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Can't copy file properties

Q: Can't copy file properties

Hi all

I am not the most computer savy, so would appreciate replies in layman's terms!

I am trying to copy my iTunes music files and photos from my (Vista) laptop onto an external hard drive in order to transfer to my new Mac. The majority of these files copied no problem, but about 50 or so come up with the error message 'do you want to copy this file without it's properties.' I have looked in the properties and it's marked 'read-only.' I have tried to change this and apply (it looks as though it's doing it) but then when I go back into the properties, it's reverted back to 'read-only.'

I have tried altering permissions and ownership of the files so that I should in theory have complete control over these files. Still says 'read-only' and still can't copy the files.

I have turned off UAC - same problem.

I have tried removing the 'read-only' attributes as per this article:

You cannot view or change the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

And it comes up with 'paramater format not correct -'

I have been to various forums and seen others with the same problem and yet nobody seems to have an answer which works for me.

I have ran out of ideas, and because I am not technically enough minded, I cannot even think of what else to try. All I want to do is have all of my media transferred onto my Mac so I can change OS on my laptop as I do not enjoy working with Vista.

Please can someone help??

Many thanks

A: Can't copy file properties

Hi, well, rather than solving the problem from within Vista itself, use a bootable CD to boot from- a basic Windows environment.

Boot from the CD (you need to make sure your BIOS setting prioritises your CD/DVD drive before your hard drive); respond to the boot message sthg like "Press any key to boot from your CD", wait for it to load up a basic OS.
(See e.g. How to boot from a CD for a fuller example)

That should allow you to access the disk on your PC and the device you wish to copy to, and so copy the file. There are many of these around... either free to download (Hiren's Boot CD, Ultimate Boot CD for example), or supplied with programs like partition managers or disk imaging programs. Good luck!

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I am running an emachine 1.6Ghz AMD Athlon Processor with Windows Vista. I have alot of files on my computer I am copying over to a new Verbatim External Hard Drive that I bought. I keep getting this error message. Are you sure you want to copy this file without all of its properties. I have many instances of this with a number of files. Can anyone tell me why this is happening. I don't know what it is leaving off. I would sure appreciate some help.

A:Are you sure you want to copy this file without all of its properties

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Hi everyone,
as you can see by the headline, i am having trouble with copying files to my mp3 player. I have done a search on this forum and found that someone last year had the same problem, but the problem wasn't solved for that person, so i thought to start a new thread.

My problem started a couple of days ago, up until then everything was fine, i could copy files to my mp3 player with no problems, sometimes i would've got the messge 'Are you sure you want to copy this file without it's properties?', i'd press yes and it would copy the files ok. But now the same message comes up, and it doesnt copy the properties. I actually tried playing my mp3 player and it crashes (restarts), until i remove the file that doesnt have the properties. I know my drive is supposed to support NTFS, my mp3 player is fat32 format and it did copy files for me up until a few days ago.

Could you please help

A:Are you sure you want to copy this file without it's properties?

And if you try a right click on the device in explorer then open as a portable device would the message still appear ?
Do you have the rights in the security tab of the device ?

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copying from NFTS to Fat32 I get a prompt
"Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?"
the answer (for me) is always yes
is there a way to disable the prompt ?

A:how to disable "Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?"

This may be caused by the presence of NTFS Alternate Data Stream which cannot be copied to FAT32.

Either format destination as NTFS or use utility like

to scan/delete the ADS before copy. From the link above, below are some examples of when an ADS might be created

1. Favorites of Internet Explorer: When You add a Web site link into your 'Favorites', a .url file containing the url and description is created. However, if the Web site also have an icon (favicon), the icon is saved as alternate stream for the same url file.
The stream name of the icon is :favicon:$DATA
2. Downloaded files of Internet Explorer: When you download and save a file with Internet Explorer, it automatically add a zone information for the saved file. This zone information is used for identifying the file as downloaded file from the Internet. The
stream name in this case is :Zone.Identifier:$DATA
3. Summary information of files: When you right-click on a file in Explorer and go to the 'Summary' tab, you can add summary information for the file, like title, subject, author, and so on. This summary information is also saved into alternate stream. The
stream name in this case is SummaryInformation:$DATA.

In addition to the legitimate usage of alternate streams, this technique may also be used by Viruses/Trojans/Spywares for saving data and hiding it from the user.

In the case of files downloaded from the internet you c... Read more

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I'm currently in the process of copying files back from the cloud in the exact same location where I had them before and now it says that the file name is too long and prompts to see whether I want to skip the file or not. The error message given does not
give the full file name or the path so it is impossible to see which files were copied successfully or not. This never happened with XP! Then afterwards I found that some of the files with long names did copy successfully whereas others didn't. I find this
to be a very user unfriendly process and I'm totally confused! These are critical files and I'm sure I haven't exceeded 260 characters or whatever. This is soOoO frustrating!!


A:file copy error message not sufficient + file name too long will not copy

Hi ,

There is a limit of filename length within Windows Explorer. In the Windows API (with some exceptions discussed in the following paragraphs), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which
is defined as 260 characters.
The shell and the file system have different requirements. It is possible to create a path with the Windows API that the shell user interface is not able to interpret properly.
This means that your long filename can only be handled at the command prompt level and you cannot drag and drop an illegal length filename within Windows Explorer.

Please simplify your folders and titles.

More information, please check the part of Maximum Path Length Limitation in the link below. Cai
TechNet Community Support

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can anyone tell me why vista does this when you try to move files or copy then off my computer[are you sure you want to copy this folder without its properties],coz its driving me mad and you download a file and it downloads it but without any,exe file so you cant run the programme.

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I have to back up to an LTFS volume, this involves copying a selection of folders each with a large number of different files inside.

This process can take 5-9 hours depending on certain factors, so overnight and weekend backups are a must. However, unfortunately a couple of hours, or a few minutes, or even half an hour in; the copy is paused and a prompt comes up asking if I'm sure I want to copy directories without all their properties. A similar prompt comes up soon after, between a few minutes to an hour, asking the same thing about certain files.

I always want to copy these items without their properties and don't need to be prompted. I tried to overcome the problem via remote administration but the damned second prompt came up and undid all my good work. Is there anyway I can have windows simply always copy folders without all their properties and not ask me about it?

A:How do you turn off copy without properties prompt?

Couple thoughts come to mind.

Use xcopy from a Elevated Command prompt: xcopy source target /s/h/r/i/k/e/y
Install TeraCopy and use it.

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Is possible and how to copy information of Detail tab of any files properties.

A:Is possible and how to copy information of Detail tab of any files properties.

That would be metadata and other than the file name I don't think so with windows. Perhaps these sites will help with other tools designed to extract metadata. Note though that I haven't tried any of these.

Metadata Extraction Tool - Introduction
Comparison of metadata editors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Would it be possible to add "Move to" and "Copy to" to the pull down options in Folders?

I remember "installing" this option via TuneUp 2009 in my XP, but I don't want to load another program to my set up...


A:Change properties of folders (Move/Copy To)

Context Menu - Add Copy To Folder and Move To Folder
Check out this tutorial!

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I'm trying to copy a VHD (22g, dynamic I think...)

I tried richcopy. It says copy started, but then stops....

I saw someone mention xcopy /j, to achieve the unbuffered I/O perf. you get with richcopy...

it's running, but no indication as to how long it takes (EDIT: just finished, > 10 mins),

what's the syntax for single files?

Can't you just paste the path into the source?

(starts, and stops... any logs?)

A:how do I copy a BIG single file (using richcopy?) big file copy

Use this command if the VHD is sitting on C:

robocopy "C:\Users\yourName\VHD Folder" "S:\Storage Folder" *.* /COPY:DAT /E

Change yourname and replace VHD Folder with the name of the folder where the VHD resides. S:\Storage Folder is where you want to store it.

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Hey all!

I just wonder, is there a way to actually change all four (4) file attributes from the file properties dialog of a file?

This was possible with Windows 95! Imagine that! Windows 95!...

But it's not possible with Windows 98!
It's not possible with Windows Me (Mistake Edition, *cough*)!
It's not possible with Windows 2000!
It's not possible with Windows XP!
It's not possible with Windows Vista!
And it's not possible with Windows 7!

Why would you want to use the attrib command to change file attributes? Because that's the only thing I know of that allows setting all four attributes. The four attributes being the Read-only, Hidden, Archive, and System.

Is there by any chance a way to add these attribute options to the file properties dialog?...

A:How do you change file attributes from the file properties dialog?

You can see on samples below how the file properties dialog may look like on different Windows versions.

Windows 95

Windows 98
Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

The dialog may look the same in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but they behave a little bit differently. As you can see from the lower most image, the the time stamps are displayed as "X hours ago" instead of actual time it was created, modified or accessed. It will display time normally as with all previous Windows versions only after 24 hours have passed. I don't like this, but as far as I know it's the only change they have done to the file properties dialog in Windows 7.

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Hi Techies ,

I have been looking to find a macro to help me sort out my excel file. I am new to macros so the one I am looking for has to look for a text , copy another column of that row(eg lets say E11) where text is found , find this text (E11 text) , copy another column of a row where E11 is found ( say F21 ) , find F21 and copy another coulmn of a row where F21 was found and print all these ( text , E11 , F21 etc. ) on a new sheet in a single row.

examples are all highlighted fields in the attached file.

Can someone help me with creating a macro!!! ?

A:Macro : Find > Copy > Find > Copy > Find > Copy > Print all found in File

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Hi all,

Any idea how to write Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting to local directory.

Current the File Sharing & FTP Hosting is SMARTFILE.

I don't want to use WINSCP as the connector.


A:Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting

Hi Chacha,

Give this batch file a try. All text in red, you should adjust before running.

@echo off
echo.lcd C:\Some\local\directory /Some/server/path
echo.get Some_file_to_download.txt
) > "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"
ftp -s:"%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp" ""
del "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"

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Anyone no of a free programme where I can find out the Khz of a wav file?
I need the wav files to be 44KHz to upload to my server, but Im not sure how to convert them

A:Wav file properties.

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In XP I could right click a video file and then properties and details.
It would tell me things like Divx or Xvid video.
MP3 or AC3 audio etc.
This seems abscent in Vista
Or have I not set up properly ?
Any help is always apprecated

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I am trying to access the file properties area on a .jpg file. I like to put the descrepption of the picture in the PROPERTY section of the file where is says SUMMARY. I have typed in the description and save it but when I go back to the file there is nothing there. (I right click on the file and go to PROPERTIES and then click on SUMMARY-ADVANCED) .

A:File Properties

Works for me.
Is the file set as "read only" or already open in another application?

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I have a file and It's just like a normal blank file (file with the blank paper icon) and I clicked on it the other day and accidently pressed open with notepad. This screwed up my game as I can't get onto it due to changing the file to notepad version. How would I change it back to a normal file? It does it with all same type of file.

A:File properties?!/

Do a System Restore.  Use a restore point created prior to this problem.

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can i know how to modify the data and time stamp of a file in windows?

A:file properties

Not sure you can do that manually. Why do you want to try?

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Right click on a MP3 file and select properties then select details. Under property their is a number sign (#) Can anybody tell me what that represents. I see that I can change that number but can not go higher than 99. I have some MP3 files that go as high as 500. Why can't I enter a number higher than 99.

A:MP3 file properties

According to what I see you can select a track number there. I wonder if they would burn in that order? Kinda doubt it.

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Greetings All!!
Ok, although I don't consider myself a noob at this, I'm stumped. I have various files (various extensions) mostly for games that I can't alter, input any info on the properties tab of said file. It's essential that I have a way to organize these files as these folders can sometimes hold hundred of files from literally dozens of sources. On my XP machine, i just rightclick on the file and under summary tab, enter a title or author. I refuse to believe that I can't do this in Win 7.
Please help!


A:File Properties

Try this:

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I would like to apologise if this is on the wrong forum.
I have been sent a photo regarding a claim for damages to a vehicle in jpeg format and suspect that the date and time that the picture was taken have been altered. I am aware that there are free programs on the internet that enable a person to change these properties. What i would like to know is whether there is a way that I can confirm this is the case?
Your advise would be appreciated.

A:Jpeg file properties

There is no way to tell if any of the bits and bytes in a JPEG file have changed since the file was first created.

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Hi Guys,

A little more help please!

I have just received a number of .avi files which are unhelpfully named e.g. tgi.avi. In Media Player v12 I have added an appropriate title e.g. The Government Inspector - by adding media information manually and I have forced the Player to update the file. The title now appears in Media Player.

However in the file tgi.avi 'Properties' - 'Details' - 'Description' - 'Title' is still blank and therefore Explorer does not display anything in the column 'Title' which obviously I had hoped would show 'The Government Inspector'.

So how do I insert information in the .avi files 'Properties' 'Details' ?

I have administrators rights.

A:Editing File Properties

Googling this problem reveals that you are not alone. I have tried on my system and find I can edit some files and not others (It's the file extension that mkes the difference) It is the same with images. I can edit a jpeg but not a Gif. This seems to be a "Tag" problem with some formats. Perhaps the real brains on this Forum could have a look at this.

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I can't view the properties of my files, when I right click on a file and choose its properties... I could see the properties of a folder though... Why so.. So strange... Help...

A:Can't View Properties of a File

How about a screenshot of a specific failure and are you getting any error messages?

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Every time I copy a file to a CD-RW or from a CD, the "read only" property is automatically applied to the file. I right click, click properties, uncheck the "read only" box, click apply to all folders and subfolders, then click OK. I close the properties menu, reopen the file properties and find that the "read only" box is again checked. I cannot edit or even delete files so long as it is checked. How do I get the "read only" box unchecked permanently? Thanks.

I am running XP Home and Pro on two different computers. Thanks. Donaldo

A:Changing file properties

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Why do some mp3 files not show the complete list of properties?

When I right click and call up the Properties and then Summary, some of my files only have some of the properties lists. Thme most important one I need is the Music group. Where I can type in the Artist and Album Title.

If they are missing the Music group, how do I get it back or add it?


A:.mp3 file Properties Summary are not right.

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I posted this problem in the photograhpy forum, but it might get answered here cause its really a XP problem.
I have just started to color manage my work flow. I scanned some images with no color management as .bmp files, then applied my scanner profile and converted to my workspace, adobe RGB. and saved as .Tiff. No problems so far. As these are very old family photos of relatives I cant readily identify, I decided to go into the Summary page under properties and add a description of who they are. When I attempt to do this, Tiff file/Properties/summary/write info/apply, I get a screen, Changes to file may not be applied, file may be marked as read only or in use by another application. The read only box on the general page is unchecked? and I have no other application running when I attempt this? This is most frustrating and I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks

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I tried to copy video files (.3gp) from my pc to USB thumbdrive. It shows the message.

The File has properties that cannot be copied to the new location. Are you
sure you want to copy the file without its properties?

Reference from the forum that it could be because the pc is NTFS but thumbdrive is FAT32 format.

I tried out & copied over but can't played it.

Is there anyway to resolve this?
I'm not tech savy, so grateful for any step by step instructions.

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I have right clicked on an mp3 file and selected the properties box and I do not understand the summary tab. Can anyone direct me to help files that explain the properties box?

A:music file properties

1) It would have helped if you provided a screenshot for those of us who do not have mp3 files on their system.

2) It would also help is you stated WHY you went into File Properties. This is very rarely done because it is taken care of by whatever mp3 player software you use. In whatever player you do use for MP3 (WMP, Real, QuickTime, etc.) you set the File Association within the player.

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I have situations when file property values are lost and wonder if anyone knows how this meta data can be maintained when saving the data files. The situation manifests itself when I compress files and when I copy them to CD (using Roxio's Drag to Disk). I want to be able to save the files, but want the meta data too!


A:File Properties Not Maintained

Could you please give an example of what kind of files you're talking about? Are these MP3s? Are you trying to burn an audio CD with "CD-Text"? Some burners do not support this option. Could you post the model of your CD Burner?

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Does anyone know of a program that can search for a file by it's properties, like its version, company, product name...?

Say I want to search for all files that when you right click on them and go to properties and click on the "version" tab, you will see in the "Company", it says "Microsoft Corporation". So I would like to do a search for all files that have the "company" as my search output. You got the picture...

Of course, the regular Windows search has no such search field, even in the advanced search.

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Into my Videos folder, that Vista set up for me under my user name,
I moved some files from my video camera.
But I want all properties to appear - all at once - without having to go
to each file individually and look at its Details section.

In the HELP file, it says as follows:
To view all the properties

The Details pane is convenient, but it doesn't show all of the properties that are associated with a file. If you need to see all the properties that are associated with a file, follow these steps: Open the folder that contains the file whose properties you want to see. Right-click the file whose properties you want to see, and then click Properties. Click the Details tab to see all the properties associated with this file.
The problem is ==> THERE IS NO DETAILS TAB !!! !!!

A:How to View ALL properties of a File?

Can you right-click the columns in windows explorer/my documents, choose add to column and then select the columns you want to appear that are in the details tab like size, metadata, date changed etc?

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How do you read the properties of files on your computer. For example, an mp3's title, genre, or a video's compression or dimensions.


A:How do you read file properties

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I have this problem. There's game I want to disable desktop composition for. It has 2 executable files: 32bit & 64bit (which I'm using). So, when I go in properties & check settings for 32 bit exe, it's normal, but when I wanted to change it for x64 exe file, settings are inactive & I can't change them. Any tips for help?

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I have Win2k installed on home built machine

AMD 450
327GB memory
20GB Maxtor Drive

System appears to be working correctly but when I click MyComputer/C drive/Properties, I don't get the properties screen that I have seen on other Win2k installations. I'm logged on as administrator. I think it may be a setting that I'm missing, but I can't seem to find it.

Any help appreciated.

A:Win2k file properties

Welcome to TSG!

What file system are you using, FAT, FAT32, or NTFS? Have you tried from within explorer to right-click on the C drive, or any folder for that matter and select Properties? Let us know while I will search for known issues with it.

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i have to edit many music files, changing different album names and artists (over a hundred).
is there an explorer that pops up as another window. the regular windows editer, can be time consuming, right click etc...
what i am looking for is an editor that opens as another side window, what i mean is a window split into two, left side the files, right side properties etc..

thanks in advanced.

A:file properties editor

You need to google for an editor that works with one or more of the following: iPropertyStorage, ExtendedProperty, MetaData, File summary tab, etc.

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OK, so I open up "file properties" and I want to change the program that opens a particular file type when I double click it.

Windows 10 won't let me do this.

None of the buttons work - the "Change" or the "advanced". I can change tabs, but I cannot change the default program for a file type. I clicked it a bunch of times and I half expect in a few minutes I'll be deluged with dialog boxes all at once, but so far nothing.

I didn't have this problem in Win7.

Besides "Uninstall Windows 10" are there any other ways I can get this to work? Thanks!

A:File properties not working

There are a few ways I will use to choose a program to open a particular file type..................

1. Use Open With if you have it installed.
Right click at the file > Open With > at the bottom of the popup, click Choose another app > scroll to find the program you want > click that program > check the box " Always use this app to open ( the file type) > OK when done.

2. Right click at Start button > Control Panel > top right, click the View by and select large or small > click Default Programs > select Associate a file type or protocol with a program > wait for loading > left side, scroll down to the file type in question > click it > top right, click Change program > if program you want is not on the list, click More apps > find the program you want, click it > click OK.

3. Start button > Settings > System > left side, Default app > right side, click Choose default applications by file type > click at the program set as default > a drop down box will give you more programs to choose from.

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I am on Windows 7 and I cant find how to add the author or any other properties for a png file I created. I even read one of the tutorials here but still unable to. The only thing I can modify is the shooting time.

What can I do?

Thank you.

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I can't view the properties of my files, when I right click on a file and choose its properties... I could see the properties of a folder though... Why so.. So strange... Help...

A:Can't View Properties of a File

Now, when I right clicked on a file, system hangs and explorer.exe restarted.

Event Viewer shows an error like below...

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Hang
Date: 9/18/2013 2:06:31 PM
Event ID: 1002
Task Category: (101)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: NRT
The program explorer.exe version 6.2.9200.16384 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
Process ID: 1404
Start Time: 01ceb4404e976013
Termination Time: 0
Application Path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe
Report Id: 69888c44-203d-11e3-bf1c-50e549984320
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Application Hang" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">1002</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-09-18T08:36:31.000000000Z" />
<Security />
<Dat... Read more

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Does anybody out there know how to get a "comment" box into the properties of a . jpg file? I'm using W2K sp4.

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Is there a way to change the properties of a file extension? As an example: I would like "all" .txt files to be hidden.


A:Is there a way to change the properties of a file extension?

Hello Rwmol,

You could use the command below to set all .txt files on say the C: drive to be hidden. It will not hide any .txt files that are considered to be Windows 7 system files due to access denied though, but it will all other .txt files found on the C: drive.

If you like, you could substitute C with any drive letter that you would like to hide .txt files in, or substitute C:\ with the full path of a specific folder that you would like to hide all .txt files in it and it's subfolders.

File and Folder - Hide or Unhide

ATTRIB +H "C:\*.txt" /S /D

Hope this helps,

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When viewing the Properties of a Folder, there is no CUSTOMIZE tab.
I'm reading a tutorial to learn Windows 8, and it clearly says that I should have one.

Does anyone have an idea why I don't have the CUSTOMIZE tab when viewing folder's properties?


A:Customize tab in File Properties missing

Hello Dedine, and welcome to Eight Forums.

What's the full path and name of this folder?

...and what are you trying to do?

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Hi. I have an issue with the new way in which Windows 7 handles file metadata or, rather, doesn't. I have searched the forums, I have scoured the internet, I have over twenty browser tabs open that have only increased since I installed Windows 7 a couple of weeks ago and started looking for a solution. This is something I absolutely need and I can't stop looking until I find it, nor can I close my tabs since they are all searches worded in different ways leading to this and that page or message board which, so far, have been dead ends, but perhaps will lead to a solution somewhere down the road. I'm telling you all of these details to let you know how important it is to me and what a hindrance it's becoming.

When I installed Windows 7, I discovered that it does not display or allow the editing of file properties but for a few scant types of files. I know that .jpg shows more information in the property details than .txt, for instance. However, more to the point, I have literally tens of thousands of program-specific files with nondescript filenames and obscure extensions. I used to go into file properties and add the metadata for them such as Title, Author, Category and Comments, but now I can't add, edit or view any of it, nor can I even identify what the files even are.

This was a feature of XP I used constantly and the filenames in question were automatically generated as randomized strings of alphanumeric characters. To be sure I would never end up with dupl... Read more

A:File properties: any way to get this feature back like it was in XP?

Welcome to sevenforums Vega Nadir.

I don't know for sure if this is what you need, but may at least give you some hope.
I personally don't have the answer, but searched using google, not unlike yourself.
I usually recommend to set a restore point before making any changes, so you can always get back to a working system.

Also, you could make a new folder in favourites, and save all those open web pages in it.
This way you get to keep them for later use, if you still cannot find the answer.


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I transferred files from administrator to another user. The files are read only and when I change them to get full permissions, they revert back to read only, so that I can not change the files as the other user.

A:Why does file properties revert to read-only?

You should find what you are looking for in one of these links.

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Using Windows & Home Premium SP1...

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with my outlook pst files (outlook no longer recognizes it as a pst file following a fresh Office 2010 install- I was using 2010 before the reinstall. I recently had to recover the files from another drive).I noticed the file had a 1982 date (something my sync software occasionally does), thinking that might be the problem).... but I could not change the date on the file!

So I have a more basic problem.

I am administrator. As a test, I created a text file, and can easily change the file name. But I cannot edit any of the attributes under Properties /Details. I want to change the modified date.

If I click on Value, nothing happens (greyed out)

I tried the option to remove personal information - it makes the copy, but I still cannot edit the date.

What are my next steps??

A:Cannot edit properties/details of any file

Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the file you want to edit. Left click once on the file. In the Details Pane at the bottom of the WE window right click to the right of the property you want to edit and that will put the detail in a box where you can edit it.
More importantly sort out why the date is getting changed to an earlier date. Sounds like a duff bios battery to me!

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I have a collection of around 1,000 mp3 files. Each file is named "Song title - Artist name." In the properties -> details tab I also have the song title and artist name added that way. I have all of these files on a USB flash drive that I play in my car's stereo. The problem I have is, the LCD display in my car is only showing the song title, not the artist name and I have tried all of the settings for my stereo. I can either show song title only or artist name only - not both at once. It appears that my stereo reads the file properties to display the song title because even though I named the windows files "Song title - Artist name," it is only showing the song title. Does anyone know of a way/program to mass edit my collection automatically so that in the file properties, it will add the artist name to the song title area also? This is the only way I can think of making it possible for my car stereo display to show both.
Thanks for any and all advice.

A:Need help editing multiple MP3 file properties

Not sure if the USB capable car stereo has that feature but did you check the manual already? By the way Firefly1698, to Bleeping Computer Community.

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Hei friends,

Please adv how to change the file name in the SS as attached below.
My tag editor or the player wont recognize it.
Wish to change-
Type Of File from TMP File
Winamp Media file
for example
I tried going via Properties>advanced, no luck.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:Solved: change file properties in the HD

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I have a properties file ( that contains the line

These two serves as my parameter, and I want to pass the value of these two parameters to a batch file...
so that the batch file will process it.

is that possible??


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Can some help with this bizzare behavior on windows XP sp1 The following sequence usually causes my pc to crash Right click on a file ---select properties--summary Add something to Category field or Comments field Click apply Pc crashes and reboots
Event viewer says computer has rebooted from a bugcheck etc etc If I close all unneeded programs such as Norton etc same thing happens

Any ideas

A:Changing File Properties causes XP Crash

Try this:
Turn Off the "Fade or Slide Menus into View" Visual Effect
1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System (or double-click the System icon).
3. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance.
4. On the Visual Effects tab, click to clear the Fade or slide menus into view check box.
5. Click OK.

or this:
Use Classic Windows Folders
1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Click Appearance and Themes, and then click Folder Options (or double-click the Folder Options icon).
3. On the General tab, click Use Windows classic folders.
4. Click OK.

Also, after you rt-click, check in Task Manager to see if anything is using a lot of CPU.


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When I right click on file or even a folder and click on properties, it takes around 8-15 seconds to load it. This sometimes doesn?t happen, mostly when I use a computer for a while. I have a geniune version of Widnows and no viruses at all.

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I was trying to figure out how to open and edit a dosbox.conf file, ive worked it out now, use notepad.

But in the process of figuring it out, i changed the properties of all my .conf files to open with dosbox.

I want to set it so nothing is selected as the default opening device.
But i dont get that option in properties, it will only allows me to swap opening the device, not delete it.


A:cant change the properties of a file to 'open with' nothing

I am not sure if there is a simple UI for that, but you can easily do this directly in the registry.

Open regedit, open the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key (click on it in the left pane) and scroll down to find the conf entry in the left pane, right-click on it, and delete. After you restart the machine, the file association will be gone.

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I really do need your help on this. All my music file properties are missing in Win 7 64 bits.

Please help.

Thank you so much.


A:All my music file properties are missing

Quote: Originally Posted by moshken


I really do need your help on this. All my music file properties are missing in Win 7 64 bits.

Please help.

Thank you so much.


Mo hi and welcome

Do you by chance have a backup we can restore from?

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I have a windows 2k server. When I try to view the folder properties of any folders on the c: or d: hard drives nothing happens. I right click on them and click properties... nothing!!!! I need help.

A:win2k server file properties

Are you logged in as administrator with priveledges ?

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I've recently backed up all of my "valuable" files and stuff onto CDs, formatted my computer, and reinstalled everything.

The problem is, when I copied the files from the CDs back to my harddrive, they are all marked with the Read-Only property.

This is causing havoc with everything. Of course, I can go and unmark it on each individual file, or even select all the files in a folder and unmark it, but it won't unmark subfolders. Each and every folder and all of its subfolders have to be unmarked individually. Ugh! Is there a quicker way to do this?

Also, is there another way I can back up my information to CDs and copy them back without having to go through all of this over and over?


[Edit: Btw, I forgot to mention that I'm using Nero 5 - Burning Rom version]

A:(Solved) Read-only file properties

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In Win XP (and previous), right click in Win Explorer brings up a properties selection. There is a version tab that allows me to see exactly which program I am using. This is important for things that stop working (like graphic filters).

How do I get this information in Win 7?

A:File Version missing from properties

This should solve your problem:
Windows 7 File-properties "Version" Tab Shell Extension - CodeProject

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I recently upgraded my SpywareBlaster software from 2.0 to 3.0 and now I can’t access menu options on any file folder on my Windows XP Pro. I know that it added, or changed or added a registry key, but I don’t know where to go in the registry to look for the problem. I know that the file folder is a “class”, but I don’t know the extension. If I highlight any file along with a file folder, I will get a drop-down menu, and can use my choices in the “File” menu in Windows explorer. This problem happened after I installed the software…I did not do a spyware check and I realize that some spyware software will think that the registry key is spyware, but this is not the case, since the problem only occurred after I installed the software. I have Norton Systemworks and several registry cleanup/repair utilities and I’ve tried them all, with no success. I’ve run a system file check and system restore (before the software install), but with no success. I am spyware free and virus free. I have tried to do an “upgrade” on a Windows XP install, but no success. I know that the next possible solution would be to do a clean install, but I would like to try and avoid that, if at all possible. It’s more a matter of incontinence, since my OS and other programs work perfectly and the startup/shutdown doesn’t yield any stop errors.

A:File folder properties won't display

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MP3 file properties -- popup
This is the only information I get when I hover the "pointer" over an MP3 file

Most of the info (except one) on the popup, is displayed in the WinExp Status bar anyway
- so the popup default info is of very little help, pointless infact.

For MS Excel I could modify a semi-colon delimited string in the registry to display the info I want.

If it is possible, is there a location in the Registry to tweak info displayed for MP3 files ?
- or an INI file in C:\Windows ?
- or any file hacks somewhere in the bowels of Windows ?

Thank you
Toshiba Satellite C665
OS:= Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit), sp1 (Build 7601) OEM
GUI:=Classic Shell Start + Classic Explorer
Windows Indexing = disabled

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I have been creating documents in Word 2010 and then planned to save them as pdf's using the MS Word Save As feature. Our plan was to have relatively non-tamperable documents and we expected the pdf creation process to strip out data such as comments or properties. I was surprised to see the Comments carry through. Can anyone tell me if I need to run the Prepare for Sharing process before making the pdf and if other pdf creators (such as pdf Factory or cute pdf) handle this data differently?


A:Solved: MS Word properties in pdf file

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From my (Lenovo) pc desktop, when I right-click an icon--a pdf doc I have saved on my desktop, for example, and then click on the tab that says "Security" -- one of the listed accounts is tagged "Unknown Acct." And then a long code number is given--for example: S-1-5-21-2454569468-1313136757-3521785204-1000 // which is the code I'm seeing, except I altered 7 digits.....WHO AND/OR WHAT DOES THIS REFER TO EXACTLY? I thought I could include a screenshot in this space but it looks like, no I cannot.

A:Something fishy in a file Properties block?

That refers to a user that is not in your local accounts database - probably a deleted user. These numbers are how all users are really stored in Windows. The name that you see is just a shorthand version.

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i mean like changing the descriptions, adding comments etc. in XP i could do that by right clicking on a video file for ex and then details, and by clicking on "comment" the mouse crosier would start blinking ready to write in.

In vista every thing is locked up there.

A:how do i edit file properties in vista?

To do so you have to switch the Sharing feature on

1. Right click on folder
2. Select properties
3. select sharing tab
4. Select advanced sharing
5. Tick share this folder
6. Add your comments

You can then also select Permissions to add different types of access to different users

*I can only do this in english sorry*

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Does anyone know of a way to get the file/folder properties page from a cmd prompt as though you have just gone and right-clicked the file/folder in the gui?

The reason I ask is because I may have a user logged in and need to look at the file/folder properties (specifically the ntfs permissions) and because they are logged in as a user account and have no access to the folder they cannot even see the security tab of the properties box.

So I need a way from the command prompt to open the properties box of a file/folder (as I have done a runas to get an admin prompt inside their user gui session). Looking at security settings in a cmd program may also be of some interest if anyone knows that either...

A:Get File Properties Tabs from CMD prompt?

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So, I'm extremely confused.

I simply tried to delete an mp3 file that I had, but it said "You require permission from an admin". I've encountered this before, so I knew what to do for the most part. I right-clicked, selected "Take Ownership", but still couldn't delete it. I went to properties... and this is what showed up:

I don't get it, inside the folder it just looks like a simple mp3 file.
Does anyone know why it's telling me the file has 12 files in it?
EDIT: So, it's changed to a regular mp3 file now... but I still cannot delete it. At all. I'm and admin on this computer (and the only user, I might add) and I still can't get rid of it.

A:Can't delete an .mp3 file (properties says it has 12 files in it...?)

Move the file to the c: root. Just to make it easier. Open a CMD as admin. type cd.. hit enter. Do this again till your at the c: root. Now type del /f filename "filename is the name of the file you want to delete". Hit enter. Hope this helps.

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To be blunt, I downloaded [email protected] to remove a glitched, unremovable folder from my start menu. It was only a 15 day free trial, so I uninstalled it afterward, and I doubt I'll be using the program again, ever.

My problem:

I want to remove the [email protected] tab from my file properties menu. I'll never use it again, and I just.. Don't want it there.

Hopefully there's a simple fix for this? That's all I really require, knowing what I need to do to edit what tabs display on my file properties menu.​

A:Solved: Help removing a tab from file Properties?

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Hello Everyone,

I have just rebuilt my computer, and seem be having a few problems. What's new huh? I'll post my issues separately.

This particular issue has to do with getting the properties of a folder to come up. when in Windows Exploder (My Computer) and I highlight a folder, then do a RMB and select properties, nothing happens. There are no errors, no nothing. My first thought was permissions, but I am an admin. In fact the same thing happens logged in on the administrator account.

Is anyone familiar with this? Do you know how to fix this. If so, can you explain to me, in detail, how to fix the problem. As my login suggests, I know very little when it comes to figuring out OS related problems.

As for what I have installed on my computer.

XP Pro w/ SP1 & Critical updates up to SP2. SP2 is not installed, because of another problem.

Anti-virus/Firewall - Norton Internet Security 2003

ATI Radeon 9200 Graphics Display Driver (XP version from ATI web page)

Logitech iTouch & MouseWare for Wireless Keyboard and mouse.

The computer itself is, forgive me if I get some of the terminology wrong.
Self Built
1 Gig Ram
Radeon 9200 Video Card
Couple of hard drives 120GB & 40GB
Sony DVD +/- RW

I think that's everything anyone would need to know to see what I'm working with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:File Folder Properties not working (XP)

First off, congrats on the rebuild. Some people would not even attempt that.

For the sake of argument, if you have the computer up and running, then all of the hardware is finished. This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome, so once again-great job!

Now to your specific problems on seeing the properties of a folder. If it can not be done as admin, then have you tried it in Safe Mode? It is likely a setting that needs to be changed, but this is usually associated with additional software that has been installed.

Lets narrow the possibilites of this. Have you installed anything (outside of your XP updates), since your rebuild? Also, has there been a time that it did work, but suddenly it stopped working?

When you right-click any folder, what are some of the other selections that you have available?

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I'm in the process of repair/recovery of my machine (Dell Inspiron 8500 with Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2). I'm following exactly the instructions in:, but a problem has developed. The "software" file (which is the file that the original blue screen error message says is "corrupt, absent or not writable") will not copy to the new tmp directory to create the backup. My understanding from the article is that this backup file (software.bak) will later be used to restore correct settings for various software applications. Since I can't copy it, it appears that I am screwed, no? Or is there a way out somehow?

Thanks to anyone who's been there and can help...

BTW I have the XP installation disk that came with, and a diagnostics disk which I have not yet run.


A:Blue Screen: Registry File Failure; can't copy corrupted file to tmp directory

Never mind, I had it wrong--didn't read the document referred to above carefully enough. The procedure worked like a charm, and the document is very easy to read and entertaining to boot! (pun intended).

The document describes a procedure that closely follows a Microsoft KB document (which I now can't find) but does not contain any warning regarding whether the OS is an OEM (original equipment manufacture) install or not. The Microsoft doc says not to use the procedure on an OEM-installed OS, but I just did it on my Dell, so that warning seems to be incorrect.

Many many thanks for the help provided by this document and this site.

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How can I move/copy a file from one disk to another without changing the file's creation date?

A:Copy/Move File from One Disk To Another w/o Changing the File Creation Date

You can use a utility called "Set File Date" to change a file's creation date to whatever you want.

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I would like to create a .bat to copy files from source folder to destination folder.
Some files in source folder already exist in destination folder (Same name)
What I would like is that files existing in destination folder to be rename to f.eks filename_BAK.extension.
Source folder include. FileOne.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt
Destination folder include. FileOne.asp - (NO FileTwo) - FileTree.txt
Result. FileOne.asp (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileOne_BAK.asp) - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileTree_BAK.txt)
Now in desination folder.: FileOne.asp - FileOne_BAK.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt - FileTree_BAK.txt
Files in source folder are placed in different folders, but in same structure in destination.

Kind regards
Søren Kromann

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I cannot copy or paste jpeg files from my computer to my SD 2GB cards. Also, I get this msg when I try to print jpeg files. Using Adobe Elements I am able to archive these files. Oddly enough I can attach and send these jpeg files via email. Prior to August '08 was able to do these tasks without a problem. I suspect that there is a software compatibility problem since this problem came on suddenly (maybe iTunes?). No problems importing jpeg files from SD cards. I've looked at several sites on the internet but none seem to have the right solution for my problem. THANKS for any help that you can provide! -Stu

A:Error copying file or folder; cannot copy img the directory or file cannot be created

This has caught me more than once.

The problem is a limitation on the number of files and folders allowed in the root folder of a FAT16 file system (as for a memory card) of 512. (Note, this number is reduced much further if longer file names than 8 characters are used, as most people will want to).

When transferring the files onto the card, new files will be rejected when you hit this limit.

So keep your files in separate folders, so they are not all in the root folder.

For files and folders in root it might be worth keeping your filenames under 8 characters in length so you can use the full 512 files on root folder.

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I am trying to mount a iso file but the mount option does not show up. So I try to change the properties of the file such that it opens with windows explorer. but I am unable to change the properties because I cant find the windows explorer option anywhere to choose. How to browse to windows explorer and choose it such that I get mount option. I am on a windows 2008 server.

A:unable to mount iso file as i cant change its properties

I don't know about Windows 2008 Server, however Windows prior to Win8 did not have the built-in ability to mount an ISO.
Try "Virtual CloneDrive" by Slysoft. It's a great product and it's free. SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

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Hi there,

I was trying to change a mp3 file properties > details, but it won't let me. There is nothing listed.

When looking in explorer, it shows no album information or title.

It does it with video files as well, so I am assuming all properties.

When I do change something from the bottom, it gives me error 0x80004005: Unspecified error.

'An unexpected error is keeping you from applying properties to the file'

I used to be able to, so not sure what happened!

MediaMonkey can see the details, but every file on the computer, I can't see the details in explorer?

Do I have to register some .dll? Regserv32 of some sort?

A:Can't change any file properties, error 0x80004005

I believe I know what is causing the issue, but not sure how to proceed.

I did a system restore back a week or so and it fixed it (but I reversed the restore), but Explorer.exe is giving me a 'No such interface supported error' when I right clicked on desktop and selected anything other than gadgets.

To fix that error I ran this in CMD: FOR /R C:\ %G IN (*.dll) DO "%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe" /s "%G

So I believe that command did something to the properties attributes.

Is there anyway of fixing the Explorer.exe error without running that command? Or is there a way to get both things functioning without one failing?

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So i am trying to achieve a mixture of stuff but i'm getting into code that doesn't seem to behave like regular VBA does. I am a software tester and one of the things we have to do is get file information. Currently this is done by hand, on ever file, right click, hit properties, hit the details tab and record that stuff into a spreadsheet, name, version number, etc. So i managed to find a couple different scripts that kind of do what i want, but i can't seem to put them together to get the whole of what i want.

The first script, pulls a list of all files in a folder (and all sub folders, and returns the path, file name, size and last date modified. This works great but the list of what it can return is only about 30 fields. Some of the properties i need cannot be gotten with this code. Here is the 1st code, this works fine, just posting to show what im doing..


Sub ListFiles()
iRow = 5
Call ListMyFiles(Range("C1"), Range("C2"))
End Sub

Sub ListMyFiles(mySourcePath, IncludeSubfolders)
Set MyObject = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Set mySource = MyObject.GetFolder(mySourcePath)
On Error Resume Next
For Each myFile In mySource.Files
iCol = 2
Cells(iRow, iCol).Value = myFile.Path
iCol = iCol + 1
Cells(iRow, iCol).Value = myFile.Name
iCol = iCol + 1
Cells(iRow, iCol).Value = myFile.Size
iCol = iCol + 1
Cells(iRow, iCol).Value = myFi... Read more

A:Getting file properties with objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objFolderItem,156)

As it always goes, when i can't figure out i post here, but by the time i come back i have figured out how to do it already.

Here is my code. This will list all files in a folder (and all sub folders of that folder if you put TRUE), and give some details about the files, size, name, version, etc.

Add reference Microsoft Scripting Runtime

C1 is the path
C2 is the TRUE/FALSE to do subfolders
C3 is the Max number of items to pull

B6 is where the data starts.


Dim iRow

Sub ListFiles()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Call ClearPages

iRow = 6 'Row to start putting data on
Call ListMyFiles(Range("C1"), Range("C2"), Range("C3"))

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

Sub ListMyFiles(mySourcePath, IncludeSubfolders, totalRows As Integer)
Dim R As Double
Set MyObject = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Set mySource = MyObject.GetFolder(mySourcePath)

For Each myFile In mySource.Files
Cells(iRow, 2).Value = myFile.ParentFolder
Cells(iRow, 3).Value = myFile.Name
Cells(iRow, 5).Value = myFile.Size
Cells(iRow, 9).Value = myFile.DateLastModified
iRow = iRow + 1
If IncludeSubfolders Then
For Each mySubFolder In mySource.SubFolders
Call ListMyFiles(mySubFolder.Path, True, totalRows)
End If

For R = 1 To totalRows
If Range("C5").Offset(R, ... Read more

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Hello guys, there is a folder in my hard drive that I cannot delete/write/change etc. I tried changing properties of folder from securtiy tab, nothing really happened becasue all the little boxes were unclickable. I cant take the ownership of the file too. (I crated the file, it is not like Windows or anything.) Anyone know what is the problem? What is the fix?

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Hi there,

I was trying to change a mp3 file properties > details, but it won't let me. There is nothing listed.

When looking in explorer, it shows no album information or title.

It does it with video files as well, so I am assuming all properties.

When I do change something from the bottom, it gives me error 0x80004005: Unspecified error.

'An unexpected error is keeping you from applying properties to the file'

I used to be able to, so not sure what happened!

MediaMonkey can see the details, but every file on the computer, I can't see the details in explorer?

Do I have to register some .dll? Regserv32 of some sort?

A:Can't change any file properties, error 0x80004005

One of the other forum sections would be more appropriate for this problem, since this section is for actual audio problems.

Maybe the Crashes and Debugging would be a good place to start since you are getting the error code.

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Yesterday when i downloaded a file called browse.php to my desktop from my site using filezilla, the file didn't show up. After refreshing the page it still wasn't there. But after about 4-5 seconds it suddently showed up, but not as a php file, and not with the same name.

It doesn't have a name at all, it's just blank. And i can't view the file properties or anything with it. When i try to delete it i get a message saying "Are you sure you want to delete these icons from your desktop? This entry can't be deleted.", and there is a yes and no button. But it doesn't matter which button i press, nothing happens anyways.

As i said above, the file shows up on my desktop. But if i browse to my desktop using the explorer, it isn't there.

Here's a screenshot of the file:

Oh and btw; i haven't had any problems at all uploading or downloading files to my site since then.

Any help would be really appreciated!

A:Can't delete file or view it's properties. Any ideas?

If you have not restarted since the file was created do that. See if you can remove it. If it still refuses to go away, try booting to safe mode to remove it.

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I just joined and looking forward to learning.

I just realized today that there will be files I have now or will be creating, consisting of "Office" Kingsoft Office, digital photographs, etc., files which I would prefer not to have my name showing in the file properties information, such as what's shown in properties>details>author. System administrator, PC's model name administrator, etc., include my name. My name is spelled there the same as what's shown during the windows 7 logon screen when it asks for the password.

I've had this PC for a few years and I assume I set what my administrator name is when I first set it up. I also assume every file I ever created since has my name shown in it that way. Security issues being what they are today, this may not be a good idea so I want to change my name in the file properties or even better, not have any name at all. I'd also rather be able to do this individually on a file by file basis for some files I may send to people I don't know well or their security habits.

How do I change or remove my name from file properties information?

Thank you.

A:How to rename author in individual file properties.

In the properties under details there should be an option that removes all that information...

However, not currently at a computer to see myself.

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Every single time I view any file's properties (context-menu right-click -> Properties), it always immediately launches an installation of an already-installed (but disabled) application! Whaaat the heck is going on?

I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 Pro/SP1. The app it keeps trying to install is MacDrive 8, but I think that may be more incidental than anything else. I say that because I experienced the exact same thing perhaps 5-7 years ago under 32-bit XP Pro/SP3, except it tried to install something else (I can't recall what). Although MacDrive 8 is already installed, I almost never use it, and so I've disabled all the services and all other startup stuff related to MacDrive using my startup manager. So the puzzling fact that Win 7 is so desperate to install MacDrive again is truly weird, and extremely annoying!

It usually takes three attempts to cancel the unwanted installation, after which the file's property window comes up normally.

I've thoroughly scanned for malware, and found none. Also, I've some reliable registry check and repair tools: Iolo's System Mechanic's Registry Tuner, and Wise Registry Cleaner. Afterwards, no registry errors were reported at all.

What the heck is going on? What bizarre connection is there between viewing a file's properties and a forced install of anything?

A:Huh? Whenever I view any file properties, Win7 tries to install something!

If you have no use for MacDrive, why not uninstall it altogether instead of disabling its components? If you wanna keep it though, reinstall it to fix whatever part of it is broken. Reinstalling will most likely re-enable disabled components.

We can test if the setup launches because of the disabled functionalities by enabling MacDrive and attempting to reproduce the problem. If it goes away when MacDrive is enabled, then it means disabling it is the reason for the setup application launching every time you right-click. If the problem occurs whether MacDrive is enabled or not, that would indicate a corrupt installation and reinstalling is necessary to fix it.

Stay away from registry cleaners if you do not have advanced knowledge on the Windows Registry's internals. Running that cleaner might as well be the reason for this problem to begin with because some valid entry for MacDrive might have been deleted/altered after being flagged as an invalid/erroneous entry by the registry cleaner thus breaking the MacDrive installation.

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When I click on the properties to find out when I created a file (Word, Acrobat, etc..), the "created" date is more recent than the "modified" date. Is there an explanation for this? I am using Windows XP, SP2.

Thank you.

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I recently upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. Now I can't change the artist, album, genre, etc. info on any of my music files when I go to the file's Properties and under the Details tab, or with the tags at the bottom of the Windows Explorer. If I try to change something and click apply or OK, it just changes right back. I have all the permissions checked under my account. I tried unchecking the Read-Only attribute of the folder and files, but it after I click apply or OK, again, it changes back when I reopen the dialog box.There are several other threads with the same problem, but none have a satisfactory answer/solution. I had no problem with this before I upgraded. Please help, it's very frustrating. Also, I'd rather a SOLUTION from Microsoft rather than a way around it with third party tag software. Thanks.

A:Cannot edit file properties for mp3 files in Windows 7

I would like to confirm if this issue occurs on every music file.
You can take a file from C:\Users\Public\Music\Sample Music and test it.
If it only occurs on some files, please let me know the file format and where they came from.
To troubleshoot this issue, you can try the following steps:
Enable built-in admin account
1. Click Start, click "All Programs", please find and open "Accessories" folder.
2. Please right-click on "Command Prompt" item and select "Run as administrator".
3. Please type the following command line in to the coming window.
net user administrator /active:yes
Note: There is a space between "Administrator" and "/active:yes".
4. Log off and log on the Administrator account.
Does it work?Vivian Xing - MSFT

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I'm trying to access the remote system properties by using the path Start>Right click-Computer> Properties> Remote Settings. But when I do it gives me the error of "Windows cannot find 'C:\Windows\system32\systempropertiesremote.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

I've gone into that folder and can't find it next to the other property ones, it's just vanished. I've tried to find a good place to download it but I just can't. Is there a way I can restore just this one file? Or anything at all? What are my options?

First time on these forums so I hope I get good support. Thanks for your time guys.

A:Remote Desktop Properties file missing

hello and welcome..
can you take snapshot??
Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Network

edit : added link

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Hi all,
I have no idea how to sort this one.
On a few of my MP3 files, I can not add the album, artist etc, there is just no option to add it! It was not in there in the first place. See below image. I am in the right place for it - Properties, Summary, Advanced.

Any help would be great.

A:RESOLVED MP3 file properties - not able to add artist, album etc

Hi Joe

That is strange. Can you use the advanced tag editor in Windows Media Player to add details?

Go into your library. Select 'Songs' from the sidebar. Then, right click on a song and select 'Advanced tag editor'. There, you can use the different tabs to add song and artist info.

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Image Properties - Attribtes V's File Size

Was uploading a image over at and there is a max. 2 MByte per file on .jpg files.
I had images that I know are under 2 MB but then get a error telling me the file is too big. I look in my ACDsee image viewer and look at the file size in window and I was way below 2MB so did not understand what was going on.
This was on a image I did Bygum posted. So I changed things by making it grayscale 16 bit but it was saved grayscale 8 bit and it got the size down below 2 MB.
But the I open the 3 images up again in PhotoImpact and clicked on Image Properties and your see that there are two sizes for each image. The file size is what your see in windows, image viewer etc.
So my guess is that the limit of 2 MB is not the file size but the Attribtes size.

What is all this on having the two sizes because I sure don't understand it.
Look at how many time bigger the Attribtes size is.

So anyone know what this means?

See screen shots

A:Image Properties - Attribtes V's File Size

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Now, I did something pretty stupid. All my .sfk files (Which help WMP open all my .mp3 .avi .wav EVERYTHING open) are changed to open with iTunes. This was a stupid mistake, and I don't know how to change the properties to default again. Anyone that knows what to do? Please, tell me all known solutions.

A:Need to know how to: Change properties to .sfk file back to normal

Default File Type Associations - Restore may help. Post back whether it solves the problem or not.

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hi guys..
is there a program or a way to change the size of a file?i mean for example i have a music with 4mb and i want to when anyone watch the propertise of this song , it shows 10mb to him???

A:show wrong size of a file in properties

no one has my answer???

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I am using a Dell laptop with Windows 8 Home. The file Properties show strange symbol-type characters where there should be numbers etc. See Screenshot...

It's been like this for a while and I have probably installed half a dozen programs etc. so I don't know what did it. I don't want to upgrade to v.8.1 as it took me ages to get a 3rd party Start button set up and 8.1 over-writes it I rolled back to a previous image of v.8.0 (True Image not System Restore).

Can somebody please enlighten? Many thanks.

A:Strange characters in file Properties instead of numbers

Did you make any changes already that did not work? Reset default system fonts? Restore Point? It saves time if the guessing game can be avoided.

It does seem strange that only the time portion of the time/date stamp is weird though.

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i've been looking for a solution to this one for a while...

with certain file types (like png in particular) the fields in properties>summary>simple are greyed out and can't be edited. this is not the case with many other file types like jpg for example.

i use the summary feature quite often to remember stuff about image files. is it true that pngs don't have editable metadata fields?

A:file properties summary boxes can't be edited

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Hi All
I have a rather large file system with lots of folders & subfolders. When I want to save previously on Xp operating system I'd search in explorer open the folder I want then copy the address (e.g c:\customer records\client name\job address).
In windows 7, when I copy the folder address i get this "search-ms:displayname=Search%20Results%20in%20electronic%20files&crumb=location:S%3A%5CSEQ%5C011_Estimating %5Celectronic%20files\CHERMSIDE , 17 smith ST"

As you can imagine I cant paste that into a save as field and expect it find the folder location.

Does someone know if it can do what I want? keeping in mind this is about time saving and productivity exercise so I need a simple solution. It is also on a work computer so a lot of settings are locked.

Appreciate any help

A:Copy file address after doing a file search in windows explorer

Find solution myself
Hold down shift right click and select "copy as path"

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Hi Guys,

I want to make one batch file which daily copies yesterday's files from one folder & paste it to another folder.

C:/111 folder has following files. had yesterday's date had yesterday's date had last sunday's date

now, when i will run batch file today, it only copies & & move to another folder C:/222

So C:/222 contains following had yesterday's date had yesterday's date

Please note , i have to run this batch file daily which should not require any changes.

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I have Windows XP-Pro SP2 installed on a P4 1.8GHz CPU with 768MB RAM

I would like a script that opens a commamd window and calls for a file (icon file) to be copied to a specific folder on 5 different drives. I would like to be able to either paste in the file path or drag and drop the file onto the command window. The icon file will always come from the same folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders" and be copied, sometimes replacing a file with the same name, to these 5 folders:

"W:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"X:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"W:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"N:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"D:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

I apologize if I am using incorrect terms. I don't know if a batch file could do this or if it would have to be done with vbs. I would appreciate the help. I know nothing about writng vbs script and only a little about writing batch files.
Thank you.

A:Script to call for a file then copy file to specific folders

My question was answered on a different site.

Here is the link:

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When I use the XCopy command in Windows 2000, I can copy any file I like; however, when I use copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop in either Windows Explorer or PowerDesk, I get the following error:

Cannot Copy File: Cannot Read from the Source File or Disk

I searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base and came up with only one article, Q224378. This article seems not to apply to my situation because it applies to Windows 2000 Server. I am running Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2. I did attempt to install the fix that article Q224378 suggested anyway; but, I got an error message that I was attempting to upgrade a program that didn't exist on my system.

I have also learned that this error applies when copying from either of my SCSI CD-ROM drives, not when copying from hard disks or floppies.

Any Suggestions?

A:[Solved] Cannot copy file: Cannot Read From the Source File or Disk

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Hi all,

Please help!! I'm having a problem to copy some files from a folder.
My folder have lots of files and is there any way for me to write a batch file to copy only files according to "date modified"? For example last week files or yesterday files.

Please help!! Urgent!!!
Thank you.

A:Urgent!! Copy file by date modified using Batch File.

Take a look at XXCOPY:

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Does anyone know how to write a script that would specifically
copy a file "File.ext" to the clipboard and paste it to this
"My Script.vbs" file?

I do not mean editing the VBScript file. I currently right click
"File.ext" select "Copy" then right click "My Script.vbs" and
select "Paste".

I would like to know if I can do that with a script. I have included
an example of the code used in "My Script.vbs" I have chosen these
file names and directory paths to use as examples for my post.

I thank you for reading this.

My Script.vbs
On Error Resume Next
Const OverwriteExisting = True
Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If objArgs.Count < 1 Then
End If

For I = 0 to objArgs.Count - 1
Arg = objArgs(I)

objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "C:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "D:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "E:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "F:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "G:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting

objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "C:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "D:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "E:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "F:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.C... Read more

A:Solved: Script to copy and paste a file on to a VBScript file.

This is what worked for me:
I converted the vbs file to an exe file using ScriptCryptor.
I use a script to open the file I want copied using that exe file.

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Quite often when copying an EXE file to thumb drive I get this alert

What does it mean. I have not had any install problems so far.

Thank you

A:Lost EXE file properties while copying to a thumb drive

Every file has properties attached to it. Basically , it's information about the file, like this:

In the case of the EXE file above, there isn't much to worry about if they are lost when they are copied. The only time that properties really cause a problem is when you lose the information from photographs and documents. The information may be used by other programs to load information, or to show information about the file.

Basically, Windows is just telling you that the properties will not be copied with the file, and it's checking to see if it's OK with you if they get lost in the copy. It isn't usually a cause for concern.

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