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Deleted Public Desktop Folder

Q: Deleted Public Desktop Folder

I have a problem in a lab on Dell Optiplex 745 computers. In this lab, there are 29 computers originally running Vista SP2. I cloned them with a configured Vista image made for this lab. After I cloned these computers, I discovered on 15 of them, the Public Desktop folder is missing. All of the other Public folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, etc...) are visible. This is happening to all profiles (Admin, teacher, student) accounts. It doesn't matter who is logged on to any of the 15 computers. This is NOT a single profile corruption issue.

I have Show Hidden files, folder, drives, and I unchecked the 3 Hide..... boxes. It doesn't restore the Public Desktop Folder.

I have tried use a REG file to merge the two together. Nothing.

I have tried to search (shellublic/desktop) for Public Desktop folder. Nothing.

I have restarted the computer.

I have tried to use a RESTORE POINT but it only goes back to 2 weeks ago.
I have tried to use the REPAIR option but that didn't solve my problem.
I am performing ALL of these tests under an admin account. Since there is student files on these 15 computers, I cannot re-clone these computers nor can I perform a repair on these computers. I don't want to risk the loss of data. There has to be way to restore the Public Desktop folder WITHOUT cloning or repairing these computers.

I have tried to logon to one of these computers as LOCAL ADMIN to fix the problem. Also, I have tried Administrator account to fix the problem. Both of these accounts doesn't fix the problem

I need to restore the original DEFAULT Public Desktop folder to C:\USERS\PUBLIC. Creating a new folder and calling it Public Desktop doesn't solve the problem. How I know this I tried putting a folder in this newly created Public Desktop folder and it didn't appear on my desktop. This is how I know that just creating a simple folder doesn't work.
I have posted this question on Microsoft Answers and didn't get one drop of a solution. In fact, nobody even bothered to answer the question.

A: Deleted Public Desktop Folder

Here is a thread that I participated in a while ago. I suggested System Restore which you already tried. The thread may give you some other ideas. Sorry about your problem, but in all other respects I wish you a Happy New Year.
Vista: Deleted %PUBLIC%\Desktop\ folder. Can not install software as a result.

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I am posting this for a friend of mine, (hereafter referred to as "Bob").

As stated in the thread title, Bob deleted the following folder:


Bob told me that the above folder was located at the root level of the C drive, (C:\).

The above folder was approximately 19 G in size. Bob deleted said folder to free up some space on his hard drive. Thereafter he had the below problems, all of which happen consistently.

Every time Bob tries to install any new software, (application software, games, etc.), he gets the following error dialog:
Error 1606. Could not access network location %PUBLIC%\Desktop\.
When creating a new folder, Bob can not give it a name. Every time Bob tries to name a new folder, Vista keeps forcing the name of the newly created folder to be "New Folder".

Can not install any new software. The "Error 1606" dialog happens each time.

Can not uninstall most existing software, "Error 1606" dialog happens each time.

Win Explorer gets flaky sometimes. Warm boot clears this condition.

The Print Screen key, (a.k.a. screen dump key), does not work.

Exceptions To The Above:
All software that was installed prior to Bob deleting said folder works OK.

Windows Update works OK. No error messages, etc..

It should be pointed out that the only account on Bob's laptop is the top administrator account. That is why Bob was able to screw up his laptop so bad. Had he created an account for dail... Read more

A:Vista: Deleted %PUBLIC%\Desktop\ folder. Can not install software as a result.

Here at the system specs for Bob's computer.
HP/Comaq Presario CQ60 Notebook

Vista Home Basic SP2

RAM: 2 G

Hard Drive: 138 G

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Hi, a few months ago, i deleted my public folder in my C/Users/ and now i can't install anything like Microsoft Office or Itunes , and i can't update Java or Adobe Flash Player and many more! I tried going to a restore point but none were early enough. I have a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium Acer Aspire. I would really appreciate if someone gave me a hand Thanks!

A:Deleted Public Folder And Now I Can't Install Anything

Reinstall the OS or do a Repair install. Then do NOT delete the Public folder in the User folder. That is placed there by Windows for a purpose.

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One of our users accidentally deleted an entire public folder (she meant to delete one contact but had the folder highlighted instead of the one contact). When we try to recover that folder by using the "Restore Deleted Items" in Outlook, we receive an error that she does not have permission to do so. Only 4 users had permission for that folder, and we receive that error on all 4 user's computers when we attempt to recover it. I've tried to recover it from my computer (I have administrative rights on our network), but that folder doesn't even appear in the list of available folders to recover. The person that deleted it was owner of that contact folder, so I don't know why she wouldn't have permission to recover it. Anyone have any ideas?

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I have a user that is attempting to book a meeting on a calendar located inside of a public folder with herself as the only participant. She does this by going to the calendar, creating the meeting directly on it, and adding herself as a participant. The reply from calendar goes straight to her deleted items and does not show up on her personal calendar. The replay says that since she is the organizer no response is needed. Moving the reply into her inbox does not help since there is no button to add the meeting to her calendar. She can successfully book meetings this way on other users calendar. Using another account I am able to book meetings on this calendar without any problem. There are no rules or junk email protection turned on. I have turned calendar auto replay on and off, rebuilt the Outlook profile, turned caching on and off, installed all updates for Outlook 2010, gave her owner access to the calendar, and tried creating the meetings both by viewing the calendar through public folders and through shared calendars.

I know Public Folder's can be buggy but I can't figure out why only one user is having this issue. Anyone have any ideas?


A:Public Folder calendar requests going straight to deleted items.


The replay says that since she is the organizer no response is needed

A random thought: Would it work to add another person to her Calendar? She could use a pseudonym/alias for herself.

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Anyone know how to unhide the Public Desktop on Vista Enterprise 32bit?

A:Hidden public desktop folder

Originally Posted by firefiten

Anyone know how to unhide the Public Desktop on Vista Enterprise 32bit?

navigate to public folder, right click on that and remove the hidden attribute

Hidden Files and Folders

May i know what is the goal ?

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I have a user who wants a shortcut to a pulbic folder on the desktop. I have tried several methods and nothing seems to work. I am starting to wonder if this is even possible. The last thing I tried was creating a shortcut in outlook and dragging it to the desktop but it just would not copy. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:Desktop Shortcut For Public Folder

Hi ozlurker, welcome to BC! Have a look at this, it may be what you're looking for:

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My two computers, "Vista" and "Win 8.1," are both connected by Ethernet cable to a ComTrend router-modem. Settings on both machines allow Public folder sharing. Vista can enter Win 8.1's Public folder with no problem, deposit files there, take files from there, modify files--whatever. When I double-click on the Vista icon from Win 8.1's Network link in File Explorer, I get the dialog box saying, "Windows cannot access \\Vista\Public. You do not have permission to access \\Vista\Public" etc. I have followed the instructions regarding how to share files between computers running different operating systems multiple times, and the result is always the same.

Here are a few things that might be noteworthy: (1) I finally succeeded last night at sharing the printer that's connected to the Vista machine with the Win 8.1, so the firewall (or whatever) let me through from the Win 8.1 to the Vista for at least that purpose. (2) When I click "Show me all the shared network folders shared on this computer" in the Network and Sharing Center, it says, " Canon printer and Canon printer shared, Public, Users & Printers." (3) Both computers are on WORKGROUP (4) The Network and Sharing Center calls the network that Vista is on "Network 5." The Network and Sharing Center on the Win 8.1 machine calls its network "Network 6." Both networks are private. (5) I am using Norton 360 on both machines. Automatic File/Printer Shari... Read more

A:Vista desktop won't let Win 8.1 laptop into Public folder

Because no one has replied to this question and so many people have viewed it, I wanted to explain how I FINALLY solved the problem I was having and that I am sure other people have, too. The Vista desktop's Security settings were the fly in the ointment. Provided you've done everything else you're supposed to do to set up Public folder sharing in Control Panel>Network and Sharing (i.e., turn on Network Discovery, File Sharing, Public folder sharing & (if you wish) Printer sharing), you should navigate to C:\Users\Public folder and right-click on the Public folder's file name. Then click Properties. Be sure the Sharing tab indicates that the folder is shared, then click the Security tab. There will be a bunch of users names listed there. What worked for me was to add "Everyone" to that list by clicking the Edit button, the Add button, writing the word "Everyone" in the "Enter the object names to select" field, and clicking Checking Names. That should cause "Everyone" to show up underlined, at which point you click OK. Check the boxes under "Permissions for Everyone," click Apply, OK & Close. That should do it! If you've had this problem and been trying unsuccessfully to solve it for months as I have, give yourself a cheer!

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Vista Forum,

Thank you for posting this usefule information. I have relied on this forum for several issues I have had with Vista. I want to say thank you.

So, here is my current issues. I have read and seached for a solution for changing the folder icon for a folder that was created by me. In this folder I have included several manuals PDF documents that I would like to place on the the desktop of our corporate computers.

The problem is that I am not able to change the icon on this particular folder. I have read all the documenation and performed the following steps. Right clicking on the folder> Selecting the customize tab> Selecting the Change Icon Button> Selecting the icon I would like to use> The icon even shows up next to the "change icon" button once I have selected it. After I select apply nothing happens. the icon does not change and the setting never sticks.

I have noticed the folder I'm attempting to change the icon on is located in the C:\users\public\public desktop location. Is there anything different I should be doing in order to change a folder icon located here?

When I'm in full admin mode on a test machine I'm able to save with out any issues. What sort of security issues may be preventing me from changing the folder icon on a PC that may or may not be "managed".

I'm currently using Windows Vista business edition. Any suggestions would be helpful as I have read and tried what has been listed here and on other thre... Read more

A:Folder Icon In vista public desktop location

Courtesy of Brink...

Folder Icon Change

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First, all of this is new. I've used Vista Ultimate flawlessly for a long time, nothing new has happened (no new programs) I swear this just showed up. I know people say that all the time, but really, I'm not computer illiterate and really, I didnt' change anything. I promise.

So, I keep my desktop clear and use the Desktop Shortcut toolbar (lower right hand, next to the notification area) to navigate to my programs. For as long as I can remember, when I click down there, I would see TWO shortcuts, the ONLY ONES on my desktop: 1. Shortcuts (I made this one, takes me to my shortcuts folder, where I put.. all my shortcuts), and 2. Recycle Bin.

Now, when I click down there, I see this:

The Internet (IE logo... I use Firefox)
Control Panel.

Ok, you say, no problem, just go to Personalize>Change Desktop Icons and unclick all of those. But wait.. they aren't clicked there. They aren't. So I have links in my desktop toolbar that ARE NOT on my desktop. If I right click them in my desktop toolbar and select Delete, they do delete, but if I then click on the desktop toolbar again, they are back again. So how do I get rid of the links in the desktop toolbar that A. were never, ever there before, B. I did not put there, and C. are not, in fact, actually on my desktop?

But it gets even better!

Public folder, you know the one, it's at C:/Users/Public, right? Sure, mine is there... and it is also linked in my desktop toolbar. B... Read more

A:Public Folder in two places, desktop icons out of control, where to begin...

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Hi! So on my 2 month old laptop which ive never had any problems with, the other day i started it up to find when my sidebar started to load, i got a message saying

"Settings.ini is being used by another process. Close the other program and then click Retry, or click Cancel to exit Sidebar."

I've searched through various forums which delegated to edit the account controls or run as admin, neither of which have worked for me.

In addition to this, nearly every application i open tells me the file is corrupted, even programs i may have installed literally 2 seconds ago...i downloaded a registry cleaning software and it told me it was corrupted before i even opened it. It also say that C:\Users\Public\Desktop folder is corrupted which has caused some funky things on my desktop, like loss of icons, and various programs that i didnt think were related to not work properly.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated, ive spent hours and hours trying to find a solution buried in the web out there, and have had no luck at all...

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Hi all

I deleted the desktop folder in my personal folder and my icons on desktop don t apear anymore now.

How can i put it back there ?

Thanks !

A:I deleted the desktop folder in my personal folder

I'd try a System Restore.
Easy. No loss of files or anything.
Tutorial if you need it.
System Restore

Pick the newest restore point that was before you deleted the folder.


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I have a new computer with Vista Home Premium and I moved some of the Public Folders (Public Documents, Music, Pictures) from C to D, as instructed by Microsoft at this link When you try to move a public folder in Windows Vista, the Move button may be missing

I want to be able to share these folders from their new location with the other computers in my home network, so I turned on the Public Folder sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.

However, in the Network and Sharing Center the only public folders recognized are the ones still at the original location - C:\Users\Public\Favorites and C:\ ...\Public Desktop (hidden files) and ...\Recorded TV.

I have spent a few hours searching for the answer to this on the internet. In this version of Vista Home Premium, there is NOTthe option to change the letter of the directory in the registry by changing the key called public as suggested by the How To Geek at this link Move the Public Folder in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

How To Geek says:"Browse down to this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
You should see a key called Public. Double-click it to open it and change it to D:\Public, or whatever location you want to move the public folder to."Note - Vista Home Premium does NOT have a Public key.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Thanks so much in advance.

A:Public folder moved to another directory no longer Public

Originally Posted by vistabegood

I have a new computer with Vista Home Premium and I moved some of the Public Folders (Public Documents, Music, Pictures) from C to D, as instructed by Microsoft at this link When you try to move a public folder in Windows Vista, the Move button may be missing

I want to be able to share these folders from their new location with the other computers in my home network, so I turned on the Public Folder sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.

However, in the Network and Sharing Center the only public folders recognized are the ones still at the original location - C:\Users\Public\Favorites and C:\ ...\Public Desktop (hidden files) and ...\Recorded TV.

I have spent a few hours searching for the answer to this on the internet. In this version of Vista Home Premium, there is NOTthe option to change the letter of the directory in the registry by changing the key called public as suggested by the How To Geek at this link Move the Public Folder in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

How To Geek says:
"Browse down to this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
You should see a key called Public. Double-click it to open it and change it to D:\Public, or whatever location you want to move the public folder to."Note - Vista Home Premium does NOT have a Public key.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Thanks so much in advance.

If you open Windows Explorer an... Read more

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I've corrupted the permissions on my C:\Users\Public\Public\Downloads folder. How can I recreate this folder? I've tried deleting the folder and then recreating it in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\..\Shell Folders & User Shell Folders, but
to no avail.
This is on a Windows 8.1 Pro x64, non-domain, desktop installation.

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I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I went into my user folder named whatever your computer is named and I was trying to deleted some files when I accidently clicked the Desktop folder and deleted it ALL my Desktop icons and folders went with it and it's not in the Bin so I tried a system restore to no luck and I also downloaded Recuva to find out it didn't find the Desktop folder nor any of the folders or files in it...... I had some importent files on my Desktop and I would seriously LOVE to get them back

A:Desktop folder deleted

BUMP please help!

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I have a folder on my PC's Desktop that will not stay deleted.
It reappears after rebooting, shutting down and restarting and some times it seems to spontaneously reappear without a restart.
I have loaded it with things to be deleted, then deleted it only to have it reappear again, but empty.
I have changed it's name and it reappears alongside the newly named folder.
I have done a couple of RD/RMDIR command prompt deletes and it is still reappearing on my desktop.
I am at a loss as to how to get rid of this folder once and for all.
It is driving me up the wall!

I'm considering a clean reinstall of Win7 just to stop this irritation.
Any suggestions as to an easier way to get rid of it?

A:Deleted Desktop Folder Keeps Reappearing

Did you create this folder manually or was it created by some other method?

I've seen a problem with re-appearing folders on my machine a couple of times and the usual solution is to use secure deletion followed by running chkdsk C: r/ f/

Assumes that windows is installed on drive C:

Other than that there are some applications that write files to a folder that you specify as the default one to use for that application and if you located such a folder on your desktop the application may re-create the folder when the application runs.

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Hi all,

Just wondering if any of you would help me rectify this stupid thing that I did yesterday

I use Vista Home Basic and out of nowhere I realised there was a 'Desktop' folder in the Favorites tab on IE. Since I have no need to have all my desktop shortcuts messing up the arrangement of my fave webpages so I went ahead and deleted it. Warning bells should have gone off in me head when File Operations was asking for permission but I persisted.

And now all the files that I have kept on my desktop are gone i.e. pics, pdf, resumes!! I have checked the Recycle Bin but they are not there either. I tried using a software that downloaded online -> WinUndelete but it made me more confused.

I have also tried the tutorials with the Registry thing but doesnt seem to work.

Can somebody kindly help me with this problem please??

A:Deleted 'Desktop' folder on Favorites tab on IE

Hello Ginyi, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You may have accidentally dragged and dropped the Desktop folder into the Favorites folder. Double check using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below that both folders are set with their default locations.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps,

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Ok, so i deleted the 'desktop' folder by accident from the My Documents window (or just above my documents folder)...

Now the 'Desktop icon' at the top of the folder list shows a different set of shortcuts/folders (incl. RecycleBin, Network etc etc)... the now 'yellow' desktop folder that is under the 'user' is messed up.

I've attached 2 screen shots because i'm sure my explanation is poor. Anyway, this is driving me crazy - can't figure it out. I've been messing around with it for hours - at one point i had 'desktop' with about 15 'desktop' subfolders......

help! please!

A:Deleted 'Desktop' folder by accident....

this my be overly obvious but, have you gone into the recycle bin and checked if the folder is still there? if it is, all you need to do is right click on it and select restore.

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Hello! I'm not anything near a computer expert, so sorry for the non-technical explanation:

I was having some problems with my desktop -- multiple duplicate folders were somehow created (green folders and yellow folders) and, for example, if I'd click to download a file to the desktop, it would not end up on the desktop itself but in one of these other folders. Anyhow, I deleted one of the green duplicate folders, but that ended up deleting everything -all the files on the desktop and in the desktop folders. So I clicked "Undo Delete" but the files did not reappear. I also checked the recycle bin but the Desktop folder and files therein that I had deleted were not there.

I tried typing in "shell:desktop" and restarting, but that didn't help.

However, if I click "Search," the files that were lost show up! But if I click on a file to open it, it will not open. So, for example, if I click on an MSWord file, I get the message:

The document or path name is not valid.
Try one or more of the following:
* Check the path to make sure it was correctly typed.
* On the File menu, click Open. Search for the file using this dialog box.
The files say they are located in the folder Desktop (C:\Users\Amy\Desktop\Desktop) or some other name of a folder I had on the desktop.

However, if I plug this path (C:\Users\Amy\Desktop\Desktop) into the little box at the bottom of the Start Menu, what comes up is my current desktop, not the desktop fil... Read more

A:Deleted desktop folder & files

Lets try a system restore to start. Pick a date before you started having problems.
System Restore - How to

If restore does not help, try the suggestions in this fine tutorial
Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

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I accidentally deleted the Desktop folder from my XP Pro PC. This seems to have no effect on operation or appearance, even after rebooting, but the folder does not show up in Windows Explorer or PowerDesk except for an instant when I open either program. No sign of it in Recycle Bin.

How do i get it back? Do I even need to, if all else seems well?

I tried System Restore, but no go. It shows restore points set yesterday, but won't restore to the latest of these (the only one I've tried), shows no other boldfaced dates this month, and won't scroll back to earlier months

A:Accidentally deleted desktop folder

You can just create a new folder called Desktop and put it in C:\Documents and Settings\username.

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I have an empty folder on my desktop that I can't delete. If I try to delete it, there is a pause for a couple of seconds and then I get the message: Cannot delete FolderName, it is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again. OKBrowsing thru other people's posts here with similar complaints, I've tried to: Make it not Read Only -- if I open the folder's Properties, Attributes have a little green square in Read Only, which I assume means it's currently Read Only. If I uncheck it so it's white and click Apply and then OK, when I reopen Properties, it is green again. I tried to turn off Simple File Sharing. It didn't change anything for me. I downloaded a recommended utility called PurgeIE/Delete Invalid File and used it to try to delete the folder. It also failed. I also have rebooted the computer a few times and that has no effect either.Incidentally, the folder did have some mp3 files inside originally, which I was able to cut from it and paste into a different folder (not on desktop). Hope this isn't a tough one to solve. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

A:Empty Folder On My Desktop Can Not Be Deleted

Try deleting it in Safe Mode.If that doesn't work, try this free utility: MoveOnBoot

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Hi, I have a folder on my desktop which I used as a temporary location for pictures and videos. Once it was empty I deleted it but every time I open my internet browser it pops up again. I am using Mozilla Firefox and have checked the download settings but this folder is not named in any path that I can see. I also checked WMP but it doesn't appear there either. The only other program I used this folder with was Movavi to convert the video files to MP4 but it's not showing up there either. Any suggestions?

A:Deleted folder keeps reappearing on desktop

Perhaps some of these ideas will help
Be sure to reboot.
Folder - Delete from Command Prompt

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I accidently deleted my Desktop Folder on the left pane under my personal folder where Favorites, Libraries, Computer, etc desktop shortcut is now under favorites but how do I get my Desktop shortcut back on the left pane with the rest of the folders (Favorites, Libraries, Computer, etc)? I noticed it also deleted my itunes library as well...

A:Desktop Folder deleted under User

Hello CC268, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Have you already check in your Recycle Bin to see if you may be lucky to have these deleted items in it to be able to restore them from withing the Recycle Bin?

If they are not there, then you should be able to use the tutorial below to restore "Desktop" under Favorites in the navigation pane.

Favorites - Restore Default Favorite Links in Navigation Pane

Hope this helps,

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I accidently drag a folder form my D drive, picture folder to the desktop. However, this folder that was created on the desktop appear to be empty.
I have try deleting it from the desktop but the folder happen to reappear everytime after the computer is put to sleep/ re-on the next time.

I have tried using commard prompt but it didn't work out.

But my programs are working fine


A:deleted files/ folder reappearing on desktop

Hello quekwei and welcome to the forums

Download and install Unlocker:

Download Unlocker 1.9.1 -

The try and delete the file with this. Let us know how this goes!


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I accidently deleted the desktop folder that holds most things like documents, downloads, google drive, dropbox, etc. I checked the recycle bin but it's now there. I searched on C drive and, of course, it's not there. I found it or something similar in File Explorer (but with a new name I believe). I copied the entire folder to the desktop. Now, when I add something to dropbox (one of the folders in the folder I deleted) the document is in dropbox on their website, but not in dropbox in the folder on the desktop that I just copied to. So....
QUESTION: How do I locate the folder I accidently deleted that originally contained many important files (e.g., AppData, contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, favorites.... music, pictures) etc.?

I was in the process of "sending to" the information from the original desktop folder to Dropbox as a backup - when the computer hiccupped or whatever and instead of clicking send to, clicked delete. The folder disappeared and is NOT in the Recycle Bin. Except for the one I found in the File Folder with a different name, I can't find what I deleted. Help.

A:Accidently Deleted Desktop Folder: Windows 8.1

Option 2 of this tutorial may help

Favorites - Restore Default Favorite Links in Navigation Pane - Windows 7 Help Forums

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when i have a folder opened that points to a folder present on my desktop,
and i physically delete the folder on the desktop, the folder's window remains
opened & goes back to the desktop folder address.


C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New folder
opened on the deskbar & vm

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New folder
deleted on the desktop .. .

appears as a folder on my deskbar

Wanted behavior as in previous windows versions:
C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New folder
should disappear from the deskbar & vm, too.

A:Closing opened folder when physically deleted on desktop

no answer ? ((

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My wife this morning reported that an important folder vanished - it wasn't in Recycle, it wasn't Hidden. She had been using it, and viewing content from a professional CD-Rom which seems innocent enough.

She's no computer expert, but canny enough not to shift-delete something without realising it.

I did searches for the missing folder and some of the files that were in it. None of them showed up even when I searched the whole hard drive!

I ran a free-downloaded program, Recuva, to try to locate the folder, but could not see it. Then realised my mistake - perhaps the new program was written on the missing files - but it's only a 3.4MB program. It couldn't have covered all the files, surely.

Unfortunately the folder is recent and there hasn't been a backup for a while (I know - bad, bad )

ANy clues as to how this folder may have vanished off the face of the desktop?

Any clues on effective recovery tool?


A:Lost folder, NOT deleted, on Dell Inspiron desktop

Hello John and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sometimes malware can cause files and folders to go missing. Have you run a full scan with your updated resident anti-virus program? Since no anti-malware program is 100% effective 100% of the time (if there was such a thing we'd all be using it) you could also use the free Malwarebytes as a second on-demand scanner.


If you're familiar with editing the registry, you could open regedit and search for the name of the missing folder. If regedit finds your search value a file path should appear at the bottom of the regedit screen. Use the F3 key to continue searching the registry for any other values containing the missing folder's name. When you've finished searching the registry you could use the start menu search box to manually look for the various file paths. NOTE: Do not make any changes to the registry. Just use it as a search tool.

How to Use the Windows Registry Editor (Regedit) in One Easy Lesson

And these Microsoft articles offer a few other suggestions.

Find a file or folder

Help To Find Lost Or Hidden Files and Folders Windows 7 after rogue - Microsoft Community

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There was another thread about this, but the solution wasn't clearly explained. A user provided the OP with a file, and nothing was said about what to do with the file that was provided. I'm having the same problem, where I deleted the file by accident and now there is no live tile for the desktop anywhere on the start screen, not even in the All Apps category. I can't find it in the Windows Store either. What do I do? Here is a screenshot of the folder that I *think* held the original desktop file.

A:Deleted the desktop start folder file by accident.

hi, go to start screen type in desktop ,you should get at least 3 desktop related apps as a result of the search ,right click on the one that says DESKTOP ,and choose pin to start ,should work did for me yesterday

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Hello everyone,
I researched this a lot, both here and elsewhere, before asking about this. The solutions either didn't work or didn't seem to apply to my situation so I decided it was time to join and ask about it.

Specifically - the folder is from one of several CDs that I ripped so I could put the music on my MP3 player. I used Windows Media Player and had it put the folders it created on the desktop, then I moved those to the player, put copies on my hard drive and the external hard drive that I use for backups, and deleted the ones on the desktop. But one of them won't stay deleted. Here's what I've tried:

- renaming it and deleting it
- moving it to another folder and deleting it from there
- deleting it using the CMD prompt, with both its full name and the short version (sorry, I don't remember where I got the info to do that), using both DEL and RMDIR
- deleting it using the CMD prompt by dragging the folder to the CMD window (that didn't work, I think there was a syntax error)
- shredding it from the desktop using my antivirus, AVG
- booting to Puppy Linux, which I have on a flash drive, and deleting it in Linux

And of course emptying the Recycle Bin after every attempt. But for some reason the folder keeps reappearing, not right away but later on. I haven't really tracked this but it seems to be just two or three days. It'll be gone for a while and then - it's back.

In reading another thread here just now I began to wonder if maybe this had something to do with ... Read more

A:Folder deleted from desktop keeps coming back - days later


I don't use WMP but a quick search suggests:

Windows Media Player

To set up the ripper, select "Tools," then "Settings" and then finally click the "Rip Music" tab. The ?Rip Music to This Location? section of the window will show where your ripped files will end up. It?s probably in ?My Music.? You can either leave it there; change it to another folder or save it to your ?Desktop? for quick access.

If you set the folder location to your desktop as shown above it could cause the folder to reappear when you run WMP.

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I have two network cards in my PC. One of them connects to the internet while the other connects to my home network.

The issue is enabling public folders for the home network in "Network and Sharing Center" enables public folders for the public network also. In other words Windows grants permission to people on the internet to access my c:\users\Public folder.

Disabling public folders under public network settings disables public folders for the home network also, preventing people on my local area network from accessing my PC.

Refer this screenshot if you don't get my problem:[email protected]/6878074832/

In other words Windows grants permission to people on the internet to access my c:\users\Public folder.

A:Cannot turn off "Public Folder Sharing" for public network

I think it's because you set up a Public Network as your first interface. Because of this it may not be possible to turn off the Public file sharing option.

You don't need to use both interfaces to share the wireless connection with your wife. You can do that with a single interface by just setting up a Home Network on one of the interfaces then sharing out from that interface using software to make it easier like Connectify.

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I deleted all the Public Folders on my Win 7 in Windows Explorer. I should not have done it. They were empty. How can I get them back? Thanks!

A:Solved: Win 7 Public Folders Deleted

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Running Windows 8.1 Pro. I accidentally deleted c:\users\public and c:\users\default and I cannot share documents with my family and cannot create new user account. How to restore windows 8.1 public and default folder?

A:Restore Public folder and Default folder

Hello Windows8use, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check to see if they may still be in the Recycle Bin to restore.

If not, then see if you may be able to do a system restore using a restore point dated before you deleted these folders to hopefully fix this.

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I have access to the control panel of a website that I manage. But I rarely login to the CP ever. Today as the website was not responding, I contacted the tech support and was informed that the public.html folder for my website has been deleted by someone at a certain IP. This IP turned out to be mine. But neither me nor anyone else here has accessed the CP via my PC at all any time soon. I am 100% sure of this.
How can something like this happen? Is my PC infected? I have Norton Security and run Adware scans every month or so. Nothing has come up thus far to suggest anything serious.
Please help.
Lakshmi Vinay

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I recently deleted my public folder on accident, I have tried restoring it, recovery, creating a new User account, some fixes I found online that mess with the registry, and sfc scan, nothing has helped. I am unable to install some applications like Skype,when I try it tells me it cant access %PUBLIC%\Desktop. I cant edit most files, and whenever I create a new folder and name it i get a message that says Could not find this item, if I hit try again it works. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this?

Your help is greatly appreciated

A:Help!! Accidently deleted C:\Users\public Major Problems ensued

closing duplicate, please respond at .



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How can I change Outlook so that all my deleted files are deleted rather than being sent into the "Deleted" folder?

There must be a way?

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i assume. just some temp file folder in my vista stsyem now when i clear the cache and all the histroy and reload it reloads images(im designing a website) that ive fixed(it reloads th images that i had to fix)

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I remember with Vista, this folder had multiple entries and they were not mine(probably came with new laptop, like bloat ware?). I was clueless then (with Vista)what that folder was about...and I'm still in the dark(with W7) .

I just discovered today, with W7, this folder is completely empty. (Why?).

I don't remember if I shared it(with Vista), but now I realize I have share or not. I feel silly sharing an empty folder. So I opted to turn sharing OFF . Is being selfish(not sharing) disadvantageous to my system?

A:What's The Public Folder?...and what to do with it?

Hello Pappi,

The "Public" folders, are basically folders that the public (all users) have full access to by default. They basically set to be shared by "Everyone" making it easier to share files between users on the local PC and network easy to do by simply putting a file in one of the Public folders.

Empty Public folders do not take up any space. They are not a security risk since they only have access to what you place in the Public folders.

It's just a personal choice if you want to have Public folder sharing turned on or off.

Here's some more details below on all this if you like.

Public Folder Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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after it was removed from 8
I managed to get it back into the Library but seems impossible for This PC.

It's a good, safe way to share files between multiple users on a PC .

A:add public folder to This PC in 8.1


Go to C:\Users\Public, then grab one of the folders and create a shortcut on your desktop by 'moving' it there with your mouse.

Is that what you were asking?

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Hello All.
I have a public folder that has appeared on my desktop.
I kid you not.
I had updates to install,I did so,re-started and hey presto there it is.
What now ??? I don't want it on my desktop but there are no options to move or delete it

A:Public folder ???

What is the folder called.

Try looking here for help
Folder Permissions[11]=File Folder Settings

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I stupidly didn't fully understand what the Public Folder was and deleted it. I thought that by doing that no one would have access to my personal files. Well, I soon discovered that I shouldn't have done that.

#1. Can I get it back from ?
#2. Now I can't put anything into the Library/Documents Folder and don't understand why.
#3. If I can't retrieve that Public Folder can I somehow re-create another sub folder.

I didn't look in the Recycle Bin. Would it have gone there?

I should have known better since I just got Win 7 but it seemed the smart thing to do at the time.

A:Public Folder

Welcome to the forum.

Use system restore, that is the easiest way, especially since you just made the mistake.

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When I go into Properties/Location of the Public Videos folder it says I can "change where the files are stored in this folder" however I cannot type a new location into the dialogue box. I am in signed in as administrator. How can I do this? Thanks.

A:Can't Move Public Folder

Never mind. Got it.

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Me and my brother have recently both reinstalled windows vista home basic on our fairly new laptop computers, I went to access my brothers public folder by going to Network then \\ GAMES1-PC\Public (Already setting up no user account control, password sharing and public folder sharing enabled.) It wouldnt connect and asked if i wanted to diagnose the problem, I then tryed to access my OWN public folder by going to the public folder on the side and it accessed fine but when I tryed going through Network \\ GAMES2-PC\Public It wouldnt connect and asked if i wanted to diagnose.

My brothers computer has been doing the same thing and we really dont want to reinstall.

Thanks in advance

A:Cannot Access My Own Public Folder

Can you see the other PC in each computer's Network and Sharing Center?

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I used to have messed up file sharing settings because the printer wouldnt work but they were alright because whoever looked into my Computer in the network would only find a Public folder. (w/o passwords)

Now, i reinstalled windows, and whenever somenoe looks into my computer under the network, they have to enter a password and once they do, they can access not only the public folder, but all my documents under my folder. (Users/MyStuff)

the sharing folder is Users so people can see everything inside Users if they have my password.

What i want to do is let them only access the Public folder WITHOUT my password.

That way, if i have something that needs to be transferred, i'll just drop it on in the public folder, and someone can take it.

I am confused in terms of how to reach these settings and i would appreciate it if anyone could offer a solution.
THank you.

A:How to let other computers see ONLY the public folder?

Disable Homegroup and have a good Public and Private key Encryption.

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I just set up my Public folders to share files across my home network and the Public folder already has lots of files in it that I didn't put there.

For example, Public Desktop has shortcuts to Adobe Reader etc. Another folder called Games has the full installations of some of my games. I don't want these shared!

When I deleted some of them, they were also deleted from my real desktop. Not good.
When I clicked on Share and tried to Unshare one of these folders, it wouldn't let me.

Three questions:
1) How did they get there in the first place?
2) How can I keep this from happening in the future?
3) Since deleting some of them also deleted them from my computer, how can I remove these files from the Public sharing area without messing up the installation on my computer?

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Anyone ever experince this? I am running a win2k server with exchange 2000 server and all of a sudden we can not open items within the public folder we have set up. The error comes up "can not open this item". This only applies to messages or addresses that have notes in the body field. If it is just a reminder with a subject and no body, it opens fine but as soon as you add a body it will not open. I read on an MS site that this is due to the version of GFI Content Security Monitor that I have. It said if you have ver 8 to upgrade to 8.1. I did so, still haven't solved the problem... Any suggestions?

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Hi People,

Has anyone noticed that the folder icon for "Public Documents" is small, and can't be resized to extra large, or large like the other Public folder icons? I've noticed this on my two vista machines, and was wondering if anyone else noticed this? Or if I just stuffed something.


A:Public Folder Icons

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I'm on a home network. Its all been configured. My firewall has been configured. Just wondering how to put files in the public folder. I understand you can just copy files in there but i dont want to because it'll take up space. Is there a way to make individual files or folders share themselves into the public folders without duplicating themselves from the original to save space? Because i dont want two from the same file, ie one in the public folder and the other in the original folder.

Also, i use vista and my other network computers are on xp. I noticed on one of them, i can give it files and but i cannot take files from it onto my computer. I understand it must be a sharing setting on that computer but im not sure where to go to fix it since its xp and im a vista person now. If someone could assist me in those two issues would be greatly appreciated.

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I wanted to move the Public Folder from C:\Users to D:\, so I simply copied the folder, delete the original, and created a symbolic link (with -mklink-). A little knowledge was a dangerous thing - apparently I should have used -robocopy- to ensure the copy of Public had the correct characteristics. So, is there a way to fix D:\Public so that it has the correct permissions of a "Public" folder? If not, is there a way to recreate the original C:\Users\Public? I am not concerned about any data in this folder, as there was (so far) none there.

Apologies if this has been addressed here before, I tried searching the forums but with no luck. Thanks.

A:how to recreate Public Folder?

Hello Spandrel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You should be able to do a system restore using a restore point dated before you made these changes to the Public folder to undo them.

Hope this helps,

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I've recently been having some trouble with installing and running a few programs. (skype and rosetta stone are two that it happens). When I open them my entire computer just freezes. I have a feeling that it might have something to do with my Public Folders. A little while back I was trying to fix them because they appeared as just standard yellow folders, instead of the folders with the image on it. However, I could not get all of them to change to the imaged folder. My public desktop stayed as a normal yellow folder.

I did this fixing by following a website:

The website basically had me do shell commands, and replace the desktop.ini file for each folder...It just so happens that this website was designed for windows vista, not windows 7, so I think that I messed something up. Cause ever since then my programs have not been running correctly.


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My PC is connected to a home wireless network and there are two more computers in the same network (a mac and a pc). I want to share the public folder so I can exchange files between computers by writing them to the public folder. But still I want to make sure that only the public folder is shared and nothing else of my computer can be accessible by another computer in the wireless network. Need your help.


A:How to share the public folder?

This link should give you the brief overview of the process.
Sharing files with the Public folder
The public folder is 'public' by default however access can also be restricted as required. The link above explains that too. And if you haven't changed any other settings, the other folders should be safe and unshared.

Hope that helps !

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I do not use the public folder in w8 and want to delete it. Can someone give me an idea on how to do it thru registry or system? thanks

A:Windows 8 public folder

Just leave it there. If you haven't enabled file & folder sharing, there's no problems.

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When i go into the sharing settings and i click on turn on sharing so that anyone with network acsess it selects, i save it then when i come back it isnt selected and i cant see my computer on my other machine. Please help.(im trying to get files from my xp machine)

A:I cant Enable my public folder

go to Admin tools > Local security policy and enable the "Guest account status" and change Network access: Sharing and Security model to "Guest Only".

disable password protected sharing in Network and Sharing center

If you right-click on a folder and go to sharing it will tell you whether or not the share is password protected.

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Upgraded one of my PC's yesterday(7/29) from 7 Home Premium to 10. Now the other two PC"S in my home, both 8.1, cannot see the public folder of the 10 PC. 10 can see the 8.1 just fine.

Tried typing to users/public into the explorer address bar and got an 0x80004005 error

A:Windows 10 Public Folder Not Seen

Originally Posted by MrOctober

Upgraded one of my PC's yesterday(7/29) from 7 Home Premium to 10. Now the other two PC"S in my home, both 8.1, cannot see the public folder of the 10 PC. 10 can see the 8.1 just fine.

Tried typing to users/public into the explorer address bar and got an 0x80004005 error

Type: c:/users/public into the explorer address bar.

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About a week ago I have to format my computer due to a nasty virus causing me to not be able to connect to the internet(scanned with a few programs, safe mode, nothing got rid of it). Everything works find now other then the fact that when I go to access my computer on the Work Network, It shows up blank. I can't drop anything into it, other people can view my computer on the network, but they can't drop any files either. All the sharing settings are on, no password is in place and I've been searching the web for the past two hours trying to find a solution and I have unfortunately come up blank. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

A:No Public Folder showing up.

Quote: Originally Posted by Unassorted

About a week ago I have to format my computer due to a nasty virus causing me to not be able to connect to the internet(scanned with a few programs, safe mode, nothing got rid of it). Everything works find now other then the fact that when I go to access my computer on the Work Network, It shows up blank. I can't drop anything into it, other people can view my computer on the network, but they can't drop any files either. All the sharing settings are on, no password is in place and I've been searching the web for the past two hours trying to find a solution and I have unfortunately come up blank. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

There are separate Advanced file sharing settings which refer specifically to the Public folders so that needs to be enabled.

Besides that you should make sure that you have enabled sharing for the Public folders by going to C:>Users>Public folder, and enable sharing through the Sharing tab. You should also make sure that the C:>Users folder is shared out through the Sharing tab as well.

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I am currently investigating sharing of folders and came across the instance of a folder named Microsoft>IndentityCTRL.

Is this alright to have running in the background as a folder and what are the properties of it?

A:What is the IndentityCRL Public Folder

See this: Microsoft - IdentityCRL folder - Microsoft Community

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This is dead simple really even though most people say it can't be deleted.
Start you computer in safe mode and log on as administrator if prompted.
Go to my computer>local disk>users
Right click public and delete.
In the left pane left click on documents library.
Where it says 2 locations left click and delete the public folder and close.
Follow the last 2 steps for each folder in libraries.
Job done.
Restart your computer.

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Ok I did systems restore and everything is almost normal, except this one thing is bugging me. When I go to documents, instead of just seeing my normal folders games, ea games, halo ce ect. I see Public Documents under it and I want to get rid of it. ALso there is a heading over My Documents that wasn't there before. Can anyone help?
*I put an attatchment of the problem.

A:Public Folder Showing

Right click on the Library - e.g. Documents (in the left pane) > go to Properties. There you can delete it (highlight it and then "Remove" - do not forget Apply !!!).

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I installed a Western Digital MyBook Duo NAS storage drive. When I was having some problems I reinstalled the software and have ended up with two public drives referencing the MyBook, and they are :-
Public(\\MyBookLiveDuo) (X)
Public(\\MyBookLiveDuo) (Z)

There is no option to delete either of the drives if I right click on the drive in Windows Explorer, just a Disconnect option. I have not been able to work out how to delete one of them and retain the other.

Can anyone suggest how I might be able to delete one of these pointers to my MyBook?


A:Cannot delete a Public folder

Disconnect Network Drive. It is in the Tools Menu.

And if you have a problem in the future do NOT run the WD software again. Just use Win Explorer to MAP Network Drives.

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Evening all,

Just looking for some advice regarding the public folder in windows. I have windows 7 on my desktop which is wired to my router and my laptop running vista wireless and on both machines i deleted the public folders in the users folder as i never had any intention of sharing anything. I did this a while ago now so there is no way of restoring it via a system restore. My main question is im looking to share some music files between my laptop and desktop with the files being on the desktop machine, could i create just another basic folder and share it that way? if so how would i go about doing it?

Im kinda new to the whole sharing thing so any help would be much appreciated

many thanks

A:Public sharing folder help

I assume you already have your computers in the same Homegroup. If so, you should be able to right click the folder you want to share, go to "Share with" in the context menu, and should be able to select either Read or Read/Write.

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I am inable to access anything inside my Public folders. I cant cut paste delete. Nothing seems to work and I am not understanding why. Can someone help me with this?

A:why cant i use my public folder in vista

This may help:

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I noticed a public folder on my windows 7 computer that my xp does not. it is a hidden folder, named public desktop. what exactly is this? why doesn't it show up on other computers? is there a need for this? can I delete it?

A:hidden folder - public?

I would say if its not causing issues, then I would just leave. I think that folder is for public sharing of documents.

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Hi, Could someone please tell me why my deleted messages are deleted from the computer instead of going to my Deleted Items Folder? I "do not" have the box checked from Menus - Options - Advanced - Maintenance - Empty messages from the "Deleted Items" folder on exit. Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Ray

A:Deleted Items Folder: Where Are The Deleted Messages

Has it ever worked properly?

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Can I recover messages I accidentally deleted in Outlook Express of Windows 2000XP? These messages were in their own file but somehow got moved to a subfile of the Deleted Items folder. In trying to removed the Deleted Items folder the sub-folder went with it. There were a large number of messages I had received via e-mail that I intended to keep.

A:Recovering deleted items after the folder was deleted.

dont install anything else on your system for it cant overwrite any data you want to recover there are many programs that can recover PST files for outlook and dbx files outlook express here are some ttp://

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I am working with Dreamweaver MX and trying to create a hyperlink for users to view a Outlook 2003 public folder (calendar item) on a Intranet site. The hyperlink I am using is "outlook://public foldersall public folders/itemname. I would like to find a way to have it open with only the Calendar item open. The link now opens in the user's Outlook normal view with calendar in the forefront. Any suggestions welcome.

A:Creating hyperlink to public folder

Hi wingnutpc,

I've not done with Dreamwever or any other publishing tool, but if it's the same then you can't provide a hyperlink to an item within a public folder, only to a folder or sub-folder.

If you right-click a folder you have available 'send a link' but not if you right-click a posting within that folder.


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Hello there,
I would like to create a link from a public calendar and put it in my personal folder, so far the only thing I have been able to do with it was to copy and paste into my personal folder but when I do that it will not sync with the public calendar.
Is there some way I can do this, I would like to be able to open my calendar tab and view both my personal calendar and the public calendar.

P.S. Using Outlook 2003

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I have a windows 2003 with exchange 2003 sp2 installed. I recently found out that it is not possible to reply or forward mails from the public folder using OWA.

A bit of googling lead me to the following where it is mentioned:,295582,sid43_gci1256505,00.html#

By design, unless you are accessing OWA through a front-end server (and not directly via a back-end server), you will not be able to use the Reply, Reply All, or Forward functions for messages contained in public folders. While you'll be able to reply to and forward all messages in your mailbox regardless of how you access OWA, unless you go through an Exchange 2003 front-end server, you will not be able to take these actions for public folder messages.Click to expand...

Is there any work around to this?


A:reply or forward from public folder using OWA

anything guys?

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Hi, this is may seem to be a bit of a dumb question but I'm having trouble figuring it out on my own. My wife and I have our own respective PCs both with Vista in our home. My PC has three Hard Disks in it. I have our computers networked together through a router. Now I have all of our photographs on one of the hard drives other than my primary OS hard drive to save space. Now I've recently tried to make a shortcut to the photographs on my secondary hard drive, in the public folder and my wife's computer doesn't "see" any shortcuts. Is there any way to run a shortcut to a different drive in the public folder or do I have to physically copy all the photos into the public folder on my primary hard drive in order to make them available via the network? Also does anything you put in your public folder make it so that it's physically taking up space twice on your HDD? Thanks for any help in advance! I appretiate it!

A:Solved: Public Folder Question

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do u think it is safe to delete the entire 'public folder', if i had already safely disabled Win7's library system from my os? on the navigation pane i no longer have favorites & library.

just assume i will never want to touch library, will never have another user account attach to this pc, and never have this pc join any network.

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Under the windows 7 advanced sharing settings, i turn off file and printer sharing and turn on public folder sharing. So i get on 2nd maching running vista and navigate to my win 7 machine and try to open the computer to access JUST the public folder, but if FAILS. So i experiment. I turn file and printer sharing along with public folder sharing on and i am able to open my win 7 computer via vista machine and view public folder along with other folders i have set to share and printers. Next i turn off public folder sharing and leave file and printer sharing on, now i can access files i have set to share and printers, no public folder. HOW DO I MAKE IT SO PEOPLE CAN CLICK ON MY COMPUTER AND JUST SEE PUBLIC FOLDER...? OMG

A:trouble just sharing public folder

I have not tried it since we share printers on my network, but it sounds like the public folder sharing is dependent on the other, based on what you stated above. I did find this page, with links to other pages. I suggest looking around the MS site a bit.

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I have a user who is the only one having a problem with this calendar. There is a calendar setup in Public Folders and 20 or 30 user's have access to it. When she accesses it using the Outlook 2000 client all of the appt's and stuff are srewed up. When she accesses it using OWA everything is fine. Just for fun I logged into my PC as her and setup her profile and the problem in the client persisted. I was surprised as I thought it was a problem on her computer. It doesn't look that way at all now. I was thinking of renaming her local Windows 2K user profile and than logging off and logging back on as her so that a new local Windows 2K user profile would be created on that machine. I would than create her Outlook profile again and see what happens. Any other ideas? Again, she is the only user having this problem. The calendar is fine on everyone else's computer. Thanks for your help.

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I deleted my public folders a few days ago and now I can't do any updates!

Windows Live stopped working as did Evernote.

I don't want the Public folders and was hoping there is a way to solve this.

BTW, I did all the suggestions suggested on the thread for resetting win updates and ran the Fix It. The updates are also listing as for 32 bit?

Win 7 64 bit Home Premium.

Thanks in advance.

A:Updates not installing/Public Folder

Hello Dapa,

You could try doing a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before this issue started to hopefully fix it.

Hope this helps,

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I checked my network sharing center and network discovery, file sharing is on, and password protected sharing is off.

I checked the public folder, the icon has a lock sign on it, every time I try to change it from read only to write, it doesn't change but stays as read only

How do I change the permissions for my public folder with a lock on it?

A:Other users can't copy into public folder

The easiest way I know for this is to simply navigate to the public folder right click - properties - security
Then you'll have to give the guest or everyone group full permissions.

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please help

i have laptop running vista wireless conection to netgear router

home pc running wired xp conection to router

2nd laptop wiv xp wirless conection to router

all computers are connected to the the router and internet fine, i am trying to share files between all three computers.
my vista laptop can see all computers on the network. it an open its own public folder and the public folder on the 2nd laptop (xp). it cant open the pc message: may not have permission, login failure: user has not been granted requested login type.

the xp laptop cannot see the 1st laptop or pc.

the pc wiv (xp) can see and open both computers

so my prob is wiv the xp laptop

firewalls are disabled all folders are the default share folders soz if missed N E thing
thanx in advance

A:cannot open public folder on network

On the XP machine with the shared folder do this.

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

If you see this message the following should be done on the computer containing the shared files:

Download the following and install it

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

after installation is complete, click on: Start, All Programs, Windows Resource Kit Tools, Command Shell

Then enter the following commands. (Attention: they are case sensitive.)

net user guest /active:yes
ntrights +r SeNetworkLogonRight -u Guest
ntrights -r SeDenyNetworkLogonRight -u Guest

The first command enables network access for Guest, the two subsequent ones change two different policies to allow network access for Guest.

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I am running Exchange server 5.5. A couple of months ago a few public folders were deleted and the now need to be restored. I have regular backups of exchange on tape.
How would I go about restoring the public folders that have been deleted? Do I need a a dedicated restore server for this?



A:Exchange 5.5-Public folder restore

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Within the document libraries there appear to be a number of default folders For Example
My Pictures
Public Pictures

Whilst transferring all my picture files across from my old laptop I seem to have deleted the public pictures folder within my personal library. After a bid of searching around I have found the Public Pictures folder under the "public" area of the C: directory. It appears to only be missing only in my profile account (other profiles are also unaffected).

My question is how do I restore this folder? If I copy and paste the source public pictures folder I appear to be making a complete copy, rather than a shortcut type link to the files.
Many thanks.

A:How to Restore Public Pictures Folder

Hello No Idea, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It sounds like you just removed the Public folder from only your library. If so, then you should be able to just add it back to be included in the library.

Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hi I have a user that was migrated from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003.

Now when he tries to download the Global Address Book with cached mode checked and unchecked he gets Object Not Found.
Also, after the migration he is getting synchronization error with the offline address book and most important he cannot view one of the public folder, that all other users can see.

So far, we have deleted .oab files and ran outlook \resetfolders and recreated his outlook profile. None of this has helped. I have been able to create his Outlook profile on another laptop and we are able to view the missing public folder.

The strange thing is the missing public folder shows up in OWA.

Any ideas?

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Believe it or not, I'm having trouble sharing the Windows 7 Public folder.

There are two computers on my network: One has Windows 7 and the other has Windows 8. The Windows 7 PC can see the Windows 8 Public folder. The Windows 8 PC cannot see the Windows 7 Public folder.

I do not use a Homegroup.

In the Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center I have the following settings for the "Home or Work" profile:Network discovery is turned on
File and printer sharing is turned on
Public folder sharing is turned on ("Turn on sharing so anyone with network access...")
File sharing connections - Use 128-bit encryption to help protect...
Password protected sharing is turned on.

It seems like everything is setup correctly, and yet when I right-click on the Windows 7 Public folder and go to the Sharing tab, it says the Public folder is "Not Shared"! Maybe I'm misunderstanding something? How can I fix this?

A:Unsuccessful at Sharing the Public Folder

Follow this tutorial

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Hello, someone was nice enough to delete my folder ( C/users/public ) I would like to restore this file but it is completely erased ( Deleted from trash ) Is it possible to restore this file so it functions the same as it did before it was deleted? I appreciate any input, thanks in advance.

A:Is it possible to restore public user folder?


You could try this

Hope it helps


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I have just looked in my computer and noticed that somehow that I have acquired Public Folders and pictures.

I have three computers and noticed that I have access to them.

Whilst I do not mind that they have access to my computer - when I have a picture that I wish to have saved to my computer - I just wish the default just to be to my location.

I also do not wish to loose any pictures.

It says that it has three locations - I do not even know which computer it is on and how to navigate to it, so I just wish to decide myself where to put it.

Can anyone please assist?

A:How to change the public folder options

Hello Melissa,

The "My...." folders with shortcut arrows on them are not real folders, but only junction points for backwards compatibility for older programs that point to you real "My..." user folders. I would recommend to set you hidden files to no longer show so that you do not mistakenly use or do something to them.Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide
In your screenshots above, you are only viewing files from the "Music" library on only your computer. Each default library includes your "My..." user folder and "Public" folder for it. For example, the "Music" library will have your "C:\Users\(user-name)\My Music" and "C:\Users\Public\Public Music" folders by default. If you like, read the tutorials below for more on this to help.Library - Include a Folder
Library - Remove a Included Folder
Library - Set Save Folder
Hope this helps,

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From within my W7 machine, have been trying to save a simple file to my network public folder and W7 is telling me I need permission. What am I overlooking.

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How do you permanenly delete the subfolders in the Public Folder? I can delete the Public Pictures, Public Videos, etc., but they are recreated on bootup. I was able to do this on my other PC, but can't recall how I did it.

A:How to Delete Subfolders from Public Folder

Hello Scnrfrq,

These are system files and are needed for sharing purpose between user accounts. You should NOT delete them. Doing so may also cause other unknown issues to arrise.

As a workaround, you could just hide the folders them if you do not wish to see them. They do not take up enough space to worry about.

Hope this helps,

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Can this be done? I have a Tivo that reads my public folder. Since I keep a lot of large video files in that folder I would prefer to have it on my D: drive rather than my C: drive. Thanks!

A:Move the Public Folder to Another Drive?

I believe the public folders have a locations tab under properties.

Edit: More here.

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My Public Picture Folder is hidden as well as my photos. I am the PC administrator. There are two programs that are accessing the folder. The Cozi screensaver is showing my photos that I cannot locate. Also, Sony PlayMemories shows every folder in the Public picture folder, but each photo is locked, and when I try to export, it says I do not have access privileges.
What in the world is going on here? I can see my pictures and the directory via these two programs, but Windows Explorer does not show the folder or the pictures.

A:Public Picture Folder Hidden

Stop the Cozi screensaver and put up a different one. One that doesn't show pix. Reboot the PC. See what happens now. Let us know.

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When I go into Properties/Location of the Public Videos folder it says I can "change where the files are stored in this folder" however I cannot type a new location into the dialogue box. I am in signed in as administrator. How can I do this? Thanks.

A:Solved: Can't Move Public Folder

Never mind. Got it. Apparently I wasn't in admin mode as I thought.

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Can I compress the Public folder on my Windows 7? I do not have a network setup and I am the only one to use my computer. Would it be safe to compress this folder to save space?

thank you

A:Can I compress Public folder in Windows 7

I do not know if you could compress the Public folder but since I do not use it either, they are virtually empty.

I would gain nothing by compressing them.

What are you storing in yours?

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when i installed the outpost firewall, my brother cant see my public folder any more from his computer


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there are numerous ntuser files (ntuser.dat and ntuser.dat.log1 etc) in my public folder...

are they supposed to be there?

and are they supposed to be visable to other computers on the network?

they are protected system files and are set to hidden so are not visable to this or the other vista pc on the network, however their is a user with a macbook on the network and they are visable to him when he access my public this normal and are there security/privacy issues with this?


A:ntuser.dat files in public folder

Those are registry files and should be well hidden from everyone.
I am concerned if your comments are, indeed, correct.
Update your anti virus and make a full scan
Download and make a full and updated scan with the free version of malwarebytes.

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I deleted the \users\public\"Public Documents" folder.

How do I restore this folder?

Simply creating a folder with that name does not create a folder with the correct characteristics.

A:Restore Public Documents folder

Will a system restore to a point before you did the deed do it?

System Restore

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Guys i just setup Pulptunes, allows you to listen to your itunes over the internet on any PC/Phone etc, i set up an address with Dynamic DNS with settings through my router (Address+Port Number), Also did the same with utorrent web UI, this is pretty awesome i have to say.

This got me thinking is their anyway i can do this with my Public Folder or say downloads or documents, dont wanna use something like Remote desktop sharing or PC Anywhere i just wanna be able to put in that web address(URL) ive set up with whatever port number. Can this be done, just means i could access my files on any pc/phone without the need for extra software installed.

Thanks in advance for any advice i get.

A:Share Public Folder & others i specify over internet?

Hi escrow, welcome to SevenForums!

You might want to try something like Live Mesh or Skydrive. Here and here are a couple articles that will help you figure out which one is right for you. Let me know if you have any questions.


Windows Outreach Team

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I'm using Home Premium x64. I can see my XP machines on my home network and access their public folders; however, they can see my Vista machine but not the public folders (the window is blank).

When I try to turn on Public Folder Sharing in Vista I receive an "Unspecified error" box. Network Discovery and File Sharing are ON.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

A:Can't Turn On Public Folder Sharing

I also noticed that I don't have the "Share..." option when I right-click a folder in Explorer. The place where it's supposed to be is blank.

Anyone know what's going on?

I've done a lot of googling and no one else seems to have this problem.


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I accidentally deleted my RECIPE FOLDER containing several categories of recipes with several files in each folder. I could not find my deleted files in MY Recycle Bin so I recovered my RECIPE FOLDER by restoring my system to an earlier date. Now that I have recovered My RECIPE FOLDER, all my files are now script and cannot be read. These are recipes that I have been collecting for over 8 years. It's a treasure to me. How do I return these script files to normal. My folder was stored on an HP Pavilion Laptop using Windows 7.
Thanks to any helpers on this forum who can assist me.....Carlyle

A:Accidentally deleted a folder in Windows 7 and now restored folder files are script

could you attach an example of one of these files to a post so we can have a look and see whats happened to them for you?

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