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Missing iCloud drive in windows 8.1

Q: Missing iCloud drive in windows 8.1

Quite while ago, iCloud was installed and updated on both Windows 7 and windows 8.1 computer.
I see both iCloud drive and iCloud photo folders in windows 7. But iCloud drive (its icon and folder) is missing in windows 8.1 computer. In iCloud control panel on windows 8.1, I could not tick in the box in front of the iCloud drive. Sometime I could tick it. but the check mark disappears when the icloud control panel is re-open. Any suggestion would appreciated.

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I use Google Drive, Box Sync, Dropbox and iCloud, but I am running out of disk space on my "C" Drive. It looks like my C Drive has 216 GB and I have an E Drive of 931 GB. My C Drive is almost full at 196 GB and made me turn off/unsync many of my Google Drive folders so I could save some of my files for work. My E Drive has almost 900GB available. I think I have my Dropbox syncing to E Drive, but I can't choose how to sync Google Drive to E Drive....It points it automatically to C Drive. My Mac seems way easier than this $***...ugh, what a pain in the *$$...why do I even have two drives seperated like this?! My last work PC was way easier than this more expensive paperweight, but in order to Run all the DEsign intensive stuff we do [Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Design Suite, etc.]  we were told this computer should work well...ummmm, well, it's's making my life more complicated and stressfull!

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I download from
Apple website, but installer will not finish. I get message that some program did not run as expected.

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I would like to know how I could get my iCloud calendar on the Calendar metro app. I have already synched it to Outlook and no problem.

I also added my iCloud account on the mail metro app and it seems to work fine, but when I go to calendars, the only one I have is the Windows one.

I have been looking all over the Internet for solutions but none have worked for me so far...

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I need to app to download icloud on my PC but I can't find it.

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So...I can connect the iCloud account just fine in account settings.  However, it doesn't show up in Calendar or Mail as an account I can view, yet it still shows up as properly connected in Settings.  Suggestions?  A quick google hasn't helped as it just suggested workarounds that result in read-only (not ideal) or things Ive already tried with no luck.

A:iCloud and Windows 10 native Calendar/Mail app

Posting solution here.  If you have 2-step verification enabled on iCloud, you must log into iCloud -> account -> security/password -> generate app specific password and use that for Windows.  It synced immediately after deleting and relinking iCloud account with that new app specific password.

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Has anyone found a way to sync the iCloud calendar with the Windows 8 calendar in metro?


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After installing Windows 10 I lost my Icloud contacts and calendar ability in Outlook . This is the error message :
The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store cannot be opened.
Icloud is on and also clicked on in Add-ins. Other Icloud functions like Onenote work.

A:Lost Icloud contacts/calendar with Windows 10

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Windows 10 was released today, you'll have to give it a little bit of time to allow software developers to update their programs.

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I disabled a number of Services in Windows 7 as an optimization step using services.msc Doing so stopped iCloud synchronization with my iPhone 4s. Rather than reset them all, I'd like to see if anyone knows exactly which services are needed for iCloud to function. Thanks in advance.

A:What Windows 7 Services are required for iCloud to work?

Bonjour, iPod Service, and AppleMobileDevice. I recommend not to disable Services (definitely not following BlackViper's guide or if you do not know what your doing) it is not safe.

If you want to speed up your computer:

If you want to speed up your Shut Down, there is a Tutorial here

Just before Cleaning via CCleaner, run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter.

I would download and open CCleaner and use CCEnhancer for more features. Then go to the Clean Tab, Analyze and run the Cleaner. Next go to Tools (NEVER GO TO REGISTRY) and select Startup, select them all and select Disable and then Remove.

Then click on CCleaner's Uninstall Tab and remove anything you don't need or use. Ask here if you are unsure if it is safe to remove or not, or you could Google it.

Next, read these articles:
99 ways to Make Your Computer Blazingly Fast

This guide was intended for Windows XP, but I would ignore Step 2, Step 10, Step 11, Step 16, Step 28, Step 37.

Some other guides can be found here::
Optimize Windows 7
Maste Tutorial to make Windows 7 Super Fast

I would next run an SFC Scan and a Check Disk Scan.

What I do as soon as I get a computer os open MSConfig, select the Boot Tab and select No GUI Boot, this will disable the Boot Animation.

I would also use MSE and Malwarebytes to check for Viruses and Malware.

Make a System Restore Backup and to restore use this tutorial and Registry Backup before doing this just to be ... Read more

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I currently use Outlook 2010 because I have a paid license but I'm willing to upgrade.

This works Ok with iCloud but what I don't like is that I can't make my icloud calendar the default in Outlook so I don't get reminders on my PC. What I end up doing is manually copying critical appointments from my icloud calendar to my Outlook default calendar if I want to be sure to get a reminder on my PC!. This isn't ideal though. Does anyone have a better solution? I read that the latest Outlook 2016 doesn't sync at all so I can't upgrade Office. I wish MS and Apple would decide to work together instead of trying to defeat each other!!

I believe icloud will sync with windows 10 mail and calendar apps - is that true?

I've also heard of emclient being good but haven't tried it.

I'd really appreciate any input.


A:Best Windows SW to sync Calendar and contacts with iCloud/iPhone?

Hey Keith. Check out this wonderful tool to sync iphone with outlook: Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with iPhone using Sync2 software
Works like a charm and if there are any issues - they have top notch live chat support. Great pleasure to work with them.


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Windows update has not been able to download updates for some time. I am also having difficulty accessing secure websites (on any browser) such as icloud, paypal, and capital one. I will input the address and get the spinning wheel of death until finally I get a message that says "this site can't be reached" or "took too long to respond". After clicking reload like 7-10 times it will finally take me to the website. I have icloud downloaded directly to my pc and it can't access the internet just like windows update. The only way to get to icloud is to go online and click reload a million times. It takes me forever to pay my bills! Please help I have a life that I would like to get back too. I miss my kids and I think my husband left me but I haven't been able to check yet.

A:Can't update windows or access secure sites like icloud, paypal and capital one.

Checked with hubby...he said as long as get the dishes done he was okay.
Let's see if there is some adware or malware causing the problem.
Use CCleaner to remove Temporary files, program caches, cookies, logs, etc. Use the Default settings. No need to use the
Registry Cleaning Tool...risky. Pay close attention while installing and UNcheck offers of toolbars....especially Google.
After install, open CCleaner and run by clicking on the Run Cleaner button in the bottom right corner.
CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here
Double-click mbam-setup-2.X.X.XXXX.exe to install the application (X's are the current version number).
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
Once MBAM opens, when it says Your databases are out of date, click the Fix Now button.
Click the Settings tab at the top, and then in the left column, select Detections and Protections, and if not already checked place a checkmark in the selection box for Scan for rootkits.
Click the Scan tab at the top of the program window, select Threat Scan and click the Scan Now button.
If you receive a message that updates are available, click the Update Now button (the update will be downloaded, installed, and the scan will start).
When MBAM is finished scanning it will display a screen that displays any malware that it has detected.
Click the Remove Selected button.
MBAM will now delete all of... Read more

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Ok this for the first hard drive I've been trying to unlock my original hard drive again I have a second hard drive that is also locked an would like to get both unlocked so I've been working on the 1st drive to get it unlocked I will try to list what I've
tried to get it unlocked.
I've tried running :
Chkdsk.  f,v,r,l,x,    bootrec/fixmbr , fixmbr , fixboot , scans , rebuildbcd.   Wmic I've tried using different items from here even tried bitlocker cmd.   Bdehdcfg.exe , manage-bide.exe , repair-bide.exe , manage-bde-status an
said that bit is unlocked I've tried booting from a CD , flash drive ,int & my ext drive tried all kinds of things an I'm not getting any where and very frustrated cause now having a new drive to also become locked and trying to getting unlocked using
some of these item on it also an got no where with it and i really wondering why this is happening an what would be causing this issue is win 10 or my WD backup drive I'm at a lost in this matter an could use so e assistance in this matter with both drives
I've kept a booklet and written down things about issue an all my items that I've saved stuff on my phone & tablet to try. 
Thank you in advance for any assistance , Shagg(Jerry)

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Hello I'm David,
I'm new in the forum. As the title says, I have some problem  installing the icloud control panel in windows. At the end of the installation, the installer says that it has not the administrator privilegies to write in C:\ProgramData\microsoft\windos\Startmenu\programs\icloud.
I tried to used (in this sequence):
1- Malwarebytes anti malware
In the following i'm posting the log of the programs (Hijackthis file included)
Can you help me in find what it is the problem?
I opened everything as administrator not always the anti malware program even the icloud setup.

A:Icloud installer - windows installer does not have the administrator privilegies

I run Window Repair all in one too putting the MSI (windows installer) repair, but unfortunatly nothing changed

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Dell Inspiron 17 n7010 laptop with windows 7 home i5 6 gb ddr3 ram. cd/dvd rom shows up in bios but not in computer. It does show up in device mang with a code 39 error. how do I correct this issue... I don't know anything about regit or how to do it.

A:missing cd/dvd drive in windows 7

right click the CD/DVD (with error 39) and uninstall it. Reboot. Same problem?

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I have a Dell with Windows XP Pro SP1. I am trying to connect a Delkin Devices Picturepad. When I get it all connected into the system, I have a new Removable Disk icon that appears in My Computer that represents the PicturePad. When I double-click on it to open it, it comes up with an empty screen. I know there is data on the PicturePad unit. I went into Computer Management to see if changing the drive letter would help, but the Removable Disk Drive does not appear in Disk Management!

When I look in Device Manager it shows that the PicturePad is recognized and working properly.

Why would it be showing everywhere but in Disk Management???

Very perplexing!

Please help!

A:Missing drive in Windows XP

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I had previously upgraded my COMPAQ 500B Desktop from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 (Free, from Microsoft) and have enjoyed it very much.  I sometimes watch DVD movies on the computer.  Recently, the DVD drive (HP DVD drive, model TS-H653) disappeared from my list of available drives.  I first thought the drive had died, and replaced it with a new SATA DVD drive. (I kept the original drive) Needless to say, the new drive is not seen either.  I checked all my cable connections with no change. I researched H-P's driver download page with no luck.  Any suggestions?

View Solution.

A:DVD drive missing on Windows 10

NEVER MIND.  The problem has been resolved.  It was a two-fold problem.  The  original drive went bad, and the SATA3 port on the mother board stopped working.  I originally plugged in a new DVD drive with no change in symptoms (it appeared dead).  I reasoned that this was a new DVD drive, so I plugged it into another SATA port on my mother board, and the computer recognized it immediately.  So, I placed the original DVD drive back in the computer, packaged up the replacement DVD drive, buttoned up my computer and got back to work, only to find the computer no longer recognized the DVD drive again.  I knew I had just seen it working, so I had to shut down the computer and replace the original DVD drive (AGAIN).  This time; I left the case open until I confirmed that the new drive worked, and the original SATA3 port on the motherboard was actually dead.End result is a bad DVD drive, and a bad SATA3 port on the motherboard.Thank you for reading my flustering activities.

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Upon research i've found out that this problem has something to do with iTunes and the upper/lowerfilters in the registry, but i can't seem to find the solution for it. The drive appears and disappears out of nowhere. Any help would be appreciated.


A:CD/DVD drive missing - Windows XP

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I have fixed my hidden C Drive in Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 5749Z, and I get back on it and the C Drive is missing again.

Help please!?

Thanks in advance.

A:C Drive Missing in Windows 10

So, can you boot into Windows?

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I have an Aspire 7551G. Shortly after upgrading to Windows 10 my cd/dvd drive is gone. If I put a cd in the drive nothing happens. The drive doesn't even show up on my computer anymore. If I open the Device Manager it is listed under 'Other Devices' with a question mark. It shows up as OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7585H. How do I get my cd drive back????

Go to Solution.

A:cd/dvd drive missing after upgrading to Windows 10

Spoiler (Highlight to read)

View solution in original post

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i had used windows xp, i updated to windows 7, 2 days ago. i cant find my d: drive now. i searched in diskmgmt. it's not showing my drive. my 48 gb drive is missing.... please help

A:My 1 drive missing after installing Windows 7

Hello and welcome rkbaxi mate could we have a few more details re the system please it is very difficult when one doesn't know what you have inside the machine.

Personally I would have stuck another hard (new) drive in and installed a fresh OEM 7 OS onto that.

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I have an Aspire 7551G. Shortly after upgrading to Windows 10 my cd/dvd drive is gone. If I put a cd in the drive nothing happens. The drive doesn't even show up on my computer anymore. If I open the Device Manager it is listed under 'Other Devices' with a question mark. It shows up as OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7585H. How do I get my cd drive back????

Go to Solution.

A:cd/dvd drive missing after upgrading to Windows 10

Spoiler (Highlight to read)

View solution in original post

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I been haveing this promblem for some tome no. CD drive is missing or is not recognized by windows. Did some research find something about checking the registry for upper and lower lifters. Now I dont have any of them. Is there a way to add them. Also is there a way to restore the registry back to is orginal setting. I do not have the CD for windows.

(Default) REG_SZ DVD/CD-ROM drives


EnumPropPages32 REG_SZ MmSys.Cpl,MediaPropPageProvider

Icon REG_SZ -51

Installer32 REG_SZ storprop.dll,DvdClassInstaller

NoInstallClass REG_SZ 1

SilentInstall REG_SZ 1

troubleShooter-0 REG_SZ hcp://help/tshoot/tsdrive.htm

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i booted my Advent K100 laptop up and found that the dvd drive is not listed or registered any where in windows or under bios. power is still getting to the drive because it will still eject but it wont do anything else. i cant reinstall windows or anything because it requires the dvd drive and its being not detected under bios or windows.

can anyone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:missing dvd drive from windows and bios

You can try pulling it out and pushing it back in but if it does not show in the bios or Windows, you probably need a new drive...oh you can also reset the bios to optimized defaults as well.

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I been haveing this promblem for sometime now. Not sure how to fix it. CD ROM drive is missing and is not recognized by windows. I check the registry for the upper and lower lifter. But there is none.
(Default) REG_SZ DVD/CD-ROM drives


EnumPropPages32 REG_SZ MmSys.Cpl,MediaPropPageProvider

Icon REG_SZ -51

Installer32 REG_SZ storprop.dll,DvdClassInstaller

NoInstallClass REG_SZ 1

SilentInstall REG_SZ 1

troubleShooter-0 REG_SZ hcp://help/tshoot/tsdrive.htm

A:CD Drive is missing or is not recognized by windows

Forgot to mention when I went into the registry this all that was there

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The D drive (partition) is missing, no wireless, no disk management, the theme is messed up, and this happened overnight when booting it up.

Windows 7, Home premium, 64 bit.

A:D drive missing, some Windows programs not working

try to make a system restore to restore the PC before the problem occurred. just type in the search box system restore

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Windows 7 64 bit external hard drive is missing
It worked before but i went to get the backup on it and it is not seen
In my devices or any where my p.c. guy plugged it into his computer he can see it
So something here has gone on the fritz.

A:Windows 7 64 bit external hard drive is missing

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After i reinstall windows from windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 my local disk d suddenly locked , i forgot to decrypt my bit locker before upgrade to windows 8.1 can i have my data back i have my password and recovery too , and also i cant go to security setting under my local disk D , and when i check disk with the diskpart the local disk D is shown , please help me fix this

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My folder 'WINDOWS' for some reason is missing, I can still use it thruogh the address bar but does anybody know how to get it back as a folder again.

Also, My friend has asked me - Does anybody know how to sort the problem out with the MSN virus thats going around (where it send you a link), he has problems logging into messenger and hotmail. (send me a link on info of removal etc please).

many thanks


A:'Windows' folder is missing from the C: drive, but I can use it in the address bar !

For your first problem, it should be one of the settings in folder options - open your C drive then click "Tools->Folder Options..." and in the View tab make sure the following are ticked:

Display the contents of System Folders
Show hidden files and folders

and these are unticked:

Hide extensions for known file types
Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

For the second problem, does your friend have any anti-virus software installed? If not, download, install, update and run Grisoft's AVG Free Edition. If this doesn't work, you may want to tell him to pay a visit to our Hijack This Log Help forum.

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I have disconnected one of my hard drives as it was a backup of my music software and after replacing my C drive for an SSD I plugged in the drive with my music software and it boots but is not showing any of the folders or software.

is this because Windows has assigned it another drive letter?

Thanks in advance

A:Folders Missing on Another Drive After Installing Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by steverido

I have disconnected one of my hard drives as it was a backup of my music software and after replacing my C drive for an SSD I plugged in the drive with my music software and it boots but is not showing any of the folders or software.

is this because Windows has assigned it another drive letter?

Thanks in advance

Can you post an expanded Disk Management so we can see your situation.

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I have a brand new Thinkcenter. We have bought  a couple of dozen over the last two years.I tried to upgrade this new computer to win10 but had many problems logging onto a domain. so I used the F11 key to reinstall win7. Then I tried to put win10 on it again. Same problems. It works but too many problems. Ok so I have given up on win10.  So Im just going to go back to good old windows7. But now when I press F11 key it does not work. I  have done nothing to the partitions. Im sure they are still there and in good working order. Any way I think not to worry I created the Windows7 Recovery CD's . You know those you create yourself using lenovos program. However now when I boot from those CD's it boots from the first CD and then asks for Applications Recovery disk CD. Well I dont have one. I called Lenovo they are going to send me cd's for windows 7.  BUT I dont get it why bother making a recovery CD IF its is going to ask me for a applications CD but it never creates one of these. The Lenovo site says when you are presented with this option, eg for application CD just say NO in the interface, however there is no option for NO just OK. And if you say ok it comes back asking for the applications driver again and again. Soo having said all this, for the dozens of lenovos that I have created windows 7 recovery CD's for, am I just wasting my time because I dont have applications and drivers cd. Please advise anyone??thanks.

... Read more

A:Creating a windows recovery CD seems missing drive...

So I have found the answer to my problem. For those who may be of interest.The Recovery CD's I  created are good. However When the system asks for the Application Drivers recovery disk put in the second disk (or first one that you created after you made the boot disk.) But here is the key Put the disk in and wait for perhaps 30 seconds depending on the speed of your CD Player. Then Say OK. Then it will proceed. For some reason the reading of the cd's is slow and if you simply put the cd in and then click ok, Which is what I did, it will not recognize the CD as the right one. Even if you repeatedly click OK, it will not find/discover the right files to proceed and will keep coming back with "Insert applications drivers arecovery disk into drive D:" Be patient.Thanks for playing. 

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Hello, Im using a HP Pavilion Pavilion dv7.  Missing alot of drivers, including all network adapters.  The ones from HP support did not work.  Could you give me a link for this? PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5390&SUBSYS_1636103C&REV_00PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5390&SUBSYS_1636103CPCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5390&CC_028000 PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5390&CC_0280

A:Downgraded to windows 7 from 8.1 mising now im missing drive...

Hi: You need this driver... This package contains the driver installation package for the Ralink Wireless LAN Controllers in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. File name: sp57538.exe

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HI all, i tried replying to an open thread, but pretty sure this solution will help a lot of people who are trying to install a windows from a USB drive.

If youve followed a guide like the following:

but are still getting the BOOTMGR missing when you start the computer with the USB drive in, its because it is trying to load an operating system from the HDD (which is empty).

In the bios setting make sure ALL the USB devices (USB stick, external hard drive, external device) are above the CD/DVD drive AND the Hard Disk. This worked for me after hours of messing around (not sure if USB stick size has something to do with the way that it is recognised by some computers....

hope this helps

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After i reinstall windows from windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 my local disk d suddenly locked , i forgot to decrypt my bit locker before upgrade to windows 8.1 can i have my data back i have my password and recovery too , and also i cant go to security setting under my local disk D , and when i check disk with the diskpart the local disk D is shown , please help me fix this

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During merging 2 drives my laptop took a force restart. Then after merging the drives with easeus My drives are not showing in My computer and also cannot access it through disk management.
How to solve the problem?

A:Windows 10 partition/drive missing after merging

We need the full image, not a part only.

Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of - Windows 10 Forums

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I have Windows Vista Home on a new computer (Duo-core processor). My primary drive is a 250 gb serial drive. My secondary drive is a 400 gb regular drive (not serial) and I have a DVD burner/reader. My problem is that the secondary hard drive, and at times the DVD, disappear - you go to Windows Explorer and they're just not there anywhere. Then on a particular reboot, it will suddenly identify the hard drive again - and it works fine for a week or so and then disappears again! When the DVD disappears, a reboot brings it back but that isn't the case every time for the secondary hard drive. Help!!!

A:Hard Drive missing in windows vista

Check BIOS setup and be sure that the drives are set to autodetect. Boot into BIOS setup a couple times and see if the drives are correctly recognized every time. If they are, then the problem is probably in Windows.

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So I installed windows 7 from an .iso on a flash drive. At the time I has windows XP installed with about 58 GB left on my hard drive. I deleted all file (music, video, etc) and I believe that the only thing on my netbook was program files. I have a 160 GB hard drive. So I figured when i installed Windows 7 all my old info would be deleted and my hard drive basically go back to factory. This did not happen. All my programs were gone and personal info gone but my hard drive still showed about 51 GB available. I went into the C drive and deleted a file Windows.old which was about 18 GB leaving me about 69 GB left on my 160 GB netbook. I want to make some space on my netbook as this is without any files.

HP Mini 110


A:Windows 7 - missing hard drive space

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Hi all

Im running Windows 7 under Bootcamp on my iMac off a 30Gb Partition. Other than Anti Virus programs and very small 'utilities' I have no big programs running on the drive.

As time has worn on, my drive has become more and more congested, despite not installing any programs on it. I moved the pagefile off the drive to an external hard drive over a week ago now and the small space i gained has now been filled up again.

As shown in this screenshot:

According to Treesize, my files account for 16.8Gb of my 30Gb drive - why does Windows show that I have only 1.4Gb free? I have checked the "protected" folders that Treesize cant list, and all of them are empty

I have tried to search the net as best I can about this problem but cant find many thing where the missing space amounts for such a large amount of the drive. I have used CCleaner to delete all my temp files/etc and used the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to get rid of the initial installation files, none of this has helped at all however =(

Ive also seen some suggestions on using WinDirStat to diagnose the problem, the screenshot of that can be seen here . Im not massively sure what im looking at in Windirstat, but it seems to me like it shows the same problem. My files only account for <16Gb disc space, hence 13Gb worth of space has just vanished off the disc (pretty harsh when its ove... Read more

A:Missing Hard Drive Space (windows 7)

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Your very own computer online. Complete with desktop, mail, applications, up to 50GB storage, and much more. Too many computers? No problem! Use icloud for storing files online. Store once. Open from any computer. icloud keeps your files and photos safe, yet always right next to you

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I wanted to get an opinion or a knowlege of what seetings the laptop needs to be, for iCloud to function properly? Maybe the settings on the other end as well, have to be adjusted to accept a PC system?
At this point, I am having screen resolution & color issues. Seems when I open the iCloud program, the screen switches & the colors & resolution go to a negative & cartoonish appearance.
Putting the feelers out there now.

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Up til now, I have been happily syncing my iPhone4 and iPad2 with MS Outlook 2007 via my PC x iTunes.

Somehow, I recall choosing an option somewhere to use iCloud "cos it sounded OK" but now when I try to sync the devices on iTunes, it tells me that I cannot do this anymore as it is being done on iCloud and I will have duplicate contacts and all sorts of dire problems.

At the risk of being old fashioned, how do I get rid of iCloud and go back to the procedure first mentioned in Para one ..........?

I feel much happier with it and not having vast numbers of contacts, appontments etc. would prefer to leave iCloud out of it for the moment.

How do I do this thanks?

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I upgraded to Windows 8, after a short while I found the DVD wasn't displayed in windows explorer and devices. I had seen this before on another laptop and installing the Win 8 SATA drivers seemed to cure it.

I have gone to the driver section on the Toshiba site for this model and there are none for SATA. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fix or the Win 8 SATA drivers for this model please?


Toshiba Satellite L750-1E8 (Short Model Name = PSK1W8)

A:Satellite L750 - Windows 8 Upgrade - DVD Drive Missing

*Why does my CD/DVD Drive not work after upgrading to Windows 8?*

You will need to uninstall the Toshiba programs:
? TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
? TOSHIBA Disc Creator

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I have a Corsair Neutron GTX 120gb SSD in a new computer (all parts brand new), I did a clean install of Windows 8-64 bit, on it, and it worked ok'ish for a week, one or two odd moments with tiles/apps closing of their own accord, then it crashed (while i was out of room) and said something like - error loading OS or cant find/load MBr / or windows (black screen), or something like that (sorry i dont remember exactly what it said).

i tried lots of things to recover with win8 install disk but no luck.

On looking in Bios, the SSD was no longer showing.

I ran HD tune software and it failed one of the health checks, i think it was Raw Read Error Rate, but cant be sure as i didnt write it down.

To "fix" it i eventually had to remove the SSD, plug it into another PC, format it, both the small 100mb (?) fat32 partition and the main 100+gig ntfs partition, reinstall it in my main pc, and it showed in bios again.
I re-installed windows 8, clean install on the SSD again, it worked great for another week, then it crashed again,
this time as i was sat in front of it -

Blue screen of death,

then black screen - "error loading OS",
and on looking in Bios the SSD is again missing.

Can anyone help please? Faulty SSD? Any ideas?

Many Thanks,

Motherboard - Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H
Processor - AMD A10-5700 with Arctic Freezer 13 fan
Memory - Corsair DDR3 (2x4GB kit) 1866 mhz
Hard Drive - Corsair Neutron GTX... Read more

A:Windows 8 crashed, now SSD (boot drive) is missing in bios - help please.

Did you set up windows to optimize for SSD operation? Following are links to 4 web sites I used when I installed my SSD.


Garbage Collection

Checking Partition Alignment

Partition Alignment Process

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How do I get my DVD drive back after the Windows 10 upgrade. It doesn't show in the Device Manager list.

A:acer aspire xc600 dvd drive missing after windows ...

In Device Manager, clich View and select View Hidden Devices. If it's there, uninstall all IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and reboot.

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Hi Guys,

I am in the middle of a nightmare. I had been using my Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 with the factory installed Windows 8 Single Language version with a 1 TB Hard Drive. Its been over an year, i have been using it.

I used to install my programs in the C: Drive and separate my project related files, mp3s, etc in the D: drive so should their be any virus attack or anything unexpected, i could just format the C: Drive and have all my applications re-installed, which is no big deal for me.

Yesterday I had a very unexpected thing go down. My laptop started acting funny, it started restarted on its own over and over again and goes to the big blue screen notifiying me that the laptop had to be restarted.

Since i was under notion my D: Drive is safe, and the worse thing that could happen would a virus attack on the C: drive, i decided to refresh my PC because it was doing all sorts of weird stuff.

After refreshing my PC, I lost the entire D: drive, which as you know would be a shock to anyone.

Right now, my D: drive is my DVD drive. I can't figure out how to recover the other drive and its files. My Refreshing i had taken a backup as requested by the wizard but i couldnt view what all files are being taken as backup.

Looks like, it has only taken the backup of my C: Drive.

Any HELP with recovering my drive and the files?!?!

A:Local Hard Drive Missing After Windows 8 Refresh

Was the D drive a partition of the single drive you had. Please post a screenshot of Disk Management.

If it was a partition, Partition Wizard recovery option might recover it.

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I've been struggling for days trying to find out where my missing hard drive space went. I would really appreciate any help.

I re-installed Windows 7 using the rescue and recovery function from Lenovo. After installing I realized that my hard drive space was now using 166GB. I knew something was setup wrong.

When I use a program called ShowSize it says my C drive is 87.65gb. When I go to my computer it shows 121gb free of 287gb. Somewhere there must be about 78gb of duplicate files.

I read that my old files might be in a folder called windows.old but I have searched for windows.old all over my computer but I can't find it. I also botted in safe mode to see if I could file the windows.old file but didn't have any luck doing that.

I also had Carbonite installed before I did the re-install so I knew I would be able to get all my files back. After I re-installed Windows 7 I then restored all my files using Carbonite. Could this have caused duplicate files somewhere?

**I originally re-installed Windows because my wireless mouse would jump/jerk across the screen occasionally. I installed new batteries and uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them but I still had the same problem. I figured re-installing Windows would fix my problem but my mouse still behaves this way.

I attached a screen-shot of my Disc Management in case that might be helpful for someone to help me figure my missing hard drive space problem.

Computer info:
Lenovo T410
Windows 7 64b... Read more

A:Windows 7 missing hard drive space after re-installing

Here is a screen-shot of my shadow storage. Not sure if this will help at all.

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I removed the DVD drive in in Sony SA290x some time ago and swapped it for a second hard drive. This worked fine for over 2 years.

Yesterday I was using my laptop without any problems and turned it off. Turning it on again an hour later I got the error "Operating System Not Found".

I took out the main hard drive, connected it to my other computer and found it had a damaged partition. 7-Data was able to recover the files so no problem there, I figured I had identified the problem.

I then tried to reinstall Windows from USB on the other hard drive but got the familiar "DVD driver missing" error during install.
I tested the USB in my other computer and it installed fine so that cant be the problem
I moved the hard drive to my other laptop and installed windows fine but when I transferred it back I got a quick flash of a blue screen then it restarts
Obviously all other hardware is as before
I have tested all other available BIOS settings always with the same result
Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Missing DVD driver during Windows install AND bad hard drive

Hello and welcome WA I am wondering where the media came from on the USB stick?
Sounds like it is corrupted so why not get a fresh copy using this
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
see pic
pS I prefer a disk to be honest.

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I have a desktop with 150 Gig hard drive. I had to reinstall Windows XP b/c I had a virus that I couldn't get rid of.

Before reinstalling I only had ~1 free gig (149 were used). Now after reinstalling, obviously all of my data is gone, but it is still showing that I only have 1 or 2 free gigs. What is going on?

If I go into my C drive there is no trace of any of my old documents or any of this mystery space that is being taken up.

But what is weird is that if I go into my program files folder, all of the software that I had installed before reinstalling windows is still there (and I can still start up that software). But none of it shows up in my start menu. And when I log into windows, no other users are available... What's going on???

A:Missing hard drive space after reinstalling Windows XP

did you re-format the harddrive as a part of installing windows xp again on the harddrive?

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Today I got a pop up from my ASUS laptop(bought 2 years ago) that said to the effect of, my hard drive is broken. I had been planning to wipe my computer for a while so I started the process. When it got just past the screen to click if i wanted to refresh or wipe my hard drive(i chose the wipe) it said that a "required drive partition is missing" so I cannot wipe it. My computer cannot access internet because of some problem that started today and my windows 8 came already on my ASUS laptop so I cannot redownload it. What should I do?

A:"required drive partition is missing" for windows 8 wipe

Why were you " planning to wipe my computer for a while" ??
Was this because of problems with the day to day running...?
Give me a story about what has happened leading up to this.....

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I apologize in advance if this topic is somewhere in the forum, I don't have time to research and the research I have done and whatever troubleshooting I could find, I have tried, and it still won't work.

First off, this is for a friend, I am trying to do a fresh clean new installation of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 version for him on his computer, which he bought at a discount because the only OS it had was some command prompt program called FreeDOS. I used Darik's Boot and Nuke to wipe the entire 1TB hard drive clean(the only HD available) for the fresh install. I've done this many times before in the past and it has worked with Windows 7 installations.

I'm trying to install from a USB hard disk. I do not have access to a DVD of any kind or sorts. I changed the BIOS to run USB and I get to the installation page. As setup is starting, I get an error message: CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is missing. Solutions included changing out the USB stick to a different port, disabling the AHCI, selecting the disk - cleaning it - creating partition primary and setting a set volume for the partition, etc., whatever else I can find out there and nothing is working. I tried to research the drivers for download, but I don't know specifically what to look for, and the model number for this computer is simply identified as HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC. There is a serial number and can provide upon request.

I was thinking of wiping the hard drive clean again with DBAN, but that took ... Read more

A:CD/DVD Drive device driver is missing - Can't install Windows 7

Here is how to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Good afternoon all, first, thanks in advance for any help you guys can give. I recently upgraded my 10 year old custom built PC to Windows 7 and now I am missing roughly 100gigs of space from my hard drive. I am attaching the two pictures, one is the expanded disk management screen and the other is a properties look at my C drive and the top 4 folders on the C drive (by far).

The top folders consume about 110 gigs of space and the listed used space is 200 gigs (the next 3 largest folders don't add up to 5 gigs combined). I also don't show a hidden partition from the old OS in the disk management screen, so I have no idea where that 90 gigs went.

I know with the age of the system it's possible the HD is dying, but my HD test didn't come up with any errors. I've also gone through defrag and system cleanups.

Any ideas of where to look would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


A:Missing hard drive space after upgrading to Windows 7

Have you checked in the Windows folder for a Windows.old folder? If you performed an Upgrade Install then you'll have a Windows.old folder which holds the previous operating system, if you performed a clean install of Windows 7 this won't be applicable.

Download and run WinDirStat to see what's taking up the space.

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Hey all, I briefly searched the boards before creating this post, but was unable to find a solution to my problems.

I am trying to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on my new SATA hard drive, but when I get into the Windows 7 installer, it gives me the error "A required CD/DVD drive device diver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, DC, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now."

This seems to be a rather common issue across the internet, but I have tried several possible solutions, but to no avail.

Here is my computer setup:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI
Processor: AMD Athalon 3500+
Hard drives: (2x) PATA drives (1x) SATA drive
Optical Drive: Lite-On SHW-160H6S DVD dual layer drive

Currently, I have Windows XP installed on one of the PATA drives, and am trying to get Windows 7 on the SATA drive (ideally I want to be able to have dual operating systems).

Any ideas on how I can go about solving this issue?

Thank you,


A:Windows 7 Installation Issue: CD/DVD Drive Device Missing

Set up and format your sata in XP, just install it and reboot, once in XP you can install sata drivers.

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I try to install Windows 7 Home Premium on an ASUS G75VW notebook - Original OEM dvd which is tested ok on other computers - not a dvd disk issue and I get the annoying error:
Windows 7: A required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

The notebook doesn't have a dvd drive - it was completely removed for some reason.
It has 4 USB 3.0 only ports. No usb 2.0 ports.
I use external cd/dvd drive. In BIOS I can make the drives working in IDE/AHCI/RAID. My issue is why Windows gives the same error regardless if I use AHCI/IDE setting from BIOS? Where is the logic in this? Also I see all the three hard disk drives on the notebook regardless of BIOS settings except trying RAID because the user don't use it (yes they are really three - 1 ssd and 2 hdd). I will try using the ahci drivers from ASUS and say did they helped.

A:Windows 7: A required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

Probably an anomaly due to the external HD, very doubtful it really needs that driver. Keep the SATA controller set to AHCI in BIOS setup, set HDD first to boot.

Use the lastest official installer for your licensed version from Step 1, written to bootable flash stick with tool from Step2 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Boot the Stick using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key.

Stick with the steps in the tutorial to get and keep a perfect install. Delete all partitions during install using the Drive Options in Steps 7 and 8 of Clean Install Windows 7 to create and format new as you wish.

Put your network driver on the stick from the Asus Support Downloads webpage for your model PC so if the installer doesn't provide it you can install it to get online, enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3) then install all Important and Optional Windows UPdates, with reboots as required, until there are no more offered.

Once installed you can keep the flash stick bootable if needed for repairs. Just leave the seven installer folders untouched in the root of the stick. You can add/delete as many other files or applications as you want.

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My primary hard drive is SATA and my secondary hard drive is IDE. Most of the time, the secondary hard drive is missing - it doesn't show up in windows explorer, etc. Then suddenly, upon reboot, the computer sees it and makes it available....then suddenly, a week later, it's gone again. Help!

A:Solved: Hard Drive missing in windows vista

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I installed a new 2tb hard drive to replace a 500gig (D. I need the data from Drive G: to be moved to the new drive and change the drive letter to D: making the new larger drive G:
I changed the drive letter of old G: to Z: temporarily. After formatting the new drive I used Acronis 2012 to clone the old G: to the new drive. I made the new drive G: and it appears in my system. Instead of saying Primary Partition like my other data drives it says Active, Primary Partition. Is that a problem? What does that mean that it is active?

I want to change the old G: now called Z: to D: (the removed drive) but that letter is missing from the list of available drive letters. How do I get it back?

A:Missing drive letter in Windows 7 Disk Management

Hello Sxcd1,

Can you please upload and post a screenshot of your Disk management window:-


Run disk management:
This method gives you a display without the unneeded navigation pane.
WIN=key with Microsoft logo on top.
Maximize the output of Disk Management:
ALT-Spacebar key combo | X key (selects Maximize) |
Drag the field separators (such as between Status and Capacity) to show entire field.
Make a snapshot:
Drag the cursor around the area you want to snip.
File | Save as | select save location and name | Save
Post the snapshot:

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Thanks for your cooperation!

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two weeks ago i was bought a Fujitsu B series lifebook computer.About 5 days ago I had got that virus stating I had a "processor running at 83 degrees", "hard drive clusters are partly damaged", "must scan to fix this issue", yatta yatta yatta and some other classic virus jive talk i cant remember at this moment. At first it kept bothering me about the scan, then it started popping up 57 windows in short succesion, then i couldnt access my other files, then my desk top went black and was reduced to 4 icons, start menu was obliterated.try combo fix, trend micro, some other reliable programs but i would either down load them and they'd disappear or in the case of combofix it would load then exit out quickly. It reached a point were i just couldn't boot my computer up anymore.NTLDR was missing it said. I am not sure if that virus deleted it or if the computer and its hd were just old and wore out. It was from the flea market.. I cant get past that error msg, there is no flash drive boot up option on this old thing, i have no floppy drive with it, it has no cd rom drive, ive heard the external usb cd rom drive cant be used to boot it up but im not 100 percent sure.Someone else with the same notebook reported that it would not allow usb cd rom drive boot up. I have been told network boot is an option but i was told thats just to access it after its turned on and its not what i think its for. I was told an hd switch was a good option but i dont... Read more

A:"NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support..

i think im past infected moderator. saying im still in the infection stage is like telling someone with cervical cancer to take the HPV vaccine..

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Hi i just got a new computer and trying to set up outlook mail with my gmail account.
i have worked with Microsoft every day setting up the email account to the data file. i have icloud for my contacts and calendar only NOT my email. every time micorost fixes the email account it disappears and gets replaced by the icloud account and I can not receive mail. it has happened 5 times. i have worked with level 2 guys in microsoft and
it still happens. i can not get help with Apple because i do not have a mac.
why would the icloud interfere with my mail in outlook to download it and wipe it away.
when this happens i can not get my mail in outlook
any suggestions? is it outlook, icloud or my computer
thank you
susan rosenberg

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I'm trying to install iCloud on my Windows XP Pro (SP3) PC. Officially it's supported only for Vista and later, but this hack is widely claimed to work:1. Open iCloudSetup.exe file and unzip its files including iCloud.msi2. Navigate to and open the iCloud.msi with Orca.3. In the left table select LaunchCondition. Then change in the right table ?VersionNT> = 600? to ?VersionNT> = 200? and Save.4. Run modified iCloud.msi and install.5. Run iCloud Control Panel, located in the Windows Control Panel, and set up as you want.I tried that promising solution in vain. It seemed to successfully install iCloud, but whenever I try to run it I get this obscure error much fruitless searching I've not found out how to proceed from there and would appreciate advice please.-- Terry, East Grinstead, UK

A:Install iCloud on XP PC

Just wondered it there was any food for thought here: are other hits if you put the error message verbatim in Google.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I installed and activated iCloud on my iPhone, MacAir and Windows 7 desktop to sync my Contacts & Calender. It snapped into place and work right away. BUT after afew days the Windows 7 unit contact and calender data in Outlook, in the Windows computer was gone. It's still on the other units and the program is listed as installed and running on the Windows computer,: Just no data! I get and error message when I click on the iCloud file selection in outlook; "The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened."
How do I find the data and re-install it?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16347 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941283 MB, Free - 758426 MB; K: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 1163451 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0YJPT1
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

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I switched from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro, so I could utilize the iCloud that comes with my iPad & iPhone 5. It was said I could sync all the devices; which I can, but the colors invert when I click "Open iCloud Control Panel".
The colors invert after the monitor changes to another phase & the screen flips. I went through the trouble shooting prompts & I thought that it was going to clear up. It didn't.
I know that it wants me to setup Outlook, but I already use Thunderbird?
What advice can anyone give from this forum.
Thanks ahead of time.
And I attached the screenshot to illustrate the color change.
I did try the 16bit setting.

A:iCloud issue(s)

Still no bites?
I went ahead & called the maker of the video card, NVIDIA & they said it was an OS problem. Of course Microsoft said it was Apple's & then not to be the only one fixing the blame, Apple said it was a Microsoft problem.
Anyway, took it to the local computer nerd store & they say that iCloud is changing the resolution. The service tech went right in & adjusted the resolution through iCloud, but when clicked on again, the resolution & the colors invert.
I wonder if it makes a difference of what browser that is used, to download iCloud on?

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I have a W7 laptop, an iPad & a MacBook Air and I am thinking of storing photos on one on the above mentioned as a safe guard. I have absolutely no idea at all how this iCloud etc stuff works as it is beyond me in my old age. So what I am looking for is advice on which one I should use and how to go about it. From what I have read One Drive gets the best write up but I would rather take opinions here from members who have had experience & know what they are talking about. Thanks for any help here.

A:OneDrive or iCloud

I use and like DropBox.  They have a free version with no limitations except amount of storage.  I pay $9.99 per month for the basic since I have a lot of photos and some videos.  I back up almost all files I create. And you can share files with others. Without them having access to your folders by a simple right click to create a link like this one: 

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I am having issues with icloud syncing to my Windows 10 devices. 2 laptops and a 950 XL. It keeps asking me to put in my password. I have changed my password, deleted the account from Windows 10 and readd it in. Did apple so something?

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My boss and I used very successfully for his calendar and contacts, but awhile back when he upgraded he was moved to, and I can no longer access the site from work. It is not blocked by the firewall, and the browser (firefox) works fine going to any other site. The error I get is: The proxy server is refusing connections.
Nothing has been changed on the browser settings and the browser works fine otherwise. I'm lost without access to this site.

A:Can't access

I can get to that site with both my Opera and Firefox browsers but, when I do, it makes it clear that I will need a device (iphone or iPad?) with iOS 5 or a Mac computer with OS X to setup my Apple ID and access it.

I don't know anything about proxy servers but it sounds like it is something your workplace setup or ISP may be using. Is there anyone in your office that deals with techie stuff who might be able to help?

Another possibility is that using the Windows version of Apple's Safari browser might help, but that's complete guesswork on my part; (although it does state that it works with iCloud).

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My name is Jonathan.
I have an HP 250 G1 notebook PC. Some days ago my HDD crashed with all my data ;(.
I have bought a new HDD but when I installed it on my new laptop... I can't see the HDD to load windows.
I have tried so many solution... Gparted.... using usb and DvD to load windows etc.... asking for help in different forum, download drivers on HP sites but all in vain.
The HDD is still missing.
Please can somebody help me?

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I decided to test out the Windows 10 Technical preview but a program I need doesn't work with Win 10 TP.
So I decided to attempt a factory reset however when I started the reset it took about 4 hours to do something I don't know what then I entered my BIOS to select the Windows 7 DVD as a boot drive so it loaded up then it come up saying...

A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver on a floppy disk, CD, DVD or USB flash drive, please insert now.

Note: If the Windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, you can safely remove it for this step.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The problem I have is I don't know if I have done something wrong or anything all I know is I followed the steps given to do a factory reset but now this is happening this has happened before when trying to install Windows 8.1 but I gave up the reason I am trying to go back to windows 7 is because I have been given support from Microsoft to fix the Windows 8.1 install and a program I need to use won't work.

Thanks in advance

Alex Drone HD Taylor

A:Windows 7 Install A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing.

Where did you get your installation media? That happens sometimes when the ISO file is bad or the burn to DVD is bad.

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After I updated from windows XP to windows 7 everything worked fine till I downloaded all the new drivers and when I had to reboot the notebook. I have lost all my usb ports,no sound and no network drivers on my Gateway Notebook LT20 Series . I tried several suggestion (i.e. power cycle by turning off notebook unplugging pwr cord and removing battery) still nothing.Any suggestions on getting my notebook back and running?? I can't even download drivers manually because my USB flash drive is not recognized from usb ports, Please help how I can fix this problem??????...

A:After updating to Windows 7-No internet connection + missing installed drive

See if you have a system restore point before the problem.

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I have been using Windows phone since 2011. Couple days ago, I had move From BLU Win HD phone to Nokia Lumia 920. Since then all my HERE * app are missing from Windows Phone store.


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I have a Dell XPS , bought it 2 weeks ago , all good , but when I tried to re-install the nvidia graphics driver the windows crashed, and the boot system was down.Tried to fix it , couldnt , and I didnt make a backup either so I went for the format. At the moment the HDD is clean and when I try to install windows7 i get the following error:"Load Driver:a required dvd drive device is missing". I tried everything that I found on this forum/google related to this problem but with no success.

Any ideas are welcomed , thank you.

A:Windows 7-load driver a required dvd drive device is missing

Take a look at these posts:
Windows 7 Installation Errors : Troubleshoot Step by Step
Common Installation Problems and Their Solutions
Questions to use for help with Installation Issues
Tutorial quick reference list for Installing Windows 7
Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

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I used DBAN to wipe my hard drive and i forgot to back it up. I do not have the CD for Windows 7 installation, therefore I created a bootable flash drive for Windows 7 64bit. I can't figure out what drivers is needed to continue on the installation. It says: "a required CD/DVD drive device is missing. If you have a driver Floppy Disc, CD, DVD, or USb Flash Drive, please insert it now."

Here is the information on my laptop I retrieved off the website.

HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition Entertainment Notebook PC includes:
• Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
• 2nd generation Intel? Core™ i5-2450M Processor (2.5 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz)
• 8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
• Microsoft? Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word/Excel? only, No PowerPoint?/Outlook?
• Intel? HD Graphics
• 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
• 32GB mSSD Hard Drive Acceleration Cache
• No additional security software
• 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
• 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768)
• SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
• HP TrueVision HD Webcam
• 802.11b/g/n WLAN

1) it get to the "windows is loading files..." black screen (starting from CD/DVD drive)
2) get to the starting windows, with the Windows 7 loading screen thing where the balls of light come together
3) get to the first window to install Windows 7, titled "install windows"
- lan... Read more

A:Install USB Windows 7 asks for required CD/DVD drive device is missing

Do this Command Prompt at Startup
In that command prompt:

list disk
Do you see the internal disk where you want to install win7 on (look at size to know)?

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I have a Dell Studio 540 desktop. It's been a few years and I wanted to clean it up for many reasons. One of them being my main e-mail account got hacked and I had to change every password and update every account I had that had that e-mail address attached to it. Figured anything embedded somewhere would be wiped out.

Anyway, so I upgraded from Windows Vista Home Premium x64 to Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Naturally Dell computers have a "Recovery" D:\ drive. Well, my husband suggested that I reformat first and do it again. Not thinking that my "Recovery" drive would go anywhere. I didn't necessarily select anything that said "Do you want to reformat the drive?," but instead just reinstalled on the C:\ drive.

When it finished and I got to my desktop, I went to "Computer", and I noticed my Recovery drive was gone. I had a lot of important stuff on there that I really need to get back. Browsing the internet once I got video drivers and such reinstalled, I came upon someone saying to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It's scanning and it found one such partition or drive that was 32GB (which leads me to believe that's it), but it says it hasn't found anything. I'm doing a full scan now, but total time for it to finish is 4 hours. I have about 2 hours to go.

Is there any way to recover that lost partition (which I'm assuming that's what it was), not another HD?

Thanks in advance.

A:Installed Clean Windows 7 and now Dell Recovery Drive D is Missing!

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.

Use the Recovery DVD, you made to reinstall Vista, than upgrade to Windows 7.

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My Dell Latitude C610 laptop started reporting "primary hard disk 0 not found" on reboot after "everything went dark".
Wouldn't boot into Windows 2000 at all. When I went into the set up pages, it says it didn't have a primary hard disk.

After letting it sit, off, for about 10 minutes, I can now start booting into Windows, when it stops half way through, blue screens with a hard disk not found error.

Would this suggest a virus?

A:Solved: hard drive missing - boots a bit into windows -virus??

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h guys

i have two computers (1 pc and 1 laptop) that i am putting windows 7 ultimate on. i have a key each for the pc's but not the original disk. i have previousley downloaded a windows 7 disk that worked great. installed straight away on the both systems. both pc's now have viruses due to my mother and brother lol. so i dug out the windows 7 disk today and it's been scratched beyond repair. so i had to download the disk again. however i cannot find the exact download that i had last time but i have tried two seperate dowloads and when trying to install each one i get the error message " required cd/dvd drive device driver missing" it's so frustrating as i know windows7 will install on them as that's what they're running now. does anyone have any ideas what it could be.

thanks in advance

A:windows 7 error. required cd/dvd drive device driver missing

Hi -

You need a genuine Windows 7 DVD.

Contact Microsoft -->

If OEM version, contact system manufacturer regarding replacement media.

After genuine Windows 7 DVD is obtained, wipe the HDD with KillDisk and reinstall Windows 7 -

KillDisk -->

Regards. . .



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Good Evening - I have faith that someone may have the answers to this all-day frustrating computer problem.

I had a virus and I (thought) fixed the virus with stopvilla. The two main problem with the virus killing aftermath is that Microsoft Windows Tools (word, etc) as well as my Western Digital Passport...can not open. at. all. Gone. Adios.

With the Windows...the only thing that is opening is the outlook program.
With the WD Passport, the only thing that is opening is the E:Passport drive...sans all of my valuable folders/content.

What a day to say the least. I am currently an unemployed statistic that was forced from their job during the lay-offs of the recession. I would like to save the expense of admitting my computer to a repair shop. If someone could offer their talents and skills, I would be most appreciative. Thank you very much!

A:Help! WD Passport-External Hard Drive folders missing in Windows XP

Hi Supsey. Welcome to TSF!

This sounds like a virus that has been wreaking havoc on a lot of systems. Short of posting your problem over in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware forum, you could try running a program called unhide.

Go to THIS LINK and scroll down a bit and you'll see a link to download it. This link also has some explanation about what the program does.

Let me know your results.

Good day!

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iCloud services is using 99,700 K of memory. That seems excessive. Is it? What should I do to fix it?

A:iCloud Services using 99,700K of RAM

I have not updated iTunes in a long time. To update it today I had to launch a clean boot. iCloud services is now using 33,000K. Is that normal?
During the update to iTunes a message "could not start Apple mobile devices services" was received. I hit retry a couple of times then I hit ignore. Is that a major issue?

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Retrieve your photos from iCloud

Step 1: Open your browser and enter icloud. com and log in your iCloud account
Step 2: Click Photos.
Photo Stream will only sync the photos taken on your iPhone or iPad after you set it up and turn it on. Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > Then turn on My Photo Stream.
Restore your photos via FoneLab for iOS.
1. Launch your program and connect computer with it.
2. Choose from iCloud and log in.
3. Download the backup file you need.
4. Select the photos.
5. Click recover.

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Is there a way (when I send a link to someone so they can download my files) that they can download a whole folder, rather than image by image. I've made a folder and put photos in that folder. I sent a link to myself to see how it worked. When the link is clicked, it takes me to the images (rather than just the folder itself). From there, I can only download each one, one by one. This would take quite some time to do as most of what I'm uploading in a folder has as many as 50 images/photos.

Any feedback is welcome! Thank you!

A:iCloud download question

Yes, this makes sense. Thank you so much!

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I have a new HP laptop with Windows 8. I have downloaded iTunes and iCloud and both appear in my Downloads folder - but I can't get them to run/install. When I right click and select "run as administrator" I get the pop up box to allow changes to the computer. I click YES but then nothing ever happens. If I try to delete the download I get an error message saying "can't do as the file is open in iTunes installer.

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In my Outlook Contacts area I have Outlook contacts and ICloud contacts. Is there any way to keep these two lists in sync?

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Hello! it's posible remove this icon from this pc?? Thank you!

A:Remove iCloud Photos from this pc

I'm not sure but you can try this utility to see if that works for you:

WinAero: This PC Tweaker

It seems to work on removing (or hiding) protected folders or creating new ones in a normally protected area.
Good luck and I hope this information is helpful.


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Anyone else having problems with Outlook 2016 and iCloud? The connection seems to be broken with the update this week

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I have windows 7 and outlook 2010 on a PC. When linking to icloud and enabling it to synch with icloud, icloud took the contacts off my computer (at least it seems that way). In trying to resolve the issue and talking with Apple and Omnitech, a variety of solutions were tried. I now have all my contacts in the right categories showing up on my PC, but it appears that they are not on the PC but in the cloud. My goal is to copy one of my categories, mailing list, into a  new separate folder in the folder list in order to use it to merge with Word and make labels. In the past, I could right click on the mailing list category and drag it to the new folder that I created. It would then ask if I wanted it to copy the file there or move it. I copied it to the new folder and then was able to merge it with word. Currently, when I try to drag the file to the folder, it indicates that this action can not be done. It appears to me that the reason this is occurring is that the contact file is in the cloud not on the computer.  ?? I would like to create a file with my contacts on the PC with the contacts in the right categories and not duplicating what is currently showing up from the cloud. I believe once I do this I will again be able to copy the category to the new folder.

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OK, I installed iCloud on my PC. I created a document in Pages on my iPad. When I go to the iCloud manager on my PC, the document is listed as being there, but I can't open it. So what good is it to me that it's there? Is there some way to open it that I'm not getting?

OK, I install iWorks. Now I can upload the document to iWorks, and open it and read it on my PC. But I can't edit it. So OK, I can download it in Word and edit it. But now I don't know how to save those edits to the original document in iWorks, so I can have them on my iPad.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

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my Outlook calendar has lost its' connection to iCloud after the anniversary update last nite . . Anyone have this problem and a solution?

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My daughter's Windows 10 Laptop gives her a notification that her iCloud is almost full. She gets it about every 20 minutes or so. She knows nothing about iCloud and neither do I. So, how do I get rid of this notification?

A:Can't delete or fix iCloud notification

Originally Posted by gilloz

My daughter's Windows 10 Laptop gives her a notification that her iCloud is almost full. She gets it about every 20 minutes or so. She knows nothing about iCloud and neither do I. So, how do I get rid of this notification?

Maybe one of these pages has help:
remove icloud at DuckDuckGo

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Ive recently set up a iCloud email & calendar (moved from the dying yahoo).
The email syncs perfectly, the calendar won't sync any entries for after May 2017.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong.
Thanks for any help.

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Up until just a lttle bit earlier today, my Win 8.1 mail app could get my email in my icloud mail account.

Now it doesn't.

Prompts for the password but rejects it. The password I give is correct as I used it to go to and logged in fine. Must be due to the new security that Apple has started, but I don't know how to get it working with the mail app.

/rant on
While I understand the need for good security, it seems like too many things are now set up for 2 step verification. One and done should do it, but I'm finding that not to be the case too many times.

Just irritating!!

/rant off.

A:Windows 8.1 Mail and icloud mail

A follow-up.

I had installed the icloud software for Windows and allowed that to set icloud mail into Outlook 2013. That still works just fine, just not the 'modern' mail app.

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Here is my latest stump: Preparing To Configure Windows. Please Do Not Turn Off Your Computer Alert hard drive not found
It happened after windows update I am assuming. I uninstalled all the updates in safe mode.
I get blue screen.
I can't get rid of one Update for windows KB2952664
CAn it be antivirus getting in the way?

A:Tough One: Preparing To Configure windows,etc. Followed by missing hard drive Alert

No, the alert specifically says that no hard drive is found.
What is the brand and model of computer. (At this point all we know is Win 7 is running but don't know if it is a desktop or laptop).

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I realize that this can normally be corrected with the Window CD, but my notebook has no CD drive. So far, I've used F12 for the boot utility and tried to restore setup configs thinking (not successfully) that would help. Now the messages are "no boot filename recieved" HELP!!!!!

A:\windows\system32\config\system file missing error with no CD drive

Press F12 at bootup go to the Boot Order make sure the HDD is the first boot device. If you do not have that option boot into Setup (Bios) usually pressing F2. find Boot Order and change the boot order for HDD first boot device. If that fails, if you have the choice to boot from USB in the Boot Order, then you can create a bootable USB Flash Drive and copy your XP CD to it.

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I used windows 7 disk management tool to make a new partition.
It didn't work and I kept receiving an invalid parameters error.
I restarted my computer to find that my hard drive was partitioned.
I extended the drive back and rebooted.
Now in windows explorer I am at a loss of about 200 gb of space.
The space is apparently missing.
I will attach two pictures.
One of the Windows explorer and the other of a tool I used called partition wizard.

and here is partition wizard

Partition clearly shows that I have all the space I originally had, but windows explorer doesnt.
How can I fix this?
Thank you for everyone's time in advance.
All help and info will be greatly appreciated.

A:Missing Hard Drive Space After Using Windows 7 Disk Management Tool

Hello xlad mate have a look see in DISKPART at the drive there - take the SD out first to stop it being listed.

In PW right click on the C: and > Explore see what there is listed too.

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I dont know how it happened but one day my cd drive was not working. the tray will open fine and it even lights up however it will not read anything. When i go to my computer the drive that usually says (:e) or whatever for it, is missing. Ive been looking online on how to fix this and nothing worked, then i read to delete the upper and lower filters but my lower and upper filters are missing. How can i get them back? I read that deleting them solved the problem for some people

A:cd drive missing from MY COMPUTER. Lower upper filters missing??

It could be a hardware problem ie. seized motor in your drive.

Quick way to test this. Insert a a disc in the tray, make a note of any writing or picture you can see on the disc, push the tray in. Wait for a minute or so, then eject the disc. If the picture/writing is in the same position as when you first put it in, then your drive motor is most likely knackered.

If this is the case, only real fix is a new drive.

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I have Pages loaded on my iPad and iPod Touch and am having problems in getting documents to sync between the two devices via iCloud.
Both devices are running iOS 5.
If I create a document on say my iPod Touch it saves the document which I can see ( a blue status bar moves a cross the document) also the top right portion of the document peels back showing an arrow which I assume meant that the document was being backed up to the Cloud.

When I fire up Pages on my iPad however no document is there. I'm not sure what is going wrong. If I create the document on my iPad to start with then,as before, it does not sync accross to my iPod Touch. In addition when saving documents on iPad there is not the blue status bar as there was when saving on iPod Touch.

Is there something I am doing wrong as everything I have seen seems to show that the syncing of documents in Pages via the Cloud should be automatic. I should also say that I have also set Pages to work via the Cloud in the settings menu of both devices.

A:Solved: Problem with Pages and iCloud

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