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Place Web Page Shortcut on Desktop

Q: Place Web Page Shortcut on Desktop

I have lost the ability to place favorite web sites on my desktop. When I right click on the web page there is not a "shortcut" line. Thanks, bud

A: Place Web Page Shortcut on Desktop

Hello Bud,

You might see if you may be able to create a URL shortcut on your desktop using any of the other options in the tutorial below.

Internet Website Shortcut - Create

Hope this helps,

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I have a batch file myBatch.bat placed on c:\Windows\System32\Batch\
The batch works fine and I can call from any command prompt.
Yet if I create a shortcut to this batch and place it on my desktop, it'll get "The specified path does not exist". The same shortcut will work if I place it anywhere else...
Running on Windwos Vista x64 SP1.

Any idea whats causing the system to not recognize the path when calling from desktop?


A:can't place a shortcut to batch file on desktop

without knowing what the shortcut says, its difficult to tell you what exactly is wrong. Post the shortcut here.

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I am new to this forum and new to Windows 10. I am trying to place a shortcut on the desktop to put the computer to sleep. I tried following the instructions from a few sites that recommended placing a link into the desktop shortcut menu and the suggested shortcut Command does not put the computer to sleep. instead it shuts the computer down. Can someone give me the Sleep command. thank you.
The wrong command is as follows: Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep
I tried one or 2 other variations of this command and the new shortcut also turned over the computer

A:How do I place a SLEEP shortcut on Windows 10 desktop

Solved Windows 10 sleep shortcut - Windows 10 Forums

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I have a client who suddenly got a red X to appear on her desktop icons instead of the shortcut symbol. Everything seems to work fine, its just annoying more than anything. Any ideas on why this happened? I would assume if I went and deleted the shortcut symbols, the Xs would go away as well.

A:Red X appears in place of shortcut symbol on desktop icons

Sounds like your client may have used a program to modify/change the link arrow on shortcut icons, or followed Brink's tutorial here: Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

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I want to put a few often used desktop shortcuts into the taskbar. How?

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ok first of all I relaize this thread could be posted in the web browser discussion page and I will put it there too, it just semed to overlap into to different topics.

What I'm trying ot do is this. create a shortcut to a webpage from a desktop. It's not for me. personally I would use a bookmark or something like that ut this is the task I need to figure out. My stepmom would like a shortcut from her desktop that would take her directly to her log in page for work. can anybody help? thanks, it's very much appreciated.

A:making shortcut for web page on desktop

She should be able to left click and drag the icon in the address bar to her desktop and create a shortcut to her log in page.
She needs to be on her log in page when she does this.

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Does anyone know how to go one step further and create a desktop shortcut (or hotkey) to the speaker setup page where you choose your audio channels? (ie/ where you choose between Stereo, 5.1 Surround, 7.1 Surround, etc.) It's one click after getting to the Playback page. After getting to the Playback page, you'd click "Configure" to get there. It's this page here:

I need to switch quickly between "Stereo" and "5.1 Surround" and I'd like to get here with a single click (or hotkey). Does anyone know?

A:How to create a desktop shortcut (or hotkey) to speaker setup page?

Hi Outlier

You can usually drag the item name onto the desktop with a right click.

1 Click on the globe bottom left of taskbar

2 Type the word speakers or whatever into the search box

3 When the list of items appear, Right Click on the one you want and drag it onto the desktop

4 Click create shortcut here.

You can create most shortcuts this way, for instance you can open windows explorer to view your favourite folder, make the explorer window a bit smaller so that there is some desktop showing, right click on the folder, drag it onto the desktop, select create shortcut here from the dropdown and you will then have a shortcut to your folder.

Hope this was useful



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I have an odd problem on an XP sp3 machine. Whenever I try and right click on the desktop - new shortcut, a Windows explorer window comes up with I:\rundll32.exe in the address bar (needless to say I can't create a shortcut). The I:\ is a mapped drive that we use but I don't see why this function is not working. I also recieve this behavior when I try to add a new network place by clicking that link 'Add a network place' under My Network Places. Please help!

A:Can't create shortcut or use Add Network place wizard

Any ideas fellow tech heads? It looks like this isn't a PC problem as the same domain user has the same trouble when logging on to other domain machines.

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Hi guys n girls,

I have for ever got sick and tired of right click -> open Send to Menu and creating a Desktop Shortcut for a file or app....then needing to go to the Desktop right click the newly made shortcut and then removing the trailing file extension, dash and words shortcut in brackets. If you are like me and you want a solution where you just right click -. Create shortcut and forget and not need to do anymore then look no further.

I have small AutoIT app (compiled script) that does exactly that.

Desktop (create shortcut).au3 SHA1 - 630A9CE23BF669035EEB089C2948BBD8B38BB505
Desktop (create shortcut).exe SHA1 - 829518AD4233E59D686822D960AAC71405D57CCD
Desktop (create shortcut).ico SHA1 - 16239287978841199F8A2FC56AA36EE55F197083

Download Link Desktop (create shortcut).zip

Virustotal readout - God knows why anyone would use any of the virus scanners flagging AutoIT as a virus. This indicates to me that they are merely only searching for header info and not actually decyphering any of the code. That should be alarming to anyone. Anyway here it is, it gets 2 false negatives out of 52.

Now the code so that you can compile it all your self. For the Geeks in other words

#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Icon=Desktop (create shortcut).ico
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Outfile=Desktop (create shortcut).exe
#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoI... Read more

A:Custom 'Desktop (create shortcut)' Remove .fileextension - Shortcut

I must find this more annoying than most others

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Currently I have a desktop shortcut to PuttyCyg (a modified version of PuTTY) which I have configured Ctrl+Alt+C as a keyboard shortcut to launch the program. Trouble is, once there is one instance of the program open, when I enter Ctrl+Alt+C again, instead of opening another instance of the program, it brings the window of the currently open instance to the front. This is strange, because when I actually click on the shortcut multiple times, the default behavior is to open multiple instances of the program. How can I change it so that hitting the keyboard shortcut forces new instances to open? Do I have to resort to things like writing a VBScript?

A:Launch new instance of program through keyboard shortcut on desktop shortcut

Nobody? =)

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This may be an odd one and maybe undo-able. I was wondering if it was possible somehow (via an app perhaps) to write on a web page. Note: I am not asking how to write ''a webpage" but physically ''on a'' webpage.
I'll tell you how such a thought came by in order to explain my question.
I'm on a website, they have a phone number but not an email address. It's Sunday so they're closed. I have questions, so I thought wouldn't it be nice if I could write my questions, (like with a marker on my screen) on the webpage so that I won't forget them and tomorrow when I call them, they'll be there ready for me along with the info already there?

A:How to write, place notes, on a web page?

I believe this is possible with "Windows 10 Edge" now?

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i have a doubt.

let me explain the scenario.

I am on a webpage. Say, i am reading the 4th or 5th para of an article.

Then i press control+home key on my keyboard.

Again i feel the need to traverse back to the same paragraph which i was reading a little earlier using keyboard shortcut.

Please tell me if there is any shortcut to do so..

Thanks in anticipation.

A:how to navigate back to the same place in a web page

As long as you aren't currently in a text box. . . . the Backspace Key should do the trick I think.

Also, I don't know if this applies to other web browsers, but Alt+Left Arrow is the shortcut for Back in Firefox.

Hope that helps


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I use Firefox. Before my recent hard drive failure, when I was browsing using FF and searching with google, I could click on a link in a google results page, go to another page, hit the back button, and be returned to the same place in the results page where I clicked the link. Now, whenever I click a link taking me to another page and then go back to the original page results page, I am taken to the top of the original page results page rather than the actual place where I clicked the link.

Expressed another way. I click on a link 40 lines down the google results page. I am taken to another page. Then I hit "back." I am then taken back to the google results page but I am taken to line 1 rather than line 40.

How to I get my browser to take me back to the original spot on the google results page where I clicked a link?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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In every website I visit,some banners wont show in place of it says "This page cannot be displayed bla bla..."
I checked my cookie setting ,it didnt do this when I had win 98se...
it isnt the firewall ,I know that.I installed shockwave player and flash player thinking that what it was. Clues anyone?Thanks so much!!

A:This Page cannot be displayed in place of banners

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I would like to know where Firefox places history folder? I would like to look at the web sites visited from using firefox. I know where inside the browser history is saved but is this information also placed in a folder somewhere within the file structure?

If I firebox browser set up to NOT save visted browser history with in the browser does it still save this data somewhere else?

A:Where does Firefox place web page visited history?


Originally Posted by rentonhighlands

I would like to know where Firefox places history folder? I would like to look at the web sites visited from using firefox. I know where inside the browser history is saved but is this information also placed in a folder somewhere within the file structure?

In your Profile folder you'll find a file - places.sqlite. This contains your bookmarks and history.


Originally Posted by rentonhighlands

If I firebox browser set up to NOT save visted browser history with in the browser does it still save this data somewhere else?

No. It just doesn't write it to the places.sqlite file.

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I notice that Chrome icon pinned to taskbar has inconsistent behavior between my Windows 10 Pro installs. (My taskbar is configured for "Taskbar buttons: Never combine", but it makes no difference)

1. On one machine clicking on pinned Chrome icon expands that pinned icon "in place", i.e. the pinned icon expands and becomes a wide taskbar entry for Chrome window. This is the normal behavior for Windows 10.

2. On another machine clicking on pinned Chrome icon creates a new taskbar entry for the new Chrome window. The new expanded entry appears in the taskbar to the right of the pinned icons, while the original pinned Chrome icon remains unchanged. This behavior is similar to that of ordinary Windows 7 Quick Launch bar.

So far only Chrome behaved in this inconsistent fashion. Other pinned icons consistently behave in accordance with the first scenario.

So, would could possibly be the reason for a pinned Chrome icon to follow the latter behavior?

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I use Word 2002 on this computer (I have 2010 on my laptop), and I have to prepare documents (I'm a teacher) where I will have text, and then I'll import a shape or image, etc, and have it on the same doc. Often when I open a document after awhile, objects will have shifted around the page.....even though I haven't really done anything with the doc in the interim.....I am going to try putting each object in a "table" (one cell.) Is this the best way? How do I place objects in a doc and be confident that they will stay exactly where I've placed thme?

Thanks very much for any help with this!

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I have a form that is one page in size and I am wondering if I copy it on say 100 successive pages so that there 100 pages of the the same form, can I do an "x of y" it a specific location within the form so that the rest are automatically numbered?

What I have now is a single form that has this: Item number 1 of 100. Now I have to print 100 of these out, but I don't want to change the number each time manually to 2 of 100, 3 of 100 etc. So as I said, I want to copy the same form 100 hundred times and enter some kind of numbering fuction or formula that will enter the next sequential number automatically on each form on the pages that follow.

Is there a way to do this in Word. I don't want to use headers.

Thank you.

A:Place page numbers in a specific location in Word - x of y

Just a note, I am using tables for this.

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I place the desktop icons where I want them and the next time the computer starts or restarts the icons are back to some kind of default position. How do I make them stay whee I put them?

A:keep desktop iocons where I place.

See if this tutorial helps you Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable

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I have connected several vista business machines onto a samba domain. When logging in for the first time vista creates a load of desktop.ini files all over the place on each machine and for each user. There is one in every single directory below c:\Users\, even the Startup folder. To remove them I must login as the user and manually set them to "hidden". This is not practical for lots of users on lots of machines.

Why does it do this?
Do I need one in every single directory?
How do I fix this problem quickly?

A:Desktop.ini files all over the place

Use a startup script

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Dim p
p =
WshShell.RegWrite p & "Hidden", 00000002, "REG_DWORD"

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I am running Windows 7 on my HP laptop. When I upgraded from Vista Windows 7 placed several icons on my desktop which is fine. But for some reason it stopped placing icons on my actual desktop and began placing them in my desktop folder. I transferred a file that I needed to work on from my phone and wanted to place it on my desktop so that I could work on it but 7 placed the file in my desktop folder instead. How can I get this file to appear on my actual desktop?

Thank you.

A:How do I place an icon on my desktop?

Rt click empty area on desktop >> View >> & "check" Show Desktop Icons

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Hi, I just did a clean install of Win7 pro 64 bit on my laptop and am trying to get it back to how it was before. I chose to put my desktop on the toolbar. I went into the personalization and unchecked having the default icons on my desktop and that worked great - they are in the desktop list on the toolbar. What I can't seem to figure out is this:

Everytime I add a shortcut to my desktop it places one on my desktop as well as in the list that is located on my toolbar. I would like for all the shortcuts to be in the toolbar desktop, but not actually visible on my actual desktop. What should I do - can't remember how I got it to work last time.


A:Shortcut icons on desktop & desktop toolbar

Quote: Originally Posted by voiceofhope

Hi, I just did a clean install of Win7 pro 64 bit on my laptop and am trying to get it back to how it was before. I chose to put my desktop on the toolbar. I went into the personalization and unchecked having the default icons on my desktop and that worked great - they are in the desktop list on the toolbar. What I can't seem to figure out is this:

Everytime I add a shortcut to my desktop it places one on my desktop as well as in the list that is located on my toolbar. I would like for all the shortcuts to be in the toolbar desktop, but not actually visible on my actual desktop. What should I do - can't remember how I got it to work last time.


Welcome to the forum,

You can hide the ones on your desktop,

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Hey guys..

Think I have a setting problem with cookies..

When I run the following shortcut "" I log in but then the page loads with errors and I cant do anything on that page. I clicked on the warning symbol on the taskbar and opened the details box and it either says permission denied or 'mycookie' is null as a reason for the error.

I tried allowing the site trusted access in internet options and wiped the cookies then attempted to login to my mls site thus creating another new didnt work..

Could anyone tell me why I am able to login and the page loads fine when I open the page via the address bar in IE6 but the same page loads with errors from a shortcut...?

Thank you for all your help

A:Shortcut Causes Errors On Web Page

Don't know. But I created a shortcut and it works for me just fine. Of course, I am not able to log in as I don't have a user name or password.

Sometimes Realtor sites are wierd. My suggestion would be to contact the association that run the site and ask them, as, like I said, I have seen some strange things from real estate sites.

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This may be a stupid question, but I have a few programs that I like to load on Windows startup. Is there any way to have a program open in the same desktop location every time, rather than in the middle of the screen?

Thanks for any and all advice!

A:Have Program Open Same Place on Desktop?

I don't really understand your question. If you are asking if you can have a program start lets say always on the left or right of the screen; I don't think Windows can do that. That's my opinion.

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Windows XP Home, I right click and drag an item from the open window to the desktop and select "create shortcut" and nothing happens. The normal ones don't appear either.
Yet... I have another desktop that works normally. What am I overlooking? Both user accounts are Adminstrator accounts.


A:Windows xp can't place shortcuts on desktop

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My system

MS Windows XP Pro Version 2002 service Pack 2
Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU U7600 @1.2 GHz, 1.2 GHZ, 1.97 GB of RAM
Physical address Extension

Compaq 2510P laptop with doc

When I do a "hot" undoc of my laptop the desktop ICONS get moved - is there a way to lock them in place?

thanks - Oldracer

A:How to lock Desktop Icons in place

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This is not a new problem, but I haven't seen a solution. I have a toshiba laptop running W7 hp x64 whose desktop icons will not stay where I place them. It also doesn't remember icon size.

I have tried:toggling settings such as align to grid, auto-arrange
toggling desktop icons off and on
turning off "allow themes to change icons"
creating a new administrative account
doing post-malware type repairs on icons
doing a SFC
installing SP1
and finally, I just did a repair install.
And none of these solved the problem.

The only thing that comes close is doing a Refresh on the desktop. With a refresh, the new icon locations are locked in. That's nice, but subsequent moves are not remembered.

I would even do a fresh install to get rid of this nuisance, but there are progs on here that I don't want to lose.

I think there must be a specific registry setting somewhere that governs this function. Does anyone know where it is?

A:Desktop icons won't stay in place

I do the Refresh whenever I move any of my desktop icons around. So far, that always has worked for me.

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I Juz Install The Bluetooth Software [BlueSoleil v6.4.249.0]
And There Is An Bluetooth Places Icon Appear On My Desktop...
Is There Anyway That I Can Hidden It Or Delete It

A:Remove Bluetooth Place On My Desktop

Right click the icon and click "Delete"? Or you can drag it into another folder (documents or something)

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For those of you who use hotmail this is a link to save to your favourites or bookmark menu. it will open a fresh email page without having to go into windows live account.
I think you need to stay signed into your live account fot it to work.
Sign In
once saved to favorites you can rename it to suit yourself.

A:New email page ,hotmail shortcut.

It opens up the compose page. Not really useful to me, as I have WLH pinned to the taskbar.

I think I know what sort of trouble you're having in the process of bookmarking Hotmail, so here's what you can do.

1. Sign in to Live
2. When the Home page loads up, don't go into Hotmail, go in to SkyDrive or Documents first
3. Load the page completely, then go into Hotmail.
4. NOW when you bookmark it, it will open directly in your inbox

The point is that the URL is supposed to end with ?rru=inbox, otherwise it loads the Home page.

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This little program was downloaded from firefox but it keeps popping up unwanted. How can I uninstallit?


A:uninstalling page shortcut from firefox

Double post, see your other post.

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I know ALT+Home sends me to my homepage in the latest version of explorer (9?), but it doesn't work in the version right before that. A friend of mine does not like the new IE and was wondering if there was a shortcut key to return him to his homepage.

Thanks again.

A:Solved: Home page shortcut key?

ALT+Home takes you to the homepage in IE7 . . what's not to like????

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Is there any native or even programmable keystroke combo in firefox to instantly jump to the top of the page? Sort of like the up arrow key, but instead of scrolling upwards, the page just instantly jumps to the top?

Thanks guys (and gals!)


A:Go to top of page firefox keystroke shortcut?

hit "home"

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This little program was downloaded from firefox but it keeps popping up unwanted. How can I uninstall it?


A:uninstalling page shortcut from firefox

Open Firefox in safe mode.
Start> Mozilla Firefox> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode).
Click on Tools> Add-ons> select the extension and click uninstall.
Close Firefox and restart your computer to be sure.
If that doesn't work, then close Firefox.
Start> Run> type: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles then hit OK.
Then open the default folder and then the extensions folder and delete the folder that corresponds to the add-on you want to uninstall.
If you don't recognize the name or corresponding add-on GUIDs, open the extension and open its install.rdf file in notepad and see which add-on the directory contains.

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I am trying to create a shortcut on the desktop for print test page.
I have tried a couple of different googled solutions and cannot find one that works...
First I tried - 
cscript C:\Windows\System32\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US\prnqctl.vbs -e -p "Brother PJ-622"

I tried this from both a normal and elevated command prompt - logged in user is a local admin - both resulted in 
Failed Print Test Page Win32 error code 5

I tried the same command using a -u and -w command to specify the local admin account.  This didnt work either and  
I also tried 
print /d:printer textpage.txt
just to get something to print... this didnt work..

Ok I had all this typed out and found a powershell solution that works so I am going to go ahead and post this anyways for anyone else to use.  There was alot of ways with powershell 4 using invoke but i found a simpler way with a couple lines to print
to default printer.  This works on powershell version 2.

Create PrintTestPage.ps1 in notepad and save as ps1 file...

$printer = Get-WmiObject -Query " SELECT * FROM Win32_Printer WHERE Default=$true"
$PrintTestPage = $printer.PrintTestPage()  

Edit - obviously for the shortcut I just modified the target to the path of the script.

%SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File C:\MDT\Powershell\PrintTestPage.ps1

A:Print Test Page Shortcut

AFAICS the VBScript you used no longer works under Windows 7 even though it is still included. Howerver, this command does work:
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /k /n "\\%ComputerName%\SharedPrinterName"

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Sorry about the dyslectic "Start" not "satrt"
Trying to pin a shortcut on Start menu to open my forum thread in ""

I have a shortcut (S1) in a folder with the target as ""

Then on Start (Menu) I created a shortcut (S2) to (S1)

When I click on the start-menu-shortcut (S2) nothing happens.
But when S1 is clicked my thread page is opened.

Am I expecting too much.?

In the mean time I have deleted "S2" and created a fresh shortcut on Start (menu) directly to my thread.

A:Start menu shortcut to a web page

Hello Russell,

There's no need to create a shortcut to a shortcut. A direct shortcut with the source target works best.

If you like, you could create a shortcut using the method in OPTION ONE or THREE below that you can directly "Pin to Start Menu".

Internet Website Shortcut - Create

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hi all, not been about for a few weeks, but now i need your help:

how do i open up a certain tab of the control panel with a shortcut?

i use the page shown below a lot, switching between mic and line-in inputs whilst recording, and i'm tired of having to click start >> control panel >> hardware and sound >> sound >> recording tab - i just want to click on a shortcut.

i know that control.exe mmsys.cpl will open up the default 'playback' tab, but how do i get to auto-open the recording tab?

as far as i remember, ever since windows 3, you could simply add ,2 to open the second tab, thusly: control.exe mmsys.cpl, 2

but that doesn't seem to work any more with windows 7. i did think about running the shortcut in xp compatibility mode, but no go...

i know it's just one extra mouse-click to get to where i want to go, but this problem is making my geek-bone itch.

anyone know how to do it?

A:shortcut to control panel page

There is no Image Mickey


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Hello there, recently all of my icons on my desktop have become locked in palce and this is very annoying as I go through to delete pictures and other files that i am constantly saving to my desktop. I am running on a windows xp media center edition, and YES, I have went to Right click on desktop , Properties, Clicked on the desktop tab, Customize desktop, and I do not have the option to lock my desktop items checked, so I am not sure why they are staying locked in place?

All help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Problem: Desktop items locked in place

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I get them all sorted out nicely and as soon as I reboot, poof, they are all over the place again in no apparant order.

I haver checked the settings not to arrange automatically, checked align to grid and not ticked the options of sort by name, date etc. and yet the instant I reboot, all over the shop again.

Very frustrating! Never had this problem in XP and can't find a solution under Google.

Ta all.

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hi ,
Whenever I install a new program the desktop icon appears behind the sidebar. I have my sidebar to the left of my desktop, so each time I have to close the sidebar & then drag the icon to wherever I want .
Is there a way I can assign a position on the desktop where a new icon appears ??

A:how to change the place of appearance of a new icon on the desktop

My initial thoughts would be to change how the icons are aligned on the desktop.

Right Click on an empty spot on the desktop then select 'Arrange Icons by' and remove the tick (if it is on) from Auto Arrange (and Align to Grid if you want to).

After that you should be able to put the Icon anywhere you like and it should, hopefully, stay in the same spot after reboots etc.

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yes, I am not to good at the majicomputer skills: First, all of my important folders..I kept on my desktop...thousands of hours of work over many years - slap me. In my user folder, I deleted my desktop folder...6000+ items..and when it asked if I wanted to fully delete it because some names were too long or it was too big, I cliked yes...and i pray this can be reversed. I will always back up 4ever & ever. The config/illustration is as follows:
Computar - Users - Richard - in here are the Documents, Downloads, etc. then the Desktop - had another ...Desktop folder inside, so I deleted it. They both dissapeared and all my main folders are gone from the desktop..only the Richard, Mycomputar, Recycle bin and control panel folders are left on the desktop.

I thought was a double...

Gadzooks..I cannot drag the address bar for here onto the desktop, and word will not open. OMG, I have really dread that I have both ruined my computer as well as lost years of work. I hope you folks have some ideas....thank you for your time


this is my first forum day

[email protected]

A:DeletedFully my Desktop folder in my user-place

First stop using the computer use another if possible. I will give you a solution to try.

The more you use the computer the harder it becomes to get the information back.

Restore Backup Files


Give this a try
DiskDigger | The trusted data recovery solution

If it does not work try this one

Use the computer as little as possible.

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Hello, just wanted to if there is a shortcut in Firefox that would open your current page that you are viewing in a new tab. There are shortcuts for new tab, new window ect. cant find one for this, strange. Thanks.

A:Firefox. Open current page in new tab shortcut?

Firefox does not have this. Reason is that nobody would want to reopen the same page in new tab very often. You can open a new tab and copy paste the address in new tab's location bar.

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Hi guys,anyone know how i can create a shortcut direct to a web page bypassing the username and password prompts using.win7..(youtube and gmail accounts)..thanks

A:[SOLVED] creating a shortcut direct to a web page

What web browser are you using?

Internet Explorer
Chrome etc..

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Hi, i am new to this forum. Very cool so far. I have googled this topic quite a bit and have not found what I am looking for. I am not sure of the proper terminology even.

I want to be able to right click on my Windows XP Desktop and have the desktop menu in that context menu there (like what's in the Taskbar at the the bottom next to the small application icons ). I don't keep desktop icons on the desktop, but rather in My Documents to keep my Desktop clean and to allow everything there to be backed up. The Taskbar is only on one of the three monitors on my set up, which I somtimes have off, so I would like to be able to just right-click on the Desktop anywhere and have access to the Desktop menu.

Does you know of a way to do this? Or if not, maybe a place to start looking? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Right-click on desktop to get desktop shortcut?

Try Google "How to add menu items under right-click or context menu". I don't think you can replace the default right click menu, but apparently you can add to it.

There's several entries that address that specifically.

Good Luck & hope it works

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Last week I bought a new computer that runs Vista Ultimate x64. All was fine until I tried to install Object Desktop MyColors two days ago. It didn't seem to go well but I left the program alone and hooked up my new external hard drive to use as a backup. This required a system restart and thus the problem. When my computer came back to life after the restart almost all of my desktop shortcut icons had been replaced by a generic white page icon. First I uninstalled MyObject then did 3 System Restores at different points, but to no avail. Then I tried to change the icons from the properties menu attached to each icon. This was successful in about half of the cases. Some of the remaining icons had their proper picture associated with the program in the Start or Program menus so I just dragged then to the desktop and deleted the "white paper" icon. Now I'm left with 4 damaged icons. In each of these cases the icon properties page doesn't allow the option to change the icon, this choice is grayed out. The programs are: Microsoft Word (came already installed on the new commputer); iTunes and Smart FTP (I had installed these programs several days ago, before the problem occurred); Expression Web 2 (installed yesterday after the icon exchange). None of these programs has a copy of the proprietary icon anywhere that I can find. The Start menu shortcuts are white pages, as are the icons in the Programs menu. I fear something may have deleted a folder that these ... Read more

A:Shortcut icons replaced by white page icon

Hello Jsbergman,

It seems like the shortcut arrow overlay may have been improperly replaced using the XP method instead of the method for Vista. The tutorial below can help you restore the default shortcut arrow and hopefully fix the icons for you.

Shortcut Arrow

Hope this helps,

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I have recently got rid of what seemed to be a trojan that highjacked services.exe and now I have a couple of non-threatening but very annoying issues which I'm only assuming have arisen as a result of removing the trojan:
My desktop icons no longer remember their places on the desktop after restarting the PC with the auto arrange option unselected. They just align themselves to the left side of the desktop as if the auto arrange option is selected.
Windows Explorer no longer remembers the viewing option I select e.g. I arrange a list of folders and files under the date modified column but after going in and back out of a selected folder, the viewing option is back to the default alphabetical option.
I'm hoping it's just a simple case of downloading a reg fix but please let me know of any ideas and options to try. Thanks very much and hope you can help.

A:System no longer remembers icons' place on Desktop & Explorer options

try a system restore to a time 'before' the trojan presented itself

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Hey peeps

After all my (as it turned out) virus problems i managed to use my reload cd successfully to reset my pc to factory settings so things are cool with the system at the moment.
The only thing is, before all my problems i could right click the internet explorer icon on my desktop and get access to the internet properties from the menu, however, since the reload, when i right click the icon i only get the properties for the shortcut and the only way i can get access to the internet properties (to dispose of the cookies etc) is to open internet explorer and go via the options menu.
I know its not important but its kind of annoying so if anyone knows how to get it back to the other way, i would really appreciate it.

A:IE Desktop shortcut

What happens when you right click on IE in the start/programs menu?

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ok, upgrdaded to win 8 yesterday. I have IE 10 pinned to the dektop on taskbar. I want to go further,and find and snt IE10 to the dektop. I cannot find how

A:IE 10 desktop shortcut?

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how do u make a desktop short cut of a command prompt?

A:CMD, desktop shortcut?

Hello Fluidmotion,

You can right click on the desktop, click on New -> Shortcut, type cmd.exe for the path location, and type a name you like to do so.

...or for a elevated command prompt shortcut.

Elevated Command Prompt Shortcut

Hope this helps,

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I have some I.T homework from school and im usually fine with it but i have to create a shortcut to Microsoft Word, and i have to use the shortcut wizard on the desktop .

( i do realise you can drag and drop it onto the desktop but the teacher wants it done this way)

(right click desktop --->

Select new

- Shortcut .
Then it comes up saying "browse" the file your looking for but i know you can write something like

MicrosoftWord2007.exe a
nd it's capable to make a shortcut from the file name. im just not to sure what iv'e got to type.

any replies would be appreciated,



A:Desktop Shortcut.

Usually you need to include the path, unless the file is already in a set path. You can browse to the Microsoft Word path or it should be something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office**\WINWORD.exe

You could do the drag-and-drop way to create a shortcut then check its path in Properties.

You could really impress your teacher if you use one of the startup switches here:

There's also instructions for creating a shortcut.

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I accidentally dragged the desktop icon (that minimizes all windows and takes you to desktop) out of the lower left taskbar and cannot find out to put it back. I try to add a shortcut to desktop but it only opens a window with desktop icons.

Any help to reload this wonderful button would be greatly appreciated.


A:Desktop shortcut

Put your cursor in one corner until the arrow has two heads and then litterly drag it until it opens or closes, you can resize your window to any size you want

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You know that desktop shortcut on the bottom left of your screen, the one that when you click it minimizes everything? Well I accidently deleted it and am wondering how to get it back. Please help. XP by the way.

A:desktop shortcut

This is where it is on mine. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Show Desktop.scf
You must have 'show hidden folders' enabled.

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Hello, I am trying to make some extra desktop shortcut's using IE7. I have 3 tab's that i would like to open. Using Firefox the syntax is to use "-new-window" and the "|" between each URL. That would make Firefox open in a new window with a tab for each URL. I can not seem to make IE7 work this way. I have tryed using: -new, :, ;, -newtab, -tab, |, and a few others. -new does open IE7 in a new window. Maybe IE7 is not ment to work this way. The default IE7 desktop shortcut works fine with more then one tab. RBinfo.

A:IE7 Desktop shortcut's

Hello and welcome to TSF

if you want to do this in a batch file try this

@echo off
start iexplore Insert link
start iexplore Insert link
start iexplore Insert link

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Is there a way i can make a desktop shortcut for my web based e-mail program that is supplied by my isp.

A:Desktop shortcut

Yes, follow the instructions below to create email shortcut. I have used Yahoo email as a guideline in the screenshots.

Right click anywhere on your desktop and select New and Shortcut.

Copy and paste the url to your ISP web-mail in the shortcut box. Click next to continue.
Type a name for the shortcut. I have used Yahoo email as the name. Click Finish.

To open shortcut either double click the icon or right click and select open to access.

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The new Dell Venue 5000 tablet has a physical Win Key on the side of the tablet. I prefer the style where there is a touch sensitive Win logo at the bottom of the tablet. How can I make a desktop shortcut that activates the Win Key? Perhaps a shortcut to a .bat file but I don't know what to put in the .bat file.

A:Desktop shortcut for the Win Key

Hello Dave,

If you like, you might see if the shortcut in the tutorial below may work for you for this. It opens Start.

"Start" Screen Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

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When I select a file from my Favorites and right click on it and then select Send To and then left click on Desktop the file no longer goes to the desktop as it used to. What happened?

A:shortcut to desktop

It should go to the Desktop as a shortcut. Is there anything else "wierd" going on with your system? I'd do a virus scan with an up-to-date anti-virus. Sometimes it is this kind of stuff that starts happening when a trojan is involved.

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I can't find a way to create a desktop shortcut for my VPN. I know how to do it in Vista or XP but I can't find a way in Windows 7.

It's really annoying.

Overall enjoying Windows7 very much on my Dell XPS M1210 with 2GB RAM and GeForce Go 7400.

A:VPN desktop shortcut?

Me neither

Anyone found a solution to this, its probably obvious

Probably the best O/S to date from a home user point of you. I've not tested it with roaming profiles etc.. on a domain. Thats when I general fine more problems occur.

IE8 is still very buggy though

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When I select a file from my favourite folder and right click it to move it over to my desktop it will not perform this function as it previously did . Can someone help me out.

A:shortcut to desktop

As a work-around you can click and drag the favorite to the desktop.

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Is it possible to write a program (batch file maybe?) that will select the latest save in a directory and open it with the application?

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Why can I not get a desk top short-cut fpr my AOL (Talktalk) mail box?
The drop down menu gives me the option, but the short-cut provided is

A:desktop shortcut

Hi ... The Link below should be of some Help ...

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How can I put a shortcut to the desktop on the Taskbar? XP Home.

A:XP Desktop Taskbar Shortcut

Have a look here and see how you get on.

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When I was on XP, when I added a shortcut to the desktop, it was positioned at the end of the list. Now that I'm running Windows 7 (I skipped Vista), any new icons are place just below the Computer icon, and Recycle Bin gets pushed lower and lower down the list.
Is there any way of stopping this? No matter what I try in the View option it doesn't seem to make any difference. Have I missed something?

A:desktop shortcut position

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Hi all

I'm trying to find a program that will give me access to the pages I visit most often - My Favourites - but from my desktop. I'm thinking something similar to that floating bar thing that MS Office puts on your computer? I currently have about 200 favourites in my 'Favourites' folder in IE but I want quicker access to the ones I visit more. (like this site!)

I currently just have shortcuts to the websites on my desktop, which are the IE icon, but I want something smaller that will fit more favourites in as I don't like messing up my desktop with icons (call me obsessive, I don't mind...).

I'm talking like 20 or so favourites so I don't want to put them all in the taskbar as quick launch icons either because then that will mess up my task bar and also, all the websites will be the one icon, (little blue 'e') so I won't be able to tell what's what unless I 'hover' over them.

I've tried to explain my request as best I can but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

A:Desktop shortcut to favourites?

This "Freelaunchbar" is pretty handy. I actually bought the "Truelaunchbar" and then went back to the free one. It has all I want and doesn't get so cluttered as the pay one.

Just set it up and drag the shortcuts you want into it. You can also configure it so that it pops up automatically when you mouse-over it so you don't even need to click.

No ads or nags, either.

Another I like is the Hidden Menu. It appears when you touch the edge of the screen with the mouse.

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Is there any program that can organize selected desktop shortcuts into a sliding row (Or something similar to that). A picture of my desktop is in the attached files. I want that top bar of games to be in a row like they are but so I can click a left and right arrow to slide through them so they don't take up all of the space.

A:A Desktop Shortcut Organizer

Welcome to the forum Porkchops.

Here is a great tutorial video by whs that I think is what you are looking for.

Toolbars - How to Use in Windows 7 and Vista

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Theres no shortcut for desktop ?


This tutorial shows the list of libraries:
Libraries - Restore Default

Desktop is not a standard library.

Desktop is a part of the favorites. Is that where you are missing it from?
Favorites - Restore Default Favorite Links in Navigation Pane

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I go way back with Windows... back to Win98, ME, and XP. I finally ditched my 8 year old Vista PC and bought a new Win 8.1 PC a few days ago. I've lost count of how many times I've screamed and nearly been reduced to tears. WTF was MS thinking when they gutted so much that was familiar?

I have no use for Metro... and I finally got Classic Shell to give me a traditional start menu back. But what's really got me fuming is I can't get a desktop shortcut into the taskbar. I don't want to get to the desktop folder... just plain old desktop. I've tried the drag and drop... creating new bars, creating .exe, bat, and .scf files hoping to drag them into the taskbar. They appear in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch folders... all of them... but they never show up in the taskbar.

Is there any hope? Shall I just move to Win 10? Will I be able to do it there?


A:Need To Get Desktop Shortcut Onto Win 8.1 Taskbar

Hello chronos, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you already have a hidden "Show Desktop" button just to the right of the clock on the taskbar. When clicked on, it will take you to your cleared desktop.

If you prefer and icon, then you could "Pin to taskbar" the "Show Desktop" shortcut in the tutorial below.

Show Desktop Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

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help please when I start a program using icons after I close the program the shortcut icon remains lit up till I click anywhere on screen how to fix this problem please

A:shortcut icons on desktop

Skeggy run these

ADW download from bleepingcomputer delete any rubbish found with themalware scans
Be wary of the add ons that ADW use now.

and if you haven't got it use CCLeaner
CCleaner - Delete Junk Files

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My little option thingy to send things to the desktop as a shortcut disappeared recently =|

You know, where you right click something, and you go to "Send To" and it gives you that little menu of places to send it.

I know there's a file somewhere that makes that appear... could someone send it to me somehow, maybe host it somewhere or e-mail it to me? And tell me where to put it?

I mean, I know the file existed because I've seen it before, it was in my Documents And Settings folder... so...

A:Send to desktop (as shortcut)

Hi MercZire,

Give this a try.

Type REGSVR32 SENDMAIL.DLL in the RUN box. Restart Windows (mandatory step)
If that does not help, proceed further:

Open Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and navigate to these locations:
[HKCU\Software\Classes\.MAPIMail] (if exists)

Backup each of the keys to separate REG files. Use the File, Export option to backup the branches. Once, backed up those keys, delete them from the registry. Restart Windows and run the REGSVR32 SENDMAIL.DLL command again.



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is there any shortcut key for next desktop background  ? Thank You !

A:next desktop background shortcut key

My way is no really a keyboard shotcut :D but maybe it's useful. Turn to desktop, you can use the right click key ( the key between window key and ctrl key - i don't know exactly its name) or Shift + f10 instead => right click menu will appear and press N key. That's all.

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So i deleted the Favorites folder located at C:\Users\USER\ and now i realized the desktop shortcut is also gone,how can i restore the favorites folder with the desktop shortcut in it ?
Already tried this "restore favorite links",nothing happened.

A:Desktop shortcut in Favorites

Hello VXER,

If you like, you can use step 6 in OPTION TWO of the tutorial below to restore the Favorites folder.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

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I have very recently upgraded my PC. Still using XP Pro but with with a new motherboard, hard drives, RAM, etc. I'm happy with it all except for some reason, I'm having a problem with shortcuts opening up a web site when activated by clicking on the Desktop icon. Here is an explanation of what is happening:

If I have a "link" on an e-mail and click on it, the web site opens just fine. I have highlighted and moved that link onto the desktop so it will be a shortcut there. However, when I click on that, I get two things:

1. A flag comes up saying "Windows cannot find (and then it says the link address)".
2. The web site is opened underneath the flag and no problem with it.

I don't know why I'm getting that flag and it is annoying. Can someone tell me how I can stop this from happening please??

I am using Firefox as my Web browser.


A:Desktop Shortcut Problem

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is there a way to move the clear desktop icon in the taskbar on the right to the left?

A:move desktop shortcut?

No, you can put your taskbar on the left then it will be on the bottom left.

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Hello, I have a problem with desktop shortcuts which is a little different from all those that I have read, and there have been many. Like other users, when I click on a Word or Excel Shortcut icon, 9/10 times I get the legend "Windows can't find........" However, I then go back and click on it a second time and it always, always opens. So, although annoying, I have lived with it for over a year. Can anybody please suggest a solution? Thanks....

A:Desktop shortcut problems


Not sure which Office you have .....but when you installed them...did the installer put the shortcuts there or did you?

Go to program files and find the folder for say word and you should see the exe for word that the shortcut is linked to......then go to your desktop and delete the Word shortcut.......right click the Word.exe in the Program files and choose create desktop shortcut........see if that solves the problem.........

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When I right click, there is no option to 'create shortcut' to put on desktop. It says 'copy shortcut', I clicked that, but nothing happens. How come 'create shortcut' for dsktp icon is not always there for different sites?

A:Can I have a desktop shortcut to W10 Forum?

Right click on the Windows TenForums Logo and select copy link. The go to your desktop and right click and select Paste Shortcut.

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I accidently deleted a desktop icon. Found it in the uninstall programs.  How do i restore this particular icon because I need it.  Thanks so much

A:restore desktop shortcut

Hi, If the program is still there then you need to locate its location in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) then right click and send it to Desktop     The above example shows 1 & 2: location of program3. Right click4. Send to Regards.

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When my computer was turned on this morning the desktop shortcuts on my desktop will not open any programs. Non shortcuts such as my computer or outlook express open normally. I have recreated all shortcuts and the new shortcuts still won't open. I have tried the obvious of restarting the computer and I have run my antivirus programs (symantec,spy bot and adaware) w/o anything being found. Can any one give me any ideas of what may fix this issue?


A:Desktop Shortcut Issue


Go to this site:

Doug Knox association fixes

Scroll down to LNK (Shortcut) File Association Fix

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I use firefox as my main browser but I would like to put a shortcut icon on my desktop that opens in IE. How doI do this?


A:Solved: Desktop shortcut

you just wanyt an IE shortcut. Thnx

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Hiya! I'm on Seven right now. I'm pleased with what I see.
There is ONE problem though.

On Vista and earlier, there was a quick launch bar that had a "Show desktop" button. The button minimizes everything to show the desktop. Now, is there a way to have it on Windows 7's task bar?

Thanks for help

A:Show desktop shortcut

Hi Lebon14

Far right of taskbar - depending on what build you have - small button is aero peek and show desktop.

Hope that helps

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On my personal desktop there is a shortcut, type of file = Shortcut.lnk, but the location is C
C:\Users\Public\Desktop. I have tried to delete it, but get asked for administrator permission, which failseven when I attempt to alter permissions, and I am sole user/administrator.

Will someone kindly help me with my problem? Please!

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I have an old shortcut that I can't delete from my desktop. When I try to delete it, I get an error message that says "the file name you specified is invalid or too long." If I try to shorten the file name I get the same message.

Is there a "force delete" command I can use?


A:Can't delete a shortcut from my desktop

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Something like this seems like it should be an easy fix, so I just Googled it. I tried various things to bring it back and no success.

I first tried restoring the default desktop through Desktop Right Click > Properties > Desktop tab > Customize Desktop > [Restore Default]. That failed. Then I tried all this with no success either:

I know where C:\RECYCLER\ is but I'm not really sure what to do with it to make a new desktop icon.

Help, I need drive space bad and deleting stuff does nothing by throw it into this recycling bin I can't empty.

A:Recycling Bin desktop shortcut is gone. Help.

Be sure to try system restore, then maybe sfc /scannow.
Also visit kelleys korner full of tricks for xp.

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When I use the "file-send- shortcut to desktop" function it shows a desktop icon but when I click on it I get the message "this file does not have a program associated with it for perfoming this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel". Not sure what this means?

Until yesterday this function worked - but in trying to fix another problem this one arose. Some of my icon shortcuts work but some going to 'forums' don't anylonger(like one for this one).

Any ideas?
Thanks - Gadfly

A:{RESOLVED}Shortcut to desktop?

gadfly, Are you using Windows XP? Could just be a corrupted user account. Of course, once you create a new user account you will have to create new shortcuts and icons.

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Nothing has changed  except i went from microsoft win. 8 to win. 10.I used to right click on the app.or program and "create a shortcut" was on list. But not now.HELP.

A:How to create a Shortcut to my desktop?

Hi, See the guide on the following link. Regards, DP-K

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Hey, sorry about the topic name i couldn't word it properly. Anyway I was wondering how do I create a shortcut on my desktop that can start the program requested on the fileserver I have, I want a short cut that starts my batch file on my fileservers desktop. Anyone know how?

Thank you

A:Remote Desktop shortcut....

If the folder the batch file is on a network share, you should just be able to create a shortcut on the desktop. Right-click on the desktop > New > Shortcut. In the location text box, type in the location as \\servername\sharename\folder (if applicable)\filename.bat

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Well basically I have just realised on my laptop desktop the small shortcut icon displayed in the bottom left of an Icon has changed to a sort of user icon, I was wondering how I get this back to the small arrow??? Please see picture below
Shortcut icons Changed.PNG

Guys I now have realised it has just changed again :S:S:S:S:S

So whenever I copy something or save something new to my desktop it changes this icon :S

A:Desktop Shortcut Icon

lol, that icon means that it is being shared on your homegroup. Why don't you make it so that your "desktop" folder is not being shared on your network?

Homegroup - Change File and Folder Sharing Settings

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Hi there
I hope you guys can help me. I am having problems opening some desktop shortcuts ie my outlook express email, notepad and even itunes. I have tried uninstalling itunes and re installing it but still no luck. I've tried to find the destination path of the links and opening them from there as well but still no luck. I am running windows xp professional and I think I downloaded service pack 3 as well. I use firefox for browsing but don't think that has anything to do with my problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.



A:Desktop shortcut problem

Try this, start>run then type

msimn.exe - outlook express
iexplore - ie
notepad - for notepad

see if they will open.

You can also run antivirus/antispyware programs. Try also going to safemode and see if everything is normal there.

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Only have a few days of W-10 and loving it.
BUT...Sure would appreciate advice on how to create a shortcut on desktop to a URL that I might be viewing In Ie....I can do the shortcut to folders, apps, and such, but not web addresses....Thanks for any and all help...Jim

A:Creat desktop shortcut to URL in IE

I don't use edge but on any previous version of IE left click the URL icon of the site in the address bar and drag to the desktop.

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Some process somewhere keep creating a shortcut entitled "Outlook Web App" on my desktop which points to our company Exchange server (https://...). I keep deleting the icon and it keeps coming back on my desktop which is driving me crazy. Any tips on how to stop the icon from appearing or the shortcut from re-creating itself?

Thank you!

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On Vista the shortcut arrow on the desktop Icon is much larger then previous Windows, is their a way of making the arrow smaller or other options?

A:Desktop Shortcut Arrow


Originally Posted by BeBop TCB

On Vista the shortcut arrow on the desktop Icon is much larger then previous Windows, is their a way of making the arrow smaller or other options?

Try =

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Setting up a new 8.1 PC for a customer. He was 97 years old on the 11th and still computer active.
Obviously, not going to get him accustomed to the new Metro tile format.
Installed Start8.
I want to be able to place a couple of shortcuts to the Desktop from the Game apps, mainly the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.
Is it possible?
(I have him setup with a Microsoft account.)

A:Put a (Game) shortcut on Desktop 8.1

Hello cfourkays,

If you like, you could use the tutorial below for a "Games" app shortcut that you could use on your desktop.

"Games" Store App Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I bought a new pc with Windows 7 Premium. On the right side of the desktop a pretty useful shortcut bar with microsoft applications, and internet explorer shortcuts were available that would allow me to quicly launch those different applications.. my girlfriends kids played on my pc for a couple of hours the other day.. that short cut bar that auto-hides is not gone..

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Can someone help me get it back?

A:Windows 7 Desktop Shortcut bar

Unless its the Widgets bar, which hangs out on the right side (and it doesn't sound like it) - its not a Windows 7 feature I've heard or seen, but rather something your OEM added. I believe Dell has a 'dock' program of their own, and other OEMs may as well.

But without knowing what you have; we can't work out the answer.

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How can I put a shortcut to ControlPanel in Win 8.1 directly on desktop?

I don't want to unhide the Charms bar with the mouse in the lower right corner.

A:How to put shortcut to ControlPanel on desktop?

While the Control panel is open, right click on the address bar and select Copy Address

Then Right Click on the desktop and select Paste Shortcut.

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