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corrupting downloaded files

Q: corrupting downloaded files

hello everybody ......
I'm using an hp laptop with windows 7 home basic 64 bit . I have a big problem in downloading files . Whenever I download any file from the internet with any extension and try to open it , it says "File Is Corrupt" . Also , while playing a youtube video , it stops playing suddenly , although the grey tape ( that shows the downloaded part of the video) is full . I tried many different browsers , also i tried downloading youtube videos using real player , it always doesn't work .......

Please help !!!

A: corrupting downloaded files

maybe there's a virus in your system. You should run a full system scan with your updated AV. Of maybe there's a problem in your hard drive.

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Hi. I'm currently using RC1 with all the updates, and when I download files from anywhere often they are corrupted. When I transfer my work from uni to home I use .rar files or .zip files, often they wont extract saying the volumes are corrupted. Though if I download them on my vista machine they are fine

Anyone any idea what could be causing this?

A:Windows 7 corrupting downloaded files

Hi Myke, welcome to the forums.

Are you using the same version of compression software on both machines uni & home? An incompatability with certain software/versions can cause issues with compressed files.

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Hi. I'm currently using RC1 with all the updates, and when I download files from anywhere often they are corrupted. When I transfer my work from uni to home I use .rar files or .zip files, often they wont extract saying the volumes are corrupted. Though if I download them on my vista machine they are fine

Anyone any idea what could be causing this?

A:Windows 7 Corrupting Downloaded Files

Quote: Originally Posted by Myke

Hi. I'm currently using RC1 with all the updates, and when I download files from anywhere often they are corrupted. When I transfer my work from uni to home I use .rar files or .zip files, often they wont extract saying the volumes are corrupted. Though if I download them on my vista machine they are fine

Anyone any idea what could be causing this?


Tons of things could be causing it. Connectivity, memory, bad copy of winrar, and most of all a download manager.

Could we get some info on your system, and what you do when you download.


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Just installed Windows XP Pro on a fairly old desktop (AMD 475M with 256M RAM). Whenever I try to install a dwonloaded app - Firefox, iTunes, SP2, etc, I get an error message " Some install fles are corrupt, please download a fresh copy and reinstall".
No errors installing from a CD or a previously downloaded file.

Any idease where to start looking?



A:Downloaded installs are corrupting

How are you downloading? Cable? DSL? Dial-Up?

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I am a Super moderator at a site and members are having problems downloading zip files, the only members having that problem are using IE, firefox works fine, but only some of the members using IE are having this problem, other IE users can download fine. The members that have the problem get a message that the file is corrupt, it's the dangest thing, I have been reading and trying different things to figure this out, I too have this problem with IE 7, but works fine with firefox. When I did a google search there seems to be several users using IE having this problem. Beening I have this same problem I can check anything thing on my computer to see if any suggestions help. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

A:Ie7 Seems To Be Corrupting Zip Files

One more thing...this problem just started in the last week or so.

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I have numerous files on my computer that I cannot find. They are reading corrupted. Some are showing in my Add and Remove file, but when I click on them they are showing that there is an error, that it has been already removed. I thought it was just my files on my E drive (Seagate external drive), however, programs on my C drive are also reading the same error. I am not sure how to go about finding out the answer to this. I ran RegCure and found almost 3000 errors. I don't know what step to take. Could someone please give me some advice/help! Thank you so very much for taking the time!

I am not sure if I am posting in the right forum? Do I need to post this message in hardware issues? How do I move this post?

A:Files corrupting, Help!

Hi angelonline. This may help solve your problem.
Do not mess about with your registry you are asking for trouble.

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Hello all, I am as my tag implies a dj, in fact I am a very scared dj right now. I have over 16 gigs of mp3's on my hard drive, 90% of them were scanned in over 5 yrs ago by myself. My problem is this, I began to update my mp3 collection last week and noticed much to my horror that while the mp3 file name remained intact the actual file itself was completely changed, not only was it the wrong song, it started at odd points of the wrong song. I am somewhat unsure as to whether this is a hardware (HD) issue or whether it has more to do with software. I have run Norton and it came up with no known virus so basically I am stumped.

All I know is that it took me the better part of a year to install these songs and now it seems as if I am losing them one by one. My first thought was that perhaps the files were degrading due to age, but that is not the case as the same thing happened to a brand new file I added last week.

Help me please!!

A:important mp3 files corrupting

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I had been playing toontown online for hours and the game crashed. I had to reboot the system to get out. Windows would not restart and in safe mode I received the following message: missing or corrupt file: system32\drivers\agp440.sys

I can not use that system until a tech repairs it.

I played on a second system in the house for about 3 hours. Shut down normally. The next morning that system would also not start Windows. This time the file is system32\drivers\ntfs.sys.

Is toontown causing this? Or a virus? Please help.

A:toontown corrupting .sys files

Can a memory leak cause this?

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Hey there.

My friend's been having this problem on his Windows 2000 Professional PC. Lately his PC has been slowing down a lot and if I check in performance it shows that the CPU usage is jumping up to 100% almost every 10 seconds and he isn't even running very resource intensive applications. He has the latest service pack installed and the fully updated Nod32 anti-virus finds nothing.

When I open the task manager to see if there are any suspicious files running the "image name" column is gone and when I try to check the box in settings to get it back, the option is greyed out.

When I tried to download HJT the file also got corrupted as soon as it landed on his hard drive. I had to download it in safe-mode and then restart the PC to run it in normal mode. We are on a network at work and his computer has the network printer connected to it, but we can't connect to the printer since this issue appeared on his PC.

HJT Log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 9:27:57 AM, on 02/08/2010
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ekrn.exe
C:\Program Files\Gemplus\Gem... Read more

A:Malware Corrupting files or something

Oh and btw, C:\Program Files\Remover\niel.exe is what I renamed HJT to.

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My system has been running very slowly, but I haven't really paid that much attention to it. I've gotten one "Blue Screen of Death" at a start up. My wireless internet card randomly shuts off or loses my network for no apparent reason. But, most recently I got a call from Windows saying that my computer was sending a huge amount of error messages. I checked out the event logs as they asked and discovered ~49,000 logged error messages. They are many different types of errors and there does seem to be something corrupting my system files. I was thinking of doing a system switch, going away from Windows Vista to Ubuntu. But I want to make sure if there is a rootkit on my system that would continue corrupting system files.

DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_33
Run by Beth Diebel at 14:53:25 on 2012-08-31
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.2037.1175 [GMT -4:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGrou... Read more

A:Something is corrupting system files

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

If you haven't already, please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


Please explain why this computer has no antivirus program installed and running. This is an open invitation for infection.

It can take as little as eight seconds to infect an unprotected computer.

Please keep this computer offline except when downloading tools and posting in the forum until we get one installed. Let me know your intentions for an antivirus program.


Please download aswMBR.exe to your desktop. Double-click aswMBR.exe to run it.
When prompted to download the latest Avast! virus definitions, please choose Yes
Click the Scan button to start scan.
Wait until it says, 'Scan finished successfully'. ( Note - do not select any Fix at this time)
Click Save log, and save it to your desktop.
Click Exit.
Please post the contents of that log, aswMBR.txt, in your next reply.
There shall also be a file on your desktop named MBR.dat. Right-click that file and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder. Please attach that zipped file in your n... Read more

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Hi there I own a Sony 1Gb flash drive which as suddenly started corrupting any thing I store in it, Audio files are turned into folders named 0000000 then zipped files can no longer be accesed by win zip. Any body know the solution to this

A:USB Drive corrupting My Files

how old is this drive?

remove all data from it and reformat it.

your partition table may have become corrupted.

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Basically, all of a sudden a bunch of files started getting corrupted for no reason. A little box popped up that told me to run Chkdsk, but that didn't do anything. Its probably not a Virus, but its better to be safe then Sorry.

SmitFraudFix v2.206

Scan done at 16:51:02.68, Thu 09/20/2007
Run from C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Desktop\smitfraudFix
OS: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] - Windows_NT
The filesystem type is NTFS
Fix run in normal mode


C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\RealPlay.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\cli.exe
C:\Program... Read more

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I am using W2000 Professinal O.S.....

.I have about 600 images in MY Documents on my D drive.....these are from my ME O.S. before my PC was rebuilt to accommodate W2000Pro.

When I visit my images on the D drive, sometimes I am thrown out and onto the desktop for no happens in the same place as I scroll down the Through "My Documents" viewing the thumbnails.....can this be a corrupted file?,,

Also I burned the images in my Nero onto a disc, and they are blurry.....

Does anyone know what is happening to my D Drive, or my images....they are years old they corrupt over time, or when transported from one OS to another one?

Any help much appreciated as usual.....

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Windows 10
Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop
64-bit operating system

I had some malware issues a while back when I was using McAfee, so I cleaned up the computer and switched to MalwareBytes. Because a pdf I recently worked on became corrupted while working in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, I started to look for new problems.

At first I thought it was a compatibility issue, since MalwareBytes isn't compatible with Windows 10? That error message was "failed to start the update" and therefore unable to start the scan. After another day, I couldn't even open the program anymore, so I went through all of their Chameleon steps to try to open it and scan my computer, but none worked. So I removed it from my computer. Then I did scans by Windows Defender (already on my computer), Bitdefender (new to me), and PC Cleaner Plus (new to me), all of which found zero viruses or malware (PC Cleaner did find 377 registry or system errors and 2,455 junk files).

However, Carbonite started backing up an unusual number of files (which happened last time I had malware). I then tried to run both Hijack This and Avast's scanner aswMBR for logs to post here, and they both froze during the scan. Hijack This said it couldn't analyze because there was no Internet connection, and the connection was fine. I'll paste below the results of each scan.

I appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks.

aswMBR version Copyright(c) 2014 AVAST Software
Run date: 2016-01-11 0... Read more

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My Specs
- Brand New Custom Build
- Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Retail (the problem)
- Debian 6 64-bit (runs perfectly)
- Intel Core i7 870 2.93GHz
- Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 Mobo
- Gskill Ripjaws 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3
- Palit / Nvidia GeForce GTX460SE
- 2 x 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue HDs
- Corsair 850w PSU

The Problem (Short)
Windows 7 installs and boots for the first time with no problem. During use it will intermittently (once or twice per hour?) pause for up to a minute (mouse still moves, but the rest of the screen is frozen) then resume as normal. It will reboot for the first couple of times with no problem. But after that, it will either not boot at all, or it will but bring me in to a "temporary profile" and tell me things like the Recycle Bin on drive C is corrupt.

Running Startup Repair doesn't fix anything, but the logs say it found a corrupt file system. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and the scenario is always the same. Wat do?
More Details
I am running a dual-boot system between Debian 6 and Windows 7. I have two identical 1TB hard drives, and the idea was to put Debian on one and Windows 7 on the other. Debian installed and still runs with absolutely no problem.

Initially I unplugged the debian hard drive to install Windows 7 on the other before complicating things with a dual boot. Windows 7 behaved the way I described in The Problem. I wiped it, installed it again, and the same thing happened. I thought maybe it was a faulty ... Read more

A:Files are Corrupting, Inhibiting Boot

Quote: Originally Posted by mjiggidy

My Specs
- Brand New Custom Build
- Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Retail (the problem)
- Debian 6 64-bit (runs perfectly)
- Intel Core i7 870 2.93GHz
- Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 Mobo
- Gskill Ripjaws 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3
- Palit / Nvidia GeForce GTX460SE
- 2 x 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue HDs
- Corsair 850w PSU

The Problem (Short)
Windows 7 installs and boots for the first time with no problem. During use it will intermittently (once or twice per hour?) pause for up to a minute (mouse still moves, but the rest of the screen is frozen) then resume as normal. It will reboot for the first couple of times with no problem. But after that, it will either not boot at all, or it will but bring me in to a "temporary profile" and tell me things like the Recycle Bin on drive C is corrupt.

Running Startup Repair doesn't fix anything, but the logs say it found a corrupt file system. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and the scenario is always the same. Wat do?
More Details
I am running a dual-boot system between Debian 6 and Windows 7. I have two identical 1TB hard drives, and the idea was to put Debian on one and Windows 7 on the other. Debian installed and still runs with absolutely no problem.

Initially I unplugged the debian hard drive to install Windows 7 on the other before complicating things with a dual boot. Windows 7 behaved the way I described in The Problem. I wiped it, installe... Read more

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A few days ago my pc freezed. I reseted it. It all went normaly like everythime but this time it freezed when the windows loading screen shoulden came. I reseted it and tryed to start the pc in safe mode but it stopped at isapnp.sys (WINDOWS\system32\drivers). I looked up on the web and it said to replace the file with isapnp.sys on the windows install disk using the recovery console. I did so and it worked. I started the pc in safe mode and scanned the pc with Malwarebyte's Anti Malware. It found a few viruses and i deleted them. Then i started the pc normaly and Nod32 was telling me that he is blocking some sites. After a while the pc froze again. And on safe mode stopped at isapnp.sys. I replaced the file and it still didnt work. I looked up on the web and it sayed to also replace the file that loads after isapnp.sys (pciide.sys) and to delete system files with 0 size. Did so and it worked. I scanned again, found a few viruses, I deleted them. I started the pc normally and after a while it froze again, so i did the same. Replaced files, scanned, and deleted viruses. But the it froze again! I replaced the system files and decided to dont do anything. I was only in safe mode while scanning. So now I am here asking for help on this forum

I have Windows XP professional, 2x 1.8 ghz processor, 2x 1 GB RAM and nVidia Geforce 8600 GTS video card

My logs:

HijackThis log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 18:38:40, on 2010.11.23
Platform: Windows XP ... Read more

A:help! Virus corrupting system files


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Hey guys!
I bought a SANDISK USB 256Mb pen drive. But I'm confused if it is or not corrupting my files.
I did some tests:

1) I transfer a 200Mb .ISO file to the pen drive and restart the computer. Then I check for the CRC32 / MD5 code and those codes are different form the original ISO file.

2) I pack some files into a ZIP / compressed file (about 200Mb)and send it to the pen drive. Then I restart the PC and transfer the file form the pen drive to my HD. I test the zip file (using winzip 9.0) and it says all files is ok.

3) Another day I tranfered a 1Mb corel draw file to to the pen drive and it corrupted the file.

Please, help me to understand it!

A:pen drive: corrupting my files? [md5/crc32]

What OS are you using? Have you formatted/partitioned the drive with standard tools? Have you turned on write caching on the drive? Do you have to restart the computer to make it corrupt things?

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I recently bought a 8gbflash drive off of ebay and it's giving me some rather odd problems. I'm using it to hold disc images (i.e.-mdf/mds, bin/cue, etc.) but when I try to mount those images from the flash drive using Alcohol 120%, my computer just freezes up or tells me that the data is inaccessible. However, I don't have a single problem mounting the same images from the desktop. Also, some of the files will be missing when I load the flash drive, however, the amount of space they took up will still be in use, but the files are nowhere to be found on the drive. This makes me have to reformat the entire drive just so I can get the space back that the missing files are taking up.

I'm not sure what the problem may be. It seems like some type of pre-installed software is missing or something, because this drive in particular has 7.98gb of initial free space whereas, my other 8gb flashdrive has only 7.54gb of initial free space (almost a 500mb difference). Needless to say, the latter one gives me no problems whatsoever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Flash Drive corrupting my files. Please Help!

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having problems copying (some) mp3 files onto memory card. They show as arabic characters (see attached) and will not play and this happens whether the card is in the mp3 device or a card adapter. I cannot delete them either. Have reformat the card numerous times and the problem persists. I don't think the card is corrupt as it is ok with avi and jpg and many other mp3 files. Any ideas please?

A:memory card corrupting some files

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Hi there,
On Thursday (12th Sept) I restarted my computer (windows 8) to let windows updates take effect. I then went to open a word document and it read that it couldn't be opened because "there was a problem with its contents". Under details it said "the file was corrupt and cannot be opened". When you click ok, it asks if you want to try to recover the file. I clicked yes but again there was a problem with the contents and the details said that "some parts were missing or invalid". I then tried to open other word documents and excel files and all with the same problem. I've also noticed in the preview pane, it is missing certain properties like how many pages there are.
I've tried:
Repairing office
Uninstalling it and installing a 2007 version
Repairing the file 
Opening it on another computer
Uninstalling the windows updates
Using salvage software
Scanning for viruses
System restore (the restore point was corrupted for some reason and it didn't work)
For a brief period, all my files were able to be opened again so I do have recent backups, but the issue is that it keeps corrupting any documents I upload and save after the computer is turned off/restarted.
However, I did start a new document and that is still yet to be corrupted even when other files uploaded after that was made have become corrupted.
Any ideas? Is this just an update that messed with my program?

A:MS office 2013 corrupting files

You say you tried system restore and the restore point was corrupted? Did you get any error codes or error messages with that? That suggests your registry or certain system files may be corrupt. The fact that the office files are corrupt and can't be fixed, and that it happened after you installed new updates, seems to back that up.
In short, this may be symptomatic of larger issues on your system. You may want to run sfc/scannow from the command prompt.

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Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help, as I am completely stumped. I am currently working on my dissertation, and am typing it up in Word 2010. I started off by making a number of separate files, and have now starting putting them into one big documents. It went well to begin with, and I could make all the edits I wanted. I have a number of equations, many numbered with the use of text boxes, as that was the easiest way I could find. I then added my conclusion to the end, saved and thought no more about it.

A couple of days later, I opened the file to continue editting when a box was displayed with the following, "This file cannot be opened because there is a problem with the contents. The name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag. Location: Part: /word/document.xml, Line: 2, Column: 65620". Luckily I'd backed up a working version (minus the conclusion) in a number of places. I rewrote the conclusion in a separate file. Today, I returned to the big file and started making changes again. Having done what I needed, mainly consisting of changing some equation numbers, I saved and closed. I opened it again just to check, and the message was displayed again.

I then made the changes again, saving different versions as I went along. It's when I get to a certain section, over halfway through, I can't seem to edit anything without the file corrupting the next time I try and open it. This is very frustrating, as ... Read more

A:Word files keep corrupting with slightest of changes

There may be a RAM or hard drive problem on the computer on which the files were created/saved.
In such cases, those same files will remain corrupted no matter what PC you open them with.

Tets the RAM with Memtest86 from here:
Download "ISO file for creating a bootable CD", then use nero to create the CD from the ISO file or use this free alternative:

Now boot your PC from that CD and perform at least 5 passes of the ram test.

To test the hard drive, use Seagate SeaTools from here (it can be used to test any brand of hard drive):

If you're testing the system drive use Seagate SeaTools for DOS, again it's an ISO file for burning to a CD.
Then boot your system off it.

If testing a non-system or usb drive, use Seagate SeaTools for Windows which you install like any other application.

Both versions are here:

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I don't know much about the computer, since it is my sister's computer, but I can at least give you guys the basics. By the way, younger sister says there's no use in posting here, but I'm doing it anyway.

So, my sister has a seagate HDD. Recently, a month or so ago, she started having problems with blue screens. The computer would be fine after for a few days, or even hours, until it happened again. It eventually devolved to where it'd ALWAYS want to perform a check disc. We allow it to do so, but a LOT of files would come up as corrupt. And even after that, the computer would still not work.

We've done almost everything. We've done seatools multiple times, we've checked the RAM, and we even wiped the HDD to see if it were some kind of virus buried deep within the HDD.

The last thing we're trying is using a spare power unit that has more wattage than the one she currently has. If that doesn't work, I'll post about the results here.

But I would like instructions on what you guys need in case it doesn't work.

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Howdy All,

My friend and I just put together a new computer...

We install Win7 64-bit on it and everytime we do a Windows update it corrupts either the reg, Ntoskrnl, tcpip, ntfs.sys and on and on...

We cannot figure out why it keeps doing that... We went through and tested all the ram and the drives and such...

We updated all the drivers and bios as well...

It runs fine if I do not install the updates...

Do yall have any clue what might be going on?

Thanks for reading and your insight...

i7-980x Intel Gulftown
Asus P6T7 WS Mobo
12 Gb Ram
2 Hard Drives ( 2 tb and a 500gb )
Asus 5850 1GB vid card
and Win7 64-bit...

A:Windows update corrupting files...

Your thread is weak discribed

Quote: Originally Posted by Cubbymatt

We install Win7 64-bit on it and everytime we do a Windows update it corrupts either the reg, Ntoskrnl, tcpip, ntfs.sys and on and on...

why you think you have corrupted reg and these files?Probably you have blue screens with info "probably caused by <file name>" but it doesn't mean these files are corrupted.It may be issue with motherboard,PSU problem with compatbily with any driver/software/hardware.Sometimes it may also relate to registry corruption but it depends from STOP error and other informations from dump files.To say anything more we need thoroughly to analyze dump files

sometimes this issue may be caused by 3p security too e.g some update may interfere with soft.Please uninstall all 3p security software.

Worth also make sure you don't have any infection -that's funny but some viruses may also interfere with updates and caused BSODs .I suggest to test your OS by any good tool

Windows liveOne care Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety

or better to use any LiveCD with antivir 13 Antivirus Rescue CDs Software Compared in Search For the Best Rescue Disk | Raymond.CC Blog

choose what you prefer

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The basic problem I've got is that my system files keep getting corrupted. I thought I'd fixed it but then a week later it cropped back up. Here are my system specs as the problem started, I added another hard drive while trying to fix it:

Intel Q6600 2.4ghz quad core
2x2gb OCZ PC6400 RAM
ATI HD5770 gfx card
Thermaltake 750w PSU
1 x 250GB HDD (System files, programs)
1 x 1TB HDD (Music, documents, photos, films, edited video)
Windows 7 64bit

First off, noticed my computer running a bit slowly but thought nothing of it at the time. Started my computer up the next day and got a load of balloon notifications saying that system files were corrupted, I couldn't do anything so restarted and planned to do a chkdsk. On restart, the startup repair came up and couldn't fix the problem and neither could anything else I tried. Eventually I reinstalled windows on the 250gb hdd with the 1tb hdd detached (I didn't want to wipe it but also didn't want the virus to copy back over if it was on there). After reinstalling, I installed AVG and ran a virus scan, which found nothing. So I rebooted in safe mode and used Bitdefenders online scanner which found 'troj_generic.pln' and 'troj_dropper.pln', I removed these and also ran Trends online scanner which found nothing.

I'd initially thought that the problem was hardware related so I'd ordered a new 2TB hdd which arrived later on that week. So I reinstalled everything again with the following set-up:

1TB - Main (system... Read more

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I am running Acronis 8 with all recent updates and have been having a very hard time with restoration.

All my old image files with corrupt images (12 of 14 on drives) were deleted last week and a new image of my C drive was made. After creating that image, I "verified" it with Acronis and it checked out OK.

This evening, I tried to restore a file from that image and it is corrupt according to Acronis. The older images are OK.

Is there something going on with my program or computer that might be corrupting these?

My Norton Ghost images of the same dates remain stable.

A:Acronis 8 files corrupting after verifying OK

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Here's the story:
There are 4 users in one office (all are on XP and Office 2003). When one user opens any excel file on the network it immediately becomes corrupt, neither that user nor any other can open the file. The error message is "File error : Data may have been lost" sometimes it can let you into the file, other times it won't.

Funnily enough the file can be opened on the problematic users c drive with no problem and can be saved and edited no bother. However even when moving that file back into the network by "saving as" or just copying, it just gets corrupt again whenever the file gets saved by that user.

All other users can use, edit and save any documents fine. Any other users logging into the problematic pc all corrupt the files, so its not a user issue.

Ive already reinstalled office 2003 and novell client, and even re-imaged the pc, STILL it corrupts the files. Can anybody help?

A:User keeps corrupting excel files

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The basic problem I've got is that my system files keep getting corrupted. I thought I'd fixed it but then a week later it cropped back up. Here are my system specs as the problem started, I added another hard drive while trying to fix it:

Intel Q6600 2.4ghz quad core
2x2gb OCZ PC6400 RAM
ATI HD5770 gfx card
Thermaltake 750w PSU
1 x 250GB HDD (System files, programs)
1 x 1TB HDD (Music, documents, photos, films, edited video)
Windows 7 64bit
First off, noticed my computer running a bit slowly but thought nothing of it at the time. Started my computer up the next day and got a load of balloon notifications saying that system files were corrupted, I couldn't do anything so restarted and planned to do a chkdsk. On restart, the startup repair came up and couldn't fix the problem and neither could anything else I tried. Eventually I reinstalled windows on the 250gb hdd with the 1tb hdd detached (I didn't want to wipe it but also didn't want the virus to copy back over if it was on there). After reinstalling, I installed AVG and ran a virus scan, which found nothing. So I rebooted in safe mode and used Bitdefenders online scanner which found 'troj_generic.pln' and 'troj_dropper.pln', I removed these and also ran Trends online scanner which found nothing.

I'd initially thought that the problem was hardware related so I'd ordered a new 2TB hdd which arrived later on that week. So I reinstalled everything again with... Read more

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I have 2 PCs which have been built with very similar hardware both running XP.


* AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 3.1GHz Socket AM2 1MB L2 (2x512KB)
* Kingston 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 Memory Non-ecc CL5
* Seagate ST3250410AS 250GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 16MB Cache
* Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 Socket AM2 Nvidia MCP55P PCI-E 8 Channel audio ATX Motherboard
* Innovision Geforce 7300LE 256MB DDR2 PCI-E Graphics Card
* Second Slave Hard Drive
* A DVD RW Drive and CDRW Drive

One PC has an old 450 Watt Power Supply
The other has a brand new 650W power supply:


After working fine for a couple of months files started to randomly corrupt until one PC failed. The other PC followed a few weeks later with random files corrupting until the PC becomes unusable.

After reinstalling XP the same thing happens, and seems to be happening in a shorter and shorter time frame, from lasting a day, to now a matter of hours on the 4th reinstall.
I ran SeaTools both Short Test and Long Test but it said the drive passed.

I also Zero Filled the entire hard drive before doing a fresh reinstall but the problem still persisted with files quickly corrupting until XP wouldn't load. Also Zero filled with KillDisk and that went fine too.

It was not just XP files that corrupted but any random file on the hard drive was corrupting (but not on other slave hard drives or USB Drives).

I also suspected RAM so ran MemTest86+ overnight and it passed 21... Read more

A:Corrupting Files on 'Healthy' Hard Drive and RAM - What Could it Be?

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I was told by someone speaking about an issue i had that this is the case.

I have bought a small netbook for traveling and stuff and i got Home Premium to upgrade to and in the start menu as soon as i booted up the netbook for the first time it showed windows anytime upgrade...

I did that on Sunday and just yesterday i start getting issues

*Desktop Manager / Wireless Services keeps crashing upon startup (for about 5 mins)

*Computer won't wake from sleep, it goes to a black screen and just shows the cursor... also does the same for restarting... it won't restart w/o forcefully shutting it off

*There is a recovery partition on the harddrive that i can recover back to Basic... but should i risk it and then upgrade again...?

On top of that everytime im on my internet browser with windows media player open and listening to music... songs constantly skip if im doing something other than just listening to music, with WMP open

Any help..

I've updated the drivers for video and sound?

A:Windows Anytime Upgrade Corrupting Files?

So after you upgraded to Home Premium, you started having these problems? What was the laptop running before you upgraded? Netbooks tend to have lower speed components, so it may be possible that your netbook doesn't have the power to run Windows 7.

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Random files on my disk are becoming corrupted and telling me to run Chkdsk /f

I've run Chkdsk many times and almost every time, I get the following:

Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.

One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You
may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended
that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)...
File verification completed.
CHKDSK is verifying indexes (stage 2 of 3)...
Index verifcation completed.
CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 3)...
Repairing the unreadable security descriptors data stream.

and then it hangs.

I've had three files become corrupted over the course of about a week. They were a .wav file, a .mp3 and a .avi all in different folders.
fsutil query dirty c: tells me C: is dirty.
I cannot defragment because a chdsk is always pending, presumably because c: is dirty which presumably because step 3 of chkdsk always fails.

Also, occasionally, while it is repairing the unreadable security descriptors data stream, it gives the same output with the additional message:

Unable to read from attribute 128 of file 9.

and then chkdsk ends and C: is still dirty.

I'm running an HP dv8000 series laptop with Windows XP Media Center.

Is this a virus? Is my hard drive slowly dying? Should I run HJT for good measure? I don't actually know what chkdsk is supposed to do when it runs successfully,... Read more

A:Chkdsk is hanging, C: is dirty, files are randomly corrupting

I think you should post a HijackThis Log in the Security center.


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I put Microsoft Private Folder onto one of our store computers up in Seattle, because the GM wanted to be able to keep certain files private from the other assistant managers (like salary info & performance reviews) I only looked into it briefly, and Private Folder seemed ok - and most reviews were positive.
It semed to work fine for several years - but he called me last week to say that many of the files in that folder seem corrupted now. Some are ok, but many cannot be opened or are damaged in some way.
I think we will get rid of the program - and try something else. First question: does anyone know of a way to get the files out of Private Folder without having them all corrupted? (he DOES know his password) And second question: any suggestions on a new file encryption-type program?
A BASIC one - we are a restaurant group - not doing espionage! We are still using mostly Windows XP Pro. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

A:Microsoft Private Folder corrupting files WinXP

I doubt you will be able to recover the files.

What is wrong with each user having their own login. As long as each user is not in the administrators group they won't be able to access each others files.

TrueCrypt is another option for you to use.

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After much troubleshooting, I have come to the conclusion that Outlook 2003 is corrupting .pdf files, jpegs, and Word 2003 documents. The problem is intermittent, i.e. I scan several pages into a .pdf file using our office MFP and email them to myself... Some of the pages I can open, and some give me the error 'not enough data for an image' when I open them with Acrobat Reader. This is a brand new computer... I never had this problem on my old one.

As for Word documents, same issue... Some file attachments I receive thru Outlook 2003 will open fine, others give me the damaged file error message, yet the same files when placed on our network file server I can open without any problems.

Jpegs : Same thing, some open in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer without issue, and some open with the message 'Drawing Failed'

I am running Windows XP SP2, all updates and patches installed, Installed Office 2003 SP2 (after MAJOR hassles with Office Update I might add) , and all other critical updates for Office 2003 are installed.

My computer Configuration :
AMD Athlon64 X2 DualCore 4600 2.4GHz
1 GB 400MHz PC3200 CL2 RAM
Dual 250 GB HD (with RAID)
Nvidia GeForce 6800XT 128MB PCI Video

One other thing, the Office 2003 was an upgrade from Office 2000.... don't know if that makes a difference or not but thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide

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This past September (2011), I discovered one day after a series of unexplainable issues with a restored file, that a number of backup copies of large files on external USB-connected NTFS drives differed from the source versions still on my hard drive. I also discovered that I could reproduce the issue with newly-copied files.

Here are the specifics of the issue, following a series of experiments:
- On my system, copies of large files, files typically larger than 500MB, are corrupted (altered) roughly 30% of the time when copying them under Windows 7 64-bit to USB-connected NTFS-formatted external drives.

- No error occurs / no error message appears during the copy

- The file size of copy is always identical, whether or not data was altered during the copy process.

- File differences are confirmed via either the command-line "FC" command or a utility such as WinDiff

- The issue impacts copies made via the Windows GUI -OR- via command-line copy or xcopy

- The issue occurs with multiple external USB NTFS-formatted drives, no matter what make or model.

- Subsequent attempts to copy an affected file will ultimately yield an identical copy. This would seem to rule out interference by an external program such as an anti-virus program (and the only AV I am running is Microsoft Security Essentials)

- The USB drives involved pass error checks, and copies made to these drives on other (non W7) systems produce identical copies

- So far, the t... Read more

A:Windows 7 64-bit Corrupting Large Files Copied to External NTFS Drives

I've seen this problem. I downloaded a large zip file and copied it to an external drive. When it was done copying I opened the copy and discovered the corruption. I returned to the original file and discovered it was not corrupt. My second attempt worked fine. I seldom work with files this large so this is the only data point I have. I'll create some large archives and try it a few times over the next few days.

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continue to this thread, I have the same problems, the corrupted files only archives, zip or 7z ... and exe, there are no problems copying larg files like movies for example, no problem when copying via linux in the same laptop, it is a windows issue, I
have all updates installed, nothing missing

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Hello, Please help me. I have Windows 2000 Professional. I'm pretty new to all this as I have only had a computer for about a week. I got some adware threats detected by Norton Antivirus 2004 and have done a lot of reading up and I am now tring to delete them.

One of the removal instructions provided by Norton promps me to delete a file in C:\Winnt\Downloaded Program Files but when I go to view this folder it looks like there are no files inside. Now, I know there are files in there as Norton Antivirus has picked up one in there and when I view the proporties for that folder it states there are 12 files inside but when I view the folder with Windows Explorer it appears empty!

I've gone into folder option and changed the settings so it shows hidden files and hidden system files yet this still doesn't let me view the files in this folder. How can I delete this file if I am unable to view it?

If anyone can point me to a turorial that explains this or explain it to me I would really appreciate this.

Please help a n00b.

Cheers, Luke.

A:Unable to view files in C:\Winnt\Downloaded Program Files

I'm assuming you have done this to Show hidden files and folders:
Go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View and select "Show hidden files and folders"

Also,place a check in "Display the contents of system folders"
And,uncheck "Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)"

If the above doesn't work try this:
Create the REG_DWORD ShowSuperHidden (if it doesn't already exist) Set the value to 1, click OK, and close the Registry editor

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In internet options under temporary internet files and then under settings view objects there 5 java runtime environment active X controls with yellow exclamation points. Is this supposed to be this way and if not how do I fix this? Also, the setting in my temp internet files folder is set at 1192. Is this correct or should it be changed?

A:Downloaded program files and temp files folder

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I have OS XP(3), IE8, Office 2010

I am trying to d/l a pptx file from our organizational website (that I use regularly). The file is shown as a pptx file (as displayed by the properties feature), but when I click to d/l it, it shows up as a zip file to be opened and the computer tries to unzip it, but doesn't do a very good job in doing so.

I have tried to d/l other pptx files from other internet sites and they work (d/l) OK.

I have the same OS on another laptop and it d/ls this particular file from this particular site just fine.

I can change (rename) the extension on this file (from zip to pptx) and it works fine

I have tried everything reccomended on various PPT forums and it hasn't worked.

The file association is Microsoft PowerPoint.

The file d/ls perfectly with Firefox.

What is it about the configuration of XP/IE8 that lets this happen?

The issue here is that this particular file has been posted to the website for members of our organization to d/l and use. Many of these members are not savvy enough to be able to 'manipulate' the file and use it as it was designed. I am tryng to make this d/l as user friendly as is possible.

A:PPTX files downloaded as zip files

Read this

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Recently - I've been having a strange problem. when I download a photo or image, or even capture a screen shot and save it to a folder, I cannot see it in that folder. I originally thought i had not hit save properly or not saved a file that I thought I had - but when i tried to re download an image or capture it again and name it the same thing - I got a message saying there was already a file by that name in the folder.

I have tried ensuring all hidden files are shown, and refreshed the window to no avail. but when i restart the computer, I am able to see the files in the folder as the should have been displayed all along. also confusing - when i look in the folder after saving...say if I've saved 12 images into the folder from the net or screen capture, but the folder is only displaying 1 image - it was say the folder only contains one image...

how can i fix this so i do not need to reboot every time i want to see newly created images?

A:Can't See Downloaded Files

Sounds like a view issue on the folder itself, to be honest.

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I have been unable to activate downloaded attachments which come down in zip format. At one time i had (?) a ZIP program Icon on my desk top as well as a 7-zip appearing in drop down menus, but neither of these programs would not connect to the downloaded attachments in zip format to unzip them. Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you !

A:downloaded Zip files

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i have tried changing the security settings of the file and also disabling avg but to no avail, any ideas?
it says

i would upload a screen capture but cant upload from file =\

A:can't run most downloaded .exe files

So what happens when you try to run downloaded exe files? Is anything else effected on the pc?

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Since upgrading my computer and reinstalling Windows XP Home with all upgrades, I haven't been able to run executable downloaded files (most recently openoffice but also Google Earth Pro trial). The files download properly but when I try to run them them, I get the message "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

I have no problem installing programs from CD.
I'm using IE beta 7 but have tried the same process using Firefox. All Windows Updates are complete. Running Norton AV 2003 and NVidia firewall set to Antihacking only.

Any ideas?

A:Can't run downloaded files

Look here:

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Hello, I have an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium 64-bit. It's actually been relatively fine for me until the last few days. I was having some problems editing video files and couldn't figure out why, so I updated to service pack 2. Around the same time, although I honestly cannot be sure that it was because of the update, none of my downloads will work. I believe it happened once or twice before I updated my sp but now I can't download ANYTHING. It's bizarre. The entire file will download and the file will show download progress just like normal. But, once complete the file shows up as 0 kb and doesn't open. I've tried using firefox 3.5.3 and IE 8...both do the same thing. I have also checked my permissions and made sure that I am allowed access to all of the folders that the documents are saved in. Nothing seems to help.

I really don't want to have to format/reinstall windows since I have quite a bit of stuff I would need to backup. Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Thanks.

A:Downloaded Files are 0 KB...Need help

What antivirus are you running?

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I just did a clean install of Win 8 Release Preview, 64 bit. I moved my profile from C: (SSD) to d: (HDD) using a recommendation I found in the forum. I did not move the program data. I wanted to download and install some programs, but when I do, I can't get them to run. They are setup .exe programs. In IE if I click to open, nothing happens. I clicked on View Downloads in IE and it opens a Window with the downloads and if I try to open one a list is shown that asks how do you want to open this file and a list of programs like IE, Notepad, Paint, etc.

I've pre-ordered Win 8 to install when it is shipped.

A:Can't run downloaded files

Can you post a link to web page of the recommendation you followed to move profile from c: to d:.

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When I download files using ie the download window indicates the files are downloaded but they are not there. I've been able to see the files being deleted instantaneously after being downloaded. Thanks

A:downloaded files not there

Does this problem only occur in Internet Explorer, or do you have another browser that works correctly?

Have you tried doing a System Restore to fix the problem?

If you can, post a HijackThis scanlog:

Download and install HijackThis using the "self extractor". Run it and select "do a system scan and save the log file". Then copy/paste the contents of the log to a reply

I recall a rather similar, and unfortunately unresolved, problem in this thread. You might compare notes with it, particularly in regard to the programs you see in the Scanlog:

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I'm new to Vista after buying a new PC, i have now just downloaded iTunes 4 times to a folder on my hard-drive and each time its not appearing (3 times to d drive and 1 time to desktop)

Is there a reason or something preventing my downloaded file from saving? each time its got to 100% and seems like its downloaded fine.


A:Cannot see my downloaded files

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I just downgraded from Vista SP2 to Vista SP1 and by doing so, have somehow screwed up my downloads in both Firefox and IE8. Whenever I download in either one, the download results in a file that is 0 kb.

The strange thing is, Google Chrome somehow wasn't affected by this downgrade (if that's what caused this) and I can download files fine in that browser.

Can someone tell me what's going on here and how to fix this in IE8 and FF 3.5? I've already tried reinstalling FF and it didn't help at all.

A:Downloaded Files Are 0 KB

Why did you downgrade form SP2 to SP1? Try reinstalling SP2.

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When I tried to download a file it told me that my Security settings did not allow the program to run. I shut off all security (norton 360 and Windows Internet options) but still nothing. This happens with all the programs now...Microsoft Security Essentials, Hijackthis...etc.

I think I a program called PC power speed is causing these problems...

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Any exe file I download or copy from other p/c will not run.
I get a message saying file not found , pls. use your "file find" option.
All exe files having "install or setup options" will work properly.
I got this problem after a partial software re-installation.
Thanks for helping

A:Downloaded *.exe files will not be found!

Have you tried a system restore to a date previous to this partial software re-installation?

What software were you trying to install when it failed?

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I have recently purchased a laptop from eBay and for some reason some .exe files don't want to open. I have tried to download Microsoft Office 2016 from the website, and uTorrent is another one I have tried as well. Whenever they download, it completes with a blank white default icon and they won't open when I try to.

I have run a full scan with malwarebytes and nothing was found. Anyone know how to fix this? I have successfully installed Firefox and Security Essentials too.

A:Can't open some downloaded .exe files

TSF does not support the use of Bit Torrent Clients like UTorrent etc. They consider this a tool to download pirated software, Mention of Torrents or UTorrent or any other Bit Torrent client will get your thread closed and a stiff warning.
That being said, Which Browser are you using? Clear the internet cache. Choose a different Download location. Try a different browser. Do you have any other security Software/Firewall configured?

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Right clicking a downloaded file used to allow you to scan it before you did anything with it (like Installing) But now right clicking the file does not give that option.
It used to allow scan with my AV
and scan with Malwarebytes

Is there now a way to do this before doing anything with the downloaded file?

A:How to scan downloaded files??

Originally Posted by Harrier

Right clicking a downloaded file used to allow you to scan it before you did anything with it (like Installing) But now right clicking the file does not give that option.
It used to allow scan with my AV
and scan with Malwarebytes

Is there now a way to do this before doing anything with the downloaded file?


I just installed the 14 day trial version & played with it a bit.
You need to activate the context menu option.
A picture-

Then when right clicking a download you will see the scan option -

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So I downloaded mkv file in Firefox, but instead of saving it I clicked open :xp:
So after the file got downloaded the video opened by itself. I tried saving the video but it crashed while saving it.
So can I find the backed up video somewhere on my C-drive or is it deleted permanently?
I am using Win XP-SP3.

A:Can I find my downloaded files?

The file is in a hidden Temporary Internet File, looking for it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. You can go to Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View put a check box in Show Hidden Files and Folders, and uncheck Hide extensions for known programs. Then do a Search for *.MKV files making sure you search for Hidden Files.
It would be far easier and faster to just re-download the file.

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I recently attempted to get help by posting this post in the HijackThis help forum. I got no response so I assume I put the post in the wrong place or something.

I really need help. My fiance's computer is about 1 year old and runs on Vista. The computer has been getting worse and worse to the point that it's almost unusable. The internet connection is unstable when using wireless, and recently it started downloading files to some weird unknown invisible temp folder. We are unable to download the Panda virus scanner in the "steps before asking the tech support forum for help" thread or any other program or thing that we try to download. I copied one of the error messages that come up when we try to download and open things:

External Protocal Request

an external application must be launched to handle this file: links.

Requested link:


Application: file

If you were not expecting this request it may be an attempt to exploit a weakness in that other program.
cancel this request unless you are sure it is not malicious.

(Launch application) (Cancel)


If I click "Launch application", nothing happens.

When we try to open and install files in .zip format, it says

"Cannot execute "C:\Users\CICUIT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EX00.022\setup.exe"
or whatever the filename for the file is.

No matter whe... Read more

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Every time I try to open IE I get a pop up "Track and View Your Downloads" which brings me to .htm file with a save prompt. I originally ran eset online and found the following infections:
MSIL/faketool.PS trojan
win32/InstallCore.PS (twice)
And several programs I was advised to use by the BC Advisor were blocked from installing. The downloads were corrupt with missing files. But I was able to use another PC to successfully download the files and completed the scans as directed.
The link to forum is:
At this point, no threats detected by Malwarebytes, Sophos, and ESET online scanner. However, both issues still exist (1) IE won't open (only the pop up appears) and (2) corrupted downloads.
We have also used Microsoft FixIt and Windows Repair (all in one)
Here is the DDS.Txt:
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17496
Run by cape at 15:10:30 on 2014-12-16
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.8190.5708 [GMT -5:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {4F35CFC4-45A3-FC37-EF17-759A02E39AB1}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {F4542E20-6399-F3B9-D5A7-4EE87964D00C}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\l... Read more

A:Keep seeing pop-ups in IE and downloaded files are corrupt

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Whenever I download a file a small red circular icon appears on the bottom left of the larger icon for the file I have downloaded. Whenever I then attempt to open the file it tells me that the path or folder is invalid. Please help?

A:Cannot open downloaded files.

It is ok now. I have a software package called Safe Space and it was that that was blocking my opening of any downloaded files. Many thanks anyway.

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Anyone know where XP, "media player8 in particular" downloads streaming, audio video etc... files to when you download? I thought it would be a generic .tmp file, but not so. To protect content I suppose. In the olden days, (Win98) it was easy to find them... I've looked high and low, even searched the registry.


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I believe my computer was used to access adult only video downloads. how do i delete these from my computer if there are any? windows xp

A:deleting downloaded files


With Your browser open click Tools at the top and choose Internet Options and click on Clear History button.
Also clean your Temp folders out.

Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune.

Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.
Under Main choose: Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.

If you use Firefox browser
Click Firefox at the top and choose: Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.
NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.

If you use Opera browser
Click Opera at the top and choose: Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.
NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.
Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.

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Well this a new one, yesterday I was downloading a movie, via Utorrent as I have done so many times before. As I do with all my films, I saved them in the directory downloads / Tv shows and films / films / movie title. As I expected, the torrent downloaded fine without any issues and I was about to get ready to watch the film when I noticed something odd. The folder containing TV shows had completely disappeared. Additionally, I then checked the films folder, to notice all but 4 films (Including the one being downloaded) had also disappeared. I've spent the past hour researching, running malware scans (found nothing), losing the files doesn't bother me, at most, its an inconvenience. What's concerning me is how this could have happened, as mentioned above, I have ran multiple scans and found no evidence that the torrent could have been infected. I've looked on a google for several hours and found very few cases of something like this happening. If anyone could shed any light on this situation or has experienced anything like it before, your assistance would great. Again apologies if this is not in the right place.

(edit - I should point out, when I say disappeared, I mean complete gone from my system. I have checked the recycle bin, tried searching the names of movies and so on. I only have to look at my partitioned drive to see the additional 150GB of space that it now has.)

Coincidentally, about 2 hours before this happened, I thought to myself I should really purchase I... Read more

A:Downloaded Files Disappeared

Hey JJLyon-

Have you tried doing a search for the actual files themselves? You might want to have a look at the Everything program, which is a good search utility to have around anyhow.

Also, you might take a quick look in the OneDrive folder in case they were Auto-saved. See HERE.


I just noticed that you already did try a search, so I guess disregard that part of this post.

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I work ( well actually volunteer )  in a school with 60 plus fully updated windows
7 machines - all have IE9 and Word Starter. Recently, we made the move to Active
Directory. Word Started worked for about a month after and then the system admins made
a change to the OU with the outcome being that WS now fails to function. Their
answer to this is that WS is not really an enterprise level product and should
not have been working at all and to remove it completely. I hesitate to do this
since I cannot reinstall it as it is an OEM product. I have moved everyone over
to Open Office ( this was installed as a backup on the image ) to fix that
emergency. Now, when teachers go to web sites that serve up .doc files, upon
download with IE9 ( ironically this does not happen in FireFox ), the file extension
actually changes to a .wiz file. Luckily, Open Office will open these but, I
have to reset the default program to open this file type every few reboots. I?m
needing to know what settings in AD might have been change or need to be
changed back to restore Word Starter functionality.
Thanks for any help.

A:IE9 changing all downloaded .doc files to .wiz


I suggest to go to
tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, click "Reset advanced settings" for
Also try to change another download location for test. And in Windows Explorer, do not show the extensions for files.
If the issue persists, you can try to reinstall IE9, or temporary return to IE8 to check if the same issue occurs.
Hope that helps.
Leo Huang
TechNet Community Support

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I downloaded a few files from my Onedrive and Internet (Application form) and when finished deleted them. I sent them to the recycle bin and emptied my recycle bin. The next day they reappeared. Every time I delete them, they still return the following day. I have tried permanently shredding and that has not worked. I have wiped all file history, cookies, cache etc. I can't access command prompt as I'm on my works computer. This has happened for months now. The computer runs on Windows 7.

A:Downloaded files keep re-appearing.

I think it is syncing with OneDrive which is what it is supposed to do. Go to your OneDrive and delete it there. At worst, I'd try going to OneDrive on the web and delete from there.

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I just downloaded some business cards template from H-P. They downloaded, but go into a win-zip format and I can't open them. (The site says it wil download into word. This has happened to me twice. If I try to un-zip they go to pictures in my Photo Suite softwaare.) I dohave ZipMagic on my Windows ME machine.

A:downloaded files go to winzip

Welcome to TSG myodie. I'm going to put your topic in the Business Applications forum since it evidently involves Word.

But do let us know what the file extension is on the files you are trying to download (you can also try right clicking on the link and selecting "save target as" to specify a download directory if possible). Try to supply a link to the files you are having problems with so others can check them out.

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I tried to get to the new thread under dvd burning but couldnt find "new thread" - This is my 1st time here so please forgive me. How does one get a downloaded file into dvdshrink so it can be processed for burning? I have dvdsanta but trying to get the best use out of dvdshrink and dvddecrypter also. Thanks and thanks for your understanding.

A:downloaded files and dvdshrink

ok new thread is usaully under the thread chart .it's a gray button .

well first of alll u need to turn the downloaded file in dvd form.For movies, avi is only one single file. i use turn avi movies into dvd form. after u've turned the avi movie into dvd form.go to dvd shrink, but i doubt the file will be over 4.7 gb. so this is mostly done with dvd movies.that are over 4.7 gb in size so that u are able to fit it on a dvd blank disk.

for dvd shrink to work u must open dvdshrink then press open files on the top menu . then select files then once that opens u press analysis. then after that's done edit what u want i usually get rid of the french language waste of space. then press back up and then whaa laaa . once that's done burn the files onto a disk using nero or any other burning program .

dvd decrypter works similar u open the movie in a drive then decrtypt it. then if the movie is still way to big then use dvd shrink
i usually only have to use dvd shrink though because dvd shrink has a bulit in decrypter .so it's an all in one process with dvd shrink .unless the file. is really protected then use dvd decrypter. have a nice day and good luck .

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I am using IE9 Browser on a Windows 7 Professional Platform. I would like to enable IE9 to open up a downloaded file (in this case .doc / .docx ) file directly without asking me if I want to Run / Save / Cancell the download.

(As an example : I have a word document on a website. When I click on the link for the word document I want it to open up directly in Word 2007. Without any prompts coming from the IE 9 Browser about saving or opening the file).

Is there a way to do this ?


A:How to Auto Run Downloaded Files in IE 9

1- With regards to auto opening documents IE downloaded I'm not sure that's possible.

2- With regards to wanting IE to automatically open documents once they're downloaded I'm not sure that's wise move! - Security/virus Issues.

Anyway I think #1 is intentional to prevent #2

My two cents.

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On a new Asus Laptop with W8.1 x64, fully updated, all downloads of executable files are suffixed _exe
instead of .exe (underscore exe instead of dot exe).

Renaming them to .exe fixes the issue but that does not fix the problem.

I have seen that there are a number of posts regarding this issue but none seem to have a definitive answer.

I was hoping that someone could steer me to an way to fix this that does not involve convoluted usage methods.



A:.exe files downloaded as _exe

Does this happen if you boot to Safe Mode with Networking? See here for how to get to Safe Mode with Networking:

How to Enable or Disable New Startup Options Boot Menu in Windows 8 and 8.1

See the last Note:

If you disable the Windows 8 Startup Options GUI boot menu, then you will be able to press F8 at boot to boot to the Advanced Boot Options screen.

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ok i want to save a zip file from downloading it, but everytime i click a link for a zip file it opens it directly up instead of asking to save or open it. how do i fix this?

A:saving downloaded files...

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hi can anyone help movie files ihave downloaded cause my computer to jam i right click the file to open with either vlc gom player or windows media player any one i chose and i get message its not responding only just started happening thats the first part of my prob the next part is over the past few weeks my pc has started to become very slow this has happend to me before my cpu is 46 percent ihave done a scan with spy bot and avast both say no trojans or viruses do all programs in the background need to be running some have system at the side of them some have my name how do i know which progs need to be running and which dont i would app any help off anyone thanks very much its driving me potty: last time this happend couldnt sort so had to reboot

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Hello, my name is Ryan and I'm having a problem with added UFO extencions to my downloaded files. I've recently put an email on a microsoft community support site, so here it is...

After downloading a specific type of file from online,
I am unable to access it in any way. This seems to happen
with files that are saved as the .UFO type. For example,
I've recently tried downloading AOL instant messenger,
which saved as Install_AIM.exe.ufo, but after double
clicking on the file, and trying to explore its contents I
am unable to open it in any way. Many other files I've
downloaded also cannot be opened. I have a windows XP home
edition, and I have netscape 7.0 as an internet provider.
Any help would be welcome. Thanks.

Hello Ryan,

It appears that some application is adding the .ufo extencion to your
downloaded files. This may be due to using some type of download manager or
even possibly some other 3rd party application running in the background,
you might want to check the settings in Netscape to see if the cause might
be with the browser. You might want to try the download using Internet
Explorer, if this is successfull then you might want to contact Netscape
support for assistance. Your example of the AOL (Install_AIM.exe.ufo)
download you might try to remove the .ufo from the file name and then
double-click the file to see it it will run.

Thank You

Bobby Mikkelson
After trying to download the file on the internet explorer, I found that the... Read more

A:problems with downloaded files

I have never seen any files with two extensions such as .exe.ufo

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Whenever i download a file such as .msi installer, .exe executable, or .zip archive with IE and run it, it crashes (not IE but the file that was downloaded.) This recently started happening on my Home Premium 64-bit Vista installation, and the problem remains after reinstalling Vista two times from scratch. If the file was downloaded on another PC and saved to a flash drive, it runs fine on Vista. I have tried the sfc /scannow command, as well as disabling any firewall, antivirus, etc. and changing the IE settings. This occurs on a clean installation of Windows Vista also. Here is the crash report, for example this time I was trying to install the FireFox installer after downloading it with IE:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Firefox Setup
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 44e24a66
Fault Module Name: Firefox Setup
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 44e24a66
Exception Code: c0000096
Exception Offset: 00003d99
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 8d13
Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
Additional Information 3: 8d13
Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311Read our privacy statement: Microsoft Online Crash Analysis

help with this issue would be GREATLY appreciated as it has been plaguing me for months!

A:Please help - Downloaded files are corrupted

I know and understand the problems you're having as I too have had the same issues. I'm running vista business 64bit connected via wifi to a belkin router, and when I download files (zip,rar,exe etc) they would all be corrupt. However I noticed this problem would come out of the blue and then vanish without explanation. After trying countless things to resolve the issue I made what I think may be a discovery:

Last night in an attempt to resolve the issue I disconected from my own home network and connected to my neightbours instead, and all of a sudden the problem was gone. When I reconnected to my own network the problem returned.

Now for the strange part, I have a vista 32bit laptop which is connected directly to the same belkin router via ethernet cable and it never has experienced this problem, however if I have something downloading directly onto the laptop, then at the same time start downloading something on my 64bit vista workstation via wifi, the problem disappears. In other words if my 64bit downloads without using my full 8mb bandwidth the problem goes away. So now I am getting past the problem by forcing my vista 64bit workstation to download alot slower than my bandwidth allows.

I have no earthly idea why this is happening, but in my case at least it would appear that the problem is localised to the network, or router or modem. As I stated when I connect to my neighbours 2mb wifi network the problem 100% stops!

If anyone can shed any further light on this is... Read more

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I downloaded a file and when I tried to install it, it said it was unable to download because files may be corrupted.

Since it was never installed on the computer, does it mean that I don't have the file anymore?

And if it is still on the computer, how do I find it and how do I get rid of it?

A:What happens to downloaded files that are not installed?

A file downloaded stays on the computer until you delete it. How do you find it? Look in the folder you downloaded it to. Depending on where or why the install failed, it may have left files in various places on your computer. Trying to find them to delete them could be very cumbersome and not always necessary.

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Hello, first post here, quite a beginner with computers, and I'm danish so sorry if my description might be a bit unclear ^^;

Less then a week ago I got a message, with a countdown, that say that new installations was almost finished, and that the computer needed to be restarted to finish the installations. Then I was given the choice to restart now, or wait.

After having restarted, I got a message saying that a .dll file had been misplaced, and another .dll file could not be installed correctly, also it said that I should get a new .dll file.
I don't remember the whole thing, but both files had windows32.exe in the name. And this message appeared every time I started the computer

Then I used the system-recreating option under the maintenance part in the control panel. And then the message stopped appearing.

But then, today, I got the same message as first descriped, and it all started again.
Now I have recreated the system again, but unsure of what to do next.
I have read about the windows32.exe files. but it seems as the whole thing cannot download.

I've got microsoft windows XP 2002, and AVG Free edition, also Norton Internet Security, but is is deactivated and I have never used it.

A:Windows32.exe Files Trying To Downloaded

Please read and follow all instructions in the pinned topic titled "Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log". You may have performed some of these steps already. About half way down are instructions for downloading HijackThis and creating a log.When you have done that, post a log in the HijackThis Logs and Analysis Forum, NOT here, for assistance by the HJT Team Experts. A member of the Team will walk you through, step by step, on how to clean your computer. If you post your log back in this thread, the response from the HJT Team will be delayed because your post will have to be moved. This means it will fall in line behind any others posted that same day.Start a new topic, give it a relevant title and post your log along with a brief description of your problem, a summary of any anti-malware tools you have used and a summary of any steps that you have performed on your own. Please include the top portion of the HijackThis log that lists version information. An expert will analyze your log and reply with instructions advising you what to fix.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response because the HJT Team members are very busy working logs posted before yours. They are volunteers who will help you out as soon as possible. Once you have made your post and are waiting, please DO NOT make another reply until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. Generally the staff checks the forum for postings that have 0 replies as this makes it e... Read more

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After downloading and saving an exe file from an internet site extension jpg is added so that file appears as filename.exe.jpg. This just recently started on my XP so I have done something to add the jpg file extension. If I rename the file without the jpg extension everything works fine. What have I done and how do I correct it?

A:jpg added to downloaded exe files

Not sure what happened to cause it. Since it happened recently, try system restore.;EN-US;Q306084


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i try to download a files and programs. it downloaded 100% complete but when i try to run it its does't run or open. even pictures from email that i downloaded it does't open. is there a problem in my downloading set up? help me please! thanks!

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I downloaded an electronics design program but I can't open the tex. files. When I go to 'find online' I get another reg fix download site. I don't need another reg fix program. What do I do to open a tex. file? I'm using windows OS Home XP with service pac 3 I know this is probably a dumb question, but my screen name says it all. Please have mercy. Thanks

A:can't open downloaded files

Are you sure that they are tex.files? Maybe txt. files?

What program and the URL for it would help us.


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I downloaded Norton Internet Security from the Net. Tried to install it but ran into a problem so I want to do an XP Home System Restore to a date earlier than the download. Doing so will lose all the recent downloaded Internet files so I need to find the NIS download file and burn it to CD before doing the restore. The desktop icon properties show the path but Windows Explorer only shows four temporary Internet folders, I think it creates new ones for each session, and I cannot find earlier ones. I've tried "show hidden files" but without success and have run a search in Explorer as well.

Any suggestions on how I can find older downloaded Internet files?

A:Where does IE6 put the downloaded program files?

Where the download is saved depends on your browser settings and whether you selected a folder at the time.
If you can remember the name of the downloaded file (or part of it) you can do a search for that file. If you cannot remember go back to the download site and follow the links to download and at some stage the filename will be visible.

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I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 10 but cannot figure out how to scan a single downloaded file within Avast anti-virus. Can anyone help please?

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i download a avi movie clip over ares.somehow it went into the corrupted files folder and turned into a 'STATE' file i think.cant play it got the Error ID = 0xC00D1199, Condition ID = 0x00000000!

A:cant play downloaded avi files

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I've googled for threads on this, but no fixes. I have seen some threads on this forum regarding this as well, one where the blame is mainly put on AVG Antivirus (even though one poster reports it happening on a machine with "NO Firewall, NO AV, NO UAC, Reset IE7 OR Newly installed Firefox (downloaded via another PC), One original User ADMIN account all running in Genuine Vista Ulitmate X86, SP1 and fully updated"), and another in which using Chrome is proposed.

What I'd really like to know is why my files disappear upon download completion.

It happens in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, but for some reason not in Chrome. I'm not switching to Chrome, so it's quite annoying having to switch between browsers to download a file. -And I guess I'm quite thankful I had Chrome installed before this happened.

I don't run a firewall other than my router's own, I have Avast Antivirus Home installed, and I've had it for several years without any problems. Disabling it doesn't change anything. I've done a full virus scan with no result, but I've never had virus issues anyway. UAC is turned off. Download location has no effect on the issue.

WHAT is going on? Anybody?

A:Downloaded files disappear

Try creating a new user account & see if it happens

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So I say this problem happened about 2 weeks ago. I've had this Compaq desktop for almost 4 years and never had this problem. The computer one day kept receiving the error "Windows Explorer has stopped working" (problem details)

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: InPageError
Error Status Code: c000009c
Faulting Media Type: 00000003
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 40d4
Additional Information 2: 4062ad41ec8067256aa4c5e2b56d3c79
Additional Information 3: 40d4
Additional Information 4: 4062ad41ec8067256aa4c5e2b56d3c79
Read our privacy statement: Microsoft Online Crash Analysis
and once I clicked "restart the program" the desktop apps would disappear and reappear and the "Windows Explorer has stopped working" error would keep repeating itself over and over again.

After finally getting rid of the problem after a couple Norton Full Scans and system restores, I downloaded an .avi file on the desktop and the error came up again. I caught a glimpse of the file before the desktop restarted itself and saw that the picture wasn't on the video file like all my other videos are. After I struggled to delete it, the problem was gone. So I thought that file was corrupt.

Only problem is that every file does that same thing. Like, I used a torrent to download a movie and the folder had several files in it, but the icon folder s... Read more

A:All downloaded files are corrupted.......I think

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I am sorry you are having some problems, so we need to start with this.

1. If you can go to the website and use there uninstaller to remove your anti-virus....Then install MSE here is the link and it's free and very good.

Anti-Malware, Virus, Spyware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials

After installing run a full scan and then report back with the results.

Malwarebytes free version, Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download

Until we know do not use any restore points, if there is something there we don't want to reinfect your system...

Run a sfc /scannow in safe mode after we make sure there is no virus or malware. Here is how,

System Files - SFC Command

Notice there is a space between the sfc and the forward slash. Please update us as to the results and then we can move forward...

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First I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this question. I currently have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro installed on my computer. I'm wondering what would I have to do in Windows in order to have the option to save files I download from email attachments or other ways as PDF instead of having to later on go back and save them as PDF.

Thank you

A:Save Downloaded Files as PDF

Welcome to the forum.

Are the attachments and/or other downloads, pdf files?

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Sometimes a file gets downloaded from the internet (willingly or not) but then I cannot find it. Is there a way to search to find the most recently created new files?

A:Finding downloaded files

Aren`t they going to your downloads folder, set it up so all your downloads will go there, it`s the default location in Windows 7, unless you`ve changed it.

In Chrome it`s in Settings/Advanced Settings/Downloads

Set it to download files to the downloads folder. You can always move them someplace else later.

Internet Explorer - Change Default Download Location

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I have this problem that most every file I download gets corrupted. From music files off iTunes to .exe files, they all get corrupted. I don't know if this is stemming from the same problem, but whenever I try watching Youtube videos, the red streaming bar will continue to fill up the bar as if the entire movie has finished downloading, but the video stops dead in the middle as if I reached the end of the video. It's probably not my internet connection, because when I tried connecting my laptop to the same Ethernet cable as my desktop, my laptop doesn't experience this problem. I've tried cleaning my registry which didn't help as well. It could be malware, but unfortunately, I can't update Adaware or AVG as the update files aren't immune from this problem. My computer specs are below, and any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A:Downloaded Files Get Corrupted

may I suggest you follow the instructions on the bottom of your HJT thread 61(HJT Team)(comment posted only yesterday)If you need this topic reopened, please request this by sending the moderating team a PM with the address of the thread. This applies only to the original topic starter.YES please ; we need that thread reopened as i guess you are still infected ( and have seeminlgy a corrupted antivirus program too )and need the Team to clean you may one ask if you do P2P stuff on that computer?

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hello team i notice i have some damaged downloaded program files. Please see attachment. Is there anything i can delete there, and what can i do to fix the damaged ones? Im always trying to clean up unneccessary files, and programs etc. I dont know much but remember the list there was smaller. I do have 2 screenshots from the past if needed but this list got big quick, and seems to have lotsa damaged files?

A:Downloaded program files

You will need to be more specific as to what program this is in reference to .
Also if you could supply the other screen shots that would be of help also.


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I have two programs in this folder , one of which is my antivirus(norton) and the other is I ran an hijack this log about a week ago and it did not show up on the log. Ikeep a log to compare readings, this scan it showed up on the hjt log. Are these programs already installed and can be deleted from the folder?

A:Downloaded program files?

The Norton one will be your update ActiveX,
The Flash is macromedia ActiveX control.

Both can be deleted,

However when you next update Norton it will be reinstalled, and by deleting the shockwave control will mean you will not be able to view some websites properly

Both are legitimate controls and can be safely left on your system

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hi.. I have recently downloaded quite a few mp3 files using the dowload manager called ReGet 4.0... once the file is downloaded im having a hard time finding the file in my computer.. thereofre i am unable to burn them on a disk or to add to a playlist.. I am looking where i saved the files but they just arent there.. I also tried to zip them and unzip them.. Please help!! thank you so much!

A:how to retrieve downloaded files?!?!?

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I have downloaded different files that I am trying to delete. I delete the file underdownloads but it is still under the screensavers or background.I am trying to clean up things and can't seem to get rid of them. I have windows 98 and microsoft but can't seem to get help from them. How many places are there to delete one file?

A:downloaded files won't delete.

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Hi everyone!

I am tryng CIS free on a useless netbook (where sometimes I try sw without messing up with my primary PCs).

when I start the browser (FF) in CIS sandbox and I download files, then I can access them only in FF download manager (the arrow on the top right). I can't find them in my download folder, I can't find them in shared space.
Could you tell me where I am wrong? where should i find them? because I want to use them out of the sandbox (they remain in the sandbox)

I mean I d like to do like in SBIE .

Maybe I set the security option wrongly

Looking forward to hearing from you

thank you in advance

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Well, the other day I swapped out my harddrive, It died trying to install a power supply (that is another story in general) but I bought a new one. I installed vista onto it, it works fine and everything, there's a few thing wrong though.

The biggest may be that I can't install any files from windows update, or anything I needed to download like Mozilla firefox. It simply says "Firefox has stopped working" right after I press allow. Get this, I'm already logged in as admin.

Another error is that youtube videos aren't working. I installed adobe flash just fine, well not just fine, there were like timestamp errors and other garbage in the way, but flash player installed.

I'm sure there are more sypmtoms.. I just can't really think of them right now.

Help would be greatly appreciated if possible, but if not, I guess i'm gonna have to waste money on a tech guy who probably won't do anything..

A:Can't install any downloaded files?

Start by checking the system clock.
If the CMOS was reset,then the clock will be set to
the default time and date.
Believe it or not that can cause all kinds of software problems.

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Hello everyone,

Everytime I open a downloaded file, I see a ASCII Filter options window. The document opens up to a bunch of symbols that I do not understand. I have Open Office and the problem may be connected to that program. Anyone know how fix this problem. I have been researching this issue for a bit but have no luck finding a solution.

A:Help with opening downloaded files

Welcome to TSG. What files are you talking about, and what program are you opening them in? What is the three letter extention of these files, ie .exe, .doc, .iso ?

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All of a sudden I cant open any downloaded files. It shows that it downloads but then just disappears. I have even tried saving the file and it wont save. I cant figure out what is wrong. I have read some different blogs that say it could be windows defender which I do have on my computer but I am scared to remove it because I cant afford for my computer to start messing up, I start online classes on Monday! UGH...please help.

A:Can't open any downloaded files

What browser are you using? Try a different browser like Firefox. Also you can change the download location to a different directory or folder. Have tried to download the same program again? It should list the previous download location so you know where it went. Or you can do a Search for the name of the downloaded file

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Hi, and thanks in advance for your help.

First, please note that this download problem does not seem to be browser-related. It happened both in Firefox and IE.

When I receive an attachment in an email and click to download it on FF, a FF download window opens up and I see the "progress" of the download happening. This is all normal. But when I click to open in (or try to right click to open off a menu) --- nothing happens. If I click save instead of open --- nothing saved where I've sent it.

Same as above if I click to download a PDF or exe file from a website. (With one strange exception: if I click on a link that instead of opening a pdf file directly, opens a new tab which then, with no further action from me, somehow "opens" a pdf, either in the tab, OR as a stand alone pdf --- appearing in the tray of open programs under the Adobe icon at the bottom of my screen --- which I then can save!)

On IE, the only difference is that once the dialogue box appears asking whether I'd like to save or open, and i click on one or the other, the dialogue box closes, but nothing has been opened or saved.

I run AVG anti-virus (free version), which is up to date, and reports no problems. I run a scan using their PC Analyser, which found some registry errors ---- which i could fix using their PC Tune-up..... except I can't open the download of its exe file!

I also run Zone Alarm's free fire wall product. I have run both these prote... Read more

A:I can't open downloaded files -- HELP!

When using Firefox, the download dialog shows your file and it's progress. When it's done, if you double click on the listing, it will attempt to open or run the file. Have you tried that to see if it works?

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Let me explain my problem, maybe it has to do with my windows xp or whatever.

When I download from a certain site a pdf file, that file is saved in my computer as an udeletable file. A nod32 scan of the file returns a number of either 2 or three files scanned while I only scan one! Malwarebytes detects only 1 file and both detect as clean.

It happens with both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer!

If I save the file under a different name after opening it with Acrobat 8.1 the file becomes "normal" i.e. deletable

If I copy paste to another computer the file behaves again normally. Downloading from the same site on other computers of my network I have no problem whatsoever

Are the windows corrupted?
Did I do something in the Browser?

I thank you in advance and I appreciate your help apriori

A:Downloaded pdf files are undeletable


Can you tell me what the site is that you are having problems with and I can see what happens for me.


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I have a Downloaded Program File entry, that has "unknown status", no creation date, and it says "none" under Last Accessed.

It does claim to be 4kb's in size.

This program file has no name, but instead, is a grouping of numbers and letters, all enclosed in parenthese..{}.

Highlighting it, and right clicking it only brings up the properties of the entry.

It cannot be deleted either from the keyboard, or from the menu...File>delete..Edit>cut.

The properties of this entry show it to be an Active X control, (with no creation date, no access date and no status. It does not appear to be does not say that there are any damaged files associated with it).

I dont feel comfortable giving you the codebase http address, because Im not sure if it turns into a link that anyone can access. But I will tell you that it includes the words; fpdownload, macromedia, polarbear,

Using my search bar to go to that location brings me to a folder, with an apparent program that has yet to be installed.

There are 3 icons in this cab folder...a .dll icon, a configuration/notepad icon with the name "erma", and the remaining icon is an INSTALL icon.

Clicking on any of these icons brings up a command to "extract", or copy.

I do vaguely remember going to, ( a couple of weeks ago, and downloading and installing the adobe flash player and the shockwave player. I seem to remember that when I first began us... Read more

A:Downloaded Program Files, SOPHOS:" is normally a valid Macromedia Flash filename, and is a very good example of why you can?t trust files based on name alone. It?s pointed to in a similar way to last time so that it appears that Flash is asking you to download an update. But don?t be fooled, you definitely don?t want this ?update?."Submit it to jotti's virusscan or In the "File to upload & scan" box, browse to the location of the suspicious file and submit (upload) it for scanning/analysis. Post back with the results.

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