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windows "create recovery disk" fails.

Q: windows "create recovery disk" fails.

brand new laptop. HP. 17e UEFI +GPT etc.
upgraded to 8.1 from 8, first thing.
then clicked on the MS, create recovery. (in blind hope of a clean 8.1 restore)
inserted (32gb stick) (later found out is illegal windows 8 version, that is not removable.) SD-extreme, 32gb. list on toms HW, as winner of all, (and is useless for this app)
so i pull out my very old SD cruiser glide, 32gb (old , slow and not win 8 cert (a good thing)
yes all 32gb extremes are mapped as HDD not removable media and is doomed. (known on all forums)
but same error. (humm) the cruiser shows up i device manager under removable media....btw
but i want to find out why the missing files error.
i have a HDD and SSD, with latter mirrored. both the orig, HDD fails and SSD fails. same way.
i parked the HDD , and run only SSD. but both fail... (my guess is , upgrades 8.0 to windows 8.1 is cause)

now the screen,

my simple questions, how can i find the log of these errors, it's not in event viewer.. oddly
sfc/ scannow works. as does chkdsk, and restore (create) works,. and system is Fast a lightning.
all HP apps works, cept there version of create disk for same reasons,

please help me. thanks for reading.
ps, my HP create recovery now works on the GLIDE. (old very old 32gb stick i had laying about)
so now im thinking HP? blocks the MS create so you will use theirs?

but id love to know this, what files are missing....

A: windows "create recovery disk" fails.

How can you have a brand new laptop with an "illegal" 8 ?

You may be right about HP affecting the recovery drive process. Possible they have linked to their own version of recovery drive creator or similar.

Also possible your winre.wim isn't registered.

Try running reagentc /enable at an elevated command.

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Tried searching for the Lenovo x230 has a partitioned 13gb. It says you can recover this disk space if you create recovery media; however when I do that it says..."Windows 7 only allows one copy of the operating system." Anything that I can do? I actually don't even plan on recovering the space but just want a backup in case the partitioned drive fails.

A:Can't create recovery media "Windows 7 only allows one copy"


Just create an image to use, have a look through the information in this tutorial at the link below for some additional ideas and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Imaging with free Macrium

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Hi - I keep getting the message that a backup failed due to less than 400 MB on the Windows disk. I have about 350 GB available on the disk!

Other backups have worked OK. I have seen a long thread on the Microsoft site with lots of people saying they have the same intermittent problem, but no solution. Anyone know what causes this?

I'm working Home Premium, and backup up to another hard disk on the same machine which also has lots of free space.

Thanks guys


A:Vista backup fails "not enough space on Windows disk"

Just a couple of simple questions, which you may have already covered.
How much space is on the C drive.(where Vista is installed)
On the 'Where do you want to save your backup' page, you are sure it is your second drive and not the 'Recovery' partition.

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i want make a dvd disk for my compaq recovery, but it always shows "this is not a blank disk, please insert a blank dvd?". wut should i do to get a recovery dvd? (i have updated my drive, but nothing useful. i have tested my burner with nero, it works fine.)

A:"compaq Recovery Cd/dvd Creator"!!! why it always shows "this is not a blank disk"?

plz help!!!

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I've tried frequently documented solution regarding FsDepends where
changing the start reg key from a value of 3 to 0.... doesn't work as this is a common symptom to a different problem.

When using partdisk or the disk management gui I get the error message: "A virtual disk support provider for the specified file was not found"
eg partdisk select vdisk file=c:\my.vdh
There are some statements that some Intel Management Control Software might be knobbing this feature... does anybody know what this installation is doing so that the process can be reversed?
Any other suggestions?

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Microsoft Windows Repair Disc refuses to work. What should I do to allow creation of a System Repair Disc?

I created (I think successfully, as the Finish window seemed normal) a System Image on a USB hard drive. The image was created overnight.

After the image was created, while still inside Backup and Restore, I received the sub-window, asking if I wanted to Create a System Repair Disc. I inserted a new DVD, and clicked to start the process.

The "Create a System Repair Disc" subwindow opened, to allow the drive selection.

Immediately thereafter, (with the drive selection window text greyed out) before the I could even see the drive selection drop-down arrow, a failure window opened on top of it:
Microsoft Windows Repair Disc has stopped working
A problem caused .... please close the program.

If the debug option was chosen, the same window appeared, but without the Debug option, leaving only the Close the program option.

I rebooted, and via Backup and Restore, again tried to Create a System Repair Disc. This failed the same way. I rebooted, and used another freshly unpacked DVD. The same failure occurred.

Following forum post suggestions, I have subsequently successfully burned and verified a DVD on the DVD drive.

I use Windows 7 Professional on an Asus U50-F.

Yesterday -- maybe a coincidence -- before this failure I also installed (successfully) all of the most recent Windows Updates.

A:"Create a System Repair Disc" fails

Follow these instructions, carefully.
If they do not work, look at step 7
System Repair Disc - Create

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Hi all. Earlier today I was playing around with Windows 8 Developer Preview inside of Virtualbox. I tried to install the VB guest additions (which allows copy-paste between guest and host, as well as other things) and was told to restart the computer. So I restarted the VM and got the new version of the BSOD saying something or other that I cant remember now. After trying to fix it with the recovery tool that came with the Win8 installer, I just chose to reset it because I hadn't really done anything. So I reset it, whoopdie-doo, and kept messing around with it. After a while I got bored of the ugly Metro UI and went back to Windows 7 ( I just closed the VM).

Now that I've bored you enough with background info, here's my problem. I reboot my laptop and I can't boot... "Windows has failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix this problem: <instructions in how to use the recovery disc to repair the computer>. If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data."

So, I whip out my handy-dandy thumb drive that can boot into live Kubuntu, Fedora, GParted, and the Windows 7 x64 recovery disk. I've used the recovery disk before to fix my MBR a while back and it worked perfectly. So I assumed it would do its thing now.... right? Wrong. It searches for Windows inst... Read more

A:"Windows failed to start..." Recovery disk is unable to recover Win.

Nevermind! I fixed it!

The recovery disk I had on my thumb drive just didn't want to put as much effort into it as recovery disk I burned to a CD a while ago (I downloaded the ISO for the recovery CD from NeoSmart while they still hosted them for free, but I downloaded the ISO on my USB from some other website I can't remember). While doing some housecleaning (it's pretty sad to see me do such a thing- I'm either really stressed or really happy whenever I house clean) I found an old Windows 7 x64 recovery CD that I had downloaded from before they stopped hosting it in favor of some paid service. I decided to give it a go, and it worked! In the third paragraph of my original post, I said that the Recovery Disk on my thumb drive told me "Failed to Save Startup Options", but with the Recovery Disk I burned to the CD, it told me to reboot my PC and (after waiting about 10 minutes for the System Restore to check and double check itself, and then reboot again) I'm back in Windows 7!

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I installed Windows Xp professional on my PC and not using licensed Antivirus due to this many times I need to format because of virus attack,

so here I want to install (make ) Recovery drive on my Pc or on CD, but dont know how to do so.

plz help me regarding that matter ?

A:Windows Xp professional "Recovery Drive Disk"

You would have to have a separate drive, either internal or external that is at least as large as your C: drive is. You then can clone your C: drive to the other drive or you can make Image files to DVD's Using Acronis, or Ghost, (which cost but are great and easy to work) or use HDClone

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Hi all,

I'm sure there is a simple solution to this but I cannot find it, or I'm looking in all the wrong places.

This only started about a week or so ago but it comes on everytime I boot up my computer and just sits there, I answer with the option "don't remind me again" but I can't close the pop up.

How do I stop it from appearing in the first place?

Please help as it makes it difficult to work around when I can neither close nor minimize it.



A:Annoying HP "Create Recovery CD"" Pop up

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i want to create recovery imag
when i try using "command prompt" (as admin) , writing image struck at 1% after 20 mins it screen displays "Error Code - 0x80070005"....
refer snap shot
thank yuu

A:cant create recovery image "Error Code - 0x80070005"

you already have a thread going with this same topic ,why start a new one ???

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Windows continually fails to update this module:
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664) -I have retried over and over, it continues to fail.
Error in windows update is:
Error: "WindowsUpdate_00003701" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"
So far there has been no solution provided.

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After a catastrophic computer failure, I managed to recover almost everything. However upon booting up I got the message "BOOTMGR is missing". I used the original Windows installation disk to do Startup Repair, which recovered BOOTMGR. However now every time I boot up I get a message from Windows Boot Manager asking me to choose between "Windows 7...(recovered)" and "Microsoft WIndows Recovery Console". How can I get the computer to boot straight into Windows 7?

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Yet from the same partition i'm able to boot into a "dual boot type install" of LUbuntu which im using just fine right now
On my other hard drive with a windows 10 install. check disk reports NO errors

Trying to boot from the windows 7 install dual boot begins booting but almost instantly kicks to an old style loading bar then goes to startup repair
and it fails with the problem being "bad hard drive"

but somehow it LUbuntu has no problem booting when i select to boot from it instead of windows 7
all of my data MUST be intact because otherwise i wouldn't be able to boot at all. and i can see all the files on my drive just fine

When I tried to boot in safe mode. it stopped after a few system files were loaded then went to startup repair. I dont remember the file it stopped at.

I have no idea how to solve this??
Is there some way to do a full repair of windows 7? not just the silly startup repair?

This is a very urgent frustrating and serious problem

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Hi there!
First of all thanks for the great toturial and the forum.

I tried to do the in-place upgrade from Windows 10 (build 1607) in order to "repair" my system (there are some quirks I want to get rid off) using a freshly created USB (as per description), but it fails with the message "make sure that there is enough disk space available in your PC" (rough translation from german; see attached screenshot) without any further information.

It then automatically cycles back to the question on how to install (i.e. with keeping data and apps or without) and then back into the above mentioned error message.

This is what I already tried or made sure of prerequisites needed:
I have made sure that there is definitely enough disk space available.My C: partition (where windows resides on) is 106 GB large and has currently over 58 GB of free space available.The system partition that is supposed to be 350 MB is still 350 MB (I read something about this potentially being reduced to 100 MB by other tools ...).I have deinstalled the Kaspersky anti virus tool (reinstalled it now after several tries with no success).I have disabled (i.e. fully decrypted) the disk encryption bitlocker on all disks.

My partitions (as seen from "Mini Tool Partition Wizard" and "Disk Manager"):
Do you have any ideas on what else could be wrong?
What intrigues me most is the fact that there is no further information in the error message on what or where is missing... Read more

A:In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space"

Hi, Mark and welcome to Ten Forums.
Have you tried to mount the ISO in File Explore, instead if using an USB stick?
I just download the current ISO here: Windows 10 ISO , mount it in File Explorer and run the setup.exe.

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Hi all,

Sorry to repeat a question I see a lot of instances of, but none of those seem to be addressing my problem correctly.

I have not done anything new to my computer in recent days, so this problem has caught me off guard (I see most instances of this problem come after upgrading to Windows 7, I have had Win 7 installed for a while now).

Here is a summary of my problem:
1) My computer recently got stuck on the "Starting Windows Screen." So I manually held the power button to reboot.
2) On reboot, it said there was a need to run a startup repair, which I did. Everything checked fine, except for the last one which said "System Volume on Disk is Corrupted," which it claimed to have successfully fixed.
3) After rebooting from repair, the system gets stuck on "Starting Windows Screen" for a good 10-15 minutes, after which it runs a registry check. After it completes that I get hopeful -- but the screen then gets stuck on an all black screen with just the mouse cursor and nothing more.
4) Additional note: Attempting to start the computer on "safe mode" leads safe mode startup to become stalled on "DRIVERS\CLASSPNP.SYS"
5) The lastest attempt to repair yielded this message: "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.
Problem event Name: Startup Repair Offline
Problem signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
02: 6.1.7600.16385
03: uknown
04: 21201099
05" AutoFailover
06: 2
07: Corrupt Volume
OS Version: 6.1.7600.... Read more

A:Stuck on "Starting Windows", Repair Shows "System Volume on Disk is Corrupted"

Hi Stan, Hopefully I can help you out....or at least lead you in the right direction. From my experience, the symptoms you are suggesting sound like perhaps a dying Hard drive.

1. Do you have the windows 7 boot disks that came with your computer or when you bought the Operating System? If so, you could try and insert one of those and boot from it, and attempt to repair the installation. (this won't affect your data, only the windows system files).

2. If that doesn't fix it, you could try a fresh reinstall of windows 7, and see if that works.

3. If neither of those work, its likely that because of the fact that when windows is repairing itself, it is generally putting copies of its system files in the same physical location on your disk. Because your disk is obviously not completely dead, ie....its still loading to the windows 7 startup screen, its just copying files to the bad sectors on your hard drive and gets stuck when loading. This is especially my guess because you said Safe mode is having same problems, even after attempting to repair. In the past, I've tried and salvage a disk by reformatting it and only leaving on partitions which do not contain the bad clusters. This takes some time, and some guess work.....and really this is only a "bandaid" fix because once the disk has bad clusters, its only a matter of time before these things give out. You wouldn't want to trust your important data on it anyways....

I hope this leads you in ... Read more

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i just had my satellite fixed and i want to create a disk to backup everything that i have on my has only the things that came with the computer on it."fresh installation" and i need to know what kind of disk, and how do i know exactly what to back-up? never backed up anything i use a dvd disk? and if i use a regular cd-r will it fit everything on one disk ? thanks in advance for any help!

A:"new toshiba satellite" how do i create a backup disk before i start using computer.

there should be an article in the manual you have,DVD-rs usually and how many depends on how much data you got

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Is it possible to create a WevDAV server in my windows 7 Enterprise SP1, using IIS 7.5?

I have several devices (including iPAd with iOS 5) which need a WebDAV to interchange or save files in a (home) "cloud disk".

A:Howto create a WebDAV "cloud disk" in my Win7 Enterprise Using IIS 7

Just trying to help you here but people are probably not responding because you might need to find a forum that specializes in IIS. But, come to SevenForums frequently because we a large helpful community!

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I'm having a lot of trouble with this western digital hard drive, originally it was for a sky box I took it out and I want to use it for my PC, I've tried formatting the disk via command prompt but I'm having no luck.

Got this when trying to create a new volume/partition
VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error code: [email protected]
In partition wizard, I'm getting "bad disk"

A:Disk wont create partitions/volumes at all, "An I/O device error."

Most likely your Hard Drive is getting or is corrupt. Go to the website of the manufacturer and test your drive.

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hello, let's just get to the point, i had this problem recently where my pc can load windows, it keep looping
pc's on - booting - then "Windows Loading Files" - restart
it's infinite i don't know what to do, i don't have a cd rom, and i can't reinstall my windows from USB because every time i tried it says : "disk error" or "disk read error"
even after i burn it to USB correctly, tried this on other pc and USB can load just fine.
i'm thinking, it's something wrong with my boot system in System Reserved, is there anyway i can do to fix this?

A:"Windows Loading Files" infinite loop, Can't Boot USB "disk error"


Have you tried changing the boot sequence inside the BIOS?

Normally pressing F2 or F12 on the computer will solve this.

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Hi, yes, sorry- a request for help with WEI/Winsat. I've looked at this from time to time, but cannot find the error listed on the internet.

In an elevated command prompt:
winsat formal
- fails (aborts)
Error: Cannot create formal lines for the disk assessment
ERROR: Access is denied.

I don't understand and can't find out what that means.

Now these commands do work:
winsat media -input C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT -xml media.xml
winsat features
winsat cpu - compression
winsat mem -mint 4.0 -maxt 12.0 -buffersize 32MB -xml memtest.xml
winsat dwm -xml dwmtest.xml
winsat dwm -xml C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\dwmtest.xml
winsat mfmedia -input C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\winsat.wmv -xml C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\datastore\mfmediatest.xml
winsat disk -seq -read -drive c
winsat disk -seq -read -n 0
-xml C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\datastore\disktest.xml

At the GUI level, I see
Click Windows Experience Index: Unrated
New hardware detected
Your computer has a windows Experience Index base score of ?
Subscore, Base Score - no figures.

Last Rating: %LastChecked%
Manage startup programs no
Adjust visual effects no
Adjust indexing options no
Adjust power settings no
Open Disk Cleanup no
Advanced tools works
Security Center no
Problem Reports and Solutions no
Learn how you can improve... no
View & print no
Learn more no
View software no
View ways no
What do.... Read more

A:Winsat - "Cannot create formal lines for disk assessment"

Some more info:

1. I've found I can sometimes persuade it to show a WEI score of 1.0.
2. If that is true, then Performance Information and Tools shows 'Refresh'
(New hardware detected)
3. If I hit 'Refresh', an attempt to compute WEI is made.
4. The links on the page which didn't work then do.
5. That fails as before with the Access denied message when a disk assessment is attempted.
ERROR: can't crate disk assessment command line: Access is denied.
appears in the log file (spelt as such).
6. Note, I only see that error if the formal assessment is attempted (refresh, or winsat formal from an elevated command prompt)
7. This is a laptop, no hardware changes per se, though drivers have been added & updated.
8. I did try updating the Nvidia driver, but it didn't work, and is again the HP build.
9. winsat can write log and xml files to C:\Windows\Performance\Winsat, so the Access denied doesn't seem to refer to that. Maybe to the registry?

Vista 32 bit, Home Premium, up to date.

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Hi there,

I am facing a problem with the backup program of Windows 8. My computer (Asus with 250SSD) disk is new and I just installed my programs. Now I want to create a System Image using Windows. The image should be around 50go. Everything works fine until I get a message error saying my external disk does not have enough space, which is impossible since it is completely empty (500go).
Did anyone have ever meet that problem and/or have advices to help me? I would like to solve that and not be forced to used another way to backup.

Thank you,


A:Create system image failed - "not enough space on disk"

Is your second disc formatted NTFS?

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hi. i'm new here. nice to meet all of you!
just like a lot of folks i'm sure, i've come here because there are some weird things running on my pc that shouldnt be in there.
please help!!!!!!

heres the hijack log
(thanks in advance. i don't know much about this computer virus stuff.)

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:06:40 AM, on 9/5/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect\retrorun.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Verizon Online\ConnMgr\cmisrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Components\Encoder\Wmencagt.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Verizon Online\AppMgr\vz... Read more

A:"windows no disk" and "winsilly" "win956temp"

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Hi everyone,

I want to create a bootable CD/DVD that will restore all system settings.....just like "Restore" in Windows OS, but I want the restore program to be run seperately from a bootable disk with the restore point info on it.....

The reason that I want this is that I've encountered two Virtumondes in the past year......both cut off my access to OS restore, registry, safe mode, and Windows Recovery Console. If I had a restore application with a restore point on a bootable disk, it would have saved me an unbelievable amount of work......

Bootable disk images are not an option with all that I have going on my system......for example, I've wasted alot of valuable time trying to create bootable disk images on 10-20 disks......only to find out the hard way that system changes made them unusable.....

I know there is a reletively easy way to do this......but all the MS help and info is just confusing me......

If someone could give me the step-by-step instructions on how to do it......or give me a link to some clear instructions on how to do it......I would forever be in your debt...... :)


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From Backup and Restore in Control panel...I get the errors in the jpg attached ? The drive is working and I can add and delete files at random to the D: drive. Currently I'm using regular CD's...not a DVD disk.


A:Can't create "System Restore Disk" ?

Could it be you dvd burner having issues? try updating the dvd drives firmware

You could try backing it up on an external drive or network drive.

If that is not an option you could download a pre-made iso of a repair disc

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Hello everyone.

I am thinking to convert my HDDs to Windows Dynamic Disks. I would love to use software RAID (Hardware Does not support RAID) and I see to do this I need to Convert HDDs to Dynamic Disks. I have done Dynamic Disk RAID 0 in Win XP era.

I heavily rely on the inbuilt Windows Image backup to Reset the system to Fully customized and tuned state as the need be. I came to read that Image backup does not like Backing up TO A DYNAMIC DISK.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

However, I am curious if the Image backup can successfully backup FROM and RESTORE TO a Dynamic disk , provided that WindowsImageBackup Itself is on a basic, USB HDD?

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How to remove the "Authenticated Users" "Create Folders" permission from the root of the C Drive via command-line?
I know this question has been asked many times before, but nothing works for us!
We tried the following:
Take ownership: I cannot take ownership using the Administrator account (local and Domain Admin accounts) of the root C:. Error Access Denied
Cuurent root C: owner is TrustedInstaller and acnnot be changed.
We cannot change or remove the Create Folders permission of the Authenticated Users of the root C: . Error Access Denied.
Drive C: is hidden via GPO, but many users can enter it from the File-Explorer and create folders in the root C:.
We do not want -for many reasons- to Block/ Prevent Access to C: via GPO.
We also tried to run cacls and/or icacls under the system-account (PSEXEC -i -s -d CMD). Error Access Denied.
icacls C:\ /deny *S-1-5-11:(NP)(AD)
Error Access Denied.
icacls C:\ /remove:g *S-1-5-11
Error Access Denied.
cacls c:\ /e /c /R "Authenticated Users"
Error Access Denied.
Also using GPO "Computer Configuration\Security Settings\Restricted Groups ..." does not work!
Now we have this issue on over 450 pc's on our network. Nothing work. Please help! How to remove the "Authenticated Users" "Create Folders" permission from the root of the C: Drive on command-line?


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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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Hi, i am having problems with creating shortcuts on my desktop. when i select send to desktop (create shortcut) it comes up with the error:

Windows could create the shortcut. Check to see if the disc is full.

I have over 180 GB free space left.

To get things to the desktop i can drag it into the tab section next to the start icon, and then drag onto desktop.
But when i do this i am always required to give permission and it creates two desktop icons.

i have been having problems with my catalyst control centre but i dont think they are related.

A:Cannot create shortcuts on desktop "windows could not create the shortcut"

It may not be it, but it doesn't hurt to do a quick scan with

I had something where I could not delete files in Explorer even with a "delete on next boot" type utility. Turns out there was a Registry hack something about "ExplorerNoChange" or some crap. Malwarebytes cleaned it right off and things were back to normal.

You may have gotten some prank registry setting that's not allowing you to properly create icons on the desktop. It's a possibility.

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I've scanned my laptop with SFC four times in this past week, and each scan ended with the same failure to repair specific files. I'm uncertain how to proceed with these corrupted files.

I followed the instructions in the SFC /SCANNOW tutorial; I installed the System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR in attachments) after running SFC three times and it managed to find and fix some sort of error. However, the results seem to be the same in the new SFC scan logs.

I also tried obtaining a .iso of Windows 7 home premium from Microsoft's website (Access Denied) to run a repair install, but it will not accept my product key due to it being a pre-installation provided by Samsung.

I do not have a Windows 7 installation disc so I cannot manually replace them like the tutorial suggests.
Also, I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I ran the WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab troubleshooter several times as well (dism.txt is in attachments). Every single time it says that two problems were found:
1. Problems installing recent updates (Not fixed)
2. Service registration is missing or corrupt (Fixed)

Additionally, I've recently noticed that my free hard drive space has been decreasing rapidly. In the past two days, it has decreased by 2 or 3 GB, despite not downloading or installing anything. Is this related to my current problem with the corrupted files or something else? I don't know how to find what's eating up my storage space.

Any advice is appreciated,


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I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64

The other day I was afk while listening to loud music from my computer.
Suddenly the speakers began screaming in a high pitch and when I got to my computer it had frozen.
I tried to reboot it, but it simply froze at the Windows loading screen with the floating balls of light and the text: "Starting Windows".
I have also tried booting from the Windows 7 Installation DVD, but it freezes at the loading screen once again.

I then tried to use the Startup Repair Tool, only to find Windows freezing at the loading screen again.

When trying to reboot in safe mode, it freezes again, just after having loaded "disk.sys"

These are the things I have tried so far:
- I have run memory tests using Memtest86.
- I have run hard disk drive tests using SeaTools
- No errors were found.
- I removed the sound card from the MB, with same boot result.
- I have reset the BIOS
- I booted with 2GB of RAM instead of my standard 4GB

Anyone who can think of other things I should try?

A:Windows freeze on boot at "Starting Windows" and "LOADED ...\disk.sys"

Suggest you run SFC. {Option 2}
You may need to run it at least 3 times.
Let us know the report at the end please.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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I got the warning msg that my drive "E" (system restore) was almost full. I did a disk cleanup, and a delete all restore points (including system...). After deleting approx 25 restore points and I've deleted down to 2 currently (new ones) and the only way I could get them to go was with CCleaner, My disk now shows only 4.2 free of the setting of 10.6GB. I cannot find what it taking up over 6GB on my recovery disk. What has it gone for....? I searched the internet several hours but can't find the answer. Any help appreciated...TJ

A:Unable to increase free space on Recovery Disk "E"

System Restore points take up space on C, rather than in E or a recovery partition in my experience. A recovery partition is normally put there by the manufacturer to allow you to restore to factory specifications if needed. I wouldn't ever deliberately put anything else on a recovery partition.

Who made this PC?

Can you post a picture of Windows Disk Management so we can see a visual display of your partitions?

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Good evening people! .
I did a clean windows 7 recovery yesterday night (left computer doing the work while I was asleep) via HP recovery manager, and today while setting it up, I plugged in my external HDD for software installers and stuff (not sure if the problem was present at the moment).Later, when I wanted to eject it and unplug it, it didn't want to eject, saying that something in it was in use, although I was sure I closed everything in relation (maybe a process was still on), but I unplugged it anyways thinking that the ejection is not crucial for mass storage devices, then when I plugged it back in later, it showed as Local Disk, and so did the recovery partition tat was entitled "Recovery" before (The external HDD, which is a Transcend, does work properly though, and when plugged, the scan options notification from ESET Smart Security display its original name).
I hope I wasn't long explaining useless stuff, and hope you guys would be of help to me, thank you so much for your time! ^^.

A:External Hdd+ recovery partition show as "Local disk"

what is shows in device manager?..
Disk management?

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Hello, I recently tried to install debian linux via a live USB, which didn't go too well. Basically, my mbr and general boot sector got messed up completely.

So I used the live USB to re-write the mbr of Windows 7 using "TestDisk" on linux, which let the OS show up in my win 7 recovery disk.

The first time, it started repairing straight away, and asked me to reboot. I did so, and the second time, it went to the list of recovery options, of which I selected repair system (I think thats what it's called... the first one anyway) which did some more repairs, and asked me to reboot again. This time, the repair CD still booted, but said there were no problems and the OS should boot perfectly fine.

This is not the case, removed the cd and I still just get "ctrl+alt+del reboot" on my boot screen. Any ideas what options I have from here?

A:Boot screen displays "mbr" no problems in recovery disk

this has happened to my uncles laptop before, it is quite mis-leading, if you have recently installed some modules of ram, sometimes if the size and speed dont match it will show that error, this is one of the reasons that that error comes up, i assume there are many more

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Hi, my sister has Sony Vaio E-Series which runs windows 7 Home edition. She encountered a problem starting up the windows and decided to use Recovery Disk, Recovery Disk stopped working and needs additional source (disk) to run. She weren't successful so decided to stop recovery and run it again. After that the error "BOOTMGR is missing" appeared! When I put the recovery disk inside the machine it doesn't work. F8 and F4 keys also don't work. So I can't use the similar solution mentioned on the internet like running "system restore". She also doesn?t have Windows 7 installation disc to run.

Please help me solve this problem

A:Error "BOOTMGR is missing"_It doesn't allow me to use recovery disk

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document

How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:
1.Go to
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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I know this question has been asked before as I've read about it all over the Internet. In order to get rid of the 'Low Disk Space' message it says to go to the registry and locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer, type a new value, etc. The only problem is I don't have an Explorer key. It ends at Policies.

I've tried everything. I've tried creating the key myself, and I've tried inserting the value into the policies folder. Nothing has worked. Can anyone help?
Thank you

A:Solved: Can't get rid of "Low Disk Space" message on my recovery drive

I guess no one else is having this problem. Do you think this is a problem with HP?

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My laptop, when powered up started automatically launching Windows Start Repair and loops for hours in fixing problems. I do not know what prompted this cycle to even start. I have entered the F2 screen at the start up and made it so it starts from a disk vs hard drive. I then put in the 1st recovery cd and restart. It automatically loads into the screen "Please wait a moment" and never proceeds. Help

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Went to do an XP reinstall of factory restore disks (3) and never, ever had this problem. After files were copied, asked to restart PC and got a prompt stating...."cannot find ntldr"-
then asks for a boot disk presumably with this file on it- this has never, ever happened before- isn't ntldr one of the files that's copied and then installed?? I guess what I need to do is to locate an ntldr file, make a disk of it and try to get it installed so the rest of the Xp install can be completed. Thinking perhaps I have a corrupt recovery/reinstallation disk- any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I am experiancing really big problems using my Acer Travelmate 4202LMi Laptop.

I cannot hear any sound, I cannot use my webcam, and I can't use the Acer Empowering Technology. I have tried to use the System Recovery disks to re-install windows... and It gets so far into installing it, then says "Cannot Install Operating System, Missing Partition" or something along those lines.

I need a free and easy to use software that will allow me to re-install windows on my laptop using the recovery disk.

Thanks for any help given!

A:"Missing Partition" - Acer Recovery Disk

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First of all, let me say that I understand written English, but very poorly written and would like to apologize ...

Is it possible not to have the partition "recovery"?

Because if you look at the two tutorials:

- UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Forums

- UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

In the tutorial to install Windows 7 in UEFI, there is not that damn partition recovery, while in the tutorial for Windows 8, we can see it.

When I install Windows 7 (MBR mode), I avoid this partition "recovery" by creating a partition with a name before installation. I install the OS on it and everything is fine, no partition "recovery" But here, since one must delete all partitions, is there a solution? If I create a GPT disk with a partitioning tool before installing, is that it might be appropriate?

Tomorrow I get a DVD (OEM) of Windows 8, and so far I've never installed UEFI, I would avoid the nonsense.

Thank you for your answers.

A:"Recovery" Partition in GPT disk for UEFI installation.

Welcome to the forums. Someone will help out on your question soon, I think. I am not fluent enough (yet ) with UEFI/GPT to help out.

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(what my recovery partition contains, am I missing a file?)

I copied the recovery partition over to another block of unallocated space since it was in the way of a partition I wanted to merge with my Windows partition.

After doing that, Disk Management displayed "Primary Partition" instead of "Recovery Partition".

How do I get it to show "Recovery Partition"? I re-registered WindowsRE using reagentc /setreimage, I even obtained new files for WinRE from the install.wim in my ESD folder, used 450 MB on the dot, and I tried this diskpart script:

rem == HideRecoveryPartitions-UEFI.txt
select disk 0
select partition 3
set id=de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001

It still displays "Primary Partition". All I want is for Disk Management to identify the partition as the Recovery Partition.

Also, what is the default PBRImage Location (the one that uses install.wim, not winre.wim) for Windows 10? I'm currently using a custom one, but I'm curious of the default one.

A:How do I show "(Recovery Partition)" in Disk Management?

So despite my computer being able to boot into a UEFI-environment, I had to use a BIOS-environment script to get the desired result.

rem == HideRecoveryPartitions-BIOS.txt
select disk 0
select partition 3
set id=27
list volume

This topic can now be locked (although I am still curious about the default PBRImage location, as mentioned previously--so if anyone knows that, please post :3).

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6094 here for which I have just made the system recovery disks. There are three system recovery disks and an additional disk called "Recovery Environment". This "Recovery Environment" is not included if you buy the system recovery DVDs from Toshiba and my little bit of Googling seems to take me to no explanation as to what the idea is behind this disk.

I suspect it is superfluous; but, what was the idea behind including it in the system recovery set in the first place?

A:Toshiba's "Recovery Environment" -- What was the idea behind this disk?

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I want to migrate my Win7 x64 to a new hdd which is partitioned as GPT. I tried the migration process I've used before on MBR disks:
Image system partition to new hdd (I used Easus PM to do this).
Mount System hive in the copy and delete C: from MountedDevices
Make a System Recovery CD.
Unplug all but the new drive
Boot off the Recovery disc and repair startup configuration
On the last step I got a message saying the Recovery disc is incompatible with the Windows version. I thought an up-to-date W7 system could make a Recovery disc that could handle a GPT hdd and configure the UEFI boot. Am I wrong? How to proceed?

I had previously done a test install of Server 2008R2 on the new drive. It worked fine. I deleted the test partition before I tried to migrate Win7. I'm wondering if the entry for 08R2 in the UEFI boot records is confusing the Win7 recovery app? Is there a way to delete the old boot entry?

A:System Recovery disk "incompatible"

In case anyone is following this, I found that the Recovery CD generated by Windows 7 (x64 Ult) does not have a UEFI boot option, which makes it useless for repairing a UEFI bootable GPT disk. Instead I used a Win7 Ult. x64 + SP1 installation DVD. This disc appeared in the boot menu with a UEFI boot option. After choosing language, I clicked the repair option. It fixed the copied partition and corrected the Windows Boot Manager, after which, the copied system partition booted up just fine with the GPT drive as the only hdd in the system.

When I reconnected the other hdd's, however, the system failed to boot. I did a UEFI boot off the DVD again, and it said it fixed the problem, but the system still would not boot. The fact that it failed when the original partition was mounted suggests that it might be an issue with the partition signature being duplicated. I'll look further...

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Hi Guys, any ideas how to access my external hard drive [TOSHIBA MK3029GACE] device manager can see it but it does not appear in disc management.

I use this HDD perfectly in my car HDD player. But when I try to connect it to my Laptop, it does not show up in disk management.

Please check the attached screen shot..

Thanks for the help....

A:HDD shows in "Device Manager" but not in "DiskPart"or" Disk Management

Specs show that drive has a ATA-6 interface (P-ATA, or IDE). How are you connecting this drive to your laptop? Does the laptop have a PATA or SATA connection? Does it use an adapter?

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When installing SP2 on my computer, there was a box that recommended "Backing up my system" before proceeding. So I created a restore point. I will install it on my daughter's computer next, and would like to know if I was supposed to do anything fancier than creating a restore point before installing SP2?

A:Does "Back up your system" mean "Create a Restore Point"?

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If the default program for an extension is wrong, I find it most natural to change it using the 'Choose Program' option on the 'Open With' menu from the context menu for the file. However, that stopped working correctly a few weeks ago. It is supposed to bring up a dialogue that allows one to choose another program and, optionally, to make that be the new default for the file type. However, what is happening now is that it goes ahead and invokes an irrelevant program (the Emacs text editor) which cannot handle the file. I never see the 'Choose Program' dialogue.

(E.g., I am trying to open a video file with a different player, and, when I click 'Choose Program', it immediately hands the file to Emacs, rather than giving me the chance to say I want to use VLC. (Fortunately, Emacs realizes that the file is too big for anything it can normally do and awaits verification before actually trying.))

I know I can still modify the association using Folder Options; but I would rather get 'Choose Program' working again if anyone can show me how.

Running Windows XP Home SP3 on a dual-core AMD Athlon computer with AMD 960G for graphics. (I think the TSG SysInfo would be overkill for this issue; but I will provide it in a reply if someone thinks it could help.)

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I have almost 2 Gb of music on my computer that I'd hate to lose. And hate to have to rebuy or redownload too.

So what I'm wondering is... can I back up all that music on 3-4 700mb disks as a data disk instead of making a 70 minute music disk?

I have Sonic RecordNow that I use for music burning and data backup. I'm just wondering if it is possible to back up 1/3 of it in a folder as a data disk, and do the same for the other parts.

Possible? Would this work?

It would make much more sense to have 4 disks that although you could not PLAY them in a CD player as the songs would be stored in a folder on it, to just be able to copy them out onto another computer instead of making 20+ audio CD's.

Would my idea work? Help me out guys...

A:Backing up music as a "data" disk instead of a "audio" disk? Possible?

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I had a fresh install of 7 and everything was working fine.
All of a sudden it starts randomly freezing and programs start responding.
I got KERNAL_PAGING_ERROR BSODs etc. and got a new disk, thinking it was that.
After cloning the new disk which didn't work, and produced loads of errors on chkdsk, I decided to do a clean install of 7.

I still keep getting "Disk boot error, insert system disk and press enter", and when it does boot, it freezes all the time and every time I click the start button, it basically crashed and is messed up.

Tried new SATA cable and ports. Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 freezing, "Disk boot error, insert system disk and press enter"

BIOS settings or Motherboard issues?

Have you checked with the manufacturer website for the Motherboard that you have the Windows 7 drivers?

Is your Windows 7 DVD a retail copy...or the pre release BETA....or dodgy(in which case problems might lie there)

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Help! I've been trying for a few days to solve this, but MS and Google Searches haven't been able to help out at all.

On Windows 8 the Windows Store fails to start up on my wife's account. When you click on the app, you get the start screen for the windows store with the circle animation at the bottom, but that's it. It just stays on that screen, with the circle spinning around, and never goes any further.

It was that way on my account too. (Same computer.) Then on my login I ran wsreset.exe and it fixed the problem. But on my wife's login when I run wereset.exe, still the same problem -- wsreset.exe brings up the Windows Store start screen, then the start screen just sits there...

(Not really in order, especially since I've tried some of these a few times!)
1. Run wsreset.exe
2. Run sfc /scannow
3. Run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth [as administrator]
4. Open a PowerShell [as administrator] and run Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth
5. Download and run the Microsoft UI App troubleshooter
6. Run [as administrator] powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

The most curious thing is that Windows Store works on my account but not my wife's account! The biggest difference is that she's running with a Windows Live ID and I'm just running with a local login. Don't know if that makes a difference...?

Please let me know wha... Read more

A:Windows store fails to start - "normal" fixes didn't help!

Hello Homercles, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check using the troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below to see if they may help.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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To be honest, I just downloaded Windows Update Readiness Tool because my "Turn Windows Feature On or Off" shows up blank every time I open it just like the picture attached.

So, I researched that the way to fix it is by installing Windows Update Readiness Tool, and so, I did. But, when I try to install, it LITERALLY "fails" to do so (as seen on the other pic) . Can anyone help me resolve this problem? I want a concrete answer with steps for me to follow. I don't care however complicated those steps may be, as long as they definitely fix the issue.

Thanks to all who help

A:Windows Update Readiness Tool Literally "Fails" to install

Run sfc /scan now using option 2 in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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So my computer was left on over night and I wake up and turn on the monitor and the computer was frozen. I re-started it everything is fine. I go on facebook check my email, then it just restarts on me without warning. It gets stuck at the starting windows screen for about 3-5mins then blue screens with a whole screen full of words that shows for about a half a millisecond (I can't read it, but i saw the word memory on there once). After the blue screen, it restarts itself and will do this endless amount of times.

I can't acess safe mode(I don't believe), and i have tried using my 8gig ram, then 6, then 4, then two and then none. If I use none the computer wont start up at all. I can enter BIOS if thats helpful. Please help if you can.

Thanks for your time in advance,

A:Computer crashes and fails to start up at "Starting Windows" screen...

I would Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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I'm using a MBP mid 2012 15-inch non-retina running Windows 7 through BootCamp.
I decided to update my installation to the SP1 and hence installed a few Windows essential updates. After the update, I realized that my WiFi failed to connect to any hotspot, although all were present in the connection selection dialogue in the system tray. On clicking connect on any SSID, it takes around 30 seconds and then says "Connection unsuccessful , Limited connectivity to **** "
Also, neither connecting an ethernet cable nor USB tethering from my Android phone seem to work. Any help?
I've tried installing the latest BootCamp Support software, tried uninstalling and deleting existing ethernet and wireless adapter drivers

MacBook Pro, Windows 7, Running OS X 10.8.3 and BootCamp 5

EDIT: I have manually update both the ethernet and WLAN drivers, to no avail

A:Windows 7 SP1 WiFi Fails "Limited Access/Not Connected" after update

Please complete so our BSOD Team can have a look.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I just built a PC and I'm having a bit of trouble getting my Windows Experience Index rating.

I have done some research and it seems the issue has to do with the processor having more than 16 MB L3 cache. I downloaded a hotfix from Microsoft's site meant for this issue, but I still got the error. (The download page for hotfix doesn't even work anymore.)

I'm a bit lost as to what to do at this point. Is there any other solutions on how to fix this? I don't need my WEI rating but it would be nice to see what it is.

OS- Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
CPU- Intel 17-5960x
RAM- G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4-2800, 64GB
GPU- Nvidia GTX Geforce Titan X
MoBo- Asus Rampage V Extreme
SSD- Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB (x2 in RAID 0)


A:WEI Fails "Unable to Measure Memory Performance" (Windows 7 Pro x64)

I am having the same problem...
I have 24gb of DDR4 2400 (GSkill) RAM with Core i7-6700k CPU.

It has something to do with my memory.

Have you been able to resolve your issue? If so, could you pass it along?

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I have a big problem here,
I have used my hard disk for 9month,
Yesterday when I watched movie on the half way,
My hard disk suddenly disfuntion,
And I thought my laptop problem due to always lagging so I restart my computer.
But after that I can't read my hard disk (WD)in my computer.
It can read in computer management there.

Ways I try:
1)I try to uninstall and reinstalled again,BUT it doesn't work.
2)I try to unchecked the hide folder and device at view.
3)I try to update the software BUT it still disfunction.
4)I try to use disk management and initialized it BUT there appeared CANNOT INITIALIZED Due to I/O device error.

Any solution for me ?

A:Hard Disk can't read in "my computer ", "initialized",I/O device error

The most usual cause is that the Hard Drive is beginning to fail. Back up your stuff. Go to the website of the manufacturer and test the drive.

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Hello, TSG!

Just yesterday I was using the computer normally until I got a Blue Screen. Getting a blue screen is usually something normal that occurs to my every so often, so I didn't mind it and rebooted the computer normally. However, I got two more blue screens within the next hour. The 3rd time rebooting, my computer starts to act strange as if it had a virus. Upon powering up the monitor would just display a black screen with two lines about something --- which I don't remember, sorry --- and stayed like that unless I plugged out the power cord or held on the power button to shut down. Then when after a few tries it boots and displays a message "Floppy Disk Failure" and "Drive 1 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-1" (and the same message for Drives 2 and 3) show up. Also it asks me to continue loading by pressing the F1 Key.

When Windows loads the first time, it displays a message saying a bunch of hardware has just been installed and ready for use. Also, my internal clock resetted itself back to Monday, November 07, 2005 (Which, if I recall, is the date when I got the computer) and my speakers do not work.

TL;DR Version
3 blue screens within a short time
Floppy disk fail
Drivers 1-3 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-1-3

Anyway, I browsed through Google but I haven't seen anyone with both problems. I disabled my Floppy Disk Drive and that message doesn't show up anymore, but the others do and my computer still isn't fixed. I ran a vir... Read more

A:Solved: "Floppy Disk Failure" and "Drive 1 not found" problem

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I recently updated my PC to windows 10. It worked fine for a couple of weeks, but then it stopped booting. I started it regularly, and it showed the HP logo with the spinning circle, but then it just loaded into a flashing grey and black screen. Booting it in safe mode only got me a blue screen error, with the 0xc000021a error. I've looked pretty much everywhere, and I can't find a fix that works. Sfc scans stop at 100% verification and say "Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation." I tried "CHKDSK C: /R, but it found no errors. Any other fixes seemed to require launching windows for downloads / file access, and I can't appear to do that. Any help would be much appreciated, so thank you to anyone who replies!

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Hey guys so I have been trying to update my custom built PC from Windows 8 to Windows  8.1. I been trying and failing for over 2 years now. I haven't tried updating my PC to Windows 8.1 for more than a year. The old thread I started is here. I recently decided to give it a go again and the Windows 8.1 update downloads, installs, and gets up to the "Getting Devices Ready" part and fails when it reaches around 75-80% with a BSOD. The hardware specs of my PC is located here.My PC had originally Windows 7 but I upgraded it to Windows 8. This time around these were the steps I followed to update to Windows 8.1.Used the Windows 8.1 Update Guide from Microsoft as my referenceRan Windows Update to make sure I had the latest updates.Ran PatchMyPC to update all my apps and install and Windows updates that I missed.Ran DriverPackSolution to update all of my drivers.Ran Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant and removed and incompatible programs or hardwareRan both CCleaner and Defraggler to free up disc spaceDisabled my Antivirus softwareBooted Windows in "Clean Boot" modeDisconnected all peripheral devices (except mouse, keyboard, and used only 1 of three monitors connected to PC).Attempted to update to Windows 8.1After doing all of this, installing the Windows 8.1 update still failed at the "Setting Up Devices" stage. I am at my wits end, should I just do a clean installation/reformat of my drive with Windows 8.1? I have the Windows 8.1 ISO disc availabl... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 Update Fails during "Setting up Devices"

Hard to say. I have installed Windows 8.1 several times on three Dell computers I have. Bu I always did the most basic install with no extras.Here is a method you may want to try.Get another HDD, even an old old. Format it.Next, put that spare HDD into your PC. Remove anything not needed for a very basic install.  install Windows 8.1 right off the DVD.Do not use any third party tools. But allow Windows 8.1 to use  your Ethernet to get into the Internet. It will find what drivers it needs. My guess is that a simple clean install will work. Please let me know.

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I finally managed to get my laptop running on Windows 10. All was fine. But then the Windows Upgrade assistant informed me that I'm on an outdated version of Windows 10 and that I should update. Apparently it is pretty massive, so it's treated like an "upgrade".

Well... after 45 minutes of all this "progress" and work, the process simply FAILED. Windows was successful at "restoring the previous version." OK... but... after this, NO INDICATION of what went wrong. Launching the Windows Assistant for updating is all enthusiastic about helping me "update to the latest and most secure version of Windows 10"... with nary a clue that the previous attempt failed.

I'm AGHAST at how incompetent Microsoft has become. This is the absolutely most terrible O/S upgrade experience I've ever had, going from 8.1 to 10 and now 10+. It's atrocious to see so many "hoops" that need to be leaped through without Microsoft taking the initiative to make this process an efficient and productive one. I absolutely CANNOT IMAGINE how anyone who is a novice or with "general" Windows experience could manage this, without resorting to hundreds of dollars in support fees. It's disgusting.

Nevertheless... painful as it is, I'm on Windows 10 and would like to be "more secure" with the latest. Any clue as to what I can do to find out what CHOKED Microsoft on this and how to get over it?

Going to Windows Events for "Setup... Read more

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My Win 7 installation is very unreliable with lots of problems concerning wake up from standby, ATI display driver crashing often and several other glitches. So I decided to do clean restart, wipe out my Win 7 installation and do a complete new install.When I choose my former Win 7 partition, I always get an error message (I hope my translation is correct):"Setup couldn't create a new system partition or couldn't find an existing." There's a hint to look for the installer log, but I couldn't find it.I tried the follwing:1) Deleting the partition2) Deleting the partition and reformating with NTFS3) Deleting the partition from PartedMagic, watching for a hidden partitionNothing helped. I'm always get stucked with the same error.So, what can I do? Any suggestions? Are there some files or partition informations left which I also have to delete? Windows 7 x64 - Gigabyte EP-45-DS3 (Intel P45 chip set), 4GB RAM, ATI 4670

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I get error "can't create directory C:\Program Files\GNS3\PROJECTS\test123" : access denied. this is when i click on "new blank project" so GNS3 tries to create new folder "test123" in the path mentioned in 1st line here. how to get it resolved so that GNS3 can create directory when I click on new project and than save it?

could you advise?

A:windows 7, GNS3 0.8.2; Error "can't create directory; access denied"

Hi Iray007, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The Windows system folders Program Files, Program Files (x86), Windows and ProgramData are protected and by default the user cannot create / save anything inside them without taking the ownership of these folders or using the built-in administrator rights.

It is not recommend to use these protected system folders for saving program output or personal files. You should create and save your projects on some other location, for instance create a folder in your personal user folder for this purpose (C:\Users\Your_Username\MyProjects).


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240e Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941424 MB, Free - 875641 MB; D: Total - 12341 MB, Free - 1744 MB;
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:How do you create a "reply" rule for all msgs in Windows Live 2012

Here's more info on the problem I'm having...
Under "select one or more conditions", I selected "For all messages"
Under "select one or more actions", I selected "Reply with message"
Under "to edit this description, click the underlined words:
When I click on the underlined word "message" I get a pop-up that directs me to open a "Mail (*.eml)" file.
The problem is, I can't see my file here.
I can find the file if I go to "documents" out side of these prompts.

I created the file by using MS Word 2010 and used the ".eml" suffix.
I that what is causing me the problem?
Is there another way to create the ".eml" file?
Thank you

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We have a problem with Windows 7 (Professional) running on a Lenovo X250 laptop.  The "Back up now" feature does not work , but the "Create a system image'  feature does work.   "Back up now" feature had been working
before in the past, but now clicking on the icon does nothing.  No response.  We backup this laptop to an external USB drive that has plenty of diskspace left.  I also tried backing up to a new drive but no response, so I don't think it's the
There are no error messages in the event viewer and no error message ever appears onscreen.   Clicking on "Back up now"  has no affect.
I'm thinking maybe a patch or recent update is somehow interfering with the backup software.
I have searched Google and found people with a similar problem due to the fact they installed Acronis backup software, but we never used  Acronis.
I briefly looked in the Registry but didn't see anything obviously wrong.
Has anyone had this problem before?  Or can someone point me in the right direction.


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I loaned my USB flash (Imation Atom 4GB) disk to a colleague; it was working fine when I gave it to her. She could not dismount the disk from her netbook, even after everything was closed. The computer kept saying the disk was in use. After 5 minutes of this, I pulled the disk out and put it into my machine.

First, Microsoft Security Essentials found and removed “Worm:Win32/Autorun.gen!inf.

Next, I was given the message "Do you want to scan the disk for errors?" I clicked 'yes' but got a "Windows can't check the disk while it is in use. Do you want to dismount the volume first?" I click on "Force dismount" and received a message "Windows can't check the disk while it is in use. Do you want to check for hard disk errors next time you start your computer." I check the box that says “Schedule disk check,” the box automatically closes. I re-start my computer, it boots up just fine, but does not appear to do any type of disk check.

I have no problems “safely removing the disk.” I can eject it every time without fail, but every time I plug the device back into the system, I receive the “scan and fix” prompt.

When I try to format the device, I am given the message "The drive is in use. Another program or process is using this device. Do you want to format it anyway?" I click "Yes" and receive the message "Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or programs that are using... Read more

A:Solved: Can't "Scan the disk for errors" or see any files ~ USB Flash disk ~ Windows

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I have been running Windows Backup on my Win 7 64-bit Home system successfully for a while. I selected a USB drive as my backup destination, and a number of local folders as the source. I also included my OneDrive folder in the source folder set.

My computer's name was "MIKE-PC". I noticed that my USB drive had a special folder (special icon) labeled MIKE-PC and I was not able to open this folder to view its contents.

Recently I did a few things. I changed my computer's name to PENGUIN and renamed some of the source folders in my backup set. I didn't care at that point whether Windows Backup was working because I was reorganizing my data.

Today I finished reorganizing my data, and went to change the Windows Backup settings. First I deleted both MIKE-PC and PENGUIN from the USB drive. Then I went into Windows Backup and changed the source folder set. The set still includes my OneDrive folder.

I ran the backup. I got an error "Unable to create Zip Folder."

I ran chkdsk and made sure Windows was fully updated.

I ran Windows Backup again and got the same error.

Note that I am using another backup program, IDrive, which backs up to the cloud. That has not caused a problem in the past but I wonder if it can create potential conflicts with Windows Backup.

Any idea how to go about debugging this?

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Hey everyone,
I've searched quite extensively and followed quite a few guides on how to install windows 7 with UEFI.
I've got a Dell latitude E6540 laptop with a new WD 500GB blue HD. Every time I try to install Windows 7 Pro x64 I get the:
"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information."
I've followed the following threads with no avail:
Setup was unable to create a new system partition
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with
Any help with this would be very appreciated.

A:Windows 7 x64 "Setup unable to create system partition"

the drive has to be GPT and not MBR, and this still might not work.

Windows 7 is not worth the effort of UEFI, just go Legacy boot and MBR.

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I'm trying to install SketchUpMake.exe file and it always had an error saying: "cannot create temp folder archive". My OS is Windows 8.1
Please help, what should I do next? Thank you in advance.

A:"Error: cannot create temp folder archive" Windows 8.1

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Save the exe file to your desktop. Right click on it and press Run as Administrator.

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I was recently trying to transfer some documents from my desktop computer to my laptop, and in some confusion, I've concluded that I've deleted my "Links" folder my accident. I cannot add anything to my "Favorites" folder.
I heard that you can create a new "Links" folder, but I have no idea how.
Has anyone done this successfully?
Or know how to do it?

A:Create New "Links" Folder for Favorites, Windows Explorer

Originally Posted by Ginger14

I was recently trying to transfer some documents from my desktop computer to my laptop, and in some confusion, I've concluded that I've deleted my "Links" folder my accident. I cannot add anything to my "Favorites" folder.
I heard that you can create a new "Links" folder, but I have no idea how.
Has anyone done this successfully?
Or know how to do it?

Links & Favorites in IE 10 ?

Or in File Explorer ?

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When I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 the experience seemed to be good. I am having my doubts now. I am confused concerning the following two issues.
1. It seems now that I am not recognized as the administrator of this PC. I am the only user, I am given a message that tells me i am not allowed to save files to a certain folder. Don't understand this at all.
2. I now have an external HDD that seems to have been named "File History". I am not understanding this either.

Please advise what has happened to my system. I built my own system with the following perimeters:
Processor a 2.40 gigahertz AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core
Main Circuit Board b Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA785GM-US2H
Memory Modules c,d 3070 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
Drives 1790.70 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
1129.81 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

ATAPI iHES208 2 ATA Device [Optical drive]
SONY DVD RW DRU-V200A ATA Device [Optical drive]
TDK DVDRW1280B ATA Device [Optical drive]
3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

Sony USB HS-CF Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3
Sony USB HS-MS Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 5
Sony USB HS-SD Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 6
Sony USB HS-xD/SM USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
WD 1600JB External USB Device [Hard drive] (160.04 GB) -- drive 2
WDC WD10EARS-00Y5B1 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WCAV5D080140, rev 80.00A80, SMART Status: Healthy
WDC WD10EARS-22Y5B1 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 1, s/n W... Read more

A:Why did windows 10 create a "File History" folder on my External HDD

Some tutorials that might help you determine answers to your questions:

1. Account Type - Determine in Windows 10 also check the other related tutorials referenced at the end.

2. Your external drive seems to have been set up as the File History location. File History is a method for Backing up files and saving older versions of them. It was first introduced in Windows 8 and is accessed from the Control panel:

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Hi guys,
I am having trouble upgrading to windows 10.
I believe the source of my problems is the lack of a system reserved partition. I tried resetting the tablet using the 'reset' option in advanced recovery, though didn't seem to get another system reserved. How can I reinstall windows on this tablet, considering I have no product key though be sure windows creates a system reserved partition?

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Day before yesterday I installed the W10 "cumulative update for x64 systems" on my Surface Pro 3. YesterdayI did a cold restart. Since then the email app constantly crashes, it comes up and then just freezes until it eventually closes itself (or gets closed). The event viewer contains two events for each such attermpt.

First comes:
SettingSyncHost (4916) An attempt to create the file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\edbtmp.log" failed with system error 5 (0x00000005): "Access is denied. ". The create file operation will fail with error -1032 (0xfffffbf8).

And then:
SettingSyncHost (4916) Unable to create a new logfile because the database cannot write to the log drive. The drive may be read-only, out of disk space, misconfigured, or corrupted. Error -1032.

These are both generated by source ESENT.

I am a member of Administrators (and Home Users) and from File Explorer I could manually create a folder (did not get the option to create a file) in C::\Windows\System32. From an elevated command prompt I could create a file in the System32 directory. I have 425 GB free space on the SSD. So the problem doesn't seem to be "read-only, out of disk space, misconfigured, or corrupted."

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:W10 email app crash, create file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\edbtmp.log" failed

No luck fixing this? Maybe a future Windows 10 update will fix this... What version of Windows 10 are you using?

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I have a Hp Pavillion dm4 laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 and now want to install Windows 7 64 bit and make the laprop dual booted. I burnt the Windows installation iso file onto a pen drive and booted from it. It runs till the dialog box "where do you want to install Windows", It shows the following partitions on my Hard Drive.

I am also attaching a screenshot of output of GParted from my Ubuntu. It shows 50.5 GB as unknwon file system, and thus I would like to install Windows 7 on to this partition.

I guess in the windows 7 installation setup, it shows 50.5 GB as System partition and that is the same partition that is pointed to by Gparted.

However, when I click on "Next" when trying to install Windows it says

Setup was unable to create a new partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information.

I have no idea why this error is being thrown. Could someone please help me out?

A:Installing Windows after Ubuntu "Setup was unable to create a new system partition"

Hi, see if the post here on installing helps dual boot - How can I install Windows after I've installed Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu scroll down a bit on the page.

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I am unable to create a shortcut in the startup folder on my Dell Optiplex 780. Every time I try, I get the following error, "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want to place the shortcut on the desktop instead?" No I do not want it on the desktop, I want the program to start with Windows. I tried, dragging the shortcut to the startup folder, tried copying and pasting the shortcut into the folder, that only opens it with applications that are already in the startup folder. I tried dragging the exe and selecting "create shortcut here." none of which worked. All results that I found on Google that people said that worked. None of them worked for me. All the results were about 'all users/startup' but I am only dealing with my own user and dragging from folder in start menu to the startup folder which none of the results covered.

Any ideas?

A:Unable to create shortcuts in startup folder "cannot create shortcut"

Sylveon am not sure on this one but I know in 10 (I stand to be corrected) that one can add apps to run at start up - I don't know how to actually do because I always keep my start up items to the very minimum and have no need to do that. For the record the more you have running at start up will slow down the boot and do you really want thta??

Also I think when you load softwares a lot will ask if you want them to run at start up so without knowing what you want to add cannot comment on that.

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Hi, a couple of days ago, I switched on my PC (Acer desktop, Vista) and it would not start up windows. It suggested normal start or start up repair (automatic fix). I opted for normal start – which failed – and then start up repair, which also failed.

I think that is where I got the error - cannot create a file when that file already exists (0x80070087). I was then given various ‘advanced options’

1. start up repair - automatically fix problems that are preventing windows from starting. (which I had already tried)
2. system restore - restore windows to earlier point and time
3. windows complete pc restore -
4. windows memory diagnostic tool -
5. command prompt

I opted for number 2 and on the third attempt (going back in time) the system successfully restarted. It said my data had not been changed, only fix done on drive ‘C’. I noticed that it had also said once system restore started, can’t be undone as system in ‘limited diagnostic state’.

I used the PC for a time and then switched off.

Next morning, I turned on the PC and got the same error, Windows would not start.

I went through the same procedure as above and successfully booted the PC from an ‘earlier point’; in fact it was the point when I restarted the previous night.

Can you advise? Is the PC still in ‘limited diagnostic state’? If so, what can I do? I have left PC running for last 48 hours as unsure about result if I power off. Thanks.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version 1.0.0... Read more

A:Windows not starting "cannot create a file that already exists"


I had problem starting Windows. Did restore to earlier point. Worked OK, powered off. Had same start-up problem again. I again restored (to different earlier point) and PC working OK. PC has been left runing since then - 48 hours.

My question is, can I now safely power off? And if not, what can I do to avoid Windows not starting again?

Full details in this thread. Many thanks as about to leave for a few days and don't really want to leave PC running.



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Ok so i am trying to install windows 8 X64 onto a different hard drive as windows 7 so i can switch between the two at startup.Ok so my problems started yesterday when trying to install windows 8 onto the Hard Drive i was getting"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks."To fix this i converted the disk to a GPT disk in Disk ManagerNow im getting the Error "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the setup log files for more Information."And i have no idea how to get around the problem. Here is a screenshot of disk manager at the moment.I am trying to install Windows 8 to Disk 2All help is appreciated.Thank you in advance. P.s if i missed any info you need just ask

A:Windows 8 installation"System could not create a partition..." Help???

ok i figured out all i needed to do was to leave the space unallocated.
Once i did that it gave me a warning in the installation and then asked if i wanted to continue. i pressed continue installation and it started installing windows 8 CP.

Although im having a new problem now. After the installation it restarted and started windows 7 and i cant seem to get to windows 8?

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I went to create a new folder under documents and won't, then tried it elsewhere (desktop etc) and it shows me a shortcut to create a new folder, and wants me to browse to it. I don't know where to make it browse to, to even see if it works or not. Anyone know here?
Thanks, Linda

A:Windows 7 missing "Create New Folder" option

The issue should be caused by damaged or incorrect registry key entry. Please check the following registry value:

1. Click Start, type regedit in Search Bar, and then click regedit in the Programs list.
Note: If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue.

2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:


3. Please check if the value for (Default) is: {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719}

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I'm trying to run the Windows Installer CleanUp but I get this msg that says "activex component can't create object 'scripting.filesystemobject' "

what do i do?

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Hi guys. I'm new here. I've tried to read all the discussion about how to fix the unallocated hard drive but I just can't understand it as the cases were pretty much different than I'm facing of.

Here's my problem.
Yesterday my external hard drive seems normal, everything is fine, until there's a blackout and I have to put "sleep" to my laptop. After the power got back, the hard drive suddenly gone and when I check the list of drives under "Disk Management", it showed up as "Disk 1 - Unallocated".

(I've attached screenshots here for your viewing)

My external hard drive is WD My Passport 1TB. It contains a lot of valuable data I cannot afford to lose. I really hope there's a way to fix this, and once I get back all of those precious data I will buy another HD to transfer them ASAP because I cant let this happen to me again.

Your help is so, very much appreciated.
Any questions regarding my problem, let me know. I'll provide all of the details you guys need.

1) I've tried TestDisk but on the "Analyse" process, it says "read error"
2) I've changed cable, but the situation remains the same.
3) I've tried Recuva, but it doesnt recognize my external drive.

A:WD EXTERNAL HARD DISK 1TB suddenly "unallocated" and "not initialized"


First don't mess up with the WD drive settings.. download partition wizard 7 (its free)..then .. open it wizard(menu) .. select partition recovery wizard.. and it will find the partitions on it i think.. that way you can recover your partition that has been lost.

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I have four external drives (FAT32) and opened Partition Magic a couple of days ago. It said one drive was "BAD". MS Disk Administrator says drive is "Healthy".

I am able to access this drive through Windows Explorer and do anything I want with the data. This appears to be a false reading by Partition Magic but I am not completely convinced of this because it has been such a good program for many years.

Do you think I have a failing drive?

A:Partition Magic says drive "BAD". Disk Administrator says "Healthy"

I wouldn't trust either program. Find out the manufacturer of the hard drive and download their hard drive diagnostics. The manufacturer's own tests should give you a much better idea if its in good shape or not.

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My hard drive not showing in "my computer" or "Disk Management" but is showing under device manager. I got the hard drive from a friend and his dad had put a Password encryption on it. Any Ideas?

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I have a Hp Mini 210 - 1010NR Intel Atom N450 1.66 Ghz, Intel Gma 3150 netbook with 1 GB RAM. I used the Win To Flash program to attempt to tranfer windows 7 to a flashdisk, but my computer froze while it was formatting the flashdisk. So then I restarted it and after the BIOS it just displays the letter j. Nothing happens if I press buttons except to give a beeping noise. I cant enter safe mode or use last known good configuration. I then used another windows on a flashdisk and booted from it to enter the recovery. I then went to recover your computer but on system recovery options my OS isn't displayed, which is on my C drive. Going to command prompt is useless since I can't select a OS to repair. I heard from somehere that displaying "j"means a master boot record problem. I really dont want to install my os over the old one or worse - format. Please, please help me out, it will greatly be appreciated

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Hello, so as I was trying to install Autodesk 3DS Max 2015 an error occurred : Error 1317. An error occurred while attempting to create the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Materials\Textures\Environments\SunAndSky\Presets\5". While the problem could of been security issues it is not, I am freely able to create folders in this directory, the issue is that I can't create any folder at any location named "5", the folder is either instantly deleted or renamed "New Folder". I tried using the cmd to solve the issue but it doesn't work, the command tells me that the folder is created however it does not show itself, when attempting to open it via cmd it's telling me the folder does not exist. I'm stumped at this issue and can't seem to find a solution, so I'm gladly asking for help on this matter

A:Windows 8 - Can't create a folder named "5"

Possibly too short, or there is a folder of similar name

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I deleted my links and favorites folders the other day, not realizing what I was doing. Now I want the "links" folder back, because I miss the Favorites in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer. What I need to know is how to re-create the "links" folder.

This thread dealt with a similar problem; however, I need some explanation on how to make the "links" folder and have it recognized as the default folder for Favorites. I've tried to find some info on how to make a shell folder but nothing's made much sense or worked for me.

A:How to re-create Windows Explorer "Favorites"

Hello NobleBadger, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might check your Recycle Bin to see if they may still be in it. If so, then you could restore them from the Recycle Bin.
If you only deleted them in the "C:\Users\(user-name)" folder, then you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to restore them. Most like using only step 1 should do it since you only deleted them.
User Folders - Restore Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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About a week after Clean Installing Windows 10 from an upgraded version on my laptop, I noticed that i wasn't able to Create a New Folder anywhere, from Desktop to File Explorer Directories. Nothing! Even when i try clicking the "New Folder" Button in the Ribbon or pressing Ctrl+Shift+N it still won't work. In the Context Menu (Right Click), I can't find the "New" Button too. Is this normal for Windows 10 after being installed? Do i have to install something (maybe an update) for the "New" to appear in the Context Menu?

A:Is it normal if i can't create "New Folder" in Windows 10?

Looks like a permission issue. Check the permissions for the desktop folder. In Windows Explorer right click on the desktop folder, select properties and there go to the security tab. You should have write permission for that folder.

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Hi all,

So I'm kind of stuck.. I currently have the problem where I am in an endless cycle of "loading files" -> "Windows Boot Manager" (see: How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 8 (The Easy Way)).
I have tried to load all of the options -- and none successfully load.
I also end up at a OneKey Recovery as well.. unfortunately, the laptop does not have initial backup or user backup images.
I have a Windows 8 CD for repairing purposes.. however, I cannot load the BIOS/UEFI to change the boot order to load the optical drives first. I have also tried to remove the CMOS battery to fix it.. did not work. .
Also - Windows Boot Manager:
Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] -- does not load properly (leads to OneKey Recovery) Safe Mode (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Networking (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Command Prompt (doesn't load - tries to boot and load all files onto partition that is too small.. can't change partition?)
Enable Boot Logging Enable Low-Resolution Video Debugging MOde Disable automatic restart on system failure Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Display Early Launch Anti-Malware Driver
Start Windows Normally
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I just installed Google Drive and I'm trying to get used to using it. Under "Create" (this is on the web) I see no option for creating a new folder. When I watch the tutorials they all have a "folder" option there. I can create folders from the desktop Google drive.......

Any advice appreciated.

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I have a new Dell XPS9530 which has a software application that was installed by default called "True Color" which is normally in the task bar near the clock.  
I ordered the official Dell OEM Windows 8.1 disk (red in color) and the XPS 9530 Driver CD (Gray in Color) and did a fresh install on my computer.  Neither disk contains the previously installed True Color application and I also don't see it on the downloads section on the Dell website.
Technical support was not familiar with this application so I didn't get very far - was just told to reinstall everything which I've already done.
Where is the True Color Application and why isn't it on the recovery disks since it was installed by default from the factory?


A:Missing "TrueColor" Dell Program on Dell Recovery CD/Driver Disk

Download is here:;fileId=3406082985&osCode=WB64A&productCode=xps-15-9530&languageCode=AR&categoryId=AP

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1) At boot up, my computer will prompt with the "Windows - No Disk" error message. I try to cancel each time and usually by the the third cancel it finally goes away.

2) Internet Explorer 6 will freeze with the "hungapp" error message. I have to do a CTRL+ ALT+ DEL to close. This happens quite frequently and just about makes IE 6 unusable.

Any ideas as to what can be causing this? Below is my HijackThis log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 22:11:43, on 1/20/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Belkin\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin Bulldog Plus\upsd.exe
C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\WinVNC4.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\VetMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark X1100 Series\lxbkbmgr.exe
C:\Progr... Read more

A:Windows "No Disk" error at boot and "hungapp" error with IE 6

Click Run, type in msconfig, click OK, click Startup tab find dit.exe and uncheck it, click apply and reboot system. This worked for me with "No Disk" problem

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A 3.5" external hard drive connected to my Windows XP machine via USB 2.0 has a "disappearing" and "reappearing" partition problem.

After the external drive is turned on, all four partitions on it will be displayed. Very soon, they will all disappear in Windows Explorer. After a brief moment, they will reappear along with a USB-symbol icon in the taskbar, which brings up a "Hi-speed USB Device Attached to non-Hi-speed Hub" warning suggesting that I use free Hi-speed USB ports (indicated in bold).

My computer's USB ports are all USB 2.0 and I've tried attaching the external drive to different ports on the machine, all with the same result.

Would anyone hazard a guess as to the likely cause of this problem:
(1) Failed (or failing) USB controller on the external enclosure?
(2) Failing power supply to the xeternal enclosure?
(3) Corrupted partition table on the drive?
(4) Failed (or failing) USB controller on the mobo?
(5) Any other cause?

The enclosure also has an eSATA port. When connected via eSATA (or USB 2.0) to another computer, no such problem appears.

Thanks in advance!

A:Hard disk partitions "disappearing" and "reappearing"

xp will loose drives when its having problems accessing them probably due to the usb 2.0 , a pci adapter would be better for you

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I recently had my computer crash due to a TROJAN virus and at that time I had Windows XP service pack 3 which my computer man installed for me. After being infected I had to completely reinstall EVERY thing on my computer taking my computer back down to Service Pack 1 the only operating disks I had. Now when I do a Disk Clean Up, it doesn't have the option to "Compress Old Files." Can some one please tell me why this option is not there and how I could go about fixing this. Thank you.

A:"COMPRESS OLD FILES" not and option in my "Disk Clean Up"

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i was installing an update and it keeps saying "WindowsUpdate_8024200D" "WindowsUpdate_dt000" and it fails everytime, how can i correct this problem?
 please email me back

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On the gaming PC that I'm fixing for my son's friend, the WEI fails to complete, and fails the "video" portion... could the old 9800 GTX 512MB video card be failing? I've installed the newest nVidia drivers and all seems to running well, but I can't use WEI to get a baseline before I start tweaking the BIOS settings... Anyone recommend anything? Thanks!

A:WEI fails to complete, fails the "video" portion...

Flog it with FurMark, maybe?

That's an OpenGL test, so it may not expose DirectX issues, but I hope that it would cause a crash if the graphics card was beginning to fail.

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