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Q: Music Folder Indexing

I recently performed a clean install of Vista on my laptop. Before doing this I copied my music folder with around 13,000+ files in it to another computer and then copied it back to my laptop after the install. Before whenever I would open the folder it always displayed the files sorted by Date. I've managed to get it to do this one time since the install. Now it will not display the date of each file at all. I'm running Google Desktop Index and hoping that this will help.

Any suggestions or know why this is happening?

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I Can Included My Music But When I Type Music Name In Search Box. It No Result

But External Music & Music Is Complete Indexing .. All 3 Folder Locale In Drive E

PS. 1 Month Ago I Install New Windows On Drive C And No Format Drive D & E

A:Why I Can't Indexing Options to My Music ?

It is not clear to me what your problem is. Kindly explain in greater detail

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Groove Music - the default music app in windows 10 is behaving a bit weird lately.
So, the symptoms are as follows: when I add a series of mp3s in my folder, which is set as default music location in Groove Music, the files aren't being added. Granted, since forever this app behaved in a manner that you had to wait a few seconds, perhaps a minute, to add the new files - the refresh of the library wasn't instant. but now it just doesn't refresh the library anymore. Or it does, after a few hours.

So I investigated a bit and found out that I have to manually rebuild indexes (using this option:, in order to get the new music into groove music. This seems absurd, since it never happened before.

What are your suggestions? What's going on, what's wrong?

A:Groove music - i'm losing my mind! (indexing problem - probably)

Hi, just takes a second for Groove to respond to copying them into the only folder (default) it 'watches' for me.. Have you checked it's actually watching the folder into which you're copying mp3's?

For comparison, you could check how quickly after you copy a file into a folder that is an indexed location from one that is not is found by Cortana, 'My stuff'. That should tell you whether indexing is actually working. (And you can watch the index being updated, of course).

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Hi Everyone,

I have a simple request: to be able to exclude a folder (completely) from windows 7 indexing. That means, when I type something in the start menu, I don't even want file names to come up. It seems as far as I can get is having file content not be indexed, but file properties, including file names, are always indexed. I'd like to not have to disable indexing all together because it's very useful, but doesn't seem like it should be impossible to totally exclude a folder.

I'm a teacher, and I have lots of students work on my computer that they submit electronically, but I teach many technical tutorials with a projector, and it seems not good form to have students work show up when I have to search for projects to show for examples.

Most of all, it seems like this should not be too much to ask. Surely there is some registry work around now? any thoughts?

I'm using Windows 7 x64.

Thanks everyone!


A:Exclude Folder from Indexing

Hello Ted, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can use step 5 in the tutorial below to help show you how to remove a folder from the index locations.

Index Locations - Add or Remove

Hope this helps,

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My download folder is being indexed when i open it. It is on drive E: not C: so i dont think its the windows indexing i think it might be a seperate switch somewhere as my other folders on E are not indexed. Its just a huge page to wait for this thing to get done indexing every time i open it.

How do i turn this off for this folder. Thanks.

A:How do i turn off search indexing on one folder only

Hello Durango,

You could remove the folder location from your index to no longer have it indexed.

Index Locations - Add or Remove

Hope this helps,

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I'm wondering how to search within a folder for files that have names and/or contents that match some desired text - like the old XP search assistant did. That was such a useful tool, I can't believe MS did away with it!

- I'd like to search within a given folder hierarchy - i.e. including subfolders
- I don't want to search my entire computer, e.g. by using the search on the Start button. There may be dozens or hundreds of files around the computer that match what I want - I want to search only within the folder I specify

I did try this:
1. Turned off indexing within the given folder, by going to Organize -> Folder and search options -> Search tab
2. Changed the "What to search" setting to "Always search file names and contents"
3. Put some text in the search box in the upper right of the explorer window

and nada - it didn't find files that were right there in front of me.

Why doesn't that work? Am I missing something?

I've googled for various solutions, and can't seem to come up with anything that works. Mainly it's suggested to use indexing, but also to search across my whole computer - I don't want to search across my whole computer though! But when I try to search within a given directory it doesn't seem to work.

If no one knows of a solution within Windows 7 OS - might anyone know of an add-on tool that's been developed for such a purpose? If there isn't one I might just create one myself, painful as ... Read more

A:How to search within a folder (preferably without using indexing)?

Open File Explorer, type content:searchterm to Search field. This would find all files containing the word searchterm.

Tutorials:Search in Windows 7
Windows Search - Configure and Use
Search - Have More Accurate Search Results
Search - Find More with Filters and Operators

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Most grateful for any help on this please.

I am having problems with Windows searching and am unable to find a lot of my pictures despite them definitely being there. I have followed on line suggestions and I've reached the Indexing Locations screen via control panel. On the indexed loactions screen (see screenshot) it is very obvious that the Pictures folder is not present under my folder structure. All other methods of accessing my folder structure show the pictures folder. I am assuming that this may be the cause of my search problems. How do I get the pictures folder to show so that I can reindex .

A:Indexing Options Pictures folder missing

I have found the problem. My pictures folder had moved into saved games. Next problem is why do I get that silly can't move because already open. One step forward etc

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Hey guys, on my laptop i currently have this issue where my music seems to come up when your in the folder. its in blue writing and has a number in brackets which im presuming is how many files ive got in there or something like that. My computer does not have this and i also wish to remove this from my laptop without having to restore to default folder settings (although that seems to be greyed out to despite me making changes earlier)

A:Music folder displaying a my music option and a number in brackets

Hello MajorFoley,

You should be able to click on View (menu bar) -> Group by -> (none) to change the folder view to what you wanted instead.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Hope this helps.

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please look at the attachment 
i have pc that do not have  this folder.
1.what this folder means ? i need this folder ?
3.when i go to indexing options >modify >"show all locations" is gray

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Like many people I find the new file search limiting, inconsistent and counfounding. I keep hoping the light bulb will go on and I will 'get it', but so

Now, just when I thought I could not hate it more, file search has stopped working completely for one of my big document folders and will not find any file at all.

I tried adding the folder to indexing, this is an option, 'Click to add to Index', on the search menu, but big surprise it hung my system. Buy hey, it would not be a normal day on Vista with out at least 5 hard reboots....

I also tried to Modify Index Locations. Nothing Happens.

In any case, there are things I really do like about Vista and am trying to hang in there... but problems like this make it hard. So, does anyone have any idea why I have one folder that when I open it and search for a file, Vista does not find a file that is clearly visible in the window?

A:Can you turn off the stupid file indexing and just search the folder I am in?

Originally Posted by Elysa

Like many people I find the new file search limiting, inconsistent and counfounding. I keep hoping the light bulb will go on and I will 'get it', but so

Now, just when I thought I could not hate it more, file search has stopped working completely for one of my big document folders and will not find any file at all.

I tried adding the folder to indexing, this is an option, 'Click to add to Index', on the search menu, but big surprise it hung my system. Buy hey, it would not be a normal day on Vista with out at least 5 hard reboots....

I also tried to Modify Index Locations. Nothing Happens.

In any case, there are things I really do like about Vista and am trying to hang in there... but problems like this make it hard. So, does anyone have any idea why I have one folder that when I open it and search for a file, Vista does not find a file that is clearly visible in the window?

What you need to do is give the indexer chance to finish it's job after adding a folder or modifying the index locations! Modifying the index locations doesn't make their contents magically appear in the index. It can take anything from a few minutes to several hours for the index to update itself, depending on the number of files involved.

I can't give an accurate guess on how long it takes, but on my own machine, with 8 hard disks in the index, whenever I make significant changes to the filesystem that would cause the ind... Read more

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On my desktop, I have my pictures folder mapped to an external harddrive. The pictures icon still shows under This PC, which is where I want it.

I have a new laptop, also with Windows 8.1, and I'm trying for the same setup. However, when I try to set it up I can only get the icon to show in the library and not under My PC. When I try to work it to show under My PC, I get a message saying the files need to be indexed. I have tried to index them but I haven't been able to. Network files don't show as an option for indexing.

Any ideas?

A:Problem sharing folder on network drive and indexing

Nevermind. It resolved itself after a reboot.

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Im mad that my My Music folder is empty, how do i put my windows media player music in it? whenever i download music i just go to "Add to windows media player", how do i bring that to "My music", thx

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

i do it manually. if you right click the name of the song in your windows media player, and find the file location, go to that location, and manually dragndrop that file into your my music folder

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i tried to drag it but it wouldt let me

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

What version of Windows do you have and which version of WMP?

What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to put music files that are in My Music into the WMP library?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a very basic question. I'm almost embarrased to ask it. But, here it is! When I buy a music CD in the store, how do I put the album into the "Music" folder on my hard drive?

I have Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11.

Thanks, Darlene

A:Solved: Adding Music to Music Folder

That is called "ripping". Use the "Rip" button at the top (or in the menu, depending what your player skin looks like ).

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RE: Windows XP Home SP2 with WMP 10 Also all of the music files are stored in WMP 10 as mp3 file format and not wma format. In addition there is no copy protected music, i.e. no DRM.
How do you copy music files from WMP 10 to 'My Music' folder?
Thanks in advance for all your help!

A:Copy music files from WMP 10 to 'My Music' folder


Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player and see if you find them there.

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Hi everyone. I have no idea what I did but for some reason, the folder and file names in my My Music folder are not showing up. I tried reseting folder settings to default but to no avail. Please help!

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After noticing some issues with Libraries performing the way they should, I discovered that Indexing services are started, but Indexing Options in the Control Panel says that indexing is not running.
Suggestions are welcome.
KenKen Kimbrough

A:Indexing Service is started but indexing Options says it's not.

Seems to be related to the index. Go to Control Panel > System & Maintenance > Indexing Options and in the Advanced Options you click on Restore Defaults and also Rebuild Index. Click OK and then try to start the service.Blogging about Windows for IT pros at

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I am trying to index an external hard drive. It has take a day so far and it hasn't moved past a certain point for a few hours 1,787,175. How can I fix this. How can I found out which file is causing the indexing program to freeze. Once I get it fixed how can I make indexing run faster. It takes quite a bit of time so I'm willing to devote more system resources to speed it up. Also, I noticed there is a way to narrow the index by file type. There are a few hundred. Is there a way to deselect them all really quickly or is it absolutely necessary to unclick them all, which will take 5 minutes!!!

A:How can I fix Indexing freeze and make Indexing run faster.

Could be it's being stalled by corrupted files. I'd right-click the drive icon, choose Properties, click the Tools tab and do the Error-checking choosing the full/complete. It requires shutting the computer down then should run when starting up [I don't use Restart for this]. Following that one could defrag the drive, Piriform's Defraggler tends to do better than the built-in application.

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I have a folder called Temp on an internal drive labeled B: The properties of this folder is set to "General Items", and when I view the folder through Explorer (showing Details) I get the expected headings Name, Date modified, Type, Size, etc...

However, when I through any app (TextPad, WordPad, Chrome, IrfanView-Save for Web, etc) choose Save As... and navigate to that B:\Temp folder, it shows up as a music folder! With headings Name, #, Title, Contributing artists, Album, etc.

Most annoying!

Does anyone have any hints about how to change this so that it always shows up as a "General Items" type of folder?

A:Folder thinks it is a music folder... how do I change that?

Hello OppfinnarJocke,

This is most likely due to Automatic Folder Type Discovery. "Automatic Folder Type Discovery" is when Windows will automatically change the folder template of a folder to match the file type of the last file added or saved in the folder. For example, if your folder contains music files and you add a picture file, then Windows may change the folder template and view to the "Picture" template to match the new picture file. Basically just what you did.

If you like, you can use the tutorial below to set a specific template (steps 2 to 6) to be the default for all folders to disable Automatic Folder Type Discovery. Afterwards, you will still be able to set folder views and templates how you like though, but without Automatic Folder Type Discovery changing them for you.

Folder Template - Default

Hope this helps,

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As said it title...the folder view gives options for music folders. I've tried going into Options/Folder Options and restoring default, but this doesn't work. I'm sure this happened before and I had to go into config something but can't remember. I'd appreciate any help.

A:My (my Documents) Folder Thinks It's A Music Folder

Hi mischievous and welcome to BleepingcomputerI have did some research on your promblem and I have found some information on your issue.You can read this site, deals with a very similar promblem like yours.

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Now my itunes seems to not be working properly. I have iphone 3gs and so when I synced it I don't see the music files under my device or my ringtones. It also said that they can't find my music when I tried to download them into my iphone and every time I put new music or new ringtones in my iphone, the ringtones/music that I have gets deleted. For example: I have 200 songs in my iphone but when I want to put just one song in it, The rest of the 200 songs gets deleted and now I only have that one song. And so now every time I add music to my iphone I would have to add the songs back into the iphone. I would also have to do it to ringtones too and I'd have to manually add them in because if I don't it would never be put into the iphone. So yeah, I'm not too good with itunes because it's too complicated and this is the first time I've ever had a iphone so I'm really confused how to use itunes. Oh and my library music files doesn't automatically update when I add new music so I would have to do the same as I did with my iphone. I'd have to delete, add the files again, sync and so on...

My itunes is up to date, my folders aren't hidden because my music folder and ringtone folder are under my library but not under my device.

I uninstalled itunes and reinstalled but its still the same.

I don't know what to do!! Help please??


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my music folder use to arrange my mp3 files in order from oldest to newly added. i must have clicked something because it doesnt anymore. can you tell me how to make it so it will arrange them from when they were added, like it once did?

please & thanks,

A:Music Folder

Open the music folder and then click on the 'Date Modified' tab at the top. You may have to click it one more time to get the latest file on top.

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Good day to all.

I have installed W10 on my laptop all went well.

Just a point that got me confused was when I went to rip the CD with windows media player it went to the private music folder not my music folder on C Drive,Even I selected options in the WMP to change where to save it said That I could not do so.

My question is how do I change the direction of the ripped music to my music folder??
Many Thanks.

Sorry should have said Public not Private Folder

A:Music folder on W10

I don't use WMP to rip CD's. I use the free Audiograbber program. I haven't tested it in Win 10 but it works OK in Win 8.1 so it probably is Win 10 compatible.

Audiograbber has an easy setup for where to rip Audio CD's.

Audiograbber, free CD ripper, mp3 encoder and audio recorder for Windows

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I have XP and a My Music folder keeps showing up in my C:\, not in my My Documents folder. I keep deleting it and it just comes back. How can I make this folder go away, or maybe redirect whatever is making it appear to look for it in another place (I keep my MP3's on a seperate drive.

A:My Music folder won't go away in XP

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I have my old Windows 7 laptop hard drive connected via USB to my old laptop and in my old Users folder I can't see the Music or Pictures folders. I can see other folders (Documents, Favorites....). When I replace the new SSD that took its place I can see those folders.

What can I do so that I can see it when hooked via USB? Thank you for looking.

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my music folder seems to be missing every song title after those starting with the leter "s" and i cant seem to add any more files to it but i can add another folder. is there a limit to how many files i can add and if so does it just delete starting from the bottom up? and if so where do these files go as they are not im my recycle bin ?

A:can my music folder be too big?

As far as I'm aware there is no limit to file size...i've known some people with profiles exceeding 20GB's with at least 15GB's in 'My Music'.

Are you using NTFS file system?

Also, are you generally low on disc space on your C drive?

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Hi,I have an issue with windows 10 music folder.I installed the W10 few days ago on to my HP laptop,Which was W7 home premium

When I rip some music from a CD with WMP the music goes into the Public music folder not into my music folder on the C drive.

Went into options in the WMP and tried to change the location of the music,But in the option box it stated ''Rip Music to this location''C:\user\public\music.
Now when I try to change that location to my music folder I get another box on screen stating ''The selected folder is not available.Verify that you have the correct permission to add files to this folder.

Does that make any sense to anyone??,And also how do I change the path to my music folder not the Public one.
Help Please.
Many Thanks.

A:Music Folder W10

Will leave your question here as we have many users who run Windows Ten, but you may wish to check out our sister site Windows 10 Forums

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Hi, I have a music folder with about 4gig of music, recently when I add any mp3 files to it, it is not doing it alphabetically? once, I could move my mp3's to it and it would add them alphabetically, but now it adds the mp3's to the top of all my music files?, I have to drag them to the right place, like A,B,C Etc..artists names.can anyone help me here?why is it suddenly acting up?Thank You.

A:Music Folder

Hello Riptorn.

I'm not sure if this will help or not; have a look at the tutorial at the link below; be sure to post back to keep us informed.

How to Reset Windows Explorer Folder View Settings to Make Vista Remember

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I consolidated my itunes library to an external hard drive. A number of music folders that I had duplicate folders of in my C drive (not in the iTunes folder) are now empty and the folder name is in blue. Why did consolidation remove this music from my itunes library and also remove the music from the C drive folders, leave the folders empty and change the folder & file name to blue?

More importantly, if I go back to a previous itunes library that has the missing songs, can I save them in folders on the desktop, and put back my current library and then add the music from the desktop?



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Hi, I have a desktop and a laptop and I have my MP3's sync'ed via LapLink. My problem is that under my desktop I have a different user account name "Dave" whereas my laptop has a user account of "David" So...the link on the start menu "My Music" goes to "C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\My Documents\My Music" on the desktop and "C:\Documents and Settings\David\My Documents\My Music" on the laptop. For matters too involved to discuss here, I need my MP3's to be on identically named folders. I figured the best was is to put the "My Music" folder in the root of my C: drive of both computers and that works beautifully with one exception. Now when I click on the "My Music" icon on my start menu it still goes to the old subdirectory and not the new "C:\My Music" directory. How can I tell the "My Music" link to go to a different directory other than the one XP defaults me to? Is there a place in the registry that will change this link address? I tried to change the properties of the icon/link itself but to no avail.

Thanks in advance,
Dave W.

A:Changing My Music folder

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My Win 7 Home Premium laptop used to have a folder called 'My Music' that was located in the root of my user folder, at the same level as the 'My Documents' folder but, for various reasons, I wanted to place 'My Music' inside the 'My Documents' folder.

However, I actually ended up moving all my music files and subfolders into a new folder called 'My New Music Folder' within 'My Documents'. All my attempts to rename 'My New Music Folder' as 'My Music' are rejected, even though I have deleted the original 'My Music' folder.

When I try the rename, I am told that 'My Music' already exists (despite it being deleted). I am offered the opportunity to merge the new version of the folder with the old version but when I agree I am told the folder does NOT exist! I am then offered the chance to create 'My Music' but when I agree I am told it is 'not accessible' and 'access is denied'! Rebooting the laptop doesn't help.

None of this makes any sense to me. Can anyone offer a solution?


A:Win 7 won't let me rename a folder to 'My Music'

Its not as simple as deleting and making a new folder, win 7 uses junction points to point at files so it is possible for example to move user folders to different locations and even different drives as long as the new folder location is included in the relevant library, there is a tutorial for it although it talks about moving all user folders you should get the idea
User Folders - Change Default Location

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ok so day 5 in the back up and reinstall process... got an external hd sorted and now when i try and move one of my music folders my laptop crashes... every single time... try open it, it crashes... do a search for any songs inside it, they dont come up... try copy it, it crashes... try move it, it crashes... folder contains 3 folders and amounts to 8GB, Im a dj and cannot afford to lose the contents... virus scans are all clear, disk checks are all clear... someone please tell me what is going on?

I just dont get it... is there an program i can use to copy it and open on another computer? or some way to debug it? surely they havent made an operating system that just loses all your stuff, one folder at a time?

A:Music folder dramas..

Are you copy/pasting the entire folder?

Run these and see why it crashes...

Run these and save and attach to your post:
Start>Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Performance Information and Tools>Advanced Tools>

Generate a system health Report

Open Reliability and Performance Monitor>Reliability Monitor

View Performance Details In Event Log

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How To Import My Music Folder To Windows Media,or Nero Burn
I Have This Folder That Has All Mp3 Music In It, And I Have Burned
Music Before,but! On The One I Just Burned I Put The Disc In The Dvd
Player,and It Just Shows Me The Track #s. The Disc I Burned Before
Had The Track #, Title And Song. My Question Is.. How Do I Format
Or Import The Whole Folder To My Burner.(windows Media Player)
(real Player)(nero Burn)
I Would Like To Use Nero Burner. Do I Open The My Music Folder,
And Slide The Track Over To The Burn Unit? Or Slide Over The
Whole Folder? The Folder Has Only 10 Songs I Want To Burn. I Am
Ilitterate To The Computer,so! I Don't Know How To Do These Things....please!!!! Help Me If You Can Understand What I'm Trying
To Do.


A:music files folder

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I am trying to delete a music file folder on a flash drive but when i go to delete it I get the message file corrupted or unreadable. when i open the file all i see is 00000000.000 How can i delete this file. When I hover over it the file has 0 bytes. Thanks!!!!!

A:Can not delete a music folder

Did you try to move anything important from that drive and format it?

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hi there. recently i had an issue with my parents computer than ended with me having to wipe out and restore the entire system. ever since i've been taking more measures with my own computer to try and prevent similar problems that led to that. we lost all our files on that computer so it makes me nervous about having a problem with this computer, because i have almost 30 gb of music in my music folder. i use itunes and an ipod on windows xp.

i was wondering if anybody knew of a good way to back up these files. i know i can write the songs to discs through itunes, but that would take a box full of cds at least. then i thought about an external usb drive for a backup, but those cost at least $150 dollars which i definitely can't afford.

is there any way to compress my music folder so i can get all the files on one disc or is that not possible? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much

A:backing up my music folder?

While compressing files you can reduce the size of them, but not in such way that it can be put on one or two disks. However, there is a simpler alternative, you can create a partition on your harddisk where you store your music. In case the OS has problems and needs to be reinstalled, you can reformat the main partition, while the other (where you stored your music) remains intact. This tutorial explains more about harddisk partitions. This tutorial explains how to create/change harddisk partitions.

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I want to burn all my music on my hard drive to a disk for backup only. I don't want to try to play it from the DVD. Will this work? Could I then access this music and burn it to a CD as an audio file and have it play? If this won't work, what is the best way to make a backup of my songs?


A:backing up music folder to DVD

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Hello all,
Somehow the default folder style is Music, even when I go to My computer and click on my hard drive, all my folders are there but it shows up in the music style, even my search shows up in music style. How can I change my default folder style so all my folders and searches are "all items" folder style. Any information will be greatly appreciated.



A:Music folder is default

Hi Bh,

You will need to reset you folder view settings so do this and have Vista remember the window settings as they were when it was last closed. METHOD TWO here will show you how.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

This will show you how to change any left over folder window templates to All Items or any other template afterwards.

Windows Explorer - Folder Type Templates


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All my music and video files are in subfolders within a main folder.
Main folder and subfolders are set to display thumbnails.
When I open the main folder---[before opening any file]-- a pop-up appears:

> > > The program you are trying to run requires a current Indeo codec.
> > > To obtain a current driver that is compatible with this version of
> > > Windows, please contact the manufacturer at
> > >

Why does this appear even though I havent opened any files yet.
Is it because of the 'thumnail' setting?

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Hey there, I have a small nit picky problem now

I moved my My Music Folder by accident... and then moved it back... now the little music note is gone from the folders image

I know this is nothing important at all lol! And that I'm just being picky, but you know how it is with a new computer, you want everything to be just how you like it lol.

I've tried right mouse clicking and it wont let me change the icon (same with the my pictures, my video and my documents folders, they don't have the 'customise' tab in their properties).

If anyone could tell me how to get this icon back I'd greatly appreciate it?

A:My Music Folder, Icon gone =[

Have a look at this and see if it relates to your problem:

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Trying to install iTunes and I get an eror message that it can't set up iTunes folder in the default My Documents/My Music folder.

It turns out that I DO have that folder (and I even have music in it that I can use), but the iTunes setup program can't seem to find it. iTunes recommends using TweakUI to change the "Special Folder" for My Music...but it turns out that the My Music folder doesn't exist in the pulldown list inside TweakUI either. there a way to formally restore that folder so that either TweakUI or iTunes can recognize it?


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The last couple days I can't open music in vista. I just get the blank window saying "windows explorer not responding". I can open and see them in itunes ok, but not music. I had been adding quite a few new files and trying to organize the folder jsut before this started. I've ran disk cleaners, defragged, virus checks, and still nothing. Anyone know an answer? Thanks.

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How do I rename the Music Folder? I want to rename it and the subfolder is similar but named different.

A:Renaming Music Folder

I don't think you can. As far as I know, if you rename or delete it, it will be recreated.

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O.K. I am running Windows XP Home Edition, and have gotten help here before from Cheeseball1! (Whom was just wonderful!) Here is the problem...I went to my Music file to listen to some music and my folder was filled with numerous pics of albums and the title on them all started with Album Art. I deleted them and BAM they were back again as copies. As many as 26 each! Do I have a major probem here? Noone else uses the computer but myself and I have no idea where these ALBUM ARTs came from! Could someone please help! Here is my HiJack This Logfile

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:48:13 PM, on 9/22/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido\security suite\ewidoctrl.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Sha... Read more

A:Help! Album Art Has Taken Over My Music Folder!!

This was not in your prior log

Canon Camera Access Library 8

Can you un-install it and see if the prob goes away - the log otherwise is the same amd is clean

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I am moving my Documents , Pictures, and Music folders associated with the start menu on the right side of start menu (under the user pix) to a seperate partition on the hard drive so that it will be easier to back up these files monthly, and also allow me to create an image disk of the os without all the data files being included.

Going very smoothly except that I stupidly deleted the music folder after I had moved the files, and now when I click the music tab on the start menu, it no longer directs to where the music files have been moved. The Pictures and Documents tabs work correctly...that is, when I click those tabs on the start menu, I am taken to their new location just fine.

My question is, is there some way to re-create that original Music folder which , when I right-click properties, has the tab for LOCATION which will then allow me to change its location settings so that the Music tab on the start menu can find it ? Seems to be a special type of folder, and if I just create a new one, it does not include the Location tab under properties.

I should add that I can create a shortcut and pin it to the start menu, but if possible, I'd like to use the original Music tab on the right side of start menu.
Thanks for the help.

A:Recreating Music Folder

Hi bj33813,

Have a look at the following Tutorial: Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

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I cannot seem to change the My Music and My Pictures folder location from c:\Docs and settings\Administrator\My Docs\My Music to d:\Music (laptop with two disks).

I have been to hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\windows\explorer\shell folders\ but each time I change it, it reverts back to the old settings. i have read other threads about the user Shell Folders\ but there is no My Music or My Pictures in there. Can anyone help?


A:Changing the My Music Folder

How to Move Shell Folders (and contents)

If that didn't work try tweakui

Tweakui for XP

In tweakui go to My Computer, special folders.

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Ok so i would really like to get rid of the C: folder inside the music folder. I have no idea what its doing there and its making Windows Media Player and iTunes get every music file from the C: drive. That means all the sounds from my games and such get imported. It would be alot easier if i could just unassociate the C: drive in my Music folder. Can anyone help?

A:C drive in the Music folder?

How did the C: get into the music folder? Probably by some drag and drop that went wrong - bad habit those drag and drops. Now you have to move it back where it belongs which is "Computer".

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i would like to know what the number sign means in music folder which you can see in the attach image in red circle

thanks in advance

A:# sign in music folder

It`s the number category for the songs on the album, you can get rid of it if you want.

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Iv'e spent 3 months downloading all my C.D's to my computer. Yesterday they all disapeared. I've checked the amount of space being used on the drive and it would apear it's still there, but the folders empty and I've tryed running a search for the albums with windows but it comes back Blank. I've also checked Recycle bin but it's empty. XP was playing up before this happened. Help!!

A:All my C.D's have disapeared From Music Folder

Where did you store them????were they saved as mp3"s??have you run a virus scan???

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I am missing the Music folder from my laptop. I first noticed when I tried to access it from the start menu and nothing happened when I clicked on it. There is only a general tab when I go into properties, and it is empty (No location, no files, etc). I then tried to access the Music folder under users and it is missing. I tried searching for the Music folder using the search from the start menu, and a blank page icon shows up, but nothing happens when I click on it. Is there a way to create a new Music folder that is linked to the start menu, similar to my Pictures, Documents, etc?

A:Missing Music Folder

Hello Jules, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Do you have a C:\Users\user-name\Music folder at that location?

If not, then using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below may be able to help restore your Music folder.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps,

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Hello All,

I have Vista Ultimate x64

I have a really old ipod I don't know what generation it is but trust me its old.

On the START menu I redirected Music to my external harddrive because thats where my music is.

So I changed it from c:/ something... to my external drives music folder e:/music

Something happened and my external drive changed to f:/ from e:/

Now the Link to Music does not work and if you see the attachment you will see what I see.

I tried everything I could to fix this but it won't. Please someone help! I am ready to reinstall vista if I can't fix this.

A:Music Folder does not work

Hello psk123, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You will just need to change the location again to have it point to the current drive letter F:\ now location instead. Using Option Two in this tutorial, you can do this to the Music (My Music) folder in the registry.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps,

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In winamp, all my songs that are in my music folder all have the same, incorrect album art unless they are in another subfolder with their own album art.

I narrowed down the problem to the fact that when I put my documents folder into thumbnail view, the art appears on my music folder, rather than the default my music folder icon.
I have looked everywhere in this folder for this image, which was originally on some music my brother was downloading and deleted a long time ago and cannot see a way of restoring it back to normal.
This is what it is like in my document and the album art on the my music folder is on every song inside that isn't in a subfolder:

Thanks in advance
EDIT: Sorry for this wasted thread, I just figured out why. I had to turn on display system files and delete them manually. I guess I shouldn't have just tried show hidden files -_-

A:My music folder image

Is this what you are looking for ?


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Hi everyone. I deleted my old user account on my Windows XP Pro machine a few weeks ago and now I no longer have a My Music Folder or a My Videos folder. Either that or it just simply isn't showing up in the Start Menu and is hidden somewhere. Anyone care to help me figure out what's going on here and how I can fix it?

A:I seem to have no My Music or My Videos folder...

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Hi!, Im using Windows XP Pro, and i want to share my music folder with other users of this pc. I want it shared in such a way that the rest of th my documents folder remains private, but the my music folder is accessible to other users on my pc, and, i also want that the other users who access my mp3s cannot delete/change them or add new ones to my folder

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Can anyone suggest why on my Windows XP the Music Folder that contains ALL my mp3s has lost its cleff folder icon?

The Picture & Video folders both have their icons but the Music one is just a normal default folder?...

Just a little question for anyone that may know....

A:Solved: Music Folder

Download the free Tweak UI.

Click "Repair" in the left pane.

In the right pane, click on the pull-down and choose "Repair My Music Icon".

Click the "Repair Now" button.

Click "OK" to close the Tweak UI dialog box.

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i tried to move music folder to drive D from C. but something strange happened and I almost lost my regular music folder. That is not all and something happened to my documents folder too. You can see them here:
later I tried to restore its location to default but this is what happens:

and the new documents folder is this:

i'm confused now, can anyone help me?
P.S. I don't wanna move my folders to drive D anymore

A:My music folder is broken, help me please

It is because you moved it from D: to C:. There is posts all over on here how to fix that. Do a search for "Repair Libraries".

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I accidently deleted the my music folder in My docs. I belive its a system folder and was wondering how to get the same system "My music" folder back!!!

A:Solved: My Music folder gone

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On my Windows 7, there are some stuck music files in the music folder. Can't play them. Can't delete them. I even tried force deleting them with AVG PC TuneUp....
Plz help...

A:Files stuck in music folder...

You're not a fan of giving much info are you

What happens when you try to delete them?
Can you open up a CMD window and navigate to the folder and remove them with "Del /F filenamehere" ?

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Hello & please help.
Moved My Documents folder to an external drive now iTunes does
not know where to locate files (neither do I). I've read the similar strings however not sure how to resolve issue or make changes to Registry.
Registry says "REG_SZ" should it read "REG_EXPAND_SZ" ??
would like to save playlists also. Any help to walk me through this
restoration would be greatly appreciated.

Windows XP, Dell Inspiron 6000, 2 GB memory, 120 GB HD, 320 GB HD
external drive

A:My Documents & My Music folder missing

Hi reggaeone !

How did you move the my documents folder ? The only proper way of moving that folder is by right-clicking it in windows explorer then click properties and change the target folder there, this will ensure that the entries in the registry point to the proper location. It's not advised to move it to an external drive since Windows and many programs need to have access to that folder at all times. If you need to free some space on your internal drive and only have an additional external drive you'd better move your media files manually (not the whole my music folder).

If you used the above method to move the my documents folder then uninstall/reinstall iTunes :

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I opened up Windows Media Player and noticed all my Album art wasn't displaying and within a few seconds all the files disappeared. I thought I just needed to let Vista search for the files again & refresh the player but when I went to my Music folder to check the files there the folder was completely empty (apart from the hidden files).

I searched for the files in case they had been moved but no sign so I checked the disk space as there was a few thousand mp3 files involved. This confirmed the files were truly gone as a big chunk of space was now empty.

What happened? Was I hacked? Ran AV scan, Malwarebytes, Hijackthis etc. but nothing showed up. I'd be grateful if anyone can shed any light on what might have happened.


A:All files in Music Folder have vanished!

Did you enable hidden files and look again?

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Got a bit of a weird one here. I just installed iTunes so I could get my new iPod filled up and as I tried to add my music folder to the library, nothing happened. I went to My Music folder and it appears to have NO MUSIC IN IT!?!?!?So, I opened up Winamp and tried playing my collection already in there and everything plays fine. As you can see from the pictures below, the songs in winamp link to the my music folder so they are there... just not visible?My Music Folder picCommand Prompt verification picWinamp Proof that files do existThere must be some way to get that folder to show files in it... I can open the folders in the My Music folder if I go to them directly but they are not visible in the My Music folder itself. I know there are files in this folder, I just can't see them and the computer can't find them. Please help!Thanks,kLipzE

A:My Music Folder Seems Empty But Isn't Hidden

Maybe out of sync library?
Have you tried looking under
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\
or maybe linked to second set of settings like C:\Documents and Settings\Drew Anderson.<computer name>\My Documents\My Music

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i deleted my music folder, but its still there and when i click it, it says access denied, but i have administrator permissions. when i go into properties and security, or any other thing, it says i need to prove administrative permission.
by the way, this is on windows 8.1 and i tried this: User Folders - Restore Default Location

thanks in advance

A:HELP. deleted music folder by accident, but its still there

Since this is a Windows 8.1 problem, we have a separate forum for Windows 8.
Windows 8 Forums

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right now, if i click the customize button and choose "music" for my music folders, it shows 'name', '#', 'title', 'contributing artists', and 'album' as sortable columns.

i was hoping there was a way to customize which columns would appear by default in music folders, rather than having to right click the top bar and add different elements like 'comments' or 'genre' to each individual folder. (i'm a ocd music sorter, so each artist has it's own folder. it would be beyond tedious to add genre and comments to each folder, only to have those elements disappear when the folder is returned to default status)

any ideas?

A:Customizing Music Folder Details

First set the current folder to optimize for Music (Use the Music Template):
Right Click Folder > Properties > Customize > Choose "Music" from dropdown list

Now set the settings in the folder (view options, etc)

Now we'll apply those settings to all folder that use the Music Template:
Organize > Folder & Search Options > View > Apply to All Folders

Now if you have a music folder you just need to go to Properties > Customize > Music in order to it to display the way you like.

For more info:
Folder Template - Change

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Can anyone plz help me with this prob ? I had removed ny music folder related to windows as so i have been told .. When i donwload from a certain forum i was told it should go into this folder in which i removed ages ago..

When i download from this forum i get windows does not recognise the file so i cannot do no more

plz help if you know what i can do to sort it

A:Help needed to get back my music folder

Why not change the prefernce in the application as to where the files get downloaded to.

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Hi there...

I had"My Music" and "My Pictures" folders moved do my F: Drive and "My Documents" to my d: drive but now have formatted my c drive and now am able to change "My documents" to the D drive but am wondering how to change "My Music" and "My Pictures" on the start menu to go to the F: drive as that would be helpful to my system.

Does anyone know i can achieve this?

I have tried to right click the My Music on the start menu but i can only Rename, Copy or see the properties which only lets my share with others.

A:Solved: Moving My Music folder


i found a solution..

I moved the Music folder to the old place (In My diocuments) and then deleted the folder on my D drive then dragged My Music folder from My documents to the new drive and hey presto it works..

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I have THE Music Folder located in Libraries and inside this Folder i have another Folder called All Music that no matter what i do, i cannot open the damn thing. It's not locked, It's not restricted, I've tried right clicking on it and doing Open. I've tried doing Open in New Window. I've tried Deleting the damn thing and then Restoring it.

I don't even get an error. It just simply sits there. Yet i can open every other Folder on my Computer. Except this ONE Folder.

Help, please?

I have Windows 7 Home Premium x64, My Virus Scans are up to date and so are my Computer Updates. I've closed all Programs and tried opening it, too.

This isn't "Super" important. I'm more concerned that there's something wrong with my hard-drive than the actual Music (although there's over 700 Songs in this one Folder..)

A:One Music Folder will not open no matter what

This also happens due to multiple codes installed on the PC. Try uninstalling all video/audio players like VLC, K-Lite, Shark codec, itunes, etc. and then try opening this folder.

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So basically when I right click my music folder it shows that I have 626 files in there, but I know for a fact that I have 501 songs in there :l
And even more come up when I scanned the folder for viruses, since I am a paranoid little dude. Microsoft Security Essential's scan showed that it scanned 665 files :l

So I wanna know what I can do to reduce this file count. I know that the jpg album artwork adds to the files, but I only have 79 album covers and 626 - 79 does not equal 501...

I went through all of my files using MP3 tag and made sure I didn't have varying cover art, so all my albums have the same cover art for each song :l

What else is amping up the file amout :l
Not really a problem, more of a curiosity thing.

A:Why does windows tell me I have more files than I actually do in my music folder?

Some of them will be hidden 'Thumbs.db' files .....

Some will probably be hidden 'desktop.ini' files.....

Desktop.ini is used to tell Windows how to display a folder. For example, enabling Thumbnail view creates a desktop.ini file in that folder which amongst other things, tells Windows to add an extra item to the View menu for that folder. Desktop.ini files are also used when you customize folders, change their icons etc.

If you use windows media player, that puts hidden files there to.

You can check by going to....... 'tools' / 'folder options' / 'view' / 'show hidden files and folders' and then clicking 'apply'.

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I have inadvertently removed all the details in the details option which shows the bit depth and a myriad of other meta data when I select a music file and click on options then click on details.How can I get that information back?I have tried everything I can think of and done many searches but here I am asking here now.
I use dbpoweramp to get all the meta data and I use that information regularly but not anymore since it's gone,my bad.

A:How do I re-set the details in music folder in Win 7 or its default?

If your are referring to explorer.
On the row which have Name, Size, Dates, etc.
Do right-click, and you can select what to show.
If you right-click and click on More.... options.

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Hi guys,

I've just built myself a shiny new PC, and I've gone and made a booboo straight off the bat

I was attempting to change the location of the My Music folder to my second HDD so that it wasn't taking up space on my smaller SSD. Instead of clicking 'move' in the location tab and creating a new folder, I accidentally selected the whole E drive. I also did this before creating a restore point (eeejit).

I can't change the folder's location now because it considers the whole drive as the music folder. When I search for shell:my music and then click on the folder (shown as the E drive), and then go to 'move' in the location tab and create a new folder to move it to, it tells me: Cannot redirect parent into descendant. The specified path is invalid.

I tried option 1 from this tutorial posted on these forums to no avail. I'm considering option 2, but I'm wary of this because my entire drive (which is empty at the moment) is currently assigned as the shell folder.

Does anyone know if it's safe to try option 2, and whether it will work in this situation?

Thanks in advance

Otters (Will)


OK, I tried option 2 and it worked nicely. It has left me a with a folder called 'Music' rather than 'My Music' though. I know it's a minor niggle, but does anyone know how to rename this folder, because doing it through the folder properties doesn't work?

A:Help: moved 'My Music' folder to E:\ drive

Hello Will, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm happy to hear OPTION TWO in the tutorial has helped so far.

You don't want to manually rename these folders like any other file or folder. Doing so will cause issues.

Is that at your E: location?

What is the name of the folder in your C:\Users\(user-name) folder location? Is it My Music or just Music as well? Does it have a "Locations" tab when you right click on it, and click on Properties?

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I'm using Windows 7 64 with indexed search ON.
I am unable to see search results in my MUSIC folder
When I try, it immediately shows "no items match your search" in the results pane.
I was able to get search results in the past.
other folders search still works fine.

The music folder is logically located on drive D.
I am sharing this folder to a Guest user.

Changing permissions or unsharing the folder altogether did not fix this.
Disabling indexed search did fix this, but then I end up with the original slow annoying search.

A:can't index-search music folder

Solved! while typing this and looking for more ways to fix this!

adding permission to "Administrators" group fixed this!

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Alright, I guess the first place to start is at the beginning.

I'm not the most PC-saavy person, but at the same time I'm not PC illiterate either. The problem started whenever my motherboard decided to crap out on me and I had to purchase a new one. This would be the first time I had to purchase a motherboard seperately, so I knew nothing about them. A close friend said that since I was getting a new motherboard, I would have to reformat my harddrive and lose all my information, or get another harddrive to set as the master. (Another friend told me I wouldnt have to reformat just for a motherboard, but I decided to get another hard drive just in case).

Of course I hadnt backed up my files for about a year, so reformatting was out of the question. I got another hard drive and made it my master while having my old one with all the information on it the slave.

Needless to say I dont have any of my original programs, but I do have all my files back: With the exception of my most prized possession, my music folder. Now I thought it was originally a good idea to keep all my music in one place, the folder that Windows automatically gave you entitled My Music.

Well, I can open my Master Drives My Music Folder, which does me no good since nothing is there. Whenever I try to open my Slave Drives 'My Music' folder, it says access is denied. Not only that, but during inspection of the folder it says theres no files within.

First question is, did I lose all of... Read more

A:Slave Drive 'My Music' Folder

You can get your music back by giving yourself ownership of the folders.

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

The folder may say 0 bytes, but they will show up there, anyway.

XP only needs to be reinstalled if the new board has a different chipset. In that case, a repair installation is usually all that is needed and you keep all your programs and settings.

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I have a few music videos I want on my iPod - I drag them into iTunes and they are automatically put into 'Movies'. So far the only way I've been able to move them into the 'Music Videos' folder in my iPod is by individually changing each file in iTunes from 'Movie' to 'Music Videos.' there must be a way I can speed this process up.

How would I get iTunes to recognize several of these videos as Music Videos, rather than Movies?


A:iTunes Music Videos in the right folder?

not too familiar with itunes but if u find something like file recognition you should be able to change from there. But like i say im not too sure

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When ripping mp3 or wma files from a CD, Windows Media Player automatically searches online for the album cover art and creates a folder for your music files with the album cover art on it. But what I cant figure out is where does this image file go? I ask because sometimes WMP can't find the album cover. In such case, I can usually find it somewhere else (such as an online cd store), but I don't know where to copy it to so that it shows up like in the rest of my folders. I thought it might be a hidden file within the folder, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Can anyone help?

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I have a large music library on an external WD book disk. The iTunes database files sit in My Music on the computer c: drive.

Last week, as I sat admiring my MUSIC RECENTLY ADDED smart playlist, I did something stupid and about 200 newly-added files vanished (the other 200 in the playlist were still there). I frantically searched for them in the iTunes Music library - gone, but found them all in the Recycle Bin!

Here's where I made a dumb mistake - I simply told Recycle Bin to restore them to their original location (in the iTunes Music folder on the external drive), and that's where they are, scattered all over the 1TB drive. Trouble is, iTunes doesn't know about them, they have been deleted (no sign of them in the database). Here's my question:

How do I re-index the WD drive without destroying a couple of years of carefully edited music data in the iTunes database indexes? In older versions of iTunes you could re-index in place, but that seems to have gone away.

Any ideas please?

A:Need to re-index iTunes music folder

Hi Wahoo.

Not sure if you'd have a backed-up version on the iTunes Library file, but you could recreate from there if you have?

iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists

Hope this helps!

/ Crit.

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I had all folders showing the relevant artist name earlier, now all are blank...whats happened???

A:Solved: Music Folder Contents

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ok this isnt a problem just a question, I would like to move the contents and the file path of the "My Music" folder to a seperate hard drive so that stuff will start going to that hard drive ( I just bought a new 300g to release the pressure mounting on the old one) and was wondering if this was possable and/or plauseable.

A:How To Move The Contents Of "my Music" Folder

You can either "cut and paste" the folder to the other drive or make a new folder on the drive. But then you have to go back and change the programs that save to it. Make sure they have the new address ie e:\ music.
Hope that makes sense...

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I can?t get artist and album info to show up in the My Music folder. I edited the info in the advanced tag editor in Windows Media Player, re-imported, re-booted etc? but the artist and album info still won?t show in the My Music folder. How do it get it to?

A:My Music Folder - Information Not Showing

Hi jyafink

. . . and Welcome to the Tech Support Forums.

Make sure the view in your "My Music" folder is set to "Tiles" or "Details". The info doesn't display for the Thumbnails, Icon, or List Views. [If you choose "Details" -- the info will display in columns to the far right, so you might have to scroll to view the info].

Let us know if that's not it.
Best of luck
. . . Gary

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As anyone who is reading this post know that on the start menu there is an icon 'My Music' that when it is clicked it will link you to the My Music folder. (To its location : My document/My music)

I want to change the location of My Music icon on the start menu.

What I am saying exactly is, I have the hard drive split in 2, one of them for the windows and the other for the files( like music,pictures,softwares.....). I want that when i click on My Music icon on the start menu, it will link me to the folder on the other partition (not that location in my documents).

Could that happen?

Thanks for taking your time reading my post.

A:Change My Music folder Location

Hi ...yes, it can happen, I believe.

You can try this: Right-click the shell folder (My Music) in Windows Explorer, drag the folder to the new location, release the mouse button, and select the Move Here item.

Note: If Windows Explorer complains, then you must use the registry to move the folder location and manually move the contents. can do like I do and just ignore the My Music folder (I don't store any files in it) and I just create folders for music files wherever I want them. From there, if I wanted a shortcut, I would just right-click and send one to the desktop.

And there are other ways of doing what you seem to want...the above seems to be the easiest attempt that I could find.


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So I listen to quite a bit of music, so I want an easy way how to organize my music.
I just got an ipod and I got this software that allows you to sync Windows Media Player w/ your Ipod. I currently have all the music on my computer in a folder and I'm going to go through the songs I like and don't like.

Basically I want all the songs I like in a specific folder. So when I put the songs into a specific playlist I want it to automatically create a copy of the songs into the folder of that playlist.

A:How to automatically save music to folder in WMP?

WMP does create playlist folders. Have a look in your Music folder for "Playlists". The problem is that the format is .wpl. I am not certain whether you can sync those with your ipod. Maybe you find some clues in this thread: Sansa e250 playlist help

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I have a folder that has some music files.I had chosen the type of the folder as "Music Album(best for tracks from a single album)"from the configure tab, right clicking the folder.But everytime, I restart the system, the music folder becoms an ordinary data folderand I have to change the configuration everytime.I wonder what the problem is as I don't seem to have any virus/bugs in the system. What should I do to avoid configuring the folder each time?

A:Trouble with music/videos folder

Hi .

What is it...that you configure each time?

Put otherwise, what is it that you change when you reset the folder? Where is it that you are trying to go?

I didn't even realize that there are folder configuration options available by clicking on Properties...until you I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

I set up all my folders containing music...the same way I set up any folder...I dump the files in and then adjust the view to fit whatever data categories I want displayed for that folder in Detail view.


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This video demonstrates how you can create an expandable Music folder in your Windows 10 Start Menu.
You'll need to be signed on as Administrator and show 'Hidden files, folders and drives'.
Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives - Show in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

A:Start Menu Music Folder

Good one for the die hard WMP users Edwin.

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Hi guys, joined this forum because you've really helped me out with a few issues of do it yourself, and it's great!

The thread which helped today was this one:

And just so people know, it does work.
I had to use the chkdsk D: /x because the drive wouldn't access without it, but it worked.

I thankfully had a back up of my music files, and it just removed it from the folder.

Not sure what caused it, maybe iTunes.

Either way, thank you very much!

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I was wondering, Is it possible to have Vista gather music files and folders that have music files in them from a second harddrive and place them as a link in My Music? I was wondering if it was a option or if i would have to create a shortcut for each folder. Hopefully that makes sense

A:Question about My Music Folder and 2nd Harddrive.

My Music is under My Documents. Right click on My Documents and select move to move the entire folder including My Music to another drive.

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i dont know how i did this, but all my videos are in my music folder. i also have the same videos in my videos folder... BUT if i try to organize my folders so that those videos are only in my video folder and delete the videos from the music folder, the videos no longer work. apparently my videos are sourced under my music folder. i can't figure out how to fix this... i want my videos to be sourced under my videos so i can delete them from my music folder so i can organize... im not sure what im doing... i tried to hit restore default libraries and it didn't change anything... i know this sounds confusing but this is the best way i could explain it lol... when i have my music folder open and try to drag those videos to my video folder, it gives me this message (attached)... someone help..

A:my video source is in my music folder

Open up the My Videos file within the My Music File. Select all the contents of this folder (CTRL+A) so they are all highlighted and Right click them and choose Cut (or press CTRL+X) . Now open up the My Videos Folder that you want the videos to be in put your pointer in a blank space of the folder or press Alt Key and choose Edit from the Tool bar (or just press CTRL+V) to choose Paste. This will paste all of the videos that were previously in the My Videos folder in the My Music folder and Paste them into the My Videos folder you want them to be in. You can choose to overwrite all of the files. When that is done you can delete the empty My Videos folder in the My Music folder.

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Hi Everyone,
This is my first post here. Seems like people around here know what they are doing. So I feel safe asking a question . I was just wondering, in my music folder it allows me to
Arrange icons by,

Album Title,
Track Number,

I was just wondering if there is anyway to set up my music folder to allow me to arrange icons by,


The reason I would like to do this, is because I like to look at my music from the newst ones I have to the oldest ones. And with the way it allows me to arrange the icons now, I can't arrange it using modified. So any help on changing the way it allows me to arrange my icons would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.

A:Arange Icons By....(Music Folder)

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Windows Vista. I have a lot of music. I like to keep a J-peg image of the album covers for each album inside my folders for that album and then I customize the folder so the album cover shows up. This looked really nice in XP.

In Vista weird things happen. The images will show up on the wrong folders, the pictures are still in the correct folder but the images will show up on a different album/ folder cover! In addition the images ill pop up on non music folders such as items in My Documents or othe folders.

I don't know if this is a Vista issue or if my computer is messed up.

If anyone else has seen this happen or knows how to stop it I would be most grateful.

A:Vista Music Folder Images

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So, i've moved My Music folder into Shared Documents, and now I am trying to move it back. I am getting the message

"My Music is a Windows system folder and is required for Windows to run properly. It cannot be moved or renamed."

When I originally moved the folder into Shared Documents, I replaced the My Music folder in Shared Documents. Maybe this is part of the problem?

...oh and i'm on xp home edition

A:Solved: need help restoring my music folder please

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I am posting this in the networking forum because I believe creating a home network caused the problem. Basically I have Windows 7 ultimate x64 running on a home build computer. I ripped all my music cds and placed them in the my music folder. I then made icons of all the albums and replaced the folder icon with these.

Sweet!!! My home media sytem is almost complete. Now I attach the cable modem, and windows seven asks if I want to set up a home network.. sure.. might need it in the future. So it makes a home network.

Now I go to the my music folder and... nothing is there. No folders! The library says they are there.. I can play the music in Itunes, but I can't see the folders!! The properties for the folder says it is full of so many megabytes of stuff, but nothnig is seen. The library says the folder is unavailable.

I have checked permissions. Detached from the home network, nothing seems to work. Where are my folders I so painstakingly created?

Help?? Any ideas?


A:Folders disappeared in My Music Folder

If the files are there, this will find it
DiskDigger | The trusted data recovery solution

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Not completely sure if this is the right section to be posting this, I know windows explorer isn't exactly an operating system, anyhoo...

The My Documents folder on my computer automatically changed into a music folder, meaning all of its contents can only be sorted by artist name, album name, duration etc. This is a pain because all of these options sort all non music files alphabetically, making newly downloaded files harder to find. They otherwise would just be placed at the bottom of My Documents as I used to have everything sorted by date (the last time it was modified). For whatever reason My Documents does not have a customize tab (the tab where you would normally choose the formatting of the folder to be optimized for music, pictures or standard documents) in its properties panel, so I can't change it back. The monitor on my computer recently died and my computer went unused for about a week while I waited for a new one. Got the new monitor and booted up the system and that was when I noticed the change. Also music files make up a small minority of the files in My Documents, about 20-30 mp3s. There are many more JPEGs and text files so I'm not sure why it would randomly decide to change into a music folder. Don't know if having the computer just sitting for a while had anything to do with it but it is very annoying to me because I download a fair bit of stuff and like to be able to find and organize it all.

I know its a long post for such a small pro... Read more

A:My Documents changed to music folder

Move the MP3's to another directory and see if that fixes the issues?

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Hi Guys,

So I was moving around some of my library folders (downloads/music/etc) to help free up space and better accommodate the way I want things located. When I went to move "My Music" I relocated it to C:\Users\username, and after frantically trying to relocate it for over an hour i've yielded no results.

Having relocated the my music folder through regedit (which did work) the issue is now that the user folder remains as the "My Music" icon and name and while i'm sure i can simply change the icon to something generic in settings, i'm yet to find a way to successfully change the name back to what it was.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Edit: After getting some sleep and re-reading my post I can see how little sense it sorta makes. Please refer to attachment to see what im talking about

A:Help: Relocated My Music over user folder

You have this thread marked as solved. Was that intentional or an accident. If accident, I wonder if it can be unmarked?

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I read something abot network and sharing that's why I posted here .

This is not for me and I responded in another forum and the posters says music and photos heep gererating copies in Games folder even after setting where to direct them to.

Any solution ?

I am trying to help a friend add music and photos to her Dell laptop. It is about 3 years old.
My question is why when I add the files to The Music and Photos folders does it also add a copy of all the files to the saved games folder?
I thought I had added them by mistake
So deleted then from the saved games
While also deleted them from the music and photo folders also.

Is this supposed to happen?

She has Vista.

A:Music Photos also going in to Games folder ?

When I look at Windows Explorer, I find my music under Libraries/Music/My Music. The actual path to the music is C:\Users\Public\Music, instead of C:\Users\G***\Music I did this on purpose when I set up my machine because I can share my music over my LAN to the PS3, etc.. easier.

Is it a possibility that the machine has been setup that way all along?

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I made a Custom Music Icon that is tied to Windows Media Player, but every few minutes it reverts back to its default icon... How can I stop this????

Here is what happens exactly;

I change the Icon to my Custom Icon Via Properties>Customize>Change Icon>Browse

I choose my custom icon and hit Apply, it then changes to my custom icon.

a few minutes or seconds later it changes back to the default Folder icon.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated! thank you.

A:Custom Music Folder Icon Reverts Help Please

Welcome to Seven Forums, Revenant

May I ask you a few questions like
1. Are you changing the Music folder in the libraries .... or a folder containing music situated in any other location ?
2. Are you trying to change the music file icon of windows media player ?

My answers ....
1. If you want to change the Music library icon, Follow the tutorial Libraries Icons - Change . But if it is any other folder , you cannot change only one folder icon as long as the folder thumbnail preview is enabled , and you are to disable the thumbnail preview . For details, read Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable .

2. If you want to change the music file icon, follow the tutorial File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon .

It is better to Icon Cache - Rebuild after any alteration in the icons .

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