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Custom Folder Large Icon 32x32 px Size Problem on VISTA

Q: Custom Folder Large Icon 32x32 px Size Problem on VISTA

I'm having problems when I try to customize my folder icons on VISTA. The icons I usually make is 256x256 px size and when I apply it to my desired folders, the size of the icons is always 32x32 px. When I try to appear it on large icons view, it's still on 32x32 px. It's so frustrating.

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wondering if some one assit me,
I use windows Vista Home Premium, all my desktop Icons and the internet explorer text size has become larger suddenly. I tried all means to change the size, but it looks like some bug has been affected. Wondering if some can assist me in bringing back to normal with out re installing the windows would be great.
I tried going to safe mode and chg the DPI scale to 96
I tried right click and changing, tried using ctl + scroll bttn, none of these worked.

A:Windows Vista Icon & test size chged large suddenly

Originally Posted by naveen30


wondering if some one assit me,
I use windows Vista Home Premium, all my desktop Icons and the internet explorer text size has become larger suddenly. I tried all means to change the size, but it looks like some bug has been affected. Wondering if some can assist me in bringing back to normal with out re installing the windows would be great.
I tried going to safe mode and chg the DPI scale to 96
I tried right click and changing, tried using ctl + scroll bttn, none of these worked.

Try the methods in this tutorial:

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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Hi to all.
Can we change taskbar icons' size to a specific size other than two default windows defined sizes?

A:change taskbar icon size to specific size other than small or large?

The guy here told me about two dock apps. See if you like it. I didn't and am still looking into customizing the size of the icons...
Can you specify a custom taskbar icon size?

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Hi Guys need help

OS Windows 10
Windows anniversary version updated

so the problem is with folder ico customisation it is not staying permanently

first i downloads a regular ico file from online source

then i uses this method How to apply Permanent Icons - Windows 7 Windows 8 - YouTube to change the folder icon, it worked before but not working now

my pc has 2 drives and Drive 1 - OS C SSD i'm getting the below result

the folder is test and able to get the work done
but whenever i move this folder to any other drive like 2nd HDD drive or pendrive

getting this
any solution ?

tried it in another laptop i have and works in it when this created in that device but when i copied it and tries to move it in pc same thing happening

seems like some setting error but can't figure out
any help will be appreciated

A:Permanent Custom Folder Icon Problem

Is the correct icon showing for a subFolder of another Folder? Seems to me something needs to be in that Folder or the root of a drive for it to show properly and when copying to a different place isn't picking up that something.

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to set a custom icon size for the taskbar icons in Windows 7. I know you can select between large or small, however I'd like something in between those sizes (call it medium).

The large size takes up too much space, and the small size is a little small for my 15 inch high res laptop screen. Is there a way I can specify the icon size myself through the registry?

A:Custom taskbar icon sizes? Not large or small

My guess would be that you are going to need some third party program to do this. But be careful> icon, cursor and screensaver programs frequently come with adware, spyware or other malware.

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I am visually impaired and am looking for a way to change or override the default 32x32 mouse pointer size limit either through Registry settings, Group Policy or through a setting in God Mode. Is there anyone who can help? I know there is some way to create pointer/cursor size schemes that show larger even in Windows 10 as I have some VERY large installable cursor schemes they are called Phillip's Large Colored Cursors. I have tried editing & increasing the size of the .cur & .ani files themselves but they will still not DISPLAY at the actual size because of the 32x32 default size limit in 10. I will be very greatful to anyone who can help.

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Hy. First, here's a picture of my desktop:

I'm not interested in custom icon's size, i actually wanna know how can i change the shortcut arrow icon. How can i make it a bit smaller cuz it's too humongus xD .


A:Custom icon size

Download - UnlockForUs

I almost never recommend an app like this, but this one has my approval.

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Hey guys. Can I actually specify a custom size for these taskbar icons other than small or large as here? I have so many of them and my taskbar have already two rows and sometimes when I open programs or whatever else that is NOT included as a shortcut button on the taskbar, it takes extra space at which point the taskbar becomes scrollable with 3 rows. Not a good thing. I hate it with a passion.
Yes I could make my task bar with 3 rows, but no, I don't like to waste my precious screen space.
So basically I'd like to to make these icons a little smaller, kind of like the QuickLaunch icons.

Thanks for any advices

A:Can you specify a custom taskbar icon size?

Why don't you install a dock and set it to autohide
You could assign your most used applications to the taskbar and the rest to the dock

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hi there people,
this is embarrassing!
been using Windows since forever but eyesight now failing.
Have increased the screen type size so that I can still read it, but now the icons are gigantic.
I do remember going through this exercise on my previous PC before I bought my Samsung R780 notebook and I did it then with a simple utility.

I am working on a project now that is overdue, so any help would be much appreciated.
I have quickly tried to find a similar problem via search with no luck.

A:Icon displays too large after screen type size increased

Hello Himagain, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This sounds like the DPI settings that you changed if everything is huge now. If so, then you could use OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to reset it back to the default 96 DPI (100%).

DPI Display Size Settings - Change

Hope this helps,

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ok I did a lot of research and a lot of people seems to think they know what I am talking about but infact they dont, and i have try and tried many of the methods they suggested and its obviously not working thats why im posting here.

I want to manually change the icon size of the toolbar/quicklaunch, NOT the taskbar, but most likely the pinned icon via toolbar/quicklaunch in window 7. this might also be related to changing icon size of the pinned icon on taskbar, but its not the taskbar thats troubling me, it is the toolbar/quicklaunch icons.

options listed and exists large and small icon size. large is too large, small is too small. i believe and strongly believe there is a way to change it, either through registry, or resource hack some .dll file, i donno which but i would like to get some help from experts please.

i hope to see other people out there sharing the same pain as i do.
these are the things that ive tried.

- shellicon in registry size 16 to whatever it is, has not helped.
- desktop -> personalize -> windows color -> advanced settings -> captions.. etc none has helped.
- HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control Panel -> Desktop -> WindowMetricsFind "MinWidth" which obviously has no effect on the toolbar/quiclaunch icon size.

A:change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small.

Quote: Originally Posted by koolkat77

could you post a screenshot of how your task bar looks now?

as you can see from picture below, same icons. but large is too large, small is too small. i wish there is a change in registry where i could modify this as i do not wish to use 3rd party dock.

those 3rd party program looks nice, but since they are not part of the taskbar, windows that are opened block them, and even if they do come with functions to be always on top, they block the windows that are opened instead.

unless theres a 3rd party dock that can be part of the taskbar, im wont be interested in it.

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For a while now my Windows folder has been taking up more space on my 60GB SSD than I think it should. The size breakdown goes like this:

C:/Windows - 28 GB

- winsxs - 11.65 GB
- System32 - 8.45 GB
- Assembly - 1.63 GB
- SysWOW64 - 1.30 GB
- Installer - 1.17 GB
- Microsoft.NET - 1.03 GB
- SoftwareDistribution - 0.85 GB

I do regular registry fixes and temp file cleans, and I do regular inspections on my drives to remove unnecessary files and programs. However, the large increase in my Windows folder which happened about 6 months ago is really bothering me.

Is there any way get rid of some excess files? Or is this just a case of Windows inaccurately showing the actual amount of free space due to hard links?

Help is appreciated, thanks

A:Abnormally large Windows folder, size reduction possible?

Have you run disk cleanup?

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Hello, I want what's inside the external hard drive, to look the same no matter the pc it's plugged into.
So, I found how to change Folder Icons permanently from another thread,..
Now, what remains is changing the folder view, or else the icons won't be clear, so is that even possible?
PS. I know it's kinda OCD ..

A:External Hard Drive, Permanent Folder View (Folder Icon Size)

I did some research , and found that it was possible on windows xp via the "desktop.ini" through "FolderType=string" (eg: pictures, videos), but it seems it's impossible on windows 7.
The reason is that the " Show Common Tasks" in Folder options has been removed from windows 7.

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I need to split a folder containing several levels of subfolders into dvdr sizes for backup. I would like to retain not only the folder name but subfolders names.

Ex. C:\Pictures\Summer is 7gb and i would like to split it into C:\folder1\pictures\summer and C:\folder2\my pictures\summer

Any one know of a util? RAR/ZIP is an option but I would really like viewable access to the files on any disc.

The folder I need to split is quite large 70GB.

A:Split large size folder into smaller ones retaining subfolder names

Your talking about 16+ DVDs for that one file. The odds of one of them being bad is quite high.

Why not backup to an external hard drive instead?

Also, most burner software will do this for you automatically. I know Roxio will for sure. It will put as much as it can on each DVD then prompt you for a new one when that is done.

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How (if possible) can I assign a custom icon to a folder so that it will remain that folder's icon no matter where on the computer I move it to, even if I copy it to another drive (ext., flash, cd, etc.) or computer.

thnx - and sorry if addressed elsewhere, pleas provide link.

A:Permanent Custom Folder Icon?

Make a new folder on the desktop:

Open notepad and copy and paste this:


Save as desktop.ini inside the folder you are changing(look at screenshot)

Put a icon in the folder and name it:


Then open Command Prompt and type:

Press enter
Close Command Prompt

This only works if you move and paste the folder not if you copy and paste.

I needed to refresh my thumb drive for it to show.


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Hi, I am new, so apologies if this is the wrong area to post in, I have set a 'Custom icon' via the folder properties file (Select folder, Right click, properties,etc) and I can see the image I want but it is surrounded by a folder still I was wondering if there is a fix or something to remove it permanently I will share a gyazo here so you can see for yourselves what I mean. LINK As you can see a folder acts as a border, I wish to remove it as a whole, thank you for reading!
// Mike.

A:Windows 10 folder CUSTOM icon

Originally Posted by michaelukz

Hi, I am new, so apologies if this is the wrong area to post in, I have set a 'Custom icon' via the folder properties file (Select folder, Right click, properties,etc) and I can see the image I want but it is surrounded by a folder still I was wondering if there is a fix or something to remove it permanently I will share a gyazo here so you can see for yourselves what I mean. LINK As you can see a folder acts as a border, I wish to remove it as a whole, thank you for reading!
// Mike.

Hi @michaelukz, welcome to!

You'll need to create a shortcut of the folder and apply a custom .ico (icon) file to it for the representing image.

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I'm using Kolor Autopano Pro, on W8 Pro. In this application there is a 'Select images' control which opens an explorer window to choose the images for a pano.

Often it crashes with an exception c0000374, as follows:

Autopano Pro (Build 12/03/2013 )

Stopped working

‎12/‎05/‎2013 16:04

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Kolor\Autopano Pro 3.0\AutopanoPro_x64.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: AutopanoPro_x64.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 513f04c4
Fault Module Name: StackHash_58b1
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16420
Fault Module Timestamp: 505ab405
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: PCH_1B_FROM_ntdll+0x0000000000002C2A
OS Version: 6.2.9200.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 58b1
Additional Information 2: 58b107ff772738b9d40473f199a9bbac
Additional Information 3: 398f
Additional Information 4: 398ffb97eb84e25cb020526ceb62d673

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: dae2bdc92438601f1b7abf5ca3a5c973 (104288499)

In particular it crashes if I scroll the window rapidly while the thumbnails are still being populated.
If I scroll it one row at a time to the very end, such that all the thumbnails (from DNG, JPG and TIF files) are filled in then I can use the slider to scroll rapidly up and down the window, no problem at all. Cycling through the different ... Read more

A:Exception when scrolling a folder with 'large icon' view.

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (even though you're not reporting BSOD's): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Also, Please do the following (preferably immediately after the app crashes - it'll be easier for me to scan):
- open Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

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Hi everyone,

I have used a bunch of tutorials from this site over the last few years and never joined up. However, I am infuriated at windows 7 not letting me get my own way with custom icons! Infuriated enough to sign up.

All I wanted was a custom folders icon (for ALL folders) which can be done easy enough, but the catch 22, in order to do this properly, one must turn off thumbnails (organise > folder options > view > always show icons, never thumbnails).

This means you end up with a window with a couple of hundred identical jpeg/png/whatever icons... not very useful when you need a quick overview of contained images within the folder.

So, we turn the thumbnails back on, ah thats better, we can quickly see our images again! Oh wait, those disgusting yellow overlayed thumbnail folders are back!

There needs to be another option in windows 7:

Always show icons (folders only), show file thumbnails

Would be great but I can't find any way to achieve this. Even iconpackager can't do this and I bloody bought it! All that happens is that you end up with your nice custom icon, with a little bit of photo thumbnail sticking out the bottom of it, so you have to 'always show icons, never thumbnails'... well that was a waste of money!

I would install linux instead if it were more useful, changing ALL icons is easy and makes sense in that, and takes about 5mins! I have a lovely custom theme, of course, let down by those yellow folder icons that make me want to puke!

Has a... Read more

A:How do I use custom folder icon but still get file thumbnails

Welcome to the Seven Forums

It can be done look at this tutorial Folder Icon - Change Default Icon

You need to have to icons built just right for thumbnails to show look at screenshot you need a back and a front for it to work.
Look at this thread Custom made icons [1] there are some made up in there.


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I made a Custom Music Icon that is tied to Windows Media Player, but every few minutes it reverts back to its default icon... How can I stop this????

Here is what happens exactly;

I change the Icon to my Custom Icon Via Properties>Customize>Change Icon>Browse

I choose my custom icon and hit Apply, it then changes to my custom icon.

a few minutes or seconds later it changes back to the default Folder icon.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated! thank you.

A:Custom Music Folder Icon Reverts Help Please

Welcome to Seven Forums, Revenant

May I ask you a few questions like
1. Are you changing the Music folder in the libraries .... or a folder containing music situated in any other location ?
2. Are you trying to change the music file icon of windows media player ?

My answers ....
1. If you want to change the Music library icon, Follow the tutorial Libraries Icons - Change . But if it is any other folder , you cannot change only one folder icon as long as the folder thumbnail preview is enabled , and you are to disable the thumbnail preview . For details, read Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable .

2. If you want to change the music file icon, follow the tutorial File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon .

It is better to Icon Cache - Rebuild after any alteration in the icons .

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I have the habit of customizing folders' icon for easier management and nicer look, when needed. When copying a folder or many folders/subfolders with Microsoft Explorer, no matter where the destination is, the customized icons are showing up properly rather than the standard yellow folder icon.
I started using a synchronization application as I need to replicate some data on different devices/places and the synchronization should be two way so that no matter where I work and what I do I have a perfect mirror of the data.
Sadly, I noticed that any kind of software, even xcopy (from MS-DOS), fail to replicate properly the customized icons. So, I end up with plain standard folders on target path.

I read this article on this forum but it does not apply (see below). I also opened a new support question on (it is in Italian) but nobody seems to answer with a solution.

The goal is to be able to replicate/reproduce custom folder's icons without any manual interaction exactly as if I would do this via Explorer. It is not acceptable that a user has to manually modify what was synchronized having to go through thousands of folders...

I am trying to understand what does Explorer do that makes it capable to reproduce the correct icon when, instead, any other software fails and how to apply the solution to third party software.

Please anyone can kindly help?
Thank you

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Let's say there is a folder1 and a subfolder.
subfolder is inside of the folder1.

Is there a way to make the file icons in subfolder extra large and make file icons in folder1 extra small?


A:change icon size for certain folder only?

Hello Tozymba,

As long as this is not in a library, then yes. You should be able to just set the icon view size to how you like in each folder using any one of the options in the tutorial below.

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Hope this helps,

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this start happening 3 days ago, every time i try to open a file that is not "recognized by windows by default", for example, a torrent file, a .java script, an iso image, etc...
Everytime i do that the "search for application to open this file in Windows store" message popup, even if i right click on the file -> property -> change the default application-> apply-> ok.
first of all the file icon doesn't change, which is strange, but also, when i double click on it again, it still give me the same message saying that there is no default app to open this file.
Any help please ?

Thank you

- I tried cleaning registry with CCleaner, nothing changed (restarted the computer after that too)
- I also tried sfc/scannow and it said (original was in French so..) :"Scan was successfully completed and found corrupted files, however, it couldn't >fix them all, for more details see log file CBS.log"here is a link to that file a new link (it's 8mb with more than 45k lines....)
i just went to control panel -> default program, and was really surprised by the list there, it doesn't even have 1/4 of the installed programs i have in my computer, what's wrong ? :

My Specs :Os : Windows 8.1
Cpu : intel i7-4770 3.40Ghz
Gpu : nVidia GTX-750
Ram : 8Gb
HDD : 2tb

A:can't save settings like default app, folder and icon size

You ​seem to have a driver update problem-

Have you tried running, in an admin cmd prompt, -

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

then running sfc again ?

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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to prevent reset of icon size inside a folder, or to have an adaptative (to avoid having too many blank space) icon size in folders?
Another question, probably a lot easier: is it possible to avoid Windows automatic Optimize this folder for?

A:Lock icon size (even if moving a folder or if I plug unplug a storage)

Welcome to Seven Forums Joljo. For the Optimize issue, this seems to be a windows thing, where even though you set everything the way you like, Windows has it's own ideas that said, have a look at the registry edit in this thread

Disable "optimize this folder for..."

It's always advised to make a system image before doing any regostry editing, or at least make a backup of the registry

Registry - Backup and Restore

As to the icon issue, I'm afraid I don't know quite what the issue is, can you explain the behaivor and what triggers it?

A Guy

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I have huge icons on my desktop and I cannot re-size them. I like them quite small for a Laptop with its limited screen size.
I have put the comp into Windows Classic mode and tried to re-size under 'Appearance Settings' - Advanced - Icon.
After 'Apply' I get the 'Please Wait' - but there is never a change.

Can someone help - please?

A:ICON SIZE - Vista on HP Laptop

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A:Vista task bar icon size

Hello Allen, and welcome to Vista Forums.

These may be able to help you with this:

Taskbar IconsQuick Launch - Icon SizeAdvanced Appearance
NOTE: Change the Caption Buttons item's Size (step 6) to a larger number to increase the size of the Notification Area icons.Hope this helps,

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Before in vista, if I wanted to, I could just right click any folder and change the picture to a different .ico file. I'm a real customization freak, and the plain yellow folders are driving me nuts. But the Right Click>Properties>Change Icon thing won't work on 7... I already tried looking up on google if there was a way to change it, but all I found was a registry change that turned the default folders into something else...I just want to know if it's possible to change each individual folder like with Vista?

A:Custom Folder Icons like in Vista?

Here's an awesome tutorial that I think may just be what you're looking for.

Folder Icon - Change Windows 7 Default Folder Icon

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im customizing my desktop and would like to change the size of the icons on my taskbar. ive already made the "minwidth" in my registry and set it at 56 i want the size larger like 7 lol

A:Windows vista taskbar icon size

To change the text in the Taskbar, right-click Desktop to open Personalize, Window Color and Appearance.
Go to Advanced.
In the drop-down menu, select 3D Objects, and Text size. You can change the text size (and color) to the one you want. If that doesn't work, trying selecting Icon, and see if that changes the text in the Taskbar.

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Hi all. I'm using Windows Vista on an Aspire 5935G laptop. My problem is, the icon size is too big but the internet font size is fine. How do I decrease/increase the icon size on the desktop?

Merry Christmas to one & all!



A:Solved: Windows Vista desktop icon size

Try this:
Right click the Desktop.
Place your mouse over View.
Click Medium or Classic Icons.

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I am a *newby* so please bear with me. I have a Icon Making pgm and made an icon but I can't seem to locate my Icon folder to put it in so when I right click a folder and want to change the icon it just opens my icon folder but I don't know where it is so I can add my new icon to choose from. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

A:How to add an icon to my vista icon folder

Hello txbear

I don`t think you can add icons to the Vista default folder.

Make a folder for the icons you create
e.g. C:\Icons

Then after you click "Change icon" use the "Browse " button at the top to find C:\Icons and select the icon

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I was wondering if anyone knows how to view folder sizes in Vista - without selecting properties for each folder. You know how you can sort by file size, type, etc? Well you can't do that with folder sizes...

I know there are plenty of third-party apps for XP, but so far I haven't found any that are compatible for Vista.

I hope I've explained myself clearly...can anyone help?

Thanks. :)

A:View folder size in Vista

Hi piggyboo. . .

Welcome back to TSF...

Try Treesize . .

Happy Hunting... (og, take a look at c:\windows\winsxs - mine is ~13GB)



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I created a folder- "Utilities" - on my Vista desktop, to store often use shortcuts. I changed the standard "Windows yellow file folder" to a star icon.

Also created 4 sub folders under "Utilities" & changed all their folder icons to same star.

If I click the quick launch main "Utilities" folder w/ star icon, it shows the star (for a bit) in the task bar icon for the "Utilities" opened folder.

But if from that main folder, I click on any of its sub folders (all w/ star icons), which just opens the next folder in the same window, the task bar icon then only shows a standard Windows yellow file folder.

Here's the twist: If in explorer window, I browse to C:\Users\<current user>\Desktop\Utilities (where "Utilities," is the folder I created), and "Open" any of the 5 folders in a NEW WINDOW FROM THERE, THEN the task bar tab displays the stars. IOW, in this method, I'm actually opening a NEW explorer window for each of the sub folders - NOT going from one folder to the next (IN THE SAME WINDOW). As long as a NEW explorer window is opened, it displays the correct star icons.

How do I get the star icons I put on these "Utility" SUB folders, to show up on task bar tab (instead of yellow file folder icon), when I just CLICK the sub folders, going from one folder to the next, in the SAME WINDOW, NOT OPEN A NEW WINDOW for EVERY sub folder? I don't want 5 of those folders opened s... Read more

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I'm a gamer, I've seen the desktop when games go into full screen it zooms in the desktop and such, I was on YouTube watching a video then my computer randomly turns off, that's a problem for another post, right now my problem is that YouTube video was in full screen when my computer turned off, and when I turned it back on, (about a minute before making this post) all the icons were still zoomed in and big, I tried going full screen on a video then out of full screen to see if it would go back to its default and I gave the control panel a quick look but I have no clue where to go with this but here,

A:Weird Icon Size Problem

Right click on the desktop where there are no icons.  In the drop menu that opens click on view and change the icons to a smaller size.

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I was reading a book about win 98 about the command
grpconv /s...
Anyway don't ask me why but I tried this is the RUN command on my PC with XP.. did not see any messages..but now I notice:

1. All my icons in IE favorites (menu) are bigger
2. On the Start menu ( ie Programs) again all the icons are bigger
3. Say I launch a application, ie Word all is OK but the little icon showing in the top left corner is bigger
4. On my "Quick Launcher" bar all the icons are bigger as well, and on the right hand side of the task bar ie clock and internet connection icon,( the time now is showing the day as well )

note all icons on desktop are fine, I have gone through all the obvious settings and all seem as they should be, as I last reset them. I even tried a system restore, but this would not work??

Its not causing any problems, but it all looks "Naff" if you know what I mean!
Can someone help ( Hope I don't have to do a full re-install )

A:Win XP ..problem with menu icon size??

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I'm sharing a folder on a Windows XP computer with 15,000 sub-folders/files over a small network. This folder used to be hosted in Windows Server 2003 machine. But after I made the switch to XP, accessing the shared folder over the network takes over 1 minute for the files to list.

Does anyone know what might be causing this slow performance? And is it related to the XP operating system?

Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.


A:Problem sharing folder with large number of files over network

if you are using sp2 or 3 i believe this problem could be caused by a tcp connection limit have a look at this

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I'm running Win7 Home (64-bit)
When I enter 'Network & Sharing Center' > Manage Wireless Networks, for some inexplicable reason, the icon showing my network connection has suddenly changed to 'small' (VERY small!!) when it was previously 'large'
I checked 'View' and also right-clicked free space in window, but all other options are now greyed out.
Anyone know what's happened and how I can reverse it?
Many thanks

A:Problem with Icon Size in Manage Wireless Networks

Hello kwil,

In the "Manage Wireless Networks" window. First press the ALT to bring up the menu. Select: Tools / Folder Options / View / Reset Folders

Back in the View menu, the greyed out options should be selectable again.

Hope this helps,

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Hello, I'm curious
Does anyone know how to modify the "blank" slates on the vista folder icon on which the inside items are composted?

I know that the inner and outer walls are seperate icons (I think 5 and 6 in the DLL or something along these numbers), but I can seem to find the position or orientation of the preview generated images.

A:Vista Folder Icon preview

Normally a third party software package can achive this.

I did do it when I had XP.

Download Free Vista Themes
vista desktop skins - Google Search=

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I'm having a little problem with my folder shortcut on my desktop. I have files in the folder, but it still shows the folder as 'empty'. I've tried refreshing, but it didn't help.

A:Vista empty folder icon won't refresh

Hello ZaBaKa.

Try deleting the shortcut on the desktop, then create another shortcut at the file.
R. click, send to desktop (create shortcut).

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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Hi all,

I've been trying to find a way to add my own icons to libraries that I make. I have tried navigating to:

And after right clicking the Library I made, I don't get an option to change the icon. Is there any way to do this? It would just be easier to tell the difference between user-created libraries if the icons could be changed, instead of only using the one default icon provided.

I've tried searching through the tutorials section, and looked through the first five pages or so of results that came up from a search here on the forums, and haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for.

Thanks for any help!

A:How to add a custom icon to a custom library?

Wasn't able to find the answer on here, but did find it here:

Libraries Icons - Change

Thought I'd share for anyone else that wants to try it.

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Vista Forum,

Thank you for posting this usefule information. I have relied on this forum for several issues I have had with Vista. I want to say thank you.

So, here is my current issues. I have read and seached for a solution for changing the folder icon for a folder that was created by me. In this folder I have included several manuals PDF documents that I would like to place on the the desktop of our corporate computers.

The problem is that I am not able to change the icon on this particular folder. I have read all the documenation and performed the following steps. Right clicking on the folder> Selecting the customize tab> Selecting the Change Icon Button> Selecting the icon I would like to use> The icon even shows up next to the "change icon" button once I have selected it. After I select apply nothing happens. the icon does not change and the setting never sticks.

I have noticed the folder I'm attempting to change the icon on is located in the C:\users\public\public desktop location. Is there anything different I should be doing in order to change a folder icon located here?

When I'm in full admin mode on a test machine I'm able to save with out any issues. What sort of security issues may be preventing me from changing the folder icon on a PC that may or may not be "managed".

I'm currently using Windows Vista business edition. Any suggestions would be helpful as I have read and tried what has been listed here and on other thre... Read more

A:Folder Icon In vista public desktop location

Courtesy of Brink...

Folder Icon Change

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This is really annoying. I open up my documents, and this pops up everytime. It seems that I need a "desktop" folder in my documents.. I dont know, I'm getting a headache over this I cant even explain it but heres a picture that might help..


A:Solved: Vista Desktop Icon in My Documents Folder

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I have finally decided to put my screen settings to 1024-768 or what ever that one is lol .. but my only problem now is the font size.. for example up top of this page where it says file,edit, view really small and same as the name thats down on my bar at the bottom of my screen where my open windows are they are really small and I want to make them bigger how do I do that? also .. my quick launch icons are super small can I make them bigger? I made the ones on my desktop bigger but can't figure out how to make the quick launch ones bigger.. can anyone help me please.. Ty.


A:font size and quick launch icon size

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My grandchild was playing a shooting game, when suddenly the picture when sideways and there was large lettering.

I was able to upright the lettering, but still have the large lettering on the font.

I tryto get into a folder or program, but the large lettering prevents acessing all the information.

I was able to play TW08 golf game with no problems, but when I finished and returned to windows large lettering still there.

Have tried to find somewhere to reduce the size to normal, but unsuccessful.


A:vista home edition large font large lettering

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The code below will do the following if you have a table set up in WORD:
1. Sequence down a column of cells one after another while:
2. being given the choice to embed a selectable pdf file from a File Open dialog popup after which
3. the embedded object is displayed as a icon ( icon set always same set in code)
4. goes to next lower cell and repeats from step 2
5. keeps doing this until you click Cancel in the File Open dialog box

My question is how do I make the icon conform a set size after it is embedded? Right now I have to go back and resize all the icons after I finish the embedding. I think the trick is to use a 'With' loop but haven't figured it out yet. Here's the code. Thanks for your help:

Sub EmbedPDFAndDisplayIcon()
Dim d As Dialog
Dim r As Word.Range
Dim p As Object
Dim vrtSelectedItem As Variant
For Each r In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
Dim fd As FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
ActiveWindow.ScrollIntoView Selection.Range, True
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
With fd
If .Show = -1 Then
For Each vrtSelectedItem In .SelectedItems
Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEObject ClassType:="AcroExch.Document", _
FileName:=vrtSelectedItem _
, LinkToFile:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=True, IconFileName:= _
"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\acrord32.exe", IconIndex:=0, _
IconLabel:= _
MsgBox "Select cancel to Save. Item e... Read more

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I've run into this problem where Oulook Express won't show me anything in my Inbox. Doing a bit of googling, I discovered that the Inbox.dbx file has gone over the 2GB size. Apart from importing this file into another email client (Mozilla, Eudora), what can I do to get all my mails back in Outlook Express. I'm running Windows XP.


A:Outlook Express V6 - 2GB size problem on folder

Hi, wacky. Moved your post over to Internet applications 'cause OE isn't a business application. Good luck!

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I want to increase the type font display size globally, for all applications & windows features, but I want to preserve the smaller desktop icon size. Is there any way to adjust them independently?

I know about the advanced display settings for window color & appearance, and that has some good settings, but it is not sufficient, because it does not change most instances of text as it displays in applications.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Any way to change type size but NOT icon size?

Here's my whole list of font size change settings, one of which might provide the answer for you. You've probably tried some of them, but see if there's something here that might change the font size on those icons, without changing the size of the icons themselves:

1. This is the one of the main setting tools for setting various locations of Windows font sizes. Right-click on the Desktop and go to Personalize, Window Color and Appearance. Click on Advanced, and in the drop-down menu, select the item that controls the location where you wish to change the font size. (Note: the last one, Window, does not have an option to control font size.)

2. DPI - Right click on Desktop, Personalize, On Personalization Page, go to left column to: Adjust Font size ? DPI, DPI Scaling: Click on Large scale (120 DPI), and click Apply.

3. Screen Resolution: Right-click on the Desktop, choose Screen Resolution, click on the down-arrow at the end of the Resolution box, and pick the desired resolution. Check OK.

4. Display: Right-click on the Desktop, select Personalize, then Display. From the 3 settings: Small, Medium, Large, if screen defaults to Medium (125% size for font and images) and that?s too large, use Small for 100% size (aka ?normal?)

5. At the lower right hand corner of every IE web page, there?s a Zoom control that lets you increase the size of every web page, and it stays at that Zoom setting for every page until/unless you change it.

6. Open Internet Explorer, go to T... Read more

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So I'm having this strange problem with folder content icons changing and/or disappearing when I do not change anything in properties or interact with them at all, for that matter.

Here is a link to a picture of what I'm talking about:

I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me what exactly is going on and how to fix it.

A:Vista Home Premium Music Folder Content Icon Disappearing/Changing


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I have a folder which contains avi clip and a picture. The picture is shown in folder icon, it's pretty cool. But i wondered if it's possible to use the picture as icon (only the picture). I've already tried to change jpeg format to icon and then changed from properties > customize > Change icon but the icon is very bad quality and when using extra large icons the folder icon doesen't get bigger. Please someone help!

A:Folder icon problem

can you post a snapshot of it? thanks.

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My folder icons in windows 7 are now really annoying, caused by a change to them on a program called Iconpackager. I try to change them back to default (in Iconpackager) and it doesnt work! I've tried deleting the iconcache and letting it rebuild, I've tried a program called WinBubble too, both with no success. I've even tried a method that apparently works: Going into regedit and deleting a few files that apparently remove the IconSkins. Still with no success. Please, I really need help!! Ive got a image of them too: (link to image in attachements) there are many more like the ones on the image, they even appear when I create a new one.... Any solution to restoring them to default? Please help someone!!!!!

A:Folder Icon problem :(

try this,that ought to reset your folders back to default
note it will reset any third party themes you may have also.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker - Windows 7 Forums

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Thank you for taking the time to read my query.
I just restored a bkf file and the restored folder is smaller than the original bkf file. I need to delete the bkf file which is 12 GB but don't want to until I am sure all the files were restored.
I would like to figure out which files were not restored.
Is there any way to figure out which files are missing. After I restored the files, the report says that hardlinks could not be transferred but does not the size of them. The bkf file size is 33,754,314 bytes larger than the restored file,but the bkf file "size on disk"is 19, 099,648 bytes smaller than the restored folder!!!
When I left click on the bkf file and select properties it does not tell me how many files are in the bkf file only the bytes.

Is there any freeware/program that will tell me the number of files in the bkf properties dialogue box? Or even better let me look at the size and number of files in the three main folders I backed up.? I can not access/explore the bkf file only restore it. That would solve my problem. My backup tree is C:sharedhardlinkdata>beth>documents and settings>beth> and then 3 folders underneath
Thank you

A:bkf files:restored folder's size differs from size of bkf file

Try this



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I have an issue with a custom TSP written in C++. It should be used by outlook to make a call. It works fine under windows xp, but under Vista it doesn't. I am not sure which is the problem because I am able to add it in the Advanced tab from Phone and Modem options and I am able to select it from the New Call dialog from Outlook to use it as a line. When I press Start call i receive an error "An internal error occurred in the automatic phone dialer. Close the dial phone box and then open it again".
Also, using the dialer.exe application from microsoft I am unable to use it. The following error shows: "An internal error occured in Phone Dialer. Quit and restart Phone Dialer."
Can you please advice me how I can solve this?


A:Custom TSP problem on Windows Vista 32 bit

Hi Gabi,

Outlook is no longer included with Vista and I suspect your C++ application is using the wrong dialer calls for standard users and either requires elevation or a slight rewrite to work without an existing elevated Mail or Dialer Client running.


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I cannot download large size updates because of my Internet bill, earlier i had symantec and the update size were nearly 30 MB per 4 days, really worst for me, so i directly uninstalled it and switched to AVG, and the only thing i liked about AVG is the small size updates which are just 30 KB per 5 days and even spybot-sd provides small size updates but rather then AVG free is there any other anti-virus and anti-spyware software which provides completely less size updates (30 kb per day), becoz i think avg free provides only basic level protection, or is it that i will continue using avg free, and spybot-sd

A:Really fad up because of the large size updates

Unfortunately, that's seems to be the way of things for now. The vendors have to keep adding/revising their database defintions to keep them up to date. Some vendors do this several times a day. There are security programs which allow you to download updates manually. I still have to use dial-up because of the rural area where I live. A solution for me is to manually download the large updates to the security tools I use (SUPERAntispyware, MalwareBytes) from another computer with a high speed connection, save them to a usb stick and transfer them to my machine when I get home. However, I use NOD32 AV which does not have a manual download page so I have no choice but to update through the program's GUI if I want to keep it (which I do).

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I believe that this is the result of a recent Windows update.

A font seems to have suddenly grown very large in some applications. An example is shown in the attached screengrab. It is mainly in page tabs but also in some search boxes and also in some application update dialog boxes.

This is the output from TSG Sysinfo

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16383 Mb
Graphics Card: BB Capture Driver, 6 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228933 MB, Free - 19186 MB; D: Total - 453867 MB, Free - 137767 MB; F: Total - 278994 MB, Free - 271427 MB; G: Total - 220902 MB, Free - 214352 MB; H: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 67828 MB; I: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 557568 MB; L: Total - 1907695 MB, Free - 1470284 MB; Q: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 270095 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Anybody got any suggestions please?

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Just rebooted computer and all my windows, menu's, fonts etc have become very large.. how can u restore the size of these things back to normal?

A:Large Size Windows

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I already know how to change the tile size for stuff like the store, internet explorer, etc. But for unofficial apps like Firefox, how would I do it? There has to be a program out there that can do this...

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I have a .pdf file that is nearly 6.5 mb and the file is too large to easily email to a friend. How can I make it smaller so I can email it? I view it with Adobe Reader 7.0 and do not have access to the Professional version.

A:.PDF size too Large to Email

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running windows xp and when I open a document that uses word 2007,the document is larger than the screen.The "x" at the top right is off the screen not allowing me to close the doc.Can I decrease the size of the documents?.

A:document size too large

This is NOT a Word issue, but a Windows pane setting issue.

With Word open, Hit "Alt-" (hyphen) and then using the down directional key select Move and the enter key.
Now using the directional keys, move the pane so you can see one of the upper corners. Click with the mouse and then select the corner and resize the pane so you can see all of it.

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Hi, please help. I have a one year old Lenovo desktop PC which is run on windows 8. I'm using a Insignia 39 inch tv/monitor and the desktop display is off the screen. Tried changing the resolution and that doesn't help. My bottom taskbar is about 1/2 inch off the screen and the sides are of about an inch. I know I had this same problem when I first bought this monitor and some tech at Lenovo helped me resize it. The Lenovo is an Ideacenter K4 series. Also, this problem is not when I open new pages or programs, only on my desktop screen with my icons.

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I seem to be having this problem where the image of my icon on my folders keeps changing to some image that I did not apply or select to be the image. This usually happens where a folder icon changes to one of the album covers I have as some image icon somewhere else on my hard drive. I can fix this temporarily by right clicking on the folder, going to Applications Properties, then to Customize Tab, then clicking on Change Icon button where it then says, "Look for icons in this file: %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll and then select from list below.....if I switch icons down here then it will temporarily fix the folder icon, however for some reason my folders icon changes to some random album cover icon from an image on my hard drive???????? Any one have a fix for this?

A:Icon Image Folder Problem

You might try TweakUI for XP found here:

Click on repair and the rebuild icons (or scroll down to repair music folder icons etc...)

Might make the changes you want permanent.

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Hello, i'm changing my folder icon, on desktops it seems ok but when i'm opening the folder that i switched the icon, the folder still has the same icon on the taskbar. Any ideas ?

A:Changing folder icon Problem

Welcome to the Seven Forums

The open folder icon changes depending on the open folder in use, if it's just a regular folder it may be icon #3 or 4 in the imageres.dll but that will change all regular folder.

Post a screenshot of the icon on the taskbar when open.
Use these tutorials for posting screenshots.
Screenshot with Paint
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums


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My 32GB Windows 10 Home PC (recently upgraded from 8.1) is low on disk space. I deleted Windows.old and I have hibernation disabled. Apart from a few browsers, very little else is installed, yet I only have 11.7GB left?

One reason may be the size of the Windows folder:
Size 14.7GB
Size on Disk 9.91GB

From my calculations, Windows appears to be using the higher figure in determining available disk space.

Why is 'Size' so much greater than 'Size on Disk', can I do anything about it? I have a similar 8.1 machine, it does not have this disparity (12.4GB and 12.3GB).

What would be a normal 'Size' for a Windows folder on Windows 10 Home PC very recently upgraded from 8.1 i.e. with few, if any Windows live updates run ?

A:Windows Folder Size greater than Size on Disk

I imagine its because windows compresses some system files currently it may be using 9gb but with all files uncompressed you may be looking at 14 which is why it uses the higher value

Windows 10 will save disk space and no longer require a recovery partition | Windows 10 content from SuperSite for Windows

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Wow I've Googled this one to death so desperation mode is on.

Here is where the settings I'm speaking of are located...

Control Panel->>Personalization-->>"Widnows Color">>Advanced Appearance Settings>>
Then select ICON
then change the setings for Horizontal Icon Spacing and Vertical Icon Spacing.

There are the default setting I can't find.

So, what is/are the default Windows 7 settings for the following desktop options.

1. Icon SIZE (and the "Font" and "Font Size" for it)
2. Icon Spacing Horizontal
3. Icon Spacing Vertical

And if possible, what are the Windows 7 defaults numbers/settings for the entire Control Panel->>Personalization-->>"Widnows Color">>Advanced Appearance Settings>> Section??

A:Icon Size,Icon Spacing settings? Please Help me Please

1. Icon SIZE (and the "Font" and "Font Size" for it) Size 32/Mine is Segoe UI/And font size 9
2. Icon Spacing Horizontal 43
3. Icon Spacing Vertical 43

And if possible, what are the Windows 7 defaults numbers/settings for the entire Control Panel->>Personalization-->>"Widnows Color">>Advanced Appearance Settings>> Section??
Active title bar 21/font size 9
Border 1
Border padding 4
Caption buttons 21
Inactive title bar 21/font size 9
Inactive border 1
Menu 19/font size 9
Message box-font size 9
Palette title 17/font size 9
Scrollbar 17
Selected items 19/font size 9
Tooltip 9

All fonts are Segoe UI

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I have been getting spontaneous BSOD with no apparent cause. The wierd thing is it has stopped happening while I am using the computer, or rather during the day, but I have been leaving it running at night and when I get there in the morning its rebooted and I get a "Windows has encountered a serious error" message box upon logging in. I went and copied the documents that it said would explain the problem, but while I am a little clever with computers, I could not even begin to decipher how those documents describe the problem.
Hence why I'm here, hopefully someone much more clever than me can help work out why my computer is crashing like it is. If y'all need any other info about my machine, just let me know and ill post it.

Windows Vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002)
Intel Core2 Extreme 3.00Ghz
4gb DDR2 RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3800 Dual cards w/ Crossfire
Asus P5Q-E Motherboard


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This is driving me NUTS! I've been grappling with this problem for days! I am running Office 2010 on Windows 7 64-bit. I just created my first PowerPoint presentation containing 30 slides, all containing images, with a total of 35 images overall. All of the images together add up to less than 6 MB. During the creation of the slides I was careful to follow the guidelines for Sizing Digital Images For Powerpoint.

However, when I save the presentation to disk, it is over 55 MB! I have tried to Compress Pictures from the Format toolbar-- no effect. In fact, file size of the presentation was larger after this. If I go to File>Info>Optimize Media Compatibility, this option is GRAYED OUT and does not work! I want to be able to send this presentation as an email attachment, but 55MB is way too big!

What the heck is going on here? How can I fix this???

Thanks for any and all advice.

A:PowerPoint File Size Too Large!

are you saving just the presentation itself - or the full working powerpoint file?

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We recently purchased a 22" widescreen Samsung EX2220 LCD monitor. Unfortunately the icons and labels on thedesktop and the teston the toolbars, taskbars, drop down menus are too small. I've changed the setting several times (Control Panel -display-Appearance-"Font Size" and all the "advanced" settings.) By doing this the fonts and text gets larger. However, every time we re-boot, all the settings go back to the way they were - small.
Does anyone know how to keep they large after a reboot?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't keep Icons and font size large
do that first, will help anyhow

your issue may be because your graphics can not handle the resolution you are wanting, check your graphics card/motherboard spec with manufacturer to see what max resolution is

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Hi, I have the exact problem as another member. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a 15 inch Toshiba laptop my first computer ever. I changed the DPI screen resolution to the largest print since it was orginally too small to see and now cannot access the bottom of that screen to make any changes to reset it back small again. This enlargement of the screen also occurs on many of the control panel screens and all websites I visit. Spent hours trying everything possible all kinds of ways to fix this and very frustrated. Tried to enter through Classic Control Panel and Ease of Use suggestion to change it but no luck. Will read up on that safe mode idea. My 20 something computer neighbor was also baffled and tried to reboot but was unable to do this either hoping to reset it all back to the factory settings. Thanks for any help. Judy

A:Cannot change large DPI size back

Hello Judy, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You should me able to boot into Safe Mode and change the DPI settings back there, then boot back into the normal desktop mode.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all
It seems that the default paging size set in RTM is the same as the actual amount of physical RAM in the system - on the laptop I'm using this is 4GB.

Now unless your system is going totally 100% bonkers the general rule of thumb for setting paging size in almost every OS on the planet that uses paging is to set the page file size at HALF the amount of physical RAM installed in the system.

I've re-set mine without any adverse effects whatsoever. Also makes startup and shut down quicker as there's less paging info to initialize and free.


A:Default paging size in RTM too large

Windows has always set the default page file size to a range of 1.5x to 3x the physical RAM size. And given that 90% of the world's OS is Windows, I think that the vast majority of operating systems don't have it set to half the RAM size. :P

That having been said, setting the paging file size based on the physical RAM size is silly and makes no sense. Even if you set it to half the RAM size, that means that on systems with more RAM, you have a larger paging file (when in fact you will be using less of the paging file). I normally set my paging file to a static size, either 1GB or 2GB, regardless of how much RAM the system has.

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When sending E-mails with attachments, sometimes the attachments open and fill the entire screen. They are the correct size if'n you click on the attachment itself.
Am I doing antthing wrong???


A:Solved: Large size of attachments

You're talking about pictures? Yes it's normal. If you want a view of the picture in a size you can manage, double click on the attachment instead.

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Recently when I use favorite ccleaner software to clean my temp files, I notice that there is large size file is creating by name of CBS.log in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS with size of 200 MB or more.
I never had this issue before and it seems that this causes a high usage of cpu and hard drive speed,which causes affect on my gaming experience or other works.
do anyone has any idea why it's creating and why so large? also any suggest to prevent it?

A:large size CBS.log files creating, was never before

CBS.log is where SFC (System File Cleaner) among others writes it's information. 200MB is not a lot so I wouldn't be too concerned.

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I'm trying to merge several clips, there are 8 and they total to 283 MB, when done the file is 10.8 GB !

The files are shot at 30 fps 640x480 AVI, and I chose the same for output, other than changing from Default sound 8 bit mono I took 8 bit Stero?

I was using Honestech software, all I want is to merge the clips and have them be in the same format as they were?


A:Trying to merge clips but file size is much too large?

AVI (audio-video interleave?) is just a "wrapper" that can be used around several different codecs. So what you are doing most likely is taking a fairly substantially compressed avi, like a divx-avi or xvid-avi and converting it to a dv-avi, or some other much less compressed avi, hence the much larger file size.

Use Gspot to find out what codec the source videos are using and then either choose the same one as output or just use one of the codecs with greater compression. It may be listed in the software as MP4 or Divx or somesuch. Adjust compression as needed. The one listed as AVI is usually the DV-AVI and that is an editing format, not so much a final video product format because it is much less compressed.

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How did I change the font size from appearance to large for an individual user in a Citrix desktop (Windows 7 build).

When right clicking personalize it's blocked by group policy.
This must not apply to all users only the one persons profile.

I'm currently looking for the registry setting under HKEY_Current_User.

Thanks in advance.

A:Changing font size to large via registry

Quote: Originally Posted by TheITGuy

How did I change the font size from appearance to large for an individual user in a Citrix desktop (Windows 7 build).

When right clicking personalize it's blocked by group policy.
This must not apply to all users only the one persons profile.

I'm currently looking for the registry setting under HKEY_Current_User.

Thanks in advance.

You want to revert the font size back to default in the registry , correct?

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Hi Guys,
I recently downloaded America's Army , it was an exe file of 2.50GB .
When I tried to open it ; the pc hung ;
First I thought the file must be broken.
Later when i put in a dvd, to install medal of honor demo 554mb, i experienced the same problem. I opened process explorer and the double clicked again on the exe; I observed that "medal_of_honor_pacific_assault_demo.exe" was opening multiple times , dunno how to put it , like a chain until i terminated it ;
like this

But when i try opening exe files of lower size live TTpro.exe 5mb ; and other stuff they open without any problem.

I scanned for viruses & spyware ; with zonealarm but detected none.

Also I noted that the exe files with large files dont have their usual icons .
I also made sure that they aren't isolated cases. Check the pics

My sys config is AMD 64 3000+ , 1.5GB Ram , nvidia 7100gs, 240gb hd

I'm totally confused about this.

A:Unable to open exe files having large size

How long have you let AA run before canceling it?

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I would suspect the computer component that would dictate what size to set the Temp. Internet File Size...That being: Tools/Internet Options/General/Settings under Temporary Internet Files/Amount of disk space to use...Would be the size of your RAM.

With 4 1GB sticks installed with 3.31GB showing in "My Computer/Properties...What would be the proper setting in this case?

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The text and icons on the desktop are overlapping and the same website in IE is displaying large fonts even though the text size is set to medium. They previous user may well have set some disability option/s, but I can't see which.

Screen dumps attached.

Windows XP Home

A:Stopping large/variable size fonts

You should be able to adjust these settings through the Control Panel Accessability Options.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2030 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3967 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1791 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 448568 MB, Free - 397316 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0XFWHV
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled

The last time I backed up my C:\ drive, I noted the size of the data saved was about 49GB. Recently, I did a Treesize scan of my C:\ drive and the scan reported 55GB. Is there some way I can determine which folders or files caused the jump in size? I have downloaded some small programs, such as an appointment calendar, a diary, but these are only a few MB. Also, I have updated some software, such as my antivirus (AVG free), Adobe, Java, Windows, as urged. I wonder if any of these could have increased the size of my data to 55GB from 49GB.

I am not so concerned about using HDD capacity. I have plenty of that for my needs. But when I do an backup image, my external HDD is limited to 37GB, and I have been using medium compression to fit the backup of 49GB. I don't know if I can fit 55GB, even with compression. That is why I want to determine the cause of the jump in C:\ drive usage.

A:Solved: Tracing large increase in OS size.

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hey i am venkatesh,
in my system the drive C: has a size of 24 GB and used space is around 21GB and if i see the size of all the folders in it (including the hidden folders) the size is around 16 GB..
i don't no this comes under which type of problem ....


A:difference in folder size and drive size

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I've been wanting to see how much space folders take up, like how Disks display them when you open My Computer. Is there such an addon to Explorer, or recommend any free apps that do this?

Pic attached is of Disks, but I want Folders to do the same thing:

A:Folder Size, like Disk Size addon/app?


Try foldersizes (paid not free)
this one though is free

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I am not getting custom paper size when i m installing dotmatrix printer in windows XP!!!!
is ther anyway to get custom paper size in winxp??pls help me

A:Custom Paper Size

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How can I adjust page size for internet on my phone. Since last update page is huge and off screen. Lumia640 let W10 Mobile. Cheers drew.

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How can I adjust page size for internet on my phone. Since last update page is huge and off screen. Lumia640 let W10 Mobile. Cheers drew.

A:Internet page size too large on mobile device.

Try this How to resize text, apps, and other items in Windows 10 Mobile | Windows Central (or)
Zoom in or out:
Place 2 fingers on the screen, and slide your fingers apart or together.

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what to know if anything can be done about the file size of wordperfect 9 after inserting a jpeg image. i inserted one jpeg image of about 200k and saved the file. it comes out to be over 6 times the size of the image. is this normal or is there something i'm not doing. i've created the jpeg from a bmp using adobephotoshop at difference quality but doesn't seem to work. tried different converting programs and still no major reduction in file size. running windows xp and install all the service paks for xp and wordperfect 9. any help would be great!!! thanks...

A:wordperfect 9 file size too large with image files

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Outlook file size stays large even after compacting.
Outlook 2010 - 32bit
Win 8.1 - all updates installed
Hi there, hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.
Even after compacting the outlook pst file, the file size still seems to be huge.
Here are the details:
I've archived all the all old emails into separate pst files.
Compacted the main pst file, which it did drop down in size.
However when I do a folder size within the main pst file it shows the following
Inbox  1,283,757 KB (all sub folders included in that total)
Sent     761,452 KB 
Junk         3,330 KB
No other folders have anything in them, ie Drafts, Deleted, Outbox, RSS Feed, Search Folder
Total   2,048,539 KB or about 2 GB
The file size is showing 5,091,209 KB
Down from over 12 GB before archiving and compacting
Anyone know what's going on here?
Thanks for any help !

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I'm not sure what I've done but all of the text in the menu items is all appearing very large. I presume I've done this using a short cut some how. I've attempted all of the obvious solutions in display settings to no avail. Below is an example of how the menu looks in Excel.

I'm sure it's a simple one but any help appreciated.


A:Can't reduce large text/menu size in windows 8.1

Hi Andrew,
Welcome to W8F!

You check this?:

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I set-up Windows Live Mail from a help of this site, to which I truly feel grateful.

Now, I find a size of Font is too large,.... about '14' to '16' that I want to correct to normal font sizse, '12.'

My question is;
How to change from '14' or '16' to normal font size,12?'

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Font Size is too large on Windows Live Mail

Hi -

Go into Live Mail, click on blue tab, top-left; select "options", "mail".

This screen will then appear -

Regards. . .



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Dell Latitude 810D probably about 4 years old running XP Pro SP3. The following has happened a few times in last 18 months but reboot has always solved problem - today it continues even after reboot. No new software has been added recently; anti-virus program runs in background all the time and full sys scan every night. Dell tech support says it is a software issue. I am not getting any error messages, just screen magnification that has not been asked for by user.

When opening Firefox or MSWord initially the web page (or word document) looks normal at a reasonable text point size, but within a few seconds it progressively zooms larger to over flow the screen. In Firefox it looks like 1,600% in Word it seems to go to 500%. In either application using the menu or keyboard shortcut to restore screen to a more readable text size only retains that for a few seconds before it zooms and over flows the screen. Usually clicking on the scroll bar to move vertically is erratic and even though you click to go down on the page the screen seems to jump downward but then back up on its own.

As I said, rebooting typical would solve things but not today. Using the computer of a friend as my laptop is impossible to work with. Typing text in browser search, or Word, or email program because of the magnification becomes nearly impossible to track. I have not tried other apps, but the magnification is consistent except that with Internet Explorer things automatically zoom out making things at ... Read more

A:Solved: Firefox, MS Word, etc zoom to large size on own

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I have Windows xp. In word to print on a 6"x9"card, I go to page set-up, and adjust the size of the paper, and the margins. i have placed my cards in the printer the normal way, and when it prints, the copy comes out on the far right of the page, not in the center.
I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

A:printing on custom size card

set the paper size in the printer setup, as well as in Page setup?

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Back again. *sighs*

I've got a tough one for you this time. Well, maybe.

I need to create a custom paper size for an Epson LQ-590 dotmatrix printer. Currently running Windows XP Pro, and got the latest printer driver from Epson today.

I've gone into the "Printers and Fax" window, opened the "Server Properties" window in the "File" drop down menu. In the "Forms" tab, I've created and saved the paper size I need.

I go back to the "Properties" for my Epson, get to the "advanced printing preferences" and open the dropdown menu for paper size....and my form is not there.

What the heck am I doing wrong? This is the same procedure I used for my previous printer (OkiData Microline) and everything was cool.

I suddenly don't like Epson.

A:Custom Paper Size for Epson LQ-590

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I have a 298 GB drive on windows 7 X64 and I want to update the custom size of the recycle bin

I right clicked on the recycle bin and I want update the custom size in MB that I should set it to.

I am not sure what to type there since I accidently erased what was there before

Any help would be great


A:what custom size of recycle bin shall I set a 298 GB drive to

9155 MB (3% of that 298 GB hard drive) should be sufficient.


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I have a 298 GB drive on windows 7 X64 and I want to update the custom size of the recycle bin

I right clicked on the recycle bin and I want update the custom size in MB that I should set it to.

I am not sure what to type there since I accidently erased what was there before

Any help would be great

A:what custom size of recycle bin shall I set a 298 GB drive to

I believe its typically around 10% of your available disc space on each drive. However, 5% should be fine if disc space is an issue.

It really depends. If you don't keep anything in your recycle bin, it doesn't need to be that big. If you constantly leave stuff in in the event you need to restore it, go with a little bit larger size.

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I'm looking to try and make a custom size and shaped taskbar. My objective is to have a taskbar that isn't the full length of the screen, but has a gap on the end so I can have a permanent sidebar with some things on there that I want...I photoshopped a picture together to demo what I want, notice that the taskbar ends and then the sidebar starts.

Is it possible? If so, how?

A:Custom Size/Shape taskbar

I don't think that is possible. Besides, the "Show Desktop" control all the way in the right bottom corner would be in the way. Why don't you tweak the Vista sidebar ( Vista Windows Sidebar - Reinstate on Windows 7 ). That is compatible with the taskbar.

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I just did a custom reinstall of my Windows 7 without formatting the partition.

The thing's sitting at 100 GB used AFTER deleting the Windows.old folder and running disc cleanup.

I thought a normal install (without any space saving tweaks) was supposed to come in around 32 GB or so.

Where'd the other 60+ GB go?

A:Custom Reinstall Windows 7 size?

Download and run Space Sniffer and see what it tells you is taking space

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It's the second time I'm having this issue and it really screw things up. The most visible sympton is at the bottom right of the screen where the little icon keyboard is, net to the langage (me "FR" as "French). Well for some reason it starts to blink. And then I can't do things right. The start menu doesn't stay open, it closes automatically. The preview images when you have many windows open from a program close themselves before I can select any. And littme annoying stuff. And sometimes, it's like all the screen is blinking, in Firefox. Other odd behavior : the cursor unfocus from pages while it blinks, if you want to go down on a page, well you have to click again the page to be able to control. Sometimes it's all the time, you can't even scroll to a document or a web page...

I think last time I solved this problem by getting to an older version of windows, it was months ago. Now it didn't work. I tried also to modify all the usb options (disable, etc) it didn't work.

Sometimes it's more apparent than others which is very strange.

I'm running windows 7 x64. Does anyone knows what it could be ?

A:Problem : folder closing automatically, keyboard icon blinking

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums!

Have you tried to change your keyboard and mouse (maybe you can ask a friend)?

Let use know!

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