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Robocopy and attributes problem

Q: Robocopy and attributes problem


Using Robocopy, I should copy the files of a directories structure with all their ACL and their attributes except the attributes of reading in another structure. How should I do this?



A: Robocopy and attributes problem

/copy defines the attributes you want to include (defaults to data, attributes and timestamps). /copyall includes everything including ACL.
If you want to then make them read only add /a+R to set the Read-Only attribute.
something like

robocopy C:\users\user1\Documents E:\Backups\Documents /mir /e /copyall /a+R

Is that want you want to achieve?


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I've had some issues with mirroring my root directory to a backup folder on my netbook in that the backup folder becomes hidden and a system file after Robocopy has run (note the backup folder existed beforehand).
To stop this happening i believe i can include the switch /A-:SH which would remove the system and hidden attributes to the entire backup folder and all folders under it?

However if i wanted to maintain the hidden attribute on a particular folder could i add /A+:H "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" to the command line as well?
I'm assuming this would have the same affect as attrib +h "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" ?

I currrently have:-
robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"

I'm intending to change it to:-
robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /A-:SH /A+:H "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"

(making all folders unhidden and non-system but add the hidden attribute only to the hidden_folder folder).
Would you say this is correct and will produce my required results?

A:Robocopy - adding attributes to specific folders

Quote: Originally Posted by duckson

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]I've had some issues with mirroring my root directory to a backup folder on my netbook in that the backup folder becomes hidden

in my opinion it is strange because you don't use /COPY: or /COPYALL switchers

robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /A-:SH /A+:H "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"

In my opinion it won't work.You can't use /A+:,/A-: switchers for only particular objects.You can use it only for all copied objects.
In my opinion it will be appriopriate -unfortunatelly it require two commands:

robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /A-:SH /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"
attrib +h "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder"

MS Technet about robocopy Robocopy

other Robocopy
Robocopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I use ROBOCOPY to synchronize files between my desktop and laptop machines via a USB flash drive. ROBOCOPY is set to copy only updated files. It worked perfectly under Windows 7, reporting and copying only "newer" files; under Windows 8 it marks
and copies the newer files and marks all the others as "modified" and copies them as well, even when the "modified" files haven't been accessed or written to.

Here is the command line I am using:
%SystemRoot%\system32\robocopy C:"\users\Robert Jacobs\Pix" i:\Pix /PURGE /E /XO /FFT /XA:SH /DST /R:5 /W:2 /LOG+:C:"\users\Robert Jacobs\My Documents\work"\leap_down.log /TS /NP
As I said, this worked perfectly under Windows 7; it seems to be broken in windows 8. How can I fix it?
All help will be gratefully appreciated.

A:Robocopy problem under Windows 8

Could this be caused by the same problem that causes Windows File History to backup unmodified files?

The following thread discusses this topic: Windows 8 File History - Excessive backup - Excessively saving copies
of files (photos, videos, documents, etc.)
The fix there was to disable Homegroup functionality.
The question there was:
Why is File History saving so many duplicate copies of my media, when I'm not making any changes to the media or metadata?!?
Does anybody know?
and the final solution to date is:
Since I switched HomeGroup off, File History appears to be working sensibly. Only changed files appear to being backed up. My NAS is noticably quieter and my laptop far more responsive (as it isn't constantly backing up!!)

Thanks all - nearly gave up on File History. More than happy to live without HomeGroup as it really isn't needed in Win 8 as Noel helpfully pointed out above.
Could this be it? As far as I know, BOTH the File History and Robocopy use
Shadow Copy functionality to copy locked files on-the-fly. So it looks like, the problem lies with how Shadow Copy works when Home Group functionality is turned on.
Gentlemen, could you please verify that and check if switching Home Group off helps here as well or not?

Well this is the world we live in And these are the hands we're given...

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This line below is included inside a batch file for backups -

robocopy "\\Xserver\d$\" "F:\HTV Data Vault\Servers\X Server\Data Drive D" /E /ZB /COPYATS /NP /w:30 /r:13 >> "F:\HTV Data Vault\Backup Log Files\server.txt"

Now when I run the batch I get this error -

ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows :: Version XP010

Started : Wed May 13 11:26:23 2009

Source - \\Xserver\d$" F:\HTV
Dest - F:\HTV Data Vault\Servers\Data
Files :
Options : /COPYAT /R:1000000 /W:30


ERROR : Invalid Parameter #3 : "Vault\Servers\X"

I have another line of code that gives a similar error....
YET - when I run this line below in the batch file it works perfectly-

robocopy "\\Xserver\c$\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop" "F:\HTV Data Vault\Servers\X Server\Desktop" /E /ZB /COPYATS /NP /w:30 /r:13 >> "F:\HTV Data Vault\Backup Log Files\server.txt"

I am at a loss here as to why robocopy isn't processing my line correctly.

Can anyone help me on this?

A:Having a Syntax Problem with Robocopy

bradacus said:

robocopy "\\Xserver\d$\" "F:\HTV Data Vault\Servers\X Server\Data Drive D" /E /ZB /COPYATS /NP /w:30 /r:13 >> "F:\HTV Data Vault\Backup Log Files\server.txt"

Now when I run the batch I get this error -

Source - \\Xserver\d$" F:\HTV
Dest - F:\HTV Data Vault\Servers\Data
Click to expand...

The \ after d$ is the problem. Robocopy expects another folder name in the source path. It takes the 'quote space' as the start of the folder name. The next " terminates the leading quote. It then reads up to the next space to terminate the source path producing the source you see in the Error.
At least it seems like that's what it is doing.

so use this instead:

robocopy "\\Xserver\d$" "F:\HTV Data Vault\Servers\X Server\Data Drive D" /E /ZB /COPY:DATS /NP /w:30 /r:13 >> "F:\HTV Data Vault\Backup Log Files\server.txt"


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In Windows 8.x, should I move the entire contents of a directory (containing files and directories) in a Media sub-directory.

I have:


I have tried with the command

robocopy c:\Test c:\Test\Media /move

but it only moves the files of the Test directory.

How come the move option of robocopy acts like the mov option that is to say moves only the files and not the directories?

So, how do I move even the directory?



A:Robocopy /move problem

Hello balubeto,

You can trythis:
First, create a new folder named "Test" under "C:\Test\Media", then enter the following code:
robocopy c:\Test c:\Test\Media\Test /move

If you want to move the whole "Test" directory, you cannot do it because the location you want is still under "Test" directory.

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System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit german

When I try to copy one dir to another dir ("robocopy.exe c:\test1 c:\test2 /e") the copy seems to be ok, but the result output in console it not complete and unformatted.
It seems, that only the numbers of the expected output are displayed in one row....

Anybody here can help me with this issue?

Thanks ahead...

A:Strange Robocopy Problem

Here an Screenshot of this issue...Both folders were emtpy.

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I'm running XPpro SP1 and want to get rid of read-only attributes for a couple of folders. The read only box is checked, but grayed out. When I uncheck it, it behaves as though it's should, but when I look at the properties again, it shows the read-only box is still checked.

I used the command prompt and entered: attrib -r C:\Documents and Settings\ (......etc, etc for the filepath), and when I keep getting the error message "parameter format not correct -"

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

A:Problem changing read-only attributes

You need to include quotations marks around the entire path or use dos paths.
attrib -r "c:\documents and settings\..."
attrib -r c:\docume~1\...

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Hi all
I have just found Robocopy and it seems the perfect tool for what I am trying to do....
I make an incremental Backup on one of my PC's (Called Server-PC) every day using AOMEI backupper and I want to mirror that folder on my main PC I have been fiddling with Robocopy for hours now have Googled everything I can think of and can't find out what I am doing wrong.

First of all I Mapped my E:\ drive on My Main PC onto my Server-PC and called it Z:
Using this script --- robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "Z\ServerDriveCopy" /R:5 /s /purge /COPYALL as a test I Get
Source : D:AOMEI\
Destination : C:\Users\mike\Desktop\Z\ServerDriveCopy\

It starts and then says "There is not enough space on the disk" There is still 700gb empty on the disk! I have checked if Quota's have been enabled and they haven't so can't work this out!

I just found out there is a GUI for Robocopy so I tried that and made a slightly different script:
robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "Z:\ServerDriveCopy" /MIR /S /V /NP /Z /R:10 /W:30 (The only difference is the colon after Z !
and that goes MAD keeps repeating in the cmd window forever but no error message and no files get copied.

So I tried it without using the mapped drive which gives me :
robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "\\Main\e\ServerDriveCopy"
and that says "Access Denied" !
I can drag and drop files in explorer OK so I am stumped.

If any one can help I would be very grateful

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I downloaded a utility to clear junk files etc...problem is the help files don't tell me what I need to know....

Firstly...what are in the jpg below...also even though I regularly ' clean up ' and use spybot, adaware, scan disc defrag and all else imaginable, there are things in the list that go back to 99....even after a few reformats...are these safe to delete.

AND...' sorry about this ' I only know how to attach one jpg to a question in post below....

A:what are Attributes....

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In the Floppy Disk Drive, folder to go to properties-General, there are three options in the 'Attributes' Section at the bottom of the window. Those options are 'Read Only', 'Archive' and 'Hidden Archive'. I lost a file using the Hidden Archive and cannot find it anywhere. Can some one tell me if I can get back the lost file, and what the Archive option is for.



Go to Windows Explorer. From the menu, hit View-Options (or folder options if Win98). Select the View tab and make sure you have "show all files" selected, and no "hide..." options selected. Hit OK, the View-Refresh. You should see your file, dimmed. Select it and change its attribute.

[This message has been edited by Dreamboat (edited 06-09-2000).]

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how do I access a command line to be able to use robocopy? when I use the regular command prompt, I get an error message that says Robocopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What am I doing wrong?


Where did you get the program? Sounds like it's corrupted.

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I have been forced by the man to switch to vista. I had a simple xcopy to duplicate a folder structor. Would someone be kind enough to translate this into robocopy for me?

xcopy r:\_DND\*.* r:\SMcbrid2\ /E /O

Thanks for the help


Here you go:

ROBOCOPY r:\_DND\ r:\SMcbrid2\ *.* /E /COPYALL

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Hi, I have 2 questions which I desperately need help with. Here's the question: 1. robocopy shoud Run in a separate terminal window and recheck file system changes every minute. 2. write a continous logfile that contains all detected file system changes including full pathnames of affected files. How do I do this?

A:Robocopy (help please)

This is one way, put this in a batch file:

robocopy command here
timeout 120 > nul
goto Start

Lots and lots of robocopy parameters, one of which is /log:file (file being the file you want info logged ion). > nul hides the Timeout in n seconds message.

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Hello all,

To save my life I could not get the Robocopy GUI to work. I have no problem using it with command line by dropping in to CMD.

Tried the GUI it reported that the job is finished as soon as I click "RUN" but nothing copied.

Thank you kindly,

A:I need some help with Robocopy GUI please.

Why not just put the command line commands in a bat file and run them like that? It's how I do my backups.

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We are looking to migrate a SQL database to a new server. The database is for an imaging software and has pointers to the images. We are going to move the database in the next week or two. I wanted to start copying the image files to the new server to prepare for the migration (about 300 gig of 17k files). I understand that robocopy is a good program to accomplish this. I am looking to copy all the files, folders, and subfolders over, then copy only the changes over nightly. What is the correct command line that I should use to accomplish this? Can I save it to a bat file and use windows task scheduler to have it run nightly?

Thanks in advance for all of the help!


Are you migrating to a server that will be running the same software? Why not use an SSIS package? That way, you can migrate the complete database to the new server and just point your programs as necessary.

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Need to back up data-drive regularly on drive F and send to data-drive G

Robocopy has been mentioned as win7 built-in. I'm confused what is it & how to use it?

A:Robocopy how?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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Hi there,

I want to use ROBOCOPY to move any file that is older than 30 days.
I've tried this command but it seems to move the file anyway, even though the file is only 4 days old:

robocopy * C:\b2d C:\archive /mov /minage: 01-04-2011

From "/minage: 01-04-2011" i thought it would only move files that are at least 30 days or more old. But this seems to move everything.

Can anybody explain why this is happening? Is it because i used a wildcard on files, will that not look at the file age?


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I have created a robocopy.bat as below :

robocopy C:\Users\Faust_000\Documents\Alfredo "F:\Backups Documents" /e /mir /z /np /tee /log:Alfredo_log.txt

and I have created a Planned Activity into the Planning Utility to run at certain time every day.

Now my question is :
1. if manually activeted by double click robocopy.bat it perfectly works and the log.tx file is created
2. if I execute the robocopy by the Planned Activity (by manually Excute or automatically at the planned time) the robocopy is done correctly but the log.txt file is not created or updated.

I did both on W7 Professional 64bit and on W8.1 64bit but no difference.
Could someone help me to understand why the difference of results manually and via Planned Activity ?
Thank in advance.


I don't use Robocopy or Planned Activity but it might perhaps be related to the current directory when the bat file is executed. If so, the other log file should be somewhere on your system and you could search for it.

I mean when you manually run the bat file you get a certain "current directory", but in the other scenario you get another directory. You can try to include a path for the log parameter or move to a certain directory with the cd command in the bat file, before the robocopy command.

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Basically I would like to copy from my Skydrive to copy to my NAS once a day everyday. I know some of the basics but need help with specifics like copy to folder and making sure the newest file exists as the saved copy.

Here we go!

Robocopy C:\Users\Clive\SkyDrive\Documents B:\ /
Thanks guys for comments!

A:Robocopy. Can someone help please!

If your looking for a clean way to do that, you should look at Microsoft Richcopy which is a GUI'd + version of Robocopy. I've used it for years and it works fine under Windows-8.

For more info see: Free Utility: RichCopy, an Advanced Alternative to RoboCopy
Online Guide & extra info: RichCopy Guide - ETCwiki

Hope it helps.

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium and somebody recently mentioned to me about Robocopy to use from cmd. Unfortunately I got into a mess and cmd froze so that I had to force shut down.

Can somebody kindly let me know how to use robocopy to copy files and directories my document on C: drive into external hard drive J: in a simple language as possible.

Thank you very mcuh.


This is how robocopy is used:
How to Copy Vista to Another Hard Drive |

That being said, I would like to mention that in several years of helping out at the Vista Forum, this is the first question about robocopy. Most members use Macrium Reflect to make monthly backups. These backups are always available in the event of a catastrophe with the OS. It can also be used to transfer to another drive.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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Does Robocopy /MIR copy all files or just the ones that are added and those that are changed? I don't want to start this if it is going to take hours and hours. thanks...

A:Robocopy /MIR

Just the changes.

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Hi, I am using XP home edition and cannot change the "Read Only" attribute for My Documnets. I've used properties to change the "Read Only" attribute, clicked on the box, changes from blue to blank. Selected to change the sub-folders, click on OK. Everything seems to be fine during the change. But checking properties right after the change the "Read Only" box is filled in "blue"again. Also, I've tired to change the attribute of the su-folders too. But the problem is the same, attribute "Read Only"
I've never had this problem with ME. I can select and de-select as when I want to.

A:Changing attributes

This is normal in XP, an explanation here . . . .;EN-US;326549

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Help please - I have written a couple of quickbook files to a cd but when I try to open them it says that quickbooks cant read as it is read-only...I have tried to change the attributes by unticking read-only but it comes up with an error saying access is denied ! please help.. The CD's are CD-RW and I havent formatted or done anything to them??

A:read only attributes

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I downloaded a flash video from YouTube using 2 different programs, but both the same file.

One of the files has File Attribute A the other File Attribute AI

Can someone explain to me what these mean?


A:File Attributes

A = Archived, easy enough, I = Indexed, but I'm not sure what that means. Not Content-Indexed?


Marking a file or folder with this attribute indicates to Windows that it should be indexed. This means that its content is analysed and stored in an Index file, a lookup that Windows uses for File searches. Maintaining an index helps to ensure that searches are much faster, and indexing a file's content allows searches to realize that the file matches even if its title doesn't contain the search terms.

Best Wishes,

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Can someone please help me. I am older person in my 60's. I just purchased a new laptop using Win 7 Pro. I attempted to set up an Administrator account but everytime I need to use administrator and right click for option, it does not work. I attempted to do a "scf \scan now, and that also did not work because I was pointed to USER. I tried to set up Homegroup, but my system says Workgroup. When I try and go co Command Prompt, it goes to USER not to Windows\System 32. Everytime I try and install a program it either tries to install in wrong place or I get error message "THE ATTRIBUTES ARE INCONSISTENT". Not sure how everything got all twisted around but things are really screwed up and I have only had the laptop for 1 week. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP. Thanks

A:Win 7 Pro - The attributes are inconsistent

1.  Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
2.  Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download.  

When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

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I have four drives in my PC. One is a 3 year old Seagate 1TB ST31000528AS SATA II.

About a year ago, I was using an ASrock motherboard. I started having the drive vanish from Windows Explorer, and there were a lot of unexpected drive disconnect errors in Event Viewer. A new latching-type cable from Newegg solved my problem.

This afternoon, I happened to click the Health tab in Defraggler, and the pic below made my jaw drop.
Attribute 188 Command Timeout shouldn't be in the 34 billion range so far as I know.
Attribute 190 Airflow Temperature seems to be hotter than a thousand suns.
Attribute 199 CRC Error Count and Attribute 7 Read Error Rate are both known to me.. these were going up fast before I replaced my cable.

I tested my drive with SeaTools for Windows and it passed. Using CHKDSK comes up clean. Using a tool called DriveInfo shows the Command Timeout at 'green' and 100% okay. Windows Event Viewer hasn't shown any drive read or write errors since I got this new Gigabyte mobo and installed Win 7 fresh in June 2013.

I can't afford any data loss.. I've got over 700GB of movies, TV shows, and Macrium backup images on this thing and nowhere else to store it. My computer does run pretty much 24/7 for [email protected], but this particular drive is used for storage. Any input here? I'd appreciate it.

A:Terrifying S.M.A.R.T. attributes

That does look odd.

Here from a similar drive:

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i don't know what happened but all my programs have become Read Only. i don't know of anything i have done. is there a way to remove or change this attribute? if i try to delete a program it (the computer) want let me as this is a read only file. is there a program that will change these attributes (preferably a free one)? i am using windows xp2. any help greatly appreciated. thanks, van

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I installed a portable hard-drive on my computer and now I'm trying to back up all my files. When I checked the back-up log, it showed that there were several errors--all the same. It read: the documents were not supported and the files skipped (backup of a hidden file and folder). Apparently this means I have a hidden file attribute...? How do I uncheck this option or stop saving files as hidden? I would like to back-up my documents!

A:hidden attributes

What backup software are you using?

There are normally several locked files under Windows, suck as pagefiles etc that you would not want to have backed up anyway.

Acronis True Image is the type of backup software that will make a restorable working image of the PC at the time of the backup.

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OS Win XP . When I move or copy files from the hard drive to a CD-RW I end up with the files on the CD as ?Read Only?. While the files were on the hard disk they did not have this attribute. I have tried to change the Read Only attribute on the CD but ?Access? is denied.and I cannot delete files which have been copied to the CD in error. How can I overcome this situation?

A:File Attributes

Self Edit: Information posted in error, has been removed due to irrelevance. Misinterpreted original post.Da Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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I have alot of folders containing lots of files, which are read only. Is there a way I can change the attributes of all the files in one go without opening every folder? I tried going into the route folder and typing select all and then right clicking and selecting properties, and then removing 'read only', but when I go back into one of the files, it's read only again.


A:Changing Attributes

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i did a Hard disk analysis and found some of the following properties with it.
Power Cycles = 1112
Start Stop Count = 1341
Power Off Retract Count = 1463
Power On hours(obvious) = 4525

could someone tell me what those above figures really means?

A:What does these HD SMART attributes mean?

To make this easy for you to understand download the program called HD Tune. Remember to get the free version unless you want to buy the pro. The program shows you how many hours or how well the HD is doing 100% means your okay if the number is lower then the HDD is starting to degrade. Check the health of the HDD it will say okay means don't worry, If not then worry and replace the HDD.

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New computer, Celeron 2.0ghz. Apparently file set is 4x. I understand 32x would be more efficient. Is there a difference in file attributes under NTFS?
My CD-RW is 52x32x52, yet data copying to same is limited to 4x.
What are my options under XP Home?

A:File attributes

I can't answer your question, but here is a website with much information:

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I hope someone can help me please! I am running xp pro and I wanted to show all my hidden folders, so I went and changed my attributes to hidden thinking that it would do the trick wrong!!! now I cann't see any windows associated files on my desktop or in explorer. Please could you help me to:
1. Restore my original settings.
2. Also how to show all hidden files and folders.

Many thanks Hughie

A:Changed Attributes

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I'm running windows vista home basic on a Dell vostro 1400 laptop.

When I single-click on a *.mp3 file in my music folder, a section of the screen at the bottom of the window gives me the attributes of that file. As well as the file name and type it also shows artist's name, album, genre, rating, track number etc as well as length, bit-rate, size etc., and I can edit these attributes.
When I do the same for a *.wav file it only shows length, bit-rate, size and date modified.
These files are all ones I have created/recorded myself, they are not ripped from a cd.
How can I get to see and edit the attributes of the *.wav files?
Any help greatly appreciated.

A:*.wav file attributes

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Being new to this group,in my introduction titled "Dumb as a rock but no moss growing YET!!"(extenuating circumstances helping the dumb part) Sorry I digress, but realizing while following your very helpful,step by step directions before posting. Also reading as you have helped many people through complicated difficult situations. That "one" just must be VERY patient,persevere and follow ALL directions on the screen...well I came upon a screen the other evening that I could NOT HUMANLY FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS(photo attached below)....ales I put it in my will for my kids to continue in my demise...39703 days 4 hours remaining, talk bout attributes being
(Think I should give up trying to fix my son's computer and see if I can challenge others if they can duplicate any of the crazy screen-shots I've manged to capture!!!)
Seriously, seems I've got lots of company with this whole slowing down process and hanging up thing... then messages varying from the security log on screen, along with the black screen with working cursor, the Windows firewall error code 0x6D9, then the Trusted-installer eating up CPU....

 Photo1306.jpg   56.14KB
 apply attributes.jpg   81.2KB

A:Applying Attributes

I don't understand your post at all. What is your question?

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How do I make sure that a file extension will open a specific application?


A:Set file attributes

Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol

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I have just tried to remove a folder from one of my hard drives and have been denied access. Upon looking at the folders attributes it is read only.
OK so I wanted to change the setting and for some reason I can't. This applies to all the folders on all the drives that are not the boot drive. Does anybody have a clue what is going on??

A:Can't Change Attributes

Are you logged onto an administrator account?
Did you install XP over another windows?

In any case download GiPo MoveOnBoot and rename/move the folder -- make sure that there are no system files in the folder

Also try opening the folder in your admin account in Safe Mode

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How do you change the attributes on a downloaded video file? It's a "read only" file from a DVD-R. I want to edit the video and can't.

A:How do you change attributes.

Once transfered to your hard drive, have you tried right clicking the file, properties, then uncheck the 'read only' box? You can't edit it directly from the DVD-R.

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I am working on my friends computer. I am attempting to back up her data so I can reload windows. However, I am unable to do so, because all the files are REad Only. If I attempt to change this attribute by going into the Properties and unchecking "read only", it appears like it is changing it, however, when i go back in, REad only is selected again. I have attempted to use the Attrib command, but that didn't work. I kept getting "Not changing...."
I am also unable to run the System Restore utility, receiving "System Restore isnot able to protect your computer. Please restart your computer and then run System Restore again." I have also tried making changes in Safe mode with no luck. I have booted up using Ubuntu as well with no luck.
Any suggestions???


A:Read Only attributes

dont know if this program will help at all but worth a tryattribute changer read this off a forum [1] First you must ''Drag/Copy'' the data file from your CD to your desktop. [I feel there is no way you can unlock the files on a CD][2]After installation you will find there will be no Program ''Desktop'' Icon or any ID of the program in the ''Program Menu Index''!. You will find the program will be shown within the ?Right Click? Dropdown MenuTo use click on your ?Folder/File? and in the ?Drop Down Menu? click on ''Change Attributes[3]Next you will have the ?Change Attributes? program box showing = Now click on the folder ?File Attributes? , uncheck the ?Read Only? and if required the = ''Hidden'' = ''Archive'' = ''System'' = [They are all Grey coloured] You may have to mouse click a few times on each until the grey tick is cleared is cleared from the check box.[3]Next within the same folder ?Check? the ''Recurse folders'' box and then click on the ?Apply? button. You will then find all the files within the folder have been modified.anyway hope it helps

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I am copying files with dates in the filename (filename_20091127.txt) from one location to another. How can I drop the date from the filename when moving/having moved the files accross? The file types and filenames vary from file to file but the date format will always be '_YYYYMMDD'. Is this something that can be done with RoboCopy and if so, how? If not, with what and how? Thanks in advance.

A:RoboCopy Query

Robocopy doesn't rename files.

Welcome to TSG!

For this, I'd use RenameMaster, and just remove the last 9 characters of the file name.

It's on the Scripting tab, about 8th item down, Remove Beginning/Ending

If this is a daily occurrence, you could write a batch file to remove the date after all the files are copied. Not too hard to just remove the last 9 characteers in a name.
If you need to check for resulting duplicates or confirm it's actually an underscore followed by a date it would get more complex.
Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set _Folder=C:\Location of Files
PushD %_Folder%
For /F "Tokens=* Delims=" %%I In ('Dir /B "%_Folder%\*.*"') Do (
Set _Fname=%%~nI
Rename "%%I" "!_Fname:~0,-9!%%~xI"


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I have a quick question, is the Robocopy.exe in Windows 8.1 compatible with Windows XP or do I have to use the one in the Resource Kit?

I could download the kit, but I don't want to download the entire resource kit on each client that uses our software, as our software that utilizes it only requires the robocopy.

A:Question about Robocopy

You can use the Download Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools from Official Microsoft Download Center for XP

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Problem description: after my Vista laptop crashed (hung up in windows start-up loop) I used

robocopy c:\ d:\complete /mir ..... from the restore cmd prompt to make a backup of ca. 50gb to external hdd.

I then installed Windows 7 on the machine and used

robocopy d:\complete c:\complete /mir ... so I would be able to pull whatever folder I need to the new system.

The problem is the in both version I can see robocopy in the cmd shell copying the files in their respective folder hierarchy (which takes ages!). But on both, C: and D:\complete, I only see a folder "4d0a0xxxxx00e8e4c7332a3a394c". Right-click on the folder gives a size of approx. 6mb only, although my c: hdd space was reduced by ca. 50gb???? So, I assume the restore did work, and this is a permission problem.

I tried to take ownership of the folder under the new system to no avail. (just to clarify: i use the same username and pwd under win7 as under vista, and lost pwd is not an issue, in case i would need it to gain access)

All input highly appreciated! Thanks,

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We are migrating our file server from Novell to Windows and I will be using Robocopy to do the copy. i know I cannot move the Novell rights so I have setup the folders (blank) on the destination ahead of time with the rights I want. I was going to just use the MIR switch to keep things in sync but read that MIR could overwrite the rights on the destinantion, is this true? I am not trying to do anything with rights and don't want any rights being assigned or changed.
Am I better off using /E /Purge or /MIR.....or would I be better off with a different program like RichCopy.
Thanks for the advise,

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I'm trying to add a switch /MAXLAD:n Excludes files with a Last Access Date older than n days or specified date. If n is less than 1900, then n is expressed in days. Otherwise, n is a date expressed as YYYYMMDD.

I only want files that has been modified starting from Sept. 01, 2008 to current.

Am I inputting this correctly? Help


A:Anyone familiar with Robocopy?

DUH, I figured it out, I took removed the "/" from the date portion.

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Hi All,

Quick question regarding robocopy. I am not that great in using it but I did manage to figure out that how to do basic copying and mirroring. My main issue is copying over files that have security permissions.

At this point, I have this:
robocopy c:\foldername e:\foldername /copyall /mir
What would I add and does it matter where I place the syntax for it to work?

Help appreciated.

EDIT: Figured out the security part. How would I get the script to still copy everything in the folder if its being used by someone else or they forgot to close it?


A:Robocopy script

Robocopy cannot do it by itself.

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Hello Everyone,

I have been working on this for the past three days getting no where.

The system I am trying this on is a Win7 64 bit Home Ed., what I am trying to do is get a batch file created where it copies certain files to an external hard drive. Yes I am already using the Windows Backup that is included but I want to do this as an extra measure.

I have been trying to get the following command to work:

robocopy C:\Users\pare80\Documents E:\backup\Docs /E /CREATE /MIR /SEC /ZB /R:3 /V /FP /TEE /XJ

It looks like the command ran, but when I go to the E drive the folder backup is there but nothing else.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

-- ParE

A:Robocopy Issues

Take the switch /CREATE away from your string. It only copies the folder (directory) structure with 0-lenght files (placeholders). Your command string should otherwise work just fin. Remember to run command prompt as administartor.

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Hello everyone been lurking around for awhile, so much knowledge on this forum.

I hope someone can help me, I am just a noob, don't know to much.

I ecently purchased a synology Network Attached Storage (NAS).

and I would like to set up so that files tranfer from one folder to the next automatically, I am not sure what type of line to put into the command prompt?

The original folder is C:\user\recordedtv the other one is on my network and shows up as DISKSTORAGE i have a folder on there called beyondtv and would like to copy all files from C:\user\recordedtv.
How would I do this?

A:Robocopy Synology

Welcome to Seven Forums,

You may definitely setup to sync and backup files automatically to your NAS. Pls check out SyncToy, its a Free cool utility from Microsoft and its easy to setup. Sync files with your NAS ? Cogito, ergo sum

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Robocopy is a nice tool for backup scripts but for casual use there are a large number of Gui interfaces and Shell Extensions to make using it easier but i am trying to find the one that is the most intuitive and i was wondering if anyone has a list or knows of a place where i can compare the various utilities out there.

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I have been using xcopy to copy data from a file server to a flash drive. That works OK, but after some time the flash drive is cluttered with files and folders that have been moved or deleted from the file server.

I want the flash drive to mirror what is on the file server, so I decided to give ROBOCOPY a try (version XP010 on a Windows XP computer). Here is the line in my batch file:

ROBOCOPY \\fileserver\share\frank\somefolder E:\somefolder /COPYALL /B /MIR /R:0 /W:0 /LOG:MyLogfile.txt

This works fine except the log file reports Error 3 "The system cannot find the path specified" for files in only one subfolder, and deletes all the files in that subfolder from the flash drive.

The subfolder name is "Computer" (which as far are I know isn't a reserved name), and it has the same attributes and NTFS permissions as all of the others.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

A:RoboCopy Issue

Noone uses Robocopy?

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I've never had a backup routine but am about to begin. Was going to implement RAID 1 but after some forum education am finding out a removable backup disk is what I really want. So, should I assume Robocopy (likely with GUI) is still the way to go for my simple /E /Purge needs? I will be mirroring both a small system drive and a 2Tb data drive.


A:Robocopy still the best option?

Use Macrium Reflect Backup and Hard Disk Imaging for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003/2008

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Having trouble with quotes and folder names with spaces.
Cannot get it to run w/o an error.

SET _source=\\fs1\data\shared\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"
SET _dest=\\fsarchive\archiveshare\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"

ROBOCOPY %_source% %_dest% %_what% %_options%

I receive this error;
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive
ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows :: Version XP010
Started : Wed Apr 25 10:35:14 2012
Source - \\fs1\data\shared"Carolyn\
Dest - E:\Batch Move\Kris\
Files :
Options : /COPYAT /R:1000000 /W:30
ERROR : Invalid Parameter #3 : "Nancy \\fsarchive\archiveshare"Carolyn Kris Nanc
Simple Usage :: ROBOCOPY source destination /MIR
source :: Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
destination :: Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
/MIR :: Mirror a complete directory tree.
For more usage information run ROBOCOPY /? or read Robocopy.Doc.
NOTE: Read "True Replication" in Robocopy.Doc prior to first use of /MIR !
**** /MIR can DELETE files as well as copy them !
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive

A:Solved: RoboCopy

You need to put the quotes around the entire path:
"\\fs1\data\shared\Carolyn Kris Nancy"

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Good Afternoon,

I am trying to do work for a client of mine, and I am having problems with the robocopy command that i am using.

Here is the command
robocopy.exe \\USER2\Photos \\SERVER1\photos /e /m /R:10 /W:2 /XF CLIENTroboPhotos.bat robophotos.log /xd c:\photos\photos-add /V /log:\\USER2\Photos\robophotos.log

Copys from Users 2 photos folder and copies it to the server photos directory

then i put a command to do /xd c:\photos\photos-add which is suppose to exclude it, which it doesn't.

It just keeps replicating each other in each folder.... Catch my drift?
Please someone who is good with Robocopy, take a look at the script and see if you see a flaw in it.

Thank you!

I just cleared 15-16 extra space on the server, and now i am back to where i use to be 256 megs free.....

A:Robocopy Issue

anybody? have an aswer for this?

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With the Robocopy command of Windows 8.x, how do I do a copy of a file (renaming it) in the same directory of the source file?



A:Robocopy and same directory

You can't. Use copy or xcopy if you want to rename.
xcopy c:\test\old.txt c:\test\new.txt

Note xcopy will always prompt you with "Does c:\test\new.txt specify a file name or a directory name on the target" so you would probably be better off with
copy /v c:\test\old.txt c:\test\new.txt

where the /v verifies the copy.

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I'm trying to use Robocopy to copy from My Documents to a network path similar to the following: \\it\shared documents\my folder. When I try to use Robocopy, I receive the following in the log file.

D:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\My Documents\TMI\
2008/09/29 13:05:45 ERROR 31 (0x0000001F) Changing File Attributes D:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\My Documents\TMI\
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Googling this error code hasn't gotten me very far. Any ideas?

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I've just recently realized that copying folders to a backup hard drive resets their "created" date. Should my computer ever crash, all my backup files will state to have just been created on that certain date.

Me, being the organize-freak I am, have been looking for a solution so my backed up files can have the same time stamps as on my computer right now.

I've done a little searching, and have found that people always recommend Robocopy. Problem is, I can't understand a word of the tutorials. Is there anyone with a layman's explanation for how to run Robocopy to carry out what I want?

And also just for the heck of it, is Robocopy the only solution? Is there some sort of back up program on Windows 7 that can do that?


A:Timestamp/Robocopy help

Some of the other posters have had similar problems, book1245, so here are a couple of references to other posts that might offer a little bit of guidance:

There’s some help for you in this thread: "Date Modified" changes when copying... Take a look at the post from Bill2 which has, among other things, this site: How to copy or move files and folders whilst maintaining their original time date stamp. |, (and offers advice about your Robocopy problem as well), and the post from Casca which offers this advice: In a command window, run [xcopy] with the following switches: /s/e/c/a/k/h.

See also the post from huge in this thread: "easy transfer" resets folder modified date who apparently found a way to fix his problem, with only a mild amount of pain.

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Hi all, quick question.

I have used Robocopy to back up all my photos etc. for yonks, set it so that it mirrored by files on my main laptop. I have since had the need for faster and bigger storage and so have invested in a NAS. Awesome.....BUT...

when I run my script it no longer detects that a copy of the file already exists - it thinks every file is 'newer' and so it copies everything again (not funny given it's 50Gigs!)

My script consists of several lines like's very simple(!)..

robocopy "c:\Users\Steve\my pictures" "\\LS-XHLA97\backup\sr-backup\pictures" /mir /xd *.lrdata

robocopy "c:\Users\Steve\Modo" "\\LS-XHLA97\backup\sr-backup\Modo" /mir

Any ideas? Or suggestions for another way of doing this type of backup?

Many thanks

A:Robocopy and NAS problems...

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Evening all,

Just curious to know if anyone uses the built in utility to backup software on your machine, im trying to backup my itunes folder to an external HD but having a few issues to get this to work properly! I also use sync toy for backing up but just really want to know what everyone else uses?

As for image backups you cant beat Macrium Reflect imo

A:Anyone use robocopy to backup?

I don't use it myself, but have you tried the Robocopy GUI? On the same site there is a write-up of the RichCopy tool.

I haven't tested RichCopy on Win7 but I have tested the Robocopy Gui and it works fine.

EDIT: I just downloaded and installed RichCopy and it appears to be working fine in Win7.

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Within ROBOCOPY i need to write a script that will compare one folder to the other. The differences will be copied to a third folder and after copied to a third folder be copied back to the second folder.

Compare Folder 1 to Folder 2. Differences in 1 to 2 get copied to Folder 3 and after copied it will be copied to folder 2.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:RoboCopy question

Hi and Welcome!
May be better in the development section of the forum, as that is for scripting.
Click the red triangle next to your post and ask for it to be moved.
Kind Regards

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I've been using Robocopy for a while now and I have found it to be a simple and mostly efficient tool to mirror contents from one drive to another, and I've created a couple of batch files to simplify typing in parameters, like "AF ? ?" to copy my data files from one drive to another.

The thing is, for the last two days my data contents have been mirrored to my HDD partitions and a USB device absolutely fine - only a few files have been modified each time and I can rest assured that the contents are identical. The whole process has only taken a few moments.

But last night, the clocks went back and then earlier today I ran Robocopy once again to mirror my data contents. The HDD copy went without a hitch, but when running it to mirror contents to the USB device it started to recopy EVERYTHING over to it, naming all the files "Older"! What's more, I check the "modified" date/times on both sides and they're identical! I can only assume that the change in the clock from yesterday is the cause, and something unique to FAT32 file format (which the USB is).

The least I want to do is not to copy files with an older timestamp on top of new ones (if that's what's happening) so is there a way I can still use /MIR and use the /XO (exclude older) switch as well?

A:Robocopy help required

Well, I'm trying the /XO switch, and it seems to have worked so far.

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I'm having a peculiar issue with Active Directory. A member of our IT staff modifies all of the AD attributes such as descriptions and locations and such. However, there are two accounts that they cannot modify for some reason. There are no error messages and the text boxes aren't grayed out. They simply do not accept any keystrokes when you place the cursor in them. Neither of the accounts in question are administrators and they belong to completely different groups. I've looked at the groups for all three accounts and there is nothing out of the ordinary. Our domain admins can make the changes, but we would rather not be saddled with that task every time a change needs to be made.

Any ideas why a user who can modify other accounts can't modify two random accounts that don't have significant security settings?

A:Solved: Modifying AD attributes

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After installing Connectix virtual pc with winxp pro, on all folders on two separate hard drives have been set read-only and I can not change the attribute back. Uninstalled Virtual PC, tried to change attributes from a command line, as administrator and even reinstalled winxp as update with no luck. Can anyone tell me how to correct this situation. I searched MS Winxp forums with no results.

A:help can't turn off read-only attributes

Hi, redsea2002


This is just a guess so don't take it as gospel. I am not familiar with the application you installed, but it sounds like some form of remote connection application. It is possible that it defaults a "no access" environment until you tell it otherwise - a primitive but semi-effective form of security. Before you un-installed the product did you check ALL of its options and settings ? I would try to re-install it and see if it will let you change all the settings to allow read/write by everyone.

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I am still experiencing the dreaded Windows 7 "let us take control of your system" scenarios and I need some help if possible.

As usual, if I create a folder and attempt to save in it, I am denied access, though this is not such an issue, as I use Take Ownership to handle this.

My problem is all of the subfolder in the My Documents folder have Read Only as the attribute and I have tried everything I know to change it.

As a last resort I have used a command prompt and used the attrib command to do the job, but with no success trying various different combinations. I tried just running command normally and then tried it as an administrator, but again no success.

This was the final command I tried attrib -r +a "H:\My Documents\*.*" /S /D but still no success.

Does anyone know a way that will work to remove the read only attributes from all of my folders?



A:Cannot Change Read Only Attributes

Hope this helps, found this on the Microsft wesite : Files showing up as &#34;Read Only&#34; and unable to change this. - Microsoft Answers. If you have not tired this I hope some else on this site can help.

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Hello everyone,

i am using windows 8 pro with two users one of which is administrator.
The problem is that when i am in the other account (non administrator) i am unable to install anything in it.
As soon i run an .exe file , i get the error ""The extended attributes are inconsistent"" on googling, i found that it can be resolved by disabling the sound of UAC but this didn't work for me i hope that i will get an answer here.
A screenshot of the error is :

and for registrybooster.exe it is slightly different :


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hi everyone, im new to this forum so i hope im in the right one ask my questions. i am using windows xp service pack 2. my problem is that sometimes when i want to delete a program, my computer wont let me and i receive a message that the file cannot be deleted because it is readonly or protected. is there a program (free) that will allow me to change (remove) these attributes so can get rid of things i dont use or want anymore. thanks in advance,, van. (one more question - how will i know if someone answeres my question and where do i look for it?)

A:Change File Attributes

Right click the folder, and select Properties.Make sure it's not set to Read-only.If it is, uncheck it, click Apply, and click OK.Now try to delete it.If that doesn't work, there are a couple of programs, you can try:EraserUnlockerDelete DoctorThere's also this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article that might be helpful:How To Take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows XP

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my external HD gets "Error Applying Attributes" everytime when I try to change off Read-Only attribute. my whole hard drive is now only Read-Only and I cant change it.
That I get when I change folder Attributes:

Error Applying Attributes
An error occurred applying attributes to the file:
The media is write protected.

I get to choise "Ignore" "Ignore All" "Try Again" "Chancel".
Even if choise Try Again I get same error again, so I mostly press Ignore All and if I only press Ignore I get same error but other file in that folder.. ><

Is here any way to fix this error?

A:Error Applying Attributes

Hello Aw22,

Since a drive is the same as a folder, then you might see if doing step 3 in Option Two in METHOD TWO of the tutorial below in a elevated command prompt may work for you instead. You would just use the command below, but substitute the drive letter for the drive that you did this with instead.

attrib -r "C:\*.*" /S /D

Read-only File and Folder Attribute

Hope this helps,

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I have put a program folder into c:\program files and when I look at its attributes, it Read only.
I uncheck this box and want to make this folder and all its files and sub-folders not read only, ie I want to be able to write into one of the sub-folders.
I have followed all the prompts and the change appears to work, ie there are no error messages or warnings but when I check back through Properties, all folders etc are still shown as Read only.
I am doing this as administrator in vista home premium 32.
Could someone help out please?

A:Resetting attributes of folders

Program Files is a restricted folder, and all sub folders will inherit permissions from Program Files.

Optimally, you should not use any folder in PF to store / manipulate data that any non user will need to edit. You should use either the public folders and / or the users profile folders.

However, for that *1* folder you should be able to take ownership of the folder and then remove the read only attribute.

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I think the cause was copying a user folder from a previous Win7 install after a crash.

I had to re take ownership.. to be able to access them, which i did.

But for love or many i cant see to alter the read only attributes.

I have full permissions, ownership, admin account.. but still fail.

The folder is not in the c: drive or user accounts files any more but on my data drive. (different physical drive)

When using the command prompt I get errors about hidden files.. but none should be hidden! Maybe this is normal for these thumbnails & other system files.

( i use opus directory, not that that should make any difference)

All methods of changing the attributes appear to work.. but when i go back to check it still indicates certain files are read only.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

A:cant seem to alter the read only attributes

Quote: Originally Posted by Watoh

...Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

It says right in the properties dialog...Read-only (Only applies to files in folder)

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We are trying to copy a file from a PC running win xp pro so some of us can work on it on our own PC. However, when we try to open it , it is read only and will not let us make changes and save them?? Properties will not let us make any permanent changes.?? Ideas please.

A:Solved: File Attributes

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OK, since I've been preoccupied lately with getting a decent backup program working, I've been concerned about file attributes.

Trivia question 1: What does the attribute "N" denote?

Defrag has some interesting command line switches, everyone who uses it should be aware of the '-w' switch which causes defrag to pay attention to fragments larger than 64KB. The default for Windows Ultimate x64, in the scheduled defrag has the command line: 'defrag -c -i -g'. '-c' is easy.

Question 2: What do the '-i' and '-g' switches do?

Now, in case you were thinking there was anything but rep at stake, there isn't. Nor do I know the answers. (Cute, huh?) But I would appreciate knowing the answers.

A:A little trivia for you (Attributes and Defrag)

Hi Hogtowner,

Answers for your trivia.

Question 1

The "N" attribute is set by the Search/Indexing component in Vista.

N = Non indexed file or folder.

You cannot add/delete/change this attribute in the normal way, ie: it cannot be changed using the attrib command.

To change this attribute, right click the folder/file and select 'Properties'. Click on the 'General' tab and then click 'Advanced...'. This opens the 'Advanced Attributes' dialogue box. For folders the option you require is under 'Archive and Index attributes' and is 'Index this folder for faster searching' whereas for files the option required is under 'File attributes' and is 'Index this file for faster searching'. These are checkboxes, and for either case, the procedure is the same. To remove the "N" attribute, click to place a tick in the relevant checkbox. To replace the "N" attribute, click to remove the tick from the relevant checkbox. In both cases, click 'OK' twice to apply changes.

Question 2

The following switches are undocumented.

-i This switch makes Defrag run in the background and operate only if the system is idle - as it does when run as a scheduled task.

-b This switch optimizes boot files and applications while leaving the rest of the drive undisturbed.

I have not been able, as yet, to find anything referring to a "-g" switch.

Hopefully, this should answer your questions.

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"The extended attributes are inconsistent"

What does this error message mean? It comes up when I try to install a program or even when I am working with a program like Excel, for example. The window just shuts down and this message appears.


A:The extended attributes are inconsistent.

I think the quick meaning is corruption.

Try the following

System Restore
SFC Scannow
Repair Install if you have a Vista DVD
Repair Install For Vista
Scan with your anti virus Download and scan with malwarebytes
System Restore - How to
System Files - SFC Command

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I am having winxp os & file system is FAT32.
I wanna change folder attributes, i.e. we have three state of attributes,hidden,archive.
In my system read-only option is check marked,
i am trying to uncheck the read-only option, but after clicking ok also again its coming back i mean it remains checked only,

i want to remove that check mark , but its not happening.

can u plz help ?


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Is there any way i can search through my W2K Active Directory accounts that will tell me how many of them still have the checkbox 'User must change password at first logon' still ticked (i.e., those users we have set up that have never logged on)

A:Active Directory attributes

You can set up the admin pak

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Hello to you all,
I am having problems with my directory attributes, as in i dont seem to be able to turn "read only" off.
I can open the properties and then unselect "Read Only" and click OK. But then when i reopen the Properties "Read Only" has been reset.
Rather then have a tick in the box, the whole box is coloured in.
I think i have set something somewhere but cannot find out what. i have tryed changing my Login account, but there does not seem to be an option for allowing /Disallowing attribute changes.

Is there anyone out there who can help, before this thing getts launched out the window?

Edited to say that this is on XP Home

A:Locked Directory attributes

Please help, its driving me mad.

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Vista will not recognise my External Seagate HD (which works with my W7 laptop). The OS is I believe infected and I cannot load any programs or updates. My aim is to back up all data and reinstall Vista. Every time I try to load a program or update I receive the error msg - Extrenal Attributes are Inconsistent? Help!

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I know I could find this in one of my books but Im not at home and cant find an answer on google. My question is, when there is a disc attribute such as for hidden etc, is there a good place to find definitions for these identifiers?
The one Im especially wondering about is the attribute K

A:Solved: Disc Attributes

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I had a digicam's memory card connected to the PC to transfer some pictures. I noticed right Away that it was infected with some worms and viruses. so I scanned it with my Eset smart security and removed the Nude SSG sex scandal with wormblaster. then after that the folders appeared which is actually hidden (it is still hidden but I changed my view settings). So I tried to unhide the folders. But then the "hidden" checkbox is disabled so I can't do anything about it anymore. I thought I was infected by that time I opened the memcard without scanning first but ESS cannot detect anything at all. also I had this problem in another computer but can't seem to find a virus.

A:unchangeable folder attributes

There is a program called "unlocker" that should enable you to get rid of the offending folders. Available free at I have used it to get rid of the annoying and useless "xerox" folder under progam files.

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I have all my music stored in one folder. I want to remove or uncheck the file attribute from "read only". I have Administrator access, but when I uncheck the attribute box, it reverts back when I go into that folder again. I'm trying to remove these attributes so I can change the album art to my own rather than the small art that Windows has supplied. Why do these file attributes revert back to "read only" and not stay unchecked so I can change these files?

A:Trying to change folder attributes

Folders do not have "read only" that box is to add or remove the attribute to sub files.
However the box will always be filled in a folder's properties regardless.

Read-only File and Folder Attribute - Vista Forums

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My Win XP changes attribute of a folder to system attribute when I
change its icon. For example, if I create New Folder right click mouse
and choose properties, both Read Only and Hidden are UNCHECKED. But if I
change the icon of that folder the Hidden box of properties is GREYED
OUT(unavailable) It is not hidden. It becomes system folder.

I can go to MS Dos and remove system attribute from that folder but then
it restores default icon.
It has never happened before. I used to customize icons all the time.

Can someone please help? I tried to look for solution everywhere. Thank

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the 3 working files, basically it is a script that closes outlook and saves any drafts and will then backup user profile including .pst that would be otherwise locked.

problem is when I try and use %username% in the source or destination in the job file (.RCJ) it will give me a message along the lines of 

source destination C:/user/kriern/desktop/robocopy/user/%username%/

then just using the source i specify of user/%username%

file was sitting on my desktop (reason for the first part of directory)

works when i implement it in a .bat instead of a job file why does it stop working?

files have a 2000ish character limit and i do not want to run into issues when i get more and more specific with my exclusions

would love to be able to just throw it on users computers without changing anything and procced to use windows scheduler to run it , rather than edit the %username% to the correct one

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I provide IT support for a small business with about 5 users each with their own computer. Their last IT guy setup Retrospect backup backing up the user folder to the server and then CrashPlan Pro was installed on the server to backup to their cloud service (because they let you backup an unlimited amount of data on a single computer for $10 per month).

The first problem was that Retrospect doesn't save the data in a format that can be easily viewed to compare the backed up copy to the copy still on the original drive. The next problem was that one of the users got a message that their computer hadn't backed up in a few days so they uninstalled it from the server and reinstalled it but now it is asking for the key which nobody knows.

So, I figured for so few users I could make a basic xcopy script set to run at login and I did and it worked...but several people have told me that robocopy is worlds better than xcopy.

So, I know the format would be something like this for each user:

robocopy c:\Users\Brittany \\server\Backup\Brittany /e /mir /z /fft /w:5

Would this work? Anything you would change?

I have a few questions also...

1. What exactly does multi-thread copying do and how do I know if I should enable it?
2. Will this only copy new/changed files or everything?
3. I know the mir option deletes files from the backup that are deleted from the it possible to have it back up the new and changed files daily but to wait a week or so before deleting a de... Read more

A:Help with Robocopy user backups?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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Hi there,

New to the forum, please go easy

I've got a robocopy moving a file using /MOV from one folder to another.

Is it possible to add a second destination so that the contents of the original folder will be moved to both destination folders? How would the syntax look? (below is current syntax)

robocopy "\\source path" "\\destination path" /S /E /V /NP /MOV /XD in /R:10 /W:30


A:ROBOCOPY - /MOV to two destination folders

Hi mate.

You could do two things:

1. You can try to use ROBOMOJO to run multiple robocopy jobs
more info here: Running multiple Robocopy jobs in one batch file


2. You can run two separate robocopy jobs, with 10 minute interval between them.
Check this post: One source to multiple destinations with Robocopy

Hope this helps.

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I am using Robocopy to do a one way copy of changed user data files/directories from one computer to my server prior to running Backup.

The syntax I am using is :
robocopy y:\transport e:data\transport /copyall /E /log:e:\data\non-transport\logfiles\

Y is a mapped drive on my laptop. All newer files in the source directory and all of its subdirectories should be copied to the object directory

The documentation on Robocopy is sketchy at best. I believe this syntax should only copy source files that are newer than those in the target directory. However, if the date/time stamps are equal, it copies the file. It appears to me that all of these copies are unnecessary and it just opens the door to errors.

Can someone identify my error in thinking

A:Robocopy results not as expected.

Do I have Bad Font Odor? It seems that none of my posts ever get responded too, I try to be pretty discriptive in my subject and I get no responses.

Some of the posts that say "Vista not working" get a magnatude of responses.

When I used XCOPY /D only Sources file with the date/time stamp newer than the DT Stamp in the Object got copied.

Robocopy seems to copy files from the source if the DT Stamp is newer or equal than that of the Object. Guess what, once it copies the newer file, the DT Stamp in each directory is going to be equal, no need to keep copying it.

This should be a basic test before decommitting a working product, ie XCOPY, that has been around forever. Hopefully this is not "AS DESIGNED"

Someone at least acknowldege that this has been read.

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I want to use Robocopy to backup the data from my external hardrive D to a file called 'Backup' in a cluster storage W.
I only want to backup the modified and new files. In other words, I don't want to back up all the files in D every time I run Robocopy.

This is what I wrote by reading other posts on the forum:
title Backup personal files
robocopy D:\ W:\Backup /e /mir /np /tee /log+:backup_log.txt

However, the script below does not back up all the files.
Any suggestion on how I can improve the robocopy script?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I've been wanting to transfer my files from an old HDD to a new one exactly as they are, with the time stamps the way they are currently on the old HDD and all, and I heard that using Robocopy via the command prompt can help me do that. However, I don't want to delete everything on the old HDD. I've been looking around the internet, and anything I can find is just confusing to me.

The old external HDD that has all my files and folders is J: and the HDD I want to transfer them to which is a new internal HDD is Z:

What would be the proper command for copying everything on J: exactly as it is to Z: ? I hope I put this question in the correct section, lol, and as always, thanks for everyones help.
- Guru
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64x, 16gb ram, 4.20GHz AMD FX quad-core cpu,

A:Solved: Right command for Robocopy.

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I apologize if this forum is meant for tech people as I'm a novice computer user, but I really need help.  I have Windows 7 x64 and I used RoboCopy for the first time, and have messed up royally.  I was trying to copy folders and files from my
computer to an external hard drive.  My external hard drive had important files and folders on it already, and I thought that copying more data using RoboCopy would just add to it, but it deleted everything that was on the external hard drive when it
copied the additional data.  
Can I undo what just happened?  Is there any way to revert?  Or maybe there's some way to recover that deleted data?
I used:  Robocopy C:\Users\Name\Documents F:/MIR /dcopy:T
I would be really grateful to be helped.  Thanks in advance.

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I'm transfering around 216GB of files from my old hard drive to my new one using a SATA->USB converter cable (I only have one HDD slot). Using robocopy to transfer the files, the system freezes completely - nothing responds at all and any status LEDs that are lit at the time remain lit. My only option is to turn off the power. The clock will show the time of the crash (i.e., it stops).

I've yet to 'witness' the crash, but when I leave the computer alone for a bit and come back later on, I find it locked up.

Strangely, since then, I'm now using a normal drag+drop to copy the files, and it hasn't crashed in all the time it's been copying so far.

There's nothing in the event logs... Any ideas?

A:System freezes when using robocopy

Quote: Originally Posted by CreepinJesus

I'm transfering around 216GB of files from my old hard drive to my new one using a SATA->USB converter cable (I only have one HDD slot). Using robocopy to transfer the files, the system freezes completely - nothing responds at all and any status LEDs that are lit at the time remain lit. My only option is to turn off the power. The clock will show the time of the crash (i.e., it stops).

I've yet to 'witness' the crash, but when I leave the computer alone for a bit and come back later on, I find it locked up.

Strangely, since then, I'm now using a normal drag+drop to copy the files, and it hasn't crashed in all the time it's been copying so far.

There's nothing in the event logs... Any ideas?

What version of Teracopy? I had similar problems with the free version. there is nothing in event viewer>windows log>applications?

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I'm new to using robocopy but I have used it for awhile with a couple of external drives to keep them in sync but using a simple command like:

robocopy g: f: /E /R:2

this copies everything from the g: drive to the f: drive including empty directories and tries 2 times for failures.

On my desktop which is a XP Pro machine as well, I've installed the Windows Resource Kit Tool which includes robocopy and am trying to do a similar thing to copy my "My Documents" directory on my c: drive to my k: drive which is an external drive on my mionet network. The copy does work fine but each time I run the robocopy command, a large number of the files get copied even though they haven't changed. I'm sure that I'm just missing something but I've tried adding things to the command line to not copy older files. Here's something that I have tried:

robocopy "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents" "K:\ImageThat\My Documents" /E /R:2 /XO /A-:A

each time that I execute this command, I get about 800 files that get copied and I don't understand why. Anyone see anything that I'm missing, or perhaps the way that I am understanding how robocopy works is the problem.

thanks in advance!

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I have a computer that is running Vista HP on its original C\: drive, that has a maintainance program that was preinstalled on my pc. I also purchased Vista Ultimate (retail version), that is installed as a dual boot. I originally ran HP for the business, running a program that used Sql Server, but it became corrupted, and was unable to be fixed, so I abandoned the drive with HP (C:\) and only use the drive with Ultimate (M:\) on it.
I realize you cannot simply copy a program from one drive to another, because it will not result in an installed program. I am hoping that Robocopy will be my answer. I tried the following steps:
I created a folder on my M:\ drive, the drive I now use, with the same program name as the original program on C:\. I then tried to run a command prompt script, with Administrative priviledges.
ROBOCOPY C:\Program Files\[program name] M:\Program Files\[program name]
Each time I run it, I get an error message:
Robocopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I realize I may have been able to add several switches to the script, but for some reason, my computer doesn't even want to recognize the Robocopy command.
Any advise would be appreciated.

A:Unable to use Robocopy in Vista

It appears that robocopy is not in the path environment variable and the command prompt cannot find it. If it is in the normal location (\windows\system32) this should not happen.

But robocopy will not solve your problem. Installed applications have registry entries, and often other things as well, associated with them. Only the application installer knows about these things and only it can properly install an application. Robocopy has no hope of doing this.

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I have an older dual HDD enclosure that I cannot set up for mirroring with windows 7.

Can someone help me with a robocopy script that will initially back up all the data from one of the drives to the other, then only the changing files after the first run?

Thank you in advance.

A:Robocopy for a Dual HDD setup

The same command will do both - and it creates a mirror backup, removing any folders and files from the target that do not exist in the source.

d: is the source and e: is the target

This is untested: test it on a couple of USB sticks with test data on them first, as it can wipe the target drive very easily too.

robocopy "d:\" "e:\" /mir


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I last used robocopy on 041209 and I updated my XP Home SP3 on 041609 and on 041909 I have found that robocopy does not work anymore. It will create the folder it is supposed to create but there are no contents in it. I have also tried xcopy and xxcopy and all they will do is the same. I repair reinstalled robocopy and the qui said "Please use Windows Update to check for any critical updates to the .NET Framework." This message was at the bottom of the gui and was a suggestion rather than a command about the .NET Framework updates. I have also run System File Checker.

What could be keeping robocopy, xcopy and xxcopy from copying correctly?

Below Added 042709

I have found that by pasting the robocopy argument from the
command file into the Run box the backup occurs as expected.
But the command file when clicked on still does not do the
backup. Below are two versions that work when pasted into
the Run box.

robocopy C:\Annoyance C:\BackupAnnoyance

robocopy "C:\Annoyance" "C:\BackupAnnoyance" /COPYALL /V /NP /R:10 /W:30

The results are the same when I use xcopy or xxcopy: clicking on the bat file does not backup anything but when I paste the bat files argument in the Run box the backup occurs.
Sincerely, Teefermup

A:Solved: Robocopy Does Not Work

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So I've just got myself a Crucial M4 256GB and want to move my existing Win 7 x64 installation off my HDD and on to my SSD.
I've done all the preliminaries in Diskpart and have the drive marked as active. The last step is to copy all the files across (rather than use cloning software) with Robocopy.

However, even in an elevated command prompt I'm getting 'Access is denied' errors on the important stuff.

The command I am using is:

Robocopy e:\ h:\ /e /copyall /dcopy:t /r:0

(e and h being what Vista has assigned each drive when trying it in that)

also tried the /sec switch with no joy.

I've tried this using the Windows 7 install DVD and within Windows Vista x86 (the HDD is a dual boot with 2 partitions; one containing 7 x64 and the other Vista x86).

Any help on this one, please?

A:Installed new SSD - Having Robocopy failures.

I've added the /b switch in to the command line which seems to now allow copying of files previously denied. Shall see if this has done the trick once the copy completes.

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