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ArmA 2 Demo

Q: ArmA 2 Demo

Looks promising for a demo soon , theres no way im commiting to this one before ive played a demo , heard too many bad things

Arma 2 demo expected soon! -

A: ArmA 2 Demo

I've read a few reviews about this and Operation Flashpoint 2 and both look quite good, but at the moment I've leaning towards OF2. Will see how the demo is for this, though.

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Q: Arma 2

Hi lads.

i've got a problem with my mouse in Arma 2, in that there is massive lag between me moving the mouse and the action happening on screen.

i only get this problem with this game. boiling point, farcry 2, unreal tournament 3, etc i have no problems.

the lag for mouse movement is so bad that it makes the game totally unplayable and unenjoyable, despite the guns, and graphics being terrific.

also, is there any way to turn off the ridiculous blur you get when you turn left or right, impossible to see anything.

cheers lads.

A:Arma 2

bump. any help lads?

oh, if it helps i'm using vista 64bit premium, 2x512mb 9800gt in sli and a logitech mouse.

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I got arma 3 beta yesterday.I downloaded off steam.when i try to run it says "amd has stopped working but has recovered".
Then when i try to open it again it says "failed,app alredy running".HELP ME you dont understand how annoyed i am.

<edited by moderator for bad language>

A:Arma 3 help

I have edited your post to remove bad language. Please be a bit more careful when expressing your frustrations

Any Beta software always has bugs and is intended for testing purposes. It is sensible not to use Beta software if you can't manage the fallout & consequences of problems with it

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Want to ask if ARMA 2 will be able to run in a laptop, just for the Christmas break.

Processor 2.0GHz AMD Turion X2 Mobile RM-70
Memory 3,072MB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz
Hard drive 250GB, 5,400rpm
Chipset AMD RS780M Azalia Controller
Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 (integrated)
Operating System Windows 7

Now don't flame me for using the integrated sound/VGA, since I will be using the low settings for ARMA 2.

Any insights here?

A:ARMA 2....fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu-

depends... laptops are not suitable for games, due to the integrated video card... You may run it... but may be laggy.

go to and see if the game is listed for you to check the computer for your answer.

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What are the specifications needed to run Arma 3 on each setting (if you could say for single player and multiplayer). I also realize that on servers it depends somewhat on how the actual server runs. Thank you! Maybe make a list ex:CoreGraphics cardEtc

A:Specifications for Arma 3

It's really hard to give definite numbers as there are so many variables and different people have different definitions of what would be classed as "running well".  Your best bet is to look around on forums/videos to see the actual performance that different people get with different specs of systems.

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i bought the game here in Ireland and was wondering which patch do I download of the ArmedAssault webpage ??

A:ArmA patch...which one???

Well what copy do you have?

Well what copy did you buy? If it says 505 or atari on the box get the respective one, if it doesnt say either get the international one. Havent got the game but it should say who produced it.

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I recently had to reinstall Windows due to an unrelated issue. Before then, I had perfect gameplay on ArmA3, tabbing out took less than a second and I got around 40FPS on High/Standard settings.

Now, however, after having to reinstall Windows, I am experiencing bad lag on most aspects of my machine. On bootup, actual multiple monitors used to load instantaneously. Now I'm waiting around 15 seconds for the second taskbar to appear.

Playing ArmA, there's a noticeable choppiness in the game, and tabbing out can take up to 30 seconds. In addition to the lag, I've been experiencing a LOT of BSODs.

I've turned on Verifier, and will

The most recent error was "Special pool detected memory error" along with the following in Event Viewer:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000c1 (0xfffff900cb2e0f30, 0xfffff900cb2e0da8, 0x000000000015a0c8, 0x0000000000000023). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: .
I'm uploading the memory dump now...

I'm pretty certain it is a driver issue, yet Windows cannot detect any driver updates. I've updated my Realtek audio drivers and the Catalyst Control Centre installed whatever it found as the latest I'm certain, so I'm kinda unsure as to what to do next.

A:BSOD w/ ArmA 3

Additional information is required.

1. Download the DM Log Collector application to your desktop by clicking the link below

DM Log Collector.exe

2. Run it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop, and follow the prompts.
3. Locate the .ZIP file created on your desktop, and upload it here in your next reply.

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Hey guys i just need some advice from someone whos good with understanding computers. I know i can run Arma 3 because I meet the minimum requirments but I dont think my CPU is very good and i will still be lagging or lose frames when i play. Do you think ill be good enough to run Arma 3 normally?

My system: Intel dual core 2.40 Ghz,9800 with Windows 8 pro, Geforce 9800 GTX+ GPU, 4 GB RAM, and with Direct x 10 or 11.

I'd really appretitate it if someone can answer my question asap!

Arma 3 Official Requirements: Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1 (Apple OS not supported)
PROCESSOR Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3830
Intel HD Graphics 4000
DirectX® 10
HARD DRIVE 15 GB free space
HARD DRIVE (BETA) 10 GB free space
AUDIO DirectX® compatible on-board
OTHER Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

OS Windows 7 / 8 64-bit (Apple OS not supported)
PROCESSOR Intel Core i5-2300
AMD Phenom II X4 940
GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
AMD Radeon HD 7750
DirectX® 11
HARD DRIVE 25 GB free space
HARD DRIVE (BETA) 20 GB free space
AUDIO DirectX® compatible soundcard
OTHER Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

A:Arma 3 Requirements help

Hi bkjummpan23,

You have listed the minimum and recommended but I have no idea what you're running, could you provide your specs please. If you don't know what hardware you're running then you can use this to find out:

ArmA 3 is VERY CPU heavy, being a military sim it performs so many more calculations than your typical game. I'd also go as far to say that Bohemia have a habit of not fleshing out their games properly to ensure they run perfectly. Lower quality hard drives also bottleneck performance on games of this size, so you may want to look in to a solid state drive.

I'll be able to give you more info when you provide your specs.


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Hello, my 15 year old son and I share a computer and he occasionally switches from his Xbox to my computer when I am not using it. He decided one day to do somthing I did not allow him to do on my computer, which was to download things. He downloaded a hack, and installed it onto my Arma 2. I'll give a link to the hack.
< Removed link to hack - ETAF Moderator >
Long story short, I caught him and he can never use my computer again. But whenever I got to connect to a server, Battleye (a lot like Punkbuster) detects the hack and kicks me from the game. I know what the name of the file the hack is, it is called "Darky.pbo" but when I look where it is supposed to be, I never find it. Can anyone help me with uninstalling this hack? I strongly suggest you take the link and see for yourself how they tell you to install it, and what it is. Thank you


A:Arma 2 Can't join games.

welcome here m8

Firstly, its not a good idea to post such links. Hacks are generally despised by the gaming community (as I am sure you know!) and linking MAY go to a "bad" site,

second, as for the problem... suggest you get the young one to sit down and remove it, although I doubt he could. I would expect that the hack modifies game files client side (on your computer) and may use an injector- a way of forcing information into memory once it has loaded that allows exploits to be used.

EDIT to above- I found more info and confirm my suspicions on the hack use.

The world is full of people who cry that someone else installed a hack, thus should you receive any form f ban it is unlikely that it would be revoked, I am afraid. And for the record, my knowledge cones from being a server admin for a number of games, and working closely with staff at an anti-cheat site

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hi so I purchased a new cpu a Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz for my Dell Optiplex 755 DT 2.66ghz 775lga I made sure all the power was of before I switched out the cpu but once I turned it on it boots past the Dell logo gets to the Windows screen loads for a sec then crashes well restarts it has an error message about software change or device idk I'm not that familiar with computers I just play the games lol ARMA 3 so if anyone could help I would appreciate it and thanks in advance!

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What would be the problem if my game crashes sometimes at startup, but sometimes during play? I have checked my electrical outlets so that isn't the issue. Thanks for any feedback.

A:Arma Operation Arrowhead

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Before I take the plunge, I like to have a little background history on this. I like tactical games but I dislike Non-User friendly games. I played it for a few moments at a friends house but didn't like it much because of the fact that it had WAY to many key binding options that look like they were very similar to each other.

Of the few I remember were:

Aim Down
Aim Down Toggle
Zoom In
Zoom In Toggle
Zoom Out
Zoom Out Toggle

To me they should all do the same but if they don't, doesn't it look like to many options? I mean, once I zoom in, I want to be able to use the same mouse/kb button to zoom out. Also, aim down is the same as zoom in... at least to me.

Is the campaign worth this hassle? and believe me, its been a while since I have played a good FPS campaign so I am jonesing for something else at the moment that I will try almost anything.

A:Arma II... anybody playing the Campaign?

if you like running around around for hours on end with NOTHING to do but try and remember which key your supposed to press to do what and like a game that takes "realism" FAR too far then its the game for you

personally id like to take my copy over to the developers house and shove it where the sun dont shine , it was buggy in the demo , the original release was buggy and now after a flurry of pointless patches its still buggy.

the gameply videos they released before the games launch are the best thing about the game

and YES IM VERY BITTER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here are my specs...

Intel Core i7-3610QM @ 2.30GHz (3.30GHz Turbo Boost 2.0), 6MB L3 Cache
AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series 1GB DDR3
8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
750GB Western Digital (SATA-II 3.0Gb/s), 7200 RPM, 16MB Cache
Realtek High Definition Audio
MS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1


A:How well can I play ARMA 3 on this laptop?

Should be able to play it quite well, here: Arma III system requirements | Can I Run Arma III That being said, you would perform way better with a desktop with the same specs. Well, the non-laptop versions of these parts

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So here's my problem ,long time ago I played arma 2 combined operations and unistalled it manually,
recently I installed arma again but operation arrowhead,so when i tried to patch to 1.6 the setup said the instalation was corrupted so I tried reinstalling arrowhead hoping this will fix the problem but this error happens : failed to load dll gameuxinstallhelper so I deleted files manually ,but still windows detects the game as it is installed so I tried uninstalling again same error appears.
So I tried revo unistaller windows install utility cleaner didn't help ,after that I went to registry and cleaned everything with arma 2(there was only 1 file there)
Tried restarting my computer and unistalling the game again :failed to load dll gameuxinstallhelper
When i tried to open regedit.exe to see if everything is ok I'm getting an error 0xc0000142 and can't enter it , tried registry cleaner.. didn't help.

I'm in deep guys help please :S

sys specs:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6500 @ 2.93GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 80003 MB, Free - 5664 MB; D: Total - 72621 MB, Free - 25171 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., P43-ES3G
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free

A:Arma 2 + regedit.exe problem

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Hey Guys, run into an issue as of late where my computer is chucking the skits when I run Arma 3.

its pretty temperamental and sometimes able to play for 2 hours straight with no issue or sometimes i start the game and it BSODS on loading screen.

So far I have only seen Bccode 116 and I have uninstalled and reinstalled my Graphics Drivers (tried clean installing)

so if anyone could help point me in the direction of rectifying this then that would be amazing!

Thanks in advance!


A:BSOD Starting Arma 3, BCC 116

hello, Damonjay I'll see if I can help. As I am sure you know, your issue is your graphics drivers/card. All of the dump files I looked at are the same.


Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa80070e6010, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff88004eaa81c, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: ffffffffc000009a, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000004, Optional internal context dependent data.
A TDR failure (Timeout Detection and recovery) basically means your graphics drivers crashed but did not recover in time. Windows assumes a hardware failure and shuts down to protect itself. They can be caused by several things, but it is usually the Graphics drivers or the card. This is your current driver

start end module name
fffff880`04681000 fffff880`0513c000 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Mon May 11 20:59:00 2015 (55515E64)
CheckSum: 00A86612
ImageSize: 00ABB000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e
I would suggest you follow the below tutorial and reinstall the graphics drivers. I would try a previous driver that yo... Read more

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What are you going to use the PC for?: Gaming ( Games such as ArmA II, Day Z and BF3 )
How much is your budget?: $1000-1050
Where are you located? (a.k.a. fill out your profile): I live in Australia which might make this a bit more difficult.
Are you willing to buy online?: Buying online is what I was wanting to do.
Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build?: No.
Do you need other peripherals like a monitor, keyboard and mouse, among others?: No, I already have decent parts along them lines.
Have you already bought any parts?: Not yet, I'm wanting your feedback and advice.
Do you have an Operating System (OS)?: Yes, I'll be running Windows 7.
Will you need any aftermarket cooling, such as a CPU\GPU cooler or a watercooling setup?: Im not planing to overclock at this moment.


A:New $1,000ish gaming rig for Arma II, BF3 etc.

Hey good to see somebody using the outline to give us the information.
I also live in Australia, and don't worry there's some good shops around here.
so it would help if you told me in which state you live:
I personally used MSY and had no issues with them.

not sure about the other states, sorry.

anyway, since you have a decent budget I'm sure we can find something right for you. I'll just throw together a quick list for you then.

Case option 1: Corsair Carbide 400r - $118
(this is more on the classy/sleek design side. I have one of these myself and can say it's a great case)
Case option 2: Coolermaster CM-690 II windowed edition - $119
(this is more on the showy/LED's/windowed design side)
CPU: intel i5 3570 - $219
(since you aren't planning to overclock)
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO - $36
(It's always good to have an aftermarket cooler. Quieter, better temps, aesthetics, and prolonged CPU life)
Graphics card: Gigabyte GTX 560Ti OC'ed edition- $249
(this thing is damn powerful, should handle all modern games with ease.)
SSD: Samsung 830 64GB - $79
(OPTIONAL- but would be a nice addition to your build, will make loading things much faster)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB - $69
(for storage. not sure how much space you need so went with cheaper option for now)
Memory: Corsair CMX 8GB (2x4GB 1600MHz) - $59
(more than enough RAM for gaming/general use)
Mothe... Read more

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I'm encountering a BSOD with a certain game mod. One time it might work for 3-45 min, next it will insta crash before I even load the game itself. No other program or game causes this. I've attached the most recent minidump I got last night. Any help would be appreciated. If I need to add more, or attach more files, please let me know. I'm going nuts trying to see what the problem is.
Microsoft ® Windows Debugger Version 6.2.9200.20512 AMD64
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini061713-02.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is: 
Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista Kernel Version 6002 (Service Pack 2) MP (2 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 6002.18805.amd64fre.vistasp2_gdr.130308-1436
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03015000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`031d9dd0
Debug session time: Mon Jun 17 20:24:30.152 2013 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:27:53.079
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
******************************************... Read more

A:BSOD with DayZ Arma 2 Mod

Since you are not getting any blue screens when playing any other games, your system will be probably okay. Mods are done by third parties and it is highly likely there may be serious bugs in the mod. I checked the official site and this mod is even not in beta stage. It is still a alpha release so i don't wonder in the crashes.You may contact the developer of the mod for possible resolution.

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I know nothing about this game. Just bought it due to boredom

Mouse works in game to look, shoot etc, but in the HUD/Setup options it doesn't, cant use it to change settings, or click on anything, its just dead. I can see the pointer, move the pointer, but that's it.

Cant see a fix online but as I am new to Arma I may be looking in the wrong place. Any advice would be great. Computer Specs avail in profile.

A:Arma 3 on 8.1 mouse not working

Issue is as follows

I have a 4 monitor setup. For some reason, playing Arma 3 on the Primary monitor disables the mouse in Options/Huds
Moving the game to a secondary monitor fixes this issue.


Game is crap. You would seriously need to be a typist and a memory expert to be able to play this, as much as it doesn't baby the player with "We'll give you a fighting chance" and is as real to war as one could expect from never ever being close to a real war, the commands are in the hundreds and they are spread out across the keyboard. A gaming pad/console wouldn't help, changing the layout is a mistake, you still have to remember 100+ keys to play.

In Australia, we pay through the nose for everything, I just wasted $60.

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While playing ARMA2 my PC crashes out to the BSOD attached are all the files from the diag tool.

The system is a new build and i've had a few good days of use now it's giving me hell

any help would be greatly welcomed


[EDIT]: changed filename to correct convention

A:BSOD while playing ARMA 2

Most likely cause is hardware, but without knowing specifically what the cause, the process is lengthy. Before trying to diagnose the specific computer problem, lets rule out drivers another potential cause
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

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I have had 2 months of attempting to fix ARMA 2 so it will work with my system, Win7 x64, nvidia 260, xonar 1.3, pentium D 3ghz, 8 gigs ram,
It was working fine previously on win xp pro 64,
I have so far,
gotten a diagnostic from a computer store (said it was bad hard drive...)
Reinstalled Windows.... twice
Changed hard drives
ran memtest for 48 hours with no errors
ran sfc /scannow no problems
tried every single nvidia driver with varied results none of them good
tried every tweak in biforums that nvidia people use.
have reinstalled every patch in ARMA 2 and the game itself 10-15 times
used CCleaner registry repair
and finally become .... very.... frustrated. after a month of this.

bsods i usually see were oxooooo5c this last time was a 01e i have seen 01f and 07f, during my process here
I hope i have attached enough info I really don't know what else to do. I am going to youtube videos to learn diagnostics.
Please let me know what other info to gather and how I read the what to post forum and just did a search for all mdmp files created today.

A:Arma 2 related crashes and BSOD's

Okay here is the standard dump stuff per the sticky

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Since 2 days I am continuously getting BSOD while playing Arma 2 every 10 - 20 minutes of gameplay. It started with latest Windows 10 update i think.

I uninstalled the only 3 windows update components from Programs and Features but still BSOD wasn't resolved.
Then i downgraded my Nvidia drivers (GTX 690) to those released in July last year (353.62). But still BSOD wasn't resolved. = First dump is before i did anything...(meaning, with latest windows updates + latest nvidia drivers) = Second dump is after removing all windows updates + downgrading nvidia

Can you please help ?

A:BSOD (dxgmms2.sys) SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION every 10-20 min of Arma 2

Please try different slots for your GPU's to see if that improves anything.

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Bohemia Interactive confirmed the 25th of June as the official release date forthe Arma 3 Beta. Building upon the well-received Arma 3 Alpha, the Arma 3 Betafeatures a varied selection of brand new content ? including 10 vehicles, 7weapons, 4 showcase missions (Combined Arms, Supports, Commanding & Night),2 multiplayer scenarios and 4 challenges.

System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
VGA: NVidia 8800GT, ATi Radeon HD 3830 or Intel HD 4000 (512 MB)
DX: 10.0
HDD: 10 GB
Sound: DirectX compatible

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8
CPU: Intel or AMD Quad-Core 3.0 GHz
VGA: NVidia GTX560, ATi Radeon HD 7750 (1024 MB)
DX: 11.0
HDD: 20 GB
Sound: DirectX compatible

ARMA 3 BETA AVAILABLE ON JUNE 25th | Developer's Blog | Arma 3 | Official Website

A:ARMA 3 Beta Available - Great Game

The System Requirements are unfortunately not very accurate.

The Game is very demanding on the CPU, but doesn't utilized the cores properly and a high Single-Core-Speed (via OC) is more important than the amount of cores. SLI get's not proper utilized as well.

I struggle even with my rig, but I should be able to play the final maybe with high / very high settings in Single-Player and acceptable fps, but Multi-Player combined with a large amount of AI is even more hardware hungry.

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I bought and own the game ArmA 2 and when I play it for around 15 minutes my computer will crash. After the crash I just turn the computer back on like normal.... Can anyone help?

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 120, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 554687 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., M68MT-D3
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Computer Crashes while playing ArmA 2

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Please help! I have been getting this blue screen ever since I built computer. Always happens right when I am launching programs like games or stream.

CPU: i7 2600k
8gb gskil 1866 ram
windows 7 pro x64
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1a
BCP1: 0000000000041790
BCP2: FFFFFA800192F240
BCP3: 000000000000FFFF
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

OS Windows 7 Professional x64
CPU i7 2600k
Motherboard Asus P8Z68V-PRO
Memory 8gb gskill 1866
Graphics Card EVGA 570 GTX
Screen Resolution 1920x1080

Keyboard Steelseries 6gv2
Mouse Logitech G400
PSU Silverstone 800W
Case Rosewill Challenger
Cooling Corsair H60 High Performance Liquid Cooler
Hard Drives Crucial M4 128GB SSD OCZ 60GB SSD Western Digital 500GB HDD

A:BSOD when trying to stream or play arma 2

Accidental double post sorry, but thank you very much to anybody who can take the time to help me!

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I bought and own the game ArmA 2 and when I play it for around 15 minutes my computer will crash. After the crash I just turn the computer back on like normal.... Can anyone help?

I'm running Windows XP SP3

A:Computer Crashes while playing ArmA 2

Bump?? Someone please help me out.

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Hello, I have been getting random BSoD and memory crashes.

The BSoD happens pretty much random. I might be just talking on TeamSpeak, browsing the net on Firefox, or ingame on Arma 2 and bam BSoD.

The memory crashes mainly happen ingame on Arma 2.

I though maybe I had a software glitch, but I reinstalled the OS and Arma last night. I still got the BSoD pretty quickly and I was only on Teamspeak while I was installing the Epoch mod for Arma. That was last night around (7.15.15) 08:55PM. I have not received any BSoD so far today, however I did crash out due to memory around 01:05PM today. I think this is due to memory because the error that pop's up on screen says something about memory.

Here is what I found in event viewer for the crash at 01:05PM today.

A corrected hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Corrected Machine Check
Error Type: Internal parity error
Processor ID: 2
I was having the memory problem about 3 months ago. So I got two 8 GB corsair vengeance DDR3 sticks. Both installed totaling 16GB of ram.

Motherboard: Asus P8 Z77-V LE plus
CPU: Intel i5 3570K (overclocked to 4.2GHz) The CPU is water cooled
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti
RAM: Stated above
Hard Drive: I was running a WD black as C drive. Last night I reinstalled win7 on my samsung 840 PRO SSD. I do have some other drives that are backups.

Any help with this would be great, thanks


A:BSoD (anytime) and memory crashes (mostly in Arma 2)

I just got another BSoD. I had acronis disk director 12 open, as well as firefox with a you tube video open. I went outside to smoke and came as the computer was rebooting. Here is what I pulled from event viewer.
Fault bucket , type 0
Event Name: BlueScreen
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol:
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: 071515-6318-01
Report Status: 4

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I've had problems with this for a while now. I will randomly BSOD during Arma 3 and other games. Temps are known to be good, CPU runs at about 40C under load, GPU runs at about 55-60C during heavy gameplay on ultra graphics settings. Most definitely not a cooling issue. I'm pretty sure it is driver/software related. I suspect the network card is the culprit, but I've been wrong a few times on this already.

System Specs:
windows version: Windows 8.1 , 6.2, build: 9200
windows dir: C:\Windows
Hardware: G1.Sniper Z97, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz Intel586, level: 6
8 logical processors, active mask: 255
RAM: 17103687680 total

Crash dump files as instructed from the sticky in the forums:

Thanks for the help!

A:BSOD while playing ArmA 3, ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x153FA0)

Still having issues, please help!

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when ever i play arma 3 it crashes and brings up a driver error message i fixed this problem before. My friend updated the driver to the latest version but i had to do a computer reset a little bit ago and im not good with computers and dont know which one to get. My graphics card is a intel HD graphics and i have windows 8

A:Arma 3 crashing brings up a driver issue

You didn't really give enough system specs but here is 3rd generation drivers, the top two depending on whether you are 32 or 64 bit. If you are 4th generation then you need HD 4600 drivers.

What CPU do you have?

And welcome to the forum!

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so i seem to get these blue screens when playing day z and a couple of other games, i did the DM log collector and the file is below.

i have tried deleting the file and running windows repair, the file according to BlueScreenView is ntoskrnl.exe

i am lost at this point....

A:BSOD when playing: Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead = Day Z Mod

Can anyone help me? or advise me on how to fix this issue

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Some quite commited PC gamers will have played/heard/encountered the game Arma 2 and its standalone expansions Operation Arrowhead and Reinforcements (all of which I recently purchased).

However despite attempts at optimisation in OA and Reinforcements the game/s requirements are still HUGE, arguebly due to it being a PC only game. Me and a group of friends who ocasionally meet to play lan on this game have been debating for quite a while what the issue is. I personally think the game is simply poorly optimized as the Graphics are mediocre at best:

It also runs poorly on my System by comparison to games such as World In Conflict and Crysis 2 both of which I can run fine maxed out...However keep in mind that it is really the only game with a fully-fledged battle situation over realistic distances, damage and projectile calculation.

As I said, personally I think Bohemia Interactive could have tried a bit harder/spent more time to make the game perform a lot better as from what I have heard IGN and Gamespot couldn't find a rig that would run it at acceptable levels maxed out (I have been wrong before)..

Anyone played/know this game who can comment/discuss on this issue?



A:Arma 2, Good Game or Badly Optimised?

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Hi sevenforums

At my wits end. After running and passing every single test I can find I'm at a loss as to why my new rig bombs a few mins into playing Arma 2 / DayZ standalone.

. I ran Memtest 86+ and completed 4 passes
. Finished the Burn-in test on Furmark
. Finished Prime95... err
. Ran Chkdsk /R on Sata and SSD

After reading a similar post the only thing I can think of is my Belkin Wireless N has slightly ropey drivers but I have the right version installed according to the website.

have filled in my systems specs but didnt have an option for psu so here it is.
Corsair 2013 Edition Gamer Series GS 800W '80 Plus Bronze' Power Supply

I hope you can help


A:BSOD playing DayZ (arma 2 + standalone) only

Hi kooper35.

A stop 0x124 is usually a hardware failure, and in your case it is accompanied with display failure.

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa8007975028, bf800000, 124}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
Probably caused by : GenuineIntel

Followup: MachineOwner
Are you overclocking? As you are getting BSODs, you should stop overclocking and run all the hardware components like CPU, GPU and RAM to their default settings.

Check if the Power Supply Unit (PSU) supplying adequate power to the computer or not.
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
Also let us know the wattage of the PSU.

Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

Stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
Let us see a screenshot of the furmark screen, before you close it.

Test your RAM modules for possible errors.
How to Test and Diagnose RAM Issues with Memtest86+
Run memtest for at least 8 passes, preferably overnight.
If it start showing errors/red lines, stop testing. A single error is enough to determine that something is going bad there.

Stress test the CPU.
Hardware - Stress Test With Prime95

About the display driver .... unfor... Read more

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Hey, Steam is selling Arma 3 for $60 and was wondering if anyone else knew of a place to download it for a cheaper price?

A:Arma 3 download lower price then Steam? Its $35 on there.

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BSOD gaming hal error Arma 2 and & Black ops 2 ntoskrnl.exe. Have tested memory with Windows memory diagnostics passed. Stressed gpu with furmark temp seemed ok under load did not crash. see attached sf diagnostics details. perplexed ??

A:BSOD gaming hal error and ntoskrnl.exe Arma 2 & Black ops 2

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa8007aa28f8, 0, 0}

Probably caused by : AuthenticAMD
Follow these steps: Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try

Stop 0x124 never provides much good information and doesn't point any specific hardware; "AuthenticAMD" is a generic probably caused line with 0x124 BSODs, that's why it's always best to test all the hardware and follow the steps within the 0x124 link.

Here are some programs which will come in useful when following the steps -

Hard Drive:
Disk Check
CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World
SeaTools for Windows | Seagate
Memory:RAM - Test with Memtest86+
Run Memtest86+ for least 7-8 passes, and preferrly overnight as it can take a while to fully complete.

Test each RAM stick individually, if an error is found then move the same RAM stick into the next DIMM slot and test again, if errors are found for the same RAM stick in every available slot then you have a faulty RAM module. On the other hand, if no errors are found in the next slot or the other slots for the same RAM module, then you have a faulty DIMM slot.

Test each RAM stick and every motherboard DIMM slot available.

Graphics Card:Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark
NVIDIA/AMD Video Card - Test with OCCT
CPU:Hardware - Stress Test With Prime95

Read all the steps within the hardware test tutorials very carefully, as stress tests is designed run components to their maximum capacity, in order to point out failing or faulty hardware components.

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Just installed Arma 2 and its my first time ever playing on the computer. Well after starting up Arma 2 to play, just 1 sec in the game the Respond time is soooooo late and very laggy. Please, i really want to play this game properly!!!

p.s i am a noob and computer gaming.

A:Arma 2 Control Respond time is very late and laggy

Go to Can U Run It and see how it evaluates your computer for that game.

Let me know the results.

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win32k.sys page_fault_in_nonpaged_area


Hey guys!

New to seven forums so i apologies if i am doing this incorrect, I recently re-installed windows on my computer and did a full fresh install due to my hard-drive getting too full! Since then i have re-installed my gaming collection mostly through steam, and since then i have been receiving multiple BSOD's a day but usually only when im playing graphically demanding games.

Im no pro at this but my first thought was the RAM so i ran windows memory diagnostics and it came back clean, I have my minidump files and have attached them, if there is any other information i am leaving out please get back to me and i will give you all that i can, Really appreciate it if one of you gods among men could have a look at this and help me resolve this issue!


A:Multiple BSOD's while gaming (Arma 3) error 0x00000050

Hi -

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Memory diagnostics and Memtests are not reliable. The problem may be very well with memory but the tools would not catch it. You would have to try a new RAM kit (or borrow) in order to rule out faulty RAM.

Please follow what's asked in this quote:

Quote: Originally Posted by Dave76

Can you download CPUZ and post a snip of the CPU, Mainboard, Memory, and SPD tabs.
For posting the information , enter 'Snipping tool' in the Start button > Search box, hit enter. Select the area you want to post and save to a convenient place.
How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums
Go to your BIOS and tell us what the CPU, RAM and the CPU integrated memory controller voltages (QPI/DRAM core voltage) are set at.

Take memtest. Run for 8 passes and test each stick in a know good slot for an additional 6 passes.RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Pay close attention to part 3 of the tutorial in order to rule out the faulty stick.

Errors are sometimes found after 8 passes.

Do this test overnight, before going to bed.

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I've been having very random BSOD's while gaming. I can't seem to find a pattern for it. Sometimes it can happen several times within and hour or not for 12 hours. It only occurs during gaming. Normal operation, web browsing ect.. is not affected.


Windows 7 Professional 64bit
i7 3770k
Asus P8z77-v
(4) 4G DDR3 1600 mhz
Sapphire 7970 OC 3Gb (running an eyefinity display group)
240G Sandisk SSD (OS Drive)
1 TB Seagate
Antec 620 cooler
1100w Majesty PSU

I have already ran mem tests (6 passes) with no errors. I also did a system verifier that also came back with no errors. I just reformatted as well thinking that it would solve it (hence only 2 dump files at this time), no luck. I also did a video card stress test with FurMark at max settings for an hour in an attempt to replicate the BSOD. No luck with that either (though that card took the stress like a boss ).

Sledgehammer is already on standby at this point.

A:BSOD playing CS:GO/APB/ARMA II, error 0x0000003b & 0x000000a

Hello fxblaze and welcome to Sevenforums.

As it's only happening during gaming, what's the temperatures just before a crash? You can download Speccy and monitor those numbers.
Different culprits pointed towards your ATI Graphics Driver. Driver Sweeper will ensure that you'd have a clean install at the end of the procedure, and by that no leftover files that'd bork the system.

* Make your way to ATI Drivers - Downloads and download the latest driver for your card, save it to your desktop for instance
* Uninstall the Graphic driver you currently have and all its extensions (do not reboot yet)
* Download Driver Sweeper
* Get to safe mode (without network) and search for Driver Sweeper in your START
* Select all the ATI components and analyse them
* Clean them, head into Windows without internet and install the driver you've downloaded previouslyBest Regards,

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So two weeks ago I was experiencing BSOD's while playing ARMA 2 OR if I click one of the buttons on my mouse. I got it fixed but not it returned

It wont let me upload the file onto the thread so here's a link to it

Download 2013.rar @ UppIT

A:Fixed BSOD crashes while playing ARMA 2 now they are back!

What is this entry?:

Start Menu\Programs\Cheat Engine 6.2\Kernel stuff Public:Start Menu\Programs\Cheat Engine 6.2\Kernel stuff Public

If you've been messing around inside the kernel, then we won't be able to help you.

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

PEGAGFN.sys Wed Aug 5 01:50:46 2009 (4A791DB6)
Pegatron/Toshiba HotKey or Password Utility

ScreamingBAudio64.sys Thu Jul 1 14:54:32 2010 (4C2CE468)
Screaming Bee Audio Driver

SmartDefragDriver.sys Fri Nov 26 04:29:40 2010 (4CEF7E04)
Smart Defrag

If all of this doesn't stop the BSOD's, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Thu Aug 8 03:20:48.140 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\080813-17750-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9200.16628.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130531-1504
System Uptim... Read more

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Hey all!

I've had this computer for a year and never had any problems with BSOD until I started streaming about a month ago. I ran into a few BSOD while streaming ARMA 3 over a week or two, but not enough to really bring up any concern for me. This weekend however I was streaming the new Division Beta and I'm getting BSOD every hour almost. One time I think I was good for 2-3 hours but it usually doesn't last that long. The most recent BSOD didn't include a dump for some reason and after the previous one today I started messing with system settings like making sure stuff wasn't overclocked, dusty, and put my CPU power settings on balanced still no dice. The only dump I have is before I messed with settings so I'll include that.

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Hi, so earlier today i launched arma 2 and then all of a sudden my computer went to a blue screen with a big sad face saying an error occurred and we are collecting error data or something along those lines. I have had my computer for over 5 months with no problems it is a dell inspiron 17R. and now every time i turn my computer on this comes up:

Your PC needs to be repaired
The boot configuration Data file is missing some required information.

File: /BCD
Error code: 0xc0000034

Youll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. if you dont have any installation media(like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.
I have done everything i can think of to try and fix this. I put in the recovery media disc and that didnt work. I followed the directions on several other threads similar to this one and i still come to this blue screen every time i turn the computer on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Playing Arma 2, File /BCD Error code:0xc0000034

Error code: 0xc0000034 is "Object name not found" - in other words, it's pointing to something (such as a file) that isn't where it's supposed to be. This can be due to a software error or a hardware error.

If you're unable to get into Windows, start with these bootable diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics

If you're able to get into Windows, we'll need this info: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions Please use Option 1 as it provides Event Viewer logs.

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For a while now, I've been dealing with random black screen crashes during games such as ARMA II, Space Marine, Quantum Conundrum, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Half Life 2.

When the computer crashes, it (More often than not) cuts to a vertically lined screen of one single color, usually black.

Any necessary specs can be found here (Assuming the link works) - CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2039 Desktop PC Athlon II X4 630&#40;2.8GHz&#41; 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Capacity ATI Radeon HD 5670 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Thank you for your help

A:BSOD playing multiple games (ARMA II, Space Marine, etc.)

Hello totheski,

Looks like you do not have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed. Please install all recommended updates using Windows Update. Service pack 1 should be in that list.

Also looks like you have Norton Anti-virus. Please use MSE until we finish troubleshooting: Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

Also looks like you have Norton. Please uninstall all Norton programs until we finish troubleshooting.

From reading the dmp files it is possible you are having a hardware problem, so follow the following steps so we can try and fix it:

BugCheck 0x124
You have a 0x124 hardware bugcheck. If the system is still under warranty, I would recommend sending it in to have diagnostic tests done and any bad hardware replaced.

Before you proceed with the following, answer these two questions: Are you still under warranty? Does your warranty allow you to open up the machine to check hardware? If you are unsure of the answers to these questions, contact your system manufacturer. WARNING: The steps that follow can void your warranty!!!

For your hardware stop 0x124 crash, read through Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try and use the following hardware checks to supplement that link.
If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

If you have an SSD, make sure the following are up to date:SSD firmware
BIOS Version
Chipset Drivers
Hard disk controller drivers/SATA drivers
If you have a Marvell ... Read more

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These BSOD's have been going on for a considerable amount of time now and I am getting extremely aggravated with them. The error was DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL stop:0x000000d1 or 0x00000124.
I am sorry I cannot post a Mini Dump file as I am not an admin on my computer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD while playing intense games such as ARMA, error 0x000000d1

It's not that helpful if you're not an admin, in fact to do most things you need to be an admin.

If it's only ever happening in graphical intensive games then I can suggest running hardware tests but you'll probably need to be an admin.

Stress test with Prime95, run for around 2 hours.
Follow these instructions.

Hardware - Stress Test With Prime95

Stress test your GPU with Furmark, run it for around 30 minutes.
Follow these instructions.

Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark


As with most stress testing applications, these are not fail safe so you should have a temperature monitoring software for Prime95.
Furmark has one built in.
HWmonitor is a good piece of software.
You can download it here:
HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

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EDIT: Troubleshooted and localized issue - new thread made.

A:Solved: Loading ARMA 3 servers kicks me off Destiny network

I could be totally wrong but it looks like the error code is being used to call you a weasel because something you are doing it being identified as breaking some rule. Your isp has nothing to do with this.

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Hello everyone,

Lately, I've been having Blue Screen of Death quite often when I play demanding games. It occurs most frequently when playing Battlefield 3 (~30 min - 1 h of gameplay) and I have no idea what the problem is or how to check. It doesn't overheat or make any noises that could indicate a problem, so I'm really confused. It started one time when I was playing Team Fortress 2 and it reappears every now and then. Any help is appreciated! Note that I've got basically zero knowledge on PC hardware so if you could simply explain the steps for a beginner, that would be great :).

CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 2.67 GHz (8 CPUs)

GPU: Radeon HD 6770 735 MB


OS: Win7 64-bit

If i need to list anythign else, please let me know. Thanks in advance :)!

A:BSOD while playing Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, Arma and other games

Follow the instructions here>
Lets see if the BSOD dump file(s) can tell us whats going on.

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hello all once again

my issue is i have downloaded the lite version of the new DLC for Arma 2 ACR as in the title, it downloads fine and extracts fine but once it finish's extracting it shows this error

i have tried many forums and used Google numerous times and i cant not find any solid fixes on this issue, one fix is too uninstall the whole game and re install it, but i have too much custom content to be doing that, if anyone comes up with a fix or finds a way to make it work i will be very grateful, cheers

A:Arma 2: Army Of The Czech Republic MISSING STRING! Error

just configing my skype now, havent used it in years

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Hello, well unfortunately I've been dealing with this dreaded display driver error and I'm running out of options on what to do and how to fix it. When I start A3, it boots up just fine, then when I try to start a campaign/showcase mission or Multiplayer server, the screen starts getting horizontal lines jumping on the screen/blurred blocks sometimes as well, and then my computer either freezes up or automatically restarts, sometimes I can close ARMA n goto desktop but that gets whacked out as well doing the same thing basically on my homescreen. It then proceeds to do the same thing to me when I'm just on the desktop trying to open Google Chrome or any other task for that matter, still getting the "Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and Has Recovered" in the bottom right corner of Windows.

I've literally tried everything regarding troubleshooting this matter and to no success: Updating Drivers/Windows, Tweaking Catalyst CC settings, Disabling Hibernation, Even Refreshing the PC (Windows 8.1), Booting in Safe Mode (MSConfig), scanned for Viruses, complete Reinstall of ARMA 3, ... This has been driving me crazy the last few days and cannot figure out for the life of me why it is doing this now?? ARMA 3 was running great the first 4 or 5 months I've had it and has never had issues like this, it seems it all started after trying to join a server Online and then it crashed and froze and has been doing this Display Driver Error stuff ever since (I did recently downlo... Read more

A:ARMA 3 Crashing/Display Driver Error/Windows 8.1 AMDRadeon

Can anyone help me here or am I just blowing hot air?? Please help because I know my PC is not trashed already, probably some stupid update on the drivers or something...

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I've been getting BSODs randomly while playing Arma 2 with the Dayz mod. At first I thought it must be something with the game but I've also gotten BSODs playing Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad but I've also played other games like Portal 2 without problems. Thinking it might be driver related I did a fresh install of windows but to no avail.

Half the time the game will crash randomly anywhere from 10 minutes of play to 4 hours giving a 0x000005 exception code. The other half of the time my computer will hang and BSOD giving me a different bccode almost every time. The most recent is 10007e and the only other one I remember is d1 which is one of the few that I've gotten multiple times.

The Windows Desktop Manager has also crashed twice but I'm not sure it that is related.

My computer:

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (fresh install)

It was custom built a year ago and was problem free until about a month ago when the BSODs start. They stopped for a while but started again about a week or two ago.

A:Multiple BSOD errors playing Arma 2 Latest: 10007e

SP1 isn't installed, please do the following:

Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1
1. Visit the PC manufacturer's website and update ALL drivers. DO NOT use Windows Update or the "Update drivers" function of Device Manager.
2. Check Device Manager for any unknown/disabled devices - if there are unknown/disabled devices, fix them with the latest drivers from the device manufacturer's website (not the PC Manufacturer)
3. Visit Windows Update and get all updates (may take repeated visits)
4. Visit Windows Update and get Service Pack 1 (usually under Important Updates). Read these notes for installing SP1: Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 from the Microsoft Download Center
5. Visit Windows Update and get any other available updates. May take repeated visits, but keep it up until you get several "Windows is updated" results.
If you're having difficulties with installing a Service Pack, please use the SURTool from this link: What is the System Update Readiness Tool&#63;
Also, check out this troubleshooting link from Microsoft: Troubleshoot problems installing Service Pack 1 &#40;SP1&#41; for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

I have had limited success in installing updates/Service Packs when using a "clean boot". I suspect that I'm just bypassing the problem - and that it can come back to bite me in the butt later on.

Daemon Tools (and Alcohol ... Read more

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Hi, I have xp, and Mcafee, all updated, I use adware and spybot tooThis VBS/Demo-GFI is showing up in my Mcafee, I don't think it's a bad thing; but I don't know how to get rid of it. Mcafee says (in the program) it can't get rid of it) and their on line help was useless!would anybody know how to get rid of this? thanks so much!! Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal


Run The Windows OneCare Free Scan (on-line scan)To run the Windows One Care Free ScanGo to Windows Live Onecare Free Scan site using Internet Explorer. It will say "Get a free PC safety scan" sure you click "Full Service Scan" in the middle of the page and not the "Try It Now Free" offer on the right side.Allow the download of an Active X component.Choose "Complete Scan" in the window that opensClick "Next"Do not click on anything else that offers you a free trial or to sign up if you live in the US.Allow it to scan - it may take quite a while, possibly two hours or so depending on the size of your hard drive is and how fragmented your registry and drive may be.After completing the Windows OneCare Free Scan run both Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy from safe mode, updating each program?s malware definitions before you reboot into safe mode to scan and allowing both to fix what they find.If you do not already have these freeware aps installed on your computer, you can get them at the following sites:*AdAware SE:*Spybot S&D: that that I suggest you post a ?HijackThis? log in the ?Hijack This? Logs and Analysis Forum for expert assistance with your malware infection.Read the pinned post in our ?HijackThis Logs and Analysis? forum, here Read more

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I ended up with this virus on my pc. I ran microsoft security essentials and malware bytes and got rid of the virus, sort of. Now when I open internet explorer I get internet exploer cannot display the webpage. I have also ran Ad-Aware, IEfix and IE8-rereg. I have to search for alot of files for IEfix and it still can not complete. I have also deleted and reinstalled internet explorer. The computer loads slowly and opens pages slowly also. I have run hijack this and here is the report. Thanks for any help.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:34:45 PM, on 12/1/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 SP3 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Essentials\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\AAWService.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\McSACore.ex... Read more

A:swp 09 demo


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This is considered an unwanted file but it says it cannot be removed! If it is considered a threat,Why can't I remove it. Help--I am confused. I am using windows XP and McAfee security center which states that all of the file cannot be removed.


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I ended up with this virus on my pc. I ran microsoft security essentials and malware bytes and got rid of the virus, sort of. Now when I open internet explorer I get internet exploer cannot display the webpage. I have also ran Ad-Aware, IEfix and IE8-rereg. I have to search for alot of files for IEfix and it still can not complete. I have also deleted and reinstalled internet explorer. The computer loads slowly and opens pages slowly also. I have run hijack this and here is the report. Thanks for any help.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 9:34:45 PM, on 12/1/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 SP3 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exec:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Essentials\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.ex... Read more

A:SWP 09 Demo


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Hi guys,

I got a few problems with the demo F.E.A.R. The first is that I have to disable sound for it to work. The other thing is when I am able to play the game, In the very beggining after the car drops me off in that little alley way, I seems to be dropped off behind the car? and I have no way of getting around the car and I can't seem to find anyway into the building? Any info??


A:F.E.A.R Demo stuck??

F.E.A.R. ** spoiler alert **

First, playing this game without sound is removing a big part of what makes it so good. They did a tremendous job using sound (and silence) to set a mood that gets you so on edge while playing that its hard to stay in your skin. My phone ringing (real one not one in game) has made me almost pi** myself while playing it.

**spoiler time**
After you are dropped off in the ally, move forward and go right to find a boarded over doorway. To get through, you need to break the three small boards that are over it. The other boards won't break. (use your melee instead of wasting ammo on them) Go through the door, look around until you find the unlocked door that's near a flaming barrel. Move up to it and open it with the use key (unless you changed the defaults its F), then head inside to find yourself in a dim storage area. Get used to breaking things in the enviroment, F.E.A.R. uses the havoc engine and a lot of things you aren't used to are interactive and can be moved or broken. In fact you will frequently have to break ventilation grates, windows, boards and so on to find a way out of a level ... or even to flank a big group of badies before they break up and flank you.

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Hey all!

My friend just got the halo 2 demo at best buy....but when i went it wasnt there anymore (it was free), since it was free ...could any1 post it on here? or is that illegal?


A:Halo 2 Demo for PC

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This is the only place I can think of to put this, but I downloaded the demo (73) constantly at between 250 and 275kb/s. Now, this i believe it impossible considering i have a 512KB/s modem. The average I get to is 60-70.

I thought that there would be an error with the game, but it works perfectly.

I got it from just after i had downlaoded their file swarm.

Is it possible to harnis that speed and apply it to all downloads, or was it a flook? sortry for terrible spelling there..

A:Nhl Demo 2004

the probably just have the file on a server that doesnt get much use

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Hi, I downloaded the Area 51 Demo, and installed it, and everything went fine, except it won't run. I double click the icon on the desktop (and I tried directly from the game folder) and nothing happens, my PC thinks for about a second, then nothing, I don't even see anything new in the process list. I've uninstalled it, redownloaded it, reinstalled it, to the same problem. Any ideas? Everything else runs absolutely fine on my PC. Thanks guys.

A:Area 51 Demo Won't Run

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i was just wonderin if there's a way to expend a demo trail for a software?because i tried deleting it from the registry but it still wont work,there is noway in hell i'm going to pay $19.95 for a audio enhancement software for Winamp by the name DFX.

A:expending a demo..........

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hey guys just a quick one . .

Where is the option to put in the serial in on the demo . . it must be possible ?

A:wavelab 5.00a demo

bump . .

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Bioshock has received many great reviews - the trailers/TV ads looks quite good... and its using the new Unreal3 Engine....

So far, I am not impressed with a game that can't even start.

First, I have downloaded two different versions of an Offical Demo from reputable websites... Each version is 1.9GB in size! For such a well funded game and lots of TV marketing (Unreal has never been on TV) - the first DEMO creates a crappy game setup folder like this:

<drive>:\BioShock_PC_Demo_FF\raid10\temp\manager\nfdekpwgaj\BioShock PC Demo

WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE?! Unprofessional... Anyways, near the end of the install, the Windows Installer window POPS up, showing various optional instructions you could choose - for the Installer - means nothing.... only OKAY button is available anyways. The game says its installed. Click on the ICON and wow, an error pops up saying:

''This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstall the application may fix this problem''

I redownloaded a version from the offical site, the installer is not 5 sub-folders deep, but the game still refuses to run.... a lot of people are having this same problem.

So after 4GB of Downloads, 4 installs... this "cool" game is useless.

Next... This game has severe DRM... you are allowed ONLY 2 installs of the game. After that, your disc that you paid $50 is dead. Well, you can UNINSTALL the game and regain your "credit" - b... Read more

A:Bioshock - Bad demo and bad DRM

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i am trying to play BF2 on my pc but its is somewhat choppy. how can i make it smooth? i am running an AMD Duron 1.3 ghz pc with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. 512 ram. sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum.

A:Battlefield 2 Demo

i have not tried to play single player, but it is choppy online.

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Is it just me or is call of duty 4 the shortest ever demo ... seriously?

A small firefight, take out a few tanks, take out some resistance, blow up an AA gun and call for air support and it's over.

One and a half gig download for 15 mins ....if.

I played through it once...didn't really like it.....played it once more and thought maybe I was a bit hard on it and it was OK.... and then uninstalled it.

What is even worse for this game is that there was no multiplayer at all and when you compare this to other demoes that came out recently..ET:QW and world in conflict .. well I was disappointed.

I was looking forward to this game and now probably won't buy it ... roll on brothers in arms and UT3.

A:COD 4 the shortest demo ever?

ET QW is the great game i played

Give activision a feedback whether call of duty 4 demo will be on a multiplayer.

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hi,,, Can you download PSP demo games, If so how and where from, Do you need software. Thanks for your time >> doj <<

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Hi, I downloaded a Battle for Middle-Earth II demo. I liked it so much I bought the full game. The thing is, the file I downloaded to be able to install the demo version won't delete. It keeps saying its in use by another program. Can someone please help me?

A:BFM2 Demo help

This will tell you what program is using the file:

Then just end that program and delete the file.

Alternatively, you can boot into safe mode to delete it.

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I've downloaded the Crysis demo about 4 times from different places.

Each time it finishes downloading I go through the installation process. Once the installation process is done and it says it was successful, I go to play the game but there is no shortcut. In fact there's no files on my hard drive (other than the download file). I've tried rebooting, with no luck. I can view the Add/Remove Programs list, and it's in there, but the game is nowhere to be found.

Is this a problem with Vista? Or was I just really unlucky and dl'ed 4 corrupt files in a row?

Thanks for any help!

A:Crysis Demo

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Ok, I just downloaded Crysis SP demo and it split it self into two diff files. one that is zero bytes called Crysis_SP_Demo.exe , and one that is 1.77gigs called Crysis_SP_Demo.exe.part. My question is how do i link them together so i can play it?

A:Crysis SP demo help

ok so i got it running and this might sound like a contradictory question but...... How do i split into two equal parts so i can send it to my laptop. (i have an outdated cpu with a low grade video card)

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Just installed my new TV which is "HD Ready" and unfortunately HD channels are not due to be broadcast until after Xmas in the UK.
What I want is a HD demo DVD or a file download from somewhere to get some idea of how clear its going to be. I've seen these on TV's in stores but have been unable to get my hands on one. Any ideas?

A:High Def TV demo

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im having a problem with the juiced demo. when i go to the juiced config screen and click on ok, it gives me an error: "Unable to validate your selection. Please select a smaller resolution." plz help me

A:juiced demo

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hi i downloaded a demo of family feud party online i tryed to play it for an hour and could not get into a game. then my free trial was up . i tryed downloading it again but it wont let me play, is there any way of deleting all the data so that i can try again thx

A:downloaded demo

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I downloaded and installed BF2 Demo. Once I tried to play, the screen goes to full screen (black of course) then clicks back to the desktop. I have been told that my Nvidia 440 does not support Direct X 9 and something about pixel shading 2.0 ...or something along these lines. Could someone help me get this working, even at a lower graphics quality. I want to buy the game and will probably get a better video card later, but I want to see if I like it first. Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Battlefield 2 demo

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I downloaded both free demo's from; Blackhawk Down and Deltaforce:xtreme, however when joining the multiplayer online I get an error message -4. Does anyone know what the error code means or even if the online part is still available to play? I used to play the xtreme online a few years ago. Great game.

thx to anyone who can enlighten.

A:used to play this demo

Welcome to TSG.
Not familiar with them, but at a guess, I would say that it is limited in services by being demos.
Demos are just to try for a short period and have limited functions.

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Hi all..

I just downloaded the FEAR SP demo and it installed properly, but when I try to play it it crashes to the desktop before it even gets to the first screen. I disabled the "Sound" and it seems like that was the problem. I updated my drivers (SB Audigy Platinum) and also disabled Hardware acc in DX and still same problem? If I go into the config and disable sound I can play, but not with the sound on. So not sure what else to check..any info can appreciated!


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Here's one for you guys,

I downloaded the FEAR demo from the VUGames site the other day, updated all the drivers on my system (which meets minimum requirements), and still the game will not run. I went into the configuration utility and set the game on 640x480, just to see if it would run correctly on my system. Everytime I click on the icon I am directed to this website, and even that site will not load. I'm trying to run the demo because I plan on going to get FEAR by the end of the week. Any suggestions, something I may have overlooked?

Thanks, John

A:FEAR Demo Will Not Run

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Hi I just want to say that i'm surprised battlefield 2 worked on my pc cause "AMD Athlon" isn't even in the supported list i didn't touch any settings and loaded the sp part and walk about there was no shadows or decals but the frames were surprising i didn't see them but it must have been 60 or more.
I have just changed my Geforce 3 for this card.

A:Battlefield 2 Demo

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305 Series Laptop
2 GB of RAM
Intel Celeron
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

About 6-8 months ago, my laptop was Windows Vista, and I had installed Battlefield 2 demo and it worked perfectly fine. Now, My laptop is Windows 7, it is the exact same computer but different Operating System. And now, when I try to run Battlefield 2 demo, the screen just goes black, it doesn't crash to desktop or anything like that, it just stays black and I have to shut down the laptop and restart.

How do I fix this? I have tried re installing this twice from multiple locations.

Thanks, Help is appreciated.

A:Battlefield 2 Demo help - Please Help!

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I loved the original demo of the first one so much! Just wondering... Are ppl still playing it? Was thinking about downloading It again if I can find it.

A:Halo Demo?

Dang, just found it and downloaded... Servers are offline...

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Just downloading now

Crysis by Electronic Arts

Be warned its 1.77GB, so my take upto 15mins to download

A:Crysis Demo is out!!

Nice one. Downloading now...

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I understand that this post may be deleted because I am asking for a way around a password. I have had my posts delete on support websites already, but i thought it was worth another try.

I was wondering if there is anyway of bypassing passwords on windows vista? I just bought an ex-display PC, but for some reason, PC World hadnt reformatted so it was a clean start for me to use. So now im stuck with a PC that has a pc world demo account, that is passworded. I basically have no way to get onto the PC.

I tried pressing F8 on start up, and selecting the repair PC option, but I still need the password for the PC world account. I have contacted the support guys, but they are telling me to take it back to the store. I would like to find another way around it if I could before I have to take it back. (Its pretty hard for me to get there cos i cant drive)

Any help would be appreciated. The PC is a Dell XPS.

A:Ex-demo password

Hi there protocoldroid

Welcome to TSF

As with other forums that you have mentioned - it is also against the rules of this forum to help with any illegal activities.

I would advise that you take it back to PC World and let them deal with it as it is basically their error/problem.

Expect this post to be locked soon by a passing moderator.

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my uncle downloaded this program and now you cant run a scan or install software and it has lots of pop ups

A:swp 2009 demo

Click here to download HJTInstall.exe

Save HJTInstall.exe to your desktop.
Doubleclick on the HJTInstall.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis .
Click on Install.
It will create a HijackThis icon on the desktop.
Once installed, it will launch Hijackthis.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and the log should open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijackthis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

Download ATF Cleaner by Atribune.
Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.
Under Main choose: Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.

Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.

Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here.

Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan.
The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.
When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
Make sure that everything is chec... Read more

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Hello guys,

I downloaded Spilt Second demo the other week. It loads up and after the logos etc it crashes back to my desktop and with an error saying that windows has closed this program. My graphics card is a ATI X1200 which has the latest drivers.

A:Split Second demo help

Hello Love Vista,

Try the following:

Uninstall the game.

Before re-installing, do the following:

Press the Windows key + R

Type in the Run Command: msconfig

Click "OK"

Click the "Services" tab.

Check the box entitled "Hide All Microsoft Services"

Click "Disable all"

Click "Apply"

Click "OK"

Restart your computer, and re-install the game.

Enable all the services using the same process.

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Hello, my computer has been infected with malware. It started off with Google redirecting sites about a week ago. That has subsided, but when I woke up this morning, a program called SWP2009 demo was running, just like a rouge malware.
It pretends to find infected files that are not really there, and if I put the window box in the corner, I can use the computer. I tried running Malwarebytes, but a Windows Security alert pops up at the bottom of my screen saying "Application cannot be executed. The file mbam.exe is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?" Currently the message says the file wuauclt.exe is infected.
I cannot access the task manager long enough to do anything. When I press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, the window flashes for a second, and then disappears. The same security message appears saying taskmgr.exe is infected.
Little yellow shields with exclaimation points collect on the bottom of the screen, whenever i scroll over them, they disappear. The shields then begin to recollect.
I'm new here and I would appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks!

I downloaded hijack this, but my computer will not let me run the program long enough for it to log anything.

A:SWP2009 Demo

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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You need a 8800 and windows vista, enjoy.

I request that you post some screenshots of teh beauty though

A:DirectX 10 Demo

F1N3ST said:

You need a 8800 and windows vista, enjoy.Click to expand...

You know, I really hate these statements. You need a *DX10* card, doesn't have to be a 8800. Well, at least soon it won't need to be a 8800.

Also, "teh beauty"? One, you can use DX10 features in OpenGL through extensions. Two, how does DX10 make it more beautiful? For example, Crysis will run on DX10 AND DX9, and in whichever mode you run it you will have access to ALL the eyecandy.

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hi guys, its me krissie aka byrdbabe, i've had to get a new email addy as it seems someone has hacked into my old one an its no longer of use to me...

anyways, i have another user on my comp who seems to be in the bad habbit of picking up new malware and viruses on a daily basis, the latest one is Loverspy demo..

any help on ditchin this bug would be great..also if you could take a peek thru the hijackthis log an see what else may be sitting there, would be greatly appreciated..

thnx again, krissie

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 7:44:08 AM, on 3/20/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\WkUFind.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell AIO Printer A940\dlbabmgr.... Read more

A:Loverspy demo

You have an outdated version of HijackThis. Click here to get the latest version of HijackThis and run it.

Before you give us a new log here, if we gave you instructions for a fix, please do the fixes first and then post the new log with this updated version.

1. If it gives you an intro screen, just choose 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'.
2. If you don't get the intro screen, just hit Scan and then click on Save log.
3. Get HijackThis Analyzer and save it to the same folder as the hijackthis.log file. Run HijackThis Analyzer and type in y if you agree. The result.txt file will open up in Notepad. Copy the whole result.txt log and post it in the forum. We do not need the original hijackthis.log (unless we ask for it). Do not fix anything in HijackThis since they may be harmless.

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the exact order it is mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes. You should not have any open browsers when you are following the procedures below.

Go to My Computer->Tools/View->Folder Options->View tab and make sure that 'Show hidden files and folders' (or 'Show all files') is enabled. Also make sure that 'Display the contents of system folders' is checked. Windows XP's search feature is a little different. When you click on 'All files and folders' on the left pane, click on the 'More advanced options'... Read more

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Every time I try to play the Lost Planet Demo I am given an error message that my PC settings need to be changed. I have done this and am now at the lowest settings for graphics, but still receive the message. Any suggestions?

I have:

XP (Legal)
Pentium 4 HT 3.2 GHZ
1 Gb of RAM
240 Gbs Hard Drive
x1650 AGP
HD screen
High Speed Internet

System Requirements:
OS - Windows XP
CPU - Intel Pentium 4 supporting HT technology
RAM - 512 MB (Windows XP) / 1 GB (Windows Vista)
Hard Drive - 8.0 GB
Resolution - 640x480
DVD-ROM drive - DVD9 compatible
Video - VRAM 256 MB, DirectX 9.0c / Shader3.0, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or greater
Sound - DirectSound compatible. DirectX 9.0c
Peripherals - Mouse, Keyboard
Internet environment - Internet connection required for activation and online multiplayer play.

A:Lost Planet Demo

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Hello, everybody. My Vista version is Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 32 bit and today I downloaded a Black & White 2 Demo from the Lionhead Studios website and while I ran the set-up to the program I received the error:

An error (-5009 : 0x8002802b) has occurred while running the setup.

Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications. If the error still occurs, please contact your vendor: Lionhead Studios.

This happens each time I start the installation and I have no other applications running, and I have not setup any other computer games at this time. If I press OK it stops the installation and the same problem repeats each time I tr I installed another game a few days ago and no error like this occurred. I'm not sure what the problem is, since I'm not the best with computers, and I would like some help.

A:Problem Installing a Demo

Make sure everything is updated including Vista to SP2.

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Can anyone tell me why need for speed underground(demo) won't work when i click on it. The screen just turns black and go back to the desktop.

please help me!!!!!!!!!


A:need for speed underground (demo)

First make sure you meet the Minimum System Req.. If so then check out the tech support topics provided by EA:

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Well I downloaded this twice due to problems the first time round, thinking that it may have been a bad download, I tried again, but the problems are still there

Crackling sound, like static behind units, no marching sounds, infact if I was honest the sounds in all are pretty lame, when you compare to Medieval 2 the sounds in that for gunpowder units were simply terrific, but in Empire they seem somewhat poor, anyone else tried the demo and feels the same?

I hope that this is only down to it being a demo, some on official forums have said that Steam did cock up some of the files, how true this is I don't know, again it is all just guessing from people, until official word comes out, we won't know, but to say I am disappointed is an understatement, such a shame as I had really high hopes for this game, I'll still buy it but hope that these things can be addressed.

Also no blood effects, and for a war game its poor, again maybe a demo thing? if they have gone down that route then its not good at all

But my main concerns are that and the sounds, long load times don't particularly bother me, but I also had a crash trying to play the Brandywine battle, so things are a bit touch and go with this

Just hope it gets sorted that's all, or that it is as I have said down to it being a demo, only thing that makes me doubt this, is I think the demo for Medieval 2 was much better and no problems, I am worried, anyone else?

Jekyll and Hyde

A:Empire Total War Demo

Got the excact same problem myself. I actually made Dell come and repair my speakers because i thought they were the problem. Got the same problem with Medieval actually. Those static noices.
I'm gonna wait until i get the full version and check if i have the same problem. Got the problem with long loading screens as well. Guessing it's the demo that's not as good as it should be? Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

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hello having trouble getting rid of nero 7 demo on my brothers computer. It points to the file mfc71u.dll which i have found to be in another burning program named Sonic and from searching online its in Roxio software as well. I have run some clean tools off of nero's site but to no avail. running xphome sp2. Please let me know if any other info is needed. thanks

A:Cannot get rid of Nero 7 demo for the life of me

You'll probably have to get rid of Sonic. I'll take Nero over Sonic anytime.

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Can someone help, ive got a new computer and i downloaded bf2142s demo. Before when i tried to play it came up with some letter and numbers, i checked here and people said to download the lates version of direct x9.0c. I did that and it stoped showing that, instead it showed a black screen and said that bf 2142 stopped working, then said that a problem had caused it to stop working. But it doesnt say what problem, so please can you tell me.

My computer is a Gateway, Intel Core Duo Processor E4300, 1.8GHzShared 2mb L2 cache, 800Mhz FSB, Intel Graphicis Media Accelerator 950,PC-I Express slot available, Optial Drive, Double Layer Multi-format DVD+RW, Hardrive 250 GB, Dual Channel 2048 Mb DDR2, Intel 10 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN.

Thank You for any help you can provide

A:Bf2142 demo problems

Welcome, well consider about your video card, your video card is having problems because its onboard and its really bad for games. Did you try lowering the settings?

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windows demo download like the one if you go to best buy or sams club computers they have something called windows demo it on the main screen its like a windows tour kinda like windows xp tour thats already in windows xp though but i want it could you please help.

A:windows demo download

hi hope this is what your looking for

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Well, someone or something downloaded a copy of the powereraser demo onto our computer, and now whenever we try and get rid of it, it just keeps coming back. We use the Opera browser, and it seems to be attached to that. we tried deleting the folder that contained the demo, but it came back! The files were permanently deleted and they came back! So, can someone help us?

A:Program won't go away! (Powereraser demo)

Have you tried "Spybot - Search and destroy", yet?

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I saw a thread in here that had a site where you could download a program that would allow you to do practice runs of a windows xp installation without actually doing it... and now I cannot find it. Can anyone quick reference this program..


A:Solved: xp demo installation

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For some reason I've tried installing it on a few machines and it just error message; it just crashes. I'm still doing some troubleshooting but I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems with the demo. I downloaded it from here and I'm starting to wonder if it's just a bad file. The machines I'm installing on aren't exactly gaming rigs. One's a stock Dell Dimension 4600C and ones an Optiplex GX240. The minimum requirements are a 2.0 GHz single processor + 512 MB of ram which both machines have. I don't believe the demo requires a DirectX 10 card either...any suggestions?

edit: I got the file to work on a different machine, but I'm still open to suggestions on this PC.

A:Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

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Does anyone know where i can get a ulead video studio 9 demo from. I've just about given up!

A:Ulead VideoStudio 9 Demo

Is it safe to assume that you are specifically avoiding the ulead video studio 10, and ONLY want 9?

If so, I can't help. Just wanted to confirm you knew there was a 10 out.

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