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Windows Explorer Set Defaults For Columns?

Q: Windows Explorer Set Defaults For Columns?

In Windows Explorer in Windows 7 I like to use the Details view. I have set of columns/headings that I prefer to use. The problem is I would like to set these columns up and have them be the default for every folder I open. As it is now every folder I open I have to customize the columns again. They stay for that folder but every new folder requires me to customize. Is there a default option so that I can set what I want and have it apply to every folder?

I just installed Windows 7 a few days ago. Prior to this I had XP on the machine that 7 is now on. I did not use Explorer in XP I used a different file manager. I did this mainly for the split view. Now that 7 as the snap feature getting two panes is easy with Explorer so I am going to give it a try for a while. Thanks.

A: Windows Explorer Set Defaults For Columns?

Hello Anomaly, and welcome to Seven Forums.

After you have the folder views and columns set how you like them for that folder, you could do either one of the tutorials below to set it for other folders.

For all folders:
Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

For all folders only with the same folder template as the original

Folder View - Apply to Folders

Hope this helps,

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I want to include "length" in the Windows Explorer file folders for Music since I need this to select the correct length of music for video editing/post production. I added "length" from the menu, but on returning later it was gone and what appears to be the default setting was back. I had also removed a column at the same time, but it returned when I revisited. The question? I need to know where to change the default settings for the columns and how to ensure that changes I make from the menu remain saved. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit as my OS if that helps. I'm new to the Forum so I hope I have submitted this correctly.

A:Windows Explorer - Folder Columns Defaults

Maybe this helps: Dealing With Windows Vista Explorer Screwing Up Auto-Detection of Folder Types :: the How-To Geek

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Is it possible to make the columns I choose to view stay put in Windows 7 Windows Explorer? I've tried turning the library view off. I still get a narrow view in the right pane showing the libraries and a huge preview pane. I want to expand the first column to show my selections, e.g. file type, date, etc., then stay put. I drag the little line out each time expanding my file view/details pane, but each time it pops back to the narrow library view. Thanks in advance.

A:Columns in Windows Explorer

Hello Sophor,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Could you post a snip or two to show me what it is you mean. Info here on posting snips and how to use snipping tool if needed. A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots


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In Windows Explorer under XP, all file types had the same basic set of columns... File name/date modified/file type/size. This is mostly true with Windows 7, but I notice that with certain file types such as mp3s, wavs and jpegs, Microsoft have tried to be clever and choose columns more appropriate to the file type. So mp3s now default to name/#/title/contributing artist/album.

My question is: are these defaults user accessible?

I'm a photographer and I have about 100 folders containing jpegs. I'd like to change the columns currently shown, but I don't want to have to change 100 folders individually.....


A:Windows Explorer columns

Hi Astronautilus and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes you can do this. Below is ashort tutorial on how to change it for the documents folder template. You can do the same for any other folder type.

The folder before change.

With a new column added

Open the Folder and Search options.

On the view tab press the Apply to folders button.

Showing another folder of the same type.

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Windows Explorer opens with My Computer collapsed. Is there any way I can get it to open with My Computer expanded to display all drives and their folders 1 level deep?


A:Change Windows Explorer Defaults?

Right click your windows explorer shortcut, click Properties, Shortcut tab, and in the Target: window, copy this:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,

This will open with My Computer opened to all drives. I don't know about the next level. If the next level were opened, you would have to scroll to see them all.

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Is it possible to have Windows Explorer always display the same columns that I specify instead of changing them based on the contents of the folder?

A:Columns displayed in Windows Explorer

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Folder header Context menu Modification
I want to know how to modify and add to the default column details context menu in vista.
Open a folder.
Right click on the column headers and you get a context menu.
This menu contains: 'type, size, authors, tags and date modified.

1. What is the correct name of this context menu ?
2. Where do I find it in the registry ?
3. How do I modify it to include "Date Created" ?

I know all about how to set default columns. That is NOT what I want to do.

A:Add custom columns in Windows Explorer

Hello Mrgcav,

Not sure if this is what you are wanting, but doing step 2 in OPTION ONE of the tutorial below can help show you how to select the Date Created column to add it.

Column - Customize

Hope this helps,

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it's this things that are always my problems regarding with computers... i'm not really good in viruses, trojan or malwares... i thought at first it was rvhost... but i haven't seen the trace of rvhost on my registry... so it must be another.... i have no idea...

well, it didn't create any restrictions on my registry editor, folder options and task manager... all it does was:

1. put restriction involving my showall/checkedvalue registry... leaving me unable to modify the show/hide hidden files... whenever i hit show and apply the changes... it always turns back hiding...

2. this warning always flashes whenever i inserted new storage device (external drives, flashdrives, sd cards, or cd)...
Reformat.exe - No Disk
There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into \Device\Harddisk1\DR3
Cancel Try Again Continue

3. can't safely remove anything inserted on my usb port saying:
Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device
The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.

4. Unusual behavior of folders,
4.1. hides the original folders (folders a) in a universal folder that's hidden, usually named with just _ (an underscore).
4.2. creating shortcut folders (folders B) that still leads to the original target folder (folder a)... which is still good... but on the bad side, if you d... Read more

A:I think it's ravmon.exe, pls help restore my windows explorer defaults...

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==. If you are unable to complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Orange Blossom

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Very simple question that has been bugging me for ages.

When opening any explorer window in W7 I want a set default column layout.

EG : File name/Date Created/Date Modified/Type/Size

The problem I have is using my system for music production I have a large library of WAV files that I sort through, organise and label. The issue I have is any explorer window will deafults to my EG above, however, as soon as a folder is opened with WAV's or MP3's the default columns change to

Name/#/Title/Contributing Artist/Album/Type

I understand why this is so but I don't have hoards of MP3s and dont need this default.

Where can I change the settings in W7 so regardless of what folder I open and regardless the content the columns I select are only displayed everytime

File name/Date Created/Date Modified/Type/Size

Many thanks

A:Windows Explorer File layout and defaults.

Windows Explorer Set Defaults For Columns?

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Hello all, I hope you had a great xmas/family time

I had been having plenty of "not responding" apps and windows, so I did some registry clean thing online.

Im not sure that caused the second problem, but its really weird and Ive never seen it before, in "details view", there is only an icon for each file/folder, but no name, no columns of any kind, just blank. If I RH mouse click where the column name would be, I see a blank where there would be a list of columns to add or remove. Then when I choose "More..." there is NOTHING in the list of potential other columns!

The weirdest part, this only happens sometimes / to certain folders, I am not sure which and I will keep a diary now... but I would love to sort it out but dont know where to start.

Thanks guys,

A:Windows Explorer - the mystery of missing columns!

Hello Fred,

Try restoring from a Restore Point. System Restore


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This happened for many years until a few days ago:
In Windows Explorer (in Windows 7), when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen: Name, Date modified, Size, Type; and the scroll bar is on the far right side of the screen. All is good.

Now when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, the same four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen, but the scroll bar on the right side of the screen has shifted far to the left so that only some of the characters of the Name field are displayed; the rest of the name and the other three columns are hidden. I can move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen (where it used to be), but the next time I open Windows Explorer, the scroll bar has shifted to the left side of the screen again, covering up columns' displays, so I have to manually move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen again.

How do I get the scroll bar to stay on the far right side of the screen like it used to?
And why did it change? Did I do something inadvertently?

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This happened for many years until a few days ago:
In Windows Explorer (in Windows 7), when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen: Name, Date modified, Size, Type; and the scroll bar is on the far right side of the screen. All is good.

Now when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, the same four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen, but the scroll bar on the right side of the screen has shifted far to the left so that only some of the characters of the Name field are displayed; the rest of the name and the other three columns are hidden. I can move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen (where it used to be), but the next time I open Windows Explorer, the scroll bar has shifted to the left side of the screen again, covering up columns' displays, so I have to manually move the scroll bar to the far right side of the screen again.

How do I get the scroll bar to stay on the far right side of the screen like it used to?
And why did it change? Did I do something inadvertently?

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In Windows Explorer, Detail View, is there a way to remove/disable the additional columns? (ie: Track, Artist, length, etc) I'm a simple person, and only want the main columns displayed, (Size, Type, Date) and Windows 7 seems to ignore me when i change the views. Even the "Reset All", and "Apply to All" seem to be ignored after a day later.

In XP your could remove them from RegEdit under HKCR\SystemFileAssociations and deleting the "Audio", "Video", and "Images" keys, and Explorer would 'forget' how to handle them, and details view would remain the same, but Win7 doesn't seem to respond to this either.



A:Windows 7 Explorer - Remove/Disable Details Columns

Hello Mikey,

You could use the General Items folder template and apply to all folders as in the tutorial below to set that folder view to all folders on the computer no matter what their folder template is.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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At times, Windows decides I should have image attribute columns in certain folders (size, date taken, etc). I can turn them off by going to a folder without them and clicking on the button that applies settings to all folders. But is there a way to stop them from coming back?

A:Windows Explorer shows image attribute columns...

Right click > view > select the view you want. Then click tools > folder options > view tab > put a check in Remember each folder's view settings and click ok.

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ANYONE that recognizes these symptons please help me IDENTIFY this issue!

I plugged a friends Seagate Expansion drive (SRD00F1) into my machine's usb port, Windows Vista started to load the drivers and then says success. I went to My Computer and the machine can't see the drive. After this I started to see the following occurring:

1) Explorer shows no filenames or folder names. If I click on the file to rename, the name is there, but when I close that, the name disappears.
2) All the normal column names in Explorer details view are gone, "Author" is the only one showing. All of the common ones are unavailable when I try to choose details by right clicking the column header, Filename, Size, Date Created/Accessed/Modified etc...
3) Many windows won't open, specifically Control Panel windows like "Backup and Restore Center", System, regedit.exe.
4) The "Start Search" feature of the Start Bar returns nothing. I found out later, No searches work.
5) In My computer the sizes of the drives and free space are in bytes, not KB or MB.
I've done a complete Virus scanning ticket with Broni:
I've tried running SFC many times, SFC says errors fixed, but the CBS.log is repeating the same errors every time.
Any assistance on identifying this issue would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Vista Explorer no filenames, no detail columns, no search

I suggest you should do a system restore from just before you plugged that USB drive in.

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in windows explorer, if we change view type to detail view, we can see file properties in columns, e.g. type, size, etc. etc. We can right click on any column heading and click more to add more columns.
I want to show more file properties which are not standard but custom file properties, which we can view after right click go to properties and in custom tab.
I have searched so much about this, but could not find any solution.

A:how to add/show Custom Columns in Windows explorer's Detail view

what properties do you want to add to the details columns?

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Is there a way to set the default when opening explorer or in other windows programs to a user defined folder?

A:Setting defaults in Explorer

Yes, you just need to modify the target property.

Right click on the Windows Explorer icon in the taskbar, then right click on "Windows Explorer" in the jump list, then click on "Properties". Click on the "Shortcut" tab, then modify the "Target" field value to the following:

%windir%\explorer.exe /n, /e, <New Path>

where the <New Path> parameter represents the path to the folder that you want Windows Explorer to open by default. Note the spaces and the commas. The following is an example:

%windir%\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\Billdocs\

where C:\Billdocs\ is the folder you wish to open by default.

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I know how to set columns in the right pane of the Eplorer , but I cannot make them permanent and extend them to all of the subfolders.
Is there a way to make om setup the default ?

A:Explorer columns

You could try getting the columns the way you want them, select ORGANIZE and then FOLDER and SEARCH OPTIONS and use the top box under the VIEW tab.

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if there are people out there who have never seen this way of exploring folders on macs, its amazing. is there anyway to do this on windows?

A:using columns in explorer like with macs

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when I open explorer the vertical bar between file name area and preview pane sits partly over file name, I drag it to right, revealing also then size amd date columns , only to find when i next open explorer its back there again.

In win XP it would stay where I left it.


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Can we modify or add a custom columns on Explorer?

i just installed dBpoweramp and i can see a complete metadata info about the audio files via popup info & Audio Properties tab (created by dBpoweramp), i consider some of them are advanced info like encoder settings, accuraterip results, CD catalog, etc. can we add a custom columns on Explorer for these info?

and tried to add an extra columns like 'compression ratio', 'encoded by' & 'bit depth' on Explorer but it shows nothing. I can see via dBpoweramp for some audio files, but not on Explorer, it just blank. can i fix this?
Thanks in advance

A:Can we modify or add a custom columns on Explorer?

Apa kabar clifflip! When I had a WinXP I used Auirionix to do that, however, I am not sure whether program is still updated/exists.

Under Win7 just right-click on the Name pane (when in Details view) and click More you can then select from 200+ fields of information to be shown:

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Hi all,

I find it irritating to have to set the column width (name, date etc.) wider for every folder I open.
I am always using the Explorer full screen.
Can this be achieved globally?


A:How to set columns to a fixed width in Explorer

Windows Explorer Columns - Change Width - Windows 7 Help Forums

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My Desktop looks like Explorer with details such as Name, Size, Item Type and Date Modified, split into columns and am unable to remove this.

I have never seen this before on any screen before with any versions of windows.

If anyone knows how this occurred and how to remove I would be grateful as this is absolute crap on my desktop.

Thanks in advance all

A:Desktop appearance of that of Explorer with columns

What add-on's are you running for extra software. Could it be related to those Gidgets you have on the desktop?

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Hello, does anyone know if it's possible to have the file explorer columns visible with large icons/extra large icons? Like in Windows 7>


A:Is there a way to get explorer columns with large icons?

hello and welcome to eight forums .I cant see the top of you explorer window ,but it should look like mine ,and in view you choose icon size ,im using win8.1 enterprise ,but its there in win8.1 core and pro editions .

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I am getting dodgy porn on one my PC's. everytime you click on Inter net Explorer the default home page sets itself to a dodgy porn site.

We ran Hijak This the log file is below:-

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 13:08:43, on 15/03/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\Avsynmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\OpenManage\Client\Iap.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\VsStat.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\Vshwin32.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Network Associates\McShield\Mcshield.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\Avconsol.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\Webscanx.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\stinger.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\hf4install.exe
C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS... Read more

A:Dodgy Internet Explorer home page defaults

This one here looks like the culprit.

Run HJT again & select to fix that entry.

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As an example, The Itunes directory is in My Music. My Music is in a Music library, so the file details in explorer include album, #, etc. Within Itunes is the Apps directory and other data where "album name" doesn't make sense. I want it to display as a non-music directory. There doesn't seem to be any way to set the default columns displayed in a directory within a Music Library without changing how all the directories are displayed. Nor does there seem to be a way to remove a Music Library sub-directory from being considered as a Music Library member.

A:Can I set explorer columns for data directory within music library

Hello EasilyConfused, and welcome to Seven Forums.

From within the Music library, you can change, add, and remove any columns you like.Windows Explorer Columns - Add or Remove
The tutorial below can help show you how to remove folders that you no longer want to be included in the say Music library.Library - Remove a Included Folder
Hope this helps,

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I'm on Win 7 Ultimate x64.

I just upgraded to a 4K monitor, and I've read on some issues related high DPI displays, and this might be one of them. I've set the default magnification to 150% in my Windows 7 display settings. And for the most part things look ok. But I noticed some strange behavior within file explorer.

Here's an image for reference
You can see all that unnecessary extra space in the "Size" and "Date Modified" column. So naturally I try to drag the column width to make it smaller. But it wouldn't cooperate! If I try to make the Size column smaller, Explore jerks around and suddenly makes either the "Name" or "Date Modified" column bigger. Same if I try make one of the other columns smaller.

I've tried the Right click options on the columns: "Size Column to fit" and "Size all columns to fit". No good. It would still give me a bunch of unnecessary space in all columns.

This issue didn't happen on my old 1080p monitor. I can resize columns as I wished and they would behave.

Anyone have any idea what's happening and how to solve this?

A:File Explorer: Bad hehavior when trying to resize columns (4K monitor)

Have you tried specifying an exact size for columns?
Right click on the column header
Choose "More..." from the context menu
Click on the header you wish to set
Type the desired value in the box at the bottom

If that works, set your Folder Template so Windows will remember the settings.

Folder Template - Change

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Ok I am trying to print a spreadsheet format list. I have about 30000
title-artist entries in 2 columns. I am basically trying to print pages 1 & 2, 3-4, 5-6 and so on the same page without shrinking them way down. I want it to be just like I printed 2 columns but with 4 instead. I want to use the left side of the page for page 1 and the left side for page 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Printing 4 Columns from 2 columns in excel

Welcome to the board. ?

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Greetings. Under what conditions would one want to load either 1) Bios Setup
Defaults and/or 2) Bios Defaults???? Also, does loading the bios defaults
remove the flash update and take bios back to original settings??

Curious for good reason,

A:Bios Defaults/Setup Defaults

You would want to load setup defaults if you screwed up the settings in the bios.

No, it does not undo a flash.

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I started out with the two previous posts about macros (post 1, post 2) that move rows into columns, but I'm having a little trouble getting it to work for what I need. First, I'm trying to do a data merge into Word, but in order to get the data merge to work/look the way I want it to, I need the XLS data to be in columns.

I'm attaching an example file that has one worksheet of the sample data (though my "real" data has about 300 rows) and the other worksheet is an example of the outcome I need.

Is there anyway I can do what I need? Exporting into another file or another worksheet within this file would be fine.

Thanks in advance.

A:XLS Macro to move data to columns, delete empty rows, delete duplicate columns

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I have been working on a project for a few weeks and I could really use some help. I'm attaching a dummy file (example1) that is an example of how my XLS comes to me each month.

I need a macro that leaves me with the second file (example2). If the macro could just grab the Student name, then put the following info for each student all on 1 row, that would be perfect:

Child's Name | Date In | Time In | Rounded | Time Out | Rounded

Sometimes for some reason there is a student with a (Cont) after their name. I need that row deleted and just pull the times up onto the same row as other times. The example2 file might make sense.

Here are the steps I am doing manually that I hope a macro could do for me!
Un-merge cells: B10
Un-merge any cells with a child's name such as Doe, Jane
Delete any row with a childs name that has (Cont) after it such as Doe, Jane (Cont)
Delete rows: 1-9
Delete columns: A, C, F, H, I, J, M, N, O, and P
Manually move all info up to one row per student
Delete all empty rows below
See example2 as the completed file but I only moved a few of the rows per student for the sake of time.

Is there any way to do all of this with a macro?

A:Solved: XLS Macro to delete specific rows/columns and move columns to rows.

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I hope you can help me out again. you were great last time I had a problem. I have a Samsung with windows 7 and office 2010. intel core I3-2350m with a 64 bit operating system.  the problem started on boot up getting a popup
RunDLL  -- there was a problem starting   vpyvsoxeychngrynax.gfg the specified module could not be found. I ran  antivirus and malware but I still cannot get rid of it. more importantly I cannot set any defaults. in regedit it says - value not set. Any help would be appreciated

A:cannot set windows 7 defaults

What "defaults" are you referring to?
What registry keys are you attempting to manipulate?
There is no record of such file, using Google.
Moving topic to Am I Infected forum.

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I was wondering if there is a place where I can find a list of default services and processes that run for my particular pc. Basically I want to turn off all 'non-default' programs so I can start to isolate the problems that I have been posting about in recent threads.

My pc is: HP Pavilion p6226f-b bundle running Windows 7 SP1

I believe it is possible to find what hardware is installed. I haven't added anything to it.

The problem I am having, games that used to run fine now lagg intermittently. When they are not lagging they run, sound, and look great. It doesn't matter if the settings are set to performance or quality.

The next step is to upgrade my video card. I don't believe this to be the problem so I don't forsee this fixing anything.
I don't have a recovery/install disk.
All drivers are up to date.

A:Windows 7 defaults ?


Here is an execelent site regarding the matter- Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations | Black Viper |

Its a chart towards the bottom.

Also, what are your system specs?



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I have data that repeats hundreds of times. I am trying to put each string of data on 1 line.

f-name(A2) initial(B2) l-name(C2) ID#(D2) DOB(E2) Street(F2) company(G2)
City(F3) company#(G3)
Home Phone(F5)
Work Phone(F6)

After the data is moved to one line I would like to delete the lines that previously housed the information. The company# can be deleted. I have never worked with macros. I would appreciate any help given.

A:Solved: move data from rows and columns to other rows and columns


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Just wondering how i could get my windows 7 back to what it was when i first installed it.

P.s - The system restore isnt working

I also dont have my install disk :/

Computer Specs

Apple Macbook Black (BootCamp)

4GB Ram

2.2 Ghz Intel Dual Core Processor

160GB Hard drive

A:Reset windows 7 to its defaults?

Quote: Originally Posted by mitchellmoxo


Just wondering how i could get my windows 7 back to what it was when i first installed it.

P.s - The system restore isnt working

A clean re-install with format. just remember you have to re-install all the apps. best to do a back up just in case


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is there anyway to reset all the default settings of Windows Media Player??

I'm having problems streaming .asx files and im not sure what else to do.......

A:Windows Media Defaults

That's a good question. I looked through WMP Options, but didn't find a way.

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I'm sure there is probably an easy solution for this but I have no idea what it is. When I press my backspace key on my keyboard my outlook express automatically comes up. I need my backspace key to work as it should. Any ideas?

A:Windows XP Keyboard Defaults


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Heres the situation, i have a 3 computer network in my apartment. on the computer where my mp3 collection is stored when i open the folder locally it has the column 'artist' and i can sort by the artist name. but when i browse to the computer or copy the folder to another computer i cant get the artists to show up even after i add the 'artist' column (right clicking and adding it) and refreshing the page. See attached screen shot. am i missing something?

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When I double click "My Computer" it opens up giving me the list of my disk drives, My Documents, etc. as it should. If I then double click "MY Documents" it will (correctly) OPEN that folder and display the various subfolders. However, if I double click on a disk drive, such as the C drive, DVD drive, etc., instead of opening the drive to display its contents, it opens a "Search" window, just the same as if I went from "Start" to "Search". If I open the disk drive using "Open" or "Explore" it will correctly show the contents. How do I get the double click to "Open" rather than "Search" a disk drive? Thank you. Bruce

A:Win Explorer defaults to "Search"

Instead of a folder opening in Windows Explorer when it is double-clicked, the Windows Search dialog opens--ALL folders are this way.

How do I set the default action on folders to open the folder instead of running Windows Search?

Sometimes after adding the right click with the Explorer, the default setting for opening a folder is changed.
To correct this:

Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell
Edit the default value to be explorer or none

If you've never been into the registry go with the download below

save it to your desktop then right click and select merge

You can download a reg file to do this automatically at:

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My mom has a Dell Dimension 4550 and we just got it fixed but it says there is no audio device and wont play any sound at all so i was gonna restore the optimized defaults in bios so i hit f2 and tried but i cant figure out how to do it.. does anyone know? oh an i tried hitting delete repeatedly like some other guy said to do and nothing happened...

A:How to reset defaults for Windows XP in BIOS?

Does the system have onboard sound or a standalone (seperate) Soundblaster audio card ?
It sounds like (no pun intended) that whoever "fixed" the system didn't reinstall the audio driver. You should be able to download the appropriate driver here
Audio drivers aren't at BIOS level, they operate within the operating system enviroment, so it's a fairly simple operation to download the driver, then run to install.
I'm assuming that XP's "Device Manager" ( Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager) is showing a yellow triangle/exclamation mark notification alongside the sound device.If correct, that would indicate that no driver (or a corrupt non-working driver) is present.

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If you click 'Restore defaults' on Windows Firewall, these apps below will be gone from Windows Firewall and can't be back again.
Mail, Calendar, People. and Messaging
Reader - Pr
Windows 8 tells again and again that there are updates for these apps but none of it is able to be updated. The progress bar of the download doesn't move indefinitely. I think because of the firewall. I have tried wsreset.exe but it doesn't help.
How can I restore those apps to Windows Firewall?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

A:A bug in 'Restore defaults' in Windows Firewall?

I tried to update a Weather app in Metro screen without a Weather app in the firewall list, but it wasn't able to download the update. The progress bar of the download didn't move indefinitely, so I forced to stop the download.

But the Weather icon was gone. See pictures below. How can I get the Weather icon back? And how can I restore all of the above apps to Windows Firewall? Thanks

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I switched over to Windows 8.1 when I got my new custom built computer a couple weeks ago. Since then Windows keeps changing my time zone making the clock off. Also it keeps changing my default programs. Any ideas how to resolve this annoying issue?

A:Windows 8.1 Keeps changing My Defaults and Clock

The first thing which immediately comes to mind is to replace the CMOS battery.
Yep... I know it's a new build, but you have no way of knowing how long that battery has been sitting around before being installed in that motherboard.  It's an inexpensive solution, so if this isn't the problem you will have less than $5.00 US invested.

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Has anyone noticed while using the Windows Scan and Print Wizard that the default scanning size on a WinXP machine is set to Legal size paper? We do a lot of scanning at some of our offices with electronic health records and the like, and having to change the scanning size every time we scan a document can really add up. We opted to write instructions for these offices to use the Windows scan feature just because it will work on any workstation, and not require the proprietary scanner software to be installed.

Does anyone know how to change the default scanning size in Windows?

A:Windows Scanner Wizard Defaults

NO ... Mine defaults to standard size .. probably because I have a standard size scanner.
Are these scanners Legal size or Standard size ??

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does anyone know how to change the setting when i click on a video so that the pop up allows me to open it with windows media player? i accidentally changed it to 'save to disk' and now i can't figure out how to change it back. the pop up window doesn't come up anymore, instead it just downloads the item in the download window and ends up filling up my desktop.

A:windows media player defaults

Hi tweety1292189 and welcome to TSF !

Does this happen on the internet on when clicking files on your hard drive ?

In the first case what internet browser do you use ? If it's firefox you can go to tools => options => content => manage under files types (more info).

In the latter case go to windows explorer or my computer => tools => folder options => file types and change the default behavior for the corresponding video extension.

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After a week to 10 days traveling with my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop running win 7 home premium 64-bit, and having big issues with a failing battery, which led to to multiple restarts, system scans, and system recoveries, my display is now all funky. It looks like a cross between Safe mode and what I am used to seeing. very boxy menus and buttons appear on the desktop, start menu and taskbar. Windows explore looks altered and many applications and browser displays are wrong. I tried a system restore from a restore point before my trip; it succeeded but didn't fix the display issues. I have fiddled with the resolution, default font, and clear text settings all to no avail.

The best example of the change is the desktop gadgets and taskbar. See attached screenshot. Colors are missing in some gadgets (calendar). Notification icons are like line drawings with no color. There are several other odd changes as well. It is almost as if a new theme has been installed that is causing menus, taskbar buttons, etc to behave differently.

Suggestions on how to restore the default behavior?
Additional information: Thunderbird themes do not stick. I have the Silvermel theme installed, among others, and Thunderbird appears as in the attached image no matter what theme I enable.

A:How do I restore windows 7 display defaults

Hi type in start "Troubleshooting" Then select "appearance and Personalization" Next click aero, like in the picture. Follow along with the troubleshooter. May do a few funky things with the display.
*Provide feedback with how it goes, if the problem is not solved then we will try to update the graphic drivers*

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Everytime i start windows, it defaults to safe mode. If i go to msconfig and unclick the /SAFEBOOT under BOOT.INI tab, it switches to the Selective Startup and displays the message on a change in configuration everytime i turn on the computer. anyone know how to change this?

A:Windows defaults to safe mode

Just put a check in the "Don't bother me" box when you get that warning

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is there a way to set up default programs in windows 2000?

A:Setting defaults in Windows 2000

Please better explain what you want to do

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heLLo guys, I got a problem w/ my neo laptop (Windows XP Pro), 'When I turn on the laptop, it boot but won't start windows,
i guess it needs to format/restore factory defaults but I dont know how to. And because I dont have its recovery cd, its missing, please help me how to fix it. thanks!

A:How to Restore Factory Defaults for Windows XP pro (Neo Laptop)?

How can it "boot" but not start Windows? If it doesn't boot Windows, what is it booting? What exactly does it do? Can you use Safe Mode?

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Hi all,

I have numerous problems with Windows 10, but two of the sillier ones are as follows:-

1. I have told Windows on numerous occasions to open links using Firefox and to remember my choice; nevertheless the silly O/S stills asks me the same question - i.e. when opening a link fron my email client, etc.

2. I read ebooks in the program 'Calibre'. I used to be able to double-click an ebook and that would launch Calibre and add the book to its library. Now it doesn't; even if I select the default program and guide Windows to Programs/Calibre.exe, Windows won't recogise either Calibre or .epub/mobi etc. The only way to add to Calibre and read an ebook is to open Calibre click add books and navigate to the ebook file. That does the trick. If I were the designer of Windows and a free app knew/worked better than my O/S I'd be ashamed.

I have tried setting things via the set defaults program in Windows and that doesn't help.
Can anyone give advice on either of the above problems please.

Thanks in anticipation and hope.

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OK I'm not sure what happened but I'll try and explain. So last night I shut down my computer like normal and this morning I started up the computer like normal and it looked like everything was fine. The swirling windows logo showed up like it should but right after that it said windows is preparing to start a new session or something along those lines.

After logging in it seemed everything was set to default, all my programs and files were there but everything was reset. When I clicked on the start button you usually get a list of recently used programs above the list all programs button but there was nothing there. Also the task bar was empty as well. I did a restore and it seemed to fix the problem but I'm just wondering why it would do that just right out of the blue. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

A:Windows resetting startup settings to defaults

Hi Lusankya, did you sign in with a new or different User Account than previously?
That would give you the initial windows settings rather than any customizations you made which are often specific to an account.

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I am still having problems with PC freezing up at various times. I did receive help from NavyLCDR and AndreTen, but I am wondering if that the Windows 10 upgrade coming at the end of July will reset things and fix my problem or will it save all the incorrect settings?
My PC just freezes at odd times usually when I am on the Internet and on shutdown I get the notice: "Task Host window is stopping background tasks" The other thing I have recently noticed my modem is going crazy when this happens, as if it were trying to download a massive amount of data. Once I restart my PC it may work for hours or may only work for 15 minutes without a restart.
I understand the coming upgrade will have some features like Windows 8.1 which I really liked.
I am not that savvy when it comes to software function so I need a lot of help, although way back when I worked for companies that did work for IBM, RCA Sarnoff Labs, Bell Labs. I learned all about chip processing and hardware but nothing about the software.
What A Pity That !!
Anyway should I wait and see if the upgrade helps ?.............Logman

A:Will New Windows 10 upgrade reset all functions to defaults

Hi again!
You never posted back, if there were any problems after sfc /scannow...
that was just for start. You may have corrupted syastem or some malware too. Windows upgrade won't solve those.

Run latest Malwarebyte Antimalware, just be careful to run free option.

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It is driving me nuts that everytime I create a new folder that the Default layout has these columns showing up:

Name / Date Modified / Type / Size

Obviously this layout must be set SOMEWHERE.

I know that I can go to Organize / Folder and Search options / View / Apply to folders . . . but the problem is that once I have it set, and I add a new folder -- that New folder goes back to this (Name / Date Modified / Type / Size) layout.

How the heck do I stop it from doing that?

The ONLY THING I WANT is: Name / Size
.... for everything - that's it.

Can anyone help me with this?


A:Customizing the Windows Default Columns that Appear

Is there anyone out there that knows how to control this? I'd sure appreciate some help with it. Anyone?

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With windows xp i was able to use a program thast would, in windows explorer show me the size of the files as well as the folders entire size, however in windows 7 this program wont work, I was wondering if anyone knew of a suitable replacement.
I only ask as part of my day to day activities involves checking the disk usages, and when they get below a certain % of free space tracking down whats using the space, where and why and this tool was very useful!

thanks in advance


A:Windows 7 folder size columns

Treesize and WinDirStat

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I am trying to use the Windows System Image tool to create a backup image of my system drive in case something messes up so I wouldn't have to completely reinstall but I could just restore this backup, but there is a problem. When choosing what drives to include, Windows makes system drives mandatory. This would be understandable if it limits it to the C drive on my windows 7 system, but I have a dual boot system, so it has made my XP system drive mandatory too, and I only want to backup my W7 C drive. As you can see, I can't unclick it. How can I only backup the W7 C drive without the XP drive?

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I really need help with this and I apologize as I am a complete noob with networking. I searched the forum for others with this problem, but couldn't find anything quite like the issue I am having.

I have a linksys router (firmware is up to date) and three computers (two windows 7 64 bit, and an Apple mac) connected to the internet through this router.

I have the two Win 7 computers wired in physically to the router. The Mac is connected wirelessly.
When I got the first Win 7 computer, the wired connection was fine, then one day it went to the wireless connection for whatever reason. The connection was flaky at first which is why I noticed.
I fooled with it a bit and I don't remember how I did it, but managed to disable the wireless connection on the Win 7 machine and this forced the wired connection (I think). I was happy with that.

Then when we got rid of an old xp puter, and got another Win 7 I had the same problem, but couldn't connect it wired, only wirelessly, meaning I had it connected with the cable, but the computer insisted on the wireless connection and didn't "see" the physical connection. (Mind you, I didn't pursue the issue after that).

Today, I shut my computer down completely and turn it back on to discover it no longer has a connection. I fooled with the cables, etc shutting things down and back on, with zero results. I had to re enable the wireless adapter to get a connection to the internet again, and now here I... Read more

A:Windows 7 computer defaults to wireless connection, want wired.

Hiya and welcome to the forums

You could always try using a static IP address on both machines.

Firstly Open "control panel" click on "network and sharing center"

Click on "local area connection (1)" then follow the image clicking through to (5)
Once at 5 enter your IP address .... this will depend on what address your network is running on (I'm hoping that you know this already) I've given an example. If you router is set to eg then you will need to enter this into the "default gateway" and "preferred DNS (6)" (I've marked the last number with an "X" as this could differ) When you enter your IP address just change the last number to anything between say 10 - 20 eg.

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I am trying to use the Windows System Image tool to create a backup image of my system drive in case something messes up so I wouldn't have to completely reinstall but I could just restore this backup, but there is a problem. When choosing what drives to include, Windows makes system drives mandatory. This would be understandable if it limits it to the C drive on my windows 7 system, but I have a dual boot system, so it has made my XP system drive mandatory too, and I only want to backup my W7 C drive. As you can see, I can't unclick it. How can I only backup the W7 C drive without the XP drive?


A:The windows System Image backup defaults too many drives?

This might not happen if you remove the drive letter assignment from XP partition when in Win 7.

If Win 7 won't let you (which will happen if your Win7 boot files are on the XP partition), or maybe you want to access data on the XP partition from Win 7, then you either

(a) live with it
(b) use a different drive image product. There are many to choose from, some with a free version - although possibly more limited in capability.

My advice would be to ignore Acronis, btw - used to be market leader, has since fallen in a swamp and is liable to drown you. Check out this site where a lot of knowledgeable discussion about the whole subject goes on

On there, is a discussion that the built-in windows backup is a dud anyway - no future, no compression, no.......quite a long list

For a dual-boot system (I have the same myself), an excellent solution is BootItBM which includes bundled partition management and DOS drive imaging (I bought the speciall bundle, includes Image for Windows as well). With that you can have a multi-boot setup which installs automatically, hides the drives you don't want to see, and gives you all the drive imaging you might want also, with or without rebooting. It's consequently a little more complex than say Macrium or Paragon once you go beyond the automatic basics.

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I need to download windows 7 professional. I already have the Prod-key
This is why. I just purchased a lenovo t430s with win 7 already installed and upgraded to win 10 but my machine was acting funky so I tried to reset it back to factory default. It's been hanging at just before the win 10 welcome screen for a literal 24hrs.

any suggestions?

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I recently set up an account with my school's email system. When I try to log in, it lets me log in to the general area, and then when i try to access my inbox, i'm directed to sign into windows live. I hate windows live, I want it to die in a fire, I don't have an account with windows live, and so I can't access my school email. I have uninstalled everything windows live-related, and have double checked that I didn't tell my school email account to open in a pop server (since you need to be able to access the email account to set it up, i'm sure I haven't done that). I changed my defaults in firefox to open emails with gmail, but it still goes to windows live. Any ideas?

A:email account defaults to windows live sign in

Contacting your school IT section to access your mail would be the go, as they can only give you access if you are allowed to have access remotely, then they will set it up for you, IF you have permissions to do so.

If you are talking about a computer at the school that is assigned to you, then you still need to contact them, to sort this.

I agree with you about Windows Live Mail though but that is just my personal opinion.


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I have most of my programs on D drive.  I need to set their defaults for file types.  But Windows 7 seems to ignore anything set if its not on C drive.  Can I override this behaviour via the Registry or some better way?  I've tried
all the normal ways of doing this with dismal failure.  I have recently moved some programs around and Win7 doesn't like that either.  The thing is, it seems if I move it to C drive its fine with that.  I don't want to have to reinstall all
my programs if possible.  Otherwise I have to open the program first, then use the Open command to manually navigate to the file to open.  Not impossible but it just wastes time if you have to do it hundreds of times a day. 

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Hi, I have Windows 7 and I got the Security Shield virus on my computer. I followed the instructions on this site, Automated Removal Instructions for Security Shield 2012 using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. At step 18 of the instructions, I deleted the HOSTS file as described, however when I try to save the replacement from the list of links available in the place described I get to Window\System32\ then I don't have a folder named 'Drivers' with a capital to select, I only have a folder named 'drivers' in lower case, when I select that folder, I then don't have the 'etc' folder to choose. Not sure what I did wrong? How can I fix this?

Thank you

A:Can't save the HOST files to restore Windows defaults

Probably its hiddenPress WIndows+R key and type%windir%\system32\drivers\etcClick ok,see if that takes you to the folder

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Is there a way to change system settings back to the Windows defaults?

To be clear, I am not writing about user settings; I am wanting to change global settings for the Windows XP operating system back to defaults.

A:Change system settings back to Windows defaults?

which settings, time zone, us of a or what?

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The laptop came with Windows 10 Home. I bought the upgrade to Pro from the app store and got upgraded to pro.I then wanted to perform a clean install of Pro so I downloaded the Windows ISO using the media creation tool from Microsoft. Created the iso on a flash drive and booted from it to perform the install and everything seemed fine until I booted from the fresh install that ended up being Home instead of Pro.I noticed that during the setup I did not get an option to choose Pro or Home so I tested the bootable flash drive on another system and I did get the option to install Pro or Home so I know for a fact that the flash drive has the Pro installer on it.I also tried changing the security setting in the bios to setup mode, disabled secure boot and still got the same results.How do I install Pro on the Lenovo Flex 3?

A:Clean install of Windows 10 defaults to Home versi...

I believe that Microsoft has two different "branch" of the ISO. I remember downloading these, one for Home and one for Pro.

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I'm using Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 and most of the time (well, some of the time) it is reasonably stable. However, I've just added quite a number of new songs to my favourite listing and it just will not sort and save the Contributing Artist column no matter which route I take to do this. I've tried to delete the Album column and then sort the Contributing Artist column but as soon as I close Windows Media Player, it reverts to sorting that again. The option to save this format isn't there before I close down. I'm so frustrated with this. I've also attempted to manually sort the Contributing Artist column (there are nearly 500 songs) but it gets itself into such a mess by not always dropping the title where I want, but by reverting to where it started or part way up or down the column.
I've got to the stage now where I'm seriously thinking about trying another type of media player, but I don't have the confidence in case I lose all my favourite music. I hope somebody can help please.

A:Windows Media Player, Sorting Columns

Are you clicking on
apply media information changes
apply media information changes
the contributing artist is what is known as meta data
and I am sure you know that if you were to right click an album and then find album information it would connect to meta services
after the changes from there or manually you must click as explained
also check that on options, library tab, that - automatic media information update for files - retrieve additional info from internet is checked - only add missing info as against overwrite -or indeed not checked

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I use WLM for my imap email. Is there a way to have different columns viewed per folder (i.e. inbox, sent, trash, etc).

I would like my inbox to show ONLY show the FROM column, without the TO column.

I would like my sent box to show ONLY the TO column, without the FROM column.


When I change one folder, it changes all of them (i.e. when I change the Inbox, it changes the Sent box to the same columns. When I switch them back, it effects ALL folders.)

A:Windows Live Mail - columns per folder

Hi iskortch, click on 'Inbox' Right click bar above email list.

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Vista Home premium SP2, IE9, WLM 2009 ver.

I can't get the " size " coulmn to show at the Message List.

I set up the columns this way ......( screenshot )

But the Message List does not show it . No " size " column.......

Solution please ?
Thank you.

P.S. I know the " header " will show the size of the attachment. That is not the point.

A:Windows Live Mail - columns issue

Hi t-4-2,
Tried researching your problem but did not find a specific conclusion I'm afraid, but tried!
The only article was relating to Changing columns, may be some use.
How to Change the Columns Shown in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express - About Email

I have included screenshot of my old WM, should the size box be also checked?
Sorry, ages ago since I used this.

Hope you can work it out & fix.

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Hi all,

Basically I'm wondering if there is some way to modify the order of the columns in newly created folders optimized for music. The default order is:
Name > # > Title > Contributing Artists > Album.

I'd prefer it if was:
# > Title > Name > Contributing Artists > Album

I know this can be done on an manual and therefore small scale, but I have a large music library and would like the files within the music folder automatically sorted by track number with that column preference. Like maybe if there was a way to apply the column preference to the My Music folder and all subfolders.

A:Solved: Windows 7 Music folder columns

Just click and hold the column name and drag it to where you want it.

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Microsoft has issued its January batch of security updates – including what will be the final round of patches for many versions of Internet Explorer.
The first Patch Tuesday monthly security release of the year includes fixes for 25 CVE-listed flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Office. Among the patched bugs are remote code execution vulnerabilities, elevation of privilege holes, and a spoofing vulnerability.
Microsoft did not report any active exploits targeting the security vulnerabilities addressed in this month's patch bundle.
MS16-007 addresses six CVE-listed bugs, including a flaw in Remote Desktop Server on Windows 10 that would allow an attacker to remotely log into password-less accounts, which would normally be blocked. By default, Windows should prevent Remote Desktop access to password-less profiles, but somewhere along the line, Windows 10 started allowing access to unprotected accounts, which would have caught some IT admins with their pants down. Now Redmond has gone back to the usual default of blocking Remote Desktop to password-less users.


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Anyone know a way round this?

I've setup Windows Media Player how I want, and then use Sysprep with the copyprofile option ticked to copy all settings to default user.

When an end user logs into the Windows 7 PC and they go to click on Windows Media Player, they get the "Welcome to Media Player" screen and have to go to configure settings etc.

Why are they not saved or copied across with sysprep?

Any ideas?


A:Windows Media Player defaults to Welcome Screen after SYSPREP Windows7

Those settings are user settings, when you sysprep it clears away users and there settings.

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I have a problem which just started after a few years of use. When I click on an imbeded hotlink in livemail the link tries to open in windows word instead of just going to the site. Even if word is able to open the page, none of the links work. This is very goofy and suspect some setting changed but cant figure it out


A:Windows 7 & Live Mail 2011 problem-defaults to word

Suggestion :

See if your Internet Explorer, or your main browser, has all its defsults.
Start > Default Programs > Set Your Default Programs > left column, click your main browser. Does it asy " This program has all its defaults " ?
If no, click Choose Defaults for this Program > check all the boxes under the list > Save when done.

You said " livemail". If you mean Windows Live Mail, check its defaults too.

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I have added two columns: Rating and Keywords to my WMP. Neither is functional when I CLICK on them. How do I activate these columns? Many thanks in advance.

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Word - format interaction glitch w/columns, color display background

I am trying to figure out how to change the color of a Windows XP (service pack 2) window for 1 Word document only.

I am doing a tri-fold brochure for a client. Normally, on my computer, I have changed display/appearance settings so that I have a cool kind of rose color for for my windows.

(As you may know, if you don't want your Windows "windows" to have a standard white background, you can go into cntl panel/display/appearances/advanced and change the color of a "window" to one of the preset, or a custom color.)

Changing the custom settings back and forth is tricky, and I often "lose" my custom color settings. Thus, I don't want to have to change them if I can avoid it.

Therefore, when I am going to attach a formal email, I highlight the doc and choose format/background and change the color to a "professional" white before sending it. That way I retain my default color custom window settings.

However, in this case, with the columns etc. set for the brochure, as soon as I change the color the columns disappear! I know there must be a way to change the color of the window (display, background, or otherwise) just for one doc, without doing the universal "display" change for all windows as per above.

Again, the problem is that when I take the basic brochure and use "background" to change the background from my custom pink to ... Read more

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If I open "My Computer" and then I double click on the C: drive icon (or any drive), it opens up a new window with the Search panel on the left. If I right click on a drive, the menu comes up and "Search" is the in bold, indicating it is the default. How can I change this so it is no longer the default, but opening it up with "Open" as the default?

A:Explorer Window defaults to "Search" instead of "Folders"

Start> Run> type: regsvr32 /i shell32.dll then hit OK.
If that doesn't work, try this script repair from Doug Knox.

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Hey all,

Just wondered if anyone can help with this? I uninstalled WMP12 using control panel as I wanted to try another media player. I then decided I wanted to go back so reinstalled it again. Now I noticed it's missing from Set Program Defaults.

Can anyone help with this?

A:Windows Media Player Missing from "Set Program Defaults"

you have to use "Set Program Access and Computer Defaults." EMDAT Knowledge Base :: Set Windows Media Player As Default for InQuiry Or InCommand

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I have received an e-mail response from the creator of Windows Double Explorer / Windows Dual Pane Explorer (names seem to be interchangeable) . My apologies for not knowing the proper terms, but I hope anyone will be able to understand what I&#8217;m about to describe.

According to information provided by the creator of WDE / WDPE one uninstalls the program by doing the following:

Navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. There you should find a shortcut file (look for a file not a folder) named Windows Dual Pane Explorer. Select that shortcut file, options click and writedown the target path of the shortcut. Delete the shortcut. Navigate to the location the target path dictates. There you should find both a zipped and an unzipped folder of WDE / WDPE. Delete the folders and also any other shortcut files to WDE / WDPE that you may have created and you&#8217;re done.

Apparently WDE / WDPE is never actually installed. Instead WDE/WDPE initially downloads a folder named WDE Portable zipped. When this download folder is launched it unzips another folder named WDE Portable unzipped into the same directory. During the unzipping process a shortcut is created on the desktop that points back to the unzipped folder. Thusly WDE/WDPE never gets listed into Windows Control Panel&#8217;s Program Files & Features section. That&#8217;s why it can&#8217;t be uninstalled as one might ordinarily expe... Read more

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This started happening three days ago, and happens about once every day, and now, once every few hours.

After a certain amount of time, many programs will suddenly freeze, crash, fail to show a window, etc. For example, explorer.exe will become nonresponsive, internet explorer will crash, and when restarted, will lock up and become nonresponsive, windows media player will not produce a window (although wmplayer.exe is launched), and system restore will not display a window (although rstrui.exe is launched). Before the first occurrence, the programs work fine; however, after they experience that problem once, they continue to experience the problem. Also, they seem to be somehow linked; for example, if internet explorer crashes and fails to display windows properly/becomes nonresponsive, trying to use Windows media player later will not work either. I should also note that nothing is hogging the CPU during this time. However, some programs are completely unaffected. For example, Firefox 3.5.5 works completely fine, Office 2007 works fine, Process explorer works fine, along with most of my non-Windows programs. What I&#8217;m starting to guess is that there is some problem with my graphics related to parts of the operating system and programs close to it, but I&#8217;m not sure.

Most of the time, simply restarting the computer doesn&#8217;t solve the problem. I system restore to provide a temporary fix by going into Safe Mode and starting system restore from there... Read more

A:Internet explorer, Windows explorer, Windows media player, etc. freezing/crashing

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I recently put a new hard drive in my computer. Now whenever I try to start Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer the windows installer starts and the windows will not open until I have cancelled the installer several times. I scanned the registry with Registry Fix and fixed all problems. It still starts every time. Netscape has no like problem starting. What is the fix?

A:Windows Installer starts when opening Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer

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Does anyone know how to change the default audio/subtitles tracks in .ogm or .mkv files? I'm running xp, using tveristy and Haali Media Splitter to stream

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is there a way to have both my headphones and my speakers set to default? instead of selecting which one i want.


A:2 Defaults?

Hello, Rizolicious.

Yes, there is a way to have both your headphones and speakers as the default devices. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the original default, so I think it should be a fairly quick fix.

If you navigate to your toolbar at the bottom of your screen, you should find a 'volume' icon. Right click it and select 'Playback devices'. You should get a window that looks a little like this.

If the 'Speakers / Headphones' option isn't set to default, right click it and select 'Set as Default Deivce'. If it doesn't appear altogether, then we've got another issue to deal with.

Give this a go and let me know how you're getting along. If it doesn't work, post so in this thread and we'll take it from there. All the best.

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I am trying to figure out if TLS 1.0 is enabled by default on IE 8, 9, and 10.  I know the server/client supports the older TLS but not sure if TLS 1.0 is enabled by default.  Can anyone point me towards any microsoft information that can help
answer this question?
Thank you

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Wy do my default setting change without my input?


Hello hschrie, and welcome to Ten Forums.

What default setting are you referring to?

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i would like to set a default VIEW for different types of files when i open a folder in windows explorer.

the view i want is LIST.
i know i can change a folders view and all sub folders using the properties and customization tab in a folder BUT, the view LIST never appears. it is always DETAILS.

i was sure there was a way to say ALL MOVIES should open as thumbnails and ALL MUSIC opens as LARGE THUMBNAILS and so on.

any help?
thanks in advance!

A:how to set defaults

This may help:

Menu Bar - Turn On or Off

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Wy do my default setting change without my input?

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Iím running Windows XP Pro and wondering how to change defaults.
1. When I open a folder (e.g., C\: or my documents) it always opens in a small window. I can expand it manually, but it opens small again the next time. How do I make it open larger every time?
2. Whenever I open a folder (e.g., C\: or my documents) the view comes up with icons. I change it manually to detail view for all folders, which is my preference, but I donít know how to make detail view the default.
3. Windows always loads MS Messenger and my videocam, which I never use. I exit from them manually to get them out of systray, but I would like to prevent them from loading in the first place. I couldnít find the right entries in msconfig.

A:defaults in XP Pro

Why are you in the 95/98 forum? I'll move you.

Try setting the window to the size you want and then holding either Shift or Ctrl when closing it.

Try changing startup behavior in the settings of the programs themselves. Or try a startup manager.

Startup Control Panel
MZ Startup Manager
Startup Control Panel (Exe version for Vista)
Emsa Startup Manager
EM Startup Manager
WheresJames Startup Manager

Startup Programs Reference

For folders, set one up the way you want it. Then in the menu (probably Tools), use the Folder Options to set all your folders like that one under the View tab.

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Where do I change the default program to 'read' images in Outlook Express email program? I need to change it as I have lost the program that is set as a default and cannot 'see' images sent in jpeg format. Where is this setting in Outlook?


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I am trying to find out how to remove what ever is on my computer. I can not get on line with it to download anything. I am using my other computer to post. I can give you some info. I can run Hijack this and see 015 protocoldefaults:@ivt'protocol is in my computer zone, should be intranet zone. file' protocolis in my computer zone, should be internet zone. ftp' protocol is in my computer zone, should be in internet zone. http' is in my computer zone, should be internet zone. https' is in my computer zone, should be internet zone. Any ideal how to clean this up when I can not get it on the internet. Thank you in advanceEDIT Merged postsOk, I am going to add alittle more detail now that I have played with the computer more. It will not recognize a flash drive. my wireless is shut down. I can do a hijackthis log but can't get on the internet to post it. I could type it out if that would help. from looking at the hjt log looks like alot of processes are not running. if anyone could point me in the right direction where to start looking that would be great. I have read all of the post that had alot of the same things in their hjt list. so far that direction has not helped. This is my friends computer and I offered to help her get it cleaned. This all happened when her son went on some kind of peer to peer site to get music. I removed a program that was peer to peer forgot the name but it had a blue lookin bug as a moniker. thank you for any helpEDIT Merged... Read more

A:Protocol defaults

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. Please take note: If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available. If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far. Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic and do their best to resolve your issues. If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed. Use the '... Read more

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How do I add NOTEPAD to thr drop down list, so that I can select it as my HTML editor??


A:IE9 program defaults

Hello Mediaman,

Notepad is there by default for me in the drop down menu. If it's not listed for you, then you might see if temporarily setting C:\Windows\notepad as the default program for .html files instead of Internet Explorer in Default Programs. Afterwards, see if notepad is listed.

Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol

Hope this helps,

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Is there a setting in Vista that controls the ability to return to the last file used from
specific applications?

It seems as though I spend too much time going through layers of
folders to return to the last file I used.

A:Defaults to Last Files Used

Hello, i am not sure, but, how about copy and paste to notepad ?

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Each time I think have have set folder display defaults, I seem to miss.

I want to display details, with all extensions visible. Suggestions, please?

A:Folder Defaults

Hello Choco,

You can set file extensions to be shown.

Next, you can use the tutorial below to set your default folder for all folders by using the General Items folder template in step 1.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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New Build (my 1st).

System build went great untill I added my HHD. Win7,updates and anti-virus loaded to SSD (C prior to installing the HHD. I got the HHD in, formated and named (E

Reboot and got "BOOTMGR Missing", used my OS install CD to repair, but now I have I gues one split drive, C: and Reserve and my HHD.

I will try to use the Snip thing for a photo. This is my 1st time to build a PC and also to use windows above the XP flavor.

My goal was..Use SSD for OS and operating functions, everything else on the HHD. Seemed simple in theory Thanks for any help

A:Can't install to my HHD, always defaults to SSD

disk 0 will always get the bootmgr.
disk 0 is determined by where the hard-drive is physically plugged into the motherboard for the majority of systems.

It's only a 100 megabytes. Which is pretty puny by current standards.
Unless you were planning on doing some drive hot swapping this shouldn't cause you any big issues.

Do not delete the 100mb partition that is basically the windows bootloader.
Removing it will just screw up your boot again.

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It should be simple enough, I bought an Emachine 120gb and used the fancy new "Powerquest Drive 7" software to install my old drive (30gb) as a slave and transfer the data... I then partitioned the new C drive because it was so much bigger ening up with Drice C, D and old Drive G. My problem is the new PC defaults only to Drive G so that's where everything is now installed and downloaded (the old drive is still working as hard as it used to) Before I remove it and forget about having a slave/back up/drive at can anyone tell me how to correct the situation and make this PC behave itself? Regards: MJ

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First let me explain what I do.
From time to time I copy some text and want to edit it.
1) I right click my desktop and select NEW, then RICH TEXT DOCUMENT.
2) I paste the text into this .rtf document and I can edit it.

The lines of text are single spaced, but when I add new text the lines are double spaced and I can't find any way to get back to single spaced lines.

I'd also like to make VERDANA the default text.

Is there some way to change these parameters?


A:Wordpad defaults

Ctrl+1 = single spaced
Ctrl+2 = double spaced
Ctrl+5 = line and a half spaced.

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