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How to fill the Desktop with a Word Page?

Q: How to fill the Desktop with a Word Page?

I am working on a document which I would like to see spread across the page but can see no way to do it. Can anyone help?

A: How to fill the Desktop with a Word Page?

Hello there,

Will hiding the task bar and notification area/icons help?
Show or hide the taskbar - Microsoft Windows Help
Notification Area Icons - Hide or Show System Icons and Notifications

How about full screen view reading?

If this is not what you're trying to accomplish please let us know.

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i do not know how to make pages fit my monitor. there is 2.5 inch gap at either end

A:[SOLVED] my web page does not fill fill my monitor screen in the horizontal direction

this is not equip. failure as it worked ok before i had to go back to a restore point. i am a complete novice,trying to keep up with grand kids,please excuse.

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Hello Everyone!
Im am in desperate need for you help! Im working on a project for my company. Im designing a form, the form is 2 pages. On the first page there is a table that we fill in, is it possible that when we fill in a spot on the first table, on the next page it will fill in the same information at the same time without having to re fill it in??

If this doesn't make sense, please email me or post! Thanks so much! Happy Holidays

Email me!

A:MS Word; Is it possible to fill in two things at once?

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Hi all,

I have created a small Excel spreadsheet that fills roughly half of an 8.5x11 page in landscape. I want it to fill the entire page, ie larger cells. The only way I found to do this is to manually set the cell height and width. "Fit to page" seems to be useful only to shrink, not enlarge. Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks!

A:Enlarging spreadsheet to fill page

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Creating a web page using frontpage2000. Inserted a photo then did a thumbnail on it. Fine. But when I clicked on the thumbnail, the photo filled up the whole screen. Why ?? How do I get it back to its thumbnail size ? Even the back tab, or arrow, up on the tool bar is covered up by the photo. I read up on the image size but I couldn't relate to a small photo blowing up to fill a 15 inch monitor.
HELP !!! AGAIN !!!


A:photos on web page fill up screen ....

I dont know about the pic filling the whole page, but the Backspace button on the keyboard usually acts just like the Back button. This may help until you figure out why it is doing the full screen display.

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Hello everyone

The following question was asked way back in 2004 but I can't find the answer, and I've got exactly the same problem today! I would be really grateful for help with this - I have copied and pasted a long article coming in at 288 pages and I want to reduce it to 144 pages!

Please help a humble, non-computerized soul out. I have pasted 161 pages of
text into word from an e-mail. I want to print it out, but each line only
goes halfway across the screen and then begins a new line.

The borders are maximized, and it should really be reduced to only 80 pages
in length, but I can't figure out how to make the pasted text fill the
document (side to side) without going through it, line by line, and deleting
the empty spaces (they seem to be the result of hitting enter).

I've done this before with short e-mails and usually I just go through, line
by line, and delete the spaces. But this time, it will take me hours and
hours to do that. There has to be a way to make the text fill the page...
please help!!!

Thank you!

A:Pasted Text Won't Fill Page - Please Help

I suspect that the 'copy' is also coping the 'end of line markers' off the original line length ... past your 'copies' into a non-formating writing program like MS Notepad.

Notepad will strip out any and all format except, I believe, paragraph returns. I may be wrong on the last bit. Then copy-n-paste into Word, or whatever you're using.

You will, however, have to reformat the whole thing to match the original.

Now, after saying all that, you could, if using MS Word turn on the 'formatting controls' so you can see where & what format has been set, then, once again you will have to go through the whole document to check the format to the way you want it.

Either way, I think you's in for a long haul, good luck, hoped that helped.
Welcome to the forums.


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Can't seem to fill colors in any text box or autoshapes. Working perfectly prior to installing a 22" HPw2207H flat panel monitor. Is there something I need to know about that. Working on deadline project. Need help.



A:Color Fill for Word 2003

Welcome to the forum.

I do not believe switching your monitor would determine if you could fill shape colors within Word.

Can you post a sample file (remove sensitive data with dummy data)?

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I've tried and tried and have tried reading various help manuals. I am trying to create a fill in form using Word. It is for my husband's small business. Thank you!

A:Word: How to Create Fill-in Forms

Originally posted by ruhler1
I've tried and tried and have tried reading various help manuals. I am trying to create a fill in form using Word. It is for my husband's small business. Thank you! Click to expand...

I could possibly help ... but, what exactly do you mean by fill-in form. I want to be sure that we're thinking of the same thing. I could possibly know how to help. Feel free to email me! Or post your reply.


- Isabel

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I want to make a directory and write a name and phone number, here's an example:
Anderson, John.............................(555)555-5555

I was wondering how do you fill the space with periods with out manually typing a bunch of periods. I would like the periods to go from the name, which is justified on the left, all the way to the phone number, which should be justified to the right.
Thanks in advance,

A:Solved: How do you fill the page with periods to the right justification

Click Format-->Tabs....

In the Tabs window, type the tab stop position for the right side of the page (probably 6.5" if you use 0.75" left and right margins).

For Alignment click the Right option.

For Leader click the ..... option.

Click Set.

Click OK



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I'm creating a questionnaire form in Word 2010 with about 5 or 6 fields. Using the developer tab I have been able to set all of these up fine and its working however I would like one field to be automatically populated with the date of that particular day.

Currently the date field uses the date form option so you are given a drop down calender to choose the date or the option of selecting 'Today'. I would like this field to automatically show the 'today' date and then give the option of changing it if necessary.

Is this possible?



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I have a standard form that must be filled out & mailed for each patient in order for me to get reimbursed. I have scanned the form to a jpg format & would like to be able to "fill in the blanks" with Word 2007, print out the completed form & retain a copy on my PC for each patient. Can that be done? This would save me a lot of trouble.
Any help appreciated.

A:Word 2007 how do I fill in & print a form?

Hi Ron,
It can't be done if you've scanned it as just a picture, but if you're able to scan it with optical character recognition (OCR) then you might be able to copy it into Word or edit the jpg itself. You can download IrfanView, which is a free graphics program and it has an OCR plugin. But if the form is not very long or very complicated, you'll probably have better luck just recreating it in Word. OCR can be unreliable depending on the quality of the scan and you may do just as much work cleaning it up as you would retyping it. And of course the best option would be if you could contact the form originator and get it electronically. They may already have it in Word which would save a ton of time. Hope that helps.

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In Word 2002, I am trying to print a sheet of paper with a repeating pattern.

I click format, then background, then fill effects. I select a JPG picture and insert.

All this works as expected and my screen has the pattern fully tiled on the whole page.

Here is the mystery... when I do print preview, there is no evidence of this same pattern. Likewise, it does not print.

What am I missing? Thanks.

A:Solved: Word question... background fill

Try this: go to tools, options, print. check background printing. It still won't show in print preview, but should print. This does use additional memory - MS recommends you turn it off if you aren't using it.

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When I go to View and select Headerand Footer, the dialog box that drops down says "No Entries" where it used to show 'file name' and a few other things that I don't remember any more because I can't see them.
It is Word 97, and it had been working fine. Don't know what that 'box' is called, so I don't know what to look for. I'm on XP Home.

A:Auto fill for Header and Footer in MS Word

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I'm using Windows XP Professional Version 2002, and I'm trying to create a form in Word format. I'm able to insert the fields using the Forms toolbar, and protect it, but when I try to key info into the fill-in areas, the text in the form moves with each character I type. I want the fill-in area to remain the same size, no matter how many characters I type (obviously the # or characters would be limited to whatever would fit in that static box). Can anyone help me? Thank you.

A:formatting a Form in Word-Keep fill-in box the same size

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Ok...I'm having the following problem/issue.

If I want to write a letter in word with inserting "fill in" prompts...and I want one of the prompts to be inserted a couple of times in the document (cause it's repeated ) but the rest to still prompt me everytime for typing by me cause they do I do that???

I like {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I like\""} and what they do.

My {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I like\""} does everything I wanted him to do. But if you had a {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I hate\""} they are a real problem. They only seem to do the basic things in life. My favorite pet has always been a {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I like\""}

If I wanted the above to say:

I like dogs and what they do.

My dogs do everything I want them to do. But if you have had hampsters they are a real problem. They only seem to do the basic things in life. My favorite pets have always been dogs.

NOW...HOW DO I MAKE MY LETTER SO THAT I only have to type "dogs" once when the prompt comes up "type name of animal I like" so I only get prompted once. But yet, keep the prompts for the other stuff in the document to keep coming up because they are all different.

Can anyone help???

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I'm running Microsoft Office 2003 under Windows XP Pro SP2, with all known patches/updates installed.

I recently completed a document in Microsoft Word 2003 and decided to make some changes.

I created a border around some text. I highlighted the contents of the box and then I moved the mouse up to the "fill color" tool on the menu. I clicked the tool and no colors appear in the drop down menu. The "fill color" tool on the menu shows yellow, but you cannot actually click yellow and use it fill the box.

When I click the "fill color" tool and the drop-down menu opens, the area below the "no fill" option shows empty white boxes with no color. This is rather weird behavior. I used the color option about one month ago and it worked fine.

I don't recall adding any programs to my computer or installing any updates [I don't know if any were installed automatically].

Can someone assist me in restoring this option as I need it. I have a project which HAS to be completed and I really need this option.



A:Solved: MS Word-Color Fill Not Available in ANY Document

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In our transcription business we type hundreds of memos in a month's time.

I want to create a drop-down list (intended for validation) so my typists can select 1 of 15 names instead of manually typing each author's name each time.

I followed instructions in Word Help to create a drop-down list in a template but I can't find out how to get the drop down list to appear for use in the template. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time using this forum.

A:Word: drop-down list to fill in memo forms

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Can there be a macro in excel to find column headers of the excel file in word docs and fill them in excel respectively for all the docx files in a folder. word data/file is not in table format and all docx files are similar

I tried recording the macro but it doesn't work

A:Solved: Fill excel Columns from word files

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Any ideas why the Grey background shading wont fill the entire block? these images look better when you click on them (shows all the detail)

this calender was created from a template. the gray shading was added to all five blocks at the same time. i have tried every thing including starting over with a new file made from the same template. This file prints exactly as shown i.e the unfilled blocks remain.

Here is the image with formatting on (is that what ¶ means show/hide formatting?) i lightened the shade because it hid the formatting marks


A:Calender shading wont fill completely in Word 03

well any ideas?

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I have a form set up in a table and I would like to have the text fit into the cell and not go below the cell. I have set the maximum length of the field but this does not really work for me. I have set the row to an exact height so it does not expand. It does not limit the number returns. So, you can hit the return key the text disappears in the cell (goes beyond the length of the cell)

Setting the maximum length does not allow be to fill the cell completely. If you type all caps the maximum length maybe 100. If set to this then all lower case letters will only fill half the cell.

Is there a way to only allow the user to type in the fixed sized table cell and fill it up completely without the text disappearing beyond the border of the table cell using VBA or some function in Word?


A:Word Form - text to fill in table cell (VBA)

I'd go for the simple approach - set the font of the field to Courier or another mono-spaced font. That way, all characters take up the same amount of space.

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I?d like to create a form which collects data using text fields and drop down menus and perhaps even some radio buttons. (ok that part I got)

but I then want to take the responses to the form and insert into a report template. (even this I kinda get, e.g., using legacy tools and ?calculate on exit?)

But the catch is I need to convert some of the responses to different text. Let me give you a for instance.

On the medical history form I have a question such as:

"Do you have a history of heart disease" (followed by a drop down menu with yes or no)

If the person selects "yes" then I want it to autofill into the report (later in the same word document) ?the patient reported a history of heart disease, or if they select "no", ?the patient denied a history of heart disease?
So I want to take the responses to some form content control objects and replace the text (e.g., yes=reported, no = denied) and insert into a place later in the document.


A:Using data from Word forms to fill in a report template

oh, and this is all in ms word 2010.

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I have a form set up in a table and I would like to have the text fit into the cell and not go below the cell. I have set the maximum length of the field but this does not really work for me. I have set the row to an exact height so it does not expand. It does not limit the number returns. So, you can hit the return key the text disappears in the cell (goes beyond the length of the cell)

Setting the maximum length does not allow be to fill the cell completely. If you type all caps the maximum length maybe 100. If set to this then all lower case letters will only fill half the cell.

Is there a way to only allow the user to type in the fixed sized table cell and fill it up completely without the text disappearing beyond the border of the table cell using VBA or some function in Word?


A:Word Form - text to fill in table cell (VBA)

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This may be a dumb question, but is there some simple way
to select a column of about 400 entries in order to do a
"fill series" after typing in a formula in the first cell?

It doesn't work if I move to the first cell and then hit
"edit" and "select column". The only way I can get it to work is to click on the first cell and hold the mouse button down and scoll down thru all 400 entries. This gets time consuming if you are doing a lot of formulas that apply all the way down your 400 entries. Is there some way I can type a formula in the first cell and have it fill down all 400 without having to wait to scoll down that far?

A:Word Spreadsheet: column select for fill series

Just move the cursor over the top border of the required column until it turns from the "I" bar into a black downward pointing arrow, and then click. This selects the whole column. It's a little bit fiddly to get the cursor to change - easiest to start below the top border and move slowly upwards.



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I want to auto-fill a Word 2010 Table from a Access 2010 Query. Here is what I mean:

I have created an Access 2010 database file called “MasterTestEquip.accdb” with a “MasterTestEquipList" Query. Using the Word Merge function in Access, I created a 5-column, multi-row Table in Word 2010 with the following Column names:

Description, Manufacturer, Model, Identification #, Cal Due.

I want to be able to enter in the Identification # (e.g., 469-0068-601) and have the row auto-fill in the other information (Description, Manufacturer, Model & Cal Due). I have been trying to get the Mail Merge function to do this but I am stuck. I used “Insert Merge Field” and selected the appropriate name for each column. When I do a Preview, I can click on the right and left arrows and the information in the row steps through each one of my Identification numbers in my recipients list and the corresponding information is correct, but this is not what I want. I need to be able to manually enter in the Identification # and have the additional information auto-fill in. I also noticed that if I perform the above “Insert Merge Field” function in multiple rows that when I use the arrows to scroll through in one row, that all the rows change and show the exact same information. How do I make each row independent of each other and be able to manually type in the Identification # to get the rest of the information to auto-fill for each row/line?

This is a Test Equipment List form that I ... Read more

A:Auto-fill Word Table via Access Query

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I have created an auto fill form in Microsoft 2007, but my sample (directional) text does not the grey highlight behind it indicating to the user where each text field is located. If i manually apply a highlight, then the user cannot get rid of the highlight after their form is filled due to the document protection.

All the information I have found online indicates that the sample text should have the grey highlight which then will disappear once the user populates each field. Is there a setting to fix this, or am I creating the document incorrectly to cause this difference?

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My desktop does not quite fill the screen on my new plasma TV (Panasonic TC-50PX24). I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. My MoBo is a Gygabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H. I am using the onboard graphics, and have the TV connected to the HDMI output. I have not been able to find a way to fine tune the desktop size on my TV or in Windows. Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Desktop doesn't fill screen.

Right click the Desktop/Personalize/Display/Adjust Resolution. However using your onboard video it may not have the maximum resolution required for a Plasma TV. You will probably need to purchase a separate Video Card.

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Hi all,

I have a Sony Vaio, and cannot get the desktop background to show on anything other than 'Fill'. Even if I select 'Centre', or any of the other options, the theme is still shown in the 'Fill' format.

I tried the HP .exe to cure the problem with 'Stretch', but that didn't make a difference.

Can anyone help please?


A:Desktop background stuck on 'Fill' (not HP)

Doesn't anyone else have this problem? I'm using Aero themes, if it makes a difference

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Title is perhaps a bit misleading... I can change resolutiion in control panel to force desktop to fit. HOWEVER, it causes an undesired and quite frustrating blur effect on icons(especially quicklaunch) and also creates a "magnifying glass" effect on all text and pages(must scroll right and down to view all of the page/window) Very annoying... It all happened when I installed different SP2 version. Any help is much appreciated!

A:desktop won't fill monitor screen!

pls give us some specs on your pc and especially your video controller ,,,is it built into the motherboard or do you have a video card? you could try and uninstall SP2 but just downloading and installing SP2 should not by itself have caused this problem. what kind of monitor do you have CRT or LCD and brand and how old is it?

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I have a Dell 8600 running XP SP2. The desktop image is much smaller than the monitor's area. How can I expand the image. About the only thing I know for sure is that this is not a screen resolution problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Desktop image does not fill screen

Is this a desktop PC? If yes, you can usually stretch the picture using the monitor's menu. You can access this using the buttons on the front of your monitor.


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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here so hope I am clear enough and someone can help

I am wondering if it is possible to do the following in word 2007. The reason I want to use this program is for easy access and completion by multiple low-level skilled people in my organisation.

I want to have a central word doc with employee data (ie names, addresses, phones, emails etc..) and have this data auto insert into a series of forms on multiple documents.

This data is used many times and figure this will make it easy to ensure all the data is current as it will all read off the one central document, also will the human error factor and lost time to enter the same data several times.

Is this possible?

Hope you can help

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I used to be able to do this in Windows 7. Basically if my desktop photo doesn't fill the screen, there's a color that fills the rest of it. I can't see anywhere to change this color to just black. I can change the whole screen to grey, or have my image cover the entire desktop, but I'd like to just have an image in the middle, and the rest of the desktop black around it. Can anyone help? I apologize if this is an easy fix and I'm just missing it.

A:How to fill my desktop wallpaper background with black?

How do you make it black - or any solid colour? In Settings:
And from these examples, this gives you a small picture in the middle:

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When I make a remote desktop connection to my PC at work using Citrix, the screen appears small on my home PC monitor. It's basically a square box in the middle of the screen surrounded by a thick gray border on the left and right sides.

I was told that there is a way to get it to fill up my entire monitor by opening the remote desktop connection window, closing it, then re-opening it, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I am probably doing something wrong.

I am using Windows 7 and when I go into the Remote Desktop Connection options, the Remote Desktop Size under the Display settings is set to full screen.

Can anyone please tell me how to get the RDC window to fill in my monitor's entire screen?

A:How to make a remote desktop connection fill in my entire monitor?

What is the resolution of the Windows 7 monitor? There is a known issue with monitors set to 1366x768. Assuming your monitor is set to this, try changing it then retry full-screen.

Also, please try pressing Cntrl+Alt+Break

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This question is about using "Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}."

I've read many solutions for this online and in MS's help files. None of them are working, and it really has me perplexed because I consider myself an advanced user.

My document is a book:

The first page of my book is a cover page. It shouldn't be counted in page numbering.
Beginning on the second page, my book has a TOC and then 9 chapters.
The TOC and each chapter are set up in their own sections. (I do this because I include the chapter's name - which is the section name - in the footer along with page numbers. It also facilitates creating the TOC)
I want the TOC to be counted as Page 1
All of that works fine for the {PAGE} page number. To accomplish it, I told Word to start counting page numbers from 0, and I suppressed displaying the number on the Cover. Then for subsequent pages I selected "Continue from previous section."
My issue is that I really want to show both the current page and the total number of pages ("Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}") in the footer.

When I try that, {PAGE} displays correctly, but {NUMPAGES} shows one too many. It is obviously counting the cover page.

Evidently what I did in #5 above only affects the count for {PAGE} and not for {NUMPAGES}.

All over the web I find the simple solution of using a formula field for {NUMPAGES} as follows:

Actually, I think that would do the opposite of what I want. I would probably have to... Read more

A:Solved: Word 2007 Page Numbering: Make {NUMPAGES} start counting from Page 2?

I was just messing with the same issue and found a solution:


This may look exactly like something you tried already but here is the difference:

Instead of typing in the curly braces ( { ) manually, you have to hit "Ctrl-F9" to insert a field, then do the same for the braces around "NUMPAGES". You wind up with a field inside a field. That way it interprets the "NUMPAGES" as your document property, returns a number like "42", then the next field takes the equation "= 42 - 1" and returns "41". If you don't use "CTRL-F9" to enter the "NUMPAGES" field, it sees the first curly brace and stops, seeing it as a syntax error.

Hope it works for you! It worked for me!

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Hello All,

I manage the maintenance on a corporate jet. I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop running Vista. We use Microsoft Word 2007 for our maintenance log book, oldest maintenance entries to newest. I want WORD to open my logbook document on the last page of the document when I fire it up, not the first. Any ideas? My email address is [email protected].

Thanks, Greg Stultz

A:How can I get Word 2007 to open on the last page of a multi-page document?

The only way I know how to do this is using a macro. Open the document and press ALT + F11 to open the VBA editor. In the project explorer window on the left you will need to right click the object labeled "ThisDocument" and choose "View Code"

Paste the code below into the blank code window and save the document. You will need to adjust the macro security level to medium or low from the main Word window by clicking TOOLS --> MACRO --> SECURITY
Private Sub Document_Open()

Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory

End Sub
You can also accomplish the same action without using a macro by opening the document and clicking CTRL + END to take you to the last page.


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Sir,in ms-word document, i dont wont to give the page number to the whole document but when i am giving a page number to a selected page automatically it is giving page numbers to the whole document. So, is there any way to give a page number to the selected page.message edited by GulamMurtuza

A:How to give page numbers to selected page in word document.

Create separate sections.Make the page(s) where you want a number a section on its own. It will still be in sequence in the finished document.You insert a section break at the end of the page preceding the page where you want the page numbering to start. When you want to stop page numbering, create another section break at the end of the last numbered page in that section..Remember to enable/insert or not page numbering as appropriate for each section.

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I am knee deep in writting up my final dissertation and need some help.

I need to number my pages but not from the first page. I looked online and it said I should have an option to number pages from the page I was on but that was not the case.

I then read that you can insert an header and the page will be numbered from there, again I could not get this to work.

I know in word 2007 you can generate a contents page that will show the page number of all my subsections and headings but I have no clue how to do this and until I get the page numbers working I cannot do it anyway.

If anyone can help me please reply, I don't want to do my usualy trick of having two documents, one the body of the work and the other all the pages that are not numbered because it will take for ever at this point.

A:Need help making a contents page and page numbering word 2007

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Hi. I know about the common problem of people creating blank pages when they don't mean to, but this is not that problem. If I open a new document and type a few characters, it will print a completely blank page, followed by a page with my characters. If I print a 10-page document, it will print 20 pages - 10 blank interspersed with the 10 pages of the document. It prints the blank page first. I've looked through the Word prefs and don't see anything that could cause this. I deleted Any ideas very welcome.

A:Word 2007 prints a blank page for every page

Welcome to the forum.

I am guessing your header is messed up. You can look into editing it and saving over top of the normal.dotx but I would just suggest finding the normal.dotx and renaming it normal.old and see if that fixes your problem.

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I’d like to add page numbers to a word document but I don’t want the first and second page of the document to have page numbers.

The problem is: I don’t know how to make the second page free from numbers. Can anyone help me?

A:Solved: Page numbers on the second page in word 2003

How to set up a document with front matter numbered separately

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I don't know what else to call it. On my old computer, I would go to Ebay and begin typing in the first letter of what I wanted to look at, and several words would appear that began with that letter (items I've looked at before), and then I could just click on the one I wanted. Now I have a new computer, and it doesn't do that anymore so I am constantly retyping in the words.

I'm thinking there must be a simple place you go to turn this feature on, but I have no idea where/how. Can someone help me, please? Thanks.

A:how do I turn on automatic "letter/word fill in" feature?

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Microsoft Word 2003 SP3
Windows XP SP2

Having issues with Microsoft Word.

When adding the Drawing toolbar, both the Line Color option and the Fill Color option have no colors to choose from.

You can click on the icon to choose what color, but everything is grayed out and inactive.

Any ideas?

Already ran a detect and repair. Renamed to create a fresh one. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Word. No success

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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In Word, I want to add automatic page numbering to my document. But suppose I have some X number of title pages that I don't want numbered. How can I have no numbers or headers at all on pages 1 through X, and then start the page numbering only on some arbitrary page X+1, and have the numbering offset, so that page X+1 is numbered p.1, page X+2 is numbered p.2, etc.?

A:How to start Word's page numbering on a different page?

a horrible question

you're wanting to use section breaks to define specific parts of your document
- have some sections without page numbers, then some with page numbers
- and the page numbers starting at a specific number on a specific page and going in order from there
right ?

see Dreamboat's webpage for some initial info.

your first section should have the unnumbered pages
your next section should have the numbered pages

you create a section break by clicking on 'insert' from the menu bar and choosing 'break'
normally use 'next page' when it asks what kind of break you want
it helps to have the option selected to show all characters, marks etc so you can see where the breaks are (tools, options, formatting marks)

you format the numbering through page numbering, also in the 'insert' section (i don't use this option)
through the header/footer options - you can insert a page number, insert the number of pages, or format the page number (ie where it starts etc)

this is one of the most frustrating things to master in word (in my opinion ) because it seems to have it's own logic
- once you get the hang of it, it works well
is a very simple example [forum doesn't allow .doc attachments)
- no page number on page one
- page number on page two, starting at 1

note: when printing, your printer sees all pages without knowing what page number you gave it
- so wit... Read more

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Hi - quick question:

At work, when I go to insert a new page in a Word document, it places the new page (page 2) above the first page, instead of placing it below. When I go to a two page layout view, the second page is on the left, instead of on the right.

Anyone know how to swap this? Thank you!

A:Microsoft Word - New Second Page Placed ABOVE/BEFORE the First Page?

Hi, In word under "View" check what view option you have highlighted usual is "Normal".

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I have a problem. My office has many labs, but from a single lab when someone prints a word document onto a particular printer, it gives out an extra blank page. This blank page is not seen in the print preview unlike which was discussed in the previous forums.

This problem has been encountered only for word documents but not for .pdf files. I have tried even with a single page of word printing, it gives out another blank page. Can anyone resolve this problem. I dont think its the problem with the printer because it works well with other labs and .pdf files from this lab too. Anyways its a HP Laserjet 5SiMX.

A:Word document prints an extra blank page but that blank page is not seen in preview

Is the printer in question the default printer for the PC in that lab? Print preview shows how the document would appear based on the settings of the default printer - using another printer can cause changes such as this.

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I am trying to do something which I found very simple in Word 2003 and 2007, but which is stumping me in Word 2010 even after half an hour.

I have a four page document, nothing fancy in it, just text, a few bullet points etc. I now want to add the following to each page:

-- in the upper right hand corner, in 9 point Calibri font, underlined, this header: "John Smith Bio, page [x] of [y]" where x is the current page number and y is in this case always 4.

(If making it automatically know there are 4 pages is a stretch, I can live for now, as I'm in a hurry, with "John Smith Bio page [x] of 4")

It would take quite a while to describe everything that I've tried. All the templates, wizards etc seem to let me do everything except what I want. What look like they are blue fields in Design mode don't seem to let me type anything in them.

Could someone please take pity and just tell me, step by step, what to do? I'd be very grateful. This is rather time-sensitive.

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I created a simple org chart in office XP word and save dit as a web page because trying to get an html org chart to lay out was not working. Its a simple doc with names and phone numbers and each subordinate leveloffset a few spaces to the right as seen below. However when I view th esaved doc in a browser 1 phone numer near the bottom does not line up properly. I've tried everything I can think of but it remains in the same spot. Any ideas??

See the image correct.gif for an Example of original word doc layout
See the image wrong.giff for an Example of how the html conversion views in a browser.

You see how phone # 5 is out of line

Thanx D.

A:web page from word doc

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How do I reduce the space at the top, bottom and sides of a letter page so as to get more text onto one sheet of paper?

A:word page set up

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If i wanted to setup an a3 page in word do i just change the size to custom and put the size in the required box and put it on landscape?

I tried to do this and i printed a text which was centred on the a3 page on an a4 printer but it didnt print anything, i thought that the text would be printed half on each of 2 a4 pages?
Would this mean if i printed it on an a3 printer it wouldn't work also?

A:A3 page in word?

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I have a fax cover letter in Word..when you type in the body of moves the empty space down and ultimately creates a blank second page....(the users in my office are too darn lazy to delete the second page..or don't know how to backspace..)

resolution 1: I inserted a text box so that the text box line no longer moves...but for some reason user's are still having glitches..such as..blank print out's...or blank print it's back to it's original state..the 2 pager problem..) do I format it in a way that it doesn't create a second page..(the fax cover body is inside a box)

To view problematic fax cover,


How about a before-print macro that:

Ctrl-g to go to page 2
Hit backspace once to get to the bottom of page 1
Selects all from there down and deletes

You could actually record the steps, copy and paste the code into a before-print event of the document.

Let me know if you like the idea and want more help with it.

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i am sure this must be somewhere in the Word XP help files, but i can't seem to find it. i was wondering if there was a way to tell Word to skip directly to a new page (without having to do Enter until moving onto a new page?). thanks,

A:new page in word

I'm not familiar with XP, but in other versions of Word you can do it from the pull down menus - Insert | Break | Page Break.

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Hey ya computer and network guru's can ya help me here.


Windows 2000 server
Windows 2000 clients
All up to date with patches

No other type of clients connected such as 98. NT 4, etc..

Here is my situation:

I am having a problem when printing a word document and the bottom half is getting cut off.

Sometimes when it happens and you go into print preview it will show you that it is missing the bottom half of the document.

I have about 30 Laserjet 4000t model networked printers that this is happening to randomly to. One day it can do it and stop for a few days and then happens again. Or it can happen now and then later on in the afternoon it happens again.

It does not happend all the time and will be hard to replicate the problem. Whenever it wants to do it it just does it.

What I have done is updated all the drivers to the latest drivers, tested with both the PCL 6, 5e, and PS drivers but it is still doing it. I have also updated my firmwares on the jet direct cards. Have the latest SR2 patch for Office 97.

I have called HP tech support and they are pointing the finger at Microsoft word application. I cant call Microsoft on it cause they want 299.99 for the tech support. I have left messages in microsoft's forum but got no response on it. I have checked out HP's website forum for tech support and see that some people are having the same problem but there was no resolution to it.

I can setup a TCP/IP direct connect to the printer and it will res... Read more

A:page getting cut off in word when printing

Might be no use to you, we had random print problems in our office, we still don't know what the true cause was but switching the printers off and back on before going home at night cured it, it seems the printer memory does not completely clear and through continuous use they get 'confused'.

This might be completely useless to you, but worth a try before shelling out 299.99!

The other thing to watch would be your roaming profiles, ensure users don't change profile by selecting locally stored ones instead of their roaming ones, this can cause headaches and all sorts of random problems.
Good luck!

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Can some please tell me how to remove the page break from a word file ?? its between the second and third row of a the table.

it has a dotted line going across and i cant do anything to it to remove it

A:Word Page Break

Sounds like an automatic page break. What's happening that you don't like it there?

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A box said "COULD NOT START PRINT JOB." Is there a setting that's turned off?

I checked Services and Parental Controls.

Advise? Thanks in advance.

A:I tried to print a page from word pad....

I am on vista ultimate SP1. I don't think that it is a hardware problem.

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how do i get MS Word to insert page numbers, but to skip the first 2 pages .... i can get it to skip the first page, but not the first 2. i tried doing it manually, but doesn't work.

and on the 3rd page (1st 2 are skipped), I need it to start at page 1 ....


A:page numbering in MS Word

Insert a section break at the end of the 2nd page. Then start the numbering from the beginning of the new section.


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I wrote a document in Word with some pictures and photos as background with text wroten on it. When I send this mail as a word document (it's an option of word), it arrives in outlook mailbox with the set up completely modified.All the pictures and photos have shifted and are not anymore under my text.
Do you have any advise to solve my problem?

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I am trying to create a web page using Word 2000. I have completed the web page, but when I upload it to my site, none of the pictures in it are there. The links work, but no pictures. I uploaded all the files in the folder word had created. I have searched through the help functions with no luck. I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone help?

A:Web Page problems with Word

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This is a problem that has plagued me for a while. I know there is probably a simply solution to this but anyway...
Say for example, you have an 8 page Word document and there is text on the first 7 pages but the last one is blank, how can you delete that blank page at the end ? Save me printing blank sheets if I forget to choose page selection for printing.

A:How do you 'cut' a blank page from a Word doc ?

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Does anyone know if its possible to set MS Word to 'always' display page numbers?



A:Page number in MS Word

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have just installed Office XP on a PC and it has stopped displaying the correct page number.

Normally in the bottom left hand corner it shows you what page you are currently on, but on mine it always says Page one.

Have i missed something here?

A:No Page Numbers in Word XP

I can think of two things to try.

The first thing would be to go to Tools -Options in word and look at the view tab. Uncheck the Status Bar and click on OK. This will turn off the status bar. Now try turning it back on and seeing if it helps.

Second thing I can think of is to try repairing Office. Just use the add/remove in the control panel. When you go to remove it, you will get the option to repair, uninstall or change features.

Ok, I thought of three

Third thing I can think of is to Download and Apply the Service Pack for Office XP.

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I have been cutting and pasting text from a web page into Word 97 for decades without any problem, but now it just stopped working. However, I can paste into Excel 97 or PowerPoint 97 from the same web page text and then re-copy that paste over to Word 97 successfully. When I copy some web page text and then move over to Word 97, the Edit\Paste option is grayed out showing there is nothing to paste. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I have a document with several sections. The first 2 pages are not numbered. The TOC is numbered Page i, Page ii, Page iii, etc. Then in the next section I would like Page 1 of (number of pages remaining in document. So the whole document is 80 pages, but I want the footer to include Page 1 of 77. On other thing to note is that I have "Even/Odd" footers, too.

I have tried the formula with the Cntr F9, but that gives me a syntax error.

Here is the formula that I have tried.


I have also tried to just use QuickParts SectionPages, but that only adds up the pages in a section. I want all the sections to add up with the exception of the first 2.

Can you help?


A:Word Page Numbering HELP!!!

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Hi I'm trying to send a word doc that contains 2 pages
by email but through MICROSOFT OFFICE PUBLISHER 2007
What I'm doing wrong?
(If I chose all pages.. it mix all the data and look like a mess!!)

A:email a 2 page word doc as msg

I'm unclear why you'd be processing the word document through publisher. If you need to email a document, simply create the email message and attach the file.

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I use Word 2002.

How do I format page numbering in a document that has

- a title page, for which I want no page number,

- a few pages of table of contents, for which I want Roman numbers starting with ii, and

- the rest of the document for which I want Arabic page numbers displayed as page x of y, centered on the footer, with x starting at 1 and y being the total number of Arabic numbered pages (i.e., not counting the title page and table of contents)?

I tried inserting a section page break at the end of the table of contents pages, then using the header/footer pagexofy insert, formatting the first page as number 1 and manually replacing the total number of pages, but the table of contents pages stil showed as Arabic numbers.


A:Page Numbering In Word

There is no automatic way to do that. You can set a different first page, but the i ii iii is the killer. Im pretty sure office 2007 can do this, but Ive never seen anyone do it with 2k.

The simplest way would be to have 2 different documents. First one has different first page with no header, then the i ii iii numbering, and the second document has the page x of y numbering.

Its View->Header and Footer.


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I don't know if I am posting this in the correct area, but I am sure someone will redirect me. I have this web page that i would like to convert to a word document.


A:Convert web page into a word doc.

cannot be done

Google books are meant to be a preview or quick reference of the book & to do anything with it, you need to buy the book
closing this topic

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Running XP Home & Word 2000. When I press the WinWord Icon to start a NEW Word document, it displays a previously saved Word document instead of a blank page. It seems as though its acting like a template. I deleted the WinWord template, but I'm still not getting a blank document. I uninstalled Word and re-installed it, but get the same result. Help, Thanks


A:Can't get blank page for a New Word doc.

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Word page borders cuts off the bottom margin. I have tried changing from distance from edge of paper and then from text, but it still cuts off the bottom of the border. I have the minimum margins in page setup. Any clues?

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Basically I write a daily diary to which I add pictures. I write it in
MS Word 2000 save it as an rtf document edit and correct it and put it on my
personal site supplied by my provider. They permit me 15 Megs of free web
Obviously the pictures soak up lots of bandwidth.I have been receiving
complaints of inability to open all or even some of the pictures by some
folks.I have been told that some of my formatting is screwed up.
My son and Grandsons set me up with this system. It is simple and I am able
to do it reasonably well. I am 78 years of age and don't know anything
about HTML and at my age do not wish to learn. I send it individually to
about 140 poor souls.
Does anyone have any suggestions to imptove my methods. I am no expert nor am I a perfectionest, but I would like to turn out a page that I can be prowd of. thanks

A:Writing a web page with word 200

it's likely the size of your pictures that create slowdown for others
- what do you use to prepare them for the web?, ie what image program/software
- a good, easy, free (my favourite part) one is irfanview which can be used to resize picture/image files smaller (anything 100kb or smaller should be fine for web viewing)

formatting: hard to tell, it could be that some spacing, paragraphs etc aren't getting transferred correctly using your word to .rtf method

could provide more help if you could post your website address so others could take a look at it

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I am using word 2003. Is it possible to set the page default style... for example I would like word have the page number and the file name automatically in the footer every time I start a new document?


A:word page default

Probably the easiest way to do this, but also the most dangerous I should think, would be to add your footer to Word's template. I say it's dangerous because is pretty easily corrupted (especially if it's modified) and can lead to some pretty major user headaches.

If you think that won't be a problem, do a search for (I think the default location is [system_root]\Documents and Settings\[user_profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates). Once you find the file, right-click it and select Edit from the app-menu. Apply to the document any changes you want to see universally, then save and close.

However, I wonder if a macro couldn't do the same thing. If it could, that'd be the way to go in my opinion.

The reason I think a macro would be the best way to go is that you could apply it when you wanted using even a simple keystroke, rather than it being the absolute default. Unfortunately I don't have much use for macros so I never learned how to do any robust coding, but there are plenty of folks in this community who can.

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Is there a way to include in the footer of a document the total page number of the document minus the first 3 pages. For example: I don't want to include the first 3 pages because they are a table of contents. I have many section breaks in this document of over a hundred pages so entering the field sectionpages doesn't give me what I'm looking for. Is there another field that might exist to include the total number pages of many sections but not the entire document?

Thank you!

A:page numbering in word

You didn't mention which version of Word you are using, but my reply applies to 2003 and 2000.

I write novels using Word 2003, and I insert Section Break after the title page to start the page numbering of the new section. Then, after accessing View/Header or Footer, I type in my last name/title and close. Next, I click on Insert/Page Numbers and indicate where I want them to appear, that I don't want the first page of the section numbered and -- this is important to you -- click on FORMAT. Down at the bottom, click on Start With (which deselects Same as Previous Section) and confirm that the appropriate page number appears or change it to whatever you need. Click OK and OK to get out, and your section and page numbers should work for you.

Let us know if this fixes your problem.

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Hi, anybody offer any advice with a word document.
I have around 100 pages with section breaks and different page orientation.
Its fine until page 50, I move to the next page and it says page 52.
With it the Page 1 of 100, etc moves from page 50 of 100 to page 52 of 100.
How can I get it to show me page 51? Tried everything I can think of.

A:Page numbering in Word

Hi mrbud,

You say that you have tried everything so maybe you have already covered this!

Have you switched on show formating marks (the funny button symbol to the left of the zoom control)?

This would show you where you have section breaks, page breaks etc.

Looks like you have an extra page break that needs removing.


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Can someone tell me how to delete a blank page in a word document? You know ,you run onto a second page, then you reconfigure the margins and the document goes back to one page and you're left with a blank second page. Thanks a million!!!

A:deleting a page in word

You simply put the cursor at the very end of the text on the letter and press the delete key as often as needed to remove the last page.

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I need to suppress page numbers from 4 pages in different locations in a Word document. The document has 479 pages in all. I had to insert these 4 pages into the existing document. So that I do not have to re-page number the entire document I want to leave these 4 pages without page numbers. My first insert page is after page 192 and I want the page that follows this insert page to stay as page 193. Is there a way I can do this without redoing the entire document. I have the page numbers as footers. Thanks, gambergirls

A:Page Numbering in WORD

Hey Gambergirls

Does the page have to be included in the document file?

If not the non-technical way of doing it would be to insert a blank page into the document where you need the insert and create the insert in a new word file, without page numbering!

Hope it Helps!


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When I go to MS Word to type there is a page that is there on screen that won't go away. It is something I copied and pasted there a day or so ago.

I have tried to delete it to no avail.

Any idea how I can do this?


A:MS Word page won't delete

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I am developing a user template in MS Word. For some reason, Word thinks my first page is my 2nd page. Although, when I open the header, it tells me that it is my first page header. This is screwing up my page numbering that starts on the 2nd page. Any suggestions. There isn't a section break in the document, just different first page.

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I'm having trouble sorting out page number positioning. I need to put a landscape orientated page into my document (which i'm also not sure how to do) but keep the page number in the same position. On the rest of the document i've got the number at the bottom in the centre and i need the number on the landscape page in the same position as if it were a normal page. I'm very frustrated!

A:Word 2007 Page numbering

see attachment . .

BTW, I have had lots of problems getting Word page numbering to do anything I want it to, so I understand your frustration.

Hope this Helps.

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Hi there!
I'm taking a business class and I need some help with MS Word's web-page design features. We were supposed to add a drop-down menu to the page and I was also going to add a "submit query" form for extra credit. Herein lies my problem: I can insert the drop-down menu, the submit query button, and the form for the query, but I need to know how to attach hyperlinks to the objects in my drop-down menu and I need to know how to send the queries that are typed in the text box to be sent to a specified email adress. How can I do this? Please help!!!

A:Microsoft Word web page creation help...

Use Frontpage. Word was not really designed for all that web page development

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Can I convert Page Maker to Word XP Doc?
If so, How do I do this?


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I'm writing a thesis that includes a cover page, table of contents, and abstract. I have set up the page numbering so that the cover page is page 0 and that does not appear on the cover page. So my table of contents begins at page 1, my abstract at page 2, and the body of my paper on page 3. I would like the ToC and abstract to be i and ii, respectively, so the paper starts on page 1. Is this possible?


A:Word 2000- Page Numbering

Aye it is if you use section breaks. Add a section break after the page you want to have the roman numerals. Then go into your header and footer for section 2 and turn off "link to previous" on the toolbar. Now go to section 1's footer and change it to roman numerals via the "Format page number" icon on the toolbar.

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My Microsoft Word trial recently ran out so I started using OpenOffice, which I actually like. The only problem is is that I don't have a margin on OO. Whenever I used MW my printed pages would be indented nicely. I have been getting in trouble with teachers since I am supposed to have 2.5-3 pages and OO gives me 2 pages. I need to set up the margins and indentations on OpenOffice. Can anyone supply some help? I am actually working on an essay right now.

A:How do I set up an OpenOffice page like Microsoft Word?

You should try LlibreOffice instead; open office developement is long dead

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I was wondering if anyone knows how I might have MS Word automatically put page numbers in each column on a page. I am producing a document that has each "page" take up half of a landscaped 8.5x11 page, i.e.: the page is landscaped and folded in half, page one would be on the left, and page two would be on the right. Is it possible ot have word automatically put a page number in each corner, essentially having two page numbers per sheet of paper? Thanks for the help!


A:Page numbers in columns in MS Word?

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Say I'm doing a resume. The left margin is 1.6" and the right is at 1.0".

In the left margin I want to insert a keyword, like Product Management, or Logisitcs just to the left of the body, to act as a subject guide for the reader. They can hop around to what they want without having to wade thru the whole doc. Most people if they use these keywords at all... place them as a line entry just above where new subjects start. This takes more room and it's not eye-appealing.

How do I insert these keywords? Without disrupting the doc.

A:MS Word '07 - page layout option?

Make each line that needs a keyword into a paragraph (may have to adjust paragraph spacing in the paragraph dialogue afterwards). Then adjust the left margin to a size that will accommodate the key word. Not a very elegant solution, but I'm guessing you don't have too many keywords to insert, so it shouldn't be too time consuming.

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I want to scan a page and save it as a word document. I have used a couple a scanners in my working experience, but everytime i try to save it as a word document, the page content doesnt come as it is, but comes as a junk of mixed characters, numbers. (I remember in 1999 i used a scanner in which was very easy to scan and save as a word document)

I am using hp 1350 all in one, is there any way to do some adjustment in the software to get my work done. pls help

A:Scanning a page for word document

I’ve been generally pleased with the progress of OCR as far as accuracy. The versions that come with scanners aren’t able to handle odd formatting like forms. But my experience has been pretty good with accuracy in plain text. You need forms capable OCR software if the formatting isn’t pretty straightforward.

Most OCR works best with black and white rather than grayscale, but whatever you are using try the other. Some integrate and don’t even give you a choice. You can also increase the resolution if you have the choice. A few years back my OmniPage OCR liked 300 PPI, but my latest Abbyy seems to accept higher.

Other than that I don’t know much you can do.

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I have a large document (260 pages) with some landscape pages for large table. These have been set up with section breaks. When I print double sided the portrait page after the landscape tables prints upside down. How do I fix this?

A:Word pritning page upside down

Hi welcome to the forum,
take a look how the printer handles double sided prints, you van either flip over or flip up.

This is the reason.

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How do I set a particular page that will come up every time in Word? Right now, I have to click on "C:" then "Documents and Settings" then "vivian" then "My Documents" before I finally get to the page with the list of folders I want to be on. How do I skip all those and get to the page with the list of folders I want to be on right away?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


A:Setting default page in Word

Tools menu, Options, File Locations tab, Documents path

You can edit and browse to where you want Word to look.

Example, I have:\My Documents\Word_DOCS
\My Documents\Excel_XLS
\My Documents\PowerPoint_files
Then I set the document path for each Office Application and it opens/saves there.

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Is there a way to remove page breaks from Word 2013 so that it is a continuous sheet like WordPad ?
Those breaks get especially annoying when using a long continuous table .

A:Word 2013 no page breaks

I don't think you can stop automatic page breaks as they are required to print but if you change the view to 'Web Layout' you'll not see them on the screen unlike 'Page Layout'

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Im a bit confused in the use of the page layout view in Microsoft Word. I have correctly set the paper size to letter(8.5"*11"), but when I place a piece of paper on my monitor the size and dimensions of the paper do not match the screen at 100% zoom. the paper on screen is much larger than the real paper. And if I choose less zoom (90%) to match the width of the real paper to the one on screen, the paper on screen is a bit longer than the real paper.

A:page size in Microsoft Word

The sizes are not meant to match up.

Actually, Windows doesn't even have the facilities to take monitor size into account automatically. You can set the dpi manually to a custom value, but that will break many apps that depend on the WIndows default of 96.

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Well, some people I my work have merged 100's of short documents in a veeeeeery large one (near 20000 pages). The problem is that Word XP only shows me the first 999 section numbers and the first 9999 page numbers. Although I can move through all the document, If I try to access to a Section/Page higher that these, I only get *** as Section #, and ****/**** as page #.

Is there a way to uncap that limit?

A:Section/Page Limit cap in Word XP


The chances of that document surviving long are low anyway.

Corruption in such a large document would be very likely, and its a highly unwise (not to say unprofessional!) thing to do.

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Hi to you all,

I want to fix 1 or more pages in my document so they can not be shifted up or down as a part page (these are forms for printing and take up a whole page,ie if you type above them it shifts the whole fixed page down not just part of it, can this be done please ?

see attached pic to see what i mean

A:Solved: Word 2007 page help

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My professor cannot get his page layout to switch from Landscape to Portrait. We go through the motions, but when he goes to print or view, it stays in Landscape mode! Anybody have any ideas?

A:Page Layout - MS Word 2003

Word: From the File menu, select Page Setup... click portrait

Confirm also that the printer has not been setup to print in landscape mode as well.


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So I'm currently working on this paper using ms word 2007. I understand the whole ideal of page numbering where you go to the insert ribbon, go to page numbering a viola, the pages are numbered.

But, here is my dilemma. I have like 20 pages, but I only want pages 1- 15 numbered and I've tried everything to go about doing so including manually numbering the pages which, only makes the number the same on every page.

I want to know if there is anyway to only number like pages 1-15 and leave the rest unnumbered?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A:PAge Numbering in ms word 2007

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This has appeared the last week or so.
DeskJet 895cse prints correctly on printer test and browser pages.
Word processor, spreadsheet, etc. send a blank page.
I have reinstalled Word. I have reinstalled printer software.
I have gone from USB to LPT and back.
Dell Demenision 4600, Windows XP home
No other problems have been detected in daily operations.

I have printed some documents save a couple months back that do print.

Looking for suggestions.


A:Word document blank page

Test Printing in NotePad
If it works, it may be fault with the font type you are using in Office
Also if it works from Notepad it must be a MS Office fault

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When I try to copy and paste text from a web page to Microsoft Word, and Word Pad I only get an "icon". It is a small square that contains a likeness of two red curved lines facing each other. I have no problem pasting to notepad. I am using Windows Xp and MS Word 2000. this is very aggravating to me.
Can anyone please tell me why this is happening and if there is a way of pasting into these documents.

A:Solved: Can't paste from web page to WORD

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