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Hear audio on multiple devices in Windows Vista

Q: Hear audio on multiple devices in Windows Vista

Hi, I very much want to know the answer to this problem. My setup is simple. I am working with my Mobo's onboard sound card (Mobo is Asus M3A32-MVP Wi-Fi) and here's the thing. I see multiple devices in both Vista and Seven (have a dual boot) - I see the front headphone jack, the SPDIF, the rear audio port (it's 5.1 surround) and also an HDMI. I've just recently bought two bluetooth headphones and I have paired them and see them in the audio devices panel too.

Now this is what I want to do. I want to hear the audio on all the devices simultaneously. If I turn on the audio system (connected to the SPDIF) then I should hear the audio there. If I connect multiple Bluetooth headphones, I should hear the audio from my comp on any and all of them.

So, why can't I do this? Apparently this was the default behaviour for Windows in XP. That is, any audio played was available on all connected devices. Now, here in Vista and Seven we have a major downgrade in that we have to select a SINGLE audio output device as the "default" device and when a device is selected as such, the audio stream is SOLELY passed into it. THIS IS SO VERY WRONG! It is so illogical to do something like this in today's world of changing and evolving multi-media environments. I mean, what if my Mom wants to hear my music from the kitchen at the same time that I'm listening to it as I work on my desktop. She should be able to simply plugin and start listening to what I'm hearing! This is RIDICULOUS!

I hope there's a solution out there. I've just spent around three hours googling non-stop about this problem and though many, many people have complained about it, no one has a proper solution.

The question is: How do I hear audio on Windows Vista or Seven on multiple audio devices SIMULTANEOUSLY!?

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I have three audio devices on my pc (ATI HDMI, Via HD onboard and steelseries usb soundcard) and through all devices I only get audio out of the left channel. I have tried two pairs on headphones and my tv speakers all with the same results. I have looked at all the balancing end everything is set to even on both channels.

Windows 7 X64 ultimate
M4A78 PRO Mobo Via HD audio
Steel Series Usb SoundCard

A:Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

As you have three devices, each one separately generates the sound. The only thing common would be the sound itself, such as a wav or mp3 file.

When you use the PC's sound chip (VIA HD) that is one hardware device and the wired on the motherboard output jacks. If you use a USB connected sound device then you are using that device to generate the sound and that device's physical jacks. If you use the ATI HDMI, most video cards have their own built in audio chip (unless this is an old video card that uses S/PDIF connection to the motherboard) and thus again everything separate for audio generation and connection.

One comment, if you have both the Via on board audio and the usb connected sound card enabled at the same time there can be conflicts and sound problems. Not the balance problem you have but there can be problems. If you want to use the VIA then physically disconnect the USB. If you want to use the USB, disable the on-board audio in the BIOS.

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I've been trying various external audio devices in my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop: Blue Icicle, Zoom H4N, M-Audio M-Track (MkII) but I can't get any audio from any of them.
They install fine and show up in the "Sound/RecordingDevices" menu in Contro Panel/Settings ... and on all the programmes I'm using: Skype, Cubase etc. but no sound. And these devices work on other laptops, just not this one.
And they used to work on this one, but not any more.
Does anyone have any ideas on what's going on and how to fix it, please?

A:Inspiron 15 7000 series won't "hear" USB Audio Devices

Green-ShootThey install fine and show up in the "Sound/RecordingDevices" menu in Contro Panel/Settings
Select the device on the Recording tab in order to use it as an input device for recording. If you want to monitor the input during recording, right click on the device in the Recording tab, click Properties, select the Listen tab, and check the box.
Select the device on the Playback tab in order to hear audio through the device (through headphones or external speakers connected to the device).

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My system has a sound card and two USB audio devices. I can click the speaker -> options -> propertied -> mixer device and select 1 device and reboot and play via that device. However I would like to have all audio devices work at the same time. Is there a way to do this? If not, is there a way to switch without rebooting? (Windows 2000).

A:multiple audio devices

..................err? why do you need/want multiple audio devices from the one PC??????

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Hi, I recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv6974 Laptop, it came installed with Vista 64-bit. It works fine and all, just one thing I want to figure out.

The laptop has built-in speakers, a built-in mic, 2 headphone jacks and 1 microphone jack. I plugged my headset into one of the headphone jacks, my headset microphone into the microphone jack, and my external speakers into the second headphone jack.

What I wish to do is to set it up in a way that I can play music through my speakers, and Ventrilo through my headset.

The way I did this before on my desktop was that there was this option in the Realtek Audio Manager called "enable playback multi-stream" that separated the two audio jacks on the computer (one in the back, and one in the front). Then I was able to choose a different audio driver for Ventrilo, and use the default one for music. This was on XP, and I only had one sound card btw.

And now for Vista, I've tried looking through the Audio Device Manager and the Realtek Audio Manager but couldn't find anything that would help much, except in the Realtek Audio Manager there's this "tie up all input jacks something something, etc" that sounded like it was what I was looking for, but all it did was mess up my microphone.

To add more to this confusion, there is actually another audio device in the Audio Device Manager, but it's the Digital Audio Receiver, and I don't really know what that does.

I've asked about this problem elsewhere, and some peopl... Read more

A:Multiple Audio Devices

Hi, ForeverRen, and welcome to the forums.

I think HP would be your best bet in this they would be able to tell you for sure if that can be done with their hardware or not.

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hi, i'm relatively new here, so i'm not really sure how to do this but alot of my games are having problems i.e. ? has cause in invalid page fault in unknown. I am led to believe it is a soundcard problem, i use an onboard sound card with the VIA VT1612A 2-channel audio Codec and i look in multimedia properties under audio devices, i had two different ones, Audio for via Ac'97 Enhanced Audio Controller(WDM), and Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM), i was told by a friend to uninstall the drivers and then reinstall to fix this, i did, now on top of those two devices i have a second Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM). I also have three MIDI for WDM-based Device. ANd Mixer for VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM), along with two Mixer for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM),this may be normal, but like i said i'm relatively new at this and it doesn't really look normal, so can someone please help me? Thank You

A:need help, multiple audio devices

Look at the back of your computer. Do you have onboard sound AND a seperate PCI sound card? If so then you need to disable the onboard sound in the BIOS setup and use only the PCI sound card.

Now go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall ALL VIA AC97, AC97, Vinyl audio drivers and anything else that looks like it goes to sound drivers.

Then go to Device Manager and uninstall/remove all remaining VIA/Vinyl/AC97 devices listed under the Multimedia heading. Reboot only after all are removed.

Then download the latest VIA Vinyl drivers. When you first run the new driver setup program it will look to see if there are still drivers installed, if it finds any then it give you the option to uninstall them. Do that and reboot.

Then run the VIA installation again and install the drivers, and reboot.

At any point Windows may redetect the sound card and want to reinstall the drivers - let it. Do NOT click Cancel on the Found New Hardware Wizard. If all goes well prior to install the latest driver the sound card should be detected as a PCI Multimedia Device and that means all the drivers will have been removed.

Here's the latest drivers:
They are in a ZIP file, once extracted you need to run the SETUP.EXE file to install the drivers.

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Hi i have a hp pavillioin dv 6000 with a model number of dv 6605us and am with a vista home basic operating system and am having problems with the audio when i play music it plays but no sound is outputed but now i have an error message saying no audio output devices have been installed i have tried all possible solutions like re installing the audio drivers but none is working and i now cant even see sounds listed in the device manager please help me solve this am really frustrated thanks.

A:No audio output devices installed windows vista home basic

In device manager You've clicked VIEW/put a dot on Device By Type and you do not see Sound, Video and Game Controllers? And if you do see that and click its dropdown menu, there is no entry for Realtek High Definition Audio Controller? Where and how did you install the drivers then. Was realtek uninstalled by accident. Do you see anything in Control Panel as in Realtek HD Audio Manager??

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I've googled this endlessly with no result and I'm guessing it isn't possible but I may as well ask.

My laptop has one audio/mic port. I'm cheap and had a splitter laying around, my headphones, and a set of ear buds with a mic on it I combined to use as a headset.

This works fine, however, since the sound output is being split to both my ear buds and headphones, it doesn't sound as good and some things are faint, which isn't good for gaming.

Is there a way to manage my audio devices so that my ear buds is mic only and no sound, and my headphones get all the sound? I've found no options in Windows, just playback (speakers) and recording (mic). I assume because it's only one jack it isn't, but it can't hurt to ask.

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I'm not entirely sure if this is a Windows Sound issue or a hardware issue, so I'm asking this question both here and in a Windows Community Forum. Is it possible to output audio to multiple devices (i. e., can one assign more than one "Default Device")?  For example, can I output to the USB-S/P-Dif device connected to my stereo and the bluetooth device driving my outdoor speakers simultaneously? I have an Envy dv7-7255dx, with the IDT Hi-Def audio codec, running 64-bit Windows 10 Home. Thanks!

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I'm trying to use my speakers for everything except one program. I want to use my headphones for a chat program called Ventrillo. any ideas or suggestions?

A:Trying to use multiple audio output devices

I've tried just about everything I could think of and still nothing. Tried changing audio output settings on everything and still cant figure it out. Anyone know if its even possible?

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I'll try to explain this as simply as possible... Currently, I have speakers, headphones and the headphone microphone plugged in. I'd like to record my Skype conversations using stereo mix, but stereo mix only picks up what goes through my speakers and not what goes through my headset. I've tried tinkering with the settings and haven't been able to get stereo mix to record what goes through my headset instead of my speakers.
How do I get stereo mix to record headphone audio instead of speaker audio?

For the past few hours, I've also been trying to get Audacity to record both stereo mix and my microphone. From what I've read, Audacity can't record two inputs at the same time, so is there a way to combine stereo mix and my microphone?

I'm using the latest Realtek HD drivers, if that helps any.

Thanks for your time.

A:Multiple audio devices, stereo mix and a microphone

You might want to check out VAC(Virtual Audio Cable). It is not a "free" program, so depending on you needs, it might help. here is a link to info about it:Virtual Audio Cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and here is a link to download VAC:
Virtual Audio Cable - CNET

I used it myself to share music I was listening to over video chats. The program can be used in a number of ways. I no longer use, since I currently have a laptop with Stereo Mix, and that meets my needs just fine. Hope this helps.

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Ok im not quite sure where this question should be posted but i noticed the problem when i was playin games so this is where i chose...

Basically i've got different sounds coming from my speakers and my headphones. I have teamspeak coming through my headphones but my game sounds and other sounds from the speakers. I cant seem to find a way to make them all come from the headphones.
Using windows 7 32 bit

Thanks in advance

A:Sounds coming from multiple audio devices

Have you tried changing any settings within the Windows Sound panel?

Start > Control Panel >Sound > Playback tab

Look for Speakers...right-click and Disable
Look for the Headphones....right-click and Set as Default Device

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Hi guys. I have my TV connected via HDMI through my video card to my computer and also run sound through my computers speakers with the onboard sound. Normally I just change the audio device before opening a program depending on whether I want it on the TV speakers or computer speakers. The problem is that sporadically when I select the device for the TV speakers it doesn't provide any sound and no combination of turning the TV on and off, changing the audio device back and forth etc will let give sound on the TV speakers (but when i change to the computer speakers it works fine). I can't seem to reproduce the problem either, it just happens sporadically and the only solution is to restart the computer.

I have vista 32 bit ultimate. Any suggestions?

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I have been trying to use my (win7.x64) Dell l502x laptop with my folk's new samsung lcd tv.

I finally got the sound bit working (opening nvidia control panel refreshes the audio playback devices list), but I have several erroneous devices that appear (and disappear) when connecting the TV.

I tried the same device (TV) with the same cable, with my brother's new toshiba laptop, and there were two playback devices (as expected) - speakers, and TV.

Mine looks like this

Can any l502x owners confirm (re driver install) if they did follow these instructions


R300420 Video: (Do "Custom Install", Uncheck HD Audio) nVidia GeForce GT 435M, GeForce GT 420M, GeForce GT 445M, Stereoscopic 3D, GeForce GT 525M, N12E-GE-B(LP)-GT 550M, N12E-GE-B ( GT555M), GeForce GT 540M, v., A07 (155 MB)

willing to try anything to attempt to get this configured "properly".

also having issues with nvidia display driver crashing when external is connected, despite underclocking gpu as advised

A:Dell l502x (NVIDIA 540M) HDMI Audio issues (multiple devices)

I have multiple HDMI audio entries listed in the Sound Panel/Playback section. Mine are AMD HDMI audio as I have an AMD Radeon video card.

You have an NVIDIA video card so the reason for the NVIDA listings. The Toshiba may only have the basic Intel Video, for example, and the reason for only one entry.

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Is it possible and how would I go about setting vista up to play audio on two different devices simultaneously? The devices are two sets of USB headphones in this case, if it makes any difference. Can anyone help me? I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

[Moved to the probably more appropriate Vista forum]

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I have an Acer E1-571 suddenly I have an X on my audio controller icon on home page and no audio devices in control panel. I have tried installing sound video and gaming controllers and then tried to install update but it says best already installed and still no Audio.
Any and all help greafully appreciated and many thanks in advance

A:Audio Disabled no audio devices windows 8

Look for audio drivers on the motherboard CD delivered to when after purchasing your system. If you can't find it or don't have mobo CD around, navigate to manufacturer website and download driver for audio device from there.

Good luck!!

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I've been stuggling with this for a few hours now and am at the end of my wits..

I've got two audio devices that I would like to link to my PC at once.
I've got one plug connected to the back panel, and one to the front. But one always cuts off the other. In my sound devices, the system registers them both as: "speakers, VIA High Definition Audio, Standard device"

Is there any way that I can connect them both at once, and still have both of them outputting audio?

I hope the internet will save the day!

Many thanks in advance!

A:Multiple audio playing devices, playing the same sound at once

If you use realtek,
Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
Otherwise You're pretty much screwed, only other way is to use Virtual audio cable, but you'd have to set it up every time you booted (and it costs 20$)

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Hey everybody,

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but i've recently purchased a box set of DVD's but when i play them through my laptop i can't hear anything.
They are legitimate DVD's - not pirated copies.
All of my other DVD's work just fine ... its just this 4 disc box set, and then had the same problem with a DVD i borrowed from a friend.
The region on the discs are correct, as is the region setting for the player on my laptop.
The bizarre thing is ... when i play the disc, .. i can hear the sound during the opening logo, ya know the one for the production/distribution compnay ??
Its when i get ot the menu, or play the movies themselves, ... there's no audio.

Its really annoying me that this has occurred so randomly.

Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Dvd Audio Missing, Can't hear the audio track of some DVDs

a. Have you tried playing them in a stand-alone player? If not, do so.You may need to check the audio channels for those movies (very rare case scenario).b. Is the dvd on your computer a rom or a burner?Moderator Edit: Split this reply from original post in wrong forum to attach here. ~ Animal

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Hi there

Not sure whats happening here but getting multiple displays for the same devices !!!!

Any fix, or is system Broken.


A:Devices and Printers - devices being displayed multiple times

Looks like Ghosts of DLNA devices. Start by taking offline any DLNA capable gear, reboot the Gateway and also clear its IP Table.

Also clear out those ghosts from Devices and Printers.

For some reason this started in Windows 7, when Microsoft started to play games with DLNA and media Shares.

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I realize this is a forum for Windows 7, but I don't know where else to ask this question lol.

Earlier I made a thread about my mom's computer being unable to reinstall Windows 7 after a factory reset. I think I've found a possible fix for this, but I'm not entirely sure.

I'm currently in the process of installing Windows 10 on my own computer via the Windows Creation Tool, and I noticed that it gave me the option to not only install W10 on my own computer, but another's through a Flash Drive as well.

So my question: after I've installed Windows 10 on my own computer, would it be possible to also put a copy onto my flash drive to install Windows 10 on my mom's computer as well? And if so, can I bypass the product key requirement to get to the desktop? I've got some code that I used to grab my own product key in order to install Windows 10 for myself, which I can also use to retrieve my mom's product key if I can get to her desktop to open Notepad.

I've never booted a computer via flash drive, so I don't know whether or not I can do this. I don't have her product key, and I can only get it if I can access her desktop (unless there's another way, because the product key on the back of her laptop is too faded to read).

Thanks in advance!

A:Installing Windows 10 on Multiple Devices?

Once you've made an install flash drive (or DVD or iso) from the Microsoft site, you can use it to upgrade any number of qualifying computers (genuine activated Windows 7 SP1) to Windows 10 without needing a serial. It must be the correct edition ie Windows 7 Home Premium needs a Windows 10 Home flash drive. A sneaky upgrade attempt from Home to Pro will appear to work, but won't activate (you will prob be nagged to buy the correct serial sometime in the future).

re : booting from flash - I found that the upgrade didn't work in that scenario. I had to run setup.exe from within Windows 7. If a clean install is your goal, once Windows 10 is installed, you can boot from the install media (flash, DVD etc) and install again, deleting all partitions. You don't need a serial for this, because MS 'remembers' the hardware and activates it accordingly. If you do this, all data and apps are deleted.

Edit - if your mom's computer isn't actually running, you won't be able to upgrade it to W10 for free.

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I'm running Vista x64 on my i7 with a 4850. I am currently running my computer speakers through the mobo's optical out and my tv speakers through my 4850's HDMI out. I have a spare "X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro" card in one of my other rigs that I could move to this one if need be.

Is there any way to get simultaneous audio output?, For example, if I want to have a tv show or movie on the tv while I am playing music or a game on my computer, is that possible in vista?

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When I play a dvd movie on my dvd player the video is perfect. But I cannot hear anything. When I put in an audio cd, it sounds perfect.

I used Windows Media Player 8.0 on a system running XP Pro.

I tried to upgrade my Media Player but received this message:
"Error creating process <COCU~\DAD~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\setup_wm.exe /P:\DOWNLOADS\mp10setup.exe>. Reason: The system cannot find the path specified.

I recently formatted my hard drive and started over from scratch due to my system crashing.

A:Can play and hear CD audio on DVD player but not DVD audio

You probably need the correct audio codecs. They are likely missing since the reinstall.

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The USB 3 stack is unstable in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. I was hoping the upgrade to Windows 8.1 would improve the stability but no.
On two different motherboard systems I have had the same experience with 64 bit Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro compatibility with various USB 3.0 devices and hubs including:
An AFT PRO-57U front panel card-reader/hub, various Anker, Syba multiport hubs, and these are just a few I have tried, there are many more.

Symptoms are the same.
For example: the AFT PRO-57U slots are enumerated correctly as drive letters in Windows 8.1.
Then the drives (the PRO-57U slots) disappear, then reappear, then disappear, and reappear and so on. This happens consistently and the cycle time to disappear/reappear varies from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

The Windows Device Manager shows the devices appearing and disappearing as enumerated devices. I have tried many trial and error methods to solve this, uninstalling and reinstalling USB motherboard drivers, different cables to the AFT PRO-57U device different
USB 3 ports for the devices and many more...
One of the hubs I bought specifically because it has the latest chip and firmware: Ankerģ USB 3.0 9-Port Hub + 5V 2.1A Smart Charging Port with 12V 5A Power Adapter [VIA VL812-B2 Chipset and updated Firmware 9081] This hub FAILs to enumerate some external
HDDs and other devices.
To troubleshoot I have tried many things:

I have disabled Windows... Read more

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Hello all~

I'm a solo recording artiest, and I have two different speaker set ups, one HD 5.1 which I have plugs into the 4 color coded jacks in the back (I use this set for it's 12inch subwoofer and mid-range quality checks), and one HD JVC duel speaker set up (which I use for it's tweeters and good vocal quality).

With both Windows 2000, and XP I have no problem playing audio through both speakers at the same time. Now, it only plays through the "Default" speaker setup which you choose. I searched through all the settings I could find in the audio options and have found no sign that Windows 7 is even able to use two devices at once (which is an epic fail)... Can anyone help me out?

A:Can Windows 7 use two audio devices at once?

What you want is something like in my system specs to offer you a favorable resolution to your dilemma. Multiple outputs from one device with different bus mixes available. Used with app like Sonar or Cubase, is fantastic.

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I have two USB audio devices that I cannot seem to properly install drivers for.
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 & KORG MicroKONTROL

I am in communication with both product tech support teams but so far they have not offered a successful solution. As the same issue is occurring with multiple devices I thought it might be an OS issue.
I run Win 7 Home Premium x64

The problem is as follows:

The product drivers install correctly without error. However, instead of showing up in the Device Manager in either USB Controllers or Sound Controllers they both show in Other Devices with a yellow exclamation mark.
I have tried the following fix from this site (USB Driver - General Fix for Problems) and this actually enabled me to access a portable HDD that wasn't working, but it didn't fix the issue for my 2 audio devices.
I have also tried right clicking on the devices in Other Devices, selecting Driver Update. I then find the correct drivers listed but when I hit install I get the following error message on both:
"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Audio USB Devices showing under Other Devices in Device Manager

Could it be the two devices are competing with each other and the driver installer gets confused? Details on the devices and the needs to use two of the same type probably would be helpful.

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So the title states the majority of the problem, but I should probably note what is happening.
When plugging in headphones / earbuds audio plays out of the speakers and not the earbuds / headphones.

I have investigated a bit and found that I need to set my default audio device to my headphones, but that is not an (apparent) option.


Any help is appreciated.


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i was getting 2 error messages: 1. there's a problem with the hi def audio driver. but the troubleshooter kept failing when it tried to re-install the driver. 2. then it said that there were no audio devices installed. i tried several different drivers, but this one worked for me:;GetDown=falseVista, Windows7 Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file) R2.37

A:windows 7 not detecting audio devices

And you jumped with so much joy, that you had to post your first post to tell us all about it
Welcome to BleepingComputer

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I have a computer with a 2ghz processor and 1gb of ram. I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on it. Every now and then I swap out the hard drive and put in a hard drive that has Windows XP Pro on it. When I do this, there are no audio sources detected and even when I try to download drivers it still does not work. It is a fairly new motherboard with an onboard soundcard. Is it possible that Windows XP is not compatible with the motherboard? How can I fix this so when I put the hard drive with Windows XP on into the computer, it detects the same audio devices that the Vista sees. I would rather not use a dual boot. Please help.

A:Windows XP will not detect audio devices

are the xp driver loaded onto the xp drive

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As you computer users know Windows XP and Windows Vista are the top competetor OS's in the Microsoft Market. Due to the recent "Last Day for Windows XP" sale day(JUNE 30, 2008), I was outraged that Microsoft Stopped Sales for the Best OS of all time for SEVEN YEARS STRAIGHT!!! Anyway, Since Vista was first released, there have been many complaints of how slow Vista runs and how Vista users have to frequently reset their pc's due to crashes. Many say Vista is the crappiest OS released and others say Vista is the BEST! But, I Myself strongly disagree that Vista is Better than Windows XP.....
Lets Talk about Windows XP...

Windows XP comes in many different editions including Home Edition, Professional, and Media Center Edition, many pre-installed on most PC's.
Windows XP makes it easier for the user to navigate around the OS and setup takes only an Hour.(Depending on several computer factors...)
Many programs are avalible for those XP users out there including games. Now, Windows XP is smarter. It uses less memory unlike Vista. Windows XP requires little(ie 1GB free HDD space, 233^ Mhz Processor spd., ect.)
system requirements, Vista wants MORE!!! Today's Technology can barely even keep up with Vista (although its improving). Windows XP can be installed on almost any PC meeting minimum requirements, while Vista is strict with most. in conclusion, Windows XP is the most stable OS out here today and i HIGHLY RECCOMEND USERS TO USE... Read more

A:To Be or Not to Be...Windows XP or Windows Vista---LET ME HEAR YOUR OPINION!!

Great...another hate Vista love XP thread. I for one can't wait until we can all share our opinions YET AGAIN!

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After a restart for a Windows Update, suddenly all audio devices have disappeared. Troubleshoot sound problems--> Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem Sound - Playback devices--> No audio devices are installed (show disabled devices/show disconnected devices) Device manager--> Audio-input and -output device type disappeared--> Sound, video and game controllers still shows two drivers (Conexant ISST Audio and Intel(R) Display Audio) Update history-- > Cumulative update Windows 10 version 1607 for x64-systems (KB3194496) (installed on 04/10/2016) Additional information- Internet connection: LAN It appears to me that the hardware is functional, however, not recognized or detected by Windows anymore. Edit: The following seems to have (at least temporarily) fixed the problem:1. Device Manager --> Sound, video and game controllers --> Conexant ISST Audio --> Uninstall (including driver software)2. Device Manager --> Scan for hardware changes3. Sound --> Troubleshoot sound problems4. Restart

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Hi My Aspire ES 15 (with windows 10) laptop can't use audio device, it's always shows "no audio output devices is installed". How can I do, please? Thanks

A:no audio output devices Aspire ES 15 with Windows ...

In addition, its model is ES1-531-P6KL.

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Hey dunno if anyone can help me here..... I reformatted a computer and installed windows. everything is working fine apart from there is no sound. the drivers have obviously uninstalled themselves.....and i do not have the installation disks!! I have searched the internet but do not really know what im looking for! HELP?!?

A:HELP needed! I have reset windows and now have no audio devices!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Do you have onboard sound, or a separate sound card?

If you have onboard sound and your computer is an oem build, such as Dell/Compaq/Gateway etc. You can get your sound drivers etc from your computer manufacturers website.

If your computer is not an oem build. You can get the sound drivers from your mobo manufacturers website. You should also install the chipset(mobo) drivers as well.

If you have a separate sound card, you will need to go to your soundcard manufacturers website.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Restarted my computer today and none of my audio devices were working. I have installed all the latest Window's updates and re-installed Realtek. When I run the troubleshooter I get

this error.

In Device Manager all my audio devices have a yellow triangle beside them and have Error Code 19.

If anyone has any help it would be very much appreciated!

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So this is how the "story" goes. Like a week ago I was using my computer as normal and when I closed it and opened it the next day, I had no sound. I actually didn't notice this until I tried to play a youtube video. Then I noticed I didn't have the speaker icon in the bottom right of my screen next to the clock etc. I tried going to my control panel and opening sound settings but it said that there were no audio devices. I literally spent that day trying to desperately search for a solution, but I found nothing. I don't think the problem is in my soundcard because it's integrated to my MotherDrive (or whatever it's called) and I tried to buy an external usb sound card, and I still had the same problem. No audio devices. What I have now found out is, that when I go to my "services.msc" WindowsAudioEndpointBuilder won't run. And it gives an error which says "Error 193: 0xc1" Also, Windows Audio service has the same problem/error. I have literally tried everything and I saw a topic where you helped someone with a similar problem. Any help would be highly appreciated and also, I have already downloaded the correct drivers and everything is up-to-date.

A:Windows 7, No Audio Devices Problem (WindowsAudioEndpointBuilder)

Did you uninstall the audio devices in Device Manager...before reinstalling the correct drivers?  Note that I did not ask if you "updated" the drivers.
See .

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Everything was ok with sound but now the computer doesn't detect any sound devices like amplifier, headphones, speakers, etc. The computer does find the audio card, but not devices. Please help.

A:Windows 8.1 doesn't detect any audio devices


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Hi My Aspire ES 15 (with windows 10) laptop can't use audio device, it's always shows "no audio output devices is installed". How can I do, please? Thanks

A:no audio output devices Aspire ES 15 with Windows ...

In addition, its model is ES1-531-P6KL.

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Since 09/28/2015 the Windows 8.1 MSN Weather app won't start anymore. It is stuck at start screen with throbber, no errors in Event Log. It happens on multiple
different devices with multiple different Microsoft accounts. I have also tried different Internet connection.

I tried to reinstall the app. It helped for first run but after closed, next time it is stuck again. Although Start screen live tile still updates correctly. The after-reinstall behavior is exactly the same on multiple devices and Microsoft accounts again.
It must be a server side issue, please check it.

Steps to reproduce:

You need Windows 8.1 OS, all Windows Updates applied and being logged to account that's connected to a Microsoft account

1. Uninstall MSN Weather app
2. Go to Store and install MSN Weather app again, latest version is
3. Run the MSN Weather app, select a city ... works now
4. Close the application (important step !) either by close button (mouse) or the Windows 8 close gesture (touchscreen)
5. Run the MSN Weather app again

Now you should be able to reproduce the issue, the app is stuck at start screen with throbber. If not, repeat steps 4 and 5 multiple times or restart the OS instead of step 4.

The steps above are reproducible on multiple devices, multiple Microsoft accounts and different Windows locales. Disconnecting the MSN Weather app from Microsoft account personalization in step 3 does not help either.
Please do not recommend to run the App Troub... Read more

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I consider myself an advanced user, but this one I've never seen, nor can I find info out for...

I haven't been able to plug a video camera or external hard drive into my computer via FireWire. I then tried a different cable, nothing. I then tried a different device and cable, nothing. I then tried a different computer with two devices, nothing.

My USB2.0 works fine with each device and computer. I also took the new computer into CompUSA and they tried their firewire device and all worked. I bought a new firewire cable, but I have the same luck with each device.

How can 2 external hardrives, and one sony camera not work, after working for a year. What happened? What do I need to do?

A:Multiple firewire devices on multiple computers not working

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I just cleared my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp and now I cant get any sound out of my computer... I go to control panel and click on sounds and it says no audio devices.... So I installed the ac97 drivers and it says that the driver is corrupt or something like that..... so I uninstalled all that and restarted and windows found realtek drivers and it still said that the drivers were corrupt.
any ideas?

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Hello, my name is Conan. I have installed Windows 7(Ultimate, 64-bits) in 2009, my previous os was Windows XP(32-bit). Although I am really happy with W7 there's something which is a big turn-off. The sound, that is, it hasn't worked on W7 ever since I installed it. It's not the devices that are the problem, they all work perfectly fine when connected to my iPod. As a matter of fact, It's quite obvious what the problem is, windows doesn't detect any connected audio devices. Here are some screenshots:

I have already downloaded the latest Realtek driver, but this also didn't detect any audio devices

A:Windows doesn't detect any audio devices: no sound


Yes, Win 7 has detected an audio device. What it's not detecting is that you have speakers plugged in.

Do you have a set of speakers you can plug into the back (green) speaker jack?

Or maybe a set of headphones into the front (green) headphone jack?

If it didn't detect any devices you wouldn't see those options.

Right now you're set to output audio to "Digital Out", it's set as the default output device, plug speakers in, select "Speakers" then click on "Set Default".


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Hey everyone, Google directed me here after running into this sound problem with my new computer. I recently built myself a computer, it was my first time, everything seemed to be going pretty swimmingly too considering. Then i got service pack 2. The first restart after installing my audio was scratchy and going in and out. Then after the next restart it was dead. The drivers were still there, and according to windows, working fine, but as far as my computer is concerned, there's no sound devices. At first I thought maybe it was my sound card driver, but then i tried using my mobo's on board audio and that didn't get recognized either. Yes i made sure it was enabled in the bios. I'm really at quite a loss here. I've updated all the drivers for on board and my sound card with the newest i could find, and it just doesn't recognize it. Plugging my speakers into my onboard and using it's config program to do a sound demo puts sound into my speakers, so that part works. I need to get these devices communicating somehow and I haven't the faintest idea how. Anything short of reinstalling windows would be obviously preferred. If it helps here's my system specs:

Mobo: Foxconn C51XEM2AA- 8EKRS2H Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Windsor 2.0GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2
Gfx Cards: Dual XFX GeForce 7600GS 256MB's in SLI
Ram: Corsair XMS2 2 x 512MB 240-Pin SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
HD: Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 320gig SATA
Sound card: CHAINTECH AV-... Read more

A:Windows not recognizing audio devices Post SP2 install

I'm not going to tell you to update your drivers because about a million people will come in here and tell you to. but heres what you can do, make sure you take out your sound card before trying the onboard sound, sometimes a soundcard messes up onboard audio even if it is disabled.

Then if you do that and the onborad audio works then you have a faulty sound card, return it and get another, if that doesn't work then email tech support. you built your own computer so every part should have a website with a "contact us" link, even if you can't find one on your motherboard or soundcard manufacturers website you can use your CPU or HD, all companies have the same information and can help you with practically anything.

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So here's the deal.  I've got 2 gtx 680 cards, and and have 2 monitors with my computer connected through a DVI cable.  I have a 3rd 30' HDMI cable running to my big screen.  I can mirror the 2nd display on DVI perfectly to the HDMI HDTV.  Both systems can play the sound perfectly - BUT - not at the same time.  I have to go into sound control and either select the HDTV for sound -OR- the bose speakers on my computer.
I've tried stereo mixer to duplicate the sound.  Didn't work.  I've tried virtual audio cable, and it can duplicate the sound, but you have to configure it everytime - PLUS - there is a delay in the it's not sync'd properly with the movie.  So that's no good either.
I know you can set one device for your 'sound' and one for you 'communications'.  Whoopee doo.  That blows.  
What I want is simple.  I want my TV & 2nd monitor to play the movie.  I want my bose usb hi def speakers on my computer to play the sound, and I want the speakers on my tv to play the sound through HDMI.  I heard this used to be able to be done in XP, but no longer.  This is a $2400 computer system, with the ultimate version of 7 on it.  Something like this *should* be kiddie play, but I can't figure it out.
Any way to rig it so it works?

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Help! I think i may have accidently uninstalled my audio. I have lost the installation C.D and do not know what to do.
My computer is windows XP and whenever I go into control Panel then sound and audio devices it says there is no audio device even though I have checked several times that my speakers are plugged in and connected at the bag of the moniter.

A:Cannot hear any audio

u need to go to the device mgr and see if u have any yellow question marks.if so u need to click on update drivers. also u might have to go to the mfg of your computer and look for support drivers and downloads for your model of computer. there should be audio drivers listed.hope this helps u.

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I play WoW, so naturally I like to watch wow videos of cool stuff people do inside of wow. but recently, i have been opening a video into windows media player, and all i hear is audo with no video. why is this? i have tried opening several different files, and have used several different sites to download videos.

does anyone know why this is?

Windows XP Prof SP2
gfx: nvidia gforce 7600 gt OC
mobo: gigabyte k8npro sli
processor: amd 3700+
hdd: >120 gbs open

A:I hear audio only in WMP.

Hi ctsaircav, Welcome to TSG!!

What version of Media Player do you have?

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I have a Dell Demension 8400 desktop. I just recently installed windows 7 on it and cannot get my audio to work. When windows does its online driver search it automatically downloads a driver and installs it. Well needless to say that my sound still dosnt work. Anyone have any ideas?? I have been trying to find a solution to this problem for about 5 days, Im about to uninstall Windows 7 and go back to xp home. Dell offers drivers but for only xp. I need a driver that supports this sound card (Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio). PLEASE HELP ME!!

A:Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio Driver for Windows 7

Usually it's RealTek drivers that run with the Analog Devices cards. A look at the drivers that Dell offers for XP should confirm/refute this.

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I have the same problem as this guy,
He said he fixed the problem by installing some sort of chipsets, my question is how do i get that? I have an asus intel motherboard.
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 no-audio-devices-installed-problem, How do i get a chipset driver?

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Hey everyone, Google directed me here after running into this sound problem with my new computer. I recently built myself a computer, it was my first time, everything seemed to be going pretty swimmingly too considering. Then i got service pack 2. The first restart after installing my audio was scratchy and going in and out. Then after the next restart it was dead. The drivers were still there, and according to windows, working fine, but as far as my computer is concerned, there's no sound devices. At first I thought maybe it was my sound card driver, but then i tried using my mobo's on board audio and that didn't get recognized either. Yes i made sure it was enabled in the bios. I'm really at quite a loss here. I've updated all the drivers for on board and my sound card with the newest i could find, and it just doesn't recognize it. Plugging my speakers into my onboard and using it's config program to do a sound demo puts sound into my speakers, so that part works. I need to get these devices communicating somehow and I haven't the faintest idea how. Anything short of reinstalling windows would be obviously preferred. If it helps here's my system specs:

Mobo: Foxconn C51XEM2AA- 8EKRS2H Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Windsor 2.0GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2
Gfx Cards: Dual XFX GeForce 7600GS 256MB's in SLI
Ram: Corsair XMS2 2 x 512MB 240-Pin SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
HD: Seagate Barracuda 720... Read more

A:Solved: Windows not recognizing audio devices Post SP2 install

If the on-board work OK, then the wrong default sound devices are selected under Control Panel - Sounds and Audio. You can only have one device selected.

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Ive been mucking around trying to get a TV card tuned, which I have now (using Dscaler) but Ive got no sound. Ive used a CD audio cable to connect the TV card to the CD In on the motherboard - this one:
Ive also tried the same cable to get audio from the LG CD Rom but no luck there either so it must be the way I using this cable. Its got 3 plugs each end and Im not sure the black one is correct nor am I sure which way in it goes as it can go either way.
Any help please.

A:Solved: Can not hear audio CDs

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so i can turn up audio and watch videos but i cant hear audio in my edit software so i know whats the problame
but i dont know how to solve it take a look at this pic srry that it is in dutch it basicly means there are no audio istalled and srry for my bad english i hope someone responds soon
i have realtek just saying

A:no audio installed but i can hear it (pic)

Refresh the RealTek. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the RealTek entry and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound.

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On the site there is a virtual ticket window where one can hear and see video clips. the video screen is totally green but I can hear the music. it shows the restricted site icon and I cannot find it on my restricted site lists. how do I find out the particular address of this site to find on my restricted site list? I have right clicked on the video screen itself and have not been able to match it up to any restricted site in either internet explorer or spyblaster? I also have Ad-Aware Se, Spybot S&D. I run windows xp media center.....thanks for any help!

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recently i got attacked by a windows restore malware and was able to take it off but now i get constant script errors and hear ads in the background of my computer. i used iobit's hijack scan and got this as my log
Logfile of IObit HijackScan v1.0.2.0
Scan saved at 18:53:19, on 2011-4-9
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgchsvx.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Security 360\IS360srv.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\Identity Protection\Agent\Bin\AVGIDSAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Spybot
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgnsx.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Upd... Read more

A:I hear audio ads in the background

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The soundcard in question has been working fine, until earlier I could not get a new mic to work (it didn't have one before).

The card is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Sound card, it's a two piece set but I broke the front panel a while ago as plastic around the jack came off - meaning when a jack is plugged in it's to loose. So I always use the rear port now.

I figured plugging the front panel back into the sound card I would be able to see if the mic slot on there worked - it did not.

After disconnecting the front panel I turned the PC on to find very low levels of audio output, when I turned it to max on the stereo all I could hear was the music I playing faintly and some background noise/static.

The issue i'm concerned with now is getting my sound back to normal,

All comments welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Kind Regards,

A:Can hardly hear audio output

magiclight said:

After disconnecting the front panel I turned the PC on to find very low levels of audio output, when I turned it to max on the stereo all I could hear was the music I playing faintly and some background noise/static.Click to expand...

Is this with speakers or are all problems through the headset? Are you using Windows 7? Right click the speaker icon and open the volume mixer and playback devices to check that the mic level is up. If you are using speakers, what kind?

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My rig is based on a 2.2GHz AMD Athlon 64 3500+, Microstar MS-7125 Motherboard, Realtek AC'97 Audio, using Windows XP Home SP3. My problem concerns audio. I have downloaded a video from a VCR using a USB2 video grabber with audio, into ULead VideoStudio SE, but while the video is fine, there is no audio output. There appears to be an audio track, but it shows as a straight line without producing any sound. The Sound, Video and Games controllers in the Device Manager appear to be OK Ė no yellow with ! in them, no yellow question marks, and the drivers appear to be current.

Iím not sure whether this is part of the problem, but the Properties for Realtek ACí97 to adjust the volume for recording show Mono Mix, Stereo Mix, Line In, CD Player, Microphone and Phone Line. Each box is ticked within the Properties menu. But when I click OK to get the recording control, only Stereo Mix is ticked. It wonít ďuntickĒ and the volume slider is stuck at the bottom of the range. That is, I canít increase the Stereo Mix volume, and I canít switch out of Stereo Mix.

I donít know whether this is a problem, because Iíve been able to record from LPs and cassette tapes without a problem. But this problem is irritating, and I would be most grateful if a willing audio wiz or two could please give me some suggestions as to cause and solution.

Many thanks

A:Solved: I Can't Hear - No Audio

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So yeah i know that was stupid of me, i was going thru my add/remove programs and thought it was somethingi had downloaded from the net but boy was i wrong. I do not know any of the model types or anything like that but if told where to look im sure i can find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Help: I Deleted The Audio Off Of My Cpu And Cant Hear Anything Now

Do you have a driver cd that came with the computer? You probably only deleted the software that controls the sound, not the drivers. You just need to reinstall the program from the Drivers or install cd. You can look in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager click the + sign next to Sound, Video and Game Controllers and your sound card will be listed. If not restart the computer and let the computer find the sound card and hopefully the drivers.

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I'm using windows XP. I could not hear sound from my PC. When i restart my system, I could not hear the beep (starting) sound. When i play audio or video I could not hear the sound, but it plays. When i checked in the Control panel - Sound and video properties I can see that the use this device option is disabled for audio codecs. Please advice me how to enable my sound in PC.

A:Could not hear sound(Audio) from PC


Do you have your motherboard disc with all the drivers on? If so, Reinstall the chipset driver...reboot and then reinstall the audio driver.

If you need help with this, please post back your pc specs with the following program

I need the mainboard/chipset details that are found on the 1st page as it opens under "system summary"

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i got this avi file sent to my mail but when i open it i can't hear the audio, tried opening it with a bunch of programs but had no luck. can someone help me please??

A:can't hear the audio on an avi file

Have you tried opening with VLC? It could be that you don't have the right codec, but VLC doesn't need codecs so it could be what you're looking for.


That's the direct link to the installer file for vlc. Run and install it, and try to open the avi again. Once you try that, respond and I'll help you some more.

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My Plantronics RIG headset has been working fine since I bought it. However, yesterday when I left my laptop (HP - Pavilion) and returned to use it I couldn't hear any sound coming from the headset. I plugged in my other headset to see if my RIG was broken, but I couldn't hear any audio from this one as well. Since my headset is a RIG, I plugged in my iphone and I could hear my music playing. I feel like my headsets are working but there is an issue else where.

I have already checked the 'sound' options if the wrong device was set as default. I have the proper options set up in the 'Sound' options and everything is plugged in fine. I have tried the other USB ports, but no luck. The speakers on my laptop work fine. While I in 'Device Manager' I could hear the 'Beeping' sound play through my headset. Restarted my laptop, shut it down, updated my HP - Pavilion drivers. The microphone works fine as well.

Also just to point out in my 'Sound' options that the 'AMD High Definition Audio Device' is NOT PLUGGED IN.

Thank you very much in advance for any help, P4nnywise.
Also, sorry if this thread is in the wrong section.

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For the past few days, my computer has been saying "Congratulations, you won" at random intervals, and, less frequently, I will hear instrumental music that reminds me of the soundtrack to movie previews. I believe the computer became infected through Google Chrome. When it initially happened, I had several iexplore.exe processes running, even though Internet Explorer had not been running. Subsequently, I have not seen any errant iexplore.exe processes. I downloaded and installed Spybot S&D, ran a full scan and it came back with nothing. I also downloaded and ran Malware Byte's Anti-Malware and did a full scan. It found a couple cookies, which I deleted. While the scan was running, McAfee Anti-Virus found a virus file that it cleaned by deletion.

I am running Windows Vista Service Pack 2. I appreciate any help that anyone can provide with cleaning my computer.

Thank you very much.

A:I hear audio that says "Congratulations, you won"

It's possible that you have an infected Master Boot Record (MBR) so lets check it to be sure.Please download MBRCheck.exe by a_d_13 from one of the links provided below and save it to your desktop.Link 1Link 2Link 3Double-click on MBRCheck.exe to run it. Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator).It will open a black window...please do not fix anything (if it gives you an option).When complete, you should see Done! Press ENTER to exit.... Press Enter on the keyboard.A log named MBRCheck_date_time.txt (i.e. MBRCheck_07.21.10_10.22.51.txt) will appear on the desktop.Please copy and paste the contents of that log in your next reply.

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I'm recording on my PC from my stereo. I've got an audio line run from the headphone jack on the stereo to the line in on the PC. Now here's the weird part. While I'm recording in Enhance/CDR, I can watch the VU meters and see the sound reaching the PC, but I can't hear anything through the speakers. When I play back the file, though, it sounds fine. All the other PC sounds are fine. I've checked all the recording and playback settings, and so far they seem OK. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Can't hear audio while recording

This might be by design but most likely you have the Line-In muted in Playback volume(not the same as Recording) Open up your volume control - double click on the little yellow speaker in the system tray and go to options -> properties and make sure Line-In and MIC are selected. Then make sure the Line-in is not muted and the volume is down at the bottom in playback volume.

Note: the Playback and Recording Volume controls are for the most part independent in most cases.

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There are multiple websites that I cannot connect to, facebook, rottentomatoes, youtube, to name a few. Others seem perfectly fine. A few seem okay, but seem to be running slowly.

This is the case for both my computer (on which I am running Windows 7), which is connected directly to the router, *and* mobile devices which are connected wirelessly.

On my computer I have tried using several different browsers to no avail, but when I used the TOR browser to proxy, I was able to access them.

I apologize if this has been asked, but I haven't been able to find anything this specific.

Thank you.

A:Can't connect to multiple websites on multiple devices

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I have a Optiplex GX620 with Bios version A11 and integrated 198X Audio.  I have installed Windows 7 on the system and it works fine with exception of Audio.  In recording device panel of Sound, it does not show AUX or Stereo Mix adapters as active.  Is DELL planning on issueing an driver update after Oct. 22, 2009?  Is there any place else that I can look for these updates drivers?

A:Optiplex GX620 with Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio and Windows 7

Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio  Release Date:     1/24/2007        Version:     A255.12.01.7010        Importance:     Recommended        Download Type:     Driver        File Format:     Hard-Drive        File Size:     3MB      R145551.EXE         32 BIT
R145149.EXE          64 BIT

OptiPlex GX280
OptiPlex GX520
OptiPlex GX620
OptiPlex SX280
Precision 370
Precision 470
Precision 670

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I work at a dentist office and we have upgraded to Window XP professional and a new version of our dental software. When we installed the the new window xp professional the speakers were not plugged into the computer. Now I have no sound. I have plugged the speakers up and still no sound and no new hardware is found. In my control panel and (sound and audio device) (volume) there is no audio device. What do I need to do to get sound. Please help.

A:I can't hear sound. No audio device.

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thinkpad x41 w/ 1.5 RAM, 1.6 Pentium M, SoundMAX Integrated Digitial Audio

Lenovo has a utility called toolbox which tests the cpu, hdd, display audio, etc. Audio is known to be poor on the thinkpad. I can't hear instructional videos on the web or via usb dvd drive. Sometimes I can mostly hear a youtube music video. Yet when I run the audio test in toolbox the sound is loud and clear.

How does the test do that? What is it using that regular web sound apps and dvd sound can't or don't? Is there something I can configure?

A:why can I only hear the audio test in my thinkpad and nothing else?

usually a manufacturer hardware audio test will test the card directly bypassing the audio controls.
sounds to me you have a volume control out of wack.
i would check to make sure nothing is muted in your volume controls and make sure everything is turned up, not only in the app but in the mixer as well.

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my computer can play system sound very well.
but, sounds and audio devices says that i have no audio devices installed.
WINAMP is the only media player that can play sounds because i re-downloaded the direct sound output dll.
otherwise nothing else will work. not wmp, not real player, not itunes, nothing????

can someone help?

A:no audio device but i can hear sound???

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I finally fixed the problem where no one hears me but I still encounter
a problem where people can hear my audio output (my games,music,windows sounds)
I have stereo mix disabled and everything off or mute (except mic)
I use headphones with mic, and no speakers on. still people can hear what I hear from my PC.
I don't know what to do!
can any 1 help me?
I have windows 7 64bit my sound card is SB X-FI MB in the back and a mic & headphone jacks on front where the headphone is plugged in.

A:help people can hear my audio output!

can any 1 help me plz?!?

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ok so i was watching some youtube videos everything is fin then i open steam to play some COD I try to listen to a trailer for some game and boom, can't hear anything. I went back to youtube and still couldn't hear anything! I've tried so many things but none of them have worked. Audio worked with some earbuds for a while until i opened steam again. when I go to the little sound thing at the bottom right, right click on it and go to trouble shooting sound problems it says Audio Services Not Responding. All i wanted to do was play video games! I had barely any homework too and was planning to play a ton of Overwatch!

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I am unable to hear audio after I record from my Vid-Cap-Card
it records fine, however, no audio.
I am using a PCTV Rave cap-card, Sound Blaster Live 3.1 Mpeg
From the Vid Card I connected to the Mic connector, or I use the input in either case (after recording no audio) any suggestions.
Thanks in advance
Da Sketchman

A:[SOLVED] Unable to hear audio

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Hello......i would really appreciate it if someone could help......every time my computer try's to play audio...all i hear is static Ex. YouTube videos, media player etc....anytime i try to play sound all i hear is static....please help...this just started like 15 minutes ago

A:All i hear is static when i play audio

Sorry everyone......i got it fixed

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I have a 2.5 year old macbook pro and i have bootcamp running win7 64 bit. Only just recently i have found i cant hear any audio through my headphones but i can hear audio through my computers speakers. My headphones work fine on other devices - just not on my computer for some reason - I restarted windows and that didnt help, so i tried to see what happened on my mac partition and the headphones work fine and everything works as normal, when im on mac. Just for some odd reason i cant listen to anything on windows through headphones which is a problem for video games and school etc.

Any idea what to do?

When i plug in my headphones and go into my playback devices in sound options, it recognises the headphones are plugged in and it all looks "normal" its just nothing is coming out? - It even thinks sound is coming out as the volume bar thing is moving up and down

A:Cant hear audio through headphones - just started

I'm not familiar with the bootcamp, but if there is a corruption between Windows and the sound card many different things can develop. In a Windows PC and I assume with your installation, go to the Windows Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the sound device and then LEFT click "Uninstall" DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This fixes a lot of flakey problems and may take care of yours.

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I used to do a good amount of simple sound editing using a program called Cool Edit 2000k. It's an old program and there are better ones out there, but I'm comfortable with this program and it does everything I need to. It's since been bought out by Adobe I believe...

Anyways, I used to use the option "What you hear" to pull a number of sounds from music or movies, etc. With my new laptop, which has a SigmaTel Audio card (XP, 64 bit), I don't have that feature available to me under the "recording settings."

Do you know of a way to install this feature? Is there another driver I should use or perhaps a small program that would add this feature? Help!? Thanks Tech guys,

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My pavailion dv6 laptop has two 3.5mm jacks as in the picture and when i plug in a earphone i could hear the audio but when i try to talk it doesnt work means it doesnt take my voice in and when i plug the ear phone to the other microphone jack it woudnt work then too.  I double checked with my ear phones they are fine and and i went through few forums and did the suggested procedures like opening the sound settings and  changing the default input and etc nothing worked .After all this i tried to use the internal  mic and that doesnt work too but when i literally hit the laptop i see green bars next to internal mic going up all the way(refer to pictures) but not when i talk .i hope i can resolve this here.  OS- windows 10 64bit (updated few days back )problem persisted with previous OS windows 7 tooAudio drivers - in the pictures  no of devices it shows when i plugged my earphones - in the pictures 

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My JBL Flip 2 is connected but I cant hear the audio in the speaker. help please.

A:My JBL Flip 2 is connected but I cant hear the audio in the ...

Hello @wil19, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I came across your post about the JBL Flip 2, and wanted to help!  I understand that you tried connecting an external speaker to the notebook via Bluetooth, and can not hear the audio. To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, have you tried connecting the external speakers to other devices, to see if they are working properly?  Have you also tried connecting other Bluetooth devices to the notebook?  Try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes: HP PCs - Using Bluetooth Devices (Windows 10, 8) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!

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Just built this computer.

Video card: ATI 4350 (vga, dvi and HDMI)

So I installed all motherboard drivers from CD then I installed ATI drivers. I looked at Device manager and I had no missing drivers to install. So I turned off my computer unplugged the VGA and plugged in the HDMI cable. I only get sound when logging in and out of my computer. I can't hear music and I can't hear any other audio aside from logging out of my computer and logging back in. I have sound on my speakers but I have this computer connected to my TV. I don't want speakers other than the ones on my TV.

I have the computer connected HDMI - HDMI. No adapters are being used.

A:Solved: Can't hear Audio on HDMI


Microsoft Update:

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update for .NET versions 2.0 through 3.5 (KB951847) x86button {padding: 0px 14px 1px 14px;width: 80px;height: 21px;overflow: visible;line-height: 15px;cursor: default;} Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update for .NET versions 2.0 through 3.5 (KB951847) x86

I downloaded that update and I was able to hear sound through HDMI.

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Just like someone else a few posts down, I keep hearing at various intervals "congratulations you won" audio, I read over the threads in that post and ran the MBR Check and this is what I get:

MBRCheck, version 1.1.1

© 2010, AD

\\.\C: --> \\.\PhysicalDrive0

Size Device Name MBR Status


74 GB \\.\PhysicalDrive0 Windows XP MBR code detected

Done! Press ENTER to exit...

also I have been running rkill when I heard it thinking it was malware and this is the latest log from that:

This log file is located at C:\rkill.log.
Please post this only if requested to by the person helping you.
Otherwise you can close this log when you wish.
Ran as George on 07/31/2010 at 23:04:35.
Processes terminated by Rkill or while it was running:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LljfNiX5.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LljfNiX5.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\George\My Documents\spyware\virusscan\virus reports\
Rkill completed on 07/31/2010 at 23:04:44.

i have run malwarebytes and superantispyware but they havent removed it yet! As always, any help is greatly appreciated
any help, like always is greatly appreciated. Im running Windows XP.

A:another I hear audio "congratulations you won" problem

I also just received a pop up ad AND I did run the dds as in the general instructions so I have those 2 files when needed

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I still can hear audio form internal speaker eventhough I use headset. I've try solution for beats audio, but my PC couldn't find the audio beats control panel. Plus there is no notification appear when I plug in the headset. Please help me. Product No: E9U84AA#UUF TQ

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Hello. I recently bought the EasyCap AV to USB adapter from ebay and installed the driver software with no problem. Then I installed the Ulead MovieStudio that comes with it. Whenever I try to capture my wii with the software, I can see it just fine but I cannot hear it even when I save the file then play it back. I checked the settings and even tried a different program and got the same result. I even went into Control Panel and made sure that the audio capture driver was working and it was. I am running Windows 7. I also tried updating the drivers and they were up to date. I made sure that all the plugs were plugged in correctly and they were, and I tried it with my N64 and it did the same thing as the wii. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am running the 32-bit version of Windows Vista Enterprise on a Hewlett Packard workstation xw 8000.

I installed a SoundBlaster Audigy audio card in the system.

The system indicates the sofware driver is install an functioning properly.

From the Control Panel I can go to Hardware and Sound, click on Sound, select Speakers, select Configure, and then click on the Test button that appears in the Speaker Setup dialog. I will heard sound through the headphones connect to the sound card.

However, when I try to play any sound on the system, like clicking on the slider for the volume control in the Task Bar, I do not hear any audio through the headphones.

What can I try that will allow me to hear sounds through the headphones attached to the system?

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Alright here's my situation:

I have a Core2Duo PC running Vista Home Premium 32 bit, hooked up to my TV using a HDMI cable. This has been working fine for 2 years now. Yesterday I decided to add some more RAM to this PC (4 GB instead of the standard 2 GB to be exact). I know 32 bit will only read 3 GB but I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit later.

Anyway I booted up the computer, worked fine of course, even watched a movie or two without problems. Then this morning I booted up the PC and I suddenly noticed the volume icon saying that there were no audio devices detected! I checked under Hardware and there are no audio devices whatsoever! So my HDMI cable is still giving me picture but no sound! Seeing as I'm using onboard audio I immediately booted into the BIOS and although I couldn't find a specific option that said onboard audio I did see something audio related being "HDA" (I assume HD audio) on automatic, the other option was ACRealtek97 or something. However it was enabled so no luck there.

Does anyone know how all of a sudden my HDMI cable isn't providing audio anymore? I even checked my Nvidia card which also stated that HDMI audio was enabled.

I hope anyone can help me, thanks in advance.

A:HDMI audio doesn't work, no audio devices detected.

hi and welcome to the forum's

Go to:

Control Panel > Sounds > Playback

Then click on HDMI sound and click on the Set Default button

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I cannot hear audio while playing videos in uc browser

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Hi Everyone,

I used to play any movie type with my VLC media player since it has almost all the Codecs necessary for playing all video and audio files including AC3 audio (code "8192) format. Now, i can only hear the audio while playing a video file. This issue applied to all my media players (VLC, DivX, BS.Player, WMP, Media Player Classic) except Winamp. It doesn't apply to Winamp probably because i've never used it before untill this problem arised. I don't really know why.

Anyway, the problem started after i played an old and cracked DVD movie on my system with VLC. While playing the DVD, it started skipping and later on played smoothly. But after ejecting the DVD, i could no longer see images on any movie i played with any media player except for Winamp. The problem i'm having with Winamp is that it can't play all type of media files especially ones with AC3 audio (code 8192) which means you can only see the video but no audio and also does not re-index while trying to play an incomplete movie copy, unlike VLC.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installin DivX including VLC which i suspects caused the problem, but still, the problem persists.

ANY HELP, PLZ. Sorry for the long note.

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I cannot hear audio when streaming video content is being played eg. YouTube videos and webinar videos. I can see the video.

I use Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. HP Notebook, Core2Duo, 2GHz, 3GB RAM.

Further, I also checked through Help & Support on my system, and found that when I go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound > Sounds tab, and select any of the programs listed in that tab eg. Asterisk, Critical Battery Alarm, Critical Stop and so on, I cannot hear the test sound when I click on the "Test" icon.

My speakers are turned up full volume. My default sound device is Speakers & Dual Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio Codec), and the message on the tab says "This device is working properly". Other sound devices like Digital Output Device (HDMI) and SPDIF Digital Out via HP Dock are also said to be working properly on the relevant tab.

I can hear audio CDs, downloaded songs from the net, gtalk conversations. I can also record voice and playback without a problem.


A:[SOLVED] Cannot hear audio on streaming video

Right click the volume Icon in the System Tray and choose Open the Volume Mixer. Make sure Applications and System Sounds is not muted and the Volume is all the way up.

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I recently bought the HP Pavilion 15ab570TX, I've had it for only a few days before this problem arised. I was watching a series on the laptop when suddenly the sound went away, and a buzzing sound from the laptop (could be fan or from audio itself) replaced it. Now, whenever I turn on the laptop, a loud buzzing sound appears. I went on youtube to check the audio status but I couldn't hear anything eventhough the speakers icon says the speakers are okay and the sound is well above 66. What is the problem? I don't understand how it can be dust issues because I've kept the laptop clean and covered most of the time. It's been approximately three days since I received the laptop.

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Dear Frnds,

I am using win xp and i am unable to hear any audio in internet explorer. i have checker internet options -> advance -> Multimedia. it is checekd to play sounds in web pages. Pls help me to rectify this...

A:unable to hear any audio in internet explorer

hello and welcome

please do this

go to the follwing links downlaod the reg files then run them:

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Hey, sorry if I posted this in the wrong category

So I bought the cable for the Turtle Beach x31 headset so I could use it for my PC. Well the mic works but I cant hear anything through the headset. I'm not sure how to fix it so now I'm here. Any fixes? Thanks!

Edit: I tried plugging in speakers into the rear port and one of the speakers work. If thats useful at all

A:I cant hear Audio on my Turtle Beach x31 headset...

The Turtle Beach ad says this "works with Xbox 360.

What type of cable did you buy?

What model Dell do you have, I assume some model Inspiron desktop?

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Hi, I have encountered this issue recently.

1. My system was working fine.
2. I installed an ASUS EAH4770 video card which has HDMI port built in.
3. Installed an old game Call of Duty 2 and played.
4. Then PC started to go to Hardware Wizard after booting up and trying to find and install Hdaudbus.sys (UAA HD audio class driver). Of course, fail to install. However, the audio was still fine.
5. Finally, decided to resolve this. Found the MS kb888111 fix. Use a trick to install it on SP3 and the version is
6. Boot up. UAA is found and installed. No more nagging wizard.
7. Then sounds begin to have problems:
a. If I set <None> in the Environment field of Realtek Sound Manager, some sounds would not be heard while some sounds were still fine. For example, the main vocal in a song may be very hard to hear while the accompanying instruments are clear and loud.
b. If I set Generic in the Environment field, the above main vocal can be heard but every sound trails with this electronic guitar effect.
c. If I play the 3D audio demo of the Realtek Sound Manger, it sounds OK.

Yes, I have re-installed all the latest drivers from the manufacture of the MB. Install kb888111 a couple of times. But there is no avail. It looks like the mixer is messed up.

Has anyone encountered such a problem?

Dxdlg output:

MB: Biostar TF7050-M2 w/ onboard Realtek ALC888-812 chipset
Video: ASUS EAH4770

OS: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build ... Read more

A:Realtek HD Audio - Some sounds are hard to hear

Try to install the drivers that was installed when all sounds was ok. You may have installed a driver which is not fully supported for Win XP.

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Is there any remote access software which allows one to hear the audio of the computer connected to?

A:Remote access software which allows one to hear the audio

I am pretty sure teamviewer will allow this.

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i recently bought a new mobo (MSI - p4m900m3) and everything is working fine apart from i cannot get my sound to work.... everything seems to be installed correctly in device manager ( no '!' next to any of my audio drivers) i have ALC888 on board sound. on board sound is enabbled in my BIOS. iv been compleatly stumped on this one for quite a while. if you need any more information just ask. any help would be very appretiated.

A:No Audio Device shown in sounds and audio devices

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I'm gonna try and lay out my problem very simply, and then tell you what I have tried/done.

PROBLEM: When I plug in Headphones, I can not hear anything, and in the playback devices, nothing is shown to be plugged in. This goes the same for my other audio device which is a bose sound dock (for ipod but I connect using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable)

Okay, so here goes. When I first build the system and installed windows, i wasn't thinking much of the sound as i was installing updates and video card drivers and what-not. I did, at some point, connect the bose to the computer using the 3.5mm jack on the front panel of the computer. It worked fine, I heard the little sounds the computer makes when logging on. Since then I have had troubles with my network card and ran windows update and various other things.

Now no sound works at all. When I realized this I tried:
-Changing the actual front panel cable that is connected to the mobo from hd audio to ac 97 (and changing the setting in the bios)
-Searched for many hours online trying many different solutions such as:
-updating drivers
-rolling back drivers

Other things i've tried:
-system restore
-update bios
-install audio drivers from mobo disc

I have moved past being extremely frustrated and I now just dont know what else to do.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback what so ever :)
Ask me any questions you want

A:Realtek HD Audio/Motherboard Not recognizing any Audio Devices.

Try this.


Then this.

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I have just installed the audio driver for my motherboard, restarted the computer and it seems that driver doesn't do anything at all. I have the speaker icon in the tray bar with a red 'x' on it, and it says: "No Audio Output Device is installed". Why is that? I tried the driver that's on the motherboard CD and also the one from Realtek's website, and while they are different versions, the problem is identical.

Please advise.

A:Solved: 'no audio devices' after installing audio driver

You have posted in Windows 7 forum but your spec says
OS: Windows Vista
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 667Mhz
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD2400XT
2. Is it the same system please but with 7, if NOT please post the spec
3. What does device manager show please for sound - on the entry there

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i downloaded this game crysis 3..... played the 1st mission and it was crashing at the start of the 2nd one.... when i had to download a crack fix..... and right after the crackfix.... when i start the game i get a black screen, cursor is visible and movable, audio is playing....... PLS HELP TY
8 gb ram
nvidia gtx 960
asus motherboard ( i dunno which one but its good...)
lg flatron 18.5 inch monitor
amd fx 6300 processor

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I just bought a pc, windows 7 32bit. I tried to use my headphones but couldnt hear any sound, also tried speakers still no sounds. The green bar goes up on the volume control tho.

I have tried downloading some drivers, but they didnt work.
Im a novice when it comes to things like this, can anyone help?

if you need any information about my pc let me know.

theres some audio ports at the back of the pc and at the front. both dont work.

Thanks if anyone can help, i really dont know what to do

A:Realtek AC'97 Audio - Cant hear any sound from headphones or speakers.


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