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Seamlessly Switch to best Network Connection

Q: Seamlessly Switch to best Network Connection

I have two wireless routers set up in my home running on different SSIDs. How do i configure the network connections so that it automatically connects to the one with the strongest signal (which depends on where I'm using the laptop)?? When i use the same ssid on both routers it doesn't seem to siwtch to strongest signal. One other bit of info -- one access point is 2.4ghz wireless G the other is a dual band (2.4 and 5ghz) wireless N.

A: Seamlessly Switch to best Network Connection

That's the difference between consumer-grade wifi equipment and the premium stuff which costs big bikkies. The latter can seamlessly "roam" when a user moves through an office building with her laptop, always establishing an association between the wireless NIC and the WAP with the currently strongest signal.

What you want is probably impractical unless your wifi NIC drivers export "accessor" functions which would allow your code to poll for or subscribe to events corresponding to significant signal strength changes. Then you'd have to code the solution yourself (unless the NIC manufacturer already provides a utility or sample code), and that would be far from a trivial exercise.

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Am a new Networking BEE I had built a small network of 20 systems at my office and there I had connected a switch and router.

All the switch ports have been covered by all the systems and one port is given to the router

And also I connected a HUB to the switch ..

It works fine for my internet connections to all the systems but how do i make authentication of passwords and username to my network systems from one server which I use server 2003 at one system

let me know the detailed step by step procedure to build.........

I would feel very happy If at all any Suggestions for me to make my Business grow.....

As early as possible ................

Thanks in Advance


A:Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

>>I use server 2003 at one system

you need to enable Network Login, but that requires that win2003 have

a domain controller
a DHCP service
and a DNS service.
the Domain Controller is just another name for LDAP and it becomes the control point
for all systems.

get some books on Configuring Win2003 Server

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Hi Everyone,

I just got a brand spankin' new notebook and am very happy with the wireless connection. However, there are times when I have my notebook plugged in and want to go wireless. I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to do this without being disconnected from everything I'm working on?

I've got an Inspiron 5150, running Windows XP Pro.



A:Wired to Wireless Seamlessly

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My documents are located in D:\Dropbox\MyOwnDocuments

I no longer use Dropbox; so I would like to move them all to D:\MyOwnDocuments

Problem is that I have many portable programs there, and also program files and program data for programs running from my C drive. Not to mention various other shortcuts to documents or folders in D:\Dropbox\MyOwnDocuments

Is there a quick way to check which programs / shortcuts need to be changed? Or (better) is there a way to change these paths automatically?

Thanks for any input.

A:How to change paths seamlessly?

Use subst cmd to fool things they are still in the same location Subst

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I just wanted to know how I can tile this image seamlessly. Is there some type of free software that would do it for me?

A:Solved: Seamlessly tiling an image

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I want to swap out my promise parallel raid card for a silicon image raid card without having to reload my OS.

Is there a seamless way to load the new silicon image raid driver into WinXP, then swap the card itself and boot back up??
Any help is appreciated!

A:How do I seamlessly swap a raid card?

Seamless? Probably not.

Here's something that will probably work, but it's not seamless. Install the Silicon Image raid drivers on the current setup. Do an Image backup with something like Acronis True Image or Norton GHOST to a non-RAID drive. Install the new RAID controller, restore the image back to the new RAID array, and boot up.

I've installed a couple of RAID systems by first installing the O/S onto a non-RAID drive, then GHOSTing it to the RAID array after the fact. Worked just fine...

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Right, so. My sis got a computer a couple of days ago. We're both very new to vista, but I'm a bit more of a comp wonk, so when it started to bug up a little, I thought I'd play around with it to get a handle on the system.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting a handle on the system. It's not my computer, so I can't tell you every spec right now, and I don't even have access to it at the moment. So this thread is, for now, a bit of a hail-mary pass. If the problem is recognizable enough to diagnose from my scant details, awesome. If not, I'll post them as I discern them.

That being said, the problem is this; as far as my tests have led me to believe, in full screen games only, my sound lags. Usually during cut-scenes, but sometimes during gameplay itself. But the thing is, it's strangely seamless. There's no crackle or distortion. A slight pause, and then the sound cuts off while the video goes on. After about 7-12 seconds, the sound comes back right where it left off, only now the video is obviously out of sync with it.

It's a 32 bit os, multicore processor, 4 gigs ram, Nvidia 7600 GT card. Every driver is up to date unless I made a mistake with the updating processes, and the audio chipset is the intel soundmax hd audio(I couldn't find any drivers for this chipset, so it's probably running at out of box drivers. The auto update told me they were up to date, but I've never trusted that thing, sooo.)

Thanks for reading if you've made it down this far. Ordinar... Read more

A:My audio is lagging seamlessly in fullscreen games

You should uninstall the audio drivers and then google them for the latest, Microsoft won't always detect the latest drivers. Also check your event log when you get a chance and see if it mentions anything about driver performance. You can also check this in the performance panel of the Contreol Panel.

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I have Avast on my machine and would like to make a clean transition to Avira to avoid leftover traces. Any advice appreciated!

A:Want to uninstall Avast and install Avira (seamlessly)

Hello there,You will want to uninstall Avast the 'normal' way - via Programs & Features in Control Panel.If the installation process failed for some reason, use Avast Clear to remove it instead.Then install Avira.A word of advice: If you want to use Avira's Web Protection, do NOT remove the Avira Toolbar under all circumstances!Hope this helps.Regards,AlexEDIT: Emsisoft products do not target the Avira Toolbar... not sure about MBAM and other AMs - but probably not, since it'll break Avira.

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So I have 4 computers connected into a gigabit switch,
If I drop power to the switch, all 4 computers' ethernet connections (obviously) go offline.
When I power the switch back on, I would expect, after a few seconds, that they would pick up their connections again.
One of the machines does this, the other 3 get themselves stuck in a state where they think they're online, but can't access anything on the network, and don't respond to pings.
If I disable/reenable the adapter, then do ipconfig /rel /ren
they start working again.
But I'm scratching my head trying to work out why 1 machine is fine, and 3 aren't. They are the same exact hardware (and cost $US3800 each)
and have the same windows image on them...

??? Also note that they are on DHCP with reservations.

Any ideas would be cool. thanks!

A:Some workstations network connections don't recover after network switch outage

When the switch comes back up, do these machines still have valid IP addresses, or do they switch to 169.x.x.x APIPA addressing? Also, if you hard-code IP address information (rather than rely on DHCP) as a test, do the machines all network properly after the switch drop and re-up?

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I am looking for a way to run a particular program as the Domain Admin without the users seeing any prompt for username or password. Any script would do, I can put the users that need it into another group and have that group have its own logon script or just run it locally upon startup. We are running XP workstations on a Windows domain network.

A:Runas Domain Admin for a program seamlessly everytime

You need it to run as Domain Admin or as a Local Admin. Domain Admin would probably be really bad policy.

I think EPAL can do what you need, but I'm not totally sure.

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Is there any freeware that can seamlessly join photos into panoramic shots? I hear that Photoshop can do it but that’s quite expensive and doing the joining manually does not usually give perfect results.


A:Is there any freeware that can seamlessly join photos into panoramic shots?

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Hi all,

Just wondering if I can connect a switch to a switch? so my network would look like this

Router ---- Switch ---- Switch - - - - computer connected wirelessly

primary reason for doing this is i want to bring the wireless router closer to the middle of my house... some areas are getting really weak signals..


A:Switch to Switch Connection?

You could do that, but why not just get a longer network cable? Ethernet on Cat-5e is good up to 100m.

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I am trying to figure out why windows 7 thinks there is a network switch in my home network. I have every computer in the house, setup to the same Workgroup as well as the same Homegroup. Can you please help me figure out why Windows thinks there is a network switch in front of my xbox 360 and one of my desktop computers. I am using DIR655 newest firmware router.



A:Windows 7 Network Map Can't Figure Out Why There is a Network Switch

Quote: Originally Posted by Shawzborne


I am trying to figure out why windows 7 thinks there is a network switch in my home network. I have every computer in the house, setup to the same Workgroup as well as the same Homegroup. Can you please help me figure out why Windows thinks there is a network switch in front of my xbox 360 and one of my desktop computers. I am using DIR655 newest firmware router.



This is a common problem with the network map in Windows 7 and it's nothing to worry about. I have the same router by the way.

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I just installed Windows Vista x64 and immediately ran into network problems. My Network and Sharing center said my connection was connecting/disconnecting every few seconds and I was unable to reach the internet.

My network is something like this (ignore the periods, they're there because the field won't format blank spaces :P ) :

Cable modem ---> Linksys SD2005 Switch ---> Wireless router ---> Game systems
...................................|......................... (Netgear WGT624)
...................................+--->Vista 32 Bit PC
...................................+--->Windows XP SP2 PC
...................................+--->Vista x64 (mine)

I have 4 separate IPs from my ISP so I can RDP into anything not behind the router from work. The wireless is just nice for random devices. All 3 PCs have independent IPs assigned from the ISPs DNS. All systems work fine except the x64.

I thought it was my on-board NIC so I went and bought a PCI NIC. It did the same thing. At this point I think I might have 2 bad NICs so i went and got a third - same thing. I read around on some forums and tweaked my duplex settings which stopped the connect/disconnect, but then I got something like this in my Network and Sharing Center:

x64 ===>green===>Unidentified Network===> X ===> Internet

Changing the duplex settings around did not resolve this.

Next, I followed a Microsoft fix and changed a setting i... Read more

A:No internet connection through a switch

Wait you have 4 IP's but they aren't static. How do you know what you're connecting to when you're at work? Just guess?

Personally if it were me, I'd stick all of the devices behind the router and use something like logmein to connect to my devices from work.

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 Hi guys, we have about 10 ProCurve 2520-24-PoE switches.Today by reading log events (show logging) I found many SSH connection to switch like this : auth: Invalid user name/password on SSH sessionauth: Invalid user name/password on SSH sessionauth: Invalid user name/password on SSH sessionauth: Invalid user name/password on SSH sessionBut nowhere is nothing about source (IP address) where from is comming this attack (I hope not!)How can I detect this connection? I want to find this source (IP). Thanks for help and best regards.     

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So I just moved into a new apartment. The apartment apparently came with internet already, there is a working Ethernet port in the living room. My roommate has a switch plugged straight into it and he says it has always worked fine for him. I tried plugging an ethernet cable from my laptop to the switch. I will get internet but every 5-10 minutes to it drop the connection for a couple seconds. The problem is that couple seconds is apparently enough to disconnect me from games (such as Warcraft 3 games). This makes it impossible to play. I tried connecting my laptop to the ethernet port directly, bypassing the switch, and it worked fine.

My guess was that we need a router instead of a switch but he said he and 2 other people had been living here and sharing internet with no problems. I described my issue to him and he said he had no such problem. Any idea what is wrong?

Update: I just spent a couple hours with dell tech support and they couldn't solve the issue. They ended up telling me to take it up with their advanced software department. They had me run it in safe mode with networking and I didn't seem to get the issue but it could be an anomaly.

A:Connection issues with Switch

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i've one server,and two switchs,my server is connected to two switchs. my computer was connected to switch 1,if switch 1 has failed, will my computer still connected using switch 2(Which mean i didnt switch the calbe to switch 2,because both switchs were located in remote area). i'm using the same port number.

A:Switch connection issues

What do you mean by "my computer"? The "server"? What do you mean by "connected"? What do you mean by port number? How have you connected to the two switches? Two network cards? Have you set up network adapter bonding or are you just using two network interfaces with separate configurations?

Maybe try explaining again what exactly you want to achieve, what you have done and what is wrong.

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I'm working at a school with win 2k3 server and several win xp client computers.

I just moved two computers into a clasroom and put in a 5 port Linksys switch between the ethernet jack and the machines. All the wires are connected.

These machines have automatic IP and DNS settings. Nothing was changed on the server.

I tried powering off the switch and restarting the machines but I can't get any connection.

I tried manually setting the IP and DNS with no success. Still can't ping anything..

Please help

A:new switch in classroom can't get connection

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I am trying to share a monitor between my pc & my xbox. I have bought a vga switch to do this. It works ok with the xbox but the pc will not work through the switch. It seems Windows 7 tries to ideentify the monitor on start up to set up the screen resolution but fails to see the monitor. Is there any way I can stop Windows from looking for the monitor & use default (existing) screen resolution?

A:Connection to monitor via vga switch

Hi Glaandon and welcome to SF

I've heard of that behavior. It is caused by Windows 7 constantly checking display and display card. And by switching back and forth you trigger a hot plug action which sets the resolution to 800x600
Microsoft's answer basically is to buy a new switch (one that supports Full Time/ Active DDC function)
Some people have successfully used this workaround:
Before switching to the XBOX minimize your W7 screen by pressing WIN-D and maximize it again with WIN-D once you switched back to Windows 7

Same goes for pressing the SHOW Desktop button before you switch to XBOX ( The on on the very right side of the task bar) and press it again once you switched back.

Others than that you can try this solution
How to Use an INF to Override the Monitor EDID
Hope that works for you


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Currently I have internet connection via cable modem and usb connection to the modem.

I am trying to connect by using ethernet from modem to computer but although the adapter is enabled, I have a red cross through its symbol (xp) and an windows tells me that the network cable is unplugged although I can see that physically it is not.

Help welcomed.

A:switch to ethernet internet connection

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I have a long ethernet cable running to my bedroom from the router? can I put a switch on the end of this and then run 2 ethernet cables from the switch to my sky box and android box?

A:can I use a switch to spilt ethernet connection?


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This is really boggling my mind, as it works one way but not both ways.

Downstairs set up:
Comcast Cable ---> Modem ----> Linksys wrt610n wireless router < 1(downstairs computer) 2(wall socket connected to upstairs room)

Upstairs set up:
(wall socket from downstairs room) ----> Computer = Works perfectly fine

(wall socket from downstairs room) ----> Switch (ive tried netgear and Rosewill RC-405x) < 1(computer) 2(xbox) 3(tv)
gets local only connection with no access to the internet, ive tried just computer, just xbox... None work

(wall socket from downstairs room) ----> Xbox 360 = shows no connection
Im using a 20 foot cable to connect across the room

Now I've heard you can go at least 100ft before ethernet cable loses any connectivity if at all. the most I have is modem to router (6ft max), router to wall (6ft max), upstairs through wall (20 ft max), to computer only which works (6ft max), to xbox 360 only which does not work (20ft)... to switch then to either computer or xbox additional 6ft does not work.

Someone please help.

A:Router to Switch Connection Problem

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without internet i cant play online
but i have a switch that 2 computers are connected to it
so is it possible to have file sharing, remote desktop, lan gaming
its ok if not all of them will work, i just need any of them

note: my 1st pc is windows xp, 2nd is windows 7

A:is it possible to have local area connection with switch

Yes. You can have a network like that.

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I have following setting - Cable modem to switch from switch to my laptop and to desktop pc. The problem is that only one pc (laptop) gets the internet connection (IP assigned by DHCP) the other computer (desktop) at same time got limited connection when i restart the cable modem (power off and turn on) the desktop pc gets internet connection and laptop gets limited connection. This is getting frustrated i tried routers before and had similar problem

A:D-Link Switch problem only one PC gets connection

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i got a switch and 2 pc and a dsl modem
is it possible to both of them can have a internet connection at the same time

A:is it possible to share internet connection with a switch

Maybe, if the DSL modem has a built in Router just plug the PC's into the switch and the switch into the Modem. If it doesn't have a router then each PC is going to get a Public IP instead of a Private IP address. Most ISP's will only allow you to have one public IP so only one PC will connect. The only way to find out is to plug everything in and see if both PC's get a connection. If only one PC works you'll have to but a router, use Internet connection sharing, or pay extra for another Public IP from your ISP.

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Hey there,
I've had a DSL connection with Embarq for about 2 years now, I have 2 computers connected in this room and they share an internet connection through a Linksys switch. I have 2 network cards in this computer, 1 of the connections shares the internet connection and is setup as shared, the other is just connected. The other computer has 1 network card and it's connected just normally. I can get both computers to connect on the internet and share the connection, but as soon as I reboot the second computer, it cannot grab the internet connection again until I reboot this computer that is sharing the connection. I used to be able to just leave this computer on 24/7 without needing to reboot to share the internet connection but not now.

my Ipconfig information shows this for this computer:

Network Card #1
IP address:
Subnet Mask:

Network Card #2

for my second computer, this is what it shows when i can't get it online:

Autoconfig IP address:

A:Problems with sharing DSL connection with a SWITCH

I would recommend that you eliminate the headache of ICS and invest 50 dollars in a decent Cable/DSL router. Then both machines can connect to the Internet independently without the need for one of them to be a host.

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I connect my Switch Alpha 12 via a USB VGA 3.0 converter (J5create brand) to different projectors. I realized it does not work if the connected VGA cable is more than 3 meter. How do I solve this? 

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How much speed have each port of a network switch , example the input speed is 256kbps how much are the outputs ?

A:Network Switch ?

When people think of switches, they sometimes equate them with a cable tv splitter, where the signal strength is divided amongst the ports.

Network switches do not behave this way. Most switches are capable of 1Gb/s or 100Mb/s. If I have 10 computers connected, and only 2 are transmitting to each other, they will enjoy the 1Gb/s or 100Mb/s throughput.

It sounds like you will be connecting multiple devices to a switch. These devices will most likely transmit to each other at 100Mb/s. However, it sounds like your high speed connection is only 256Kb/s.

If only one PC is actively using the internet, it will still see 256Kb/s. The only time you will see a decrease in throughput is when 2 or more devices will be constantly downloading (like streaming video for example). Then, theoretically, each device will only get 128Kb/s, but only while both are actively moving data, when one stops downloading (even briefly) the other will go back to 256Kb/s.

If multiple PCs will be doing more intermittent internet use (getting web pages, grabbing email) you will very rarely see a slowdown.

For your application, it seems that any type of switch will not decrease your bandwidth at all.

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what internet speed u must have to use a network switch ?

A:Network Switch

A network switch has nothing to do with your Internet Speed.

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i have a 20mt ethernet cable going from my router along my loft to my gaming room to which it plugs into a network switch with 6 sockets for devices.
Can i run another switch off of one of the plugged in cables to split another cable into 6 ports?

The reason i ask is i need ethernet connections the other side of the room and dont fancy running any more cables under the carpet as i already have 3 computers and a server networked under it as it is

A:can you run one network switch off of another network switch??


Yes there will be no problems with linking two switches together . Just use one of the existing switch ports to link in the new switch. Another alternative would be to install a new switch with higher capacity (24-Ports).

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(note I am 72 and this is at the very edge of my computer knowlege)
I have an old XP machine with many useful but obsolete programs and history.
I have a new Win 7 HP (home premium) HP Slimline.
I have a KVM switch allowing me to control each independently through one keyboard and mouse.
I have several external drives, DVD drives and a wireless mouse hooked to the W7 by USB.
Each computer is wireless connected to Internet via a Verizon MIFI2200 (essentially a G3 mobil phone).
I have no other suitable optioons for internet available in my rural area.
I ran the network setup wizard on the XP and saved a copy to thumb drive
1. The W7 computer won't recognise the setup.
2. The XP doesn't show the network I set up although no errors showed up.
3. Win 7 has removed any wizard and other helpful programs from HOME PREM for help setup a network
4. I attempted to set up the W7 manually but it refused too alllow both computers to independently use the MIFI2200.
I find all hardware works fine the way I now have iit configured, but I want to move files from old to new PC and I need printer sharing until I get organized. I also need access to an external drive to backup files and general storage from both compputers.
My situation must be a common one, but I haven't found any useful advise ( actually can't adequatly describe my problem in search engines.)

A:Cannot network XP to W7 and KVM switch

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We have set up basic network for our not for profit organisation, but after a week or so the Switch throws a wobbly and throws all the PC's off it and seems to try and reset itself.

We have tried 2 different Switches but still this occurs, is this something we can change on the Switch itself or is it related to being connected to the Virgin router for the internet?

The Switches we have are: -

3COM Superstack Switch 3300

Baystack 450-24T Switch

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We have just purchased an ethernet network switch and am now succesfully running two computers on the same hardwired network. One computer is running windows xp and one vista.
We would like to add a external hard drive and printer to the switch so both computers can use, however they only have USB connections.
Is there any way to do this?


A:Network switch

You need an Ethernet connected printer or computer if you want them connected directly. For printers, you can use a print server, see this list:

For the disk, I'd pick up an NAS enclosure and mount the drive in that, here's a typical product of that type:

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I have a question, I know switch is better to go and is better than a hub, but the question is, the hub We are using is a 3Com superstack II duel speed hub 500 10/100, would I see a slight or big increase in bandwith between all PCs in the network if I switch the hub out for a Netgear 10/100 or something switch? if so how much? the network is setup like this (basic)

LAN --->Hub--->switch-->router--->firewall --->internet

thank you

A:Network Switch vs Hub

How many computer in the network using the hub? How much local traffic (not Internet traffic) is there in the network?

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Hi. I have just set up my home for network. I ran 1 wire from the router to this room, where I have a computer, TiVo, and Xbox, all which I want to connect. I bought a Linksys 5 port switch. I hooked the wire comming in into the computer to test it out, and it works, connects to the internet and other computers connected to the router. Then, I unplugged it from the computer and plugged the incomming wire into Port 1 on the switch, and the computer into Port 3, TiVo into Port 4, and Xbox into Port 5. None of them can connect to the internet, my computer can't see the other computers, or even get an IP. It just defaults to the 169. The lights on the switch all came on, but the incomming from the router activity light is constantly blinking. What is wrong?

A:Add Switch into Network

Is it fast or slow blinking?
If it's fast then it probably means data transfer and is normal. If it is slow then it means the switch is trying to establish a link but fails. You may have to use a crossover cable between the switch and the router to make it work.

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Hi, I'm hoping I explain this correctly and in the right place! My kids are saying that the Internet for the two laptops isn't working. The laptops don't register any wireless devices in the area. (direct quote)

They also noticed that the network icon on the task bar has changed from 2wire to something called network2. How would this happen and how do we get the connection back for the laptops? Thanks so much.

A:network switch?

To add I just looked in the control panel under Network and there is only this computer but no wireless devices to be found. It is a Vista if that has anything to do with it??

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hi everyone,

i wanna ask about networking w/ internet connection, I have an ISP which gives me an internet modem with DHCP and that is connected to my 4 port DLINK Router ,
All 4 PC connected to the router and can access to the internet, and I added 3
PC and that is connected to my 8-port switch, My problem is how can i configure this 3 Pc to have internet access? My idea is i want to make a Router to Switch connection, Is it possible? Any ideas in configuration, ive read some articles on the internet that says specifying static ip and dns, but can someone pls give me step by step config pls, im just newbie in networking.

by the way all pc's are in windows xp pro.

thanks in avdvace

A:Confious! Internet -> Router -> Switch Connection

Run a cable from one of the switch ports to one of the router's LAN ports and that's it. No configuration necessary - it will work just as if the computers connected to the switch were connected directly to the router.

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Hi, Im having a ACT Broadband internet connection, he provides internet connection through a wire which runs into my room that can be directly connected to the my computers NIC. Whenever i switch on my computer and opens the browser it first redirects to the page -, where it asks for Username & Password, our ISP gives us a IP Address which displays on the web page after logging in. I want the internet connection to be shared with my roommates so i bought a 8 port Ethernet switch (, which is having a uplink port also. I have connected the wire given by the ISP to the up link port of the switch & i connected my PC to one port of the switch with another network cable. I also connected my friends PC to second port of switch with another network cable, my problem is that when i sign into my ISP web page and start using the internet & my friend also wants internet in his PC & when he opens the browser the ISP's webpage is appearing and when he sign's in internet is disconnecting in my Pc. I tried to change the IP but as a default IP is given by the ISP if change the IP internet is not working. Please provide me a solution.
Here r my Ethernet Switch pictures -

A:How to share Internet connection using ethernet switch ?

I dont think you need to open your ISPs webpage on your second PC, just configure the network settings and put the gateway IP. If that doesn't work, use Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and configure it using the Network Configuration wizard. See how it goes. What is the windows version you are using ?

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Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to share a internet connection between two computers without using a hub, switch or router.

One of the computers has two network cards, is it possible to connect that computer to the internet, and then connect the other computer to the one that is connected to the internet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sharing connection between two computers without hub/switch/router

Yes; you need a cross-over cable between the computers unless one has an auto-sensing (MDI/MDIX) ethernet port. Read up on Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), starting in the Help and Support Center.

Why don't you want to use a router?

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when i want to download apps from Windows Store, i can't do it because Windows Store is not connected to my Microsoft account, i try to login but it says i have problem with internet connection, but i have internet connection
then i disconnect my Microsoft account and switch to local account

i tried to switch to Microsoft account again, and this problem occurs
please help me

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I have just installed a 5 port switch (Etherfast 10/100) so that I can run X-Box and my pc from my broadband modem. The X-box works fine, but my computer cannot detect a connection. I am running a straight cable from the switch to the PC, and my network repair function says it cannot renew my IP address. I have my computer set to detect IP address automatically. I've read through the forums and tried everything I could find that might apply. The lights are flashing or on on the switch, and I have tried plugging into different ports. ???

A:Linksys 5 port switch, no internet connection

This is strange...

By powering down my modem and restarting everything, I got my high-speed internet back. Now the X-box can't connect. What am I missing?

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I have two desktop computers, one with win 7 and other Winxp. The internet comes thru ADSL modem, from it lan cable goes to a 8 port unmanaged switch, from it two wires comes out, one goes to each machine. Now in Win7 machine, I have a PPPoE dialer to connect to my ISP. I am successfully able to dial and get internet in Win7 machine. Now when I try internet in winxp machine, no internet so the question is any special settings required in winxp machine?

In Winxp machine I have not tried ICS & homegroup. I just tried to give DNS server as open or modem ip i.e. I disabled all firewalls here, its able to ping the modem and win7 machine, open the modem page with no issues. So how to get internet here, plz guide.

A:Unable to get Internet Connection in Win XP machine thru switch

When I was using a Dial-Up Modem I did have to enable ICS so a second computer could get the Internet. But that's different from ADSL which uses the copper wires of the phone but not the Voice Carrier signal the Dial-Up Modem [and Fax machines] uses. I think ADSL would be more of an always-on thing, no dialing needed.
Asymmetric digital subscriber line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I've been using Wireless DSL since 2003 as I couldn't get phoneline DSL at the time and still can't get it at any better speed, limit of the phone company.

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I have a number of 3com switches that are connected via a fibre patch panel. The 3com switches I have are not POE (Power over Ethernet) compatible. Therefore, I was wondering if I could add an HP Procurve switch by connecting it to the 3com switch using a CAT5 cable.

Is this pheasible?

A:Network Switch Stacking

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Hi guys,

Thanks to you guys on sevenforums I got my NAS & internet connected downstairs using a network switch, all is working perfectly.

However, upstairs now seems to have slower internet and network transfer. My printer is networked, but the time taken to send something to the printer and actual printing is extended, and also internet itself is slower, even when the computer downstairs is switched off.

It's definitely something to do with the new switch, because when I disconnect it from the router all speed is back up.

Is the network switch somehow claiming priority, or is my router bouncing stuff downsitairs before sending back upstairs to the printer?

Your thoughts would be most appreciated (again!).


A:Network switch has priority?

What is the manufacturer and model number of your homeplugs?

And can you describe what is connected to what on your upstairs network?
(e.g. is your printer connected directly to the router or via another homeplug?)

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hi guys
I have 2 computers (one is using windows 7, other is using windows xp), one switch and router. I don't have physical access to router. I have plugged the cable from router to switch, and connected both PC's to switch and now I have internet on both PC's.
My question is, can I "control" or share files on windows xp with Windows 7 (main computer) and in same time have access to internet? Or to use windows 7 to connect to internet?

A:network - router -> switch -> 2 PC's

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My cable modem is a Hitron CGN2-ROG and my switch is a D-Link DES 108. I also got a D-Link DIR-820L router and they are connected like so

Modem(Hitron)>Router(Dlink DIR)>Switch(DES108), wifi is fine but when i connect to the switch i get unidentified network. Also with my ISP I only recieve 1 IP address.

A:Unidentified network from switch

Hi from Sevenforums,

You have sticky Dynamic more than likely that is why you only get 1 IP Address.

Can you put the ethernet cable in the Lan port of the router which the Dlink DES108 has been plugged into.

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I've currently got my network setup similar to the picture below, except:
1. I only have PC1 and PC3 connected. Both PCs are running Windows 7.
2. I've got an XBox and PS3 connected to the router

My ISP provides two IP addresses, PC1 has its own IP and the Router has the other one. All devices are able to connect to the internet; however, PC1 is not able to communicate with the devices connected to the router. Is there anyway to get this network to work? I basically want it as if all devices were just connected to the router, but with PC1 having its own IP, and the Router having its own IP.

I've used the exact same configuration in the past with both computers running Windows XP and was able to get the two computers to communicate by installing some protocol. However, I heard that the protocol was really outdated or something and not good to use for security reasons, but it did what I wanted it to do so I used it.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

A:Network Switch & Router 2 IPs

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Yesterday I installed a NetGear gig switch in our network and I am getting serious delays when I send jobs to my printer. The cable from the gig switch goes to a 100mps switch and then to my printer. Do I need to change the 100 switch to a 1 gig too? I am not the most technically advanced, but I can work my way around our network. Let me know if you need any more information.

A:Switch problems in network

I just plugged the Cat5 directly into the printer and I'm still getting really long delays in printing. When it was going through the 100mps switch my printer would respond in 5 seconds and now it is taking 2-3 minutes using the gigabyte switch

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I am trying to reset my Homegroup in Win10 but after the upgrade I got locked into a private network and don't have the option in the control panel to switch networks. How can I get back to a Home network so the Homegroup can be re-established?

A:Can't switch from a private network to any other

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Hi everyone

Ok. I have a CISCO Catalyst Express 500G switch on my network. The person who set the network up (before I was here) neglected to make note of the configuration IP for it. That wasn't a problem until now (I need to change a setting on the switch). I have NO idea how to find it out. I have:

checked the arp logs of several computers.
looked in the DHCP list (its not there so I'm assuming it was statically assigned)
manually tried all the addresses in the block we use (
The stupid 500G doesn't have a console port
I dont want to erase all the settings (because I dont know what they are!)

I have the MAC address but that seems to be less helpful then I thought it would be (RARP requesting doesnt seem to be an option)

How do I find out the config IP address for the stupid switch!

Thank you all SO MUCH in advance for your help -- really banging my head against the wall on this one.

A:Finding a switch on my network!

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Ok at work we have two computers that are dedicated to running a barcode scanning program. These computers are only used for that currently because in order for anyone else to log in check mail or run other programs you have to log out the barcode log in and then log in under your user name.
At home using XP pro I am able to switch users any time that I want and still leave other log ins active. With the work computer I would like to set it up so that about 8 of us could hit the switch user button then log in check our mail and switch back to the barcode log in.

I asked our IS guy if it was possible to set that up on these two computers. His reply was.

Dan & I reviewed and checked into this.

Because #@%$*'s computer environment operate under a domain, the feature you requested becomes disabled. We tried to think of other approaches that might be possible, but could not think of any. Should we become of aware of something, we’ll let you know. Likewise, if you should hear anything to the contrary, let us know.
Any one out there have any idea how to get this feature back?

A:Switch users in a network with XP

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Can someone please tell me why the Switch is not appearing next to the Xbox 360 and Family-PC like the first two pc's.

Network Map Image Below:


A:Network Switch Problem

Quote: Originally Posted by GradyPreece


Can someone please tell me why the Switch is not appearing next to the Xbox 360 and Family-PC like the first two pc's.

Network Map Image Below:


These table's aren't accurate or helpful, mine doesn't understand that I'm connected to 2 different networks at the same time.

The switch is next to those devices, it's just branching out like a family tree (even though it shouldn't be).


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i have a tp-link 5-port switch which has worked without a hitch for about 2 years. now there are issues - sometimes i cannot get a network connection. if i power the switch down then up again, a good connection is restored.

the set up is like this:
dsl router direct to 2 computers and the switch, then two other computers and a printer through the switch.
i have recently done a major hardware upgrade to the two machines connected to the switch, but they are both running xp as before.

can these switches develop faults?
is it on OS problem?
it happens even with only one of the computers on the switch running

A:Network switch faulty?

yes, a switch can fail just like any other active component. I lost one port on mine but had a vacant slot so I just moved the cable to the vacant position.

fyi: the DSL Router ---> Switch is just fine, but be aware that the DHCP service of the Router is providing all the TCP/IP configuration data, even to the systems attached to the switch.

Your test for correct configuration is to run IPCONFIG /ALL on a working system and
then compare that to the results on a failing system.
Usually, it is obvious on the failing systems that the configuration is not correct.
It is possible however, that the failing system is configured correctly but still fails.

see Basic Networking for descrete testing of connectivity

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Hi, guys. I have 2 computers, both with XP home.
Is it possible to network the two and still use a KVM switch?
The only reason for networking them is to share a printer and scanner.
When I get your answer to this question, I have another, but I don't want to run them all together.
Thanks in advance.

A:2 computer network with KVM switch?

It's no problem at all to use a KVM switch on networked machines. Just hook them up, the networking is totally independent of how the keyboard/mouse/monitor is connected.

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Hey all,

So I've been looking for a solution for this for a while now. I have two network cards (One for internet, one for a private network). I need to be able to switch between the networks (disable one, enable other) via an easy interface (i.e. a shortcut on desktop, etc)

I've found programs that do this very well. ( However, I am wondering if there is a way to do this under windows without the help of a third party program.

If it isnt clear yet - I essentially want to perform the same task as going into Network Connections and disabling one of the NIC cards and enabling the other - but make it quicker than that.

Anyone know of a way? I heard something about using .reg and .bat files...

Thanks in advance,

A:Switch between two network cards

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I have a desktop computer that has a wi-fi adapter in it so that it can be moved around on a cart.
I have an item that I want to use with it but it has only a wired network connection instead of wi-fi.
Is there a configuration or software that can be run on the computer so that the accessory can be connected to the computer's wired network port and share the data from the wi-fi?

A:Using computer as network switch

I believe this is what Internet Connection Sharing is for, but I've never used it. Technically I believe it makes the computer act like a router rather than a switch. So it may not be ideally suited for what you're trying to do.

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I currently have a BT 'home hub' (wireless router and DSL modem) acting as the centre of my home network. Everyone except for me is connected to it wirelessly to use the internet.

However I have an ethernet cable from it, running into my room and into a cheap 5 port hub which I bought a few years ago. From this I have a linux samba server and my desktop pc running Vista beta. My problem is that when I copy files from the server to my PC the whole network slows right down to the point that surfing the internet is difficult.

My guess is that the problem is a mixture of using a hub rather than a switch and having a very cheap broadband router. My question is; will replacing my hub with a switch stop traffic between my desktop and the server going through the broadband router and allow other network traffic to be unaffected?


A:Will getting a switch speed up my network?

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I have 4 PCs installed with Windows XP Prof and a managed switch but no router. What need to configure in the managed switch and each PC to make 4 PCs connected to each other in a network??

To make a managed switch work, what need to configure it??

I also have a modem provided by ISP, what need to configure in PC to allow it to browse the web page??

A lot of thanks.

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I was just wondering if I was to create a home network (in a new home) what would be the best way to do so? Of course I'd want it wireless and wired. I'd want wireless to cover the entire house for laptop usage and wired in 7+ rooms. My main question is how to do it. Should I get a wireless router, and connect two computers to it, then from the wireless connect another router, or should I connect a switch? I'm confused, what's the difference?


PS: I'd like D-Link.

A:Network Switch or Router -- ???

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I don't know much about networking so if you can give me some tips and maybe some links to articles I can read, I'll be very happy

The switch is to be used for LAN gaming and I was thinking 32 or 16 ports depending on the cost (I am thinking quality over quantity).

Large files will be shared across the network so I was thinking gigabit, but apparently 10/100/1000 MBIT is pretty expensive?

Is it better to have one big switch than a few smaller ones performance vise?

What should I be aware of when it is to be used for gaming and filesharing (filesharing being secondary but still important)
I am prepared to read a lot so please write me some links or keywords I should google
Edit: What I really want to know is how to tell the "good deals" apart from the "cheap crap"
Thank you very much


A:Need help choosing a network switch

You should start by grouping what needs to be networked together in the first place. Drawing it out saves a LOT of trouble and pain in figuring out things once you start.

I'll start out with the fact that if you have systems that are sharing data between them, and systems that aren't, its a good idea to keep them apart. Therefore multiple smaller switches are what you should be aiming for. You want a router to deal with routing, that keeps a decent workload off your switches. Connect your router to your modem, and then connect your switches to the router LAN ports. Every switch you connect should be on its first or last LAN port, not the WAN port or you will have to do a lot more configuration to get it working. Connect the computers that do LAN gaming to the same switch, then the computers doing filesharing on another switch. This will shift the traffic workload to your switches, and only go up to the router when you need to get something off the internet or another switch. This also works in the manner that you can use a gigabit switch for what you need it for (really thats only computer to computer file transfers, no home internet connection uses up a 100m/bit connection, and gaming does not justify a need for gigabit transfer rates).

You can also chain the switches if you want to, and if thats the case keep your LAN gaming switch at the bottom of the chain so its traffic stays there.

Two things that would be helpful in further advice are 1: the actual number ... Read more

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I have a fairly simple query that I'm hoping someone can answer before I start laying cable.

I've just moved into a new house and I have multiple network devices in 3 different rooms. In my old house I had a TP Link switch attached to the router, and then multiple cables running from that and the router to separate devices around the house. In this way every device had a dedicated Cat5e cable running either to the router itself or the switch attached to the router.

In the new house I would rather only lay a single Cat 5e cable linking the rooms in series and use a pair of network switches to allow the devices to share the single cable. So I was planning something like this:

From the top:
Room 1 (dining room) devices are a network music server and a laptop point
Room 2 (home office) devices are 2 desktop pcs and a network printer
Room 3 (lounge) devices are Sky HD, a network music server and a PS3

I have a few questions:

Can I use network switches in series like this?
If so will I get a lot of signal degradation at the end of the series? The end of the series will be around 35m from the router.
If not is there better way to do this that doesn't involve 3 separate cables running from each room to the router and a switch at the route (to increase the numer of ports). I would rather all my devices were wired than wifi as the walls are thick, and I already have low net speeds.

I need both WAN and LAN connectivity in all rooms. Are there any significant gain... Read more

A:Solved: Network Switch Use

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Ok after doing some research I have decided to go with a network setup with a router and a switch. However the only thing Iam confused about is the following:

I got this info from a google search

"...switch and a router and then plug the router into the switch...Then what you would do is plug all of computers into the switch, then program your internet connection into the router, and it would split the connection, and you would never have to leave a computer on, and they are usually very reliable."

My question is will I need more than one ethernet card in each computer? One to connect to the switch and then one to the router, or just connect the PCs to the switch, connect the router to the switch and program it, as mentioned, and that will allow for the internet connection to both PCs?

A:Router and Switch Network

you only need to have one network card in each computer.

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I have 4 PCs installed with Windows XP Prof and a managed switch but no router. What need to configure in the managed switch and each PC to make 4 PCs connected to each other in a network??

To make a managed switch work, what need to configure it??

I also have a modem provided by ISP, what need to configure in PC to allow it to browse the web page??

A lot of thanks.

A:Network 4 PCs with a managed switch

You will find some comprehensive tutorials here:

Practically Networked

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Im using windows 7 ultimate, and willing to connect my pc to a laptop using a network switch.

Previously i have done the same thing but all pc are using windows xp.
I got a problem when using windows 7 ultimate to do the same connection.
The other pc / laptop are operate windows xp.
The problems mentioned as unidentified network, and no network connection
I need this connection to play LAN game with my fellows.
Anybody can help me with this issues.
Thanks a lot

A:How to connect two pc using network switch

Hello and welcome to SevenForums.

Either you need a network hub or a single pc-to-pc or pc-to-laptop cross-cable connection. (search a thread somewhere here in forums)

You can play LAN games on a cross-cable connection

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Hello, I am installing my new switch with the user manual. However when I login with the standard username and password it is every time throwing this error:Unexpected restartBut then when I click something in the menu it is going to load forever... So I am unable to set it up.Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

A:HP 1820-8G network switch

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP Enterprise Business Community Support Forum -- Web and Unmanaged switching & routing section.

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My understanding of how a switch functions is that it does NOT increase your internet connection speeds but DOES increase the speed of your network locally _ between PC's, BlueRay players, gaming consoles, etc. and the router/ modem.
Can anyone confirm this?

I am asking because I am going to take down my modem and router, re-wire everything, and start over. Some of the equipment is already LAN connected and I want to add some more - thus adding a switch. When I do this I want to change my wireless router to WAP only and no longer use the ports on it.

My goal is to increase the transfer speed within my network and lighten the load on my wireless router to increase speed there. I am not changing NIC cards or ISPs , just rearranging what I have to make it more efficient.

Any tips , pointers, links?

A:Home Network Switch

A switch Does Not really increase LAN speed. It just gives more ports for connecting devices by ethernet which is usually faster than wireless.

A 1000 MB (gig) switch will only work at 100 MB if the devices it is connected to have only 100 MB ports.

With a switch, all traffic will be going through the port on the madem/router which is probably a 100MB max

Changing a device from connecting using 802.11g wireless to ethernet will increase the transfer speed between that device and others that are connected by ethernet. 54 Mb max versus 100 MB max.

Using the router as a WAP ( bypassing the router/DHCP function) might show an increase in wireless efficiency, if the number of devices connecting with wireless are severely reduced.

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I have vehicles with mobile broadband cards in them which provide a wifi connection for laptops in the vehicles. Once the vehicles return to our building, I need them to connect to the building wifi connection automatically (even though it has less wifi signal strength than the mobile broadband cards which are much closer to the laptops in the vehicles). I'm looking to have the laptops see the building network connection and disconnect from the mobile broadband wifi connection, and connect to the building wifi. This cannot be accomplished with Windows network preference ordering, and "connect to a more preferred network if available" does not seem to work either, as the building wifi connection does not have a signal strength as strong as the mobile broadband cards.

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I bought a Tenda S105 switch recently.
Now i want to create a Network using this switch.

I have a Server which is giving the internet access and other sharing.

I have two others Pcs. I am attaching three cables ( 1 for internet Server and 2 client for utalizing internet) .

I want to get access internet access amount my all computers.
Please suggest.
how to?

A:creation of network using Switch


All you need to do is plug in the Network Switch to your Router's LAN Port by using a straight patch network cable, Cat5e or Cat6 would work. Use the same network cable and plug in the Server and the 2 Client PC's to the Switch. Any other network device such as NAS or networked printers can be plugged in the Switch.

End Results: Modem=>Router=>Switch=>Server/Computers/other Network Devices

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If you had to design a USB switch and you were gawd, you'd want:

Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to router
Four high speed 2.0 USB connections
It's own processor (don't slow down the system!)

Well, there's one out there these days, and you can get it for a good price if you hunt long enough..

Lexmark Marknet N2070E Gigabit USB Network Switch

The "standard" pricing is around $325, but if you look, you can find some deals. I just picked one up on Ebay for $125. Another store was selling a Lexmark printer for $215 that INCLUDED a N2070E in the box..

This will allow you to run some of those USB gadgets and make them available to all the computers on your network (but only one person can use a peripheral at a time).

I have two Dymo label printers, one for BIG 4x6 labels, and the other is a dual where I have smaller 2x4 labels and postage labels. Also a Fujitsu SnapScan scanner..

It sets up easily and runs as advertised. If you've been looking for a way to share your USB devices, here's a shot for you..

A:USB Network switch-> GREAT!

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Hello TechSupport people,

I am relatively good at installing and troubleshooting smaller sized networks... I am having trouble with one of my customer's networks and I think I have the problem narrowed down. Please help me if you see any corrections or issues.

I have a customer with a FS726T switch and ~20 computers connected to this switch running DHCP assigned addresses. The switch is assigning addresses in the 10.0.0.xx range.

The customer currently has an old T1 line coming into a Cisco router, which then directs traffic to port 20 on the switch.

The problem is, we are replacing the old T1 line with a newer 50mbps cable connection. The cable company pre-configured their router with a static IP address the 68.116.xx.xx range. The Subnet is also different than the Netgear's subnet. I would like to keep the old T1 connection in place. I believe they have data that needs to go to their mainframe/backbone server at corporate.

I cannot log in to the cable modem. IT is an SMC SMCD3G with a staic IP. I tried changing my PC's IP address to the same gateway but cannot get into the cable company's modem, even using a static IP with the same gateway as the modem's gateway address. I don't want to reset the modem/router and lose the cable company's settings.

I am pretty sure for the devices to communicate, the following has to be true?:

1) Cable modem and FS726T must be on the same 10.0.0.xx IP range?
2) Cable modem and FS726T must be on the ... Read more

A:Netgear FS726T switch and SMC cable modem connection

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-Here is my setup so far. I have a vista machine with 2 lan cards, one from motherboard, one on pci. The lan from motherboard is connected to the WAN port on my router. I have alltel wireless internet that uses ICS through that. The lan card on my pci bus is connected to a LAN port on the same router. When i am not using ics i disable the lan on my motherboard and vice versa. I am using the second LAN on my pci bus that is connected to one of the LAN ports on my router so my computer can use MCE and DIRECTV2PC. I have another line connected to a LAN port on the same router going to a switch which is connected to my 360 and my directv receiver.
-Here is the problem. Say im using DIRECTV2PC and the xbox gets turned on, what happens is i lose connection to my directv and my computer only sees the xbox and vice versa. I am confused on why that is, it should see both at the same time and not lose connection to any one of them right?

A:I lose connection to some devices on my switch connected to my router.

whoa man never heard of that kind of set up before. try connecting your internet to the WAN port on the router and connecting the rest of your stuff to the inputs on the router. its a little less complicated this way.
sounds like your computer is controlling your internet and getting confused... hope this info is usefull.

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ok this is my first time posting but here we go.I have a belkin wired 4 port router model# f5d5231-4. I'm trying to turn this router into a switch I already turned off the NAT settings on the router. I hooked it up to my linksys router through one of the ports that saids (modem on the belkin) from one of the ports on the linksys. and my computer can not connect to the internet do I have to do something to my linksys to make the belkin work as a switch any help would be great thanks.

A:no internet connection after making belkin router into a switch

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I've been experiencing a rather odd problem for the last few months.

I live in a flat with a network cable internet connection, split between four computers by an IPTIME SW08 switch... I've had it for half a year now, but the problem is four months old...

The more "advanced" computers using the internet connection freez up randomly with an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error message ... I thought the problem was in the computers but a brand new computer I just connected a few days ago is already sarting to show the smiptoms, which all other machines in term "produced":

1. computer is connected to the internet
2. for a few days it works without a hitch
3. after that it starts to freeze up randomly, especially (but not exclusively) when i download a given ammount of information
4. (sometimes) it freezes so completely that no error message even gets a chance at being displayed, when it is, its the IRQL error from above... then the computer ocasionally restarts

*i've taken the computers to other locations, and tried them on other networks: no problems recorded.

I've had the cables checked, and went through several NIC cards, thinking that they may be to blame. Whenever i replaced an NIC, with a new MAC number the cycle started again ... first no problem, then randm freezup.

It is essential that I solve these problems, I earn my living as a freelance translator, and ABSOLUTELY NEED to resolve this issue: i need my computers to work!

QUESTIONS: ... Read more

A:computer random freezup and internet connection... is it the switch?

hello ,

this is what i seggust you do if it has not been done yet , do this to only one system


useing (ipconfig)

then select ( run
then type in ( cmd
press enter
then type in ( ipconfig /flushdns ( notice the space between ipconfig & /
press enter
then type in ( ipconfig /release ( ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^
press enter
then type in ( ipconfig /renew ( ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^
press enter

then reboot

then select (run
then type in (netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.exe
press enter

providing that the (os) is installed on the c drive /your drive lett may be differnt

then reboot

check your connection


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dell inspiron with windows home premium connected to internet with a modem over a phone line
tks keith

A:on reboot or switch user i have to reestablish internet connection

Thats normal as it closes the connections on boot and switch user the new user wont be dialed up

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I have been using a linksys 5 port workgroup switch in my room. I have the ethernet cable coming from the router into the uplink port and my PS3, xbox, dvr, and pc in the other ports. It has been working fine until today I started messing around the the cables. I had trouble with the ps3 connecting to the internet so I used my laptop with wifi disabled to test out a few of the cables and ports. Now all of a sudden the switch kills the internet connection. If I remove the cable running to my room from the main router, the other PCs and wireless will connect, but as soon I plug myself up it goes dead. I now have the ethernet cable in my room hooked directly to the PC bypassing the switch and everything works fine now.

Has the switch gone bad? Any ideas?

A:Solved: My linksys switch has started killing the dsl connection.

Has the switch gone bad?Click to expand...

I don't know how anybody can answer that any better than you have. Your trouble shooting has confirmed your thread title.

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I installed hyper v on my machine which is running Windows 8.1. Then I created a Virtual Switch on my wireless network. After that, it was not working in the VM but the wireless connection in the host was working fine. After that, when I connected to a different wireless network, it did not work. I deleted the bridge, uninstalled hyper v, but it is still not working. I installed hyper v again, but it is still not working. The wireless connection connects to the wireless network after putting the password, but does not give network connectivity to the internet.

I need help to get the wireless connection to work again.

A:Wireless Connection not working post virtual switch

Can you post ipconfig /all and your network connections screen. Here is a setup with Hyper-V networking working for both guest and host with Wi-fi and ethernet (you can ignore the disabled VMware adapters). Not the only way of doing it of course

Here are instructions for uploading screenshots.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Windows\system32>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : ADAM-X201
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter vEthernet (External Wifi Switch):
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter #3
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-24-D7-83-33-94
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::59fc:febf:7781:d26a%23(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 05 August 2014 12:29:06
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 07 August 2014 13:33:31
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . ... Read more

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I've been experiencing a rather odd roblem for the last few months.

I live in a flat with a network cable interet connection, split between four computers by an IPTIME SW08 switch... I've had it for half a year now, but the problem is four months old...

The more "advanced" computers using the intrbet connection freez up randomly with an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL erroro message ... I thought the problem was in the computers but a brand new computer i connected a few days ago is already sarting to show the smptoms:

1. computer is connected to the interbet
2. for a few days it works without a hitch
3. after that it starts to freeze up randomly, especially (but not exclusively) when i downloaded a given ammount of information
4. (sometimes) it freezes so completely that no error message even gets a chance at being displayed

*i've taken the computers to other locations, and tried them on ohe networks: no problems recorded.

I've had the cables checked, and went through several NIC cards, thinking that they may be to blame. Whenever i replaced an NIC, with a new MAc number the cycle started again ... first no problem, then randm freezup.

It is essential that I solve these problems, I earn my living as a freelance translator, and ABSOLUTELY NEED to resolve this issue: i need my computers to work!

1. is my ISP somehow messing with me (i. e. are the doing something intentionally to cause this, do they have som sort of virus or other software f... Read more

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So on my home network, we have your normal cable modem, router, and gigabit switch setup. The router is a high speed linksys model (gigabit), and the gigabit switch is an 8 port. The ethernet goes all through the house, but I've recently built a media room. In this room I have a Zensonic High-def network dvd player for streaming media, a gaming/media pc, an xbox 360, ps3, modded xbox 1 for more media streaming and a wii. The wii isn't really relevant to the problem because it is wifi, but I'm proud of my media room.

The problem was that I needed to network all of these, and when the house was built, we only ran one ethernet port into the room. No big deal I thought, because as long as I'm just streaming media, a 10/100 switch would be sufficient. So I pulled out an old hub (not a switch). All of these devices were hooked up and it worked great. Then one day, it all just stopped. The hub was old, so I ran out and got a netgear fs605 switch on sale for 5 bucks at office depot. This still hasn't fixed the problem, but has helped me diagnose it. When I plug in the uplink, I get a blinking response. When I plug in the next device, it works and is recognized. However, every device after that causes the switch to stop working and just start blinking. No activity, it looks like an error code of some kind. Have I put too much on this little switch? It was working just fine for months on just a hub. Any thoughts?


A:Network switch cannot allow multiple devices!

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Hi All,

I am working in a small company.Now we need to establish a LAN connection,We have 3 switch (2 normal and 1 UPlink).40 PC and a router which is dirctly connected to the ISP.So for that i need a network diagram.Also i was face a problem that some system shows 10 mbps and other shows 100 mbs.The Auto Detect feature dose not work for some system.

Plz help the same.

A:Need A Network Diagram For 3 switch and One Router.

sam_0056 said:

Hi All,

I am working in a small company.Now we need to establish a LAN connection,We have 3 switch (2 normal and 1 UPlink).40 PC and a router which is dirctly connected to the ISP.So for that i need a network diagram.Also i was face a problem that some system shows 10 mbps and other shows 100 mbs.The Auto Detect feature dose not work for some system.

Plz help the same.Click to expand...

In all reality a company with 40 PCs is not a SMALL company lol. Lets start simple. Some of the systems show 10MBPS due to the probability of OLD network cards. I would recommend there to go to compusa or something and just buy a bunch of the 5 dollar cheapies. As far as the network goes, you should really have someone go in and do Cable runs to wall plates. Have a patch panel in place so that all your cabling is in one place, instead of having hubs everywhere.

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I'm trying to create a network between two computers and a laptop using both a switch and a router so that I can use the two IP addresses provided by my ISP. My setup is as follows:

My cable modem is connected to the switch (some SMC EZ-Switch). From the switch it is connected to one computer and to a wireless router (DIR-615). The wireless router is connected to another computer and my laptop.

So one computer will have it's own IP, while my other computer and laptop will share one via the router. The problem is the computer with it's own IP cannot see the computers connected to the router on the network, and vice versa.

So, how can I get this setup to work?

Thanks in advance.

A:Create Network with Router and Switch

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Hi guys. I am usually pretty good with these things as I have been networking for years and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, but this one has be baffled.

As you can see in the image below, the network map shows my PC---Switch---Router/modem---Internet. The problem is that the switch has only appeared recently and I have not installed any switches, nor do I have a need for one as my PC is the only device wired to the router, all others are WiFi. I have looked everywhere for a solution to this both on my computer and on the internet and have come up blank

The other problem is that I had my 2 PCs (Main in office and one connected to TV in lounge room) and laptop all set up so they could each access the other device's shared file through the Home Group, however now I can not see or access the other 2 from my main PC, but I can see and access the Main PC from the other 2 (TV system and laptop). While all this is happening, if you look at the bottom of the image, you will see that the TV system is in the 'The following discovered devices cannot be placed in the map' section...... This has me totally confuzzled

Any help here is appreciated guys, thanks !!

A:Network map shows switch that does not exist

UPDATE: After having the main PC off for a while and turning it back on tonight, it seems the other computers are now visible in the network section of the side panel (see first pic below). The other systems in the side panel didn't disappear until the last few days and the system has been turned off and on many times lately with no change.....until today. DAMMIT CIA....STOP MESSING WITH MY STUFF !!!

Also there are now more devices in the 'The following discovered devices cannot be placed in the map' section. The non-existent 'Switch' is also still there . I may try changing the network cable between the router and the PC and see if that gets rid of it, but I have my doubts. The second pic shows all the other devices now in the 'The following discovered devices cannot be placed in the map' section.

But somehow they are all showing up under 'Computers' under the 'Network' section of the control panel. I'm lost lol.

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Here is the situation.

There is a networked environment of 1 server and 8 computers all connected to a switch. The switch is connected to a panel on the wall that is connected to the patch panel and that is connected to a dsl modem.

They all work fine with DSL, however, the networking within the 8 computers and 1 server is connecting at 10 megabits per second. I have all the 8 computers set at autosensing so that it could run a 100 megabits per second but it keeps running at 10. The switch has the capability on running 10 or 100 and the nic cards has the capability also. What is the problem???

Nuts and Bolts Man
[email protected]

A:Network NIC Server Switch Hub Question

You might want to try connecting the DSL modem to only one computer (internet sharing server) with 2 NIC's, then have the 2nd NIC go to the switch. Set the NIC connected to the DSL to 10, and all the rest to 100. The way you have it set up now is the reason you are only getting 10 megabits, because each computer is connecting directly to the DSL network, and DSL will only work at 10.

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I installed a qwest DSL modem. Ran a 25 foot cat 5 to another room. Connection speed is fine straight from the line. I plug it into a 10/100 switch and loose all speed. I connected two computer to the switch and they ping each other just fine. So the switch is fine, the line to the switch is fine. Why am I not getting the connection speed to the computers on the home network? Not even one at a time....

thanks for helping!

A:DSL to Network Switch lost all speed

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I've been running two desktop computers (Win7 ent x64 on both) and a networked printer on a very old 4 port network switch for several months now. The switch is connected to a wireless router, and the switch is for things without wireless capability. The computers on the switch are on a completely different network than the laptops on the wireless router, though. I believe the switch acts as it's own network instead of becoming part of the network of the wireless router. I had both desktops joined in a homegroup because I have some music and other media on one that I wanted to share and stream to the other, which is hooked up to a TV. That worked for a while, which surprised me because the switch is only a 10/100 and I was streaming a some movies that were 4-6GB files. One day, though, the homegroup speed randomly dropped to ~3 KB/s, not even enough to copy over a Word document or anything. The computers still both showed up in the network, but the speed stayed at that level. Since then, it has been impossible to stream anything, so I stopped for a while.
The other day, I picked up a Rosewill 8 port gigabit switch, hoping I could get my homegroup running again, and with a faster, newer switch, be able to stream everything without issue. I got it all plugged in and hooked up just like the last one, but it isn't working quite right. It appears to be set up to pass through devices to the wireless router, because if I try to go to the IP for the config page, it takes me to the w... Read more

A:Network/Homegroup problems with new switch

You might have had a managed switch or a smart switch before, this would allow you to set the two network up independent of each other. As far as a know Rosewill doesnt have any managed switches so there is no configuration webGUI. This is why you're reaching your router when you type in the address.

With homegroup issues have you tried recreating it on the machine that used to be running the homegroup?

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Hi guys, 1st post hope someone out there can help

My problem is i have just upgraded my network to gigabit and im only seeing transfer speeds of around 10mb/s and i think i should be getting more?

I have the black sky sagem router and a tp-link 8 port gigabit switch (TL-SG1008D)

I have one cable from the switch to the router, then 7 cables connecting my devices... (3d tv, ps3, xbox, pc1, pc2, qnap ts-210) (all cables are either cat5e or cat6) (both pcs run windows 7)

Everything works fine, i can stream from my pcs to tv via the xbox or ps3, or i can stream from my qnap to my tv, and everything access's the internet ok. But when i transfer media from either pc to pc or pc to qnap the speeds are 10-11 mb/s.

Both network cards are set to auto negotiation on the pcs. When i go into task manager>networking, the link speed shows 100mbps.

If i disconnect the router from the switch, its still the same. Ive tried forcing it to 1.0 gbps full dulplex, transfer speeds dont improve.

Any advice would be highly appreciated as its a pain transferring large files across the network, any info ive missed out i will be happy to add

thanks in advance, Jay ps the cables and the switch are both brandnew!

A:Network help with gigabit switch/router

think i have sorted it! sorry for the time waste!

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One of my either boneheaded or great ideas for expanding a network...

I have a Linksys BEFSR41 (wired) 4-port router, linked to three computers. The fourth port is used for the occasional laptop from work.

Now, both my fiance and I have work laptops and I decided to get a switch (Trendnet TE100-S5Pplus 5 port switch) to "expand" the network. (I's cheaper than getting an 8-port router.)

At most, there are four computers running at once (we haven't tried all five yet).

All three computers have static IP addresses (long story short, I did that because I was having trouble with the router firmware upgrades and hoped that would help -- issue resolved itself with new firmware, but I didn't change the computers back dynamic IP settings).

Now, the switch is creating a "network conflict" with one of the computers if four of them are one at once. It goes from computer to computer (I guess depending on which one was switched on last). The laptop does not have a static ip addresses

One computer runs Gentoo Linux and the rest are all Windows XP.

The router is connected to two desktops. I connected the switch in another room, via CAT5 cable. The switch connects the Linux computer and the laptop.

A:Network Conflict Using Router & Switch

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Machine is Dell Inspiron 530
windows vista.

i cannot get on any network. command prompt just tells me a bogus ip

when i go to the network setting it just keeps saying "identifying" can see anything on the net work. cant ping anything and when ever i try to enable network discovery and switch to private network just give me an error message saying "request is not supported" .

the machine was infected with "open could security" fake anti spyware program and was removed. used MW bytes and Super Anti. didn't find anything, also used HJT to make sure no process' were running that shouldn't be.

made sure the services that were suppose to be running. only one particular one would not start it was called "server" just kept saying it was stopped because it was not being used?


any feed back would be appropriated

A:[SOLVED] Cannot Switch to private network

Hello Rotary_Bunta,

Are you trying to connect via a Wired network or a Wireless one?
A 169-adress (In a normal network) is Windows self-generated IP adress and is not usable for LAN/WAN's. So there's definately something wrong there.

Please have a look at the Network card drivers, make sure they're up to date.
Go to the device manager (Start > Search > "devmgmt.msc" > ENTER) and Maximize the Window, and take a printscreen of that view. highligt the network card.

Also extract an IPCONFIG report and attach it to your next reply:
Go to Start > Search.
Type "cmd" > Rightclick "cmd.exe" > Run as administrator.
Type the following command: ipconfig /all > C:\ipconfig.txt > Hit ENTER.

Thread is moved to Networking.

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Well, a while back, I posted about getting a Network Peripherals KeyStone24MG, and now I have a 9-pin RS-232 cable to connect via console. Now what do I do? I connect with hyperterminal on COM-1, and it only shows a white screen :/

A:Connecting to Network Switch via HyperTerminal

I've never worked with or heard of this switch company. You'll need to get the pinouts for the serial port on that switch to make sure it's not a custom type configuration. Some switches require a null modem cable. Some require a custom cable only available through the manufacturer or through building a custom cable (that's provided if you have the pinouts).

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hey i have a little problen here i need to switch from public network to home and i cant seen to be able to due need help please

A:switch from public network to home

Hello Nancy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to.

Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network

Hope this helps,

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Let's say I have no router or DHCP server on the network. All I have is a switch on a closed LAN. No access to the internet is wanted. Let's say I manually assign IP addresses to all computers.

To be clear, there is no router, just a switch.

Will this work for file and printer sharing?

A:Question about how a network switch works

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I have a wrt54g running dd-wrt firmware that is set to be access point-wireless range extender, it is wired to a wrk54g running stock linksys firmware which is hooked to the cable modem.

Here is the problem, i can access my home network and ping pcs on the wrk54g"main router" from pcs wired to the wrt54g"Access Point" my laptop gets full signal all around my house"use to get 2 bars on opposite side of house from wrk54g" while on the internet,but cannot access the net from pcs wired to the wrt54g"access point", Im sure im missing something simple, but have going over it for hours, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone needs screen shots of the router setup let me know what screens you need to see.

Thank you, GamesterX

A:Solved: No internet behind switch, but still see network

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