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Word 2003/Vista/MedRemote not finding Word

Q: Word 2003/Vista/MedRemote not finding Word

I have a Lenovo laptop which my husband purchased for my daughter. It came with the Vista bundle and recently he downloaded Microsoft Office Suite 2003. The laptop is set up with different users, specifically my husband as the administrator, myself with administrative authority, and my daughter with no privileges. I work as a medical transcriptionist and am planning on using the laptop when I go on trips. I downloaded Nuance MedRemote Webtop. This program has 3 components: one component with the patient demographic information, an audio player to listen to the digital voice recordings, and then a Word program. It can work with Word 2000, 2003, or 2007. I have MedRemote loaded on my main computer with Word 2000 on an XP platform and it works fine. On the laptop, however, the MedRemote cannot find the Word program. It gives me an error "Word not available." However, I do have Word 2003 and it works fine. I have run the detect and repair option on Word 2003 in the hopes that this would help, but it did not. It may be that MedRemote is not finding the "" page. Can anyone help with this? I really appreciate it!

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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.

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I am having issues with Word and Outlook 2003. I just upgraded them from 2000 and now I am running into a couple of issues. Help!

Microsoft Word 2003
- Can't highlight or select an area on my Word page with my mouse. I can use my keyboard, but that becomes quite annoying as you can imagine.

Microsoft Outlook 2003
- Can't highlight or select an area on my page with my mouse. I can use my keyboard, but that becomes quite annoying as you can imagine.
- Can't open Word document attachments only. I can open excel, pdf, etc..., but not Word.

I have restarted my pc, reinstalled office 2003, erased the profile, removed the 11.0\Word\Data registry and no luck. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Can't highlight in Word 2003 and Outlook 2003. Can't open Word 2003 attachments.

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First, let me start by saying I am not an IT computer person, I have very basic knowledge (other than what I do for a living) about computers, and I really need instructions that are easy to follow, please?

I am a medical transcriptionist. I have hundreds of auto corrects on my current computer with Windows XP Word 2002 on it. I am needing to, if possible, copy the auto corrects from Word 2002 to another computer with Windows XP Word 2003.

I also have hundred of words that I have added to spell check that it would be great if I could copy those as well.

I do have a flash drive that I can save these to.

Can someone please help me in terminology and steps that a computer dummy can understand?

Thanking you in advance.

A:Solved: Copying auto corrects from Word 2002 to another computer with Word 2003

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As above.

Is there a software upgrade i need to do.

I have the password. comes up with...

"Word experienced an error while trying to open this file"

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Can't open password protected Word 2007 document in Word 2003

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We are using Microsoft Word 2003. When running a spell check the word pubic is not flagged as being misspelled (I know it's not misspelled).

However we would like to flag it as misspelled as too many people are leaving the letter L out of the word Public and not catching it before they send out documents.

I know how to edit the Custom.dic but how do I edit the built in dictionary.


A:How to remove a correctly spelled word from Word 2003 regular dictionary

I am assuming that pubic is not a word you would use in correspondence- in which case you could use "AutoCorrect" to correct.

Tools> Autocorrect--- then give the word you don't want used and the substitute word you do want used.

If there is a time you need to use that word, you can turn off AutoCorrect when the document is finished and manually make the correction before sending it out.

I have an old version of Word (2000), so I am presuming that MS has not chaned the name of this feature.


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iam using MS office 2003 , i have copied a file of MS Office 2000 (MS Word 2000) from Network.. and when iam editing in that file wrong word is not underlying by red line, but when i am opening new and bland page of MS word 2003 , and writing some thing wrong it makes it underlying by red...i can't understand y it is happening ... i have tried lot of ways such as copied the text and paste it in new blank word page and also checked tools and options , but problem is yet there.....Any solution in your views...kindly share with me...Any body help in this regard will be appreciated...

A:MS word 2003 problem...Wrong Word didn't underline by Red Color

Hi masoodsoomro,

You didn't give any examples of which words are giving you problems.

I'm guessing that you are referring to the red squiggly underline for mis-spelt words, in which case it could be the language setting of the documents you have pulled off of your network being different to your default language.

Check what you have in Tools / Language / Set language.


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Hi all, do you know if it is possible to word-wrap text around an inserted picture in Word 2003? Basically, I'm trying to create a class reunion program with a one-page bio of a person with his/her picture in the upper right-hand corner. I have pasted a picture and positioned it where I want at the top; however, it forces the text below it downwards, which is not what I want. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Word 2003 - Insert Picture/Word Wrap Question

Select the picture

Make sure the mouse pointer is hovering over the picture and click once with the right mouse button

Click once with the left mouse button on the menu choice "Format Picture"

Select the "Layout" tab

In the section called "Wrapping Style" click once with the left mouse button on "Square"

Beneath where it says Horizontal alignment click once with the left mouse button on "Right"

Click on OK

You should be able to type text to the left of the picture.

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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Office 2007

I know how to save documents created in Word 2007 so it can be used with Word 2003 done manually.

Can someone inform me whether I can set my "save as" so documents created in Word 2007 will be always saved as default to be compatible with Word 2003?

A:Saving Documents Created in Word 2007 to be Compatible with Word 2003

You can us this compatibility update to read Office 2007 docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) In earlier versions of Office - Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Meaning you can save your Word docs in their original format and Word 2003 will read them.

You might want to check this link out as well -

As far as setting a "default" save, to be honest, I'm not sure if this can be done or not.

Hope this helps.

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At my work we have templates from Word 2003.

When we open them in Word 2007 they doesn´t work as they should.

We have for example a menu like

2 Electronics
2.1 Phones
2.1.1 Mobile phones

When you make an uppdate on the menu the sub-numbers disapear so it is
2 Electronics
Mobile phones

Also in 2003 you get a menu to the right where you can change in the list not only the types but also the numbering. Is there something like that in 2007?

A:Making Word 2003 templates work in word 2007

A couple of things.

Firstly here is an interactive guide for some of the features in 2003 - 2007. It is useful in some circumstances

In regards to using 2003 templates for 2007 - i noticed that not all things worked in the same way in 2007 especially when it came to printing (things would display differently to how they would print)

I work for a big company and i had to redesign alot of templates. Sorry.

In regards to changing the numbering, you now right click on one of the actual numbers within the document and you can change the numbering from there.

Hope that all makes sense.

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I have a folder of documents created on Word perfect X4 that I need to convert to Word 2003. I have Word 2007 but have found that some with older Word versions (before docx) have trouble opening them.

I tried the Word batch conversion utility in the program but the docs came out garbled. This would save me a lot of time.


A:Need to batch convert Word perfect X4 docs to Word 2003

It is not the conversion that is the problem, you need to make sure that Word 2007 is set to Save As "Word 97-2003" documents to be the default.

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I normally use Word 2003 for documents, although I use Outlook 2010. This morning I opened a Word 2010 document and after quite a while of some sort of an installation, I was able to open the Word 2010 document. I did not think too much of it, except that later I was sending an e-mail and attached a Word 2003 document and when I went to check it (i.e. open it up) it opened in Word 2010. How do I disable Word 2010 as my default program to open Word documents. I do not want to uninstall the program, but at this point I am not ready to learn how to use Word 2010.

A:Word 2010 is opening my word 2003 attachments

SHG818 welcome to Sevenforums!

Have you tried this tutorial?

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I have several Word 2007 documents containing forms controls that I need to make compatible with Word 2003. When I save the 2007 doc as 2003, the controls become static content. I tried replacing them with legacy controls but can't get them to work. When I insert a drop-down list box, only the first entry in the list displays and there is no drop-down arrow allowing selection of other items in the list. Can you help?

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Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Microsoft Office 2010

My user has spent years building her Auto-Text feature within Word 2003 to the point it is now, but her company just bought her a new Windows 7 Pro machine with Office 2010 installed. She asked that I migrate her Auto-Text data to Word 2010. After researching on I found that this data is stored in a file and this file needs to be migrated to (in Windows 7)
C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office.

Having done this, I now find the file I placed there in this location, as well as a new file that Word 2010 has created, but the two aren't merging. I see the new file has macros enabled... Does anyone have any ideas on how to merge these files into one file useable by Word 2010?


A:Help with migrating a Word 2003 file to Word 2010 is the global template for Microsoft Word and is stored in different locations on the system based on the version of Windows and Word.

You dont want to merge them you want to backup the existing file to something like normal.old.
Then replace the file in the correct location, which I cant research for you right now.

The bad thing about doing things like this is that if gets corrupted, all the work put in to this is lost!

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I have almost EXACTLY the same problem found in this thread:

The only difference is that I'm using Windows 7, not VIsta. I have tried to edit the registry as pointed out in post #66 of the above link but........ 1. "Word.Document.12" does not exist in the .doc folder
2. "Word.Document.12" in the .docx folder has a value of 0000
The .docx folder contains a file that reads: Word.Document.12 REG_NONE (zero-length binary value)

I'm pulling my hair out because ALL our old 2003 word docs will not associate with Word 2007. Excel and Powerpoint work fine. Opening these files the long way round is very painful and frustrating. Can anyone help please?

A:Word 2003 files will not associate with Word 2007

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All seems to work well except proofing in word 2007.  It defaults to a location called C;:\.......Microsoft/UProof, and I cannot change it to Microsoft/proof.  The file UProof does not seem to be on my computer.  I tried creating a new custom.dic, but it automatically defaults to UProof.  Is there any solution to this problem?   Thanks

A:problem running both word 2003 and word 2007 in XP PRO

Hi Esmo.For Word 2007, the Custom dictionary is actually stored within the UProof folder and Uproof should be there(earlier versions of Word used a different destination/folder called Proof). Uproof should be there (see below) and should contain your Custom.dic file.The UProof folder is located at: C:\Documents and Settings\*your user*\Application Data\Microsoft\UProofInside the folder called UProof is the Custom.DIC file, the file type of which is called Microsoft Office User Dictionary.dicFollow the path above to view the Uproof folder.To view what Word is using to proof, you should go to the Office Button, select ‘Word Options’ at the bottom.Select Proofing. Click Custom Dictionaries.If you want to read more about How to Add a Custom Dictionary in Word, go here

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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes and dropdown lists. After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates, i.e. performance review forms, OSHA First Report of Injury.

My problem is that I can't convert some of the forms to 2007. Sometimes the 2007 Protect Document feature works great and other times it doesn't work at all. I really don't undertstand what the problem is.

I tried to upload the form here but I received an error message which said that the format was invalid.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?

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I am running Vista and Word 2007. I would like to save the document as a Word 2003 document so it can be opened in older versions of Word. I use "save as" and select Save as Word 97-2003, but when I try to open this document on an older machine "Windows XP and Word 2003" it opens with a lots of symbols and then the text is jumbled into one continuous paragraph.

I know there is a complatibility pack that can be downloaded for Word 2003 that will allow users to open Word 2007 documents, but I would still like to be able to "save as" Word 97-2003 so people without this compatability pack can still open this document.

Any help?


A:Word 2007 Save As Word 2003 not working

I had almost the same problem. It seems that the save as option is 2007 does not work properly, I would rather download the compatability packet.

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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes. Unfortunately this is the software I am stuck with and no upgrade to 2010 is possible.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes to be filled by the user. I've also used links and references so that the user doesn't have to re-type some of the duplicated information throughout the form.

After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates. These forms need to be uniform throughout the department.

Several problems. I'm having a hard time familiarizing myself with Forms in Word 2007. Another issue, is that I can't get the Forms Spell Check to work like it did in Word 2003. I want my users to be able to check the protected portion of the document. They also need to be able to unprotect the document if they have to make some changes in the form.

It would be very helpful if there was a Word 2007 guide that explains the differences from word 2003 and offers an interactive training.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?

A:Word 2003 Forms being used in Word 2007; And Creating New

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Yesterday my friend send me data that was created into MS 2007, where as i have installed MS 2003 on my hme computer. They are not opening, how do i open them please help

A:can't open MS word 2007 file into word 2003

MS 2007 documents cannot be opened using MS Office 2003.

You can either get yourself a newer copy of MS Office or download and install a copy of Libre Office which will open all MS Office documents.

Libre Office is free, unlike MS Office.

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Came pre-installed as part of MS works.

Every time I open it, I have to accept the end-user license agreement. Every single time.

It's ridiculously annoying. Anybody know what I could do to fix it? Microsoft's solution center sucks, and I'm too busy to go looking for it any longer. And this site hasn't failed me yet.

A:Word 2003 on Vista

Is it the full version or a trial? If it is a trial it may be something you have to deal with until the trial is up.

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I bought a lenovo R61e with Vista and Word 07 on it. My wife is a writer and hates word 07.
I read here where you could put 2003 on a Vista OS but I tried and it says wrong OS. I copied 07 to a disk, do I need to go to control panel and get it completely off the computer?


A:Vista and word 2003

Here is a relevant thread about your topic exactly:

What I also found is that you will want to uninstall Office 2007 completely and then install 2003, and then reinstall 2007. Oldest first.

Having multiple versions of Office installed simultaneously can be problematic. Read the above thread, which addresses some of those issues.

Office 2003 will run just fine on Vista. It works for me without problems.

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I want to do two things:
1) I want to change the background color when I work on a document in word...not the color of the page, but the gray area between the page and the edge of the screen.
2) I want to change the color of xp, all I had to do was change the computer theme, but I do not know how to change the color with particular, I would like to make the toolbars silver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Word 2003 & Vista

1. Not happening in Word 2003 or previous versions.
2. That's a Windows Vista question. Wrong forum.

Welcome to Tech Support Guy!

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Thanks for the opportunity to post on this forum. There's tons of very useful information here and it's appreciated. I still haven't figured out how to get word 2003 to work right, so since I'm disappointed in Vista Home Premium and word 2003, I going to buy XP Pro 64 bit and trash Vista. I have been running Windows 7 beta on another computer and so far I like it much better. I'll probably complain about something else later. Thanks

A:Done with Word 2003 and Vista

Hi Exxout,

If you're running Windows 7, you might want to join over here at SevenForums as well. Just click on the link in my sig, if you're interested.

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I have just got Windows Vista and installed Office 2003. However, Vista doesn't recognise that .doc files are associated with MS Word and will only open them in Notepad. I have been through the Open With... panel many times, taken it to \Program Files x86\MS Office\OFFICE11\winword.exe, but this doesn't get put in the Open With.. panel.

Any ideas??? Although I can start Word and then open the files that way, it doesn't make it easy, and I have problems opening files attached to e-mails.

Strangely, Word is associated with .wbk (Word backup) files.

I've just upgraded from Office XP, where it all worked fine.

Thanks in advance - Helen

A:Windows Vista and Word 2003

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My problems with Word and Vista, haven't found anything in past posts or elsewhere to help resolve:

I have Vista Premium Home Edition (new laptop, no upgrade). Have Office 2003 Professional installed, am able to open documents in Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and other Office 2003 programs. However cannot open previously saved Word 2003 documents (get error "cannot find file"), and when attempting to start Word 2003, the system hangs and ultimately closes. I am then able to open Word in Safe Mode but after detecting and repairing, checking to make sure updates are up-to-date (SP3 etc), still no change. I have uninstalled and re-installed Office 2003, and still have same problem: Can't open/use Word 2003 with Vista OS.

This definitely seems like an issue with Word, as the other programs seem to work fine. Any clues?

A:Can't open/use Word 2003 with Vista OS

Hi, welcome to the forums your problem is most likely caused by a corruption of the universal template You will need to go to control panel, folder options, view and put a check in "show hidden files and folders" . Then open explorer and navigate to C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
Where xxxxx represents your user name

Locate Normal.Dot right click and select delete. Make sure word is not open at the time. Restart and open word Windows will create a new Template all should be good.

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I have vista (home edition) on dell laptop (xps/m1330)= pre installed
i want to use my office 2003... have disks, i did install,,, all programs work except word,,,, it keeps defaulting to some strange word program or works (both unexceptable). When I want to open a word .doc it opens in strange word program, then i have to put it on the desktop convert it (saveas) .dot//// I am working from home and have to open .dot from the internet very often.

what should I do, is there local settings on my computer that I am not using??

please help

A:vista and word 2003 issues

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Hi all.

I have an application which inserts data from an oracle database into
bookmarks in word docs. Recently I have added various formula onto the
documents which perform calculations and formatting on the data in the

My problem is that when the application is use in conjunction with Word 2003
the formula fields are updated and show the correct data when the document is
opened - in Word XP the formula fields show zeros and do not show the corrcet
data until I manually update the field.

Is this new functionality in Word 2003? Or is it a setting that is not
switched on in Word XP? I have duplicated exactly (as far as I can) settings
between both versions but to no avail.


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i need to transfer my resume from word 2007 to word 2003 because this site im trying to uplaoded to wont take the 2007 format.

I cant open a 2003 doc with 2007..

Brilliant move by Microsoft

Any Ideas?


A:Solved: Word 2007 doc to Word 2003 Doc

Firstly, Word 2007 can be set to save all documents in compatability mode (.doc instead of .docx). Just save as, or under Word options set it as the default

Secondly Word is full backwards compatible with earlier versions.

What exactly are your problems opening older document versions, what message do you get?

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I am a 3rd year university student studying Forensic Science and i have to admit im not much of a writer and these long essays absolutly kill me...i spend so much time bringing up the word count window (time i probably should be spending writing). my question there any way of having a word count always on the screen counting as i go?

does anyone know if this can be done...if so how?

please let me know if i need to download something (and where to get it) or what settings i need to change in word if that needs doing.

Many Thanks

A:Microsoft Word 2003 word counter....

View->Toolbars->Word Count

You still have to click the recount button though.

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I know this will sound lame, but I'm new to the Vista system and absolutely hate MS Word 2007, which they want me to pay $140 or so to keep after the trial version expires. Is it possible to obtain the 2003 version and install it on a laptop running Vista? I have the 97 version, believe it or not, on my desktop running XP. Don't ask me how I got it; it didn't come with but knew a techie guy at my office and he just did it. I have tried a file transfer, but just doesn't seem to work. I thought if I could find the 2003 version, it might. Any ideas?

A:Can I download MS Word 2003 to a Vista laptop?

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cannot find in file manager to save changes.

A:Solved: word 2003 using vista

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I installed Vista Ultimate on my MacBook on Monday, and have been having trouble with Office (in one form or another) ever since. I am attempting to use Office Professional Edition 2003, but whenever I try to open Word (or to read/reply/create an email), Word will crash, saying that "Microsoft Office Word has stopped working", then it asks me if I want the software to check for a solution online, or if I just want to close.

I should also mention, that when I try to open a word document after it crashes, it opens 3 documents (Document1, the "restored" version of the file I am trying to open, and the actual file itself). This number gets bigger the more times I open Word. Also, a colleague suggested deleting the file, as this can be the root of Word start up issues, but it did not help.

This is driving me absolutely bonkers, especially since I can only get about a two sentence email out before Word dies. I have all the current updates for Vista and Office '03, so I know a lack of updates is not the issue. Any help/tips/solutions will be GREATLY appreciated.

Oh, and if you can tell me how to stop the EULA from coming up every time I open an Office product, that would be super, too.

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I've been running MS Word 2003 (with Office 2003) on Vista for quite a while. I've had no problems other than a growing frustration at the delay that occurs everytime I change between word documents or back to a Word document from any other screen. As soon as I flick back to an MS 2003 word document there is a delay of between 2-10 seconds while my laptop stops and thinks. No such problem occurs when I flick between Excel docs or Powerpoint docs. I don't have any other problems with my laptop which is udner 6 months old.

The delay is driving me nuts as my work increasingly requires me to work on several documents at the same time. I've found some references to the problem being called DDD (Document Delay Doom) and instructions as to how to stop it for Word 2007 when running on Vista, but not for Word 2003.

Anybody any suggestions?

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Merge to email does not seem to work using Word 2003 with Excel on Vista.

Word doc is merged with Excel spreadsheet that contains names and email addresses. The application works perfectly on Win XP but on the new Vista machine it works perfectly up to the point of clicking the merge to email icon on Word's merge toolbar, which is grayed out on the vista machine but fine on the xp machine.

Just to check my own sanity, i copied both word doc and spreadsheet over to my xp machine and it works fine. So Vista seems to be the culprit.

In a google search I turned up very little on the problem -- suggesting user error on my part -- but i did find a reference to the need for a win.ini entry (vista apparently does not have a win.ini) and then some other reference (though nothing substantive) about using a registry to supplant the win.ini entry.

I know the simple answer is to run it on the xp machine (mine) and not on the Vista machine (my wife's). Nuf said about that option.

Thanks in advance for any help.


A:Merge to Email Problem - Word 2003 on Vista

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Most times I go to save a new word file from Word 2003 to a network drive I get the bliuse screen of death with an RDR_File_system error - hard reboot always required

It used to take place intermittently but is now almost every time.

I attach the jcgriff zip files in two parts to stay within the 1.96MB limit

A:BSOD Vista + Word 2003 + Network Drive

I hope this is not out of order.....

Anyone able to help please?

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Hi all,
I just switched OS from XP Media Center 2005 SP3 to Vista Home Premium SP1 x64. I moved all of my MS Word files over to the new OS. Now I need to know if I can install my copy of 2003 Word on Vista x64 and have it run properly, and open my 2003 Word files. MS Office 2007 Home/Student comes with EXcel and PP which I would never use and would be a waste of money for me.
Any information on this would be most appreciated.

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 in Vista Home Premium x64

it should work fine. you will have to reinstall any office updates and/or service packs, though.

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I've got some strange behavior going on with .doc files at the moment. Whenever I try to open a .doc file from Windows Explorer or a desktop shortcut, Word opens with the error message "Word experienced an error trying to open the file. Try these suggestions. * Check the file permissions for the document or drive. *Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space. *Open the file with the Text Recovery converter."

After clicking OK, the .doc file then opens in Word, apparently with no problems at all (I can edit, save, etc.). So basically the error message seems to be wrong, since the file does open properly.

I can open .doc files from within Word (File -> Open) with no error message.

The issue is more of an annoyance than anything else (since the file eventually opens up just fine), but I imagine it'll just become more irritating as time goes on. Any suggestions on how to resolve it? I've been poking around in the Folder Options -> File Types in Explorer without a clear sense of purpose.

I'm running MS Word 2003 SP3 on Windows XP Service Pack 3. If you need any further info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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I'm trying to make a logo for my blog using word art. I did each letter as an individual word art, pasted them in paint to save them as a *.jpg file, and then put them back into word, hoping that I could stack them, but as yet, I've had no luck. I really want a "G" hooked and kind of hanging down from the letter "C". How can I do that? I have publisher 2003 too, if I could do it there instead. Sort of like this, except connected together (and without the dashes, of course):


A:Stacking Word Art Word 2003

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I have a doc created using Word 2003. the doc is around 60 pages having text, Visio drawings (pasted as pic) and 2 sections- portrait section and landscape section.
When opening it in Word XP, in print layout view, word continuously repaginates the doc. In each movement in the doc a message in the status bar appears- Word is repaginating the doc. this action is performed continuously and the display of the doc "shakes".
In the first attempt, I just attempted to open it using Word XP.
In the second attempt- I saved the doc as word97-2009 & 6.0/95-RTF(*.doc). word converted it and from 1.7M file it became around 25M. The problem I described persisted.
Can someone assist?

A:converting word 2003 doc to Word XP

Check out this page and see if the info helps.

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When I open in Word 2003 (Windows XP) a highly formatted document which was created in Word 97 (Windows 98), the formatting is ruined. I was careful to copy all fonts used in the document to the new computer. There seems to be some small difference in the two programs which upsets the formatting. Any ideas other than re-formatting or trying to find a copy of Word 97 for my new computer?

Elizabeth Tilton

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I have some documents that were created in Word Pro on Windows 98 - I am needing to get them into Word format and can't find any import filters - can anyone help please?


A:Convert Word Pro To Word 2003

1. Try File-Open, change the files of type to Recover text from any document (please don't forget to change it back when you're done).

2. What happens when you try to open them now?

3. Do you have WordPro? Can you Save as to Word FIRST?

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I want to get ms word 2007
If I install it will it wipe out all my ms word 2003 docs?

any known glitches or issues I should be aware of?

Also My friend has Vista and a trail version of 2007 expired-If the purchased version of 2007 is installed will it cause any problems?
thanks so much

A:MS Word 2003 and MS Word 2007

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You're going to want to uninstall MS Office 2003 before installing Office 2007. This will not remove your documents. However, its always a good idea to create a backup of your documents before doing such a thing.

If you have a product key for Office 2007 you can use that with a trial to activate the product.

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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I currently use an XP system, and Office XP (2002). I want to transfer and use my file from the XP system INTO a Vista PC and it's Office 2007.

Has anyone been successful doing this? Does it work?

A:Can from Word 2002 work in Word 2007 (Vista)?

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I have windows vista and ms word 2003. After attempting to save a document to a memory stick, directly through the save function in ms word, the screen froze. After pressing ctrl alt delete ms word flashed as running, not responding and then running again. Returning to it it had a problem and had to be closed and my file had gone from the memory stick. After restarting windows, the file itself opened in notepad and was complete nonsense. I understand this is because of associations between vista and word 2003, which is why it opened in notepad. I have tried decoding the nonsense, using the language function this does not work. Is this a problem with the memory stick, my computer or both? More importantly, is there any possible way I can retrieve this file. I havent ever set the system up for autosave or anything and only learned of its existence when I searched for solutions online. Please Please Please. Any help would be wonderful


A:Please help me! Memory stick/MS Word 2003/Windows Vista. LOST FILE CRISIS!

Have you downloaded and install Office 2003 Update Service Pack 3?

If so, the SP3 has disabled the ability for your Office 2003 Word application to open certain file types.

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Windows Vista Home

Installed Microsoft office 2003 Installed custom install of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. They all work you can type in them and print the page ect. However all of them if you go to save the file such as a word doc to the desktop like always did type whatever and then go to file and save as have the file named etc and with all of them it comes up with an error sayin

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. YOu can save a file from any of them, like I said you can open them and do whatever you want and print them out but cannot save them. Can someone tell me why I am gettting the error and why it wion't save?

A:Solved: Windows Vista-problem with Microsoft word 2003 won't save a file get error me

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I have created in Microsoft Word 2003 on an XP OS some lengthy documents. I created them using a view setting of 150%.

I sent them to my employer, who is using Windows 98 and Microsoft Word 97. My boss opened them with his system and they displayed on the screen at a view of 200%. He wants me to send him Word documents that he can open from the CD-R that I send that will automatically display at 100% view on the screen so that he does not have to set the view for each document as it displays.

So what is the answer.

Is there a way that I can save my created documents so that when my boss gets them on a CD-R that they will open on his system at a view setting of 100%.

Is there also a way that his system can be set to default to 100% in reading from the CD-R.

My boss does not want to copy the documents to the system hard disk from my sent CD-R, preferring to read and copy directly from the CD-R that I send, so that the original documents will not accidentally be changed.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting

Welcome to BCWhat if he were to download Word 2003 Viewer?Mark

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i created a publication in word xp an recently upgraded to office 2003.

When i try to open the file using word 2003, the writing and images move slightly to the left of all the pages. When i check all settings in the publication and compare the two, all settings in word 2003 appear to be the same as the settings in word xp, however, it is not viewed the same and when i try to print it, it also does not print correctly. All data and images are slightly moved to the left of the page.

Anyone come across this weird issue? If so, how did you fix it?

A:word xp and word 2003

Margins, Gutter, Paper size,Tab settings? have a look at them all.

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We just purchased the Student/Teacher edition of Office 2003 to install on my daughter's computer. It can go on up to 3 computers, so I am thinking of putting it on mine, as well. Right now I am using Word 97, and I want to be sure that my and .acl files from 97 will work with 2003, as I don't want to lose my macros and autotext files.

Any thoughts?


A:Word 97 to Word 2003


I'm not a Word MVP.

I imagine you're going to want to completely uninstall Word 97--which won't remove the file, by the way--and delete the Word 97 file before installing 2003. As fickle as is, I'd be worried about corrupting it somehow during the upgrade. I don't know about Autotext files, but I'll bet .acl files haven't changed that much during the interim. As for your macros, you can export your current's module and import it into the newer version. You'd have to recreate your toolbars and menubars.

If you have a custom dictionary, you'll want to port that too, probably.


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I have a question.Windows finding utility is not so good.Some time it can not find
words.I want a good software for finding word.

A:Word Finding Software

shehzad_umar said:

I have a question.Windows finding utility is not so good.Some time it can not find
words.I want a good software for finding word.Click to expand...

Hi shehzad_umar,

I use grep32 available at:

It will search for words or phrases in .txt and any other files you choose after you point it to a folder to search. Not necessary to register if you don't want to.

-- Tom

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i need help finding microsoft word because i delted everything on my computer and started brand new. Unfortunately the windows disk didnt have it on so yeah...i was dling it off limewire but iono if its the real thing

A:finding microsoft word

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Completely baffled. I've sync'd Windows mail with my Gmail account, everything back and forth is fine. Trying to send email w/attachments from Word 2003 results in nothing-no error, no nothing. I have the 'mail' icon on Word 2003 set, I can access the 'send to mail recipient' on 'file' so that I can enter email addresses to send the attached file to whomever-but when I click Send...nothing. I am absolutely at my wits end, and I can't self diagnose this to fix it. Again, my Gmail and Windows Mail are sync'd fine-can send msgs back and forth. About to blow a gasket on this, have depositions to send and can't! thanks so much

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I am using the mail merge wizard in Word 2003 to create address mailing labels from a mailing list I saved in an Excel 2003 worksheet.

Everything is fine, I've tested is several times. But there's one very aggravating little problem.

The labels are all created with a space in front of the first line (name) on each and every label.

I want them to look like this:

John Smith
123 Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22901

But instead they all look like this (the underscore I typed in is actually just a blank space):

_John Smith
123 Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22901

I've tried everything I can think of.

The spreadsheet cells for names do not have an extra space in them before the names. I have one column in the spreadsheet called Name that has the entire name of the person I want to appear on the first line, so I'm not using separate values for first name and last name, it's just one: Name.

Please advise. Thanks so much!

A:Labels-Mail Merge,Word 2003 & Excel 2003-space at beg.of 1st line

Yup. It's a PITA. You need to NOT use the Address Block. Instead, insert the individual fields. See this article:

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I have Word 2003 and 2013 installed on my computer. Word 2013 can't edit files with custom XML elements, so I want to use 2003 to open them. However, whenever I double-click an XML file, it launches 2013. I tried to fix this by selecting "open with" and browsing for Word 2003. But whenever I do that, the program that appears in the open with dialog box is Word 2013--not 2003. I can't select Word 2003 from any open with dialog box from anywhere because of this. How do I fix this?

A:Word 2013 and 2003 installed; default programs won't recognize 2003

It's actually best recommended not to have 2 versions of MS office at the same time, but I guess yours is a special case.

Try opening Word 2003 and open your document from there. See if it works.

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HI again

I'm a bit new to Java programming and was wondering how i would find the longest word. (In this context a word is taken to mean any sequence of characters which does not contain a space).

So, if a string object had the following state :

This is a test_string (to illustrate) a line containing several words.

The state of the string object is created from the contents of a file.

I'm absolutely stumped as to how to create the code for this

A:Finding the longest word (Java)

i take it that is a no

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I'm running Word 97 on Windows 2000 and I'd like to know a couple of things.

When you insert a cross reference into a document, it comes in with gray shading behind it, presumably to set it off from other text. Our documents are viewed online and we don't like the way this looks. Is there any way to turn off the shading?

Also, is there an easy way to find broken cross references in Word? In FrameMaker you can search for Unresolved Cross References. Is there a similar function in Word or do you just have to manually pass through your document looking for them?



A:Formatting and finding X-refs in Word 97

Hi Tim,

Field shading is controllable under Tools > Options > View tab.

I don't know any way to find errors directly but you can skip from field to field - all fields via the browser - or all fields or just REF (or any other type) fields using the Goto (F5) Dialog

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how does one find word documents in an external drive?

I cannot find previous word documents on the old HD, since previous PC died

all I have been able find is a few recent docs,nothing shows up under *.doc or name searches ,or under user/my docs

A:Finding word documents in old drive?

Hi pcmac55, and welcome to TSG.

Did you set the options to search sub-directories, hidden folders and system folders?

Is it possible that documents on the old computer were saved to the internal system drive, rather than the external drive?

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We have Pc's that run XP Pro & a server that runs Win2000 Server. We are running Office 97 that is installed on all pcs and server. I moved some files around to different drives for space & then mapped the pc's accordingly. One of the users is saying that before I moved the files, they would come up in alphabetic order. This is when you would open the program then open the file through file/open in the Word or Excel program. I did not notice when moving them that they were in any order. I looked every place I could think of in the programs to indicate order it finds the files but cannot find any thing. Can anyone help me with this. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Finding files in Word & Excel

In File-Open dialog, they just need to hit the proper sort column. Has nothing to do with what you did...

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Hi - just looking for some help as getting a bit annoyed cos it's not working

I've got a table which contains people's details.

What I'm trying to do is if the person has no date of birth on file (i.e. they are over 18 year of age) for the merge to put a tick into a column, but if the person has a date of birth on file (i.e. under 18 years of age) for the merge to leave the column blank.

The column after this will contain the date of birth (if any).

In the over 18 box I've put the following function:

As each form will contain anything from 1 to 8 records, the lines which wouln't contain any merged data (i.e. if only 4 names to merge into a form, the last 4 rows of the form would be blank) - but it keeps merging in a ticked box for all the rows, even if there is only one row of data.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

A:Mail Merge - Help with Word 2003 & Excel 2003 using IFstatements

This does not sound like a merge function, it sounds like you are just validating data in a cell and based on that cells content putting a check in a check box.

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I have a number of standard letters which require a dropdown box to be populated with a list of over 25 names.

When thinking this through, I figured that it would be best (due to restrictions on the network so I'm unable to use an access database) to produce this list in Excel 2003. Along with corresponding lists of email and telephone numbers.

Unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to get the information onto the dropdown.

So far the code I have is:
Private Sub UserForm_Click()

'Define Variables
Dim xlNames As Excel.Workbook
Dim rsNames As Recordset
Dim cmbNames As ComboBox
Dim i As Integer
Dim SocServs As Worksheet

'open the spreadsheet to access the information
Set xlNames = Excel.Workbooks.Open("C:\Documents and Settings\00772367\My Documents\SocServs.xls")
'set up and activate the appropriate worksheet
Set SocServs = xlNames.Application.Sheets("SocServs")

'retrieve the information from the named column in the spreadsheet
Set rsNames = SocServs.Columns(1, 1)
i = 0

With rsNames
' This code populates the combo box with the values
' in the Names column of that there spreadsheet (I fervently hope).

Do Until .EOF
cmbNames.AddItem (i)
cmbNames.Column(0, i) = .Fields("Names")
i = i + 1

End With
End Sub
There's a few errors in there, which I can't seem to surmount. The coding doesn't seem to recognise the fact that I've got a named range in t... Read more

A:Populate a dropdown box in Word 2003 from a list in Excel 2003

Is there any particular reason why you are needing to do this using VBA? You can populate a cell with your multiple choice options using Excel's built in Data Validation feature. Simply select the cell you want the options to appear in and click DATA --> VALIDATION and then select "ALLOW LIST" from the options. Then select the range of cells that contains your list of names.


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i have the hardest time trying to get the formatting in otlook 2003 right; basically, i need to send a press release so i draft a cover letter ; after that, i paste the press release (in word 2003) into outlook; it looks fine before sending but when i send it to myself (both in oe and outlook), the received mail's format doesnt look quite the same as what was sent

ie. some paragraphs are underlined and i cant seem to get rid of it; i tried the reveal code to figure out where the underline came from but no luck so far

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help with this would be very appreciated.

We run windows xp, word 2003 and excel 2003

we have created a mail-merge between our database of patients in excel and word, but when we come to the section where we tick the boxes next to the people required for the mail-merge we can select only 1 or 2 or 100, but when the mail-merge goes to the next section it has reverted to selecting the whole database of patients, which when your trying the send a letter to only a few people and it instead tries to print 5000+ letters is annoying to say the least.

i have tried changing the database to running from access, and i have started fresh and re done the mail-merge letter but this is all to no avail as the same error occurs???

any ideas,
please help

A:Mail merge problem using excel 2003 and word 2003

There may be some bad data within the columns that may be causing your issue. Look to see if there something out of the ordinary within the dataset you are trying to use for the mail merge. I think one may be column headings with spaces in them and another may be where two or more rows may have meen merged in your spreadsheet.

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My problem is this.  I often proofread documents for people, one of whom ends up with many extra spaces between words where they're not supposed to be.  I'm trying to get Word 2010 to highlight these for me automatically but it doesn't seem to want to.  It does highlight and this for me when I'm typing so I'm not sure why it's not highlighting it for other peoples extra spaces.  Is there a way to force it reevaluate the document and find these?
Right now I just change the document to a  font that's easier to see the spaces and manually scan, but this gets old in a 30 page document.

A:Finding doubled spaces in Word 2010

I usually do this with the search & replace feature.
Simply search for "  " (2 spaces) and replace it with " " (1 space).
Is that an option for you?

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I have used my Lexmark Software to scan a resume and make it a pdf file. It is not in microsoft word. I need to know how to find the pdf file and how to convert it to my microsoft word so that I can edit it. Please help. Thanks

P. S. The pdf file is located in my Lexmark info but I don't know how to get it to microsoft word in order to edit it.

A:Finding and converting my PDF files to microsft word


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Okay I have 2 issues that I can't figure out if there is a way to get word to act the way I want.

When not using word as an email editor and you compose an email but do not send the email. Then you perform a file/print this printout prints the person the email is from, the To and CC and the subject and the body of the email.

When you turn on Word 2003 as the editor you only print the body of the email with no subject and no To and CC.

When not using word as an email editor and you add contacts the interface shows the To people from the contacts list as Firstname Lastname; Firstname Lastname and so on.

When you turn on word as the email editor you get Firstname Lastname <email>; Firstname Lastname <email>

Is there any way to run with Word 2003 as the email editor but have these 2 functions work the way outlook operates without it being the editor?

Basically I have a woman who loves using words advanced clipart and other functions but has to have these 2 settings to be enabled (the non email address showing just the contact name and the format of the whole email being printed not just the body)

A:Oultook 2003 with Word 2003 as email editor

shameless bump still not solved.

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I originally posted this question on November 3, 2010 in the Email section and in spite of many views, there were no replies. That is when I thought I might be going about asking the question the wrong way.

Windows XP - SP3 Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook 2003

I use Word as my email editor for Outlook. I had had a problem or two awhile back and I used the Detect and Repair Function that comes with Outlook 2003. Problems cleared up HOWEVER I got a new and IMHO worse problem: my emails that are advertisements like Newegg, TigerDirect, Overstock, etc. are fine but anything else that is actually text that is sent to me comes in very, very small and I can not find a way to change it. I have looked everywhere in Outlook; Microsoft online, and Google. Sample attached.

I can't find it and it is driving me crazy. If anyone could help, I'd sincerely appreciate it!

Thank you for your time.

A:Word 2003 used as email editor for Outlook 2003

Hi and welcome to TSG.

From the main Outlook Mail screen, try ...

Tools ->
Options ->
Mail Format Tab ->
"Fonts ..." button in Stationery and Fonts section ->
"Choose Font ..." button under "When composing and reading plain text"

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This appears to be a common problem, with many solutions, though I have yet to find one that works for me. When using Outlook 2003 with Word 2003 set to be the email editor, Word opens and works fine to CREATE a new email. However, when trying to REPLY TO or FORWARD an email, I get the error message "Microsoft Word is set to be your email editor. However, Word is unavailable, not installed, or is not the same version as Outlook. The outlook email editor will be used instead...," and when I click OK to that message the native Outlook email editor opens. Word 2003 worked fine with Outlook 2003 replying to or forwarding emails till this morning, but the behavior described above now applies. The OS, by the way, is Windows 10. I have tried to both "repair" and "reinstall" the 2003 Office 2003 suite, both to no avail. Would appreciate a much needed solution to this puzzle.

A:Outlook 2003 Can't Use Word 2003 As Email Editor

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For the past two weeks I have noticed that hyperlinks placed in email I am sending are being stripped by Outlook. I use Word 2003 as the email editor. I can write an email, insert (or have automatically convered) emails but if I either send or save those emails, the hyperlinks are removed. The problem does not occur if I use Outlook's email editor.

I have made no setting changes on my system, except moving from XPSP2 beta to XPSP2 Final.

A:Word 2003 hyperlinks stripped in Outlook 2003

Security by MS turned on by default in the final version.

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Please let me know if there is a way of finding the number of pages in a microsoft word document (not programatically ) before opening it.

This would be of hlep in my deciding what to pay to my printer administrator even before opening the document

A:finding the number of pages in a microsoft word document

I dont know of any software that can count pages without opening a document.

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I have created a 130 page report in MS Word that consists of figures and tables created in and linked from MS Excel. The idea is that this will be an annual document that will be updated on a regular basis. When updating, people would simply make the changes in the excel file and the Word file would automatically update. This was the plan...

The problem is when I try to update the links only about the first 60 pages update. After that I get this error " Error! Not a valid link". While I can maually update this by selecting the message and clicking F9, the size of the table has changed and the font changes from Arial to Times New Roman.

Any idea of how I can fix this. I spent about a week designing this and making sure all tables and figures fit nicely on the page.

Thanks for any and all help.

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I want to merge 1 record from Access 2003 to Word 2003. After trying everything, I finally was able to get a process working where I opened Word and then ran a Word macro to run the merge, passing . However, it stopped working, and I can't figure out why. I haven't changed anything.

The problem is the same one that all the other attempts run into - Word 2003 won't let me connect to the database when the merge file is opened, if a record is open in Access.

I tried having my code in Access close the form, but that didn't work. However, if I manually close all the forms, so only the database window is open, then I can open the merge form manually in Word without any problem.

When I run the macro, Word askes me to connect to the database, then bombs out, saying it is locked or Admin hasn't given permission.

Anyone know a way to get Access to merge to Word?

A:Merge Access 2003 to Word 2003

Have you change from XP to Vista or a later version of Windows? OS security changed the way things behave in the newer Windows operating systems.

Connecting to an open file isn't the best practice anyway. Forms are often linked to tables which is probably why closing the forms works for you. A possible solution, if its important to keep the database open, is to make a copy of the table thats desired for the merge and update the copy as needed.

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I just bought a new computer - a Gateway GT5028. This is a Windows Media Center 2005 machine with an Athlon64 3800+, 3GB RAM. The first apllication I installed was MS Office 2003 complete - all options - except Outlook and Infopath. Everything works fine except for 1 big thing. When I go to create a new document using the NEW DOCUMENT link on the START menu the usual dialog box pops up. However, none of the links that utilize MS Word work. The message that I receive is: "The program assoiated with the selected template cannot be started, or the program cannot use the selected template." I have repaired and reintalled many times. I am now looking for another solution if one can be found. I did not have this problem on my other computer. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:MSOffice 2003 - Word 2003 and a new computer

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I am running Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Services enabled and was wondering if there are any compatibility problems with installing Word 2003. Microsofts website says Windows 2000 with SP3, Windows XP, or later as OS requirements but that is very general.

Thanks in advance, Dave

A:Word 2003 and Windows Server 2003

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I would like to be able to click on a name in a Word 2003 doc and instead of it using smart tags to access Outlook's contacts I need it to pull from an Access2003/Excel2003 Database. I don't even need the smart tags menu that gives options to appear, I simply want to see contact information from the db come up in place of that or just have one option come up that opens a small window displaying this contact information.

Any suggestions on how to code this with VBA or any third party apps or plug ins or anything?

A:Word 2003 Query Access 2003

mcollins4, welcome to the Forum.
You can communicate with other MS applications, see the Word VBA Editor's Help Topic
Communicating with Other Applications

But I think you might find that this does want you want, with a bit of modification.

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Does anyone noe weather vista Microsoft word support the old formated ones? Or is there any plug-in needed to support?

A:Does Vista Microsoft Word Support Old Format Microsoft Word?

I'm assuming you're talking about the new office 2007? meaning word 2007?

If that is the case, then yes it does run older versions of word. In the sense that if you have a word document that was made and saved in Word 2003 it would work in 2007.

Just like when you make something in word 2007 you are able to save it as a Word 03-07 document so it works on both versions of Microsoft Word.

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"I'VE TRIED TO FIX TH... Read more

A:All Word Docs In My Documents Changed To Word Pad, When Word Docs Added From A Disk.

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I have microsoft office 2003 and it was working fine. I had some updates installed a couple days ago that apparently should have been installed in 2007 from windows update.After this Word has stopped working. Now it says that word has encountered a problem and must close. Sorry for inconvenience.... Did a repair on it . Can only open in safe mode. Please help I need this.


A:word 2003

Ouch .... that must be so frustrating!

Have you tried to uninstall the updates? If you go into your Control Panel (assuming your using Windows of course), and then Add and Remove programs, make sure the "show updates" option at the top is checked. If the update appears, uninstall it and see if that helps.

Otherwise, you might have to do a system restore to a restore point just prior to the update. By the way, I had a similar problem when I tried to install a demo version of the new Word program (I still use Word 2002!!!). I finally had to uninstall the demo and repair the old program.

Worse case scenario -- uninstall and reinstall your office 2003 (I **HATE** that option!)

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Everytime I have Word running my system slow right down. So I went to the task manager and it show it takeing up about 60% of my CPU usage constantly. I thought it would go down after I let it sit awhite but it didn't. I also that it may be paticular document but no... it does any time word is open. Could I have a macro running? If so how do I get rid of them. Can I unistall the reinstall with this put word back to its original state.


A:ms word 2003

It is quite common for a corrupt "" file to create havoc in Word, this will not be fixed by an uninstall/reinstall.

Start at step 3 (scroll down) on this site, and delete "" (a new one will be created when you launch Word)

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On my home PC I have Word 2003 (as part of Office).
Am I able to upgarde this to the latest version or do I have to buy the latest version seperately?


C h r e d g e.

A:Word 2003

You will need to buy a copy of Office 2007 or 2010 (the latest). You can buy just Word 2007 or 2010, but it will not work well with the other 2003 programs.

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I have an XP o.s. and I can save to my documents in word 2003 as an administrator, but not as a user. Where do I go to fix this?

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For some reason, Word text documents have started printing in red.
Any idea how I can get it to print in black as it used to do?

A:Word 2003

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when the user inserts a picture in word 2003 it shows up as a hyper link, if I open the document on my computer I get the actual picture, The user must press CTRL+Shift+ F9 to be able to see the picture. I think it is a option or setting in word but I have sreached and could not see anything. Any help with this is very much appreciated.


A:Word 2003

Are we talking about;

insert/picture/from file ?

Or some other way?

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I in error deleted word 2003. how do I reinstall it without using my windows xp disc. I have the key #'s.



A:word 2003

do you have the office 2003 cd?

I guess you can try downloading the latest service pack for microsoft office 2003

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Hello everybody,
I'm having some difficulties opening some documents in Word 2003. I had previously saved the documents directly onto a flash drive, without thinking of the possible consequences of not backing up the files someplace else. That was ok, until I lost the flash drive somewhere in my house, and though I've looked everywhere, I can't seem to find it. When I checked my recent documents folder, only shortcuts to the documents remained, and they do not work. Now I am unable to open the documents I was working on; when I try, a box appears and says that the file is corrupted. Is there any way I can recover the files from the computer without the flash drive?

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On a new document the background turns black soon as I start get around the problem I just turn the background to gray to see what I'm typing........Every time I start a new document it does the same..............

A:Word 2003

Go to Tool, then select Option, then General tab. You may find something about this problem. I will find out more if the problem still exists

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I am having a problem saving files from word. it gives me the following message: "Word cannot save or create this file. Make sure that the disk you want to save the file on is not full etc, etc." How do I deal with this? The disk is more than 50% free.

A:Word 2003

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I have windows XP Pro and I installed Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Editions 2003 and everything was working fine until recently, when all of sudden WORD starting giving me problems. It will not open my documents, it just flashes then goes down to the tool bar on the bottom. I’m able to open all the other programs. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Office 2003 and still the same problem.

A:2003 Word

It may be a corrupt problem. Try finding all files (search hidden files and folders) and either delete them or rename them. Hope that helps.

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One of my users is having a problem with word attachments. Every time that he opens one, word opens up in Final Showing Markup mode, which allows reviews and changes to be seen. Has anyone come across this before, every other word document that he open i.e. is on his local drives open up as you would expect?

Any ideas

A:Word 2003

Sorted now!!!

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I am running office 2000 but word is very unstable. i would ugrade to office 2003 but it dosent come with access so the only option i have for now is to install word 2003 only. i cant upgrade to office xp or 2007 as i am doing this at work.
is there anything specific i need to do like rename any files etc or can i do a straight install??

A:word 2003

Office 2003 Professional comes with Access. Maybe you don't have a suitable edition?

You can upgrade only the available Office components no problem.

Are you sure something like a clean install of Office 2000 and applying all the service packs and updates wouldn't work?

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Does anyone know about a book manuscript rewriting software for word 2003?

I've just written a book using word 2003 and would like to find a software that could help me rewrite and edit sentences and even whole paragraphs.

I use Win XP. Just need a software compatible with word 2003 that could suggest a better way to write a sentence I've just written and help with grammar too.

thank you.

A:Word 2003

Word has a build in grammar checker have you used it?

There are many others available just use and seach for: grammar checker

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