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Backup software that splits large files for incremental backup

Q: Backup software that splits large files for incremental backup

G'day everyone

Does anyone know of a simple backup program that is capable of backing up large files incrementally by splitting the file and backing up only changed parts of the file? The files I'm talking about are files that get altered by appending stuff at the end of the file, e.g. log files or mailbox files, so it's generally possible to split a new version of the file at the exact point where the old version stopped, purely by file size.

Specifically, I want to back up Thunderbird and SeaMonkey mailboxes without having to create additional subfolders within those programs.

I understand that if something had changed near the beginning of the file, then the whole file will have to be backed up, unless the backup program is capable of some very clever searching, but mostly the files will change only by having data appended to it.


A: Backup software that splits large files for incremental backup

You may want to rethink incremental backups. Where I worked, until I retired, we first used incremental backups for our servers. That seemed like a good approach - make an initial full backup on one day of the week and then only incrementals the rest of the week. That allowed smaller backups however when it came time to restore it was a nightmare making sure the incrementals were installed in the proper order, and it took much longer to restore. A decision was made to only do full backups every night and although the backup was bigger if a restore was needed there was no confusion on order of reinstall and it took less time.

I do the same thing with my own PC backups. I use Acronis True Image, which has incremental backup ability, but I only do full hard drive backups, to a separate hard drive.

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Not sure if this is the right forum section but here goes

The backup system currently in place where I work is sub-par and I'd like to implement amongst other things a daily incremental backup onto removable media taken offsite, preferably onto DVD-RAM, and archived onto DVD-R when the disc is full.

The problem I'm having is finding the right software to use. Giving how some files, for example the telephone enquiry database, are going to be modified every day we are soon going to end up with many different file versions on the disk. I'm looking for a program that will affix the file names with the date of backup, or at the very least organise them into dated folders that can be filename searched (filenames intact).

Does anyone know of any software that provides this kind of function? I could even do the disc burning seperately, but I need a program that will flag any files modified since the last backup, and add the date somehow.

A:Incremental Backup Software

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a software that will allow me to do specific folders incremental backup to a USB external harddrive. I don't want to backup to an image though, I want real files. I just want to plug in my external harddrive, click a button and the program automatically checks the pre-selected folders on my internal source drive for any changes and replicate those changes onto the backup external drive...any program in mind?


A:Software For Incremental Backup

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Can you please advise which is the simplest, free incremental software to copy from hard disk to share drive by windows 7 operating system. I would appreciate your support.

A:Incremental backup software

I'll note some issues:

The incremental backup attempts to conserve media space by looking for files changed since the last invocation of backup. This will be fast and use the least media storage. HOWEVER, you need to keep all the media created by the last FULL backup and every INCREMENTAL backup and you better label them carefully - - they will be called for during the Recovery process in the order created - - and YOU are the only one that knows that!

The differential backup attempts to remove the media issue of the incremental technique by looking for files modified since the last FULL backup. This will the create a recovery process of applying the Full Backup + the Last instance of the Differential - - just two. Thus, it would be possible to recycle three pieces of media; one for Full and alternate between the A and the B storage media. The longer between FULL backups, the more files will be discovered to have been changed and the more data gets copied to the differential media. At some point, all the data will no longer fit on one chunk of media (ie one tape, one cd, one dvd). When that occurs, you would be best off aborting this backup and starting fresh with a new Full Backup.Click to expand...

Additionally, backups of \windows and/or \Program Files are a total waste of time and effort.

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Does anyone know of a program to backup data incrementally since the last backup?

My situation is this. I copy all of my data *pictures, music word files* from my D drive to an external drive every month or so. I do this in full, meaning I get a lot of redundant copying. I was wondering if there was a program or way for me to determine what has changed and ONLY back up that data leaving the rest of the files which have not changed not backed up. This would reduce my downtime and save disk space.


A:Incremental Data Backup Software

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any suggestion of a good-reliable image backup software, that also has an incremental feature?

basic scenario is, a local drive with file folders from users to be backed-up to a shared directory in the server.
most files are MS Excel, and AutoCAD drawings, which are updated/used on everyday work(so this, I say incremental files)..

also, an image backup for quick-easy re-setup in case the system drive fails(as to avoid reformat and reinstall softwares, drivers, etc again and again..)
ThanX !!!

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have two external Hard Drives where I keep all my photos , music, docs ect. I am doing manual backup once a week. However, it is time consuming, so I am wondering if there is a software out there that will only back up lets say my pictures folder only if contents of the folder changed ans only to back up new pictures (files)
In other words, I don't want software to take my documents or my picture folder as a whole and back it up once a week.
For example: If I add few photos to my picture folder and software then goes in and backs up only those few newly added photos to my two external Hard drives.
I like to keep my primary C drive clean. That is why I am moving everything to two external HD's. Plus I am using my remote server for photos since those I cannot afford to loose.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


A:Need incremental backup software advice

Check out Karen's Replicator

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Around 2 years ago I discovered that Windows 7 had difficulty burning a backup DVD if my folders are nested deeply. I do not use "backup software" per se. Backup software seems to raise questions about what is actually happening, especially in the case of incrementals. I prefer to be in control of my backup and so I do it with a more transparent process such as with CDBurnerXP or the Windows 7 built-in optical media burner.

I believe Windows 7 had a path length problem likely to show up if folder names were long or if there were many nested folders. Upon a recommendation, I tried CDBurnerXP which had no difficulty with a long path (deep nesting) test.

Unfortunately my new computer, also Windows 7, is not compatible with CDBurnerXP. The troubleshooting advice from the CDBurnerXP site and at other sources recommends updating the Intel chipset drivers and also uninstalling the device driver and having Windows reinstall the driver upon a boot. These solutions did not work. There is no hardware problem because I have successfully used Windows 7 to burn a DVD (of a shallow tree).

I am looking for a backup recommendation. Should I get an alternative to CDBurnerXP and if so, which is a good tried and true and transparent alternative? If not, then what would you suggest?

A:backup software (complete, non-incremental, transparent)


First of all, do you use DVD's for your backup for any particular reason? I ask that because an external HDD would, in my opinion, be much better for backups because they offer much more storage capacity. This would mean that you do not have to burn one DVD, take it out, put another in and then burn that one. They are not overly expensive and can be either portable (powered by USB) or desktop (powered by the mains).

If you need some a good DVD burner, here is a page that lists quite a few. The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD Burner.

If you want a backup system for an external HDD, I recommend Microsoft SyncToy. This isn't really a backup program but a synchronisation program. This means any items you put in one folder will be mirrored to the destination folder. Download here: Download: SyncToy 2.1 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details. Tutorial here: PC Hell: How to Use Microsoft SyncToy to backup your data.

Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask

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I am using Acronis true image 11

I have created an full backup on 01 March 2014 and then scheduled incremental backup daily from 02 March 2014. Now (31 Aug 2014) my backup hard disk is full (the disk that store the backup), so I take out the backup hard disk that is already full and replace it with another empty disk (the disk that store the backup).

When I start with an empty disk (the disk that store the backup), usually I will create a new full backup and then scheduled incremental backup daily.

But I do not have time to do the full backup these days because full backup takes many hours.

Can I use the full image backup (created on 01 March 2014) and then scheduled incremental backup daily. (example: full image backup (01 March 2014), first scheduled incremental backup daily on 01 Sep 2014, second scheduled incremental backup daily on 02 Sep 2014, third scheduled incremental backup daily on 03 Sep 2014...)

Thanks a lot.

(using Acronis true image 11)

A:Can I use an old Acronis Full Backup and do incremental backup now?

Hi there

You need to restore the Full backup and then the incrementals taken in the period until and including the most recent. The program should prompt you for the files.

I'm surprised though that even on OLD hardware a backup takes many hours -- Have you separated your OS on to its own partition separate from your data. I'd ALWAYS recommend having the OS and pgms on a separate partition or HD (like an SSD) and the rest of your data such as music etc spread out elsewhere.

Then your OS backup won't take long -- you would need at the most 30 mins - and for your DATA you could back up parts at different times - especially for things like Music files that I don't suppose change much apart from possibly adding new files.


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I am using Acronis true image 11

I have created an full backup on 01 March 2014 and then scheduled incremental backup daily from 02 March 2014. Now (31 Aug 2014) my backup hard disk is full (the disk that store the backup), so I take out the backup hard disk that is already full and replace it with another empty disk (the disk that store the backup).

When I start with an empty disk (the disk that store the backup), usually I will create a new full backup and then scheduled incremental backup daily.

But I do not have time to do the full backup these days because full backup takes many hours.

Can I use the full image backup (created on 01 March 2014) and then scheduled incremental backup daily. (example: full image backup (01 March 2014), first scheduled incremental backup daily on 01 Sep 2014, second scheduled incremental backup daily on 02 Sep 2014, third scheduled incremental backup daily on 03 Sep 2014...)
Thanks a lot.

(using Acronis true image 11)

A:Can I use an old Acronis Full Backup and do incremental backup now?

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I have a new HP Pavillion Elite HPE with 920 GB of memory running Windows 7. I am an average computer user. I have a WD external backup drive with 1TB memory. I don't like the backup software that comes with the computer. I can't access anything to see how old the files are. The only option is to restore. Thank God I haven't had to do that. I have the files important to me backed up manually. I tried Nova backup but all I had was a bunch (really- a bunch) of files again that I couldn't access. I had a copy of Norton Ghost that wouldn't work with my old XP computer so I tried it on this one. After days with support manipulating my computer, going through three people to the software engineer, they could not make Ghost work on my (64? whatever) computer.

I don't know if I need a mirror or clone or whatever I've been reading about that I don't understand. I have plenty of room on the backup drive and have CD's and DVD's that will restore, I think. Best Buy made me some when I bought it and the computer made me make some as well when I got home. I can manually do a system backup less my files that doesn't change. So what I really want to do is to find a software that will enable me to choose the files I want to that sometimes change (My Documents) and have those backup on a regular basis. I also want to have those so I can go to my M drive (backup drive) and see my files just like in windows explorer. That way, if anything does happen, I know my files are alright and if I have ... Read more

A:Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive?

and welcome to the Forum

I use Syncback for that:

SyncBack Freeware - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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I'm preparing to upgrade from Windows 2000 professional to XP. I would like a perfect backup of my C: drive in case the worst happens and XP kills my computer (so I can revert back to 2000 and my old system without a problem). I have 2 hard drives so I have the room to put an exact image of my C: drive onto the slave drive. Just wanting to get some feedback as to the best way to do this.

So far I just used the "backup now" option in Windows 2000 and saved a .bkf file of my entire drive to the slave. It actually didn't take up that much space--the .bkf must contain some sort of compression.

Anyway, is this the best way to go about protecting myself or would it be worthwhile to instead invest in a 3rd party backup program instead before undertaking this? There are tons of programs out there of course, Norton Ghost, Backup Now, GoBack, or what have you. If Windows' option works well I don't know why people would buy a 3rd party program but I hear about it a lot so I thought I'd ask. Anyone ever restored an entire system from a windows .bkf file before and had difficulty? Protecting myself is pretty important to me.

Any advice would be helpful.

A:Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc?

With the windows backup you have to reinstall windows and then restore the backup to get back to where you were. I use and love ghost because it makes a 100% exact copy of EVERYTHING and all you have to do to get it back is to restore the image and you're up a going again - no need to reinstall windows. Is also fast and can clone one drive to another or create an Image file.

GoBack I don't like and Backup Now needs windows to be installed to restore the backup

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Hello all, I have just made a full backup of my C:drive with Acronis True Image.
I wish to make futher incremental backups including the folder "Documents and Settings".
Does anyone recommend any other folders or files to include as an incremental backup?
I keep no data on any other folders other than My Documents on C:drive.
I have another hard drive, E: which is only used for backups.

A:Incremental Backup

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When I bought my new PC, I copied the contents of My Docs onto CD and transferred to new PC. Inevitably the contents have changed; files deleted, new files/folders created etc. In order to continue to have backup of current contents, can I just do a mass copy onto the same CD so that new stuff is copied but old stuff is not. Obviously I don't want things to be repeated. Hope that makes sense!


Probably depends a bit on how your burner software handles things. Most shows the current files on the CD at the begining and would somehow flag dups, or rewrites or whatever. The tricky part is probably deleting files on the CD that have been deleted in current MYDoc.

Think I would just erase the CD (Assuming RW) and reburn it exactly with the current files. Why monkey around getting confused with "Old Files" versus "New Files" and was this file really deleted or not at some point, etc, etc.

The entire point of backup's is confidence that they are totally accurate and represent a current state. Nothing like a clean slate burn to have that confidence. Either that or you could use a backup routine that is capable to writing to a CD. That should be able to sort out files and make the CD agree exactly to current state by rewriting the old backup file, copying as individual files I would just burn it as a clean slate.

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My task at first seems simple, but I can't figure it out. I want to backup all of "My Documents". I use Vista, so that would be everything in my User folder. I have a 500gb Lacie Big Disk network drive connected to my network. I just want a nightly incremental backup of all of my files, but here are my conditions:
I do not want to copy any hidden or system files. For some reason my Big Disk (formatted xfs) will not keep any windows attributes. So all hidden and system files just become regular files. That means all of the .jpg and .db files associated with the music and picture folders show up as regular files. I don't want that. So, I can't have any hidden or system files transfered.

I want incremental backups. I have quite a lot of "stuff" and really don't see the need to transfer gigs and gigs of info every night, but I do want it daily because I access this drive via ftp quite regularly from work every day and need the files to be updated.

I thought at first, oh, robocopy will take care of me....but no! It doesn't. Here is the options I am using with robocopy:
robocopy "[I]source[/I]" "[I]dest[/I]" /XA:SHTO /E /PURGE /V /FP /LOG:"[I]log_source[/I]" /Z /R:0 /W:30 /ETA
I told it to not copy hidden or system files, which it doesn't. But it copies hidden folders if they have a non-hidden file in them. So "AppData" is copied even though it is hidden because it has non-hidden f... Read more

A:Incremental Backup Help!

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I back up my media with acronis. I have a windows 7 pc with 120gb hard drive. The only things I back up are videos and music and photos and documents, I do not back up applications or os or anything else. As I gain media, I do incremental backups. Now I have 140gb worth of backup, I think some things must be doubles.

So when you make an incremental back up and select a folder, does it backup everything in the folder again or only the things that have been modified since the last back up?

A:Acronis incremental backup

It's my understanding that "incremental" backup only backs up the new stuff. I could be wrong, but that's the way understood it. I too use Acronis, I only back up every few weeks and have'nt paid any attention to amount of space left on my drive..

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Hi folks... When running an incremental backup to an initial backup of partition large enough to require a segmented file (i.e. backup1.tib and bacup2.tib.), which file does one select to run the incremental image.? I ran one for the first file (which was 3.99GB in size) and the resultant .tib file (labled backup3.tib) was 29.4GB in size. The second original backup is 757MB in size and I'm unsure whether to run another incremental backup to that file or if running one on the first .tib file included to entire partition.

I hope I explained that OK.


A:Acronis TI incremental backup

I found the answer that you received from the Acronis support forum interesting. It stated that you can use either one I would logically pick backup1 (but who am I to say) .

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I was trying to back up data from office to home via VPN connection. All PCs running Windows 7 for both ends. I have a batch file that uses Robocopy to perform "incremental backup" from the office to home.

Here is the example
robocopy c:/sharedFiles "\\\myHome\sharedFiles" /E

When I run the batch file, the VPN connection was fine. So the VPN was not the issue.

I found it strange that every time I run the batch file. It uploaded the same file again and again. I was pretty sure it already did it but it marked it as newer and did upload the file again and again. This is a waste of bandwidth.

Wonder what's the best way to do incremental backup?

I am tempted to use /mir but this option is very risky as I could have important files deleted by accident.

By my understanding, option /E should do the job as it only copies the modified files as well as new files and empty folders. That's what I want to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:what is the better options to use to do incremental backup

I would purchase an external hard drive and do the backup locally, in the office using Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect Free. Acronis also supports network backups but that has got to be slow compared to backing up to a local USB external drive.

As for Robocopy, I think you need to use the /XO flag along with /E.

/XO : eXclude Older - if destination file exists and is the same date or newer than the source - don't bother to overwrite it.

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Does backup and restore do incremental, and can you select to restore from different (older) backups?

A:Backup and restore - incremental?

Hello Imacken,

Yes, the backups done in Windows 7 are incremental like they were in Vista. When restoring the backup, you will be able to choose from what dated backup you want to restore to.

Restore Backup User and System Files


System Image Recovery

Hope this helps,

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Hi - using W7 here. I have a folder on one of my internal HDs that I am frequently changing and adding to for a project I am working on. What I am used to doing, is just dragging the folder to an ext HD for bu.

Is there a way to do Incremental backups here? So if I bu on Mon to the ext HD, and make some additions on Tues and Wed, come Wed eve I don't want to have to figure out what is new. Can an incremental backup be utilized here?


A:Incremental backup from an internal HD to an external HD?

Your easiest solution is probably a sync program like Allway sync

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After you make backups of files with Cobian backup software, how do you get the incremental backups "into" the last full backup?

A:How to get incremental backups "into" the last full backup?

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Okay guys, don't hate me if I type something wrong.

Basically the problem is, I want to backup my work/study laptop to my home PC every sunday over the network. I have done a full backup once (45GB) and want to make only incremental backups from now on. But I did read it's not possible?
Is it true, or did that 'problem' already has been fixed in W7 SP1?

If not, it does a full backup every time. How can I make it do only incremental backups?


A:Incremental backup to network share?

I believe that this is still the case. You would need a third party solution to do that.

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I have been tasked to find/locate and test a backup software (procedure) that will keep the data current after a full backup to a 1T drive. Reading the descriptions for differential and incremental they will not work. After the data is backed up onto the 1T drive any additions or modifications on the live drive the same action(s) need to occur on the 1T drive. So at any time the 1T drive is identical to the live drive.

I do have Acronis Home Ver11 still testing with Acronis.

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:A backup method besides differential or incremental

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I've done a system image with the win 7 backup program to an external hd.
I would now like to schedule it to do periodic backups of just the new files/folders or the data that has been changed since the last backup.
Will these incremental backups be appended to the system image I already have or will they be separate files?

A:How does win 7 backup program do incremental backups?

It doesnt do incrementals... just new images.

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I'm using Ghost 9, and have setup an unscheduled backup job which is a base image plus incrementals.

However, frequently when I want to backup incremental changes to my drive, it instead creates a new base.

Sometimes, when I tell Ghost that I want to run a job, it gives me a choice popup, where I can choose base, base with incrementals, and incremental. Sometimes, while there is a perfectly valid base file saved on my backup disk, the incremental option is disabled (grayed out) and my only choice is to do another base. Not what I wanted.

How does Ghost determine if it can do an incremental over a baseline, and when does it decide to create a new baseline instead?

Please identify if you are guessing, or if you actually have knowledge about this subject. If you have any supporting references please provide them in the form of URL links.

Thanks for any help you may provide


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Macrium Reflect has done me well with its HDD cloning function, but backing up an entire TB of data every time leaves me with considerable gaps in data coverage when I just don't feel like sitting through the process for a while.

Are there any simple tools (perhaps rsync-like in functionality) for Windows 7 that do incremental backups, so I don't have to deal with the pain of a full hard drive clone every time I want to run a backup? One of my hard drives just went kaput on me, and were it not for TestDisk, I wouldn't have gotten back a few gigabytes of important data.

To be clear, I very much enjoy the RAID-like cloning ability of Macrium; I want whatever utility I use to make it so that I can just pull the dead hard drive out with no downtime.

A:Best incremental backup solution for Windows 7?

I only do full drive backups. Where I used to work (I was the Network Manager) we originally did a full drive backup of our file server on Monday night and then incrementals the rest of the week. We found out that it was shorter backups on the incrementals, but also a hassle and even confusion properly installing the incrementals when a hard drive restore or rebuild was required. We dumped the incrementals and did a full backup every night.

FWIW, there is a poll on our sister Win 10 forum, Windows 10 Forums about what backup software is being used. Here is the latest results.

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Is there a canonical way to make incremental backups that permit a full restoration from a freshly-formatted disk?

I made a single system image, then set up B&R to backup all the files on all drives weekly. I can see the weekly backup directories, but they seem to be full backups, not incrementals.

I was able to restore from the system image, but I didn't see a way to restore the newer files. You can't do it from within Windows, since it complains as soon as you try to overwrite a system file.

Are you supposed to make weekly system images?

A:Incremental backups with Backup & Restore?

I don't use it, but I believe the file back up function is intended for your user data files.

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We have a server here that keeps rebooting. It's a Proliant ML370 G5 running Windows Server 2003 with SP2. The stop codes vary; we've seen (all beginning with 0x000000) C2, 50, D1, 24, C5, 7E, 44, 0A, & 8E.

The reboots happen when trying to do any kind of backup *other* than a Full backup. We've tried backups using Backup Exec 12.5 & the backup utility that comes with the OS, and reboots occur with both, so we don't think its Backup Exec. The reboots occur at different points in the backups, so there isn't a specific file/folder that's causing issues. And Full backups run with no problem.

Sometimes, chkdsk runs during the reboot, sometimes it doesn't. We've had messages saying "The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume1." We've also had messages saying that chkdsk had run and taken care of some things; see below:
Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.

One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You
may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended
that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.
Index entry {CA0CB8D8-FA7C-43B5-BC5C-0576AA521238}_2.fh of index $I30 in file 0x7d89 points to unused file 0x700c.
Deleting index entry {CA0CB8D8-FA7C-43B5-BC5... Read more

A:Server 2003 SP2 reboots when an incremental backup job is run

Just had a reboot about 10 min. ago. What we saw on the BSOD was Bad_Pool_Caller with a stop error of 0x000000c2. Googled it & found: "'Stop 0x000000C2 BAD_POOL_CALLER' error message in Windows Server 2003." This has a hotfix that we tried to install, but we got a message saying the service pack (SP2) was newer than the hotfix, so the hotfix didn't need to be applied. So much for that approach.

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Newbie (to this forum) here. I just upgraded to Win 7 Pro (I stuck with XP Pro until my SBS Server died).

I tried searching the previous threads here, but quickly became overwhelmed with the threads that didn't seem to address what I want.

Can someone point me to a backup program that:

1. Does a simple incremental backup of selected files/folders (Word Docs, AutoCad Dwgs, etc.)
2. Backs up ONLY those data files that were modified during that day
3. Stores them in standard Windows folders on a specified location (no proprietary format)
4. Can be scheduled to run daily (after working hours)
5. Can save each day in a separate folder

I'm already covered with the disk imaging/full backup stuff, but am not satisfied with Acronis 2014, as their "incremental" looks like a full backup of the selected folders/files, and is stored in *.tib files, that I cannot easily see which files I worked on yesterday, or clean up.

I was able to do most of this with McAfee's QuickBackup (Except for each morning going in to rename the previous evening's backup to include its date). But sadly, it was a 16-bit program. I was used to being able to go back to specific dates to check which projects I worked on (and my progress), and also to confirm my diary for client billings.

I'm open to any suggestions.

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Dumps and whatnot are attached. While I probably have a very old version of the backup software (which doesn't help things; will update it), this is the first time I've gotten the BSOD from this particular driver. Not sure if it is related, but as you will see in the zip that I have a few other BSODs from a few months ago. My biggest concern is if I have a hardware problem.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD during incremental EaseUS backup (eubakup.sys)

Hi Milo212,

Welcome to the 7forums

I suggest that you either update or remove the HP software, besides EaseUs was also a driver from HP was flagged.

fffff880`25cafa48 fffff880`0184e2ceUnable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\hpdskflt.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for hpdskflt.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for hpdskflt.sys

4: kd> lmvm hpdskflt
Browse full module list
start end module name
fffff880`0184c000 fffff880`01856000 hpdskflt T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: hpdskflt.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\hpdskflt.sys
Image name: hpdskflt.sys
Browse all global symbols functions data
Timestamp: Fri May 13 20:47:02 2011 (4DCD7CA6)
CheckSum: 0000E6A7
ImageSize: 0000A000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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Hi all,

I am using an XPPro laptop and Win7 dektop. All changes are done on my laptop and I am using a briefcase on my desktop to incremenatlly backup my files (from the XP laptop to the W7 desktop).

Many times (too many), all folders on the briefcase turn to orphans (I DID NOT CHANGE THE ORIGINAL LOCATION OF THE FILES), then I need to recreate the briefcase (there are many files and it takes a long time).

Now I decided (afer many years that I am using the briefcase as a backup utility) to use a simple incremental backup software.

Can you please recommand for a simple incremental backup software? Also can you advise how can I fix the orphan issue without the need to recreate briefcase.

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It is difficult for me to distinguish what parts of the Back up and restore screen apply just to creating a full backup and and which apply just to creating a file backup.

I know I can create a system Image by clicking in the upper left hand area of the screen (the create a system image link). But it is not clear to me how to create an incremental backup of a system image. Do I just select "Create a system Image" again, and Win 7 is smart enough to do an incremental system image backup automatically, or do I need to create some sort of schedule?

It is difficult to tell if schedules apply only to file backups or if they apply to creating a full system backup too.

A:How create incremental Full System Backup?

File backups are incremental.

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I'm running Backup Exec and ran a full backup of our exchange server and it was successful. When I ran the incremental, it backed up around 8GB worth of data and now it's been stuck at updating catalogs for 15 hours. I'm backing up to a disk and not a tape. Anybody have an idea what's going on?

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Hi all,

Although I have searched the backup and restore thread I didn't find a solution to my problem.

I have been using windows image backup for some time now (I learned the hard way that you need an *image* backup to restore a failed *system* drive) which is scheduled and works fine.

My problem is that it takes about 50 minutes to run, during this time the pc is unusable due to backup eating up all resources. Since my system disk is basically not changed (profiles are in another disk) I need a backup solution that would do incremental or differential backup (basically it would backup the differences every time and not the whole system partition every day). Such a backup would probably complete in 2-5 minutes and I could run it many times per day instead of once.

Requirements in detail:
1) I need a windows solution and not a "boot with cd, load linux and take image" thing (like ghost).
2) It should take image backup from inside windows (ie after a restore you should be able to fire up the system, not reinstall windows on top of the restored files)
3) It should be able to be scheduled in task scheduler.
4) It should be able to work in an incremental mode.

Many thanks for your ideas!

A:Image backup recommendation - need incremental support

I don't know of any free solutions but the paid one I use, Macrium Reflect Professional Edition, would probably meet your needs. It supports incremental and differentintial backups (as well as full backups, of course). When using it on my notebook, which also has only two CPU cores and has only 4GB RAM, I barely can tell when Reflect is running full blast, if I can tell at all, while running other apps. My desktop rig is much more powerful and I never can tell when Reflect is running. If you are really working the snot out of your machine, Reflect can have its priority reduced so other processes have first crack at the available capacity.

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I've been using Windows Backup normally for incremental backups, but it's reached a point where it takes more than 24 hours straight to backup my entire drive, and the constant duplicates being made by the backup means I have to backup the entire drive once every 3-4 months on average.

Are there any backup programs that do incremental backups, only backing up new and changed files? Problem I had with Windows Backup was it would duplicate certain video or music files that I had actually opened and viewed, even if it was just for a brief second.

I tried Macrinum, and immediately dumped it upon being faced with over 9000 options and realizing it had no incremental on the free version

A:Suggestions for an Incremental backup program that doesn't duplicate?

How big is the partition you image - 24 hours seems to be very much out of the ordinary.

I use free Macrium and my images are usually done in minutes. Either your partition is huge or your disks are slow.

I would highly warn about incrementals. If you lose 1 increment in the chain, you lose it all. Differentials are a bit better but I still prefer full images by far. Those are the easiest t manage.

Free Paragon can do differentials. But that is not as easy to use as Macrium.

Here is an example of my typical backup time ( three and a half minutes) for the OS partition. But my OS is on a SSD and I image to an internal HDD.

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I am looking for a Win 7 backup and restore program that can do the ff.

1. Do an image backup which can be used for a recovery (in case the system won't load or some program won't run) or a bare-metal install (if the HD has to be replaced or reformatted);

2. Do a scheduled incremental file backup based on what was added or changed since the image backup or the previous incremental backup; in addition to the bare-metal install from the image backup, all incremental file backups can be restored, bringing the system back to the state from the last incremental backup;

3. If the backup disk is filled to a certain percentage (say, 80 pct), then the image backup is deleted and a new one is made. If the new image backup is successful, then all incremental backups are deleted. New incremental backups will be based on the new image backup.

4. One also has the option to schedule both the image backup (e.g., every month, every six months, every year, etc.) and the incremental backups (e.g., daily, weekly, etc.).

A free program that can use a network drive as a backup is preferable.

A:Backup Program with Bare-Metal Install and Incremental Features

Windows 7 Backup and Restore.

We have tutorials on its use.

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How come the built in Vista backup utility doesn't backup software? Does anyone know of a way to do this, or know of any software that will create an image of my harddrive? I seriously need to reformat my computer and I can't do it without this.


A:Vista Backup Utility Doesnt Backup Software?

Norton ghost or Acronis True Image... the latter is the easier of the two apps IMO.

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I have tried to create a batch file to backup our important data from our program to our server(drive letter Z)on our network and cant seem to get it to work.Could someone look at it and be able to tell me what is wrong with it. We also decided to include backing up our my documents folder too.

@echo off
:: variables
set backupcmd=xcopy /Z

echo backing up procare data
echo please wait...

xcopy "Z:\Procare\DB\*.*":\\dataonserver01\users\Jeannie\"

echo Backing up My Documents
%backupcmd% "userprofile%\My Documents" "%c%\My Documents"

echo Backup Complete!

A:Software doesn't backup so trying batch file backup

I guess it depends on what you're backing up. I use Beyond Compare to sync files between machines.

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I require some assistance as I want to back up the essential files for Windows 7 as I want to format my Hard Drive and I want to backup the data on to my secondary drive, but I don't know how to do this and the tutorials I found seem to be very vague, or don't really come to my level of understanding.

A:How do I backup the Files and Software

Hi did you check here Backup and Restore - Microsoft Windows

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What do others use to backup their files other than File History?

File History is not dependable. Without going into what I mean and how to attempt to fix it, I just want to use a dependable product to backup my files.

Thanks in advance


A:What software to use to backup my files?

I sue SyncBackupPro. But there is a free version: Free Backup & Sync Software for Windows - SyncBackFree

I copy important files to the server and then the server and syncbackup copies those important files to NAS. That's what I use and it works very well.

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Please let me know any backup software this is free or retail of backup software... i need to collect my college USB work (128 MB) and backup them..

Then im looking for secure backup online... Size about 130MB is okay

Thanks for help.

A:Backup? Sercue Backup Software needed!

I like the free version of Syncback for continous backups, though if you only have 128mb and its basically one time or infrequent why not just copy it to a backup?

Online, 2 gigs or less, I'd recommend Mozy for free secure backup.

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I just bought a USB 3.0 3 TB external drive for making backups. After some searching, I decided to use EaseUS Todo Backup because CNET rated it highly. I plugged the drive into a 3.0 port and did a backup. It was a file backup, not an image backup, but it still puts everything in one file (.PBD) and then apparently modifies Windows Explorer to be able to browse the file. Windows Backup (the one that comes on Windows 7) seems to work similarly, though you need to use a wizard to restore things. The backup took twice as much space as my data takes up on my internal hard drive. Also, it took 8 and a half hours, which I calculated to be 20 MB/s. So my questions are:

1. Why doesn't it just put things in the drive in a normal folder/file structure?
2. Why did it take up twice as much space?
3. Why did a USB 3.0 backup go so slowly? (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it took up twice as much space, but that's still slow considering I've gotten speeds of 75 MB/s, and I do realize transferring a lot of small files will take longer.)
4. Am I just better off with using Windows Backup (or is restoring a pain with the wizard)?

Thanks for any advise!

A:Backup Software (EaseUS/Windows Backup)

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After a heavy-duty malware infection that wreaked such havoc that, on advise I got here, I decided to nuke-and-reinstall.

Also , I was subtly tipped that perhaps I should consider backing up the system against future incidents using, say, Macrium Reflect.

I did as I was told, but only remembered today that I had tried MR before, with not-so-impressive results which soured me on them at the time (2013):

perhaps the software has gotten better since, but I remember thinking then that I would henceforth not so to speak leave the (encryption) key to my data to anybody else, but make straight, unencrypted backups.

Also, the cost of storage is very low now even as compared to then, and in my case incremental backups or other such finesses, are not necessary.

What, then, would be the argument for using backup software in my particular case?

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After a heavy-duty malware infection that wreaked such havoc that, on advise I got here, I decided to nuke-and-reinstall.

Also , I was subtly tipped that perhaps I should consider backing up the system against future incidents using, say, Macrium Reflect.

I did as I was told, but only remembered today that I had tried MR before, with not-so-impressive results which soured me on them at the time (2013):

perhaps the software has gotten better since, but I remember thinking then that I would henceforth not so to speak leave the (encryption) key to my data to anybody else, but make straight, unencrypted backups.

Also, the cost of storage is very low now even as compared to then, and in my case incremental backups or other such finesses, are not necessary.

What, then, would be the argument for using backup software in my particular case?

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Because the amount of data stored on my drives is continuously increasing, I've decided that it's time to find a way to backup the most important part of it.

So, I'm looking for a software capable of making a backup copy(on a secondary HDD) of certain folders and of certain files(from certain folders) and keeping it updated.

I'm also interested to make a backup copy of files that are locked, if possible.
I have some VMs and I'd like to back them up too if possbile.(I'll check to see whether VMWare Workstation can backup itself by taking snapshots on a different HDD at certain moments).

The software really needs to be able to cope with paths longer than 255 characters, it has to be able to retain all the file's attributes(creation date, modified date, attribute fields, etc), and it has to ba able to do bit-by-bit checking in order to prevent corruption.

Also, there are some large files that I can't backup(it would take too much space), and in this case I'd like to have a list of their names and sizes, and if possible a checksum(TTH or emule's MD5), in order to redownload them easily in case of a disaster.

What software would you advise me to use?
BTW, I'm also very interested about your backup methods for your sensible data.

PS: Neither RAID nor a ZFS NAS box are solutions for me at the moment, and I'm not looking for a software that does backup to an entire partition.


A:Looking for a good backup software/backup plan

You dont want much do you Nick?? Im not aware of any program that will do 100% of everything that you have listed ... that would require custom software ... the easiest solution IMO would be a program like Acronis/Macrium image, backed up to an external 2tb hard drive ... it may not be the most elegant solution, but it would work...

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Would like to backup entire computer from one XP computer to another with same system.
1. Which kind of cable is fastest? And would i use a ubs port.
2. Would I use a systems tool or what command?
3. Is there any freeware that would do job better or faster?
Thank you kindly for your kind help and sharing, especially experience.
All my best to you, Dan from FL.

A:Backup files without buying software

Hi herbalmaster, and welcome to BleepingComputer.If you have a Seagate or Maxtor hdd Seagate's Disk Wizard has a OEM copy of Acronis's True Image which you can use to clone the drive.

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

thanks for your help.

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Window 8.1

When I run File history backup, I get the following error:

Directory was not backed up because it is a reparse point:
C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Pictures
C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Music
C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Videos

If you want it to be protected, remove the reparse point.

When I run the following Command prompt: Dir/al/s
It show me these reparse points as follow
Directory of C:\Users\(myname)\Documents
09/09/2015 01:30 pm <JUNCTION> My Music (C:\users\(myname)\Music)
09/09/2015 01:30 pm <JUNCTION> My Pictures (C:\users\(myname)\Pictures)
09/09/2015 01:30 pm <JUNCTION> My Videos (C:\users\(myname)\Videos)
When I use Files Explorer,
These files do not show up.
I see: C:\Users\(myname)\My Music / but I don?t see: C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Music
I see: C:\Users\(myname)\My Pictures / but I don?t see: C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Pictures
I see: C:\Users\(myname)\My Videos / but I don?t see: C:\Users\(myname)\Documents\My Videos
How do I Delete/Remove these reparse point?

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

Thanks for your help.

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I have a few Seagate external HDs.  Previously, I had other discs (that failed!) but these  seem quite good.
They come with a Seagate backup management system that you run - it wanders off and makes a backup of your PC/Laptop and promises that it will be available for restore if you need it.
My experience, admittedly some years ago, was that these proprietary systems make a sort of encrypted backup which requires their systems to restore.  No software, no restore.  My B-I-L had exactly that problem last year.  Backed up using some particular software and when he needed to restore, got some computer speak for "not possible"
What I've done with my current externals (one in my home country, one here on the boat) is copy my photos, my music and documents from the laptop to the Drive, file by file.  This is irritating when I want to refresh the back up because all I want to do is save the changes across, not the bulk of the originals.
Why do all these programs insist on backing up in some obscure code format and not simply file-to-file.  If it was file-to-file, I could go get a file I accidentally deleted etc.
Why make things complicated?  Or is there a $$$ issue here I am missing?

A:Why does backup software not simply copy files as they are?

When they perform a backup they are compressing the files to save on storage space on the backup drive.Also when they perform incremental backups, they are only backing up differences between files that have changed and not the entire file. This saves considerable time and space when performing the backups.

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So I am looking for a piece of software that will automatically back up selected files and just simply copy them on to my external hdd. The reason is that I want to be able to take this hard drive and use it on another computer. All the back up software that i have encountered so far, including Windows back up, seems to compress my files so that its not directly accessible without decompressing my files.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

Any help is appreciated:)

A:Backup software that doesnt compress my files?

You can do a batch file simple x copy command to copy the files and sub directories from C: (your local drive ) to your external drive

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Is there a very good freeware, or inexpensive software program, out there I could use to simplify the backing up (and restoring) of user files in iTunes and/or Outlook 2010 in Windows 7? Two separate ones are fine--that's what I would expect.

This current chore of restoring both of these programs after a complete restore of my laptop makes me realize I could really use something like these to encourage me to backup the necessary user files. It seems like all the instructions I print out from the Internet on how to do these ends up being like six full pages of print!! Ugh!

At least, I don't know if any easy way to do it from within iTunes or Outlook...


PS You folks are a big help to me!!

A:Looking for Software to Backup iTunes &/or Outlook 2010 Files

Hi you may find something here freeware to back up itunes on pc - Google Search
freeware to back up outlook 2010 on pc - Google Search

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I'd like a really simple backup solution. It should take a backup of the folders I select, and always run in the background copying whenever there's a change. Of course only when the computer is idle. I don't need revisions of the files - I just want the latest version of the files. So it's just a mirror of the current content.

It should be the same folder structure and all, so I don't need to have the software in order to restore - just copy it back over.

And suggestions?

A:Simple real-time backup software (around 1 TB of files)

I'm not sure about the exact software for this for 'real time' there are many solutions to do this function on a backup schedule though (i have used windows built in backup and syncback as well as my own batch files).

Real time might be an issue on the grounds that if you deleted a file, that would replicate to your backup and therefore wouldn't be able to restore it unless you have the backup one way (so it doesn't delete anything in the destination location) but you would then need to make sure you have plenty of space on the backup location.

You could look at SyncBackFree V7- SyncBack Free - freeware version of the ultimate data backup software

? Backup
? Synchronize: Copy files in both directions
? Restore backup files easily
? Email logs
? Run programs before and after profiles
? Schedule backups
? Unicode enabled for non-English filenames
? Process unlimited filename lengths
? Simple and Advanced mode
? Runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP
? Extensive Help Documentation & Support
? Completely Free!


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I'm having issues using BUE 11d to backup the exchange server 2003. It will not backup the files priv1.edb and priv1.stm in the 'MDBDATA' folder. Files are selected in the job selection list and have an exchange license installed on BUE. Also modify the registry the other night to 'exclude active files' (something in found while roaming on Symantec forums). Neither changes worked. The files appears to be locked because they are *greyed out in BUE. Though they are check, I can't un-check it like the other flat files.

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1. I upgraded from XP to W7 after backing up my whole XP laptop.

2. I want to restore some programs from the XP backup to my W7 laptop.

3. W7 windows explorer sees my external usb disk and the XP backup file I want to
restore from.

4. However, W7 backup utility does not see the external disk or the backup file.

5. Any ideas? Can the W7 backup utility work with a backup file created by XP's
backup utility?

A:Can W7 backup utility read XP backup files?

Hi Ikers;

Windows 7 backup does not recognize XP backups - However, Microsoft does offer a free tool:

Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility

Utility for restoring backups made on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to computers running Windows Vista and Microsoft? Windows Server? 2008.

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility

This download requires Validation from Microsoft - If your copy of the OS is less-than-legal, the Validation process could cause you some headaches.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the download page to the letter. And as always, create a system restore point and back up any personal data prior to downloading/installing the utility.

Best of luck to you!

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The test result is under Win7 build 7000
1. Open backup and restore center
2. Set backup settings
a. Choose backup locations to local disk,for example f:\
b. Choose [Let me choose]
c. What do you want to back up?
Only choose the folder of c:\program files\windows photo viewer\
Do not choose [Include a system image]
d. Backup summary
Items are c:\program files\windows photo viewer\
e. Save settings and start backup

There is no files under F:\TEST-PC\Backup Set 2008-09-29 032022\Backup Files 2008-09-29 032022\Backup files\

So, the question is why we can not backup this folder at the first time(it should be a full backup)

Anyone can help me, thank you in advance!

A:Backup files fail to backup files in Program Files


Backup doesn't usually back up a program's files. Since Programs need to be "Installed", it makes no sense to simply back up the program's "program files" folder if no User data is stored in such folders. Since that folder would be fully rebuilt upon it's reinstallation, why does a backup need to be made of it?
I tested this also, and while a backup file was created, the zip folder was empty as was yours.
But again, backing up such a folder makes no sense and is a waste of space in the backup file, so it only makes sense that certain file types are excluded from being backed up.

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I have windows 7 ultimate and I am trying to back up my files to an external hard drive (WD Elements) using windows 7 own backup facility. However, despite the fact that there is 197GB of free space on the hard drive, the software will not let me make the 44GB backup as it says there is insufficient space. Any ideas?

A:Backup too large?

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive. The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.

On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else. It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)

Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.

any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it.

The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.

grateful for any help.


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I helped a former student restore his Gateway Laptop with Vista Home Premium. It was in such bad shape that I had to use the restore partition in order to get the computer running properly. When I began the restore partition I was asked if I wanted to wipe out the drive (reformat) or to do a backup of all data and then have it placed on the hard drive as a complete backup. I thought that would be the best choice and I do have the laptop running again like it should. I've done over 160 Windows Updates including both Service Pack 1 and 2.

The computer is working quite well except for one problem. I dont want to keep the backup file on the primary drive now that everything is restored. The backup is 18.8 gigs and even includes Windows!

I've tried to delete the partition but I am getting a message that I don't have the proper permissions to delete. I did go inside the folder and delete what I could but due to the remaining size I would like to get rid of the rest of it.

I even went into Safe Mode and tried to delete but I still got a message saying I don't have proper permission.

Thanks for any and all suggestions on how I can get rid of this file. I don't think I need it as it was created as a backup for me to get information to put back on the computer after I did the recovery!!

A:Delete a Large Backup File

Gateway instructions...should cover how to do such, the manner in which their restore function works, etc. Such should be available at the GW website.


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I noticed that the D: drive is 24.9GB of which 22.7GB is free. Am I supposed to keep this free for the day I need to do a recovery? This doesn't seem like an efficient use of the memory, unless it is a way to keep some unused one because an SSD should never be used comletely. Can I reduce the size of the partition and by how much?Can I save other recovery information on that drive?

Go to Solution.

A:D: drive recovery backup: why so large?

Hi mkitten ,
Windows back up management would pre assign default D:/drive with 24+ GB since it was expecting if you ned to include full system back up.
In our case , since there is a 22.7GB free . Seems that System image is not included on the back up since image would store 20+GB space if included. 
You can resize that partion within windows under Disk Management.
But before doing it , it would be best if you create your Recovery image first for safe keep.
You can also transfer your folders as a separate storage partition.
Repartitioning may change the hidden partition for the Factory restore (One Key recovery feature).One of the reason why One key recovery fails to restore full factory settings using the Novo key.
Back ups are best done on an external device ( external harddrive / USB ( harddrive failure can corrupt both C and D drives since it's on the same device )
Before changing partition .
Create your own Recovery Image on a separate device. (backup on Disc / USB on links)
Then you may go ahead and resize / shrink under Disk management. 
Click on link for steps guides.
There are also Repartitioning tools that can do the same but can corrupt the Factory hidden partition.
On this scenario best to clone your image before using those tools .
Don't rush on this and take time to read on those links, get assistance if needed. 
Hope this helped you on ho... Read more

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i love portable .paf apps and pretty much download all i can find that i "might" use one day. every time i try to enter the folder i keep them in, explorer goes into the not responding state like it is
indexing all the files, or scanning them for some reason. i have defender off, do not use any software based firewall or any real time antivirus scanner at all. the process to enter the folder takes over a minute and every time i restart my system the same thing happens again. as long as i dont shut down then it is instantly accessible like all other folders on all my other hdds including the same hdd that the folder is on. it only seems to happen with the .paf files.

the folder is only 409 files at slightly over 5gb.

any suggestions?


A:Portable Applications Large Folder Backup

It might do that once, but it should not be doing it every single time. You don't have to keep it in the Program Files folder, you can put it anywhere. I keep my portable apps in a folder off my C drive made for them, it never does this.

Welcome to Windows 8 Forums!

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Hi there
Just wondering how people handle backing up large volumes of DATA and performing recoveries if required from this data. Now as cheap 3TB disks are readily available and by using Spanning or Storage pools you can get very large data spaces of say 12 TB for example.

Now things like acronis can actually handle large volumes of data - backup will just request another volume when the first one is full so you might for example have 7 external USB disks being used for a backup.

With this huge volumeof data you can't just keep one or two disks around and then look for something with Windows explorer if you need to recover some data. So are there any decent Cataloguing systems out there yet suitable for HOME users. I don't need something like a Bank would use to recover data (and judging by recent performances it can take them a WEEK !!).

Anybody got any ideas - this sort of question I'm sure will become more important soon = I'd hate to lose say 2 TB's worth of Music for example.

Years ago tape systems were common -- they though were EXPENSIVE, SLOW and unreliable but they used to have decent cataloguing systems.

I'd like to have some sort of program that says xxxxxxx backed up on ddmmyy on volumes xxxx,yyyy.

If you need to recover some data :

The current backups usually insist you put the LAST volume of the backup in (assuming you know which disk it is) and then after a load of reads finally ask you to mount volume YYYY in the backup set -- also if you know what... Read more

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I have an all-in-one desktop computer with a 1 TB internal HDD. When I first got the computer, I did not understand how helpful it would have been to create a separate partition just for my data. Because of the location of the OEM partition, I would have had to use a third-party program to move it and create the data partition.

I ended up just using the built-in utility to create my system image that included a lot of data. My external HDD was only 1 TB. At the time I didn't understand how useful it would have been to have a larger external so that I could keep more than one image without having to write over the old one while saving a new image.

I have finally purchased a 3 TB external hard drive. I am wondering whether there is any need or advantage to partitioning it before I start using it?

I also have been considering imaging the whole HDD, and then also using SyncToy to back up all my data files. The data file backups will then be redundant, but it seems they might be more reliable and also easier to access. Will they be accessible folders just like I have in my internal HDD - so if I wanted, I could hook up the external HDD and easily navigate to and play a file that was stored with SyncToy? (I wanted to verify that SyncToy doesn't break large files into smaller segments and zip them like I think Windows Backup does.)

If I am planning to use SyncToy or something like that, would it be best for me to Partition off 1 TB just for that, and save the other 2 G... Read more

A:Large external HDD for backup - Partition? Image and Synctoy?

Blue Skies,
Without knowing what your storage is needed for, it's hard to give you any advice. Backing up your data is a good think but it's hard to say when enough is enough. That 3TB drive is one big puppy and I think if it were me I'd divide it up into 1TB partitions. Why do you need to make a lot of Imaged Backups? I had several at one time myself and I found only the current one is good for anything. That is especially true if you are adding files to your system on a dialy basis.

Why are you worried about compressed files? I don't know anything about the program (SyncToy) but you want to backup only the Files that you make changes to. Having more backups is over kill and will cost you a lot of big bucks.
Good Luck

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I have encountered some nasty viruses etc including some that stopped my windows updates. (I am operating on w/ XP on a Inspiron 6400) - I have managed to fix the updating problem, but still have some bad stuff b/c the resolution of my screen is blurry and my system is operating very-very slowly. I have tried to remove (O23 - Service: McAfee Online Backup (MOBKbackup) - McAfee, Inc. - C:\Program Files\McAfee Online Backup\MOBKbackup.exe) a number of times but have been unsuccessful - that is my reasoning that it is bad. Am I totally off base? Also in the same regard I can not get rid of (O23 - Service: NVIDIA Display Driver Service NVSvcALG (NVSvcALG) - Unknown owner - C:\WINDOWS\system32\adsldpcy.exe (file missing) - Please advice.Also this is my first post so I am not real sure if it makes any sense - ThanksLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 3:10:51 PM, on 7/13/2010Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32&#... Read more

A:IS- O23 - Service: McAfee Online Backup (MOBKbackup) - McAfee, Inc. - C:\Program Files\McAfee Online Backup\MOBK...

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. Please post the contents of log.txt. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until ... Read more

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I've got Acronis True Image 10.
Can I backup all emails and then restore to a new installation of the hard disk?

Erm: OK... that might sound dumb!
That's *exactly* what it's supposed to do right!!?

I've got a copy of XP Tablet which is dying.
I want to do a full original installation restore and restore the emails.

Just wanted to double check!!

Also: I've made a backup (of another PC).
I have a file size that is 9GB.
How can I store this onto DVD discs?
And how can I make the discs be bootable??
So that I can juts restore the whole system by booting from the DVD discs?


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How do I control how much disk space my Windows Backup takes up? I have a 1TB external disk for backups and other files. My computer's HDD only has about 250GB capacity. I don't know why my backups file got so bloated. What should I do?

I see that I can delete the older backup file: 22-Oct to 11-Nov. But read the text.
""Deleting previous backups will free up space on your backup location."
So far so good.

Then it continues, "All files backed up during the selected period will be deleted."

I'm pretty sure the text is just badly written. I guess that means the backup-files (on the backup drive) will be deleted. They couldn't mean that the original files (on my data drive) will be deleted. That sure is a scary possibility though. How do you understand this?

System: Windows 7 Enterprise

ScreenCap below


A:Backup takes 800GB? Manage Windows Backup Disk Space

Yes, it is perhaps, badly written, but true. All files in the backup period from 22-Oct. to 11-Nov. will be deleted. Not to worry, though, because those same files are backed up in a later backup period from 11-Nov. to ? It is safe to delete older backup periods.

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Does the following make sense to use for a backup strategy?
Like most people I am terrified of losing my data and I have 75,000 photos on my 2TB C: drive. What I am considering doing is adding a second internal 2TB drive and running Rebit to back up to that drive. Then adding an external 2TB external USB drive and also backing up to there with Rebit.
I would also run the backup program that is part of Win 7 Pro and weekly create a system image and also save it to the new internal 2TB drive. Then once a month create a system image with the Win 7 backup program and save it to the external USB drive.
Currently my C: which is a WD20EARX has 755 GB in use. Not sure if this makes any difference but I am running Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) in Enhanced Mode and have a Crucial SSD running RAID 0.
BTW, I know that Rebit is always backing up. Can that be a bad thing?
Any opinions on the above will be greatly appreciated.

Zack S

A:Does this backup strategy make sense? Rebit, 2 drives and Win7 backup

A few random thoughts:

It sounds like your data (photos) are on the C partition. You might find that putting your data on a separate D partition on that same drive will make your backup strategy a bit simpler. Not a requirement, just a suggestion.

I would not rely on an image as a backup for data. If your data is on C, any image of C will of course include the data, but imaging is not foolproof and can go bad for unknown reasons.

I have never even heard of Rebit and assume you know it to be reliable. I don't know if it is a file by file backup program or an imaging program.

Copying the photos to another internal drive is a good idea. As is the idea of copying the photos to an external. The more backups the better. But you might consider some type of offsite backup in case of fire or theft.

I'd probably do this:

Temporarily move all data from C to some other physical drive--internal or external.

Then shrink C considerably to the size needed to hold Windows easily--maybe 100 GB.

Then make a new D (data) partition from the free space now available.

Move all data back to the new D from wherever you temporarily moved it.

Use an imaging program thereafter to make periodic images of C alone, storing the image on either the new internal or an external.

Use a file by file backup program to make periodic backups of D alone to the new internal and the external.

I'd probably just use a single partition on the new internal and the external and separate stuff by a folder struct... Read more

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Hi everybody,
I have an Inspiron 7548 4K with W10 (upgraded from 8.1) and since a few days I've been having the following problem with DBAR (1.9.X.X). When I try to take a SYSTEM back up, it ALWAYS stops/fails to complete at 12% during the Backing Up module (checking system and building list complete OK). The message is "Operation Cancelled. Destination location unavailable or not enough space on the disk". It always happens at 12% of the process. I have tried it more than 10 times, with no avail. Further info:
1. The only change in my system was a W10 update of March 23, 2016. NOTHING else. Up until then everything worked fine.
2. Tried with both the external HDD with previous/existing backups AND a new/clean one. Both are 500 GB for backing up the internal 256 GB, so there is more than enough drive space. Also tried different usb ports in case one was malfunctioning. 
3. Recovery media backup works fine. The problem is when it tries to proceed with system backup. I don't take data backups since I use cloud.
4. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling DBAR, keeping it below latest version Same result.

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My Win 7 x64 machine (Dell) has three hard drives in it. The original 2TB Seagate with the operating system on it, C:, a 2TB WD used for data storage,F:, ..and a 1TB Seagate repurposed from the XP computer it replaced. That last drive contains only data as that was its purpose in the previous machine. There are no programs on it and it's formatted NTFS.

On boot-up, the computer sees the 1TB Seagate as drive E: and it functions just fine until it's time for a Windows Backup. About 30 seconds into the backup, I get the message that "Intel Rapid Storage Technology has detected a disk removed on Port 3." At this point, the backup fails and Windows no longer sees the E: drive until next cold boot. The backup's target is an external Seagate drive J: that is unaffected by any of this.

Yes, I've changed SATA cables. I've changed the Motherboard connection where the E: drive's SATA cable is attached. I've reversed and rerouted cables so there's no odd pressure on any one of them. I've disabled the power-saving settings so the disc spins all the time. Nothing helps.

The E: drive functions just fine until Windows Backup starts, then it acts as if I removed it.

Error code from Windows Backup dialog is 0x80070002 "The system cannot find the file specified."


A:When Backup Runs, Windows Reports Backup Target Disk Removed

Can you access the external target drive normally?

Also, could you post a screencap of Disk Management for us?
(Windows key + R to open Run, then type "diskmgmt.msc")

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I bought a 128GB "PNY Attache 2 USB 2.0 Flash Drive" so that I could preform a "Bootable Backup" using "Dell Backup and Recovery" yet when I inserted the flash drive and selected Bootable Backup from the list it fails to detect the drive.  Bootable Backup says it requires "a storage USB storage device with more than 100GB of capacity so why doesn't "Bootable Backup" sense my USB flash drive since it has more than 100GB of space on it?

A:Dell Backup and Recovery's Bootable Backup Won't detect USB Flash Drive

Try updating your Dell Backup and Recovery software.  With the update it now seems to work with all USB flash drives I throw at it.

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Where can I find the descriptive definitions of the “reason codes” reported in the Activity Logs when a Backup fails? I have searched all of the DELL site and non-DELL URLS.
Errors with undefined “reason codes: 2, 5 and 32” are reported under the Activity Logs when using the current DELL Backup and Recovery software (Version ran as Administrator in Windows 10 (Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586)
Data Backu- - <date at time>
An error occurred during the process
Scheduled Backup No
Multiple files Yes
The following files were not backed up:
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Comms\Unistore\data\0000000a000000031013.dat (reason code: 2)
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache\CentralTable.accdb (reason code: 32)
C:\Users\Pat\VeriSign Root Certificates\DS_Store (reason code: 5)
OS Name - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro – Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
System Type - x64-based PC
DELL Backup and Recovery – Dbr.exe – Version – 04-JAN-2016
DELL Update Tray – DellUpTray.exe – Version
DELL Update Service – DellUpService.exe – Version

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~~~~~~~~~~ Background ~~~~~~~~~~

I recently started helping my father in law get his Samsung NP-Q330-JA03HK laptop back to working order. He had not used it in a couple of years, and when I tried tuning it, I found that it was extremely slow. A Malwarebytes scan, Windows updates, and some other actions failed to do the trick.

So, I used his laptop's Samsung Recovery Solution 4 program to do a complete restore to factory condition. I did this at boot time (pressed F4 until Samsung Recovery Solution launched a special Windows session).

The restoration seems to have done the trick: the laptop is once more responsive. Now I am doing the agony of 4 years of Windows 7 updates... (If you have any special tricks to speed this up, lemme know!)

~~~~~~~~~~ Questions ~~~~~~~~~~

The reason why I am posting is that while doing the restore, I noticed that there were 2 backups on the D: drive (which is actually a special partition used by Samsung Recovery Solution).

I picked the oldest one, guessing that it was the original factory backup, and that seems to be correct.

That said, I would now like to delete the other one, as it is unknown garbage at this point.

Unfortunately, when I run the Samsung Recovery Solution 4 program, I see no option whatsoever to delete an old backup.


Have I overlooked anything in the Samsung Recovery Solution GUI?

Can Samsung Recovery Solution 4 be upgraded to a later version (e.g. Samsung Recovery Solution 5), and can later versions delete old ... Read more

A:Samsung Recovery Solution: backup location, delete old backup

Hello up2trix and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm not familiar with the Samsung Recovery Solution so I won't be any help with your specific questions. However, one of the Forum experts has prepared a very detailed tutorial on how to do a Clean Reinstall of Windows 7. It even includes instructions on how to obtain a legal copy of Windows 7 with SP1 installation disk.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Once the clean install is finished, you could make use of the Windows 7 hotfix rollup that was released by Microsoft in 2013. It contains the first 90 or so hotfixes that were released after SP1. That should save you some time doing the updates.

Hope some of this helps.

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From times to times I load my disk image backup from win7 system and install the new programs/drivers i was using and save a new backup.

I usually to do this by backing up my C: drive, but this turn to my surprise, windows for some reason wants to backup C and D, is it possible to pick a drive for it to make a system image?

I'm mean, this is probably my 8th updagrade to the backup. I've always backed up from C: -> D:, which are on the same hdd, and now it suddenly needs to backup C and D to create a system image .

A:system image backup - how does windows pick the drives to backup?

Hello vbkun.

Will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map so we can see what you have going on.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.

How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums

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New to this forum. I am using Win7 Backup and Restore, along with a Seagate external drive for my backup needs. I backup every week, and have been using it for about 1 year. I see the backups happening each week, but I've never had the need to restore anything. For the first time, I've needed to find an old version of a file. I have read the many articles about how to use the Win7 Restore utility, but when I 'search for files' using this utility for the file I'm looking for, I don't see it in any of the backups (various dates over the past 3 months). Now I'm wondering what it's backing up. The backup drive has lots of data, so it's putting something in there ;-)

So, in summary, I go through all the restore steps, but can't find the file I'm looking for. Is there some secret to using this tool? Seems straight forward...

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows7 Backup and Restore utility: I can't find the file to backup

I find this program invaluable - it will find everything on your comp in seconds.

Download Everything

Type in the name of the file or any part of it and if it's on your comp, it will tell you.

When the file come up, right click and "open path."

Hope this helps.

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I periodically backup my data files which is on another hard drive than WIN7 OS so this backup is not a system image. Every time I do a backup I do a restore to a dummy partition to double check the backup was successful. Anyway, I recently tried to restore my backup from March 2014 & the backup utility is not recognizing the file. It recognizes other backups so something must be off with this particular file.

I checked & it appears all of the catalogs & zipped files are present. Is there another manner or 3rd party software I could restore this particular file? The file is just over 100 GB. I should add that I have transferred that file from one hard drive to another since last March, but transferring should not be a problem as far as I understand.

Appreciate any suggestions

A:WINDOWS Backup & Restore utility not recognizing my backup file

zipped files? You should be able to open those in windows explorer.Or use 7-zip.

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate connected to network with Server 2008 (R2).

I am trying to backup the System Image [only] to a share on the server without success:

[Window Title] Windows Backup: Troubleshooting Options

[Main Instruction] Check your backup

[Content] Windows Backup cannot read the backup destination.

[Try to run backup again] [Change backup settings]

[Expanded Information]
Backup time: 8/05/2016 6:20 PM
Backup location: \\Server2008\backup\
Error code: 0x8078006F

The backup location is a valid share on the server and is accessible (and read/writeable) from my Win7 machine. Both SYSTEM and Administrators have "Full control". When setting up the backup, the location is tested and a username and password requested - these are accepted (and wrong ones are not, so some sort of check is being carried out), however when I attempt to run the backup (either manually or on schedule) the backup runs briefly (a few %) then fails with the message "Windows backup did not complete successfully" then the message box as above. No files are created at the backup location.

A search of the web finds a lot of similar questions and a lot of wrong and useless answers. This has been an ongoing problem for some time, but I really would like to have a regular scheduled backup. Has anybody got any clues, please?

A:Windows Backup cannot read the backup destination, Error: 0x8078006F

Hi Seven,

include the domain name of the network drive (not the computer you're backing up, but the network device): NETWORKDEVICE\Username\backup\

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I reinstalled my operating system with the operating system disk to try and erase everything from my harddrive but its not deleted. Everything is still here in C drive backup, "I believe". I can only access program files and I can not delete anything within backup. Were the desktop files deleted?

Furthermore, when I try to delete backup, its keep saying "This folder is shared with other people. If you delete this folder, it will no longer be shared. Continue" and when I click continue it says the same thing. Then when I click continue again it says "destination folder access denied. You need permission to perform this action". How do I delete it?

A:Where is desktop in backup? How do I delete backup? in Vista Home premium 64-bit

Hi -

Please further explain what you are referring to by "backup" - is this a folder on the c: drive?

Are you using the Vista recovery DVD(s) that came with that particular system to re-install Vista?

Happy Holidays !



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Hi everyone,

I created an image using the Microsoft Backup and Restore tool in Windows 7. I saved the image on a network shared folder.

I then went to the Advanced Recovery Methods in Windows to restore my image...that I just created. It restarts the computer and goes into recovery mode, I point to where the image is located, I entered the network credentials and it give me an error.

"The Specified network resource or device is no longer available. (0x80070037)"

Please look at the attachments below.

Oh...I'm doing this in Windows Virtual PC.

Anyone knows what I'm missing?

A:I created a backup Image using the Microsoft Backup Utility and Now I can't Restore.

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OS WinXP Pro
Trying to backup the registry using the utility backup from system tools.
error =
"Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure."

Research shows that it is possible to turn off the volume shadow feature .. but not if the backup includes the System State selection.

I have an ethernet connection to an ADSL modem and a 40gb hard drive in two partitions c: and d: with about 20gb used in total.

Any help much appreciated ..

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Hi all,
Due to my dell inspiron 14" 7447 have problem after use with window 10 for few month, (get kernel security check failure) cannot fix easy, so I have recover  from win 8 (dell ssd build in  and them update to win10 again) , everything work fine, but when I try to make a new backup , it always show as follow, then crash even time. How can I fix it?
Tks all.

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I got a simple question, let me explain it like an example: Let's say I backup 100GB of data with Windows Backup and over the time where I do all my backups there is like only 30GB of data which changed from those 100GB and also new files were added. Now my external drive is full. When I now delete the very early backup, the first one where the 100GB of data was saved, will it delete then ALL those 100 GB, or will it just delete the previous versions of the files which were modified AFTER that time, which are in this case the 30GB I talked about? Because otherwhise I would then have in the end an uncomplete, messed up backup.

A:(windows Backup) deleting old backup states simple question

"because otherwhise I would then have in the end an uncomplete, messed up backup."

Correct. Windows by default does what is called "incremental backups". It takes a master image of the entire system per your direction, then on the schedule, it takes an inventory of only what has changed and backs up those changes. That is with a DATA BACKUP.

If you do SYSTEM IMAGE, it gives you two options you can set, from which are accessible from Manage Space > System Image/Change Settings:

You should have similar space management controls for your data backups as well. Since I only do a system image every week as my data is on a different drive than the OS, I do not.

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Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions of Backup & Recovery 10 Compact and System Backup 9.5 for free until 7/12.


Paragon Backup & Recovery Suite

System Backup


License software - free backup, partition freeware, data recovery

A Guy

A:Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 and System Backup 9.5 Free till 7/12

Good find, Thanks Bill.

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Hi ? I am trying to setup a Win7 Pro PC backup so that the primary user does not have any admin rights. Setup Standard user login and then another separate login for file backups.

Created a new login called Backup1, and assigned this User Account to the Backup Operators Group, and Users Group. Rebooted, and logged in as Backup1. Attempted to run Backup. Get the following error:

The backup application could not start due to an internal error:
You must be logged in as an administrator to perform this task.

I then get presented with all existing User Accounts including Administrator and the option to enter the Admin Password. If I select Admin and enter Admin p/w it works ok. If I select any other option the backup fails.

I am at a loss as to how to sort this ? I understood that adding a User Account to the Backup Operators Group would allow that User to run Backup (only) without the necessity of entering an Admin password. Can anyone assist me with this please - I have had a look through this forum but cannot see anything obvious to look for.. Thanks in advance.

A:Backup Operator Group - problem running Backup

I thought you had to be a member of Admin AND Backup Operators Group.

FWIW, I noticed that when getting ownership of the WindowsImageBackup folder, security shows me now in Backup Operators Group. Then again, this is a System Image and not a folder "Backup".

My logon is single, admin/user.

Seems others are having this problem. Even saw someone label it a UAC bug. I don't know much about UAC, but is it worth trying to lower UAC all the way to the bottom and try this again?

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Does Norton Online Backup no longer backup wirelessly?

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I've been rethinking my backup strategy at home (or lack of it, to be more precise) and came to these conclusions (I only need to backup one computer running Windows 7 x64):

1) Why bother with OS backup at disk image level?

I just don't see a point in doing OS backup at disk image level at home. Within past 15 years I could've benefited of it once. Since I didn't have it I spent about a day and a half re-installing OS from scratch, which I was OK with plus it's always good to reinstall OS from scratch to get rid of accumulated "crud"

Other reasons why this is a hassle:

2) What software to do it with?

I just don't trust anything that claims to be able to backup OS while it is running. To do this backup program has to integrate itself with Windows at OS level, install drivers and/or services that run all the time and consume CPU resources and often mess up whole OS. Just check out review for Acronis 2012 at Amazon - 2.5 out of 5 (~100 reviews). The other popular contender is Macrium that has 3.5 out of 5 at IMO anything under 4.8 is not acceptable for the backup application. Please recommend if you know something better.

So the only feasible option is to use some kind of bootable media and backup when OS is not running. This takes a long time and you can't use your computer until it is done and backup is verified. Plus it still takes large amounts of disc space. As of now my compressed OS image would be about 40 GB. Say you do this once a week - th... Read more

A:Why bother with OS-level backup (and other thoughts on backup strategy

Hi Joe, Welcome to Seven Forums.

I simply took a system image of my Windows 7 machine after installing the OS, Windows Updates and my standard applications using the built in Windows 7 Backup utility.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

I don't then create system images every week simply because my initial image would always be the one i would want to restore (clean install with my standard applications).

2nd to that i use Windows Backup to backup all of my files/folders, this runs everyday but it doesn't create a full backup everyday, just anything that is new or has been changed since the last backup.
Backup User and System Files

I myself have found it to be very effective as a the Hard Drive died a week after using it so upon the manufacturer replacing it i used the system image to restore the OS and then the backups to restore the files.
OS - System Image Recovery
Files - Restore Backup User and System Files

Not a single issue.

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Not sure how to explain what I mean but can anyone please tell me if there is any difference between backing up files as 'data' files or making a music CD as a means for backing up? I normally backup my music files, using Nero, as 'data' files. Once burnt, I can also use this same DVD/CD on my PC and play the music files in the normal way, so what is the difference between choosing 'data' as opposed to just backing up the files as music files, please? Does it perhaps take up less room when choosing the 'data' method?

I should be grateful for any replies.
Many thanks

A:Solved: Data Backup versus Music backup

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Hi there, basically what im looking to do is delete some old entries that the XP backup utility has created over time that i setup a while ago. Im using the "copy" nothing has been appended or incremental.

Im just looking to avoid deleting the setup i got, and maybe just delete a few "copy" backups so that theres not 8 gigs / 1 years worth of backups...i only need about 4 months I forgot about it....cuz i never neaded it

But it looks as if its the only way b/c i cant just delete selected backups...all or nothing?/

Anyone know of a better backup utility that is simple and easy on a system BTW???

Thanks for looking.

A:Solved: Can i edit a backup created in XP backup utility?

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Regrettably I learned too late that Dell Backup & Recovery 'might' encounter problems in Windows 10 if a user did not update 'DBaR' version 1.7 before an upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10. I have a Dell Inspiron 3647.
When I only select a few files to backup (e.g., pics, docs, printer software and a few apps) it would backup to my 32 GB USB flash error free.
But when I try a significant back up -- e.g., 8 GBs -- I get a display after 20 minutes, or so, that the backup created an error. [head scratch]
Even something less challenging for DBaR like running a Factory Recovery Media backup resulted in the same error. Yet using the Windows 10 Control Panel Recovery app completed a backup error free.
I tried more than one USB flash, I ran Dell Update, defragged my hard drive, disabled firewall and AV protection. Nothing seemed to help.
Am I correct to assume that Dell Backup & Recovery 'might' encounter problems in Windows 10?
Sure would be nice to at least backup costly apps like Microsoft Office.
Michael T.
Software Engineer (retired)

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I keep getting an error when I try to use the Backup Program. As far as I can tell there are no hidden partitions. Using the Administrator tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management tool, I deleted all the partitions on my external ESATA drive which is larger than my boot drive. Then I recreated two partitions, one a 30G partition and the other uses the rest of the 320G drive. After formatting them, I tried to do a backup and received the same error. I have done this twice now. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this?

I used the external drive dock in USB mode and got the same errors. I tried two different external enclosures and still the same errors.


Windows Backup Error:
A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information. (0x81000019)

VSS Warning:

ASR writer Error 0x80042416
0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.
Operation: PrepareForBackup event Context: Execution Context: ASR Writer Execution Context: Writer Writer Class Id: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4} Writer Name: ASR Writer Writer Instance ID: {628b20aa-214f-4935-9b7a-722e0bf2200b} Error-specific details: ASR Writer: System partition (partition marked "active") is hidden or contains an unrecognized file system. Backup does not support t... Read more

A:Unable to backup hard drive with Backup Program

That error seems to be referring to your system partition, not your backup destination. Make sure you're logged in as an admin.

Now run an elevated (admiinstrative) command prompt
Start > Cmd > Right Click Cmd.exe > Run as Admin
Type in: sfc / scannow

If you get errors, run that three times.

If that doesn't help you could try a System Repair or Repair Install.

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I've used Windows Backup and Restore successfully on many occasions but I now get the error "0x81000037: Windows Backup failed while trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up" and I don't understand it. I've spent hours researching this issue and cannot seem to create a backup.

I've been to all the Microsoft pages and various "Windows 7" forums to no avail. I've gone the "delete the Java cache" route, the "C\Users\my account\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0" route and deleted the numbered entries (which remain in my Recycle Bin), the "Command Prompt with DIR /AL /S, which showed "File not found" (I still don't understand what a reparse point is) and the "virus in a shadow copy" route which produced nothing. I've scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials, the only AV application I use, which produced nothing. Disabling MSSE does not help (I checked Task Manager, All users, and the MSSE process before attempting the backup and it was indeed stopped). I've also performed full scans with MalwareBytes, the paid version of Spybot S&D and SuperAntiSpyware, which produced no results. I don't let these additional malware applications run in real time. I only start them when I want to run additional virus scans. I've run the Microsoft Safety Scanner in full mode, which produced nothing. I've run chkdsk at boot time on two occasions which produced "unallocated free ... Read more

A:Windows Backup and Restore fails to create backup

It sounds like something got damaged or corrupted for unknown reasons. You seem to have tried all the usual fixes. Did you go through this Microsoft KB article (Issue 2) and the full suggested workaround about half-way down the page?

Windows backup or restore errors 0x80070001, 0x81000037, or 0x80070003

If the workaround doesn't help do you have a restore point from before this problem first appeared?

System Restore

If a restore point doesn't fix things or isn't available, do you have a recent system image (from before the problem first appeared?)

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I curently don't use Dell Backup and Recovery, and I don't run any Dell startup items or automatic services. I also don't have the Recovery Partition in my current deployment. Because the partition is missing, Dell Bu & Rec takes a while to start if I click on the tile. When it does start, it offers to rebuild my recovery environment. It looks like in the System Backup settings, I see under more options the following: Instant Restore status (currently turned to on) and statuses for Overlay Icon and Context Menu.

Because I don't run startups or automatic services, and because my Recovery Partition is missing, I wonder if it will do anything at all to turn off Instant Restore, Overlay Icon, and Context Menu. I don't like launching Sys Bu & Rec, but will do so if you think that turning off Instant Restore, Overlay Icon, and Context Menu will shut off additional features.

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