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Columns in Windows Explorer

Q: Columns in Windows Explorer

Is it possible to make the columns I choose to view stay put in Windows 7 Windows Explorer? I've tried turning the library view off. I still get a narrow view in the right pane showing the libraries and a huge preview pane. I want to expand the first column to show my selections, e.g. file type, date, etc., then stay put. I drag the little line out each time expanding my file view/details pane, but each time it pops back to the narrow library view. Thanks in advance.

A: Columns in Windows Explorer

Hello Sophor,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Could you post a snip or two to show me what it is you mean. Info here on posting snips and how to use snipping tool if needed. A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots


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In Windows Explorer under XP, all file types had the same basic set of columns... File name/date modified/file type/size. This is mostly true with Windows 7, but I notice that with certain file types such as mp3s, wavs and jpegs, Microsoft have tried to be clever and choose columns more appropriate to the file type. So mp3s now default to name/#/title/contributing artist/album.

My question is: are these defaults user accessible?

I'm a photographer and I have about 100 folders containing jpegs. I'd like to change the columns currently shown, but I don't want to have to change 100 folders individually.....


A:Windows Explorer columns

Hi Astronautilus and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes you can do this. Below is ashort tutorial on how to change it for the documents folder template. You can do the same for any other folder type.

The folder before change.

With a new column added

Open the Folder and Search options.

On the view tab press the Apply to folders button.

Showing another folder of the same type.

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Is it possible to have Windows Explorer always display the same columns that I specify instead of changing them based on the contents of the folder?

A:Columns displayed in Windows Explorer

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Folder header Context menu Modification
I want to know how to modify and add to the default column details context menu in vista.
Open a folder.
Right click on the column headers and you get a context menu.
This menu contains: 'type, size, authors, tags and date modified.

1. What is the correct name of this context menu ?
2. Where do I find it in the registry ?
3. How do I modify it to include "Date Created" ?

I know all about how to set default columns. That is NOT what I want to do.

A:Add custom columns in Windows Explorer

Hello Mrgcav,

Not sure if this is what you are wanting, but doing step 2 in OPTION ONE of the tutorial below can help show you how to select the Date Created column to add it.

Column - Customize

Hope this helps,

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In Windows Explorer in Windows 7 I like to use the Details view. I have set of columns/headings that I prefer to use. The problem is I would like to set these columns up and have them be the default for every folder I open. As it is now every folder I open I have to customize the columns again. They stay for that folder but every new folder requires me to customize. Is there a default option so that I can set what I want and have it apply to every folder?

I just installed Windows 7 a few days ago. Prior to this I had XP on the machine that 7 is now on. I did not use Explorer in XP I used a different file manager. I did this mainly for the split view. Now that 7 as the snap feature getting two panes is easy with Explorer so I am going to give it a try for a while. Thanks.

A:Windows Explorer Set Defaults For Columns?

Hello Anomaly, and welcome to Seven Forums.

After you have the folder views and columns set how you like them for that folder, you could do either one of the tutorials below to set it for other folders.

For all folders:
Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

For all folders only with the same folder template as the original

Folder View - Apply to Folders

Hope this helps,

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This happened for many years until a few days ago:
In Windows Explorer (in Windows 7), when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen: Name, Date modified, Size, Type; and the scroll bar is on the far right side of the screen. All is good.

Now when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, the same four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen, but the scroll bar on the right side of the screen has shifted far to the left so that only some of the characters of the Name field are displayed; the rest of the name and the other three columns are hidden. I can move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen (where it used to be), but the next time I open Windows Explorer, the scroll bar has shifted to the left side of the screen again, covering up columns' displays, so I have to manually move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen again.

How do I get the scroll bar to stay on the far right side of the screen like it used to?
And why did it change? Did I do something inadvertently?

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I want to include "length" in the Windows Explorer file folders for Music since I need this to select the correct length of music for video editing/post production. I added "length" from the menu, but on returning later it was gone and what appears to be the default setting was back. I had also removed a column at the same time, but it returned when I revisited. The question? I need to know where to change the default settings for the columns and how to ensure that changes I make from the menu remain saved. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit as my OS if that helps. I'm new to the Forum so I hope I have submitted this correctly.

A:Windows Explorer - Folder Columns Defaults

Maybe this helps: Dealing With Windows Vista Explorer Screwing Up Auto-Detection of Folder Types :: the How-To Geek

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This happened for many years until a few days ago:
In Windows Explorer (in Windows 7), when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen: Name, Date modified, Size, Type; and the scroll bar is on the far right side of the screen. All is good.

Now when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, the same four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen, but the scroll bar on the right side of the screen has shifted far to the left so that only some of the characters of the Name field are displayed; the rest of the name and the other three columns are hidden. I can move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen (where it used to be), but the next time I open Windows Explorer, the scroll bar has shifted to the left side of the screen again, covering up columns' displays, so I have to manually move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen again.

How do I get the scroll bar to stay on the far right side of the screen like it used to?
And why did it change? Did I do something inadvertently?

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Hello all, I hope you had a great xmas/family time

I had been having plenty of "not responding" apps and windows, so I did some registry clean thing online.

Im not sure that caused the second problem, but its really weird and Ive never seen it before, in "details view", there is only an icon for each file/folder, but no name, no columns of any kind, just blank. If I RH mouse click where the column name would be, I see a blank where there would be a list of columns to add or remove. Then when I choose "More..." there is NOTHING in the list of potential other columns!

The weirdest part, this only happens sometimes / to certain folders, I am not sure which and I will keep a diary now... but I would love to sort it out but dont know where to start.

Thanks guys,

A:Windows Explorer - the mystery of missing columns!

Hello Fred,

Try restoring from a Restore Point. System Restore


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In Windows Explorer, Detail View, is there a way to remove/disable the additional columns? (ie: Track, Artist, length, etc) I'm a simple person, and only want the main columns displayed, (Size, Type, Date) and Windows 7 seems to ignore me when i change the views. Even the "Reset All", and "Apply to All" seem to be ignored after a day later.

In XP your could remove them from RegEdit under HKCR\SystemFileAssociations and deleting the "Audio", "Video", and "Images" keys, and Explorer would 'forget' how to handle them, and details view would remain the same, but Win7 doesn't seem to respond to this either.



A:Windows 7 Explorer - Remove/Disable Details Columns

Hello Mikey,

You could use the General Items folder template and apply to all folders as in the tutorial below to set that folder view to all folders on the computer no matter what their folder template is.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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At times, Windows decides I should have image attribute columns in certain folders (size, date taken, etc). I can turn them off by going to a folder without them and clicking on the button that applies settings to all folders. But is there a way to stop them from coming back?

A:Windows Explorer shows image attribute columns...

Right click > view > select the view you want. Then click tools > folder options > view tab > put a check in Remember each folder's view settings and click ok.

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in windows explorer, if we change view type to detail view, we can see file properties in columns, e.g. type, size, etc. etc. We can right click on any column heading and click more to add more columns.
I want to show more file properties which are not standard but custom file properties, which we can view after right click go to properties and in custom tab.
I have searched so much about this, but could not find any solution.

A:how to add/show Custom Columns in Windows explorer's Detail view

what properties do you want to add to the details columns?

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ANYONE that recognizes these symptons please help me IDENTIFY this issue!

I plugged a friends Seagate Expansion drive (SRD00F1) into my machine's usb port, Windows Vista started to load the drivers and then says success. I went to My Computer and the machine can't see the drive. After this I started to see the following occurring:

1) Explorer shows no filenames or folder names. If I click on the file to rename, the name is there, but when I close that, the name disappears.
2) All the normal column names in Explorer details view are gone, "Author" is the only one showing. All of the common ones are unavailable when I try to choose details by right clicking the column header, Filename, Size, Date Created/Accessed/Modified etc...
3) Many windows won't open, specifically Control Panel windows like "Backup and Restore Center", System, regedit.exe.
4) The "Start Search" feature of the Start Bar returns nothing. I found out later, No searches work.
5) In My computer the sizes of the drives and free space are in bytes, not KB or MB.
I've done a complete Virus scanning ticket with Broni:
I've tried running SFC many times, SFC says errors fixed, but the CBS.log is repeating the same errors every time.
Any assistance on identifying this issue would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Vista Explorer no filenames, no detail columns, no search

I suggest you should do a system restore from just before you plugged that USB drive in.

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I know how to set columns in the right pane of the Eplorer , but I cannot make them permanent and extend them to all of the subfolders.
Is there a way to make om setup the default ?

A:Explorer columns

You could try getting the columns the way you want them, select ORGANIZE and then FOLDER and SEARCH OPTIONS and use the top box under the VIEW tab.

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if there are people out there who have never seen this way of exploring folders on macs, its amazing. is there anyway to do this on windows?

A:using columns in explorer like with macs

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Hello, does anyone know if it's possible to have the file explorer columns visible with large icons/extra large icons? Like in Windows 7>


A:Is there a way to get explorer columns with large icons?

hello and welcome to eight forums .I cant see the top of you explorer window ,but it should look like mine ,and in view you choose icon size ,im using win8.1 enterprise ,but its there in win8.1 core and pro editions .

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Hi all,

I find it irritating to have to set the column width (name, date etc.) wider for every folder I open.
I am always using the Explorer full screen.
Can this be achieved globally?


A:How to set columns to a fixed width in Explorer

Windows Explorer Columns - Change Width - Windows 7 Help Forums

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My Desktop looks like Explorer with details such as Name, Size, Item Type and Date Modified, split into columns and am unable to remove this.

I have never seen this before on any screen before with any versions of windows.

If anyone knows how this occurred and how to remove I would be grateful as this is absolute crap on my desktop.

Thanks in advance all

A:Desktop appearance of that of Explorer with columns

What add-on's are you running for extra software. Could it be related to those Gidgets you have on the desktop?

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Can we modify or add a custom columns on Explorer?

i just installed dBpoweramp and i can see a complete metadata info about the audio files via popup info & Audio Properties tab (created by dBpoweramp), i consider some of them are advanced info like encoder settings, accuraterip results, CD catalog, etc. can we add a custom columns on Explorer for these info?

and tried to add an extra columns like 'compression ratio', 'encoded by' & 'bit depth' on Explorer but it shows nothing. I can see via dBpoweramp for some audio files, but not on Explorer, it just blank. can i fix this?
Thanks in advance

A:Can we modify or add a custom columns on Explorer?

Apa kabar clifflip! When I had a WinXP I used Auirionix to do that, however, I am not sure whether program is still updated/exists.

Under Win7 just right-click on the Name pane (when in Details view) and click More you can then select from 200+ fields of information to be shown:

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As an example, The Itunes directory is in My Music. My Music is in a Music library, so the file details in explorer include album, #, etc. Within Itunes is the Apps directory and other data where "album name" doesn't make sense. I want it to display as a non-music directory. There doesn't seem to be any way to set the default columns displayed in a directory within a Music Library without changing how all the directories are displayed. Nor does there seem to be a way to remove a Music Library sub-directory from being considered as a Music Library member.

A:Can I set explorer columns for data directory within music library

Hello EasilyConfused, and welcome to Seven Forums.

From within the Music library, you can change, add, and remove any columns you like.Windows Explorer Columns - Add or Remove
The tutorial below can help show you how to remove folders that you no longer want to be included in the say Music library.Library - Remove a Included Folder
Hope this helps,

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I'm on Win 7 Ultimate x64.

I just upgraded to a 4K monitor, and I've read on some issues related high DPI displays, and this might be one of them. I've set the default magnification to 150% in my Windows 7 display settings. And for the most part things look ok. But I noticed some strange behavior within file explorer.

Here's an image for reference
You can see all that unnecessary extra space in the "Size" and "Date Modified" column. So naturally I try to drag the column width to make it smaller. But it wouldn't cooperate! If I try to make the Size column smaller, Explore jerks around and suddenly makes either the "Name" or "Date Modified" column bigger. Same if I try make one of the other columns smaller.

I've tried the Right click options on the columns: "Size Column to fit" and "Size all columns to fit". No good. It would still give me a bunch of unnecessary space in all columns.

This issue didn't happen on my old 1080p monitor. I can resize columns as I wished and they would behave.

Anyone have any idea what's happening and how to solve this?

A:File Explorer: Bad hehavior when trying to resize columns (4K monitor)

Have you tried specifying an exact size for columns?
Right click on the column header
Choose "More..." from the context menu
Click on the header you wish to set
Type the desired value in the box at the bottom

If that works, set your Folder Template so Windows will remember the settings.

Folder Template - Change

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Ok I am trying to print a spreadsheet format list. I have about 30000
title-artist entries in 2 columns. I am basically trying to print pages 1 & 2, 3-4, 5-6 and so on the same page without shrinking them way down. I want it to be just like I printed 2 columns but with 4 instead. I want to use the left side of the page for page 1 and the left side for page 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Printing 4 Columns from 2 columns in excel

Welcome to the board. ?

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I started out with the two previous posts about macros (post 1, post 2) that move rows into columns, but I'm having a little trouble getting it to work for what I need. First, I'm trying to do a data merge into Word, but in order to get the data merge to work/look the way I want it to, I need the XLS data to be in columns.

I'm attaching an example file that has one worksheet of the sample data (though my "real" data has about 300 rows) and the other worksheet is an example of the outcome I need.

Is there anyway I can do what I need? Exporting into another file or another worksheet within this file would be fine.

Thanks in advance.

A:XLS Macro to move data to columns, delete empty rows, delete duplicate columns

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I have been working on a project for a few weeks and I could really use some help. I'm attaching a dummy file (example1) that is an example of how my XLS comes to me each month.

I need a macro that leaves me with the second file (example2). If the macro could just grab the Student name, then put the following info for each student all on 1 row, that would be perfect:

Child's Name | Date In | Time In | Rounded | Time Out | Rounded

Sometimes for some reason there is a student with a (Cont) after their name. I need that row deleted and just pull the times up onto the same row as other times. The example2 file might make sense.

Here are the steps I am doing manually that I hope a macro could do for me!
Un-merge cells: B10
Un-merge any cells with a child's name such as Doe, Jane
Delete any row with a childs name that has (Cont) after it such as Doe, Jane (Cont)
Delete rows: 1-9
Delete columns: A, C, F, H, I, J, M, N, O, and P
Manually move all info up to one row per student
Delete all empty rows below
See example2 as the completed file but I only moved a few of the rows per student for the sake of time.

Is there any way to do all of this with a macro?

A:Solved: XLS Macro to delete specific rows/columns and move columns to rows.

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I have data that repeats hundreds of times. I am trying to put each string of data on 1 line.

f-name(A2) initial(B2) l-name(C2) ID#(D2) DOB(E2) Street(F2) company(G2)
City(F3) company#(G3)
Home Phone(F5)
Work Phone(F6)

After the data is moved to one line I would like to delete the lines that previously housed the information. The company# can be deleted. I have never worked with macros. I would appreciate any help given.

A:Solved: move data from rows and columns to other rows and columns


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Heres the situation, i have a 3 computer network in my apartment. on the computer where my mp3 collection is stored when i open the folder locally it has the column 'artist' and i can sort by the artist name. but when i browse to the computer or copy the folder to another computer i cant get the artists to show up even after i add the 'artist' column (right clicking and adding it) and refreshing the page. See attached screen shot. am i missing something?

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It is driving me nuts that everytime I create a new folder that the Default layout has these columns showing up:

Name / Date Modified / Type / Size

Obviously this layout must be set SOMEWHERE.

I know that I can go to Organize / Folder and Search options / View / Apply to folders . . . but the problem is that once I have it set, and I add a new folder -- that New folder goes back to this (Name / Date Modified / Type / Size) layout.

How the heck do I stop it from doing that?

The ONLY THING I WANT is: Name / Size
.... for everything - that's it.

Can anyone help me with this?


A:Customizing the Windows Default Columns that Appear

Is there anyone out there that knows how to control this? I'd sure appreciate some help with it. Anyone?

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With windows xp i was able to use a program thast would, in windows explorer show me the size of the files as well as the folders entire size, however in windows 7 this program wont work, I was wondering if anyone knew of a suitable replacement.
I only ask as part of my day to day activities involves checking the disk usages, and when they get below a certain % of free space tracking down whats using the space, where and why and this tool was very useful!

thanks in advance


A:Windows 7 folder size columns

Treesize and WinDirStat

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I use WLM for my imap email. Is there a way to have different columns viewed per folder (i.e. inbox, sent, trash, etc).

I would like my inbox to show ONLY show the FROM column, without the TO column.

I would like my sent box to show ONLY the TO column, without the FROM column.


When I change one folder, it changes all of them (i.e. when I change the Inbox, it changes the Sent box to the same columns. When I switch them back, it effects ALL folders.)

A:Windows Live Mail - columns per folder

Hi iskortch, click on 'Inbox' Right click bar above email list.

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Hi all,

Basically I'm wondering if there is some way to modify the order of the columns in newly created folders optimized for music. The default order is:
Name > # > Title > Contributing Artists > Album.

I'd prefer it if was:
# > Title > Name > Contributing Artists > Album

I know this can be done on an manual and therefore small scale, but I have a large music library and would like the files within the music folder automatically sorted by track number with that column preference. Like maybe if there was a way to apply the column preference to the My Music folder and all subfolders.

A:Solved: Windows 7 Music folder columns

Just click and hold the column name and drag it to where you want it.

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I'm using Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 and most of the time (well, some of the time) it is reasonably stable. However, I've just added quite a number of new songs to my favourite listing and it just will not sort and save the Contributing Artist column no matter which route I take to do this. I've tried to delete the Album column and then sort the Contributing Artist column but as soon as I close Windows Media Player, it reverts to sorting that again. The option to save this format isn't there before I close down. I'm so frustrated with this. I've also attempted to manually sort the Contributing Artist column (there are nearly 500 songs) but it gets itself into such a mess by not always dropping the title where I want, but by reverting to where it started or part way up or down the column.
I've got to the stage now where I'm seriously thinking about trying another type of media player, but I don't have the confidence in case I lose all my favourite music. I hope somebody can help please.

A:Windows Media Player, Sorting Columns

Are you clicking on
apply media information changes
apply media information changes
the contributing artist is what is known as meta data
and I am sure you know that if you were to right click an album and then find album information it would connect to meta services
after the changes from there or manually you must click as explained
also check that on options, library tab, that - automatic media information update for files - retrieve additional info from internet is checked - only add missing info as against overwrite -or indeed not checked

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Vista Home premium SP2, IE9, WLM 2009 ver.

I can't get the " size " coulmn to show at the Message List.

I set up the columns this way ......( screenshot )

But the Message List does not show it . No " size " column.......

Solution please ?
Thank you.

P.S. I know the " header " will show the size of the attachment. That is not the point.

A:Windows Live Mail - columns issue

Hi t-4-2,
Tried researching your problem but did not find a specific conclusion I'm afraid, but tried!
The only article was relating to Changing columns, may be some use.
How to Change the Columns Shown in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express - About Email

I have included screenshot of my old WM, should the size box be also checked?
Sorry, ages ago since I used this.

Hope you can work it out & fix.

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I have added two columns: Rating and Keywords to my WMP. Neither is functional when I CLICK on them. How do I activate these columns? Many thanks in advance.

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Word - format interaction glitch w/columns, color display background

I am trying to figure out how to change the color of a Windows XP (service pack 2) window for 1 Word document only.

I am doing a tri-fold brochure for a client. Normally, on my computer, I have changed display/appearance settings so that I have a cool kind of rose color for for my windows.

(As you may know, if you don't want your Windows "windows" to have a standard white background, you can go into cntl panel/display/appearances/advanced and change the color of a "window" to one of the preset, or a custom color.)

Changing the custom settings back and forth is tricky, and I often "lose" my custom color settings. Thus, I don't want to have to change them if I can avoid it.

Therefore, when I am going to attach a formal email, I highlight the doc and choose format/background and change the color to a "professional" white before sending it. That way I retain my default color custom window settings.

However, in this case, with the columns etc. set for the brochure, as soon as I change the color the columns disappear! I know there must be a way to change the color of the window (display, background, or otherwise) just for one doc, without doing the universal "display" change for all windows as per above.

Again, the problem is that when I take the basic brochure and use "background" to change the background from my custom pink to ... Read more

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I have received an e-mail response from the creator of Windows Double Explorer / Windows Dual Pane Explorer (names seem to be interchangeable) . My apologies for not knowing the proper terms, but I hope anyone will be able to understand what I’m about to describe.

According to information provided by the creator of WDE / WDPE one uninstalls the program by doing the following:

Navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. There you should find a shortcut file (look for a file not a folder) named Windows Dual Pane Explorer. Select that shortcut file, options click and writedown the target path of the shortcut. Delete the shortcut. Navigate to the location the target path dictates. There you should find both a zipped and an unzipped folder of WDE / WDPE. Delete the folders and also any other shortcut files to WDE / WDPE that you may have created and you&#8217;re done.

Apparently WDE / WDPE is never actually installed. Instead WDE/WDPE initially downloads a folder named WDE Portable zipped. When this download folder is launched it unzips another folder named WDE Portable unzipped into the same directory. During the unzipping process a shortcut is created on the desktop that points back to the unzipped folder. Thusly WDE/WDPE never gets listed into Windows Control Panel&#8217;s Program Files & Features section. That&#8217;s why it can&#8217;t be uninstalled as one might ordinarily expe... Read more

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This started happening three days ago, and happens about once every day, and now, once every few hours.

After a certain amount of time, many programs will suddenly freeze, crash, fail to show a window, etc. For example, explorer.exe will become nonresponsive, internet explorer will crash, and when restarted, will lock up and become nonresponsive, windows media player will not produce a window (although wmplayer.exe is launched), and system restore will not display a window (although rstrui.exe is launched). Before the first occurrence, the programs work fine; however, after they experience that problem once, they continue to experience the problem. Also, they seem to be somehow linked; for example, if internet explorer crashes and fails to display windows properly/becomes nonresponsive, trying to use Windows media player later will not work either. I should also note that nothing is hogging the CPU during this time. However, some programs are completely unaffected. For example, Firefox 3.5.5 works completely fine, Office 2007 works fine, Process explorer works fine, along with most of my non-Windows programs. What I&#8217;m starting to guess is that there is some problem with my graphics related to parts of the operating system and programs close to it, but I&#8217;m not sure.

Most of the time, simply restarting the computer doesn&#8217;t solve the problem. I system restore to provide a temporary fix by going into Safe Mode and starting system restore from there... Read more

A:Internet explorer, Windows explorer, Windows media player, etc. freezing/crashing

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I recently put a new hard drive in my computer. Now whenever I try to start Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer the windows installer starts and the windows will not open until I have cancelled the installer several times. I scanned the registry with Registry Fix and fixed all problems. It still starts every time. Netscape has no like problem starting. What is the fix?

A:Windows Installer starts when opening Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer

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Hi. I just removed malware from my machine with the help of fireman4it. He said the malware is removed and to post here. Is there a possible corrupt registry? Thank you.

A:Windows Explorer is not working, windows explorer is restarting error

Good morning .
File corruption is always a possibility, any time of the day, any situation.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hello again.

Apparently I?m an ***** and ran Fix-It Utilities 4.0 and did something terribly wrong. After the program ran I think I may have had another application running and it caused a weird problem. Now the desktop background has turned to a big empty Windows Explorer window(?). I can?t for the life of me figure out a way to turn it off, it is ?on top? of my normal background. When I unhide my icons most of the background comes back but the Windows Explorer ?Bar? is still on the left hand side. I assume it is some kind of registry problem with Explorer but I can?t find it and I have tried a couple registry apps.. If someone knows how to fix this, I would truly appreciate some pointers. Thanks for any and all help, Scott

P.S. I can send pictures if it would be of any help to diagnose the problem.

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Hello everyone,

I am working with my external HDD, on which I have placed most of my data files. Windows Explorer finds the files okay, but when I go to the file location, nowhere on the screen does it show the complete path of the file. [See attached screen capture to see what I am seeing.] I would like to know the full path of the file I am working with.

How can I either:

a) Make Windows Explorer display the complete path of the file; or

b) Use an alternative to Windows Explorer to do this?

If the latter, can you please suggest some good Windows Explorer replacements? I remember reading about a good one, but I cannot find the reference. So, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

A:How to show path in Windows Explorer / Windows Explorer Replacements?

Hold SHIFT > Right-click the files in question > Copy as path

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Sorry for starting a thread on this, but from reading about my problem online it seems like a different set of circumstances causing this for each person. So here's what I can tell you.

I was going through and deleting stuff off my hard drive, trying to clear up space and get things a little more stream lined and after uninstalling a program called iLivid I got the "Windows Explorer is not Working" error. As Windows Explorer restarted itself I wasn't too worried having had this happen before. About 2 seconds after Explorer restarted I got the "Windows Explorer Is Not Working" error again, once again letting it restart itself. After it restarted itself the error popped up immediately and now seems to be an infinite loop. I tried restarting but shortly after the computer loaded up it happened again. So now I'm in Safe Mode and the computer is usable. I tried using the System Recovery which let me go back to right before iLivid was uninstalled. Upon completion I thought I had it fixed but 2 or 3 minutes after loading up it happened again. I have about 2-3 seconds between each cycle, enough to maybe open an Explorer alternative allowing me to see and open my programs while not in Safe Mode, but with the error windows constantly popping up running in normal mode is basically pointless.

I've ran the SFC and it hasn't help. Like I said above, I've tried System Recovery to no avail. I've tried fixing the registry, still nothing.

This is what the Event V... Read more

A:Windows Explorer Is Not Working/Windows explorer is restarting Loop

DivXMFSource.dll suggests that it is related to DivX codec, most likely generating thumbnails for some files in the root directory of that drive. It could be a corrupt library on your computer or one of media files on the hard drive.

To confirm it is the thumbnails you could try moving the files away in the command prompt (see move /? for detailed instructions) and checking if the folder opens.

Then you should try re-installing your DivX codec. If the issue persists it is most likely a corrupt media file and you will have to turn thumbnails off to access the folder.

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I am having another problem......
Whenever i open any folder containing video or audio files
this error shows on windows
Windows explorer stopped Responding..Windows explorer Restarting

Windows Explorer

Stopped working

&#8206;09-&#8206;Jan-&#8206;13 12:08 AM

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: Explorer.EXE
Application Version: 6.1.7601.17567
Application Timestamp: 4d6727a7
Fault Module Name: StackHash_a7aa
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Offset: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 00000008
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: a7aa
Additional Information 2: a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d
Additional Information 3: a7aa
Additional Information 4: a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 2563074479

A:Windows explorer stopped Responding..Windows explorer Restarting

i tried Sfc/scannow in command prompt
it shows
Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity voilations.

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Q: Columns

Hello! I'd be most grateful if somebody could advise me on the following issue about columns, in Microsoft Word 7. I am currently using a Mac but have also had this problem on non-Mac computers:
I am writing a document which mainly comprises un-columned paragraphs (i.e. standard blocks of text as in this message). But every so often I need to insert columns of information. So I will have: 1) a block of un-columned text; 2) two columns (song-lyrics on one side and their translation on the other); 3) then the standard un-columned block of text again.  This usually works fine.
When I add more un-columned text, the columns often move to the next page and lose their alignment.  I have resolved this by splitting the columns between the two pages and then re-aligning them.
But the problem arises if I have to do that process of re-alignment again (i.e. if I keep adding more text before the columns). In that situation, the columns jump to the next page, leaving a huge blank space between the end of the un-columned text and the start of the column on the following page.  The gap does not allow me to write anything in it, and if I try to eliminate it by using the back-space, all of the previous un-columned text becomes columned, while the original columns misalign themselves even more.
Even if I try to paste the columns into a new word document, change them into a single column, change them back into columns, and finally re-paste them onto... Read more


I always had problems with columns, similar to what you're experiencing.  For me, the easiest solution was to use a two-column table instead.  There is zero possibility of misalignment, and if you remove all the table borders, you can't tell it's not text columns.
There are, I'm sure, other ways to do what you want.  But I am retired and no longer have access to Word to check them out.

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my issue with WLM 2011 is the columns. The inbox column and the sent items column can't be changed independently. Every time one is edited the other changes automatically. I thought that they, like all previous windows mail columns could be changed seperately.

A:Columns in WLM

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the info here is of any help How to Change the Columns Shown in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express - About Email

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Hey I want to create columns in windows 7.
I searched a lot of stuff but every where I found that "columns cannot be created in windows 7". But in virtual machine folder new columns are there in windows explorer.

So please help me to create new columns in detail view of windows 7.

A:Create Columns

Hi manish14 and welcome to W7 Forums

Take a look here: Windows Explorer Columns - Add or Remove

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I have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 and am working in a Word document. At the end of the document, the columns are balanced. I want to un-balance them. Any suggestions?

A:Unbalance columns

not sure what you mean?

when you say 'balanced' do you mean 'summed up' to a total? If that is so, then unless it's an inserted table or spreadsheet, I don't think you can.

then again, I'm not that good with MS Office.

some one else will probably have a better idea


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I am using Office 2000 Professional pack. I am modifying a Word template for a brochure that is formatted in 3 columns. The length of the columns automatically adjusts so that all 3 are equal, but I do not want 3 equal-length columns. How do I turn this off?

A:MS Word Columns

there's a variety of ways to insert and format columns and text boxes
- see the help section in word
- search on columns for the method that best meets your design needs

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This will probably be a silly question but for some reason I cant figure it out.

I have 6 records such as following:

james 16
james 18
james 0
laura 2
laura 4
laura 6

I need a report or a query to show the name only once but second column to be a sum such as:

james 34
laura 12

thank you

A:Access - sum columns

You use the "View Totals" on the Main Menu and then Group By Name and Sum by value.

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="2"][color="#483d8b"]I have figured out how to set up the columns. I have the subject centered in the middle at the top and then after that there are two columns. However, I can't figure out how to get the curser over to the right columns. When I hit enter or tab, it just takes me to the next line below and on the left side of the screen.Thanks.Shelly-EDIT: Merged two topics, same/similar issues ~ Hamluis.

A:Can anyone tell me how to set up columns in MS Word, etc?

Hi Shelley & welcome to the forum!

What version of Word?

I have requested that this topic be moved to the Business Applications forum so that your topic can get the correct attention that you need.

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just wondering if there is a way to have my favorites menu show in multiple columns instead of a single column with scroll arrows. I know how to do this with the programs menu in the start menu. I find this helpful and think it would bee nice for my favorites too.

A:favorites in columns?

here's the link to the one that makes the start menu go in to multiple columns,3656,2331563,00.html
maybe you can think of a way to update what they say to change in the registry to work on the favorites

ps. would this be better in the operating system board?

[This message has been edited by joel558 (edited 10-24-2000).]

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I was wondering if there's a way to make that the automatic default. I'm really getting tired of having resize the colums every time I open a directory.

A:Size All Columns to Fit

AFAIK the only way to do it is by modifying the registry.

It's a real shame.
*sigh* Maybe they'll get it right by Windows 9.

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Hi all, Is there any way to keep all the columns in Windows Explorer automatically sized to fit whatever is in them - eg: Song Title, Artist etc? Many thanks.

A:Sizing all columns to fit


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I have some data on Excel. Address numbers are in one column and the street names are in another column. Is there a way I can copy all the information in one column (address numbers) and merge it into another column (street names)?

A:Excel Columns

if the address numbers are in a1 and the street name is in b1, paste =A1& " " &B1 in c1. This will place the number and address in c1.


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hi i need some help please
i am trying to make a record sheet useing columns or a table but are not sure what program to use ???
im new at this !

windows xp home

cheers cheza x

sorry i forgot to say i want to add some pics too ??

A:table & columns ??

Microsoft Excel is probably the most widely recognized and most versatile program for doing what you want. Excel is included with Microsoft Office Suite or can be purchased by itself. You can also insert pictures into your worksheets.

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When my MP3's are in windows explorer, the columns and headers will not show the bitrate,duration, or any other info except size, it shows size and date, but that is all. I can't get it to show any other info. The header says bitrate but no info under it. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Thanks

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Hi Guys,

Ive opened my excel this morning and instead of there being numbers down the side and letters across the top ive got numbers down the side and across the top so i cant do any statements? Does anybody know what this could be, and why its happened?


A:Excel columns?

Hi gazmysta,

Tools/Options/General untick the R1C1 reference style box.


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Does anyone know how to keep this set for all windows.

I have to keep setting this every time I go into a different window.

In XP there used to be an option in Tools>Folder options to apply to all folders?

I cant seem to find that.


A:Size all columns to fit

Hello Lee,

This can help show you how to use the "Apply to Folders" option.

Folder View - Apply to Folders

However, this will not help with "Size all columns to fit" since how it sizes them is specific to the currently opened folder in Windows Explorer. Using "Apply to Folders" will apply the same column sizes set in that folder to all folders with the same folder template. Of course, other folders may need wider or narrower column sizes than the currently opened folder. You pretty much have to set them per folder to have it the right size for them.

Hope this helps,

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What would I do to have it add up all the values in a column in a table?

Say there were 5 rows, in the column called COST and the values are: 100, 200, 100, 300, 50

So the results would be: 750

Thanks in advance!

A:mySQL Columns

there is a SUM command for SQL. You would use that in your query to add up the values pulled in the query.

try this out or search some more on Google.


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When i right click to remove Date Modified,Type and Size it always comes back ..

A:How to remove columns?

I dunno, doesn't happen for me. Are you logged on as a user with admin rights?

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1. I would like to know how to use columns. I don't like how the words stretches across the whole screen. How do I make it use like half or one-third of the screen?

2. How do I do that trick where I would just see the topic, and when I click on it, it opens up a paragraph under the topic name? And when I click on another topic, the current topic closes, and the new one opens.

Sorry if my description is not very good. I don't know the fancy words used.

Thanks in advance.

A:How do I use columns in HTML?

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Is there a way to put titles above the icon columns, such as Games, Adobe?


A:Metro Columns

Check this tutorial out. You might be interested in this one too.

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to hide certain columns in a worksheet? (Excel 97 on Win98se). We have a spreadsheet that has columns A-G then BF-BJ, then BM-BR. The person that created the spreadsheet is on vacation this week, so we can't talk to them. The person using the spreadsheet now, says there is more information that is needed to get this information currently on the spreadsheet. Is it a reach to think that there may be more info in possibly hidden columns? Aside from renaming columns, is there any other way that someone would go straight from G to BF?

Thanks a lot for the help!


A:Excel Columns

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I have a worksheet with 2055 records in excel. And I have two columns,
A and B, with numbers as a records witch I to match them.
For instance if column A has the number 1101, I have to find out if the column B has the same number 1101.

In order to do that I'm going to use the VLOOKUP function.
My problem is I can't sort by ascending order the column A.
I think has something to do with the cell format.
I'm using Excel 2000 on my PC (windows).
Please help me, and here is some sample

1101 1101
1102 1102
1103 1103
11000 1201
11001 1301
1201 11000
1301 11001

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You can no longer sort the contents of a file listing in Windows Explorer, keeping a selection of files made in the previous sort order.
If this is a bug I would like to know, than I will report it appropriately, otherwise - if it is "by design" - I would like an explanation, why this function was removed.
As I see it, sorting has to be possible with the selection of files kept intact.
Searching the net I find many people being upset that this is not possible in Windows 7. I used it all the time at work, on my XP machine. I used to select all dll-files in a certain folder, and then sort by "Date modified", which resulted in a
list of files sorted by date, and with the appropriate files selected. This was an easy way to find out which dll files had changed last in our development environment - just sorting by date makes a lot of other files, such as log files and debug files appear
in between the dll files.
Below is another call for this. This user's request was made in another part of MS forum and the  (so called) answer was just a link referring to this place, indicating that the user should put his question here instead, so I take the liberty of putting
his text here as well:
One of my most common ways of working when copying, moving or deleting multiple files using Windows Explorer is (using details view) to sort by one method (for example, by time), select some file, then change sort to another method (for example, by type)
and select... Read more

A:Sorting with selection kept in Windows Explorer - Why is selection reset when sort order is changed in Windows Explorer?

This is by design.
If you have any suggestion or concerns, please contact Feedback Team via the following link:

You can also post your feedback or comments on
Feedback Forum.
Thanks for your suggestion again.
JPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Hi, I need help on this one: when I open the Windows Explorer (Windows 2000) and double-click on a document to open it, the program (e.g. MS Excel when I double-clicked on an Excel document) starts in the background, Windows Explorer stays automatically in front. Did anyone ever hear of this? How can I stop this and make the program with the selected file type start automatically in front?

Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks.

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I'm starting a new thread because the last one on this topic expired with no solution in 2007. I experience this every day:

Column headings in Outlook 2003 revert to some standard regularly ("To" instead of "From" in Inbox and "From" instead of "To" in "Sent". Most of my subject folders into which I place relevant e-mails and set them up to include "To" and "From" columns, revert to one or the other when I open them again. "Header Status", which I never use, always comes back again.

Now, two years later, surely someone has found a solution!

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I would like to do a loopy using Macro.xls
Let say,
1-start at column 13 do sorting ascending
2- find duplicate ( macro FindDup())
3- next column ... until column IV
and her my Macro record modify by me (!!)

Dim y As Integer
Dim rng As Range

For y = 13 To 255
rng = Cells(1, y).Select
Rows("1:3013").Sort Key1:=rng, Order1:=xlAscending, Header:= _
xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
Application.Run "CP.xls!FindDup"
Cells(1, y).Select
Next y
End Sub
I get error :
Run time error 91.(object variable or With block variable not set.
Any help ?? Thanks in advance.

A:Excel columns loopy

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I work for a jail visitation charity and need to produce deposit slips. I created my deposit slip and data base. To save paper I changed layout to landscape and could now display 3 deposit slip on one sheet. Can you help?

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I have a macro that emails a sales person their pipeline, the data is contained in columns A through H but I also want to send data in columns K and L without the columns in between (columns I and J)Here is the part that I think I need to change: Set rng = ActiveSheet.Range("a6", ActiveSheet.Range("H6").End(xlDown))But here is the complete code:Sub Pipeline_EmailHLONetRegs()Dim rng As RangeDim OutApp As ObjectDim OutMail As ObjectDim Signature As StringDim mysht As WorksheetDim myDropDown As ShapeDim myVal As StringDim RegRng As RangeDim PrevRegRng As RangeDim ManagerRng As RangeSet mysht = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Pipeline")Set myDropDown = mysht.Shapes("Drop Down 261")myVal = myDropDown.ControlFormat.List(myDropDown.ControlFormat.Value)Set RegRng = Worksheets("Validation").Range("D:D").Find(What:=myVal, LookAt:=xlWhole)Set PrevRegRng = Worksheets("Validation").Range("D:D").Find(What:=myVal, LookAt:=xlWhole)Set ManagerRng = Worksheets("Validation").Range("D:D").Find(What:=myVal, LookAt:=xlWhole)'If (ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode And ActiveSheet.FilterMode) Or ActiveSheet.FilterMode Then ActiveSheet.ShowAllDataEnd IfActiveSheet.Range("$a$6:$AQ$1000").AutoFilter Field:=34, Criteria1:="<>Pre-Approval"ActiveSheet.Range("$A$6:$AQ$1000").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=myValNumberofRegs = RegRng.Offset(0, 1).ValuePrevNumberofRegs = PrevRegRng.Offset(0, 2).ValueManager = ManagerRng.Offset(0, 3).ValueSet rng = Nothing' Only send the visible cells in the selection.Set rng = ActiveSh... Read more

A:set my range in VBA to be a continuous set of columns ...

Try this:
lastRw = ActiveSheet.Range("H6").End(xlDown).Row
Set Rng = Application.Union(ActiveSheet.Range("A6:H" & lastRw), _
ActiveSheet.Range("K6:L" & lastRw))
MsgBox Rng.Address
Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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For people using the details view that wish to have it size all columns automatically copy and paste this into notepad and save as .bat then double click it.

this.ultraListView1.ViewSettingsDetails.AutoFitColumns =

EDIT:Wrong information only works with another program installed first.

A:Automatically size all columns

Originally Posted by ilikefree

For people using the details view that wish to have it size all columns automatically copy and paste this into notepad and save as .bat then double click it.

this.ultraListView1.ViewSettingsDetails.AutoFitColumns =

I have a problem..... Does it apply to Win 7 too ?
I use Win 7 and can't save it as .bat file.
Copy/pasted to notepad > File > Save As > it allows only either Text Documents (*txt) or All files (*.*). No .bat file type option.

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My excel has columns ad infinitum. I only need through column J. How can I get rid of the other columns so that I can print only through J? Thanks to all who know so much and take time with folks like me who know so little.

A:deleting columns from excel

you should be able to set the print area
what version of excel do you have

I have moved to the office forum

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Hi,i found this question and seems near to my problem, but I totally dont know how to revise the code."Excel: Moving Column Data Into New Rows??"I have this data:UniqueID Company 1FullName 1Designation 1CountryCode 1Phone 1Email 2FullName 2Designation 2CountryCode 2Phone 2EmailR123456 Company1 Chris Reeves +65 90221111 [email protected] R234567 Company2 Sam Lim Sole Proprietor +65 9851234 [email protected] Samboy Lim Account +65 94890987 [email protected] Company3 Jose Accounts Department +65 67672345 [email protected] and I need the above data to be like this:UniqueID Company 1FullName 1Designation 1CountryCode 1Phone 1EmailR123456 Company1 Chris Reeves 65 90221111 [email protected] Company2 Sam Lim Sole Proprietor 65 9851234 [email protected] Company2 Samboy Lim Account 65 94890987 [email protected] Company3 Jose Accounts Department 65 67672345 [email protected] help.Thanksedited by moderator: Mask email addresses

A:Moving columns data into new row

I have edited your post to mask anything that looks like an valid email address. We do not want this forum to become a place where email addresses can be harvested. Once the bad guys start hanging around it's really hard to get rid of them.I can not determine the layout of your input or output data.Please click on the following line and read the instructions on how to post example data in this forum.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi, I am new to macros so please be gentle with me.
I have a excel doc, with 7 sheets in it, i have 30 titles across the top off each sheet(A to AH), under each title i have 1 to 300 names (row 1 to row**), i need to run a macro that will collate all the names into column A without loosing any, rather that copying each block of names and pasting them into column A, it takes me around 3 hours doing it this way so a macro would be great. Also some off the columns may have no data in the at all, empty.

I hope someone can help. Looking forward to your responses.

A:I need a Macro !!! Merging columns

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I don’t save that many songs on my Laptop but occasionally I save 1 or 2 from some Internet Radio and later I transfer to my USB for my car. I have Vista Home

However when I save songs on my Laptop, it changes the columns on my Internet Explorer to include “Artist, #, Album, etc” which I don’t need and removes the columns I like. The only columns I have for all my directories are “Size, Type and Date Created”

I know I can go and remove the unwanted columns and bring back the ones I want but is there a setting somewhere to prevent songs making their own columns?

A:Solved: Unwanted Columns on IE

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Hello people, I've been trying to find an answer this little question, does anybody out there know how to add your own custom named columns to WMP11 ? I already know that there are two customs inbuilt columns, but how can I add my own columns, which I can then rename?? For example I want to add a column called "Series" into the video section. Any solutions??

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Copy Rows into columns using VBA1 have a very little experience with VBA, and I would really appreciate any help with this issue. I need to convert rows into columns from sheet 1 to sheet 2.input file Article ID EU-statistics Number of sheets Size of sheet Absorbancy With empties BOM (Empties Bill of Material)1062 a 0 b 0 c1065 a 0 b 0 c1066 a 0 b 0 c1071 a 0 b 0 c1077 a 0 b 0 c1081 a 0 b 0 c1086 a 0 b 0 c1090 a 0 b 0 cDesire output file Article ID 1062 EU-statistics a1062 Number of sheets 01062 Size of sheet b1062 Absorbancy 01062 With empties BOM (Empties Bill of Material) c1065 EU-statistics a1065 Number of sheets 01065 Size of sheet b1065 Absorbancy 01065 With empties BOM (Empties Bill of Material) c1066 EU-statistics a1066 Number of sheets 01066 Size of sheet b1066 Absorbancy 01066 With empties BOM (Empties Bill of Material) c

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Please HELP,

This problem's going way beyond my excel knowledge. and beyond my friend "ASAP utilities"
Can someone please tell me how to merge 2 Column using a key factor " i.e number".

Here I have 4 column's total.
The left 2 have the correct order/ The Right 2 are in the wrong order.
I need to fix that using their common factor/#.

I have attached the file here.

I would be very happy to fix this ASAP.
How do I do it???


Brion Dublin

A:help merging columns in Excel 03 !!!

I have made some mods to your sheets as follows

I created a reference table by
extracting the number part from column E using Find looking for a space and then using Mid to select the number - see the cacl for ref table
Then created a reference table tab - to use as a lookup
Then on sheet1 used vlookup to get the column D & E to align with column A

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I'm using Excel 2010.
I have a workbook with TWO Tabs (sorry, cannot attach).
First Tab, the data - Second Tab, the form I want generated.

In the first Tab, Column A is a date. Columns B and C are TEXT Data
For the second tab, I want to create formula that reads like this:

If first tab Column A = a specified date, then bring in the information in first Columns B and C.

If the date appears five times, can it bring the information in and create five rows? (or am I restricted to only cell to cell formulas?)
It sounds like I should just do a simple cut/paste sort of thing and not create a difficult formula, but I really need a formula, because ultimately it will be expanded beyond two simple tabs.

A:Excel 2010 - IF=, THEN... for COLUMNS

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hey everybody first post and was searching around and couldnt find anything on this well anyways i have a 23 inch acer screen and i was wondering if i could make it so i could have 3 windows used i aero snap. like 1 on the left 1 in the middle and 1 on the right.

A:Aero Snap 3 columns

Hello itzme, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Not that I am aware of, but you can use the Show windows side by side option when you right click on the taskbar to have them this way for the 3 opened windows.

Hope this helps,

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I need to sort columns in Microsoft excel but here is my dilemma I am having. I need them to be sorted based on the first column alphabetically. Which I understand requires just hitting the sort button.

However.. my grid looks something like this

NAME Hours Address
Tom 6 10 B Street
Bob 3 30 Smith Lane
I want to sort by Name alphabetically. But I want the addresses and hours to also sort along with it. So for example when Tom's name is moved below Bob's I want his hours and Address to also move with it. So everything stays organized. How would I do that?

A:Sorting Columns in Excel

Select all three columns before doing the sort (DATA --> SORT)


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How do I right justify number columns when printing in Visual Basic.Net??

A:right justification of columns of numbers

Hi sidbro,

I can't remember the exact syntax in VB but in Java, I'll do this :

Example : I 'right justify' a number in a string which length = 15

int myNumber = 1;
String rightJustified = "" + myNumber;
while (rightJustified.length < 15) rightJustified = " " + rightJustified;

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Please help. I need to find a formula that compares any value in one column to any value in another. so for example -

1 3643 6488
2 5378 9087
3 9631 0092
4 4657 9876
(repeat for several hundred lines)

i need a way to find out if any of these are duplicates. i've tried a few formulas i've found on this site but all i've got back is #NAME? when entering them. also, i'm using openoffice, not excel. does that matter? thanks.

A:Excel compare columns

This is nothing special. There's a butt-ton of ways.
Here's my article on it.

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I have an excel sheet that's 30 columns in width. I have to constantly go back and forth to from the cells with numbers to what they're referenced at on the far left. Can anyone help? There a way to drag the reference data over.

A:Drag Title Columns

Care to elaborate on what you mean by dragging the reference cell.

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I want to have 3 columns that have text of unequal length. All 3 columns will have bullet format - it's a "things to do" document. I want to be able to jump from column 1 to column 2 to column 3 to add a bullet to the particular column as needed. I can't seem to get the cursor to be in the 2nd or 3rd column without filling the first column with text. How do I do that?

I will later add a single "column" section of "normal" text to follow the 3-column section. I believe I do this with a continuous page break. Right? Do I have to add the page break after the end of the 3rd column, or can I establish the page break before I type anything in the 3rd column (let's say I'm typing in the 2nd column and decide to put some text below the 3-column section in the "normal" formatted section - how do I establish the page break and then go back and, say, type in the 3rd column, etc?)

A:Solved: formating columns

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I have 2 seperate columns for an address. One is the number portion of the address and the other is the Name if the street. I need these to be in the same column, how?

I did a search and the formula that was suggested did not work. Any suggestions would be great.

A:merging 2 columns in excell

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I am having trouble adding the sum of a row across multiple columns. I have the code to add teh sum from a single columns but I can't figure out how to make it so it will add the columns up and place the sum on the first empty row. The number of cells in each row is not the same so I need to be able code for that.

This code is what I use to sum the rows at the end of the column but like I said earlier I need to code it so it will go to the end of the row while adding all cells in the row from multiple columns.

Option Explicit

Sub StatsEachColumn()

Dim LastColumn As Long, LastRow As Long, lngColumn As Long

LastColumn = Cells.Find(What:="*", After:=Range("A1"), _
SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious).Column

For lngColumn = 1 To LastColumn

LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, lngColumn).End(xlUp).Row

With Cells(LastRow + 1, lngColumn)
.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUM(R4C:R" & LastRow & "C)"
End With
Next lngColumn

End Sub

A:Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns

Forgot to mention that it will need to loop since there are 4 different rows so far and it will need the ability to work with any added rows

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How do I change the columns in Outlook Express 6. I am trying to remove the to column from inbox folders and from column from sent folders. When I add or remove a column it affects all inbox and sent folders.

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I am trying to insert a column in my spreadsheet, but I keep getting the following error message:

To prevent possible loss of data, Microsoft Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet.

I don't know why I continue to get that message in this particular spreadsheet. I tried copying and pasting in a new workbook, but it still doesn't insert the column.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

A:Excel....inserting columns

Never mind. I was finally able to insert the column. I still don't know what the problem was, but I tried copying and pasting again and it worked.

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I can't figure out how to adjust the column width in Quicken 2004 home & business register. I got space for 11 digits in the check number column & in the name column which makes really small catagory & memo spaces. Does anybody know how to fix that? Does anybody know anybody that has an 11 digit check number?

A:Quicken register columns

I have never seen more than a 4 digit check number. What bank are you using that has an 11 digit check number. Our checks use 4 digits. I hope this doesn't sound too bad but the only numbers that have that many digits on a check should be the checking account number. Shouldn't it??

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How do you alter column placemens in Excel so that Column 2 changes places with Column 1?

A:Transposing Excel Columns

if I understand you correctly, all you need to do is to cut column A (rows are numeric, columns alphabetic), click on the column after column b, and click insert cut cells.

again, that is if I understand you correctly. Please advise if this works.

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How do I switch between columns on a word document, after I have created an additional column?

Thanks for the help!


A:MS Word 2000 - Columns

If you are typing in the first column, when you get to the bottom of the page the cursor will jump to the next column so you can continue. If you want to jump to the next column when the first one is not full, insert a column break.

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