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Portable Applications Large Folder Backup

Q: Portable Applications Large Folder Backup

i love portable .paf apps and pretty much download all i can find that i "might" use one day. every time i try to enter the folder i keep them in, explorer goes into the not responding state like it is
indexing all the files, or scanning them for some reason. i have defender off, do not use any software based firewall or any real time antivirus scanner at all. the process to enter the folder takes over a minute and every time i restart my system the same thing happens again. as long as i dont shut down then it is instantly accessible like all other folders on all my other hdds including the same hdd that the folder is on. it only seems to happen with the .paf files.

the folder is only 409 files at slightly over 5gb.

any suggestions?


A: Portable Applications Large Folder Backup

It might do that once, but it should not be doing it every single time. You don't have to keep it in the Program Files folder, you can put it anywhere. I keep my portable apps in a folder off my C drive made for them, it never does this.

Welcome to Windows 8 Forums!

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Just reformatted a (nominal) 250GB pocket HDD (NTFS) to wipe all data.
After formatting the used space is 97MB (without any intentional data on the drive)
Hidden "$RECYCLE.BIN" = 4KB
Hidden "System Volume Information":= 0 bytes

Why is there so much used space?

Is "$RECYCLE.BIN" auto resized during use.

Thank you

A:Reformatted portable HD has large used space

Quote: Originally Posted by GrayGhost2

Just reformatted a (nominal) 250GB pocket HDD (NTFS) to wipe all data.
After formatting the used space is 97MB (without any intentional data on the drive)
Hidden "$RECYCLE.BIN" = 4KB
Hidden "System Volume Information":= 0 bytes

Why is there so much used space?

Is "$RECYCLE.BIN" auto resized during use.

Thank you

97 mb is about 1/25 of 1% of 250 GB. Maybe we have different standards, but I wouldn't call that "so much".

I'm not aware of recycle bin being auto-resized. I think of it as another folder for which you can set a maximum size.

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Portable applications recommend:

Portableapps -- Convenient , open source ,free , fast ★★★★★
Ceedo --Convenient , Free Trial, more software supporteded ★★★★
Mojopac -- Convenient , free version and Deluxe version ,powerful software supported ,but long time boot ★★★★
U3 smart drive -- Convenient , but must buy their USB drive ★★★
Prayaya v3 -- Easy to use , free series NO. , more software supported , fast ★★★★★

List of portable software

A:Portable applications recommend:

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hi i was wondering if anyone could tell what is needed to make portable applications and how it is done


A:creating portable applications

Hi Mac,
If you go to the Forums at Portable Freeware via this link I think you'll get a lot of ideas. I use a few of the progs listed and find they suit my needs.


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Good day all! My college student son needs to have some portable applications (abiword, PDF/image viewer etc.) on his thumb drive. We are looking at the product from

1. Is anyone familiar with or used this application?
2. If so, what do you think of it?
3. Are there any others to consider?


A:Portable Applications Questions

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Hi Guys ,Just a quick question concerning running "no install" applications using my 2gig usb drive . I'd be interested in any advice,would want firefox or similar plus basic word processing and anti-virus. Any ideas please.Yours hopefully Askeasy

A:Solved: Portable Applications

Askeasy said:

Hi Guys ,Just a quick question concerning running "no install" applications using my 2gig usb drive . I'd be interested in any advice,would want firefox or similar plus basic word processing and anti-virus. Any ideas please.Yours hopefully AskeasyClick to expand...

all I did was selected the thread title, right clicked, and clicked on Search Google For " *selected text* ".

the first link has exactly what you asked for.

p.s. welcome to TSG!

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i'm facing a problem with launching portables applications
almost my applications are not working on windows developer preview (8)
almost of these programs crash and doesn't open, when i open the task manager, i see that the program is suspended, and some few seconds it disappears from the processes in the task manager
when clicking on details, i get the name of the process with grey

and others say that the program need a dll file to run

i tried the compatibility modes, but nothing new
also, i tried running the programs as administrator, but the same thing

i don't like lot of installations in my computer, so i use portable apps, and i had no problems with them in win7
and now i'm stuck with this problem

hope i find some help

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These days, whether you’re in business or a student, many of us move different offices, buildings and want quick access to our email. However, it’s not always easy to use someone else’s computer. For instance, if they’re logged on then you’ll need to use their browser and you’ll leave a browsing trail, personal information and you never know what they have installed on their machine. Would you check your account balance from another computer, for example?

There are a number of applications that can be installed on to an external USB drive and then run from this drive, without requiring installation on the host computer. All you need to do is move your USB device/key from computer to computer and keep everything stored on this device. You can customise the applications as required, too.

Many of your favourite applications are available in portable versions: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice and many others.

The prayaya v3 freedom is a collection of these portable applications, including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, anti-virus and backup utility. They are all included with an integrated menu, all preconfigured to work ‘out of the box’. You simply need to drag and drop the suite on to your USB device/key and they’re ready to be used.

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I have seen now a days that most of the forums on the net - contain link to Portable or Standalone applications. I personally do not like Portable and standalone applications. But I want to know - the advantage and dis-advantage of these applications?
Thanks in advance

A:Standalone or Portable Applications?

One big advantage: Applicatiion that you like, put it on a thumb drive and you can use it anywhere.

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Hi all,

I just moved to win7 x64 and I try to use my portable suit on USB drive. But some applications do not work. Event Viewer comes up with Event id 1000 -- 100.

I have seen some posts about it but none of them are lucky.
In this case I am using AVS converter 6.2 Portable.

Anyone with same problem or comments?


A:Portable Applications on Win7 x64

It depends which portable suit you're using and how "AVS converter 6.2 Portable" found its way into it?

I'm using LiberKey and 99% of their progs running fine on x64. Check their available applications and maybe there is one that can replace AVS.

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I was wondering what the best way to make sure your external drive is functioning as it should?

Also, how much damage is done if your drive loses power abruptly?

Also, why would someone want a larger drive that needs an additional power source compared to a portable drive?

A:Checking Drives for errors and difference between portable and large

Ok mate try one of the hard drive testing tools Seatools SeaTools for Windows | Seagate

plus the disk surface test with the Partition Wizard Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
click on the drive you want to test click on surface test and then Apply at the top it might take some time to do with a large drive though.

Personally I don't like large drives for this very reason ls it and you lose a lot.

The power source is self explanatory really it is probably because the power required via the USB connection is not adequate to run the drive.

As for data loss in a power outage well once it is up and running just go through the data and see for yourself.

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How my eyes open for the first time, I didn't realize the numerous of possibilities out there for portable apps.

I wanted to open a thread about the advantages or disadvantages of portable application because until recently had no clue what they were.

Thought it only had to do with crack programs, didn't realize there were no many options and are LEGAL.

What are some of the best portable application?

A:Portable Applications Advantage/Disadvantages?

Have you visited

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Mabuhay, sir MFDnNc!

Belated happy birthday...

My concern now is about some portable applications you can recommend that I should have on my 2GB USB flashdrive so that I could help some friends having trouble with viruses, malwares, spywares or trojans on their PCs...

Anyway, since I discovered this site I always spend some time reading articles topics and threads because I am really concerned about Internet Security and System Dependability...

Thanks, I wish I could be knowledgeable as you are to help others....Mabuhay!

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I am lookng for a portable antivirus to put on a memory stick but i want one that will stop any virus from jumping from the pc to my memory stick (is ther such a thing) iv got portable antivirus app' that will let you scan the pc its inserted to but i want one that will automaticaly detect if a virus is trying to infect the memory stick, someone told me about an application called MK ONE has anybody used this, i know you can scan your memory stick after it has been inserted into a pc with a virus checker on a pc but i dont want the virus to get on the memory stick in the first place, any ideas thanks all.

A:Portable anti virus applications.

Take a look here: Portable ClamWin on a USB or Removable Drive

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G'day everyone

Does anyone know of a simple backup program that is capable of backing up large files incrementally by splitting the file and backing up only changed parts of the file? The files I'm talking about are files that get altered by appending stuff at the end of the file, e.g. log files or mailbox files, so it's generally possible to split a new version of the file at the exact point where the old version stopped, purely by file size.

Specifically, I want to back up Thunderbird and SeaMonkey mailboxes without having to create additional subfolders within those programs.

I understand that if something had changed near the beginning of the file, then the whole file will have to be backed up, unless the backup program is capable of some very clever searching, but mostly the files will change only by having data appended to it.


A:Backup software that splits large files for incremental backup

You may want to rethink incremental backups. Where I worked, until I retired, we first used incremental backups for our servers. That seemed like a good approach - make an initial full backup on one day of the week and then only incrementals the rest of the week. That allowed smaller backups however when it came time to restore it was a nightmare making sure the incrementals were installed in the proper order, and it took much longer to restore. A decision was made to only do full backups every night and although the backup was bigger if a restore was needed there was no confusion on order of reinstall and it took less time.

I do the same thing with my own PC backups. I use Acronis True Image, which has incremental backup ability, but I only do full hard drive backups, to a separate hard drive.

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I'm pretty new to portable applications and came across software such as cameyo and thinapp that uses virtualization but in order to create a portable application it requires the use of a virtual machine with a fresh operating system install to capture changes before and after each software that is being made portable.

Seems like a lot of hassle and even more so to keep those applications up to date as would require creating a new portable app version. I only want to use it with software that I rarely use like the list below. Is their a more simple way to better managing installed software ?

Drive partitioning software
Extended registry search software
File size explorer like treesize
Advance uninstaller software like revo uninstaller
Google Earth
Speed Fan / CPU-Z / Everest / belarc advisor / hd tune

A:Creating portable applications for a cleaner system

This won't help much, but I know for a fact that CPU-Z doesn't have to be installed. Here's the standalone "version" (it's not really a different version though):

Direct download of the 32-bit version in a .ZIP file: CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

I just wanted to point that out because I didn't want to go away from this thread knowing that I could have contributed something.

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Hi guys

I've got a mac g4 and a lacie 250 gig portable hard drive.

on my macs hd i've got a number of mpeg4 files which I want to move onto the portable drive, each file is in excess of 5 gigs.
Each time I try to copy a file over I get an error code 36 which states data cannot be read from or written to

the portable hard drive is running fat 32 as it needs to be viewable by a PC

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how to get these files on the portable hard drive?

Many thanks!

A:Problems copying a large file from hard disk to portable drive

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hi guys
i want portable open office writer and calc applications only, i dont want other applications like impress, draw, math etc.
i want only writer and calc as portable. please help me where i can download it.

A:portable open office writer and calc applications only

I see you read the support page.
Can You Pick Which Apps Are Installed?
Unlike, say, Microsoft Office, which is actually multiple programs that are loosely interconnected, is actually one big application with multiple functions. So, even if you were to only install Writer and Calc, it would only save you a grand total of about 9MB. And it would be one more full distribution to maintain... the largest one, that takes an hour to upload every release.Click to expand...

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hey guys, does anyone know where i can find these? i found some earlier, but it turns out they were all infected with virii and i had to re-install XP on the machine. i always believed that it was more difficult to infect a portable app with a virus? guess i was wrong. btw, i have an app running on this machine and when it runs it runs something called 'thinstall' in the lower right hand side of my screen.

thanks guys

A:Where to find legitimate source of portable applications for Windows?

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Hi There,

I have to work with high mobility in different locations. Instead of carrying my laptop with me, I am now experimenting to use the portable applications like firefox. My solution is to put those portable applications and other frequently use files in an external 40G hard disk. And I plug in the external HDD to the computer facility I have access to.

Still there are many window applications like Dreamweaver and other window version applications I would like to use wherever I want.

Is there any solution outside there I can access to these window applications in my external HDD? Any OS I can install on my external HDD such that I can install my window applications on it and I can carry it with me all the time?

And I have difficulty to keep update my data in my home computer and my external HDD unless I sync the data on a daily basis. If I centralize the data in my home computer, how can I access them via internet seamlessly?

I am getting crazy, pls help!


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Hi everybody! I have been having an issue where I cannot download large files (~larger than 400mb), and I could really use your help. I've tried many things, researched all over the place, and I can't figure it out. 
What happens if I download in any browser:
I start the download, everything works fine. It downloads fast and normally for about first 400 MB (varies, maybe +/- 100 MB). Suddenly, it decreases rapidly in speed, until it reaches 0 bytes/second. It then never picks back up again. In chrome, I get: "Unknown network error" even though I am connected to a very fast, very reliable network, and I have downloaded plenty of stuff before without changing a single part of the network.
What happens if I download in Utorrent:
No matter what I'm downloading, the availability, number of seeds, the size... it never gets above ~3kbs/second
What happens if I download in Steam:
exactly normal! ~1.5MB/second, and stays at that speed until fully downloaded.
My diagnosis:
I am almost positive that it has something do do with firewall/antivirus settings, or something of that sort. I had a bad virus, (slowed my computer down like CRAZY) but I took care of it with Malwarebytes and by downloading and running Microsoft Security Essentials. Immediately after I did this, everything was back to normal, and running at normal speed. BUT, this is also immediately when I started having this download issue. Also, because downloads work in Steam, I think it would make sense for it to be some a... Read more

A:Unable to download large files (through certain applications) Please help!

Have you tried uninstalling utorrent? If you use utorrent and bittorrent don't. Use one or the other. The settings they use may be conflicting. Try updating utorrent.

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I am interested in storing videos up in the cloud, most of the known software wont allow transfers of individual files larger than 2 GB. Is there a free way to circumvent this limitation? As I understand there are 2 possible bottlenecks. Limitation to individual file size, AND limitation of total individual transfers even if each and every file is under 2 GB.

I would appreciate any knowledgeable answers on these particular issues I do have sites that accept up to 50 GB storage space. Yahoo mail even takes limitless BUT all sites i know of wont let you transfer over 2GB per file

Thank you

A:Any free applications that would allow to upload large files (4/5 GB) to the cloud?

I am not sure what limitation you are referring to as far as an application goes. I would think it would be more of a limitation imposed by the place the file is being uploaded to.

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My old Dell 8250 was giving out so I thought I would purchase a portable backup drive to use for my pix and music until I could receive my new Dell XPS 435. I purchased a Clickfree portable backup which I just loved, easy as plugging it in and everything was automatic! The problem started when I tried to plug it into any of the usb ports on my new XPS. Vista64 would recognize it, load the drivers and then the BSOD would pop up with a "System Exception Error", with the following text:
I discovered that Clickfree has a download to update for Vista64, so I did that and installed it and still I get the BSOD. My Clickfree WILL work with my neighbor's new Dell with Vista 64. He also had a Clickfree, and when he tried his on my pc, I still got the BSOD. Clickfree tech support will not help me and Dell says that as long as the usb port is working, they can't help me either. What do I need to do to get this Clickfree to work on my pc? All of my pictures, music and docs are on this device!!What is causing this BSOD?

A:Portable Backup Drive and BSOD!

Hi SharDar and Welcome to Vista Forums.
When the BSOD occurs, could you please look at the bottom right hand side of the computer and let us know what's the BSOD error code. It should start with 0X...

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Hey guys, I bought a portable external hardrive and it came with Nero back it up software. I was just wondering if i should use this software to backup the files i want to put on the hardrive or should i just drag the files onto the hardrive itself? USing the software to backup files takes qite a logn time aswell, where as simply dragging the files is quite a quick process..not sure if that matters though

Thanks for any help

A:Portable external hardrive backup

You can use the external just to back up files and folders by dragging and dropping, but by just backing up your files and folders you are not getting the best benefits of having an external hard drive. You may want to read this "sticky" regarding making backups.

I use Acronis True Image and make a weekly backup of my complete system when I know the machine is operating well with no problems. If I have a hard drive failure, I can install a new drive, recover my complete system to the new drive in just a matter of minutes rather than hours. I always keep the last 2 images I made on the external so if there is a problem with an image, I have a backup image that may be a little older, but I would lose very little data. On thing I do that I consider very important is after I make the image with Acronis I then validate and verify that the image is good.

There is a shorter method you can use with Acronis to make backups, just by making an incremental backup of the data that has changed since the previous backup. This works well, but since I am not in a big rush to make a backup (I let Acronis make the backup while I am doing things on another machine) I just opt to make a new, fresh backup.

Since most of the files and folders that I consider really important are in "My Documents" I also make a backup of just the "My Documents" folder to another external hard drive. This gives me 3 copies... Read more

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I have an only 9-10 month old Samsung portable hard drive and am suddenly experiencing some serious problems. I've always had trouble using the samsung backup program it came with, but i kept trying to use it anyway. the other day i did a backup and left it overnight, the next day when i checked it it said it had failed. and i then couldn't access my hard drive at all, it said it was corrupted, all my files were gone and i couldn't use it. i managed to retrieve my files with a recovery program, and then formatted the hard drive, but i am still getting corruption errors using back up programs (i have tried different ones).

I can still manually store files on it, but am worried to do so.

A:portable hard drive backup problems

You need to determine if you have an external drive problem.

Determine the brand of hard disk in the enclosure. Download the drive manufacturer's testing utility and run the long/extended test. If it checks good, no further testing of the external drive is needed and we need to look elsewhere for the problem. If it checks bad, then you need to determine whether it is the enclosure or the drive in the enclosure that is the problem.

Warning: The following may void your external drive's warranty.

Remove the disk from the enclosure and connect it internally to a desktop computer as a secondary drive. Run the drive manufacturer's testing utility again. If it tests good, then it is the enclosure that is bad and you need to replace the enclosure.

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Every time I try to backup my "My Documents" folder to a portable hard drive, (which probably contains well over 1000 files !), it never fails...... I drag'n'drop the folder from the desktop's hard drive, onto the Portable Hard drive in Windows Explorer, and all appears to be working as planned. So I leave for lunch expecting the transfer will finally be completed by the time I get back.... and guess what ? The (#E*#$ thing totally STOPPED transfering files because just one file, one stupid file in over a thousand "might" have been questionable. So the entire process STOPS and leaves me to try and figure out what transferred, and what didn't out of those thousand files. Is there any way to prevent this from happening ?


A:Portable Hard Drive BackUp Problem

You should get an error message of some sort indicating what went wrong? It usually names the file. Do you have any info/message at all?

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I am trying to use Windows Vista Backup to backup to a Toshiba portable external hard drive -250gb. When I am stopped by the backup program, I get the following message "the last file backup did not complete successfully". Details: "Data supplied is of wrong type". The error code is 0x8007065D.

I have already converted the portable hard drive file system type from FAT32 to NTFS, in hopes that would fix it. It did not work, and I still can't complete the backup, and still get the same error message. Can you tell me if something is corrupted, or tell me what to do next? Thanks in advance.

A:Toshiba Portable Hard Drive Can't Backup

Can anyone offer any help on this please?

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I am looking for a good, simple backup or sync program than is USB portable. I need something that does not use the windows registry. I don't need anything fancy, just basic copy from one directory to a network drive. Anybody know of any such apps?

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I have a new ACER all in one computer win7 64bi t(z5600)
I backed up my old XP on a toshiba 500g portable external backup device
problem is I can read the drive on my Acer Aspire netbook, and on my toshiba Vista laptop but not on this computer
thanks for suggestions you may come up with

A:Solved: problem with a portable backup drive

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I was wondering what the best way to make sure your external drive is functioning as it should?

Also, how much damage is done if your drive loses power abruptly?

Also, why would someone want a larger drive that needs an additional power source compared to a portable drive?

A:Checking Drives for errors and difference between portable and large external drives

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Post Edit: realised my thread title is wrong, it IS unallocated, not *not unallocated* my apologies
Hey guys, im not sure what happened that led to it being unallocated
In [Computer] I cant view the drive, went to [Manage/Disk management] and this was what i saw
Any solutions to restoring/backing up/recover the files inside?
*First time posting, so not sure about image* Here it is

A:How to i backup/revert Portable Hardrive/hardisk? Its not Unallocated

First thing I would try is plugging in the external drive to another computer just to rule out an issue with your HP.
Your image is very helpful

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On this page is a picture that looks just like the Back up Drive I had gotten a couple of years ago.

I am very computer illiterate, but my computer repair man back then had told me to buy it. I lost the stuff that hooks to it to make it work.

If I went to a computer shop, would I be able to buy just the stuff (cord, etc) that goes with it? and how can I find out what I would need to buy?

My computer seems to be about to conk out on me and I need this perhaps right away.


A:Solved: Western Digital Portable Backup System

All you need for that drive is the correct USB cable, any local store would have one; just take the drive with you to get the right one as there are different ends for the back of the drive. The USB 3.0 drive you linked too is unlikely to the be the same one as you bought several years ago, yours is likely a USB 2.0 drive with a USB Mini connector like this:

Also, having a backup drive and not using is a bad approach. The purpose of a backup is have it current and to use it as you use the computer and before the computer fails. In many cases you do not get any warnings when your hard drive will fail and you will lose everything.

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I have windows 7 ultimate and I am trying to back up my files to an external hard drive (WD Elements) using windows 7 own backup facility. However, despite the fact that there is 197GB of free space on the hard drive, the software will not let me make the 44GB backup as it says there is insufficient space. Any ideas?

A:Backup too large?

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Hi folks got a locked folder problem. I suspect its from some malware cause it just showed up. I run Windows 7 Home Premium, I am the only person who has ever used this computer, and I am set up as Administrator. But when i try to delete the folder it tells me that I need to provide admin permission to delete. I have already tried taking ownership of it and that did nothing.

A:Locked Folder on portable HD

Welcome to Seven Forums MrJBL. It looks like a process may be locking the folder. You could try Unlocker, or Lock Hunter to see what is locking the folder, and delete it. If you suspect malware, you would be wise to scan with MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and/or Windows Defender Offline.

A Guy

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Hi there,

Suddenly i have this folder edd716cf9e552ad5ddd6826e5e3f in my portable HDD. Unable to delete it error "Access denied. The source file may be in use". Scanned for virus with AVG and Symantec but none detected. Please help.

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Need an opinion... we're working on a product that uses a lot of temporary data files, but want our app to be portable, because our mantra is that our apps don't modify files outside their own folder.

However, it seems to make sense that we store this temp data in the %TEMP% folder of the current user. Does that make our app non-portable? Would it be misleading to advertise it as portable in this case? Or is %TEMP% an exception?

Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Can portable software use the %TEMP% folder?

A question I would ask is: does your app clean up these temp files?

If it needs them in a subsequent launch then there is no guarantee that the temp files will not have been cleaned by the user or by a tool used to clean the drive.

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I have folder which said it deleted, but had zero size....I trid adding some sub folders in the home it may trigger a proper deletion, these sub folders are now behaving in the same way....I loaded up a live Linux cd, it refused to let me delete the folders as they were not empty, or so it said....
tried the portable HDD on a laptop but after trying to delete it and changing permissions to full, it now says the lowest au folder is corrupt or unreadable......seems to be going from bad to worse...

I assume there is way to do this in DOS, but not too familiar with that....

any nd help would be appreciated...
PS I also trid unlocked, chose delete and it said success....but still the folder(s) remain

A:unable to delete a folder on a portable HDD

Hi, you could try Fileassassin (freeware).. but given you've tried a boot CD, I suspect the simplest way wll be to copy what you want off the disk and reformat it.

There's also Emco MoveonBoot (which also deletes on boot) - freeware.

Given you've tried a boot CD, it's unlikely a command prompt - from a boot CD, not from within Windows- will help.

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I bought a ScanDisk flash drive. After I plugged it in it failed to show on My Computer but DID show up in the Control Panel PORTABLE MEDIA DEVICES FOLDER. OK... I don't know where THAT came from but it seemed to work.

Now the problem is: I can not MAKE A DIRECTORY or run a program from the flash drive. ????

QUESTION: Does anyone have any idea where this goofy PMDevices folder came from how the (*&(^#^ I can get rid of the (&^#$(@^#@ thing!?

Sure would be nice to have my flash drive show up in MY COMPUTER like it does on every other computer.

Thanks for reading.


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After installing a ScanDisk flash drive I could not find the drive in MY COMPUTER. After a little looking around I discovered a folder in CONTROL PANEL named PORTABLE MEDIA DEVICES. In this folder were my zip disk (which is also in My Computer) and my flash disk (not in My Computer).

Does anyone know what application put this folder in Control Panel? I am trying to figure out how to get rid of it and hopefully have my flash drive show up in My Computer. (in PMDevices, I can not create a folder or run a program).



A:Portable Media Devices folder

I got the same problem. I know it isn't an Hardware problem because I have a dual boot system with two Windows XP-SP2 (Portuguese and English) and the problem only exists in the English version.
I can't associate this with any software I've recently instaled.
Any Help?

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I noticed that the D: drive is 24.9GB of which 22.7GB is free. Am I supposed to keep this free for the day I need to do a recovery? This doesn't seem like an efficient use of the memory, unless it is a way to keep some unused one because an SSD should never be used comletely. Can I reduce the size of the partition and by how much?Can I save other recovery information on that drive?

Go to Solution.

A:D: drive recovery backup: why so large?

Hi mkitten ,
Windows back up management would pre assign default D:/drive with 24+ GB since it was expecting if you ned to include full system back up.
In our case , since there is a 22.7GB free . Seems that System image is not included on the back up since image would store 20+GB space if included. 
You can resize that partion within windows under Disk Management.
But before doing it , it would be best if you create your Recovery image first for safe keep.
You can also transfer your folders as a separate storage partition.
Repartitioning may change the hidden partition for the Factory restore (One Key recovery feature).One of the reason why One key recovery fails to restore full factory settings using the Novo key.
Back ups are best done on an external device ( external harddrive / USB ( harddrive failure can corrupt both C and D drives since it's on the same device )
Before changing partition .
Create your own Recovery Image on a separate device. (backup on Disc / USB on links)
Then you may go ahead and resize / shrink under Disk management. 
Click on link for steps guides.
There are also Repartitioning tools that can do the same but can corrupt the Factory hidden partition.
On this scenario best to clone your image before using those tools .
Don't rush on this and take time to read on those links, get assistance if needed. 
Hope this helped you on ho... Read more

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I helped a former student restore his Gateway Laptop with Vista Home Premium. It was in such bad shape that I had to use the restore partition in order to get the computer running properly. When I began the restore partition I was asked if I wanted to wipe out the drive (reformat) or to do a backup of all data and then have it placed on the hard drive as a complete backup. I thought that would be the best choice and I do have the laptop running again like it should. I've done over 160 Windows Updates including both Service Pack 1 and 2.

The computer is working quite well except for one problem. I dont want to keep the backup file on the primary drive now that everything is restored. The backup is 18.8 gigs and even includes Windows!

I've tried to delete the partition but I am getting a message that I don't have the proper permissions to delete. I did go inside the folder and delete what I could but due to the remaining size I would like to get rid of the rest of it.

I even went into Safe Mode and tried to delete but I still got a message saying I don't have proper permission.

Thanks for any and all suggestions on how I can get rid of this file. I don't think I need it as it was created as a backup for me to get information to put back on the computer after I did the recovery!!

A:Delete a Large Backup File

Gateway instructions...should cover how to do such, the manner in which their restore function works, etc. Such should be available at the GW website.


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Like i said in title windows creates folders on my portable hdd and read only and can not be deleted when windows is running folder names look like hash, one time i saw how windows installer dumped automaticly temp files on my hdd. Thats should be all.

A:No Hurry: Windows creates folder(s) on portable hdd

I'm not sure I know the question. ???
It sounds like you have temporary files assigned to it. What do you normally store on the drive? What is it's use? Do you have any software programs stored on it? Did you download ZIP files to it?

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We're using Microsoft Exchange hosting (Office 365). There are some public folders containing calendars. We'd really like guys using iPhones and Android phones to be able to see those calendars from the warehouse floors. Is there a way to do this?

A:Public folder calendar on portable devices?

I found may help. C

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I have several media folders with lots of large jpg, bmp and mp4 files stored on a USB Stick.

If I plug the stick in on another computer it takes a very long time until all the thumbnails for the files are generated.

I want to plug in the stick and see the thumbnails for all the media files immediately.

is there a way to store the cached thumbnail information right inside a folder to make it "portable"?

If there is no native solution, I would be grateful for other suggestions.

A:store Thumbnails INSIDE folder - portable

Hello Robin,

I'm afraid not with removable drives.

About all you can do is use a USB 3.0 flash drive and USB 3.0 connection to help load them faster.

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Any suggestions about software to define which programs to back up ? I now just copy/paste but know I am missing some of the "parts" of programs I downloaded in the distant past. Is there a program that will determine and save all the "parts" ?
(I try to save the downloaded ZIP but have lost track of a few.)

A:Backup Applications

please start a new thread when asking a new question.
It will help you as well because the experts can see a new question listed.

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Hi there
Just wondering how people handle backing up large volumes of DATA and performing recoveries if required from this data. Now as cheap 3TB disks are readily available and by using Spanning or Storage pools you can get very large data spaces of say 12 TB for example.

Now things like acronis can actually handle large volumes of data - backup will just request another volume when the first one is full so you might for example have 7 external USB disks being used for a backup.

With this huge volumeof data you can't just keep one or two disks around and then look for something with Windows explorer if you need to recover some data. So are there any decent Cataloguing systems out there yet suitable for HOME users. I don't need something like a Bank would use to recover data (and judging by recent performances it can take them a WEEK !!).

Anybody got any ideas - this sort of question I'm sure will become more important soon = I'd hate to lose say 2 TB's worth of Music for example.

Years ago tape systems were common -- they though were EXPENSIVE, SLOW and unreliable but they used to have decent cataloguing systems.

I'd like to have some sort of program that says xxxxxxx backed up on ddmmyy on volumes xxxx,yyyy.

If you need to recover some data :

The current backups usually insist you put the LAST volume of the backup in (assuming you know which disk it is) and then after a load of reads finally ask you to mount volume YYYY in the backup set -- also if you know what... Read more

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A:WD Elements-Portable Hard Drive-Locking Folder's

You need third party software to password protect individual folders.

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Dear All,
I'm using my company poratble hard disk.
This portable hard disk is moving person to person and contains all colleagues data.
I want to protect my own data folders so that no one can access.

Is there any way that i can protect my folder ?

Please help.


A:I want to lock my folder that is saved in Portable hard disk.

Try Truecrypt. It makes encrypted folders.

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I would like to know how to backup my drivers and applications to transfer to another computer. I really need some help thank you

A:Backup Applications And Drivers?

Installed applications can't be backed up and moved to another computer. They have to be reinstalled with the original disks or installation executables. Unless the computer you're moving to is the same exact model, it wouldn't make sense to backup any drivers. Those would be different on the new computer to correspond to the hardware.

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I have an all-in-one desktop computer with a 1 TB internal HDD. When I first got the computer, I did not understand how helpful it would have been to create a separate partition just for my data. Because of the location of the OEM partition, I would have had to use a third-party program to move it and create the data partition.

I ended up just using the built-in utility to create my system image that included a lot of data. My external HDD was only 1 TB. At the time I didn't understand how useful it would have been to have a larger external so that I could keep more than one image without having to write over the old one while saving a new image.

I have finally purchased a 3 TB external hard drive. I am wondering whether there is any need or advantage to partitioning it before I start using it?

I also have been considering imaging the whole HDD, and then also using SyncToy to back up all my data files. The data file backups will then be redundant, but it seems they might be more reliable and also easier to access. Will they be accessible folders just like I have in my internal HDD - so if I wanted, I could hook up the external HDD and easily navigate to and play a file that was stored with SyncToy? (I wanted to verify that SyncToy doesn't break large files into smaller segments and zip them like I think Windows Backup does.)

If I am planning to use SyncToy or something like that, would it be best for me to Partition off 1 TB just for that, and save the other 2 G... Read more

A:Large external HDD for backup - Partition? Image and Synctoy?

Blue Skies,
Without knowing what your storage is needed for, it's hard to give you any advice. Backing up your data is a good think but it's hard to say when enough is enough. That 3TB drive is one big puppy and I think if it were me I'd divide it up into 1TB partitions. Why do you need to make a lot of Imaged Backups? I had several at one time myself and I found only the current one is good for anything. That is especially true if you are adding files to your system on a dialy basis.

Why are you worried about compressed files? I don't know anything about the program (SyncToy) but you want to backup only the Files that you make changes to. Having more backups is over kill and will cost you a lot of big bucks.
Good Luck

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Hi all !

I use Folder Lock 7.0.6 and when i create lockers on my usb dlash disc, they are easily deleted just by a right click on them.

How can i protect them from being deleted ?

Thanks !

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I wish to partition my HDD and want to backup all applications and their corresponding setups such as skype, anti-virus software, etc. I have searched Google and found only one but it did not have a very high rating. Are there any other popular freeware that will do this?

A:Applications and setup backup software?

Acronis will partition and back up your HD, but it's commercial. There are older free versions floating around the net.

I would also use a secondary HD to back up to.

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Do you know of an application that will backup only all programs that i have installed in Windows 7 operating system?

A:Application to backup installed applications

Quote: Originally Posted by Marios

Do you know of an application that will backup only all programs that i have installed in Windows 7 operating system?

Do you mean "backup all programs" but not Windows itself?

Do you mean backup all programs including Windows?

Do you mean something else?

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is there any back up software for creating backup of installed application on xp or vista pc ,so that installed application can be recovered from that backup
acrosnis true image cant do that ,i know
is ther any other software
i'm not asking for backup of entire partition or disk image

A:is there any backup software for installed applications

Yes I think so from what Genie Backup Manager Home 8.0 and Genie Backup Manager Pro V 8.0

Self restorable backups:

Restore data without the need to install GBM. We can put this feature in the removable devices.

Not sure if it will take a program you got installed and get all the info it needs to copy it and make a self.exe or not but it will backup and make it so you can restore with the Genie Backup software having to be installed.
Plus it Backup file format is Compressed backups are in ZIP format. 64 bit option.
Where acrosnis true image is a Proprietary format.
So if you can unzip then you can get data from the backups also with installing Genie Backup.

I have not tried it but was reading up on backup programs and the Genie Backup Manager Pro V 8.0 sounds like the best that I think I will be getting.

Here are all the links I got on it.
Backup Software Reviews
A survey of the best Windows backup software from Tech Support Alert

Review Criteria

The 18 programs on our short list were

Backup FAQ

Genie Backup Manager Pro V 8.0

What Product Should I Use?

Genie-Soft : Competitive Upgrad... Read more

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I've been using Acronis True Image for a few years now and have always just used the full backup option. I'm running version 10 currently and saw an option to backup "Applications" which look interesting. I like to keep my system running clean, so I always install with the custom option for programs and ucheck everything that I feel is bloat for my system. I've haven't installed any games on my PC because it causes the True Image Backup to increase several GBs, so I usually uninstall any games from my machine before I do a backup - the games are around 10GB these days.

So this gets me to the "backup Applications" option....

I clicked on it and up came a dialog window with all these categories. It had some programs that I had installed and tone of programs that I don't or even heard of.... AND... the Application that I wanted to backup, 3D Studio MAX was in the list, but could NOT be checked to be backed up. Any ideas what this is all about? I'd like to backup a program or game that takes up a lot of space, then uninstall it, make a full backup and if I decide, restore that program or game whenever I want to so I can keep the True Image Backup file from getting huge.


A:Acronis Version 10 - Backup Applications

You really should explore the backup options that Acronis has to offer. Making full backups is not only time- and resource-intensive, but because they are so large, you most likely have fewer of them (or one) and make them less frequently. File backups are unneeded if you make frequent enough images because all your files are in the images and can be recovered by mounting the images as drives. A good image obviates the need for any other type of backup, including files and applications. Competition among companies has caused them to add additional options for backups that are not necessarily useful, efficient, or wise.

Incremental backups, for example, record only changes since the last full. They can be considerably smaller than a full (if you are reasonable about defragging and don't do it very often, since it is a waste of time and inefficient if done too often on NTFS volumes--Acronis sees defragged drives as "new" and the incrementals become almost as large as the originals).

Another choice is the differential which requires only the original full and the last file to recover the system. Though you don't get the multiple dates to choose from when recovering, they need less space.

I make incrementals twice a week on schedule so that I don't even notice they are being made. Old ones are deleted automatically and newer ones "consolidated". That way, I always have about a week's backups to choose from if recovery is needed.

Some ap... Read more

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Hi All,
I've recently setup a clean install of Win10 onto a new system.
Prior to this I backed up my 'Users' folder from the old setup (also Win10) onto my d:\ drive, on a second HDD.
Now that the system is up and running, I've noticed that the backup 'Users' folder is being 'seen' by Win10 as a system folder, resulting in my inability to rename it etc.
Searching for a newly created document that is located in 'My documents' on c:\drive results in it being called up as existing in:
c:\users\neil\documents (where it actually lives)
d:\users\neil\my documents
d:\documents and settings\neil\documents

How best can I disassociate the d:\drive backup 'Users' folder from my system folders ?
Thanks for the assistance.
Cheers, Neil

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Hi All,
I've recently setup a clean install of Win10 onto a new system.
Prior to this I backed up my 'Users' folder from the old setup (also Win10) onto my d:\ drive, on a second HDD.
Now that the system is up and running, I've noticed that the backup 'Users' folder is being 'seen' by Win10 as a system folder, resulting in my inability to rename it etc.
Searching for a newly created document that is located in 'My documents' on c:\drive results in it being called up as existing in:
c:\users\neil\documents (where it actually lives)
d:\users\neil\my documents
d:\documents and settings\neil\documents

How best can I disassociate the d:\drive backup 'Users' folder from my system folders ?
Thanks for the assistance.
Cheers, Neil

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I'm having trouble with a game all of a sudden and I'm not sure if it's hardware or software related, so I may try to reinstall the game (even though it has been working perfectly fine for 4 years until now ) and see if that helps.

The game... NASCAR Racing 2003 Season... takes up about 15 gigs on my hard drive. I will burn most of the files to a CD, but I'd like to copy the entire folder or subfolders somewhere else on my hard drive (ample space) to make it an easier transfer later on.

The folder is 15 Gb. Will Windows let me copy and paste something that big? How long will it take?

Or is there a certain reasonable limit for each copy and paste? Don't want to make my CPU and hard drive explode to make matters worse.

A:The Big One- Copying a large folder in XP... How big is too big?

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what are these index.dat files in this folder?
AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\High

Last i checked there is 600,000+ dat files & its over 4gb. seems a waste of space just for internet explorer. With so many files is this an error or a sign something is wrong?


A:Large index.dat folder

I believe that folder perrtains to your browsing history. You may want to donload ccleaner and try to remove them, if you want the space.
Before taking any action, be sure that the folders that you want to delete are identical to the one shown here:

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Hello. New user here looking for some help. I was cutting and pasting 4 media folders from C:/media/movies to C:/media/TV shows
I cut them. Clicked my media folder link to open it in file explorer and the TV shows folder was missing.
It was just there 5 minutes prior because I was looking to see what files I had there already and what I needed to move over. This folder was pretty large...30ish shows with multiple seasons. I believe it's too large for the recycle bin, but I checked there anyway. I also ensured the view hidden folders option was checked. I can see all other hidden folders. Not sure how that would have happened anyway. Also, a search for file names produces nothing. This is the only drive on the PC. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't notice a big increase of free space as if it was deleted. All other folders in C:/media ate still intact.

A:large folder vanished

Just FYI - I no longer use "cut".  I always use "copy", then I go back and delete if it's not needed.
I've lost too many files that way
If you've cut and it hasn't appeared, try pasting again to see if it was just a glitch
Try GetDataBack Simple from here:
The free version will tell you if there's something left to recover - then they'll want money if you want to recover it.
You can also use the free PCInspector from here:

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my windows 7 (32bits) folder on the C drive is too large (21.1 GB) is there a way to clean it up?

I have deleted temp files and also run the commands:
cleanmgr sageset:99 (Check all the boxes)
cleanmgr sagerun:99

still the same size.

A:windows folder too large

Your Windows folder is within reason. Mine is slightly over 23 gbs.

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I need to ZIP a folder containing files of about 250 MB. How do I go about this in Windows 7 Home Premium? Also where is the "Compressed (zipped) Folder" (in the "send to" drop down menu) located? Thank you

A:How do I 'ZIP' a large folder in Windows 7

Launch Windows Explorer. Select all the files/folder you want to compress (you can also use CTRL+click to add more files). Right-Click > Send To > Compressed Folder. The ZIP will be located in the folder you are workin in. There is a tutorial if you need more info : Zip a File or Folder - How To

Here are screenshots of how it's done with the built-in zip feature :

If you want more features though, I recommend 7-Zip. It's lightweight, has a LOT of options, usually has better compression on ZIP (or you can use the 7z format which compresses even more), and is open-source : 7-Zip. It will add a context menu accessible via Right-Click in Explorer.

Here are screenshots of the same process with 7-zip :

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in my intel dir is a folder called "analyze", it is 27gb large (see screenshot) is it okay to delete this Intel dir., (i think it is related to the "Intel Driver Update Utility 2.2" program) or rather, can i safe uninstall this program? i still am using Vista.

thanx in advance

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These are my problems:
1) My CPU usage is constantly 100%, then when I go into task manager it is at 100% but quickly jumps down to 2% - 6%, made me think virus
2) My c:\WinNT\system32 folder is 10gb

A:Win 2k: 100% CPU usage and large System 32 folder

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Hi there. Trying to free up some space on my measly 32GB SSD. So far i've disabled hibernate which has saved me four gigs already which is great. And now i'm looking at windirsat here and i see that the program 'doubletwist' is using up nearly 2gig in the appdata folder, even though i have the actual program installed to a different HDD. So basically i'm wondering if i could move those files out of the appdata folder, but in a way that doubletwist will still read them, as otherwise it's just going to save more files in there.

Hope all that makes sense. thanks!

A:large appdata folder on ssd, can i save it somewhere else?

Hello hendoben

The only way I know of is to move the whole user folder which includes the AppData folder. Have a look at these tutorials - User Profile - Change Default Location
User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation


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I've heard that folders that contain more than 4GB's of data are prone to become corrupt or possibly crash the HD. With that in mind I have organized my music into one folder and then 4 subfolders each containing about 4GB's each. Any truth to this?
I have also heard that file size is an issue with .pst's which makes more sense.

A:Large Folder-Corrupt Potential?

No its not true at all

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Looking at the properties of my C:/Users/Pauline folder, it shows a size of 198Gb, yet opening the folder and viewing the size of each file and sub-folder, they add up to no more than 2Gb (I keep all the libraries and user data files on a separate drive).
Another user, myself, as C:\Users\Malcolm shows a size of 9Gb. Even this is much much larger than the sum of the sub folders, but I could live with that.
Going to folder options and showing hidden and protected files shows nothing in the way of very large files.
Any ideas welcome, as my C: drive is almost full and I don'y know why!!

A:Windows 7 C:/User folder large

Your best bet would be to download an application like SpaceSniffer which would give you a graphical view of where the consumed space is going.

It's real easy to use. Just open the zipfile you download, drag the application to your desktop, and launch it.

I see your specs as Windows 7. You may want to right-click on the application and select 'Run as Administrator' which might give you a better view into folders that might otherwise be restricted.

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i am trying to copy a 300 bg folder from one hdd to another

all i get is effor message "cannot copy file"

is there a reason for this

i have actualy copyed this folder before so i no not understand


A:error when trying to copy large folder

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Hi guys,

My C drive is getting full and I have 5GB of files in the C:\Windows\Installer folder. I google'd around and found numerous articles/posts about running a command "msizap.exe G!" to properly clear out un-needed files.

Everything I've found on properly deleting files from this directory points back to a download that used to be here:

which now has a note: "This article previously contained a link to the Windows Installer Cleanup utility (MSICUU2.exe). If you were directed to this article to solve a problem installing a product other than Microsoft Office, please contact your software manufacturer for installation support on the product."

(thanks Microsoft... do I contact YOU then??)
Does anyone know the current correct procedure to clear out this folder? Or if this tool is still available somewhere? (and safe to use on Windows 7)


A:Large C:\Windows\Installer folder

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Last night, just before bed time, my wife informed me that she had seen, earlier in the day, a message indicating low disk space on our Windows 7 (Home Premium) Laptop. I took a look at the properties on C drive and it was down to about a half GB free space. This was on an 80 GB partition on which Windows is located. I ran Disk Cleanup and there is still only a bit less than 3 GB free space. I took a quick look at the properties of each folder at the root of C drive and found that the C:\Windows folder occupied about 48 GB. Isn't this way too much? Could this be related to Windows 10 to which we never upgraded? I'll look a little further this weekend to see if I can locate the bulk of the files, but I'm guessing I'm going to have to remove some Windows Updates or something, and if so, I'll likely need a little coaching on that.

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hi-i have just realised that my firefox folder is about 750mb in size.there are two files in it labelled-video.avi.ddp.they are both approx 350.oo mb in size it normal to have these files?can i safely delete them?

A:[SOLVED] large firefox folder

Which Firefox folder are they in? You normally have two. One in Program Files and one in Application Data. The second one is your profile and is the one that would be more likely to get large.

Are those files in the cache?

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Is there a way that when there's only 1 video inside a shows a big thumbnail instead of small?

like this:

A:One video in folder = Large thumbnail?

Right click on the folder
Select Properties
Choose Customize
Select "Choose Picture"
Find a picture that looks like a Racing car (ie your example)

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Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then restore them to another Computer without Reinstalling them? For example, My computer Windows 7 Home Premium has many softwares, applications, programs, utilities, etc.. That i purchased and dont want to Reinstall them on new computer. Is it possible for them to work without Re-entry keys? Any help I will appreciate

A:Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then

No you can not, in most cases. During the install of almost all programs they write files to parts of the User folders and to the Windows system folders along with placing entries into the registry. Without those files in there proper place and the registry entries the program will not run.

There are some programs that you can do that with but not many.

You will have to Reinstall all your programs on a New computer.

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I am puzzled why, as far as I can tell, everything else seems to be there except this one single folder.

This is what happened: I run registry cleaner section in Ccleaner, and following that it was giving me an error message that the locally stored profile can't load, and it could only log me on with a temporary profile. Needless to say, I could not access any of the things in my profile.

I took my computer to the service place, but first nothing was done for 3 days (3 very painful days without my computer and being worried about the fate of my things on it...) and then the IT guy did work on it some, but I don't know what he did and I don't think he did much or didn't get far in any case, because when I picked my computer up there was no difference.

After that I was searching for some answers or suggestions on various forums etc. I tried system restore but it could not restore it. Then I ran chkdsk and it worked, it repaired one file (ntuser) and then my profile loaded back, looking like it always did before, except that as far as I was able to remember, one single folder is missing.

I looked in the hidden files and folders (by doing: windows explorer : tools : folder options : view tab : check show hidden files and folders : uncheck hide protected operating system files : OK) but I don't see it there.

The folder I am talking about was probably quite large, containing many sizable word documents and a number of pdf files. I think it was in "my documents&... Read more

A:After restored profile, one large folder is missing

Have you tried using Windows' search tool to search for the folder or files found inside it?
See if this software reveals anything...

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looking for software (freeware) that will divide my 1 large folder into small folder w/o modifying any of the files in the folder

A:divide 1 large folder into small folders

If you DID find such software, on what basis would it be dividing this large folder??

And, why not do it yourself from Explorer, by creating new Sub Folders and drag/dropping the files?

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Clicking on a large folder in Explorer can cause a slowly-moving green progress bar. In some cases this can take several minutes to complete.

A common cause is thumbnail caching of image and video files, resulting from having properties | customize | "optimize this folder for:" set to pictures, vs documents or General items.

The most likely solution: in Explorer, right click on folder, select properties, customize, under "optimize this folder for:", select either General items, or documents. Set check box "Also apply this template to all subfolders", then click apply.

The slow progress bar is apparently caused by Explorer scanning the folder and all subfolders to pre-render thumbnail images for image and video files. This happens if the "optimize this folder" setting is pictures or videos. This happens when merely clicking on the top-level folder.

If "optimize this folder" is set to documents or General, the thumnails are not rendered until you actually click on the folder or sub-folder containing those.

This was discussed in another thread on this forum, but it was full of speculative remedies, and the actual cause and remedy was not posted until the last thread (and one year after the thread was started): Accessing drives in Windows Explorer takes a long time

I'm creating this thread with a more exact title and concise description, to aid in finding the solution based on a symptom search.

While the above is the most... Read more

A:Slow Explorer progress bar on large folder

My "Slow" folder was set up for Videos. Optimizing it for General solved the problem.


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Yesterday i copied a large folder 51gb into my external hardisk and I used windows 7. One file name was too long and I was prompted. I selected skip file. I remember seeing the folder in my hardisk after copy. But no longer there today. the space still occupied tried using programs like pci recovery. not found.
The folder has many work files. please help;

A:large folder missing on external hardisk

try to used power data it.....

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and also when deleting files recycle bin shows a black icon..

please help...

A:Folder Icons Are invisible when viewed large

Hi Qwerty77
Try this:

1) Right click the folder and choose properties.
2) Click on the Customize Tab.
3) Choose Change Icon at the bottom
Pick an icon you want top use for the folder,then click ok.

You may have inadvertently clicked on a "white" space when choosing icons. (It is possible to create invisible folders in that manner, hence the black box.
Try right clicking on your desktop first, and click refresh.
Hope this helps...

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I have just received a running out of system disk memory notice on my Windows XP desktop computer. I was a bit surprised because I don't store much on the system disk, and as part of an exercise discussed on another thread here I had recently cleaned it up. I ran a scan with AVG free which came up with nothing and also Spybot S&D which cleaned out as many temp files as it could. After this I noticed one very large "hidden" folder remaining in the temp folder. It was called ~eu0000. In it was a single file called .eunf.
I have a dual boot so I could probably quite easily delete the folder and file, but before doing so I am curious as to whether it might have been caused by malware.

The composite image above shows the location of files on my very full system drive, as well as the results of the AVG scan.

This image shows the Windows temp folder (after the S&D cleanup) containing the offending large folder.
I should appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this.

A:Very large file in Windows\Temp folder

In it was a single file called .eunf

Is it eunf or just unf?

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Any clue as to what this file/folder is all about? And, more importantly, how to delete it? (Assuming it's not necessary.)

I was going to try to upload a .txt file here, but it is 62.22mb; and zipping the file only went down to about 42mb
I managed to take a screenshot of a small portion of the .txt doc contents. (I got that .txt file by using this DOS command: dir>0bad.txt)
You can see the obad1.jpg here on my website:

You can access the actual .txt document via my Dropbox account--it is a 62.22mb .txt file.

I've tried & tried to delete the folder...
~ via DOS commands
~ by right clicking it and selecting: delete.
~ by creating a .bat file

I've also tried to put the folder in my Comodo\s file list, so that I can mark it as: malicious.

I tried using: Fast Copy software --- because I read online that it might be good for deleting large files. (This 0bad file has about 1 million files in it--so says its Properties dialog box.)
I tried UBCD, but the CD would not boot up. (Despite using several diff CDs. I even tried it on another PC just to see if it would boot up--but no joy.

I tried to change its contents from a partially read only, by unchecking: read only. It took about 12 hrs for this process, but at the end of it, the: read only box is still "partially checked" -- meaning, it's not unchecked or check... Read more

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I use OE 6 on an XP Pro platform, and I need to move a large block of business emails from one OE folder to another. There are roughly 8,000 emails in this folder, and I need to move half to a new folder so they will compact properly.

Is there a FAST WAY to "Select" or highlight 4,000 out of 8,000 emails? It would take hours to hold down the Ctrl key and individually click all 4,000. Using Edit>Select All will not accomplish what I need. In a regular Windows folder, one can hold the Ctrl key and drag the cursor beside a long list of files to select them. Is there any way to do something similar inside an OE folder? Thanks.

A:Moving a large block of OE 6 emails to a different folder.. How To?

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I've got a little registry file that I run on all my new installs. One thing I been wanting to add to it is the ability to set the Folder View settings to "Large Icons" for "All Folders". The manual way to do this is...

- Open folder
- Right-Click > View > Large Icons
- Tools > Folder Options > View > Apply to Folders

So basically I'm looking for the registry key that I can change to set this via reg file. I've tried digging around in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\BagMRU & Bags but it looks like those are for all folders. I'm looking for the one specific key/value that windows checks to determine what the folder view should be.

Thanks in advance!

A:Registry Key for Folder View > Large Icons

Hello XenonKilla,

If you like, you could set your folder view settings to how you like, then use the tutorial to back up these settings as a .reg file that you can use to restore them in any user account.

Folder View Settings - Back Up and Restore in Windows

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I recently discovered a folder on my C: drive simply titled Boot. (Filepath is C/Windows/Boot) It is taking up 27 GB of my 37 GB available space. It wasn't always that large, but must have increased steadily in size in the almost 2 years I've owned the computer. This Boot folder has 4sub-folders, ranging in size from 4 GB to 10 GB, totaling the 27 GB, but when I open any of those 4 sub-folders, there are only a few files of a few KB each. This is not a hidden folder, and I located what I believe is theactual boot folder needed to boot up my computer. I am not able to delete the C/Windows/Boot folder or any of the folders or files inside of it. (It says I need administrative privileges, but I’m the administrator and the only user of the computer.) Starting a few weeks ago, this folder is causing me to continually get “Low Disk Space” pop-up bubbles. The other night, I cleaned up some spaceon my computer, ended up with 750 MB of free space, went to bed, and woke up to find I was down to 42 MB of free space. I suspect that somehow, stuff is automatically getting dumped into C/Windows/Boot. Would love to be able to fix this so I’m not always dealing with the “Low Disk Space” message. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. (Laymans terms please, if possible.) Thanks in advance.

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I have a small 64Gb SSD boot drive C:

I installed Windows ADK to enable EasusToDo imaging software to create a boot disk.

This has left 3 folders about 3Gb in size in my c:\users\me\appdata\local\temp folder

I have therefore very little free space left on the C drive.

The folder attributes are read only.

I as an administrator user have full access rights (confirmed in folder Properties) but when I try to delete the folders the error message asks for permission from me to delete. I give this permission, then it refuses, stating Try Again as it need permission from me.

This computer does not recognise boot CDs even though the BIOS order is set correctly. I was hoping to remove files using an Ubuntu live boot CD.

Windows Disk Cleanup utility just stalls - presumably it also cannot delete these files.

What to do?

A:Can't remove large files from Temp folder

Those are some pretty enormous temp files you have there. I've never heard of such large files in the temp folder before.
I've found using the program Unlocker really helpful in deleting stubborn files.

Download Unlocker 1.9.1 -

You may need to reboot if the file is especially stubborn but it tends to work most of the time.


The 64-BIT version is located here
Unlocker Free Download

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Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then restore them to another Computer without Reinstalling them? For example, My computer Windows 7 Home Premium has many softwares, applications, programs, utilities, etc.. That i purchased and dont want to Reinstall them on new computer. Is it possible for them to work without Re-entry keys? Any help I will appreciate

A:Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then restore them to

Basically, no.

You can back-up the .exe then reinstall them, you will also want to save any license's for ease of re-registering

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I recently bought a new laptop (ASUS UL80VT) with Windows 7 pro 64.
In order to install a CAD software (for my job), I need having access to the "COM+ applications" folder (in Components Services >> Start / exec / dcomcnfg)

When clicking on the folder, I receive a message (in french) telling that I do no have the right authorisation to get access to this folder (even if log in admin).

Would anybody could help me to open this folder ?
I already update my BIOS (according to the ASUS technical support recommandations...)
I think the problem com from Windows 7 pro 64 itself.
Many thanks.

A:no access to COM+ applications folder

Quote: Originally Posted by carburateur

I recently bought a new laptop (ASUS UL80VT) with Windows 7 pro 64.
In order to install a CAD software (for my job), I need having access to the "COM+ applications" folder (in Components Services >> Start / exec / dcomcnfg)

When clicking on the folder, I receive a message (in french) telling that I do no have the right authorisation to get access to this folder (even if log in admin).

Would anybody could help me to open this folder ?
I already update my BIOS (according to the ASUS technical support recommandations...)
I think the problem com from Windows 7 pro 64 itself.
Many thanks.

Hi Carburateur,

Are you connected to a Domain Network?

Also, Did your version of CAD work correctly with Vista?


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I'm using Kolor Autopano Pro, on W8 Pro. In this application there is a 'Select images' control which opens an explorer window to choose the images for a pano.

Often it crashes with an exception c0000374, as follows:

Autopano Pro (Build 12/03/2013 )

Stopped working

‎12/‎05/‎2013 16:04

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Kolor\Autopano Pro 3.0\AutopanoPro_x64.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: AutopanoPro_x64.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 513f04c4
Fault Module Name: StackHash_58b1
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16420
Fault Module Timestamp: 505ab405
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: PCH_1B_FROM_ntdll+0x0000000000002C2A
OS Version: 6.2.9200.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 58b1
Additional Information 2: 58b107ff772738b9d40473f199a9bbac
Additional Information 3: 398f
Additional Information 4: 398ffb97eb84e25cb020526ceb62d673

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: dae2bdc92438601f1b7abf5ca3a5c973 (104288499)

In particular it crashes if I scroll the window rapidly while the thumbnails are still being populated.
If I scroll it one row at a time to the very end, such that all the thumbnails (from DNG, JPG and TIF files) are filled in then I can use the slider to scroll rapidly up and down the window, no problem at all. Cycling through the different ... Read more

A:Exception when scrolling a folder with 'large icon' view.

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (even though you're not reporting BSOD's): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Also, Please do the following (preferably immediately after the app crashes - it'll be easier for me to scan):
- open Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

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Hi all.
I have had lots of videos on my hdd for some time now building up a collection of car videos/movies. there is roughly 50gb+ of videos on one partition, 17+gb of these vids are car videos. When I go into my car video folder my HDD light comes on and loads like crazy, and then when I try to open one it takes for ages.

Also another problem which mite be related that I have is, Files go missing, eg. a 700mb car movie. the file is still there it shows all the bytes in properties and that is all correct, but when I try to open it says the file has been "compressed" or something along those terms. I know its not the codec, as I have just about every codec and these movies have worked previously. Especially after reformatting my files go missing from each of my back up partition drives. at the moment, 3.77gb of my fighting videos will not open :(

If anyone can help me, i would appreciate it. its really annoying not to be able to use the stuff on your HDD.

Mr. SaKaTuMi

A:Loads very slowly after opening a large folder of videos

hmmm....defrag your hdd and see if that helps. a good defraggin tool is diskeeper and perfect disk. so far i have experiences with diskeeper and it works great and the program is hella fast.

also since you are running winxp, try booting up with your winxp cd. of course and im sure you know this, you will need to change the boot order in the bios to cdrom as first boot device.

then when you boot up with the winxp cd, choose repair in the main console and it will take you to a command prompt screen. type out " chkdsk /r" without the "". also you will need a space between chkdsk and /r.

after it has finish, bootup to windows and see if this fixes your problem. also scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and malware. good luck

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I am backing up my Win 7 folder just before moving to WIN 8. The folder is 65G in size. I just copy and paste from my laptop hard drive to my external USB drive. I started the copying just before I went to bed last night. This morning I saw a pop up windows saying that 12 files cannot be copied because the path is too long. The option is "skip' or 'Cancel'. I took the skip option and the copy job completed. But it does not tell me the name of the 12 files that I skipped.
Now my problem is how do I found out which 12 files are missing in my backup.
I know that I can do the copy paste again and watch out for the error message. But it is a waste of time sitting in front of the screen. That was why I do it over night.
What is the best way to do this kind of work other than using some backup software.

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For a while now my Windows folder has been taking up more space on my 60GB SSD than I think it should. The size breakdown goes like this:

C:/Windows - 28 GB

- winsxs - 11.65 GB
- System32 - 8.45 GB
- Assembly - 1.63 GB
- SysWOW64 - 1.30 GB
- Installer - 1.17 GB
- Microsoft.NET - 1.03 GB
- SoftwareDistribution - 0.85 GB

I do regular registry fixes and temp file cleans, and I do regular inspections on my drives to remove unnecessary files and programs. However, the large increase in my Windows folder which happened about 6 months ago is really bothering me.

Is there any way get rid of some excess files? Or is this just a case of Windows inaccurately showing the actual amount of free space due to hard links?

Help is appreciated, thanks

A:Abnormally large Windows folder, size reduction possible?

Have you run disk cleanup?

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I have been using Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 3 for a while with few problems, and run Norton 360 which I continually make sure is up to date with no warnings.

The problem that I have been having is that I have twice now found that my C: drive, which has 144 GB of hard drive space, keeps filling up when just a few months ago I checked it and it was less than half full. I downloaded a free program which shows me the folder sizes in Windows Explorer, and found that the cause of the drive filling up were these huge log files in my kids' "My Documents folders". There were many such files, but for example, there was one called CAGC0bd49d6c000a072e.log which was over 18 GB in size. I just simply delete them and empty my recycle bin, but they seem to keep reoccurring.

I am curious what they are, why they are so big, are they dangerous, and can they be prevented?

Thanks so much for any help!!

A:Large .log files in My Documents folder starting with CAGC*

If you scan with AV and AM and they show nothing, open a few and see what's in them.

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