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Win 8.1 Pro - Mapped Drives Not Showing in File Explorer

Q: Win 8.1 Pro - Mapped Drives Not Showing in File Explorer

One of our users has reported that their mapped drives were missing. Our user's mapped drives are all being pushed out by group policy so at first this was not an unusual report.

Upon investigation I seen the drives were in fact missing so I did a gpupdate to refresh the group policies which normally fixes the problem. This time it didn't, my backup plan is normally to manually map the drives needed until we figure why the group policy is not working.

Here is where things get weird:

When I go to map the drives, they are all already mapped. Then I find out from the user that they are all showing up correctly through their applications such as MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro. They can also access all of their files normally through each app. But they are not showing up in file explorer when we go to 'this PC'. A reboot normally fixes the problem though the user is starting to get a little annoyed of having to reboot each time.

Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this?


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I have several server drives mapped to my Surface Pro 3 tablet, and from time to time they disappear from Windows Explorer and XYplorer (an Explorer replacement). They are still there and mapped, as Net Use shows them mapped properly. But to get them tho show up in either Explorer or XYplorer, I have to physically remap them (right click: Map Network Drive...) and when I do so they already show up with the proper drive connection but won't appear unless I finish the remapping. XYplorer has a tool to reconnect all network drives, but nothing happens there.

Any ideas where the disconnect is?
Thanks, DaveD

A:Mapped drives not showing up on Explorer

If you use net use from an elevated command prompt (run as Administrator) you'll not see them in explorer.

You need to define them not a normal (non elevated) command prompt.

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I recently set up a new Win7 Pro computer for someone at my work, however, an important drive that is normally automatically mapped by our DC (Windows Server 2012 I believe) isn't mapping correctly.
Normally, our DC maps Name$ onto drive G:, however there isn't even a letter G: in explorer or Net Use in cmd and when I tried to map something to G: it says that something is already mapped there. Related but not as pressing, is the fact that F: is also
gone which I had to manually remap that drive to a different letter. However since an individual's personal drive is mapped automatically by our DC to G:, I'm not sure what to do.
I've tried to map something there via Explorer and net use \\Server\Share and I've tried G: /delete with no luck. I've tried killing and restarting explorer as well as rebooting a myriad of times to no avail. I've tried following the fixes in another thread,
but alas, my bane still looms. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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I have some drives being mapped in a logon script that is set up on my domain account on a Windows 2003 server system. They map fine under Windows XP, however I have just set up a new Windows 7 system to begin testing and logged on with the same account, but the drives are not mapped. So I am guessing the logon script is not running, but I'm not sure. I searched the web for this issue and others are having it, but there were no definite answers that I could find. Surely someone else has come across some information on this issue.

Thanks. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

A:Mapped drives not showing on Windows 7

win 7 box added to the domain?
in the same OU as the xp box?

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Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 7 32 Bit

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise box that when started will only create 2 of 3 mapped network drives. This does not happen every time either, just about 2-3 days of the 5 day work week. 2 of the drives are mapped via a script, while the 1 drive that is the problem child is set through the Properties-->Profile-->Home Folder of the user on our AD box. We have set the drop down letter to H and verified the path. It is correct, as it works some days.

Any ideas what may cause this?

Thank you in advance for your time.


A:1 of 3 Mapped Network Drives not showing up

Quote: Originally Posted by StumblingMyWay

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 7 32 Bit

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise box that when started will only create 2 of 3 mapped network drives. This does not happen every time either, just about 2-3 days of the 5 day work week. 2 of the drives are mapped via a script, while the 1 drive that is the problem child is set through the Properties-->Profile-->Home Folder of the user on our AD box. We have set the drop down letter to H and verified the path. It is correct, as it works some days.

Any ideas what may cause this?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Why bother mapping a drive via a script??? What was there some special reason you did it that way? Seems waaaay more difficult that it has to be...

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On my Win 7 system, I have mapped 4 drives to a XP system using the "net use" command. They are mapped correctly as p,q,s,t on the Windows 7 system. They show up in the "Power Desk" app which is a file manager utility program. The mapped drives work correctly in that program.

However, they don't show up in explorer on the windows 7 system. All other drives are shown, but not the mapped drives. Also, if I bring up the file open dialog box from an app like notepad, they don't show up either.

On another Win 7 system, I can map the drives exactly the same way and they do show up in explorer. It must be a setting that is different on the Win 7 system that does not work.

Any ideas?

A:Can't see mapped drives in explorer


The drives that I originally mapped were mapped with a .bat file containing 4 "net use" statements.
They don't show up in the explorer windows. However, if I map a drive using the windows explorer "map network drive" dialog box, it does show up.

Also, when I bring up the "map network drive" dialog box, all the drive letters that I used in the .bat files show up as available. So that changes the question to:

If I have mapped drive using a .bat file with "net use" commands, how do I get windows to "see" them? They are clearly mapped in the system. I can do a "dir q:" from the command line and see the drive perfectly.

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I just changed my MoBo and then upgraded to Windows XP SP2. Everything is fine except My USB drives and Memory cards in the USB reader do not show up mapped in Explorer. They do show up in Computer Management. I can even assign drive letter there. But they will not show up in Eplorer even after I assign the drive letters.

CD ROM and Hard disks all show up. Sandisk media player shows up too. But not USB drives. I have seen several threads with similar issues.

I have tried the following.

TweakUI, to see if drive letters are missing.
I have asssigned letters to the USB drive and rebooted.
I have checked for any mapped drives to a network device. I have no mapped drives.

Is this a security thing with SP2??
Any other suggestions?

I can copy files back and forth by going through Manage from "My Computer" but not explorer.

Thanks in Advance

A:XP SP2 USB drives not mapped in explorer

By the way,

After I map the drive from "Computer Management" I can access it from the command prompt with dir h: or whatever I map the USB drive as.

It still does not show up in Explorer. I think this is an explorer issue only.

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I had a share mapped, it got the little red X on it so I said unmap this drive, it did, but Explorer still shows it there, when I right click on it to remove it tells me it is not there.
I know it is not there, but it still shows that it is.

It is a PITA, but not a real serious issue, however I would like to know how to rid myself of it.

Windoze Professional 7 64 bit. 8 GB

A:Mapped Drive UPmapped , still showing in Explorer

Hello Danny, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if refreshing (F5) the window may help. If not, then you might see if logging out/in or restarting the computer may.

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Basically when I map network drives (even just one) the EXPLORER.EXE file browser hangs. Admittedly I usually have at least 4 drives mapped at any given time. And they aren't always connected.

Now that I've removed all network drives and replaced them with "network folders" it opens instantly again.

I see the difference. The network drive link actually shows drive space used/free, not to mention a different context menu. And now it's making sense as to why it's slower.

I'm just wondering if anyone has found a way to get explorer.exe to load instantly with network drives mapped, and have explorer simply update the GUI and list the drives as they are pinged/detected, instead of the entire file explorer hanging?

I frequently access my local drives, and waiting for the network drives to be seen by windows is a pain.

Has anyone found a work-around for this? ... I might have to go back to Explorer++


Delete drive mappings and re-map them.

Who knew it would be that easy...?


It seems there's a bit more to this.

The mapped drives can still cause problems if there is some heavy network traffic going on. It doesn't have to be coming from/going to the mapped drives either. It can be as simple as an internet download going at about 2-4 MBps. At that point (at least for me) the entire computer is lagging (downloading to the local drive). During the download, I happened to think of my original post here and so I removed all the mapped... Read more

A:EXPLORER.EXE hangs when opening & network drives mapped

Seems to me in Vista and later there are always hassles sharing entire drives. I used USB 3.0 docking stations with WD Black internal drives. Sharing the files over the Lan what I ended up doing was making a new folder in the root and dragging all the other folders into it. Then share the folder. It's not always a viable option. But it seems quicker and more reliable when possible to use that technique.

A better answer may be to use a third party file manager that doesn't bog.

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I have a XP Pro SP2 workstation that runs a login script that maps a few drives.
When I look in my computer or in explorer they do no show up. If I go to disconnect a network drive they are all listed as connected. all shortcut's that use these mapped drives work.
Any ideas

A:Solved: Mapped drives hidden in Windows XP Explorer

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Hello all,
I help out with IT at our local rescue squad where I am a member and need a bit of help. I am trying to install software that requires the use of data files from another computer on the internal network I setup. I mapped the folder that was necessary and have total access to it through windows explorer, both read & write. For some reason I am unable to see that mapped drive as a choice in the drop down menu within the install portion of the software. It list the usual C drive & periph. Where do programs pull their list of "available drives" from? Is this something I can force through editing? I have edited the hosts file and added the IP & name of the computer that contains the data files so I could try and type the address directly with no results.

Some info:

Computer on which I am trying to install software is Vista Home Basic.
Computer from which I need to access the data files is XP Pro.

The network shows everything properly including shared folders, drives, etc. I can even Remote Desktop between the two so I am at a loss. I have searched extensively for this type of scenario on Google with no results that pertain directly to this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Location of file that lists mapped drives.

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Fresh install of Windows Enterprise 8.1
Connected PC to domain, logged in, drive mapping worked as it should.
Rebooted a few times after installing software that I normally install on my computers (from the same sources/locally from my file server, etc).  Rebooted a few more times all is well.
A few reboots later, the only drive that is mapped is X: which is my user drive done via the user profile in AD.  The rest of the mappings that normally show up done by the GPO no longer show up.
After some digging, and noticing no errors in any logs I ran NET USE in a CMD prompt window, low and behold the drives are actually mapped and I can access them via the CLI without issue.  I can navigate via their mapped drive letters, etc.
They just don't show up in Windows Explorer at all and I cannot navigate to the drive letters via the address bar.  Strangely enough, it still kinda works since the Downloads start menu item is mapped to a network drive and that still works (Q:\) and
Chrome can access it as well if I try to download something.
I'm really not sure what else to check/try here. 
Have other Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines (my laptop) and all works just fine, so it's only this specific install on my desktop that is showing this issue.

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I have several domain computers across two locations that have started displaying strange behavior in Windows Explorer.  The computers in question are Windows 7 computers that were recently added to the domain.  Usrs are now complaining that when
they click on their mapped user drives or their department group drive and try to navigate to a folder or file, the view suddenly bounces back to either the My Documents folder or the My Computer view.  The user drives and group network drives
are located on different servers, so I'm pretty sure that the issue is not a server problem. 

To solve the problem, the users generally reboot the computer and Windows Explorer will behave fine at least until a later point in the day or the following day when the problem starts all over.
I have checked for IP address and DNS conflicts, but have not seen anything so far.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I have just built a new computer, using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, however, I've noticed when I open Windows explorer, 3 out of 4 times it will continuously search for drives when opening up explorer and not show any drives that are installed. I've tried reformatting, using different hard drives, but the problem persists no matter what I do. I've reinstalled Windows 7 with only a single drive plugged in, tried different SATA ports, but this problem keeps coming back. The only thing I can think of is that the Windows 7 install disk is corrupted and not installing properly.

I've also noticed that once it starts searching like this, the icons wont display in any folder, although the file names will. Likewise, when trying to sort files by date, type, etc, they will not sort.

When this happens, I can easily type in C:\ to get to the drive without problem to access the drive but above problems with icons not showing, sorting, etc still is a problem.

Has anyone had this problem? Know of a way to fix this? I'm not looking forward to having to reformat again as I don't have the time to sit through and reinstall everything again after.

A:Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing

Hey Man.

When Im having problems with the system i do this:

Open cmd as administrator and then type "sfc/scannow" press enter

I will check your system for missing systemfiles and problems.

Give it a try and let me hear from you

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Here is the problem

Running a peer to peer XP network at my sister's church.
8 computers in the workgroup.
Not using a domain , only a workgroup.

New Dell computer was purchased to be used as Bookkeeper Computer.

Church software files were moved from old bookkeeper computer to new one.
All other computers set up as workstations. Software runs and is installed thur mapped network drive.

The problems is that everytime we restart any workstation computers they lose the mapped drive. If you browse the network to access Bookkeeper computer you must give logon name and password to access that computer. After you log on then you can map network drive and use software.

It never work that way before the new Dell computer and always stayed mapped without logon info. I can easily access any other computer on the network with out logging on .

Church Software support says it is a network problem. But what is baffling to me is that you must use church software logon info to access the Bookkeeper computer.

Is this a logon or user account setting problem on the new Dell?

Software support told me that Bookkeeper computer had to be logged on a network administrator. I have it set to logon automatically (go to welcome screen) . I changed it in user account setting to go to windows logon screen but did not seem to help (not using a password)

Any suggestions? Help!!!!

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Recently I am facing a bug with windows 7 (build 7600 32bit) explorer. After browsing so many files explorer just did not find any drive!

Not only that then it did not able to find any thing on "control panel" also. Library looks like this,

But there is a temporary solution available. I can open drives from Start menu (or other way) while a explorer is already running.
That means it when two explorer running simultaneously then the second explorer will work fine but the first one keep searching for Drives.

But it is not possible to open drives from start menu every time! So please give me some permanent solution for this bug!

A:Explorer not showing any drives

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Can someone help me how to solve this problem?

F drive (label: Multimedia) and G drive (label: Download) doesn't show in win7 explorer

And here's the Disk Management window

Anyone can help me with this?
I'm running on Windows7 Build 6801 32bit

I'm sorry for my English, I'm Indonesian.

A:Explorer not showing drives

Don't remember if there was a solution for that, but why are you on build 6801?

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I am running windows XP and for some reason when I look at windows explorer it shows I have a C and D drive, both with the same name and same files. I am afraid to erase the D drive because I don't want to accidentally erase the C drive. I have looked on microsofts site and found nothing. I am running an HP pavilion.

A:2 Drives Showing Up In Windows Explorer And Only One There

Hi pbman41

to BleepingComputer.

On my Pavilion, the D: drive is the Recovery partition on the main C: drive. This is the area which will restore your computer back to factory condition if everything goes wrong. GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE, and do not add or delete anything from it.

If that is not what it is on your PC, it may be a backup created by some program on your machine.


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Hi guys,

This is another minor annoyance. When I insert any removable drive (USB, SD cards, etc) the device shows up twice in Explorer. Once under "This PC" tree and the other as a device. See attached pic (USB Drive H):

I remember hearing about this being the way it's designed to work, but frankly it's a bit silly - I only need to see a single entry for the drive/device...

Is there any way to get rid of one of these entries without stuffing up some other Explorer feature?



A:Explorer showing removable drives twice


This might be the answer: Drives in Navigation Pane - Add or Remove in Windows 10

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Here's a screenshot of what i mean. Q shouldnt exist and yet, it does. Also the size of the drive is 0 bytes.. I dont know how long it's been there..but it's bothering me. Could it be due to a virus? I scanned with Avira, malwarebytes anti-malware and superantispyware. They couldnt find anything. Should i be worried?

A:Extra Drives showing up in explorer

sounds like your drive is partitioned into more drives than you thought?

drive letters aren't the result of viruses.

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Just like the title says, I can't see any of my drives in Windows Explorer and I can't figure out why. The Disk Manager knows they are there and they are even labeled properly (the hard drive as C; and the dvd drive as D but they won't show up in the Explorer window. I just recently switched from XP, so am I missing something or what? If you need any more information just ask. I dont know what else to provide right now.

A:My drives are not showing up in Windows Explorer.

Welcome to SevenForums Balian,

Can you make a screen shot or use the snipping tool of what it looks like in

Windows Explorer ?

" Doc "

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Hi guys,

This is another minor annoyance. When I insert any removable drive (USB, SD cards, etc) the device shows up twice in Explorer. Once under "This PC" tree and the other as a device. See attached pic (USB Drive H):

I remember hearing about this being the way it's designed to work, but frankly it's a bit silly - I only need to see a single entry for the drive/device...

Is there any way to get rid of one of these entries without stuffing up some other Explorer feature?



A:Explorer showing removable drives twice


This might be the answer: Drives in Navigation Pane - Add or Remove in Windows 10

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I've been having a random problem with my usb drives or ports for at least six months now. Sometimes when I plug one in, I can hear the system sound that it makes, but the little auto play window that usually appears, allowing me to choose how to open it, such as with explorer, does not appear, and there is no icon when I open up My Computer, nor does it show up in device manager. When it does show, the usb drive can sometimes take over a minute (I'm assuming to read the drive) before the icon will show up in explorer. It doesn't seem to matter which usb port that I plug it into, and I tried gently wiggling the drive a bit to see if it might be a bad connection, but no luck with that. What's really frustrating is that it doesn't happen all the time. One minute it will work and the next time I go to use it, I plug it in, and nothing but the little system sound, no auto play window and no icon in explorer. Out of seven usb drives that I have, most of the time it happens to the same 2 drives, plus my external HD, that is not to say that it never happens to the other usb drives, for whatever reason, it rarely is a problem with the others. Could it be corrupt drivers? To eliminate the possibility of the usb drives being faulty, I tried them in my other desktop computer and my laptop and they all work fine. I have had an external HD that I was using for data storage and backup with the same problem when plugging in to the usb port. It has been two months since it has shown up in ... Read more

A:Problem with usb drives/ports showing in explorer

In the Device Manager look under Storage controllers and USB Serial bus controllers to note any yellow marked items. You can even delete any composite item under USB and restart the system to see Windows refresh the usb controller driver set to allow for better detection at times.

Under Storage controllers like the external HD you would want to check for updates to insure the controller for the external drive is installed fully to see that prompted detected when plugged in. A run of the System File Checker sfc /scannow at the Start>Run command line to run the system tool wouldn't hurt any either.

As far as flash drives some brands simply will not be detected or work swiftly on some systems while they seem to work well on others. After trying out numerous brands and sizes I generally tend to stay with the one or two that seem to always work no matter what machine or usb hub in fact they are plugged into. HP and PNY flash drives for example are good ones to avoid since they tend to problematic! San Disk works on most old cases and is more commonly sold in retail chains. Other better brands include Kingston, OCZ, Crucial, etc going by the better memory manufacturers as a reference.

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Hi all,

so I've been trying out build 7100 for a few days on my system, which includes quite a bunch of hard drives (usually around 8 of them) and ever since I got to run Windows 7 for the first time, most HDDs are listed as "Local Disk" in its explorer, while they're obviously supposed to be named something else (screenshots included below).

The thing is, even when I try to rename them, nothing changes in explorer. But there's a twist. If I have a look at the disk management utility in the control panel, everything looks fine! Labels are here and even get updated as I try to rename them through explorer although nothing seems to happen.

I've really tried out a lot of things already (ie : matching the security permissions of a working disk with the other ones, checking out if this has to do with the various sata chipsets those drives depend from) and I'm definitely running out of ideas. I couldn't find any consistent link between the working drives until this hit me right in the face... The only drives actually showing their names in explorer are of the same size, which is also the biggest one (1 Tb)!

Did anyone else ran into in this issue? Any ideas how to to fix this?

Oh yeah, one last thing : this only seems to affect my Sata drives. My IDE DVD drive and my usb flashdrive show labels correctly. And just in case, all those drives are showing up fine when I boot Windows XP instead.

A:hard drives labels not showing in explorer

But i only have SATA Drive, before 2 days there is no such problem.
Now I can see drive names in Disk management of Windows 7 and normally in Windows XP (Dual Boot)

Last thing, i run a full pc scan by eset nod antivirus before this problem

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I have an HP pavilion xg836 running windows XP pro. I have one hard drive C. When I look in windows explorer, it shows a C and D drive. They both show the same drive name and the same folders. I could not find anything on the microsoft website. I am afraid if I delete the D drive it will also delete the C drive. I want to pur a second hard drive in, but I would like to fix this first.

A:windows explorer showing same thing 2 drives

What appears in Disk Management?

(Computer right-click > Manage > Disk Management).

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I saw the File History screenshot tutorial.In that tutorial there is an Option 3 -> Point No. 3: To Select a Network or Local Drive Location to Save File History.When I click the select drive button,none of my local drives are showing up.What to do?

A:local drives are showing up in File History

File History works best with external drives or network locations. If your external drive is not recognized, create an empty folder called "File History" (without the quotes) in the root directory of the external drive you want to use. Try again if it is showing up now.

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I opened my computer the other day and when I clicked "computer" to go to my mapped networks drives to my surprise there are no hard drives or mapped drives displayed anymore.

Even when I go "open" in excel for example I don't see the drives.

I tried uninstalling sp1 in hope it would fix the problem but it did not. When I go into disk management I see my hard drives.

Is there a way to fix this? I have Vista Home Premium


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Weird issue.

I have 5 drives (of 7) on a Win 7 Pro (64) computer mapped on a Win XP (SP3) computer on my home network ... IT connects to ALL 5 ...

YET, that same Win XP computer will NOT access those same 5 drives (on the Win 7 computer) through the network (unmapped) giving the message "\\hostname\X is not accessible" (but WILL connect to the other 2 drives). All 7 drives have the same sharing and security settings ...

Baffled ... any ideas????
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6141 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 102398 MB, Free - 7068 MB; D: Total - 1328393 MB, Free - 715423 MB; H: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 708331 MB; I: Total - 1430792 MB, Free - 177589 MB; J: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 2689429 MB; K: Total - 305245 MB, Free - 71967 MB; L: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 734646 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-770T-USB3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network

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I am running 8pro 64 bit. when I open an file explorer window, sometimes there is everytihg, but most of the time, there is just "desktop" and it is searching.I have to manually right click and open new explorer to get it to show all drives and locations. Also, when I get into a window with movies or pictures, all the files are white, no thumbnail! I have no virus and the installation is new and it is from the Microsoft site. all updates are installed. What could cause this? The
The navigation opane is missing icons such as network, computer, etc. I have done First sfc.
Then Dism.
Then Reboot.
Then sfc again.

Still nothing. There isn't a virus and everything else works fine. I created a new profile, same thing. I am trying to avoid reinstalling as I have a lot of software I cannot afford to lose.

A:File Explorer not showing anything

In the CBS log after your sfc.exe scan, were there any unresolved problems showing?

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Iam running 8pro 64 bit. when I open an file explorer window, sometimes there is everytihg, but most of the time, there is just "desktop" and it is searching.I have to manually right click and open new explorer to get it to show all drives and locations. Also, when I get into a window with movies or pictures, all the files are white, no thumbnail! I have no virus and the installation is new and it is from the Microsoft site. all updates are installed. What could cause this?

A:File Explorer not showing anything

Has the system done any Freezes or Bluescreens? If so, you may wanna scan your hard drive for problems, Don't use SCANDISK- Download Hiren's Boot CD from my link below, burn it and boot to it.

Is your hard drive mechanical or is it SSD? Assuming it is mechanical, in the Hiren's Boot Screen, choose Dos Programs, and Hard Drive Tools. You can use either GWscan or the Manufacturer's Drive Scanning tool, run a quick check and see if it detects "Read Element Failure" - If it does, then let the program fix it, should take about an hour to run through the whole drive.

After that, boot up again, and run a CHKDSK from within Windows and let that run fully if it needs to, then see if it is still doing what you described. If it does, we'll look for other causes.

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Hello all,
I am here with a new problem again, hoping that i wil get answer as like for the earlier posts.
I am here having a lot of users who uses the mapped drives for saving the works,and i have 3 mapped drives which is common, and whichis running through the sysvol scripts, and all r working fine, now the problem is few of my users always comes with the complaint saying that their home folder ( that is the personal drive) of user is showing only the home driv not their personal one, the personal drive is like \\servername\home\username\
and the users can see only home as therir z drvie(whcih is their personal drive)and it should be showing their personal drive not the entire home drive, and it wil work when i disconnect the drive, and reconnect by mapping it, but few of my users including my boss, is not happy with that, can you please tel how can i avoid the personal drive becoming the home drive,

Thanks a lot
Please if you need more explanation i will submit it, if you can help me that will help me to work better.


A:Mapped Drives

Are you doing this thru Active Directory?

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User connects to our network from home via VPN. How can she access her network files? I had her create a shortcut on her desktop to:

\\ipaddress of server\users\username

Once she's VPNd in and clicks this link it prompts her to authenticate but it still fails. Is there a better way for her to access her data? Can she map a drive in the same manner as she would at her workstation at the office?

A:VPN and mapped drives

You could try the following which can be added to a batch file to map multiple drives:

net use X: \\servername\sharename /USER:domain\username password

if you use a %1 in place of where the password should be it will prompt the user for the password - handy to avoid account lockout if your policies required a change of passwords every so often.

The batch file would then look like this

net use U: \\server1\sharename /USER:domain\username %1
net use I: \\server2\sharenam,e /USER:domain\username %1

etc. etc.

Add the server names to a LMHOSTS file and you wont need to use the IP addresses. If the server IP addresses ever change just email a new LMHOSTS file to the user and the batchfile will still work.

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I've been having problems keeping the drives mapped at one of my offices. I' guessing someone has modified the registry, because there is no longer the check box for reconnect at login on the mapped drive. If any one knows what this value is please let me know. I've tried using a batch file and net use to permanently map the drives but it has only worked on some of the stations. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Mapped Drives

Are these mapped via a login script or at the workstation level.

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I have a lab with win2000 machines and a win 2000 Server. I have a mapped drive to all the workstations. However when a user logs on they are not able to open the drive through many applications such as quark, photoshop, notepad. They are able to open the mapped folder with word or excel. When they open the mapped drive first they are able to open the drive using quark, photoshop or notepad. Does anyone know how to automatically keep that drive mapped? Is there a way to do that in group security? Thanks Jon

A:Mapped drives

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We have a linux server and all the Windows 7 Pro workstations have the same mapped drives, w,x,y,z. The only problem is that the path for z is a share nested in another share, w. When we try to map z we get the message, 'Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connection to the server or shared resource and try again.'

How can we work around this? These drive maps mus remain the same as the server is set up by our software vendor.

A:Mapped drives

The link below talks about the problem and mentions using the IP address to access the server instead.

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed...

Using method 1 in the link below seems to work the best.
Error message when you use user credentials to connect to a network share from a Windows-based computer: "The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password"

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At my office, we have a password for our workstations that changes every month. We also have mapped drives to certain folders located on the server.

Last month I had my machine completely wiped and reinstalled with a fresh install of Windows XP. At the time that I set up the mapped network drives, I want to say that I used the password that was current at our office. This month, the password has changed for all workstations, but I cannot access the mapped drives as it says "Password is Expired" I tried the current password and the password that was set at the time of setting up the Mapped Drives but they did not work. Nobody else in the office is having the same problem.

A:Mapped Drives

Right click My Computer/Disconnect Network Drives. Disconnect all Network drives. Restart workstation, log in with new password, Re-Map Network drives.

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Mapping drives, long distance (read moderately slow, lots of hops to cover 3000 miles) is a little broken. I assume it is due to debug code. When accessing files via right-click (to copy, to rename, etc.) there is a longer than usual delay, the Explorer windows starts flashing like a strobe light, and during that time you can do nothing else (well you can, but not to do with Explorer).

Is anyone else seeing this?

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someone help me regarding mapping drives scenario !
after we have mapped the drives from our server, as soon as we shut down our pc and open it the drives are not showing but to the other pc it is still showing..

A:mapped drives

Mr. Rick,

This is the details of my PC :
O.S : Windows 2000

When i start my pc it will show something like restoring your network drive but right now it is not there, everytime i switch my pc i have to mapped the drives back again... but to the other pc even if you close their pc the mapped dirves is still there.

Thanks and Regards,

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Has anyone had experience with mapped drives disappearing when installing W2K SP 2? I have batch files written for users on my network defining their mapped drives, but upon installing SP2, the mapped drives all had to be mapped by hand. What gives?

A:Mapped Drives

Another undocumented feature!!

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Still showing up under My Computer. Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions?

A:Mapped Drive still showing after Disconnect

You might have instially click on Reconnect at logon option. Mine also stayed.

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Hi All:

Using Group Policy to map drives on a windows 2003 Server set as a domain controller. on some windows 8.1 pro machines I never get the drive mappings and on others I get the mappings but it take 5 minutes or so before they show up. No issues with windows 7 pro however. Any thoughts?


A:No Mapped drive showing in Windows 8.1 Pro

Windows 8 has always had an issue when loading up file shares. It gets even worse with Windows 10.

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My external drive(Samsung) connected via usb3 has started showing twice in file explorer. Opening either shows exactly the same files inside.
Screen shot below, I've never tried this so I hope I've done it OK
Any help with removing the "imposter" would be appreciated.

A:External HDD showing twice in file explorer

Please use the following guide to add your image

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums

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I'll try to give as much history as I can on this:

Client complained of sluggish computer, no drivespace and MAINLY could no longer map her regular network drives on a small business LAN. She was mapping fine but computer was soooo slow she did some digging, found 'tcp.exe' eating up resources so she deleted it (she can't seem to tell me how she accomplished that). She says that after deleting/removing this file she lost connectivity to her network.

I come in and clean up a bunch of virii/trojans/malware on the machine. You folks helped me here and I removed the last bad software, restarted the machine (several times) and still no network connectivity.

With ipconfig/all I see that her machine is pointing to dummy(?) addresses:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix: (empty)
Description: Intel<R> PRO/100 Network Connection
DHCP Enabled: Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled: Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (empty)
DNS Servers: (empty)

So I tried hard coding in the info instead of letting the machine obtain IP address/DNS server from the router. After hardcoding the IP, subnet, default gateway and the prim/secondary dns servers the machine could reconnect her mapped network drives BUT she still didn't have internet access.

I can ping the loopback successfully, by name and by number. Without hardcoding I can't ping the router or any other machine on the network...with everything hardcoded I can... Read more

A:No Internet/no mapped plz

(Doing my best Gilda Radner impression)....."Neva mind"

I ended up reinstalling win2k and finally got her machine back up and running on all cylinders.


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my server is a nt4.0 server and i have 35 clients.
on 1 client (win2k professional) the connections with remote drives are suddenly disconnected (this
happens over 20 times a day) with the result that the program needing a file on the p: drive says :
p:\...\....\file was not found.
Restarting the program and everything is fine again.
I reinstalled the workstation, i replaced the network card and the cabling and still have the same problem,
can anyone help me please ?

A:disconnected mapped drives

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I have setup a wireless network between two computers in my office and have installed some software that will automatically backup folders on each of the two computers.

It works by backing up certain folders on computer 1 to the hard disk on computer 2 and vice versa.

I also have a program installed on both computers that uses the data on computer 1.

To simplify the process of locating the data on my network I have created virtual drives using the Map Network Drives function in Windows. However; if I start up my computer and open these programs - they can not find the drives, I have to open My Computer first and double click on the drives before the programs will read from them. I am guessing that for some reason Windows is not connecting to these drives, even though I have set them to "reconnect at logon".

Is there a way I can force the drives to work automatically at startup? Perhaps using a .BAT file or similar to automate the process of opening/closing the folders at startup so the process of using these programs is more user friendly?

Many thanks for any replies

A:Mapped Network Drives

Anybody at all?

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Ok, I am having a problem. I have a group policy setting that maps my network drives. I have 3 different NAS boxes; NAS1, NAS2, and NAS3. The mapping works great on all my Win 7 computers and for every user.

I have a Win 8 test machine. When I login with my AD account, only two of my mapped drives get mapped through the GPO. My AD account is in the Administrators group on the Win 8 machine. I try gpupdate but that doesn't work. I try "net use" to manually map them. Doesn't work and get a system error.

Ok, I go to the company that made my NAS thinking they don't support Win 8. They point me a Microsoft KB article with some workarounds. I follow the KB article and add the registry key and then restart.

I login again and check out Explorer to check the Network drives. Two more network drives got mapped correctly from GPO. However, I am still missing all my mapped drives from my NAS3 box.

Ok, this with where it gets weird. While logged in with my AD account I open up cmd and type "net use". I get my 4 successfully mapped drives but I'm still missing the other 6 mapped drives from NAS3. I check the event viewer and it said "Group Policy successfully ran". I right click on cmd and run as administrator. Now I type "net use" and BAM! There are all the network drives I am supposed to have mapped.

Why do I need to be elevated as administrator to see all the mapped drives? Is this a Win 8 thing or is it an issue with my NAS3 box?

I have... Read more

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I have installed several new Windows XP Professional computers in our office they are all networked to a server. I have mapped drives to the server to that each computer needs access to. The problem is it takes so long to access. You may wait 15 minutes after you click on the drive. Any idea what could be the problem?

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I'm running Server 2003 with a few applications on it that are accessed from two ethernet wired computers and two connecting with remote desktop (running XP and Vista). I want to change the log on p/w to the user account where these apps are running on Server 2003. I tried it last night and then tried to access from one of the ethernet computers and it said it wasn't accessible. I guess these connections are mapped (I didn't set it up).

Do I need to go and delete the connections off of each computer and remap a network drive? Or is there an easier way for me to do this.


A:Mapped network drives and p/w

I'm not quite sure what you mean ...

You changed the program log in password? That should be as simple as changing the log in details on both PC's within the program they are running, right?

It doesn't sound like anything else has changed on the physical network (IP address of server/hostname/etc).

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we have a user who has some mapped drives that are having problems. when you try to do something that connects to the network drives it times out. this doesn't happen when you first turn on the PC. after a little bit if you, for instance, go to attach an email on a network drive it takes at least 5 minutes to "reconnect" to the mapped drive. if you try to open the mapped drive from my computer or windows explorer you'll time out. i'm certain it's not the network because a user with the same type of computer is not having this problem. that's why i think it's an xp issue. any ideas???

A:problem with mapped drives...

What server OS are you attatching to? If you're running file and print services for Netware, then try going here for the reason and a fix (update your XP to service pack 1)
Even if you're NOT running fpnw, it's probably a good idea to install the service pack...

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I have a windows 2003 server and XP machine that is mapped to the server. I have the box checked reconnnect at login and synchronize. Yet every time I reboot i have to enter username and password???

A:Drives not staying mapped

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Iím not sure this is the place to post this butÖ

We have an enterprise file server (city_server) running Win2K (I know, update the OS). I have placed Microsoft Access data on a shared folder where all users map the drive as F:\.

The application tracks sewer maintenance. There are numerous factions to this FrontEnd/BackEnd operation, one of which imports new work orders from the server to connected laptops (which then go to the field for inspection; back in the office for data update). All operations work fine except for the import. If I place the BE on some other win2K server and map the drive accordingly (i.e., F:\ drive) all works perfect. Our IT people have looked at this server configuration numerous times and say it is setup identical to the others including all accounts. Yet we only see this problem when accessing data from city_server. I have tried coding the app to use a UNC path vs. mapped drive. It works better (albeit slower) but still periodically bombs.

Any ideas I can pass on would be greatly appreciated.


A:Error with Mapped Drives

Have they reviewed the nic card stats for errors or breaks in service. Sounds like the nic is dropping long enough to lose the drive mapping. Review the nics power settings. It should be set to never sleep.

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Hi all, I apologise if this question has been beaten to a pulp, I just want a 'once and for all' answer. After many google searches, I have yet to find one.

I have a windows 7 pc that is part of an office network along with about 5 other machines. They are all supposed to connect to a server via network mapping of the server's shared folder. (In this case the mapping is Z:\\pi-server\data and the server is running 2008 R2 on a workgroup). Upon reboot, all systems but one will remap to this drive with no problem.

The one machine will always boot up with the message 'Windows could not reconnect network drives' The mapping is showing in windows explorer but there is a red 'x' icon showing the connection is lost. When I click on it, it prompts for windows credentials, which I enter and then it remaps with no problems. However upon next boot the same thing happens again. No matter what I try I cannot get the system to retain the credentials.

What I have tried so far:

1. Ensuring that there is a match of user names and passwords on the server and workstation.
2. Deleting the mapping and re-adding it.
3. Running a batch file to delay the mapping in order for windows to finish connecting the network first.

I would like to be able to browse to the network folder via network discovery through the workgroup but this particular machine does not have the server show up in the network listing (all other machines do show the server). Plus when pinging the server, it insists on res... Read more

A:Cannot reconnect mapped drives

This seems to be an ongoing issue with Windows 7 machines and there are many TechNet threads that talk about the issue, many of those threads have working solutions for the problem but it's hard to say which solution would be best in your particular case.

Windows 7 Pro PC&#39;s won&#39;t automatically map network drives at reboot

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XP Pro 64 bit on domain...

When building a new comptuer for a user...and logged in as that user...we normally map a drive as "different user"... which allows us techs access to the drive we need...

Works fine, until we reboot...

When we try to open the mapped drive, we get an error...

Z:\ is not accessible
Access Denied

We have to "disconnect" that drive then remap the drive...

Any other mapped drives., whether by hard mapping or by script work fine...these are mapped drives for the user...

We do not have this issue with XP 32 bit...

Anyone know a fix for this...???

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My boss just bought 5 new Dell Dimension 2350 with XP home ed and wanted me to put them on the network. I've set them up and they can see the network fine, but when i map a drive and reboot the machine, the drives will not reconnect. I chose the options to reconnect but it still does not work.

Am I doing something wrong or is there something i can do to make sure it reconnects after a reboot?

A:mapped drives not reconnecting in XP

I've seen this happen, and haven't figured out why. Instead of wasting my time on the problem, I simply worked around it. In your startup folder, just make a new Batch file (.bat) with lines like:

net use s: \\server\shared

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Hello, not sure if this is the right forum
I have a new windows 7 pro pc and want to connect it to one of the server drives.
The server is Windows server 2012 R2
I can only connect to the server drives by IP address.
If I try and connect by server name I get a 0x80070035 error.
The other pcs I can connect to the server via the server name but not this new Acer.
I turned off the firewall and antivirus
Any suggestions would be appreciated

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We have a new Dell PC with WindowsXP Professional. There seems to be a problem with two drives that are mapped not staying connected. In fact, all other 25 computer systems in the office (Win98 & 2000) are fine but sometime overnight, these two drives become disconnected from the network on the XP computer. And the computer is left on.

We have shut off the XP Firewall, but that was obviously not the problem. Any clue what would cause this? The two drives are on a Windows 2000 server domain. In fact, there are 9 mapped Novell drives also but there is no problem with them, they are always mapped.

Thanks, Joel

A:Mapped Drives in WinXP Pro

xp sp2 by any chance? we replaced 4 older machines with new dell pc's on a winxp pro network, and they came with xp pro w/sp2 already installed. we've had nothing but problems with the mapped drives. They disappear, or become inaccessible... we are going to uninstall sp2 on two of them and see what happens. (on the existing pc's, we never downloaded sp2... )

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I have a client that is running SBS2003 server and has about 17 client computers. one of the client computers is mapping a drive several times like H: is duplicating itself to I: J: K: L: M:........and so on the other drives say disconnected but you can access them very strange i tried a netuse cmd to delete them and it worked for about 1 minute then they all came back I would appreciate any help you may have.

A:Multiple mapped drives?

Have you checked to see if the user account of that machine has any associated scripts that run at logon?

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I hope someone can help with this. This has stumped me. I have several workstations that have multiple drives mapped to their homeuser directory. Normally we have just H: mapped and no other network drives. Some users have all the way to Z: mapped to the same place. I go through and manually unmap them, but after a few days they reappear. There is no rhyme or reason. It doesn't happen after a reboot or anything. Not all users have this problem. I checked on tech net and microsofts knowledge base. I've tried doing the ghosted connections stuff in the registry but this did not fix it.The only thing is that it happens to more people in one area than in other areas.

Any ideas?


A:Multiple mapped drives

check the log in scripts for a line like

net use * \\servername\sharename

the * will map the next available drive letter.

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Over time all of my drive letters are being mapped to a network drive by itself.  I have researched this and many people have the same issue but there has been no fix.  Please help!

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Last summer we bought 120 HP Probooks 6570b running Windows 7 Pro. I been running into a issue with our mapped network drives on our server. We have these drives so that people can save their files to and take from. For whatever reason whenever you try to access the drive to either share or pull files from, it will randomly disconnect saying that it cannot find/access the "S" drive. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds to disconnect sometimes a few minutes (pretty random) but it definitely disconnects if more than a few people try pulling a file from it. None of the other laptops/workstations in the building are having this issue. These are working right off the wifi by the way and I know we have plenty of access points close enough to the laptops. So far what I have tried is this (suggested by HP support):
-Update to the most current Wifi Driver
-Update the BIOS firmware
-Went into Device Manager >Power Management Options for the wifi and unchecked "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
-Went into regedit > HKLM> system >CurrentControlSet> services > LanmanWorkstation > Parameters > and added DWORD 32bit > KeepConn for 15180. I googled this, this step supposedly tells the computer to hold its network connection for a full day. Still didn't work.
At this point I am scratching my head and HP has basically given up on helping me with this. None of our other computers regardless of how new or old are ha... Read more

A:Mapped Drives Disconnecting?

Is your problem that some PCs are losing their network connection or that they are losing the mapped drive?

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I've been having this issue for awhile now at work. A lot of the employees mapped drives will magically disappear, even though they are still logged on to the domain which is windows 2008 SP2. My only solution is to reboot their PC, and in some cases rebooting several times for the mapped drive to reappear. It is quite annoying and the only literature I could find on the subject was an article about changing the fast booting for the server, which I would rather not do. I have confirmed that they are not shutting off their systems, but they are logging off. All the PCs ampped drives are set to reconnect upon login. I realize this seems pretty broad, but any help would be appreciated.

A:Mapped drives dropping

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I am unable to edit any files on my mapped drives. I have several directories on C that I have made network shares. I have then mapped the shares to D and E on the same local computer that shares reside.

I can edit the files in their original direstories on C. I can also edit these files if I access them through the network share "Network\laptop\Projects". But, when I map this location to D: I am no longer allowed to edit the files or create new files from the new D: drive. The map looks fine and I can see all of my files. I use the following command:

net use d: "\\Vaio-Z10\C\Office Files\Projects" /Persistent:Yes

In frustation, I provided share access to EVERYONE, Full Control, and Security access to EVERYONE, Full Control. I even made sure that I took ownership of all files and directories in the directories that I am accessing. I took ownership with the network login account that I log into the laptop with (DOMAIN\Tom). I consistently get the following error message when I try to create a new directory through the D drive:

"You need permission to perform that action."

If I try to rename a file from the D drive i get the following error message:

"You need permission to perform that action. You need permission from DOMAIN\Tom to make changes to that file.

Well I AM user DOMAIN/Tom. I logged into the laptop as DOMAIN/Tom. DOMAIN\Tom has full share and security access to the files, and DOMAIN\Tom is the owner of all the files. ... Read more

A:Mapped Drives Not Accessible

As an update to my previous post, I have found out that if I use the Tools/Map Network Drive/ command from the toolbar then I can get access to my files correctly, but if I use the "net use" command in a batch file then I dont have any write or modify access to the files.

We use the "net use" command on all of our other computers and is works fine. I am not sure why it wont work on this one. I need to the the net use command because i am constantly moving the directories that D through H are pointing to and I dont want to have to manually do it through the menu bar each time.

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I've set up a dual boot with XP and 7. My mapped drives work fine under XP but on 7 they fail to reconnect at startup. I have made sure I ticked "Reconnect at startup" and I have switched on "Always wait for network at computer start up and logon" in Group Policies but still no good. Any suggestions?

A:Mapped Drives not Connecting

Did you move to Canberra recently? My commiserations

It would be useful to figure out whether the Win7 box is trying to reconnect and failing, or whether it's not trying at all. The most direct way to do that would be to run a packet trace ( on the XP target (harder to do it on Win7 while it's logging on), and then analyse the resultant trace to establish whether an attempt is being made to reconnect.

If the Win7 box is trying and failing, that's relatively easy to troubleshoot because the trace should reveal the nature of the failure. Otherwise, if there's no attempt at all, it becomes necessary to enable additional ("userenv") logging, and as of Vista they've made that a real PITA.

If you do end up generating a trace (it's very simple - like a tape recorder) and you'd like some assistance doing the analysis, just ask.

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I have looked through the forums trying to find a resolution to the issue I have.
We have 4 drives mapped using group policy preferences. One of these is filtered to a user group, the others have no filtering.
One of these drives are the users home drive. This drive is available offline & has redirection set. The other 3 drives file servers have offline availability off.
When logged in to the domain all 4 drive are available.
If I put the laptop into sleep the drives are available when offline, but with a x through it until I connect via vpn.
If the laptop is shut down & user logs in only the home drive is available, the other 3 drives are not even there with a x through them.
As we are trying to move away from a vb script that maps the drives on XP (where the drives were always listed), the users do not know what they should be having mapped. Users just say they no longer have P or R drives.
I do not want to be setting the drives to make files available offline, this is the majority of the recommendations on other forums.

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mapped 2 network drives (reconnect at next logon). now when i start the computer the 2 drives show a red X on the icon. this is because Vista is initializing the drives (telling me is not accessible) BEFORE the network connection is fully up and running (i have tried both static IP and DHCP). i can open the drives once the LAN connection is established and the problem is solved ... but still annoying.

Windows Firewall is running with the default settings.

any suggestions?

A:Mapped Network Drives

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We have 4 computers here in our office, that all run XP. The main system runs our accoutnign software, Peachtree, and has a mapped drive, P, that we all use to acces the data files. Recently, the main system got infected with XP Antivirus 2008, and we lost power to our building over the weekend. coming in, the Pc BSOd with winlogin.exe error. I did a repair installation of XP, then deleted the AV2008 with Malwarebytes program. I then rebooted, and reinstalled SP3. The other 3 computers now, get an access is denied error when trying to connect to the mapped drive on the main computer. I have looked at permissions, and given full access to everyone, and actually removed and reinstalled Peachtee to get this to work. Still not working, and the Dell tech( thats what Pc we have) was stumped and was lookign up stuff while I was on phone with him on the Technect site for MS. Any idead what could fix this, or do I need to do a complete resintall from scratch?

A:Help with mapped drives and XP AV 2008

Hey I was a Dell tech once, but I haven't told many that!

Try this:

Check the Shell value for Winlogon in your registry. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
should show:

Shell REG_SZ explorer.exe

Or download this tool:
This utility checks for the correct GINA value in the Registry and will allow you to restore it, if its incorrect.

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Hello, I work for a fire department and they have Desktop Authority map certain network drives when they login. For some reason, DTA will map the drives when they login, and everything works fine, but after an hour or two, they lose connectivity to that drive and are no longer able to access it. I know this is very vague, but has anyone had this problem?
BTW, I just recently upgraded from NT 4.0 to Server 2003 Standard, and we've had tons of other little problems with permissions and the like. Is this the cause of the dissapearing drives?

A:XP losing Mapped Drives


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I have a feeling this may be a really stupid question, with a really simple answer. I've searched and searched and searched for an answer to no avail, and have finally resorted to asking for help...

So here's my question. An EU has a mapped drive that they reconnect at each login, and is challenged to provide their credentials. After authenticating, an explorer window pops up displaying the contents of the mapped drive. They get upset that they have to click the X button. They ask me to fix it. I tell them to deal with it. They tell me they can't. I laugh at them. They tell me they're not kidding. I come here and ask: Is there any way to suppress the explorer window that pops up when you mount a drive? I could have sworn I saw either a registry key, or and entry in group policy.

So.... any ideas? I know I'm going to kick myself when I hear the solution, but hey... at least my EU will have one less mouse click each day... lucky them.

Thanks in advance!

A:mapped drives on startup

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i asked this at MS newsgroups, but no one replied or helped.

we are setup on a winNT domain at this location, and this
is how our computers are communcating with the server.
the client machines are win98SE. we also have netware
installed to talk to some servers at a different location
in another state.

we just got some new win2000 SP-2 clients. and i set them
up onto the network. i map some drives to folders in our
local server, and thats ok.

but, i map some drives to folders that are located on
another server at the other location (in another state
that communicates with netware), and it asks me for a
password. well, i input username and passwords in when it
asks and it goes through and everything is fine. but if i
logoff, restart the computer, or wait some time between
accessing the drives or files off the drive, it keeps
asking for the username and password.

how do i get it to stop asking for it, and to just keep
remembering the username and password? in the win98SE
clients, once i input the username and password, it would
remember it even if it got rebooted, or whatever?

so how do i get this to work?

A:networked mapped drives asking for pw

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I'm currently working with a client who frequently uses an application that is located on a mapped drive on their server. Every time that their computer starts up, the icons on the desktop show as broken until they go to My Computer, go to their T:\ and browse the directory, then it'll show up as a working shortcut on their desktop. At first I remapped the network drive and checked the box next to "reconnect at logon" to see if that would help, but it they still have to click on the actual mapped drive from within "My Computer." Is there a way to maybe create a batch that will perform this action when they start their computer. Say a "net use" command which will remap the drive every time they start the computer and then have it do a "dir" within the T: once it's connected. It's been years since I've really worked with DOS commands, as I'm typically working with Linux and Basic Windows XP, 7 applications, so I don't really recall how to set up a batch job like that.

A:Mapped Drive Application Not Showing up on Startup


How about something like:

net use t: \\PCName\ShareName
dir t:
Copy to a file and save as "Run_Me.bat" (Or something)
Put it in your startup folder.

Note "NET USE" will also depend on the use of user names and password
You might have to use

NET USE T: \\PCName\ShareName "Password" /USER:UserName

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Recently upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

I have a Synology NAS, Mapped as P: on my computer.

I can see the P: in Windows Explorer. However, in several applications. Most notably Photoshop CC, After Effects CC and 3ds Max 2013. The P: is not accessible from the open dialogue box. Nor can i enter the path manually.

Windows Explorer:
Photoshop CC:
3ds Max 2013:
Any idea why this is happening and how i can fix it?


A:Windows 8.1 - Mapped drive not showing up in Applications

From what I have read it's required to update the Synology in order for the mapping to work.

Download Center - Synology Inc. Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience

Source: Windows 8 - I installed windows 8 and cannot access/map to my - Microsoft Community

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I connected my digital camera to the computer. Windows installed device software to use the camera.

Initially, I saw small image previews. Once all the pictures were loaded, I no longer saw the image previews. Now all I see is a Windows logo and a harddrive icon.

How can I see the image previews?

A:File explorer not showing image previews

click on the harddrive icon to open it

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Hi Ms

this fault I find really annoying and there's actually no excuse for this particular defect : When copying / moving files with File explorer - progress indicator doesn't show - which makes the whole thing unuseable if you are copying / moving a whole load of files.

(Latest build W10 Pro x-64).


A:please Ms fix file explorer -- not showing progress on copy

Wasn't that a known and described issue in the latest insider build?

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I had problems updating one of my PC's to the latest Windows 8.1 64 bit so ended up having to "Refresh" the PC. I then managed to get the updates installed.

Before the update I used to be able to see my Synology Diskstation and Humax Foxsat listed as Computers in File Exlorer when selecting Network, I could then get a full list of folders on each device and files could be easily transfered between them. Neither device is now listed under Computers.

They still appear in File Explorer on my other Windows 8.1 PC under Computer.

How do I get them to appear under Computers again?

A:File Explorer not showing all computers on network

Router is the first place to start looking. What is the manufacturer & model of the router? Are you sure that LLTD is enabled in Services? Can you ping the other computers from the Command Window?

It is possible that the Synology is also causing the issue. Never rule out anything. Any devices should show up under Network. You can also use the following website to help make sure you are not forgetting anything. EZLAN.NET.

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Is there any way of disabling the view of zip files in internet explorer? I have password protected the contents of the zip file, but when you click on the zip file from the tree view you can still see the contents from internet explorer.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I know there are some threads about this. but I couldn't solve my problem using those. so I decided to make a new thread instead of bumping the old ones.
Well, Here is my problem:
recently I installed a fresh copy of windows 8 on my PC. it was nothing wrong with it till I installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (v. & did a reboot.
Now non of my files including picture, audio & video files show thumbnails or even tags (ex mp3 files).
I've tried the solutions stated about turning thumbnails on & off with no luck. in my folder options the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is UNCHECKED.

Has anybody faced the problem?? Is the issue from Kaspersky?? Are there any workarounds??

I truly Appreciate any help.

PS. I also have some difficulties pinning folders to windows explorer taskbar icon since then.

A:File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

How about trying to do a system restore?
System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8

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Hi all,

Built my new computer yesterday and installed Windows 7 64 bit, Enterprise.

I have noticed that the file type icons aren't showing in explorer, while little it is extremely annoying as when searching for an excel document for example I just look for the icon.
It seems to work for some icons and not others- as shown in the image below.

Is there any fix for this?


A:File type icons not showing in explorer

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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Here is my process. I scan documents onto my pc and save them to a file on my network drive. Then, I need to email these pdfs to other employees. I used to open Outlook, create a new email then click on "attach file". I would then get a drop down menu of the recent files I've worked with. There were some files on this recent list that I wanted to remove. I couldn't figure out how to remove only the select one or two files, so I cleared the history. Now, the files I view are not being saved to this drop down menu. I have to climb through 4 levels of files to get to the one document I need. How can I get File Explorer (not Windows Explorer) to start saving my recent activity again?

A:File Explorer not showing recent folders

You may need to turn Recent Items on.
See how:
Recent Items - Turn On or Off
Recent Items - Enable or Disable

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My new laptop has Windows10 pre-installed. It crashed and file explorer won't now show recent files. It seems to be showing recent folders but there are no recent files. Settings/personalisation/start shows "recently opened files" is turned "on" and File Explorer is showing on the Task Bar

A:File Explorer isn't showing recent files

Hi, there may be other consequences if your disk has been affected, or you may be very lucky and a small part of your registry has been corrupted.

A possible solution to your immediate problem is here:
File Explorer Recent Files and Frequent Folders groups are missing - Microsoft Community
- basically, create another user, and copy the relevant part of the registry back to your original user's registry.

I would also recommend you run
chkdsk C: /F
from an elevated command prompt
and also
SFC /scannow

just to check all is (probably) well.

Here's a very useful method which will help you avoid a great deal of difficulty- strongly recommended and used by most here:

Start using disk imaging. Regularly. Before any major change, and after a big change or a series of smaller changes. System Restore isn't enough.. it can help sometimes, but only if you turn it on (it's off by default.. absurd).

With disk images you
a. Can restore your disk/partition in a defined time (e.g 20 to 40 mins).
b. Have a full backup - can extract files.
c. Can use them to rebuild your system on a new HDD (e.g.)
d. Have peace of mind (most important!)

Get a copy of Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper (both have free options). The first is more geeky and a cut down version of a commercial product - no incremental backup. The 2nd is more straightforward, offering both differential and incremental backups. (You can read about those yourself if unsure).

Make sure you c... Read more

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Problem as above - when i plug my samsung note 2 phone in it shows in file explorer with no problems

The computer knows my nexus tablet has been plugged in because it gives me the option to eject it, but it does not show in explorer so I can not drag and drop files on to it


Win 8.1
acer aspire v -amd a8 8gb ram

A:nexus 7 tab not showing in file explorer when plugged in!

Most likely you need to install a driver.

I personally haven't plugged any of my tablets/phones into my computer via USB in quite awhile, I just use DropBox or some other app to transfer files. Much easier, IMO.

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I am hoping that somewhere out there may be able to assist with my problem as I have exhausted countless hours on the various Forums and in tweaking my system with no result to date.
The problem is that on my Home Network (Private) my main PC cannot ?see? the other devices on the network. I have two laptops, printer and Samba drive (on my D-Link Router) and the only item that shows up is my own PC.
The other PC running Win 10 pro can see ALL devices on the network.
I can reach the other devices by entering \\computername and then access the various drives and documents on the device but my PC will not display them using File Explorer.
Also, I have HomeGroup setup and working OK on both PC?s.
My PC is running Win 10 Home Version 1511 Build 10586.36 64bit along with the MS Office Suite 2013.
The solutions tried without success so far include:
Netsh winsock reset
Netsh int ip reset
Uninstalled Client for Microsoft Networks then reinstalled
Uninstalled the Adaptor drivers the reinstalled
Checked the registry settings to ensure that the Network Category is correctly set to 1 (Private)
Checked and confirmed that all the required Services are running ? these include:

DHCP ClientDiagnostic Policy ServiceDiagnostic Service HostDiagnostic System HostDNS ClientPeer NetworkingServer
plus a few others that I can?t recall.
Deleted all programs from Programs and Features that are not recognized or not required.
Network discovery and file s... Read more

A:Network Devices not Showing with File Explorer

The fall update broke the SMB (Server Message Block) component of the OS. Below is a work around that will fix your issue until such time as Microsoft patches this issue.
1. Open an administrator cmd prompt.
2. type the following: (press Enter after each line)

sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi
sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= disabled

then Restart the computer

To reverse this change and re-enable SMBv3 run the following commands at at the elevated command prompt

sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi
sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= auto

then Restart the computer

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I just put the 1511 upgrade on (for the third time, but that's another story). I've noticed that when I open File Explorer I have a WHOLE BUNCH of USB ports that have nothing plugged into them... I have no idea what the upgrade did, but these weren't visible previously. How do I turn them off?

And yes, I've gone into the File explorer options in the control panel and UNCHECKED "Hide empty drives". Didn't appear to make any difference...

A:Empty USB ports showing in file explorer

If you have a card reader, that's what those ports are for.

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I use a current model PC running Windows 7 32 bit.  For the last couple of months one of my network mapped drives (U) to the 2003 Server duplicates itself (V, Z, etc.).  Each day, sometimes several times a day, it replicates itself, I "disconnect"
from the drive(s), but they just reappear the next time I use Windows Explorer, or from any application, choose "open".  I find that no specific event does this, however, I have multiple windows open most of the time, communicate to at least 3 servers many
times throughout the day.   I am also Network Administrator so may have multiple remote desktop sessions with servers and/or users.  Can anyone direct me on how to stop the replication?  Please, and thank you

A:Multiple mapped network drives

You may try the Clean Boot to determine if the 3rd party software cause this issue.
Also, check the OU which the policy applied on and the Task Schedule.
Otherwise, to logon with the local user for a test.Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I have a Win2k server holding a shared folder. I have multiple Win98 workstations mapped to that share. The workstations, however, are randomly disconnecting from the share. They are configured to reconnect at logon, and there are no issues with connectivity to the server (that I am currently aware of as the workstations are able to logon to domain). When one workstation disconnects the network drive mapping, it is seemingly affecting those workstations in close proximity, and those workstations are disconnecting as well.

The issue is random. It is not consistent as to time, or actual physical workstation.

I am running out of ideas as to what might be causing this issue.

Please help!


A:mapped drives randomly disconnect

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I have several network drives. I am on a laptop and whenever I disconnect from my dock (wired connection) it automatically closes any open folders connected to a network drive...

My wireless kicks in a few seconds later, and I have to go through the trouble reopening them all!

Is there a registry setting I can set to prevent this?

One more question:

If I turn the PC on outside of work, it doesn't connect these drives, and thus will prevent them from showing even when I go in and connect to the network. I have to connect them MANUALLY every time.

Is there an easy solution, such as a script I can run from my quick launch that will reconnect all of them?

Seth B

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Hi All

Hope you can help.

I want to know if there is anyway to find out if a network shared drive (showing within 'My Computer') is manually connected/mapped. (btw we are using a AD - GPO & Desktop Authority)

I don't want to disconnect all the drives and then log the user off as i want to see if there is a simpler way to check this.

A:Manually mapped network drives

you could alwasy open a command prompt and try the "net use: command

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Clients are Windows 2000 running in a Windows 2000 AD. I run a login script for each user. The logon script uses a little utility ifmember.exe to check for what security groups a user is a member of and will map appropriate drives from the file server accordingly. At the top of the log on script i delete all mapped drives (NET USE * /D /Y)first in case the user has made some manual mappings.

This all works fine except for when a user has a home drive mapping in their profile. In this case what happens is that the home drive "h" gets mapped first, and then the login script executes inside the "h" drive. The first line in the script as mentioned before deletes all mapped drives INCLUDING the "h" drive from where the script is executing. The rest of the script then ofcourse fails to execute with an "invalid working directory" error.

I can get around this problem possibly by deleting all drives manually rather then using a wildcard for all in NET USE * /D /Y except h drive. However there are a lot of drives. The whole bloody alphabet is almost in use. I do have "NET USE H: /HOME" right after the delete all line in the login script but that doesn't help.

Does anyone have any nice solutions in mind? I definitely need to have the home drive in their profile which is always mapped as drive H. Is it possible to change the startup directory so the script doesn't execute from the home directory for users who have a home driv... Read more

A:Mapped Drives and logon scripts!

solved it by adding c: right to the top of the login script which changes the working directory. I had that initially in there but just prior to the net use * /d /y command and it didn't work. Needs to be at the top of the script.


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I'm running a Win2K pro client on a NT network. I have 3 drives mapped to various NT servers. Although i have re-connect at log-on selected, whenever i re-start or re-logon the drives show as disconnected. 95% of the time i just have to browse the disconnected drive and it re-connects but it's a hassle to have to browse the drives first in order to use certain network apps. Suggestions?

A:Win2k mapped network drives

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Ok, at work we have a small peer to peer network, Server running Win2000 Server and Clients running 2K Pro. Now all of a sudden when I log onto my workstation and windows trys to reconnect to the mapped drive it says, that I have entered the incorrect password. and asks me for a different one.

It happens on all the workstations, and it was working fine at the begining of the week.

But if I go to Network Places and connect to the server, and enter the username and password, then go back to My computer and double click on the mapped drive it connects just fine.

I guess I just dont understand why it wants a password now when all through the last year we havent needed to. I cant think of anything thats been changed.

And Sadly Me and this other guy are the IT people and we only have a limited knowledge base. Our boss is cheap.


A:Incorrect Password for Mapped Drives

Ok, I think I found a fix, I just added all the users to the server, and everybody seems to be connecting again. But give me acouple of days to see what happens

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XP Pro 64 bit on domain...

When building a new comptuer for a user...and logged in as that user...we normally map a drive as "different user"... which allows us techs access to the drive we need...

Works fine, until we reboot...

When we try to open the mapped drive, we get an error...

Z:\ is not accessible
Access Denied

We have to "disconnect" then remap the drive...

Any other mapped drives., whether by hard mapping or by script work fine...these are mapped drives for the user...

We do not have this issue with XP 32 bit...

Anyone know a fix for this...???

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