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iPhone deleted my entire Outlook calendar

Q: iPhone deleted my entire Outlook calendar

I synced my iPhone with my Outlook for the first time and all my calendar events (all are work-related) have been deleted from my computer! The ones from the past that I accepted from my iPhone's outlook are still on the phone. I can't figure out how to sync the iPhone to the Outlook. I do not have Google Calendar.

I have tried Edit -> Preferences -> Devices -> Reset Sync History, but I think that only applies to resetting the device info, not the computer.

My iTunes settings are such that devices do not automatically sync. In iTunes under my iPhone and Info, I have it to sync Outlook -> All Calendars (as there is only one on this comp).

Please help! I need all my calendars to be available at all times.

Thank you!!

A: iPhone deleted my entire Outlook calendar

I hope this helps: How to Repair & Recover Outlook Calendar |

I am anxious to know if it helps, please reply with the result.

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The Basics
Using Windows 10 Calendar (Outlook) as my primary calendar. The calendar contains two accounts, my Microsoft Live Account and my Gmail Account. In the left panel, I have the Gmail Calendar checked ? the Outlook calendar is unchecked. When I add an event, the default dropdown is my Gmail calendar which is what I want as my default.
My Problem
Events that I add to my calendar show up in both my Outlook calendar and my Gmail calendar as expected ? or maybe not quite as expected. I?ve just discovered that if I add an event several months in the future, it momentarily appears on my Outlook calendar and then is deleted (I see a brief deleted message appear). If I then go directly to my Gmail calendar, the event I just added shows up as expected. As of today (March 24), the cutoff date when the Windows/Outlook calendar automatic deletes begin to occur is September 7 (or 167 days from now). I haven?t yet experimented to see if the cutoff date moves forward every day.
Very strange. Anybody know what?s going on. If you have a similar calendar setup as mine, give it a try and see if your experience is the same. By the way, my Windows 10 system is fully updated.

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If I have calendar items already on my iPhone, and I decide I want to start syncing with Outlook, is it safe for me to just enable the calendar sync, or do I risk overwriting the iPhone data instead of the Outlook data?

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows the answer to this question.

A:Outlook and iPhone Calendar

I thought you had the option to decide which way to sync, or to allow a 2 way sync?

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how can I sync my iphone calendar with microsoft outlook? Thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

mattts6887, I use iTunes and set it up for syncing the calendars. One thing Outlook can not be open when you sync
or it won't do it properly.

I sync with my iPhone and iPad calendars with my outlook 2010.

Assuming that you don't have a really old version of outlook..


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How can I (if it is possible) to sync the calendar in outlook 2010 with my iphone 5 calendar? thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

Download and use the icloud control panel on your pc and it should sync.

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Just bought a new PC. Downloaded Outlook 2010 - 32 bit and have most up to date version of itunes. When I try and sync my iPhone 3 it does not sync the events from my calendar on the phone to my outlook 2010. Any suggestions??? I have tried uninstalling both Outlook and iTunes but still not getting anywhere.

A:Iphone 3 won't sync with Outlook 2010 calendar

I am not personally familiar with the process, but I found this guide:
How to Sync iPhone with Outlook Calender 2010 - Mobile Phones Questions & Answers

Please post back to let us know if it helps.

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I am experiencing an issue trying to establish a 2 way sync between Outlook 2007 Calendar on a W7 PC and a new iPhone 5 using iTunes. When I plug the phone into the PC and iTunes launches, I am successful syncing the Outlook calendar to the phone, but cannot get calendar entries created on the phone to appear in the Calendar on the PC.
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks is advance.

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Hi I am running Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 and an iPhone. I downloaded google sync yesterday because I want to see my job's work calendar as well as my personal calendar (I set it to sync from outlook to google) and when I plugged my iPhone in to sync it and my calendar disappeared off outlook and the phone. When I go onto google all of the calendar items are still there so I backed that up. Can someone please help?

Thanks for looking at my issue!

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I sent myself some new calendar appointments/requests from Outlook at my office to my iPhone (via my hotmail).

For some reason, the invitations that appear on the iPhone are an hour out. E.g. I send a meeting for 0930 and the iPhone enters it as 1030 in the invitations/calendar. I presume it has something to do with the time zones, but these appear to be the same.

It's a problem at the iPhone end, because if I view the invite on my hotmail on a PC, the times are correct.

Anyone had this problem?


A:iPhone - calendar invites from Outlook - wrong time

Problem solved! I had been overseas and the time had changed back but the time zone had not.

You also have to change the time zone of the calendar as well as the clock, by switching off automatic.

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I use Outlook as my primary calendar app at home, and either GMail or my iPhone calendar when I am away. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these three services to talk to each other.
Does anyone know of any programs or services I can use to keep my calendar synchronized? I wouldn't mind dropping GMail from the loop entirely and just having Outlook <-> iPhone synching to each other. Or if anyone has any suggestions for other super awesome calendar apps I'd consider that - but I admit I am pretty fond of Outlook at the moment.
Thanks for your help.

A:Calendar Apps: Syncing Outlook -> GMail & iPhone (or alternatives)

Are you using a personal email account with Outlook, or a company account? If you're using a company account, you can set up your email on your iPhone using the Exchange account setup wizard, and that will sync over your calendar to your phone.
If you're using a personal email account, it's probably either POP or IMAP. Outlook calendar and contacts can be synced to your iPhone, but you'll have to use a manual sync with the phone connected to the computer:
You can also sync Outlook to Gmail, but you'll again need to hool up the phone to the computer and download Google's calendar sync program to your desktop:
Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone!

What is the best way to sync my emails, contacts, and calendar with my Outlook 2010 (win7 pc), iPhone, and iPad2?

Basically, I want to send/receive emails to all devices, and update my calendar and contacts on my Outlook, and then have my iOS devices update automatically be synced with my Outlook contacts and calendar, and vice versa.

I've used Microsoft Exchange in the past to do this, but it seems like over kill... and it's a little overcomplicated for me. I was hoping I could just do all this with Gmail, but it seems that I need MS Exchange to do it that way too.

Any help and advice is very appreciated!!!
I'll be on the forum all day, so let me know if I need to clarify what I'm asking.

Thank you!!

A:Best way to Sync Outlook, iPhone, & iPad Emails, Contacts & Calendar?

I do the emails and calendar using gmail (imap) and Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help

I've never bothered to look into syncing the contacts though.

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Sync Window Live Mail client & Ipad/iphone calendar

I have been asked to setup a calendar synchronisation between a Windows Livemail client, and iphone and ipad

They are already using WLM client on PC connected to thier own domain for email, which has NO calendar sync possible , so i cannot change the client software

So i decided the easiest thing was to create a live mail account ( and use that to sync all the calendars account (set up specially for this sync) and synced from the windows live mail client to the calendar and that all worked very well
WLM Client to ipad and iphone all worked

i do however have an issue

I setup the ipad and iphone using the hotmail option - I possibly should have chosen the exchange option

The issue an event created on the ipad or iphone calendar event is not synced back to the / WLM calendar ,but they do sync with each other all OK

WLM ==> === > ipad ==> iphone
all work that way

ipad ==> iphone OR iphone ==> ipad
all work ok

iphone/ipad created event == Does NOT update ==> wlm/

if i setup an event in the WLM calendar, which syncs to all devices, I can then delete the event via the ipad or iphone - it is deleted from the WLM/ calendars - so the ipad/iphone is talking back to the calendar for a delete action.

so what does not work is just that

an event created on ipad or iphone does not sync back to the WLM clie... Read more

A:Sync Window Live Mail client account & Ipad/iphone calendar only

i have solved the issue , and a really silly issue
I played today at my mother-in-law who has an ipad

and it all comes down to not selecting the correct calendar - i had not noticed birthdays was also selected
so i changed the new account to a Exchange account setting , and also notice i need to enter the info incorrectly first to then get prompted to enter the information

set the account up for just calendar
Set the calendar as default

and al works

just means she will only have 1 calendar , if she wants to sync between all devices

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Hello everyone.
My company runs a 2000 server environment with about 40 computers. Recently, out outlook calendar entries have been misteriously just deleting from all of the pc's and I have no idea why. Has anyone seen this before and if so, how do you fix it?

A:Outlook Calendar entries being deleted

You sure they're not just archiving?

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Yesterday 11/14 at the same time as a security update was installed, Outlook 2007 calandar disappeared. I went back to an earlier date with no help. I tried to reinstall Office 2007 with no help. I tried Office repair several times with no help. I did an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium. When I try to open Calendar I get the following message. Cannot display the folder. Microsoft cannot access the specified folder location. The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook. Outlook cannot open this item. The item may be damaged. I also get the following message: outlook:00000000BCC052DiE06A234A9CA612. Underneith it is attached to a YouTube video link.

A:Outlook 2007 Calendar Deleted

upgrades seem to bring nothing but pain in wierd and difficult to solve issues, I strongly suggest your simplest way to a resolve is a clean install

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I use outlook 2003 with Win XP. I have an extensive calendar set up with hundreds of appointments. A few days back it was misbehaving. I wanted to delete an appointment, and somehow ended up deleting the entire calendar. All that I did was click "delete" in the pull down menu under edit. The calendar disappeared completely.

Now when I left click on Calendar, nothing opens. If I was in mail, the display continues to be mail. In the sidebar, the list of calendars presents, but none of them are the main calendar.

Now here's the strange part. The calendar is still functioning and is synchronizing with my smart phone. And, I've discovered by right clicking on calendar, (which presents the option to open in a new window) and opening in a new window, the calendar is visible. It just isn't visible in my normal Outlook session where I toggle between mail, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Here is another strange thing. After I open the calendar in a new window, the sidebar permits me to toggle between mail, address book, tasks, etc. However as soon as I do that, the calendar no longer is visible and I have to reopen it in a new window again.

I already tried going back to a restore point prior to the problem. It didn't make any difference. Is there a solution so that I can restore my calendar view in Outlook 2003.

I'm stumped and don't know how to overcome this. I don't want to reinstall outlook, because I have a large number of personal fo... Read more

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Is there a way that I can sync my Outlook contacts with my Iphone 4s so that the contact appears as displayed by outlook.
Example: Mr. Richard Jones
FILE AS: Rich Jones

This is the option to display in outlook and I would prefer to display on phone the same.

A:Sync Outlook with Iphone display in Iphone name from outlook: FILE AS:

Hello. I have an android phone which is synced with my gmail account. I have eyed the new iphone 5 and will soon be moving data and contacts from my android to my iphone.

Before migrating to the iphone and mess up something with my contacts, i want to sync all to my outlook. So I wish to achieve sync from Android to Outlook and then from Outlook to the new iphone - is that possible?

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Hello. I hope this is the correct forum.
Two questions about syncing an iPhone.
1. My iPhone 5 was at capacity so I deleted songs. I then backed it up to the iCloud. Now my iPhone 6 has larger capacity. How can I sync all songs in my iTunes library to the new iPhone? I assume there is a manual way of doing this and then the songs will sync to the iCloud in due course.
2. I've never known how to sync my calendar and contacts between my Outlook and my iPhone. How do I do this?
I have a PC with Windows 7.


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Hi there,I have 2 computers,the one is for business and the other is private.I just want to sync a calendar on one computer (business) and the music on another one (private),but everytime i try to synchronise only the calendar with itunes homesharing, it deletes all my music on my iphone.Is there any way to solve this problem???Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:Transfer iphone calendar on one computer and the music on another one??

Generally speaking, you can only sync with 1 iTunes account/computer at a time. You can easily sync calendar over the air via google calendar, or exchange, depending on what your calendar is *in* on the desktop.I'd explore that option.

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I've had an Android for almost 2 years, and although I really love it I'm considering getting an iPhone when my contract ends (I have an iPod touch and just really starting liking some of the apps and user experience)

The only issue for me is I'm a heavy Google user: gmail, google calendar, google contacts, etc.

I love how right now I can add a contact or calendar event on my phone, and it immediately syncs to my Google account (or vice-versa syncs to my phone).

I did a bit of research so far on how this would work on an iPhone, and it seems there are apps but that you still need iTunes? Is that true? Or is there an app that will mimic the functionality I get on my Android?

I do plan to jailbreak it, if that helps any.


A:Is there a way to sync Google contacts/calendar on iPhone (just like Android?)

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I currently use Outlook 2010 because I have a paid license but I'm willing to upgrade.

This works Ok with iCloud but what I don't like is that I can't make my icloud calendar the default in Outlook so I don't get reminders on my PC. What I end up doing is manually copying critical appointments from my icloud calendar to my Outlook default calendar if I want to be sure to get a reminder on my PC!. This isn't ideal though. Does anyone have a better solution? I read that the latest Outlook 2016 doesn't sync at all so I can't upgrade Office. I wish MS and Apple would decide to work together instead of trying to defeat each other!!

I believe icloud will sync with windows 10 mail and calendar apps - is that true?

I've also heard of emclient being good but haven't tried it.

I'd really appreciate any input.


A:Best Windows SW to sync Calendar and contacts with iCloud/iPhone?

Hey Keith. Check out this wonderful tool to sync iphone with outlook: Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts with iPhone using Sync2 software
Works like a charm and if there are any issues - they have top notch live chat support. Great pleasure to work with them.


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I can't get the popup reminders for the calendars to work. Neither in the Metro calendar nor in Outlook.

I also can't make them synchronize.

Does anyone know?

Do sound alerts exist at all in Windows calendars or just pop ups if any?


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I'm trying to help a friend who has just installed Office 2016 on her computer, which was recently upgraded from Win7 to Win10.

She's been using and has accumulated a fair amount of email, contacts and calendar appointments. I've managed to get her email to show up by adding it to Outlook 2016 as a POP3 account. I was able to import her contacts into Outlook 2016 from a file called OutlookContacts.csv. Now I'm trying to get her calendar with all its many calendars and appointments into Outlook 2016.

I'm not sure why but the appointments all show up just fine in Mail and Calendar for Windows 10, even though we did nothing to put them there (as far as we know). But she'd like them to appear when she clicks on the Calendar in Outlook 2016 and I can't find any information on how to do that. I've also looked for some kind of Export function in the Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 app but I came up empty.

How do I get her calendar into Outlook 2016?

I can't be the only one who finds Microsoft *awful* at documenting this kind of basic functionality. Millions of people must have tried to do the same thing before me but if there's any information out there on how to do this, it has eluded me so far....

A:Export calendar from Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 to Outlook 2016?

You can manually export calendars from using a round-a-bout method I posted at this link. However, I don't think that's going to help you because what you really want to do is set up Outlook 2016 so that her email, calendar and contacts sync with (and stay in sync with) her account.

Therefore, instead of setting email up as a POP account and then importing calendar, contacts, etc. separately, why not just setup Outlook 2016 to work with her account? I haven't done it with Outlook 2016, only older Outlook versions that used Hotmail Connector, however the following instructions for Outlook 2016 seem fairly straight forward.
If she has two-factor authentication switched on for her account, then you may need to generate an app password from her account, and use that as the password instead of the actual Microsoft Account password.

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I was cleaning my computer and by mistake thought I was deleting a backup copy of "my documents" folder, but it turned out it was a shortcut to the original and only copy. It said the files were too many or too big to go to the recycling bin and I clicked ok... Please please please someone tell me there is a way to recover this?????? I have 1000s of files that are beyond important to me.
Someone please help I am literally having a panic attack right now.....

A:Please help! Just deleted my entire documents!!!!

Dont worry, its rather easy. You see, when you "delete" files on your computer, you dont actually delete them. You only mark them as free space, but in reality, they still are on your hdd. There are special programs for file recovery, just google and use the whatever free soft you like.

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Re: Outlook 2003
Is there is a way to designate a Shared Outlook Calendar (that is used as our company-wide calendar) as an individual's default calendar. We are set up with a Microsoft XP Exchange Server.
The goal is to have the company-wide calendar download to a Blackberry Curve as the user's default calendar. Right now he sees his own calendar which he does not need. We have the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on his network computer.
Thank you.

A:Can a shared Outlook '03 calendar be designated as one's default calendar?

As an addendum, it would be preferable that the Outlook/Blackberry user not be able to modify the office-wide Shared Calendar (should there be a way for him to see it) so that all changes still go through our calendar maven. Thank you.

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I currently use Outlook 2010 for work and have a lot of appointments.
How would I sync this across to my personal Gmail calendar?


A:How do I sync my Outlook calendar with my Google (GMAIL) calendar?

hi see if this will help you out. How to Sync Google and Outlook Calendars - How-To - PC Advisor

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I need a calendar program for my computer since I recently upgraded my computer with student office 2007, which doesn't have outlook like the 2003 edition. Can I have any suggestions? I don't want a web based program that needs that internet to function.


A:Solved: Need a calendar program (not outlook or gmail calendar)

Thunderbird with Lightning:

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It seems that Google?s sync program just syncs it's calendar with the default Outlook calendar.

Does anyone know if there is any way to just sync one particular calendar with Google's? Not Outlooks default calendar. I don?t want all my personal info going over to a ?group Google? calendar.


A:How to sync a particular Outlook 2010 calendar with Google calendar

Go through these 2 links.
Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help
Transfer calendars between Outlook and Google Calendar - Outlook -

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I have the syntax for copying the entry to another public folder but am wondering if anyone has a mock up of what the destination code would like to copy it to another mailbox via VBA?

Here is what I use for the public folder, which works fine right now:

csFolderPath = "Public Folders\All Public Folders\Shared
Calendars\"Calendar Name"

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hello everybody,
my online outlook calendar does not sync with my Windows Calendar app. I am talking about the online calendar which can be accessed after sign-in here: Prihláste sa do svojho konta Microsoft which for me used to always take all the information from my desktop calendar app, and vice-versa, when I entered an event online, it also appeared in my desktop app. This was useful for syncing with my phone and generally accessing my calendar when not having my laptop on me. This is now impossible for me to do.

Now they don't sync and it's quite annoying, I am getting desperate and thinking of using some other app (if you have tips, tell me. I went through this: Resolve sync issues in Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10 - Office Support it did not solve the problem. I have updates on (I apply them manually). I have Windows 10 all up to date. and all settings allow calendar to be synced. I checked if I am signed in to the same account, I only have one account in the app and the same one online.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Also, I am adding a picture if it helps, on the left is my calendar, when I access it online, on the right is my Windows App. You can clearly see that there is a lot more on the right. I just want the events to appear in the online calendar as well, as they did before...

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My PC broke a while back and I had it covered by warranty so I thought they were going to scrap it and give me a new PC (Like they did last time) but they didn't.. So before that I went to User > (Username) > and deleted every library inclkuding downloads, documents etc. Anyway, when they fixed this PC and gave it back, Java was uninstalled because I had deleted the files for it, so I went to go install it and I've now installed it 6 times and it won't register as being installed even after resetting PC. I went to control panel and deleted 6 different versions of Java including JDK, Jre whatever version, but still no results. Please help someone Thank you very much, This is the only time I've ever had to result to online help

A:Can't install Java because I deleted almost my entire PC


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I thought I was deleting a duplicate documents folder but it turned out to apparently be the primary folder and I quickly learned, to my horror, that with my relatively recent recent installing of Windows 10 it apparently did not automatically turn on my system protection system (restore points), so I could not do a system restore to recapture the lost folder.

I also tried highlighting the remaining shortcut folder and clicking on "undo" but there was no effect.

Have I lost the entire contents of this folder permanently?

A:Help!!!....I've deleted my entire documents folder

It should just be in your recycle bin.

Check and if it is simply click it and then select restore

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Hi, I did a quick search in this forum for iphone related threads, but didn't see any that fits the bill of my problem, so I have started this thread. If it's in the wrong section, please let me know and I will move it.


Laptop - Dell Latitude 610 (1.7 GHz, 512 MB)
OS - XP Pro SP3

I am syncing the iphone 3G through itunes with my Outlook contacts and calendar items without any problem on my PC at home, but it's a completely different story at work with the Dell laptop. When I first got the iphone, it worked fine with the Dell for a couple of days, but when I came to work after the weekend, everything went south.


Once I hook up the phone with itunes, it registers it, but when I hit the sync button, it goes to sync with my contacts, and stays that way for eternity. 10-15 minutes goes by without any changes, and meanwhile, the machine slows to a halt. I can't run any other program in parallel, and it would take 30-40 seconds just switching in between windows. So I would have to manually cancel the sync. Afterwards, the machine remains slow as molasses. I go to Task Manager and would see that the OutlookSyncClient.exe continues to run even though I exited itunes. This is not the case on my home computer. When I exit itunes, that particular process stops as well. If I click over to the performance tab, it would show spike sin CPU usage, and off the chart PF values, like in the GB range. It also is taking up 40-50 MB of memory as well... Read more

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Is there a procedure for syncing the calendar app in Win 10 with the Outlook 2013 calendar? I have been trying to sync my calendar in Outlook 2013 with my Blackberry Z30 in Blackberry Blend and Blackberry Link. So far I can only sync Windows 10 contacts with my BB Z30. Selecting the Calendar app isn't an option -- see the attachment. The Blackberry help and support sites are neither helpful nor supportive.

A:Windows 10 calendar and Outlook 2013 calendar

Not really. RIM software is hard to do. Try setting up the email settings with calendat on the phone. I know that is the best cellular forum that may still have their RIM forum up.

I use Sunrise with Chrome, so that I can sync my iCloud Calendar.

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I have been using Outlook 2003 for many years then upgraded to 2007, which I've used for years.

Typically I would enter appointments into my calendar in my Outlook 2007 and sync that with my phone....the blueberry or iPhone 3GS....I upgraded to the iPhone4 and have put appointments into my iPhone and synced my iPhone using iTunes (which normally syncs my Outlook calendar as well).

However, I've noticed recently some appt's put into my phone were not showing up on my Outlook Calendar....more snooping and I've just tonight discovered I have another calendar named iSync-Calendar.ics! Well, that's where many of my missing appointments were found!!

So I look closer at my iPhone4 and go to settings>calendar> and look for my default calendar which is iSync-Calendar.ics!!!

I am assuming that somehow that got switched, but used to be "calendar" which was outlook.

I am hoping this doesn't happen in the future..but for now I'm displaying both Calendar and iSync-Calendar.ics on Outlook so I can see all my appointments!!

Glad I caught that tonight as I have double and tripled booked some time slots in the future not seeing them on my iPhone since default calendar was iSynch and NOT calendar and vice versa!!!

Do you think I corrected the problem? Can I sync the iSync appts into or import them into my Calendar??

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I do not like windows live mail. I find that is not very good. So I set outlook up with my hotmail account. But this has 2 seperate contact lists and 2 seperate calendars. I put my contacts into the new list, but is there any way of importing this stuff into outlook so i don't have to copy it whenever i add a new thing to the calendar?

A:can't get windows live calendar into outlook calendar


From W Mail use file and import and export. From OUtlook, it should be the same.

Go to the bottom of this tutorial, before the comments for all the information you may need.

Windows Mail

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Hi, I recently ran combofix and it deleted my entire user account and more. Please help, I have attached the log file. I found some old threads from 2010 about a similar issue but they did not help.

A:Combofix deleted entire user account!

ComboFix 14-04-20.01 - Randy 04/23/2014  17:02:59.1.2 - x64
Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Premium   6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.3966.2488 [GMT -7:00]
Running from: C:\Users\Randy\Desktop\TU\ComboFix.exe
AV: Norton Internet Security *Enabled/Updated* {D87FA2C0-F526-77B1-D6EC-0EDF3936CEDB}
FW: Norton Internet Security *Enabled* {E04423E5-BF49-76E9-FDB3-A7EAC7E589A0}
SP: Norton Internet Security *Enabled/Updated* {631E4324-D31C-783F-EC5C-35AD42B18466}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((   Other Deletions   )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
C:\Users\All Users\avaj.pad
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087DE.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087DF.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E0.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E1.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E2.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E3.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E4.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E5.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E6.log
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS087E7.lo... Read more

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I am not entirely sure what has happened, however, i have the same kind of problem as Xeron(Gary) with one slight difference, my entire C:\windows folder was shoved into the recycle bin by a virus and deleted, i only just realized this cause i didnt think it was THE C:\windows folder, because of two things A; the recycle bin showed up empty when clicked(icon showed full but nothing came up, as if it was a hidden folder or so, and yes it was stil empty even when i enabled 'show hidden foders') and B: there was a kind-of repacement windows folder still there, i was running a few programs (ESET nod32 antivirus, among others) and ran ccleaner without thinking about the repurcussions of it ><, after cleaning all my old files i went to clean the registry....well, you can pretty much imagine my surprise as EVERY SINGLE THING that was inside the WINDOWS foder was popping up left and right(metaphorically of course) so, now i've opted tp try and use file recover(i havent turned off the pc yet, its a laptop ><)but i just dont know if it can bring back a file that was 'super hidden' as i call it(i ran into a virus like this before, it came in a recycler folder and mass saved itself eating away at the registry etc, had to format my comp and now my desktop doesnt work, damn ibm/intel chipset family ><)
anyway, if you have any reccomendations, please, be my guest, im on msn for the next 20 or so minutes then i gotta sleep and go to work, but i cant turn off my comp(lol...... Read more

A:Entire C:\WINDOWS folder deleted due to virus.....

If it was the entire c:\windows dir, your PC wouldn't be booting. So although I don't doubt you have some kind of issue/virus whatever, the files still have to be there.

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When I am deleting messages as usual, I delete some important old messages which are attached with vital videos and pictures by accident. Can I retrieve deleted text messages?
If you have back up your data with iCloud or iTunes, you can restore from icloud. While you have no backup files, I highly recommend that you should use this data recovery software. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery enables you recover not only deleted messages but also more than 19 different types of data without any effort.
There are three recovery modes to restore deleted text messages. Furthermore, it works on both Mac and PC. Let?s take a look at how this software works.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Step 2: Launch your program on computer.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 4: Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File.

Step 5: Login to iCloud with Apple ID.

Step 6: Download and select the data you want.

Step 7: Click on Recover.
Related tutorials:

How to Download Photos from iCloud

How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPad

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There are various ways to restore deleted data on iPhone:
1. Using iTunes Backup
- Disable automatic syncing in iTunes
- Connect your iPhone to your computer
- Restore the iPhone from a backup.
2. Restore from iCloud
- Erase your iPhone.
- Select the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option.
- Allow the content to download onto your iPhone.
3. Using Third Party FoneLab iPhone data recovery Software
- Download, install, and open data recovery software like FoneLab iPhone data recovery program.

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Step 1: Download and install the program.

Step 2: Open the software.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, and the software should detect your device immediately.

Step 4: Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File and click Start Scan.

Step 5: Login to iCloud with Apple ID.

Step 6: Select the messages you need.

Step 7: Click Recover.

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I hope somebody on this knowledgeable forum can help me after a very silly mistake I had committed when trying to reinstall/reformat my friend's Samsung R519 Laptop and do a clean install of windows 7. I had used the tutorial below, using diskpart to 'clean all'

How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 7 ? How-To Geek Forums

DiskPart <ENTER>
list disk <ENTER>
select disk 0 <ENTER>
clean all <ENTER> (Will Take a While)
create partition primary align=1024 <ENTER>
format fs=ntfs <ENTER> (Will Take a While)
assign <ENTER>
active <ENTER>
exit <ENTER>
exit <ENTER>

The problem there were two disks listed - disc 0 and disc 1 - I completed the steps above but stupidly ran the clean all steps for both discs and now I think I had managed to delete the entire HDD and now it won't boot from CD. The error comes up as 'operating system not found'.

I can access the BIOS on F2 but cannot access the recovery console on F4 - it's probably been deleted. I have tried booting from various recovery discs including the windows 7, a system repair disc (created from a different laptop), and the hiren's boot cd. Nothing will load from the CD-ROM as it says the same error - Operating system not found.

At some point I can remember it saying bootmgr is missing, but after attempting a few things I read up on various forums I don't receive this error anymore. I'm thinking there must be a way to load up whatever is misi... Read more

A:Deleted Entire HDD, Operating System Not Found - Wont boot from CD

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Unfortunately disk 1 was probably the installation media if it was connected when you accessed disk 0 and clean all

I'd guess but seems you need another installation disk to boot to
Clean all is not recoverable it marks every cell with 0's

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Help Please... Combofix has deleted/quarantined the entire user profile folder contents inc desktop & my docs data.
Yesterday (4th Feb 2015 @ approx 17:00hrs GMT) we ran combofix on a suspected infected computer. It had AVG cloudcare, we disabled the realtime scanner until restart. We then downloaded combofix direct from bleepingcomputer.
Combofix run, did its normal stuff, then we noticed it was DELETING what we have found to be EVERYTHING in the users c:\users\%username%\ folder to the point when the computer rebooted, it re-created the appdata folders, etc, etc like a new user was logging into a new PC.
There is a URL that might help here, but its quite old and it was for WinXP. Does anyone know if the same can be run for Win7? And more importantly has anyone had this same experience recently!!!???
It might just be that this computer is heavily infected and all the profile files are genuinely infected with something. I am fully aware that bleepingcomputer recommend backing up before running this, but I've used this 50-100 times at least, and never ever had this happen. We are also aware that the deleted files are put in C:\QooBox\(the original path)\ and have the extension .vir added to the file name and original file extension. So you can of course without the EXE mentioned in the above URL article just remove the .vir to potentially thousands of f... Read more

A:HELP Combofix has deleted the entire user profile inc desktop my docs data

Before anything, I'd recommend you to upload a few of the deleted files to so we can have a look if they were infected or not.It would also be helpful if you could zip up and attach c:\combofix.txtAs for precautions, its clearly stated you should run Combofix only under expert guidance, if you choose not to do that then you risk problems like the one you are describing unfortunately.

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So, this is about the integration between the two, of course. I have added the WL feed to OC and it appears there. Every task appears as an "all day" event. Then I uncheck the "all day" box, enter the respective time and make my schedule. And then, I guess at the next refresh from the WL feed, all events are back to "all day" :( Does anybody know how to deal with this? Or any reasonable way to put WL tasks into a(ny) calendar without having to jump through hoops? Thanks in advance!

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Lenovo T500 Intel Core2 Duo T9600 2.8GHz
Win 7 Professional SP1 64 bit
MS Office Professional 2010 v14.0.7106.5003 32-bit

I've had a persistent problem for several months since I migrated to a new hard drive. Outlook 2010 calendar is working, but only in Active List view. Any attempt to change to Preview or Calendar view produces the error message, "Could not read the calendar." Changing from Active List to List works some of the time, but inconsistently and sometimes it will hunt for the list and offer the same "Could not read the calendar." error message. This is very frustrating as I find it difficult to manage the list view and am accustomed to seeing the calendar week view.

I use an Android phone and use gmail and Google calendar to see mail and appointments on my phone. So, I've got Google Calendar Sync running. Google Calendar Sync appears to be operating normally. I have a nice calendar view on my phone or web-based from my computer. I have tried adding the Google calendar to Outlook but it is a duplicate of the default calendar and I can't set it as the default. Also, MS Office does not permit me to delete the default calendar.

I don't like any of the work arounds. I just want the calendar to work like it should. Research discloses no real hint of anything that works including running scanpst. Scanpst does a great job at fixing the problem by wiping the whole calendar thanks very much MS.

If you have any clue as to the cause and bette... Read more

A:Outlook 2010 Calendar, only active list view works, calendar view err

Try Microsoft's CalCheck tool. "The Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck) is a program that checks the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and items for problems or for potential problems."

You can download it from here:
Download Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook from Official Microsoft Download Center

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I accidently deleted a Windows Calendar with all my entries. Can I recover it? Thanks.

A:Deleted Windows Calendar by mistake

Have you tried a System Restore point from before you deleted it?

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Hello, lately I've noticed that after I delete the items in my deleted items folder, the calendar events return. Every time I open outlook, the list has grown. I'm running Office Pro 2010 and Windows 7.
Any help is appreciated. Andre

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How can I setup my access 2013 database Calendar to show up in Outlook 2013 Calendar. please help me


A:Link a Access 2013 database Calendar to Outlook 2013 Calendar

what database are you using?

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I recently created a Microsoft account on my Windows 8.1-running Dell XPS 12 laptop. After I realized that logging in through my new Microsoft account got rid of my calendar, I tried to revert to a local account. I believe I may have accidentally created a new local account with the same name and password as the original account by accident.

Is there anywhere where the calendar information from the original local account would have been saved? It seems to me that since I was not prompted in the process of making a Microsoft account to warn me of losing data from the local account, it should be backed up somewhere. Where could I find it?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey all,

There are past calendar items that regardless how you delete them, they keep coming back after a couple of minutes.

They were deleted by declining the appointments, the delete button, from Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook on the Web.

We even started Outlook /clearreminders command just in case.

Any idea how to fix this issue?

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I have a user that is attempting to book a meeting on a calendar located inside of a public folder with herself as the only participant. She does this by going to the calendar, creating the meeting directly on it, and adding herself as a participant. The reply from calendar goes straight to her deleted items and does not show up on her personal calendar. The replay says that since she is the organizer no response is needed. Moving the reply into her inbox does not help since there is no button to add the meeting to her calendar. She can successfully book meetings this way on other users calendar. Using another account I am able to book meetings on this calendar without any problem. There are no rules or junk email protection turned on. I have turned calendar auto replay on and off, rebuilt the Outlook profile, turned caching on and off, installed all updates for Outlook 2010, gave her owner access to the calendar, and tried creating the meetings both by viewing the calendar through public folders and through shared calendars.

I know Public Folder's can be buggy but I can't figure out why only one user is having this issue. Anyone have any ideas?


A:Public Folder calendar requests going straight to deleted items.


The replay says that since she is the organizer no response is needed

A random thought: Would it work to add another person to her Calendar? She could use a pseudonym/alias for herself.

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Ive got an Outlook 2003 using Boss and a Outlook 2002 using Assistant who are having issues with sharing their calendar. The assistant is inputting appointment data into her bosses Outlook 2003 Calendar.

The issue is : The 2002 user puts in a whole day appointment on a given day (say 10/10/2004). When she opens her bosses 2003 calendar, the same appointment is still a whole day, but it stretches across 2 days (in this case 10/10/2004 and 11/10/2004). Both users use common Regional Settings (Australia).

Outlook 2002 user is at Office XP SP3.
Outlook 2003 user is at Office 2003 Pro SP1
Exchange Server 2000 (sp unknown)

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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We are using Exchange Server
Some staff in our executive branch have brand new laptops (lucky guys) with Office 2007[Of07]. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003 [OL03].

Calendar(s) are made, and invites sent for specific calendars to specific groups of users.
IE: Regional Sales Mgr. creates several supplemental "events" calenders he wants to share with his different teams.
---Default, Corporate, Dist1, Dist2, Dist3, Region
---DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3
---Dist1 calender --> DistGrp1
---Dist2 calendar --> DistGrp2
---Dist3 calendar --> DistGrp3
---Region --> DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3

All OL03 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

OL03 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Off07 user's default calendar, with no option to open or even locate any other calender.

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for OL03 users to open a shared calendar (other than the default or main calendar) of an OFF07 user?

Thank you.

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I used to be happy with Works 2002 calendar reminders. They came on at startup without the program being on. Now I have Outlook 2003 and the reminders only work whem the program is on. Does anyone know how to automatically turn them on at startup without the rest of the program.

A:Outlook 2003 calendar reminders don't work without Outlook being turned on.

outlook needs to be up and running.

drag it into the startup folder, reboot.

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We are using Exchange Server 2010.

Some staff are using Outlook 2007. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003.

All Outlook 2003 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

Outlook 2003 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Outlook 2007 user's default calendar, then they get this message "Unable to display the folder. The Calendar folder could not be found".

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for Outlook 2003 users to open a shared calendar of an Outlook 2007 user?

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How can I change Outlook so that all my deleted files are deleted rather than being sent into the "Deleted" folder?

There must be a way?

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Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2007. For one and only one user his deleted items are deleted after 7 days. There are no rules, auto-archive is not enabled, no view filters. I can not figure this out. I deleted and re-created his Outlook profle to no avail. Any ideas?

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I just reinstalled Windows 7 and it moved all my files to a folder called Windows.old.
I reinstalled Outlook and copied back my AppData > Local > Microsoft > Outlook folder, but when I launch Outloo, there is nothing! What do I need to do?!

A:How do I copy my ENTIRE outlook profile?

You need to import the items from the old outlook.pst file. This will restore everything.

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I did a search here, but not seen a definitive answer.

I want to save to .pst file the entire contents of Outlook 2002 emails, that is the contact list, the inbox, sent folders etc.

I tried it in past and the only folder actually exported to .pst was the sent one.

A:Saving entire Outlook emails

Have you looked at (freeware) Amic? This from their site:
"Amic Email Backup is a handy software tool for Microsoft Windows based PCs designed to create backup copies of your email database and Web browser Favorites. Amic Email Backup can save emails, address books, mail and news accounts and their settings, message rules, blocked sender lists and signatures, to a single compact, compressed backup file that can be easily restored when necessary. Supports the top 11 email clients and the most popular browsers."

Hope this is of interest?


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I have MS Outlook XP and did a backup of "Personal Folders".

My question is this strictly the Inbox, or the sent messages, the contacts etc.?

If not, how can I backup all?

My outlook is crashing and need to reinstall.

A:Saving entire Outlook emails

There are tutorials here for backing up different versions of Outlook:

Quote "This tutorial is designed to provide a quick and easy way to back up your Microsoft® Outlook® or Outlook Express® e-mail. For many of us, our e-mail is our lifeline to our business. It is important to make regular backups in case of a hardware or software failure. You never know how important your e-mail is until you lose it.
This tutorial will also provide a means to easily restore you e-mail and contacts. For example, you may need to restore your e-mail and contacts following a system rebuild or you may simply want to move your information to a different computer."

Hopefully one of these is suitable?

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I just reinstalled Windows 7 and it moved all my files to a folder called Windows.old.
I reinstalled Outlook and copied back my AppData > Local > Microsoft > Outlook folder, but when I launch Outloo, there is nothing! What do I need to do?!

A:How do I copy my ENTIRE outlook profile?

1. Open Outlook.
2. File > Import. (If Outlook 2010, File > Open > Import)
3. Choose Import from another program or file
4. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst)
5. Browse to said PST file (would be in the folder you named in your original post)
6. Continue.
7. Done.


1. Open your account settings
2. Choose Data tab
3. Click ADD
4. Browse to your data file
5. Choose your newly added data file and make it the default.
6. Restart.

Should be set. Let me know if you're not.

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I would like to use the auto signature feature of Outlook in a network environment. Does anybody know if it is possible to do this with a script or something similar? Or is it possible to do from the Exchange Server console?

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Does anybody know how to transfer my entire inbox to Outlook? Currently it is only downloading unread messages.

I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2007.


A:Transfer Entire Inbox to Outlook (2007)

Transfer the inbox from what into Outlook 2007?

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I use Outlook 2007 and rarely visit my BT Mail Inbox (BT is my ISP). Yesterday I opened Outlook and it started to download every email saved in my BT Mail Inbox, over 3000 emails received in the last 15 months. Obviously I have already seen these emails and I have no idea why Outlook should download them again. I looked for a way to stop the download but the only answer seemed to be to close Outlook and go to BT mail and delete all the emails in my BT Mail Inbox. I did this but it took ages as BT would only let me delete emails in blocks of 50. It took even longer to clean up my Outlook Inbox.

Has anyone any idea why this happened please, any help appreciated?

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I just reinstalled Windows 7 and it moved all my files to a folder called Windows.old.I reinstalled Outlook and copied back my AppData > Local > Microsoft > Outlook folder, but when I launch Outloo, there is nothing! What do I need to do?!

A:How do I copy my ENTIRE outlook profile back?

Search for a file named outlook.pst - you should find two - one in windows.old and one in W7. Overwrite the new one with the old one.

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Anyone knows how to transfer the entire Inbox contents into my newly set Outlook Express in another PC?




A:Outlook Express - Transfer entire Inbox



Type this in the keywords:


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Hey first time here...I am not a "computer guy" and I managed to get myself in trouble--so I could really use some help.

While my iPhone was syncing, I was cleaning my inbox in Outlook...first item I deleted (to the "trash" folder, caused an error message to pop-up.

I have since tried the obvious...Restarted Outlook
Ran Registery Mechanic (found no errors)
Ran Ad-Aware SE Personal (found no errors)
Restarted my computer and then restarted Outlook
Re-synched my iPhone and then restarted Outlook

In each case Outlook opens and within 5 seconds I get the error message.

Any ideas would sure be appreicaited.

A:Apple iPhone & Outlook / XP

Hi EBossHoss

Can you list the error message please?

Try disconnecting the phone and then opening Outlook too, to see if you still experience this error.

Also don't run a registry cleaner meanwhile.

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Ok so I love calendar apps on any platform (desktop, phone, internet, hand) because they are so much better at remembering than me. So I got this great thing setup where I have Google Calender as the central manager/hub for everything. I have MS Outlook on my desktop and laptop each setup to sync with G.C. and also have my iPhone setup to sync with it. Now this might sound messy but after setup it's great because whenever I add stuff from anywhere it shows up everywhere. The initial reason for this is because I hate doing long tasks on my phone, much easier to enter appointments and appointment series on the desktop PC, same goes for contacts with a phone, address, and email.

So if I love it so much why am I here?

1.) Reminders don't sync back. I will have something like 6 appointments occur and acknowledge them on my phone which helpfully reminds me. Then when I go on my desktop later I am bombarded with reminders that I don't really need. What I would love is if somehow when I acknowledged an appointment in one calender app it would then sync back my acknowledgement to all the other platforms. Thus I would not be bombarded.

2.) Calenders also can tell you WHERE or WHO an appointment is with. So I have this handy lists of contacts on my phone, with stored addresses. From my navigation app I can access these contacts and get directions to them. So here's an idea... I get an alert that I have an appointment "Fix Computer" at "Doug's" ... Read more

A:Outlook, Google, & iPhone Oh My!

I have a question on Outlook and the iCloud. I just performed a sync which - proud to say - mostly worked but has left some items in a Merge Conflicts folder in Outlook. My question (and apologies if it is a basic one!) is, how can I remove individual items from that folder. I can copy them across to the calendar proper, but they stay in Merge Conflicts as well. If I try to delete them it tells me I don't have appropriate permissions. Which seems strange to me as I'm the only user.

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How can I transfer my Outlook address book to my iPhone?

A:Syncing outlook to iPhone

The usual technique is to first EXPORT your contacts into a neutral format, say CSV (aka spreadsheets). Then investigate how to import contact data.

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I can't figure this one out....Whenever I try to attach a document from a shortcut folder on my desktop, when I try to open the folder to look for the document I want to attach, it attaches the entire folder instead (the folder doesn't open!). I already tried following the exact filepath (rather than the shortcut path...desktop) to open the folder to get the correct document, but the folder doesn't ever open, it just attaches to the email. I can attach items from other folders (that are not shortcuts) and when not using Outlook Express I can open the shortcut folder on the desktop without any problem. I am baffled. Any ideas? My OS is XP sp2 with all the Windows updates.
Thank you in advance!!

A:Solved: outlook express attaches entire folder

You cannot attach a folder to OE.

When you click on a shortcut, that is a file - therefore that file attaches (it may appear that is a folder to you but it isn't).

If you have extensions showing you would see that is a .LNK file.


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I'm made a folder in which I've collected all emails of a certain topic, with several dozen emails within. I'd like to forward the entire folder to a new address, is there a way to do this?

I contacted Outlook support, but they don't ever respond (not much for "support", I guess).

A:Outlook: Way to forward entire custom folder of emails?

I assume you are talking about Microsoft Outlook email client, not about the web based email service?

In Ms Outlook you can forward multiple messages quite easily. Do this:Select messages to be forwarded by holding down the CTRL button and selecting messages one by one, or press CTRL + A within a folder to select all messages:
Click Forward on Ribbon:
All selected email messages are now attached (as attachments) to a new message. Give the recipients email address and send your message:

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So I would like to know if there is a way to see just the headers of my messages on the server but automatically download the entire mail file from a selected list (analogous to giving access to firewall for known apps).

A:Outlook 2003 - Download Header Vs. Entire File

with Outlook open, go to bottom right where it says connected or disconnected. there is a little arrow to the right. Click on arrow and you have several choices including download headers only.

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My e mails either end up on outlook or I phone but to both . Sometimes go to both. Sometimes iPhone will delete emails automatically help!!,

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I've lost the ability to sync my address book and phone (not sure when it happened)

I've the Sync Contact and Calendar box ticked and it seems to go thru the steps, but no syncing taking place

A:Syncing Outlook 2007 with iPhone

How's the sync setuped? Through Exchange server or just sync directly?

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I am running MS exchange, with outlook 2007, I am OTA syncing a iphone3gs, (OS 4.3.3). When I make an appointment in outlook, it syyncs perfectly with the phone. When I make an appointment with the phone, it does not sync correctly. The appointment looks fine on the phone. But outllok shows it as having no start date set, so it does not not appear in the daily calendar. I have tried deleting the account on the iphone and recreating it, I have doen a hard reset of the phone. I have removed the calendar from the account and then reinstalled it.


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anyone using this combo?

I have it working... more or less.

One little nit that is pesty is that when I delete any messages in outlook, they are not hidden but just have a ------- line through them... messy and difficult to read inbox... this happens even when I just move them to another folder.

they show up correctly on the iphone and a macbook.

Anyone know how to HIDE deleted or moved messages in the Outlook interface?



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I would like to synchronize my Outlook 2010 (where I have all my contacts etc.) with iphone (where I have none - but I do ical and reminders). Can anyone help? I read a thread here saying one could do it via Google - but I don't really use gmaIl (I do have one account but not a very active one).

Can anyone help, please?


A:Outlook 2010 and iphone 4S Synchronization

Hi I am in a similar situation. I know now that you can sync Outlook contacts to iPhone via iTunes. However, my iTunes on my PC is empty (after a system crash) and if I sync my iTunes in order to transfer my outook contacts to my iPhone - my music will be gone. I have a bunch of contacts on my PC which are not on the iPhone, and I do not want to enter them manually on the device but rather sync them. Does anyone have an idea how to transfer my Outlook contacts to my iPhone?

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I've been trying to setuo Imao accounts in outlook for my addresses. There is very little when I've searched and inconclusive. If called ATT and they said to use the same configuration setting I used in the Ipone. Does this seem right?

Also, if I choose Imap in Outlook the incoming adress is if I use the on recommened on the help website.


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I have a question. A friend of my is having an issue at work with their email. They are able to receive email but it goes to one or the other, not both. So either the email will be loaded on the iphone and not outlook, or it will be loaded on outlook and not the iphone.

Some emails do get to both iphone and outlook, but most of them are being sent to one or the other.

Anyone have any ideas?

Iphone 4 V4.3.3
Outlook 2007 v (12.0.6555.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6554.5001)

A:Solved: Outlook & Iphone, Email goes to one or other, not both.

Sounds like the friend [EDIT: is using POP mail and] has both Outlook and whatever is on the iPhone set to delete mail from the server after it is downloaded.

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I tried to configure Microsoft Outlook on my iPhone but its not working.

I get connectivity error and I am unable to download any emails.

Can anyone provide me any step by step guide to configure Microsoft Outlook on iPhone.

Any help will be appreciated.


A:Configuring Microsoft Outlook on iPhone?

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail client application that runs on your computer. It doesn't run on an iPhone or other mobile device. If you're trying to configure the iPhone to check your e-mail account, what isn't working? Do you use an IMAP or POP account? Or is it an Exchange account?

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I used to be able to sync my iphone to Outlook, but it stopped doing it (years ago actually). I got by without it but need to do it now.
I've looked on Google and have checked various solutions (location of .pst file, removed everything except iTunes Outlook Addin in the Trust Centre) and nothing worked.
I'm running windows 7 and iOS 6.1.2
Help will be appreciated

A:iphone wont sync to Outlook

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Can it be done? keeps telling me that outlook is not default mail program, but it is.

A:Syncing Iphone with outlook 2010?

Win7 RC + Office 2010 + iPhone 3Gs = FUBAR. I too get same error message(s), also get 'sync in progress' ad infinitum.

SOLUTION!! Virtual PC! I admit its the king of kludge solutions, but I did the following:
- Install older version of Microsoft OFFICE on Virtual PC
- install 'integration features'
- copy PST file from share to C drive on Virtual PC
- copy pictures etc to C Drive on virtual PC
- install iTunes on Virtual PC
- enable integraton features on Virtual PC
- click the "USB" dropdown on the Upper Left of Virtual PC and dedicate the iPhone to Virtual PC, and iPhone will now sync.

Frustrated bleeding edge end-user

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Changing entire ownership of entire hard drive any risks etc ?

I am using method of

Right click entire hdd

Change owner
Find now

Name - In Folder
Users - Computername(mine is for example Furkan)
Ok this makes me even able to enter inside of System Volume Information folder

Can this cause any problems in future?

For example if i format windows can i still access these harddisks without any problem ?

Are there any details, detailed information, article about ownership of files / folders on windows 8 ?

ty very much

Windows 8.1 x64
Also changing windows having driver - boot driver ownership from Trustedinstaller to user would cause any problem ?

A:Changing entire ownership of entire hard drive any risks e

When I took ownership of C:\ There were numerous popups saying it was unable to take ownership of various folders & subfolders.

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{{Moderator Note- Edited the title of your thread from just your TSG user name to something that will help you get good help}}
I am new to this forum so here goes. My Microsoft outlook express uses companion link to sync with my phone and I pad.. It is always locing up and not syncing automatically as I have it set to do. How can I fix this..

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I have an issue with the shared contacts in Outlook 2007 through Exchange.
We are 5 people at the office who need to access this list via our Iphones as well as through Outlook. Outlook is not the problem, everyone has this list there. It seemes though like Im the only one to access this list at Groups on my Iphone.

Everyone is has been set as Owner in Permission.

Doesnt Iphone support this?
Is there any other way to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!

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I have a user who has received an e-mail on their iPhone but it does not appear in their Outlook client. The iPhone is connected to the Exchange 2007 mailbox via active sync and the user does have the Outlook client periodically running from two locations (desktop - always, laptop - periodcally).

I have seen the message in the tracking logs on Exchange.

Is there something else I should be looking at to troubleshoot the cause for this issue (i.e. message rules, iPhone settings, exchange settings, etc.)?


A:random e-mails appear on iPhone but not in Outlook client

Not my area of knowledge, but I can think of two possibilities.

First, but not likely, the iPhone is deleting the message from the server after download.

Second, the Outlook clients may be filtering the message as spam or junk and deleting it or shuttling it to a folder other than Inbox.

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Hi everyone, I have a friend who need some help:

Hello TTran,

Sorry to bother you with a private message but I could not find how to start a thread on the forum asking for help on one particular problem.
If you could spare some time here is my question:
- I run Windows 7 Ultimate and Outlook 2007.
- I enter my hotmail address into Outlook Connector, so Hotmail is my default message handler in Outlook. Every thing runs normally until I discover that I cannot sync my Contacts with my iPhone, either with iTunes or with MobileMe, although the "Contacts" folder in Outlook contains 300+ names.
After some investigation I found some explanation:
- The Contacts displayed in the Contacts folder of Outlook are from my hotmail address book (contacts in [email protected]), and the Outlook contact book is empty!!! No wonder that the result of the sync is nil, because the only option in the sync procedure is to sync Contacts with Outlook.
In order to sync my contacts with my iPhone I think that I need to Move/Copy all the contacts from (contacts in [email protected]) to the Outlook Address book.
I don't know if it is possible or not.
Could you tell me and post this message on the forum for discussion?

Thanks a lot

A:problem with sync Contact from Outlook to Iphone

Outlook must be the default mail provider in order for the Outlook Addin to synch with Iphone,
Iphone does not recognise a proxy mail server such as hotmail.
When Itunes is opened and the Iphone is connected and synch is initiated, Itunes Outlook Addin initiates the call to synch the phone contacts/mail and calender events through the default Outlook program.


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When syncing Outlook 07 contacts with 3G iPhone, the emails don't always sync.
I think what is happening is -
If the Outlook email Display As field is 'NAME([email protected])' iPhone will list NAME.
If the Outlook Display As is "[email protected]", then the email will display correctly in iPhone. there a way to globally change the email Display As to show only [email protected] in Outlook?

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I'm losing emails off my iphone once I log into my outlook on my computer. I am using an exchange account and it is not giving me an option to leave copy of email on the servcer. Does anyone have any suggestions. Many thanks

A:losing emails on iphone once I log into outlook on computer

Hi MoodleyT, and welcome to TSG.

Are you using POP3 or IMAP to get your incoming mail with the computer and the iPhone?

What version of MS-Outlook are you using?

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I've searched for over a half hour now and can't seem to find a clear answer. I want to view the entire contents of an email (smtp headers, message, source, all that happy stuff)....

I tried to add a registry key, but it didn't work....even after I re-started Outlook7. The only option within an email is to view source, and that only appears to be showing html code.

All I want to see is if the anti-virus we have installed is scanning our incoming emails or not!

Anyone know a quick solution to this? Thanks!

A:Solved: How do I view entire message contents in Outlook 7 (smtp, source, etc)

Right click the message, select "Message Options". The "Internet Headers" box at the bottom shows you the whole thing.

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I have an iPhone and began using it when I had Outlook 2007 running under XP. Everything worked fine. I got a new laptop with Vista 64-bit. Now when I sync my iPhone everything still works just fine .. except for contacts where I have associated an iPhone picture with them. The contact (including the picture) lives in my 'Contacts' in Outlook 2007 but when I go to send a new e-mail message to one of those contacts they do not show up - any clues how to resolve? This didn't happen before. Thanks!!

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Somewhere in the update/install process of Windows 10 (and re-installing Outlook 2007), I lost my contacts in my Outlook account. The contacts remain in my iCloud account and on my iPhone. Can some please instruct me on how to import all the contacts back in to my desktop Outlook 2007 application?

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