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Just bought a 1TB external hard drive for use to back up files and system. Now, i understand Windows 7 backup will not back up Program Files and System files even if they are selected. Am i correct in saying that when i go to 'Let me choose' in the backup if a folder is greyed out it means that Windows will not backup that particular folder it up even if it is selected??

A: Backup & Restore

Back up and restore is for your personal documents
System Image will back up the entire drive
System Restore backs up the entire OS.

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive.  The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.
On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else.  It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)
Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get  backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.
any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it. 
The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.
grateful for any help.

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I've got Acronis True Image 10.
Can I backup all emails and then restore to a new installation of the hard disk?

Erm: OK... that might sound dumb!
That's *exactly* what it's supposed to do right!!?

I've got a copy of XP Tablet which is dying.
I want to do a full original installation restore and restore the emails.

Just wanted to double check!!

Also: I've made a backup (of another PC).
I have a file size that is 9GB.
How can I store this onto DVD discs?
And how can I make the discs be bootable??
So that I can juts restore the whole system by booting from the DVD discs?


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New to this forum. I am using Win7 Backup and Restore, along with a Seagate external drive for my backup needs. I backup every week, and have been using it for about 1 year. I see the backups happening each week, but I've never had the need to restore anything. For the first time, I've needed to find an old version of a file. I have read the many articles about how to use the Win7 Restore utility, but when I 'search for files' using this utility for the file I'm looking for, I don't see it in any of the backups (various dates over the past 3 months). Now I'm wondering what it's backing up. The backup drive has lots of data, so it's putting something in there ;-)

So, in summary, I go through all the restore steps, but can't find the file I'm looking for. Is there some secret to using this tool? Seems straight forward...

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows7 Backup and Restore utility: I can't find the file to backup

I find this program invaluable - it will find everything on your comp in seconds.

Download Everything

Type in the name of the file or any part of it and if it's on your comp, it will tell you.

When the file come up, right click and "open path."

Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone,

I created an image using the Microsoft Backup and Restore tool in Windows 7. I saved the image on a network shared folder.

I then went to the Advanced Recovery Methods in Windows to restore my image...that I just created. It restarts the computer and goes into recovery mode, I point to where the image is located, I entered the network credentials and it give me an error.

"The Specified network resource or device is no longer available. (0x80070037)"

Please look at the attachments below.

Oh...I'm doing this in Windows Virtual PC.

Anyone knows what I'm missing?

A:I created a backup Image using the Microsoft Backup Utility and Now I can't Restore.

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I periodically backup my data files which is on another hard drive than WIN7 OS so this backup is not a system image. Every time I do a backup I do a restore to a dummy partition to double check the backup was successful. Anyway, I recently tried to restore my backup from March 2014 & the backup utility is not recognizing the file. It recognizes other backups so something must be off with this particular file.

I checked & it appears all of the catalogs & zipped files are present. Is there another manner or 3rd party software I could restore this particular file? The file is just over 100 GB. I should add that I have transferred that file from one hard drive to another since last March, but transferring should not be a problem as far as I understand.

Appreciate any suggestions

A:WINDOWS Backup & Restore utility not recognizing my backup file

zipped files? You should be able to open those in windows explorer.Or use 7-zip.

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My laptop is currently running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and I have the Windows Disc from which I have installed this window but now I have installed bunch of Apps and installed Windows Updates. I want to backup all of my Apps, Settings and Updates. If I ever install Windows 10 again I just don't want to install all those updates and apps again (I might not even remember all of the apps I have now) so How can I create a backup now so in the future whenever I want I can just restore back to this point? Should I create a System Image or System Restore (Restore Point) or a Recovery Drive or Backup and Restore (Windows 7) ? I don't know which one is the right for me because I have never done any Backup, Restore or Recovery. Please Help.

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I'm running Windows 7 64x Home Premium on a Toshiba Qosmio X505 laptop. I just got it back from the warranty repair center, where they replaced the hard drive and graphics fan & heatsink, and reloaded the factory windows version. Before I sent it out for repair, I used Windows Backup to create a backup of all my files on a Toshiba casio 500GB external USB drive (I had over 300 GB of files, so it was easier to use Windows Backup than drag and drop all the files, at least at the time). Now that I have the laptop back, I'm having trouble restoring my files. When I go to Control Panel-> Backup & Restore, a message appears in the restore section, saying "Windows could not find a backup for this computer." I've tried reconnecting the drive as well as restarting my computer, but to no avail. I can see and explore the files in My Computer, so I know the hard drive is properly connected. I appreciate any help you can give.


A:Backup External drive seen by My Computer, but not Backup & Restore

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I've used Windows Backup and Restore successfully on many occasions but I now get the error "0x81000037: Windows Backup failed while trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up" and I don't understand it. I've spent hours researching this issue and cannot seem to create a backup.

I've been to all the Microsoft pages and various "Windows 7" forums to no avail. I've gone the "delete the Java cache" route, the "C\Users\my account\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0" route and deleted the numbered entries (which remain in my Recycle Bin), the "Command Prompt with DIR /AL /S, which showed "File not found" (I still don't understand what a reparse point is) and the "virus in a shadow copy" route which produced nothing. I've scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials, the only AV application I use, which produced nothing. Disabling MSSE does not help (I checked Task Manager, All users, and the MSSE process before attempting the backup and it was indeed stopped). I've also performed full scans with MalwareBytes, the paid version of Spybot S&D and SuperAntiSpyware, which produced no results. I don't let these additional malware applications run in real time. I only start them when I want to run additional virus scans. I've run the Microsoft Safety Scanner in full mode, which produced nothing. I've run chkdsk at boot time on two occasions which produced "unallocated free ... Read more

A:Windows Backup and Restore fails to create backup

It sounds like something got damaged or corrupted for unknown reasons. You seem to have tried all the usual fixes. Did you go through this Microsoft KB article (Issue 2) and the full suggested workaround about half-way down the page?

Windows backup or restore errors 0x80070001, 0x81000037, or 0x80070003

If the workaround doesn't help do you have a restore point from before this problem first appeared?

System Restore

If a restore point doesn't fix things or isn't available, do you have a recent system image (from before the problem first appeared?)

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I accidentally closed a Google Chrome window with many tabs and for some reason I no longer have the "Reopen last closed window" option in Chrome (just reopen last closed tab).

So I went to restore the Chrome state from my tape backup, but for the first time since I started a tape rotation, Yosemite backup insisted on getting every single backup tape I ever used even though all required data was on a single tape, there didn't seem to be a way for it to make it understand all the data was on one tape. I think if I forced it to use just the correct tape, it restored to what seemed to be several weeks ago, even though a backup from the day before was on the tape.

I ended up restoring it from my second emergency backup that's done to a removable hard drive.

I clearly don't understand how to do the restore I want in Yosemite backup, any idea why it insisted on getting like 5 tapes when all data needed was on a single tape?


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My questions are on Windows 7 System Restore, Restore Points and Backups; specifically, potentially using a Backup as a Permanent Restore Point.

Here is the situation...

About a month ago, I did a complete Factory Restore on my HP desktop and returned it to it's factory condition. After removing the bloatware and performing all the necessary Windows Updates, the Factory Restore process went off without any issues.

Today, however, I needed to use System Restore due to an issue I was having with multiple monitors that I just couldn't figure out. So, I went into System Restore and found a "Date andTime" of a restore point that was right around the same time I did the Factory Restore. That Restore Point was also the oldest and since I knew it was a known & good restore point, I decided to use it. That restore point "Description" was labeled "System Image Restore Point" and the "Type" was labeled "Backup." (See Image)

I don't recall setting up or doing any backups although, between Windows Backup, Norton Backup and HP's Backup utilities some type of backup obviously happened. FYI, I hate having all those options, as I'd rather use native Windows tools. In any case, today, I used the System Restore using the System Image Restore Point labeled as Backup and, after performing a few minor Windows Updates, everything went off without a hitch and my monitor problem was solved.

However, seeing that Restore point b... Read more

A:Windows 7 - System Restore, Saving a Backup & Permanant Restore Point

ad 1) restore points are in the shadowstorage

ad 2) yes they are overwritten when the shadowstorage is full. You can set the size of the shadowstorage with vssadmin

ad 3) for permanent backups I suggest imaging. There you control the images yourself.

Imaging with free Macrium

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My questions are on Windows 7 System Restore, Restore Points and Backups; specifically, potentially using a Backup as a Permanent Restore Point.

Here is the situation...

About a month ago, I did a complete Factory Restore on my HP desktop and returned it to it's factory condition. After removing the bloatware and performing all the necessary Windows Updates, the Factory Restore process went off without any issues.

Today, however, I needed to use System Restore due to an issue I was having with multiple monitors that I just couldn't figure out. So, I went into System Restore and found a "Date andTime" of a restore point that was right around the same time I did the Factory Restore. That Restore Point was also the oldest and since I knew it was a known & good restore point, I decided to use it. That restore point "Description" was labeled "System Image Restore Point" and the "Type" was labeled "Backup." (See Image)

I don't recall setting up or doing any backups although, between Windows Backup, Norton Backup and HP's Backup utilities some type of backup obviously happened. FYI, I hate having all those options, as I'd rather use native Windows tools. In any case, today, I used the System Restore using the System Image Restore Point labeled as Backup and, after performing a few minor Windows Updates, everything went off without a hitch and my monitor problem was solved.

However, seeing that Restore point b... Read more

A:Windows 7 - System Restore, Saving a Backup & Permanant Restore Point

ad 1) restore points are in the shadowstorage

ad 2) yes they are overwritten when the shadowstorage is full. You can set the size of the shadowstorage with vssadmin

ad 3) for permanent backups I suggest imaging. There you control the images yourself.

Imaging with free Macrium

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I have taken a full (Image ?) backup of both my laptops to an external expansion drive.

I am now trying to recover some files and folders from one of the backups.

I have some folders in the C:\ root directory and some in the C:\users\fred\applications folder.

I cannot get the restore program to select the folder in the C:\ root, and whilst I can search for the folder called Applications in the C:\users\fred the restore program will not show all the folders under the user fred when browsing.

I've tried the search, browse, folders and files etc. but Micrsoft apear to assume that all users will only use the half dozen standard document music, video folders.

Does any body know how I can make Microsoft Windows 7 restore show all the folders when browsing?

I have read the help before posting this issue.


A:Selecting Folders to restore in Microsoft Windows 7 Backup and Restore

Hello Crumbley, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If this is for a system image and not a Windows backup, then you could use the method in the tutorial below to manually extract files and folders from the image if you like.

System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management

Hope this helps,

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I have a Win 7 Enterprise Pro x64 laptop. Most of the files in my recycler/recycle bin mysteriously disappeared a few days back (I am guessing some OS quirk since desktop.ini also seems to have been modified then, though everything is still running smoothly).

So I want to get those files back. In my weekly backup to an external HDD using Win 7's built-in Backup and Restore I thought I have the recycler backed up:
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Options > Change Backup Settings > Select where you want to save your backup > Where do you want to back up?: Let me choose > What do you want to back up?: Computer, Local Disk (C:, $RecycleBin is checked (my HD is partitioned and I also have the D: $RecycleBin selected here)

But when I select
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Restore my files > Browse for files (or Browse for folders)
I get a explorer like screen which lists in the title bar,
Backup on <location> > Backup of C:
and lists all other folders I checked off in the Backup in the last paragraph but not the $RecycleBin folder.

Note that I have "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" selected and "Hide protected operating system files" unchecked in folder options (so for example ProgramData is listed in the folders in the last paragraph). I also am able to restore other files from my backup so I am rather sure the backup is not corrupted.

Is there someway to find and restore the recycler files or is this... Read more

A:Backup and Restore: restore files in Recycler (Win7 Enterprise x64)

Sorry to bump this but hoping someone might have a suggestion on this (or even to tell me that it is not possible to restore files from the recycler)

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Windows Vista
Dell Inspiron 1545

I am trying to restore using two CD's I made in backup and restore center - one was a continuation of the other.
I have the disc in the drive, and I click 'restore files'
It tells me the disk containing the backup is unavailable. I do not see an option to change where the computer looks for the backup.

Viewing the files on disc one did not give me anything usable.

Googling has showed me several different ways to backup, but very little about how to restore (aside from 'click the button and follow the instructions'.)

Any advice?

A:Restoring backup from CD in Backup and Restore Center

I am trying to restore using two CD's I made in backup and restore center how are you trying to use them?, try rebooting with the disk in the tray see if it boots to the disk.if it don't you may have to reset in bios to boot from cd/dvd 1st... when done..good luck

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I currently use Vista Ultimate. I am preparing to move to Windows 7. Is it possible to restore files from Vista Backup and Restore Center to Windows 7 after a clean install? Thanks!

A:Restoring a backup from Windows Backup and Restore

Quote: Originally Posted by SEE

I currently use Vista Ultimate. I am preparing to move to Windows 7. Is it possible to restore files from Vista Backup and Restore Center to Windows 7 after a clean install? Thanks!

Use the "Windows Easy Transfer" utility. Will restore each of your "User" accounts with all settings. Simple, quick.

When I install the new OS, I create the first "User" account "Admin" and then only use the account for maintenance. When the OS has finished the install, I load all the programs I use. Then the "Easy Transfer Wizard" restores the other user accounts from the previous OS.

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I have been using Acronis Rescue disk to make images of my system. It works fine, but is a pain because I have open up the case and disconnect my secondary hard drive and change from my wireless mouse to a wired mouse. So I decided to try to the built-in Backup and Restore in Win 7 Pro and backup to an external hard drive.

In preparation for backing up my system partition, I do the following:
Clean all cookies, internet files and History.
Remove all restore points except the last one.
Run Malwarebytes
Run MSE version 2
Run Ccleaner (not messing with registry)
Run Smart Defrag (lastest version)
I then reboot and hook up the external hard drive

I then go into the Control Panel and select Backup and Restore. I set where I want the image to be created and start the backup. Everything looks normal for a while.

After about 4-5 minutes, NSE shows the below:

This is the only time NSE ever detects this and it detects it every time I try to backup. I have had NSE remove it or leave it alone. It does not matter.

Eventually I get the notice that the backup did not complete sucessfully.

I check the Events log and got this:

I have been through this several times and it occurs this way every time.

I would like some help solving this issue. Any help would be be greatly appreciated.

A:Backup Image with Windows Backup and Restore

Here's some excellent info from Microsoft regarding the Java exploit.
Encyclopedia entry: Exploit&#58;Java&#47;CVE-2009-3867.JF - Learn more about malware - Microsoft Malware Protection Center

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Hi everyone, I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 OS on my HP Pavilion p6330f desktop PC. Prior to installing the new Windows 8.1 tower, I copied and saved to DVD+R disks my documents, pictures, videos, etc. from Windows 7 OS. Then I tried to install them into my new Windows 8.1 OS only to discover that this new animal does not have backup and restore on Control Panel or anywhere on the Start screen. I hesitate at simply loading them up like DVDs and opening them. All I can find out is that I can use Windows Easy Transfer if I have either an external hard drive or USB port gadgets. I have neither but some of what I have saved to disks is Windows 7 Easy Transfer files and folders. So can anyone tell me how to accomplish this minor miracle w/o losing everything I have saved from my Windows 7 hard drive? Thanks a lot and have a nice Hall-o-we'en season. Hope to hear from someone soon- keimanzero

A:How do I restore from backup Windows 7 DVD+R backup disks?

Backup & restore is there. Just hidden in 8.

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Hi all!

I have xpprosp2 and an inaccessible backup file of 30 Gb. A while ago I performed my first ever backup using the xp backup utility. I thought I followed the instructions, but something screwed up.

My problem is the restoration wizard (backup utility) will not restore or give access to the library of the backup.bkf files, which it displays as a cd.

It says under the backup identification label: "No entries found". I recall that the backup utility, after backing up, asked for a floppy disk or something and as my computer does not carry any floppy drives, I skipped this step, which might have been a big mistake.

So now I have this 30 Gb file on my harddrive, which I cannot access at all.

Could someone illuminate this situation and in particular how to access the data in this file?

Thank you for sharing and a possible solution to this problem.


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OK, so a couple of days ago, my HP desktop crashed and then went through the whole System Recovery loop(I couldn't login to Safe mode, wouldn't let me past the System Recovery Screen). Well I backed up the entire C drive using Backup your files in the menu. Then it shows you all the file types it will back up; i.e photos, videos, e-mails and bookmarks. So I did that to an external hard drive and it comes out to 143GB.

Then I did a factory restore to my desktop.

Now comes my problem. I've been able to copy everything from the external hard drive using RecoveryMgr.exe which opens the WIM files and saves them to my C: hard drive under System Recovery Files. However it does not seem to work when it comes to putting in my old Thunderbird e-mails, contacts and such or in Firefox to restore my bookmarks, saved passwords. Any help would be most appreciative. Thank you

A:System Backup & Restore will not restore bookmarks or e-mails

A default Firefox installation has all configuration info including bookmarks in C:\Users\your user name\appdata\roaming\ in a folder called Mozilla.

A default Thunderbird installation has all configuration info including email in C:\Users\your user name\appdata\roaming\ in a folder called Thunderbird.

If those folders got backed up, you should be able to drill down to them and restore.

I assume you used Windows Backup to do the back up. I have no idea if it will include those folders.

If those folders from your original installation still survive, you can restore by copying them to the same location on new Thunderbird/Firefox installations, over-writing the new folders created when you reinstall Thunderbird/Firefox.

It's a good practice to back up the Mozilla and Thunderbird folders periodically as a matter of course--just as you would any other data.

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My hard disk was recently re-imaged as part of a laptop repair. I had backed up my files using Windoes Live OneCare. I then did a restore using Windows Live OneCare. I then tried to Import the restored Mail file, it seemed to work, but when I looked, my old messages were not there. The Imported file structure was there, but no messages. Can any one help me restore my old messages?


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Hi all,
my Latitude E6540 refused to boot this morning and all automatic repair options failed. No sweat I thought and installed a Windows System Image created about a month ago. Now I proceeded to restore the missing data using DBR - I'm doing automatic daily backups - only to find out that this software apparently requires a system backup to work. The problem is that after the last update, DBR refused to accept my Toshiba usb hard drive for system backups, stating that this media device could not be used for system backups - that's why I created a Windows System Image. Nowhere does it state that DBR does not backup data at all if a different software is used for system backups. It seems to me that this is a pretty sh.... piece of software (I bought the premium version). I have learned it the hard way. From now on I will not rely anymore on Dell software for backups. Just thought I'd let everybody know.

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After doing a restore I lost some important emails. Is there any way to get them back? Can I restore my computer to an even earlier time? I did this, I thought it was an earlier time, but it may not have been. It may have been the same restore point in fact.

If I restored my computer to an even earlier time would this restore the emails I lost?

If not is there any other way to get the emails? My backup drive is my E: drive and I tried getting the emails from there, but you know how microsoft outlook is , i just don't know how to do it. Is there anything I can do?

Maybe a system restore? I haven't tried that, although it's been a little while, I'd hate to lose something else :(. It would be worth it though to get the emails back.

Thanks a lot.

A:Did a restore (using backup and restore) and lost important emails

you should be able to reverse the restore if its what cause the lost of emails. However, normally your emails are safe during a restore.

you could also do a search and see if it finds your pst files. see this for more info

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When I try to back up and restore (my files) it does not complete. I get the message disk full. I tried to uncheck the (shut off and delte all files from system restore) but that does not help. When I check the amount of space available on the D drive, it shows as full, but system restore seems to work; any suggestions?

A:Backup and restore (Not System Restore) Not Working

What are you using to backup your system?

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Hi there,

My work laptop was being changed from a Dell to a Lenovo and I was using Windows Backup & Restore to backup my important documents and emails. I took a final backup to my external hard drive before handing my old laptop to IT.

Once I restored all my files I noticed the following;

1. Some files were not the latest versions, i.e. they were a month old.
2. Some subfolders simply weren't there. I had two subfolder in one of my folders and only one was resotred and not the other. I made sure that I restored from the latest backup file.

Any ideas why this happened? I have lost faith in this program and am now looking for alternate soultions.

A:Restore from backup didn't restore all files

I have no idea why it happened, but here are some alternatives for file and folder backup:

Karen's Replicator


Second Copy




None of these back up your Windows installation---they are for individual files and folders only.

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Hi, I had critical errors occur that kept me from logging onto my windows account (the only profile on my computer was the admin account) on my 32bit vista home premium install. This forced me to do a complete wipe and restore from the startup menu and I made a backup when prompted to in the process of the complete restore. I have this backup folder on my external hd but I can't seem to restore the files from it. I found some tutorials on the forums about restoring from a "backup set" but my backup can't be found using the backup and restore center. The folder on my hd is called "G:\MINWINPC\Backup Files 2010-11-18 182844" and I can't seem to figure out how to restore from it.

Issue solved.

A:System restore backup files won't restore

Hi convert,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Here's an article on the restore procedure: Restore Backup Files

Just to make sure you're doing it right. It's a selective restore of a full or selective backup (not a complete restore of a complete backup) - but since you did a full backup it matches your process closer than a complete restore would.

Back up and restore: frequently asked questions

I also found the following (but don't know if it's true or not):

1. After starting "Backup and Restore Center"
2. I selected "Advanced Restore"
3. I wasn't asked for an Administrator password....maybe because my account is an administrator account.
4. Selected "Files from a backup made on a different computer"
5. In the Dialog stating "Select the location of the backup to restore", select "Hard disk, CD or DVD......"
6. Under the drop-down box, select your drive/partition and continue
7. If there are any backups on your drive, it will show a list of them.
8. In my case, it did show a backup but in backup location, it will show "Backup location is not available."
9. I was frustrated but then I somehow just selected that backup(yes....even though it said that the Backup location is not available"
10. and pressed "Next"
11. Guess what....not error!!!!!
12. A window showed up asking me whether I wanted to perform comp... Read more

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I have been have some problems with my HP dv 8500 laptop. It has vista on it. I could not get any windows updates. So I backed up my files to a flashdrive and did a system recovery. I have files on the flash drive but cannot transfer them back to the laptop. I would love it if someone could guide me through the process.
Thanks in advance

A:System Restore - how to restore backup created

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I've been facing issues with backup / restore / system restore - Hope fulle someone may help me. I've attached screenshot as help. Kind regards

A:backup, restore, and system restore problems

Sorry, my Word program can't read your systemrestore.doc.
Could you try sending it as a jpeg file?

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If I create a system image and then periodically create full backups of all drives would I be able to recover the system to the last backup? I am thinking I could recover from the system image and then recover using the backup.

A:Fully restore system using Backup & Restore

Yes. Also use the previous versions feature at any time to restore a file several versions back. This works even without setting up windows backup, as restore points also create backups of your files. But windows backup will offer even more on days the backup is created. I have mine set like this:

2 internal hard drives, one is main, other is backup. Windows backup runs to it every 2 weeks and does a system image and backs up all my files. An external hard drive works well too, but then is hard to have on a schedule since you need to remember to plug it in.

I still recommend having a backup external hard drive as well, with your users folder dragged onto it just in case.

Just like time machine on apple. Of course microsoft removed this feature in windows 8, because they like to screw up good things.

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"Turn on Settings", "Change Schedule" are examples of the buttons which do not respond to clicks - I am unable to use the Backup at all as nothing works. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem. I have searched the Microsoft forums, and it is clear that the problem I have is of long standing. No fix was found and obviously Microsoft has not, or cannot, fix the Backup facility. Any help will be greatly appreciated. BallyIrish504

A:Backup and Restore: Backup problems

Stuff Windows crummy system, here's a good article on good free backup programs, pick one you like and use that.

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I run some classes for seniors, one of which is on backing up.

For Windows 7 backup program we look at at the initial setting up.
For subsequent classes I would like to repeat this, but have not found a way to go back to the condition of backup not yet set.

Is there a way to do this?

A:Revert the backup and restore window to "backup not set"

Hello dsim,

You could use the tutorial below to reset Windows Backup back to default conditions to not being setup again.

Backup User and System Files - Reset to Default Configuration

Hope this helps,

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a) I'm trying to create an image of my C: Drive using Windows 7 Backup & Restore.
(screenshot 1) View image: s1
b) Win 7 automatically selects my D: drive as the save location, but also warns there may not be enough available disk space, which makes no sense as there's 251 GB free space on D:
(screenshot 2)
c) In the next step I find that Windows 7 is attempting to back up two drives at once, drive C: and drive E: there are no Windows files on E:
(screenshot 3)
I haven't a clue what's going on, any advice appreciated ? tia

A:Can't Backup C: using WIN 7 Backup & Restore ?

Hello Nikev,

Did you move any of your user folders or the page file to your E: drive? If so, then E: would be considered a system drive and would be included in the system image by default since it would be required to run Windows.

Considering the size of your E: drive, this would be why you get a warning that your D: drive may not have enough free space on it to be able to save a system image including the C: drive and E: drive. The image may fail due to the size required and what may or may not be available on D:.

Hope this helps some,

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I have a backup of chosen user files (ie not a partition image), which I think I created with Nero 6. Disk 1 contains a *,IMG file 4Gb, Disk 2 contains a *.001 and a *.002, total about 7Gb. There is no nbi file on either disk.

I have tried the method described at <>, but the E: drive seems to do nothing when the command is entered (the GUI appears but nothing else comes in 30+ minutes, and the drive diode stays full on).

Asus A7S333 m'board, Athlon XP1700+ running at 1488MHz, 1.5Gb RAM, XP home/SP3, Nero Backitup v1.2.0.52.

Any suggestions on retrieving these files would be appreciated.

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Backed up my Maxtor 160gb Sata HD with Macrium Reflex & as a test I tried to restore the "C" 37gb partition first on a Maxtor PATA 80gb HD then on WD 80gb SATA HD.

All went fine but neither restore HD will boot.

Goes up to the MS XP logo, the dashes go back & forth then the sequence repeats.

Tried Macrium Reflect Restore CD, UBDC, BartPE, Paragon recover CD & in desperation Maxplus 4 CD hoping their restore MBR, Boot.ini etc repairs may help but with no avail.

Is this backup/restore caper a gimmick or am I doing something wrong.
Thank you



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I have my wife's entire laptop backed up onto an external hard drive. Her hard drive on the laptop quit working so I restored it to factory image. Now I go in to restore it and windows vista (32-bit) windows cannot find it. I plug in the external drive, click on the does nothing. The computer sees it just fine just windows system restore doesn't see it. How the heck do I get this fixed, because until it is, my life will be a living hell.

A:Backup will not restore

"windows system restore doesn't see it"

"Windows "System Restore" doesn't create restore points on an external drive, it creates and stores them on the system drive (ie the drive on which Windows is installed).

So what is the name of the file you are clicking on?
Please explain.

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I've just created an image of the system and also a repair disk. The Backup & Restore window points to an incorrect drive (one of the card readers) but I can't change the source as the links won't respond. I attach a screenshot.

A:Backup & Restore

Open Backup and Restore by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Backup and Restore.
Click Change settings. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Point it to the correct drive and run/rerun backup.

You may wish t read this tutorial also
Backup User and System Files - Delete Backups

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i have a 2TB hard drive that i partition a while ago i am using 100gb of it as windows 7
and the rest just to store files on..
i currently have 10gb on the second partition and 30gb used on windows 7
i installed all i want on there today,updated everything and decided to make a backup of the os
when i open the backup and restore and select the save drive on the next bit it says it will save c: and h: which totals 40gb......
i dont mind it saving the 10 gb thats on there but the question is ... if i save anything else on the h: partition if i decide to recover the os again will it delete all the new stuff i have put on there or will that be ok ??

A:Backup and restore

Not understanding the question. Your big drive is C & D? What is H? If you backup C & D to H say once a week you won't lose anything except what has gone on in that week. In order to minimize what would be lost you could back up all files that have changed each day as well.

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New system using W7 Pro & IE11 with 1TB SATA hard drive (c drive) & an external drive (e) 250 GB Seagate One Touch Mini 4. Need help in deciding which backup & restore to use, Windows 7 Backup & Restore or Seagate 2 step programs or any suggestions. Want to be able to create whole system image & also backup of all users data files & programs. A couple of questions are: do I have to completely wipe my external drive clean before starting any new backup procedure, can I store both system image & data files on the external drive without creating paritions, is my external drive big enough to hold everything (I currently have space (approx 50 GB left on external drive when using XP). Thank you for any help you can provide.

A:Which backup & restore to use

do I have to completely wipe my external drive clean before starting any new backup procedure

No, backup image is stored as a file.

can I store both system image & data files on the external drive without creating paritions

I think you mean extra partitions - you must already have at least one.

Yes, just store it like any other file.

is my external drive big enough to hold everything

Depends how much used space you have on the source partition. Also depends on what type of files you have on the used space, some will compress a lot, some file types compress very little.

Images will typically be 50-60% of the size of the original used space.

Aomei ( owmay ) Backupper is the best free imaging program, Standard version is free:

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 Free Backup and Restore Software

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Hello I need help!!
When I try to run NTbackup it will start and just say Preparing to backup useing shadow copy. 
It will not do any thing for hours, I have to use ctrl + alt and delete to use windows task manager
to end the process.
Thanks in advance.
Willie T.

A:Backup and Restore

Did this problem just start? If so, try doing a system restore to when it was working.
You can also get a clue as to whats going on by looking at the logs in C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\data. The Local Settings folder is hidden so turn on show hidden files and folders in control panel, folder options.

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1) I am thinking to buy an external drive to store macrium backups, since it is usb connected, and if something happens to the windows system and have to restore, there is no option in the boot sequence to boot from usb, only from hard drive or cd / dvd.
Any ideas how to resolve this issue ?

2) Since erasing rw cd or rw dvd with windows (it destroyed a good rw dvd as I posted before), I was lookig for some "normal" program, capable doing burning and erasing, found a free program
"ashampoo burning studio free" here "" and would like to ask your opinion (if you know) about this program, before I install it.

Answers will be much appreciated.

A:Backup and Restore

ad1) You don't boot from USB. You boot from a recovery CD thgat pulls the image from the USB attached disk.

ad2) I know nothing about CDs. I hardly ever use them and I never erase them.

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I decided to upgrade my desktop to Xp, so I backed up my old drive a 60 Gig Maxtor with 3 partitions. I used an external 200gig maxtor hooked to my laptop and used win XP backup wizard thru my network. I did it this way because my external drive is formatted NTFS and my desktop wouldn't recogniize it because it was running fat32 with windows ME. I did a backup of each partition and all went well. I then upgraded the bios on my ASUS motherboard and purchased a WD 320 Gig hard drive. I installed Xp on the new drive and it works great! I restored the D: and E: partitions just fine. I decided to choose what to restore to the C: drive using the XP restore wizard and something happened to the file. It no longer shows up in the directory it's supposed to be in. It's just gone! I tried a restore point from a few days earlier with no luck.
So I thought I still have the original drive, I'll just reinstall it and grab all the files I want. It turns out I installed the old 60 Gig using a boot utility called ez-bios from ez-drive disk because of partition size restrictions back in the day. That file doesn't come up now and so the hard drive isn't even recognized when I try to boot to the old drive. Of course I can't find my original EZDrive utilty disk which I was hoping might get me access to my now unbootable old drive.
If anyone has any ideas or a copy of EZDrive I'd sure like to hear form you!

A:Backup/Restore gone bad

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Until today, I've been using 32 bit Windows Vista. However, I have 4GB of RAM on my laptop, so obviously I wanted to be able to use it all. So, I decided to do a Full System Backup onto my external HDD and did a fresh install of 64bit Windows 7 RC. It's running very good now, however I need to get my files back. How would I go about doing this?

A:Can't Restore From Backup!

Odd. Given that you were able to backup your files, you used some program right? Surely you can use the same program to do the restore.

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Is this the 7 wonders of windows 7 or what ?
For a long time I am trying to get rid of restore points, I think many of them are not existing any more, although the settings are small but the list is big.
I started with Ccleaner - it listed only 2. Then I used the system's disk cleaner - no luck. Made some investigation where are the restore points hiding, the amount used is not so big. So here are some findings' with screenshots attached.
Image 1 shows system protection settings; C and F drives are on, G drive is off (here Macrium stores the backup).
Images 2 and 3 show the settings of C and G (G in the settings is off), as I clicked OK on the C, is warned that old points will be deleted, I confirmed this, then opened to see the results - nothing was changed - as you can see on image 4 (it is a montage since the window is too small to show the whole list.
Finally, image 5 shows the small settings for C and F drives, what wonders me, in the protection settings
G is off (as said above) but on image 5 there is a place for G. So where are all those restore points hiding, or are they only ghosts which cannot be cleaned ?
Some explanations, any ideas how to clean them, because of this issue I stopped temporarily installing updates.
Answers will be appreciated.
And thanks for previous answers, I'll try to erase a RW cd/dvd with win 7 built-in feature.

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I have just bought a new pc with vista home edition premium, included in the package were 2 dvds with blank recovery dvd written on them ,on inquireing I was told that I would have to make my own recovery dvds and that instructions on how to do it would be found on my pc
I then found out that windows complete pc backup and restore is not included with vista home premium
Can anyone tell me how I can reinstall vista should I ever need to without some sort of recovery disk,as one wasn't included in the package
Thanx Chris

A:Backup and restore

Hello christy48, welcome to Vista forums!

What kind (manufacturer) of machine is it?

Most modern manufacturers add a recovery partition that is used to create the recovery discs from. Most of these partitions can be used to recover the machine without ever creating the discs.

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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My neighbor uses Windows 7 Backup & Restore. We tried to restore a file, but it will not restore the file. The detailed note states "Restore Skipped Restoring the C:\Location\filename"
It gives no reason and wonder if we are missing something? Any help would be great. Dewey

A:Backup & Restore

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When I attempt to use the 'backup & restore" function I can get to the control panel backup and restore center but when I click "set up automatic file backup" I get the following error Msg.

The wizard could not be launched for the following reason.
No application is associated with the specified file for this operation.
Please try again.

Trying again produces the same results.

I have had similar results trying to launch "Cmd prompt as administrator".
Have found a work around solution for "Cmd Prompt" but nothing presently for "backup and restore"

Need help please.

Dell E-520
Win Vista Home premium 32 bit SP-1
2g mem
160 HD


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I want a program that I can back up my entire drive to DVDs, and be able to easily restore from DVD. Basically, in case of a system crash that requires a restore, I'd like to be able to just put in the DVD, boot my system and restore from that DVD without having to first reinstall windows and THEN restoring....what program?|

A:Backup and restore from DVD?

Acronis True Image

But using DVD's can be cumbersome and slow. Getting a second hard drive is a better idea. Then automate Acronis to make a scheduled system image and forget about it. It compresses the image, so if you have 12 gig of data on your drive, the image might be around 6 (varies).

But Acronis can backup/restore with its boot CD from USB drives or internal/external drives.

I can restore my entire system, programs, documents, and all, to a blank hard drive from the image in about 20 minutes (13 gigs).

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I want to create a disk image of my hard drive onto CD-RW disc and then be able to copy this system backup from cd to my disk from dos. I bought a CD-RW drive just for this purpose. I have Adaptec Easy CD Creator and Direct CD software. I have read on the Adeptec site that DOS will only read ISO9660 level 1 cd's which I can write onto CDR disc, but CD-RW dics can not be formated to ISO9660 level 1. The best you can do with a RW disc is ISO9660 level 3. My questions are; is this a compatability problem with DOS and all RW cd's or is there some other software that will write ISO9660 level 1 to a RW disc? If this is design restriction common to all cd software, then how do I work around this, what are other people doing? I will welcome any ideas and thank you.


A:restore cr-rw backup from dos

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Hello Forum,
First of all, I want to thank to all of you who advised me to use Macrim to make system backups.
And to share with you today's story: It started morning when started my computer, a notice popped-up that my AVG 2015 antivirus needs update (I do daily virus updates manually), so I agreed and then a big update started to download, it was a 2016 update version and it started to install. The progress bar crawled very slowly, most of the time it was stopping, after 3 hours ! it stopped at about 3/4 of the way and opened a notice window that "installation failed", to try again or contact support, closed this window and tried to operate the 2015 version, but this was partially overwritten - so I am without Antivirus - the system started alerting me, so I disconnected from the Internet, and started from control panel to uninstall the new installation, another 2 hours waisted. I used a restore point made 2 days ago by some windows updates, after the restore the antivirus did not work. Now I started to reinstall the 2015 version (have the instl. file on my computer) but it refused to install, saying there is a newer version installed and to connect to the net to complete the installation. which I will not since I am not protected. Now for the first time I used the Macrium backup done a week ago (lucky I made the rescue CD), made a whole system restore, and finally got my 2015 antivirus back working, can again connect to the net, still have to do some minor mainten... Read more

A:Backup and Restore

Glad that Macrium Reflect worked for you! It has certainly worked for me the few times I had to restore!

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I have a windows 2000. I have no idea how the backup & restore work. Also, they didn't put a floppy disk drive in. Is it possoble for me to do it?
Thank you,

A:restore & backup

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I backup all my stuff to an external hard drive, and it comes with its own backup software. It features incremental backup, however it does not detect name changes or deletions. What features does Windows 7 built-in backup actually include? Can it detect deletions/name changes (I'm not interested in disk imaging)?


A:Backup and Restore

Use something else like robocopy (command line tool) to mirror data between your source and your destination drive (external).

I just run a simple batch file with lines such as
robocopy C:\users\profile\mydocument E:\backups\mydocuments /MIR
robocopy C:\users\profile\music E:\backups\music /MIR

There are other GUI based tools available too, such as Karen's File Replicator and Microsoft Sync Toy...and these are all free.

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On my computer is installed AVG antivirus, sometimes when I need to use a restore point to restore the system, have to disable temporarily the antivirus, otherwise the restore is not successful, and this is from my
experience (I learned it the hard way).
Now what happens when restoring using Macrium restore, I mean with the antivirus ?
Thanks for answers.
PS, If something was posted unfinished, it is because the page closed unexpectedly and reopened - sorry about that.

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I backed up using XP Pro. Installed Vista Home Premium and tried to restore. After "no backup files on this computer" I eventually found 7 files and had to individually unzip each file to C:\.
I fiddled around some more and in "Empty file" found 32 files to unzip individually.

Is there an easier way to "restore" - please.

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My parents have a computer that was completely wiped out by a horrible trojan horse. I cannot find a backup disc anywhere. There were two partitions that were completely corrupted. As I understand it one of those partitions was the restore disc. What do I do if I have a computer without a restore disc and no restore partition? Can I request a backup disc from HP?

A:No restore backup

Yep, that's the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to do it.
The info is at this link:

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Hi need help with windows 7 backup.

I've got an external HD which is just large enough to backup all my libraries.
However whenever windows backs up it seems to create new backup data for any changes to files ie. it'll have backup data for each date it backs up. I believe it does this so I can restore my system to the way it was on a certain backup date. However this also means I run out of space on the backup disc after about 3 or 4 backups.

So, is there a way to make it just have one backup, so only the newest backup is stored? Ie. so my backup drive is simply a mirror image of what is currently in my libraries as opposed to keeping a record of what existed there on previous backups?


A:Backup without restore?

make a "Custom Setup" and then: (it is supposed to read "uncheck" not ucheck, sorry)

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i, being a bit new to pc and being more comfortable with macs managed to mess up my machine so bad i had to re-install windows.

I am now wishing to restore one of my backups to restore my system to its original state.

When i go to the backup and restore section in the cp i am not able to restore from a backup and am told the bacup disk cannot be found.

I really need that backup cos i had all my music, photos, programs(i hope) in that backup.

Please help!

A:Restore from Backup Help

Would i be able to do this with advanced restore?

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Hi Guys

I have used Windows 7 backup and restore to create a system image on a separate drive. Recently I have needed to restore my files however when I click on "backup and restore " this is all I get. any ideas anyone?

A:Backup and Restore

Looks like you have a serious issue with your working install there - You may want to pop the win7 install dvd into the drive and boot directly from that - select the repair my computer option - you will hopefully be able to start the image restore from there

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For some time I have been using Backup & Restore to create an image to a Nextar external drive. When checking Properties on the the C: drive I would get, for example, 38.4GB used on the HDD, and checking the E: drive would show about 35.8GB (or close to it).
Lately, when checking each drive the E: drive shows about 2GB more than the C: drive. When restoring an image everything is fine, but I was previously informed that the image was about 2 to 3GB less than the C: drive because the virtual drive was not copied.

Has something changed?

A:Using Backup and Restore

How many backups have you put on the Nextar ?

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I had a serious hardware fault on a XP Pro machine which let to me losing a lot of data. I did however do a backup a few weeks back. Now, I have a bought a replacement machine equipped with Windows 7.

Am I able to recover my files to the new machine using the windows XP created backup....? Is one able to restore files backed up in Windows XP

A:XP Backup Restore

Hello gccr and welcome to Seven Forums.

A couple of questions if I may to clarify some things.
1. Did you use the built in XP backup tool or some other backup program?
2. I seem to recall that after using the built in XP backup tool it prompts you to insert a floppy disk. The software will then write a program to the disk that allows you to boot the system using the disk, and restore your system via a *.bak file. Did you do this? (Probably not applicable if you used some other backup program.)
3. Where did you store the backup files? (ie: XP hard drive, external hard drive, CD, etc.)

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Hi all,
I created backup image using windows 7 option in D drive

Now i need to know if i format the C drive and would like to reinstall the windows 7 including my personal folder/drivers and other programs which were in the Backup from the D drive ..

Is that possible ,,, guess using the Windows repair disc or there will be other option from the windows boot ??


A:backup and restore

Short anwser is Yes, put in the disc and follow the on screen directions and will take you to the backup image, tell it yes to the image you want, do next and it will restore the image, just sit back and let it do it's thing

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I had to replace a dead HD. I had been making backups using the backup function to an external HD. After replacing the C drive and reloading XP Pro and ALL updates, including sp3, I'm unable to restore my backed up data. The computer sees the external drive and I can see the data files on it.

A:Backup won't restore

Hekko cool1

Take ownership of the folder by right clicking it and selecting Properties. Select the Security Tab and click the Advanced button. You'll see an Owner tab so add your User Name to the list

You may need to go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View tab and uncheck "Use simple file sharing" or you won't have a Security tab otherwise.

XP Home
Go to Safe Mode to find the Security Tab

You need to be using an Admin Account to do it.
Once you have given yourself permission you will not get the ?Access Denied? message.

To apply to subfolders check the box "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" before you click ?Apply?


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I have the following problem: I had XP installed on my netbook and encrypted my hard drive with Free Compusec, which installs a new bootloader that after typing in the correct password loads the XP bootloader NTLDR. Because XP started to run slow I started to think about a new clean install and also wanted to try out the new Win7, but first I wanted to try it on a different partition. Well after I checked, if Compusec was fine with dual-boot systems and Win7 and didn't find anything negative I went ahead. Well and now first XP won't boot (no dual-boot screen) and second my whole HDD (except for the Win7 partition) is encrypted, so I don't even have access to my old stuff (because the Win7 bootloader destroyed the Compusec bootloader and now I can't type in my password).

Well now there is a possibility to decrypt the drive with a special key file that is, of course, on the encrypted part of the HDD, so I had to find another way. The forum of the company that makes the encryption software is seldom maintained. I did find some good information though. I was able to extract the MBR from the installation disc. And now here's the thing that I need help with:

In Win7 it says that the extracted MBR is 1024 bytes big (as far as I know this would still fit in the first sector right?). It's also called "extended_mbr.bin", I thought maybe it needs to be bigger than 512 bytes because of the additional functions.

I read in the forum that I... Read more

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I have to reinstall Windows on my new computer as it's not behaving. I therefore have to back everything up before doing that.

I would like to back up the emails, calendar, contacts for my desktop Outlook 2013. I have four different accounts and the data seem to be listed as pst files under each account name. However, last time I backed up, one of the accounts was just named 'Outlook'. I have no such pst file on this computer (although my old one was Outlook 2010 if that makes a difference).

I'm also wondering where the calendar and contacts are stored on this occasion, given there seems to be no generic outlook.pst file

I am using Outlook 2013 and Windows 8.1

Secondly, I am using Onenote. I am trying to back up all the notes I've made. On the save and backup area I can see three possible options for backing up - one is the local folder on my desktop where I migrated data from the last time I moved computers under quick

The second is in c/users/myname/appdata/local/microsoft/onenote

The third is c/users/myname/docs/onenote notebooks

I have backed up to all three, but have no idea which folders or files to move to the external hard drive as I don't know which to restore.

Many thanks if you can help with either of these...

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Today, while opening a pdf file I got a popup message about an update to acrobat reader, I pushed the "yes"
button and it started a long download and a long install, while the process running I managed to see some changes, even to the registry. When finished, I opened the pdf file again, I saw the new version (DC something) - it does not suit me. I searched and downloaded the acrobat reader
11 "AdbeRdr11010_en_US.exe" file just in case I have to reinstall it.

Now here is my question:
1) Uninstall the program using the "uninstall programs" and reinstall with the downloaded file, or
2) Restore the system with a restore point made 3 days ago, I checked which programs will be affected,
only this acrobat reader and one firefox update.
Answer will be appreciated.

A:Backup and Restore

Restore would be the safer method. Uninstall is not always (or never) a total uninstall.

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Hello Forum,
Recently I was trying to get rid of some old restore points, as you already know, it did not work.
Now I have noticed that the system does not create automatic restore points as used before, I do not know what turned this off, I would like to turn it back on, sometimes a new restore point can be needed.
However, occasionally when I open the "System Protection" window, I see in the "configure restore settings"
each time some MBs added and it keeps growing but no new restore point.
How do I turn on the system automatic restore points creation ?
Answers will be appreciated.

A:Backup and Restore

Hello Motim,

By default, System Protection automatically creates a scheduled restore point only if no other restore points have been created in the last 7 days, and before significant system events such as a program or driver installation.

You might also check to make sure you have enough storage space set to have more restore points available.

System Protection - Change Disk Space Usage

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I'm totally lost when it comes to restore/backup. I'm not dumb, but my comperheadion is off when I tried to put 2 and 2 together and (without asking) be able to come up with 4. In this case, I've tried and now I need your help please. Situation: When I think of something or how to do something with this computer, I google it, read about it and maybe even find a program to do what I want. So I down load it, install it and it's nothing like it states or it's not what I really wanted. I hope I'm explaining this right. So I go and delete it along with CCleaner and Norton in the register and BINGO! Either I've taken a left when I should of taken a right or the computer missed me up. Go to log in the next morning and the computer is acting kinda of funny. So before installing a program I know I do a restore (default settings) and then I do a back up from windows (default settings). So now that I have a restore and backup, which one would I use? Any other information on this subject would be helpful as well. Thank you.


Quote: Originally Posted by timlab1955

So I go and delete it along with CCleaner and Norton in the register........ So before installing a program I know I do a restore (default settings) and then I do a back up from windows (default settings). So now that I have a restore and backup, which one would I use?

You shouldn't "delete" installed programs. You should uninstall them.

Not sure what you mean about doing a restore and backup before installing a program.

If you are uninstalling programs incorrectly who know what shape your registry and PC is in.

There is not much point in restoring a backup if the backup is faulty.

A better and less confusing explanation is needed.

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If I make a make a full system image backup in a computer, can I make a restores of it in a nother computer even if the mainboard and drivers of the new one are diferen of the old computer,

A:Backup and restore

Legally, in a word - NO. Not as you describe that process.
What you is asking is "Cloning" rather than just a "Back-up" for your existing system.
This is how you buy those $5.00 Specials from Ebay and other places -
Thank You -

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I recently "upgraded" to Windows 10 and subsequently back to Windows 7, I thought I would wipe my Seagate backup drive and start backup afresh.  I formatted the drive and unfortunately when I try to backup now using Windows Backup and Restore
I get the error message "The task image is corrupt or has been tamperedwith. (0x80041321)
Any help would be most appreciated.
Kind regards.

A:Backup and restore.

I recently "upgraded" to Windows 10 and subsequently back to Windows 7. I get the error message "The task image is corrupt or has been tamperedwith. (0x80041321)

This is a well-know problem that affects most (all?) people who dropped back from Win10 to Win7. There are two scheduled tasks involved in the backup process. Here are the XML task files:

C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsBackup\Windows Backup Monitor
I do not have this problem but one solution I have seen goes like this:

Delete these tasks while in the Task Scheduler GUI.
Copy these XML task files from some other Win7 machine to your desktop.Use the Task Scheduler GUI to import the XML files from your desktop.

Maybe this simpler solution would also work:

Copy these task files to your desktop.Delete these tasks while in the Task Scheduler GUI.
Use the Task Scheduler GUI to import the XML files from your desktop.

Please post your result for the benefit of other people with the same problem.

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I have a new HP desktop, pre-loaded with Vista Home Premium. My current confusion is in the "backup" territory. I've been reading posts here, as well as info on other sites like MS, but just can't seem to feel comfortable enough to press the button. Here's what I've "done" or think I "know" so far:I have successfully used the Create a Checkpoint, and Restore from a Previous Checkpoint functions when I was trying to clean up the crapola that was shipped with the machine that I didn't want.I successfully followed the steps under System Maintenance to "Protect your files by backing them up" and it pre-selected the D:\ drive as the destination so I left it at that.This morning, I decided "gee, I'm about to make changes so I can migrate my old Outlook files, so I probably should do another backup" - so I followed those steps again...only to learn that the D:/drive was full and the backup aborted.I found a post here from Maverik in response to another user who noted that his "C was small but D was full" which seems like my situation. That reply said:"This happens cause Vista is saving backup files in recovery partition D.Go to start and open computer, click Alt key to get the menu on the top. Click on tools and go to folder options. Click on View tab and put a Check mark in Show hidden files. Close that and double click on D Recovery and open it. Usually Vista will save this backup files under the user name a... Read more

A:?s Re: Backup And Restore


If your PC has SD or Compact Flash, windows backup data may be saved on those.

If you backup HDD data to the HDD, your defeating the purpose of backing up.


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Hi, i'm new here and have a question, when i run the backup to a network drive, will it only backup changed/new files, or will it back up all my files like onecare did?

Edit: dont worry about that, i have figured out why it always took up so much room, system image, now i have disabeled that, is there any way to backup the system image separately.

Edit 2: even though create system imaeg is unticked, it still seems to include system image in space calculation and backup. anyway to stop this?

A:Backup and restore

Quote: Originally Posted by Black Star

Hi, i'm new here and have a question, when i run the backup to a network drive, will it only backup changed/new files, or will it back up all my files like onecare did?

Edit: dont worry about that, i have figured out why it always took up so much room, system image, now i have disabeled that, is there any way to backup the system image separately.

Edit 2: even though create system imaeg is unticked, it still seems to include system image in space calculation and backup. anyway to stop this?

The first back up is a full backup. Subsequent backups are incremental, only the changes.

I have system image unticked, because I made one copy after I was fully installed and activated. Whenever, I make a big change I make note of it. If I ever need to use my system image, I have a brand new, no corruption, no malware image. To that clean image I make my changes. But to your question, I do not think there is a way to change it. But, just wait a bi,t someone with more knowledge in that area or maybe about registry, will assist you.

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Win7 64bit Home Premium
I am currently testing Backup and Restore to get a better idea of how to use it. I have a backup set up which includes only a small part of my files. After I better understand backup, I will expand the backup to include the rest of my files. Backup was run yesterday and again today. It appeared to run correctly with the size of the backup increasing only a small amount for the 2nd (incremental) run. Now I want to run restore using the above backup to restore to a temporary folder on the desktop so I can compare the restored files to the files already on the computer. I will then delete the temporary folder (with the restored files).

Here's the problem - I started the restore process and after clicking Restore My Files got the Restore Files window, but the Next button is greyed out and I can go no further. What is causing this?

Just in case it is relevant, clicking on any of the other 3 buttons (Search, etc) appears to do nothing.

A:Backup and Restore

Hello Bob, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This below may be able to help. If not, then please post back screenshots of what is different than in the tutorial.

Restore Backup User and System Files

Hope this helps,

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Hi there,
I am running vista Premium SP1.
I am havin trouble running a backup successfully.
It is set to fun automatically but always get backup failed.

Says backup did not complete successfully.
Catastropic failure (0x8000ffff)

Not sure what is wrong have run a chkdsk on C drive and all okay.

If could get some sort reason for this it would be great.


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Got a newish PC: HP Elite 8000 with Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

Have a separate USB WD 80GB external HDD which is solely to be used for bootable backup and restore of OS and programs, the only information on my C drive. This in case my OS gets corrupted and I will then be able to restore everything from the USB via boot, without having to reinstall WIN7, updates and programs.

All working files and documents and music etc., are on separate external USB hard drives.

I read through the forums and created a WIN 7 System backup I guess of everything on my C drive, Windows and Programs. Hopefully is is something I can boot from.

There is nothing else on my C drive. Image file that was created on the 80GB USB drive is about right: 46GB.

I wish to untether the USB with my backup information from my PC (so I can store it away and redo weekly or monthly).

Using Remove Hardware from task bar I get a message that the drive I wish to remove is
"currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again."

Question One: Is the information on the USB drive, created by the WIN7 backup and recover method explained in this forum, bootable?

Question One a: If not what must I do to make sure I can boot using the backup USB, assuming I wish to wipe the C drive clean and start anew with the information on the backup USB drive?

Question Two: Please advise what I need to do to correctly remove the USB bac... Read more

A:Need a bit more help on Backup and Restore

Hello Robert,

If you are using Windows Backup on a schedule, then that could cause the issue with the removable drive being "in use" still.

Instead, you should turn off the Windows Backup schedule, and use the separate System Image feature instead. You will be able to do a System Image Recovery at boot using either your system repair disc or Windows 7 installation media.Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Hope this helps,

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I got a virus that deleted everything in my System Tools folder under Accessories. I need to backup my computer ASAP. Is there any way to download these programs, because I couldn't find them on the microsoft site.

A:Backup and Restore

Have you got a windows disk? The data should be on there to allow you to repair.

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Back & Restore successfully creates a restore point.When restoring, the system says it encountered an unknown error and system files have not been changed. Noticed this happening to all manually-created restore points. Not sure about restore points created when auto upgrades are installed. Any suggestions???

A:Backup & Restore

Back and Restore ? Do you mean Backup and Restore Center ?

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Some days ago, I've noticed system started (after long pause!) creating a windows backup,after almost
1.5 hours the work was done (don't know when will be the second).
Now I attach here a screenshot of the backup content, since it is 36 GB, I ask which part to burn to a DVD disk, if I have to burn all of this, then I have to use 10 discs.
Another question, looked for some (free) burning program capable to erase also (windows can't), so I found
"ImgBurn) but my antivirus found inside ad-malware program and removed the downloaded program.
Any idea about a small burning-erasing program ?
As said above, attached a screenshot backup content.
Thanks for answering,

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I recently bought a 500gb wafer-thin external usb hdd and backed up everything on my pc using the Win 7 backup option-- for some reason it took 11 hours to complete !

Now I have decided to restore this backup, I am bit confused how I proceed.

There are 3 files shown on the external hdd :

MediaID.bin-- Windowsimagebackup, and Mike-Tosh. I selected the windowsimagebackup, which surprisingly took only a minute or two to complete.

But when I went back to my desktop, all my program icons were there, but clicking on any them resulted in a 'cannot find program' message.

I then took a look at the Mike-Tosh file and it contained dozens and dozens of zip files.

My problem is not knowing the how to properly restore a full backup ? can anyone tell me the correct procedure please ?

A:how to use backup & restore in Win 7 ?

You have to use windows system image restore program to do it.

Boot the windows 7 dvd/recovery disc.

Select restore system image

System Image Recovery

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Hey guys, I have backup my hole C and D drive and i am going to put it on something or upload it not sure. Might upload it to my site host but i dont know. Just for the transfer. but the files are .DAT i am wondering how do i suppose to transfer the files to my new windows? Like what do i suppose to do and it is windows xp pro.

A:Backup my PC how do i Restore it?

That is going to depend on what backup application you used. I suspect you did not use an image utility that could actually restore a bootable image...

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hello Forum,
First, Thanks for all answers !
Since I have some problems with the system, I will divide it into several posts. (Later will post another)
1. I used the Windows cleanup disk tool to delete all restore points except the last one, but it deleted only
several lately done by updates installed, some old ones still are on the list. I made just a test to see if
the most "ancient" restore point exists - just checked which programs will be affected if I use that restore
and it listed all the programs installed since ! I used Ccleaner, but it lists only 2016 restore points, I used
"system restore explorer" but it lists also only 2016 and just two of tham. I have not the Windows 7 installation disk, it was installed on the machine when I got it - any ideas if this can be solved and how.
Attached screenshot list of restore points.

2. Today I made a new full backup image (by windows), after some search the program decided place to
locate the image, then I made a check only if the restore finds the image - it did not find it !
I also have there Macrium image to be safe. Is something corrupt in the system ? I ran all the time
Antivirus program (AVG) and malware tool (MRT) downloaded from Microsoft.
Answers will be appreciated.

A:Backup and Restore

I can't speak for Windows Backup/Restore, I can speak highly of Macrium Reflect free! It will do the job for ya! Now, I use Macrium Reflect Pro and Acronis True Image, neither are free. Probably Macrium Reflect free will work very well for you.

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I started a thread earlier asking if imaging programs work in seven which can be viewed Here

After some advice from pparks1 a junior member here

and reading the tutorials by Brink

How to Create a System Image Backup in Windows 7
How to Do a System Image Recovery in Windows 7

I decided to give it a try....this is by far the easiest method of doing image/ghost creation and restore

And although on the microsoft website compare editions page it is not mentioned as a feature of Home Premium it is still there although you will not be able to backup to a network location unless you get professional or ultimate

So for me I am ditching third party software in place of the features built into Win7

A:Backup and Restore In 7

I tried creating a system image using Win 7's backup & restore and when I tried to restore it booting from installation media, it couldn't see or be pointed to the image to be restored from which was located on a USB hard drive. (Might have been an issue with my particular USB hard drive also.) So it was pretty worthless in my experience. It was an early build though, so perhaps it works better now.

I generally prefer to rely on Acronis for hard drive cloning which I have found to be very reliable for that. Before ditching 3rd party software, I would attempt to back up and restore using W7's feature and make sure it actually works for you.

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I cannot backup & restore with my Win7 OS because the backup drive died so I installed another drive but the old assigned drive still shows in the backup and restore window. In the backup location it shows new volume I which is the old dead drive which shows disconnected. I cannot connect to my new external drive because when I click on "change settings" it gives me an error message. I will provide two attachments showing the Backup & Restore page and also the error message.


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computer stolen and had backups...however, initial run did not restore, came back with compression error/read error

properties of nbf file show size of files ... data appears to be there
on a restore, empty file folders are restored
a pst file backed up
one or two word files restored
when choosing files in backup program all files are there to be checked, ie name date size
one bad nbf is on one disk
another bad restore had mulitple backups done
one separate disk with email restored okay
compression was one

am looking into isobuster and other third party programs... so dont know if they will be helpful, nti tech guys are not helpful...comments and suggestions appreciated, thank you

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For the first time I have set up Backup and Restore. I am saving to an external hard drive and in the Set Up I have selected "Let me choose". If I selected "Let Windows choose" would the backup include all of my Outlook files?

In "Let me choose" I have selected Data Files and Computer OS (C). But do I need to include a system image every time? It seems to take ages to complete the backup and must be using a lot of disc space.

I am attaching a couple of screenshots because having completed the first backup there does not appear to be anything in the files. So where is all the information I have backed up?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:New to Backup and Restore.

i would suggest that you let windows decide on what to back up if you are unsure.

which outlook are you using? the file save moved under documents/outlook files from 2010 onwards.

your first backup will always take a while depending on the size of your hard drive.

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I just reset my HP desktop but I don't know to use my recovery drive to get all of my data back.Can some one help me?

View Solution.

A:Restore From Backup

Montae, welcome to the forum. I am not certain if you used the Recovery Manager to backup your data or not.  However, here is a guide that should help you if this is how you did it. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved. 

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A while ago a used the Windows Backup Utility to put all of the files on my thumb drive in. I just needed an easy way to free up space and move all the files around. I wish i would have used a ZIP! I kept 2 copies of the backup file, one on my laptop, and one on my desktop. I restored files on the laptop often and it worked flawlessly. I have since reinstalled Windows XP on the laptop so i copied over the backup file to restore a few files but now im not able to restore files! So what i do is, i open the .bkf file and it opens the Backup and Restore Wizard just like it used to, i click the next button just like i used to. Now it asks if i want to restore files or backup files and i choose restore like always. Now check out my nice photo.

I used to be able to click in that little check box to expand a list of files and from there i could restore them. Now when i click nothing happens because its greyed out. I hope there is a way to get files out of my backup and from now on i will be using ZIPs. Thanks for any help getting my files back.

A:Restore Backup


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Hi Can someone please HELP?
I have a Windows 7 Acer Aspire 5750G Laptop. I installed a new Font that I inadvertently installed a toolbar with it. I can't remember the name of the programe, but when I tried to uninstall it, it wasn’t there, so I tried to restore my laptop to an earlier date, now nothing works. All I get is The backup and restore application could not start due to an internal error: Class not registered (0X80040154). can someone help please.

I use Google Chrome as my browser and Hotmail as my email.

I have Avast, CCCleaner, and Spybot S-D.

Since using my laptop to a previous restore point everything has gone wrong, I can't get into uninstall, I can't use my restore point, I can't use anything in My Control Panel. Network sharing will not open either.

I have now bought an external Hard Drive. However, when I plugged it in I got the message outlined below.

One or more features failed to install Details: Error: 1601. The Windows installer could not be accessed. contact your support personnel to verify that the Windows Installer service is properly registered.

I then tried Factory Restore: However, Microsoft.NET Framework. Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. class not registered (Exception from HRESULT.

I carried on and this came up: I only got Failed to Initialize Volume ... Read more

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I get an error code when I try to back up as a mirror image
error code 0x807800A1

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Hi everyone. I have been trying to understand the backup and restore utility in Windows 7. I did a complete backup with a system image a week ago. I have the utility on a schedule to backup up my files. Does the utility only backup the new files or all the files on the partition? I already have a system image that is suitable. Why can't I just backup up my user account. Is there a way to just backup your user account? Any assistance will be appreciated. deanie

A:Backup and restore

My understanding is that the backup utility in Win7 for backing up files on a scheduled basis only backs up changes to files.

Have you referred to this link Backup and Restore - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

The backup and restore utility in Win7 does not mention a feature for backing up a user account. This makes sense because your hard drive is not partitioned according to user accounts. Or is it?

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I am posting this because of a discussion in one of my classes. One of the students found out the hard way that his saved backup would not restore. As the discussion expanded, he told us that he had never verified the backups he made on a routine basis. I am betting that there a lot of users who really don't know if their backups can be used for recovery.

There is an extra step I perform on my backups. It is somewhat trivial and a little bit time consuming, but it gives me some piece of mind. There is a folder named test_backup saved to my desktop. It contains a notepad file which simply says success. After completing a backup, I delete the test_backup folder and restore both the folder with its contents and the notepad file by itself. To date, I have had no failures. I am, however, confident that the saved backup will be useful if needed.

bonus ...
You don't have to restore an entire backup. If you have ever deleted a file by mistake and want to get it back, you can recover it from a backup if it has been backed up.


A:Can you restore from your backup?

Hello drpepper,

Yes, you could also manually extract files from a Windows Backup.....Backup - Manually Extract Files from in Vista & Windows 7
.... and system image....System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management
.... and even from system restore points.System Restore Points - Manually Extract Files and Folders
Hope this helps,

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When Im in Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore I find I cant click on Manage space. I want to go there to delete older backups.

A:Backup and restore

any ideas on this one?

Its why I ran sfc/scannow (which didnt find anything).

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I bought a commercial backup programme when I bought my Windows 8 PC.

Now, when I need it, I am having difficulties in restoring.

Is the "Windows 7 File Recovery" which is included in Win 8 a good replacement for commercial programmes such as EaseUS and Norton?

I would like to trust Microsoft with my file and image backups.

A:Backup and restore

I am using a free version of Macrium. It's free, fast, reliable
Macrium Reflect Free - CNET

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