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Best way to Sync Outlook, iPhone, & iPad Emails, Contacts & Calendar?

Q: Best way to Sync Outlook, iPhone, & iPad Emails, Contacts & Calendar?

Hi everyone!

What is the best way to sync my emails, contacts, and calendar with my Outlook 2010 (win7 pc), iPhone, and iPad2?

Basically, I want to send/receive emails to all devices, and update my calendar and contacts on my Outlook, and then have my iOS devices update automatically be synced with my Outlook contacts and calendar, and vice versa.

I've used Microsoft Exchange in the past to do this, but it seems like over kill... and it's a little overcomplicated for me. I was hoping I could just do all this with Gmail, but it seems that I need MS Exchange to do it that way too.

Any help and advice is very appreciated!!!
I'll be on the forum all day, so let me know if I need to clarify what I'm asking.

Thank you!!

A: Best way to Sync Outlook, iPhone, & iPad Emails, Contacts & Calendar?

I do the emails and calendar using gmail (imap) and Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help

I've never bothered to look into syncing the contacts though.

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Sync Window Live Mail client & Ipad/iphone calendar

I have been asked to setup a calendar synchronisation between a Windows Livemail client, and iphone and ipad

They are already using WLM client on PC connected to thier own domain for email, which has NO calendar sync possible , so i cannot change the client software

So i decided the easiest thing was to create a live mail account ( and use that to sync all the calendars account (set up specially for this sync) and synced from the windows live mail client to the calendar and that all worked very well
WLM Client to ipad and iphone all worked

i do however have an issue

I setup the ipad and iphone using the hotmail option - I possibly should have chosen the exchange option

The issue an event created on the ipad or iphone calendar event is not synced back to the / WLM calendar ,but they do sync with each other all OK

WLM ==> === > ipad ==> iphone
all work that way

ipad ==> iphone OR iphone ==> ipad
all work ok

iphone/ipad created event == Does NOT update ==> wlm/

if i setup an event in the WLM calendar, which syncs to all devices, I can then delete the event via the ipad or iphone - it is deleted from the WLM/ calendars - so the ipad/iphone is talking back to the calendar for a delete action.

so what does not work is just that

an event created on ipad or iphone does not sync back to the WLM clie... Read more

A:Sync Window Live Mail client account & Ipad/iphone calendar only

i have solved the issue , and a really silly issue
I played today at my mother-in-law who has an ipad

and it all comes down to not selecting the correct calendar - i had not noticed birthdays was also selected
so i changed the new account to a Exchange account setting , and also notice i need to enter the info incorrectly first to then get prompted to enter the information

set the account up for just calendar
Set the calendar as default

and al works

just means she will only have 1 calendar , if she wants to sync between all devices

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I've had an Android for almost 2 years, and although I really love it I'm considering getting an iPhone when my contract ends (I have an iPod touch and just really starting liking some of the apps and user experience)

The only issue for me is I'm a heavy Google user: gmail, google calendar, google contacts, etc.

I love how right now I can add a contact or calendar event on my phone, and it immediately syncs to my Google account (or vice-versa syncs to my phone).

I did a bit of research so far on how this would work on an iPhone, and it seems there are apps but that you still need iTunes? Is that true? Or is there an app that will mimic the functionality I get on my Android?

I do plan to jailbreak it, if that helps any.


A:Is there a way to sync Google contacts/calendar on iPhone (just like Android?)

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I currently use Outlook 2010 because I have a paid license but I'm willing to upgrade.

This works Ok with iCloud but what I don't like is that I can't make my icloud calendar the default in Outlook so I don't get reminders on my PC. What I end up doing is manually copying critical appointments from my icloud calendar to my Outlook default calendar if I want to be sure to get a reminder on my PC!. This isn't ideal though. Does anyone have a better solution? I read that the latest Outlook 2016 doesn't sync at all so I can't upgrade Office. I wish MS and Apple would decide to work together instead of trying to defeat each other!!

I believe icloud will sync with windows 10 mail and calendar apps - is that true?

I've also heard of emclient being good but haven't tried it.

I'd really appreciate any input.


A:Best Windows SW to sync Calendar and contacts with iCloud/iPhone?

Hey Keith. Check out this wonderful tool to sync iphone with outlook: Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with iPhone using Sync2 software
Works like a charm and if there are any issues - they have top notch live chat support. Great pleasure to work with them.


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I am experiencing an issue trying to establish a 2 way sync between Outlook 2007 Calendar on a W7 PC and a new iPhone 5 using iTunes. When I plug the phone into the PC and iTunes launches, I am successful syncing the Outlook calendar to the phone, but cannot get calendar entries created on the phone to appear in the Calendar on the PC.
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks is advance.

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Just bought a new PC. Downloaded Outlook 2010 - 32 bit and have most up to date version of itunes. When I try and sync my iPhone 3 it does not sync the events from my calendar on the phone to my outlook 2010. Any suggestions??? I have tried uninstalling both Outlook and iTunes but still not getting anywhere.

A:Iphone 3 won't sync with Outlook 2010 calendar

I am not personally familiar with the process, but I found this guide:
How to Sync iPhone with Outlook Calender 2010 - Mobile Phones Questions & Answers

Please post back to let us know if it helps.

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Hello knowledgeable ones:

Until last week I was using outlook 2003, an older versions of itunes, and an ipod, and was able to back up my outlook contacts and calender through itunes and right to the ipod, no problem.

Now, however, I have had to upgrade everything so they can handshake correctly. This has meant going to Outlook 2007, the latest itunes, an iphone 5, and the icloud. My entire goal is to have the contacts in outlook match the contacts in both the cloud and the phone.

In using the icloud control on both of these, I now have the following: a variety of calenders in my outlook with names like calender in icloud, home in icloud, and my calender, all in lovely pastel shades. The phone has one calendar with only the occasionally dupes on a given date.

The phone, however, is a disaster, with as many as three dupes of the same name. Looking at Outlook, I have a slew of contacts, some dupes, many that I though i had deleted from outlook. Also two categories of contacts, icloud and my contacts, with sub-directories in each. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that the contacts tab under my contacts was completely blank following a sync to the cloud, only to then find the other five versions, which, of course, I would like to have agree with each other. The icloud interface on line shows dupe contacts as well.

I understand that one person may not have all the answers to all the parts of this; I am on an iphone forum as well, trying to figure ... Read more

A:Cannot sync Outlook 2007 contacts and calendars with icloud and iphone

Hello jdkoerner, welcome to Seven Forums.

Quite a lot of information in the following:
iCloud and Outlook Sync Problems and Solutions - Slipstick Systems

Maybe something there to help.

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I just switched from WLM to outlook 07 and was wondering whats the best way to sync my calendar and contacts over?

A:How to sync WLM calendar and contacts to outlook 2007

Hello Joronamo
Apparently the answer is no.
Refer post by Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP [Mail] in the link below.
Sync Windows Vista Mail/Calendar/Contacts with Outlook - Windows Vista Mail

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When syncing Outlook 07 contacts with 3G iPhone, the emails don't always sync.
I think what is happening is -
If the Outlook email Display As field is 'NAME([email protected])' iPhone will list NAME.
If the Outlook Display As is "[email protected]", then the email will display correctly in iPhone. there a way to globally change the email Display As to show only [email protected] in Outlook?

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A widespread problem? My Outlook 2016 Mail is performing normally in Windows 10 and syncing mail with my phone. However...I cannot sync my calendar or contacts into my Lumia 735. I get hints (nothing specific) from online searching that since my service provider (Time Warner) doesn't use MS Exchange, that the syncing can't be done. Can anyone verify that?
My mail is transferred cleanly, but contacts and calendar won't come over to the phone.
Any ideas about a solution?
Windows 10 Anniversary version
Windows Phone 10 ...1594.03084

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I downloaded and ran AVG PC Tuneup and it cleaned up (by deleting) about 11,000 windows files and other files, as well as 'cleaned' registry keys, etc. Their customer support has been pretty useless and my laptop running win 7 has so many issues that I plan on doing a restore to the original image delivered 2 years ago. Windows backup shows my last backup as Sept 2013 - though I thought it was supposed to back things up weekly.

That being said, in Outlook 2010 (which I have the CD for) I have 3 mail accounts with lots of emails and contacts, as well as Calendar events that I would like to export and then import into a clean version of Outlook. (Note that the contacts may also be part of groups, etc. that I would like to keep intact). I have seen online info about exporting and creating a pst file for emails, but it seems that contacts and the calendar might be separate. I just want three files that will pull back my original folders, the emails in the folders, my calendar, the contacts for those accounts (separated contacts for each email accnt and any groups that they might be in), etc. Is there one function that will do this? Is this just a simple export to a pst or ??? I don't want to lose any data so want to do it right the first time.

Any input as to how I would do this would be greatly appreciated.


A:Need to Export Emails, Contacts, Calendar into a clean ver of Outlook

Before you change anything have you checked to see if you have a Recovery point that you can use.

Open Control Panel, select Recovery & see if there is a Restore point you can use that is before the current dilemma. It may save you a lot of work.

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New problem: cannot WiFi sync iPad/iPhone. Wi-fi sync worked fine prior to new version of iTunes. Apple support is no help: I've checked everything with Apple (& Verizon) troubleshooting. They're suggesting Restore. Also suggested I uninstall/reinstall my Internet Security (Kaspersky 2012). Any thoughts?

A:Wi Fi Sync - iPhone/iPad to iTunes on PC

Closing duplicate thread, you already have one going here:

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I can't sync contacts between ipad and my newer laptop with outlook 2013. My contacts sync instantly between same ipad and my older laptop with outlook 2007. Both have windows 7. Is this a settings issue?

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Ok..... this one had me really tearing my hair out. For months, trying to get iTunes to "see" my Apple iPhone on my Windows 7 x64 system was like pulling teeth. But I've finally got it to work with a compatibility workaround!


1) Start iTunes
2) Plug in iPhone
3) iTunes freezes for at least 5 minutes or longer
4) iTunes becomes responsive but no iPhone is recognised (thus no sync can happen)

This would also happen with 1) & 2) reversed (i.e. plugin phone (which Windows 7 x64 recognises immediately)) and then start iTunes. Same freeze up/lock up for 5 mins or longer.

What I tried:

I'd love to bill Apple for the lost time where I tried almost everything out there written on the web. There are hundreds of threads about this very problem going back at least three years.

I tried Apple's "fixes" by restarting their services - no joy
I tried (of course) updating all drivers (Win 7 said I was using latest drivers OK)
I tried updating to every new issue of iTunes that came out but there was never any resolution.
I've wiped out Apple softeare and reinstalled, System Restored and all to no avail.

Then I realised the real problem. Actually the iTunes/iPhone/Win7 x64 combination just does not work, period. Apple seem unwilling (or can't be bothered to effect a fix). They must know about this its all over the net. They just don't care.

So... the solution:

1) Right click the iTunes icon
2) Click 'Properties'
3) Click the 'Compatibility' T... Read more

A:Windows 7 x64 freezes freezing iTunes iPod iPhone iPad sync [SOLVED]

Thank you very much for this post! To date I do not have any Apple products but I was considering buying the next iphone. This heads up will save a lot of time should I run into problems!

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I have three sets of contacts - WLM for my computer and iPad for email, and iPhone contacts that I use primarily for phone calls.

Last night I cleaned up my WLM contacts by deleting many and combining some. Now, I want to transport the cleaned contacts listings to two iPhones and an iPad. I have a CSV copy of the cleaned WLM contacts, and can easily add phone numbers.

I also want to sync all of the devices so that a change to one appears on all. Is this done through the cloud?

Any help or referral to a URL that explains how to do this is appreciated.


A:What's the best way to sync my Gmail contacts with iPhone/Pad?

To be more specific - I'm wanting to go from a WLM contact to the iPhone contact represented by the attached screenshot. I have a CSV database for my WLM contacts. Is there some way to import that into my iPhone so that it recognizes phone numbers for telephone and texting?

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Hello. I hope this is the correct forum.
Two questions about syncing an iPhone.
1. My iPhone 5 was at capacity so I deleted songs. I then backed it up to the iCloud. Now my iPhone 6 has larger capacity. How can I sync all songs in my iTunes library to the new iPhone? I assume there is a manual way of doing this and then the songs will sync to the iCloud in due course.
2. I've never known how to sync my calendar and contacts between my Outlook and my iPhone. How do I do this?
I have a PC with Windows 7.


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I'm getting rid of OfficeCalendar and am looking for new software to synchronize Outlook 2003 calendar and contacts between 5 users. What would everyone suggest?

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Is there a way that I can sync my Outlook contacts with my Iphone 4s so that the contact appears as displayed by outlook.
Example: Mr. Richard Jones
FILE AS: Rich Jones

This is the option to display in outlook and I would prefer to display on phone the same.

A:Sync Outlook with Iphone display in Iphone name from outlook: FILE AS:

Hello. I have an android phone which is synced with my gmail account. I have eyed the new iphone 5 and will soon be moving data and contacts from my android to my iphone.

Before migrating to the iphone and mess up something with my contacts, i want to sync all to my outlook. So I wish to achieve sync from Android to Outlook and then from Outlook to the new iphone - is that possible?

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On my friend's Win 8.1 computer, he accesses his email [email protected] using Gmail. He also has a Windows phone and accesses that same Gmail account there.

On the phone it is set to also sync the Contacts and Calendar. But the Contacts and Calendar are not syncing. He claims that it used to work, and that seems to be true since there are a lot of contacts listed on the phone.

I've done some research and found that Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is used for this syncing. I've also found that there is inconsistent info about whether or not GMail still supports EAS. Some sources on the web say Gmail does not support it any longer, some say they only still support it if you have Google Apps for Business. But my friend does have Google Apps for Business, I confirmed that by checking in his Gmail account, I can see the history of the billing, he has had it for almost two years.

Can anyone help clear this up?


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I'm using the "live" mail service from Microsoft.
I want to ask if there is a possibility to synchronize contacts and calendar.
My client is a Microsoft Outlook 2010 (maybe in the future a Windows Phone or android).
Is there a way?

A:live mail --> sync contacts and calendar?

Hi till now I didn't find anything doing it.
I'll up here just for a last try ...

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Hello, I have multiple issues regarding address books and contacts. I am currently trying to organize multiple address books on my Win 2000 desktop(outlook express) my laptop XP (outlook 2007) and my IPhone 3G. They are a mess because of old cell phone backups combined with address book entries. I now have multiple entries for numerous contacts etc.
After organizing all these contacts/address books I would like to import to my new Win 7 desktop (outlook 2010 beta) and retire my Win 2000 desktop. These are all stand alone computers that are not networked other than through a router to share broadband access.
I tried searching for software to help combine and organize all three of these but had no luck.
I then tried manually updating all my contacts on my laptop and Iphone but I ran into a glich of sorts. After making the changes on my Iphone and doing a ITunes sync, some of the contacts disappeared. Right now I am not sure how many, but I noticed a few of the ones I use alot are gone on both my laptop and Iphone.
I do not subscribe to or use the "mobile me" feature.
I have spent quite a bit of time searching the net without finding a solution.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!
Thank You!

A:Fix, Organize and synchronize Outlook contacts and Iphone Contacts

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Can't sync iPas/iPod with Outlook

I have an iPad 2 and Outlook 2003. Outlook won't sync with my iPad..

However, they will sync on another computer. Then I can clear the iPad calendar and then sync to main computer but the old calendar info syncs.

Outlook/ my computer seem to be holding on to the old calendar info in some kind of cache.

Any ideas?

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I currently use Outlook 2010 for work and have a lot of appointments.
How would I sync this across to my personal Gmail calendar?


A:How do I sync my Outlook calendar with my Google (GMAIL) calendar?

hi see if this will help you out. How to Sync Google and Outlook Calendars - How-To - PC Advisor

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It seems that Google?s sync program just syncs it's calendar with the default Outlook calendar.

Does anyone know if there is any way to just sync one particular calendar with Google's? Not Outlooks default calendar. I don?t want all my personal info going over to a ?group Google? calendar.


A:How to sync a particular Outlook 2010 calendar with Google calendar

Go through these 2 links.
Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help
Transfer calendars between Outlook and Google Calendar - Outlook -

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My computer crashed on me the other day and was giving me the following message "cannot start because the System32\DRIVERS\pci.sys is corrupt "

After trying everything I ended up reinstalling Win XP on another folder in the C Drive

NOw I am trying to find the folder where all my calendar information, my contacts and my emails where but I can not see it.
I tried looking in My computer for a *.pst file and did not have any luck

Any Ideas?
Thanks again

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If I have calendar items already on my iPhone, and I decide I want to start syncing with Outlook, is it safe for me to just enable the calendar sync, or do I risk overwriting the iPhone data instead of the Outlook data?

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows the answer to this question.

A:Outlook and iPhone Calendar

I thought you had the option to decide which way to sync, or to allow a 2 way sync?

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How can I (if it is possible) to sync the calendar in outlook 2010 with my iphone 5 calendar? thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

Download and use the icloud control panel on your pc and it should sync.

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how can I sync my iphone calendar with microsoft outlook? Thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

mattts6887, I use iTunes and set it up for syncing the calendars. One thing Outlook can not be open when you sync
or it won't do it properly.

I sync with my iPhone and iPad calendars with my outlook 2010.

Assuming that you don't have a really old version of outlook..


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My e mails either end up on outlook or I phone but to both . Sometimes go to both. Sometimes iPhone will delete emails automatically help!!,

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I used to be able to sync my iphone to Outlook, but it stopped doing it (years ago actually). I got by without it but need to do it now.
I've looked on Google and have checked various solutions (location of .pst file, removed everything except iTunes Outlook Addin in the Trust Centre) and nothing worked.
I'm running windows 7 and iOS 6.1.2
Help will be appreciated

A:iphone wont sync to Outlook

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I synced my iPhone with my Outlook for the first time and all my calendar events (all are work-related) have been deleted from my computer! The ones from the past that I accepted from my iPhone's outlook are still on the phone. I can't figure out how to sync the iPhone to the Outlook. I do not have Google Calendar.

I have tried Edit -> Preferences -> Devices -> Reset Sync History, but I think that only applies to resetting the device info, not the computer.

My iTunes settings are such that devices do not automatically sync. In iTunes under my iPhone and Info, I have it to sync Outlook -> All Calendars (as there is only one on this comp).

Please help! I need all my calendars to be available at all times.

Thank you!!

A:iPhone deleted my entire Outlook calendar

I hope this helps: How to Repair & Recover Outlook Calendar |

I am anxious to know if it helps, please reply with the result.

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Hi I am running Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 and an iPhone. I downloaded google sync yesterday because I want to see my job's work calendar as well as my personal calendar (I set it to sync from outlook to google) and when I plugged my iPhone in to sync it and my calendar disappeared off outlook and the phone. When I go onto google all of the calendar items are still there so I backed that up. Can someone please help?

Thanks for looking at my issue!

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Hi everyone, I have a friend who need some help:

Hello TTran,

Sorry to bother you with a private message but I could not find how to start a thread on the forum asking for help on one particular problem.
If you could spare some time here is my question:
- I run Windows 7 Ultimate and Outlook 2007.
- I enter my hotmail address into Outlook Connector, so Hotmail is my default message handler in Outlook. Every thing runs normally until I discover that I cannot sync my Contacts with my iPhone, either with iTunes or with MobileMe, although the "Contacts" folder in Outlook contains 300+ names.
After some investigation I found some explanation:
- The Contacts displayed in the Contacts folder of Outlook are from my hotmail address book (contacts in [email protected]), and the Outlook contact book is empty!!! No wonder that the result of the sync is nil, because the only option in the sync procedure is to sync Contacts with Outlook.
In order to sync my contacts with my iPhone I think that I need to Move/Copy all the contacts from (contacts in [email protected]) to the Outlook Address book.
I don't know if it is possible or not.
Could you tell me and post this message on the forum for discussion?

Thanks a lot

A:problem with sync Contact from Outlook to Iphone

Outlook must be the default mail provider in order for the Outlook Addin to synch with Iphone,
Iphone does not recognise a proxy mail server such as hotmail.
When Itunes is opened and the Iphone is connected and synch is initiated, Itunes Outlook Addin initiates the call to synch the phone contacts/mail and calender events through the default Outlook program.


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I have an issue with the shared contacts in Outlook 2007 through Exchange.
We are 5 people at the office who need to access this list via our Iphones as well as through Outlook. Outlook is not the problem, everyone has this list there. It seemes though like Im the only one to access this list at Groups on my Iphone.

Everyone is has been set as Owner in Permission.

Doesnt Iphone support this?
Is there any other way to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!

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I sent myself some new calendar appointments/requests from Outlook at my office to my iPhone (via my hotmail).

For some reason, the invitations that appear on the iPhone are an hour out. E.g. I send a meeting for 0930 and the iPhone enters it as 1030 in the invitations/calendar. I presume it has something to do with the time zones, but these appear to be the same.

It's a problem at the iPhone end, because if I view the invite on my hotmail on a PC, the times are correct.

Anyone had this problem?


A:iPhone - calendar invites from Outlook - wrong time

Problem solved! I had been overseas and the time had changed back but the time zone had not.

You also have to change the time zone of the calendar as well as the clock, by switching off automatic.

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I have an iPhone and began using it when I had Outlook 2007 running under XP. Everything worked fine. I got a new laptop with Vista 64-bit. Now when I sync my iPhone everything still works just fine .. except for contacts where I have associated an iPhone picture with them. The contact (including the picture) lives in my 'Contacts' in Outlook 2007 but when I go to send a new e-mail message to one of those contacts they do not show up - any clues how to resolve? This didn't happen before. Thanks!!

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I have a new laptop running Windows 7. I downloaded Office Office Professional Plus 2010. I tried to both import saved .pst files imported from my old computer but that didn't seem to work. So tried to sync my Iphone with Outlook hoping to load that information onto Outlook but Outlook crashed & will no longer open.

How do I import my old records to Outlook as the Import/Export function didn't seem to work?
Is there anyway to sync an I phone to Outlook 2010?

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: before that how do I get my Outlook to function at all?


A:Outlook 2010 will not open after attempting to sync Iphone

Quote: Originally Posted by SheilaV1


I have a new laptop running Windows 7. I downloaded Office Office Professional Plus 2010. I tried to both import saved .pst files imported from my old computer but that didn't seem to work. So tried to sync my Iphone with Outlook hoping to load that information onto Outlook but Outlook crashed & will no longer open.

How do I import my old records to Outlook as the Import/Export function didn't seem to work?
Is there anyway to sync an I phone to Outlook 2010?

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: before that how do I get my Outlook to function at all?


Sheila, Welcome to Windows 7 Support forums,
I will answer your issues in 2 parts! The issue of Iphone and Outlook, specificall the sync issue is not the fault of Windows 7 or Outlook. The issue revolves around Apple and the Itunes program. Previous versions of Itunes have a small bridge program which is an add on, the add ons are used for specific program calls such as Outlook, outlook uses the add ons to sync data from within their databases to import/export data to and from specific programs. When Office 2010 was released as a beta and now final Apple had not written the add in for outlook to execure. It gets even more complex as Office is now released in a 64 bit version so the Itunes v9.1.1 has no such add in yet.
The second issue of Outlook importing in pst files caused a corruption so I woulsd remove Outlook and re-install dependin... Read more

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Somewhere in the update/install process of Windows 10 (and re-installing Outlook 2007), I lost my contacts in my Outlook account. The contacts remain in my iCloud account and on my iPhone. Can some please instruct me on how to import all the contacts back in to my desktop Outlook 2007 application?

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I use Outlook as my primary calendar app at home, and either GMail or my iPhone calendar when I am away. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these three services to talk to each other.
Does anyone know of any programs or services I can use to keep my calendar synchronized? I wouldn't mind dropping GMail from the loop entirely and just having Outlook <-> iPhone synching to each other. Or if anyone has any suggestions for other super awesome calendar apps I'd consider that - but I admit I am pretty fond of Outlook at the moment.
Thanks for your help.

A:Calendar Apps: Syncing Outlook -> GMail & iPhone (or alternatives)

Are you using a personal email account with Outlook, or a company account? If you're using a company account, you can set up your email on your iPhone using the Exchange account setup wizard, and that will sync over your calendar to your phone.
If you're using a personal email account, it's probably either POP or IMAP. Outlook calendar and contacts can be synced to your iPhone, but you'll have to use a manual sync with the phone connected to the computer:
You can also sync Outlook to Gmail, but you'll again need to hool up the phone to the computer and download Google's calendar sync program to your desktop:
Hope this helps.

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Our CFO is trying to sync his office (Outlook 2007) e-mail to his new iPhone 3GS but is unable to do so. I've tried looking on forums, Outlook help and Apple help, with no luck.

Some are saying the phone cannot sync with outlook but he says he has a friend whose phone receives Outlook e-mails just fine.

Currently trying to add-on iTunes to Outlook's trusted apps but the Apple website says iTunes does not sync e-mails to the iPhone as others have suggested.

(Apple tech support runs around in circles ultimately blaming Outlook.) Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Can't sync iPhone 3GS with Microsoft Outlook 2007 E-MAILS

How is Outlook setup? Exchange server? POP3? Imap?

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Hello everyone,
I am asking for help on one particular problem.
If you could spare some time here is my question:
- I run Win7 Ultimate and Outlook 2007.
- I enter my hotmail address into Outlook Connector, so Hotmail is my default message handler in Outlook. Every thing runs normally until I discover that I cannot sync my Contacts with my iPhone, either with iTunes or with MobileMe, although the "Contacts" folder in Outlook contains 300+ names.
After some investigation I found some explanation:
- The Contacts displayed in the Contacts folder of Outlook are from my hotmail address book (contacts in EMAIL REMOVED), and the Outlook contact book is empty!!! No wonder that the result of the sync is nil, because the only option in the sync procedure is to sync Contacts with Outlook.
In order to sync my contacts with my iPhone I think that I need to Move/Copy/Import all the contacts from (contacts in EMAIL REMOVED) to the Outlook Address book.
I don't know if it is possible or not.
Could you tell me?
All inputs are appreciated.
Thank you

A:Windows 7 Outlook 2007 Address book and Sync with iPhone

Well, you can copy/paste them by doing Select All (CTRL-A) on the Hotmail contacts list in Outlook, then Copy (CTRL-C), then switch to the Outlook contact book and Paste (CTRL-V). That should hold you over until a little later this summer when Hotmail adds official support for wireless iPhone contact syncing via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Hope that helps!

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I work at home using Windows XP and a remote desktop connection (RDC), specifically Terminal Services. I want to be able to sinc my pda with my Outlook calendar and contacts (don't care about the email) which are located on the remote server. My pda does not support the remote connection, so that is not possible directly. Besides the RDC, we have web Outlook, on which I can get my email, contact, calendar... everything... through the web, without connecting to the server through the RDC. I have set up a pop3 account to download the email to my hard drive, but this is not what I want to do. I keep far too many emails and would just as soon not download them, since all I want downloaded are my calendar and contacts so I can sinc it with my pda. I don't even care that I could not upload from my pda. All I want to do is to get my up-to-date calendar onto my pda, so when I go to meetings I have it with me. It is ok, if I have to enter new calendar items directly through the RDC and not upload from my pda.
The question is...can I download my calendar and contacts through a pop3 account, or otherwise??? Also, is there a way to do that without downloading the emails?
Thanks for your help.

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How can you sync Outlook 2003 contacts between 4 computers on a small home network?

A:Sync Outlook contacts

Hi there, welcome to the board!

Well, you could point them all to the same pst file. Or you could just export the data (File | Export...) on the main machine, and then import on the other 3. Not sure what else you're going for. The export/import is probably the easiest way, because you can specify just the contacts on export. But doing it that way will not export updates. On the other hand, if you did have updates you could do the export/import cycle again, and then on import just select to update values (do what you want with duplicates).

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Hi, I am trying to make an excel file link to an Outlook Calendar. Basically I have three columns: Subject, Date, Body, Contact. Ideally I would like to make an appointment for every row. The subject would be the subject of the appointment, the date is when the reminder would go off, the body will read the same thing every time "This proposal was submitted 60 days ago," and the contact is the person who should receive the reminder. Just like how you invite people to an event or meeting in Outlook. This list will be actively added to, so I have included a button to run the macro to update the calendar. Unfortunately I have only have gotten Outlook to pop up and then it runs into errors when trying to create the appointment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am running in Excel 2010, and have a bit of experience in VBA but have never done something quite like this. Thanks!

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Some questions about Windows 8 People (contacts) and Calendar:

1) For Start/People, the contacts appear to be seamlessly synced with, which is fine, but is there a direct way to link it to my Outlook 2010 desktop contacts? Currently I configred Win 8 People to access my Gmail account (as my Gmail contacts are already a synced copy of my Outlook 2010 contacts). So right now, everything is in sync using this path:Outlook 2010 (Source) >> Gmail contacts >> 8 PeopleIs there a better way?

2) For Start/Calendar, the calendar entries appear to be seamlessly synced with, which is fine, but is there a direct way to access my Outlook 2010 desktop calendar? I did not see any configuration option on where to point Win 8 calendar to (like I saw in People) . What I did for now is add the account to my Outlook 2010 profile and from there auto-populate it (synced) from Gmail calendar. So right now, everything is in sync using this path:Outlook 2010 (Source) <> Gmail calendar >> Outlook 2010 ( account) > Win 8 CalendarIs there a better way?


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I'm looking to sync my outlook 2010 calendar on my laptop with my outlook 2010 desktop. I don't want to use google calendar sync.

Is that possible?

A:Is it possible to sync outlook 2010 Calendar? will allow you to sync Outlook... If you sync your desktop calendar to a free SwissDisk account then sync your laptop to the same account everything should match... Good luck and note, SwissDisk is end-to-end encrypted. So you can even safely sync your laptop Calendar over Starbucks free WiFi with no worries because you are connecting to SwissDisk over a secure link! Enjoy!

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Is there a way of Syncing Outlook 365 & Google Calendar? Most of what I have found on searches deal with older programs. Thanks.

A:Sync Outlook 365 & Google Calendar

Hi there,

We need more clarification. There is nothing in this world called "Outlook 365". And while I know Microsoft is utterly confusing, they just don't have a product like that. There is Outlook, and there is Office 365, as well as So is it Office 365? If so which plan? Is it Outlook? If so which version?

Gmail is IMAP and by default doesn't sync with Outlook. Here are the workarounds:

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Trying to recover Outlook contacts and calendar from a HDD that cannot boot. therefore the .pst file cannot be exported. Is there a way to get the .pst and .ost files without actually running the Outlook program? And about a week ago, Outlook froze up; not receiving any new emails, unable to delete the old emails in the Inbox, and unable to clear the Deleted folder. Any ideas?

A:Trying to recover Outlook contacts and calendar

Moving thread from Vista to Web & Email forum.

Trying to recover Outlook contacts and calendar from a HDD that cannot boot..... Is there a way to get the .pst and .ost files Click to expand...

Sometimes the hard drive is too defective to retrieve any files. Often a "hardware" and/or a "software" method can be used to retrieve some or many files that were not backed up for some reason. The "hardware" way is to install the hard drive into a USB enclosure and connect it to another computer. The "software" way is to boot to a "rescue disk" (CD, DVD or USB flash drive). My choice is Puppy Linux.

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i installed XP office. everything else is fine, but outlook just gives me a drive directory. for example, if i try to make a new appointment, i get 'could not open item'. any suggestions on how to fix this?

A:outlook installs with no calendar, no contacts

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Hi, I just purchased an MPX220 and I'm trying to sync my contacts from outlook.

In activesync there is not box to check to enable my contacts being synced and when I go into outlook and try to pull my contacts it says service does not exist.

My phone does connect because I can explore it but I want to be able to sync contacts because typing on a keypad is tedious

Any help would be great, thanks

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I have a friend who has outlook 365 on two PCs
they have various email accounts setup
but both are using the same email account setup so they can see emails sent etc
Now with contacts - I expected those to also sync - but they where not in sync

One PC has all the contacts setup , and is using groups , which maybe the issue

so I exported the contacts into various formats
CSV, Vcard, PST and tried to import all the contacts onto the other PC
(one is on windows 8 and one on windows 7 office 2013 professional or 365 on the W7
BUT 365 on the windows 8 PC)​
Each time when i tried to import the file , i got an error mesage that the server did not support the import
i cant remember the exact message - but would just like to be able to sync - outlook (the program) contacts across PCs using the same account (

any ideas ?

A:outlook 365 contacts sync across multiple PCs

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I upgraded to XP/Office 2000 from 98/Office 97 BUT needed Access 97 so kept W98 and XP/2000 on the machine but Access97 never worked right under XP - one "microsoft KB solution" was to reinstall office 97, which I did - then
Outlook 2000 can't find my PDA contacts - note that 98 is on my C drive and XP on my D.
How can I make my Computer XP Outlook Sync my PDA's contacts, calendar, etc. into the Computer's Outlook. Felix5 is the name of my PDA's Outlook.
Help is much appreciated!!

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It seems that Microsoft has done away with the PAB (Personal Address Book) file in Outlook 2007. I wish to sync the Outlook 2007 Contacts on two different PCs that are on the same network, so a change or addition on either one will also be reflected in the other. Neither PC uses an Exchange Server; they are clients for Google's gMail service.

What would you suggest?

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So i am trying to sync my "hotmail calendar" to do list with outlook on my computer but it isn't working like i thought it would but it doesn't.

The calendar i created online shows up in my outlook program as well as the events i've created but the "to do list" is just empty in outlook.

Is there something that i am missing or is it just not possible to sync that list?

A:Sync Hotmail calendar to-do-list with outlook

No idea?

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Windows XP Pro, My Google calendar won't sync with Outlook 2003. I downloaded the app. and the icon shows up on the far right on the task bar. I can click on it and click on two way sync but Outlook 2003 calendar doesn't sync. It did load my Outlook calendar online to Google. Printing the calendar works better for me with Outlook. Any suggestions, Geo.

A:Google calendar won't sync with Outlook 2003

what program do you use to sync Google calendar with Outlook? I personally use Sync2. it works really great. I like that it syncs Outlook Calendar (it can also sync contacts) with Google both ways.

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is there a way to sync my ipod with Monocalendar or Sunbird. I know it works with outlook but I can't seem to figure out how to sync it with other calendar programs.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated

A:Solved: Sync iPod with other Calendar? Not Outlook.


Reading into this, it looks like you need to look at mozPod:

mozPod is a project to bring iPod syncronization to Mozilla products such as Thunderbird and Sunbird.

mozPod is a free extension to syncronize your Thunderbird Address Book with your iPod.

Click to expand...



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Is there any way to sync google calendar and Outlook 2010 win 7 x 64 bit?? Very frustrating not to be able to do this.

A:sync google calendar with outlook 2010 64 bit

Google search returns this:

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I'm trying to set up a full sync between my Google calendar and Outlook 2007. I'm running Windows 7 and I've followed all the instructions from Google and MS--there is some sync'ing going on, but my internet calendar does not display in the Outlook 2007 Navigation pane and, although a couple test entries have sync'd both ways, existing appointments on my Outlook calendar stubbornly refuse to sync over to Google. In Outlook data management, my Google calendar is listed, but in the last updated column, it has shown <pending> for over a day. Is there a reason updating isn't occurring and/or is there a way to manually update and, if so will this solve the problem?

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My Outlook 365 a/c saves calendar in a local PST file.

I want to sync this with another computer with Outlook 365 as well as my Android phone. I'm confused by the search results for this. I don't have exchange, just regular Office 365 Home.

What's the best way to do this?

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I'm posting here after giving up finding the answer either from Apple, limited use experience or search since in this forum are found folks frequently knowledgeable across silos (I've first tried the MS Office forum to no avail)

Given: MS Outlook '07 + iPhone.

Problem: To sync Outlook Tasks to the phone maintaining the sort order of my desktop Outlook. If you sync using Apple's iCloud tasks are placed in the reminder app which does not allow for custom sort and seemingly sorts by the least reasonable measure.

I could get tasks to sync using Outlook Connector and (opening an account with) Hotmail. However I can't find a current straight answer as to whether that option falls under $ subscription. Further, even if I did sync this way I don't know if the tasks would still be rearranged by the phone or whether it was the iCloud that rearranged them when I attempted that route.

Lastly, I could (for $10/mo) just have my entire Outlook sync through Rack Space's Hosted Exchange. Apart from getting tasks to the phone this does have another important benefit that might also be achieved using Connector. But if I'm going to pay for this, even if the $10 is double a MS charge, I'd prefer going with Exchange. But the core question remains the same (which I cannot get from RS either). Will the tasks on the phone, after sync, maintain 'my' sort order from Outlook.

Anyone got an idea it's surely welcome.


A:Wrong forum (but) Outlook tasks sync iphone MS conn vs hosted exchange


First, I don't own an IPhone but a Droid, but I've synced and configured Iphones at work thru our Exchange Server. Syncing works very well with the email, calendar and all the Tasks goes under Reminders in IPhone and the sort order in Outlook stays the same as far as I know if not I'd hear complaints from the Users.
But, with the hosted Exchange solution I don't know if it will make any difference. Best thing to do is give it a try for a few days and see if it works for you. Most of the hosted exchange providers should have a free trial.

Have you tried iMExchange App on your phone to sort your Tasks in the Reminders App?

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I am going to show a way de share calendar or contacts between two or more users.
I suppose that users have each one his laptop with Microsoft outlook installed.
The steps are:
1) Download "ShareFoders" software from this site:
2) Install on each laptop the "ShareFolders" software.
3) Start Microsoft Outlook.
4) An assistant appear to set up the initials values.(Accept the default values)
4) The "Share Folders" button appear in outlook's bar tool
5) To share for example calendar folder:
- Click in "ShareFolders" button
- Select calendar folder
- Select with who to share
- Click in "Share selected folder" button
6) An invitation window appear in the guest's outlook, if the guest accept the invitation an email of acceptation will be sent to origin
7) from this moment all the appointments will be synchronized between the two outlook.

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How do I go about setting up a user's contact list & calendar, to be shared by other user's on the network.

I will be able to log on under my log-on, but I am able to see other user's calendar or contacts. (shared)

A:Outlook 2000: Shared Contacts & Calendar

Hi you guys. Me again. I moved your post because Outlook is part of MS Office.

Are you on an Exchange Server or not? Is it installed with CW (Corporate Workgroup) or IMO (Internet Mail Only). If you're unsure, hit Help-About.

Sorry, but the answer depends a great deal on those questions.

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I have an HP SPLIT 13-M121. I just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I can't open my Outlook 2007 Calendar or Contacts. All my contacts were in 'contacts in iCloud.' I also had a problem with sending mail but running the 'scannow' command as system administrator solved that. I ran it 4 times but it didn't fix the contacts/calendar problem. I get an error message 'The set folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.' I can navigate to the Outlook.pst file on my pc but when I try to open it, I get a message warning me that it's a system file and asking what app i want to use to open it.
I'd be very grateful for any help!

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Suddenly I can't open my calendar or contacts in Outlook 2007. Have been using this software for several months. Can open mail and notes folders but not the other two above. When I click the folder the hand sign comes on and the screen freezes. If I try to open another folder the screen goes white and hangs. I have to start Task manager to shut the session down. Only recent changes are MS updates from the web but can't see any problems there. No error messages appear and all other programs run OK. Other recent change was upgrading virus software to Norton 360. Ops system is Vista Home Premium. Have searched MS website for a fix and this site. Can anyone suggest a fix.

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I can't believe I can't find the answer to this dilemma, which I've tried to solve for years. Hoping someone might have some insights. I have my own business, and keep a Contacts table in Access 2013. I also have a Contacts folder in Outlook 2013 that I want to keep in sync with my database. Sometimes changes are made in Outlook (or using GSyncit to sync with Google on my phone or tablet) and sometimes when entering service calls in Access. When I go to created a "linked table" from Outlook to Access, I get a separate table of contacts that will not sync with my existing table. Every week, I have to literally export Access data to an Excel CSV and import into Outlook, then go through name by name to choose the latest entry to keep. Ridiculous! I've googled and googled, and I have found no joy. Any ideas??

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I have an interesting request from a client and don't see the answer anywhere. She is running Windows 7 on her laptop, and uses Outlook 2010. She has two user accounts on the PC--one for her personal use and one for her business. Two different Outlook profiles, with each coming up for the corresponding login. She would like to be able to sync the Contacts folders between these two user accounts, so if she adds a contact to Outlook on one user, it will show up when she logs in to the other. The only solution I have been able to come up with is to use import/export to make sure all contacts are listed in both profiles. This part is easy. It is the addition or deletion of contacts in sync that has me baffled. Any ideas?

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I currently have a (free) gmail account. I use Microsoft Outlook (2010) to manage emails. I have an iphone and ipad that are linked to my gmail account. What I am trying to figure out is how to sync Outlook with gmail and therefore my iphone/ipad. Email already syncs but not contacts. I tried to download Google Apps Sync but apparently need a paid google biz account. When I tried to sign up for this it set me up with a new email address which I do not want. Is there a simpler way to do this? My goal is to update a contact in Outlook and have it automatically sync to gmail and then my iphone/ipad. Thanks - Katie

A:What is the best way to sync my contacts in Outlook to gmail account?

Hello kcolbert and welcome to Seven Forums.

Would Google Sync work for you?

Google Sync

Here's some more info about syncing Outlook contact to Gmail:

Transfer contacts between Outlook and Google Gmail - Outlook -

Google Groups

And this paid (not-for-free) 3rd party app may be worth the money.

Fieldston Software - gSyncit - Sync Outlook and Google Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks

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I was using Outlook 2007 calendar and sync with google in my old computer. It worked fine. I did not successfully backup the outlook. Now, I am suing a new computer with vista. I am trying to sync google calendar with my outlook. It always pops this message out error:2016. I checked the error message online. It reads, "This error displays if you try to sync your events before signing up for Google Calendar. Please log in to Google Calendar at least once before using Google Calendar Sync." However, I tried logging in before I am doing sync, but it is still not working. Same error message pops up, always.

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I'm losing emails off my iphone once I log into my outlook on my computer. I am using an exchange account and it is not giving me an option to leave copy of email on the servcer. Does anyone have any suggestions. Many thanks

A:losing emails on iphone once I log into outlook on computer

Hi MoodleyT, and welcome to TSG.

Are you using POP3 or IMAP to get your incoming mail with the computer and the iPhone?

What version of MS-Outlook are you using?

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I have been scratching my head and searching everywhere, but I seem to have only questions and no answers to this one. I have a business where I keep all my clients in an Access 2013 database. The tables and queries include all contact information, and I also enter dates when I have had appointments with each client along with details of our sessions. Each week (or whenever I get around to it) I must do several things:
update all contact info in Access and export the data to a folder in my Outlook Contacts
enter dates from my Outlook Calendar into the Services table (via a form) and fill in details
export updated Contacts from Access to Excel to upload into my Enewsletter program to email newsletters to clients
make sure my Outlook contact info is syncing correctly with my Samsung Galaxy (I use gsyncit, the best app I've found for this)
refer to my contacts on the phone to get addresses as I am on my way to each client's house or business

Quite a pain, right? If only I could set up a system where any new changes to contact info made EITHER from Outlook OR from Access automatically synchronize AND the address info is included in my Outlook Calendar entry for the person AND a service entry is entered in my Access database for that call, wouldn't my life be easier?! Isn't this why I have Office 365 in the first place? And most importantly, why can't I figure out how to get this done??

I am a computer consultant--and I am baffled. I need more brains o... Read more

A:Syncing Contacts and Calendar between Outlook and Access 2013

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I replaced my hard drive and made a backup of the old drive contents before hand.

I installed a new version of Outlook (2007) and have downloaded all my old emails off my web server - so my inbox is working perfectly. I want to add my contacts / calendar, etc, but I am afraid if I import or "add" my old PST file I may get duplicates in my email inbox. How can I prevent this??


A:Import contacts & calendar in Outlook after I already restored inbox?

You should just be able to select what you want imported.

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Is there a way to have Outlook 2010 sync it's To-Do bar with a Windows Live webmail calendar?

I'm using Outlook 2010+latest version of Outlook Connector +Windows Live webmail. Calendar sync works fine in both directions but the Outlook To-Do bar only displays upcoming events from the local "Outlook" calendar, not my calendar (even though in the Outlook calendar pane the local calendar is unchecked and the calendar is checked).

A:Outlook 2010: sync To-Do bar with Windows Live/Hotmail calendar?

You can definitely do that, here's how:

1. Click on the File tab.
2. On the Info screen (should be the default one that appears after clicking "File") click the "Account Settings" drop-down button.
3. Then click on "Account Settings" to go to the Account Settings screen.
4. Once at the Account Settings dialog box, click the "Data Files" tab.
5. Select your default e-mail account that you wish to sync your calendar with. (This would be your @LIVE account.)
6. All set! Enjoy your new To-Do bar with updated @Live calendar information.

This will also change a couple other beneficial settings, such as auto-recognizing contacts that are on your LIVE e-mail account.

From Microsoft Outlook:

"The default Outlook Data File contains the calendar that appears in the To-Do Bar and settings for Favorites, shared folders, and RSS feeds."

Hope that works!

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I have Outlook 2016 installed as part of Office on my Windows 10 computer and would like to import the 2016 contacts and calendar to the Windows 10 Mail app. I have searched to web for instructions for doing so but have not found an answer. I intend to use the Mail app on a W10 machine without Office installed.

Can this be done and how do I go about doing it?

Thank you very much.

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I have multiple pst files in outlook. how do I select a specific pst to be the default for my contacts calendar notes etc? is there a way to hide the others from appearing? I only need the others for email

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Hi together,

is there any way to have the default Win8 mail tile open Outllok 2013-Mail, the calendar tile open the Outllok calendar and so on?
Regards Stefan

A:How to have Outlook 2013 use the default tiles mail, calendar, contacts?

Hi, Creating a tile is not the Problem... The tile should Show updates like New Mails.

Regards Stefan

Only Windows 8 apps using WinRT can have live tiles.
Outlook 2013 isn't a WinRT apps. You should use the Mail apps (that can use any Exchange server) instead.

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I have a Motorola Q9M smart phone and Vista and the Windows Mobile Device Center. It has always (for a year) run fine and syncing has been smooth and easy. Suddenly, my outlook calendar randomly won't sync SOME appointments. I tried to see if I could see a pattern but none obvious. It seems that some appointments sync while others don't. Anyone have any ideas!! Thanks!!

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Windows 10 running Outlook 2016. When I did a fresh install I set up 3 email address and added my .csv files of contacts and calendar form prior install. I did not pay attention and Outlook 2016 assigned them to an email address I now wish to get rid of.

Did a web search and didn't come up with a good reliable way to transfer the folder to another email address PST file. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

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how to dial desk phone from iphoneI want to click on my contact on my iphone and then have my office desk phone be dialed. is it possible?

A:dial desk phone from iphone - using Iphone contacts,

Not sure exactly what you're asking since you posted in the Office Forum, but I'll assume you just want to call your phone number at work? Maybe?Just create a new Contact on your phone, call it Office or Work or Desk and add the phone number.Unless I'm being clueless here and you're asking something related to Microsoft Office.

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I just got the new iPhone 4S and I have a 3GS as my old phone with no way to transfer my contacts. I was told I could save a backup of my 3GS to itunes, then load the backup onto my 4S.

Well my 3GS won't backup, it keeps saying "iTunes could not backup the iphone because an error occurred" without any error code. I've wiped my old backup, I've cleared sync history. I'm using a PC with itunes with the latest itunes version 10.5.

What can I do to get my contacts over to the new phone?

A:Error backing up iPhone - trying to transfer contacts to new iPhone 4S

You may have to load them one at a time.

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I might be leaving my job soon and I want to find out how to export contacts and emails? Can anyone help me out?

A:Exporting MS Outlook Contacts and Emails

Hi prephil

Sorry, as you are asking how to obtain work property, instead of asking the IT department at your work, I must close this thread.

If your need for this information is authorized by your company, they should be able to help you.

Closing thread.

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Recently I synced Outlook with my Gmail account so that I could get a full interface without having to use a browser. My laptop crashed and now I can't access all of the emails I was able to access through my laptop using Outlook. When I set up Outlook, it only imported the emails from after the crash. Obviously the emails aren't stored on the laptop, so they have to be somewhere. Anyone know how I go about getting those emails back? They are important... Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Lost Gmail Emails After Outlook Sync

how did you set up gmail for pop access
you can have the files on your gmail account
log into gmail on the web
and look at the "all mail" folder see if they have been moved to there
also look at the POP settings and see how its set up after the emails have been transfered to outlook - you may have set them up to be deleted

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The question really says all about what I want to do, or need help on. I recently signed up for a new outlook account to try out the new outlook preview and I've set up gmail to automatically forward new messages to my outlook account so that I can use outlook to manage my gmail account.

Do any of you know how I would be able to forward the old messages, and not the new ones, to my outlook? I already know that they can be fetched into outlook by outlook's very own service, forwarding would be faster, so..?! Also, since I now use outlook to send email on behalf of my gmail account, how do I make it sync each email I send using outlook with my gmail - so that gmail has it all?

TY in advance. Please do help.

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I depirately need help! I have a HUGE Windows Outlook 2010 email contact list; and, hundreds of people are complaining about my computer sending emails such as:

"how are things going this method is almost guaranteed to work even my mom is doing it and she just got a computer a few months ago get back to me"
Please find all the information necessary to identify the virus included in this forum post. I am posting ALL INFORMATION requested by this forum except for GMER since it have a 64bit OS.

--- Hijackthis.log ---
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 8:32:47 AM, on 4/30/2012
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\SlySoft\AnyDVD\AnyDVDtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Promixis\Girder\girder.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Posibolt Software\Clock-on-Tray\ClockOnTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hot Keyboard Pro\HotKeyb.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\eFax Messenger 4.4\J2GTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorIcon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\FirefoxPreloader\FirefoxPreloader.exe
C:\Program Files\Logitech\Logitech WebCam Software\LWS.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Elaborate Bytes\VirtualCloneDrive\VCDDaemon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\watchDirectory\w... Read more

A:Please HELP!! Virus keeps sending emails to Outlook Contacts

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My windows Vista clock shows correct time, however MS Outlook 2003 indicates incorrect time on incoming emails and calendar. HOw do I rectify?

A:ms outlook 2003 wrong time in calendar & emails

Hi warrensearles, welcome to TSF..

long shot but do you have Daylight Saving Time enabled?

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I have laptops in two different countries and keep an archive of messages on each.
In Windows Live Mail it was easy to export messages to a USB stick, carry it with me and import to the other laptop.
But in Outlook I can't find a simple equivalent although I understand there may be 3rd-party software.
Is there a best solution?
Any advice and experience much appreciated, thanks.

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So I got outlook 2013 on windows 7. Anyways I have setup about 4 email accounts. Now outlook beings to sync and its about 600 mb worth of data I have to sync to get all of my emails. Now problem is I don't want all of my emails. Is there way to just cancel the sync of600 mb worth of emails and just maybe select a week back or something like that?

A:Outlook 2013.Is there a way to sync only a week back emails?


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I've decided to make my laptop my main computer so my wife can use the desktop so I tried moving my emails and contacts the way I always do; I copy my 'outlook' file from the desktop and paste it into the default location on the laptop after removing the original 'outlook' file.
I've done this lotsa times, normally I move the location onto my D drive so I can back it up easier but this time it didn't work.
I also tried 'importing' them but that didn't work either, everything imported except my IN folder. I've been fiddling around with it and now have the laptop back to where it started with just it's original Personal folder, but now I have 2 Personal folders which are both empty.
What am I doing wrongż

A:Solved: Moving Outlook 2003 emails and contacts

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I've been able to create a custom map to bring in my customers information from ACT into Outlook 2007. Seems that there is no email field in the contact info D/B of act, I'm guessing and I think I'm right in figuring that the emails are kept in a seperate D/B file.

The options to import that file either delete data the client needs, create duplicate entries in the Outlook Contact List or don't bring the data in at all. To him not having the email is not an option.

Other than buying an expensive upgrade to a piece of s/w he's trying to stop useing, adnd then buying s/w to import that data, is thre an easier way?

A:Solved: Export ACT! 6 contacts AND emails into Outlook 2007

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I want to put my iPhone sim card in my iPad 2 to be able to use 3G when WiFi is not available. Is that safe? Would it ruin the devices? Thanks for your help.

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I want to put my iPhone sim card in my iPad 2 to be able to use 3G when WiFi is not available. Is that safe? Would it ruin the devices? Thanks for your help.

A:iPhone 4 sim card to iPad 2

I think no. It is said that the ipad2's 3G network is not the same with iPhone. They are not compatible with
I don't know er..

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It clearly advertises share with mobile @ tablet with no disclaimer of Windows only mobile or tablet. I was looking forward to that after reading the details.

A:Is there no Skydrive 365 app for iPhone or iPad?

I don't believe there is a Skydrive 365 app for iOS yet/at all, because I've been looking for one now. I'm starting to believe that it's centralized to Windows Phone and Windows RT, because I've only been able to get Skydrive on my Windows Phone so far..

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