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Robocopy not copying My Document files

Q: Robocopy not copying My Document files

Hi, I just started using Robocopy to backup my files to my JBOD recently and I noticed that it does not copy anything in My Document folder. Here is the result log for Robocopy regarding the backup.


Total Copied Skipped Mismatch FAILED Extras
Dirs : 4287 0 4287 0 0 0
Files : 34164 22831 11333 0 0 0
Bytes : 107.783 g 90.408 g 17.375 g 0 0 0
Times : 20:32:46 2:02:26 0:00:00 0:15:26

Ended : Mon Sep 08 02:58:21 2014


Even though it says that it copied 22831 files the destination folder says it has not been modified at all.

The strange thing is that when I was checking back on the progress in the cmd window, it showed that it was copying files. The problem is I have no idea where those files went, the files that were supposedly copied aren't there at all. Here is the script I used to back up my files.

robocopy F:\Anime G:\Anime /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy "E:\Disk Backups" "G:\Disk Backups" /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log+:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy E:\Downloads G:\Downloads /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log+:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy E:\Movie G:\Movie /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log+:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy "C:\Users\C.C\My Documents" "G:\My Documents" /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log+:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"

robocopy E:\Text G:\Text /mir /copyall /np /tee /mt /log+:"C:\Users\C.C\Desktop\my_backup_log.txt"


The other folders seem to have been mirrored correctly, it's just the My Documents folder that is having this issue.

Edit - I tried deleting the folder I currently had on the backup disk and ran robocopy again. It skipped right through the document script. It seems like it's saving somewhere but I don't know where. Here is the result.


Total Copied Skipped Mismatch FAILED Extras
Dirs : 4287 0 4287 0 0 0
Files : 34163 0 34163 0 0 0
Bytes : 107.783 g 0 107.783 g 0 0 0
Times : 0:03:11 0:00:00 0:00:00 0:03:11

Ended : Mon Sep 08 09:51:19 2014


A: Robocopy not copying My Document files

CC mate I don't understand the Robocopy stuff and personally I use the Macrium for back up / imaging it is free and so easy to use.
Just a suggestion to get you out of strife
Imaging with free Macrium

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Hi all
I have just found Robocopy and it seems the perfect tool for what I am trying to do....
I make an incremental Backup on one of my PC's (Called Server-PC) every day using AOMEI backupper and I want to mirror that folder on my main PC I have been fiddling with Robocopy for hours now have Googled everything I can think of and can't find out what I am doing wrong.

First of all I Mapped my E:\ drive on My Main PC onto my Server-PC and called it Z:
Using this script --- robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "Z\ServerDriveCopy" /R:5 /s /purge /COPYALL as a test I Get
Source : D:AOMEI\
Destination : C:\Users\mike\Desktop\Z\ServerDriveCopy\

It starts and then says "There is not enough space on the disk" There is still 700gb empty on the disk! I have checked if Quota's have been enabled and they haven't so can't work this out!

I just found out there is a GUI for Robocopy so I tried that and made a slightly different script:
robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "Z:\ServerDriveCopy" /MIR /S /V /NP /Z /R:10 /W:30 (The only difference is the colon after Z !
and that goes MAD keeps repeating in the cmd window forever but no error message and no files get copied.

So I tried it without using the mapped drive which gives me :
robocopy "D:\AOMEI" "\\Main\e\ServerDriveCopy"
and that says "Access Denied" !
I can drag and drop files in explorer OK so I am stumped.

If any one can help I would be very grateful

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Last week I used a robocopy tutorial on this site to create a backup script, and it was working fine. Today I tried to run this script, inputting new destination information but leaving everything else the same, and now it is copying all of the folders, but none of the files.

It counts a total of 509 Dirs but 0 files--no skipped, no mismatch, no failed.

My syntax/options are as follows:
robocopy "source folder" "destination folder" /E /tee /log.Public_backup log.txt
robocopy "source folder" "destination folder" /E /tee /log.Training_backup log.txt

Does anyone see what might be causing this problem or have suggestions?

The source folder is directory:\folder and the destination folder is directory:\folder\subfolder\subfolder, if that matters.

A:Issue with Robocopy only copying folders, not files, in Windows 7

It should default to all files (*.*), but you could put the *.* in the command to see if it makes a difference.
robocopy "source folder" "destination folder" *.* /E /tee /log.Public_backup log.txt

If that doesn't work can you post the actual commands you are using, with the real folder names ?

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Hi Guys,
I encountered this error when copying few like 10 + sample music files to SharePoint Document Library via Windows Explorer.
I tried to googling around and it doesnt seem to have a proper documentation of what's wrong when this error code is returned.


A:Error 0x800700DE when copying files to SharePoint Document Library via Windows Explorer

From your screenshot, each music file might be about 3~5 MB, if we copy many files together, then it will reach the file size limit stored in registry, then we will encounter this issue.

So it worth to increase the value of FileSizeLimitInBytes  stored under

Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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I want to use Robocopy to backup the data from my external hardrive D to a file called 'Backup' in a cluster storage W.
I only want to backup the modified and new files. In other words, I don't want to back up all the files in D every time I run Robocopy.

This is what I wrote by reading other posts on the forum:
title Backup personal files
robocopy D:\ W:\Backup /e /mir /np /tee /log+:backup_log.txt

However, the script below does not back up all the files.
Any suggestion on how I can improve the robocopy script?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I've set up a back up batch file to copy my Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos folders from my computer to an external hard drive.
However, while running the Documents backup, it seems to find, the pictures, music, and videos folders all inside the documents folders labelled "My Music", etc.
However, these folders do not exist. When I navigate in explorer to C:\Users\username\Documents\ I cannot find a folder labelled "My Music". When I try to navigate to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Music it tells me that "access is denied". I cannot find them through command line either.
As well, when I try and find the folders on the backup drive, they do not seem to be there either.
I just don't understand where this is coming from.

A:Robocopy copying folders from the wrong place


It sounds like you are running foul of junction points. You may need to use the /XJ switch.

Post your BAT code here, and I'll take a look at it for you.


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Hey guys,

This may sound like a really silly question, but I'm just getting to grips with using Robocopy.

How do you copy folders with spaces in the title? E.g: T:\Admin Tools
I keep getting an error.

Any help would be great thanks.

A:Robocopy - Copying Folders With Spaces in The Title.

It's ok, I've worked it out. I didn't realise I had to put Quotation marks in!

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I have the following issue: I want to copy files
including all their attributes and ACLs from my
computer to a network storage.

Our architecture is quite simple: a single domain
controller (I believe it's Windows Server 2008 x64)
and many desktops connected to domain.

Our administrator said we could do this with robocopy
utility which is installed on our desktops (which vary from Vista to
even Windows Server 2003 - just because it's more stable than
XP). She said we have all the permissions required for the operation.

When I tried to perform the following operation:

robocopy C:\MyDirectory \\Storage\TeamA\MyDirectory /E /SEC
I get the message "Access Denied" on 3rd file. When I spoke to our admin,
she told me to find exactly what set of permissions should be defined, and she
will set it as I say.

So, can anyone explain me exactly what permissions/settings/anything else should
be existing for C:\MyDirectory and \\Storage\TeamA directories?

Should our users be defined in some specific way? Anything in policies?

I'll be really appreciative.

In addition: does robocopy perform privileges elevation? So it can accomodate the
minimal required level to perform the operation?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi All,

I have one folder A and have another folder B in the same drive E: I need to move all the content from folder A which are more than 2 years old to folder B. Hence when I ran the robocopy it just copied and I lost all disk space in drive E.

My question is even though I used /MOV command why it is not copied and deleted from the source?

robocopy E:/A E:/B /e /MOV /MINAGE:730

Please suggest..

A:Robocopy /MOV command copying but not deleting from source directory

I created folders Test and Test2 on drive E:, copied some files over and under two years old and tested with command

robocopy E:\Test E:\Test2 /e /mov /minage:730
Works perfect. All files older than 730 are moved, copied to destination and deleted from source. I can only think of two possible causes for your issue:System considers files to be newer than 730 days old
A syntax error in your command
Please run the command, take screenshot of the last part of summary (under the dotted line, highlighted in screenshot below) and post it here.

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Well, after several failed attempts to clone my boot partition the right way, I broke down and used RoboCopy. Now, I know that you're not supposed to do this. I know it's bad joojoo. But I've done it now. It is done. Now I want to work with the partition I have and make it bootable. I have a sense that I will need to recreate the junctures that were on the original disk. And maybe something with securities as well? There were some "Error 5"s. Other than that, what do I need to do? The files themselves are copied. Now it's a matter of the hidden stuff, I think. Surely you guys know the secret glue that holds an OS together.

A:Copying boot partition with Robocopy, making it bootable.

Do you have a dual or multi-boot system (e.g. Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on same PC) ? or do you have only one version of Windows installed ?

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Well, after several failed attempts to clone my boot partition the right way, I broke down and used RoboCopy. Now, I know that you're not supposed to do this. I know it's bad joojoo. But I've done it now. It is done. Now I want to work with the partition I have and make it bootable. I have a sense that I will need to recreate the junctures that were on the original disk. And maybe something with securities as well? There were some "Error 5"s. Other than that, what do I need to do? The files themselves are copied. Now it's a matter of the hidden stuff, I think. Surely you guys know the secret glue that holds an OS together.

A:Solved: Copying boot partition with Robocopy, making it bootable.

Well, I ran chkdsk /v /r on the old drive, and it became stable enough to read without problems. So then I copied the boot partition with Partition Wizard. After all that hassle with Acronis, it was a free program I already had that did the job. I'm good now, so let's call it solved.

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I frequently copy a chapter from one document to another. The copied version always comes up with each word separately underlined. Then having forgotten from the previous time, I have to search to find out why and how to change it. The original chapter is as I want it, normal in fact, so I don't understand why when I copy and paste it doesn't appear exactly the same.

Can someone help please as this is most annoying and time consuming.

A:Problem with copying from a Word document

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I've written a story with a lot of footnotes, an I wanted to copy and sent it to another program [Family Tree Maker]. When I highlight the text, copy and paste it the footnotes are removed. So is there a way to copy a document including the footnotes and header so I can paste in the word processor in FTM?

Thanks so much for your help


A:Copying document with footnotes in Word 97

Moving of business and office apps forum

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The problem I'm having is that some of the paragraphs are copying and pasting with no spacing between the words. I'm copying anywhere from 5 to 10 pages from a program I have called coursesmart bookshelf. I have already contacted them about this issue but they are useless. I'v tried copying to word documents and PDF but am getting the same thing. THe reason I am doing this is so that I can upload the document to my text reader which will allow me to play it on my iPhone. Nothing Illegal.

My Specs, Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 991 Mb
Graphics Card: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR (Microsoft Corporation), 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 58655 MB; F: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 114321 MB;
Motherboard: , KM266-8233, , K01241129289
Antivirus: None

A:Problem copying and pasting to word document

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Normally when I want to copy text from a .pdf, I simply place my cursor at the starting point and drag it down until it covers all the text I want to copy and page. It is a slow process but for a small amount of text it is not a burden. But if I need to copy a large amount of text (pages) it can be slow going. Is there some way I can speed up the process?

A:Copying large amounts of text in .pdf document

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The default copy switch of robocopy is /COPYAT if you don't specify any copy options. This is the code I'm using:

robocopy C:\ D:\Backup RAMDisk.img /copyall /R:5 /W:15 /V /log:\Users\Kevin\Desktop\robocopy_log.txt

The RAMDisk.img file that I'm copying is a compressed image file. Now with that syntax /COPYAT will be used which means that it will copy all attributes of that file. Whenever I run this, I successfully copy the file but it doesn't retain the compression attribute of that file.

What could be wrong with this? Both source and destination are NTFS-formatted.

A:Backing up files using Robocopy

Although compression is indicated via a file's attributes, I'm not sure if that particular property actually transfers with the copy, even with Robocopy. If you copy to a compressed folder (folder and contents) then I would think the copy would be compressed. And if that folder is not compreesed, files that are placed there will be uncompressed (even if you are copying a compressed file to that location).

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I'm new to using robocopy but I have used it for awhile with a couple of external drives to keep them in sync but using a simple command like:

robocopy g: f: /E /R:2

this copies everything from the g: drive to the f: drive including empty directories and tries 2 times for failures.

On my desktop which is a XP Pro machine as well, I've installed the Windows Resource Kit Tool which includes robocopy and am trying to do a similar thing to copy my "My Documents" directory on my c: drive to my k: drive which is an external drive on my mionet network. The copy does work fine but each time I run the robocopy command, a large number of the files get copied even though they haven't changed. I'm sure that I'm just missing something but I've tried adding things to the command line to not copy older files. Here's something that I have tried:

robocopy "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents" "K:\ImageThat\My Documents" /E /R:2 /XO /A-:A

each time that I execute this command, I get about 800 files that get copied and I don't understand why. Anyone see anything that I'm missing, or perhaps the way that I am understanding how robocopy works is the problem.

thanks in advance!

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I have setup a bat file to copy my files to the linkstation. As Below:

Robocopy "C:\Users\User\Documents\Janine" "B:\Documents\Janine" /MIR /E /SEC

But when it gets to certain files it says access denied. How do I get it to copy these files with permissions...

A:How to Robocopy my files to Linkstation.


Which file is causing issues?

Try this:

Robocopy C:\Users\User\Documents\Janine B:\Documents\Janine /MIR /E /COPYALL

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I get error code 0x80004005 when i try copy microsoft word document from my old window 10 computer to my windows 10 computer. I want help on how to delete file or resolve the problem.Serial number #: 5CG641NYN, PRODUCT # YOF93AV

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I've just re-organised my hard drives and I've set up a batch routine to backup my files, using Robocopy.

However, as I swapped my drives around, I've copied in the wrong direction. Robocopy has consequently deleted entire folders of important data.

The data isn't in the recycle bin.

What should I do to try and recover the data?


A:Used Robocopy and deleted my files - how can I recover them?

Is the partition unharmed and still visible in Explorer and Windows Disk Managment?

If it's unharmed, I'd consider PhotoRec or Recuva to recover the files. Both are free.

Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional is also said to be excellent, but I think you ultimately have to pay. Maybe $79?? It will show you the files it can recover, but won't let you actually recover them until you pay.

I'm assuming Robocopy doesn't have any type of "undo" capability.

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I have a standard Windows 10 build and I'm using robocopy to backup my data to an external drive. The goal is just to capture all my data so if the PC fails/gets stolen etc. I can restore my data on to another PC.

I'm doing a backup of c:\users\ as this seems to capture all my data. Are there any other folders you think I should backup?

I've excluded the 'AppData' folder as this seems to have a lot of stuff which is not data. Is that OK or do you think that should be backed up? Are there any other folders you think I should skip?

Thank you very much for your comments.

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Our Windows 7 backup machine uses robocopy to differentially refresh a file server backup each evening. Unfortunately, users use Microsoft Outlook with PST files, which are locked by Outlook. I often noticed that when users had not closed Outlook by the
time the backup reached their PST file, robocopy failed to update the file.
I thought that was a non-issue since such cases only happen to about 2 users each day, but I had the surprise to discover that when robocopy fails to update, it deletes the outdated files (/MIR implies /purge).
Do others get the same result? If so, can this be avoided? I did not find any option to ignore locked files in the documentation. I suppose this would not happen without /purge, but /purge is somewhat necessary (a simple directory rename could otherwise
largely inflate space usage).

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Hello all,

I need to robocopy many files which starts with the same name for Example (Ari, Arit, Ariel, Arik, Aris)
I tried robocopy source_file\ari*.* destination_file\ari*.* however it is nto working do someone can help with that.

Thanks Orfi

A:how to robocopy files with similar names


Your syntax is a bit out. Try this:

robocopy E:\Test\ Ari* F:\Test\ /e /mir

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I'm using robocopy (ver XP010) on a Windows XP laptop to copy user files to another drive for backup.

robocopy "c:\my documents" "Z:\myname\my documents" /XO /M /ZB /E /MIR /log:c:mylog.txt /TEE

It creates all of the directories and subdirectories but doesn't copy any of the files. The log shows no errors - total dirs 162 copies 162, total files 1458 skipped 1458.

To minimize variables I tried using a new usb external NTFS hard drive (Z) but it still skips all of the files. I've verified the permissions and owership of the files and everthing seems in order. The problem is limited to this computer, the other computers in the group are OK. Any suggestions?

I just found out that 2 of the 6 computers in this group fail so I will be compairing files and permissions etc. to see what the two failed ones have in common against the working ones.

A:Solved: Robocopy skips all files

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   I just run the robocopy with /purge  yesterday and connect few users to destination server. 
/PURGE :: delete dest files/dirs that no longer exist in source.
 i didn't realize the above and run again , thought of command will copy any changes to Destination.

 Now how do restore the delete files?
Also how do i run just to copy anything has changed in Source without deleting?

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Hi, we are migrating a very large amount of data and we are using robocopy. Everything seems to work fine but now we find  thousands of files having the time stamp reset to 1-1-1980.
After many many tests we now sure the the /B switch is causing this issue (in our case).

But we MUST use the /B switch. Otherwise we will have big problems with access denied errors. to user data.
Now my question is how to solve this issue and keep using the /B switch.
The cmd line we are using is:
robocopy "%source%" "%target%" /MIR /NODCOPY /COPY:DAT /DCOPY:T /r:0 /w:0 /mt:32 /tee /v /fft /np /TIMFIX /xa:sh /xd $RECYCLE.BIN /log+:x:\mylogs\copylog.log
Please help!!!!


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Started using robocopy to do my backups. In my command lines, i can specify directories on a external drive to backup to.Some directories show up and i see everything. My most important directory " my documents" DOESNT SHOW UP. I have confirmed a backup is occuring, via log file and properties on the backup folder. I edited it down to a backup of only that folder. Log file shows good, external drive shows the "backup" root directory and properties ( size, number of files) match log file. Open up the backup folder, NOTHING LISTED. I have to run the script as adminstrator , my user is admin also, but if i run it as myself, it cant access the folder. I think im dealing with a right issue, i have edited security on the external drive, even reformatted it , still nothing shows up.

A:Robocopy / view backed up files on external drive


Please provide system specifications as per tutorial - this make it so much easier to help.


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I want to copy the contents of pen drive to E drive. The pendrive drive is F. Now i want all the folders and files to have the same date it was as in the pen drive, when i stored .
Normally when i copy, all the files retain original date but folders get todate. Meaning less if date specific creation of folder is needed.
I heard that robocopy feature in command would give me a way to it. Reading in microsoft or in other forums, including in this forum would not solve my problem. as it is total technical in nature of using switches in command.
My specific need is date of the folders and folder in the pendrive F to be copied to E: in one new folder, say Eendrive copy .
Dcopy is one of the sub command. I want total command for this . There may be experts in this commands. Please let me know , how to accomplish this. The command help of microsoft only know to the tech experts, who knows all /\ switches. As a newbie to this subject, i do not know how to issue the command prompt command.

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HI, I have 2 directories on 2 different win 7 boxes. I need to copy every single new file or directory from source to destination without deleteing any file or directory in the destination that does not exist in the source, is it possible? if yes what are
the needed switches to acheive this?

Thanks in advance

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I have a PC with Windows XP SP2. Also have an IPOD and its software loaded on the computer.

When I reansfer files from my Nikon camera SD card (they start as jpeg files), the automatically are converted to Quicktime files.

I have no problem opening them with MS Office Picture Manager or picture viewer.

Problem is when I want to share with friends and email them and they cannot open them.

How do I stop my computer from changing file extensions (type) when I copy jpegs to my hard drive.

If I can find out how to stop the changes, then I need to go and convert extsting files back to jpeg (several years of pictures).


A:Solved: Saving NEED HELP - copying jpeg files result in quicktime files - how to stop

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I have been trying to copy my document files using a cd and dvd with no success.

A:Copy document files to cd or dvd and display those files and retrieving a specific f

Perhaps try a good CD / DVD burning software package such as Nero.

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Another question straight from the depths of my ignorance. I am going to reformat my hard drive again this coming Friday, why Friday?, you ask. Beacuse that will give me the weekend to try to get things going again, The question: I have just copied Program Files form the to be formatted drive to another hard drive on the system. Will I be able to install programs from the transferred Program Files onto the reformatted disk? For example, will I be able to install Zone Alarm or AVG to the newly formatted disk before I make an internet connection?

A:Solved: Copying and installing files from Program Files

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hi... got a used dell inspiron 2400(dimension) for $65 off of craigslist. it has a wd drive (150-200gb?) and xp and it works.
my old computer is an hp pavilion, with a wd caviar 320gb hd with xp pro sp2. i want to use the larger drive on the dell as master.

what i was thinking, is that i can put the small drive as slave on the hp, copy my files to it, see if they work on the dell, then format the large drive, put it as master on the dell, and reinstall xp. then, slave the small drive to copy over the files again.

if there's a better way, please let me know. i'm using the large drive on hp pavilion until i can find a reliable way to transfer files.

btw, i would also like to know if there's a trick to get the copied files working smoothly with a fresh xp.

A:copying files to another drive, format 1st, then replace files

If the goal is simply to use the larger drive as a boot drive on the other system...seems to me that simply deleting everything on the larger drive...then cloning the smaller drive to it...then replacing smaller with larger...accomplishes that.

Once convinced that the clone waas successful and boots, then I would delete everything on the smaller drive and re-partition it, using it for storage capacity.

There are various programs to do this sort of cloning, including EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition freeware. - . As with any the instructions for use before attempting to use.


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Hi there,
This is my work computer, so I don't have total control over it. I do have the administrator password. Windows 7 Pro SP1, it's one of 3 terminals connected to a Windows Server 2008 server. This contains the database for the business (small hotel).
So today I get to work to find the MSE icon orange. I open it, and it's asking me to restart the computer to complete the cleanup. I go to History, and find multiple entries of these:
Under the "Ransom" entries, the only file listed is HELP_DECRYPT.HTML. When I go to the folders, there is that file, and there are two more: HELP_DECRYPT.TXT and HELP_DECRYPT.PNG.
All our files though, appear to be OK, unencrypted and healthy.
I understand these files themselves are not the ransomware, but I am wondering how they got copied to all the folders. Is it possible for this trojan to run without adminsitrative privileges (i.e. someone had to enter the password)? If not, how could these HTML, PNG and TXT files have been copied to the PC?
I'm also trying to figure out how this might have happened. We have security cameras covering the front desk, and at the time the files are indicating on the "date created" "date accessed" "date modified" fields, which is the same date and time, no one was apparently using a browser. The resolution on the video is bad, but I think I can... Read more

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I tried doing this. Example.... game files/data from my XPdocs on C: to my win7 docs on D:.... couldnt do it, just gave me a chime, no dialogue box or anything. Also tried to move a file from my desktop to either mydocs or to program files folder, same thing. After that, even took ownership of all affected folders/files, ones being moved and destination folder. Still the same.

Question: is there some type of security setting i am missing? anyone else test this? I have moved files to mydocs before, and now i cant move anything to there.... has me confused now. Nothing special about a file or folder i am trying to move, permissions ect.

Tried both cut and paste, and copy, same problem either way. No protected files/folders involved

A:copying files to mydocs or program files

I can extract a zip/rar to mydocs or program files, but not manually just cut/paste or copy files to there... not just mydocs, but music folder, pictures... anywhere now it seems.... am able to save a downloaded file to those locations. confused

[edit] only recent app installations include powerISO, cod2 and Qtracker (game browser) since this problem has started. Dont think any of those should have affected or caused this problem. Also, yes, i am admin

[edit2] Well, not just mydocs or program files folders affected, its any drive/folder that i try to copy/paste cut/paste to another location

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I'm trying to load xp pro on a machine using two seperate, brand new hard drives and each time it had failed at the very beginning during the "copying files" phase.

I have also tried two seperate xp pro disks...................

I wrote the files it is missing down....and sure as heck cant find it now......

is this a hardware issue?

A:Xp Pro Load......copying Files......missing Some Files...


It could be hardware related, but hust to be sure, pick a Hardrive and reformat it completely and try ind instal XP on one HDD.

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I have copied my documents and I don't know how to get them into Windows 7 Libraries/Documents. I notice that Documents has a sub document of My documents. Where do I copy them to? Do I copy them to both or just one? I copied them to Documents and now they show up in both places. Looks like that is a waste of storage space on the hard drive.

I also have my music files copied and notice that there is a Libraries/Music and also a My Music folder.

Also what is this Public Documents and Public Music folders?



A:Document files

Hi TGMcallie.

There is only one real My documents folder. Libraries are just a way of collecting other folders together for convenience. The Documents library has two folders in it by default, The users own documents (My documents) and the public documents folder. The public folders are available to all users on your system. You can add and remove folders from a library to suit your needs. There is only one copy of the files and they are stored in your real My Documents folder. The other libraries are structured in the same way.

Hope this helps.

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Hi all, new to this forum AND new to Windows "7". I am struggling with what is probably a simple fix - if I save a document and it appears as "open document T" under type it will not print out. If I then send it to my Web Browser it will then print but twice as big as should be! HELP PLEASE !!!

Leslie Hine.


What is an "open document T" file? Are you using Open Office or something? For illustration lets assume yes for now...

In order to print out a document, windows need to be able to "open" it with an associated application and that app has to understand the "Print" DDE command from windows.

So if that document is, for example, and Open Office document and you don't have Open Office installed then it's not going to print because there is no app associated with it.

If you DO have Open Office installed (again assuming that is the program responsible for the document). Then it may be a case of the app needing to be upgraded to work with Windows 7 properly :/

I have run into this problem even with some older (6 year old) Microsoft software running on Windows 7 unfortuantely. In that case, even double clicking on the file will not open the file. It launches the app, but then the file does not load.

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I have Microsoft Word Starter 2010 on my computer which for my limited use is just fine. However when I go into documents and click on the "open new folder" button nothing happens. Really need to set up some new folders. Any suggestions or "cures" would be greatly appreciated.

A:Document Files

Hi try these 2 pages Introduction to Word Starter - Office Starter -
How to create a new folder in Word

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April seems to be my month for problems. I'm trying to copy a group of files onto my cd located in my E:\ drive, when I select the files to be copied a window opens up telling me to put a disk in drive E:\, which I do, the problem is that the window has but one button on it and its says cancel. There is no button that says ok. So I can't copy my files and have to close the window.

What am I doing wrong? I would appreciate any advice concerning this.


A:Copying files to a cd

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I'm trying to copy my hard drive over my WiFi network from my current computer running XP to my new Windows 8, however certain files, especially my Sony Vegas project files refuse to go over.
"You Need Permission to Perform this Action"
EDIT: I access another computer on my network that's running Windows 7 and was able to copy a Sony Vegas Project file fine. So it seems to be an issue with XP

A:Copying files from XP to 8

You should be able to copy any folders over on your Network apart from Windows and Program Files I can if you set access to that folder in its properties and add a Guest user that can Read and Write.

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I tried to copy some files I have in a Word folder stored on my desktop to a CD-R. When I did that they went out of order. Now the folder on my desktop is out of order. I must have these files in order. How can I do this? Also they must copy to disk in order.


A:copying files

Depends what order you need them in...
Windows organises file according to various categories
Right click on the folder/desktop and choose as shown in the screenshot below

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I would like to check that some files have not been copied from my PC (I suspect someone may have done), I therefore have 2 questions:

1) Does XP log copying events?

2) Is there another way of checking?

Thank you so much for reading, any replies greatly appreciated

A:Copying Files Log?

check date accessed.

open explorer and right click on Name. Click More, then check "Date Accessed".

obviously if you've accessed those files since you think they were copied, this won't help.

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Hi there all.
Is there a way to collectively copy and paste files from one to another directory, but fianally copy only those which do not already exist in the destination directory? For instance, I want to copy a large number of files from a hdd directory to a flash memory card. The destination directory already exists with a number of files from the source directory. Obviously I cannot sort out which files exist and which don't. Therefore I copy all source files and try to paste then in the flash card, but there is not enought room. If I could give a command to copy only the new files there surely be no problem of space, since the space of the flash card is larger than the space required for all the copy files. Otherwise I have to erase the files in the flash card and copy all the files anew.
Anticipated thanks.

A:Copying files

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Running xp pro. I want to copy files to an external hard drive and would like the files to be checked for errors. Is there a program that does this? Windows backup does that but to access the files you have to reinstall them in the original folder and drive? I also have heard that jpeg files lose bits of data each time there used or transferred and changing them to avi or something similar would be better? Is this true or what would be best and how would one do that? Thanks Geo.

A:Copying files

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How do I copy or add files to a directry without coping over other files that or in that directory. I am trying to cobine my documents folder from 3 PC to one. A lot of the files are the same, but some are not. When I do a select all and copy to a common drive it will not just addd the new files it will write over other files that have the same name. If they have the same name I dont need that new file.

It is making me look at every file to see if I want to copy that file or not.

Thanks for the help


A:copying files

When a user combines files with the exact same name...users get the either replace one file with another or leave the files as they were. That's normal. Electing to replace a file...deletes the other file with the same name.


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I got a folder on my desktop pc wich contains mp3's it has an individual folder for each artist within the main folder.
I keep a backup on an external hdd but is there anyway that i can update my backup without replacing every file (as in copy and paste).

Im using xp.


A:Copying files onto Hdd

synctoy is a great tool for this

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Sorry if this has already been posted, im not sure where to look for it!

Im trying to copy one file, into several folders (about 120).

Is this possible, and how?


A:Copying Files

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I want to copy my music and picture files from my WinME comp to my Win98SE comp to back them up, in case I lost my HD. I know I've done this before, but cannot figure out how to do it now. I am using a Linksys switch and exp cards. Help Please!

A:Copying Files

I fyou already have filesharing enabled then it should be as easy as select the files you want to copy, right click, copy, browse through network neighborhood to your other computer, paste in the desired directory.

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What is the best way to copy files from 98 to xp? the 98 computer has a floppy drive and no burner. The xp has no floppy but has a burner. I remember once copying 98 to win "me" by simply hooking up a cable from one computer to the other. Is this possible with xp? I forget what kind of cable it was but it cost around $15 I also forgot to procedure...

A:copying files from 98 to xp

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I am not sure if this is a bug or if I have to "turn something on" or what. I didn't see it in the lists of things that are missing:

I was moving some files from one drive to another. Identical files. What I discovered is Windows 7 defaults to making a copy (adding -copy at the end of the file name) instead of asking you whether you want to "copy and replace" (overwrite) the other file as was done in Vista. This also occurs if I move a file from one folder to another within the same drive.

I looked in file/folder options but I don't see anything to change this.

A:Copying Files Bug?

Strange I have not had that problem, you should send Microsoft some feedback on the problem.

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Is it posible to add more mp3 files to a cd-r disk that already has 1 mp3 file burned to it.

The file that is burned to it is only about 4 mb and the disk is a 700 mb there is plenty of space, but when I try to burn more mp3 it says "this medium is not writable".

So can anyone give me some advice please?


A:copying mp3 files

When you burn onto a CD, in the software there should be an option to leave the CD open (I think that's what it's called) so you can start burning file onto it and then come back and put more on later, but I don't think you can listen to the CD until it's been closed. If you do a normal burn it closes the CD so you can listen to it but you then can't add anything to it. So I don't think you can add any files to it. At least this is what I've learned from friends and my own use, and I could be wrong.

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I was wondering if someone could help me. What is the easiest way to copy files or even the entire hard drive that has Win 98 to a harddrive that has Win XP? I am not sure what what type of files need to be copied. Can you set up one as a master and one as a slave and copy the files, or should I just copy the files to a floppy disk?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank-you very much,
Kelly Whitehead

A:Copying files from Win 98 to Win XP

It will take you forever doing it by floppy if it is 20MB or more. I suggest you set up a USB connection between each computer, then copy the files across

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I've put files on CD's before and i've used windows media player to burn music. but i'm can't seem to get these photo's on to a CD. I've got windows XP and i'll go through the motions, but when the CD drives opens and i close it again to see if my files are there they are not. it says that i have a blank CD.?!?!?!? what am i doing wrong?

A:copying files to cds

Sorry about your problems, Anji.

I've had glitchy CD drive issues before too, but have never seen a program called Nero Burning ROM fail to do a successful, quick, and easy burn.

Here's a link to the program:

You can download it and try it(full version)for free. And for some reason they improve it every month and offer another free update every month(free of cost).

Try's the easiest(especially the Express panel) and most foolproof burning application around.

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When ever i try to transfer or copy a file to my desktop or another to another file, my computer completly freezes up, no ctrl alt del fuction, nothing, complete freeze, but when i do a hard restart, its perfectly fine when it starts back up

A:Copying files


Look into updating your chipset drivers to latest possible.

Open an elevated command prompt and copy/paste this, hit enter:

chkdsk /r C:

Run that for each partition on the system, changing C to match the letter.

You could try to install TeraCopy. It may do something better for you.

If you have AVG uninstall that from the system and do not just disable. Uninstall any other antivirus you may have, as a test if needed.

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I'm in the process of copying folders and files from one PC to another with the use of Zip disks. In checking the properties of what I move I see that the number of folders and files after the copying is identical on both PCs and the Zip disk, but there is a considerable difference in the number of bytes on each PC and on the Zip disk. It's as much as 15%. It would be impossible to compare the hundreds of files to see if I'm losing information in the process. Is the variation in the bytes (displayed when I right click on the three drives and select "properties") normal?

A:Copying files from PC to PC

I forgot to mention that I am copying from a computer using the FAT32 system to a computer using the NTFS system.

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I just recovered from an infection. I have no reason to suspect the virus is still present, but I have a question. Is it generally safe to copy files to an external hard drive, or could a virus still be present in the form of a picture/document itself, and/or be sitting in the picture/document folder and when I go to transfer said files/folders the virus will be copied over? Or do they not work that way?

Also, would copying the files while in safe mode help prevent transferring the virus over to the external hard drive?

A:Copying files

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I'm pretty new to Windows 7. I have an external hard drive, and I can't seem to copy files from the C drive to the external. Is there something in the settings that I need to change?


A:Copying Files

Copying files to an external hard drive is no different than copying to any other folder. Copy and paste. Drag and drop. If it's not working, be more specific as to what's happening.

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I have 15 gb of pictures that I am trying to put on CD's. They are in a temp file waiting to be written, however, my computer keeps saying that the CD won't hold all of the files. How do I get these files written and deleted off of my computer....I need the space. Thanks!

A:Copying files to CD

Welcome to TSG.
You might try moving them to a USB thumb (flash)drive. Or if you have a DVD burner, use dvds.
You should be able to burn part of the at a time to cds..

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hello guys i jsut bought a 1TB externalo hard disk... on my current computer i have a 300GB hard disk that is full.... i tryed moving the files to the 1TB hard disk...everything seem to work but when i cheked the numbers of files, it was missing liek 1000......can somone help me out?? is there a software or something to do this??? if so let me know.. i dont mind spending money for it.. i need a trustable software to do this

A:copying Files

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I just received an early Christmas present of a notebook computer with XP home edition. I want to transfer a file from my desktop ( win98) that is a backup zipfile( about 2,200kb) onto a cd to load onto my notebook. I do have a cd burner but I never used it for files, just music cds. I am really new at this. Is there a program that I need for this? Is it available on the web? For Free?
I need to do this before the weekend. Thanks

A:copying files

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A friend of mine deleted photos but they copied themselves 100s of times. She was able to delete the duplicates by putting the copies into new folders. She also got a message someone else was in the same file. I don't have access to her computer. She has Windows XP. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Files copying Themselves

I have a feeling I know what's happening. Happened to me alot until I caught on. I was making copies, then when trying to delete THOSE ones, I was making even MORE copies.

When your friend is highlighting several photos, she's probably clicking on them too quickly. For some reason unknown to me, that creates copies. Tell her to pause a little longer in between clicks.

Not sure if you know this, but you can also click and drag a box around a group of several items, and that will highlight them. Then they can be deleted. Tell your friend to try that.

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I have a computer at home containing numerous files, including lots of music files, that I'd like to copy to my work laptop (both using Windows XP). I am not allowed to add any software to the work computer or change any configurations.

Is there a simple way to copy around 6GB of files to the laptop? I used the Windows help function and attempted to use a serial cable and the Windows File and Settings Transfer Wizard, but the computers lost each other after about 45 minutes of activity.

A:Copying Files PC to PC

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Lately when trying to copy, move, delete, or open multiple files they just start copying themselves. For example, if I try moving say a dozen photos to another folder by holding down ctrl and clicking multiple photos, (or ctrl+a to select all) I will end up with several copies of each photo in the orginal folder. If I only highlight 4 or fewer this doesn't happen.

This is on an XP home SP2 box, 2.5 ghz p4, 512mb ram, 80 gb and 60 gb hds. I have checked several times for viruses and spyware using diffrent scanners and everything comes up clean.

This even happens when trying to import photos from a camera, unless I just click and drag the whole folder in to my photo folder.

What can be causing this and what can I do to fix it?


A:Self Copying Files

This commonly happens when you get in a hurry and become a bit sloppy with the mouse. Be sure you are holding the mouse *perfectly* still when you select the items. If you move it between the left click down and release, windows interprets that as a desire to make a copy of the file - and does so.

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I need help in naming what my problem is. If I knew what it was called I could search the web for help or a solution. A file page has two parts the 1st is the Browser Icon with just the file name (I call the controller)followed by ".htm". The second part is a folder Icon also with the file name followed by "_files". I normally always "Sleep" my computer when leaving it, but a week or so ago, being tired, I clicked on "shut down" accidentally. When I started my computer the next day all that came up was a screen I've never seen before - a light blue wall paper with birds on it on the right hand side. After trying again and again I finally got into repair mode -"NONE of your files will be affected"!!! All seemed OK after the system finally started - but now I am finding random files missing the "1st part" the "controller" the line with the browser Icon & file name with ".htm" after it. All there is - is the Folder Icon with the file name followed by "_files" that only contains Gobbeldy-Gook stuff and therefore the file (web page) that I had saved - is gone - not available to me. I know that this information is still on my computer, but I don't know what it is called (the missing "controller") much less how to find or restore them. Strangely, my Clickfree backup doesn't even show the folders that these files were in (thought I would just "restore" them but... Read more

A:lost document files

Could you please break up your future posts using paragraphs.
This one is hard to read.

You tried to save a web page and then some (possibly unrelated) problem occurred and the saved files have vanished, is that correct?

There are programs which can attempt to recover deleted files.
I'm not sure that they'll work in this case.
The more new files you save and the more programs you install, the smaller your chances are, of recovering a deleted file.
The HDD space may be overwritten (it definitely will be overwritten eventually).

You could try "Recuva".
Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

You should use a friend's PC to download the portable version.
Recuva - Portable version

"Subscribed Threads" are topics (like this one) where you have indicated that you wish to be alerted, when comments are posted.
You can select the alert frequency from a drop-down box, which is under the "Reply to Thread" text box.

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I don't know how it happened, but I have 2 document folders and each contain the same files. The same thing happened recently to my picture folder, but in this case one folder shows the camera roll and a folder with saved pics and the other shows saved pics open (gallery of pics). Is there any way to get rid of one of these document folders without deleting the files?

A:Two document folders each contain same files

One folder was pinned to Quick Access and I unpinned it....easy solution for once!

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Recently, i have came across on a weird issue. My documents, profile files, music, downloads and desktop icons are disappeared (not found in hidden too). When i launch %temp% or %appdata%, it's redirecting to 
instead of 
I can see all missing files there, but unable to open it. It shows as
"The document name or path is not valid".
Checked with Environmental variables and seems to be fine.
I would like to know exactly why this happen and what might cause this issues..

A:Document files are disappeared

Someone at my job had this issue recently.  I suspected malware, but the user had no intrenet access on the machine and the USB ports were locked down.  I did a google search on it (they were using Windows 7) and I found this.
I did method 1.  Hope this helps. 

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This problem only happens in this Users My Documents, where only files/folders that begin with A-C are shown. We know the files have not been deleted because on the Start Menu you have a shortcut to My Music and this works and prceeds to the relevant folder. Also if you create a new file and call it Y or something, you can see it in the My Doc folder until you refresh the folder

If you copy the same file into the Folder with a filename after C it asks you whether you want to overwirte it, so in other words the file is still located in that folder.

This sounds like a setting, but where could it be located HELP

A:Cant see some My Document Files/Folders


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I've been away on vacation and I've come back to find that all the files in MY Documents are gone. I was told that the Norton detected a virus and deleted it although there is nothing in quarantine. Is there any way of finding out if these files were deleted by any other means? - there's nothing in the Recycle bin and there's been no system restore. I don't know what type of virus it was. I have WIN XP.


A:My Document files erased

Who was using your machine while you were gone? I'd ask that person what happened. To my knowledge, Norton does not simply delete files but rather quarantines them.

Here is a site that offers applications to recover accidentally deleted files; perhaps one will help. Click here.

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When I scanned some certificates they generally go to the scanned document file. I couldn't find them, so I did a search and the scan put them in my picture file under my brothers name. I am in total confusion, so I looked around and everything is every place. Did I get a virus of some sort and it corrupted my Libraries?

A:Document files are messed up bad

Did you look through your scanner settings to see if the settings have the scanner set to send them to your brothers pictures file?

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Hello, Last night I was working in Adobe illustrator and I finished one project and opened another one and I get the message that my file was corrupted, so I rebooted and tried again and got the same message.

I also tried opening a PDF file and got a corrupt file message, the same happens when I try too open any of my word or excel files - jpgs are fine and all my programs boot up fine and there are no other other signs that anything is wrong.

I believe I have contracted a virus of some kind that is preventing me access to any of my files as the file properties all look as they should.

I have run a Norton Scan and used Norton Power eraser to try and fix this and whilst it did pick up on some threats the problem still remains with the files.

I have also run a full Chkdsk scan - still file problems (although my machine is now much faster)

I have also used Malwarebytes and run a full scan and removed any quarantined items. I also have logs if needed

I still have all my files coming up as corrupted.

Can anyone please help as this is my work machine that I use for my graphic design and I backed all my data up two weeks ago onto an external hard drive so all is not lost but I still have lost two weeks of work and don't want to have to reformat the drive if possible as all signs are pointing me in that direction.

I come on here in the hope that someone out there will be able to help in some way?

Any help is greatly appreciated and also quite urg... Read more

A:Help! all my document files are corrupted

If you have restore points you can recover them with Shadow Explorer.

ShadowExplorer - Recover Lost Files and Folders

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Hello, Last night I was working in Adobe illustrator and I finished one project and opened another one and I get the message that my file was corrupted, so I rebooted and tried again and got the same message.
I also tried opening a PDF file and got a corrupt file message, the same happens when I try too open any of my word or excel files - jpgs are fine and all my programs boot up fine and there are no other other signs that anything is wrong.
I believe I have contracted a virus of some kind that is preventing me access to any of my files as the file properties all look as they should. 
I have run a Norton Scan and  used Norton Power eraser to try and fix this and whilst it did pick up on some threats the problem still remains with the files.
I have also run a full Chkdsk scan - still file problems (although my machine is now much faster)
I have also used Malwarebytes and run a full scan and removed any quarantined items. I also have logs if needed
I still have all my files coming up as corrupted.
Can anyone please help as this is my work machine that I use for my graphic design and I backed all my data up two weeks ago onto an external hard drive so all is not lost but I still have lost two weeks of work and don't want to have to reformat the drive if possible as all signs are pointing me in that direction.
I come on here in the hope that someone out there will be able to help in some way?
Any help is g... Read more

A:Help all my document files are corrupted

File corruption is common, not related at all necessarily to malware...could be indicative of hard drive problems.
Try running the chkdsk /r command on your Windows partition, please.

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I purchased an HP PC, model a1410n in june 06. It has Windows XP, SP2 and Media
Center Edition 2005. I transferred all my document files to MY Documents on new PC.
I cannot open any of these files. I receive error message "Cannot load Word for Windows 6.0 files. I found the exact error message in Windows data base for XP, SP 2 (article 883090). I followed explicit steps to modify registry to resolve the error. That did not
resolve the problem. The error message still comes up each time I click on one of the document files. I am a novice computer user. I contacted HP tech for assistance since the
software is still under warranty. That was a waste of time. I was referred back to microsoft (above article) or it was suggested to do a "destructive" recovery. I had to return this PC to HP for hardware repair and a complete system recovery was run before I transferred the document files. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Document Files will not open

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Hi. How can you copy all programs and files from your older windows 7 laptop to a new window 8 laptop>

A:copying programs and files

You can copy the files to an external HDD but you'll have to install the programs.

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I work in an office and people keeping making copies of a database (accidentally) that everyone uses. Most of the time, they don't realize that they're working out of the copy, and then it give our IT manager a nightmare when she has to merge the two databases.

My question is: is there a way to protect a file from being copied, but so that you can still modify it?

Any help would be appreciated!

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I was copying files from one folder to another and noticed that after holding down my ctrl key and selectively picking my jpg files to copy from one location to another, occasionally my Windows 7 computer would do some sort of internal copy that resulted in the images I had selected being copied into the same folder with a renamed version of the original that included 'copy'. Is there a way to shut off that feature in Windows 7? It's a bit annoying and adds quite a bit of disk usage for the redundant files. TIA

A:Copying files question

Quote: Originally Posted by cover

I was copying files from one folder to another and noticed that after holding down my ctrl key and selectively picking my jpg files to copy from one location to another, occasionally my Windows 7 computer would do some sort of internal copy that resulted in the images I had selected being copied into the same folder with a renamed version of the original that included 'copy'. Is there a way to shut off that feature in Windows 7? It's a bit annoying and adds quite a bit of disk usage for the redundant files. TIA

That happens if you move the mouse just a bit after selecting a file---a very small drag of the mouse, while you've still got the left mouse button depressed.

You can avoid it by being careful to simply select a file to be copied with a poke, and then selecting the next file with another poke, without making that slight dragging motion between the two pokes.

You can tell when you've moved the mouse if you see a "+" sign appear. That means you're going to do that internal copy that you don't want.

I don't know of any way to turn it off, but I haven't looked.

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I have a problem copying files to my USB hard disk. Many times, I copy a file from a laptop or PC on to the disk, no problem. When I try to open the file(s), I get an error message about restriction, and the file doesn't open. I suspect a virus. Please help.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:05:15 PM, on 2/5/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Norton Ghost 2003\GhostStartTrayApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Norton Ghost 2003\GhostStartService.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\POWERPNT.... Read more

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I have HP 9100 CD Writer with Adaptec DirectCD Wizard V1 for formatting CDs. I have formatted 4 R/W CDs for back ups. I have used this "burner" for about a year and in the last month or so I have been having a problem.
When I insert an old, formatted R/W CD and try to copy some files from the hard drive to the CD, it takes a very long time compared to when it was working correctly. Then usually, I get the following error:
I have tried to format a brand new disc, it takes the usual 45 minutes but then when I try to copy files to the new disc, I get an error saying it has not been formatted.
I have un-installed the software, scanned, defragged, re-installed Adaptec DirectCD software a number of times Sometimes this fixes the problem but usually not. If it does fix it, the fix only lasts a few days & I start getting that error again.

A:CD Writer not copying files

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Hey guys, this has been bothering me for SO long, please help!!. Ok, so on my home network, I have my Vista laptop (which is the computer I'm on now, and mainly use) and an XP Desktop machine. I use my XP computer to download all of my music, so whenever I get new music, I want to transfer it to my laptop. On my laptop, I have a shortcut to my desktop's music folder, which is a shared folder, so I can easily transfer songs and what not. Here is my problem: Whenever I try to copy/transfer a NEW song from my desktop over to my laptop, an error comes up saying "You need permission to perform this action". The reason I bolded "new" is because the error only comes up when I try to copy a new song over to my laptop! If I copy a song older than around 2 weeks, it works perfectly, no errors or anything. Trust me, I have all the sharing options enabled and everything like that. The new songs are able to be shared and they aren't "read only". So whenever I get a new song and need to put it on my laptop, I always have to go on my desktop computer, copy and paste the song (make a duplicate) to another shared network folder, then go on my laptop and copy it from there, and that works. I have no idea why. So my question in a nutshell, why can I not transfer NEW songs from one computer to another, unless I make a duplicate of the file, over my home network?


A:Copying *NEW* files over my network?!?

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I had to copy over files from my laptop to an external hard drive before I left my job. After copying over the files (Excel, Word) when I open the files there is nothing in there except numerous duplicates of the following text:


I also lost a bunch of jpegs

Is there any way to get back the original data?

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Hi all,

anyone here could tell me why copying a bunch of small files in Win7 takes so long (transfer rate under 1MB/s)'s the same in Vista, so here's a case where Win7 didn't improve things. Doing the same sort of operation in XP or Linux can be twenty/thirty times faster.

I'd really like to have some feedback on this one, 'cause it's been bothering me for a while. Thanks

edit: copying big files is also not as fast as it should be compared to XP, but the difference is not as huge as when copying small data.

edit: I'm of course talking about copying from one partition to another on a single HDD. Copying small data to a USB key is still worse.

adding: I mean I'd call it a very serious issue, that's been there since the release of Vista, so that has nothing to do with Seven being at beta or RC stage...

A:copying small files

Hi Logos,

Welcome to the forums.

If you fill in your system specs (via User CP) it would help. I am not having that problem with either Vista or Seven.


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I have been trying to copy some files from my uncles old windows xp drive to my new vista x64 system but keep getting access denied wen trying to copy files from the user profile files. i hav tryed taking possetion of these files so that i am the owner and hav also set all permissions for all users on my system to full but am still getting the same access denied msg wen i try to copy the files out of the folders.

for some reason i canot start up the windows xp installation and copy them on to a usb stick so copying them throo my vistax64 is my only option until my sister gets her laptop with xp fixed.

any help in this matter would be much apreciated!

Many Thanx

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I am having some problems copying large files to my computer from an external hard drive. The copying process starts but then seems to freeze after a couple of minutes. Is this happening to anyone else and is there anything I can do?

A:Copying Large Files

OS is Vista?.........according to your specs, along with no other information to help us whatsoever?

So I could 'guess', but a little more information would be nice

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Is there a way to copy and paste Adobe 8 files? I would like to send PDF files via my Yahoo e-mail,

A:Copying Adobe Files

Save the PDF file then send it as an attachment

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I have a small home network in which I often copy or move files from one computer to another.

Recently I noticed that there is a problem copying MPG and WMV files from other computers to one running Vista Home premium. I get the message: "You must have permission to perform this action".

Permission from whom? I am the administrator. There is no problem performing this action with TXT, DOC, JPG, EXE or any other file type. What is the problem with these video file types and how do I fix it?

My present work around is copying to a flash drive and using that copy to transfer MPG and WMV files to the Vista computer.

A:Copying files over network

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I need to rebuild my computer and I wish to copy all my outlook mailboxes and e-mails to a file and then copy them to the new rebuilt system. The problem I'm having is everything I try to copy only gives me the option to save in the outlook folders, I can't save to a network directory. Any ideas on how to do this?

A:Copying outlook files

You could do a find on your computer for all files ending in .pst to get your emails. You may have old ones or many you don't recognize. You can go to Tools>Accounts, double-click Personal Folders to see the path where the file is located. Do the same for any personal address books (.pab) you may have.
(repeat for additional profiles)
Then just copy the files. When your system is rebuild, you can put the files back and and just point to the correct files.


Just go to File>Import/Export to export everything to a file.

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Is there any way to copy a large file of 8 GB and above from one directory to another in an NTFS system?

A:Copying Large Files

Yes why not... what's the problem?
you are talking about copy ....not about move?

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I have two PCs running XP Pro networked with a router and
DSL connection. PC1 is an ftp server. I can copy and
paste from PC1 to anywhere on the network no problem, but
from PC2 I cannot copy files from PC1. I get the
following error:
"Cannot copy (filename): Cannot find the specified file.
Make sure you specify the correct path and file name."

I have re-setup the network several times, and put another
PC on the network, it could not copy from PC1 either.
There is no firewall other than the router.

Thanks for any help.


I am running XP Pro on both

A:Copying files over network

Actually, you may have the XP firewall running, which would screw up the works.

Right click on My Network Places, select Properties.
Right click on Local Area Network, select Properties.
Select the advanced tab, and turn off the firewall.
Do this on both machines.

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In an effort to start some spyware removal, I have been trying to back up my "My Document" files to a CD. After highlighting all of my files and clicking "copy to folder", a box asks for me to put a disk into the DVD drive (which I do). After doing so, my computer will not acknoweldge that a disk has been inserted and after clicking to folder several times it finall starts "copying". However, it does not copy to the disk, but (if this makes any sense) it copies to the existing folder. After copying, ll the files in "my documents" read Copy of XXXX, Copy of YYYY, etc.etc.

How can I get rid of the "Copy" designation on my files and what can I try to copy my files to CD?

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Installed Vista HP

All fine save one (big problem)

In short I cant copy my music and pic dvd. Have a lot of files (almost 4gb). It gets to about 60% and stops copying as per the screenshot. Sometimes it tells me I have not enough memory to complete the opration (not the case as my hard drives are 160gb with plenty of space)

I have tried copying it to my Master hard drive, slave hard drive and External USB drive, all with the same result.

I think its the number of files (20,000+) as I can copy say a game dvd to my hard drive without issue (4.5gb but like 5 files)

Desperate for a solution or a workaround

This is error message I get (copying 4gb to a drive with 122gb free)

My specs are Vista Home Premium 32bit, 2gb Ram, 3.4ghz Pentium, 2x160gb Internal Samsung hard drives, Sony G120 DVD Rewriter.



A:Copying Large no files from DVD

I also have this problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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Is there a way to set Windows XP so that when it overwrites folders when copying, it deletes old content that should not be there in the folder anymore?


Say I have a folder F1 that contains files a, b, and c.
Then I copy that folder somewhere else. The copy is F2 and it contains copies of a, b, and c.
Suppose I delete c from F1.
Then I copy F1 again, overwriting F2.
I find that c is not deleted from F2, even though it does contain the updated versions of a and b.

I think windows is trying not to delete files if it's not told to do so explicitely (i.e. it's only told to copy, not delete).

There must be a way to set Windows so that it does delete files from folders if the folder in question is being overwritten and the overwriting folder doesn't contain those files. Is there?

A:deleting files when copying

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