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How can I stop receiving emails in Live Mail?

Q: How can I stop receiving emails in Live Mail?

My daughter used my laptop to set up a Live Mail account for herself. Now every time I switch on my computer I have to type in my User Name and Password as normal but I get a message immediately underneath saying I have X-number of unread emails. These turn out to be emails to my daughter. If she logs in then her email only shows the recent emails that she has not read. My login shows ALL of them. It is becoming frustrating having to delete all her emails.
I assume she has set up a forwarding facilty in her account. How can this be switched off so I don't get her emails.
Help guys, PLEASE!

A: How can I stop receiving emails in Live Mail?

Did your daughter sign up under your user name? Kinda sounds that way. Set up new user account for your daughter, reset up email and then delete email account from your user account.

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Well I never used an email client before because it was a big clusterfudge of stuff to set up and it never worked. Now that I have 7 I tried out Live Mail and I was happily suprised to see that it set itself up for me.

So, I ran it in Vista compatibility mode so it would show up in the tray when I minimised it (for anyone who has that problem) but I'm not getting updates on new email. When I send an email to myself it shows up in the browser Hotmail but it only shows up in my Live Mail once I restart it.

Is there something I can do to make new emails show up without restarting it and/or get notifications on those emails?

Now I want to edit the sounds you get when you get a new email, is there an easy way to do this or has anyone found where the sounds are located?

A:Windows Live Mail - Not Receiving New Emails

You have to allow automatic receive from Options > General.


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I set up a new laptop with Windows Live Mail, while I'm still using a desktop machine with Windows XP. I am not getting in Windows Live Mail any emails from eBay which are coming to the desktop machine through Outlook Express. I have turned off all the spam filtering and put as a safe domain from which to accept emails. How can I get these eBay notifications to my LiveMail account on the laptop?

A:Not Receiving Emails from eBay in Windows Live Mail

did you check the junk mail folder? they might be coming in there

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Until recently everything has been fine with my emails, but in the last couple of weeks I have noticed that my emails are very delayed and in some cases do not receive those I know have been sent to me.
If I go to my server, Madasafish, and my email account, all the emails are there, but open WLM and they just do not appear. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. The reason I do not use the server email account is that I much prefer the layout etc in WLM.

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When I made the switch to wlm (2011) from outlook express everything was working fine for a couple of months. About five days ago, it seemed that I was getting very few emails, so I checked my OE account on another computer and realized that numerous emails had not made it onto wlm. I did the repair and then downloaded the 2012 version, but none of these things have fixed the problem. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!

A:windows live mail is no longer receiving emails. what to do?

Hi Jeannette, welcome to Seven Forums.
Are your account settings in WLM correct, and do you use a Microsoft Account to Sign-in?

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I am using Win XP. Recently I installed Windows Live Mail and during installation is converted my outlook express emails to Windows Live Mail.

I can receive and send emails the first time I open Windows Live Mail. When I send emails therafter, the same is sent and the windows live msg appears as under :

Send 1 message - Completed
Send 1 message - Executing

and it does not thereafter procced.
(the above error is captured and jpeg file attached)

If I have to receive emails or send emails thereeafter, I have to first log out and then log in.

Would could be the problem and how do I address this issue.

Can you send me solution at [email protected]



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My laptop runs on Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm using Windows Live Mail 2011 to access my webmail emails. It seems rather random but every so often it will reproduce old emails and duplicate any which are still in my in box. Today this meant that 1500 ended up in my in box. Google hasn't been very useful in finding a solution to this so I'm hoping someone has a simple fix. Please use laymen's terms. Any help is much appreciated.

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I set up a new laptop with Windows Live Mail, while I'm still using a desktop machine with Windows XP. I am not getting in Windows Live Mail any emails from eBay which are coming to the desktop machine through Outlook Express. I have turned off all the spam filtering and put as a safe domain from which to accept emails. How can I get these eBay notifications to my LiveMail account on the laptop?

(It won't do any good to run TSG SysInfo because I am contacting you from my desktop machine, not the laptop where I am having the problem). This is running Windows 7.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 120, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595471 MB, Free - 200508 MB; I: Total - 305168 MB, Free - 186395 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, FMCP7AM, , U00P090102347
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled How do I stop Windows Live Mail from deleting the emails from the inbox of my Hotmail account?

A:configure Windows Live Mail to stop deleting emails from Hotmail account

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Is there any way I can stop receiving emails every time someone posts a comment on a topic i've left a message on...

A:I want to stop receiving emails from this forum please help me

goto your user control panel (user CP link at top of page)

press 'edit options' on the left-hand side of the page >> default thread subscription mode

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Our Windows Live Mail accounts receive blank messages when someone sends a calendar appointment request from an Outlook account. The same message arrives correctly in a gmail account or in my Outlook account at work. Is this a Live Mail Configuration issue?

A:Windows Live Mail not receiving calendar info from Outlook mail

Hi adfrench, welcome to Seven Forums.

You must sign-in to WLM with the same account your using for the calendar.

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Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail
About 10% of my e-mail recipients are not receiving my e-mail and I do not receive non-delivery notices. Makes no difference if I select their address from my e-mail list or select respond to one of their incoming messages. This problem has plagued me for many months. I changed from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail 2011 with no results.

Computer is HP Model m9517c, AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core processor, Vista 64 bit operating system with Service Pack 2, 8 GB RAM. Am using Windows Live Mail 2011 with Comcast Internet Service.

The people not receiving my e-mail are using Verizon, Earthlink and probably others. Two of my Verizon accounts changed over to gmail and email went through.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail

Of course, I cannot offer a definitive answer, but merely give the most like first.
Lets say you are sending from and you send to Yahoo may have been receiving a lot of spam from Verizon and do not allow their email. Tell your friends to put you on the safe list and see if that helps.
Another possibility, is that you may have someone else's address. It may be very close to a correct address with only a small difference. YOu would not get an non delivered notice.

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For about 2 months now, I have not been receiving all my emails to my account. I seem to be getting the 'publicity' ones from the likes of Asda, Easyjet etc. But emails from people/organisations I regularly deal with eg Ancestry, Utilities warehouse, my own work email and hotmail addresses etc, and other people on my contact list are NOT getting through. They do not get an undeliverable message either. I have tried the 'help' function on BT Mail where they are supposed to call you back but they never rang. I am worried I am missing important emails. any suggestions please?

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I have been running Windows Mail on my laptop for 18months without problems. Yesterday it stopped receiving emails. I can still send out though. I have tried to send a message to myself and nothing. I run Mcafee as AV - tried stopping email monitoring - didn't work so I uninstalled Mcafee and rebooted and retested still nothing. Now reinstalled Mcafee.

Since I transferred my account details over to this laptop I have always had error messages on opening my Windows Mail but on closing the messages the email has always worked normally, so not sure if this problem is going to be related to the error messages that are coming up or not

Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Protocol error.', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC91

Account: '[email protected]', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92

Any help appreciated

A:Windows Mail stopped receiving emails

Hi munchkincoupe,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Since the serious problem just started yesterday, let's see if a System Restore will resolve it. Do you know when this problem began? Try a System Restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem began. Here's the procedure: Be sure to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points. If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two. NOTE: You will have to re-install any software and updates you installed and uninstall any software you removed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for the updates.

As far as the other issues (error messages) go, I strongly recommend you contact your e-mail provider (presumably and get them to walk you through the Windows Mail settings as it seems something is not configured properly. I'm frankly surprised it was working at all (let alone fine until yesterday) with those error messages appearing. They should be able to provide the proper settings to eliminate the messages (and quite possibly resolve the problem).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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In the last couple of days the JUNK folder for the Windows 8.1 Mail app has not received any postings. I can see the email in the Junk folder if I use Outlook or my iphone. Unfortunately an important email was sent to the Junk folder and I missed it until I located it using Outlook. I have not changed any settings, as far as I know, prior to this problem starting. HELP!

A:JUNK folder not receiving emails for Windows 8.1 Mail app

Same problem here. I am using Windows 8.1 and the Mail app is connecting to Microsoft's own Hotmail / live mail whatever they call it nowadays. Junk folder simply spins and never populates, Inbox is fine. I have to go to the web or phone to see the Junk folder, which is where my email for registration for this site landed, .

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Since August last year I have not been able to receive e mails in Junk Mail Section of my .
I have Windows 7 and use Incredimail 2
I discovered that important (Non Junk) mail was being directed to Junk Mail before the end of August 2010.
So now, besides not receiving mail on my Junk mail, am Also losing a lot of e mails which I see
coming through on my Blackberry cellphone but are not reaching my In box.
Can someone please help solve this problem as I`m sure I`m missing a lot of important e mails.

Looking forward to the solution.

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I recently set up Win Live Mail, after buildiing a new computer with Win 7 on it. I use Comcast as my mail client and with xp never had any issues. I set up Live w/ Comcast and all SEEMED well. Today I am away so I used my laptop to log into and have 144 new messages, some dating back to two weeks ago. Some of these messages I have received in Live, read and deleted but most haven't made it to Live. Any ideas?

A:Receiving Comcast mail w/ Live

Just a guess take a look in storage folders. It will be located at the bottom of the tree, left side, when you first activate WLM. The storage is suppose to handle the old mail that was on your prior service, when you transferred everything to
win 7.

Possibly, for some reason the old mail did not download correctly, and the problem is gone, now. Keep your eyes open to be sure that all new mail arrives correctly.

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One AT&T account works on my iPhone and at AT&T mail site. The account does not work in WLM.

I have 3 AT&T accounts in WLM and two other accounts. When I open WLM sometimes I get a prompt to enter my password. This happens with about four accounts. One AT&T account does not accept the password.

I compared all the setting on the 3 AT&T accounts. The settings matched. I uninstalled the one account and upgraded to WLM 2012. The one account still is not working.




Unable to send or receive messages for the Sbcglobal ( ) account. A secure connection to the server could not be established.

Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC1A
Protocol: POP3
Port: 995
Secure(SSL): Yes"

A:Windows Live Mail Sending and Receiving


I upgraded WLM to 2012. Deleted the account. I added the account back. I continue to receive the same error message. I was prompted to verify password several times. The other sbcglobal accounts were working. The setting matched in all the accounts.

I deleted the E-mail username and password. I was able to access the account and all the old mail on the server was delivered to the account.

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The AT&T email site that I have been using for email is finally getting on my nerves. I can't sort by name any longer, and the ads are very annoying. So, I want to use MS Live Mail. However, once I set up the account, and receive/send, I get the following error.
Unable to send or receive messages for the Sbcglobal (j.k.cerny) account. The connection to the server has failed.

Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 10061

I have searched at the yahoo site and the MS Live mail site, but can't find a solution. I would greatly appreciate it if someone who actually understands this could help. Thanks


A:Attempting to setup MS Live Mail but receiving errors

Here is the info from AT&T for setting up your account. Look over their instructions and see if you've missed something.

Set up or verify email client settings for AT&T email

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text, both received and the reply, missing

A:Live Mail: Replies to emails missing in Sent Mail folder

Do you have this option checked?

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For no apparent reason I can no longer send or receive mail from one of my Hotmail accounts in Windows Live Mail. I am getting the message:

Cannot send or receive messages from the account .....(my Hotmail-account).
Serverfault: 4102
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Fault-id: 0x8DE00001

No problems when I access the Hotmail-account directly.
What shall I do? Thank you in advance!

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I have email addresses stored for a Windows Mail Merge docx. and now want to use the email addresses for each entry.How can this email data be exported for use in Windows Live Mail as a Folder in my 'Contacts'?All assistance gratefully accepted in advance. Many thanks
Using OS: 64 bit MS7

A:Word Mail Merge emails to Live Mail

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For some reason since Oct 13th when my laptop did an update I can no longer send and receive emails from 2 of my 5 email addresses. (one is and the other They keep coming up with this error code:
Unable to send/receive messages for live or outlook account
Server error: 3219
Windows live mail error ID: Ox8DE00005
Can anyone help me please?

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Microsoft is "upgrading" people's,,, and accounts, to a new (built upon the latest Office 365 infrastructure), which is INcompatible with Live Mail 2012 (and presumably older versions as well):  Effective late June 2016, Windows Live Mail 2012 will no longer synchronize emails, contacts, and calendar events from these email accounts.
People who use Windows Live Mail 2012 to connect to other email services, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or other services that use POP3 or IMAP protocols, do not need to take action. 
Is this another veiled attempt to force users to "upgrade" from Windows 7?
Users can still access their e-mail via their web browser(s).   Or they can use the new and/or a Mail app on Windows 8.1/10

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I have a large number Emails in Live Mail. For legal reasons I want to copy these Emails to a DVD.

How do I accomplish this.

(Tullynally in Irish means
"Hill of The Swans")

A:How can I copy Emails from Live Mail to a DVD?

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages

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When I send an email from my Windows Live Mail, and have contracted words like it's, don't and so on, and quotation marks and other characters, the received email contains other characters I did not type. For example when I type it's, the receiver reads it as it?s When I type something with quotations like "hi how are you?", the receiver reads it like this ?hi, how are you??

How can I correct this? It's very annoying, to say the least!

A:How do I fix Windows Live Mail emails?

Check the character encoding option in WLM and see what you are using. It's probably something your receivers aren't using, which will cause those odd characters to be inserted in the emails.

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recently installed a Canon Pixma mp 600 multi function printer. When I try to ask it to print an email (on windows live mail) I don't get any response. No print dialog box and nothing sent to print. Tried reinstalling printer. No dice. Hope this is the right forum for this.

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I am having a complete nightmare with now having over 43,000+ emails in my win live mail! I don't know why its happened, sadly I don't have that many friends! all I do know is that I have so many because I have many many duplicates of the same message! It hasn't added any other duplicates for a few weeks so prob has stopped but now I need to delete them!
I know that I can follow the normal deleting process, highlight all the duplicates and the un-highlight one copy to keep but I am going to be doing that forever, and when I have done this I keep getting the error 'message could not be deleted' but with so many highlighted to delete I have to go through them all one by one to find the problem message!
I have found available software but not for using with Windows live mail, I am more than happy to buy something if needs be but I just need to get rid of these messages!
It doesn't help that I am in a rush, a recent crash on my laptop was apparently caused by malware and I have been instructed to complete a full recovery! I can't backup 43000+ emails, I certainly don't want to import them all back again after the recovery!
Please, please, if someone can kindly share any pearls of wisdom with me, it would be so very much appreciated. I may be a 'dizzy blonde' at the moment, but I am turning in to a 'completely crazy' one if I have to keep trying to delete them the old 'delete' way!
... Read more

A:win 7 live mail duplicate emails -43,000 of them!

Hi,Try with MailStore Home its free for personal use.I recommend to install the program as Portable because it will be self contained in one folder easy to backup or move to another machine.When you import (archive) the mail by default the program will ignore/remove all the duplicated messages.If you have questions about the program please ask.

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I am using Live Mail. When I am in my Inbox and double click on an email, it seems to be getting blocked by something and it doesn't render on the screen. Down on the taskbar, where I have Live Mail pinned, the emails are being added to the Live mail area. So, if I click on 3 different emails, they don't show up on my screen, but down below there will be 4 small Live Mail windows open. Also, if I try to create a new message, it gets blocked as well. I have tried everything, including disabling the pop up blocker in my Internet options. Has anyone run into this? Any ideas? Please help. Very frustrating.

A:Live Mail not letting me see my Emails

Is your e-Mail display area having two panels? One the smaller header Panel on top and the other the bigger Message Display Panel at the bottom. If not then make them that way by clicking and dragging the dividing line from the bottom to the top. The WLM Window should look like the screenshot below.

You should be able to read the mail on the lower panel now if you click on the header on the top panel.

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Live Mail was working last night, but today I get the error message "The message can not be sent. Type an email address for one or more recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc box."

I tried to enter address into all 3 boxes and none sent my email. I have never come across this problem before, perhaps some of you have or know how to fix this problem. I will appreciate all suggestions. I need help quickly because I have important mail to be sent. I have no other email client to use in it's place.



A:Live Mail -Can't send emails

Quote: Originally Posted by Duchess

Live Mail was working last night, but today I get the error message "The message can not be sent. Type an email address for one or more recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc box."

I tried to enter address into all 3 boxes and none sent my email. I have never come across this problem before, perhaps some of you have or know how to fix this problem. I will appreciate all suggestions. I need help quickly because I have important mail to be sent. I have no other email client to use in it's place.



If it only has done it on this message I would copy the data delete it, and re-crate a new message.

If it happens on all messages what are the error messages.

Whats the system specs and OS?

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Hi. I have been using Windows Live Mail problem free for 9 mths. Yesterday I can still receive but cannot send emails. I get the following error info;

An unknown error has occurred.
Subject ''
Server Error: 554
Server Response: 554 nskntcmgw07p BigPond Outbound [OB105. Connection refused. is listed on the Exploits Block List (XBL). Please visit XBL - Exploit and Botnet Filter - The Spamhaus Project for more information.
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC6F
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

I clicked on link. Seems I have some bug. Use Bitdefender - says no prob.
Pleae help.

A:Cannot send emails n Windows Live Mail

Have you spoken to your ISP about this problem?
It seems to indicate that the destination you are trying to send email to has blocked anything incoming from your IP or your ISP for some reason.

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This just started today: all my Windows Live Mail accounts are not sending emails, they go to DRAFTS and cannot be sent. I seem to be able to receive emails ok but cannot send or reply to any received. The attached file shows the error messages received when trying to sync accounts.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 24566 Mb
Graphics Card: Glance Speed Boost
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1907376 MB, Free - 1670713 MB; D: Total - 349 MB, Free - 86 MB; E: Total - 1907377 MB, Free - 1692329 MB; F: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 877360 MB; G: Total - 349 MB, Free - 86 MB; H: Total - 1907377 MB, Free - 1693740 MB;
Motherboard: Alienware, 0H869M
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Win Live Mail won't send emails

Hello there..

I'd be happy to try and help figure this one out, just a couple questions first..

Are all your accounts on live mail from the same server, such as gmail/yahoo/etc, or do you have multiple acct providers?
Have you verified your outgoing server settings are correct?
Are you still able to send email from the actual server, such as

Thanks for the additional information

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I recently had a hard-drive failure, so reinstalled everything on a new HD. Since then I have salvaged all my old files from the old HD using recovery software (Handy).
I was using using Windows Live Mail (WLM) on the old HD with Vista, and I'm still using WLM on the new HD - with Windows 7.
I can see all my emails (of several years) via the hotmail webpage, however when I added this hotmail email account to WLM I can only see the last 9 months via WLM. Weird.

So I have gone back to my salvaged HD and copied over the emails (as eml files) and then tried to import into WLM using the "import messages" function.
The first step in the import function is to select the email format - so select WLM. Next step is to browse to the folder containing the emails, then click "next".

Unfortunately it fails at this point with the following message :-
"Import Messages
No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have fioles open"

This happens for any folder I select, and I am definitely not accessing the folder with any other application - so I'm stuck, I don't understand the problem.
(I also tried copying and pasting the emails over into the correct new folders in WLM, but of course these are simply ignored by WLM, so that doesn't work).

Please can anyone advise me on what I need to do to import all my old emails into WLM (they ar... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail won't import emails

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look at this tutorial, which may be of help to you.

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages

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Hi, Can anyone tell me how to bounce emails back to a sender so that it registers on their compute that the message has not been received? I don't mean junk mail or spam which waits for me to delete it. I want to stop it from accesing my computer altogether.


A:Windows Live Mail - how to bounce emails

You can add the sender to your blocked sender list (right click on the sender's address - add to blocked sender

or you can create a rule
Select one or more conditions:
| | Where the from line contains people

Select one or more options
| | Do not download it from the server
| | Delete from Server

Neither of these sends anything back to the sender. why would you want to do that anyway?

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Hi & HELP !!

My email provider inadvertantly suspended my a/c, I spoke with an "operative" who told me to delete the email account and re-enter all the details. In doing so I have lost all my emails sent and received. I have been into:
computer/OS(C)/users/neil/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook to restore the files via a right click and restore from backup, but I get the message:
Restore skipped restoring the file: C:\Users\Neil\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders\Inbox\0F5A0748-00000001.eml to original location.

I have tried using the Restore facility but also to no avail......I am broken!!

BTW O/S Windows 7

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Lost emails Windows Live Mail


What restore did you use. There are 3. The one that will definately work is system image. Hopefully, you have kept it up to date. If that does not work try backup and restore. I doubt if system restore will work in this scenario.

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Hi All
Loaded Windows Essentials onto the new computer with Win Pro 64 bit OS.
When in Windows Live mail I receive emails ok but when i click email message, reply, forward, etc,, i get an immediate message "a problem occured when trying to open this message A Problem has occured Pls try again". Thinking the install may be corrupted, there doesn't seem to be any way to uninstall (to reinstall) WLM or repair the programme
Any help would be appreciated

A:Windows Live mail - Can't send emails

Go to Control Panel - Programs & Features and click on Windows Live Essentials and it will give you a choice to uninstall or repair the Live programs.


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is there an easy way to transfer emails, address book etc. from an XP(3) PC running thunderbird to a Win7 PC running Win Live Mail?

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After I read emails in the "Unread Mail Folder",I lose it completely instead
of it transferring to the "Inbox Folder" Any help will be much appreciated.


A:Windows Live Mail Help, losing emails

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It was working fine, had Live Mail 2011, and worded just fine....but then noticed I wasn't getting any new mail from my hotmail account like I used to. In fact, this error happened, where it said I had X number of new mail, and when I went to look, was only a few, but couldn't read or delete them, and there was gaps, like missing emails. I had tried adding Gmail to Live Mail, and then it started to download emails exceeding 15K, and will take forever, just to show hardly any new emails, if any, despite it saying it received 15K+ emails.

I tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling 2012 edition of Live Essentials. I even deleted the files in the Live mail folder on the hard drive after uninstalling it....but adding my hotmail account.....well, it won't retrieve new email (My gmail used to be picked up along with the hotmail as it's attached to it), and adding gmail results in over 15K downloads.

I don't know if it's settings...I never touched them, and it all used to work for years with no problem....this this one glitch happened that seems to cause all this grief for me.

I do have Windows 7, and not sure all the stats of my computer....just hope someone can help.

A:Windows Live Mail is downloading over 100 emails on me

These Microsoft threads have some suggestions. Apparently this isn't an isolated problem. See the suggested fix from "Noel" in second link.

Windows Live Mail - hundreds of duplicate messages for one account - Microsoft Community

Windows Live Mail is downloading ALL my old e-mails- how do I stop Windows 7 28-Feb-08 11:35 AM

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My computer has been returned to me after a crash which required Windows 7 being reinstalled. Most of my data was recovered, but not my emails apparently. However, I can see a new folder on the hard drive which looks like it relates to Live Mail and which looks like it was recovered too (it's not in my usual user folder and it's dated the day of the crash/recovery), it is called AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsMail and contains all the files that I'd expect to see (ie it looks a lot like the folder of the same name which is under my user name). Could this contain all my old emails and if so, how do I access them? I've tried copying the files to the folder under my user name and I've tried asking Live Mail to import messages, but it couldn't see any.

I've lost four years worth of emails and all my up to date contacts, I'd really like to recover them.

A:Recovering emails for Windows Live Mail


Have a look at this thread
You could also have a look at this SF Tutorial+thread
hope this helps and regards

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Just recently Live Mail will send a dozen emails when I send one with an attachement. The recipient can not open the attachment. It works fine if I send an email without an attachment. I have Norton, SpywareBlaster and SpyBot installed.
I have scanned with these programs plus Panda online, Trend Micro, MalWarebytes and Microsofts scanner. They all have found no problems. I also reinstalled Live Mail and that did not help either.

Awhile back a McAfee icon appeared on my desktop even though I don't have it. I traced the shortcut to the file and deleted it. It was not McAfee. I should have written down the name of the file but did not think of it at the time.

Any suggestions?


A:Live Mail sending Multiple emails

Hi Rich,We need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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I have just had to reinstall Windows Live Mail on my husbands computer (W10) I first exported his emails and they were saved in the Windows Live Mail format (.iaf file.) I am now trying to reinstate the emails but the programme won't open them. Can anybody tell me how to do it please. Thanks

A:Windows Live Mail reimporting emails

click here option 2

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Hi, been having problems with windows live mail keep receiving this-
The host '' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.

Subject 'testing'
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0D
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 587
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 11004

Checked with my server everything is set up correctly. Although he did change Port. 25 to 587. I am receiving emails ok. We have installed Avast free as internet security. This problem has occured after we re-installed Windows 7 as recovery due to a crash. Have spent hours browsing internet for answers so far nothing seems to work. Any suggestions will be greatly apprieciated.

A:cannot send emails windows live mail

Have you read the replys to your other thread?

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My new computer with windows 8 and Live Mail will not receive emails with slideshows or a lot of pictures attached.

While my old laptop with windows 7 Live Mail will receive these same emails.

Any ideas?

Cheers Larry

A:Live Mail will not receive emails with slideshows

I would request you to uninstall Windows live mail and then install it back and see if it helps in overcoming the issue.

Furthermore check this:

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Have a problem with Windows Mail Live

My email address recently changed due to me changing ISPs
for some reason, when I changed the information, I lost all my previous emails and started from scratch again

I understand with WML, if I create the exact same name account, that I previously had setup, all my emails would restore itself.
Problem is: I have no idea what the exact name of the account was.

Is there a way of finding out what it was ?
does someone know of an alternate way of recovering those lost emails.


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I have previously used the export emails wizard in windows live mail to back up emails onto an external hard drive. I tried to do this again and all it exports are some of the folders and one or two random emails. Can anyone help?

A:exporting emails from windows live mail

Hello crb250,

I find that it works best when you export into a "New Folder" on your desktop first, then move the "New Folder" to the external hard drive.

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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How do I copy an e-mail from Widows Live Mail? I click on COPY at the top but nothing happens.
Please help.
Thanks and may God bless you and yours,

A:Cannot copy emails from Windows Live Mail

Do you highlight the text to be copied first? If you do and it doesn't work try using the Ctrl + C buttons at the same time.

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When I send a group email to my employees, it goes to the outbox, appears to leave, but nobody receives my email. It has taken me a couple of weeks to realize this. Has anyone dealt with this problem? Thanks!

A:Live Mail not sending group emails

I remember reading about issues with WLM Groups/Contacts before.
Here is one SF thread about this:
There is a bug in Windows Live Mail Essentials 2012 as an upgrade

Here is a Google for more SF threads:

I recently quit using WLM on my test box and switched to Thunderbird portable, it works better for me.
MS is making changes to "Outlook" accounts now that can cause problems.

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I had a little hiccup with my older laptop running on Windows 7. My email program, Window Live Mail (2012) has decided to lose (or hide??) most of my emails and sub-folders. Help! Microsoft no longer supports this outdated program and can't help me. Any help in how I can try and restore these "saved" emails.

I plan to purchase replacement laptop with the upcoming holiday special deals and don't know if by downloading MS Outlook now on the old laptop this will allow for easy capture of the "lost" emails and then easy transfer to the new computer.

Thanks for your help

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OK this is strange. I opened WLM this morning and all was fine, my emails downloaded and I could see my inbox. All of a sudden though my inbox went away and the inbox window only shows the last email in my inbox...when I click on any of my folders, no list of emails appear and instead the last email in the folder shows on the screen...I went to View --> Show --> All Messages and that is properly selected but I can't see my list of emails in my inbox or any folder anymore.

This seems like a bug? I definitely didn't select any menu item, just open the program up this morning, all was fine, but then this occurred. Any help would be appreciated.


I had accidentally dragged the preview pane to the top of the window. Sorry.

A:Live Mail - Can't See Inbox (List of Emails)

Same thing has happened to me, but I don't know how to get out of the preview pane, if that's the problem. How did you do it?

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Hi, I hope you can help. Apologies in advance if I've posted in the wrong area as I'm new here - please redirect me if necessary.

I've been using Windows Live Mail for around three years and have never experienced any major problems, but
today, after closing the program and and re-opening it a few minutes later, a message appeared saying Live
Mail was 'syncing' my accounts. Afterwards, it started to download the exact number of emails I already had in my inbox (over 1,000) but once it had finished, no new emails appeared in the inbox. The same thing happened with my synced gmail account.
Since then, both of the above accounts seem to be working normally, but the entire contents of my two non-Live Mail accounts (including inbox, sent items and drafts) seem to have vanished and I have no idea how (or if it's even possible) to get them back.

Also, on checking the Recycle bin, I found six items that weren't there before and don't know whether it's safe to restore/delete them. Two are "Text Documents" with names starting edb; two are JRS files with names starting with edbres; one is a Recovered File Fragments file and the other is a File Folder called Backup.

Please explain what's happened here and if there's anything I can do to retrieve any of the missing emails.

A:Missing emails after Live Mail sync

Hi Wixi, welcome to Seven Forums.
Do you use POP or IMAP ?

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Every email that appears in my Windows mail (Windows 8.1) is duplicated. An online search for information is either outdated or applies to a different OS. I tried one suggestion which was to right-click All Mail and hide the folder (apparently unread and all mail are appearing at the same time?) but there isn't an option to hide the folder. My email account is gmail.It is annoying me intensely now so would love to solve it!

A:How do I stop emails in Windows mail appearing twice?

" ''"I would in your email client, create another account, same as your other one, except the new one will be POP.Import what you want out of your IMAP account ( including Address's ) & when you are all happy, delete the IMAP account.

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Hi guys. I got in this morning and my boss's outlook express is constantly checking for new email, and getting duplicates- sometimes 8 in a row of the same message. Is this viral? Help me out. Thanks.

A:Getting Duplicate emails, won't stop checking for mail.


This can be a sign of a mail blockage on the server.

What type of account has your boss got...i.e POP3 etc? Do you have a webmail facility to check to see if something is corrupt on the server?

Do you get any error messages?

When you send a test email to yourself (from bosses pc to bosses pc), does that repeatedly get downloaded?

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I use Win 7 and recīd the update for Live Mail 2011. After upgrading to 2011 My emails downloaded, but every time I tried to open any email Iīd get the error message: There was an error try again later. Needless to say later never came and | had to go to my system recovery and revert the system back to the time before the upgrade.


I am afraid to download it again and the same thing happen. Please help

A:Live Mail 2011 Unable to open emails

If you go to the MS Mail support pages there are tons of upset people with all sorts of issues that aren't being fixed since the "update" to 2011. Appears restore is the best option.

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I am using Windows Live Mail to send to my Verizon and msn accounts. I can receive mail consistently. I can send small mails consistently. If I try to send a larger gets stuck in the outbox and all subsequent mails stack up behind it.

Right now, there is a 900kB mail in my outbox. If I try to send to my Verizon account, I get a message:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.

Subject 'Fw: Test Message'
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 10053

If I try to send to my msn account, I get:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Msn (myaccountname) account. To send and receive messages in your Hotmail account, go to Sign In on the Web, or try again later. To get help from Windows Live Customer Support, go to and click Windows Live Mail in the list of services.

Subject 'Fw: Test Message'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80072EFF

I have tried without antivirus, firewall and spyware software running...and no change. I have turned off Vista's change.

Please help!!!!

A:Can't send large emails from Windows Live Mail

Have you checked the Verizon's causes and try to have fixed them?
I can't help you much because I don't use Windows Live Mail, though I do use hotmail. It seems for your hotmail account it is saying you haven't logged on though... you were logged on, right? Try going to the listed website for the customer support.

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Having problems retrieving emails from Windows Live Mail.
I can send emails fine, just can't receive any.
I figured there may be a very large email being sent, so I accessed on webmail and deleted an email which was 1.7mb,

So back in Windows Live Mail, clicking the Send/Receive and waiting oh so patiently, I'm getting this message:

Your POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds. Would you like to wait another 60 seconds for the server to respond?

Account: Joe Bloggs

It then asks me whether I want to wait or stop. If I select stop I get this error message:

Unable to send or receive message for the Joe Bloggs account. A time-out occurred while communicating with the server.

Server: '
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CC19
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure (SSL): No

I created the email account on another PC, sent and received emails ok, Joe Bloggs laptop to which the main account is on cannot receive emails at all.

I now have Joe Bloggs working off another laptop, and set up his email on that other laptop, he can send and receive emails on that laptop just fine.

I have spoken to our IT person who has suggested that there is a possible corruption of the pop3uidl file, he has suggested I close internet connection, all programs and search for the pop3uidl file and delete it, reconnect and it should work. Only problem is I cannot find this file, so that's no help to me.m

Laptop operating sy... Read more

A:Unable to Receive emails on Windows Live Mail

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Ihad had no problems sending photos that make slide shows out thru Live Mail until I tried to burn some photos to a DVD. I tried and tried and the simple way wouldn't work. The PC would shoot the discs (the right kind too) out saying there was no disc there. Friends told me to try to burn thru Window Media Player or Window Media Center. Still I had problems, until finally after many tries it worked!

Story not over! Then when I tried to send any email out or even one attached photo Windows told me I had too many files on my server and to put them into folders. This wasn't true. Now I can't send email with photos that are downsized to 600-800 and I have to fiddle with the outbox several times to get an email with photos at the default (medium size) to go out.

Techies at the St--les office store can't figure it out either and say maybe the photos I kept trying to burn somehow got on my mail sever...but how???? They say my system is corrupt and Windows 7 has to be reinstalled. Oh no really! Help someone with more savy than me.....thanks, Lise

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I must have made some changes because Windows Live Mail doesn't show the latest emails i have sent. The previous ones are in the list. i try to sort by date to see if they show up but they don't. Any ideas about where I should go to change settings or something? thanks, Frank

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I am using Windows Live Mail 2012 on a Windows 7 PC. I receive emails from my email hosting company that are designated as SPAM to the WLM Inbox. I will then sort through them and if I find a legitimate email, I will use WLM to forward that email to its intended recipient. I have noticed that any e-mails I receive that have attachments will not get delivered to the recipient. If I forward an email with an attachment, it will go to the WLM Sent Items folder but the recipient will never receive it. I get no error messages in WLM that the message could not be delivered. I see nothing in the Windows Event logs indicating a problem. WLM acts as though the email was sent OK, but the email never gets to the recipient. Emails that I forward from WLM without attachments always get to the recipient. New emails from WLM with attachments (or without) always get to the recipient. The problem only seems to occur when forwarding with attachments, and then sometimes it actually works when forwarding with attachments, but most of the time it does not. I'm thinking if might have something to do with the attachment itself, vs. the fact that there is an attachment.
I searched for an answer for this and have across a lot of people with similar issues, but not exactly the same one I am having. Just thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone had any ideas.

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I am helping a friend build a new system and I while I have successfully migrated his Hotmail to WLM, the system keeps downloading really old emails. Emails that for all accounts should be already deleted ages ago.

For instances, it is downloading sent items, about 6759 emails to his Sent Email folder and I am afraid that once that is done, it will download another thousand or so from the other corresponding folders.

How can I stop this from happening? for the most part, he will delete 90% of them anyways so he does not need them.


This is a fresh Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit with Office Home & Student (so no Outlook) installation, hence, why I decided to go with WLM instead.


A:From Hotmail to Windows Live Mail... Migrating emails

I'm not a mail app guru, but I see mostly grumbling about Windows Live Mail. I'd consider another app unless you have an over-riding reason to go with it.

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I have been using WLM for years and before that Outlook Express. Within WLM I access 4 different email accounts seamlessly. My domain email, my isp email, an old Hotmail account and a Windows Live Mail email. One program has it all. I am a bit confused how the new change will effect me ? My guess is the Hotmail account will not be accessed ? Outside of my domain email this account is very important to me. I don't want to go online to check it.. So will WLM stop accessing my Hotmail ? I'm guessing all the other will still work ? But if it is true that my Hotmail will not work I need to find a nice free program that can replace WLM and take care of all my needs in one program.. HELP thanks Joel

A:Windows Live Mail with multiple emails and hotmail


I am a bit confused how the new change will effect me ?

What new change?

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All the WLM functions work except 'send'. Yep....I checked and the incoming and outgoing server addresses are OK. All the setup elements look where do I look from here?

A:Windows Live Mail not sending emails through Comcast

Try this:
Troubleshoot problems with Windows Mail
I can receive, but not send, e-mail messages.

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I have Windows Live Mail installed on my Windows 7 pc
It has always worked well
But now I am getting a message saying " An unknown error has occurred" when I try to delete any of my emails
Is it possible to delete them all somehow and clear my inbox?

(This is NOT the web mail)

A:Windows Live Mail wont let me delete emails

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So November 10th, 2014 I began working with Naathim to clean up the cryptowall on my computer. The only files it got to were my emails so I was quite lucky. After cleaning, I worked with a great guy at Carbonite backup who restored my emails from a backup they had from October that had not been infected. They are an amazing group, even got together a special team to deal with the ransome virus because so many of their customers were being affected. Anyway, I don't work for them but for about $50 a year it is so worth it!!Ok so I have all my restored emails in a folder but I can't remove the emails that are stored on Windows Live Mail. I have two 2 email accounts that Mail downloads to my computer. I was able to delete all the damaged emails from that account but it won't let me delete the ones from the other account. I have tried moving them, deleting them from the original folder where they are stored. When I hit delete, I get an error message that says"A problem occurred while trying to open this message.A problem has occurred. Please try again"I hit OK and it doesn't do anything message is still there.Is this still because of Cryptowall? Is there anyway to remove these messages? There are about 400 that I had saved with I immediately store that info in the right place, LOL!!Any insights or fixes?Original post

A:Can't delete old emails in Live mail after cryptowall infection

There is a lengthy ongoing discussion in this topic: CryptoWall - new variant of CryptoDefense Support & Discussion Topic.Since your original topic was closed months ago, it would be best (and more manageable for staff) if you posted any questions, comments or requests for assistance in that topic discussion.ThanksThe BC Staff

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I have an HP G6 laptop with Windows 7, AVG free, and I cannot get Window live mail to create new or reply to any emails. The following error is the result.
A problem while trying to open this message.
A problem has occured. Please try again.
Any ideas? Thanks

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My ISP, Shentel, now uses Google mail as email servers. I run a business and in the past have been able to send bulk type emails, broken down into groups of 80 or less recipients (per my ISP instructions) and had no issues. I have about 10-12 of these groups of 80 or less recipients and I send each group seperately throughout the day. In otherwords, I don't send all 10-12 groups at once.
I only send these group emails 2 - 4 times a year, so I'm not sending 10 ga-billion emails.
Recenlty (say in the last 6 months), I send out these bulk emails and the emails are not delivered. They are not stuck in the Outbox and they show as being Sent. I have contacted some of the recipients individually and they indicated they did not receive the group emails, but do receive individual emails.
I contacted my ISP and they just walked me through my Windows Live Mail settings, but he was not able to offer any other help.
Any help appreciated.

A:Bulk emails using Windows Live mail through Gmail

It sounds like there's a syncing issue between Windows Live and Gmail.
Are you able to get to the Gmail admin page for your email account via a web browser? From there, make sure it's configure to use IMAP.
You may also want to try another email client, like Outlook or Thunderbird.

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Windows live mail 2011 will show that I have new emails and when I go to click on them it would normally show the message in the preview window. Instead, it shows nothing, just blank. I noticed by cursor has an hourglass next to it too. I actually tried double clicking the message to open it in a new window and it still displays a blank email. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Im running win 7 64-bit

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 not displaying emails

Try updating to the 2013 version:
I tried Mail when it was released in 2011 and hated it, I never got it to retrieve messages. Use thunderbird if the 2013 version still doesnt work, it is much simpler and is open source .

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I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit OS. I've added my email account into WLM (using IMAP settings). I made several folders and transferred a lot of saved emails into different folders. After finishing, I clicked on the Inbox folder, and received the following error:

There are no items in this view. Some items may be hidden because a view is applied.

I know there were over 25 emails sitting in the Inbox, but now I can't see them. I've tried changing settings in the View drop down menu, but nothing is bring back the emails.

When I access by email via webmail, I can see all the emails that are in my Inbox.

SO what should the settings be to bring back my Inbox emails?


A:Windows Live Mail -Inbox isn't showing emails

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I have been using WLM for several years now, and have had many problems with it. My recent problem seems to be that it likes to duplicate mail coming to the same address. The email will show up twice with the same time stamp and date. Also within the past few weeks I was getting spam mail from my contacts that I know would not send out to me. What could be causing this? I have since changed my password for my emails, and the spam has dissipated for now, but I get spam from other outside emails. I know that could be a matter of filtering. Is there anything I can do for this? I hope I've explained it enough.

A:Windows Live Mail duplicating emails from same address

Check your Accounts settings -- Tools>Accounts>email account>Properties>Advanced. You may have two copies of the same account listed. Remove one of them.
If your antivirus program has an email scanning option, turn it off. Some antivirus programs don't cooperate well with Windows Live.
Who is the actual email provider? Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo? Check the settings for those as well.
As for getting spam from your contacts, that's not really something you can control. I'm sure your contacts aren't intentionlally sending it to you, and there may not be much they can do about it either. It's quite easy to spoof the sender's address to make it appear it is coming from someone your know. Or, their account may have been hacked. The only thing you can do is set the spam filters as high as possible and don't open anything that looks suspciious, regardless of who it comes from.

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I have Windows Live Mail on a Windows 10 platform. When I print emails recently the header area (From, Date, To, and Subject) prints out in black instead of the normal white background with black text. This is a recent development. Does anyone know where I can go in the options to fix this so it does not print out a black background in the header area? It is just a waste of ink. ThanksLeon Flesburg (email address: [email protected]) (- first character in email address is "L")

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I have Windows Live Mail 2012 and I use to receive emails from yahoo. I can go to the internet and retrieve my emails going to, but I use to get them automatically without having to go through the extra steps of going to the internet.
When ever open up Live Mail and click on Send/Receive or f5 button I get a small window asking to log on - Yahoo, asking for user name and password for the following server.
It is auto filled and when I click okay or cancel, within a second or two the same screen pops up again.
My computer is Windows 7 Home premium

A:Windows Live Mail 2012 cannot retrieve emails

recheck all the settings are correctly set for yahoo
is this Yahoo or BT Yahoo

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Lately [ how long ? ] emails I have forwarded containing graphics do not get sent with the graphics. Recipients get only a box with a red X. I looked into the OPTIONS, Compose, but there is no setting for including or not including graphics that I can find.

A:Solved: Forwarding graphics in emails, Win Live Mail

Various email services handle inline graphics differently. I would think that if you were just forwarding an email container it should remain untouched but maybe not. I don't think there's really anything you can do about that at your end: if you are sending graphics directly then there are alternatives that will put the file(s) in a zip file and send them or send a photo email where the images are uploaded seperately to a server so the recipient can download them from the link in the email.

On the receipient side there are settings so that images are not blocked from view. In Win Live Mail its under Options>>Safety options>>Security>>Block images and other external content. This settings will vary from client to client and some services will still strip out any graphic material and send it along as attachments.

Also in Options>>Mail...>>Send, there is a check for mail sending format to be either HTML or plain text. I don't know if that affects forwarding email or not. Seems like it should not and its probably set to HTML anyway by default.

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This is a fairly recent problem. When I click on a link in an email in Windows Live Mail, the page opens up behind WLM. It always used to open up in front. My default browser is Chrome. Anybody know how I can change it back, please?

A:Links in emails opening behind Windows Live Mail

Has WLM updated recently?

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I changed my password in Windows Live Mail and now receive error message when I try to send emails.

A:Cannot send or receive emails in windows live mail

You must change it on the email website too

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I've reinstalled windows many times in the past and have always used the 'import/export' option for my email folders and accounts, and it's worked flawlessly everytime. Until now.

Accounts were imported correctly, and Live Mail is sending and receiving email since the reinstall, but all my saved email is not showing up in any of the folders. It looks like it loads them from my saved files (the box pops up showing them being transferred) but after it finishes the folders are empty.

I even just now tried to copy/paste them into one of the mail folders manually (had to google to find the pathway to them in explorer) and still they don't show up.

I don't have a clue as to what is going on with this.

I just noticed some 'imported folder' at the bottom left side and all my files are in there, which is fine I suppose, but why didn't they go into the current folders? Is there a setting to make them do this?

A:Imported emails not showing up in Live Mail after Win 7 reinstall.

Hello St8kout,

It's normal to have the Imported Folders in Storage folders after importing them like that. This would be step 10 in Option Two of METHOD ONE in the tutorial below.Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages
If you like, you could use Option Two in METHOD TWO in the same tutorial above to copy or move the messages in Imported Folders back to any email account folder you like.

Another option, if you like, is to set your email account settings to "leave a copy of the messages on the server" until deleted in Windows Live Mail. This way no matter where you access the email account, and after a reinstalling Windows and setting up Windows Live Mail again, your email messages will automatically be synced with the email accounts in Windows Live Mail.

Hope this helps,

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Lately, I cannot open emails using Windows Live Mail 2012 right away. A message comes up: "A problem has occurred while trying to open this message. A problem has occurred. Please try again." The repeated sentence "A problem has occurred." is not my typo...that's the way it appears. It seems to take about a 30 second wait, before I can open the email. Once the email has been opened, you can open the email later without any delays, but if you come back to WLM after, say, 10 -15 minutes and try to open the same email again, you get the same 'problem' message. The only thing that, I think, coincides with my problem is that I switched to McAfee Internet Security. Could it be that McAfee is holding everything up? I'm using Windows 7- 64 bit OS, with Google Chrome as my browser. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Solved: Cannot open emails with Windows Live Mail

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I am beyond livid right now. I went to look up an old email and discovered that Windows Live Mail had taken it upon itself to delete every email of mine from before 1/1/2013!! How DARE it. I had saved mails from 9/2012 onwards and did NOT delete them nor give Windows Mail permission to. I am sure they are gone forever but what can I do to make sure WLM doesn't pull this BS again? Some of those emails were very special to me. I am infuriated! The emails were from my ISP accounts (POP3), not my one and I don't have it set to save messages on the server. Why on earth did Windows Live Mail think it had the right to delete my emails?

A:Windows Live Mail Deleted Emails WITHOUT Permission!

Hi GF,

This is how I use mail on my PC. Mail Tips.pdf Hope it helps.

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If someone sends me an email with photos, like one of those (hate to say it this way), cutsie type things, say with a bunch of pics of kids or something, I get an error message when I try to forward it that says "One or more of the pictures in this message could not be found. When you send this message, these pictures will not be included. Do you want to send anyway?"

How the heck can I fix this? I'm really tired of not being able to forward stuff.


A:Windows Live Mail won't let me forward photo emails??

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3032 Mb
Graphics Card: Microsoft Basic Render Driver, 17 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 223434 MB, Free - 171112 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G848F
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

Every now and then Windows Live Mail sends multiple emails sometimes as many as 40.
Ive run McAfee virus scans no problems also have run Systems Care and fixed all problems.

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I have recently changed my Email client from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. WLM was giving problems with inability to delete unwanted emails (Error message indicated "Unknown error has occurred").

I installed Thunderbird OK and then managed to import my Address Book. Problem is , I do not know how to import my emails even though I have downloaded the ImportExportTools extension into Thunderbird. Can anyone help ?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152623 MB, Free - 111805 MB; E: Total - 381449 MB, Free - 374459 MB; F: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 442260 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., P31-ES3G
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Importing emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird

have a read here

explains how to import email from windows live mail to thunderbird

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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS and have set up my Hotmail, Gmail and ISP mail accounts in WLM. I am receiving emails ok but am unable to send any. Any advice would be much appreciated.
This is the error message I am receiving:

An unknown error has occurred.

Subject 'test'
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0B
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 465
Secure(SSL): Yes

Also does it matter which account I set as the default account?
Many thanks

A:Unable to send emails using Windows Live Mail

I just sent a test email from my account via WLM to my problem.

When I added my account, I typed my Hotmail e-ddress, password, and clicked "Make this my default email account, bu not "Manually config...." The server used is

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I've had all the Windows OSs and now have Windows 7 64-bit Pro and use the resident email client Windows Live Mail. I haven't merged any other online email accounts with Live Mail. I looked for a specific email for a purchase I made in 2011 only to find that I have no emails for 2011 at all - none. I only have emails from 2012. I want to keep many travel and purchase emails. I have tried to research this issue and read that Windows 7 Live Mail automatically archives older emails but despite following the path provided, I could not view any old emails from 2011 or before.

What can I do to retrieve all my old emails and bring them back to my current Windows Live Mail? What can I do to prevent the 2012 emails from being archived, removed?

A:How to prevent W7 Live Mail from removing emails older than 1 yr

Hello Flightlessbird and welcome to Seven Forums.

Let me say right away that I don't use WLM and I have no knowledge of how it works. But this response will hopefully put your question in the "active" list rather than having it stay in the "unanswered" category.

Microsoft Outlook has an AutoArchive feature. AutoArchive moves items from their original location in Outlook to an archive file folder when they expire. That is, when they pass their "aging period". But there's also an option for items to be deleted when they expire. I'm guessing that WLM may have this same feature. Maybe these guides for Outlook will give you some ideas of where to look in WLM.

Please accept my sincerest apology for not having anything worthwhile to contribute. I'm hoping that one of the more knowledgeable Forum members will jump in with a good response.

Automatically move or delete older items with AutoArchive - Outlook -

Open and find items in an archive Outlook Data File (.pst) - Outlook -

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Almost always, I have to log into IE 8 and get to my homepage after I've viewed and deleted emails in Windows Live Mail. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way of leaving WLM and going back to IE and my homepage without going through the routine of logging in all the time? Thanks.

A:Why do I always have to open IE after deleting Window Live Mail emails

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I've just installed Windows Live Mail on this PC.

One thing that is bugging me is that I had many old emails (.eml files)

Since the WLM installation, when I browse to a folder containig any old emails, WLM (in cahoots with Explorer?) changes the Data Modified to the then current date.

-- why is that happening?
-- can I change it back?
-- can I stop it happening?
-- oddly, it did not always change all the emails in some folders.

A:Live Mail - has changed Date Modified on my old emails :(

... and if I then try to copy the email to a USB stick (FAT32 file system) I get this (I blanked out unnecessary details):

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Hello. I use Microsoft Outlook to read my personal emails and my business emails. My ISP is Charter Communications, and my business email account is set up through Make-A-Store's Qmail. Last Friday it started taking 10-12 hours to receive business emails, today I received a few emails sent 36 hours ago, and some business emails I am not receiving at all. I sent some emails from my personal account to my business account and some I received 12 hours later while others were never received (and those returned emails came with an error message stating the destination computer could not be found).

I spoke with Charter and they said it would be a Microsoft Outlook issue. My personal account (which does not use Qmail, just Charter) seems to be working fine, and I can SEND emails from my business account, it's just receiving them that is the issue. My incoming mail uses the account set up through Qmail, while my outgoing mail uses Charter. I have two computers in two different locations that receive the business emails, both using Qmail/Charter/Outlook, and I neither is receiving the business emails (or receiving them 12+ hours later).

Thinking through it and as I write it out, it seems that it would be a Qmail issue, but I'm not an IT specialist, so I could be missing something. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this issue. I own an online store so it's unnerving to think that customers are trying to write and are receiving emails stati... Read more

A:Not receiving emails through Outlook or receiving them 12+ hours later

I don't know if this will solve your problem or not, TC2 but try this. Open OUTLOOK. Click "Tools" and select "Options". In the Options window select the "Mail Delivery" Tab. Under the "Mail account options", make sure that the box next to "Check for new delivery" is Checked. Then put in the number of minutes that you would like OUTLOOK to check for new messages. Hope this helps.

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Windows Live Mail 2011. Emails load full screen but when selected to reply they stay minimised in task bar .
When selected won't open on to large screen to work on. Also calendar won' t open in large to enter new detail.
Any simple answer please ?

A:Selected emails in Live Mail stay in minimised in taskbar

Hi Rodmoosh, welcome to Seven Forums.
Update to WLM 2012 Windows Essentials - Microsoft Windows

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Windows Live Mail 2011. Emails load full screen but when selected to reply they stay minimised in task bar .
When selected won't open on to large screen to work on. Also calendar won' t open in large to enter new detail.
Any simple answer please ?

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Dear All,

I use Windows Live Mail 2011 no updates, as I like a client email program, worked fine, and saved emails to My docs and I could open the emails and read in original format..

Now I have discovered I cannot open any email saved to My Docs or desktop.

Found one in My Docs created 1/1/16 with the normal open envelope and that opens instantly.

The emails saved today to My Docs do not open as they did before.

After reading lots of forums..

Appeared to be a problem with extension ._eml or .eml

They thought the under score was the problem.

So in the email dragged to Desktop which looks like a blank envelope icon; the properties say

Type of file EML [ ._eml ] opens with Windows Shell commor [ spelt as seen] then box with change


I went to control panel / progs/ set default programs/ Win Live Mail/ choose defaults for this program

I t was on default.

So I selected all and saved. On front page came up saved my instruction. changed from default to my choice. [ which was same.]

In email on desktop after this change; properties came up with .

. _eml opens with Win Live Mail. NB underscore

The email on desktop icon instead of being blank or a open envelope has pretty 3coloured envelopes. But if you try to open email on desktop or in My Docs, just takes you to Live Mail in box.

I can still send and receive emails after the above change.

Is it a update that screwed it?

Any help appreciated

Regards Shalimar
... Read more

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I hate to start with an apology, but I can't believe I'm the first to raise this point, so I'm sorry if it's already been done to death. But I've tried searching the forum, and couldn't find a relevant thread.

My issue is this. When I'm writing a new email in Windows Live Mail, like most careful users I like to save the text every now and then. It's an instinct borne of hard experience of losing data, which can happen any time with any software. I just automatically click Cltr-S periodically without even thinking about it.

Unfortunately, it appears to me that every time I do this in Windows Live Mail, the program creates a new copy of my current draft email in the relevant Drafts folder. If it's a long email, or one I'm phrasing with extra care, I can end up with maybe ten or fifteen nearly identical drafts cluttering up the folder!

This behaviour seemed so bizarre when I noticed it that I trawled through the settings, looking for a way to override it, but I can't find any reference. Am I missing something obvious? I must be!

In Outlook Express (sorry to dredge up that familiar phrase), when you do what I've described above, the software behaves logically, and simply resaves the amended draft email each time over the previous version, so that you never have more than one draft copy at any time - which is how nearly all word processors also work. Surely that's how Windows Live Mail should behave too? I realise there might be occasional instances where you would want tw... Read more

A:Multiple copies of draft emails in Windows Live Mail

Further to the posting I made a few minutes ago, I've just discovered a further aspect to this.

It appears that the problem of multiple saved copies only arises if you create a draft email, save and close it, then reopen it and edit it. From this point onward, even if you only change a single character in the email, Windows Live Mail saves an additional copy in the drafts folder.

By contrast, if you create a new email and save it during editing, but continue to edit it without closing it, WLM does NOT create multiple copies. You can alter and resave it as many times as you like, and it still only saves the original single copy. However, as soon as you close and reopen it, WLM goes into this bizarre process of creating an additional draft copy every time you edit and save it.

I just checked, and no, Outlook Express does NOT do this in the same situation!

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I am running windows7 home premium and using live mail , about 2+ weeks ago a few incoming messages are now stuck in the inbox some I have opened and some unread. When I try to delete and or move any of these emails to another folder and or delete I get an error box shows with a message that" an error occurred and cannot open -please try again later" Does anyone have a clue how to remedy this problem? Thanks for any and all responses,

A:Solved: Emails stuck in inbox windows 7 live mail

A little drastic but effective and practical if you don't have a large amount of old mail. Just delete that account from WLM and then add it right back.

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Someone I'm doing some work for has got a new computer and are needing their stuff to be transferred over from the old XP machine to the Windows 7 machine. Files weren't a problem, but something weird is happening with his email. He had multiple inboxes setup so their were multiple identity folders to go through. It didn't really matter which you picked for importing because they all get put into a new folder that's called something like "Imported mail 1, 2, 3, etc.". Some of these dbx files for things like inbox and sent are between 20 and 40 MB in size, so there's STUFF in these files, yet after importing all of these the only stuff that shows up is about a dozen or so emails that consist of the last two or three days worth, nothing older.

There is one other thing weird about this. He claimed to have had several additional folders created he would sort emails into... and if that were true, there should have been more dbx files in the identities folders named the same as those folders. They're just not there, or he was actually using something other than Outlook Express. Perhaps it was the Outlook that came with Office? In any case, it doesn't make sense that all of these dbx files, regardless of size, only have within them a handful of emails. Are there any programs out there that are free that I could use to confirm whether or not there is indeed only just those messages in there?

A:Importing DBX files from OE into Live Mail only gets last 2 days worth of emails

Does the XP machine boot so you can simply look in OE and see if the messages are displaying?

If not, copy the DBX files to a flash drive (your choice if you want to put them in a folder on the Win7 machines desktop).
Download MiTec Mail Viewer and open the DBX files with it (it will open them right on the flash).
Any messages that are not corrupted will be listed.
You can save them from MailView as EML files that can be dropped into WLM.

To make life simpler, associate the Viewer with DBX files so they will open in the program by double clicking them.
To do that, do the following.

Open the Message Store folder and right click a DBX file.
On the menu, click OPEN WITH.
Click the BROWSE button.
Locate and select the MailViewer.exe on the desktop (or wherever you downloaded it to).
Place a check in the box next to "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" and click OK.
Double clicking a DBX file should now open it with MailViewer and show what, if any messages it contains.

If MailView isn't showing what you think are ALL the messages that should be there, you can use DBXtract to try recovering them.

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