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software that can read .reg files

Q: software that can read .reg files

I exported the whole registry hive from another computer to a .reg file. Is there a software (ran on another computer) that can open this file similar to how it is viewer in regedit?

Please help. Thanks.

A: software that can read .reg files

Hi Kevin,

Try this Registry reader

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Alright so I've noticed people with blue screens often upload a dmp file and I wondered what program would be good to read these. I do wanna contribute into helping others solve problems. I'm not that great at all so I'll do what I can. :wave:

A:Good software to read DMP files.

Take a look at this short tutorial HERE. It has most everything you need to get started.

Regards Howard

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I have a new HP Pavillion Elite HPE with 920 GB of memory running Windows 7. I am an average computer user. I have a WD external backup drive with 1TB memory. I don't like the backup software that comes with the computer. I can't access anything to see how old the files are. The only option is to restore. Thank God I haven't had to do that. I have the files important to me backed up manually. I tried Nova backup but all I had was a bunch (really- a bunch) of files again that I couldn't access. I had a copy of Norton Ghost that wouldn't work with my old XP computer so I tried it on this one. After days with support manipulating my computer, going through three people to the software engineer, they could not make Ghost work on my (64? whatever) computer.

I don't know if I need a mirror or clone or whatever I've been reading about that I don't understand. I have plenty of room on the backup drive and have CD's and DVD's that will restore, I think. Best Buy made me some when I bought it and the computer made me make some as well when I got home. I can manually do a system backup less my files that doesn't change. So what I really want to do is to find a software that will enable me to choose the files I want to that sometimes change (My Documents) and have those backup on a regular basis. I also want to have those so I can go to my M drive (backup drive) and see my files just like in windows explorer. That way, if anything does happen, I know my files are alright and if I have ... Read more

A:Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive?

and welcome to the Forum

I use Syncback for that:

SyncBack Freeware - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Creating a new Folder as read only and would like to have all files placed into that new Folder become read only as they are added or moved into that read only Folder. If Windows 7 cannot handle this is there any kind of software utility Haddon I can get to perform this task?

A:Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might describe your environment a bit more = how many users and what is yours and their user account status ?
See if this helps,

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First time on this forum, so I hope I chose the right category to post my problem. I just got a new laptop, and it has Vista Home Premium.

My problem.. I use a program/application called "DVArchive" (aka: DVA) for archiving my tv shows on my PC (from my ReplayTV). This application worked just fine on XP, but of course, Vista is giving me all kinds of crap.

The application IS working.. It can see my ReplayTV unit, I can access my archived shows, etc. However, Vista is giving me error messages, which are interfering with it and making it crash.

The problem has to do specifically with the applications configuration (.XML) files. I'm pretty tech saavy, but I'm not a computer expert, so I'll just cut and paste the actual error messages below. The listed pathways are where DVArchive stores it's files...
04/29 23:12:17 ERROR: XMLUTILS:: Error trying to create XML Output file C:\Users\badg671\Documents\DVArchive\Local_Guide\DVArchive.bak - C:\Users\badg671\Documents\DVArchive\Local_Guide\DVArchive.bak (Access is denied)

04/29 23:12:17 ERROR: Error flushing persistant store - C:\Users\badg671\Documents\DVArchive\Local_Guide\DVArchive.bak (Access is denied)

04/29 23:26:13 ERROR: LOCAL_STORE::SAVE: Unable to rename old store C:\Users\badg671\DVArchive.xml to backup C:\Users\badg671\DVArchive.xml~ - PLEASE BE SURE THE DIRECTORY/FILE CAN BE READ/WRITTEN TO
______________________________... Read more

A:Help - .XML files - Read/Write error - Vista won't allow app/pgm to copy/backup files

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Running Win7Pro 64-bit. Am unable to open older Office 97 files with Office2003 which is installed and running fine. I found a couple of files here and elsewhere with .reg extensions that were supposed to make the necessary registry changes. eg. "UnlockWord.reg" and a more elaborate-looking "office security.reg". All that happens when I left-click on the file and thenleft-click on "Run" is the files opens in Notepad and has no effect.

What do I need to do to have the .reg files change the registry to Unblock my Word97 files ?

A:.reg files open Notepad - do not change registry to read older files

Hello SausalitoWalt, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check in Default Programs to make sure that the reg file extension is set to have it's Current Default program set as Registry Editor (C:\Windows\regedit.exe). Afterwards, try merging the REG file again to see if it will now.

Hope this helps,

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First of all, I want to point out that I have very little knowledge of technology.

I have a NTFS Seagate 2TB Go Flex Desk external hard disk drive. A couple months ago, I found that it had a problem where my laptop could detect it, but couldn't access it and needed to "reformat" it. I left it alone for a while.

Recently, I tried plugging it in again, and behold, it seemed to work okay and I could see all the files and so on. I tried chkdisk without the fixing part (/f). I didn't want to "fix" it until as last resort because it seems to imply some data will be lost. It said there were a lot of bad sectors.

I couldn't read some of the files (most of them were rar files) in my hard disk, and had "read error" and "data error (cyclic redundancy check)". So I basically moved all the files which were normal out of the disk as I couldn't move the others ("can't read from source file or disk") and now I'm left with the broken files, most of which are important. 40gb of 16,000 files.

Is there any hope for me to recover those files? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: after this, how would I deal with the bad sectors?

A:Disk read error for files in the harddrive, want to recover files.

OK! The bad sectors are always one of the killers of data on a hard drive. Thatís why we are always asked to back up our needed data at least on two separate drives. So, in the future, you should learn to keep at least two copies of your important data on separate drives or locations.
But, right now, since your drive still could be read on your computer, you could try to run some data recovery programs to take chances. Nowadays, many data recovery programs are developed to help people resolve these troubles.

But, if you are not sure, you could firstly try some drive data recovery freeware such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.
But, if any data recovery software could not make a difference, you could consult a data recovery expert for help and prepare enough money for it.

Good luck!

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i tried to get rid of the virus but i'm not having any luck. heres what happened. almost all my files were hidden. i have unhided them. sometimes i get a redirect from whatever i select in google to some seach site call happii. alot of my folders have been changed to read only and i can't download into them. i go back and try to take control of the download folder but then after a while i can't download into it again. i tried malwarebtyes and it found 3 viruses but the problem is still not gone. tried combofix and that helped (my start menu was empty). don't know what to try next.
DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_30
Run by stylistic at 22:15:11 on 2012-04-01
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.3318.2091 [GMT -5:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:... Read more

A:google redirect, files hidden, files set to read only

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

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Well, I was just trying to move the "myfiles" icon (I have been keeping my text files there) on the My Computer screen to the top of the screen, so I clicked and drug to the top, accidentally releasing and copying it to the Windows XP file at the top named 880c6a5879f57165f5. I was able to remove the myfiles directory and can list the files, but when I attempt to open I get a message that the file is "in use or read only" and i must rename it to open. I click on the dialogue box yes and get the same box, then the third time it goes away. How can view and copy these files or remove the protected status?? Thanks!

A:Copied text files into XP read only files, can't retrieve

I going to bump; i'm on the third page with no replies. hopefully someone has an idea on this?

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Just like speech to text is there a software that will read you the text in a documnet?

A:Is there a software that will read to you

Yes. An IT guy at work who is blind uses Jaws:

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Loading a couple of games from a burnt cd and it worked a few times ;however' know they won't install .I've tried about7 times and I get about 6% done or 50% done .Can't figure it out is my cdrom hoopped or is the cd buggered up.

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I can't figure it out but for whatever reason, my computer won't read any disks other than music cd's and movies. I spent over 2 hours trying to install TurboTax onto my computer the other day only to find that I can't load ANY of my cd-roms.

Hopefully it's just something wrong with the settings but I can't tell.

If it helps, when I open Device Manager, I see this:

Disk Drives

DVD/CD-ROM drives

I tried updating the driver for both and got nowhere. Thanks!

A:PC will read cd's & dvd's but not software.

the auto-play may not be checked,
or some other setting you may have altered,
or any number of other reasons,
a 'work-around' you might use though,
from 'my computer' > right-click your cd / dvd unit > choose 'explore' > and in the right pane of the window that opens > choose 'install.exe' or 'install turbo tax.exe' [whatever it may be called] and double left-click it, then follow the prompts as in any install

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Please, I really need help on that. I bought my laptop a little over a month ago. I have Windows Vista. I have some videos on this laptop that I have downloaded, My computer used to read them as normal videos files. Since a week ago, all the software that I try to use on my computer to read my AVI video files read them as just music. I can only hear the sound of my videos This is really frustrating. Although, if I read a normal DVD that I have, it is ok. Why? How do I change this? Is it because I downloaded quicktime?

HELP !!!!! Thank you so much

A:My videos .AVI files are being read as just music files.

Download the free version of Divx and it should sort the problem out for you as far as .avi files go.

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my cd rom has this issue, it can play cd and dvd but when i put a software disk it doesn't read it, it just freezes my computer and nothing works until i remove the disk. i cant change my cd rom. please is there anything i can do to fix this?

A:cd rom refuse to read software

Welcome to our forum daniel2k.

What is one the CD/DVD and how did it get there?

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I was wondering with newer SSD's if it is correct or not that programs can read the temperature of an SSD.

Like you can with a HDD.

I am using a program called AIDA64 notice at times my two internal SSD's read 44c.

Two i have are:
Crucial MX100 CT512MX100SSD1 2.5" 512GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive
Crucial MX100 CT256MX100SSD1 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive

Most say they do not get too hot or not really hot at all, due to no moving parts and less power consumed.
Never remember my HDD reaching past 37-38c

2.5" to 3.5" bracket i have fits 2 SSD's and makes them sit close to each other, one above the other in a 3.5" bay.
Pretty open around it, i have two case fans, nothing else it getting too hot, but it is summer time here and i do notice a difference compared to winter with rest of the components.

A:Can software read temps on SSD

They have a sensor built-in like HDDs that software can read. Speccy reads my Adata SSD. Always seems cooler than my hard drive, does warm up a tad if doing some intense read/writes. As long as S.M.A.R.T. reports it is within tolerance then shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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Hi !

I am wondering what is the best database software able to do this specific function.

for exemple if there is 4000 entries or cards... that have an information regarding schedule and time of operation and non operation... the database will be able to sort or signal the entries that are suposed to be ON at 3 pm, 30 mns before, for exemple in function of there field of activity or location or any other details.

Just mainly the database should be able to run automaticaly with the clock and sort differently in function of the present time or another detail.

Sorry if my words are weird or unprecise, I'm not anglo native and not really programmer ...

But in advance thanks for your help

A:WANTED ? software able to do that

Calendar or scheduling program would do it. Most any relational database can do what you want as long as you can program it do do what you want.

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Guys, i have searched for webcam software and a lot of programs just showed up, so my question is :Which Webcam Software should i use?????

A:Webcam Software (just read)

Not enough information. What do you want to use your webcam for?

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I'm an insurance broker out in CA.. one of the major issues i have with people that are doing my flyers/postcards/posters are that they never get the idea/image that i want..

What software do you recommend for designing this sort of things?

Someone recommended Illustrator but it's a 600 dollar thing..

Any other advice?

It has to be high quality

A:Which software program do i need? Please read..

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Hi, can anyone link me to some software that will read my GPU's temp as i'm gonna overclock it and need to know when enough is enough, lol.


A:Software to read my GPU's temp????

if you're overclocking your GPU you're best to see when it starts causing screen artifacts not by how hot it is. Motherboard Monitor might be able to read the GPU temp if it has a sensor but it really depends on whether the plugin has been coded & whether your GPU has a sensor on it.
Also it would help to specifiy which card you have or even if its a Radeon or GeForce based card.
I use ATiTool for overclocking my Radeon. It is very easy to use & has some very good features (like Find Max Core & Max RAM speeds) and it has a built in Artifact Tester.

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For some reason, my cd/dvd player has stopped working. Now my dvd player had always been finicky about which things it liked it play--after several years i found the need to reinstall windows, and then i installed the latest firmware from sony style, and, presto, everything worked fine.

i was able to install adobe creative suite no problem. that was a few months ago. in the meantime, i can tell you that i had a nasty hacktool.rootkit infection--which i seem to have gotten rid of. although i still have some issues (such as my symantec antivirus is running but wont show up in the taskbar, and i don't always get the required pop-ups when putting cds or usb drives in). i've also recently installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled iTunes.

so since i noticed yesterday that out of nowhere my cd/dvd drive wasn't working what so ever, i checked the device manager. no problems. i then uninstalled the hardware, and scanned for hardware changes. that led me to the yellow exclamation point on my cd/dvd drive, and this message:

Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

I googled this error message and came up with this thread:
--which says iTunes may have caused it. and it recommends deleting some registry files to resovle it.

So I go open regedit--to:
Hkey Local Machine
... Read more

A:The Mystery of One Software CD That Wont Read

If you've always had problems with the drive, why not replace it?

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I installed a dvd software which was working great up until 2 days ago..i kept getting the msg that it encounted a problem and needs to close...i done a system restore and still its closing down when running. maybe something has been deleted.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 01:17:33, on 27/11/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\UPHClean\uphclean.exe
C:\Program Files\Ulead Systems\Ulead Photo Express 5 SE\calcheck.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\QCDriver3\LVCOMS.EXE
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\WINDOWS\S... Read more

A:Can someone read my hijack log...Having a software issue

Reinstalling the software should fix it if it has become corrupt.

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I put a hard drive that was not accessible into a USB case an I can now see it. I'm guessing that something is corrupted on the HD rendering it unreadable. In the past I had software that could read a drive in this condition, but I can't remember its name.

Anyone know of anything free that can do this?

When I try to access the HD I am prompted that I need to format the drive. If I quick format the drive, then use an scanning/un-delete software will I then be able to see what is on the dive?

A:Software to read corrupted HD needed?

Anyone know of anything free that can do this?

Recuva MIGHT be able to read the drive and allow you to recover files and folders.

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I'm trying to get some old software called Larson's Middle School Math to run on some newer computers in a computer lab, but it does not work. It will run sometimes, but will always give the following error when entering the program, or after using it for a few minutes, but sometimes will run just fine after going through the error a few times. Here is the error I get:

MSM232: MSM232.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x7c910cae" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program

If I click OK or cancel, it closes the program.

I have some other XP computers with less memory that this runs perfectly fine on. So far I've tried messing with the virtual memory settings, also tried turning off virtual memory, but then I get a different Director error saying machine requires at least 3MB of virtual memory that won't even let the program run. I've tried setting virtual memory to 3000, still didn't work. I also tried the various compatibility modes with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions to try?

Thanks for your help.

A:Getting old software to run...memory could not be read error

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I've had this read-only problem before but this is different.

Usually turning off the UAC does the trick

This time I added Phtoshop Lightroom to my system. For a couple days everything was working fine.

For some reason today when I went to use it an error screen appeared saying it couldn't use catalogs that were in folders that are read-only.

Since then I've tried everything under the sun to get them to not be read only but nothing works.

The frustrating thing is that people keep saying that it doesn't matter that the folder is read-only because the files are not read only. This is true but as long as Lightroom thinks it is it won't load.

What do I do? Why would this happen suddenly? Do I change the folders? If it's a problem with LR how do I get around it. It just won't load without a catalog, and all of my folders are the same (read only).

Thanks in advance.

A:Software won't accept folders because they are read-only

Hello Daniel,

Welcome to the Vista Forums.

Have you checked to see if you have proper permissions to make changes to the folder. Sounds like somehow, I haven't a clue how, the folder/s may have gotten there permissions changed. If you want to check right click the folder/properties/security tab. What I would do is to try taking ownership of the file first. Info here if needed: Context Menu - Take Ownership

Hope this helps,

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I have a HP Pavilion m7750n and the dvd drive reads and burns dvds just fine but no longer reads cds or software disks. I have tried many disks. I put them in it runs for a little bit and then nothing, if I just the computer window it does not show a disk in the drive. if I click the dvd rw drive it says "please insert a disk".

I recently did a full system restore to original settings due to a different issue and I had this problem just before the restore as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:DVD RW drive does not read cds or software disks

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Hello and thank you beforehand.

The story goes like this: once I had to submit a school project and required VMware to emulate Linux (since I was given a Toshiba laptop with the condition of not messing up with it beyond installing programs), and first VMware DID NOT work at all, and then the CD/DVD drive stopped working. I know it has to be VMware because I installed it in a desktop PC and the same thing happened, that, until I uninstalled the damn thing (which turned out as such a blessed remedy!). When I tried to uninstall in the Toshiba laptop it won't allow me to do so. I even entered into safe mode, but as you may know, Vista does not allow permission to use the uninstaller... in safe mode.

I've been trying everything, but I can't mess around in the system since it's not mine. By the way, if this helps as a hint: every time I get a disk into the drive, nothing happens until I reboot, kind of like it only reads BEFORE Windows is fully running.

That's all and thanks to everyone again.

A:Can't read disks and I'm sure to blame software

Which kind of VMware?

VMware player?

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Hi all I have a bit of a problem wondering if someone could help, I am running windows7 64 bit It's just coming up to a year old, I had this same problem when i uninstalled Norton but I called someone and they help me remove the key that was stopping the dvd rom from working, I Now am having the same problem scince I uninstalled avg and reinstalled it. I would do what I was told to before but I cannot remember what i have to do again :/ I know it is in regedit some where but not sure on where to go after, Any help or advice would be great thank you. It will play cds but not dvds :/
thanx in advance

A:DVD will not read DVDs or DVD software but will play CDs

Do you have a Windows Vista or 7 install disk? Or even a restore disk if its a branded PC. All of those should be DVDs, so see if you can boot the computer from that disk (you won't actually go through any of the install process, just see if it boots from the disk). This will ensure that your dvd laser didn't die. The laser for cd and dvd reading are different, so it is possible that one could die while the other is still good.

You may be exactly right with it being a registry thing, but if you have a bootable disk that is a dvd we can easily rule out a hardware issue.

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

A:disk read/write reports software

Closing Duplicate

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installing a reputable software app failed and now my c drive is read only and although i can use most of my original programs, i cannot change anything, cannot choose a restore point as it say the administrator (me!) has stopped me doing this.

I cannot start my acronis to get my latest backup (on external drive), yet i can access my email and other programs.

The windows system is actually on a small ssd drive for speed although my C drive is on my normal harddisk.

i get the fault code 0x800704b3 when trying to access programs such as Wise 365.

My Hyper drive manager will not work either

I can copy and paste and am copying all of the files in My Documents to an external hard drive (where all my Acronis backups are.

I have a sinking feeling that the only option left to me is a complete reinstall somehow as all the options seem to be blocked to me (Restore, Refresh etc)

Getting C unlocked would be a bonus.

I know it's a long shot, but if anyone can help i would be grateful.

Thanks in advance


A:C drive read only after software install fails

Ok lets give this a shot...

disconnect from the internet

disconnect the external harddrive

uninstall the software that started the problem

if you are unable then reboot and start the computer in safe mode then uninstall that program

restart the computer with internet and external harddisk disconnected

do you have access to your system now?

Create a restore point

reconnect to the internet

reconnect the harddrive if you wish

Check operation of your system, make sure everything is ok now..

If you want to try to re-install that software, go ahead.

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Hey folks,

So many devices these days come with a driver on a mini-CD. My laptops (Acer and Toshiba) take forever to access them, then think they're blank and ask to format them.

In Googling this I found a guy who said he fixed this problem by reinstalling Roxio. Said his computer came with it but he'd uninstalled it cause he never used it. That it must "turn on" a feature in W7 or something, cause after he reinstalled it, his computer could read mini's.

When I got both my laptops I wiped all partitions (including the hidden "recovery" one), re-partitioned the way I wanted, and reloaded all drivers and W7 (64 Ultimate). The DVD players in both laptops have a central spindle, so they are designed to read mini-CDs. They DO detect them, but again, think they are blank.

Anyone heard of Roxio or other software being required to read mini's? Thanks much.

PS I have a lot of media software installed but not Roxio. (Nero, ImageBurn, Handbrake, Ashampoo, etc.)

A:Is Media Software Required to Read Mini-CDs?

Windows should be able to read your mini-CDs . You might want to eject the CD and place it in the middle . It will take a few seconds to read the disc due to it size. I never had an issue with mini-CDs being read.

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Hi there all.
I have a big problem. I have downloaded a evaluation version of RealChat Software from RealChat website and i have installed correctly. But when i start the server, it has an error. I looked on the Documentation for help on and it said that the default PORT for realchat server is 8080 so it must be in use on your computer. The solution is to change the default settings on the realchat software to a different port number.

What Port number would i change it to?
I have tried using some random numbers in as the PORT number, but no luck.

Can anyone help me with this problem?
I have no idea about PORTS.

Thanks alot for you help and support.
- Lee

A:RealChat Software Help! - Read if you understand PORTS

yeah, great help. thanks

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i recently download a software which has chinese words inside, but i am unable to view at all the words and with some werid characters like '?' is there anything that can be changed inside the control pannel which allow me to view the chinese words... or is there any software that ned to be download?
i am using a Vista Home Premium , acer aspire 4530


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I have Googled up SIM card reading and SIM data recovery software and I haven't found any freeware. Before I fork over $$ for something, I would like to have recommendations from user experiences with whatever software you might use.

To be clear, I want opinions from users on software they have experience with.

If it make any difference, my phone uses a t-mobile SIM card.

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I am looking for a program that like fps frograms show the vaues while you play the game.

thank you

A:Memory monitoring software.....anyone know any? read my post

there are several public domain memory managers. Problem is most of them will be hidden while you play games. FREERAM XP Pro is a great one and like the name says.... it's free.

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So i've just changed my cpu cooler and thermal paste from the ocz tempest to the zalman cnps 9500 nt with some nice smoooooth as5. Before my readings in Nvidia's "ntune" were 51/52c were all i got out of it, i tried "Everest" it reported the same, i then checked the readings in bios, this revealed my cpu was actually running at a much more believable 31c. I failed to realise it could have been a software problem.

Now that i've changed my cpu cooler, the software still reports the same 51/52c reading but the bios reports a more nicer figure of 25c...what's going on? is it a software problem? if it is what can i do about it? how come the bios reads a more believable figure? thank you for any help provided.

A:software failing to read cpu temps correctly

Sounds like the software to me. One logical explanation is that while your OS is loaded and lots of processes are running, your processor would probably be doing a lot more than it does while in the BIOS (when no OS is loaded). However, twice the temp is definately a big difference!

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

A:disk read/write reports software (2.5.2002)

closing duplicate,
view this thread

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My PC has a lot of errors suggest me a free trusted and of course spyware free software for error clean up and please no spamming soft. spam free soft! i dont trust when online they say clean your pc with this soft because I just dont trust them !! Plzz Help


What kind of errors?

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

A:disk read/write reports software (2.5.2002)

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I have a CD-RW that is formatted for the InCD program that is bundled w/ Nero... it formats the CD-RW so I can add, move, and delete just like a floppy disc. I was mvoing some files off my HD onto the CD-RW -- it moved the 1st file and most of the 2nd file. Then it stopped and said it couldn't find the correct path for the 2nd file. It looked like the file had already copied to the CD, but it was also still on the HD. So I assumed it had a problem deleting the file on the HD after it was moved.

When I tried to access the files on the CD-RW to make sure they were both there, the computer crashed. I rebooted, and now it won't read any of the files that are on the CD-RW It appears to be a blank CD. When I try to open it thru InCD, all it does is ask me if I want to format the blank CD. So my guess is that the program isn't reading the header on the CD becuz the header was corrupted when InCD was trying to re-write it after adding the 2 additional files.

So how do I gain access to files that are on the CD-RW? I had a lot of stuff on there I don't want to lose... I'm sure it's all still there, it's just a matter of getting the program to recognize that the files are there.

A:InCD packet-writing software from Nero won't read CD

ISOBuster may give some access to the CD, but this is one reason why you should never use packet writing unless the data is of no consequence.

It is the most unreliable form of data storage, one for which the CD was not originally designed. A CD-RW means ReWritable (erase and re-use) not Read-Write. They are OK in that latter mode generally.

I suspect you are quite right in your diagnosis that the TOC is corrupt, which means there is now just a heap binary data on the CD with no easy way of determining the start and end of each individual file.

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I am running Windows XP and cannot load the software purchased from Adobe: Premier Elements which is the video editing program. I have the XP version, the drive checks out with other disks, etc. Also cannot read the software from ULead.
Any suggestions?

A:CD Drive will not read Adobe Premier or ULead Software

Is it legal?

Also, did they put it on a DVD-RAM disk or on a reg CD? Also, can you go to My Computer and Click on the drive and find the "Setup.exe" files? Does the AutoRun start?

I need more info to see if I can solve this. It does other CD's Fine, Right?

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Can anyone provide me with a software that can convert .midi, .mp3 or .pdf files to .mtd (Digital Music Sheet) files? Files types other than .midi, .mp3 or .pdf are okay. Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone the driver software for this ARCHOS unit, please? The ARCHOS site has up to date drivers for free download but, unfortunately, my 2001 unit does not feature in these. Probably too old! Another site,, features the software but the link is broken! Having just bought the drive (cheap fortunately) from eBay, would like to get it running with Windows XP, if possible.

Email me if possible: [email protected]

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.


A:Driver software for ARCHOS MiniCDRW GS2 read-write USB drive

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I purchased a nokia 5230 recently, it has the S60 V5 OS. Was wondering how you can transfer theme files and .sis files onto your phone and install them. I tried putting a .sis file but I cannot locate it. Please help.

A:Solved: Transferring .sis files and theme files onto your memory card via a card read

How did you put it onto your Nokia, the Nokia suite or Windows Explorer ? Did you use the memory card or phone memory ?

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Hey, I'm looking for a software that does what the task manager in Windows 8 and 10 does for monitoring disk activity which is basically just to break down disk read\write or i\o usage down by the individual hard drives.

I spent a while searching for such a software on google and downloaded and installed over 10 applications including Microsoft's Sysinternals Suite, Crystal disk info, IOmeter, OpenHardwareMonitor, Process Explorer, and several more, and none of them seem to have this function. I was surprised that I wasn't able to find any such function over many google searches but it's possible I was just using poor search terms.

Does anyone know such a software\program\utility that will monitor my disk read\write usage and break it down per drive so I can monitor it during backups, transfers and other disk operations?


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Hello to all

I am hoping that someone here can help me with my problem. I have tried other sites and did a search in Google and I have not found an answer to the problem at hand.

My system:
I have a clone computer with:
ASUS motherboard A8N-SLI DeLuxe
2GB Corsair RAM Memory
2 Nvidia 7600LS Video cards
2 Western Digital 250GB hard drives set on a RAID 0 configurations.

The problem:
Some time ago I purchased Acronis True Image version 8.0. I never had the chance to use it until this week. My computer slowed to a crawl and then it crashed. Days before, I had made a backup of my OS so I decided to restore it from the backup that I stored in an external HD. I have two Western Digital 250GB hard drives configured as RAID 0. The program restored the image successfully so I restarted the computer after it finished. Unfortunately now the computer will not boot up. The hard drives are okay, no problems at all, however I keep getting the following message:

?A Disk Read Error Occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart?

My questions are these: Has anyone encountered a situation similar to mine and if so, what did you do about it? Can anyone tell me if it?s possible to purchase two new HDs identical to the ones I have, recreate the RAID 0 and then plug in the two hard drives that I have problems with? Will my computer recognize them and allow me to get my data? Or can I reload Win XP Pro on a new HD and then use a program like OnTrak Data Recovery to recuperat... Read more

A:RAID 0 Disk read error after restoring from an external drive using Acronis software

How old are the harddrives? Is there a chance one of them failed?

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I want to know if there somekind of utility to let me read txt or rtf files on my old gateway laptop computer without booting the operating sytem, i've heard of some bootable floppy disks with full interfaces so why cant it be done to view txt's?

A:How to read txt & rtf files without OS ??

To the best of my knowledge, the text editor can be used offline, if you go to File> Work offline. However you can't get there unless you boot the computer. You don't need an internet connection . Doc is Word and rtf is Wordpad- both available through the operating system.

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I reformatted my hard drive, before this I copied the my documents file to a CD. After reformatting I copied them back. Now all my files are read only. In order to make changes I have to save them under a new file name. Why?

A:Read only files W2K

Don't know why this happened, but here's a quick fix that should work...
Open Windows Explorer
Navigate to the My Documents folder that has all your files
single-click any file
hold [ctrl] and press "A" (selects all files)
right-click anywhere in the list and select properties
check then un-check the read-only box and "OK"

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When I want to access a pdf file in IE8 using Windows XP3, I get a message saying unknown file type with the choices:

"Do you want to save this file, or find a program online to open it?"

I already have a program on my computer associated with pdf files and have no problems reading them. Also, this is a new problem. As far as I know, I haven't made any changes to my system since a few days ago when everything worked right.

How do I fix this so that I can read pdf files without have to save them?

A:IE8 won't read pdf files

1.Try opening Adobe Reader separately.
2.If it opens ok, click on the Edit menu and select Preferences.
3.Select the Internet category and make sure "Display PDF in Browser" and the other items are checked.

4.You can also try Help/Repair Adobe Reader Installation, in Adobe Reader.

5.If this does not work, download the latest version of Adobe Reader and install it:

Hope this helps.

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I have a dual-boot with XP and Windows 7. Yesterday, I did these things:
Logged into XP and ran Gmail Backup so I could download my emails
Updated AVG Free to 2011 version
Something called "Windows Defender showed up"

Today, all my folders are showing up as "read only." I've tried repeatedly to change the ownership and permissions but nothing changes. It just says error and to "log in as administrator" (which is the only account on my computer).

I think I read somewhere before about going into Safe Mode and changing things, but can't find those instructions. The only thing that I can "write" to is my browser.

A:Read-Only Files

Hi -

Activate the Hidden Admin account and see if it can get into the files -

Regards. . .



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Is there a simple way to make pfc files readable?

A:How To Read Pfc Files

You can use PFCEx.

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(might have found answer - need to test)

I recently updated to Win 7 RC from Win 7 beta and I opted for the clean install and I backed up all my data; however, after successfully completing the install I discovered that my main data folder was not deleted. I was surprised but happy that I would have to copy my data back over but all of the files are read-only and so naturally I went to the properties of the main folder and took off read-only. The dialog box seemed to show it was doing something but my files are still read only.

Not a big deal as I could just blow that folder away and bring my back up in but I am just curious if this happened to anyone else and what if anything I can do to remove read-only from all my files in the subfolder beneath the main folder (yes when prompted I did answer yes when asked if I want to remove from subfolders).

Sorry, I did some more searching and I think I found the solution - I'm at work but will try when I get home - I think I have to take ownership of the folder - I'll leave this posting but please don't blast me for not searching for the answer.
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Read Only files

Cynthia, Welcome to Seven Forums. Sounds like you are talking about windows old folder with your files from the old install.Try the take ownership tutorial. And lots more good tweaks and fixes in those tuts. Hope this helps and you enjoy your time here on SF. lm
Shortcut to take ownership Take Ownership Shortcut
Full tutorial for taking ownership, this is for vista but also applies to Windows 7 Context Menu - Take Ownership - Vista Forums

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I am trying to read/copy MP3 files from a disc to my laptop that runs Vista. I noticed the AutoPlay popup and then I opened the containing folders. While copying the MP3 file to the laptop, the system hangs for 15-20min before a message is displayed stating "Cannot read from source file or disc". I'm able to play the MP3 on my audio system(not on my laptop), so i'm assuming there are no errors in those files.

A:Cannot read MP3 files

It sounds like the cd didn't mount properly. Source: meaning the disk. If it can't read from source thats going to be a little difficult lol. If it reads in one system and not the other, make sure that the cd drive is functional.

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USing XP Professional

I recently copied a large number of JPG files to a CD-RW disc (Used "Send To" after right clicking on the file). On my hard drive they were not Read Only but after copying to the CD they became Read Only and I cannot delete selected files from the CD. Three questions:

1.Why does the OS change the file property to Read only on the CD when they were not so on the hard drive?
2. Why won't the OS allow me to change the Read Only property in the Properties dialog box?
3. How do I delete selected files or folders on the CD?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:Read Only Files On CD-RW

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Hello, when I came home last night I noticed that every file and folder in my XP pro laptop was read only. I attempted to uncheck the read only attribute, but the GREEN BOX just kept coming back. I went to microsoft's website and did the regedit and the command prompt commands, but it didn't work. I gave all user accounts (which is only one) full access in case it was a permission conflict. Failed sad.gif.
The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5100 running XP pro on an NTFS format.
It has 1.5 gb of ram
a 256mb ATI 1100 Radeon Xpress Graphics card
and a AMD x64 turion performance rated at 2.74 (supposed to be 2.19, but it's running better than stated).
Please Help.

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not sure if I am in the right forum topic so feel free to move this post-
I am trying to burn cd with documents from Word and transfer info to my laptop. Editing will happen then put back onto pc via cd. My problem is that in transferring the docs back and forth I keep getting read-only messages. Originally these were not read only files. What happened? What did I do wrong? thanks again.

A:read only files

From what I've seen, that is normal. The files are automatically marked as read-only when burned on the cd. You will need to remove the read-only attribute from the files once copied off the cd.

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I've had BSODs and see a .dmp file is stored each time.

Where can I find a reader for these type files?



A:How Read .dmp files?

Most of us use wndbg from Microsoft... you will also need .Net 4.0 as well..

wndbg download

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All my files become read only even after i change them back? What do i need to do to change this?

A:All Files are Read Only

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I am trying to read a .dat file from yahoo messenger. But every time I open it, there are no words. I opened it through wordpad and note book and cookies but its all the same........ Please help thanks

A:How do can I read dat Files?

There is no standard format for DAT files, and thus no common program to open them. You need to know the application that created it, and then use it (or a viewer if available) to open it.

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Every week for a year I back up about 500MB of files to a CD-RW and move some files to my laptop. Today I copied the usual files and then looked at the CD, only one file was shown, the others appeared to be gone. I moved the CD to my other drive, same view.
I moved the CD to my laptop and all files were visible, same on the wife's machine. Back to my machine, only one file.
I tried 3 different restore dates and none took.
Any ideas why I can't access the files on this machine?

A:Can't read files on my CD-RW

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I was running dualboot with vista64 and win764 on my main HDD and then I had them both pointing to a secondary HDD for all of my personal files, the problem is that I think 7 made everything on my secondary drive read-only and no matter what I do I cannot change them back so that I can edit files in vista. I had a problem with my Quickcam and a few other small issues with RC 7100 so I deleted the partition it was on and expanded the vista partion, but still cannot edit files.

A:read-only files

Ownership & Permission Issues Buddy!!!

Check in Vista whether u have proper Ownership and Permissions to modify the file....

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Earlier in the year I created a document under Works Word Processor (a WPS file).
Now when I try to access this file I get the following message:
In order to open this file, Works needs to use a file converter, which may pose a security risk if the file you are opening is a malicious file. Choose OK to open this file only if you are sure it is from a trusted source.
I choose OK, and then I get the following message:
Works cannot open "filename"
The file may bein use by another application, the file format may not ne supported by any of the instaslled convertors, or the file may be corrupt.
any ideas ?

A:cant read .wps files

wps is not the most supported format out there when it comes to documents. My advice to you would be to reinstall the converter and then try to open the file.

you can get the converters here:

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Used files and settings wizard to copy files to external hard drive. Then did a clean install to fix a hard disc problem. When trying to restore settings the transfer wizard would not read/find the old computer file. Help in unlocking Mig file would be appreciated.

A:can not read MIG files in xp

Copy from external drive to Desktop or Documents folder on local hard drive first. Windows can sometimes be a bit wary of allowing you to perform some wizard-driven tasks if the files required are on an external drive.

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Can I delete read only files? Does it cost anything? if you can, how?

A:Read Only Files

That would depend on the files. If they're part of the O/S, it's probably not a good idea to delete them.

How about you tell us exactly the situation and the files in question. Also, where are they located?

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Can anyone tell me why, all of sudden, whenever I insert a CD-R containing mp3 music files it is not automatically read and recognized? I never had this problem until very recently. Previously, I would simply insert a CD-R and, after several seconds, a box would appear onscreen telling me that the mp3 files were ready to access. Now, however, I put a CD-R in and nothing at all happens. I can't figure out what the difference is. Perhaps I need to change a setting. I feel that there should be a simple solution. Thank you.


A:mp3 files not read


I've replied to your original post at

Its best to stay with one thread at a time. Plus, the other one has more details on it.



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I have a problem on my laptop PC that has been going on for months. This problem has to do with certain discs not being able to be read on my computer. The discs that CAN be read are music CDs and data CDs that ONLY contain windows files. If a CD works with Windows and apple computers (has windows and apple files on it) it CANNOT be read on my computer. CDs are only read when they do no have sofware for apple computers on them.

When a CD is not read on my computer, the computer can read the file names and sizes but nothing else, not even their icons. Instead of showing the proper icons the files just all have icons of windows explorer on them. Also, the icon for the entire disc in "My Computer" is not what it should be (just a gray disc), it is a gray disc but with a small red apple on it. One error message said something about the computer not being able to read
"Apple Sharewear" or something like that.

I thank you as help is deeply appreciated.

A:HELP!!!!!!! CDs with Mac files can't be read

Windows will not read Mac or Linux or any other operating system files.

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On my system somehow all files from C:\ (and all subdirectories) have been marked read-only.

I have tried to change the settnigs by adjusting the properties, and it removes the check mark, goes through and says that it removes the read-only from all sub directories as well.


As soon as you close the window, it's immediately set to read-only again. The entire file system so far as I can tell. Anyone have any ideas?

A:All files are set read-only;en-us;326549 give this a try.

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Please help!! I have posted in just about every forum known to man..I have 98 NEFs (Nikon Electronic File) that have been burned to a dvd. When I put in my dvd, all 98 nef thumbnails appear. When I view the properties of each file they are 9-10mb which tells me that they are full files. When I attempt to open these files in nikon capture, nikon view, photoshop, they will not open. It says can not open or not the right kind of document. I burned these raw camera files directly from my card reader to dvd using roxio 5.0. What can I do to view/edit these files?

A:cant read raw files from dvd

When I view the properties of each file they are 9-10mb which tells me that they are full filesClick to expand...

That would tell me that they are thumbs only... 9-10mb=small file

Probably not necessary but I always transfer the files from my cameras to my hard drive then burn from there...after I have checked to see that they transfered correct... instead of direct from the reader


Photoshop won't view them without the correct plugin...

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To open/read .pdf files....a user must have a program installed that performs that function.You might try the one at (the free reader). Download and install it as a program and you will then have a program that allows opening/reading any .pdf file.If you receive a file for which Windows has no known program installed for will tell you so and give you options.Louis

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I need to get some files (mp3 in this case) that were copied off a data cd, converted somehow, into a non-read-only file. How do I do this? I need to modify some mp3s, and I keep getting the message that it's read-only :(

Thanks for reading.

A:'Read only' files help

Never mind :embarrased smiley: I clicked properties then unchecked the read-only box. I feel stoopid now.
But is this THE proper way to do this? Are there any other ways, because it'll take a looong time to uncheck every single file.

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I'm dual-booting Windows 7 and Windows XP, and everything on my XP drive is read-only in Windows 7. I've searched on this issue, and read a bit, and the information I've found so far is very dis-heartening.

Do I seriously have to take ownership of all my old files? This is incredibly stupid. And what effect does this have if I boot in XP? Do I then have to tell XP to re-take ownership of everything?

I can't believe how absurd this is and really hope it doesn't make it into the final release. I've run into minor issues similar to this with XP installations, but only with user directories, and only when XP was set to protect each user's files. Every single file I try and access is read-only - this is insanity! What has XP/Win7 done with the NTFS ACL?

A:All files from XP read-only... seriously??

Quote: Originally Posted by Kakuri

I'm dual-booting Windows 7 and Windows XP, and everything on my XP drive is read-only in Windows 7. I've searched on this issue, and read a bit, and the information I've found so far is very dis-heartening.

Do I seriously have to take ownership of all my old files? This is incredibly stupid. And what effect does this have if I boot in XP? Do I then have to tell XP to re-take ownership of everything?

I can't believe how absurd this is and really hope it doesn't make it into the final release. I've run into minor issues similar to this with XP installations, but only with user directories, and only when XP was set to protect each user's files. Every single file I try and access is read-only - this is insanity! What has XP/Win7 done with the NTFS ACL?

You won't necessarily have to take ownership, although that remains the best way of doing things.

What you can do is boot into Windows 7, edit the security of the specific folders you want to access, and add your Windows 7 username with Full Access credentials. Make sure that those Full Access credentials are correctly propagated to files and subfolders.

Now, when you boot into XP, it should show up as an "Unknown User", but you should have access to those files anyway from within Windows 7.

Still, it's the better option to rather take ownership and dump XP altogether. If you really must still use XP, have you looked into Windows XP... Read more

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Hi,I got an asc file, can open it in Flash cs5,but the text is only gibberish.
How can I read the real content?

A:How to read asc files

This site will help you. FILExt - The File Extension Source

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My computer just had a BSOD, and I wrote down the stop information.

While I was writing that, it was dumping the contents of the memory into a file, and that file was called "MEMORY.DMP" in the Windows directory in my C: root directory.

Is there any way I can read that, and see what caused my computer to stop?

I had the BSOD while having Mozilla, Firefox, iTunes, and AIM up at the same time. It usually happens when I'm playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but since it happened to me in the desktop enviroment, then I'm a bit worried.

Help is appreciated.

A:Who can read .DMP files?

You can load small memory dump files by using the Dump Check Utility (Dumpchk.exe). You can also use Dumpchk.exe to verify that a memory dump file has been created correctly. The Dump Check Utility does not require access to debugging symbols. The Dump Check Utility is included with the Microsoft Windows 2000 Support Tools and the Microsoft Windows XP Support Tools. This tool is located on the Windows XP CD. Install the Support Tools by running Setup.exe from the Support\Tools folder on the CD-ROM.

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I'm attempting to fix a friend's computer, it was heavily infected but we are still getting problems, I worked for a few years in a PC shop as a tech, but we never read the dump files, if we got these kind of errors we reinstalled to save the time and effort, but this isn't an option for me with my friends PC, so would it be possible for someone to tell me whats going on.

I have done my own research on this and do have the 7 driver devlopment kit on my home PC but right now im about 80 miles away at there house, and there PC won't stay booted long enough for me to do anything fully productive.

any help would be appreciated

A:Can someone read this .dmp files

I read the first five dumps and they all repeated the same error code 0x000000F4: CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION
One of the many processes or threads crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. As a result, the system can no longer function.

All five cited the MS opertaing system driver csrss.exe as the probable cause. This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem; Win32.sys is the kernel-mode portion. Csrss stands for Client/Server Run-Time Subsystem, and is an essential subsystem that must be running at all times. Csrss is responsible for console windows, creating and/or deleting threads, and implementing some portions of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment.

This essential driver can be terminated by infection and it can also be replaced by viruses mimicking the original.

Once I had an infection so bad it literally made a section of my hard drive unusable. Have you run diagnostics on the hard drive itself?

* With a few exceptions OS drivers are not the issue; they just point out that there is an issue.

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When I word process in Microsoft WORD (within Windows 98 SE), occasionally when I'm trying to save a file, it automatically converts to a Read-Only file. This is frustrating when I go to edit the file later. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong to make this happen? Also, once a file in this situation becomes Read-Only, is there any way I can change it back so it can be edited? Thanks for your help!

A:Read-Only Files

Hi Dianne2000

Right click on your word file, select Properties, remove the checkmark for Read-Only>Apply>OK.

Have you run a Virus scan on your system recently?

Dreamboat will probably have more insight on why the Read-Only attribute is being applied.

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I have a Desktop PC Windows XP. It came without a DVD drive. I recently bought an external DVD-R drive - USB 2.0 plug in. My system only has a 1.1 (or something like that), so until I get a 2.0 card and install it, performace is a bit impaired - DVD movies play jerkily and the sound has gaps, but it's ok. I can pause movies and make stills ,etc. just fine.

Anyway, my question is - a friend sent me a DVD-R he made on his Mac G5 with picture files he scanned and burned onto it. I'm getting - "Windows cannot read from this disk. It might be corrupted or using a format that is not compatible with Windows." I'm obviously assuming it's the Mac formatting it can't read.

I downloaded a trial version of "MacOpener 2000 v.6.05", but when I tell it to select the DVD Drive ("E"), it tells me "The drive cannot be formatted, It may be a Network Drive or a CD-ROM."

Does anyone know of any software or other means that will enable me to read these files?


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Ok, I have a big problem. I need to download add on files for a game I have, and I can't download them because my brother told me to download WinRAR, and I did, but I didn't like it because you can't use the program to automatically merge folders like you could with the program that my PC came with. I figured I could just right click on the .zip file and go to "Open With" and select WinZip, but this option didn't show up. This led me to download WinZip again, but then I realized that the WinZip I downloaded wouldn't let me merge folders either, and was almost the exact same program as WinRAR. So, not knowing this would harm anything, I deleted both WinRAR and WinZip, and thought that I would be able to use the program my computer came with, but this was not the case. Now I can't read .zip files of any kind, and I need the merge feature of the first program I had. Is there anyone who can help me? I am running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 on an HP Pavilion dv6000 if that helps in any way.


A:Can't read .zip files!

Try download this software and try again. It's called Peazip.


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Hi Guys.....
All of my downloads have started coming in as read only file...its easy to change them...but i was wondering why this has just started happening?
Did i change some setting by accident? and if so how can i reverse this?
thx jack

A:D/L's now Read only files....

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A:Read Only Files



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I am currently using Windows XP. I am attempting to change a series of folders (specifically my World of Warcraft folders) to not be Read-Only files. However, whenever I edit the file (right clicking the folder and de-selecting the Read-Only option), the files revert themselves to Read-Only. I am making sure to click the apply option, I am making sure that I am clicking OK afterwards, I am making sure that I have administrator privileges, and I have attempted to starting from the Program Files folder and changing all subfolders. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Read-Only Files

You Cannot View or Change the Read-Only or System Attribute of Folders

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Is there any way to read a Mac file without an extension? I received a few files from a Mac friend, but cannot read them.


Warm Regards,
Save the earth. It's the only planet with chocolate.

A:read mac files

Try right-clicking on the file(s) and use Open With to open it/them in Notepad.

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With my old PC and win 98se I made a backup copy of an audio disc, which win98se reads as .wav files.
I now have a new system running win xp, which reads the files on the same cd as .cda. Anyone know why?
I'd like to write a compilation for the car from several discs and would like to see them in .wav format. How can I change the way winxp sees them?

A:.wav files read as .cda

It only sees them as .cda on the disk? If you copy it to the hard drive does it see it as .wav? .cda in a CD Audio Track Shortcut.

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I finally upgraded my computer and it came with XP pro SP2. The problem is that windows explorer closes everytime I open a folder with a AVI file. I don't think I can get rid of SP2 since it is part of my XP cd. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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hi well i did somthing to my laptop now i cant read what i download or some times i cant read the disk it all looks like script i guess it is a bunch of letters and symbols and numbers and every thing downloads in notepad. please help this is frustrating. i must have cleared somthing off or i dont know. thank you so much you can email me at -( Deleted )

A:i cant read pdf files

you may have deleted adober reader by you still see if on your pc?

if you are not sure you can just redownload Adobe reader ...go to and select the version of Adobe you would like to download and install on your pc...

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I just discovered that if I try to go into my MS Word files and alter a letter, it tells me that it is a Read Only File and I can not save it. I can make new files, but not change old ones. I am signed in as Administrator. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

A:All Files Are Read Only

Quote: Originally Posted by bigmck

I just discovered that if I try to go into my MS Word files and alter a letter, it tells me that it is a Read Only File and I can not save it. I can make new files, but not change old ones. I am signed in as Administrator. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

When you open the file in Word, the name of the file appear at the top of the main Word window. If the file is opened as Read Only, then the words "(read only)" will appear next to the filename. This usually indicate that the file has been specifically marked as read-only.

If you open the folder (in Windows Explorer) where the files are located, right-click on one of the offending files, then select "Properties". If the "Read-only" checkbox is ticked, click it to remove the checkmark, then click OK.

If this solve your problem for one file, then select all files by pressing <CTRL>+<A>, then repeat the above instructions - right click, properties, uncheck readonly, ok.

If your problem was not solved, can you tell me in which folder the files are located?

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Hey, I need to make something not read only anymore, but when I uncheck it and press apply and ok, it wont stay writeable! When I open the properties tab again its still checked!!! Any help? I cant patch my game till I fix this!

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Recently downloaded the recent update and now all my word files are read only, how do I change them all without doing it one at atime please.

A:All my word files are read only!!

Are all your Word files stored in the same folder? You can use the Attrib command to do this for multiple files at the same time. For example, to remove the read-only attribute for all files in a folder called c:\users\john.doe, you'd open a command line and enter attrib -r c:\users\john.doe\*.*

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Not to sure about this issue. And I have no intentions of stepping on toes here.

After getting my PC together and running, the first thing I wanted to do was to burn off a couple of CD's. Before my last system went down I had copied my CD's that I had purchased on to my system (MP3 Files) so I can generate a play list of each individual song that I wanted to listen to with out having to deal with gobs of CD's just to listen to a few songs when I travel.

I am wanting to burn the "selected" songs on to CD's so that when I travel, I take only a fraction of the CD's with me that I have been taking in the past.

I tried doing it once and it came back as non readable when I tried to listen to it in my Sony Walkman. I don't know if there is a specific format that I have to make the files in order to make the songs readable for my Walkman. But I have two other CD players in my home that read the CD with no problem. Unfortunately they are not as portable as I would like them to be.

Also I don't know if doing something of this nature would fall under piracy or, I have no intentions of selling, distributing or making any profit, but if it does please let me know.

I contacted Admin. asking as to whether doing something of this nature would be considered piracy and they couldn't give me an answer.

A:Some CD Players don't read MP3 files?

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Recently downloaded 2 video files, both of wich are protected, 1 x AVI and 1 x WMV.

While DvdDecryptor works well on discs, it wont look at files on the hard disk.

Can anyone suggest how I can access or overcome the protection used on these files.



A:DVDDecrypter to read HD files


Where did you download the video's from?


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My fathers PC has been crashing with BSOD..
I belive the problem to be related to Windows Defender conflicting with comodo firewall...
ive got his minidump files to see what the fault was but i cant read them???

does anyone know how?

I have the debugger program but it doesnt open these files?

A:MiniDump files...? how do i read them?

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How to copy files from a cd-r or cd-rw not as Read Only, but as Archive?

Everytime I copy a file from a cd, it's read-only. th'ats very boring.

A:Copy files from CD NOT as Read Only?

If you're using WinXP, you can drag and drop the file from the CD onto the computer, highlight the file you just dropped onto the computer, Right Click > Properties > Archive (check the box on the bottom of properties) and uncheck "Read Only".

If you're using Win98, I found that you would have to do the above mentioned process to each individual file, which is a total pain.

I hope this helps!

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Hello there,

I made a thread here earlier explaining a problem I had with iTunes not opening because it says it is located on a locked drive. After looking around I discover that EVERYTHING is in read only. This has affected all my files. Most Importantly, all the libraries are protected somehow, meaning I CANNOT MAKE A NEW FILE/FOLDER/DELETE A FILE/DO ANYTHING ON MY COMPUTER. When I attemp to change the many folders I have to not "read only" I get an error message saying I have to have admin rights. I DO HAVE ADMIN RIGHTS. I am the only admin/user on this computer. This is so very frustrating!!! I think is happened because yesterday I connected with my Xbox 360 (media extender) to play music in the other room. I ALSO went into WMP and switched on streaming of my files. If I knew that this was going to happen I would have never done it! It looks like to me the only option is to reformat, or to roll back everthing. PLEASE HELP ME!

Sorry if I sound harsh, for I am very angry atm.

A:All my files have changed to READ ONLY, PLZ HELP!

Boot windows in safe mode and choose admin account...
I think that will do the trick...

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