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Missing "Make new Folder" icon in Vista explorer

Q: Missing "Make new Folder" icon in Vista explorer

I am mising the icon "Make New Folder" in Vista's Explorer.
I know there are other possibilities creating a new folder (e.g. Organize, Make New Folder button).

I would appreciate if someone knows a trick how to add the icon "make new folder" to the Explorer.

Thank you!

A: Missing "Make new Folder" icon in Vista explorer

Hi BeWo, and welcome to Vista Forums.

If you mean when you right click and click on New that there is no Folder option, then this tutorial will show you how to restore it.

New Folder

Hope this helps,

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(EDIT: Just to be clear - when I say "Tools folder" what i mean is "Tools Category" as with every other "category" in the apps view, it not only IS a folder but IS alterable by manipulating the folder/category to your needs. Apparently not the case w/ Tools/PC Settings)

So PC settings... i dont want to lose the functionality gained by using the charms menu to click PC settings while in the metro interface BUT I also dont want the icon/tile itself nor the "Tools" folder which it somehow creates and is tied to, to exist in my metroUI/apps view interface.

Any modification ive tried leads to the restoration of "Tools" with PC Settings under it OR the loss of functionality of the PC Settings tab inside the charms bar.

Anyone got any ideas? Ive been able to work past/around every single other issue with this clunky poorly implemented interface on my own and with help here - howegver this one has me stumped and stuck. I dont want to waste anymore time on this darn OS! :P

A:Make my PC Settings icon and "Tools" folder disappear!

Could you provide screenshots of what you are talking about. ?

A picture is worth a thousand words to me.

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Hey all.

I have a slight problem. I recently did updates for my Vista laptop and when it restarted, I found that my Wireless Connection icon was missing from my toolbar. I right clicked, went to Properties, Notification Area and looked for the place where you can check the boxes. The only one that allows me to check is Clock. Volume, Network and Power are all grayed out. I cannot check them.

I have uninstalled the updates that were done to my computer and restared, but the boxes stay the same. Anyone have an idea as to how I can get them back?


A:"Wireless Connection" icon missing in Vista

Please do this first.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows Vista.

Start, Programs\Accessories and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Reboot the machine.

Next, hold the Windows key and press R, then type devmgmt.msc

Please respond to all the following steps.
Under Network adapters, please tell me all the devices listed.
Are there any devices under Network adapters that have a red x displayed?
Also, are there any devices anywhere in the Device Manager display with yellow ? or ! displayed?

Finally, let's see this as well.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to a... Read more

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I use XP Pro....
I keep my audio files in folders. And I don't know why every now and then when I open these folders all the files show in "Tile mode". I hate that and always convert them all to "List mode". But in a few days they go back to all showing in "Tile mode" again.

Is there a way to make all the contents of folders Always show in "List mode"?

A:Make folder contents always show as "List" not "Tiles"?

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A while ago, ALL my htm and html file icons in Windows Explorer changed to white paper icons with the corners turned town.

I do not have this problem with any other icons--just htm and html.
I do not have this problem with other file managers, such as XYplorer or Shelless.

The problem is only htm and html file icons in Windows Explorer.

Any suggestions appreciated.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

A:"Internet Explorer icon" = "white paper icon"

try the fixes suggested here: Incorrect or generic Windows icon displayed for HTM and HTML files

Please update your OS details as it currently shows as "XPPro":
Top of forum page > Quick Links >> Edit Your Details

If you post for help in future and forget to include your Windows version in your post, we assume it's the version shown under your username, so keeping it up to date is important to avoid giving you irrelevant advice.

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I got this problem today. Normally when right clicking on the "explorer" icon it shows shortcuts of folders that I added as well as frequently visited folders.
But now it shows nothing but two options: "Windows explorer" and "detach the program".
I tried to move new folders in but nothing was changed.
Please, what is my problem? How could I solve it?
Thank you!

A:"Frequent" and "attached" disappear from Explorer Icon

Problem solved!

Jump Lists - Reset and Clear All Items

Delete everything in these two folders:


And then you can make new shortcuts as you want!

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Im looking for a way to re-create two folders, 1 my pictures, 2 my video. ive tried TweakUI, but that can only move a path. I tried repair (not Repair console) with XP SP2 CD, and ended up with a chose OS screen (which i found out can be avoided with msconfig.) but still regedit has a big whole where my pictues and my video should be. Ive both a SATA and an IDE drive, IDE is used as storage and SATA is partitioned and computer management say Extended partition, with boot on it and system is on the IDE one.
Before it got messed up i had my documents on the ohter partition, which is how i want it.
I would greatfull of some help and a detailed fix, i will fomat but even that is hard as that is part of how it all become so mixed up.

A:Missing Shell Folder for "My Pictures" + "My Video"

Vince, Tweak UI has that ability under the Repair section. Just use the drop down arrow button and choose My Videos and My Pictures one at a time, click the Repair Now button, click Apply/OK.


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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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When I click on "tools" on the menu bar in any folder that I am exploring and subsequently click on "folder options" I notice that the "view" tab is completely missing. The only tab I have access to is "file types"

This creates a serious problem when dealing with hidden folders that were hidden prior to me having knowledge of this "view" feature being absent.

What are my options to restore this "view" tab so that I can view the hidden files that I need access to?


A:"View Tab" in "Folder Options" missing

Other than a system restore, I don't know how to restore the view tab. I can tell you how to enable the hidden files and folders from the registry.
Start> Run> type: regedit and hit OK. Navigate to:
Click on Advanced folder in the left pane and look for Hidden in the right panel. Set the value to 1 to show and 2 to hide.
If not there, create DWORD value with Value name: Hidden and set the value as above.

Edit: Forgot to add, you need to restart computer for settings to be changed.

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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Issue/SUBJ: Regarding MS Edge Features Customization/Hack.

Good Day All! I hope you're all enjoying a pleasant one.

If Possible, how can I make "Open In New Tab" the Default when I click on an Icon on the Favorites Bar, and, if possible, other Links in General?

All The Best!


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I'm referring to the taskbar's "network" icon. I don't really mind what my real wireless signal strength is, but I want the "network" icon to always display with 5 bars.

Basically, I want my "network" icon to always display like this:
Even if the real strength is:

A:Make "Network" icon have 5 bars permanently.

You would need to change the icons in the netcenter.dll file

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Let's say I have a folder in my Documents somewhere called "thisisit".
Within "thisisit" folder, I have other folders, each named for a student in my class.

When I go to Start > Documents and navigate to "thisisit", I don't see any folders, but I do see all the files from all the folders. It's as if my computer took all the files from the folders, removed them from the folders and copied them into the parent folder "thisisit", and then deleted all the subfolders, named after the students.

However, if I navigate to that same "thisisit" folder, through a software like Photoshop or 3ds Max, I DO see all of the subfolders, which are named after the students.

This just happened in a moment. As in, I was navigating through the folders one moment, then I went to the parent folder a second later, and voila! no subfolders.

Anyone know what happened???

A:Folders "missing" in "explorer" but not through via software.

When I go to Start > Documents and navigate to "thisisit", I don't see any folders, but I do see all the files from all the folders.Click to expand...

Look at the top right of the Windows Explorer window. If you see "Arrange by: Folder <down arrow>" I don't know what's wrong. If the window is arranged any other way, change it back to "Folder."

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Hello to all!

I'm new to this forum and obviously i'm not sure if this is the right place for starting and posting this thread.

Since i'm pritty desperate i'm going to explain the best i can what is really happening and how it all started:

since a few days ago i was noticing that a few files, specifically mp3 files are missing from my music collection. I managed to recover the missing ones and transfer the whole collection to a new drive without issues. Today i've found that some recently downloaded files, including several mp3's where missing again from the new HDD. I started to look around the internet abut the problem and what could be the reasons that causes my files to "vanish" from my HDD. As i was reading, i stoped at one thread in other's site forums that related to some "security" and "user privileges" issues in Win 7. I then tried to "fix" the problem but noticed that the files where still missing.

Next thing i tried was looking for the missing files in some AppData subfolder named something like "virtual backup" or something. That was the last time i saw the "user" folder and the last time y accessed my local drive. Turned out the folder just dissapeared from the screen after a short "access denied" dialog box (error). After that, all of my desktop icons dissapeared and my c: drive went like it's empty and can't be accessed, still i can see the drive lying there and every time i run a virus ... Read more

A:Missing files, missing "user" folder, can't access local drive

Viruses do things like that. The scenario sounds familiar. Scan with Malwarebytes. The free version is good enough.

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Hello. I am missing the option that while right clicking on the desktop for add a New folder. I have found the fix but have tried to fix it myself, without any success. Is there a way that I could get a TECH to access my PC and fix this issue?

A:Missing the right click on desktop to "Add a "NEW" folder

Before going any further, you might try to perform a

system restore and restore the system to a point where the issue does not appear.
Hope it helps.Tracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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Okay, here's the rundown as best as I can remember it...

Several years ago (around 10, if I'm approximating), I purchased a slew of components and built my first computer from scratch. Since that time I have run through four power supplies. It seems as though some other component is causing these power supply failures. This is not the purpose of this post, however (but some back story).

Now, I am not the most technically savvy person in the world, and after the second failure, I took the computer to a "professional". While I don't know what he did in its entirety, I did notice a change that confused me. However, as I had decided to be an end user from this point forward and not a techie person, I didn't question it. The change... I could access the user account "Documents" folder from the "My Computer" window but not from within the "Documents and Settings" folder under the root directory.

In other words, if I were to double-click the "My Computer" icon, I would be given the usual options of hard disk drives and CD drives as well as the "Shared Documents" folder and the "_Username_ Documents" folder for the user logged in. (That would by Ahr Neely's Documents for the Ahr Neely user, and as there was only every one user created on the computer it was the only documents folder that should have existed.)

However, if I were to, from the "My Computer" window, open the C:\ d... Read more

A:Solved: Missing User Folder from "Documents and Settings" Folder

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I'm trying to unhide this folder and KEEP it unhidden because the backup software we are using cannot see hidden files. I go to properties, uncheck hide. It asks me if I want to unhide just the folder or all files and subfolders, I do all files and subfolders. No problem.

Then, when I reboot, I go to check it, and it's hidden again.

Is there any way to stop Windows from automatically hiding it on restart?

A:Can't make "Local Settings" folder stay hidden

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Is it possible to add icon to the entry Open File/Folder Location? I created expendable string value and name it Icon and then in value i inserted the path to the .ico file, but no icon is showing up.

A:add icon to context menu "Open File/Folder Location"

Have a look here

Context Menu - Add Shortcuts with Icons

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I had a small network up and running that I set up awhile back. I formatted & reloaded 2 of the machines (both running WinXP Home SP2). On the laptop, "My Network Places" shows it's shared folder and the "MSHome" network. The PC shows the network in "Create a network place" but doesn't see the shared folder.
Tried everything I can think of... cancelling and resetting the folder to share, adding another folder..., nothing.
Why doesn't my the shared folder appear in the "My Network Places" folder? Any suggestions?

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A:how do i change the default "open" folder icon in application bar?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

It is ICO_MYCOMPUTER.ico in explorer.exe in the Icon folder in C:\Windows

You will need a resource hacker of some kind so you can open the explorer.exe and import a new icon in its place. I would recommend getting a copy of explorer.exe and putting it on your desktop and then edit it leaving the original untouched until you rename it using the steps below.
Then you'll want to change the explorer.exe do the following.
To properly change a system file you need to take ownership give yourself permission and rename the old file and then copy in the new one look at Post #6 of this thread will tell you how to do it Basic Networking Information

Let me know if you need any more help.

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I have this problem with my laptop that I really need to fix. Its annoying!

Whenever I have a folder up, or have a browser up, the "File" toolbar at the very top left of the file/browser keeps on flashing as if I'm clicking on it. Sometimes its very hard to type when doing this. It will do it for a while and then after a while it will stop, only to come back again. I tried system restore and that didn't help the problem.


Windows Vista Ultimate (Alienware)
Processor AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-44 2.4 GHZ
RAM 1024
32 bit operating system

Here is a HijackThis log in case you need it:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:45:57 PM, on 3/2/2008
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16609)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Function Key Controller\FKC.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\PestPatrol\PPControl.exe
C:\Program Files\PestPatrol\PPMemCheck.exe
C:\Program Files\PestPatrol\CookiePatrol.exe
C:\Program Files\Winamp\winampa.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe
C:\Program F... Read more

A:"File" icon at the top left in every folder and browser keeps flashing! Help!

Sounds like you have a virus still hiding in your system

Please back up all your files and follow the steps below

Please download SmitfraudFix
Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.

Open the SmitfraudFix folder and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #1 - Search by typing 1 and press "Enter"; a text file will appear, which lists infected files.

You should print out these instructions, or copy them to a NotePad file for reading while in Safe Mode, because you will not be able to connect to the Internet to read from this site.

Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :

* Restart your computer
* After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;
* Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu with options should appear;
* Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press "Enter".
* Choose your usual account.

Once in Safe Mode, open the SmitfraudFix folder again and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press "Enter" to delete infected files.

You will be prompted: "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry?"; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter" in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection.

The tool will now check if wi... Read more

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When I downloaded the updated drivers for my hp scanner software, an icon appeared on my desktop and if I right click it to delete it my computer freezes. If I drag it to the recycle bin or any other folder it just duplicates it and it is still on the desktop. I can't find anywhere else where I could delete it from the registry for example or add/delete programs list. I can't rename it , to try to delete it, because of the freezing issue. I will never use it so It bothers me that its there. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Need help deleting: HP "Share to Web Upload Folder" icon

Seems I'm solving a lot of my posts these case anyone else has ths annoying HP icon that they cannot remove like I did.....ALL you do is click on it and run the program and you will see where it asks if you want the icon on the desktop or "not" and it will disappear!! Your welcome

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I've never felt the need for making folders "private" (encrypting them); but since my laptop is coming more and more into use I am beginning to see the need for encrypting the folders on it that contain sensitive information.

It's bad enough to lose a laptop; but, the customer data falling into the wrong hands would be a major catastrophe.

Now to the problem: I have right-clicked on the folder I want to encrypt; but the check-box next to "Make this folder private" is grayed out. The thought I had was that this is a feature not available in XP Home; but, it seems odd they would even enter that text in the home edition if it were not available.

Pardon my ignorance; but, can anyone help on this?

And if this feature isn't available in 'Home', what alternative solutions are best?

By the way, I am running NTFS.

A:"Make this folder private" is grayed out.

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I set up my columns how I want them (Name, Date, Size and Type) and "Apply To Folders", but it only applies these settings to "folders of this type", not all columns.

How I can make columns the same in all folders?

A:How to get rid of "folder types" (to make columns always the same)?

Turn off folder template discovery and reset all folders to General Items as shown in Brink's tutorial.

Folder Template - Default

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I know that by using recimg, you can make a custom refresh image. And I hear that you cannot use it to reset Windows to factory state. is that so?

if so, how do I do that?

also, is it possible to store the recovery image in a hidden partition. hidden in the sense, the drive letter is not automatically assigned when you refresh/reset Windows, nor can you do it from Disk Management. only from diskpart. however, if i can still use reset while keeping the recovery image in a hidden folder in C: drive, that is still fine i guess.

the thing is, the recovery partition of my Dell Latitude 10 tablet is destroyed (it's Dell's fault though) and even though i can easily recover Windows as I have an iso image and can use the USB to reinstall windows like we normally do on our desktops, i want to sell the tablet and i want to make it recoverable via the recovery features in Windows 8. without the ability to recover, the value of the tablet will be pretty low. if all else fails, i will have to buy a cheap USB flash drive, make it a recovery drive and give it with the tablet. sucks!

it is fine if i have to update to Windows 8.1, if it makes it possible in Windows 8.1 even though it was not in Windows 8.


A:How to make a custom "reset" folder?

Maybe contact the computer maker & see if you can get recovery disks.
Pass the cost on when you sell it.

:: Dell ::

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When rightclicking in a folder from my computer and choosing "new", it stands empty. This is for the folders in the computer

But when I plug in my android, and rightclicking in a folder from the android, "new folder" is a possibility

How to fix this for the folders in my computer, i.e to get a possibility to make new folders and more?

The images have Norwegian language; folder=mappe, tom=empty, ny=new

My computer:

My Android:


The computer has 32 bit win 7 home premium

A:"New" in the dialogbox is empty. Not possible to make a new folder f.x

Hello kjell,

What's in the "New" context menu will vary per location that you open it. Usually in system locations, you will only have the New -> Folder option available.

If you right click on your desktop and click on "New", is it still empty?

New Context Menu - Remove & Restore Default Menu Items

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I needed on my desktop another virtual folder similar to My Documents. So I created one per the instructions here:

When opening it from the desktop it works great. But that I could have accomplished with a regular shortcut... What I really need is to be able to browse it from the virtual folders list like the one you see in an Save File dialog box:

Now it does show up on this virtual folders list but when I click it to open or explore it, nothing happens (unlike the built-in virtual folders).

Any idea how I can create such a virtual folder that can be "explorable" by Windows explorer?


A:How do I make virtual folder "explorable"?

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I'm working in a Windows 7 Pro VM to test this issue.

I've created two user profiles, both "Admin" account type.

When either user is logged in he can go to the C:\Users\ folder and open files in both users' Documents and other folders. So, no user's data folders are private. I'm not trying to hide individual folders, password protect or encrypt a folder, nothing special -- just give two users data privacy from each other like you could in XP by checking the familiar "Make this folder private so that only I have access to it" checkbox.

I know that if I changed the second user to type "Standard" that user would not have access to the first user's data folders, BUT the first user would still have access to the Standard user's folders. So that method won't give both users privacy. (I could make both users Standard but one user is the admin of his PC and all the others, and he doesn't care to endure any Standard user hurdles.)

I've experimented with opening the Properties of a user's folder in C:\Users\ and removing "Administrators" in the Permissions tab of Advanced Security Settings, but in the process a series of "Error Apply Security" - "Access denied" messages appeared for every subfolder (Documents, Pictures, Send To, etc.) within the user's folder. This worked in terms of giving the user data privacy but it seems messy and I wonder what the future implications of those error messages might be.

So what's t... Read more

A:What's equivalent in W7 to XP's "Make this folder private..."?


The correct method would be to deny the other user from accessing the folder. Doing it on the administrators group will cause you problems with both users as they are both members of the group. Right click on one of the user folders > properties> Security tab> Edit. Deny the other user access to the folder (deny permissions always overrule the allow permissions).

This isn't a solid way to do this though. As administrators they have the ability to reset the permissions via the same method. They would however have to take ownership over the file to be able to do so.

My suggestion would be to create two standard user accounts for each of the users to use and an administrator account that can be used for admin tasks - This could be given to both users so that they have the credentials if ever prompted by an installer etc.

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Hi my File Icons suddenly have changed to "Folder" icon i don't know how this happens but please can someone help me to fix this issue.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I have recently installed this windows.

Here what its look like:

These are my video files...

These are my WinRar Files

A:My File icons have been changed to "Folder" icon how can I fix this?

See Default File Type Associations - Restore
Restore the problematic extensions.

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Win 7 X64 to SBS2K3 x86 with multiple shares to same raid array.
All mapped drive initially working.
Now only 1 map shows a grey "X" over the folder icon with a "This file is currently not available for use on this computer" error message.
Inside a H:\xxxx is not accessible

Other maps, M, O, S, U to same server and drive are 100% OK and this H for Home directory WAS working.

Other mapped drives are OK.
Same display and error if browsing UNC to mapped share.

Created NEW mapped drive to same share and same problem.

Share is fine from other non win 7 PC's XP and Vista (Both x86)

I'd been playing with ISO mounting software from MagicISO, MagicDisk, PowerISO, ISODisk, Elaborate Bytes.

Uninstalled and even restore back a week to prior and still same problem.

A:Gray "X" on network share folder icon

Hi DigitalDude, and welcome to the Seven Forums

As it is limited to one share on one OS the only thing I can suggest is security permissions on the share assuming it is a NTFS drive - you may want to check that the users has sufficient effective permissions on the share files.

The other thing that may be causing an error is the Virtual CD driver programs may have left a remnant registry entry or driver DLL that is blocking the use of the drive letter you are assigning, (but that would not effect the UNC access, so not likely, but it's a BETA and weird things can happen )

MagicDisk is particularly bad in leaving remnant driver dll's so that may be a starting point

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Guys please see the attach image and help needed regarding this , How can I get back my Icon

A:"My Computer" Icon shows as Folder in Taskbar


Try rebuilding the icon cache:

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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"Customize" > "Folder pictures" > "Choose a file to show on this folder icon." no matter what picture I choose, nothing changes.

I am the sole user with full privileges/permissions. There are no thumbs.db, desktop.ini or folder.jpg files inside. I didn't disable showing icons/pictures in the explorer options.

Is there a specific image resolution I need to choose, or is something else?

"Folder.jpg" seems to work okay, but I really want to know why the normal route doesn't.

A:"Choose a file to show on this folder icon."

Scroll down to Manually create.

How to modify your folder view settings or to customize a folder

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When opened file manager "explorer thing", ie not IE, but the local file browing one, for one of mine folders there's no "folder" icon but the default application icon (blue box with white in the middle), how do you change those kinds of icons????
please help me...

A:dont have an "folder" icon in file manager...

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I have accidentally set the folder of my program file to music folder, when I wanted to change it back there wasn't a "Customize this Folder" option available. No I am very annoyed by this. Please teach me how to change it back to default.

A:"Customize folder" option missing from folder view

Yea, I've had this problem too when making folders. For seemingly no reason at all they just lose their customize tab.

If you really want it back, just make another folder named "Program Files" in another directory, then move all the files into it (Make sure you get hidden ones too) and then delete the old program files folder and move the new one into the old directory on the C drive or wherever you had it before.

Make sure the old folder is empty though and that you don't miss anything!

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I have such a mess going I am making another post to avoid confusion ( mostly in me ) I will try to explain.

I have a ssd for the os and then a hd for "D" storage,

Lets say my user name is "Harry" and I wanted to move some user/harry folders to the "D" drive,
I wanted to place the moved user folders into a folder of their own so I made in "D" a folder lets say I called "Dobby".

What I now thought I did was go to harry down to "my pictures" right click it then clicked properties,
then clicked location then clicked move, I then found "D" and found the "Dobby" folder in "D" clicked on "Dobby" and then select folder, I then click it to move and all files,

Now I have a two part problem.
"Dobby" folder is gone from "D" replaced with a second folder called "my pictures".
"my pictures" folder is gone from the user/harry folders list, how do I get it back?
Next problem,
When I go into "D" I have two "my pictures" folders one empty and when I click properties on it and look at the sharing tab it's name is "my pictures".

When I click properties on the other folder named "my pictures" in "D" and go to the shared tab it's name is "Dobby"?

So how do I get "my pictures" folder back in the list on user/harry?
Why did the "dobby" folder rename itself as "my ... Read more

A:missing "my pictures" folder in users, folder renamed itself

dobby folder on D drive contains a hidden file disktop.ini. Thats why it behaves as "my prictures". Please listen carefully and do just what i tell you!

folder is gone from the user/harry folders list. =>You mean C:\users\Harry doesn't have folder "my pictures" anymore?

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Prior to a few weeks back where I made added a function to the folder file type, it didn't matter if I doubled clicked on a file folder on either the left hand pane or the right hand pane of Windows Explorer, Folder View. Either way opened the folder and displayed in the contents in the right hand pane.

Since I made the change below however, if I click on a folder in the left hand "Folders" pane, it works as before and opens the folder and displayed in the contents in the right hand pane.

However, if I click on any folders in the right hand (files pane) a new windows explorer window opens a displays the "my documents".

This is driving me nuts. The same thing happens if you click on a shortcut to a folder. Instead of the folder opening, it opens a new window and displays "my documents".

This problems started when I added a new function to the folder file folder file type properties to print out the contents of a folder by calling a batch file that piped the content to a file.

In the file association for file folders in the advanced section I now have three functions
- the afore mentioned 'create file list'
- explore (the default), and
- find

For the folder file type I just have:
- explore and
- open

Any suggestions on how to put things back to the way Windows Explorer always worked before make clicking folders in the right hand pane open them up properly in the same window as per clicking them on the left hand pane?

A:Windows Explorer and Folder shortcuts open to "my documents" and not the folder

Welcome to TSG....

You can try doing a system restore to a day or so before you made the change to view. It will not affect any data that you have but you might have to re-install any programs that you have had since that date.

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How do I restore the Safely Remove Hardware icon to the system tray? I've clicked into "Customize Notifications" and a folder titled Safely Remove Hardware is listed under Past Items. I've changed its "Behavior" next to the folder to Always Show, but the icon still doesn't appear in the system tray. Rebooting after making the change doesn't help. Any ideas?


A:Solved: Missing "Safely Remove Hardware" icon

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I have a Dell P-4, 3 GHz with 2 GB Ram and an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 video card (dual output, one analog and one digital). I have been using one monitor plugged into the analog port. Now I am adding another CRT monitor, also with analog plug and using a DVI to analog adapter. There is a built-in video out (on the motherboard maybe?) but it was covered when the computer came from Dell and I vaguely recall a warning to leave it alone, so I haven't messed with that. OS platform is Win XP with Service Pack 2, auto security updates, Windows Defender, TweakUI (ver and Norton Antivirus.

Help instructions say:
Right click desktop and choose Properties > Settings tab > secondary monitor icon. This desktop is not showing me the secondary monitor icon.
It shows a single monitor and the message "Display: Default Monitor on NVIDIA FX GeForce 5200 (Dell)"

On my other computer (laptop) I have used the dual monitor feature and never had a problem.

I have tried or checked:
- "All programs" for an NVIDIA program to run or documentation
- The analog output on the video card works and I tried both CRT monitors individually to verify each monitor works
- Device manager > Monitors, updated driver, including going to Windows website.
- Device Manager > Device Drivers > NVIDIA FX GeForce 5200 (Dell)
Properties > Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0
- Device Manager "Other Devices", the only thing listed here is an unknown parall... Read more

A:Win XP (dual) "secondary monitor icon" missing from Settings tab

You cannot use DVI & analog output at the same time with a NVIDIA FX GeForce 5200
I know it says you can but, you cannot

well you can but you need a DVI monitor NOT a DVI to analog converter as that loops back & disables the other outlet

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Unil this morning i could click on a little "up" arrow on the right side (not extreme right) of my taskbar to display a pop up list of my desktop icons. I could then click on the 1 i wanted. it was very convenient because i didn't have to close all my windows to see the icons. The arrow suddenly disappeared & everything became different & i don't know why. How do I get it back?

Desparate in ny


A:Desktop icon "list arrow" missing from taskbar

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first i would like to show the operating system of my laptop.

System: Microsoft windows xp professional
Version 2002
Service pack 3

when i tried to right click on my drives, i.e. c drive, removable disks, the option only includes open and explore. However, when i tried to right click on folders, the available option includes open, explore and search.. how do i include the "search" option?

hope to hear from you soon. thank you.

A:Missing "search" action when I right click the drive icon

blazingdrake, Go to the link below and download the "Drive Association Fix". Instructions are on the page.


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Hey guys, now I have this very minor, but weird problem that I would like resolved on my computer.

As you can see above, my image for the "Show Desktop" Button will not show in the Quick Launch bar... how can I restore it? I tried Google, but all Google is showing me on how to make this icon again and drag it there... but I already have the icon, I just want the image restored.

I know this is very minor, but I am sorry I am not very good with all this.

Any help?

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Not sure if this is a Windows or Toshiba issue. Ever since I installed a new (AT&T)wireless router and software, my taskbar icon arrangement was all messed up and the " Safely Remove Hardware (USB) icon" is missing in action!

Is there any way other than doing a system restore, to capture the bugger? Does it have an official name with which to search for it?

Where on my laptop might I look for this stray? Do I really NEED it?

If it's an important component, is there a website from which I can download a new one?

And, finally, THANK YOU for your thoughtful replies!

A:Missing the " Safely Remove Hardware (USB) icon"

This icon normally appears when you plug in a removable device that gets a Windows drive letter assigned (e.g. external USB drive, camera or portable music player that connects in MSC mode so that it gets a drive letter or two, external card reader with an SD card installed, etc.).

Its purpose is so that you can left or right click on it, and select the particular device you'd now like to pull the USB cable for. You need to first "safely remove hardware" because almost all of these removable devices make use of "write cache" for performance reasons, which retains data in PC memory buffers possibly still not yet flushed out to the device to reflect your final I/O operations. That's exactly what the "safely remove hardware" function does, namely flush out all of those buffers, possibly power down that USB port, and then disconnect the device so that you can pull the connecting cable out of the PC without the possibilty of losing any data or corrupting the file system on the device.

If you don't have any such removable devices currently plugged in, I wouldn't think you'd expect to see that "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray.

Now if you do have an external USB drive currently plugged in and you're still not seeing that icon, well now something's definitely not right. I assume you've probably re-booted at least once in your attempt to sort this all out, but of course this goes without saying.

Do you have "hidden&quo... Read more

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I have a DELL 8100 with WIN XP Pro installed. Recently the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the sys-tray has disappeared. How can I retrieve it and, in the meantime, can I safely disconnect USB equipt. without first shutting down?

A:"Safely Remove Hardware" icon missing

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I'm a new Win 8.1 user trying to setup a more normal looking desktop on my wife's new laptop.

In an attempt to populate the desktop toolbar with apps on the start page, I found it can't be done as explained in the tutorial. Either when I touch/hold the app icon, or right mouse click, the app is checked and the bottom application bar appears. However, on the app bar my only choices are: "Unpin from Start", "Uninstall", or "Find in Start". I'm not given the option of "Pin to taskbar". I also don't see the choices: "Open new window", "Run as admin", or "Open file location" that I see in an example under that tutorial.

I'm running this account in admin mode. The most recent Windows update was 5/2014, with no new updates available when checked today. Is there something wrong or a control panel setting I need to enable to see the other choices?

Your help will be appreciated. Thanks! -Matt

A:Missing "pin to taskbar" icon on the apps page

Check the items on the Task Bar in the desktop it should be there that is why you do not see the option to pin to the taskbar.

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Hi all,

I hope someone can help me. I am a newbie at networking. I am trying to set up basic wireless networking in Windows XP Home Edition. I have followed instructions to set up the network. The instructions tell me to go to "Control Panel" and click on "Network Connections". Then from there it tells me to right click on the "Wireless Network Connection" icon and select "Properties".

The big problem is that I do not have a "Wireless Network Connection" icon at all (see attached). How do I get the "Wireless Network Connection" icon to appear in my "Network Connections" dialog box/window?? I have tried looking everywhere but can not find a way to activate this icon.

My computer is a Hewlett Packard home PC. I have successfully installed a 4port Netgear router and have also successfully connected a Netgear wireless "g" access point to this router. From all indication, all the hardware is working fine and I am able to connect to the internet via the router. I wonder if the Netgear wireless access point has somehow disable my "Wireless Network Connection" icon.

Sorry for the rambling but I would really appreciate any suggestions at this point. It's been frustrating.

Thank you,

A:Missing "Wireless Network Connection" icon...

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Hello all,

After using my USB memory stick this evening, I went to the taskbar to click the "safely remove hardware" icon, only to find it was not there. I restarted the computer (my catch-all trouble shooting method) and still did not get an icon when I inserted the USB drive. I also tried plugging in my iPod and got no icon. (Note: the flash drive and iPod function perfectly fine, it's just the "safely remove hardware' icon that's missing - annoying) Did I inadvertantly change some sort of setting or something? Help...

The computer is an HP PCm7250n running XP mediacenter edition, the flash drive in question is a SanDisk cruzer micro.



A:"safely remove hardware" icon missing

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...most of the time, but they will show up everytime i use the navigation pane on the left. see attached image(s)
I explain the problem on the images. But i think the only solution is to delete all of it and rebuild

A:sub-folders not appearing using folder "icon"...

In "intermediate" are only folder, so no files? The files are actually in jis subfolders?
The strange contents you see are the files form his subfolders?

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Hello everybody!

Have anyone of you guys tried to shared a folder with windows 7 ? , have you noticed that the "two lil persons" (it used to be a hand before) icon that was added to the folder when you complete the sharing process doesn't come up?

it's very annoying for me because If I have 50 folders I cannot visualize which one has been shared at a glance.

the thing that scares me the most is that is the final version or maybe the activation process broke up some resources, I will try sharing a folder without activating it.

Thanks everybody

A:Shared Folder "two little persons" icon

You have to click the folder icon and it shows you the two people at the bottom of the window. I guess you know that though.
You can change the icon for the folder manually, not ideal though.
I hope someone does come up with a way to get the icon to change automatically.

If you go in to network and select your PC it does show you all the shared folders. Maybe that will help if you are going to change the icons.

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You know how by default, the My videos, pictures, and music have their own icon. Well my music is just the normal folder look because I was copying some stuff last time. I can't find away to change the icon folder. Any ideas?

A:RESOLVED: Icon of "My Music" folder

Hi ..

have you tried right clicking the folder and then selecting the Customize tab then choosing 'Restore default'?

If the Customize tab isn't available, try using Microsoft's TweakUI Powertoy as you have the option to repair the My Music folder in there.

Hope that helps :)

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I saw brink's guide, to clearing Copy and Paste, and I was wondering if it is possible to make a shortcut to clear Undo and Redo as well.

I am looking for an Undo and Redo clearing shortcut for Windows Explorer
and also for Microsoft Office Documents.

But mainly, I am looking for a tutorial or a shortcut for clearing the undo/redo in Explorer.

If someone knows that it is impossible, please tell me.

I use Windows Home Premium 32bit.

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When you first visit a webpage there is a dialogue that pops that say "Do you want Internet Explorer to remember this password". If you clck the box that says "don't offer to remember any more passwords" it doesn't.

How do I make Internet Explorer remember "log on names & passwords" again ?

A:How do I make Internet Explorer remember "log on names & passwords" again ?

At the top of the page, go to Tools/Internet Options/Content/ Auto Complete. That should do it.

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It starts in Libraries, i want to make it start in favourites, is there a way?

thnnx pls help if u can!

A:how can i make file explorer start in "favorites"?

One way is to enable favorites in the navigation page.

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It seems that Vista does not display "Arrange by date modified" and "Arrange by size" by default in Explorer like earlier versions of Windows did, so I have to go in that long list of attributes every time and select them manually. Is there some way to have them always appear in every Explorer window?

A:How to make certain "Arrange by" options appear in all explorer windows?

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Good afternoon –

This is my first post and I thank you in advance for your assistance. I have an issue that continues to haunt my PC. I have a Window XP Home PC that includes Mcafee virus-scan. I access the internet via a DSL line which is always on. I have set the PC up so that my “Internet Connection” and “Local Area Connection” icons appear on the tray.

When I turn on my PC in the morning, it boots up and the Mcafee shield flashes on my screen. After a moment the “Local Area Connection” icon appears. If I wait another minute or so for the PC to fully boot up and then click internet explorer, nothing happens, or I get a painfully slow (2+ minutes) connection to my homepage.

If I then shut down and restart my PC 2xs, during the 3rd boot-up the “Internet Connection” icon appears and I can launch IE. Everything then runs fine & fast.

I have defragged & error checked my drive, run CCLeaner, run Registry Mechanic, upgraded from IE 6 to IE 7, and re-imaged my harddrive and reinstalled all my software. The problem remains.

Any ideas?

Thanks – Kurt Hansen

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I've notice recently that the "Lock" Icon isn't showing up in either top toolbar or lower task bar, whenever I go into a secure site, e.g., medicare requiring my SS#; websites I've used previously when purchasing their products, even ebay. I'm afraid to type in my CC# info. since the picture of that goldish yellow Lock is missing? So I'm assuming something is terrible wrong.

I'm using XP, my IE I'm assuming is version 6. Can't remember how to find out the version. I've right click on IE, but that's not it.

Thanks for the help!

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I ran an old 'video demo' program the other day and it obviously didn't like my modern system !

It mucked up the screen a fair bit while running.
I lost the quick launch app switcher icon which I've put back now, but there was also a red "Pin" icon there as well which has gone.
I've Googled it but found nothing.
The context menu pin feature works fine as does unpinning a pinned icon. It's not a pinning issue as such.
Perhaps the attached pic will make it clearer.
It's a Toshiba laptop too so maybe it's a Toshiba specific feature ?
Anyone ?

A:Red "Pin" icon missing from quick launch

I think it is something from Toshiba. Toshiba Bulletin Board.

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For some reason, the normal Internet Explorer page icon for ".HTML" files is no longer showing up, and I am getting that little icon that means there is no program associated with that file-type.

When I open the files, however, they are opening in the Internet browser normally and working perfectly. I've tried to restore the icon via the "File Types" dialogue box in Microsoft Windows XP Professional, and the icon I am looking for (just the standard Internet Explorer page icon) is there, but it won't "stick" to the file-type and display as it should.

No other file-type is having this problem, and nothing that I can think of has changed recently to warrent it.

Does anyone know what I can do to get that icon back?

A:Missing Icon For ".HTML" Files

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I have a NETGEAR WPN111 wireless network adapter. I honestly have no idea as to what point this happened, but here's the situation:

My "Wireless Connection" icon does not appear in the Network Connections window. In its place is something simply called "Internet Connection"; basically, my computer, for whatever reason, thinks I'm connecting to the internet through a shared connection on another computer. This is not the case.

I had Windows XP Professional SP3, but downgraded to SP2 thinking it would resolve the problem, and it did not. My wireless adapter's drivers are up to date. I connect with NETGEAR's wireless utility (although WZC is up and running just fine) because, without the icon, it's the only way I can set up my internet connection to my wireless router.

My network adapter appears fine in the Device Manager (there's no red or yellow marks on/over the icon). It says it's working without any problems.

I'd like to get this icon back, not only because I'd like to set up a static IP for this computer with my router, but I will be obtaining an XBOX360 in a few days that I will be wanting to connect through this computer, and I cannot if it already thinks it's using a shared connection on another computer.

Please help!

A:"Wireless Connection" icon missing

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Hi all,

All of a sudden I have this problem where I right click on the Internet Explorer Icon on the taskbar and there isn't a Frequent list anymore. I used to have a list but now I must have accidentally done something.

Please help,


A:IE Explorer Quick Launch Icon- No "Frequent" list when right clicked?

Hello FonzeGator, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If this in in Quick Launch, then you will not have a Jump List for it. You will only have a Jump List if it's pinned to the taskbar instead. I don't think you meant Quick Launch though.

You can use the tutorial below to reset and clear all Jump Lists. It may take a day or two before it shows back up.

Jump Lists - Reset and Clear All Items

Hope this helps,

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A strange DOS-like box appeared as well as several pop-ups appeared on my screen. Then my screensaver was replaced with a black one with a message telling me to install a security program. The taskbar started displaying messages from a fake windows security icon. An icon appeared on my desktop that says "TAG" with the title "Search Us" underneath. Pop ups about security occur whenever I use explorer. They do not occur when using I am Firefox (as I am right now).

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 10:28:56 AM, on 1/2/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Fujitsu\Fujitsu Hotkey Utility\IndicatorUty.exe
C:\Program Files\Fujitsu\Application Panel\QuickTouch.exe
C:\Program Files\Fujitsu\BtnHnd\BtnHnd.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_10\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Documents an... Read more

A:Explorer infected, strange "TAG" icon, fake security center

Update: I am now getting a flashing red X in the system tray with some BS message about fixing the spyware. Every few minutes there is an 'alert message' asking to run a scan. None of these 'alerts' are from legitimate programs. I'm at my wits end, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am posting in the hopes that someone will have some inkling why I am getting this. I'm including a screenshot of most of my taskbar at the bottom of my screen. OS is Win 7 x64, on a Toshiba laptop.

For some strange reason, four out of six Windows Explorer taskbar icons are showing up with a new icon with a blue box with "FS" on it, instead of the familiar folder icon. I don't know what this could be. For example, in a one folder, I have one open subfolder that shows up with the FS symbol, and another subfolder that shows with the usual folder symbol.

Just opened a new File Explorer window, the new window's Taskbar icon has the usual folder icon on it.

I have no idea how this happened, because I did nothing to try to change the Explorer icon. All folders seem to function in the same way, and I saw no ill effects that I could tell, or any effects other than the task bar icon. I did try to do a search on this phenomenon, but I came up with nothing. It was hard to know what to search on. I tried, "FS on Windows Explorer task bar icon."

Anyone have an idea what this may be or how it could have happened?


A:Odd icon--"FS" started appearing on Win Explorer Task Bar Icons

Scan with free (doesn't hurt to start free trial of Premium) while we search a bit

What security software are you using?

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Sorry, but I do *hate* the Windows7 "Windows Explorer".

How can I get it to look more like it did in WindowsXP?

e.g. When I am showing any given folder in the right hand column, I want it to show me where a I *VISUALLY* in the left hand column.
i.e. I what to see the full folder structrure in the left hand column !

Also I want the "vertical lines" back in the left hand column that you used to get in WindowsXP when you UN-ticked "Display simple folder view in Explorer's Folders list". Is there an equivalent option in Windows7?

Also when I use keystrokes (e.g. Up; Down; Left; Right cursor control keys) to navigate Windows Explorer in Windows7 the bl**dy thing jumps around in unexpected ways & it's hard to see what's going on.

How can I make it all more like WinXP? (!)

With thanks


A:How to make W7's "Windows Explorer" more like WinXP ?

1. Open any folder
2. Click Organize (at the top keft)
3. Click Folder and Search Options
4. And try those 2 options:

5. Close all folders
6. Open My computer and try to navigate

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Im using XP, ive just had to reinstal OE, IE7, AND WMP

there all sorted now.
On my desktop when i right click a program icon, the start bar and lower toolabr disaperes for a second then returns, the screen looses all icons, and just shows the background, then returns

ITS ONLY program icons, i can right click folders, and right click menu to get to settings, new, etc on desktop

do i just reinstal/repair windows, or is there something sinister going on?

thanks in advance,



A:Right click a program icon, explorer "restarts" itself XP

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Hello, everyone.

I was playing Diablo 2 today and my Internet Explorer 6 icon on my desktop (icon available in desktop settings, not a shortcut) seems to have reverted to something from Internet Explorer 4 or earlier.

I've tried re-applying the Windows XP theme (this worked for me on the original Diablo on my old PC when the start button did something similar) but no luck. I'm good at computing (e.g. I can edit the registry easily, follow instructions, I know quite a lot about XP) but I've never had a problem like this before. I'm gonna have to ask for help on this one.


Any help would be excellent thanks. Also, I've had a similar problem on another computer when after installing IE7 the icon disappeared and went to the default XP "white-page" icon. It needed a registry edit to fix it; are they fixed in a similar fashion?


A:Solved: Internet Explorer 6 Icon "Reverted"

Doctor_Pepper, Right click your Desktop, choose Properties, under the Settings tab change the "Color Quality" from 32 bit to 16 bit, restart your computer then change it back to 32 bit. If this doesn't correct the problem download Tweak UI at the link below. After you install it you'll find it in Start>Programs>Powertoys for Windows XP>Tweak UI. Open it and under Repair then choose Rebuild Icons.


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The icon is like a broken one, and it names C: as "True Crypt Traveler Disk (C".

This happened after I was fiddling with True Crypt and installing it on a USB drive. At no time did I install it on my C: drive, although I did extract on my download folder.

I have tried the following:
1. Delete my icon cache and rebooted.
2. I have done what MS suggests:To fix this problem, follow these steps:
Close all open windows if a Close Open Programs Interaction dialog box is displayed.Create the Max Cached Icons registry value in the following registry subkey if the registry value does not exist, and then set the registry value to 2000: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ExplorerDelete IconCache.db that locates in the following path
3. I have manually gone through the registry and removed any entry related to "True Crypt"
4. I have run Norton Utilities' Registry Cleaner two times, and CCleaner

All to no avail.
My fiddling days are coming to an end.

Help is appreciated.


A:Icon problem for "C" drive in Windows Explorer

First a solution from my experience. Go to the icon in question, right click, properties and then change icon. In my situation, I was surprised to find the original icon a available.
If that does not work try this
Icon Cache - Rebuild
If that does not work try a system restore.
System Restore - How to
If that does not work, uninstall using software revo.Then Use ccleaner to really clean it all out.
Then download again

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I have several icons/files from my "User" folder showing up in the "Computer" folder (several in duplicate), PLUS numerous blank icons...

This seems to have occurred after the Common Files folder became corrupted, after I somewhat riskily decided to power off while Vista was attempting to come out of Sleep mode - it had already taken about 3 mins and I was in a hurry - bad move, I know. That delay appears to have been due to an old version of Online Armor, and has now been fixed (by an update). Chkdsk scanned and (apparently) corrected some errors, and I also ran SFC which said it had corrected some errors but had also found some that it couldn't correct. Any help much appreciated.


A:Icons/Files from "User" folder showing up in "Computer" folder

Hello Aster, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if doing a system restore using a restore point dated before this happened may be able to fix it.

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum. Wondering if I could get some help!

I have some standard folder icons with the letters "UIC" printed over them. I know this has something to do with NTFS settings but I can't figure out what...

Your help is appreciated.

A:"UIC" printed on folder icon

What? Why no image? I've never heard of seen such a thing so I doubt it is some "NTFS settings"

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This is my first post so I have to say that I'm glad to be a member of such nice forum

now I would like to ask this:

is there any way to change folowing default icons in windows explorer:
Desktop, Favorites, Downloads, Computer, Network places and few more of them.

and second interesting thing...
when I click on any folder (which has new custom icon aplyed)it apears in yellow back then when I select some other folder it returns back to it's previous custom icon

A:How to change "new folder" icon?

You can change most of them by replacing the icons in your imageres.dll in


for x64 systems you have to edit imageres.dll in


as well.
Then clear your icon cache and restart.
To edit the file is pretty simple, you can use resource hacker.First take ownership of the original file, Be sure to back it up! Install resource hacker, after that just double click the file you want to edit, in this case imageres.dll, find the icon you want to replace in icon group and right click on it and replace resource, a dialogue box will open then browse to your new icon with an .ico extension, then click replace. An icon with a resolution of 256x256 pixels is best. Then go to file, click on save as, save to your desktop, as imageres.dll. Rename the original and either copy to or move the modded file to the correct folder.
Repeat the process with the other imageres.dll for x64 Windows systems.

Then do this to clear your icon cache,
To Manually Rebuild the Icon Cache using the Command Prompt

1. Close and save anything that you are working on. This command will kill explorer and restart the computer when completed.

2. Open the Start Menu, and type cmd in the search box and press enter.
3. In the command prompt, Copy and Paste each command line below exactly as is and press enter after each command.
WARNING: The last command will restart the computer, so be sure to close and save anything that you are work... Read more

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(Afterwards, the actual steps to perform beyond CIS Tool suggestions (which will need you to use tools like secpol.msc, gpedit.msc, services.msc, regedit.exe, explorer.exe + more, yet, all native tools to your OS) will be listed for your reference, each in their own post reply, to avoid "clutter"):

Windows CAN be secured very well, but, you have to go thru some "GYRATIONS/EFFORT" to do it, but, it IS doable (but not to any 100% levels, because again - new holes/vulnerabilities appear in the OS & its libs + apps, but this gets you closer, if not as close as a body needs to be!).

THIS IS GEARED TO "stand-alone" systems online on the internet (However - it can be adapted for LAN/WAN office or home networked environs, BUT, pay attention to step #2's 'warnings' about pulling Client For Microsoft Networks, &/or File & printer sharing - most networks require/need this)


Here I am running Windows Server 2003 SP #2, fully current patched by MS update pages, here (I check it every 2nd Tuesday of the month of course, on "Patch Tuesday's"): Read more

A:HOW TO SECURE Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 & even VISTA, + make it "fun to do"

SECURING SERVICES (ala MacOS X style, for its daemons, via privelege levels)


1.) HARDENING & SECURING SERVICES HOW-TO (longest one of the lot but, one well worth pursuing... read on):

Many services I do not need are either cut off OR secured in their logon entity to lower privilege entities (from default, near "ALL POWERFUL" SYSTEM, to lesser ones like NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SERVICE).

I went at ALL of the services in Windows Server 2003 (some will not be in XP for instance, & Windows 2000 has no NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SERVICE as far as I know, but not sure, you can always make a limited privelege user too for this on 2000 if needed)...

(The reason I mention this, is, this "technique" IS a superiority of MORE MODERN Windows NT-based OS over their ancestors (especially NT 3.x-4.0) & on par w/ how this makes your Win32 NT-based OS' like 2000 (with more work), XP, Server 2003 (VISTA too if needed), very much like how MacOS X treats its daemon processes via privelege levels, which uses the same general principals)

It works, & although many service packs for Windows OS' have changed their services (not all but many nowadays) to less than SYSTEM, my list covers those they may no... Read more

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So, I was playing a game called Battlefield 2, and it was a little laggy, it was pissing me off so I restarted my computer. I don't know if this screwed something up, but instead of re-booting up, my computer told me that a file in the system 32 folder or around there (It's called system, I think) was corrupted or missing.
Whoop dee doo. I've had like this happen way too much, and I'm incredibly tired of re-formating. I do NOT want to re-format and re-install it, PLEASE, GOD, NO!

So, it told me to put in my windows CD and push "R" to repair it. So, I did, but that gives me a nice command line, and I don't exactly know what to do.

I tried restarted, and now without any error it just brings me to the blue windows XP screen before the computer goes to your desktop, but it just stays there without actually..going to my desktop and letting everything function. So, what do I do now? Is there any way to replace this file, or am I gonna have to re-format?

A:Computer does not boot up, A file in my windows folder is "Missing/corrupted"

hey there killaer

they only thing thing that comes to mind is (F8 ) and useing the (The Last Good Configuaration ) option

when you use thr repair dose it not tell you wich drive your software is on / profile ??

it should give you the option as in ( 1 c;/win) or something to that affect , maybe you need to slow down and read what the options are

i know this can be very frustrating but sometimes good things come to those that stop and smell the pc chips and stand back, look, read ,and reread

i have learned this lesson many times !!!!!

hope things work out


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Strangely, the "My Computer" and "Recycle bin" disappeared from all the places.

They are Not shown in any of following places: Start menu, folder tree, explorer, desktop etc.

Typing "My Computer" in address bar shows an empty folder with no drives.

In "show icons on desktop" setting window, "My Computer" and "Recycle bin" check boxes are disabled !!

looks like a registry problem.

any help ?

I'm using windows 7 x86. (fresh install)

A:Solved: Entire "My computer" folder tree missing.

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Hi - I've trawled all over the Web looking for an answer to this with no luck so hoping you guys can help.

When I open "Folder Options" on the "Tools" menu, then select the "View" tab, the "Advanced Settings" box is empty -

I haven't got a clue how this happened and haven't had / got any viruses (I ran a couple of scanners).

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
O/S - Vista SP1

A:Solved: Missing "Advanced Settings" in Folder Options

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When I reinstalled Windows recently I decided to move my user data folders to my D drive since C drive is a new SSD - I did this by using the location tab in the properties dialog.

Now, when I click the start menu and click on my username to open my home folder, it displays all my data folders, EXCEPT My Music, My Videos and My Pictures. (of course, if I navigate to C:\users\...... only Appdata is there since everything was moved to D:\users\......) So I go to where the folders are stored, on D drive, and they are all there, but when I go to properties for these three folders, the "location" tab is not there.

Furthermore, I remember the default save location for MS Paint is the pictures folder, however now its default location is My Documents. Same thing applies to Windows Live Movie Maker (default should be Videos but it's defaulting to Documents). I think this is related to the problem I described above.

Also, when I click on the Pictures library (or the videos, or music library) it says there is no folder included, so I had to manually include the right folder from the D drive.

The attached screenshot sums it all up. Of course, when I saved it, I just saved it in the default directory for Paint, which happened to be... MY DOCUMENTS.

A:"My Pictures/Videos/Music" missing from home folder

Hello Marcus,

See if you may be able to use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to restore those user folders back to their default location on C. User Folders - Restore Default Location
Afterwards, you could use what's recommended in the yellow Tip box at the top of the tutorial above, or try moving them back to D to see how they work afterwards. User Folders - Change Default Location
Hope this helps,

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Help! I keep having problems with a little error at the bottom of the Windows Explorer Page that says "Loading Java Applet Failed". I found out how to change the settings which is listed below, problem is: There is no Java Plug In Folder in the Control Panel. Is this normal?
Click the Start menu
Select Settings
Select Control Panel
Double click the "Java Plug-in" icon
Click the "Proxies" Tab

A:"Java Plug In Folder" missing from Control Panel

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When logged on as "Administrator" the "Add Printer" icon is not available in the printer folder; however, when logged as a user, the icon is available, but the print drivers cannot be installed due to permissions on the computer. How can I make the "Add Printer" icon available in the "Administrator" mode?

Any suggestions/advice will be most appreciated.


A:Missing "Add Printer" icon

If you have the driver cd you don't need the icon as you can start the install from the cdrom.

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I use Win 7, and my "My Documents" icon is missing. I know the folder is there, but because I cannot put my documents there due to the missing icon, I have had to create a different folder called "Documents." But I notice some of my files go to either one.

Can someone here please tel me how to restore the "My Documents" icon so I can move all my documents there?


A:Missing "My Documents" icon

Hello Kahill,

You could do all of the steps in OPTION TWO of the tutorial below to hopefully restore your "My Documents" folder afterwards.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Hope this helps,

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I am missing the "Add Printer" icon in the Printer folder. I know there is a registry entry but I cannot find it. I am experiencing this as administrator and an unprivileged user. Can anybody help?

A:"Add Printer" icon missing


Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0 | 1 0

Removes the Add Printer option from the Start menu and from the Printers folder. Also, users cannot add printers by dragging a printer icon into the Printers folder.

This entry stores the setting of the Disable addition of printers Group Policy. Group Policy adds this entry to the registry with a value of 1 when you enable the policy. If you disable the policy or set it to Not configured, Group Policy deletes this entry from the registry, and the system behaves as though the value is 0.
Value Meaning
0 (or not in the registry) The policy is disabled or not configured. The Add Printer option appears.
1 The policy is enabled. The Add Printer option does not appear.

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I went to create a new folder under documents and won't, then tried it elsewhere (desktop etc) and it shows me a shortcut to create a new folder, and wants me to browse to it. I don't know where to make it browse to, to even see if it works or not. Anyone know here?
Thanks, Linda

A:Windows 7 missing "Create New Folder" option

The issue should be caused by damaged or incorrect registry key entry. Please check the following registry value:

1. Click Start, type regedit in Search Bar, and then click regedit in the Programs list.
Note: If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue.

2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:


3. Please check if the value for (Default) is: {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719}

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For some reason, the "search" option is missing from the context menu of certain folders. For instance, I have 6 folders in the same parent folder. If I right-click certain ones, "search" (and all the usual items) shows on the context menu. On others folders, it's missing altogether. It may have something to do with the type of content in the folders. i.e. one folder has nothing but fonts in it and the right-click menu has all the usual options including search. A folder right beside it has nothing but icons in it, and "search" (along with several other usual items) is missing.

Anyone know what gives...?

WinXP SP3.

A:"Search" missing from folder right-click menus

Right click the problematic folders, click properties, click advanced. Is there a tick for Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed?


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Missing "Application Data" folder

I have problem with missing Application folder, I tryed to do everything from


without results.


C:\Documents and Settings now

and content of Deafault User

After typing at run %userprofile%\Application Data

He is visible also when in adress bar, after opening arbitrary folder, I type
C:\documents and settings\Suad\application data

Is that some virus, or what? Eset Smart Sequrity doesn't say anything about.

Sorry, but I must screem, HELP!

I use XP Pro SP3.

A:[SOLVED] Again &quot;Missing Application Data folder&quot;

Problem solved:


cd C:\Documents and Settings\
attrib -s -h -r Suad

and it's visible again!

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Although in the past I've opened this particular folder several times, it has now mysteriously disappeared from the Windows Explorer file list. I've Googled this problem and many suggestions have been to ensure that the option, "Show hidden files, folders" in File Options is checked. I've done this but the problem still persists.

Can someone please advise how to correct this?

Thank you.

A:"Users/username/AppsData" - This folder is missing.

Hello Thorvalde, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Type %UserProfile%\AppData in the address bar of File Explorer and press Enter to see if appears.

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Suddenly lost my CD & DVD icons from my "My Computer" folder on desktop of XP SP3.

Everythinhg was working fine, then they were not being detected by the pc. Running lights come on, drawers open etc., but the disk will not play or show up so that I can start it.

Nothing else on pc seems affected.

Any suggestions or walk-throughs to get things back to normal?

Help surely appreciated.

Dex T.

A:Cd & DVD icons suddenly missing from "my computer" folder

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Hi All,

I was messing around with trying to move the default location for my User Folders. I was following Brink's guide: User Folders - Change Default Location. I had a secondary drive error (where the folders were to be relocated to), requiring a format. Prior to doing so, I changed all the folders back.

Now, my "Contacts" folder no longer has a "Location" tab in its properties, so I am unable to move it back. I went into regedit to the following location:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

and was able to find the "Contacts" folder. It was incorrectly named (some jumbled mess of what appeared to be random numbers and letters). I renamed it to "Contacts" and changed the Data to "%USERPROFILE%\Contacts".

After doing all this, the "Contacts" folder is displayed in My Computer and correctly pointing to C:Users\Me - but there is no location tab in its properties so I cannot move it again to a secondary drive.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to restore the "Location" tab?


A:User Folder Missing "Location" Tab - Reg Edit No Help - What To Do?

Quote: Originally Posted by KBoy420

Hi All,

I was messing around with trying to move the default location for my User Folders. I was following Brink's guide: User Folders - Change Default Location. I had a secondary drive error (where the folders were to be relocated to), requiring a format. Prior to doing so, I changed all the folders back.

Now, my "Contacts" folder no longer has a "Location" tab in its properties, so I am unable to move it back. I went into regedit to the following location:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

and was able to find the "Contacts" folder. It was incorrectly named (some jumbled mess of what appeared to be random numbers and letters). I renamed it to "Contacts" and changed the Data to "%USERPROFILE%\Contacts".

After doing all this, the "Contacts" folder is displayed in My Computer and correctly pointing to C:Users\Me - but there is no location tab in its properties so I cannot move it again to a secondary drive.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to restore the "Location" tab?


Welcome to the forum,

Have a look at option two of this tutorial,

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Notice the red warning box that gives instructions when a location tab is not available.

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I hope I'm in the right sub-forum. (Otw. please move, thank you).

There are a few things that I need to do. Tutorials on the web always tell me to open gpedit.msc and then expand the "Preferences" folder under user configuration. However, there is no such folder. Can anyone help me?
I'm on a 64 bit Win 7 Professional.


A:Group Policy "Preferences" folder missing

Can you give link(s) to the tutorials ?
Here is an SF tutorial for the Group Policy Editor.
The screen prints in this tutorial don't show a Preferences folder.
Local Group Policy Editor - Open

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I use the word missing because it seems like this stuff still exists somewhere on my PC, I just can't see or find it...

I was trying to do a bit of cleaning with a malware cleaner...I noticed a lot of stuff it was finding as in a folder I didn't recognize, so I deleted it. Bad idea. I'm kind of embarrassed I did that, you'd think using Windows since 98 would have made me a little smarter but I guess not.

It seems like I somehow deleted the "Users" folder under the "This PC" dropdown on the left of Windows Explorer.

This has caused all my files to disappear from my Desktop, Documents folder, Downloads folder, Music folder, etc...

However, they seem to still be on my computer somewhere, as when I, say, open Excel and try to open recent files, or open my Media Player to play music, I can. In those applications, I can even see the paths to the files. However, that path doesn't seem to exist when I try to find it in Windows Explorer - and I can't find them via searching the C drive either!

My mind is boggled on this one...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Accidentally Deleted "Users" Folder...everything missing

Which malware cleaner did you use?
Did you delete it using that program? If so, it may be in a vault of that program. Allowing you to restore what you deleted; unless you opted to completely delete without placing files in the vault.

If you know the name of a document, song or picture, go to start screen and start typing the name until it is displayed.
Right click it & choose 'Open File Location'

This has caused all my files to disappear from my Desktop, Documents folder, Downloads folder, Music folder, etc...

Sometimes we forget things we know so well when things aren't working right. Have you tried right clicking your desktop, View and Show desktop icons ?

I hope you have had it working long before now. Good luck.

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For some reason, the "search" option is missing from the context menu of certain folders. For instance, I have 6 folders in the same parent folder. If I right-click certain ones, "search" (and all the usual items) shows on the context menu. On others folders, it's missing altogether. It may have something to do with the type of content in the folders. i.e. one folder has nothing but fonts in it and the right-click menu has all the usual options including search. A folder right beside it has nothing but icons in it, and "search" (along with several other usual items) is missing.

Anyone know what gives...?

WinXP SP3.

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I right clicked on the Taskbar and checked Quick Launch and hit the Apply button. This put the Quick Launch toolbar on the Taskbar with the Show Desktop and Internet Explorer icons. I deleted them and now I can't duplicate this action. I can get the Internet Explorer icon back. But I can't get the Show Desktop icon back.

Does anyone know how to get the Show Desktop icon back on the Quick Launch toolbar.



A:How to get the "Show Desktop" icon back the "Quick Launch" toolbar

Go here!.htm and go down to where it says 'Restore Show Desktop Icon'. Download the exe and run it.

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In older Windows OS's, I remember you had the "Maintenance Wizard" that let you do a disk cleanup, scandisk, and a defrag all on a regular schedule, and 100% automated (no intervention).

How do I accomplish this in XP-Pro SP2? I tried to put the "dfrg.exe" in the Scheduled Tasks, and it opens it, but it requires user input to actually start defragging (you still have to manually click the "defrag" button, or it won't do anything). Does it involve the Command Prompt?


A:Auto Defrag in "Scheduled Tasks" - How to make it "Autorun"?

Microsoft thinks you can do it: Schedule Defrag in XP

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I am confused as to why the "Modify the Vista Codecs" icon has suddenly appeared in my Start menu. I had installed v4.7.3 (published by Shark007) a year ago and have never since accessed it (and the icon looks the same but the name was just "Vista Codec Package").

I thought it was just a set of codecs that WMP would use to play various media files and not a program that modifies codecs.

The last thing I did before it showed up was install "Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional" sandwiched inbetween the before and after installation analysis features of ZSoft Uninstaller v2.4.1.

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Every time I change a desktop wallpaper , I have to go in and change the size . I have a wide screen monitor and prefer the" Stretch ", but every time I have to always go back and set it to stretch again if I change the wallpaper. Default is obviously Center as this is what it always goes back to.

So , I want to know how I can make 'Stretch" the default so that I don't have to go in every time I change a wallpaper and recheck the " Stretch Box. "

I have Vista Home Premium 64 Bit

A:How Do I Make "Stretch" the default in Vista

Hi Jullian,

Not sure if this fits the bill exactly, but might help.

Stretch Desktop Wallpaper By Default

Any other queries, come back to us.

‘I do not seek to follow in the footsteps
of the men of old,
I seek the things they sought‘

Basho (1644-1694) Japanese Haiku

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hi.. im having prob with my folder option toolbar!! the settings [Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options.] does not show any of the FOLDER OPTION settings...

even using this option;Attachment 70357 is not possible as the high-lighten part of it is not working!! its faded.. couldn't click on it....Attachment 70358

can someone help me out with this plz??????????

A:How 2 recover missing "Folder Option"....

Hello Arvind,

Using one of the methods in the tutorial below should be able to enable Folder Options again for you.

Folder Options - Enable or Disable - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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