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upgrade win7 32bit to win7 64bit "in place" ?

Q: upgrade win7 32bit to win7 64bit "in place" ?

Is it possible to upgrade in place from win7 32bit to win7 64bit.

Is it better to do a clean new 64bit install?


A: upgrade win7 32bit to win7 64bit "in place" ?

A fresh install is your only option

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I have purchased and downloaded both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows7 Professional (no CDs or media here only download version)

I sucessfully upgraded from Vista 32 to Win7 32

Then I upgraded my hard disk (140Gb 500GB) and RAM (3GB to to 4GB)

Now I would like to go from Win7 32bit to 64bit

When I try and run the Win7-P-retail-en-us.x64.exe file it upacks the box then stops with this error:"We are unable to create or save files in the folder in which this application was downloaded. Please check the folder properties to make sure that you have security permission on the folder to write flies and that that folder is not read only"
I am the System Admin and I have full rights, and have moved the exe and the setup box files to My Documentsand I have modified the directory properties/attributes but I still get the same error over and over.

I searched the posts and some people stated one needs a clean install others say you can upgrade from any version so I am trying the upgrade here especially since the upgrade from Vista 32 to Win7 32 was smooth and did require all the extra work of a reinstall.

Can someone help me here?


A:Win7 (32bit) to Win7 (64bit) upgrade install error

I believe to go from 32-bit to 64-bit, you will have to boot off the DVD. The installer is a 64 bit application that won't run under 32-bit. Find instructions to create a DVD if you don't already have it.

Good luck!

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I'm presently running Win7 Pro 32bit on an Intel Core2Duo 2.4Ghz 775 socket.

I've just purchased a i5 760 processor, an Intel H55 chipset Mobo, and 8GB of ram.

My copy of Win7 Pro 32bit was acquired through the college I was attending.
I have the installation disk and the license number.

When I reinstall Win7 Pro on my new set up, what do I need to do to make it a 64bit install?

I plan to use to the same installation disk and license number.


A:upgrade from win7 pro 32bit to win7 pro 64bit with same licence

You will need the 64-bit DVD for a clean install
Clean Install Windows 7

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I am trying to upgrade from Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit. A tech? instalked a new HDD for me and put Win7 64bit on it. I have another drive that has Win7 32bit on it that I would like to put Win7 64bit on. I have the new 64bit cd and can read directions, I just have no directions to tell me how to do it. The HDD I want to install on has been formatted Win7 32bit, however there is nothing on it of value now so I am ready to do this thing. I have read the directions on how to do a clean install but have no way to know if this would be classed as a clean install. I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree but I am very careful. It's been a few years since I've had the hood up on a computer but I do know my way around inside, even know what some of those things are in there. If there is some one out there that can set me on the right road to do this thing I will certainly appreciate it. Thanks DonS

A:upgrade from win7 32bit to Win7 64bit

Hello Don, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Is this going to be installed in another computer, or are you having both hard drives in your current computer to dual boot?

Do you have separate product key number for the second installation?

If it's going to be installed on a separate computer and you have a second key to activate with, then yeah you could do a clean install with it like in the tutorial below.

Clean Install Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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Bought a used HP EliteDesk 800 G1 PC. It's a Quad Core i5 with 4 Gb of RAM. It presently has Win 7 32 bit. I was told it originally came from HP with Win 8. Not sure what version. It did not have a COA sticker and the seller (CS student) gave me one he had lying around since I complained. I have other Win 8/10 machines so I know they don't come with a COA.

Couple of questions since I want to upgrade to Win 7 64 bit. Using a key checker I see a Win 7 key (not the one he gave me) and the UEFI "key". Is the UEFI "key" useful for anything? Should I try to use the Win 7 key that the key checker found or the one on the COA he gave me?

I have loaded Win 7 many times to repair or upgrade a PC and have all the versions. I have not installed Win 7 on a machine with UEFI so I want to be careful before I start. I have no problem wiping the data on the disk if that eases the install.

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I don?t understand why it?s not possible to upgrade from 32 to 64, or maybe there is a whay to do it and I?m just not informed enough?I?m using win7 proffesional 32 bit (or better, I get more and more used to work with linux(64bit) instead of Win.) and I would like to upgrade to Windows10 64bit . With my newer, stronger computer it is funny to keep using 32bit but I also know that I?m not going to buy win10, my hope is to be able to upgrade from win7 32 to win10 64bit, is there a way to do it?

A:Upgrade from win7 32bit to win 10 64bit???

I'm not sure if there is a definitive upgrade process released as of yet, but when changing platforms, you've always needed to do a clean install. That being said, it's an easy process if you plan ahead.

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I have a 64 bit windows 7 upgrade disc, and no Vista installation disk. I do have a valid cd-key that came with the 64bit Vista operating system. I was looking for a CD image to download since like all laptops they give you the crappy restore disk that add bundled software you don't want and take forever to load.

So to sum it all up, upgrade from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7 possible??

My Vista cd-key is for Vista Home Premium

A:Upgrade from 32bit vista to 64bit win7 possible?

If vista is still on your pc then you can clean install the upgrade 7 disk. The installer will see the old os and allow the clean install. Hope this helps you with your problem.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I have windows 7 32 bit installed on 2 separate drives (dual boot).
On one of the drives I want to install Windows 8, but want to use the 64 bit version to see if it runs a particular programme better taking advantage of more memory.

According to MS upgrading using the Install Assistant or Advisor will not upgrade 32bit to 64bit so I cannot upgrade at the lower price and have to buy the full install cd.

Is this actually the case, or is there any work around that will allow me to download and install the Win8 64bit upgrade at the lower price

A:Upgrade Win7 32Bit to Win8 64bit

When downloading the upgrade you need to


If you need to download 32bit Windows 8, download from a 32bit PC.
If you need to download 64bit Windows 8, download from a 64bit PC.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

You will need to wipe the partition first to upgrade from x32 to x64.

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I know now that it cant be done.
Anyway this is where Im at. I got a new machine at Christmas, it has a TB hard drive, intel 3 processor, 8g video card, cant remember what else and I cant get into it to tell you but its is definitely able to run the 64 bit version of win7. It came without an OS and as I already had a guenuine copy of win7 that was fine. However, being a bit of a noob I loaded the 32 bit version and not the 64 bit version.

Today I decided to load the 64 bit version. yes, i now know that it cant be done as a simple upgrade. (im kicking myself)
It started to load....but now it is stuck at a command prompt screen. If i reboot i just get the command prompt screen. If i try to go back to loading from the windows vista disk all i get is the command prompt screen. I can open the registry, and it looks like the previous 32bit version has been cleared, but the 64 bit version has not loaded. I think it has cleared the 32bit version but not loaded the 64bit version.

I did think of just formatting the c drive but i cant remember the name of the partitions, The C drive was partitioned to have windows on one and my data on the other. I dont mind formatting because i backed up most stuff i would have needed....just have to download drivers again for the Graphic card....or just a horrible thought.. would i need drivers for the motherboard and other hardware??

Basically I am stuck and my beautiful gaming machine is flooked :

A:help needed, tried to upgrade from 32bit win7 to 64bit (doh)

If all of your data is backed up, you should be able to boot from the Windows 7 disk, wipe all partitions, and reinstall Windows to a single C partition. Make sure only one hard drive is connected when you start.

But first a few questions:

You mention the PC came with no OS and then you mention Vista. What does Vista have to do with this? I assume you want Windows 7, not Vista.

Do you have a valid 25 character Windows 7 Product Key?

Is your Windows 7 installation disc a retail version?

Is it a full version or an upgrade version?

Have you set the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive first?

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I have an aging system (2008) Win7 Pro 32bit. I would like to upgrade to 64bit in order to be able to use more ram, and other benefits.

Trying to decide whether to go to Win8 or Win7 Pro 64bit. I have some favorite programs that run on the 32bit system and may not run on 64bit. As I understand it, I may be able to run these 32bit porgrams on a 64bit machine. (??)

I am not a total newbie, but have not been keeping up on new technology since 2008, so I am asking for advice. I have a computer tech who can help.

My tech friend is advising NOT to go to Win8. He says that he would not recommend this OS until at least two years time has passed since it's introduction so MS has time to work out bugs. I am also just upgrading a desktop and have no touch screen.

I want my new system to be a media center, some graphics and some light video work.

I have bought

Asus AMD 990FX Atx 4 DIMM DDR3 TUF Sabertooth MOBO

AMD FX - 8320 EIGHT-CORE 3.5GHZ 16MB 125w AM3+CPU
AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 Eight-Core 3.5GHz AM3+ Processor - AM3+, Eight-Core, 3.5GHz, 16MB, 125W, Unlocked at

Kingston 8GB 1600MHz 10-10-10 DDR3 HyperX Red (thinking about getting another 8gb and upping my ram to 16gb)
HyperX red | Kingston Technology

I will be using my current Silverstone 850watt power supply, hard disks, case and DVD drives. Have a 6950 AMD Radeon video card.

Some more questions

If I upgrade to Win7 64bit while changing hardware, what ... Read more

A:Upgrade Win7 Pro 32bit to 64bit or go to Win8?

Hello Bill and welcome to Seven Forums. Lots of questions and I have no definitive answers for you. Just some personal opinion and others may totally disagree.

I have very limited experience with Windows 8. I played around with the Beta (consumer preview) for about 2 months and I didn't like it. To me it felt like a lot of the functionality I was used to in Windows 7 (and Windows XP before that) was missing. Now don't get me wrong. I think the basic underlying operating system is good. It booted up faster than 7, it has better security, and for about $5.00 you can buy something called Start8 from Stardock that makes Windows 8 look and feel like Windows 7. It even brings back the start button and start menu. But it still felt like I was trying to use a touch operating system on a non-touch computer.

The first thing I'd ask myself is: if I really want to keep the Windows 7 look and feel, why would I bother getting Windows 8 only to make it look and feel like 7? Why not just stay with 7? On the other hand, if I had to replace a broken or aging machine, then I probably would go with 8. But it sounds like your machine has the chops to stay around for a while and it doesn't sound like you have any immediate or pressing need to replace your computer.

Upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit will require a clean install. You'll need to backup all your personal data. But you can use the same 25-digit Product Key to activate the 64-bit 7 Pro as you used to activate the 32-bit 7 Pro. ... Read more

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To avoid the Student Win 7 hassle (upgrading Vista 32 to Win 7 Pro 64 bit ISO burn, etc), can I simply use the Home Prem 32 Upgrade (for my other computer) arriving this afternoon with my 64bit Pro upgrade key & end up with the 64bit Pro installation?


A:Win7 Pro 64bit Upgrade Key w/ Prem 32bit Upgrade Disk

No... you can only update to the same version that you have installed... Home to Home... etc.

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Trying to clean install from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit both Home Premium. I put the Win 7 DVD in the tray, shut down the computer, restarted with hard button and nothing happened. It rebooted into Vista. Opened DVD drive and double clicked on setup.exe and got the following message "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher."
How do I get Windows 7 to install?

A:Trying to upgrade from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit both Home Premium

You'll need to select the DVD drive as the boot option in BIOS. Read through Clean Install Windows 7

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Hi, I have upgraded my XP to Windows 7 32bit. I have been trying to record from the net using a Rocketfish 7.1 sound board, but it will not allow to setup my source as What U Hear. I have tried to use the instructions by Corpsecrank written in 2009. My windows do not display the Disable Devices or Disconnected Devices. Is there something missing from Rocketfish install? Is there some additional later information for Windows 7 sound setup. It does display Rocketfish 7.1 Microphone, Line In, Auxiliary and my Webcam.

A:Setting up "What u Hear" using Rocketfish 7.1 on Win7 32bit

arossi10 welcome to the Seven Forums.

Did you remember to install the driver for it?


The one they have is for Vista but it should work in Windows 7 no problem.

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I have two 500 GB HDDs, and I installed Windows 7 64bit on one, and 32 bit on the other. When im in my 64 bit OS, I can't access my 32 bit HDD. When im in the 32 bit OS I CAN access the 64bit HDD.
From 32 bit I can access
32bit HDD
64bit HDD

From 64 bit OS i can access
64bit HDD
Why is this?

A:Problem with Hard Disk after dualbooting Win7 32bit with Win7 64bit

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I just bought a ThinkPad T400, and 8GB DDR3 upgrade kit. After first log on, I realized the Windows 7 is 32bit. How can I upgrade to Ultimate x64 instead?

Thanks for your help.

A:Win7 32bit Home Premium to Win7 64bit Ultimate: Possible without Clean

I think you have to Wipe and reinstall. You can't go from 32bit to 64bit over the top of the 32bit.

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I purchased the Win 7 Pro Upgrade 32bit via digitalriver, but I've been doing some reseach and probably should have selected the 64bit version.

- Any ideas how I can get the 64bit version?

- For those who ordered the 32bit back-up disc kit for the extra $15 and have received it, does it come with both 32bit & 64bit?

- I've already installed and activated the 32bit version, but when I go to install the 64bit version, will I need to / is there a way to deactivate my initial 32bit install or will this not matter?

Thanks for your advice.

A:Reinstall Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit /backup disc content

Camo15, Welcome to SevenForums
The first two questions call Digital River about a refund and reorder. Have heard that some have had success with that. No need to un activate however if you decide to try to use that Key again then you will have to call MS and talk to them to make it work on another pc if that is your intent. Good luck to you and enjoy!

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Just wondering if it would be possible to backup a Win7 32bit system, install a Win7 64bit system then restore the 32bit to the 64bit system?


A:Macrium Reflect: Restore Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit?

NO -- a clean install is required to move from one to the other. IF you restore an MR backup over an install, it replaces the entire contents of the partition. So basically, you would be going back to the version that you saved to backup.

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I have a new Toshiba Laptop (Win7 64bit CORE i3). I would like to run (via usb) and old hdd from my desktop which was 32bit Win7.
I have the old hard drive in a SATA enclosure and running it via USB to my laptop. When I attempt to either copy or read the old hard drive I get a write protect error. I have tried
the MS registry changes to remove "write protection" but the registry entry they call for is non existent in my laptop registry.
My last post on this was annotated as solved...but my explanation was weak. I do not want to run this drive as a permanent addition to my system, I just need to copy some files from the old drive to the new one.
If I attempt to use Control Panel/Disk Management it tells me the old drive is not "initialized". Both options to initialize don't work. Please help I have some very important medical records that must be copied from old hdd to new.

A:Cannot read hdd from old desktop Win7 32bit on new laptop Win7 64bit

Have you tried connecting the old hard drive to the old computer using the SATA connection then connecting your laptop to your network before copying the files over?

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Hi folks.

I have searched through the various threads that deal with this topic but have not seen anything that deals with this specifically.

I have a custom built computer I put together last year. I installed Win7 32bit at the time because I didn't want to bite the bullet and reinstall everything. That time has now arrived.

My computer has:

i7 Core 960 2.67GHz
8GB Ram
1TB HDD (Win7 32bit installed)

I purchased an OEM DVD of Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and an Intel 180GB SSD drive.

I want to install the SSD drive on the computer and install Win7 64bit OS as a DUAL BOOT. This way I will be able to choose to migrate my applications at my own pace. As I install a 64bit version of my Photoshop CS6 for example, I will delete it in the 32bit OS once I have all my settings, brushes etc. moved over.

Should I ?

1. Install the SSD and get it recognized by the BIOS and the 32bit OS.
2. Boot from the DVD of the 64bit OS and choose the SSD as the location of the installation.
3. Reboot the computer after installation complete

and at that point I should get the dual boot screen?

The above is how I understand the process based on some tutorials I've seen for dual booting XP and Vista. Does this work for Win7 32 and Win7 64?

A:Dual Boot Win7 32bit and Win7 64bit on a second SSD drive

Easy - install the SSD and disconnect all the HDDs. Then install Win7 on the SSD and make the SSD second in the boot sequence (first should be the CD/DVD reader). Then reconnect the HDDs.

When you want to boot from your 32bit system, temporarily change the boot sequence (usually via F12 at power-on).

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I am working on a Dell Studio 1745 running Win7 64 Home Premium. I need to run a piece of hardware (Tascam US122) that is incompatiable with the 64bit OS. My plan is to partition the drive and install Win 7 32bit on the new partition so I can run the mentioned hardware. I've done this on another machine (Dual Boot XP and Win 7) and ran into a problems with the bootloader. I learned to install older OS FIRST because of that. I'm wondering if installing Win7 32bit on a current Win7 64bit machine will cause a similar problem with bootloaders? I'd rather not have to mess with the bootloaders, but I really need to run this hardware. And, since this is a Dell, with touchscreen, and most IMPORTANTLY, a friend's computer I want to be 100% sure I'm not going to cause issues I can't fix.

So, again, will installing Win7 32bit on a new partition of a Win7 64bit machine cause problems with the bootloader, or any other foreseeable problems?

Thanks a bunch!

A:Installing Win7 32bit on Win7 64bit machine?

This says that the drivers work with 64-bit Vista. Have you tried using the Vista driver?


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Hi all

Just joined the forum J

I have just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and I notice that after installation I now have two program File directorys. One called ?Program Files? and the other ?Program Files (x86).

Do I need both or can I delete the ?Program Files? one which I am guessing is the old 32 bit stuff.

By way of further information: I started out with Windows XP installed. I then did a upgrade install of windows 7 32 bit. I then decided to go 64 bit so I used the custom/fresh install option of the 64 bit upgrade which has left me with this possibly redundant ?Program Files? directory.

Any help of suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance


A:Win7 64bit installed can i now delete the extra "Program files" dir?

No, its still needed and anyway the system wont let you do it.

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Every since I upgraded to Win7 Pro 64bit from Win7 Pro 32bit I have been getting "The DNS server isn?t responding" error randomly and constantly (I attached the most current reports). I got rid of the Windows drivers and went straight to the Intel site for the drivers.....issue remains. Tried a complete power cycle of the router and modem....issue remains (No other computers are having the DNS issues, wired and wireless). I disabled the Bonjour Service (mDNSResponder.exe)......issue remains. The is driving me nuts and I notice that the only way I can force the connection is to disable and enable the NIC. Any help?! Thanks!

A:Constant error: "The DNS server isnít responding" (Win7 Pro 64bit)

Hi charliearthur, flush your dns cache and run namebench - Download to find the best dns service in your area.

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Hey guys,

I'll be getting a copy of Windows 8 very shortly, (After becoming Accredited for Windows 8. Cheers, Microsoft), and I'd like to have a system partition.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit installed on my system at the moment, but my hard drive is not yet partitioned. My plan is to have a system partition so that when I use the "Custom Install" option when installing Win8, I can wipe Win7 out of it and do a clean install of Win8.
I want to make sure I get this right with nothing exploding, so I figured this would be the place to ask.

I checked in "Disk Management" and was going to follow a tutorial I found within the depths of SevenForums, but the tutorial says to partition "Unallocated" space, whereas I have "Primary Partition" for my entire hard disk space.

Any solutions for me?

A:Partitioning a "Primary Partition" Win7 Ultimate 64bit

Do you want to get completely rid of Windows 7?

I assume you do.

In that case, you would boot from the Windows 8 disk and delete all partitions during the Windows 8 installation process. That will get rid of Windows 7.

You will end up with a small System Reserved partition and a large primary C partition, containing Windows 8.

You don't need to worry about unallocated space, primary partitions, etc. Just delete all existing partitions.

If you want to have BOTH Win 7 and Win 8 on the same PC, that's another story.

After Win 8 is installed, you can then go back and make another partition for data or some other purpose if you like.

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I had to recover my PC after a virus, got everything back up and running w/ some help from this forum.

What I noticed now is that some of My Computer drive labels are now static, before they would only appear what I plugged in a usb device or flash card into my built in reader.

So far I have went into folder and search options and uncheked the show hidden files and folders and checked off to hide them w/ no luck.

See pix, circled drives never showed up before unluess I had somthing plugged in:

A:Win7 64bit Home Premium - My Computer Drive Labels "static"

Do these "drives" appear in the disk management page - start, right click my computer, manage, disk management. ?

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Win 7-64 on Gateway FX6860 i7 system 8gm ram tons of HD space.
Got "Page Failed to Load" error attempting to change my Win7-64bit display resolution.
This used to work, but no more ( don't know what might have caused it)

I ran "sfc /scannow". SFC reported that there were corrupted files that could not be repaired or replaced and to look at CBS.log. I did but can make no sense out of it.

Please find that file attached -- Any help will be appreciated.....

thank you,

A:"Page Failed to Load" error attempting to change my Win7-64bit display

Run the system file check again. Sometimes it requires multiple runs. Reboot after each run (or before the first run if you have not rebooted since the last time you ran the check).Run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker up to three times to fix all errors with a restart in between each. Post back if it continues to show errors after a fourth run or if the first run comes back with no integrity violations. Use OPTION THREE of SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker to provide us with the sfcdetails.txt file if errors occur.

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I am looking at getting new CPU and don't know which way to go.
Windows7 64x or windows7 32x. My Notebook is Win7 32 can I network together with no problems (well almost no problems)

A:Network 64bit win7 to a 32bit win7

they will network just fine.

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I'm helping a friend with a Dell Inspiron 620. He gave someone remote access and got infected with some nasty trojans. I want to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows. He has no Dell reinstallation media and never made factory discs.When his computer boots, it boots to Windows 7 Professional. But the sticker on top of the computer says Windows 7 Home Premium above the product key. He told me he did a Windows Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional from the Microsoft Store 5 years ago and showed me a receipt with the Upgrade Key on it. He said he downloaded the upgrade file but has no idea where it is now.1. Can I use "my" Dell Windows 7 Professional reinstallation disc to reinstall the OS or will his Dell reject that because he originally had Windows 7 Home Premium before he upgraded to Professional?2. If I can, will I be able to enter his Windows Anytime Upgrade Key even though I'm using a Dell disc?If this isn't going to work, I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to accomplish this.

A:Can I use "my" Dell Win7 Pro disc to reinstall Win7 on a friend's PC infested with malware?

If you are able to get online with your friends computer you can click the link below and follow the instructions to download Windows 7 from Microsoft. Since he already paid for the upgrade and has the key code there should be no problems. There is also a link below to download the drivers for the Inspiron 620 below.
Windows Anytime Upgrade
Inspiron 620 Drivers and Downloads
Drivers Install Order and Help
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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I am currently using Windows 7 Home Basic 32bit. I acquired Windows 7 Professional 64bit through MSDNAA and was wondering about how the OS change will go.

What I'm worried about are my files. I currently have about 200gb worth of data on my drive and I have no extra harddrives to make backups.

Because I'm going from 32bit to 64bit, I read that a clean install is required for this type of change. My question is, will my files be placed in a "windows.old" folder? Or will I be required to buy an external drive and transfer them all in order to keep them?

Are there any other things that I must keep in mind?

Thank you in advance for any help and responses!

A:Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit

If you're doing a clean install then you will lose all data. I would highly reccomend an external HD to back up your files

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I first had windows vista 64 bit that came pre installed on my gateway laptop I got in june. My college (Arkansas State University) put the 32 bit windows 7 enterprise on the school website for anyone who wanted to install it. Well I went to install it and it said it couldn't go from a 64 bit to 32 bit but my roomate told me to pick the custom install option and then it worked. Now I saw that they have the 64 bit version able to be installed. Would there be any reason why I should upgrade to the 64 bit version or would it just be pointless? Thanks!

A:Win7-32bit to Win7-64Bit

Quote: Originally Posted by Matt101905

I first had windows vista 64 bit that came pre installed on my gateway laptop I got in june. My college (Arkansas State University) put the 32 bit windows 7 enterprise on the school website for anyone who wanted to install it. Well I went to install it and it said it couldn't go from a 64 bit to 32 bit but my roomate told me to pick the custom install option and then it worked. Now I saw that they have the 64 bit version able to be installed. Would there be any reason why I should upgrade to the 64 bit version or would it just be pointless? Thanks!

matt if you have less that 4 gigs of ram pointless. It depends more on what you do with your computer than anything else

Ken J+

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Hello all,

I upgraded my system to Windows 7 32bit (from Vista) back when there was the student discount. And am regretting it now since i work in Photoshop all the time and need more RAM to suppose the work i do. So i'm looking to upgrade my system to the 64bit equivalent of what i already have (Home Premium).
I understand you can't use the Windows Anytime Upgrade for a 32bit to 64 bit upgrade. I also understand you need to do a clean install, which is no problem.

So what my question is, is what product should i buy exactly? Can i get away with an upgrade only? Or do i have to buy the full product?
I still have my Vista CD, so i could re-install the 64bit version of that, then buy the Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade?
Or is there a simpler way?


A:Win7 HP 32bit - Win7 HP 64bit


You can buy the Upgrade key because you have a previous OS already (Windows 7 32-bit).

You don't need to do anything with Vista, however. You can do a clean install with the upgrade copy. Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,

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I have a Dell Laptop 1525 Inspiron. I upgraded from Vista about 6mos age. It was 32 bit. Now i have upgraded the Celeron 32 bit
processor to a dual core 64 bit Intel processor. The machine runs fine except I am unable to upgrade win 7 to 64 Bit. I try to
boot up and use the upgrade option and it tells me i must start win7 normally and then run upgrade option. that fails too. Anyone
got any ideas hoe to make the change?

Thanks in Advance

A:Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit

You can't upgrade a 32-bit installation to a 64-bit installation in the sense you're talking about. A clean install is needed.Back up your personal files and choose the Custom option during installation.

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Win7, SSD upgrade software& bleachbit, now "no interface",no controlpanel, no explorer.exe.

In the system recovery, no restore point found, no repair helping, the command prompt, lists the default


I tried reassigning X: -> C:/ with diskpart but no help.

I looked at a thread recommending to reassign the .dll s ; but that didn't pan out yet.

this is on a HP Pavilion G Series laptop, in the Bios, has very limited option, eg there is no option to disable a floppy drive, nor to do anything to the Samsung Evo SSD drive that is in it now.

it has 2 partitions, that are still there the OS is on the 1st smaller drive.

spent many hours already on this, can anyone guide me through, what to try next , I don't have an original installation disk , just the recovery disk I created.

thx in advance

"no such interface support"

samsung magician and bleachbit 1.6 scan were what was happening right before the system b0rk'd to the above complaint, when anything is attempted while in the main win7 window now

A:Win7, SSD upgrade software& bleachbit, now "no interface",no controlpa

"no such interface support"

samsung magician and bleachbit 1.6 scan were what was happening right before the system b0rk'd to the above complaint, when anything is attempted while in the main win7 window now

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Anyone have any experience with this? I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon, but today I spent some time running my Win7/8 keys through a clean install of Win10 in a VM (well, first one clean, the others I used the "Change Product Key" function in Win10, which did return succesful activations).

Does this work for enabling their use in future installs of Win10? Requiring a call due to hardware change is acceptable too

A:"Flagging" Win7/8 keys for Win10 upgrade via VM

Try installing another Win10 in another VM and see if it auto activates.
Don't use a key when you install.

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Hi all,

Hope all is well. I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite P855-S520 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), SP1 already installed and would like to upgrade it Windows 7 Ultimate.

I had already purchased a retail version for Win7 Ultimate before (the full version not the upgrade) and would like to use this for the upgrade.

I looked around the forums for some advice and found some very useful stuff but I would appreciate if someone could help with the following. My apologies if the answers were posted already. Must have missed them.

1. I read about the Windows Anytime Upgrade feature. Will AU work with the full Win7 Ultimate retail key or does it specifically work with an upgrade key?

2. If I use the AU and it is successful, will the new Win7 Ultimate key be converted to an OEM version as well? The full-version retail key I have gives me the right to install this to 3 computers. I do not want to lose this right since I may use it for different computers in the future.

3. Is it better to go for AU or a clean install of Win7?

Since I just purchased the laptop, I have no personal data or programs installed so I do not have to worry about losing data. However Toshiba has certain software installed with the laptop. My understanding of a clean install is that everything will be wiped clean and then necessary software e.g. drivers, etc... need to be installed again. On the other hand, once I upgrade to Ultimate perhaps some of this software will becom... Read more

A:Upgrade from Win7 Home Premium 64bit to Win7 Ultimate

What`s the need for the upgrade ? Save your Retail Ultimate for another build. But someone will be along to answer your question.

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Hello i bought Pc from 1 guy.
its care who is that guys...
but my question is
if i can upgrade to windows 10 without purchasing them, or buying key
i started PC and microsoft quested me if i want to upgrade because my win7 is old
or something...

A:Can i upgrade from WIN7 to WIN10 "for free" ?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! Give this a look. I have no experience with this, so you're on your own!

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I'm trying to find out for certain if I can keep win7 as my OS from now on and not have to worry about Microsoft forcing an upgrade to win10. My reasons for not moving to win10 are irrelevant to the question.

No matter how I word the question on google all of the answers are biased toward what I need to do to upgrade to win10. I figured someone here might have some insight.

I'd appreciate any feedback...

A:I want to use win7 "forever" and never upgrade to win10

Well I don't see why not as long as you don't download and install win-10 preparation updates :/

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Hey everyone!
I've been trying all day to upgrade my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit system to win 8 pro, everything goes fine until I accept the terms and conditions only to see that the only option available for me to keep from my current system is "Nothing". No other options show. Does anyone here have a clue what the reason could be?

A:Upgrade from Win7 Ultimate "keep nothing" option ONLY

I have this issue too. My Windows Upgrade Assistant gives me only 1 option.

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So, as the title says, I had Win7 - 32bit first...
I decided to dualboot it with 64, so I could have a clean partition (64bit) and still have all my programs of my 32bit...

When I boot, the 32bit gets a BSOD, and even windows startup repair can't repair it... But 64bit does launch great!

My specs;

Processor 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad-processor Q9000
Memory 4 GB DDR3
HD 320 GB @ 7200 rpm
Graphic card; nVidia GeForce 9600M GT 1gb etcetcetc

TY for your help

A:BSOD on 32bit after dualbooting Win7 32bit with 64bit

Can you boot into Safe Mode? Press F8 at startup to access the menu. If so, remove Daemon Tools or whatever other virtual drive software that you have installed.

Bugchecks 0xC5, 0x7E, and 0x8E:

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Devin\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DI07.894\012910-30716-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\websymbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16385.x86fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x8304b000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x83193810
Debug session time: Fri Jan 29 15:13:16.774 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:16.506
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to... Read more

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I want to install windows 7 ultimate 64bit on a other parition as dual dual boot or reinstall. I have a very important file about 237gb in my 2 tb hard disk. I dont have a another pc or hard disk. I have backed up my files in the created partion in my pc. I want to go from win 7 32 bit to work with 64 bit apps. Pls help. I dont want to delete data. I have 5 part in hard disk.Local Disk, Data Volume(Precious), Songs Volume, Backup volume. Unused New volume(100gb). How to install win 7 64bit volume. Help. Pls

A:How to Install Win7 64bit on Win7 32bit using Custom install,No Format

Install the 64 bit to your new volume 100 gb . You need to be careful to point the instakller at the new volume 100gb.

Instructions are here: Clean Install Windows 7

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This is driving me bonkers and I have almost no hair left. I really hope someone can help.

When I attempt to copy or move a file or folder from my Win7 box to my WinXP (SP3) media server, the operation nearly always fails. Take, for example, my trying to copy the VLC Media Player folder (704 files, 75.1 MB) from Program Files on Win7 to the C: drive on the media server via a mapped drive (X). In all cases, after hanging up at some point during the copy, I get this message:

Network Error
There is a problem accessing X:\<whatever current sub-folder copying is>
Make sure you are connected to the network and try again

I should note here that you only see the message come up if you wait for it (~1 min) after the copy hangs. If you try to cancel the hung copy before the message comes up, you can crash explorer.exe. I must also stress that there are no other access problems on the network. Files on the media server are accessible as expected from the Win7 box. Performing the same copy in reverse ("pulling" the same folder to the XP box from its console instead of "pushing" from Win7) works perfectly. All machines are in WORKGROUP and the same exact credentials are in use on all machines. All machines run the same version of Symantec Endpoint Protection and have firewall rules configured to allow all LAN traffic. All machines are connected through a Linksys SD2005 5-port GB "dumb" switch. Routing/DHCP is provided by a D-Link DI-604. ... Read more

A:Win7 "workstation" to WinXP "server" file copy FAIL

Same thing happens in my LAN between both Seven Ultimate x86 and x64 and a XP Pro SP3 file server, and also no problem copying from a Toshiba U200-182 laptop with Seven Pro x86 (Upgrade disk from Toshiba)to the same xp machine, also note that there is a normal transfer speed between al Seven platforms....

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First of all, thanks for this space and for the help.

I am experiencing two kinds of BSODs on my Win7 64. They are System Service Exception and Memory Management. Also I am getting complete freezes, of the kind where keyboard stop working, mouse too, everything, and you have to turn of CPU to restart.

These problems occur mostly when using Google Chrome (Youtube often) and playing games, such as Need Ford Speed Carbon, Sid Meiers Railroads, Grid, Left 4 Dead and others. Also when streaming music.

This machine of mine is brand new, has around 3 months of use, and has been assembled from several parts bought separatedly. The freezes and BSODs happen since the purchase and installation of Chrome and games.

I never installed other operating systems on this PC, Windows 7 64 bits is the first. It is a top class machine, with grade 7,2 on most items, except disks.

OS - Windows 7
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? This one
? OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version? Full retail
? Age of system 3 months
? Age of OS installation 3 months also
? CPU - Athlon II X4 620
? Video Card - ATI Radeon HD 5750
? MotherBoard - Ecs Black Series A790gxm-Ad3 Am3 Ddr3 790GX /SB75
? Power Supply - brand & wattage - OCZ 500SXS, 500 watts
? Memory - 4GB DDR3 Corsair
? Disks - WDC WD5000AACS 500 GB and MAXTOR STM3160211AS 160 GB

The required ZIP files are attached. Thanks.

A:BSODs "SystemServiceException" and "MemoryManagement", also total freezes in Win7 64

Hi -

As you know, the files are in Portuguese, but the dumps are in the universal language of hexadecimal and I did find a few things which may help.

The bugchecks on the 8 mini kernel memory dump files -

(4) 0x3b (0xc0000005,,,) = system service exception, 0xc0000005 = memory access violation

(4) 0x1a (0x41790,,,) = memory management error

Both could be caused by rogue 3rd party drivers. Daemon Tool/ Alcohol/ other CD emulation software is undoubted involved and needs to be removed.

Update the first two drivers. Remove Daemon/ Alcohol and the burning app containing the pcouffin.sys driver -


netr7364.sys Thu Mar 12 23:13:08 2009 (49B9CF44) - RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card

RTKVHD64.sys Fri May 22 14:04:20 2009 (4A16E924) - Realtek HD audio

sptd.sys Sun Oct 11 16:55:14 2009 (4AD24632) - CD emulation

a0omnhk0.SYS Fri Aug 07 09:30:20 2009 (4A7C2C6C) - unknown; dynamically allocated by CD emulation software

pcouffin.sys Tue Dec 05 09:39:30 2006 (457584A2) - CD/ DVD burning driver
Your wifi is probably either Linksys or Ralink. Try both sites.
Linksys -->
Ralink -->

Realtek -->

Remove Daemon/Alcohol, update the wifi driver and the Realtek audio driver and see if BSODs persist.

Regards. . .





Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
De... Read more

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if install win7 64bit on one hdd and win7 32bit on a diferent hdd but in the same computer can i indervidualy boot from either and will my product key
work for both so i can update both indervidualy .

A:win7 32bit and 64bit

I'm sorry but no, each install requires a separate license (product key).

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Hi All
I have purchased 8gb of ram upgrade to help speed up my home video work. I am currently running Win7 Home Premium in 32bit mode. I have read that 64bit handles larger ram over 4gb better.

It appears from what I have read that if I install 64bit from my existing disk it will do a clean start and wipe out all the existing installation. I want to avoid doing that a back up never seems to catch everthing and it can be a real pain setting it all up again.

SO if I purchase Win Ultimate Upgrade can I install it using the 64bit option without wiping out all my files?

OR is there any other way of doing it?

Thanks for any advise offered.

A:Win7 32bit to 64bit

Quote: Originally Posted by Ken Davison

Hi All
I have purchased 8gb of ram upgrade to help speed up my home video work. I am currently running Win7 Home Premium in 32bit mode. I have read that 64bit handles larger ram over 4gb better.

It appears from what I have read that if I install 64bit from my existing disk it will do a clean start and wipe out all the existing installation. I want to avoid doing that a back up never seems to catch everthing and it can be a real pain setting it all up again.

SO if I purchase Win Ultimate Upgrade can I install it using the 64bit option without wiping out all my files?

OR is there any other way of doing it?

Thanks for any advise offered.

No. When you go from 32bit to 64 you must do a clean install.

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I had 32bit xp in my system. I did a full wipe and tried to install 64bit 7. It would not let me so I had to do the 32bit win7. Did I do somthing wrong? Could I have used the 64bit disk? I really would like 64bit. What would I have to do?

Phenom II x4 940 3.0ghz.

A:32bit xp to 64bit win7?

Quote: Originally Posted by Stevo

I had 32bit xp in my system. I did a full wipe and tried to install 64bit 7. It would not let me so I had to do the 32bit win7. Did I do somthing wrong? Could I have used the 64bit disk? I really would like 64bit. What would I have to do?

Phenom II x4 940 3.0ghz.

The first step would be to see if your computer has the specs for 64 bit. Go to and use the Windows Upgrade Advisor. If you do have the required specs, you should be able to install.

If you can install, wipe clean, do not give your key, when asked, just continue with the process. After installation use it for a while, if satisfied install programs. After you know that you are good, supply your key number. At this point make a system image and put it in a safe place. You will be set, now. If a problem ever occurs you can use the system image to get up and going again.

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Hi, I am hoping someone can tell me what is going wrong here...

I have two versions of Sonar X1 Producer installed - the 64bit version and the 32bit version.

Sonar projects use the extension .cwp and by default open with the 64bit version, located at program files/cakewalk/sonar x1 producer/sonarpdr.exe

However, since the 64bit version is unstable, I wish to use the 32bit version to open the .cwp files

When I try to change the default "opens with", by assigning the default to program files (x86)/cakewalk/sonar x1 producer/sonarpdr.exe it doesnt change.

Is this because both exe files are titled the same, just that one is in the 64bit programs folder and the other is in the 32bit, and Windows is thinking they are the same program, hence it wont change it from the 64bit to the 32bit version of the exe?

Many thanks for your help!

A:Change "opens with" from 64bit version of prog to 32bit, not working

I managed to suss it out, and so if anyone else has this problem, here is what you can do...

Open Regedit, and search for the exe that is giving you trouble.

Keep searching the registry until you come to the path that is incorrect, then edit it to the correct path.


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This error show PC Strat After 1Hours

A:Win8 64bit Win7 32bit

What is "PC Strat" ?

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I see that most PCs offered today ship with Windows7 64bit OS. Can I re-install with Windows7 32-bit and activate it with the same activation key?

I want to stick with 32bit OS for now and eventually switch to 64bit in the future. I am hoping I don't need to pay for 2 copies of windows7 to do this....


A:win7 64bit/32bit activation

The same rules apply for keys as they did with Vista. The key works with either platform, as long as you use the same version. The key for Pro x86 will also work for Pro x64...but only one at a time.

On a side note, unless you have a very specific piece of software or an unique, older hardware device without x64 support, there's little to no reason to avoid x64. There's a reason why most new PCs ship with it. Don't cling to the past for the "comfort" factor. Do so only if you have a unique or specific reason for doing so.

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This is just a personal opinion and others may very well disagree. But I think Windows 7 64-bit is better than 32-bit simply because of the ability to make better use of installed memory. A 32-bit machine is limited to 4GB minus whatever memory might be set aside for graphics, etc. Most folks see about 3 - 3.5GB of usable RAM on a 32-bit machine. If your machine is upgradeable (or came with) more than 4GB RAM then 64-bit is the way to go.

As far as using older legacy XP programs you could try running them in compatibility mode.

Compatibility Mode

Or, since you indicate you're using Ultimate, you also have the option to download the free Windows XP Mode which may let you have an even better experience.

Windows XP Mode - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

A:Is 32bit Win7 better than 64bit for most purposes?

Another vote for the recommendations from marsimar (us South Texans think alike).

64 bit is the only choice in my opinion.

Here's another link for you:
32-bit and 64-bit Windows&#58; frequently asked questions

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Hello all.
Welp, I made a mistake when I first put my computer together, in that I chose a 32bit version of Windows. As of right now, I have 8g of ram and a few games that would prefer 64bit, so I kind of screwed myself.

Fortunately, I now have a chance to get Win7 Ultimate 64bit on the cheap through school. I'm wondering at the process I'm going to have to use to do this. My operating system is currently on my C drive, which is a separate SSD, with only a couple other programs and games. Effectively all of my music, documents, other programs are on the D drive on a separate HDD. I realize I'm probably going to have to reinstall just about every program, especially games, because of 32/64 bit programming differences.

My question is, can I get away with only formatting the SSD to install the new OS? Should I remove the media HDD while I'm doing this process? Will my documents/music etc be safe on the HDD? Is there some other route I should take besides formatting the SSD?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Win7 Pro 32bit to Win7Ult 64bit


Did you purchase the 32bit version of Windows 7?
If you did then you should have the 64bit version on the discs as well.
If you already have a genuine copy of windows 7 you can you use the product key for either 32bit or 64bit with the same license. So you don't have to buy another one.

And yes you can keep your media hard drive intact. I'm assuming that your SSD is smaller then your Media Drive. so when you go to format and install just be 100% your choosing the SSD drive.

Yes all games and applications will have to be installed.

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I have purchased a new laptop with Win7 64bit pre-install. It is replacing my old XP Pro 32bit laptop. What do I need to do to transfer files and programs from the older XP Pro 32 bit laptop to the new Win-win 64 bit laptop? Thanks

A:Transferring from XP Pro 32bit to Win7 64bit

You can install all the programs you already have in XP into the new laptop, and transfer your files with a USB dongle. The 32 bit programs from XP will be gathered under the folder of c: program files (x86) in the new laptop.

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Hi I have win7 32bit installed and would like to install win8 64bit on a separate partition(I have the right hardware for it). Can I install win8 normaly or is there anything important to pay attention to. I read that I must first hide the win7 partitions, is it really neccesery? Thanks surati

A:win7 32bit+win8 64bit

Follow this tutorial:
Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista

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hye.I had a problem with my windows seven.while installation i format all partition.
Then i have windows 7 64bit cd only.after installation 64bit, the windows can't compatible with 32bit program.So I want to downgra
de to 32bit.How to do it??help me

A:How to downgrade from 64bit to 32bit win7

You need to do a clean install (with format) of the 32 bit (X86) version. There is no way to upgrade or downgrade between 32 and 64.

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I currently have Vista Home Premium 32bit installed on my computer. I am thinking of upgrading to Win7 Home Premium 64bit. What would be the best way to do this? Will my program files transfer automaticly? Should I do a clean install or just the upgrade? Would it be better to stay with 32bit Win7? I am only moderatly computer literate and would like to keep it as simple as possible. The reason I want to go to 64bit is to get more RAM for gaming. Thank you for any and all advice you can give.

A:Win Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit

Don't do it - unless you are damn sure that you can find x64 drivers for ALL devices - check the Device manager.

Unless the games are pure x64, they will still be limited tom the limitations set forth by x86.

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I've got win7 RC, and you all know it runs out soon. Basically I've got 300gb of games I am NOT going to install again. Is there ANY way to keep it?

Is there any way to keep it when I install vista? Or is there any way to keep it if I buy XP and install XP? Anything at all?

Thanks in advance.

A:"upgrade" from win7 RC

All programs must be re-installed.

A glimps of things to come and those that began yesterday for your Windows 7 RC installation -

Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) Expiration - June 1, 2010

Regards. . .



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Hi folks, have got a really weird problem that I'm hoping someone here might be able to help with, my apologies if this is the wrong board, wasn't sure if I should post here or in Crashes and Debugging...

As the subject line says, I've recently found that I'm unable to use the "save as" function on any 32bit applications as attempting to do so causes the system to hang as it loads the explorer browser to allow me to pick a save location.

I initially discovered the problem about a week ago and originally thought the problem was just limited to Internet Explorer and Firefox, but after poking around my system a bit more, it looks like its affecting everything except 64bit Internet Explorer 8 which can save without any problems.

Have tried looking for help on the Microsoft answers forums, but to be honest a couple of generic template replies later and I can already see that we're hitting the old "I cant figure it out so it must be malware" impasse, and I really cant be bothered flashing my mcse's/mcdst/ccna at the techs there just to convince them I'm not some random timewaster who has no clue and can't follow instructions.

So anyhoo's originally working on the assumption that this was an IE issue, I've so far run through the following troubleshooting steps to no effect...

Random fixes attempted after googling the problem:

Resetting IE 8 to default with the Mats tool
Run IE Add on remover
Removing IPv6 from my network stack
Moving the default save l... Read more

A:Can't "Save as" in 32bit applications on Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Run a sfc scan 3-4 times.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If that doesnt help, try a repair install.

Repair Install

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I have 1520 laptop(Dell) and with Microsoft support, we set up new hard drive with Win 7 64 bit pro. First we installed 32 bit pro version, afterwards we installed 64 bit ver. I did this all over phone with Microsoft Support. I need to uninstall the older 32bit version? I couldn't find files to uninstall using Control Panel "Programs" Why? My keyboard won't work and some F keys as well. Perhaps a conflict between 2 Win versions? Thanks Debra1533

A:Win 32bitpro as well as Win7 64bit pro How to uninstall win 32bit ver

Are you dual booting ? One Partition has 32-bit the other has 64-bit ?

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hello i have a old hp pavilion a6207c running win7 32bit. Its pretty slow and i wanted to upgrade the OS. Would it be possible to do windows 10?

A:HP desktop win7 32bit to win10 64bit Possible?

I would use Macrium Reflect Free to create a backup image of the current installation onto a removable hard drive and then try the upgrade to Windows 10.

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I'm not looking for detailed instructions. I'm just wanting to know if it's possible to dual boot these two systems.

I use VPN-1 SecureClient to connect to my workplace and I hear that it doesn't play well with 64bit Win7. So I'm wanting to do all my non-work applications with Win7. And then when I need to do work, I'll just reboot under XP.

A:Dual boot--XP (32bit) & Win7(64bit)?

yes it is possible,i was wondering that myself and i tried it and it worked normally.there is no need to worry

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I have an old Canon inkjet printer that has been working for me for many years with my WinXP desktop.
However, over past few years I have acquired a Vista 32-Bit and Win7 64-bit and this Canon will not work with either of them.
I also have a Lexmark Lexmark X2250 that will not work with Vista 32-bit or Win7 64-bit. And besides, this Lexmark has been very troublesome and hard to manage, etc. I use it now just as a scanner for my desktop WinXP computer.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a new printer/scanner that might work with my desktop WinXP; Vista 32-bit and Win7 64-bit? And wouldn't be too large.
My neighbor suggested a wireless printer, but I don't know anything about printers and wouldn't want the wirelless printer to interfere or cause problems with my WiFi DSL!!!
Someone suggested the
Epson Stylus NX420 All-in-One Printer, such as the following:


Or isn't there a printer that would work with all three?
Can anyone help me please?

A:Win7 64bit / Vista 32bit printer

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I recently just installed Windows 7 64bit Ultimate for the sake of upgrading RAM. I read about it before deciding should I go with 32 or 64bit and I was convinced that there would be no compatibility problems with 32bit applications, however, it didn't turn out to be this way.

Some 32 bit applications work as I expected, however, some give me the "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computer system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher."

This is extremely frustrating and while some of these programs are old (the games are new), they are definitely not 16 bit. It makes no sense. The same programs work for other people on 64bit windows.

I appreciate any help.

A:Some 32bit apps do not work on Win7 64bit

You can check if a particular version of a game or application is compatible here:
Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads

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I have four PCs all running Win7 Ultimate. Three of the PCs have 32bit Win7 and the fourth has 64bit.

When I use Windows Explorer to view the following folder on any of my PCs I see all of the files and sub-folders in it: c:\windows\system32\tasks

I use the WinZip program to backup a number of folders on all of my PCs including the folder mentioned above. On my three 32bit PCs everything works perfectly. On my 64bit PC WinZip sees only one of the sub-folders and none of the files. (None of the files or sub-folders is marked hidden or read-only.)

I have no idea why that?s happening on my 64bit PC. I also have no idea if it?s related to 64bit vs. 32bit or whether that?s just a coincidence.

What might be causing WinZip to see only one sub-folder and none of the files in this folder on my 64bit machine? Any clues appreciated!


A:File Visibility in 32bit vs. 64bit Win7

have you tried How to show hidden files in Windows 7 ?

also make sure you are running winzip as administrator

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Need to know if I can install Win7 32bit On A 64bit Machine. If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thanks.

A:Installing Win7 32bit On A 64bit Machine

Quote: Originally Posted by Tarkus13

Need to know if I can install Win7 32bit On A 64bit Machine. If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thanks.

Yes you can

smaller resources footprint, less problems with drivers, less minimum system requirements

Dis advantages
Somewhat slower, can only use ~3,25 gigs of ram even if more is installed

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i need help.
i have one desktop pc and onw notebook.
if i had OS vista on my desktop all was fine - sharing was OK,no problem. but now,when i boot new win7 ultimated 64bit a cant sharing files with my notebook (vista 32 bit). i set up sharing for everyone...but a cant connect to my notebook. when i try it - desktop, show me-attach file

can me someone help?
thx, budis

A:sharing between win7 64bit and vista 32bit


Hi and welcome

when you installed win 7 what kind of network did you set up? homegroup, or workgroup? Can you see the computers in network neighborhood, but just cant acces them?

We could use soome more info about you network setup and how you shared folders



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Hi all,

I currently have a laptop with Win7 Professional 32bit, I read that it's possible to update it to Win10 without having to format the hard drive, is that correct?
And will it be possible to upgrade to a Win10 64bit version as well?

Kind regards

A:Update from Win7 32bit to Win10 64bit possible?

you should be able to update win7 to win10 w/o losing anything. make an image backup & image recovery cd first justincase. a lot depends on the specs of the laptop.

you need a multi core processor for windows x64 & you should have a fair amount of memory, ie. 4gb.

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Hi guys, noob here. I just got a new computer with Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, and previously was using XP. In XP I was able to add Photoshop to the "Open with" menu upon right-clicking any .jpg file, but I'm having trouble doing this in Win7. It will only allow me to add the 64bit version, which is not working on my system for some reason (the 32bit version works fine.)

Is there a way to get the 32 bit version to add to the menu? Right now, even if I select the Photoshop 32bit version, it still adds the 64bit version to the menu for some reason.

A:How to add Photoshop 32bit to "Open With" in 64bit OS?

Hi there,

You may have already done this, but I can't quite tell from your description.

1. Right-click on a file of the type for which you want to set Photoshop as the default.
2. Go to "Open with...", click "Choose default program...", and then click "Browse."
3. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) and follow the folder path to reach Photoshop.
4. Select the Photoshop executable (.exe), click "Open", make sure the box labeled "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" is checked, then click "OK".

Let me know if that solves your problem.


Windows Outreach Team

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I just upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Win7 professional x64 hoping to fix the above mentioned problem. After a complete re-install Im getting the same errors.

Im not sure of the proper terminology here, but during startup the computer does a scan of all hardware and "Volume 0" has a "failed" message.

The odd thing is that sometimes after a few restarts and pointless boot menu visits the computer starts up fine.

I tried windows repair feature by booting from the disk, but when I get to the window where i select the operating system to repair, its empty. Drive C, where the operating system is, is not showing.

I have a feeling that the hard drive itself has gone bad and is very unstable. Please let me know if I'm missing something or we just need to get a new HD.

Thank you

A:Win7 pro startup error "Boot MGR missing"/"Operating System Not Found

What type of hdd do you have. For example if you have a Seagate drive, there is software you can run to do a diagonostic on the hdd before the operating system boots.
This would be a good idea, especially if you were having same issues when Vista Home Premium was installed first.

Do you have more than one hdd installed. If yes, make sure in BIOS settings, the proper drive is selected for First Boot. And better yet make sure its the only drive attached when booting.

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I've made my decision, I'm going to stick with Windows 7 Professional.

The problem is that I have lots of 32bit programs that I need to migrate( along with their settings) to their 64bit version.
Is it possible to use settings/profiles from the 32bit version to the 64bit version?

Where do I put the profiles for these programs that in XP were stored in "Application Data" or "Local Settings/Application Data"?

How do I edit permissions for programs that want to edit files from their native folder or from other specified folders?
(for example emule edits it's config folder from Program Files or edits the incomplete temp files)

A:Software migration from WinXP 32bit to Win7 64bit

You should be able to use the User Migration Tool to move all of your settings over to the new installation.

Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration Guide

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Just got a new Acer Aspire laptop which is a 64Bit computer bundled with Win 7 Home 64Bit edition.

Every time I open the 32Bit version of IE8 it crashes on start up. I've disabled all add-in's, uninstalled Flash OCX (as I heard it can cause browsers to crash), uninstalled adobe. Tried resetting browser options back to default, tried various switches to start IE in different modes. Sometimes I can get it to open up without crashing, but as soon as I try to navigate or do anything it crashes straight away.

If I boot Windows 7 in Safe mode with Networking support, IE8 32Bit loads fine, no crashing. So it must be driver / third party related.. but what.

In Event log this is the error logged for the issue:
Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 30/12/2009 3:43:51 PM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Tristan-PC
Faulting application name: iexplore.exe, version: 8.0.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bc69e
Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00000000
Faulting process id: 0xe70
Faulting application start time: 0x01ca89a18d6c34c4
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Faulting module path: unknown
Report Id: ccd5e0f8-f594-11de-91af-00262d5bdc9c
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns=" Read more

A:IE8 32Bit crashes everytime I open it on Win7 64Bit OS

This is just like uninstalling, so you come back with a new IE. In search type turn windows off windows. Then click on turn windows on and off. Then turn if off. Warning, you cannot surf the net at all until you turn it back on

After you turn it off ..Boot up again and turn it back on.

Wishing you the best.

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We have bought some month ago 32bit and 64bit versions of Win7.
From one of them we burned a backup DVD.

Now we need to re-install Win7 on a computer but we did not found the original DVDs. Fortunately we have the backup DVD available.

Is there a way to find out if it contains the 32 bit or 64bit version?
Of cause without trial and error by installing it. Just from inspecting the files.

We found no info/readme file on it which shows the version.


A:How to detect if a Win7 install DVD contains 32bit or 64bit version?

Quote: Originally Posted by pstein

We have bought some month ago 32bit and 64bit versions of Win7.
From one of them we burned a backup DVD.

Now we need to re-install Win7 on a computer but we did not found the original DVDs. Fortunately we have the backup DVD available.

Is there a way to find out if it contains the 32 bit or 64bit version?
Of cause without trial and error by installing it. Just from inspecting the files.

We found no info/readme file on it which shows the version.


If it is the same as the original 32bit is about 2.5 gigs (the ISO) and 64 is a bit over 3 gigs.

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Hi, everyone im new to forums and this is my first computer build. Im thinking I might regret. I was told its better to build ur own, so I did and nothing but problems! I had vista 64 / xp 32 bit bit and was having nothing but problems trying to get my video cards to work right! So someone told me to get Win7 and Ill have no problems. Wrong!!!!!!!
My problem now is that when I turn on the computer it doesn't give me the option to chose which operating system it just loads into Win7. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? When I hit the (my computer) option it sees Xp as the D drive. When I loaded Win7 I just threw the disc in and followed the directions. I didn't reformat anything cause the disc does it for u. Please can I get some help!

A:Dual Boot Problem with Win7 64bit/XP 32bit

Also booth operating systems r on the same drive!

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I recently upgraded my Dell XPS400 DXP051 computer that was running Win XP 32 bit to a Windows 7 pro x64 OS, i did a clean install but am now having problems with my DVDRW drive recognizing discs. I have gone to the dell driver download page and gotten the recommended driver for my drive here. Though it is not compatible with 64bit systems.

What is a laymen to do??

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

A:Driver problems with win7 64bit, upgraded from xp 32bit

Try deleting the upper and lower filters from your registry.

Look at this little tutorial HERE

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Hi there

I have just purchased 4 gigs of ram to add to my 2 gigs and would like to use it all by re-installing windows 7 ultimate 32bit and when re-installing select 64bit instead of 32bit.I have backed up my hard drive but i do not know how to re-install without the disk?

Please help!


A:re-installing win7 ultimate from 32bit to 64bit without disk

To install a new OS you must have an install disk. A 32 bit and 64 bit OS are really very different internally. This would mean a clean install as there is no upgrade path from a 32 bit to 64 bit OS. Be aware that you would also need to reinstall all applications and that would require the install media for each one. Installing a 64 bit OS just to access more of your 4 GB RAM is usually more trouble than it is worth.

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The CPU is an old Core2Duo that supports 64bit
This computer meets the minimum requirements listed for Windows 8.1 and the upgrade assistant tool says everything but safeboot will work (which im fine with)

My concern is taking a computer that has been running 32bit for 7 years and making it run 64bit, making an old CPU work harder seems like a bad idea to me but 32bit is outdated now so id really like to upgrade without buying a new computer yet

Is there anyone here that has upgraded a very old PC from 32bit to 64bit, and if so what should i expect
Also should i just get windows 7 64bit since the computer is so old, i plan to format and figured since i have to format i may as well just get the latest version of windows, but if win7 is better for older computers ill just get that

A:Updating 7 year old PC from Win7 32bit to Win8.1 64bit

I run windows 10 x64 on 2006 core2duo. Prior to that I ran 8.1 x64. I believe 8.1 uses slightly less resources than 7 and it is certainly smaller. I would go for that as the upgrade to 10 (might be) free or cheaper from Windows 8.

Note you can't upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit you'll need to do a clean install. This is a good thing anyway as it will reduce the clutter that has accumulated over the years. See here for details Clean Install - Windows 8

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Interesting issue. Have a Win7 x64 ultimate oem box, lost the original key, replaced motherboard, cpu, bought a retail copy and key, used the key to activate to get the nag screens without using a program to circumvent. This was a couple years ago.


I can't do an in place upgrade/repair. The option for "upgrade" never shows up. It will allow me to install on any of my hdd or in a new folder on my ssd. The system as a whole is usable and has no major issue that I can see other than this one. It may also be notable that the installation DOES NOT check for updates before moving on to the license agreement and partition check.

It will not upgrade to 10, either. It gets as far as setting up temporary files then crashes to the desktop. The reason behind the 7 reinstallation was to correct any issues with the OS that may be causing the 10 installation issue.

Any ideas? I've done the basics, malware free, chkdsk, my checksur log is pretty f-ed up for windows updates. I'm thinking that's probably not the cause, however.

A:Overlay/repair/in place upgrade - no "upgrade" option

Hello fxdmusic Welcome to the Seven Forums! No upgrade to repair option?

Well I won't recommend a repair of the present installation but seeing a fresh copy of 7 go on and grabbing SP1 required if you are planning to move onto to W10! Presently I have a working dual boot of both 7 and 10 across two separate hard drives where the second first seeing a clone of the previous 7 host drive now set as the second in 10's BCD boot order had failed on the spot to see the upgrade go on! What?

Following the failed first few attempts where the clone was thought to be the problem preventing the upgrade from completion when just after the first restart once the setup files had been copied to the drive from the usb installation key the Media Creation tool first used and later a 3rd party program for seeing another iso single not combination 32/64bit for 10 Pro that went onto a 16gb flash drive but seeing both 32bit and 64bit downloads the 32bit for a planned VM project later it wasn't either usb key or the second fresh install of 7 to the second drive.

But?! it was discovered that two storage and backup drives were what were seeing the newer version's boot files and temporary set up folders placed on them! Do you have any other hard drives internal or external plugged in while trying to upgrade? Unplug those before trying again!

Before I ended up taking a good look at the clean install guide seen at Ten Forums one of the other sites seen at Windows 10 Tutorials[2]=Installation%20and... Read more

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Windows 7 comes with Sticky Notes, which is very nice. I use it often enough that I would like to put it in the list of options when you right click and choose "New". What is the best way to do that?
For that matter, what is the best way to trim this list, as it has stuff in it that serves no useful purpose for me.
I'll bet there is already a thread for this, if someone could please point me to it, I would be grateful.

A:Win7 - how to Add "Sticky Note" to right click "New".

Okay, Google is my friend. I found out how to trim the list, but I still don't know exactly how to add Sticky Notes to it.

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My question stems in 2 parts.

1. If I have a primarily single threaded 32 bit application that I want to run multiple instances of on a Win 7 64 bit order to take advantage of throughput on 2xquad core cpu's
a. Will each instance of the 32 bit application be limited to 2GB of 32 bit addressable memory?
b. Will the total memory available to all of the running 32 bit applications be only 3.25GB or will a machine with say 64GB of memory parse out 32 2GB partitions to 32 unique windows of an application?

2. If the application has driver interfaces only certified in Windows XP (and not functioning in Win 7 (32 or 64 bit)), what is the impact of question 1 above on running multiple instances of the same application in XP SP3 compatibility mode (e.g. are there additional memory/graphic limits imposed)?

Thanks in advance for taking a look at my questions!


A:Whatis Mem use for multiple instances same 32bit program on Win7 64bit

1. If I have a primarily single threaded 32 bit application that I want to run multiple instances of on a Win 7 64 bit order to take advantage of throughput on 2xquad core cpu's

It will still be limited to 2GB and won't take advantage of Quad core processing unless it has been programmed to do so and if it has the capabilities to do it. Old software won't benefit at all

a. Will each instance of the 32 bit application be limited to 2GB of 32 bit addressable memory?


b. Will the total memory available to all of the running 32 bit applications be only 3.25GB or will a machine with say 64GB of memory parse out 32 2GB partitions to 32 unique windows of an application?

Each application will get up to 2GB

2. If the application has driver interfaces only certified in Windows XP (and not functioning in Win 7 (32 or 64 bit)), what is the impact of question 1 above on running multiple instances of the same application in XP SP3 compatibility mode (e.g. are there additional memory/graphic limits imposed)?

It should make no difference but if the XP driver is not digitally signed windows won't even allow it to be loaded unless you disable the driver signing check, the software using it might not even work. 32-bit drivers won't work on 64-bit OS, in that case you should use XP mode

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Through many searches on google on this topic i always came back to this website, however after trying a lot of bug resolving my problems still exist.

I recently bought a new Asus laptop (K55V Nvidia) that came with win7 Home Premium 64bit installed. At the first day i only installed some software that i frequently use like Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Textpad, my Bamboo tablet, skype, eclipse, the newest JDK and so on. On that day i did not yet notice strange behavour, but than again i did not yet use any of the applications yet.

Starting from the second day i noticed that most applications (appearantly all 32 bit), including but not exclusively: Photoshop elements; skype; com surrogate; explorer; windows photo preview; Internet Explorer; Textpad; Tablet PC Input panel acessorie and so on, randomly but very frequently crash (just dissapear NO BSOD). The reliabilityindex has gone back to 1. Most of the dumps seem to have something to do with NTDLL.dll.

Here i post some of the crash reports as extra information, sorry the reports are dutch but experience readers should be able to see the values from their location ;-):

Pad naar toepassing met fout: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe

Probleem met handtekening
Naam van probleemgebeurtenis: APPCRASH
Naam van de toepassing: Skype.exe
Versie van toepassing:
Tijdstempel van toepassing: 50001496
Naam van foutmodule: ntdll.dll
Versie van foutmodule: 6.1.7601.17725
Tijds... Read more

A:[win7 64bit] (32bit) Applications randomly crashing on new Lapop


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I'm trying to do a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit but i can't get the installer to load.
I have access to a Xubuntu install and a OS X install.
The original hard drive Windows 7 was installed on stopped working completely. So, I've bought a brand new one.
I followed the steps I did the first time I installed Windows 7 - converting the iso to and img with OS X's hdiutil and the dd command to burn it to a USB.
This time I would just get a "please insert proper boot media" error.
I went to my Xubuntu computer (it's used like a chromebook - i'm not a big linux guy) and tried WinUSB.
These USB keys lead to a screen that had a flashing underscore a few spaces from the top of the screen.
It dawned on me that the first thing I did when I installed windows the first time was update the bios. So I tried flashing a few different BIOS versions, but none of them made a difference>
I really need help - I can't think of anything else to try
Thank you very much!
Cannot boot into Win7 installer. OS X made USB keys show "insert proper boot media" - Ubuntu made keys show "flashing underscore" - Tried 3 different BIOS versions. Win7 -has- worked here before...
*Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz LGA 1155
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650
Corsair 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin SDRAM DDR3
Corsair 750W*

A:Cannot boot into Win7 installer. "insert proper boot media" and "flashing underscore"

From where did you buy Windows 7 Ultimate? Did you not get a set of two DVDs with your purchase?

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This will be my first post on this forum.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Toshiba SATELLITE CL10-B-103 for my son. This CL10-B-103 had Windows 8.1 installed. This evening I planned to do the installation of the Windows 10 Upgrade because Windows 8.1 announced it was ready for the upgrade.

The proces went slowly but smooth and with no issue until now...... Since the laptop is equipped with only a 32 GB HD the upgrade proces informed I had to stick in a USB Stick. After this the proces continued smoothly but slowly, but that was no issue because I had the whole evening. However after the first restart of the system when it was at about 60 or 66% of the installation proces this error message showed: place the external storage and press OK. This is very strange since the USB stick was not removed at all and was still in the system. The more strange it is, is that both the OK-button as the Cancel-button are not selectable. Not via the touchpad and not via a Tab or an Enter.

Some online Windows 10 community post mentions that via the BIOS the system should be booted from this USB Stick. I have tried to restart the system with DEL, F2 or F8 but I could not get into the BIOS and was not able to change the boot sequence.

After each 'restart' the same error message appears. It does not matter whether the USB stick is in it or not.

So, my conclusion is my CL10-B-103 is hanging/is in a loop. I do not know how to proceed.

Please, I really can use some help.

Many thanks in... Read more

A:Windows 10 Upgrade hangs on "place the external storage and press OK"

Since it seems I cannot modify/change a post I reply to my own post now.....

The issue seemed to be solved. When I was able to use the touchpad I could push the butten OK and the upgrade proceeds now.

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Hi there!
First of all thanks for the great toturial and the forum.

I tried to do the in-place upgrade from Windows 10 (build 1607) in order to "repair" my system (there are some quirks I want to get rid off) using a freshly created USB (as per description), but it fails with the message "make sure that there is enough disk space available in your PC" (rough translation from german; see attached screenshot) without any further information.

It then automatically cycles back to the question on how to install (i.e. with keeping data and apps or without) and then back into the above mentioned error message.

This is what I already tried or made sure of prerequisites needed:
I have made sure that there is definitely enough disk space available.My C: partition (where windows resides on) is 106 GB large and has currently over 58 GB of free space available.The system partition that is supposed to be 350 MB is still 350 MB (I read something about this potentially being reduced to 100 MB by other tools ...).I have deinstalled the Kaspersky anti virus tool (reinstalled it now after several tries with no success).I have disabled (i.e. fully decrypted) the disk encryption bitlocker on all disks.

My partitions (as seen from "Mini Tool Partition Wizard" and "Disk Manager"):
Do you have any ideas on what else could be wrong?
What intrigues me most is the fact that there is no further information in the error message on what or where is missing... Read more

A:In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space"

Hi, Mark and welcome to Ten Forums.
Have you tried to mount the ISO in File Explore, instead if using an USB stick?
I just download the current ISO here: Windows 10 ISO , mount it in File Explorer and run the setup.exe.

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I have a Win7-64 box that works perfectly. Except that I cannot install any driver past 270.61 for my nVidia GTX-580. nVidia said this is a known problem with many users due to "The install failed because a control panel binary is failing to register because of a missing dependency." In other words, one of their installers/un-installers has removed a dll that's needed. I don't have a free week of my life to re-install everything on the box from scratch. It was suggested on the EVGA forum that I might: " in-place upgrade install of the OS. In other words, insert your OS disk. Start the install and select 'Upgrade'. What will this do to me? I have high end software like Maya, CS6, SQL Server - and many others (but no games, this is a business machine with no extra software). Thanks!!!!

A:Will in-place upgrade of working win7 destroy my programs?

Hello mate.

Have a look through the information in this tutorial at the link below for some additional ideas and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7

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Can anyone provide me a way to remap the esc key to any key combination
i'd choose, during the booting process only.

Once i reached the desktop after the booting process, this tweak shouldn't
be active & escape would still act as esc .. .

This would allow me to erase sensitive data under autoexec.nt
without any way to escape the process & only i would know
which key combination interrupts the erasing process during
a restart or starting windows.

A:Disable "ESC" During Win7 boot "Only"

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I have several corrupted system files that System File Checker cannot repair and everything points me toward repairing my installation using the upgrade option, so I don't have to make a clean install.

Problem is that the compatibility check says I can't upgrade towards an x64 version, despite my system already being x64 (checked in configuration panel, also has Program Files (x86) and SysWOW64 folders).
Some of the corrupted files might make that check fail and prevent the reparation. If I'm using another DVD, it outright says that Windows 7 Professional cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional, despite it being the very one DVD I used to install my system. (but I'd rather use the .ISO that contains SP1 with it)

I'm in search for a solution to pass that compatibility check so I can run the repair-upgrade.


A:Win7 repair (in-place upgrade): compatibility check fails to see x64

Please use this tutorial by Brink to help you completely fill in your System Specs.

System Info - See Your System Specs

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I've got a problem using Windows 7 on a Tecra S4 notebook:
After installing of all the available drivers (most dedicated for Windows Vista 32 bit, but working) there's still a problem adjusting the brightness of the display:

After Installing the value added package, th Fn-buttons are working, but not Fn-F6 and Fn-F7 for adjusting the brightness.

Pressing this button, there is a reaction in moving the slider on the screen (only 3 positions 0% - 40% - 100%), the brightness 'sun' displayed in Windows XP when changing brightness had 8 positions), but nothing happens. Moving the slider by mouse action, it's exactly the same behaviour. Slider can be moved, but nothing happens. The monitor backlight is always maximum powered.

Does anybody know what to do?
I'd like to change from Windows XP to Windows 7 completely on this device, but this requires for me all the basic functions have to work.

A:Tecra S4-128: No Fn+F6-F7 function after Win7 32Bit upgrade


What version of VAP did you install?
It seems that Win 7 drivers are not released for Tecra S4.

Possibly its driver / software problem.
Would recommend updating the graphic card driver and to use the latest VAP released for Win 7.
You can find the VAP in other Tecra or Satellite series

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I have a computer with Windows XP Home edition installed on it, but I can't use that computer because The OS is corrupted. Constant critical issues, including "Explorer.exe" fatal errors, "Error 132", etc.

Is it possible for me to install a full, Retail version of Windows 7 (32-bit) on top of the bad OS on that harddrive, even though that drive has a corrupted XP Home Edition on it now? It won't even boot, except to BIOS/SafeMode, etc.

I want to replace (or, upgrade) the corrupted XP OS with a new Win 7 OS so that the computer will run error-free, once again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I DO NOT want to format the harddisk drive! I have valuable data, and installed programs that I do NOT want to lose! My hope is, that installing Win 7 "over" the existing XP OS, will solve the problems! However, it's not out of the question for me to buy another new harddisk drive, to install the new OS onto.
What are the important things that I need to consider?
What step-by-step procedure do I need to follow, to ensure it will work.
I'll appreciate experienced, expert advice!

Thank you.

A:Solved: WinXP(corrupted); Upgrade to Win7-32bit possible?

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Hi --

I just migrated to a new hard drive and did a clean install of Win7 (did not have SP1 on the DVD).

During the Updating process, windows stopped working and I received an error, something about running Update again, etc. So I rebooted and finished the Upgrading further problems noted.

However, I view the "Installed Updates" and see that KB2604114 and about 20 other updates "FAILED." But when I view the "Update History," it lists KB2604114 and the others as "installed."

I'm confused. Are the updates I'm referring to "FAILED" or are they properly installed?


A:Win7 - "View Update History" vs. "Installed Update"

In your description, you might have switched the observations.

"History" is a log that tracks attempts at installing specific updates. One user might have multiple failed attempts for a particular update; or multiple successful attempts if one was looking for a source of a problem.

"Installed updates" records the last successful installation of a specific update; no timestamp, just the date.

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My system:

Asus Crosshair III Motherboard AM3
Phenom 955 3.2ghz
4gb OCZ DDR3
Radeon HD4850 512mb
WD Green 640GB HD

I previously had an AM2 system with an Asus M2N32-SLI. I put the new system in and tried using it without reinstalling Win7. It booted fine, and everything seemed normal. I ran Dragon Age for about 10 minutes and it crashed to desktop with a C00005 exception. I decided to play it safe and reinstall Win7 so that it could meet the new chipset during its install. The installation went fine. Now, however, I get C00005 errors in Opera and some other programs, so I know that the error wasn't exclusive to Dragon Age.

I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and it turned up no errors.
I ran chkdsk and it didn't find anything wrong.
I ran Prime95 but the threads quit after an error - something about turning up a 5 when it expected a 4.

There were some other strange occurances:
Windows became convinced that it wasn't a genuine copy (probably because I'd changed the motherboard - had to register by phone - and then reinstalled in the same evening), but a restart later and it showed as "activated".
Some updates were downloaded, so I restarted. The system booted up and told me that changes were being made to my system and that it was 35% done, then it suddenly restarted and did this twice before it went through to the normal desktop.

I downloaded sound drivers from the Asus site and I'm running the newest Catalyst drivers. The system see... Read more

A:Strangeness after upgrade (Win7 64bit)

Clear CMOS settings and reload defaults and see what happens also are you using 64 bit or 32 bit Windows

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I was asked by someone to install Windows 7 on their Acer Aspire E1-570 running windows 8.1.
I have since formatted the drive and installed Windows 7, but now I get an error stating the above, No Bootable Device, Hit Any Key.

I think I'll need to reinstall whatever partitions etc. Acer had originally setup on there because currently there's no option to find the drive at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Acer Laptop, Error: "No Bootable Device" After installing OEM Win7

Did you follow all the steps to Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7 ?

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Performed an "enhanced secure erase" on my SSD and then did a clean install of Win7 Professional 64-bit from Microsoft pressed upgrade discs. Every update installed flawlessly expect Service Pack 1 which had 1 failure. I've also seen numerous apps crash since (mostly IE and chrome). sfc /SCANNOW already showing unrepairable files. BSoD in middle of the night while I was sleeping.

A bit of history, not sure if it is helpful:
Had rig for nearly 3 years, stability issues from the start but goes through periods of stability for weeks to months only to become unstable again. First time I installed Windows 7, it took multiple tries (probably 4+) and kept stopping at "Expanding files..." On a later install to the HDD, I had the same problem. I do not have these problems installing Win7 to the SSD.

Over the three years I've made some changes. Put an SSD as primary, added a MOSFET heatsink, custom CPU cooler, and changed video card. Stability issues persist, sometimes with BSoD errors night after night. Sometimes the instability is "only" constant crashing of Chrome/Opera. System restore has never really helped but eventually the rig returns to a period of stability, typically for a month or two. And then back to unstable.

Some googling encountered another guy with the same RAM and mobo that seemed BSoD free after switching out the RAM to another brand. My g.skill memory is not on the supported list available on the gigabyte website. I've run ... Read more

A:BSoD hours after clean Win7 install, rig is "seasonally unstable"

Analysis inconclusive.

It is much easier to find patterns, etc, when there are more than one crash dmp.

We prefer you wait until you have at least two so that if one is corrupt the other probably wont be.

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my attempt to install windows 7 today ended in !!!!
When I boot from the DVD, choose the Language and press "Install" I get an Error message stating "A DVD/CD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver CD/Floppy please insert it now..."

Here are my specifications-

HP Pavilion p6126f Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion p6126f Desktop PC - HP technical support (Austria - English)

I have experienced this same problem with Vista x86 and x64.
I am trying to clean install Windows 7 64bit.

I put the drivers on a thumb drive and Browse to it when 7 prompts me. Funny thing is, Windows 7 reads all the other files on the thumb drive like .psds, .flas, .skps, and so on.... but it just plays stupid to the actual drivers for the motherboard/chipset. The system rejects XP and I was forced to put Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu sucks, nothing runs. I know all about WINE to get some programs to run but I use the entire Adobe Suite.

A:"DVD drive device drivers missing" in Win7 installation setup

Try this:

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Take a look at these posts:
Tutorial quick reference list for Installing Windows 7
Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

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According to the tutorial of Microsoft (Turn Windows Defender on or off - Windows Help), if I hope to turn off windows defender in Win7, I need to click Tools -> Options -> Adminstrator -> Uncheck "Use this program."

But I find that, on one of my virtual machines, the button "Tools", as well as "Scan" and "History", are inactive. I mean, I cannot click them. Following is the screenshot.

Spoiler: Screenshot

I do not know why. But I guess this is because there is no antivirus installed. So I hope to know how to turn off defender in such case.

Well, you may think that keep windows defender active will not do much harm when no AV is installed.

Maybe it is correct. But the problem is, when windows defender is not turned off, it will try to update in the run time.

In such case, some processes in the AppData\Temp\ folder will try to execute MPSigStub.exe, which will be located at a RANDOM folder in the root of some partition. Then MPSigStub.exe will try to execute some DLLs in Windows\System32\. These executions are a little boring when I only want to test some anti-exe programs. That is why I hope to disable windows defender.

Thank you.

A:How to disable Windows Defender in Win7 when the "Tools" button is inactive?

Stop and disable WD service.

Start/Stop Windows Defender service in Windows 7 from Services, Regedit or CMD

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