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Do I need Win Defender if I use Avast Free AV?

Q: Do I need Win Defender if I use Avast Free AV?

The title says it all. I am actually using both without issue. Well, I do have one small issue and that is that WD pops up with a message at boot up that it has not been started. I think I can fix that by going into Services and have it start automatically with a delay. But do I really need both? I am using W7-64.

A: Do I need Win Defender if I use Avast Free AV?

Believe it or not there are some threats that a program like Defender will catch that an Anti Virus may miss... With system security, you dont want to take any chances... Use both!

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I am running avast free, spybot s&d free. should I turn off windows defender? What about malwarebytes pro instead of spybot? will more then 1 antispyware program slow down my computer?

A:avast free,spybot s&d free and win defender

I haven't used spybot in many years, it got too glitchy and difficult to use for me...
I tested several Anti Malware programs years ago and chose Malwarebytes (MBAM) Pro, no regrets here.
If you're thinking of MBAM paid, you should get the PRO Lifetime license while you still can. - malwarebytes pro

MBAM Premium (Ver 2) is an annual license (yearly fees).
I don't use Windows Defender, I use MBAM real time on all my systems.

For additional "real-time security" I also use:
WinPatrol - WinPatrol- Ruiware, LLC
EMET - Download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v3.0 from Official Microsoft Download Center

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Avast Free Antivirus vs Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.
I almost never use Avast as an On Demand Scanner anyway just protection. What do you guys think?

A:avast! Free Antivius vs Windows Defender

If we're talking about Windows "10" Firewall/Defender, I might be inclined to go with Windows Defender/Firewall + some other realtime prot like Zemana over Avast AV. However, if we're talking about Windows 7, I'd go with AVAST. In my circumstances as a W7 user, I'd go with AVAST.

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I run both Windows Defender and Avast Free Anti Virus but I am wondering if I really need both of them running at the same time. Can I safely remove Windows Defender and rely on Avast Free to do the same job?

A:Windows Defender v Avast Free Anti virus

No you shouldn't run two AVs at the same time, it's asking for trouble. I'm surprised Defender didn't turn off automatically when Avast was installed. But yes, uninstall one. Just make sure it's Avast you uninstall and keep Defender, Avast is well known for causing BSODs whereas Defender doesn't.

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Just a quick question, or two. Sorry for my ignorance. I've been reading some of the topics here but cannot seem to find an answer so I'll ask.
Can I have Win defender, Avast Free Home edition and MalwareBytes all installed on my machine with no conflicts? I know I should only run scans with one at a time, just making sure that they can be installed okay.
Also, I know some or all of them have a type of "Resident Shield", which one should I use? Or should I let all of them run?

A:Windows Defender, Malware Bytes, Avast Free

Hello Tom_Slick,

As far as I know there is no problem running those tools. However it should be mentioned that malware bytesis on demand and as such wont pick up any malware unless you tell it to scan for it.

What are you using for a firewall?

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Avast Free Antivirus vs Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.
I almost never use Avast as an On Demand Scanner anyway just protection. What do you guys think?
Which is better when it comes to the following:

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM)
Real World System Impact
Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker)
Overall Winner


A:Avast Free vs Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

If we're talking about Windows "10" Firewall/Defender, I might be inclined to go with Windows Defender/Firewall + some other realtime prot like Zemana over Avast AV. However, if we're talking about Windows 7, I'd go with AVAST. In my circumstances as a W7 user, I'd go with AVAST.

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Hi all!
I just purchased a Dell computer with Windows 7. I immediately downloaded avast! Free. Shortly after, I realized that something called Windows Defender was also running. Not knowing exactly what this was and knowing you should not run two anti-virus resident programs at the same time, I turned off Defender real-time protection and the auto scan.
I posted over on avast! forums asking if these are two things that could run together or not. At present, there seems to be a difference of opinion on the answer. Since I was familar with this great site here and someone over there referenced a thread on this subject here (from 2009), thought I'd ask you good folks since that 2009 thread is so old.
What exactly in the Windows Defender that runs on Windows 7? I've read that it's an anti-spam thing, not anti-virus. Regardless of that, is it safe to run that real-time protection and leave auto-scan on while running avast! Free (or any resident anti-virus for that matter)? And if it's safe, is there any real need to run it? (I also use Malwarebytes, but not as a resident program.)
Thank you!

A:Windows Defender and avast! Free on Windows 7?

Hi and Welcome -
Please read This Topic By quietman7 with directions on the New Windows Defender.
It includes details + links to more information + what you can use as extra protection -
That topic is generally more related to the Windows 8 version, as Win7 is more suited to private / other programs.
Thank You -

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hi i would like to see which every one prefers?

A:Avast Free vs AVG Free vs Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

AVG proactive protection does very good work most of the time

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Avast and SecureAPlus have been fairly interesting for me. Both seem to have great scanning and protection. Which would you choose?
NOTE: I have heard that SecureAPlus may have a really slow scan in the beginning. If that something you don't like that fine, Avast has a slow scan as well so I am not counting against either one.

A:Avast Free Anti-Virus 2016 vs SecureAPlus Free (Latest)

Thread Approved. Here are the official websites:

Avast Free Antivirus: Avast | Download Free Antivirus for PC, Mac & Android
SecureAPlus: Free Cloud Antivirus & Application Control for PC - SecureAPlus
@J Gamez065 If all factors are to be considered, why is the initial slow scanning ignored?

System Resource Usage
Realistic Performance Impact
Ease of Use
Graphical User Interface
Inclusive Product Features
Preferred Product and Why?


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Kaspersky found HEUR:trojan.win32.generic
says it's awating re-boot, i have re-booted several times and no change.
Malwarebytes found and
PUM.Hijack.Startmenu bad : (0) good: (1) > quarantined and successfully repaired.
Avast didn't find anything
and i can not gain acces to the internet , but do see a strong signal.
can you help me out, Bleepingcomputer? did i provide enough information?
thank, you.

A:Windows 7/64-bit scanned with Kaspersky/Malwarebytes (free)/ and Avast (free)

Please boot into safemode with networking and let me know if you can connect to internet

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My eset 1 year key just expired, thinking of installing Avast free av for my home pc.,is it a good choice ?

A:Avast Free - Are Free antivirus software good ?

Avast free antivirus is an excellent choice in hardened mode! just make sure you deselect all the crap that you do not need during install ( secureline - browsercleaner - avast cleaner - software updater and so on. )

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I had previously installed NORTON SECURITY and accidentally uninstalled it. It would not open after re-installation. Now AVG free and AVAST free will not open from download. Win 7pro

A:AVG free AVAST free NORTON SECURITY will not open

first off you should only have one anti virus program installed on your computer. did you use norton's uninstall tool ? run the tool , restart , run the tool the second time.

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I have always used Avast and Comodo as my AV/Firewall combination. I find it to be very useful, and although Comodo provides many annoying popups, they are useful and informational (I would consider myself a competent computer user, though no expert).

Recently, I just wanted to see how good my combination was and if there was a better one. I found topics that said of how Avast's web shield completely bypasssed Comodo's rules. I tested this:

1) Block chrome.exe in Comodo completely
2) Check that both Comodo and Avast are updated, and Avast web shield ON
3) Open Chrome and see what happens

Results: At first I thought it was fine, was blocked. Then I tried clicking on bookmarks. would open, would open, etc. I was shocked to find that Comodo was letting these websites open even though chrome.exe was blocked!

After doing some more research, and realizing that this was a big problem, and that many solutions did not work, with avast being blamed or comodo being outdated, or even that Win 7 64 bit was limiting comodo, I tested it again with web shield OFF.

I repeated the process of blocking chrome and opened and other websites. This time all the websites were blocked!

Is there a solution where I can keep web shield on and have comodo be effective in blocking? Or do I need a new firewall?

A:Avast 7 free! AV + Comodo Free Firewall Conflicts

No one has a solution?

Offtopic: Spybot S&D or SUPERAntiSpyware? It's kind of obvious, but is spybot still horrible?

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I downloaded Avast because it was free. It says that I have to register to Avast! Free Anti-virus. I thought this program was free? Or is registering for free?

A:Is registering Avast! Free Antivirus free?

It is free.

Registering it is simple.

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On April 8, I took down Microsoft Essentials and downloaded free Avast.

I also have Century Link and failed to explore if they had free anti-virus, which turns out, they have Norton.

That said, should I stay with free Avast or transfer to free Norton?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Free Norton vs. Free Avast on my XP

what version of norton are they offering for free ?

you will get a lot of different opinion with that question, also products change over time, for example MSE was one of the better products late last year, but is slowly falling down the comparison sites tests.

here are some comparison sites

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Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies about security. You can sugges other free products that are easy and protect well. Only antivirus.

A:Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies

If they absolutely don't know anything ("Hey, what's quarantine? What's scanning? What's definitions?") then Bitdefender without a doubt. If they know basic settings and to tell the difference between false positives than Avast!. I'll have to vote Bitdefender here, but Avast! is a much greater antivirus with those with basic security knowledge.

Update: See below post. I know longer reccommend Bitdefender. +1 to Avast!

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Vista. I have Avast for anti-virus, and Windows Defender, which I understand includes firewall and malware protection. Does this give me reasonably complete protection?

Thanks for replies.

A:Avast and Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a anti-spyware application. It does not function as a firewall. However, Windows XP and Vista both have a built in firewall.

The XP firewall does not have outbound protection, so any malware you downloaded can call home and XP's firewall won't stop it. Vista's firewall has outbound protection, but it is off by default and you have to turn it on yourself.

Windows Defender is generally thought of as not very good. There are better ones, like SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes.

I would also suggest you install SiteAdvisor, it give a checkmark symbot to Googles search results for those sites it deems safe to visit. Having this is a preventative measure, which will save you time and trouble of eradicating an infection.

Be aware that signature based anti-virus programs are not perfect. They can only detect what the company has captured before. I remember one company doing a test and found that Norton detects only 60% of the viruses installed, and that was the highest scoring one.

Using an alternative browser like FireFox is also a good security measure, as FireFox doesnt support ActiveX. Add the NoScript addon and that will prevent javascript based attacks.

There is a lot more to computer security .... I'll let the others chime in.

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Updated to the new version of Avast a few days ago and Defender won't open. Instead I get a group policy message. Someone on the Avast forum said that this is how things work now. Does it matter if Defender is off if Avast is on?


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Hello,I really really need help right
now. My pc has been unprotected for
days. Mcafee is expired. I'm having
issues installing avast premier which i
sent onto a flash drive from a friend's
computer and its doesn't move
beyond the part where the windows
prompt come up whenever i try to
install it. So im basically down to
windows defender, and it
automatically is off and won't come
on. Its saying the app has been turned
off and isn't monitoring my computer.
I need help installing the avast
premier and turning windows
defender back on for good. Thanks.

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I was just wondering if I should install avast along with windows defender. in windows 10?

A:Avast vs windows defender

If it was my machine I would stick with Windows Defender. To me having just the single anti virus system on a machine is best but there again others might not agree. I have always use MS security and touch wood I have never had any problems with viruses etc.

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For Spyware in the Action Center it says that Windows Defender and Avast are running and then it has a note says that 2 spyware programs can slow down your computer. Avast is a anti virus software and I didn't know it was for Spyware to. So should a Virus checker just do the virus checking only and let Windows Defender guard against Spyware only? Are just let the 2 work together on the Spyware?

A:Windows Defender and Avast?

What is the difference between Spyware and Viruses? I know, they like to define each thing slightly differently, buy to us, it's just malware. Avast! should take care of it all.

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I just need to know if I can uninstall AVAST if I am using windows defender now

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I've been reading so much about these two AVs and just cannot make up my mind which would work best on my Vista HP. Can I run them side by side as one webpage suggested? Or will that throw a spanner in the works?

I'd appreciate some advice please as although I have Avast at the moment I don't find it particularly easy to work out.

A:Avast free av vs avira free av

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Hello everyone, which one do you think is better? Personally I would choose and use Avast because Avire has terrible 0-day protection and heuristics but what do you think, and does anyone know why their file scanner is called Luke Filewalker?

A:Avast Free vs Avira Free

both offer great protection if tweak optimally.

Avast! - I don't like their UI.
Avira - I hate the launcher.

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So, I'm choosing a free antivirus software to use on my daily driver (I'm a vary advanced user) and I'm trying to decide between Bitdefender free and avast free.
First, I've heard that Bitdefender is dead/unmaintained/buggy?
Also, I've heard avast is kind if shady, I've heard rumors that when you call tech support they pretend there are problems on your computer to get you to pay money, and that it downloads malware on the users pc (Just rumors I've heard, Not accusing them of anything).
So which do you think I should go with? Thanks

A:Avast Free or Bitdefender Free?

Hi Robo11 First, I've heard that Bitdefender is dead/unmaintained/buggy?It's false. Bitdefender is still actively developped and have quite a good share of the Antivirus market. About the buggy part, it's down to the user's experience. Personally, most of the experiences I had with Bitdefender were quite bad. It was buggy, hogging resources, hard to uninstall, etc. But for some, it might just be the "best Antivirus" they ever used.Also, I've heard avast is kind if shady, I've heard rumors that when you call tech support they pretend there are problems on your computer to get you to pay money, and that it downloads malware on the users pc (Just rumors I've heard, Not accusing them of anything).It's false as well. There's no reputable Antivirus company that would do such a thing. Also, avast! forums offers malware removal assistance in the same kind as BleepingComputer, and there's also UNITE members helping on its forums, so I really doubt that this would ever happen.If you're torn between these two products, since both of them are free, I would suggest you to give them both a try (one after the other, not at the same time) and see for yourself which one you like better. My personal choice goes to avast!, but that's just me. You might also want to consider quietman's advice when it comes to choosing an Antivirus product. also noticed that you posted the same thread... Read more

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I just installed bit defender free edition but I'm alreadt getting confused. I can't find it's settings menu anywhere, when opened from the task bar all it gives is a small window in the bottom right corner, the "my bit defender" box on the page claims i need to register it (but this is the free edition??) and when clicked opens a small box window which just displays white saying "you need to have javascript enabled to view this page". whats more i find this page which suggest bit defender isn't an antivirus at all but rather it is a purely on demand thing like the free edition of malwarebytes, what is going on here?Please explain.Thank You. the section marked "important" at the bottom of the page.My machine windows 8.1, previously had AVG but I fully removed that before starting bitdefender's installation.Should i uninstall bitdefender and switch to avast instead?

A:Need some help bitdefender free vs avast free

Can you open the Bitdefender program/interface, then take a screenshot of it to post it here so we can see what you're seeing? Also, many free Antivirus products will ask you to registry in order to use them. So they are free, they just ask you to register yourself in order to be able to use them.

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i have happily used avast free anti-virus as my primary tool, together with malwarebytes as secondary security layer.
recently, I read avira is a better anti-virus engine than avast, but it's features weren't quite as pro-active- more reactive (I don't know if this is true or not, or how to phrase it better technically).
but for this reason, of this understanding, I downloaded avira free anti-virus which I intended to use as secondary security layer- ie. run manually maybe once a week to confirm the real-time avast protection.
however, avira seems to turn itself on every reboot, which is not desirable (I understand that running both real-time may unnecessarily slow-down the computer performance, etc.).
how can I turn-off avira until needed?

secondly, once I installed avira, my windows defender now says it's turned-off...any relation?

thank you

A:avira-avast-windows defender

Yes, Windows Defender is turned off by either Avira, Avast and most other 3rd party AntiVirus programs.
You can disable Avira Protection[s] in msconfig, I don't have file name[s], not at home.
I too run one antivirus program's real time protection[s], and the other only runs scheduled scans.

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Hello! First can anyone explain to me if "Avast" & "Gateway" laptops just don' get along? Two Gateways, with Avast on them each, both pick up a virus. I'm not able to do much on the computer that has the - - XP DEFENDER VIRUS - - so I quickly copied the "dds" & "gmer" logs/scans onto my usb drive and have listed the contents of the files below:

****this is my first post, so bare with me!!****
dds log:

DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Owner at 16:42:26.12 on Sat 04/10/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.446.83 [GMT -5:00]

AV: avast! Antivirus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {7591DB91-41F0-48A3-B128-1A293FD8233D}
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {BCF43643-A118-4432-AEDE-D861FCBCFCDF}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Essentials\MsMpEng.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\syst... Read more

A:XP Defender VIRUS - S O S - Avast, what happened?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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A few days ago I had an Avast alert blocking some rookit the next day I found out I had not internet, no firewall, no windows defender and Avast displaying the Error 10050

Ive run a series of cleaning programs (Avira Antivir Rescue, Rkill, tdsskiller, SuperantiSpyware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) and have deleted several infected files

Not that it seems I might be clean (still not a 110% sure) I still have the problem of having no internet, no windows defender (error 0x80070424), Avast with error 10050 but apparently I was able to fix Windows Firewall (which according to other forums was originally deleted) and now seems "fine"

As a reference I seem to have a very similar problem to this other user


A:Avast error 10050/No internet/no win defender

--------------------------------------Hijackthis report-------------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 13:59:57, on 16/12/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuschd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\USB Drivers\RIMBBLaunchAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Yuna Software\Messenger Plus!\PlusService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\acrotray.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\DAP\DAP.exe
C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe
C:\Program Files\Kodak\Kodak EasyShare software\bin\EasyShare.exe
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsof... Read more

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Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

A:Virus Disabled Avast,Defender, Sec Cntr

Hello again!I haven't heard from you in 5 days. Therefore, I am going to assume that you no longer need our help, and close this topic.If you do still need help, please send a Private Message to any Moderator within the next five days. Be sure to include a link to your topic in your Private Message.Thank you for using Bleeping Computer, and have a great day!

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I installed Avast Free which automatically disabled Window Defender 8.1. After running an AV scan, Avast indicated two "The parameter is incorrect (87)" errors. I contacted Avast support who said the errors were caused by a conflict between Avast and Windows Defender. I was told the solution is to remove Windows Defender and make the necessary registry corrections. In response to a previous inquiry on Computing .net - - I was told that Windows Defender 8.1 is part of the operating system and can not be removed, only disabled.Any suggestions?Thank you.Brian Wedited by moderator: Added missing link to previous thread

A:AV Conflicts (POST 2): Avast and Windows Defender 8.1

About all I can suggest is that you temporarily uninstall Avast then before installing it again go through the Windows Defender disable process here: might work - just depends how Avast disabled it.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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okay, so I've been trying to figure this out all day since today is the first day it has happened. when I started my laptop this morning it told me that both my antivirus programs (windows defender and avast free) were both turned off and so I opened the action center to turn them on and than it does nothing. i'll tell it to turn them on but all it does is think for a moment than still says they are off. I don't know what I should do. can any of you help me?

A:antivirus programs (windows defender and avast) turned off

Originally Posted by tazpayne

okay, so I've been trying to figure this out all day since today is the first day it has happened. when I started my laptop this morning it told me that both my antivirus programs (windows defender and avast free) were both turned off and so I opened the action center to turn them on and than it does nothing. i'll tell it to turn them on but all it does is think for a moment than still says they are off. I don't know what I should do. can any of you help me?

I have exactly the same problem, but in my case Avast IS on cause i just did a full scan with it at the same time as my laptop warns me that Defender and Avast is turnd off and that my computer is at risk, strange ??

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Every time my Win 7/64 pc restarts, I get Windows msgs that Win Defender, Firewall & avast are all turned off, but avast Int Sec says everything is fine. Blue screen crashes occurring daily. This started with pc slowing to a crawl, resources being maxed and freezing, When I logged in as Admin pretty much everything worked...for a couple of weeks, and now it's all starting again.

I ran all kinds of tools to check and repair hardware, all checked out okay.

Here's typical blue screen results:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 50
BCP1: FFFFF860048476BC
BCP2: 0000000000000001
BCP3: FFFFF800047FF2F2
BCP4: 0000000000000005
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
Results of TSG System Information Utility:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Cor... Read more

A:Win 7 Conflict- blue screen crashes-Win Defender vs avast

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I am new here and I believe I am having virus problems. I dont know much about fixing computers but I try. I have two hard drives in my computer which is a old Compaq Presario 5WV271 5000 series, both hard drives have Windows XP pro (service pack 3)that I installed on it years ago. It has the max alotted memory, a 10/100 PCI NIC, 900 MHz AMD Athlon Processor, a master hard drive 40 GB (drive C) that I am using to connect here and a slave hard drive 60 GB that says drive D when I am using it but not found when on drive C. For some reason drive C shows a (New Volume F). Except for this abnormaly both drives functioned well enough and both were able to access the internet using my high speed dsl cable line. I seem to have contracted a virus that I have been running various removal tools and anti virus programs trying to get rid of it. It seems to still be sick. I cannot get it to do a system restore and now my drive D (new volume F I guess) will not connect to the internet it just says that it is acquiring a network address though I am not part of a network of any sort.It also has prevented some of the programs I have tried to run from runnuing. Whatever this virus on drive D is it also was able to shut down Avast and Windows Defender and would not let me restart them. I use this drive primarily and all the things I use mostly are on here. I am on a very fixed income and have to do all I can to keep my poor computer running as its all I will probably ever have. Please. I ... Read more

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Which antivirus to put a bunch of SpyShelter Premium +Windows Firewall Control(binisoft) ?
Win7 x64 Other ? Thanks

A:BitDefender Antivirus Free vs Avast Antivirus Free vs Avira Antivirus Free

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM): draw, with the indication of Avira, since BitDefender takes overall a little bit less of CPU time, but consumes much more RAM.
Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker): Avira has more features, configuration options and is generally more effective when it comes to the malware detection (Proactive and Reactive).
Overall Winner: Avira.
Edit: I've just noticed, that you've added Avast - as the third contestant - to BitDefender and Avira. Still Avira is the winner here. Avast is not too hungry for PC resources and perhaps has more features, but its engine is not so good, and its detection ratio usually lags behind both: BitDefender and Avira.

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What's the best free antivirus that detects quick and knows when it's something bad before running/extracting/etc

A:AvG Or Avast ? Free?

none of them Windows Defender do the same job

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Just installed Avast free Anti-virus. Looking thru this program, it looks like I need to pay for optimizing, & a lot of other things. Weak passwords ?! I should pay for them to change passwords ? Someone told me there isn't much 'free' with Avast free...'they pay for everything'.

A:Avast free

I moved your post from our FAQ section to the Software forum. Please pay attention to where you post. Thank you.

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Hi guys. I've spent this morning testing some AV's with Malware Hub samples, tweaking settings for better protection. I usually use Emsisoft Internet Security, but lastly i'm a bit concerned about its detection and protection against new malware. I have experience with ESET and Kaspersky, but i was looking for a lighter solution, not too bloated. I was a bit surprised, when i tested Avast with Jack's Maximum Protection Guide, that the results were near perfect in all samples i ran on Malware Hub, while other suites, as ESET, Avira or Emsisoft, had worse results. Now, i'm running Avast Free and i wonder what components do you have installed and what cons have you found in a regular use of this AV.


A:About Avast Free...

If u want a bloatfree avast just install web and realtime shield. u dont need more to have the core protection moduls and for maximum security. i dont use it anymore but found no cons, it is realy light, one of the stablest av u can have and realy good protection if u tweak it abit. nothing wrong with using avast if someone of my family want a av, i always recomment avast because its easy and can be made to sit and forget.

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My Avast was compromized.Can you suggest a better free Antivirus.Is Bit Defender any good?

A:Free Avast

Hello, do you mean you need to reinstall it?We have a list of free Antivirus' here [email protected]@K.If you are going to change, Download the new one and save it ti the desktop.Next uninstall,reboot and install the new one. I preferred Avast and Avira over BitD... but it's more what works for you.

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My Norton 2006 will run out in 15 days and want to replace it. This was a three month trial package installed in my new Dell 530 when I ordered it.

Been looking at AVG 7.5 Free or Avast as free anti virus programs until I can buy either Kaspersky or Bitdefender for fuller protection. I realize AVG and AVAST do not have separate firewalls like Norton does. Something I would miss but was Just tired of Norton's resource hogging that slowed down my new PC to think of renewing it.

But which free one would be better?

This computer is a huge business investment for me after using less than decent computers in the past. Since I also do more than "occasional" gaming (and act as a PC gaming website admin), this one will have to last me for several years if possible.

Dell Inspiron 530
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz
320 HD gig
1 gig RAM
512 Nvidia 8300GS video card

My ordered my computer with WinXP SP2 instead of VISTA

Although I have IE7, my browser of choice is FireFox. RARELY use the IE7.

Ad Aware 2007 is my anti spyware program (used LavaSoft for years) I use my local ISP provider's McAfee "Postini" to filter my email for any virus/spam. WildBlue satellite has just become available to me. But still use dialup occasionally.

A:AVG Free or AVAST?

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Hey guys. I am interested in your opinion as to whether or not I should move to Avast 6 Free. It looks great, being comprehensive and supposedly lightweight. Currently I use MS Security Essentials, MalwareBytes Full (w/real-time protection), and Firefox w/NoScript. My computer has been running great without crap issues or viruses but just trying to minimize the memory footprint while maintaining protection. Also seeing if Avast would be a more simple setup for my clients rather than them using MSSE & MalwareBytes Full. All opinions welcome!

A:Avast 6 Free or..

Avast 6 is still in Beta, no? I'd wait till the "dust" settles before making any move, if ANY. IMO what you have now is SOLID--If it ain't broke don't fix it.

BTW, I use Avast 5 free, Mbam Free.....EVERYTHING free. I'll NEVER be forced to pay for something I can get free, and I can donate whatever I CHOOSE TO to the software creator.

I'm funny that way LOL

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isnt it free know more ,, i put it on pc and laptop and says that trial version has finished and all features disable themselves i downloaded it from filehipo and all there downloads are freeware

A:avast not free no more

Avast home is still free. You do have to register it though. avast! - Download antivirus software for spyware and virus protection

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Avast has a increase performance app. Can I use this without worrying about my computer not work again?

Also win 7 (64 bit) has a disk clean up app. Again can this be used without a problem.

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Answer Match 51.24% just installed it without any problem. It uninstalls ver. 4.8 automatically. I really like new interface. It much easier to navigate than the old one.

A:Avast 5.0 free is out

The fact it uses such little memory has been the most impressive thing I've observed thus far. The GUI is a vast (no pun intended) improvement and crucially, I trust avast to keep me out of trouble as it has done for several years now.

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Hello again everyonejust installed Avast free on my laptopneither IE or Firefox will not connect to internetwhen I switch off the web shield in Avast then they work?can anyone help?(Moderator edit: thread moved to more appropriate forum.jgw)

A:New free Avast

Hello - I would pose that to the AVAST blog

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I've been trying to install Avast Free 5.0.677 on Windows 7 x64 and keep getting :

"error 82 (00000052) has occured. Last performed operation was extracting main exe"

Windows Error 0x00000052 - 82
The directory or file cannot be created.

I wondered if this had anything to do with moving the TEMP and TMP folders off my SSD Drive C:\ and onto the Hard Drive F:\

I've not had problems like this installing any other software.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:trying to install Avast Free 5.0.677

Move the folders back, reboot and try to install again. Then you'll know if it is or not.

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I downloaded the Avast Free when it was offered to me on my computer, BUT NOW when I tried to open it, it tells me >> Application configeration incorrect, reinstall. I went to website and clicked on FREE only but NO Downloading took place. Please help me as I do like this adware Help.
Thank You,

A:Re Downloading Free Avast

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Not sure if this is in the correct place,apologies if it isn't.I'm running Windows XP SP3 on a Virtual machine (Oracle VM) on a Windows 10 Desktop computerThe Windows 10 Desktop has Avast Free antivirus working ok.I assumed,maybe inncorrectly, that I would also have to protect the Virtual machine with AV software.I have installed and repaired Avast Free Antivirus several times but it refuses to run.All I get is the message-                                                             YOU ARE UNPROTECTED                                                 Avast background service is not running Can anyone throw any light on this.The only advice I have found so far is to do a repair via control pannel or to uninstall/reinstall which I have done several times to no avail.

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I have been using Avast Free Antivirus for more than 4 years without any problems. It quietly does it's job in the background. It has a relatively small footprint and the false positives are extremely low. It's set to automatically update the Engine and virus definitions, and to notify me of Program updates. So far so good...

But, now it's doing things without my knowledge.
1. Avast SafeZone Browser. This downloaded and installed without any input from me - twice! It even added 2 shortcuts to the Start Menu. The folder in Program Files now has a size of 364 MB!

2. Avast Antispam. Also downloaded, installed and disabled Windows Defender (Windows 7) without my permission.

It's always great when free software adds additional features/components but, it's not acceptable when they download and install without the users knowledge.

It might be time to move on...

A:Avast Antivirus Free.

Was that a default install/upgrade? Was there no Advanced/Options checklist available?

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Answer Match 50.4% computer to blow up, lots of limitations and bugs so only for the very interested - still cool.

A:Free Avast 5 beta available

A little demo


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Avast for Business FREE

-The world's most trusted security has moved to the cloud to provide your business with great protection starting at a price that?s pretty nice, too. It's free.-

1.Manage and protect all the devices that power your business, anywhere, anytime from the cloud.
2.Set it and forget it. With Avast for Business on guard, you can focus on running your business.
3.Our robust alerting and reporting engine will let you know if we need you.
4.Easy. Sign up, log in, and download. It?s that easy. Protect your first device in 5 minutes or less.

System requirements

1.PC workstation

A minimum of Windows XP (with SP2) needs to be installed. Windows Vista, 7, 8, and even 8.1 are fully supported (unless your device runs the Starter or RT edition) in both the 32- and 64-bit variant. A 10-year old Pentium 3 processor will do, with 128 MB RAM and 1 GB of hard-drive space. Now imagine the stellar performance with your new hardware!

2.Mac Workstation

If you?re on a Mac running OSX, it will work. You need 128 MB of RAM and 750MB of disk space. Beyond that, you can be running just about any stable version of OSX (even Yosemite), and we?ll keep you protected.


It will work with any operating system listed below:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2 (any edition with the latest Service Pack, 32-bit or 64-bit, incl. Small Business Server)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (any edition with the latest Service Pack, 32-bit or 64-bit... Read more

A:Avast for Business FREE

The log in delay is appalling, for a good 30 seconds on multiple reboots I experienced:

No desktop files
Blank File Explorer
Task Manager reports High Startup Impact
Signing up is easy:

No background checks
Use your existing avast! account
Set-up is simple:

Available for Windows Desktop, Windows Server and Mac OS X
Web installer and Full installer
Remember to Activate Device once installed
Web console:

No configuration for sending messages to desktop (Admin desktop notifications)
Confusing between Groups and Devices
Unclear (OOB) about how to send template settings to current devices, do I need to delete device first or not.
Browser Cleanup and Secure VPN on by default

Easy to navigate UI, but lacks details for new users.
If Devices are removed from Web Console >> Avast Pop-up to Reboot PC (possible to post-pone) >> Avast Business Security will be uninstalled and gone after reboot.
avast for Business - Web Console UI

Created a Custom Template

Exploring the Advanced for Active Protection | General Settings | Antivirus Settings

Upgrade to Premium Security for Business

This is only a quick and small review of Avast Business Security 2015 (Free).

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Latest Avast Free
Win 10 64

TaskManager - Startup - Startup Impact shows "High".
Do you see the same on your system?

A:How is Avast Free on Win 10 working for you?

Yes, I have Avast! Pro version, and got the same.

But, it does not have a lot of impact and slowdowns on my startup time.. Windows 10 still boots fast.

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Hey. I was wondering if Avast! 5.0 Free Edition and ESET Smart Security 4 would conflict with each other or not. I don't know since when I tried using AVG and Avast!, I couldn't connect to the internet. Please help, thanks.

A:Should I use ESET S.S. 4 and Avast! Free 5?

I can only think that you would see conflict between the two programs as they are both Anti-virus. I would say try it and see but make sure you are testing in a sandbox, not leaving your test machine vulnerable.
My 2-cents (not-worth much )

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Hey guys I ran a full format on a PC that I use to download and save drivers. After the format I installed XP sp3, the I installed Avast Free. Well when it came time to Register, I clicked the Register button and a new page opened asking if I upgraded. So I opened Avast, went to Settings, and under General I clicked Registration, and it said, "You Are Registered". My question is, how ? I never filled out the registration, not my name or e-mail address. It never gave me a way to register. Any ideas on what is going on ? 

A:Avast Free Registration

Did you have avast installed prior to the format? If so, avast probably stored your prior registration info on their servers so when you connect with them, they can identify you and your computer. I believe its the same info you see when signing into your avast account ( which lists your computer.

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Is there another good, free anti-virus, other than Avast out there? User friendly would be nice too.
Thanks, help is always greatly appreciated.

A:Free alternative to Avast?

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Does anyone know if there is somewhere in settings you can tell Avast that a web site you go to all the time. is not a threat. so I do not keep getting a window popping up and telling me it is? Thank you

A:Avast free Antivirus

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I use Avast with my Win 8.1 and have been happy with it til now. I have been getting daily reminders to update my Avast to a premium version and to stop getting the reminders last time, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it making sure I have the Free version downloaded and not a Trail version but it has started to prompt me again after only a few weeks on the new install.

If I have the free version I wouldn't expect to be prompted to upgrade to a paid version or is this what to expect? Is this the same for others that have it?

A:Avast FREE Version....

1. Yes that is what you may expect
However, if you are using Free Antivirus 2015, the only way to disable the sale offers is to upgrade your protection to the paid one.
2. The simple solution is to uninstall AVAST and use the FREE and no sales pop-ups - Windows defender included with 8/8.1
and indeed IMHO your system will run more smoothly and with no problems - as against the use of the FREE Avast.
Avast is good of that there is little doubt, but I am not convinced that the free AVAST is the best for Windows 8.1

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I need to uninstall Avast free but am having problems.

Avast does NOT show on windows Programs and Features. Therefore I can not uninstall it from there. I have Revo Uninstaller but it also does not show up there.

I downloaded aswClear and tried to run it in Safe Mode. Got the error message below.
I also tried to reinstall avast and got the the same error message.

What next?


A:Uninstalling Avast free

See if this works ....
Download AVAST Software Uninstall Utility
Special Note: Needs to be started from Safe Mode, the program will offer to reboot you into Safe Mode on launch. If you did not install the Avast product to the default install location, you need to point to it in the box.

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Recently I emailed avast about an issue where avast will not run a scheduled scan at the specified time. They checked my log and found no issues. Then later they could not find a fix. 
Dear customer,We have received and acknowledge your issue. Now we will analyze whether there is anything related to avast! that we could change, and if so we will provide a work-around or fix it in a future release. We will monitor how often this issue appears in our customer base and the impact on our market. If you have any additional information about the issue please let us know because it could shed more light on the issue and help us to solve it or identify the cause more quickly. Thank you for helping us to improve avast!Best regards,Avast Software a.s. 2nd level support team

I am really confused!! I did a clean install and everything! I have win8 64bit. No one else with windows 8 has this problem.   . Please help me!!!! I am really confused and frustrated.  Here are more details:
-My comp is set to sleep in 30 mins of inactivity
-Avast is set to scan every Wednesday at 13:00 (1:00 PM) and has wake up comp checked
-Avast WILL scan if I set it for when I am on the comp

A:Problem With Avast! Free

Users have complained for years about unresponsive behavior when the computer attempts to awake from sleep. There is no universal fix solution as there have been various reasons given for this particular issue and various suggestions to correct it. If avast is not able to determine the cause, the next step is to contact the computer manufacturer via thier support or customer service web site.

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I changed my antivirus to Avast!, and was using AVG. After installing Avast! and re-booting, the stupid clicker keeps having one of those 'loading' timer things appear next to it. I think it has something to do with the antivirus, or my system. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to end it, because it;s REALLY getting on my nerves, advice is gladly accepted!

Someone on chat said I might need a logfile, though I doubt it. Gonna make one and name it Avast! Problem, and link it back here.

A:Avast! Free For Windows Xp Pro

Do you still have AVG installed on the system? It may be the one causing the problems if so uninstall it and try downloading Avast! Again.

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I have tried most of the antivirus tools available in the past but settled on Avast to protect my computers for several years now. It just does the job without annoying me unnecessarily, protects everything, and suits me fine.A major new upgrade is now available and is very user friendly. Check it out-

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Was recommeded to install Avast as one of the best free AV programs. When doing that I'm told its on a 60 days trial period - in fact with the new 5.0 version only 30days. After that point I should decide if I want to register and start paying. So what's the deal here, is it free or only free for a period?

A:Solved: Avast for free

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Is this antivirus great? I have been using it for years, and i was told that it slows down the computer by a lot. Is this true?Is it a RAM hogger?

A:Avast free antivirus

FastestCrib0439 said:

Is this antivirus great? I have been using it for years, and i was told that it slows down the computer by a lot. Is this true?Is it a RAM hogger?Click to expand...

No it's not a RAM hogger!!

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With respect to the Best Free Antivirus 2015 competition, I'm starting a thread series where users of the various products will be joining together to state the Pro's and Con's of each antivirus/internet security software and why they think it is a contender or not for the Best Free Antivirus.

How to post your reply?

Each person can post either one Pro or one Con of the product per post. You are free to share your views with respect to that.
One person's Pro/Con can be a matter of debate in the following replies.
Try not to post (Pro/Con) twice in a row just after your previous reply, unless it's necessary.
The first post will be updated by me with what user's think is good and bad about the product, so an informed decision can be made for newcomers.


Really light on the system
Fully customizable installer: can select features to install

Many ad's and pop-up's


A:Avast Free Antivirus - The Pro's and Con's

Pro: Really light on the system

Bad: Many ads and popups (Can be disabled in the paid versions)

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Today I have been experiencing problems with Avast! Free AntiVirus.
It started randomly and when I tried to make some searches on Chrome, all of the taps did not load the page and all said "Untitled". After researching a bit I found it could be tied to my AV program. So I tried launching avast (which was strangely not running from startup like usual).
I first got an error saying the "side by side configuration is incorrect".
I did some research again, and:
-uninstalled avast
-ran Avast Clear, the official removal tool from avast
-ran Rejzor's avast cleaner tool
-searched in device manager for any remnants of avast
Now Chrome works fine, but I'm still not able to launch avast. I am getting the following error now:
"The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000022). Click OK to close the application."
I also know that I have windows visual c++ 2008 installed, I know some people have suggested that as an answer to the problem.
Any ideas what's wrong? I would be open to running a system diagnostic and posting the results if someone would walk me through it.
Any help is appreciated.

A:Avast! Free AV Failing to Launch

I think error 22 is access denied message.Perhaps if you post your computer system, avast version#, what other security software you had and now have over, at avast forum you might get some help might even be something in your event log with a bit more information.

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Recent postings here from some users seem to indicate that the current version of MSE is quite good. I was thinking of using either Avast or Avira, but if MSE really is as good at detection and removal then I thought I'd give it a try first. Anyone try all three recently? The reports I've found online still seem to show MSE as not quite as good.

Nevermind. I did more searching and found more info. I'm going to try MSE, SpywareBlaster, and MAMB (which I already use).

A:Is MSE as good as the free Avast or Avira?

Quote: Originally Posted by tony22

Recent postings here from some users seem to indicate that the current version of MSE is quite good. I was thinking of using either Avast or Avira, but if MSE really is as good at detection and removal then I thought I'd give it a try first. Anyone try all three recently? The reports I've found online still seem to show MSE as not quite as good.

Nevermind. I did more searching and found more info. I'm going to try MSE, SpywareBlaster, and MAMB (which I already use).

Good move. Strictly from a BSOD perspective MSE causes much less than Avira, or Avast.

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I am trying to download this Belkin Advisor program so I can have it tell me the guts of my computer for... who knows whar reason really. I got to get this info to Garmanma for him to help me. I successfully completed the download to my program files and when I clicked to open it I got an error message that read "not a valid Win 32 application". As I've seen this before today I thought maybe I should try opening the file with this new IZarc program to maybe unzip it..? I don't know what I'm doing really. So then I downloaded the Belcan Advisor again but this time I put it in my systems Win32 file and tried to open it from there. That error message read "access to the specified device or path or file is denied". What the heck am I doing wrong now? I re-read the Belcan sites FAQ and there was mention that my "firewall" might be denying something. I don't know that I have a firewall but I do have Avast downloaded on this Win2000 Pro and it's the free version and it seems to run all the time and I have never had this problem before so I don't know the answer. Any help?

A:Does the free version of Avast have a firewall?

Download SIW [with installer] Free version it to your DesktopDouble-click on it and it should start right upAvast Free is just an AV

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Whats the difference between avast home edition and avast free anti virus besides the color of the little circle globe

A:Avast Free and Home Edition

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I run avast as my main antivirus and MBAM and hitman pro for on demand.If I run hitman pro.alert along with them,would it cause any conflict or system lag?Is hitman pro.alert effective?

A:Can I run hitman pro.alert along with avast free?

There shouldn't be any problems. I use HitmanPro.Alert with ESET on my machine, with avast on my wife's notebook and with avast on our spare laptop...all without issues.Known issues in HitmanPro.Alert 2.5.1 (or older):Alert is currently not yet compatible with Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security on 64-bit Windows versions. We've already identified the cause and are working on a solution.

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Avast was alerting me that there was a new update for the program which was normal and i pressed update like usual, it ask me to restart the computer which was normal because ive done these updates before but then when my computer was loading my desktop i got the blue screen indicating my laptop crashed , at first i didnt think it was a big deal but then everytime i tried to start my laptop up i kept getting the screen , so i went on safe mode and did a system restore which fixed everything , however i realized that avast was acting up saying that it was disable so i try to enable it but it woudlnt start up so i planned to uninstall it and then install again but when i went on to add and remove programs , it wouldnt let me remove , a message popped up saying something like the setup cannot continue because there was a error found in the avast program found in driver C. so i went to try to manually delete the whole avast folder in my program files but that didnt work either , im guessing that the system restore deleted important files from avast , Now im asking someone how can i delete avast !? i really like this antivirus so i really wanan try to reinstall it . thankss!

A:Avast Free wont uninstall ?

Have you tried

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My computer took about an hour to reach this forum...plagued by problems. I had AVAST free download put on a borrowed when I went online to do the same for the desktop, they ran the scan, found all manner of awful things..and now want money? First question..where can I find the FREE DOWNLOAD OF AVAST? And will the scan I downloaded interfere if I do try to install one over it? AVG must have gone to sleep back there somewhere. My appreciation is beyond immeasurable if anyone can help me out here. It is eating up my LIFE!

A:Free Avast Download wants what?

Download it from HERE
Go to the bottom section of the page

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right i a have been using avast for a year now and see in the options on the last page it says enable/disable rootkit scanner on start the rootkit scanner got anything to do with that memory thing when you start avast lol coz i aint got a clue and thats the only thing i can think of
i downloaded a program sophos rootkit today is that any good or if there is one on avast is it suitable

A:is there a rootkit on avast free edition

Features overviewAnti-spyware built-in Web ShieldAnti-rootkit built-in Automatic updatesStrong self-protection Virus ChestAntivirus kernel System integrationSimple User Interface Integrated Virus CleanerResident protection Support for 64-bit WindowsP2P and IM Shields InternationalizationNetwork Shield

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Avast Free---

Custom Install---

File Shield
Web Shield - HTTPS disabled
PUP enabled
Rest default settings
Popups/Ads disabled (AvastUI.exe outbound connection blocked in Win FW to avoid popups/ads)

360 TSE---

Custom Mode---

Bd enabled (Realtime/Ondemand)
File Protection disabled
Registry Protection disabled
{File protection & Registry protection are HIPS features i.e all those creating/modifying this/that popups. And I dont want HIPS features so disabled}
Rest default settings

Avast Free or 360 TSE?

Plzz suggest only on the basis of protection with the above mentioned config of the products.

A:Avast Free or 360 TSE (Config Mentioned)

Hmm difficult one.
I like both but Avast is well known and trusted.
If i was to use either of them i would go for 360 TSE because in the past i have found it to pick up more nasties than avast

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Avaist tells me my free antivirus will be up in a few days. Is there another one I can download free that last a long time. Thanks so much. I have exployer 9 and windows 7. Thank you so much. Carol

A:avast antivirus + free trial

Just keep Avast & renew it.

Register for Free at AVAST will then send you an email with a key code Copy and paste the code into AVAST by: - Right clicking on the Avast icon in your task bar at the bottom right of your screen - Choose "About Avast" - Click the "License key" button
- Copy & paste the code

Register avast! Free Antivirus

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My friend had a free version of Avast and now believes that there is some kind of dead line date, . . and so I think she told me it's gone !

If that is true can she renew the latest free version ?

A:Avast Can Free Version Be Renewed ?

Yes you can renew. Just verify your name and email as you did when you first registered.

Yes, they will try to get you to buy the paid version, just ignore it unless you are interested

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I started to download the free Avast into my notebook with Windows 7 but I noticed something strange. While doing the downloads, the address window started with But after going farther, the address bar changed to and then to When I saw, I immediately stopped the downloads. My friend said that could be an infected site trying to sneak into my PC. Did I do the right thing? I cannot download Avast without going to the in the address bar.

A:Solved: Downloading Free Avast into PC

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Many independent av test labs are showing different results about different anitiviruses. But in real world,users have different experiences. I will be glad if you share your experiences about those 4 antiviruses.

A:MSE,avast! Free,avira or avg-which one is better as per your experience.

Those kinds of comparative testing results will vary depending on a variety of factors to include but not limited to who conducted the testing, what they were testing for (type of threats, attack vectors, exploits), what versions of anti-virus software was tested, what type of scanning engine was used, and the ability to clean or repair. There are no universally predefined set of standards or criteria for testing which means each test will yield different results. As such, you need to look for detailed information about how the tests were conducted, the procedures used, and data results.You ask a common question for which you will receive varying opinions and recommendations.Here are links to some recent BC discussion topics with opinions from other members:* What is the best antivirus protection?* What's the best premium security suite in the market currently?* Recommend a good free antivirus program* Which antivirus and malware programs should I use together?* Antivirus Solution?

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Is anyone using the Free Avast AV? If so, could you answer a few questions I have?

I notice two places to download the Free Avast from.

#1- I went to and that takes me to a CNET download page. The file is named "avast_free_antivirus_setup" and is about 90MB. Is that the one I should download even though it is from CNET and not directly from Avast? It doesn say ".exe" at the end!

HOWEVER there is another download at (under 'download this software") that has a "Avast_free_antivirus_online.setup.exe" that is only 4.6 MB. (under 'Download software)
WHICH ONE IS CORRECT as they both differ in size?

#2- I understand that when I am installing I will be requested to 'register.' Is that correct? And if I do not register, I will be only allowed to use the Avast for 30 days.
If I do register will I be able to use the Avast forever?

#3- Can I install on more than one of my computers? If so, will I be asked to register for each one? And if so would I input the same information in each one that I put in when I registered the first one?
Thanks for any help.

A:Avast Free Anti Virus

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quick question....

I was about to download Avast onto my netbook that has Windows 7 and Windows 7 was not listed when I got to that point in the setup. is there a free version of Avast that works with Windows 7? or will the one online work on this machine even tho Windows 7 is not listed?

A:does free Avast work with Windows 7?

See here:, Czech Republic, September 10, 2009 -- avast! antivirus software has earned the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo after successfully completing Microsoft Corp.s’ testing regime to prove it can be readily installed and run reliably on Windows 7. “It’s important that our users know avast! is fully compatible with Windows 7 from the very beginning,” said Ondrej Vlcek, Chief Technology Officer at ALWIL Software, makers of avast!. Microsoft’s “Compatible with Windows 7” logo can now be used with Avast! version 4.8 software. The logo will help Windows 7 users easily identify software and other products that have passed Microsoft tests for compatibility and reliability with Windows 7.

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I always get this message after a schulded scan, im pretty sure it has something to do with outlook 2010, but i dunno, can anyone help?

A:Avast free scanning problems

My bad more info.

OST File - Know All About Exchange / Outlook OST Files

What is OST file?

OST is the abbreviated form of Offline Storage Table files of MS Outlook. Offline folders allow the users to work offline i.e. in the absence of Exchange Server and then synchronize the changes later when they connect with the Exchange Server. The capability of working offline, that these OST files offer, is ideal for environments having limited or unreliable network connectivity. This feature of OST files allows a user to work in Server downtime situations too.

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Released: Avast! Free Antivirus 11.2.2262


fixed crashing installations
fixed BSOD on AMD processors
fixed problem with huge antispam log
fixed repeatedly adding SafeZone browser icon on desktop after program update

Download: Avast | Download Free Antivirus for PC, Mac & Android

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I have just got a new PC that came with 12 months of McAfee LiveSafe. Is it worth it to uninstall it and download AVAST (it is a Win8.1 PC which means no MSE) or wait until it expires to download AVAST?

A:MCAfee LiveSafe vs AVAST Free

If you uninstalled McAfee LiveSafe, wouldn't you be using MSE by default - it is just called Windows Defender.

Or do I have that wrong?

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I use a screenreader to access my computer and had some problems with viruses yearerday. I restored my system and it is working properly, however, I have two antivirus programs that I'd like to uninstall and then update the AVG. both of these are free. I am not able to perform the install due to the following error messages:
AVG gives me this both from the control panel and from the userinterface itself:Installation failed to following error:
Error: @AvgErrorCode_0x0253 %FILE% = "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8"
I've also tried to reinstall the setup file for Avast and I get this: both when uninstalling from the control panel and downloading from the web: a setiface error has ocurred: 536875929.
How do I uninstall both of these programs so that I can successfully update my antivirus software to AVG? I use Windows XP home edition.

A:Removal of AVG Free 8.5 and Avast antivirus

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In cleaning up a mess over on the "HJT log" forum the advisor who helped me out noted that I'm only using the built-in Windows firewall, and that I really need a firewall that can monitor outgoing as well as incoming traffic. Based on my experience, I'm inclined to (belatedly) agree with him. He suggested either ZoneAlarm or PC Tool Firewall Plus.

I'm leaning towards ZoneAlarm, based on what I've heard in the past, but I would like to know if anyone has any experience in running the ZoneAlarm Free firewall with Avast! Antivirus 4.8 (free version). Will they work well together without conflicts? A quick check on Google was inconclusive.

Does anyone have any real-world experience?

A:Zonealarm free firewall and Avast!

No better, no worse. I had that setup for a while and it served me well

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Hey guys,
I want to create a shortcut to scan my pc on the desktop,
But I need the parameters for the avast! program.

Thanks in advance


A:avast! Free AntiVirus parameters

You can see the command line options here -

But i believe you can only run a scan from command line with the professional version.


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My free trial of AVG 8 internet security ran out so i decided to try Avast free ( version 4.8 home) . AVG uninstalled surprisingly easily and Ccleaner did not find much residue.
Since installing Avast there is a distinct hesitation before pages open . I am sure that this can't be normal after all the glowing reports i have heard about Avast.
The on demand scanner in my right click menu also does not appear to work . I downloaded an avi movie, right clicked on the file and selected Avast scan, the Avast dialogue box appeared, sat on 0% scanned for a couple of seconds and then disappeared . I tried that a couple of times, with the same result.

Any ideas, please.

Edit . I am using Win 7 , 64 bit.

A:Problem with Avast Free version 4.8

I'm assuming you tried to re-install it? Just gonna confirm it worked fine on my x64 install of build 7000. Also the lag in opening web pages is also very anomalous.

Did you try disabling the Web Shield engine to see if that affects the page loading performance? It shouldn't but if it does, then that's a start.

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I have done an Avast scan and the results are that it has found evidence of Grime in on my pc, System Settings and unnecessary apps. Is grime, malware\bloat? I have done windows update, troubleshoot, disk cleanup, run ccleaner, Delfix, Adware cleaner, sfc scan, dism..../restorehealth, chkdsk scan, malwarebytes and superantispyware but I have still got this grime and I don't know how to get rid of it because I just don't know what it is. Can anyone help please?

A:Avast Free Antivirus Grimefighter

Do you have a problem with your PC? if GrimeFighter detected something it is not 100% sure that it is truly a grime.
So if you see that you have any problem just ask here and were always here to help.

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A:Avast Free Antivirus 12.4 Beta

in my eyes, the previous white Avast UI is better

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I am planning to download the free Avast . When a month is up, is it easy to download the upgraded avast ,or do you have to have someone walk you through it? In other words, once you pay, can you just click on a link and instantly download it?

A:Signing up for free AVAST, then what to do after a month?

Please reach Avast support or Avast Forum who can give you a better idea about the Avast Products.
You can use this link:
Also you can submit a ticket for help in the Link

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I have ESET NOD32 4.2 AV. The license ends in a few days. I'm looking for a free alternative.
Which one do you suggest ? avast! free 5 AV or panda cloud AV ?

A:avast! free 5 AV or panda cloud AV ?

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trying to install avg and unistall this program, but avg wont install unless this is gone.

A:cant remove avast free antivirus

Run the Avast Uninstall Utility.

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