show next to the pointer. Seemed as it was a bad internet connection or at least that's what he told me. After a few tries we got it connected to the internet and I bought it.

I assumed Internet Explorer 8 was crappy so I downloaded Google Chrome. The speed on the laptop really picked up and it rarely gave me any slow or freezing issues only when I used Google Chrome.

NOW... I downloaded Skype and soon after I tried using it as the laptop comes with an integrated camera. When I double click the Skype Icon on my desktop the Skype window opens for a second and closes immediately. I have to try and open the program 2 to 4 times for Skype to open and get me to the sign in section. Once signed in I attempt to add contacts & not even 5 seconds into it the program freezes. It says program not responding & a screen pops up which says Skype not responding close window. I never get to use Skype and I'm not sure if it's a non sufficient space issue ... Read more


First clean all air vents with a can of compressed air. Keep the laptop elevated off bed, couch, carpet like surfaces.

Go to the link in my signature "PC Running Slow?" follow all steps.
Update all drivers from the manufacture of the machine by model number an Windows version. Chipset, Graphics, Audio drivers.

Also follow these steps below.

Go to "Start" type in CMD located CMD.exe right click on CMD.exe then select "Run As Administrator" at the command prompt type in then hit enter...

type in Y for yes then manually reboot.
This will take time be patient. When this is done do the same as before except type in


Downloading UBCD which is in my signature.Burn the ISO Image to a blank CD using Imgburn (How to burn a ISO Image using Imgburn) burn at lowest speed. With the newly burned cd boot with the cd go to HDD>Diagnostics>The maker of your HDD (Seagate, WD, Hitachi) perform a extended and long test.

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Dear Sir / Madam,
When I power on Dell Inspiron 14R N4010, Dell Inspiron logo appears, progress bar stops in the 75% and long beep sound is coming.
I tried pressing F8 accurately several times, when the computer loads, but it is not working.
Even the boot option is given as F12, but pressing F12 not working.
I also tried pressing F8 separately and along with Function key. Similarly for F12.
Nothing works out.
When I tried pressing Esc key, the BIOS information appears. F2 for Setup appears. Pressing F2, just hangs by displaying "Entering Setup...."
Please kindly suggest what can I do? Looks like some malicious software cleaned up the whole system.
I also tried putting Windows 7 repair disk (generated from another system) into the drive, but not working. I think only after changing the boot option only it works.
Expecting your kind help in this regard.

A:Dell Inspiron 14R N4010 not booting up F12 and F8 not working

Hi Bala,
Do you get any error message on screen?
Could you please let me know the series of beep code that you hear when you power on the computer.
You can drain out the residual power of computer and then try using the computer:

Power off your computer. 
Remove all the external peripherals connected to your computer.
Please remove the AC adaptor and battery of your computer. 
Press and hold the power button of your computer for 10-15 seconds to drain out the residual power.
Release the power button. 
Insert the battery in and connect the AC adaptor.
Then try powering on the computer.   

I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on “Friends” tab at the top and then click on “Request to Review” and finally click on “Accept” button.
I am sending you a private message as well. Click on “Inbox” to respond to the message and provide system’s Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message. 
Please reply with information. 

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Good Morning everyone.
Intially,My RAM in my LAPTOP DELL INSIPRON 14R N4010 is 2GB DDR3 .
As my computer performance was very slow,I'm looking for upgrading my RAM now.
The original RAM with laptop is 2GB 1333MHZ SODIMM DDR3,256x64,8k,204 pin(If Im not Mistaken).
Enquires listed at below:
1.May I install a Kingston Brand RAM Memory ( KVR13S9S8/4) at the Second Slot ?And I'm still maintain for the First Slot 2GB RAM.
2.My First Slot RAM Memory is 1333MHz 2GB ,is it suitable to put another 1600MHz 4GB RAM at my second slot?
Any Experienced technicians and experts,pls leave your comment here.
Thx for your help.

A:Upgrade RAM for Laptop DELL INSPIRON 14R N4010.

Hi Ho Xu Zhe,
The Inspiron N4010 system supports dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM with memory speeds of 1333 MHz.

Yes Kingston Brand RAM Memory ( KVR13S9S8/4) is compatible with your system. You can install both 2GB DDR3 RAM on slot 1 and Kingston memory on slot 2.
1600MHz clock speed memory is not compatible your system.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

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hi everyone. I am new to this forum and also i am a windows 7 beginner. I have bought a dell laptop 14Rr inspiron n4010 (intel core i5 processor 450M 2.4 Ghz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB HDD) last month. I have small issues in it. I got 3 partions in it: one is OEM, reserved partion and another is OS partition. can anyone help how to make partitions in it and use for storing data and my files. i dont know about active partitions and extended and logical partitions. what are they? This laptop comes with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. i want to install windows xp dual boot with windows 7 HP, is it possible. i searched a lot in many forums but cudnt success. i saw this forum also, i found the related but i fear to try whether it works with windows7 HP. i want to practice my old apps compatible with XP so i need good assistance(hopefully a tutorial with screenshots) i really need to know all about this issues in laptops.

A:Dell Laptop New Inspiron 14R N4010 solutions

Hello greengtl and welcome to the forum. Windows 7 is quite a bit different from XP. A lot of things you might be used to doing in XP won't be applicable in 7. They are two completely different systems. If you're not sure what you're doing with the partitions you can turn your machine into an expensive paper weight.

Having said that, the first thing I'd suggest you do is make a system image of your 14R along with the accompanying system repair disk. A system image will allow you to restore your machine exactly like it was when the image was made ... the operating system, updates, all personal settings, files, folders, data, etc. You could use 7's built in imaging tool or a free program called Macrium reflect. Many people recommend storing the image on an external hard drive rather than using a lot of DVDs.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

Imaging with free Macrium

Once you have your image and repair disk you can be safe in messing around with the partitions and learning from experience. As far as dual booting XP, you might consider running XP in a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a software program that installs on your machine just like any other software. Then you can install XP into that software and run it as a separate program rather than creating an additional partition on your hard drive and possibly creating other boot problems. A couple of virtual machines that seem to be popular are VirtualBox and VMware Player.

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Dell Laptop Inspiron N4010 screen has a big black splotch and the screen has lines all over it when I try to use it. It was working fine till day before yesterday and I've no idea what happened to it. Do I need to replace it? How much would that cost me in India? Is there any other possible solution to this

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron N4010 screen has a big black splotch!

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Hi all, as the thread title says, I am having trouble with my laptop. I just reformatted and did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I have installed all Windows Updates and installed all drivers in the order Dell specifies here: How to reinstall drivers in the correct order | Dell US EXCEPT for the video drivers. I should mention the video drivers I am trying to install are the Intel HD graphics drivers for my onboard graphics. This is because as soon as I do so and restart, Windows hangs on a black screen right after the "Starting Windows" screen and my laptop fan goes on full blast. The computer at this point is unresponsive, forcing me to do a hard power down. The only remedy after this is to either do a system restore to before the video drivers were installed, or boot into safe mode to uninstall the video drivers manually and run CCleaner. The laptop runs fine running on the default "standard VGA drivers" with the exception of poor resolution and unable to run anything graphics intensive. I've tried using drivers from both Dell and Intel's websites, via .exe installers and manually via .zip folders. I've attached my SF diagnostic .zip folder. Also forgot to mention I am running the most updated BIOS with default settings loaded. Please help and thank you in advance!

A:Dell N4010 Win 7 x64, freezes on restart after installing video driver

Hello Flipzag and welcome to the Forums,

Please download and install the KB971033 Windows Update.

When done, please follow the Genuine and Activation Posting Instructions and provide us with the log created to see if the update is successfully installed.
Good luck and keep us posted,

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hello guys, I have an inspiron n4010 that usually came with windows 7, don't know exactly the version but it was windows 7. now I upgraded or did a new install to windows 8.1 pro, have all the updates installed, but my wireless card doesn't connect to my network, it stays on limited. It detects all networks wirelessly but when I try to connect it to mine it stays on limited, only way I can access the internet is by Ethernet. I went to the dells website and downloaded every single driver for it but nothing works. I have tried everything on google regarding this problem. its 64 bit windows 8.1 pro, any suggestions? I really need my wifi to work. from limited to connected.

A:Inspiron N4010 Windows 8.1 Pro New Install

Try these commands from an elevated (run as Administrator) Command Prompt (press Enter after each one):
netsh int tcp reset
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
Try the computer at another wifi hotspot to see if it works there.

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Dell is not checking the Inspiron 620 for Windows 10 compatability and has no plans to update drivers. Has anybody successfully installed Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 620?

A:Installing windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 620

There are millions of hardware combinations on the market, which people use. So I don't know if you'll get many answers if you ask that way.

However, there are quite a number of Google hits on that question:
"windows 10" "Dell Inspiron 620" - Google Search

I found one user for whom the upgrade itself worked nicely, but he wrote that afterwards he had issues with the Intel HD 2000 card: Video playback was somehow problematic and also the sound did only work, if he connected and disconnected his headphones.
The sound problem sounds like a setting problem to me; I think that should be solvable. For the HD 2000 graphics card, you should really use the newest drivers. For an Intel HD 3000 card I am using drivers from May 2015 and they work nicely. Older drivers may have problems under WIndows 10. So check, if there are new drivers for the HD 2000 and if so, install them.
The user with the graphics/problems found these issues to be too bad for him.

Whatever you do: Before you start the upgade, make sure that you have a system image of your Windows 7 installation. From the user with the graphics/sound problems:

After a couple of unproductive hours I restored the machine back to windows seven. This did not come without problems though, the factory installed OS image has been removed and all system scheduled tasks have been corrupted. It has taken a few days to get the machine running ok but restoring the system tasks is complex and ... Read more

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I have a dell Inspiron N5110. I purchased it with windows Home Premium but I had to reinstall windows, but I couldn't back up windows and  by the time of purchase I didn't get a windows 7 OS cd as well. Therefore I am unable to re-install windows although I have a product key for windows 7. 
How can I obtain Windows 7 home premuim. I would be really grateful if you can help with this.

A:Re Installing Windows 7 to dell inspiron

If you are within your warranty you can click the link below to request backup media. If you are not within your warranty you will need to purchase the disk. The second link provides information on purchasing the disk.
Request Backup & Recovery Discs for your system (US, Canada and UK only)
Windows Restore Disk
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number. Click my name in blue then on the next page click where it says send private message

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Hello everyone,

I bought a new dell 15R SE 7520 laptop yesterday with the following configuration:

Processor : Intel Core? i7-3632QM Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)
Memory : 8192MB (2X4096) 1600MHZ DDR3
Graphics : 2GB AMD RADEON HD 7730M
Operating System : Windows 8 64bit Single Language

I have my 1TB Hard disk (DISK 0) partitioned as image below:

Also the 32GB SSD (DISK 1) is shown in the above picture as the 8GB disk assigned for the hibernation and the remaining assigned for the cache purpose.

I believe that the first partition called EFI system partition is the one which includes all the dell startup options and diagnostics (F2 button at the startup). The large one of 981 GB is my only accessible partition which contains the operating system and this is obvious for everyone here for sure. The last one of 11.96 is the recovery partition which I don't need it as DELL backup and recovery software is a crap and is not working which is a common issue and they haven't solved it yet so I decided to do all my backup and recovery manually as I used to.

I will remove the operating system which is installed but dell and I will install mine so I need to make sure that I do everything in the right way because this is the first time I deal with any computer contains an SSD disk for cache purpose and honestly I don't know how is those SSD disks work.

This is what I actually ... Read more

A:Dell inspiron 15R SE 7520 help needed about re installing windows 8 64

Are you wanting to Upgrade to Win7? You are posting at Seven Forums.

If you intend to keep Win8 then I'd post at for more specialized help.

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Hi everyone,

I ordered a dell inspiron n5110 a week back, which came pre-installed with windows 7 home premium 64bit and other dell softwares, however my packaging only contained a driver dvd, no other recovery media.

Like many other unlucky fellows I tried to install Windows XP sp2 on the machine by deleting the partition on which windows 7 was installed, (But I did not touch the Recovery and dellutility partitions) only to figure out that the drivers included in the dvd do not support XP. Now I tried to restore the system back to Windows7 via F8 route, but no repair option appeared. I am feeling utterly helpless now. I am including some of the details that may be helpful for you to guide me.

My system now has WINDOWS folder under label D. The 100mb dellutility fat16 partition is still hidden. The recovery partition (NTFS, around 10gb, which was invisible earlier) is labelled C. It cannot be opened by double clicking, but when I right click and explore, and enable hidden and system folder view, it shows the following files and directories.

Folders under Recovery or C:
Boot (includes BCD, BCDlog1, BCDlog2 , bootstat, memtest etc.)
Dell (Includes Image folder having the 6.5gb factory.wim file inside)
Imaging (includes imagex, facimg, wimgapi.dll, wimscript.ini and a couple of other dll files)
Preload(includes 6.5gb base.wim, base.dat, all.crc, csp.dat, desc)
Recovery(includes a system32 folder having an xml file, a WindowsRE folder containing boot.sdi and a 300 mb winre.w... Read more

A:Windows 7 Restore after installing XP on dell inspiron n5110

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

It's water under the bridge, but the first thing you should have done is create a set of recovery discs.

The first thing I'd do is contact Dell Support and explain you were unable to create your recovery disks, and that you can't get into your system, but don't let on you installed XP as that will invalidate your warranty.

With a bit of luck, they'll send you a set of recovery discs.

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I got a dell Inspiron 1420 from my colleague. He had installed Ubuntu (Hardy heron 8.04) Now I want to install Windows XP on it. While running Windows Xp setup I receive a message "Harddisk not detected" Installation doesnt go ahead. Please guide on how to solve this issue

A:Installing Windows XP on Ubuntu in Dell inspiron 1420

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Hi! I've recently bought a new Dell Inspiron N5110 with NoOS. Now I'm trying to install Windows 7 Professional x64 on it from a USB drive. I've done this a hundred times, but now I'm stuck with a problem. After the installation begins it shows me a message:
A required CD/DVD device driver is missing. I f you have a driver floppy disk, CD/DVD or USN Drive, please insert it now. 

I've tried to google for answers on this problem, the only thing I've found is that the laptop doesn't have any SATA drivers installed and wants me to install some. However, I can't figure out how to do this. The system doesn't see another USB drive with drivers on it, and if I copy drivers to the root of the USB from which I'm booting it also fails to find the drivers.How can I resolve my problem? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks! 

A:Installing Windows 7 x64 on a new Dell Inspiron N5110 with NoOS

I solve this problem plug boot flash in USB2.0, when plug in USB3.0 view same error message.

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The technician I asked to remove Vista from the Inspiron 1545 and install Windows 10 in its place informs me that this is not possible because some item is missing from the hard disk. Is this correct?

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Hello Tech Support Guy forums!

Here's the story:
After cleaning (read - deleting things I shouldn't have) my PC I had to re-install Win7.
Now when I want to play a video game that ran just fine the day before I get maybe 15 minutes of play in and my computer just overheats and shuts down. I read somewhere that the BIOS version was the problem so I updated it to the latest version but the problem still persists.

Here are some specs:

Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition Media Center 6.01.7601 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
Processor : Intel Core i5 2410M @ 2300 MHz
Video Card : Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
Physical Memory : 4096 MB (1 x 4096 DDR3-SDRAM )

EDIT: After shutting off my computer and letting it cool off for quite a while next to an open window and turning it back on yields me this the second I turn it back on:
THM_ : 61.5 C
Core 1 : 53 C
Core 2 : 61 C
Package : 53 C
Hard Disk WDC WD5000BPVT-75HXZT1 : 34 C

A:Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 keeps shutting down after re-installing Windows

Updating the BIOS will never cure an overheating problem. Open up the case and give it a careful but thorough clean out with one of those purpose-made cans of dry compressed air.

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I have Dell Inspiron 3551 i need how removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10

A:How removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 3551

Below are some  links to help you remove Ubuntu and install Windows 10.
To delete the Ubuntu Partitions:

Go to Start, right click Computer, then select Manage. Then select Disk Management from the sidebar.
Right-click your Ubuntu partitions and select "Delete". Check before you delete!
Then, right-click the partition that is on the Left of the free space. Select "Extend Volume". ...

How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on
Removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 3551
Inspiron 3551 Windows 10 Drivers and Downloads

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I installed Windows 10 -win64- on my Inspiron N5010 (prior was Windows 7). Now bluetooth is not working! How can I fix that? Do I need a new driver and where to find it?
Help please asap.

A:Bluetooth not working after installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron N5010

Given in this case relevant drivers have to be installed on your system. Hence uninstall the relevant drivers ,restart the system. Then in compatibility mode install the Bluetooth drivers.
If there are any other concerns just write to us with Bluetooth card details,system service tag sent via private message.

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I need to upgrade the RAM of my N4010,now I have only one slot working (the other is not working) with 2gb samsung memory.
My questions are?
Does N4010 support any 8gb module? If it does, which type of DDR3 module? (I have tried Kingston kvr16ls11/8 but did not work)
If it supports up to 4gb which type of memory does it need? (I have tried Kingston Kvr13s9s8/4 but it did not work either)
Thanks in advance for your help

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I installed windows 8.1 pro on my laptop which is an inspiron n4010 r, which came with windows 7, decided to upgrade. the wifi card works, it detects wifi networks and all, it connects to my wifi network but it says limited. i tried googling some info about, tried the suggested drivers and none work. again im running windows 8.1 pro 4 bit. an it detects the networks and connects but stays on limited. also when i go to device manager on other devices, the PCI Simple Communications Controller has a yellow exclamation. cant find a fix for that either, any help would be gladly appreciated.

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I am using Inspiron n4010. It speaker and wi-fi is not working since long time. If i check in device driver manager driver shows working correctly. I am not able to find realtek manager . I amd using windows ultimate. sometimes it works. there is not hardware issue as well.

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Hi there!

I have a Dell Inspiron n4010, and recently my speakers stopped working. At first, it was just one of them, but later the other stopped working too. Everything in the OS seems to be right, the drivers are installed, etc... So I decided to open it so I could see if the connection on the motherboard is alright. And they were, so couldn't solve that.

Anyway, the big problem came later. When I plugged the three ribbons attached from the top panel to the motherboard (one for the powering button, another one for the keyboard, and the last one for the trackpad), and put all the screws back in, the laptop didnt boot up. So after playing around a bit to try different possibilities, I realized that is only when I connect the trackpad ribbon that the computer doesn't boot. If it's unplugged, there is no problem.

Searching for a solution I found this on another post on /vb/topic37680 (Add at the beginning and .html at the end, cause I cannot post links).

But that works for a different model, and implies breaking a sensor, which I'd rather not doing. So I would like to know if anyone knows the solution to this, or if there is anybody out there with the same problem and had success fixing it. Thanks and regards!

A:Inspiron N4010 won't turn on if trackpad is connected

You have probably shorted or damaged one or more of the ribbon cables wires. Did you release the ribbon cables properly by releasing any plastic clips, or just by pulling on them? A Windows re-install might have brought the sound back to life. An errant Windows update might have caused this loss of sound. Now you have really messed things up

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I have encountered the "8 beeps on start up" problem. 
I've tried pressing "D" plus the power button to do the screen test which shows several solid colors flashing and then goes black after about 10 seconds. The power button stays lit but there are no "working" sounds coming from the computer. The fan runs lightly.
I've tried hooking up to an external monitor and there is no signal or display.
I've tried taking apart and reconnecting cables inside computer with no success.
Any other ideas? Could it be a hardware problem that I can replace myself?
Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I'm having this problem with my dell n4010 laptop, which is the same as this picture below:

The ac battery cord was unplugged for a few days without notice, as I was using another computer at the time. But then when I turned the laptop on, it shut off due to low battery, so I plugged the ac battery cord in, to let it charge. The ac battery cord's light is on green, so I assume it was charging, but when I tried to turn the laptop on, it briefly starts up, but nothing shows on the screen, and the three lights that I circled in red in the picture above starts blinking.
The light on the left goes white once, followed by the middle light. But then when it gets to the third light, the light is orange instead of white (like the other two), and then the laptop shuts off. 
I don't know what this means. I know the battery was very low, but it somehow managed to stay on when I rebooted my laptop for the first time after a while (I've been using another computer like I said). But I left it charging for like 3+ hours now, and it still does the same thing (first two lights glow white, but then the third light glows orange and the laptop stops making it's usual start-up sounds). Meanwhile, nothing on the screen at all. 
Can someone please, please tell me what this means? Do I just need to let it charge for a whole day?? It can't be THAT drained, can it? Or is there something wrong with the battery itself? 

A:Dell N4010 Laptop Won't Charge? Please Help Me!

Unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Reinstall the battery and connect to AC power -- the  system should then power up.
If it doesn't, retry with the battery disconnected.  If it'll then power up, the battery is bad.
If it won't power up thereafter, the mainboard is bad.

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I beg pardons for all forumers here if I post in the wrong Subforum & also for my bad english cuz it is not my native language.. :D

I have dell inspiron n4010 notebook, runs win 7 home premium with SP1.
it can't detect any removable device I connected also my internal card reader.
if put a memory card to my card reader than nothing happen.
at first I though it maybe my internal card reader failed, than I try to use external card reader attached to USB port, than I found another problem, it detected, but when my win 7 cannot detect the driver, I used this this external card reader before n it works fine.
than I tried to attach a mobile phone that have a mass storage function. it happens again it detected but the driver not found. I'd attached this mobile before n it also works fine.
afterthat I tried a flashdrive, it also had same problem like above.
- win 7 supposed to detect any generic device isn't it?
- those devices above work fine before, but somehow now it cannot recognized.
- it's only happen for removable devices, cuz when I tried to attach keyboards and mouse the usb port work perfectly.
I should say sorry again for my bad spelling, n thank for the patient to read all those bad spellin' and more thanks if any of you can help me solve this problem.

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I have 1 RAM stick and that is 4GB.
at Computer>Properties It shows that my memory is only usable 2.93GB
My laptop is 32 bit

please help.

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Dell Inspiron M5030
 I had Windows 7 installed and working perfectly but i wanted to install Windows 8.1 i tried a fresh install first (also tried to upgrade from windows 7). Every thing installs fine but when it reboots for the first time the windows logo comes up and "Getting Devices Ready %" Then the screen goes black.
Ive tried:-To let is sit for awhile to see if it would come back and i get nothing after hours -I plugged in a Monitor with no response (also tried to close the lid to put to sleep and does go to sleep)-I shut it down and tried to boot to Safe Mode but it says Windows can not boot to safe mode because windows installation has not finished
I can boot to my windows repair and go to the recovery command prompt but dont know what to do. It seems like a video driver problem the laptop has a AMD Radeon HD 4200. if thers any why to install the driver before Getting devices ready? Please Help!! 

A:Dell Inspiron M5030 Black Screen When Installing Windows 8.1 on "Getting Devices Ready"

I had the same problem and did this and it worked with no problem....The idea is to slipstream the updated drivers into the ISO/DVD. The drivers that came with the W8.1 DVD dont work well as I was getting the BSOD upon install.
1. Download Winreducer and install all 3rd party software it requires.  Look in the howto.pdf
2. Download the latest AMD Catalyst Drivers from AMD's site (not beta).  Listed as Windows 8 drivers i think.  
3. Extract the files to temp dir.
4. Copy the files/drivers from the temp dir (packages\drivers\display\w86a_inf) and the sub dir (B149756) to the winreducer drivers dir (work\integrate\drivers\x64).  So in the x64 dir you should have the cats, msi, infs, and the b149756.
5.  Run winreducer.  Make sure you have handy an iso of the Windows 8.1 DVD.
6.  After you mount your iso, you will be taken to the options and features screen.  You will see presets, appearance, features....on the top.   Leave all options alone EXCEPT the drivers location under System.  Change that to x\WORK\INTEGRATE\DRIVERS\x64.  Dont forget to change the x to your proper location.
7.  Click finish.  Save as iso. Apply.  It will save the modified iso into the winreducer folder.  
8.  Burn and install.  
9. After you are done installing, install the FULL driver package you downloaded in step 2 by running the setup.exe in main dir.
10.  Thank me LOL

That worked for me on an Inspiron ... Read more

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As above. When Closing down the programme gets as far as "Windows is Closing Down" and then just hangs and doesn't turn off. This is a problem needless to say when loading a programme which requires a restart as it won't go through the restart process.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron 9300 /Windows XP Shutdown problem

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Hello my friends, i have an issue with usb 3.0 driver on dell inspiron 3543 with drivers to support that usb generation. I have many usb sticks, 3.0 and an usb to hdmi converter, and usb 3.0 external drive (1TB) so i will be happy to can use the 3.0 speeds, and transfers :-) I have win10 home edition x64, and i found needed drivers with general chipset, but now they semms to does not work for me. Can somebody help me?

A:dell inspiron 3543 3.0 driver windows 10 problem

Hi Faniak,
Are any USB ports working, or are you only having problems with the USB 3.0 port? There is only one USB 3.0 port on the 3543 and that is next to the audio jack on the left side of the notebook.  is this the port that you are having trouble with? 
Windows 10 has native support for USB 3.0 so you shouldn't need any drivers. If you have recently manually installed Windows 10 you may need to install the following drivers. 
Chipset driver
Intel Serial I / O driver
Please let me know if you continue to have problems. 

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Hi - sorry if this is in the wrong place - I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 running an upgraded version of Win7 32 bit home premium. For a few months it has had an issue with startup, sometimes when you turn it on it does the Dell loading bar screen where you can press f2 or f12 and then it just goes to a black screen with a blinking/flashing _ cursor where nothing happens. Previously this problem could be overcome by shutting down again, restarting, pressing F12 when it gave me the option to and selecting Boot from Internal HDD.

However, I turned on the laptop yesterday and it did the same thing, I tried my usual remedy only to find that it no longer works - so basically Windows won't boot and I can't use the laptop.

I can't press F8 to try and run in safe mode so I have absolutey no idea what to do.

Does anyone have a solution?!

A:Windows 7 startup problem on Dell Inspiron 1545

Do you have the win 7 DVD?

Maybe a restore dvd?

Either would be useful

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Hello, I currently have a dell new inspiron 14z, with 512gb hdd and a 60gb of cache-ssd (if that's the right term)I'm planning to buy a Samsung 256gb ssd and install it in place of the hdd - and since the Windows is installed in the HDD, this means that I'll have to reinstall Windows again.
So since I'm a newbie to all the ssd thing, I have a few number of questions -
1) Would I need to change BIOS settings? It's currently set at Intel RST setting (I don't remember the right term, but it wasn't AHCI), and it uses rapid storage technology using the micro ssd. Would I need to disable it to reinstall Windows?
2) Since I don't have a recovery disk, is it ok if I just download Windows from  and install it in the USB?
Thank you so much!

A:Installing an SSD in a Dell New Inspiron 14z 5423?

Hi Andrew Pai,
mSATA drive uses the SSD technology to make the system faster. If you replace the normal mechanical hard drive with SSD hard drive the IRST technology feature would be nullified.
However, to use the SSD on the system please change the SATA operation mode in the BIOS from IRST to AHCI. You will need an operating system reinstallation disc to install it on the system. You can use the link below for placing a request for operating system reinstallation disc (USA only).
If you are not able to place a request for the disc from the link above, then please send me a private message with the computer's service tag, Name registered during the system purchase and email address so that I can check what can be done. To send a private message, click on my name and send private message.

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Dear guys,
I try to install Win7 on my Dell inspiron 6400 befor i hav VISTA running on my Laptop. i try to format my laptop then boot from windows 7 ultimate cd but every time its getting error when goes to format the hard drive. i also try to change the HDD 1st i replace my 120sata with 250 gb but my laptop not detect that hdd in bios that 250seagate is brand new and working on other PC fine. then i try 160 hdd and same problem came during format the partion during windows 7 setup. then i try to install XP on Same HDD and same problem came when WIN XP Setup goes to format the Partion. Now i am Stuck in the middle of nowhere Plzz some one Help me Out.....

A:Installing WIN 7 on DELL INSPIRON 6400

Can you trigger the Dell Recovery partition to return your computer to factory condition in order to Update BIOS?

If Recovery partition will not run using cNTRL + f11 or whatever key combination they tell you to use, then you have nothing to lose and can wipe the HD which might stop one of the utility/boot partitions from interfering with install.

Boot Windows 7 install DVD Repair console or Repair CD, choose Command Line, type:

SELECT DISK # (replace # with Windows 7 HD)
CLEAN ALL (zeroes HD for deepest clean, takes about an hour per 320gb, drop "all" if you want shorter)

Now boot back into the installer to attempt Custom install, using Drive Options to create New partition and Format.

Try also removing all but 2gb of RAM to try install, reset the CMOS: What is the SATA controller setting? Try AHCI, then IDE.

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I would be very grateful for any advice to help me recover my laptop, please.

It is a Dell Inspiron 1545. It came loaded originally with Windows XP, and I upgraded to Windows 7 at a later date. I do not have a system restore disc and have exhausted the system restore options that appear on-screen.

The information onscreen reads:

Problem signature:
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Probem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21201054
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 24
Problem Signature 07: CorruptFile
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

I am at a loss and would very much appreciate your help.

A:System Recovery Problem with Windows 7 on Dell Inspiron 1545

What, if any, XP and Windows 7 installation and recovery media do you have?

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Ok so I've been experiencing some driver issues lately, and I've already updated them up to Dell's standards on their website under my laptop version. This seemed to fix my shutdown issue however my computer won't wake up from sleep or hibernation! I made sure my power and sleep settings under control panel was all good so this was defiantly a driver issue.
From everyone else having this problem told me to roll back the Intel Management Engine Interface from 11.x.x to 9.5.x.x 
I did this; however, it still won't wake up from sleep or hibernation. 
I've tried multiple versions of this 9.5.x.x driver
Even, MEI all the way to the latest ,A02 MEI
I've been reading forums and it seems that some people with my make and model have the same issue. I don't think this laptop has any compatible drivers for Windows 10 64 bit and I won't consider downgrading.
So please help me I'm stuck?

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Hi All,
My problem is ... no, not quite so, my PROBLEM is Windows 10 Anniversary Update gets downloaded, installed and failed again and again. When it goes through Windows Update Center everything goes well but finally after a reboot I get a notification that the system couldn't install the update. No other information or error codes provided. After that Windows Update Center finds the same Anniversary Update and everything goes in circle. I called Microsoft Support three times with different engineers but with the same final result - the problem still unsolved. I used MediaCreationTool utility as well. With this utility the whole process goes well but finally I get popup window that says "Error occurred while installing update". When I tried to reinstall Windows 10 from the image created by MediaCreationTool I got error code 0xd0000034 (finally!!! something I can use to find a solution !!!), but looking through the Internet for this code didn't help to resolve this. Any other updates are installed with no issues. The Problem only with Anniversary Update.
Some info about my laptop.
About the System:
Version 1511
Windows 10 Home Edition Single Language (Russian)
About the hardware.
16Gb, I added extra 8Gb and I installed SSD SanDisk SD8SN8U256G1122 256Gb.
All the rest is standard configuration of 7559 laptop.
Some specifics related to what I did to my laptop. As I mentioned before I installed 8Gb extra memory (identical memory chip to the installed ... Read more

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Have a new Pioneer DVR-K16 burner need to try and install in a Dell inspiron 1150.Not sure how to get old one out.I know its probably simple but i have never done it before.The one i use at work,Dell latitude D510 just pops right out.Not sure about this one.

A:Need help installing new dvd burner in dell inspiron 1150

Read this.

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Hi, i switched on my computer this morning and and got fatal error messages, i had to reinstall vista via a disk and now i cannot install any drivers and cannot access the internet or anything, i have a driver disk from dell but still the drivers are still not installing!! any help whould be great, thanks guys its driving me mad

A:need help with dell inspiron 1445 not installing drivers please help:)

There is a 7-character "service tag number" on the sticker on the case.

Go here and enter that number. It will bring up the support and software site that's specific only to your Dell. Go to the drivers and downloads section and look for the device drivers that you need.

Are you sure about Inspiron being the correct model name and 1445 being the correct model number?

You didn't clarify it that computer is a desktop or a laptop.


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I had dual boot on my system with Win XP Home (came with laptop) and Fedora 7(which I installed). One fine or unfortunate day as I left my latop with windows xp and went out for a while some media direct thing was running and it restarted my comp. After that I was getting blue screen whenver I boot into Win XP. I thought I could repair it with the recovery disks that came with the laptop. But when I boot with the recovery CD , it displays "Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration" for 2 seconds and the screen remains blank. Nothing happens. Thinking that the recovery CD might not be good I tested on my friends Dell 640m laptop. It works fine in that. It proceeded further after checking the hardware configuration. Can anyone tell me how I can resolve this problem.


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Our 580 MT is 6 years old so time to instal a new Hard Drive before the original shows any signs of failing.
I have a Seagate 1 TB SSHD to become the main drive (& keep the original - now 6 year old - HDD in place as a Data Drive), 
My plan is to put the new drive in the second Bay, clone the Drive, & then simply swap the SATA cables so the "new" drive becomes the Main drive without having to alter anything in the BIOS
Of course this requires a third SATA cable attached to the Motherboard
I checked inside the Tower today, & as should be, two of the SATA sockets are in use, (Numbered 1 & 2)
Sorry for what might be a Dumb Question, but although the sockets marked 1, 2, & 4 are black in colour, number 3 is white - is there any significance to this?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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We recently installed HTC Sync on a Dell Inspiron computer. It seemed to work fine for a few days then started getting BSOD listing Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_or Equal error in the ndis.sys module. I can only log into safe mode. Attached is output file collection app. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Computer is Dell Inspiron 535s
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit service pack 1 OEM

A:BSOD after installing HTC Sync on Dell Inspiron computer

Update your Atheros network adapter driver.
ATHEROS drivers for Microsoft Windows (Atheros?????)

Finish and post back.

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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 7353 laptop yesterday afternoon. In the evening, I plugged it in, turned it on, answered the language/keyboard questions, accepted terms of use and then it started "installing critical updates". Well, it's been doing that for 13 HOURS now. The messages on the screen alternate between "Installing Critical Updates. Don't turn off your PC", "This might take a while. Don't turn off your PC", "We're still working. Don't turn off your PC" and "We'll let you know when we've finished. Don't turn off your PC."

How long should this actually take? This seems a bit extreme.

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I'm trying to dual boot Vista and XP (Vista pre-installed), I know how to do it and all. But when I am up to the point of choosing the partition it only sees partition C (which has Vista on it). I have 2 other partitions and 14GB unallocated space. I have a 500GB Hitachi HDT725050VLA360 ATA

Hoping somebody can help me

A:Missing driver when installing XP Home SP1 on Dell Inspiron 530

Yes thats what it will do... Your running Vista first and trying to install XP... While your in Vista download Partition software to create a new Partition.... once thats done install xp on the new one.... you''ll be good to go.

Heres a 30 day safe trail of Partition Logic software.

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" Just bought a dell inspiron 1521 with the ATI Radeon 1270 chipset and sigma tel sound card. I configured to dual boot windows XP and Vista. Like you I lost many XP dirivers and was frustrated by Dell tech support. Here was how I solved the problem. Nobody tells you but the Dell latitude notebook D531 ships with the same ATI RAdeon 1270 graphics and sigma tel sound, yet runs windows XP ! go to Dell tech support page, choose download drivers, select latitude notebook D531 and then select windows XP operating system and search for drivers. Sure enough a downloadable driver pops up for the ATI Radeon 1270 and audio drivers. I put them both on my Dell 1521 and they run perfectly in windows XP. I get sound and good video, and the device manager recognizes them. I am not a techie but this took me 12 hr of internet research to figure out and it works fine on my dell."

I just did the same thing. I wiped Vista from my system, installed XP Pro, and have had trouble finding the Video drivers. I tried the above, but keep getting these error messages when i try to install:

Application Install: install package failure!
Application Install: failed
Application Install: install package not supported on this platform
Application Install: failed

Any advice? I chatted with Dell, they sent me a link to some driver, but it didn't work. I tried this method, quoted above, and it also didn't work.

A:Installing XP on Dell Inspiron 1521 to replace Vista

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Since a few weeks ago, my microphone has only been working when tilting the screen forward. I saw a previous discussion ( ) where people have reported similar problems. Although my laptop was still under warranty when I reported the problem to Dell, they proceeded to sending me an onsite technician with a repair microphone part who said that he could not replace just the microphone because I had a touchscreen (you would think Dell would have checked to send the right part), then a refurbished new screen that did not work at all on my computer, and then refused to solve the problem by arguing that my system was no longer under warranty (which it was not by the time they finally sent the non working screen and I called back to ask for another one to be sent—it was all problems from their side). Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if they were able to fix it themselves, as now my microphone is not working at all, not even when I tilt the screen.

I have also noticed the same problem for the touch screen. It only works when the screen is tilted forward, and I am afraid that, like the microphone, it will reach a point of no return. It seems to me that there is some faulty wiring from the screen components into the base. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hello everyone I have a very pressing problem. I had Vista running on my Inspiron 1520 Laptop. I recently upgraded to Windows 7, ever since then I have had terrible trouble with my Wireless Card. The driver for the card often comes up as not being able to start I often get Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card can not start Code 10. I have read that this was a problem when reinstalling a OS or installing a new one with this card. I believe I may need a driver for the chip set or something similar. I also understand that I may have to swap back to Vista though I really do hope I don't. I do believe that a recent update from Dell has made this problem chronic as I did not have this problem when I immediately got the laptop back.

I really am hoping that I can get some help here as Dell is not bothered to help as I am out of warranty and they don't seem to care about this older model laptop.

Thanks again for all your help


A:Dell 1520 Inspiron Problem with Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card

Welcome to SF, Conor. Dia dhuit.

Dell does not have a Windows 7 driver for your card. You can try installing the driver in compatibility mode.

HOW TO: Install a Hardware Device Driver using Compatibility Mode

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hi all
i am sorry if it is the wrong place for this question

while i am installing windows 7 on my dell vostro laptop it asks me :
where do you want to install windows ?
and the box is empty no drives are exist !
and there are two selections refresh , load driver
when i click refresh nothing happens
when i click load driver
recive this window " to install the device driver needed to access your hard drive , insert the installtion media contaninig the driver files, and then click OK.
note: the installtion media can be a floppy disk, CD,DVD, or a USB flash drive. "
and there are 3 selection cancel , ok , browse i tap brows and choose " CD Drive (D windows 7 full 32/64bits the tap ok
and i recive this " No device drivers were found.make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and the click OK.

so what kind of this problem is it that the Hard drive inoperative !!!!

A:Solved: a problem while installing windows 7 on dell vostro !

Check if your computer could detect your hard drive in BIOS.
If so, try to boot up from a WindowsXP CD and run command prompt, then format your HDD.
Make sure you have a copy from all your data somewhere else, so that format will erase all your data.

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Friends, I have dell inspiron n5110. It had geniune windows 7 home premium. There was dell data restore option in F8 boot menu option to restore my windows. a week ago i installed new windows 7. i didnt deleted recovery partition on my computer but there in no more option of dell data restore in f8 boot menu. Kindly help me to restore my windows. Plz help..... If there is any way to do it using comand prompt or any other way to restore that option in f8. Plz reply..

A:Dell Data restore windows seven home premium Dell inspiron n5110?


Post a screen capture image of your Disk Management screen.


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I have recently upgraded to windows 10 and everything seems file except one problem I am facing which is the wifi card connectivity issues. My connection to router drops very frequently, curently the generic driver which windows think is appropriate is installed. I wanted to undate that with Dell's driver which I can't find on driver download section. 64 bit WiFi driver is NOT there. 32 Bit driver is but that won't install on my machine.
Can someone from Dell help? either to give me the link for correct driver download or confirm driver is not available in which case I would need to downgrade to windwos 8 as the system is unusable in its current state.

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 SE - Windows 10 64 Bit WiFi Driver not available on Dell Site

On the Drivers & Download pages for the Inspiron 15R 7520 there are only 64-bit options for Windows, whether 8.0,8.1, or 10.   So those drivers are the ones for the 64-bit version of Windows 10, as long as you filter the operating system option to Windows 10 64-bit. 
The file name may state "Win32" but if you click on the "View Details" link, and then check "Supported Operating Systems" near the bottom of the page you'll find that the driver supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
You don't mention which wireless card you have in that system so I can't link directly to the specific driver.  Which card do you have and what error are you getting when trying to install the drvier?
I would also recommend updating the firmware on your router.  Many routers need an update to be able to handle Windows 10 specific drivers and cards reliably.   What router brand and model are you connecting to?  And do you have problems with all routers or just this one.
Lastly, here is a link to the Dell Networking & Wireless Support Center.  You will find a few support articles in there that may be of help to you.
Let me know which card you have and when the last time you updated your router and, if you can't get the connection to work, I'll see what else I can suggest to help you.

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Hi, I can't seem to get anything higher than 1920x1080 in the list of available resolution options when I connect my Dell U2713HM monitor to my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. I've run this monitor at 2560x1440 on another laptop over HDMI in the past but that was with Windows 8. The Intel HD Graphics 530 Control Panel doesn't offer any resolutions above 1920x1080 for the external monitor and adding custom resolutions results in the error "the custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity". I'm using the same high speed HDMI cable that worked at 2560x1440 with this monitor on my previous laptop. I'm fully up to date on all of the drivers for the laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not sure what else to try. Could this be a Windows 10 issue? Should I try the standard Intel HD Graphics 530 drivers from the Intel website?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 connected to Dell U2713HM monitor over HDMI can't do 2560x1440 resolution in Windows 10

Hi JonoBloo,
The hardware on the system supports the 2560x1440. It should be a software issue. I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the video card driver from Dell website as these drivers are tested on the Dell system. Please follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall the video card.

Press the Windows key and Start typing devmgmt.msc and then press enter.
Select the Display adapters listed and right click on it.
Now select properties.
In the properties window, under Driver tab, click on Uninstall button.
Check “Delete the driver software for this device.”
You want to delete the driver click OK.

After the uninstall finishes restart the system. Then reinstall the Intel video card driver for issue resolution. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the video card drivers from Video section onto the system and install it.
Please let me know if this helps.

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I have a problem with my new laptop and it happens only sometimes. It is around 1 month old and it had this problem from the beginning . The laptop is a DELL INSPIRON 3552
1. DELL LOGO appears
2. Screen backlight is ok
3. Windows won't start ( window's logo doesn't appear ) and if i plug an external mouse the cursor is on the black screen.
If I shut down the laptop from the power button and the start it again it works. It's very random. Once I had to restart the laptop for 3 times before the windows started.
Any ideas ? 

A:DELL Inspiron Windows screen black after DELL logo

Thank you for writing to us!
As we understand that the system doesnt not boot and just goes up to the Dell logo and after multiple restarts the system works fine.
In that case ,Can you boot the system into " Safe mode " and check if the same happens..You can also perform a system restore and also check for updates pending .

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Laptop model number : Dell inspiron 1525

OS : Windows XP media center

Problem : When i open this laptop it always open in dell media direct. i tried to exit it from there it just shut down my computer after exiting.

I tried it on internet, i tried both buttons on panel. one is for media direct and other one for regular starting up.

i have tried reseating the cmos battery but did't help.

PLease help what else i can try ..

A:dell inspiron booting in dell media direct, cant go to windows .. please help ??

Take a look at the threads below.

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I am constantly having this problem with my laptop. As I plug in and unplug my headphones throughout the day, I've noticed that after a couple times the bass gets really quiet and almost completely drops out. Since I have some pretty decent audiophile headphones with really great bass, it is super annoying and noticeable. 
One workaround I have discovered is to go to the audio settings (either in Windows or the Dell Audio app), and switch the Default Format (the thing with 24-bit, 48000Hz in it)  to something else, play some audio, then switch it back. 
A little word on my setup: I have the latest drivers from the Dell download page installed. I am running Windows 10 64-bit with all the updates. I have Waves Maxx audio "enhancements" disabled. My Default Format is usually set to 24-bit 48000Hz, but the problem eventually happens no matter what I set it to. The "headphone size" option is set to "Medium", but as far as I can tell this option does nothing if I do not have Waves Maxx enabled. Switching it also does not fix the problem.
If I play audio using WASAPI (this basically means that the music player takes over the sound card completely, and bypasses whatever audio processing Windows and the driver has) the problem does not happen. 
How do I fix this problem? It's incredibly annoying, and most likely has something to do with the audio driver, since this does not happen in Linux, and it did not happen when I was runn... Read more

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Hello everyone,

Both the laptops Dell Inspiron 15R and Dell Inspiron 7548 came with 6 GB of RAM. I'd like to upgrade it to at least 12 GB by replacing the 2 GB dimms in both laptops with 8 GB dimms.

Was wondering whether it is safe and okay to combine different memory modules from different manufacturers.

I'm also leaving the US next week and so would prefer getting RAM that's more reliable and wouldn't mess up the laptops.

Could you guys please recommend which ones you'd get? I've bought Samsung and Crucial in the past and didn't have any issues.

Here's the existing RAM information from CPU–Z:

Inspiron 15R:

Inspiron 7548:

Based on the above information, could you please recommend the sticks that you would get, preferably from Amazon?

Dell's upgrade page for Inspiron 15R recommends this one:

Dell 8 GB Certified Replacement Memory Module for Select Dell Systems - 1600MHz LV SODIMM : Memory | Dell which is 1600 MHz.

So can I get this one for that laptop: Kingston Technology 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L (PC3-12800) 1.35V Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory KVR16LS11/8 at

This would match the manufacturer of the existing stick (Kingston).

Dell's upgrade page recommended the same stick for Dell Inspiron 7548 as well.

Since I wasn't able to locate Hyundai's 8GB stick, is it okay if I get Kingston or Crucial's stick:

Kingston Technology 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L (PC3-12800) 1.35V Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory KVR16LS11/8 at ... Read more

A:Upgrading RAM on Dell Inspiron 15R and Dell Inspiron 7548 laptops

Can't comment on the compatibility, however, make sure laptops support 8GB RAM in a single slot, with 16GB total.

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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I know this is a longshot since a problem like this is hard to diagnose remotely, but here it goes.

I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 (typo) laptop, I don't think the specific specs are entirely necessary for this problem. I dropped it a couple of feet when we were moving into the new house and it landed on the corner (dang...). Now I get no lights, no boot, no anything when i press the power button. I tried every combination of swapping the battery/putting it in another slot/running of just AC adaptor... no dice. Since it is no longer under warranty, I decided to pop off the top panel that covers the power/reset buttons and inspect that circuit board for any cracks or busted solder joints and I saw none.

If anyone has any ideas about the possible source of the problem I would apprectiate it. Actually, I would even appreciate a recommendation on the quickest way to access the mobo and power supply on this particular model, thanks.


A:Dell Inspiron problem

I think that the power supply on those is built into the motherboard. You could try the usual, removing any extra devices and drives, reseating the memory and seeing if the system boots. Other than that you will need to remove about every screw you see in the back and several others to get to the system board. BOL

Remove the battery and disconnect the AC power.
Remove the memory door.
Remove the miniPCI door.
Remove the hinge cover.
Remove the keyboard.
Remove the palmrest assembly.

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My laptop Dell inspiron ......Facing Problems like.....
Don t starts the windows while swiching it on.I need to press the Esc button to start up .
Also the problem ..Flickering the screen.
And Windws button dosn t work.
model Dell inspiron 3521...
upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1...
anybody can help?

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When I turn on my Dell Inspiron E1505 (6400), My LCD does not show anything but a series of solid fullscreen colors.... Grey, Black, Red Green Blue. I thought maybe this was a self test, but it has been going on for a few days now. Any thoughts on what the problem may be?

I also was thinking there may be a loose connection to the LCD??

Any help or insight would be awesome

A:Dell Inspiron LCD problem

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About 3 weeks ago the sound disapeared on my Dell Inspiron E1505; I am running Vista SP1.
I have tried just about everything with no success:
restored to an earlier date when the audio was working

downloaded the Sigmatel STAC92XX-C from Dell and tried to install it in safe mode and regular
mode but I keep getting the same error message: "device object not present restart the system
& run setup again"; after I reboot Windows tries to install it by I get the error message: "the I/O
operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request".

tried installing from the XP to Vista Upgrade CD provided by Dell but same result

I was using SRS Audio Sandbox (sound enhancer which is listed as the speakers and was working great)
but got the same resulted after I uninstalled it.
I contacted Dell support and the tech who worked on the problem couldn't fix it either and left me
"hanging" for over 30 minutes until I disconnected.

I would appreciate any suggestions; I work on videos and slide shows and I need the sound.

A:Dell Inspiron Audio Problem

Are you sure yours isn't the Soundblaster one?Installation instructions at the bottom of the page, click on the +;fileid=206071

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Hello everyone!
I have a Dell Inspiron 5548 , is that printing a few leaves and I miss this message.
I had to turn off the computer leaving the power button pressed, the key precionar came out again the same message.
Windows 10 came out recently and did the update Redstone doing a new installation
I want to do a fresh install of windows stays in this part and fails to install updates, and download the two image twice and the same problem.
I used diagnostic tool and was not under any code.

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Hello all,
I've been having a strange problem for the past couple of days. So, the other day I turned on my computer and everything went normal until I went to my desktop. I waited like always for it to load up, it did, but all of a sudden a blue screen appeared saying "Bad Pool Caller". It restarted my computer and then it ran fine. But, the next day I had a similar problem. I clicked on my internet browser and my homepage opened, but the mouse froze, the keyboard was unresponsive, and even the "power on" button was unresponsive. The light that usually blinks when loading did not, and I was forced to pull the plug from the wall outlet. It ran fine after this. Then, yesterday, the same thing happened - everything froze on the desktop, but this time I restarted it from the "power on" button. The latest happened this morning when I turned my computer on, and went to my desktop, but all of a sudden it started beeping (about 4 times each beep). I restarted the computer once again from the "power on" button. What happened? Since yesterday, it also takes a while to recognize that there is internet. I even ran my anti-virus to see if there was any viruses, but results were that there was no virus. I honestly don't know what to do next. If its imperative, the other day (problem with blue screen) there was a powerful thunderstorm (90 MPH) that ran through my area, but my computer was off and unplugged. There has also been excessive hea... Read more

A:Weird problem with my Dell Inspiron 535

Hi and welcome.
Try removing one stick of Ram and see if that makes a difference.

Run a Mem Test.

Download the ISO file from one of the links above to your desktop.
Then burn the ISO to a Cd.
Start the Pc using the Cd and run the memory test overnight or for at least 8 passes.

It is best to run a full scan on individual Ram sticks if you can.
Or run the test but if any errors are shown - then remove all sticks of Ram and test each Ram stick one at a time.

Guide to using Memtest86+

You can also run the Mem test from a USB stick
Scroll down to [ Download (Pre-built & ISOs]
Download -Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x/2k/xp/7) *NEW!*

If you can download BlueScreenView
Download link at the bottom of the page.

Download > install.
Once it has scanned > Click on Edit > Select All > File > Save Selected Item
It will open in Notepad - or save to Notepad > Copy > Paste and Post the last 5 minidump files from the scan.

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I am having problems turning on my Dell laptop (Inspiron 600). When I press the power button, my computer clicks, the power light goes on, while the 3 lights to the left of the power button (numlock, capslock, and the other one) light up dimly. These lights go on for a few seconds, but the computer wont start.

I eventually get it going if I keep pressing the power button. I think the problem may be getting worse as it is taking more and more tries to get it started. This happens 9 out of 10 times after I shutdown, especially after it freezes up on me. Dell support has been very unhelpful, and I would appreciate any help at all. Thanx!

A:Dell Inspiron 600 Startup Problem

hello & welcome to TSF ,

what i need you to do is follow this link

and download (sensor veiw ) then send me a screen shot of the program

also when was the last time you cleaned the internals of your case

follow this link for the proper steps

get back to us

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So i spilt water in my old pc so i thought after a few years it was time to upgrade and buy a new computer.

Ended up buying a Dell Inspiron 530 and shortly after purchasing, setting up a few things etc i found out the internet hardly works. When i say hardly i mean.. i can literally check google, bbc sport if im lucky but stuff like Facebook etc just will not load.. or if it does, it loads SO slowly, at times it can run perfectly for like 1minute and then completely dies after and says my internet is only 'local' when it should be 'local & internet'

Dell Inspiron 530
Intel Core Quad CPU Q6660 @ 2.40GHz
2037mb of RAM
Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit

what i've tried:
- been through google, looked for solutions had no luck.
- doing all windows updates
- rolling back to when i first got the computer
- firewall off
- uninstalling any virus software etc
- using a different usb dongle
- cant remember other things atm

basically, the network is fine and works perfectly on the laptop i am using at the moment (which is xp pro) .. the network worked fine on my old XP computer but since i've updated to vista, its all gone **** up.

hopefully somewhere out there knows something i don't and can help me out.

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Hi all,

i am having one problem with my new dell laptop .when i use voice call than my voice on call got very thin and fast .its like fast forward song .i have tried many setting but none of them worked out .

please suggest me some way ..

Thanks in advance ,


A:Mic problem on Dell Inspiron 1525

Me too facing the same problem. Please suggest a solution

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I just did a clean install of XP Home on my mothers Inspiron 1200, thinking it had pickup a virus or some kind of bug. It was very sluggish and was having a hard time booting up. Since I did the install the machine is acting a lot better, it boots faster & shuts off fine. But, after it gets warmed up, when you click on an item (Microsoft Word) on the menu bar, like edit to cut & paste, the shaded area jumps back and forth. It will jump back to file, then to format. The hotter the machine get the more this happens, then I have a hard time cutting the machine off, does anybody know what is going on? Is it a hardware problem or software problem? I am at wits end and I like coming over for supper every now and then, please help.

A:Problem with Dell Inspiron 1200

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Hello Dell Comunity :) Please help me. I have a "Dell Inspiron 5737 (I577810DDL-24) Silver" less than 2 years. A few days ago, I got some very strange problems. The system began to "freezing". Worked only a mouse, and kept playing music from browser cache. All other applications was no longer responsible. I thought, that this is a problem of the system, made a hard reset (power button 5-8 sec), and it helped. I loaded Win 8.1 again, but the problem was repeated after 15-20 minutes. I booted from another system (I had also a Win 7 on other disk). But even on another OS problem repeated. Then I realized that the problem is serious, and began to follow closely what is happening. During these lockups, CPU and HDD had a normal temperature, but then I noticed that the hard disk drive indicator disappears. And no flashing. I spent several types of testing with an Auslogic tool and CrystalDiskInfo. These programs have shown good state of drive. I even did a defragmentation, but it did not help. After that, I noticed that the laptop actually works just fine, if it is stand on a flat table. But if I picked up the laptop to hands or just moved it on a table - system starts to freezing. Realizing this, I was even more convinced that the problem is somewhere in the hard drive. Few times on Win7 was a blue screen of death, and then appears error 'not boot devices found'. After hard rest, it loaded fine again. So, I decide to try a t... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 5737 HDD Problem

You do need a new, 2.5" drive - 7 mm in height.  You can use any SATA notebook hard drive, solid state drive or hybrid drive you wish.

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I spilled water on my Dell Inspiron 6000 a while ago. Since then it will not completely power on. I have tried taking it apart and letting it dry for ~5 days then reassembling, but I continue to have the same problem. When I press the power button (or try Fn Power option) you can hear the fan kick in and all of the LED lights (Numlock, CAPLock, etc) flash on then off, then the NUMlock flashes 4 times brightly, then 6 times dimly, then you can hear the fan shut down and the system powers off. Does anyone know what this error code is? I know the hard drive is fine as I have tried it in another inspiron. I would be grateful for any suggestions or ideas. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 600 Power On Problem

If the Dell was "On" when the water vwas spilled, then you likely have irrepairable motherboard damage. Try Dell for the codes?

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Please help me:
I had 2x 2GB sticks of Apacer RAM, than I wanted to upgrade to 2x 4GB Crucial. But after booting  I had problem with noise and lines all over my screen...  I tried also 2+4GB mode, everything works fine, but Everest benchmark has shown not as good results as in 2x2GB mode. What should I do, to make it work with 8 GB of RAM?
My specs are: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, 263 BIOS, AMD Sempron 2000 MHz, 480 GB Kingston SSD, ATI Radeon Xpress 1150, latest possibe graphic card driver (10-2_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc) 

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 - problem with 8GB RAM

No, there are some users of Inspiron 1501 with 8 GB here in this forum...

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it says something about reinstalling the application mite help but i mean i cant get pastt hat screen to look up anything

it an inspiron notebook
my friend turns it on and the blue screen shows up saying something about : it says stop: your system has failed to start up because it is missing a component basevmbb32 reinstalling the application might fix the problem about 2 year old dell labtop

i get a blue screen when ever i turn it on thats says that^^^^^^ how do i fix this well its my friends problem help plz i cant get past the screen

im doing this problem for my friend i didnt see it this is wat my friedn told me

A:dell inspiron notebook problem

that, "basevmbb32" is spelled incorrectly, I think. Find out the correct spelling for it, then I can do some research.

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My dad just bought a Dell inspiron 1525, running on vista. plugged it into an LG LCD tv using a HDMI cable, beautiful, picture came up perfectly. changed the channel on the tv, changed back to the HDMI channel (HDMI 3), and nothing. no picture at all, even though on the LCD's channel selection the picture of the HDMI port is highlighted showing there is something plugged in. Tried it a few times since in different HDMI ports and no luck. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Dell inspiron to LG LCD tv, HDMI problem.

I had a good experiance the first time i hooked my inspiron 1525 up to the tv through hdmi.
The next days wasnt as fun
I had to go to *display*
and play with the dual monitor options for a while.
its been a few months so i dont remember the exact settings.

I also had the same problem after a reformat...would work great the first hook up..but needed intervention after that.

Also have your laptop ready to go and plug it in to the tv before switching inputs devices through the remote on the signal then the tv can stop trying to search for it..
depends on the model
On my tv i have about 5 seconds tops

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Hi there!
Have currently been given a good old dell inpiron 8100!!
I am wanting to re-install xp on it as its for my inlaws to use and want it fresh and clean :)
At the moment its on xp sp2 and i dont know the current password, tried safe mode and just keeps asking for password......
tried booting from cd and just goes to the normal xp startup screen.
Its using xp profesional scene edition sp2, i have been trying to install on a cd xp corporate student edition sp3.
Hope i can find some help here,

A:Problem with Dell inspiron 8100 on xp sp2

and welcome to the Forum

If you have the Dell System restore ( not all Dells do ) you can use that and you will not need a install CD


If not, You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here ( You will have to change the operating system to match yours.

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Hi everybody and very welcome to the techspot forums
Dell inspiron e1505 win xp home sp2 32 bits
I've been used dell original drivers, and got the messege device not detected.
I tried with vista hp 32 bits and win 7 hp 32 bits
when the system load the updates to xp sp3 or vista sp2 the sound stop working
Please help with this issue

A:Dell inspiron audio problem

Does Dell have sound drivers for Vista or Windows 7 listed on there driver support site for your model Dell computer?

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Hi All:

Newbie here.

I have inherited a laptop and it has a problem recognizing USB devices. I am looking for some guidance here.


A:Dell Inspiron 4100 USB Problem (need help)


What exactly happens, is it all USB devices or just some, please be more specific..


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Hello, my problem is that after 20-25 minutes of inactivity, my laptop freezes, when you what to go to a app the computer enters in a "not responding" mode, with that I need to press the Power botton and shut down the machine and start all again.

What could be the problem?

I contacted Dell, but the computer is out of warranty. They told me that could be the bios, but how knows


A:Dell Inspiron 1520 Problem

The current Bios is A09:

But it may just be a power management issue, check these settings Start > Run > powercfg.cpl

Also here's all your updated drivers:

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I am running a Dell Inspiron i7 N5110.

The problem that I am experiencing is that every time I run a fullscreen application, usually a game, online or standalone, I keep getting kicked back to the desktop every 15 seconds or so and I have to click the icon to activate the application again.

I updated all the screen drivers, ran Advanced System Care, disabled dwn.exe, fixed the registry and the problem still persists.

I am out of ideas.

Any help out there pretty please?

A:Software problem with Dell Inspiron

First thing uninstall Advanced System Care those programs often do more harm then good.
By dwn do you mean dwm Desktop Window Manager, or something else?

How old is the system?
Has the heatsink ever been blown out with a can of compressed air?

lets get a look at the temps the system is running D/L and run Hardware Monitor do something intense like a virus scan or gaming for a bit, Alt+Tab back to HWM expand all the trees and use the Win7 snipping tool to grab a screen shot of the HWM window, post the screen shot using the paperclip button in the advanced message box(Go Advanced button).

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From time to time the cursor jumps to another line whilst I am typing. This can happen on any software, ie MS word, Hotmail. It can even happen when I am entering a user name and password into any system, for example  this forum.

It is very frustrating and some tiesm a simple email can take a long time to type


A:Typing Problem with Dell Inspiron 15R

Hi diver999,
You may uninstall and re-install the touchpad driver from device manager by following steps below:  

Click on “Start” and right click on “Computer”.
Click on “Manage”.
Click on “Device Manager”.
Under “Mice and other pointing devices”, you will find the touchpad driver listed.
Right click on it and click on “uninstall”. (Check and make a note of the driver installed on your system and re-install the driver from the below steps accordingly).
Check the box to delete the software.
Restart your system and click on the link:
Enter the Service Tag of your system and select the operating system.
You will find the touchpad  driver under “Input”.
Click on “Download File”.
Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
Click on “Download Now”.
Save the driver on your desktop.
Once the driver is saved on desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Install the touchpad driver by following the on screen instructions.
Restart your computer. 

For more information on touchpad gestures, you may refer to the manual of computer from link:
Enter the service tag to access manual.
Please reply for further clarifications. 

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Hello all.  This is my first official post here.  I've have the Dell Inspiron 500M laptop.  It worked great till one day the keyboard stopped responding.  All keys don't respond except for some peculiar situations.  When the computer boots up, the keyboard doesn't respond at all.  Therefore I can't even get into my BIOS even if I wanted too.  Once the computer finishes booting up, I can use the external USB mouse and even the touchpad with no problem.  The keyboard doesn't work at all, no capslock, no numlock, no nothing.  When I start IExplorer and try to type anything: nothing happens but if I hit certain keys in succession, the browser closes and then if I try and restart IExplorer from the shortcut on my desktop or the shortcut in the tool tray, it brings me to the dialogue box where the .exe file is located.  At this point, the touchpad doesn't work partially.  What I mean is the mouse moves if I touch the touchpad but when i tap the touchpad to click on icons, it doesn't respond.  So I have to manually click the left button on the touchpad.  Everything resets when I restart the computer, which I have to do almost everytime to figure out what might be causing the problem.  When restarting the system, the computer beeps atleast 7-9 times in a distinct pattern quickly before showing the Dell logo on screen. 
I've contacted Dell support several times and tried troubleshooting the problem with them ... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron Keyboard Problem

Unless you are very unlucky and got a bad replacement KBD, it sounds like the KBD controller on the MBD. Are there any signs of a spill ? If not it could have been taken out by static, or you may just be unlucky with it. The MBD costs a lot more than a KBD.........
                                                                    Regards Chris

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Have an older DELL 4100 with a new battery. New battery because the "old" one would cause the machine to "lock-up". Only way to fix this was to remove battery from bay and run on plug-power. Sort of defeats the Notebook PC thing. New battery does the same thing in the battery bay, but 4100s can take the battery in either bay. When I do this, the machine runs but the mouse is "herky-jerky... basically unusable.

What up?

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I was just given a Dell Insprion 5000 Laptop
Only problem is that when I turn it on, I can hear fans running and the hard drive running as well, but the screen shows nothing. It just stays black and I can hear a clicking sound like when a DVD player or CD player has trouble reading a disc. It does this with and woith out power cords plugged in (if power cords is the right wording)
also- when I try to turn it off, it wont. I have to pull out the battery to make it stop! This is crazy @[email protected]
I've asked around and everyone is guessing its the mother board. What do you guys think?
I know nothing about computers so I will be very thankful or any ideas and/or help.

A:Problem(s) with dell inspiron 5000

It suggests that the laptop is not even trying to boot.

So the problem could be anything form motherboard to CPU or ...

That it runs the fans on either battery or power suggests that its not a power issue.

Apart from that it does sound quite major. The real problem with a fault in a laptop is that its exceptionally hard to try repair by replacement as you can do with a desktop.

The cost of repair could easily make it uneconomic as well. Its a very old laptop, in terms of laptop lifetime.

The Dell support page is here: if its of any use, but in reality it probably isn't.

Trying to diagnose such a fault remotely is going to be guesswork. My guess is that it's munted.

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This Dell Inspiron 1100 (os xp pro, a 1gig cpu around 1gig of main memory and a 250gb hard drive) is working but it offen will reboot it self, prog's lockup and shut down and both Firefox and Internet Explorer will crash and shut down. I need to fig out why it crashes and reboots it self. I have a spare 1100 laptop that I can take spare parts off of. The motherboard in the 2nd laptop is dead. I know it is an old laptop but this is what I have to work with in a portable setup to take with me until I can afford to replace it with a newer laptop.


A:re: a problem with the Dell inspiron 1100

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Hey all.
I have two dell inspiron 530 desktop PCs. Running Win7.
I had my own and the mobo went on it so I bought one cheap, cheaper then I would have paid for a new mobo.
That 530 I got had a duel core CPU 1 gig of RAM No GFX Card. So I took out My Quad Core GPU My 4GB  of RAM 
and my GFX Card and put them into the working PC i had bought.
I done everything correct as far as I know from watching ytube videos and reading threads on various boards
but now it will not boot up, it will start as u will see if u look at the small video I made. I just get a amber light
coming of the mobo and the fans spin with a constant beeping noise but nothing shows up on the monitor.
Have a look at the video its very short u might see whats wrong and give me some advie on what the problem might
be and how I should go about getting it in working order.
Please have a look I am so stuck I really need the help and will be really grateful for even the smallest bit of

A:Dell Inspiron 530 problem need help Video inc....

 I suspect you have some incompatible components, but I couldn't make out exactly what you have regarding motherboard, CPU, and RAM.  I believe I heard 4 beeps in your video.  Those are a code, but they vary according to the BIOS you have which again, I didn't see any indication of what that is.  The video was very dark inside the covers so I was able to make out little to none of what you were trying to show unfortunately.

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I turned on my computer this morning and have the following error

"Internal Hard drive not found to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive.
"No Bootable devices--Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 to enter setup menu, F5 for PSA"

I removed and reseated the HDD. I'm getting the same error.
According to the BIOS setup I have a "Fixed HDD Toshiba MQ01ABF050 (500 GB)"
According to the F5 PSA for Hard Drive 0 "ePSA 4236.5 Success All tests passed"
Service Tag <removed>
If I go to the setup and change the boot option to "Legacy" from "UEFI" and boot from a USB recovery disk Chkdsk /f finds no problems. Diskpart shows 4 partitions.

I tried to recover the OS from the USB recovery drive and at 99% comes up with an error. "There was a problem resetting your PC" I'm back to the original problem.
Computer Originally came with Windows 8 and was upgraded to 10.
I am currently downloading Windows 10 via microsoft's media creation tool and will do a diskpart /clean and clean install.
I assume this is a BIOS problem since Bios detects it, PSA passes, then appears bootstrap or something does not work. I also can not access partition 4 the recovery partition.
Dell what should I do?

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Hi I had a little problem if this fixed i'will thank to the fixer
if didn't find any help i'will continue using my laptop normally
I'm upgrade my inspiron 5558 from 7 to 8.1
I cant find the touchpad driver but I found at last time
I notice the touch pad pressed from the center of the touchpad where I can press
I cant press (like if I want to open start menu I cant )
but If I touch it I can (like if I want to open a new tab on google chrome )
I restore or (uninstall the driver) but it still the problem has
but I can press from down left side I can 
I mean in windows 7 or not I can press it

A:DELL INSPIRON 15 5558's Little problem

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly click on the link below and use the service tag :

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First off let me just say a quick Hello to everyone , since im new here.

I have a Dell Laptop here The Inspiron 2650 it has Windows XP Home home on it. the cutomer is using a Dial-up connection still and her modem just recently stopped working.

i have run the windows Diagnostics on it from the Modem settings. and the modem initializes and Windows Claims that the Device is working fine. i have reinstalled the newest drivers and still no modem noise. i cant figure this thing out. i have gone through all the connection settings and made everythign the way it should be, but nothing still, could it be the hardware that has gone bad? i would assume that if it was the device windows wouldnt report it as working properly. also i wouldnt think think that it would Query correctly either, which it does do.
Also I have and IBM thinkpad that is running under its normal processor speed. its a IBM Thinkpad R31 with a PIII 1.133ghz, thats only running at 730mhz. any ideas?
Well Thanks for the time. and hopefully i can figure this out.

A:Dell Inspiron 2650 Problem

i have run the windows Diagnostics on it from the Modem settings. and the modem initializes and Windows Claims that the Device is working fine. i have reinstalled the newest drivers and still no modem noise.Click to expand...

Did you assume that no noise means the modem is not working? Many modems have the option to turn off the dial-up sound. If I misinterpreted the problem please let me know.

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When I power on my Dell Inspiron 570 destop PC, it goes fine until it goes to boot and then it says no boot device detected. And then it states the following details:
Sata0: installed
Sata1: installed
Sata2: not detected
Sata3: not detected

If I go into the boot menu it shows the hard drive on SATA0 and if I select it manually it does boot up. Why won't it boot up normally? Also once it boots doing this manual method it won't let me shut it down. Just sticks on "windows is shutting down". In the BIOS sttings it shows SATA2 & 3 inactive. I checked all the SATA cables, tried moving them to different SATA ports on the mobo. Same result only the SATA# would be different that is not detected. I also restored the BIOS defaults. Different forums are saying it is a bad hard drive, but if that was the case, why when I select it manually from the boot menu does it boot up and everything seems normal? Except for it not wanting to shut down.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

A:Dell Inspiron 570 boot problem

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