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Size on disk - File explorer details view

Q: Size on disk - File explorer details view

For Windows 8/8.1, in the File explorer details view, is there any way for me to have a column for "Size on disk" as well as your traditional "Size" column?

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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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Hi All,

I use Details View on Windows Explorer.
And i want to increase the icons' size without changing to any other view (keep using Details view).

Is there any way to do this?


A:How to Change Icon Size of Details View on Windows 7

not possible I'm afraid, trying to size up the icons will put you in list mode, then small icons etc

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Anybody can share how to increase the size of icons in the details view of folders? there are a couple of howto around but they don't work, any new solution you know?

A:Increase Icons Size in Folder Details View

You can change the icon size to pretty much any size you like using CtrlMouseWheelZoom.exe

It's an AutoHotKey script compiled as an executable and you can download it here:

How to assign browser-like zooming hotkeys for resizing icons on the Desktop and in the Explorer window in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 | Winaero

In addition to the video shown in the above link here's another video (below) showing the script in action on my machine.

Folder is set to "General Items" and "Details View"

Icon size is remembered on a per folder basis (Folder Template Discovery is off). Not sure what happens if you've got Folder Template Discovery switched on.

Note: CtrlMouseWheelZoom.exe will run until you kill the process via task manager or other method.

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yet another round of "ZT doesn't like changes that don't help him" here.

as we all know, vista (and 7) have all kinds of derpy templates for what details are shown when you pick "details" view in windows explorer. but I don't need to have half the ID3 tag of a given mp3 sprayed all over the details view along with a totally meaningless "out of five stars" rating thing. and having directories change to that if ever there's more than a few mp3s in them gets annoying; I value meaningful details; filetype, file size, date modified, etc. is there any decent means to keep myself from having to go and manually fix every directory and subdirectory that gets music in it?

A:explorer "details view" templates...

IMO...Windows is designed to provide a number of options to the varied owners of PCs. I consider this a plus.

I employ details view on my systems...but the details I reflect for a given folder/directory...vary according to the content. I don't need music file data on non-music files...and I want to see certain data in folders containing music.

I put all of my music in one partition...and then set the default detail settings for everything in that partition, choosing only those options I am interested in (bit rate, artist, size, etc.).

That strategy serves my needs and that's the only way that I can think of to easily get like items reflecting the same details in Windows.


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Just wondering if anyone has discovered a registry hack to get Windows Explorer to show file size in details view as KB, MB, GB as appropriate? FreeCommander has had this option for years.

A:Get Explorer details view to show kb mb gb as appropriate?

Are you meaning that you want to customize the columns being displayed? If so then please right-click on "column heading bar" and tick on the Size Check Box. Or is it something else that you are looking for?

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Is there a way to make files and folders mingle together when using details view in Windows XP?

The way it works now, the folders are always grouped separately from the normal files. I typically sort by filename and I'd like the folders to be mixed in with the files, sorted by name just as if they were regular files themselves.

I know this isn't an error condition, but it is an annoyance. Please post a reply if you know a fix or workaround for this. Thanks!

A:mix files and folders in explorer (details view)

View, Arrange Icons By, Show in Groups.
Not perfect though, because of the letter headers, takes longer to scroll.

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Hello to ALL,

Windows Explorer in details view does not display the columns headers bar (name, type, date, size etc...) - it was there since the installation in DEC'09 but today when i opened the WE it wasn't there. The folders and files are still showed in columns, from view/choose details... menu i can select/clear which columns to appear but the columns names are not displayed.

Has anyone encountered such a behavior? Any idea how to restore the columns headers bar to be displayed?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks / Nicky

A:Explorer - NO column headers bar in details view

Hello Nicky, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The column headers would only be displayed in the Details folder arrangement view. Since you do, then you might see if resetting all folder views to default may restore them afterwards. If it does not help, then you might see if a repair install can without losing anything.

Hope this helps,

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I have Win XP and whenever I open windows explorer, the right pane has icons listed and I always have to change it to details under view. Is there a way to ensure that when I open explorer, it defaults to details view?? I've tried opening explorer and changing it to details, holding the control key when closing it and when I open explorer, it displays in details view, until you click on a folder (flash drive) and it changes to icon view when showing the contents of the flash drive. Is there a way soi that explorer will continue in the details format as you click on various drives?

A:Is there a way to have windows explorer default to details view

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Is there a way to change the Windows Explorer default setting so that every time I use it the list of all the folders and sub-folders are displayed to show the Details setting? Right now I can change it for one folder and then I have to do it all over again for subsequent folders. I want it to default to the details option always. I am running Win XP and all the updates are current. It's a single user machine if that matters.
If this involves anything having to do with something called "registry," please remember that I'm really a beginner and have no idea how you do anything with "registry." It seems like it's always being mentioned though in every problem that needs to be fixed in Windows.

A:how to Show the DETAILS view of Windows Explorer

thank you. I found the answer when I finally used the right search terms.

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When I open a folder in windows explorer using the details view, i see times in the date column but no dates. For example, if a file was modified on 4/30/2006 at 4:56, all i see in the date modified column is 4:56. This is happening with all files in all folders.

I really don't want to reinstall WinXP, but i will if i have to. Any suggestions short of that.

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Hey everyone,

I have been playing around with this for a while now and can't seem to do it.

Its there a way to show the year and size of a folder in a folder under details view?

What I mean is this. I have a folder that contains roughly 500 videos. Every video is contained in its own folder with the same name. What I would like is to be able to have the size of each folder and the year show in Details view.

Name | Size | Year
Video | 3gb. | 2005

Can this be done or am I just dreaming?

A:Windows Explorer Details View Question

Yes you can do it by applying following settings:

Open Windows Explorer (Shortcut : Windows Key + E))

Click on View as shown in below picture.

Now select Details as shown in below picture:

It will display your folder with all the details.

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I find it annoying when I use windows Explorer to browse my files and see folders where my files are not displayed in 'Details'-view.
(Other views are: Icons, Tiles, Content etc...)

How do I set up Windows 8 so that it always displays all foders in the 'Details' -view

A:How always display Explorer files in the 'Details' -view?

Hello whitek,

You could use the method in the tutorial below to set a folder view for all folders. You would use General Items in step 1 for "Details".

Folder View - Set a Default for all Folders in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hello, I apologize if this issue has been addressed already, but I can't seem to find a thread with a solution to my problem. Whenever I set my view to "Details," my windows explorer would always set itself to other views such as Tiles, or other times, it would usually get rid of the other columns, and only the "Name" column appears while all the other columns disappear. If I add all the columns that I had originally back to its state, it would then go to other settings of view (usually Tiles) or just go back to having no other columns except "Name." These are just some examples of the issue that I have. Even if I went to Folder Options, and clicked on "Apply to Folders" or "Reset Folders," the problem still persists. Some folder's sub-folders even get affected for some reason. I have even scanned my computer for any malware, viruses, worms etc. I have Windows Vista, and I use AVG 9.0 and Ad-Aware for protection. They detect the computer is clean, and I always scan my computer on a regular basis. Thus far, I can't get the views to be fixed and not have it change to other views and settings. Is there any solution to this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

A:Solved: Windows Explorer Vista View Details

This is one possible solution[11]=File%20Folder%20Settings


I have used this solution and it does solve the 'forgetting the settings' problem.

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I set my explorer window so details and went into option so it can be the default, but when I browse a ftp folder, it still has the "tiles" by default.

Can't I set details also for ftp folders ?

A:Windows explorer can't remember the details view on ftp folders

Are the ftp Folders on your computer or on a Server? I've found that the Folders on my Domain aren't affected/retained by the Folder Options, View settings on the computers I use to log in and transfer files.

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So far I'm pretty happy with Win 7, but one new feature is downright painful for me. In the Details view of Windows Explorer, the column headers and all columns except "Name" are displayed in a faint gray-on-white text. My eyes are unusually sensitive to low contrast, and they start to ache after only a few seconds' viewing.

I have the same problem on the web, where the low-contrast look has been stylish for several years, but a Firefox add-in called Stylish lets me change color schemes of sites I visit a lot.

If anyone can tell me how to convince Windows to use a normal black-on-white font for those columns, I'll be very grateful.

I do know about the high-contrast themes, but they're a sledge-hammer solution for a carpet-tack sized problem.

Many thanks,


A:Painfully Faint Text in Explorer Details View

Hi AJ and Welcome to Seven Forums,

If you have a LCD screen you might want to try ClearType it makes the words alot sharper and darker..

To turn this feature on click the start menu and search for ClearType and then Click on Adjust clear type text and it will give a sample of each style of clear type and you pick the best one..

Hope this Helps..

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If you use the details view in Windows Explorer, you'll note that save for the name field, all other fields are grayed out, likely due to Microsoft finding them "irrelevant" for most users. This is infuriating, as these are things which I refer to regularly, and I find it asinine that I'm expected to squint difficultly at gray text on a white background just to determine specific characteristics of a file. If anyone out there has any idea of a workaround, be it a third party application to hack around with the OS, or a registry value, or a setting which hitherto has escaped my notice, which would rid me of this annoyance, I offer my preemptive thanks and appreciation. Please, let me know if you have any ideas!

Thank you, again.

A:Details view in Explorer utilizes faint font color for most fields.

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Is this the text you are talking about?

Go from this
To this

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When I use the details view, the vertical spacing between rows is so big it makes it hard to scan down long lists. It's most notable when chaning from list view to details view, also the folder pane on the left doesn't have this odd spacing. I know MS has embraced liberal use of white space, but this spacing is uncommon and very hard to use for long lists. Is there any way to change this back to normal?

A:Windows Explorer - Details View - Vertical Spacing Readability Issues

Desktop - Right click - Personalize - Window Color - Advanced Appearance Settings - and change all fonts to Tahoma 8, and you will get windows xp font, and little less spacing

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As the subject/title line suggests, my Vista explorer's "Details" view only shows file size in kb!!!! How very, very annoying!!!!

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any tweak or fix out there that will bring it back to normal? I have reinstalled some four time over the last month since first getting Vista (for driver problems, not this issue) but this problem has persisted through each install.

I want the old format of <1mb in kb and >1mb in mb.


Thanks in advance for your time

A:Annoyance in Vista Ultimate - Details Shows File Size in Kb ONLY!!!

Hi Mumbaindude, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sorry, but there is no way around this one in Windows Explorer.

About the only option is to use some 3rd party file viewing program like explorer that does support that feature.


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I need a little help with something that seems simple. I am using Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit. I have changed the columns in Details view in a folder. However Windows is not populating those columns, so what am I missing? This holds true on both my network drives and my local drives, so I checked my indexing options and they are set to index my local drives, so I assumed that should have at least worked. Any help would be very much appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Details View not showing details/data

Welcome to Seven Forums JLH1. Try this:

Right click an empty area in that folder> Sort by> More

Scroll down the list and make sure the categories you want are checked> OK

A Guy

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hey guys, does anyone know how to view the size of folders in explorer? the same way i can see the size of individual files?


A:How to view folder size from explorer?

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Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the size of the icons when using tile view in explorer? I know I can make the icons bigger by switching to large or extra large icons view but I like the extra information I get from the tiles view, such as drive space. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

A:Explorer Tiles View Icon Size

Hi n1cecupoftea,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You can use the Advanced Appearance settings to adjust how the space for the icons. In step 6 of this tutorial, you can adjust the Size to a larger number for these Item options for what you are wanting:

1. Icon
2. Icon Spacing (Horizontal)
3. Icon Spacing (Vertical)

Advanced Appearance

Hope this helps you,

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When I backup to an external USB drive, Explorer shows the 2 folders created (WindowsImageBackup and MYNAME-PC) as having 0 bytes, 0 files and 0 folders when right clicking those folders and looking at Properties.
Yet, if I right click the drive icon, Properties shows the drive with 15GB of used space.
Is this normal? I'm not using third party software for the backup.

A:Can't view folder size on backup drive with Explorer

Yes it is normal. Windows Explorer does not go where it does not have permission to go.

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I use the explore file manager a lot in XP as I deal with thousands
of photo images. It drives me crazy that every time I use explore that
I have to do the pull down menu thing and select "view file details"
There must be a way to define that view as the default. Does anyone
know how to do it ?

BTW, someone told me that he new Windows 7 or Vista doesnt have
or show all the details of files that are available in the XP or Win98 Explore.
Something about Microsoft trying to dumb down the systems for the
masses. I always have to know the logical drive and folder name where
all my files are kept.

A:How to lock in "details" view in Explorer

Hello preventec47

Have you tried
Windows Explorer
Set the view as you want it
Tools|Folder Options|View, and click the "Apply to All Folders" button


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When I right click a file to view it's properties there are two different values shown: one for file "size" and the other for "size on disk". The second value is always larger. Could someone please explain what the difference is because I'm in the process of allocating space for backed up user data on a network share and I need to multiply the average file size by the number of users to get an estimate of how much space to allocate to that share. Thanks in advance!

A:file size vs size on disk

Disks are laid out at a base level in sectors, and then in clusters which are groups of sectors.
For example, on a 32GB partition (Fat32) the cluster size is 32000 bytes. On a NTFS system, the standard size is 4K.

Files can only be on a cluster boundary. Therefore, in this example, a file that is 16,000 bytes (file size) will be 32,768 bytes (on disk). And a 40,000 byte file (file size) will be 65,536 bytes (on disk).
Or, on a NTFS system, a 5,000 byte file will take 2 clusters, or 8,192 bytes (on disk)

Do Start > Run > Command and at the prompt enter

After it runs, the "xxxx bytes in each allocation unit" is the cluster size.

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I'm transferring files, from external hard disk to an another external hard disk...
from a non-external powered to an external powered one...

I'm using cut & paste...

Suddenly, blackout happens...

There'll be data writing failure...

So I checked some of my files(mostly in .iso)... Some of them have very big difference between Files Size & Size on Disk (around 4 GB)...

So, I tried to open it... Nothing happen...

Does this big difference can make anything goes wrong?

A:Different in File Size & Size on Disk

Are you talking about this?

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I do not want to see a large space to the right of my photos & files in file explorer. I want to see the full space filled with them. I have been searching for hours for the mythical "General Tab" which supposedly contains the key but it doesn't seem to exist. Does anyone know if this display is possible?

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Why are certain details, such as Frame Height, allowed in Windows Explorer when looking in a specific folder, but are missing when searching the contents of the same folder?

For example, I'm inside a folder (in details view) of video files and ask Explorer to show details of Frame Height. It will show that for certain file types. But when I search for one of the files by name, the Frame Height will be blank for the same file it just showed me the info for.

A:Windows Explorer won't show file details in search

It is generally accepted that the Windows 7 search is inadequate. Most here use AgentRansak, FileSearchEX, or Void Everything.

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I'm all about equality and symmetry. I like making what's around me look good and consistent.

Is there a program that would let me measure exactly how wide a detail tab is, and that I can adjust the same measurement in a different folder?

So check out the image, for example. I have:
1) Name
2) Dimensions [this folder is primarily intended for images]
3) Size
4) Type
5) Date modified
Yet there's another folder that I also use that is also intended for images. So when I open that next folder, I want those detail tabs to be the same exact width in measurement, yet when I add the "Dimensions" detail, I have to manually adjust the size of the detail tab and try to make all the other tabs as close to how it looks in the other folder, so my eyes can stay on a consistent focus.

I'm sure these's some program out there that can automatically resize these things.

(PS: I'm aware of the setting that I can make a default for folders with images in them.. yet I don't want to do this the default settings for all pictures folders)

Okay thanks.

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Hi, folks!

I'm trying hard to find at Internet a program or some way to output the informations from column details in Windows Explorer to a file (or to clipboard), cause I use different columns beside the normal information like filename, size, date, depending of the content of my folders. I.E. For a picture folder, I display dimensions of pics; for a mp3 folder, display bitrate and duration; for a video folder, display bitrate, duration and resolution (when available). I already tried a lot of programs, but none extract the informations the way I want (almost all of them just list the default columns, like filename, size and date) and I need a program that extract the columns exactly the way they are displayed in Windows Explorer. By the way, I'm using Windows XP Pro.

Thanks in advance.


PS: Sorry about my english errors, I'm Brazilian :-)

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When I display a folder containing *.mpg video files and I switch to 'Details' view, file explorer crashes after a few moments. I've read online that this might be related to bad codecs on my machine. Is there a way to definitively test this or is there a trusted site where I can download an up-to-date set of comprehensive Codecs (with instructions on how to perform this Codec 'update')?

I'm running Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit and I use the VLC media player as my default program associated with video files.

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This is something that has puzzled me for ages. I open a directory which has some sub-directories and some stand-alone files. I do view details. The file sizes are displayed, but the folder sizes are not displayed. In order to find a folder that doesn't match size with the source, I have to go through the painfully tedious task of right clicking and selecting properties on each folder. With XP, there was a tool I installed which allowed me to display the folder size, but the tool doesn't work in Windows 7.

Is there a way one can easily view the folder sizes without having to right click and select properties for each individual folder?

A:Help!!! How can I view folder sizes in view details?

Just use:

GetFoldersize - View Disk Usage, Calculate Disk Space

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I generally use the "details" view in Windows File Explorer a lot. This is an example:

As you can see, I can sort my file types in various ways by clicking on the different columns at the top. However, I have a question:

Is it possible to create a custom column in File Explorer that I can use to sort files by based upon their file extension? I'm not talking about changing the columns that are already there or picking from the huge list that you get when right click at the top and pick "More." What I want to do is create a custom column that I can enter text in for based upon the file extension which I can then use to sort my files into groups (such as audio, video, projects, etc.)

This could help me stay much more organized in File Explorer. However, you may be wondering why I don't just use the option to sort my files by "type" or "extension." The reason that I don't want to do this is because then not all of my files will be in the precise order that I want them to. Even though I found a way to modify the "Type" text for SOME files, as you can probably see in the image, I have not been able to for ALL file types (such as PNG, JPG, and JPEG), which is a real roadblock. This is because FileTypesMan is an old program and Registry Tweaks don't seem to be working even after I restart Windows Explorer.

Because of this, I'm wondering if there's a way to create a custom column that I can enter custom text into (which w... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

I don't exactly know the proper name for them, but I am looking for a way to TURN OFF / REMOVE the arrow drop down menus located to the right of each column when in the "details" view. When you click on the arrows they display a drop down menu giving you the option of filtering A-H, I- P, Q-Z which I am sure tons of people have a need for? I don't think so!

I am using the Windows 7 Basic Theme in Windows 7 Pro and as I said I am using the "Details" View.

I know many will brush off finding a fix to this, saying just ignore them, but they really are annoying, every time you go to change the size of a column (which I do quite a bit) when you go to select the line you get a little hiccup where it loads up this arrow menu icon. I compare this to buying a car and having the manufacturer designing the gas and the brake pedal to be butting up against each other, so that every time you go to hit one you are constantly hitting the other.

Others will say, "just pick a 3rd party file explorer", which after testing over 30 (don't get me started on file explorers ),
I have picked one and the best one that I have found that suits my own personal needs so far is QDir. It is a great file explorer and I am so grateful to the developer for creating it, (if you haven't tried it out, give it a shot) the only thing is I believe it uses the identical light blue columns from Windows 7 File Explorer because it has the same exact co... Read more

A:File Explorer - Details Column Drop Down Arrow Filter Menus

Hello Mike,

I'm not sure that those can be removed.

If you like, you might see if Option Two in the tutorial below may be another way that may work for you to resize the columns.

Windows Explorer Columns - Change Width

Hope this helps,

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I recently had to do a system restore and now my .jpg and jpeg files have a bad file icon. They still do open with the windows pic program as I want them to - but only on the admin accout, I usually surf and play and do everything else with a user account, and even if I reset everything under folder options for the file associacions it somehow doesn't apply to the other account.
The funny thing is that windows tells me in the file association menu that I changed the file association's properties and can set them back to standart "photo suite 6" - a program that I uninstalled ages ago ... can I somehow set this back to the normal winxp picture and fax displaying thing?

A:File opens with wrong program, bad file icon in explorer view

problem solved...

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Thank to 5532g

My question about font style and size did not work.
i am already on large size ( ie:14 max)

it still to small and strenghteneous for my eyes.

i have previously done all the possibilities (obviously I did miss one).

Other ideas will be much appreciated.

A:File explorer(file manager)font size

Please do not post duplicates. You have replies here:

Make all posts regarding this matter in that thread. This one is closed.

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I have a WD MyBook 3 TB external HDD. I can see the drive letter in Windows Explorer but the name I had for it is no longer there and the window freezes when trying to access it, disallowing viewing of any files. I was going to take a look at in through Disk Management, but when opening DiskMgmt with the hard drive plugged in the window never opens and reads 'Connecting to Virtual Disk Service'. When the hard drive is unplugged I can use Disk Management just fine.

The drive is able to be viewed in Device Manager. I tried uninstalling the drivers but this did not work.

I am currently running a "chkdsk /r" on the drive. It has been running for about 9 hours now and is 0% complete on verifying files and folders. (see image) Before it started this step I noticed it was back to normal in Windows Explorer, but I did not try to open the drive to view any folders. It also showed up in Disk Management as that was open in the background when I started the command.
I found this very odd, because once this step started it was back to the issues before.
Do you think the chkdsk is working properly? I can hear the disks spinning and the light is flashing like it is being used. I would like to preserve the 2 TB of data in use, but if it's not an option I would just like to be able to use the hard drive again.
Would quitting out of this cause damage?

The issue started after using my netgear r6300v2 ReadyShare feature. I used this in the past with success, but stopped... Read more

A:External HDD corrupting? Cannot view in Explorer or Disk Management

A problem I see in the picture is that it mentions "the type of file system is FAT32". The size of the drive is too large for FAT32 so would have to be formatted as NTFS but doing so will delete any files on it.

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Edit: I simply wiped the disk and changed it to MBR through the command line. I don't think I need any more help right now.
I received a new laptop today with windows 10 on it. So I downloaded rufus and used it to make a windows 7 installer. I chose MBR partition format. When I made it partway through the install I could not select a partition because "hard drive is GPT format". 
I could make a GPT windows 7 install but to my understanding that only works with Fat32. And to my understanding fat32 can only make a file 4 GBs in size. That seems like that limitation would be a huge problem. I have a 7 gig .rar file of a game I was planning to play on the new computer but I don't think I could transfer it to the fat32 hard drive.
I need some help here. If GPT can only be used with fat32 and therefor have a 4GB file size limitation, then is there any way I can get my 1TB hard drive to MBR? I'll admit that there's a lot I don't understand about this. 
I have a UEFI bios by the way along with a legacy mode option for windows 7.

A:GPT hard disk file size limitation

What is the Hard Disk size?
GPT and MBR are partitioning schemes, FAT32 and NTFS are File System types that can be used to store files/folders on the partitions independently if the disk is partitioned as MBR or GPT.
I think the confusion is because when creating a bootable flash drive to install Windows on a UEFI system with GPT you need to format the flash drive as FAT32.

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I've spent hours looking trough google searches for every possible search combination, but I cant find anyone else with the same exact problem.

I bought a "Dlink NAS 320L", everything works fine and I had no issues setting it up, however on my only windows 8.1 PC, all the files show as taking 4GB size on the disk.

I have updated to the latest firmware and the problem still persist. This issue does not happen on my other pc's and laptops which all run windows 7. My windows 8.1 is a fresh install is fully updated as well.

Disk checks out for errors.

Does anyone know why my windows 8.1 is showing every file as being 4GB in size on the NAS only? Even files larger than that. It seems like a windows explorer issue but I cant find any fixes for it.

It's also purely a display bug, on my windows 7 pc's and connecting online to the NAS shows the files as not taking up that much space. The problem is, windows tells me there's no room on the NAS based on it's reading the Size on disk as 4GB. Part of my music collection on it was 20~GB in size, but it showed as 14+TB on disk. The disk that's inside is 2TB large.

The NAS is running some kind of linux os with an ext4 file system (cant be changed).

I hope someone knows why my explorer is reading those files as that.

Much appreciated for any help anyone could offer. Thank you.

A:File Size on disk for NAS showing as 4GB a piece

That's interesting. "Size on disk" is reported wrong for files on my NAS also:

Time to go Google!

Edit: Ok, like the OP, when I check this from a Win 7 machine the "size on disk" is reported correctly. Googling around found lots of "wrong size on disk" issues, but nothing specifically related to Win 8.1. Oh well....

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I have Win XP SP2, all updated, Word 2002, SP3.

Choosing say A4 for page setup, setting it to 100% and viewing as Print layout, at 100% used to give a screen size page which was actually equal to A4 ie 21cm x 29.7cm.

For some time now, the screen size is now larger than that - the ruler at the top and bottom shows the marking as being 21cm x 29.7cm, but the cm units on the ruler are marked off at larger than cm units, consequently the screen size page is larger than actual.

This is annoying as it is not an accurate representation of the page layout for things on the page relative to each other.

Any ideas what has caused this and how to fix?

A:Page size on view menu doesn't match screen size

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Having just moved to XP pro, I'm puzzled that Windows Explorer doesn't give info on number of files selected, bytes selected, free drive space, etc. at the bottom as I'm accustomed to in W98 and W2k. Maybe there's an option to turn this on? Can't seem to find it...

A:file number and size in explorer?

Under View, click on Status Bar to enable it.

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I want File Explore to show all files in list view.

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In W7 I could refresh the file list after deleting files using the view menu and the refresh option.
W10 does not remove deleted files from view at once nor does it have a way of doing it manually that I can find.
I can't believe it no longer exists.

A:View refresh in file explorer

Solved. Another thread popped up. Use f5 or rt click refresh.

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In XP, the status bar in explorer windows would show me the total size of all the files.

Vista seems to have removed this handy feature, now I have to do Ctrl+A every time before it will show.

Is there a way to fix this?


A:Total file-size in explorer status bar

Hi Swirral,

Sorry, but no. Highlighting or selecting them all is the only way. They even made it harder to see a Folder's total size to.

Folder Size


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In my file explorer I would like to change the size and the type of font.
I would like to be able to see better and clearer.
I do not like the andicape window format.

A:File Explorer Type and font size

Right click your desktop> properties> appearance tab> at the bottom in the font size box, select large and click ok.

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I just upgrade from XP X32 to Windows 7 Pro X64 and I noticed that Windows 7 display size of every file in KB only. so for file that's larger than 2GB, it display rediculous large number for KB instead of change unit to GB. Is there anyway we can change this back to what it was in XP? I have attach a screenshot with this thread.

A:Windows explorer display size of every file in KB only

As I recall, my XP showed the size of a file under "details" view in KB as well. The only time I have seen it in MB or GB is in the status bar.

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The title says it all - In Windows Explorer how do you get the tool bar that has - File Edit View Tools Help

Thanks for your help


A:How do you get Tool Bar(file edit view...) in Explorer

Hello Ron, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This would be the Menu bar. The tutorial below can help show you how to turn it on.

Menu Bar - Turn On or Off

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3686 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 465640 MB, Free - 225577 MB; D: Total - 11196 MB, Free - 1022 MB; H: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 310007 MB; I: Total - 953833 MB, Free - 516102 MB; J: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 389995 MB; L: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 141798 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

This is an annoying problem. Whenever I open a folder in windows explorer it displays the files as "large Icons" and I want details. So I have to go to View and change it. But the next time it will again open in "large Icons" is there a way to change the default from "large Icons" to details ?

A:Windows explorer file view in folder

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Hi there,

I have a weird problem trying to copy files onto a DVD-RAM disk (formated with FAT32)with Windows Explorer... for which I couldn't find any solution, not even a report, with google or in the MS knowledgebase etc.

It goes this:
depending on the file size, when I copy files from my hard disk onto the DVD-RAM disk I get ...

a) for files < ~ 200 kB: Windows Explorer shows the usuall small window with the green progress bar, which closes upon apparent completion of the process. Explorer now shows the files on my DVD-RAM disk as expected. I can even open and modify them now on the DVD-RAM disk.
BUT... when I remove and reinsert the DVD-RAM disk again, the files are not there any more!!! Moreover, sometimes I hear my DVD drive is not even spinning when Explorer tells me its is copying the files!

b) for files > ~ 200kB: Windows Explorer refuses to copy the files with the error message "Cannot read from the source file or disk".

Before you ask...
Yes, I have administrator rights and full control of the files .

No, the files are not in use by any other program.

Yes, problem persists whatever file from whatever location on my hard disk to whatever location on the DVD-RAM I try to copy.

Yes, I can read/delete files from the DVD-RAM disk, and even manually create new folders / files and rename/modify them!

Yes, the very same files Windows Explorer refuses to copy onto my DVD-RAM / FAT32 disk I can successfully copy on a RW-CD with UDF format.

Ye... Read more

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Hello again,

I've got a question about this, since it seems kind of too much of a difference. I got an SSD disk of 60gb with my windows installation and few software. The disk today shows 3gb free space, (out of total 55.8) but the size of all it's folders inside (including hidden ones is 43). There is a difference of 10 GB somewhere. I've read that windows reserve 5-10% of the disk for something (not sure if it's true), but still it doesn't explain the difference. I've ran disk cleanup to free space, nothing changed. This is becoming annoying since if it keeps up, the disk will be full extremely soon.

A:Solved: Disk free space doesn't match file size.

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Evening folks,

For some reason my Windows 7 Home keeps putting all my folders in to detail view and its currently annoying the hell out of me. I wouldn't mind if it remebered the size I put colums but it forgets it so I can see the names of anything.

How do I make my folder view settings stick?

I like icon or thumbnail view for most things but this constant changing to details view is annoying as (insert expletive of your choice).

Anyway, any advice?

A:Always with the Details view?

Quote: Originally Posted by BigAdam

Evening folks,

For some reason my Windows 7 Home keeps putting all my folders in to detail view and its currently annoying the hell out of me. I wouldn't mind if it remebered the size I put colums but it forgets it so I can see the names of anything.

How do I make my folder view settings stick?

I like icon or thumbnail view for most things but this constant changing to details view is annoying as (insert expletive of your choice).

Anyway, any advice?

Try this: you folder the way you like, including view style (Right-click->Customize this Folder), columns, etc
Click Organize, in the top left of the Explorer window
Click Folder And Search Options
Click the View tab to open it
Click Apply to Folders
Click Yes in the message box Do you want all folders of this type to match this folders view settings?
Click OK

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I have read many posts concerning details views in folders. Here is my question, which I'll accept a simple "no" on if absolutely necessary:

When I open any folder, anywhere, any save or open dialog box, any search, anyplace where more than one document is listed, I want ALWAYS to see it in Details View. Is This Possible?

A:Details view everywhere

Hello Fibbermcghee, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you use General Items as the default folder template with the tutorial below, then this will set all folders in Windows Explorer to have "Details" view.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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Am i missing something or can I not simply just display all folders in details mode automatically. No exceptions.
I go to Windows Explorer -> Organize ->Folders and Search Options -> View Tab
Then i am in a folder that I've manually chosen as "Details".. and i hit "Apply to Folders" button.

Well it seems to go away after a while and the folders start showing things in gimp-mode (ie not details mode).

A:Details View

I mean the main thing is that it does not apply details mode to similar folders everywhere. I wouldn't even mind detailed view in picture folders. I just want details consistently.

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Does anyone know how to view more details all the time when your copying or deleting a file ? Without using a 3rd party software. More like a reg hack

A:View More Details Always

First paragraph was deleted as my mistake.

Update: Unfortunately, nothing has changed since this
Is there a way to show more details by default when copying files and

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So this is a very strange problem and I've scoured the internet for hours looking for any explanation, but have yet to find one.

So when I open up some sort of folder the explorer shows the normal details per file, including file size. The strange thing is that there are no longer and commas separating every 3 digits. For example, a file that used to read a size of 2,453,242 KB in the explorer now reads a size of 2453242 KB. Needless to say this isn't stopping me from using my computer, but its extremely annoying. Note that when I bring up the task manager, the RAM being used by programs also has its commas missing.

I'm using the most currently updated Windows XP and to my knowledge I haven't installed anything before or since this happened a day or two ago. The only non-perfect operation that happened around this time is my ATI Radeon graphics driver gave me a small issue and restarted its drivers after playing Oblivion. But it seems fine and back to normal. Needless to say I've also restarted my computer and the explorer shell itself and nothing seems to turn it back to normal. I don't want to do a system restore yet.

Anyone else ever hear of something like this?

A:Commas in file size disapeared in Explorer/My Computer

Go to Start > Run, type in intl.cpl

Regional Options tab > Customize

Digtal grouping, pick 123,456,789

Also make sure the Digital grouping symbol is a comma.

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Why the heck Windows Explorer status bar does not show the file size, as it used to do in Vista and XP?

Is it possible that Microsoft is that stupid to remove such an important feature?

A:Windows Explorer Status Bar: does not show file size

Hi Champi, welcome to the forums.

I can't think why your setup would not be showing file sizes. Mine displays them fine

You might want to check some of your 'view' settings (ALT+V within explorer) and see if any of them help.


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When we open our storage HD for media (flicks and TV) and other folders with files and or other folders inside the File FOLDER. the command bar shows a column for size, length, date, etc but it shows no information. We'd mostly like to see the size of the file FOLDER with the files and folders in it. man now I'm confused.....

M/Videos/Folder/folders/files how to display size of the red folder in the size column in windows explorer

A:How do I show file FOLDER size in windows explorer

Issue has been discussed at Sevenforums already.

Folder size?
Any way to get the folder size to show in details?
Folder Size in Windows Explorer

Probably, best advice (non-3d party) here.

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

When I total up the size of all the files in the Thunderbird folder in Windows Explorer it comes to about 285 M. But when I check the amount of usage using Computer Management/My Computer after I transfer the Thuderbird folder to an SD Card I get about 700 M. Can anybody tell me what's going on here?


A:Discrepancy in size of file between Explorer and Computer Management

Hidden files?

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This problem is very annoying.

In Windows XP when I open a folder, a music folder for example, it would display the total number of files in the folder and the total file size. Windows 7 does not do this, which is fine, I thought, I'll just highlight all the files with Ctrl+A, doesn't work, I have to click on 'Show more details' which is hassle.

And why such a arbitrary number 15?

Is there a registry modification to increase this number? To say, 9999?

*edit* Found the solution in this thread. Mod can delete this junk post, thanks!

A:How do I get Explorer Status bar to display total file size?

Hi all,

My mistake posting on this thread rather than the other one (linked to above by 0pTical). Post moved.


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We have a MAC machine running on BootCamp for Windows 8.1 as well as the MAC. It's been runing for almost 1 year. We found that on the Windows side (C:\ - BOOTCAMP) that this machine is only 4GB free space out of 371 GB. So we are starting to troubleshoot to find out what causing this.
We checked on C:\ drive (including Hidden file/folders) and select all the files and right click PROPERTIES to see the size and we found is 306 GB. So we are missing 66 GB !!!
Any ideas what causing this?
BTW ... we are running Windows 8.1 and we backing up via File History to external network device. But we now the fact that if the machine is not connected to the network, it backup to local disk. Now, we did setup to cache offline 5% of the disk BUT could be this is the issue?

I'm appreciated your feedback.

A:File size different between Explorer and Hard drives Prop

Bootcamp is a Virtual Machine. It will expand or shrink the VM, depending on the needs.

Also the fact that Mac OS-X uses a more efficient way of handling Drive Space use than Windows does.

Easiest way to find out is to click on "About this Mac" and "More Info". Mac OS-X 101.

Disk Inventory X is one of the better programs out there that shows you what is using up drive space for Size of the folders and how many files.

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Hi everyone, I recently setup an FTP server using this genius little piece of hardware called CloudFTP (now called iUSBport as of today, LOL).

Anyways, I can access my CloudFTP just fine through my smartphone, using a file explorer app w/FTP ability.

My question is, is there a downloadable Windows 7 file explorer freeware/software app that can do exact the same thing as my Android? Currently, I am only able to access the CloudFTP via Windows through the Google Chrome browser, but the interface is.... dismal, to say the least.

I like the built-in Windows 7 explorer just fine, but I'm not sure I can access my FTP server using it. I may not even want to, even if it could.

A:I need a Windows file explorer that can view/modify FTP files?

type in an FTP address in Explorer's address bar. ftp://ip-address-here/

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I am not new to Windows at all, but I am trying hard to get this view back in my Windows 8 File Explorer from Windows 7.
(I need to link to a pic, as I do not know the correct terms for it.)

I think it is possible, just do not know how to get the disk size and space used properties to show.

A:Windows 8 File Explorer properties view question

Have you tried this?

Attachment 24387

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With my folders I usually change the view options to "Details", and order either "alphabetically" or by "date modified" but when I restart these settings are not saved and I have to do it again. Not the end of the world but is it something I can help or is it not?

Thanks in advance


A:Folder/file view preferences don't save in Explorer

Hello Hulou, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you might see if using the tutorial below to set this folder view to all folders may work better for you. You will still be able to set individual folder views afterwards as well though.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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When opening windows explorer , the File / View / Edit / Tools/ Help tab is not displaying for some reason.

Anyboady know why or how I can get it back?

A:[SOLVED] File / View / Edit not displaying in Explorer


Please refer to this article:

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Hi, I'm new to Vista and a few things are bothering me at the moment:

1) If I set my current folder to "list" view and then go and "apply current settings to all folders"... in XP this would do just that: put every single folder on all my disks in "list view" by default. Unfortunately, Vista still seems to try to display what it considers "media folders" as "tile view" until I manually change each one to "list" view. Do I have any way to set them all to list as I intend?

2) When I turn on the "status bar" in flie explorer, it does indeed show the status bar, and if I click on a file it will show the size of that file in the status bar. In XP however, if no file was selected it would show the combined size of all the files in the folder, and if I selected a specific group of files it would also show their combined filesize. Neither of these seem to show up on the status bar in Vista.

3) Is there any way to prevent folders from "lighting up" as you move the mouse over them? I would call this "pre-select highlight" after a similarly named (and similarly disliked) feature in a CAD program I use.

4) This one is kind of stupid, but sometimes due to all my external drives, I like to have a long (tall) but narrow vertical window, where the folder names just fill up the width. If I scroll down the list and either delete or rename something, the whole list apparently disappears, but ... Read more

A:Issues with Vista file explorer view settings

Originally Posted by The111

Hi, I'm new to Vista and a few things are bothering me at the moment:

1) If I set my current folder to "list" view and then go and "apply current settings to all folders"... in XP this would do just that: put every single folder on all my disks in "list view" by default. Unfortunately, Vista still seems to try to display what it considers "media folders" as "tile view" until I manually change each one to "list" view. Do I have any way to set them all to list as I intend?

2) When I turn on the "status bar" in flie explorer, it does indeed show the status bar, and if I click on a file it will show the size of that file in the status bar. In XP however, if no file was selected it would show the combined size of all the files in the folder, and if I selected a specific group of files it would also show their combined filesize. Neither of these seem to show up on the status bar in Vista.

3) Is there any way to prevent folders from "lighting up" as you move the mouse over them? I would call this "pre-select highlight" after a similarly named (and similarly disliked) feature in a CAD program I use.

4) This one is kind of stupid, but sometimes due to all my external drives, I like to have a long (tall) but narrow vertical window, where the folder names just fill up the width. If I scroll down the list and either delete or rename something, th... Read more

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Hello, I am using Windows 8.1 Preview. When I changes the View settings of files from "Details" view to "Large icons" view or any other view, changes takes place i.e "Large icons" view is enabled, but after i open another folder and then come back to the previous folder the view settings are keep reverted into "Details" view, which is very annoying . It was working good before some days, but from last 2 days this problem is appearing. Please help me. Thank You

A:View settings keep reverting to "Details" view

Hi and welcome to TSF perhaps the suggestions here can help Change folder views and options in Windows/File Explorer |
I will move you to the win 8 forum for further help.

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I just reinstalled win7 on this machine (clean install of win7 pro x64) and am trying to set it up the way it used to be. Right now on any program (notepad, whatever) when I do a "save as" it shows a details view of whatever is the default folder for that program, but then when I navigate to save it on the desktop it shows icons, instead of the details view (see attached screenshot). Same things happens when doing a "file open".

Can anyone tell me what setting I need to change to get it to be a details view instead of an icon view? Thanks

A:want details view, not icon view, for "save as"


I am unsure as I am currently on a win 8 machine, but I would look inf cpanel>folder options>view. I believe (from memory) there are some relevant options there.

I think if you set up the focused window the way you want then click apply to all folders it may do the trick

Anyway cant hurt.

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This is by far the most difficult issue to explain what I see. Whenever I point to some files in Windows Explorer or similar program a yellow "sticky note" displays with either the filename or occasionally a summary of the details of the file such as Date Modified, Size etc. I find it really annoying since it covers up an area such as other files etc.

I have tried "Disable Notification Area Balloon Tips in Windows XP" and "EnableBalloonTips" registry entry is already set to '0' plus I even recreated and still no go...still appears. Does not appear on every file but once in a while it will happen/

Attached is a basic sample where I pointed to a jpg.....

Any help to remove this pop is very much appreciated.


A:Removing "Sticky note" File Details Windows Explorer

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In XP, the Details view of a folder of Mp3s showed the size of each song. With Vista, it shows Album name, Genre, Artist, etc., but not file size. I looked in Folder Options, but couldn't find how to do it. Can it be done?


A:Solved: Details view

Right-click a column header and choose your columns. Move them as you want.

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This happens after I try DreamScene Activator from here:
DreamScene Activator: Activate DreamScene In All Editions Of Windows 7 & Vista | door2windows

My folder view is resetted for all folder types to default details view, auto-folder discovery is likely turned off too, and some view modes is too tight including list, details view modes. But view modes in Library doesn't affected. Well, I can't explain it clearly but focus on the blue selection color where at library is wider than in any other mode

I've tried to remove DreamScene Activator and sfc with no luck

EDIT: Auto-Refresh is disabled too. So I have to click Refresh to view file I copied, moved, or extracted. And I don't have any idea to enable it

A:Details View too Tight

Can't you just move the column header to the size you need it to be.?

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I set the view of a certain folder to Details but when I go back to it later on I find it turned into Tiles. Is there a way to fix the view to Details all the time?

A:Need to fix the view of a folder into details

Just that one folder or does it do that with every folder? If just that one, what's the folder name?

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Hello, I am (as of this writing) using Windows 10 Preview Build 14390. My question has to do with customizing folders in File Explorer.

Is there a way to customize every folder/subfolder on my system (including external hard drives, USB flash drives, and CD/DVD) so that the Bit Rate type I?ve selected in the Sort By context menu is displayed in ?Display? Mode?

As of right now, it seems I have to add this option manually to each and every folder I use, one at a time.

If this is possible, what is the procedure? Also, if it is possible, will it work for new folders, as well? And will it work if I rename a folder?

The Bit Rate option need only appear in folders that contain audio files. Is there a way to restrict this option so that it doesn?t appear in every folder? (It?s not a big deal if it can?t.)

Here?s a screen shot of what I?m referring to:
Thank you for any assistance! J. Danniel

A:File Explorer: Globally Add Bit Rate "Sort By" Item in Details Mode

Originally Posted by jdanniel

Hello, I am (as of this writing) using Windows 10 Preview Build 14390. My question has to do with customizing folders in File Explorer.

Is there a way to customize every folder/subfolder on my system (including external hard drives, USB flash drives, and CD/DVD) so that the Bit Rate type I?ve selected in the Sort By context menu is displayed in ?Display? Mode?

As of right now, it seems I have to add this option manually to each and every folder I use, one at a time.

If this is possible, what is the procedure? Also, if it is possible, will it work for new folders, as well? And will it work if I rename a folder?

The Bit Rate option need only appear in folders that contain audio files. Is there a way to restrict this option so that it doesn?t appear in every folder? (It?s not a big deal if it can?t.)

Here?s a screen shot of what I?m referring to:

Thank you for any assistance! J. Danniel

Hi @jdanniel, welcome to!

Set your preferred view, then click on your View Tab, then Options:

then Apply... 3 - 6:

It should apply those preferences to all folders of that type in that directory.

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I installed Windows 8.1 on a different hard disk, and am setting my most preferred settings on this new installation. According to the attached picture, I noticed that I was able to add this bottom grey bar that states the total size of the files in this folder only (kinda like how it was with XP), and completely forgot how to add this feature to File Explorer.

Do you remember how I did this?

A:Show The Total Files' Size In A Folder In File Explorer

I just read my post and it actually sounds a little confusing. What I meant to say is that I've been using Windows 8.1 and have managed to add that bottom part to File Explorer in Windows 8.1. I installed a fresh version of this same Windows 8.1 on a different computer, and am trying to remember/research how I was able to add that grey bar down there. Have you managed to come across anything like this anyone? Does it ring a bell?

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This has stumped me so good I actually signed up to a forum... Hey guys..

Long story short.. "Show Libraries" refuses to work in File Explorer

I've done this.. And it doesn't do anything. It doesn't even leave a check or anything.

I've done this.. And while it leaves a check showing it's "working".. It still isn't showing my libraries

I've also done this.. It checks, I hit apply, ok to close the box and nope.. If I re-open the folder options again the box is unchecked.

The only way in File Explorer I can get it to show my libraries is use "Show All Folders".. Which I don't want to do.

The strangest part is.. In the OPEN Dialog (the dialog that opens if you want to browse files to upload to say, imgur).. It works as it should..

I've done a sfc /scannow and it comes out clean.. I have no idea how File Explorer got so corrupt. Windows updates are all current, etc..

A:Windows 8.1 File Explorer pane broken library view

Hello Styckx, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Using Option Four in the tutorial below to add Libraries to the navigation pane may be able to sort this for you.

Libraries - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane in Windows 8 Explorer

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Each time a new FE is opened, I would like it to always show the same display (of my choosing). How can I achieve this?

A:Make Win 8.1 File Explorer remember my folder view settings

See the "automatic fix" here: the registry fix unless you are very happy in there.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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I work with a lot of animation sequences, and when using Win explorer it has always irked me that if I want to view anything but list or details view then the filenames are truncated.

This is a problem because the sequences I work with often have long(ish) names and numerically iterated, generally being suffixed by a padded number.

Is there a way that I can view tiles, or content, or icons without having the filenames truncated?

(Bonus question: how come sometimes I get the option to view 'content' and other times the option is not there?)

Thanks peeps.

Example image of what I'm talking about:

A:Windows explorer - How do I view full file names AND see an icon

You could try these options:
Increasing the Icon Spacing (horizontal and vertical) can allow for longer filenames.
Setting the icons to the largest size can also allow you to view longer names.
Also you could use Details view and have the Preview Pane active.
That program seems to be using the old style Windows dialogue boxes, so I'm not sure if any of the options (I listed above) will have much effect.

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I see that the size of a file is displayed when in "Details" mode. But when I am looking at a folder filled with dozens of subfolders, no file size is listed. Is there a way to change this?

A:Any way to get the folder size to show in details?

Sizes are only listed for files, not for folders. But if you hover the cursor over the folder, it will tell you the size.

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Hi, I have the following problem: Explorer doesn`t show any details for any media file type like artist or album, when choosing Details view.
Additionally, clicking on file properties doesn`t show any info either, nor simple, nor in advanced view.
The files are fine, and other software reads the media file info correctly, including WMP 11 and Winamp.

Any ideas?


A:Solved: Problem with the Details view

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errorWhen an application crashes with the "blah blah Application has stop working" error, is there any way to obtain further details on the reason the particular application crashed.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:How to view details on application crash

type event viewer in the search box .. open the application section and see if there are any critical errors listed.. That should point you in the right direction..

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Ok, so I've switched a folder to 'Details' view, added a 'Description' column. But I can seem to edit this column?? How do I edit (or add text in my case) to this new column?

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Is there a way I can set the folder Details view for Pictures WITHOUT changing the Video details view.
I want the length of my movies but not the length of my pictures and the diamensions of my pictures but not the diamensions of the movies etc.

A:Folder details view setting

Pictures and videos are generally uploaded to different folders, so the settings in each of the folders should be independent from the other. But if, for some reason, you have your pictures + videos in the same folder, I think the only way you could do that would be a work-around --- to manually transfer all of your pictures or videos to a separate folder. That way, in each of the folders, by right-clicking on the settings options and selecting 'More' at the bottom of the list, you have several hundred specific options to choose from and select.

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I would like every single folder on my system to always open in detail view
Have followed tutorials but unsuccessful in getting this to work consistently

A:Cannot get all subfolders to display in details view

If your asking what i think you are, Windows Explorer has a default setting for every directory, which means you have to change each one to what you would like it preset to.
Maybe using a file manager such as 7Zip Manager would be more relevant to what you are trying to achieve?

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How do I set Windows7 to open all folders in the details view. Currently I now have to set each window as I open them


A:Set folder view globally to details

Have a look at this tutorial,

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Ever since the Graphical User Interface was introduced, EVERY single folder by default, from mac to Windows, is in some kind of little details view with a little folder icon next to the folder name. Well, for the sake of Start Screen's visual approach, I think it would be best to go from Details view, to Large Icon view in Windows Explorer. For the naysayers, the amount of viewable folders and files actually remains the same in most cases and usually increases the amount, even with the Details pane in Windows 8 enabled. Without the Details pane, the amount viewable increases.

Proof of such...


A:I think it's time to move away from the Details view.

If you use large icons you loose the ability to see the detail provided by additional columns. It's fine for basic folders where there are few details, but for folders that contain photographs, music or many other categories, it just doesn't work. Personally, I'll stay with details view, which also consumes less space when used in conjunction with filters appropriate for the content.

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in any folder the icons of text files and other suddenly changed their icons to lower, weird quality. This never happened before and it only starts looking normal when the view is small icons and above.

A:icons look different in folders with details view

its not only on txt files \/

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when i drag & drop Now i see a Large Icon, where as with my old computer with win 7 I had a small Details view when I dragged & dropped.
I think I found a fix long ago but I can't find it now.
Thanks in advance, Mike

A:when i drag & drop i want to see details view

Go to advanced system settings. Under Performance, click 'Settings'. Under Visual Effects/Custom, uncheck: 'Show window contents while dragging'. Click Apply and OK.

However, that checkbox may already be unchecked. If so, uncheck the box 'Use visual styles on windows and buttons'. That makes Windows 7 look like XP to some extent, but so what.

That should at least get rid of the large icon, which I could not stand. It may not give you "details".

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I set the columns and their widths in "details" view for almost all folders in a certain way in WinExplorer.

Sometimes (I guess when the dir contains e.g. videos *.avi) additional columns where automatically shown, the column order and width differs.

I don't want in any case to see a "type" and "length" columns.

How can I set a details view really for all folders on my hard disc even when it contains *.avi videos or other multimedia stuff?


A:How to set details view in WinExp for really all folders?

Well the same way as always (XP has always had this problem too). But it's only a partial fix.

Go to the root of each drive. Set the view as you want it Then on the "Organize"->"Folder and search options"->"View" tab, click "Apply to all folders".

The only problem is when new folders are created they are created in "automatic" mode and the problem can slowly creep up again.

The only way to get it to stick permanently is to use something else like Explorer++

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I hope Im in the right place and I did look around to see if I could find an answer to my questions. Anyway I made the mistake of buying windows 8 assuming it was just windows 7 fixed up, wow was I ever wrong The problem I am trying to solve at this moment is I set my folders to show medium icon view and no matter what it always reverts back to details (default view) I have reset all folders and applied to all folders but it changes back. The same thing happens for example..... I like to see file extensions but it changes by itself ,it is strange that sometime it will keep my changes for a time but it will always go back to default. I have also gone back to the factory setting 3 times thinking I did something wrong cuz one time I couldn't get the preview pane (pain) or the navigation pane to remove. The only thing Im using at the moment that didn't come with the system is the Classic Shell Win8. My OS is windows 8 X64 so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would appreciate very much to hear them, Im not a PRO but have been using since the old DOS days and have a fair idea how this is suppose to work, and I have always tweaked the system I was running at work or home but this OS doesn't wanna cooperate at all. Sorry if I was to long winded but was trying to give an account of my problems.Thanks in advance.

A:Folder View always goes back to details.

Hello Miklo,

If you have not already, you might see if using the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders and templates may help.

Folder View - Set a Default for all Folders in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I've customized the look of File Explorer (thanks to the tutorial). Now, how do I remove iCloud Photos from the Devices and Drives view in file Explorer?

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I've been using an install of Win7 home prem for 7 months. About every month a feature fails.

This month the 'details view' in windows explorer randomly changes to big non-discript icons. It undoes the general purpose and apply to subfolders on some, seemingly the most used folders.
This is really annoying. anyway to regedit this permanently for all?

asus m4a78lt-m le, 3.2ghz x4

A:[SOLVED] losing details view Win7

Press the Alt Key then click View and select the view you wish (Details etc)
if that is not available, go to Start/Search and type CMD right click the CMD icon in the search results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type SFC /scannow and press enter. This will replace any missing system files.

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I've been searching and searching, And can't find a plugin or anything that can do this change in Windows XP.

I want to be able to right click in detailed view, and edit the "Artist" and other columns. Not just the file name.

Does anyone know how to get that working?

(I can't right click and go to properties. I have 2000+ songs, which most have messed up names that I need to go threw and edit. Going threw properties each time would be hell on earth)

A:Direct Edit of other columns in Details view. Help :(

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