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User Tile Border

Q: User Tile Border

Do you know of an easy way to change the colour of the User Tile border?

A: User Tile Border

I take it you mean on the login screen? I've wanted to change that for so long, but it's picky with the transparency and such. I guess you'd need to find a way to patch authui.dll, and then reshack it. If only I knew of a good patch or hex edit or something.

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I'm looking for what I need to alter to change the glass border around your user picture form the standard blue glass to a custom red glass i've made. Anyone know which resources I need to edit? I've found the images in explorer.exe but for some reason it will not allow me to change the images. Any idea's?

A:Blue border around user picture

Quote: Originally Posted by fritz

I'm looking for what I need to alter to change the glass border around your user picture form the standard blue glass to a custom red glass i've made. Anyone know which resources I need to edit? I've found the images in explorer.exe but for some reason it will not allow me to change the images. Any idea's?

have you tried using restorator? its what i used for the start button.. Open explorer.exe in restorator. under Bitmap the images u want are 7013-7016 copy and paste the image uw ant to use over the images listed save as explorer1.exe. close restorator rename explorer.exe int he winmdows directory to explroer.bak and then take the 1 fromt he one u wanna use and reboot... worth a shot

Edit.. i forgot u first ahve to take ownership of the explorer.exe file and give urself full control permissions

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Hi, i was wondering if there was any way I could get a battery tile?

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Hi. I am using Windows Developer Preview. It appears to lack the user tile on the taskbar. Is there a way to re-enable it?

A:Would I be able to enable the user tile on the taskbar?

Hello MD,

This can enable it again for you.

Taskbar UserTile Alpha 7.1 by ~AngelWZR on deviantART

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Is there anyway possible to remove that Aero border that surrounds the user account icon? Can it be disabled for both the login screen and start menu?

A:Remove Aero border around user account icon

For the login screen you would need to edit the authui.dll, look at Post #23 of this thread Removing Picture Frame On Startup/Login Screen Danny has already made up a authui.dll that removes the logon picture.

To remove the user picture from the start menu have a look at these two options.
Windows 7 Start Menu User Picture Remover : Remove Windows 7 Start Menu User Picture With One Click | door2windows

How to Hide / Remove ?User Picture? in Windows Vista and 7 Start Menu? - Tweaking with Vishal


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I have spent a great amount of time configuring a 56-tile Start Menu in my Microsoft Account login which does not have Admin privileges (the logon I plan to use all the time). I am now configuring another logon - with Admin privileges (a local account because one cannot have two Microsoft Account logons in the same installation). I would like to be able to copy (clone) my 56-tile Start Menu to the new account. Can it be done?

A:Can one copy a Start tile configuration to another user?

Ensure you have at least one if not two full image backups of your OS partition before trying such an operation.
As a Windows 7 user, I was able to find the desktop folder and the needed AppData information, I copied the desktop and AppData from my admin-level RollyAccount into the built-in admin account -- while in Safe Mode. If you can sniff out the desktop or tile-top directory or directories, boot into Safe Mode, you probably can copy such from one account into the other account.
It's a good idea to have at least one if not two full image backups of your OS and data partitions on a weekly or bi-monthly basis

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Hi All,
We are in the final stages of our preparation to roll out Windows 8.1 using SCCM2012....and we'd like to use the thumbnailPhoto attribute already populated for our user base in the Windows 8.1 tile. We already have Outlook and Lync pulling this attribute out and diplaying fine, so it's just a solution for the 8.1 tile that is missing.
Having tried many blogs and other links, nothing seems to work.

Using Pictures from Active Directory | MSitPros BlogWindows 8 Account picture name sample in C#, VB.NET, C++, JavaScript for Visual Studio 2013
SetAccountPicture.xaml.h - Account picture name sample
PowerShell script to get AD-Pictures works inside PowerShell, but not directly from PowerShell.exe -Command
Setting the user tile image in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 | iammarkharrison
Account Picture - Delete Recent Pictures in Windows 8
User Logon Display Picture - Set Default for All Users
Uploading photos to AD and setting them as the Windows 7 tile picture | intrntpirate
How can I delete user account picture in Windows 8?

I am at a dead end....
Does anyone have a solution that works

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Hi, does anyone know that will there be a user tile (or login screen tile as i call it) for Office outlook 2010?
i've heard that it will work wiht live essentials, but instead of using it, i want to use my gmail account and outlook, but i still want the email tile to be there?

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I need to set the user tile picture to the picture defined in the adthumbnail attribute in Active Directory.  I see that there are many scripts out there to do this.  I need one that will do this for Windows 7, 8.x and 10.  Any recommendations?

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I am using windows 8.1 RTM version.
I cannot find my desktop tile or the store app anymore. I have tried searching with the search charm too. I checked various users and they are not there either. Some desktop programs have gone missing too

I will appreciate any help from you guys

A:My desktop tile and store tile has disappeared Windows 8.1

Do they show up in the Apps view, Apps Screen - Open in Windows 8 , if they do then just pin them back to the start screen.

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I am new to Windows 8, and on the tile display, when I touch a tile, i.e. the weather tile, a black screen appears with in the middle; this lasts about a second, then the tile window display reappears. I would expect that the website would appear, but it never does. Other tiles act the same way, but some apps are executed when the tile for them is touched.
Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

A:When a tile is touched it returns to tile display in a sec

Hello Auricman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if going through the troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below may be able to help for now.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I would like to rename the "Other User" tile at the logon screen to something different like "BOB GENERIC" (not what we would use).
Dont know if it matters or not, but we have enabled policy "Do not show last logged user".


A:Rename "Other user" tile in logon screen


Based my research and knowledge, we may not be able to achieve this request.Kim Zhou

TechNet Community Support

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i mean like this theme almost 0 border !!:

i've already try "Advanced appearance settings------Border Padding "0""
but that's not narrow enough .

what's the customize pics frameleft,frameright,framebottom should be? size?shape?transparence?

A:How to make border like "no border" ??

The only way to change that frame would be to edit the .msstyles

Here is ascreenshot showing what the frame looks like. It is zoomed in at 800%. These are four separate images that I placed on a background to show what they look like.

The sizes are
Top 21x27 pixels

Left, Right 11x3 pixels

Bottom 21x11 pixels


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Hi everybody. This is my first post and I thought this would be the best place to ask for help. I can't find a solution anywhere else. Here's my problem:

Yesterday I noticed that there is a red border surrounding my desktop. I didn't pay much attention to it because I wasn't using to the computer for anything at the moment except for downloading a torrent.
So this morning I woke up the computer and the border was still there, and that's when I realized that my desktop wasn't working. None of the icons work, or the Vista side folder bar thing(?).
So in summary, I strangely have this red border around my desktop, that disables my desktop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Red Border

I figured it out! Somehow my desktop background became a screenshot located in appdata/roaming/... And then my desktop icons hidden/disabled. I don't know how this happened because i know that nobody used my computer. Strange...

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Greetings. I'm currently using a Windows 7 Visual Style called, TAPEK.

Tapek by =kiko11 on deviantART

It uses invisible borders, and requires disabling of the blur effect to look proper. The problem is that when I snap my windows to the grid to tile them manually, there will be spaces between the edge of the window and the edge of my screen, because of these invisible borders. I've found that I can reduce the size of these spaces by reducing the border padding, through right clicking my desktop > Personalize > Window Colour > Advanced Appearance Settings. Even at 0, the lowest border padding setting attainable through this method, some space is still visible.

My question is, how do I make the border padding even lower, in the negative values?

A:Border Padding

I am not sure if you can get a negative border padding setting, but I can explain to you what's going on with that theme.
As you can see from the screenshot you will see a light gray or shadow on the sides of the image that is your invisible border, the only way I can see to remove the gap between your open window and or screen edge would be to edit those images by adding more solid color to the outside but then you will lose your thin border (Second screenshot shows where I added some color to just the side images with the padding set a zero, The gaps you still see at the top and bottom of the window are from the top and bottom image that has not been edited yet.)
Note: There are four images for the border the top the two sides and the bottom I put the images on a white background so you could see what they look like.

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Hi, I have a client who wants photos on his website but he wants a border along the right and bottom sides to make the photo stand out and look more 3D. I'm not exactly sure how to do this, can someone give me some tips please?

A:photo border

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Hi all.

There was a specific problem - you need to merge with the edge of the windows desktop background, so that the border was not visible. Tell me how can I do this?

I've looked through all the personalization settings, but so far I have not managed to find the corresponding function, please help.

A:Disabling Border

Hello PlasmaUser, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm afraid that I do not understand what you are talking about. Could you give more details or screenshots to help us understand what you mean?

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How do I make a small border around an image in Illustrator CS?

A:image border

if its an image that you placed, or pasted into illustrator, i would just use the rectangle tool , and creat a vector object, with no fill , and a stroke of 1 px. then make the height and width one or two pixels larger then that of your image. Keep them on the same layer, and send the image to the back, then center your vector object ontop of your image.

if you have a path, compound path or vector object that you created in illustrator, and you have already assigned a stroke, group everything , and apply a layer effect to it.

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What the HELL is with the thick, invisible ''padding'' around the window borders in Windows 8? Is there any fix for this yet?

A:A fix for border padding?

Hello lilsting,

I played with the registry settings below in Windows 8 that would normally change the window border width in Windows 7, but in Windows 8, the same settings would only change the width of the title bar (top border) of windows instead now. It had no effect on the rest of the window borders.

I'll keep playing, but so far nothing.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics

BorderWidth string value

Data = -15 to -1500
Default = -15

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i am really annoyed with this and i want to know how to remove the annoying dotted border that appears around desktop icons sometimes i cant seem to find a way to get rid of it

A:Dotted Border Help

Click on the Desktop, hit Tab.

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Running IE 7 on PC under XP Pro:

My computer savy 7 yr old grand daughter recently visited and used my computer. I now notice a very "fuzzy" border around the IE window. I'm sure it didn't appear there before. If I place the cursor over the top of the window, as if to drag it somewhere, the fuzzyness dissapears while the mouse button is depressed and reappears when the button is released. What hapened? Or is Grandpa just seeing things? Thnaks in advance for the help.

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Jerry helped me with my border around my HDD Capacity Meter progress bar but I have noticed another border that is missing. It's the border on the progress bar in the downloads window. It probably needs resizing like the other one did but I don't know where it is.
Hopefully Jerry can help again.

Sorry to be a pain but thanks for any help.

A:Progress Bar Border ( Again )

Post a new .msstyles please, I tried to one you posted in the other thread and it did not have that problem.


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How to change the black image to white?

A:firefox border

Which version of Firefox? Latest is 33.0.2. Maybe it's an Add-in causing the problem?

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i have a pretty thick black border around my screen now, my screen resolutin is 1600x 1200 and it always fit but i woke up over night and now theres a black border

A:Black Border

Did you try any of the adjustments on your monitor?

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Is it possible to remove the borders you see in this picture.....

I made a javascript to insert the row so it separates the categories, but don't know how to get rid of that board.

here's the script.....

<script type="text/javascript">

TD document.getElementsByTagName("Table");


if (
TD[kRead more

A:Remove tr border

Borders are an all or nothing thing in tables and can't be set to particular rows.

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Hi Guys how do I get the border where you you close windows the red button with a cross made wider its too narrow for us old fellows graham

A:border line

Hello gsau,

Increasing the size of the Caption Buttons in your Advanced Appearance settings like in step 7 of Option Two below will make the close button larger.

Window Color and Appearance - Change

Hope this helps,

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Hello all. I just recently download the newest Netscape, and after using Firefox for the past year (which I still love) I am amazed at how cool this thing looks. It even feels like firefox.

I have one quick question... When using the default theme, the border around the program is in square and it kind of defeates the purpose of the theme being curvey and round at the top. Do any of you know how to turn of this border?

I'm using WinXP.


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Why have 3inch black borders suddenly appeared on my computer?

A:Black Border

Somebody used black spray paint on the side of your computer to make the borders?

Hi justhoops, and welcome to TSG.
I suspect you are talking about the Windows desktop appearing very small and centered in the middle of the computer display. You will need to give more details about your computer setup (brand and model number of a laptop or the brands and model numbers of a desktop computer and attached monitor.)

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I am using Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition and I having a problem when I go
to Tools | Envelope and Label and I would choose an Avery label number. Then
I would click on New Document so that I can see the the "label" borders. But I am
not able to.

I've tried uninstalling the Suite and re-install it. I am still unable to view the borders.
I've also installed the Service Pack 2b but I am still out of luck.

What am I missing out here?

Thanks for any inputs here.

Christopher Thorpe

A:No border when using Labels

Hi Christopher. Welcome to the site!

I take it you're in MS Word when your border-less labels are on screen.
Once you've created a labels sheet, Word treats it like a table, so you need to go to Tables, Show Gridlines.

If you've already done this and it doesn't work, reply to this thread.



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Hey all, I need to put a chrome border on this, how would you go about doing that with GIMP?

A:Putting on a chrome border

Dont actually know how to do it in GIMP , but in photoshop you are to apply stroke to get a border

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Hello! I have Windows 7. With 1GB RAM and a crappy graphic card, but I would like to have the Windows Vista Standard border frame everywhere BUT WITH NO AERO TRANSPARENCY, you know what I mean? I want the VISTA STANDARD border not the AERO one not the Win98 neither.. Because in Windows Vista you can have the vista standard border style with no graphic card:

I can't see any type of option where I can have this style with no transparency in Windows 7. I have the ugly basic style


A:I want the Aero border with no transparency!

Hiya and welcome

Could you fill out your system specs in full. Does your graphics card support Aero ? If it does then you could enable the theme you want then turn off "transparency"

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How do you make something that looks like the Windows Live Messenger Avatar? I'm a bit stuck with making the edges look that bit "fatter".

Heres what I mean:

A:How on Earth do you replicate the WLM Border?

Just to clarify, I want to make this in photoshop. Thanks

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On aero there is a choice on border colors and etc. There is no choice for windows classic and windows basic. Is there a way to get that on windows classic or windows 7?

A:Personalization border colors and etc.

The only way to change Windows Classic theme is to click on Window Color and in the Window Color and Appearance used the drop down menu to change the items you want to change. The Windows 7 basic theme is controlled by the Aero theme.

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For some reason, every time I boot up now, I get a black border around my desktop (a little over 1" thick) instead of it filling the entire screen. I always keep the background set to stretch so that it fills the entire desktop. I don't know what has happened, but I would love to know how to fix it!

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Black border around screen

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I am a multiple monitor user, and I am noticing an annoying black border around the wallpaper on my secondary monitor.
(The Taskbar is a DisplayFusion Copy, see the borders around the wallpaper?)



I'd like to know how to eliminate these borders around my wallpaper. The wallpaper is set to Fill.

A:Black Border around Wallpaper

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Are you using an individual picture for each monitor or are you spanning two monitors with one picture?

Are your wallpapers the same resolution as your monitors?

I see you mentioned DisplayFusion have you checked the settings with it to see if there is something to change?


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okay, sorry for all these posts i'm making but i recently reinstalled windows on my laptop and drivers went too. the backup for my video driver got corrupted so i used drivermax and got a new driver for it and it worked but at resolutions below 1680 by 1050, the screen has a black border around it. this is really annoying in fullscreen apps and games. Here is my system specs.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 65131 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Kingfisher , Not Applicable, LXT720600351601B75EM11
Antivirus: None

My video cards driver is version 8.593.100.0

A:Black Border around screen. HELP!!

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As shown in the screenshot below. In Windows Style Builder the logical place to look is at

Explorer & Shell > Explorer > Items View > ListView > ListItem


Explorer & Shell > Explorer > ListView > ListItem

But I didn't find it there.

A:Dotted border around files

Found this

How to Remove Annoying Focus Rectangle Around Buttons and Other Items in Windows? - AskVG

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I recently had to reboot my computer due to a virus. Everything is fine now, but for some reason when I play back my video files (which were saved on an external hard drive) there is a strange black border at the top and bottom of the frame. This border does not vanish when I go into full screen or crop with a video editor. It's just there no matter what. Before the reboot these video files (mpegs) played full screen every time. Something has changed and I don't know what or how to get rid of this border.
Also - when I take a picture scan of a video file, the result comes out completely black.

I have a feeling I may be missing a codec or maybe a setting needs to be sorted or something??

How do I get rid of this border?


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This is how my Explorer looks right now. The theme in the screenshot is called 7.5.

This is how I want Explorer to look in 7.5. The theme in the screenshot is called Chameleon 2.

Note the border and transparency differences. I would like to edit 7.5 to make Explorer look like Chameleon 2’s Explorer (excluding the minimize, maximize, and close buttons). Can someone help me accomplish this? I have Windows 7 Style Builder.

Rand Marks

A:Explorer Border and Transparency

The easiest way to do that would be to export the images from Chameleon 2 and import them back into 7.5

Here would be the Explorer frame
Windows and Caption Buttons > Aero > Dwm Window > Frames > Normal > Top, bottom, left, right

Look at my screenshot should help you with the locations of the breadcrumbs. They are color-coded


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Is this possible without using any adddintional programs or applying any patches:

Any lead is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Window Border Line

Welcome to the forum.

The image you have uploaded is not visible, please see this tutorial:
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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This is what I mean :

I have seen the tool to allow 100% transparency which would I guess solve this problem. However, I am using the aero theme without the transparency turned on and can't use the tool mentioned above.

Your help is appreciated.

edit: What purpose do you think this serves by the way? Just curious to what the designers were thinking (not saying this in a bad way)

A:Any way to get rid of window border transition?

Hello Dipal,

You could use the tutorial below to make the border width thinner if you like.

Borders - Changing Width to suite your needs

Hope this helps some,

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How do you remove the border around explorer windows? like on mac os.

A:Any way to remove explorer border?

Why would you want to have a Windows application look like a Mac application? This is just a question not a put down of the Mac OS (look at my specs).

As a Mac and Windows user I like the idea that both have their own look and feel.

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In FireFox I have a grey frame border.. If I touch edges double arrows appear, allowing me to drag screen across.. or up & down .. this exposes my desktop image..I would like to delete this FF feature.. it seems to move, and needs to be pushed over and up a few times a day..

A:Solved: Grey Border

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I seriously don't know what happened to my computer recently. Yesterday I was trying to boot my computer in safe mode and when I turn on computer in normal mode, it showed a black border around the screen. I tried to check my setting(resolution and graphic card setting but still, the problem exists) My resolution is 1366 by 768 which is the native resolution and my graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M. Is there anything that I can solve it? The border is about 1cm think, it is around the whole screen and my screen size is 14.1inch.


A:Black border around the screen

If this is not a laptop, try the monitor's display menu to stretch the screen display to the edges.

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I recently got a new HDMI cable for my pc so i can play games on a higher resolution and well after fiddling around with the res for a while i finally found one that works but it has about one inch thick black borders around all the sides and, ive tried updating my graphics card drivers. please help ty.

ps im using a Panasonic Tv as my monitor if that helps

A:Black border around tv screen

Are you using a Radeon Graphics card or Nvidia?

both should have settings to adjust the picture to match the screen.

In Nvidia, it is located here:

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I want to use a border background on my website. I know that there is a code to insert a "spacer.gif" and set the page so that the text doesn't run in the border but I just can't remember it. PLEASE HELP!

A:Need code for border background

Double or triple border?

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Is there any way to get rid of this dotted border around the desktop icons? (see screenshot, around the Computer icon)
I know it only appears sometimes, but its really annoying

A:Border around icons on desktop


I can see why. did you make any changes to the theme? Is it stock win 7?

that doesnt look like a standard win 7 icon.

let us know and if it is i will have to look for it

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In WMP11 the default color border around Album Art is light blue. How can I change it to the color I want?

A:WMP11 color border

Hi, mrogi, and welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you are in skin mode - to change it back hold the ALT key down and when the menu appears, go to View and then select Full Mode.

There is a shortcut also - while WiMP is running hold the CTRL key down and press the number 1.

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so i have no idea where to post this and i figured out how to fix it in XP but not in 7.

so the problem:
i have 2 21.5inch monitors running off of a sapphire radeon HD 5830. in xp there was a icon in the system tray thing where i changed some slider bar to get rid of the 15% black border currently showing around my screen. but now i have no idea where to find it. called the monitor manufacturer to see if it was their problem but they are saying its something with my video card. said slider bar said something along the lines of streching the screen, but i dont see any option in the ATI catalyst control center.

suggestions? or anything that needs clarified?

A:black border around monitor

Try updating the drivers for your video card.

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The border of my windows disappears for a second when I'm installing something then closes and opens up another window continuing the install. I never had this problem with build 6801 32 bit. I'm now using build 7000 64 bit. I've been looking all over and haven't found a solution.

A:disappearing window border! HELP

Does a computer restart fix this?

I had this happen to me, but it was when I was running a full-screen application -- I would minimize and open the browser, and viola! No border. This has only happened to me once though. I restarted the system and it went away

You could also try restarting the Explorer process, instead of the whole system.

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I have a black border around my screen which dosent allow my screen to be full screen how can i fix it ?

A:Black border around screen?

What is the make and model of this computer?

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On my home computer there is a box on the toolbar that is square and has lines. I can click on it to insert various types of borders. This icon is not on my office computer. How do I install it? The office computer is Word 2003.

A:Border Box In Word 2003

I don't remember my office 2003 very well but I think 2007 is not very different in this parameter - quick access toolbar can be customized. In office 2007, I right-click the toolbar and click Customize quick access toolbar in a pop-up menu. Try this. In the word Options window you can choose what buttons to show or not to show.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad A21p
Windows 2000

When I set my screen at 1600x1200, I am fine.
When I use any other display Setting, there is a black border around the functional display. The screen shows the number of pixels and then instead of stretching to fit the screen, just puts black in the rest of the space.

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A:BLUE BORDER around selections

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Hi guys,
Since almost 2 days ago, Aero border doesn't show, look at the screenshoot.I don't think it's the theme, but it can.I'm resizing the New Tab window from left to right, anyone can help me? (Sorry for the very bad description but this is it.

A:[Aero] Border when resizing

Hello Domix, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This would be caused by the show window contents while dragging option turned off. The tutorial below can help show you how to turn it back on.

Show Window Contents or Outline While Dragging

Hope this helps,

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How to remove border around icons? This complicates the selection of multiple files by clicking and dragging. Thanks

A:How to remove border around icons?

Hello ,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, I haven't found a way to improve the drag and click selection of files in Windows Explorer. With the entire row used for selections it does make it difficult at times. Don't know why MS changed this, but I'm not too fond of it.

Info on uploading snips & pics: A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots

Hope this helps.


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Hi there.
Just updated from W7RC, where I was running both of my monitors (Benq 24" + 19") on extend desktop - had no problems at all.
I am now running W7 Ultimate (OEM), and I have the same graphics card (ATI Radeon 5770), same RAM and same CPU. I have a new motherboard and new HDDs.

I've managed to get it so that the desktop is extended the right way, however, this black border was not around last time and I can't figure out a way to get rid of it.
The settings I was able to use last time (in the monitor's menu) are no longer accessible, and Catalyst gives me no options to brute force override.

How the hell do I get rid of this black border!?

A:Black border around screen

Hi rsjabba,

Could you please upload a screenshot so we know exactly what you're seeing?


Windows Outreach Team

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this banner at the top has a large border round the picture that is dull at the moment and what i want to do is change the color of the border withought changing to color of the picture under the border so how do i do this and also how do i add fetures to the border like lines and stuff to make it look tech

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Dear God: Let me give you a list of just some of the things I must remember to be a good dog.

1 . I will not eat the cats' food before they eat it or after they throw it! up.
2. I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc., just because I like the way they smell.
3. The Litter Box is not a cookie jar.
4. The sofa is not a 'face towel'.
5. The garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.
6. I will not play tug-of-war with Dad's underwear when he's on the toilet.
7. Sticking my nose into someone's crotch is an unacceptable way of saying "hello".
8. I don't need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm under the coffee table.
9. I must shake the rainwater out of my fur before entering the house - not after.
10. I will not come in from outside and immediately drag my butt.
11. I will not sit in the middle of the living room and lick my crotch.
12. The cat is not a 'squeaky toy' so when I play with him and he makes that noise, it's usually not a good thing.

P.S. Dear God: When I get to Heaven may I have my testicles back?

A:The Border Collie Prayer

That's so funny

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Sometimes they will be top/bottom or all 4 sides on youtube but I haven't had any full screen videos in awhile. If I remember correctly but I also have this issue on something like windows media player as well but haven't tested that at the moment. No it's probably not because of the computer itself either because mine is pretty decent. 9800 superclocked gpu, amd dual-core 6000+ cpu

A:Black border videos everywhere?


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I have Windows 10 and I have Classic Shell installed.

I like my taskbar items to be Uncombined, Showing labels.

But no matter what settings I try, my taskbar no longer displays items with a border. If you see my screenshot, you'll see the items on my taskbar are displayed as just words, with no border around them.
How do I get the appearance of a border back, like I had in Windows 7?

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G'day everyone, here's a problem I've encountered with the settings on my CRT, it's 17" screen and the camera software advises to use 1024 x 768 pixels, but when I set the screen too this there is a band of black around the edge of the screen and the viewing area reduces to about 15", anyone got any idea how I can get a full screen image with the recommended pixel settings. Thanks in advance. Regards Nigel.

A:Black border on CRT screen.

There should be controls on the screen itself for that. You will scroll through until you get to the ones with expand arrows going up down and left right. Then you get to functions that adjust the entire display left right and up down for fine tuning.

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Hi in WMP 12 when watching a video I get a small black bonder (bars) of about4 mm around all sides.
It happens in fullscreen on both 16:9 and 4:3 videos.

I have the video resolution on Windows set to 1080p @60hz and In Windows Media Center it's set to 1080p @50hz.
It does the same for 60 50 30 or 25hz videos. I play a lot of 50/25 hz videos as in Australia.

In other players (iTunes for example) they play with no border (bars).
I would use other players only but want to use Windows Media Center and that uses Windows Media Player features to play videos so I get the same border(bars).

Hopefully someone here can help.

Thanks Kevin

A:WMP 12 Black Border (Bars)

An update: I am going to use Media Center (which is just an interface for Media Player anyway) as I found a way to get videos to fill the screen properly.
I found if I play certain videos twice or 2 different ones (only works on some combinations) then the will go to there correct size.

Like I have a 1080p video of Led Zeppelin which has to be played a second time to go to the right size but my 4:3 videos of The Flintstones will not resize I play them first without using other videos to fix it first.

But I have to do it each time Media Center is closed and reopened.

I hope someone might have a clue what's going on.
I have even repair installed Windows and reset Media center back to defaults.
I have a I7 3770 8gb of ram a 128 ssd and 500gb hdd and a 7700 Series Radeon graphics


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i installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my ASUS P5KPL-CM with 4 gb of ram,Intel Core 2Duo 2.66 GHz & pci-e NVIDIA 8400 GS with latest NVIDIA drivers 190.62 but when i set my resolution below 1280x1024 black border appears on my screen and it never goes in full screen until i set my resolusion at 1440x900 the same happens with my games i cant understand whats happening this never happened in my Windows Vista Ultimate x64...................i have LCD monitor samsung sync master 732nw but now i have set the refresh rate at 75 hz so it comes in fullscreen but my games they are still running with same black border problem my mouse doesnt go past the black border many people told me to use nvidia flat scaling option but there is no such optionin my control panel..........................

A:WIndows 7 black border???????????????

Post once only.

You need to adjust your scanning. You need to overscan.

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After installing the Windows 10 anniversary update, I have noticed that there is now a selection box or white border around some of the ShellExperienceHost applications (the time/date, wi-fi and volume.), is there anyway to get rid of it?

I have attached some screenshots which should highlight the border that I'm referring to.

A:How do I remove this white border?

It looks to be part of the update. Can't confirm that until others start reporting issues.

Where/when did you get your update from?

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Sometimes when I view our site on the web, the ends of the top and bottom borders on the far right are cut off. There is just a white space between the border and the edge of the viewing screen. It only seems to do it every now and then (seems to have a mind of it's own). Seems life minimizing screen or clicking through a couple pages makes it happen sometimes. Anyone ever see this before or better yet, know how to fix it?


A:Shared Border Issue - Please Help

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I have a toshiba note book NB505 running windows 7. When I open a new word pad to type information the borders are set on 0.5 left and right. I want to change the border size but when the setting change window pops up, the window is to large for the screen and I can not click on OK. The box is below the screen and I can not get it to move up? Also when I type in a short sentence and hit enter it drops down two spaces instead of one?
Please help.

A:word pad border change

The OK button is the default for the Page Setup dialogue. After you set the margins just press the Enter key and your changes will take effect. Alternately, with the Page Setup dialogue open, perform the following key combinations:
Alt + Space bar, then m (for Move) and use the arrow keys to move the dialogue and reveal the OK button.
To eliminate the spacing, click the line spacing button on the ribbon, and un-select "Add 10pt space after paragraphs."

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I use Windows xp, on a dell pc. I have written a doc., and added a border--When I look at the doc. on my screen, it shows the border--when I look at it through 'print preview', or when I print it, it is missing the bottom line of the border--why is this? how can i get to print the entire doc? Thank you.

A:need help with putting a border around a document

You need to adjust your margin size within MS Word. Or possibly re-size your border somewhat, to allow it to all print on your printer.

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Does anyone know the code for a macro to put borders around any cell with data in it? this needs to be the border which cover's the edge of every cell.

There are three sheets i need this for each sheet has data from column a to column N.

If you require anymore info please do ask.



A:Solved: Border Macro

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In WMP11 the default color border around Album Art is light blue. How can I change it to the color I want?

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Hi there
I have recently discovered a tool within Borders & Shading / Page Border ... it is called Art
Question ... can you (find) import other images to this feature?

many thanks

A:Word2000 - Page Border - Art

Hi md. What version of Office do you have?


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Is it possible to completely remove windows border on windows 7.
I need full screen for internet search,I've tried almost all the methods but no use.Thanks in advance.
Best Regards

A:remove windows border

Quote: Originally Posted by senna99

Is it possible to completely remove windows border on windows 7.
I need full screen for internet search,I've tried almost all the methods but no use.Thanks in advance.
Best Regards

If you press F11 with the internet browser window open and active, what happens?

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I am trying to put some page border art around a Word doc (e.g cakes, stars, trees etc) but it is not appearing. It does appear in Print Preview however. How can I get it to appear in the Word doc itself ?

A:Page Border Art not appearing

VIEW _ Print Layout

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The border around my apps is pink. Is there a way I can change the color?

A:Pink border around apps

Hello Frank,

That sounds like the color you have set for the "accent" color. Check using Option One in the tutorial below to change your accent color may help.

Start Screen - Change Background Color and Image

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When playing a game like far cry 2 or splintercell conviction fullscreen or windowed there is a black border on the top and bottom of the window. after reinstalling far cry 2 the problem was fixed but I dont want to do this with every game.

I recently installed the new nvidia driver but dont remeber having any problems untill i installed rivatuner. After uninstalling rivatuner the problem was not fixed.

Any help is appreciated

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Hope I am in the right area...

I have the app The Weather Channel. I would like to watch 3 different cities near me for the weather. I have the app setup with all three but all I can see is one city at a time.

Is there a way to create 3 live tiles of the same weather App and each tile have the weather for a different city?


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I run windows 7 premium 64 and all of the sudden I stated to get this popup after windows loads that says
"C:\User\Lori-Bee\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost"
How can I fix this?...I tried check disk running CCleaner ....No difference

A:C:\User\User -User\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost

Hi there ... Read the Link below and follow the Instructions ..
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Error 182418Log.iniis lost

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I am using FP 2003 and converted the 6 areas, I have on the website I manage, to use Dynamic Web Templates. This has all worked well and I have been editing the site quite successfully for well over a year now.
My BIG problem now is that I retained Shared Borders from pre FP 2003 days to maintain a "standard" header containing navigation buttons etc. I now want to be able to change these navigation buttons on a monthly basis. Although I can incorporate the "standard" header into the six DWT files I want some standard method of being able to change the header in one place and NOT have to change it in all six DWT's my web site now uses as the changes will be complex at times.
Any ideas will be gratefully received.

A:Frontpage Shared Border mess

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So when i move an Application on the Desktop, the Border is Greyed out and doesnt Move the Picture. How can i fix it? If you dont see what i mean, i uploaded a picture.

A:Windows 8 Grey Movement Border

That's pretty easy:

System settings,

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I can see nice transparency (with border and body) when I open "Add gadgets windows". Why not all other window like "my computer"? is it possible to add bluer transparent to 'my computer' like gadgets window?

A:how to have Full window transparent, not just border?

I was going to wait for some of our experts to reply, but until they do, I am aware of 2 ways to achieve full glass:

full glass by ~phantommenace2020 on deviantART


Black Glass Enhanced v0.5 by ~curiouso9 on deviantART

For dark background applications. Credit to Phantommenace2020 and Curiouso9.

A Guy

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After a crash of IE8 I restarted and now the top of border of IE8 is dark black and tells you precisely where you are. For example, right now above the address box it reads "Vista Forums - Post New Thread - Windows Internet Explorer - [InPrivate]." I can post a pic if needed.

If memory serves the top border used to be graphite (my color preference) without any site information.

I restarted IE8 and also shutdown and restarted Windows which didn't solve it. What happened and how can I fix this?


A:IE8 Black Top Border & Site Info

It sounds like you are showing tabs in a separate row (that is how its for my IE9, anyway). Put your cursor on a blank space on the bar (try next to the tab and the address bar) right click and untick, show tabs on separate row. If that does not work, send us a screen shot.

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if you can help me with the issues I'm having with Windows 10.

I recently did a reinstallation and since doing so, I'm unable to rectify 2 issues I'm having.

The first is my system tray icons and sub menus for task bar icons having a 1px border like the following screenshot:-

The second, if I right click my taskbar icons, I want to make the colour match the rest of the colour scheme, not be black, like the following screenshot:-

Can anyone help with how to resolve these issues?

Thanks all. :-)

A:Sub Menu Border and Colour Customisation

Hi supersonicsjm, welcome to!

The translucent borders look like the effects of AeroLite, you'd have to go back to the default Windows 'borderless' theme.

The only way to add matching colors to those elements would be to run a High Contrast Theme.

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I suddenly had a problem.
I rebooted, and then there was a black border on the right side of my screen, even in the bios and on my Ubuntu boot. The resolution that is apparently the max is 1200x800, where as my original resolution was 1366x768.
I tried to update the monitor driver, but it's apparently up to date, calling it a
"Digital Flat Panel (1024x768 60Hz)".
Updating the graphics card driver for my Mobile Intel Chipset didn't help either.

If anyone could help with this, I'd be extremely grateful.

A:Black Border on Right Side of Screen

Have you tried the monitor on a different computer?

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My computer has always had the annoying habit of having a grey border around all links I click in Firefox and IE (not Chrome). It also does this when simply browsing the computer (see here: )

And this is how it appears in Firefox: - It might be unclear but the grey border is around "K?nigsberg" in the middle of the picture.
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this? Thanks =)

I almost forgot, here are my specs:

A:Annoying grey border around links

Quote: Originally Posted by silenzer


My computer has always had the annoying habit of having a grey border around all links I click in Firefox and IE (not Chrome). It also does this when simply browsing the computer

No big promises but...

If you open your Folder Options dialog in the center of the General tab, you will see a selection for single and double click... if you enable single click you can set it to only accent links when you point at them. I don't know about Firefox but in IE if you open your Internet Options in the Advanced tab about half way down there is a selection for highlighting links only when you hover on them...

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I have arranged my desktop with an icon "dock" at the bottom of the screen, showing large icons with the text removed. However, 2out of 10 icons are showing a border. This only shows when the icons are displayed as large or custom size. Is there any way to get rid of this annoying border? I'm almost certain it's not a registry or icon property as it only affects 2 icons. Possibly could it be something to do with the particular .ico files?

Anyways, due to the way I like my desktop to look I need at least custom sized icons, and this border is really irritating...I need rid of it.

Please any help appreciated.


PS. Running Vista HP SP2

A:Some desktop icons show a do I get rid of it?

I am having the same problem. In fact icons that once displed fine (like my wow icon) now are smaller and have a border around it now. I think there is a way to rebuild the icon cache or something like that but not sure how right off hand and not even sure if it would solve the problem.

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When I try to do a page border with Word XP it shows on the screen but not in page view or when printing????

A:Word Page Border problem

Hi, Rich. An article that may help you:

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i have a problem my computer`s graphic card is intel and has samtron monitor

i have a black border around desktop all over the scereen

can i get help ?? please

i am waiting i had alot of time with this and

i tried change the windows still present ??

A:i have a black border around desktop all over the scereen

Do you have the resolution set to the native resolution of the monitor ? Can you give us the exact make and model of the monitor.

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I am running Windows 98 with an S3 Trio 64 adapter card on a Nanao 17" monitor. There is about an inch black border around the windows screen. I can't utilize the full screen. I adjusted the settings on the monitor but when I reboot it just sets it back again. I've tried to change display settings in the property menu but that doesn't work either. If I change the pixels to say 800x600 it shrinks the whole screen too not just the font size. Can you help???

A:black border around windows screen

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I have this very thin black border at the top of my LED display, it's there with both HDMI and VGA so its not some scaling issue.The border is very thin and not at the top most, I can see the image like less than 1mm above the border too.Didn't had this issue on Windows 7, tried everything from re-installing drivers and mess with ATI settings but no avail.I don't have this black border in the bios either.
Tried taking a screenshot but it wasn't showing there, sorry.

Could it be a sudden issue with my display ? I just got it a few months back, its a Fujitsu 23" LED display and running at 1920x1080 resolution.My GPU is a 7850.

Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: I also checked on my laptop, there is a very very thin border at the top there too across which I could see the top edge of my cursor.

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In my website i create a link to one image. I want when the image opens on a html page then the white or custom image will create as a border for my previous image. There are lots of images and everyone of different size.(one way is to create a border in photoshop for every image but that's a very tiresome process) I am using dreamweaver please tell me the script of doing this. If there is any tutorial then please give the direct link.

A:Create custom image as Border

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I have a spreadsheet that is generated from another program. I do not know how many rows there will be. What I would like to do is have a macro that will put borders around all cells in a given row if there is content in that row. Particularly, if there is content in say C4, then border A4 through F4. If content in C5, then border A5 through F5 and so on. I do know that there will be no more than 35 rows of data, but I want to start at row 4 with this marcro.

Make sense? Can you help!


A:How to border row of cells based on content?

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