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Windows 7 install on a changed hard drive

Q: Windows 7 install on a changed hard drive

I am using a ASUS UL80vt laptop with a 320gb hard disk drive. It has been installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I would like to change the hard drive to a Intel 80GB SSD

There is a recovery disk that comes with the Asus, but there seems to be no way to install Windows 7 onto this drive.

I have contacted ASUS Technical support and they claim that they do not support the transfer of the operating system from 1 drive to another.

Can anybody point me to a thread or give me some advice on what to do in order to transfer get Windows 7 onto the SSD.


A: Windows 7 install on a changed hard drive

Save a Win7 Backup Image to an external HD, or to a primary formatted partition on your current HD, which you can use to reimage the SSD:

You can find out now what size this image will be by typing Backup into Start Search box, selecting "Create a System Image" then DVD to see what size the image is.

If the image is bigger than 80gb, you'll need to move some files off the of the Win7 drive to an external or a data partition.

To create a data partition or primary partition to store the backup image:

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I installed Windows 7 RTM last week. I jsut bought a new hard drive and cloned my old drive to this new drive. I now get a message that says the copy is not genuine at boot-up, and a blank screen comes up. I called the Activation toll-free number, but they say they cannot support Windows 7 yet. Any ideas?

I have an MSDN subscription which is where I downloaded the RTM version before you ask

A:Changed Hard drive--Windows 7 RTM Activation

Hello Toneefresh, and welcome to Windows Forums.

You could get another key number from MSDN for it, change your key number in Windows 7, then see if it will activate for you.


You might see if it will let you activate with your current number after a repair install.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, First time poster but have been lurking for quite awhile. Decided to install Windows 7 Pro today but when the install completed, I noticed my drive letters were out of order.

Previously, my partition drives when running Vista Home Premium were

C: System
D: Recovery
E: Apps
F: Data

Now its automatically changed to

C: System
D: Apps
E: Data
F: Recovery

My HP Recovery partition jumped down the list and changed from D to F and shifted the letters of the other drives as well. I have no idea why it changed on its own as I only installed Windows 7 in drive C. The Recovery drive is the 2nd fullest driver on my HD behind C Drive.

Is this normal? Is there a fix for such a thing? Thanks in Advance.

A:Drive Letters changed after Windows 7 Pro install.

Open Disk Management by clicking on the Start orb and typing disk management, then press Enter.

Right click on the F: drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths..
Make F:, G:, to make room so you can re-arrange the other two.
Make E: F:
Make D: E:
Make G: D:

You should not have

C: System
D: Recovery
E: Apps
F: Data

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my hard drive crash and i just bought a new hard drive. but i dont have a windows cd only product key on my desktop can I install windows on my new hard drive?

A:hard drive crash... install windows on new hard drive withou...

Galilee Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wanting to restore your PC and wanted to help -- but need more information. Your PC did not come with Win10 preinstalled, so if you were to order HP Recovery Media and use that, it would restore the original operating system, drivers, and HP utilities.  I presume this is NOT what you want, right? So, while you can make Win10 media to recover your PC, it would be a clean-install and nothing would be preserved. You can make such media using this tool: Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool - Windows Help Note that when you go do download and build install media, the tool defaults to matching what is already installed on your PC (as in, Home for Home, 64-bit for 64-bit).  While you CAN change these settings, do NOT. If you do, the resulting media will be different and will force you to enter a NEW product code! Good Luck 

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I have looked through solutions for this issue, but the suggestions don't seem to fix my issue...

I am running Windows 7 SP1 Pro 64-bit on a Dell Optiplex 760, and try to do a clean install of Windows 10, using the ISO file which I downloaded from Microsoft & burnt on to a DVD, and instructions from the tutorial on here, which are very good. I downloaded the correct 64-bit version.

I boot from the DVD, enter my region (UK), and choose custom install, and then my hard drive does not show up on the list of where you would like to install. I have all my USB's unplugged (except keyboard/mouse).

I tried deleting my partions using MiniTool Partition Wizard (bootable DVD), so that the entire disk is unallocated. That didn't fix it. I also tried creating a new partition (NTFS) of the entire drive (to get one Primary NTFS partition). That didn't work. I also tried setting that partition as 'active'. The same.

Before formatting etc, I tried a boot from the Windows 7 install DVD, and the hard drive does show up, unlike the Windows 10 DVD.

Do you think it's an issue with the Windows 10 installer?

I downloaded another version of Win10 from the MS Tech Bench page, but same issue.

After formatting etc, during the Windows 10 boot, I tried another suggestion to open up Command Prompt (Shift + F10), and ran 'diskpart' - and no drives are found. I checked the Bios, and it was there.

So presumably that is the issue. If i ran 'diskpart' with my prior Windows 7 install, diskpart sh... Read more

A:Windows 10 clean install - hard drive doesn't show up before install

Welcome toTenforums, Simon.

I am a little concerned that the Windows 10 setup program on DVD does not have drivers to properly see and interrogate the system on your PC so that the hard drive is visible. It's the second similar case on this forum that I've seen recently. You also seem to be trying to clean install on an empty PC - is this correct, because if you do so It will not activate.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, it was finally possible to *copy the Sources folder from the setup ISO file onto a partition on the hard drive, and run the setup from there, where it wasn't possible to boot from the DVD, even though it worked elsewhere.

If you still have Windows 7 installed (and you should do for Windows 10 activation purposes - if just to obtain a genuine ticket for digital entitlement), and you have the ISO download available, the solution is fairly simple. If you haven't you will need the Windows 7 key to activate the install.

You seem pretty PC savvy so, I'd ask you to follow the bolded instructions from the * in the 5th para above.

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I have a USB external hard drive that I keep all my documents etc on (had it for years)

I upgraded from Vista Home to & Home Premium then had to upgrade recently to Professional to run my Sage. Through all these upgrades my ext. drive ran fine. Occasionally the drvie letter would change if I had something else plugged into the USB, this was always easily corected in disk management by changing the drive path.

The connection on the case packed up so I had to get the drive put into a new case, now when I plug it in the drive is assigned G instead of F, I tried to change the drive letter allocation in Disk Management but it won't let me as the program still thinks I have a second ext. hard drive which is labelled F. I suspect this has happened because when the usb connection broke the drive was disconnected suddenly instead of a proper eject.

How do I get Disk Management to remove the inactive drive - i can't find any obvious way - eject, delete etc are all missing when I click on tools or tasks.

If there is no easy way then how do I stop program updates for Adobe etc. failing because they can not find the F drive. I don't know why they look at that drive anyway.


A:External Hard Drive - Drive Letter changed - unable to change back


Welcome aboard.

Try this:

Download V 0.8.1 from

Drive Tools for Windows

Unzip to a folder. In it you will have two folders Win32 and x64, each containing DriveCleanup.exe for Windows 32bit and 64 bit respectively.

Now unplug all the USB devices from your PC (except of course the Keyboard and mouse), right click on the appropriate DriveCleanup.exe for your system and run it as an administrator.

This will remove all non-present drives from the registry.

Reboot and then plug-in your external drive.

The drive will be installed and hopefully you should be able to assign any free drive letter to it.

Please report whether it resolved your problem.

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My External Hard Drive (My Book) was always Drive letter F.

I went to sleep and woke up to find Windows 7 Pro had updated and rebooted and I was welcomed by my login screen.

Consequently now my My Book external HDD now reads as Drive letter G.

I went into Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Drive letter F is not available.

F is assigned to a drive that does not exist and never has. I am confused. I only have one CD drive and it says now that I have 2 even though the one addressed as F doesn't have any information. If I click on F it says "Insert Disk"

A:External Hard Drive (F) Drive Letter changed to G - Can't change back

Update: The mysterious other CD Rom drive seems to be MagicJack.

I did some research but the following tech help did NOT work as you can see by the previous post picture that it doesn't not show it up in Disk Management:

MagicJack/Support Resources/How-To/Assign Drive Letters - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

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Hi. My laptop is Acer with Windows 7 home premium 64 bit OS.
It contain only 1 single partition disk that is c drive only.
Recently, i accidentally convert the c drive which contain OS into dynamic disk.
After i restart the laptop, it shows the following:
BootMgr is missing
Please press Alt, Ctrl +del to restart
Now, i not able to enter the window. I am so worry because my important data is kept inside the hard disk, and i still not yet do any back up copy on it.
I searching on this forum and learnt that i need a window 7 installation disk to repair it, but my problem is the computer dealer not give me any windows 7 installation disk when i baught this laptop as their said all the driver and windows program already kept in side the harddisk.
Any help are much appreciated...

I tried to remove the laptop hardisk which is a 500GB toshiba SATA hardisk. Then, i use the other laptop with Windows XP professional with the intention to copy yhe file inside the toshiba hard disk.

However, after plugged in the hard disk to the other laptop, under the disk management, it shows that the toshiba disk as : dynamic disk, unreadable.
So, i having problem to backup the data inside the toshiba hard disk.....

A:Accidentally changed hard drive with OS to dynamic drive.startup fail.

Hello Yee, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at Option Four in the tutorial at the link below to see if the "Set Partition as Primary" option is available; there's also a link in the same tutorial for the info on creating a Windows recovery disk.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

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I have an external hard drive and a 1GB travel drive that I use interchangeably between my work laptop and home PC. My traveldrive no longer is saving documents (I get a file permission error) and when I looked at the drive, the Traveldrive was opening as an F: drive, now it is showing G: drive and is not working correctly. Help! I have a lot of work on the traveldrive and am no longer able to save info. on it UGH!!! How do I get it back to F: drive?

A:external hard drive and travel drive changed directories

Hello & Welcome to TSF

this sounds like a driver issuse

try this

now what i you need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now scroll down to your (USB Device Tree) and uninstall all that it is shown / then shut your sysem down compleatly then unplug all (USB Devices) then rebot your system 2 to 3 times

this will cause Windows to rebuild the (USB Device Treee & Drivers)

now try hooking up your (USB Devices) and see if they work properly

then get back to us

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format my hard drive for clean install of new windows 10 on flash drive

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I am trying to re-install xp pro on my Toshiba Notebook with an external DVD drive. I am able to boot from the drive and the blue "windows setup" screen begins to load.

After I press enter to set up Window XP, it says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your comptuer...Press F3 to quit.

I am stumped. If I quit setup and I can reboot and load my original windows. Therefore, the hard disk is present and works fine.

How do I get the windows setup to see the hard drive and proceed with setup?


A:Solved: Install Windows with External Dvd Drive - Hard drive not found?

It is usually because the installation cannot recognise the SATA driver for the hard disc
If you have a usb drive load from Toshiba the sata controller drivers
so on the screen for the install you press F6 load drivers and then load the sata driver from the usb - I say usb as I presume you do not have a floppy drive
OR you can include them in a reburnt CD using nLite but that is a longer way round the problem

OR you can TRY try this

Enter your BIOS/Setup Utility
Locate the Serial ATA or SATA configuration section
I’ve seen this section called ‘On Chip Config’ on some Phoenix Award BIOS

On Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads it’s in Config > Serial ATA (Sata)
Change the mode of the SATA controller from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility
Save & Exit
Reboot and begin the Windows Setup again.
If Windows Setup successfully detects your hard disk this time then go ahead and perform the Windows Setup.
When Windows setup completes change the mode back to AHCI in the BIOS


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Hi Guys!
I need some help. I purchased an external hard drive per TSG help. Thank you. Everything has been working so far. I leave the Seagate External Hard Drive plugged into my USB port, which identified it as being on the E:/ drive. Anything else will be F: drive. Suddenly, the Seagate External Hard Drive is coming up as the F: drive location

I placed some programs, such as the Wise Disk/Registery Cleaner, onto the external hard drive to free up limited space on the C: drive. The shortcut indicates the E: drive so the computer is preventing the Wise Disk Cleaner from running. I have unpluged the external hard drive and shut the computer off several time. Nothing changes the drive's location.

Any suggestions????
Thank you.

A:External Hard drive changed drive location

Hi Siam, you can choose what letter the drive should show up as. To do this, go to:
Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management and click on Disk Management.
On the right in the bottom pane you will see a list of your drives. Find the external hard drive and right click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths... then click on Change and you can select E: from the drop down and click OK.
Hope that solves it...

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Hi, Is this possible? I have tried numerous times on my PC to install Windows 7 onto my Sata Drive to no avail. Yet as soon as I plug in my IDE HD it installs fine.

I have unplugged all external peripherals USB and internal Card Reader. Set my Bios ok as it sees both the Hard Drive and DVD fine (Both in the bios and during selection of hard drive during windows 7 installation). Yet when I come to install it, it craps out at a random percentage saying cannot read from source or worse yet it crawls so slow through the percentages (I really don't think Windows 7 should take 6 hours to get to 15%!!) Yet both the hard drive and dvd are fine and the disc works great on my other PC without the sata drive in. I'm pulling my hair out here!!!

My motherboard is a Biostar G31-M7 TE with latest bios now what is odd is that I recently updated the BIOS to the latest one so does my problem come from here or was it always going to be a problem on this board? Also when I do have win7 installed on the IDE drive when I plug in ther sata drive inside the whole system goes belly up (from freezes when transferring large files to just not seeing the drive)


A:Install Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE DVD ROM Drive

Have you checked out all of our Questions list ?

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

One of my favorite tips is to pre-format the HD on another computer to the partitions that you want for the new install on the new computer. Sometimes SATA drivers are required during install either from Disc or USB flash drive containing the correct Sata drivers needed.
Also check your Bios setting for AHCI, SATA, IDE.

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Need help! my old 120 gb hd will not load windows xp. It stalls at the safe mode option page and will not load in safe mode, last known or normally.

I bought new 160 gb hd and tried to install windows xp from original cd, which does work on other computers, but only loads everything and stalls at starting windows.

I also tried to run bart pe from cd but that also stalled at startup.

I'm at a loss. I can't seem to do anything with this pc.

Does any one have suggestions to test further? can it be a memory, video or motherboard problem. All help is greatly appreciated. bob

A:cannot load windows xp on old hard drive, cannot install xp on new drive

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I just bought a WD 1 TB to replace 120 GB slave (it was 'c:') I had. I intended to still use it as a slave and keep my 320 GB (it was 'd:') as the master. They're both SATA's so of course that doesn't matter so I just kept the 320 set as the primary in BIOS.

At first boot up the computer started fine but when it started Windows the previous devices hadn't been loaded and I was asked to register again before starting. I re-registered and clearly all the previous settings are gone.

I think this is because the drive letters were changed? Is there a way to it something else? Can drive letters just be changed back and voila everything finds itself again?

Thanks for any help.

A:New Hard Drive/Changed Drive Letters

disk management in computer management access through administrative tools
right click on the drive in question and select from the menu to check

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I have the system up and running now but I can't get any sound out of the speakers.
I have verified that the speakers are good on another computer and I have followed all of the steps in the help menu with no luck.

This computer had working sound before I installed the new hard drive.

Any suggestions?

A:No sound after hard drive changed

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My hard disk broke on my HP Pavillion sleekbook 15.(Pavillion product number: D3D66EA#UUW)I had to change it and, of course, reinstall my windows 8.1 (I have installation DVD) Everything is working just fine with windows, my problem is that Ive lost all my HP related software and features.At the startup it says just something about the motherboard and then it hits me with a Windos-logo instead of the HP-logo and stuff.. Everything appears to work twice as slow as it was before I had to change the HD? Both of the HD:s had the same spesifications. Is there anyway I could get the factory default HP-software and features on my new Hard drive?   

A:I changed my hard drive (HP Pavillion), how do I get all HP ...

rSamuli Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!You said you restored your PC using a DVD, but HP Recover Media consists of a SET of DVDs, not a single DVD -- so I have to presume it was NOT HP recovery media. Ordinarily, I would recommend using HP Recovery Media to restore your PC to its original condition. That would erase the entire drive, format the drive, and install the OS, the drivers, and the HP utilities.Unfortunately, there is no HP Recovery Media linked to the HP Product Page for your PC. This could be an oversight by HP, or it could also mean that HP no longer stocks the recovery media for your PC. They no long stock recovery media for the older PCs.You can try contacting HP Customer Support directly, using the links below, to see if you can order if from them:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while! If HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you should check are: and Luck

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Folks, Hoping someone can help. While mounting a virtual drive I forgot that my external hard drive was connected and by mistake i reformatted the drive to RAW.It has all my photos etc from many years......the drive is visible but says its in RAW. Is there anything I can do to recover the data before i reformat it? Thanks

A:Changed External Hard DRive to RAW

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Whilst installing a new USB memory stick somehow One of my hard drive letters has changed from F to D?
Computer running Windows 7 starts up ok but most of my programmes and software were on the F drive and I cannot get WIndows EXplorer to work.
I've tried all the tutorials but cannot access any of the administrative programmes to change settings - just says device not ready.

Had to post this from the iPad!

Any help appreciated

A:Hard drive Letter changed

can you please upload a screen shot of your disk management?


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My question is very similar to Zill's with the addition that it would connect then disconnect. In other words it never stays connected to the computer. I've tried defraging it but it freezes every time I do so. I thought about formatting it, but I really don't know how long it really takes because I'm thinking its freezing again. I have a WD 250GB portable HD. Any suggestions

A:Hard Drive filesystem changed to RAW

Yeah. Connect the drive to another system and see if you can read it. If so, back it up and do a format (NTFS). You should then be able to read it on the original system.

Note that RAW is the format Windows claims when it can't determine the format of the drive from Track 0, Sector 0.


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There's really not much to explain here.
I woke up this morning and couldn't open my D drive, which holds most if not all of my most important data, and could swear I lost all my files. I ran EasyRecovery and ALL my files were found, which is a relief, but here's the thing ... I don't have the space to recover these files onto another drive, but I can't access the D drive directly because it's ... well, inaccessible.

The filesystem also changed to RAW somehow, and I figured that might be a part of the problem. The drive's properties in device manager & explorer says the drive is working fine, I just can't access it.

Is it possible to make this drive operable again? Like, maybe I should do chkdsk /r? Someone in another thread said not to do chkdsk /f if it's RAW, because it'd ruin the data on the drive or something.
If not, is there a HD cloning software I can use to bring all my files from the inoperable D into a new drive with file & folder layout intact?


A:Hard Drive filesystem changed to RAW

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System has two HDs and two disk drives using Win7 Prem.

The main boot drive failed and was replaced. The new drive was assigned as the master and the older drive as the slave. Upon boot, the old D_drive was now the C_drive and the new drive has become the F_drive.

The plan was to install the new hard drive, install Win7 plus backup software, and do a full disk recovery from the disk backup. The recovery disk drive was the failed C_drive.

Through Disk Management, I was able to renamed the current C_drive to D but unable to change the F_drive to C since it is the boot drive.

How can I change the drive letters to what I want and not just rename them?

If this is not possible, how do I get the main boot drive to be renamed to the C_drive?

When I do a recovery of the old C_drive, what drive letter will that be?

Or better yet, how to I get the recovery disk backup to be called the C-drive?

A:Hard Drive Letter Changed?

Quote: Originally Posted by cyclone3211

System has two HDs and two disk drives using Win7 Prem.

The main boot drive failed and was replaced. The new drive was assigned as the master and the older drive as the slave. Upon boot, the old D_drive was now the C_drive and the new drive has become the F_drive.

The plan was to install the new hard drive, install Win7 plus backup software, and do a full disk recovery from the disk backup. The recovery disk drive was the failed C_drive.

Through Disk Management, I was able to renamed the current C_drive to D but unable to change the F_drive to C since it is the boot drive.

How can I change the drive letters to what I want and not just rename them?

If this is not possible, how do I get the main boot drive to be renamed to the C_drive?

When I do a recovery of the old C_drive, what drive letter will that be?

Or better yet, how to I get the recovery disk backup to be called the C-drive?

Reinstall with only the new drive plug in.

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Hi guys, thought i would return with another problem! No sooner had i got a troublesome hard drive working again by reformatting it it has gone funny on me again! (Though the drive isnt to blame!)

I tried moving some data over to another computer using my external drive and the usb device on the computer flashed up a message half way through saying the device could not be recognised. Next time i turned the drive on it says that it needs formatting and it shows as a RAW drive. In Comp management is shows as healthy, but as im running Vista i cannot access it.

I have used a program called Easy Recovery, which seems to have found files and i am currently copying them onto another drive, though i dont recognise any of the file names and there seems to be lots of file endings that arent even onthe drive such as .xls (the drive only has music, films and a few game .rar or iso files on it, basically all of my downloaded of course...but thats not the point!)

So am i on the right track with this easy recovery thing? What do i do with these wierd files that i dont recognise? Am i even using the right utility for a problem like this?

I presume afterwards i just reformat the drive as ntfs again?

Please help!!



A:Hard drive changed from NTFS to RAW

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I clicked on the my computer icon yesterday and noticed that the icon for one of my hard drives had changed to a different icon. It is the one that is like a piece of paper with the corner folded slightly and has another picture of a screen or whatever. It is the one you get when your computer doesn't know how to read it. It still opens fine but how do I change it to its original icon? I have xp pro.

A:Hard drive icon has changed. How do I fix it?


This happens due to any of the following reasons:

1.Presence of the file named Autorun.inf in the Drive's root folder (say C:\ )

2.Uninstallation of a third-party theme or an icon library has failed to remove the drive icon settings in the registry


Enable Windows to Show all files(Tools/folder options/view/) and then locate the file Autorun.inf and delete it from the root folder.
Restart Windows.

If that does not help, try this:

Open Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer \DriveIcons \<drive>


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\DriveIcons \C

Backup the key by exporting it as a REG file (right click/export).

After backing up the key, delete the <drive> key from the registry.

Navigate to the following key, backup and delete the <drive> key:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \Applications \explorer.exe \ Drives\<drive>

Close Registry Editor and restart Windows.

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Hi, simple question, cna i copy my windows 7 cd (sorry dvd lol) to an internal hard drive and install windows 7 to another internal hard drive without the need for a disc? Windows 7 is the only time I have used physical media for a long time and would prefer to not have to use it. I understand you can store an image of a working system and restore it but what about a clean install?

A:Install Windows 7 from a hard drive

There are a few ways to do this...first is using an .iso file and a program like Winrar that will handle .iso files. Second is using a program like VCD virtual clone drive, to mount the .iso. Both ways allow you to open the setup.exe file and continue with installation, without using a burned dvd. And selecting the custom install option will let you choose the partition or drive to install on.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop and I'm having an issue installing Windows XP. When I try to format the partition it completes but soon after I get stop errors: driver_irq_not_less_or_equal. This comes up every time. The CD is good. I've tried installing on the original hard drive and two new hard drives that Dell sent me. Now I'm thinking it's the motherboard but when I called Dell they said that it's a hard drive because when I remove the hard drive and try to install the CD it goes through the whole setup. I'm a little confused and don't know what the bad part is. Any help would be appreciated.

A:can't install Windows OS on hard drive

First check your ram using a tester like memtest86 this runs from bootable media ie CD or floppy. No need for an os to even be installed. Let memtest run either over night or for at least 4hr. If it returns errors, you have found your problem.

Next check the hd with the hd maker's utility. You need to know who made the drive ie WD, Maxtor, Seagate, etc. Go to that site and download the diagnostic; again it runs from bootable media.

Once you check the hardware, then you can attempt an install.

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My desktop Pc was getting slower and slower a so I decided to format it and reinstall windows in it but the windows install ended with an error then I tried to install other OS like ubuntu, linux mint , open suse , cent OS but all the installations ended with the computer installing the OS for a very long time and me switching the PC off. Then I thought that there could be something wrong with the hard drive so I thought I would use the PC by booting with an OS installed in usb drive. I am able to install some OS in the usb drive by using Lilo and able to run it in live move but when I boot in persistence mode with the USB drive the computer doesn't start Click here to enlarge What could be wrong with any of the hard ware in the system and how can I use my Pc?

A:cant install windows xp on hard drive

What brand and model PC, or if a custom build brand and model of the Motherboard and hard drive?

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Hello Guys, here is my story
My home computer just crashe I got a blue screen, and i have lost my Recovery CD, so i tooke the Hard drive to my Office and installed on another PC as SLAVE (running windows XP) I backed up all my Data and then I formated the Hard Drive as NTFS, but now that i installed back the hard drive to my computer, i can't install the windows xp, I have de WIn XP CD, and I chosed to boot from the CD-ROM here the CD is but it doesn't work... what can I do...? How can I boot the PC to install windows XP..? any help will be very appreciated (I apologize for may bad english)

A:Can't Install Windows Xp On My Hard Drive

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Have an Acer Aspire One 722 netbook whose 320GB hard drive might be dead.It's been stuck in automatic disk repair in the screen that says it may take more than an hour, but that process never ends.I have no way of intervening on startup other than F2 to go into BIOS or F12.None of the other interventions like Alt-F10, F11, F8 etc do anything, so I can't stop the auto repair process from commencing to try anything else.Not having made a recovery thumb drive, I don't know what else to do except replace the hard drive. For all I know the hard drive might be fried so I'm iffy about buying an erecovery drive on the chance that it will resurrect it.If I just get a new drive, how do I get Windows back on it? It originally had Windows 7 and I upgraded a year ago to Windows 10. I have no media for either.Thank you.

A:how to install windows on new hard drive without r... you can create a bootable USB flash drive windows 10 installation media for free, just follow Microsoft instructions.skip the product key request during windows 10 installationm it will be authenticated once connected to the web.

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I just installed a new hard drive for a HP Pavilion dvd5 Model 2132dx and I don't have the original system cd, but I have the 6 recovery cd (computer was bought from Best Buy). I placed the 1st recovery cd and chose the Factory Setting. I got this error 0x30epooe. What does that mean and is there away to get install windows 7.
Any help would be great.
Please note the new hard drive is WD 500GB.

Big thanks

A:New Hard drive will not install Windows 7

Hi Damon,

You would be better off installing froma Windows 7 ISO burnt to a DVD or written to a 4GB USB flash drive, and then activating it using the key on the COA sticker located underneath your laptop, or sometimes inside your laptop battery compartment. This tutorial will explain where to get the ISO, how to write it to DVD or USB, and how to boot from that to install Windows 7:

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Post back here if you need more help.


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My old hard drive began having problems so I bought a new one. I swapped the drives and booted from the recovery DVD I had from a prior install. After some language and timezone questions, a screen comes up and I select the main button in the middle of the page that says "Install Windows."

The installation process begins and I get an error that says "Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1."

When I try again, I get to the prior screen and I can see one partition with 100 mb of space and a second partition with the remaining amount of 1TB hard drive. When I tried to install it to the newly created partition (the larger one), it fails and I get the same message.

I read up and found some threads suggesting I open a command prompt and use diskpart to manually partition the disk.

When I do that, I get another error message that I can't really recall but my research last night suggested to use diskpart to basically format the hard drive again. I used diskpart and typed "clean all." When I do so, I get an error message that says "DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
See the System Event Log for more information."

Could the hard drive be bad? It's a brand new Seagate 1 TB. Any help before I exchange it for a new one?


A:Windows 7 won't install to new hard drive.

You can boot Seagate Seatools bootable CD to run an extended HD test to find its condition for certain, perhaps repair bad sectors.

If the HD is good use the same disk to do a Quick Wipe and Clean Install Windows 7.

If problems persist enter BIOS setup to reset to defaults, confirm SATA controller is set to AHCI, save changes and exit.

Next try creating an active partititon from Step 2.2 of SSD - HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation.

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I'll be getting a new hard drive in the next couple months, and quite possibly AFTER the one-year free upgrade limitation. So, how do I install Win10 on a new drive without losing the free upgrade that I've had since last July?

A:I need to install Windows 10 on new hard drive

You can replace the HDD on the PC that already has been upgraded..
As that PC has digitial entitlement regardless of HDD

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I have a laptop for each of my kids, they are both Toshiba Satellite with windows 7. The hard drive went out on one of the computers so i bought a new hard drive for it. Toshiba did not provide a CD for either of the computers for recovery or a new install. I have been looking through internet and forums for hours and i cannot find a way to just copy the windows 7 from one of the computers and make a disk i can use to boot the computer with the new hard disk, or is there a way to hook them up USB to USB. I have a valid activation key so im not tryng to do anything illegal, i just need to figure out how to get windows 7 onto the other computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:hard drive went out, need to install windows 7 on new HD without CD

You could try using a image creation software to make a perfect copy of the one disc. You would require an external drive for this though. This really only has a chance of working assuming they are the same make and model laptop to start with. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot of hope even that method would work.

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I have a store bought (2.5 yrs old) HP Pavillion a1520n. 2GB RAM (upgraded), 250GB hard drive, Windows XP Media center edition, AMD 64x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+. Just yesterday I installed an additional hard drive: Seagate barracuda ST3250410AS. Plugged into SATA - 2nd opening on the motherboard (out of 4 total openings - first opening had original HD plugged in which I did not change and I plugged the new HD into the next sequential spot), went into Computer Management and formatted the drive so that it shows up in "My Computer", set the Boot order in BIOS to boot the new drive first before the old drive so that I could install windows from the "System Restore" discs that HP tells you to make (because the recovery console is built into a partition on the orig. hard drive), put the recovery discs in the CD-ROM and restarted the computer - asked me if I wanted to complete system recovery, at which point I THOUGHT I was installing all the new OS files onto the NEW drive but only ended up re-formatting my entire "old" hard drive upon which my entire life was stored but I digress.... Now, I have a newly formatted "old" hard drive and the new drive is installed and being read, but I cannot boot from it. I should say - my goal was to make the new drive into the primary and use the old drive as a slave/backup (it was getting slow and glitching out on me). I don't know if I need to change the SATA plugs, or unplug the original driv... Read more

A:New Hard Drive: not able to install Windows

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SOLVED: I changed the partition label from Logic to Primary with Easeus Partition Master and I am now installing Windows 7. You can delete this thread if you wish.

My old laptop died. It had Windows 8 (upgrade only) over Windows 7. I purchased a new laptop, but also sent the old broken one (motherboard dead) to be fixed. I kept the hard drive and used it for different things. I formatted it completely and created two partitions called E: and F:.

Today I received the old one fixed, so I inserted the hard drive again and tried to install Windows 7 again from my USB drive as I always did, before installing the W8 upgrade that I purchased.

But I can't install Windows 7 and I don't know why. The installation goes well until the point of choosing the partition E: and pressing the proceed to install button. Then it won't go ahead.

The partitions were created from the new laptop and therefore they are not C: and D: but E: and F: and both are logic partitions but not primary. Maybe this is the problem? Or do I need some sort of drivers?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Error bad fault in Ms- Dos Extender Fault 000d stack Dump

a very old computer is working with processor 266 and Hd of 5 gb

when i install win98 se the hard ont accept and gvives the following error

" bad fault in Ms- Dos Extender Fault 000d stack Dump "

my some one advise me ?

A:Windows 98 will not install on hard drive

your hard drive is bad

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I know Windows 8 operating system does not go with product key as it is embedded in the BIOS.  My hard drive has died.  So how do I install the windows 8 i got with my Dell purchase, on a new hard drive in the same Dell?

A:Install Windows 8 on New Hard drive

See here:
Or consider taking your free upgrade to Windows 10 TH2:

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Hello everybody I have a seagate harddrive that I installed in a dell dimension 4400 i'm not sure of the model number of the hard drive. I had previously used the hard drive on a previouse computer for additional space but it does not have a operating system making it currently useless. how do I install my copy of xp on it?

A:Trying to install windows on a used hard drive

OH and thanks to anyone who can help.

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I have a new hard drive and a windows 8 install disk and two choices for a boot by a cdrom. Either a usb cdrom or an atap I cdrom. I have tried both of these but nothing works. It just comes back with "no bootable device". I can hear the cd player start but nothing starts.
Any suggestions?

A:Trying to install windows 8.1 on a new hard drive

Hi Whiteknight1 Are you using an original Windows 8 installation disc, or did you create it yourself (by downloading a Windows 8 .iso and burning it on the disc)?

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I have a desktop computer which doesn't boot up anymore. It currently has Windows ME on the drive. I want to reformat the drive and reinstall Windows.

I have taken the drive out of the computer and am going to put the drive into an external USB Hard Drive enclosure. Can I reformat/partition and install Windows 2000 Profesional onto this drive via the USB Hard Drive enclosure?

I'll be hooking the USB Hard Drive enclosure up to my laptop which is running Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Install Windows onto Hard Drive via USB

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I have a samsung spinpoint p series hd160jj 160 gb 7200 rpm SATA 3.0 g/bs hard drive ( dont know if all that is need just thought it wouldn't hurt) and it recently crashed and when i would boot it up it would say hal.dll missing or corrupt please reinstall the file. I tried with no success. I was using Windows xp pro with all updates and fat32 file system. So i reformated it in NTFS and when i boot it to reinstall windows it says NTLDR is missing. And also when i try to access my bios to make sure the cd boots first, it says Raid Utility missing. No device detected press any key to continue.
I didn't think i did anything wrong and just thought my hard drive was screwed so i bought a new hard drive and formated it in NTFS and when i boot to install windows i get the same error message NTLDR is missing. I don't have any idea how to fix this. I've tried reformating in Fat32 but it still didn't work.

My computer configuration is
DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-dr 939 ATI CrossFire Radeon Xpress 3200 ATX AMD Motherboard
XFX PVT73GUGF3 GeForce 7600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card
G.Skill 1GB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Desktop Memory Model F-1 3200PHU1-1GBNS
Creative Sound Blaster SB0570 Audigy SE 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card
AMD Athlon 64 C2 440+ Toledo 2.2 Ghz Socket 939 Processor Model ADA4400DAA6CD
Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC ATX 430W Power Supply

Im using the same setup with a much older hard drive only 8gb and ... Read more

A:Windows won't install on my new hard drive

did the sata drive come with a driver disk, as XP does not have sata drivers built in

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Hi all this is my first post so please don't shoot me if I get anything wrong here.
Rite a bit of a long story cut short... I was running Vista (Basic) up until a couple of days ago when it decided it would throw an error as I turned it on where it gave me 2 options:
Start Windows normally
Start using some repair thing (recommended)
Sure you've all seen this before... Well I thought no problem just a little inconvenience, anyway I tried the start normal...Had no luck then tried the other option still no luck, it was as if it was stuck in a loop, kept restarting my PC then bringing up the same screen.

I then tried running the Dell disk called "Operating System" where I tried running a repair this was going fine untill it tried to "fix the problem" it took over 30 Hours and suddenly went off ( I don't know how because I woke up and it was off) anyway my hard drive was even worse now because it couldnt detect an OS on it when I go to repair it .

I bought a new 250Gb hard drive (Maxtor STM3250310AS) and stuck it in and took my other hard drive out. I had a perfectly legal XP Pro disk (through MSDNaa) which I tried installing on to it. It got as far as "Setup is starting Windows" then I got a much loved blue screen of death with the Error code 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I tried looking on the microsoft website for solutions but can't figure out how to resolve this as I can't even access ... Read more

A:Windows XP won't install on my Hard drive

Hey, some other guy had this same problem. One thing you could try is go to the BIOS and reset it to default (factory mode)
This will reset any settings which may be effecting the installation of windows. The other guy's problem was that the hdd was set up for RAID.

Good luck there mate.

And by the way: Nice PC

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Hi all,

I'm trying to fix my Dell Inspiron 1720 that i've had for a few years. I took it to a local repair shop and they told me the hard drive was done, and i'd need a new one. After looking at the quote i decided to buy and install a new one myself as this is a relatively straight forward operation (i thought!)

I now have a computer that switches on (it didnt do that before) but when i try to install software, i get the blue screen error "7e", which i read about but still cant get around. I was reading a thread here from a few years back that seemed identical, but its now closed...

Installing XP STOP: 0x0000007e FROM thenephites221 (2007)
His (or her!) pic of blue screen is

I keep getting links to install software, but my computer doesnt work!!!!

I'm trying to fix using a mac as a reference...

Any useful help will be greatly appreciated!

A:HELP! I put in new hard drive but i cant install Windows XP...

at what point in the process are you seeing that error

has the XP DVD booted - have you started the install - is this after the installation

it may be something to do with the Service pack version running
PCI-Express needing SP2 installed to work

this may help to creat a slipstream XP CD that has Service Pack 3 installed

It may also be a SATA issue and you do not have the drivers for that harddrive - what type of connection did it have a sata or ide

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I know that it's possible to install windows from hard drive.
At the moment i have windows xp and i want dual boot xp+vista.
I don't have dvd-rom at all and i also don't have 4-5Gb USB flash drive ( only several 2gb flash drives )
So i`m wondering is it possible to install windows vista from my hard drive ( mount image to d-tools and install it from there ) and then have 2 OS on PC and don't lose any data.
Have two hard drives. One of them are seperated to two partitions ( main hard drive with windows xp ) and other is empty. i want to install vista on it.

A:Install windows from hard drive

I think if you're trying to install Vista, you should have it posted in Vista support and not xp, with that said, the only hope you will have is if you're able to get ... crap I don't know..
I think you're out of luck really... you can't install it while you're in the OS unless you put it in a virtual machine... it might be possible to get your drive to boot using Grub4DOS and some how manipulate the drive to act like a DVD, I don't think it would be an easy task though... you might spend more time and energy trying to get that done than it would be to just by a cheap DVD-ROM drive

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After my old hard drive broke I recently installed a new hard drive and I can't get XP to install correctly on it. During the installation process certain files won't install (tosdvd.sys, tsbvcap.sys .... there are more). The windows CD is new so that isn't the problem. Any suggestions?

A:Windows won't install on new hard drive

Is this a SATA or EIDE hard drive? If EIDE, does it share a controller with another device? If so, did you set the jumper to match the old HDD?

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My problem is a strange one, which I'm sure has come up in the past, so here it goes:

I've been having the Windows Home Security 2012 virus for the past couple of days, been using Malwarebytes with no results. As of now, I have a master (140gb C and D) and a slave (250gb E).

My C drive is the system drive, D drive was where i had Windows Vista (this was a dual boot machine originally). I noticed one day that my D partition was completely empty for some reason, I tried to format that drive and i got the bad sectors error.

Now here i am trying to run windows 7 ultimate installation from the desktop, I choose the customize option to wipe out everything on the drive. Now the only drive that is visible is the master, showing C and D (Disk 0 and Disk 1). For some reason my large E drive isnt visible.

I continue with Drive C and I get the error stating that Windows 7 cannot be installed on this drive, there is no reasoning behind this.

I unplugged my master drive from the mother board and reset my jumpers on the slave drive to Cable Select, even tried the default master arrangement regardless of which SATA cable is being used. I put the windows disk in the DVD drive and change my boot order to reflect the DVD rom....I don't get a prompt to boot from disk for whatever reason so I am stuck.

I would either like to install from the desktop to my E drive (i'm thinking of shrinking and creating a new partition for this before i try again)...or just overwrite my system drive and star... Read more

A:Cannot Install Windows 7 on new hard drive.

Unplug all HD's except the target HD, boot the Win7 DVD to Custom install, use Drive options to delete all partitions and create new as you wish, format then install. Or just click Next after deleting and Win7 will create a boot and install partition and proceed on its own.

If this fails at any point please post back any error message verbatim and exactly what happened and where: Clean Install Windows 7

Where did you get Win7? Did you burn the DVD yourself?

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Hi, I got an aspire v5-121-c72g32nkk.I just updated to Windows 10, no sweat, but I would like to upgrade my HD drive to a SSD drive.Can you pinpoint the steps to do that ?Windows has been preinstalled, how do I reinstall it again on another drive ?I don't have any serial key or anything.I'm a bit lost, do you have any idea ?Best,


Go to Solution.

A:How to install new hard drive and get windows key ...

there are many ways to do it, no one involve product keys, sinceif you want to do a clean install:windows 7-8-8.1 keys are embeeded on your BIOSwindows 10 uses a generic key when upgrading, so, you only need to skip steps asking about a product key and the first time you will connect to the web, it will authenticate. you need to decide:1) do a clean install of your factory OS2) do a disk image - system image and reload it3) do a clean install of windows 10 option 2 is the quickest at  the end, since you will create a copy of your HDD and reload it to your need a windows 10 bootable media (USB or DVD) and some space on external HDD.

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I recently got a virus on my hard drive and cannot log in anymore so I am going to put another os on a hard drive then login with that and work on fixing the hard drive through there. Now I have the disk with Windows 7 and the hard drive, but I'm not sure how to do it. The hard drive has 12gbs so think that it should fit.
So yeah please tell me how it is done.

A:How to install windows 7 on a hard drive.

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Trying to help my mother with her word docs. She has MS Office 2003 with Word docs she created months ago. She's running XP. For some reason, all the word docs on her hard drive now open in RTF format and just look like code instead of the true word document. When she views the icons in the folders, they show rich text format instead of normal word docs. She recently added an external hard drive and when she opens the same documents that she has backed up to the external drive, they open normally.

Are there settings, etc that she can change to correct this? She hasn't made any changes to anything on her computer to cause this change.

A:Word docs on hard drive changed to rtf

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I changed hard drive labels on an networked computer but the old labels are still there when viewed from another computer on the network. How can I get the new labels to appear across the network?

A:Changed hard drive labels on network

Change the share name.

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Please can anybody help? For no apparent reason hard drive icon has been changed/disappeared. I have tried to change/restore the icon/in the icon properties to no avail.Please see attachment


A:Hard drive icon changed/disappeared

One thing to check is if there is an autorun.inf file (it may be hidden) on the root of drive D..

If there is then delete it.

Drive Icon - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums

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So i had an old 200 gb hard drive, and added a New 1tb harddrive.. My plan was to get Windows on the new hdd and throw out the old one, its quite old. I was too lazy to reinstall Windows and the drivers on the new hard drive so i used a program called EaseUS to copy the files from the old hard drive to the new one. It turns out this program copied the Properties of the old hard drive on the the new one, and it now says I only have 200 gb of Space on my 1tb hdd. So basically i need help

A:Accidentally changed hard drive size.

Never mind, i found a fix:

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 notebook which had the original hard drive crash about a year ago. I finally got a new SeaGate 120 GB HD and installed it without issue. I used the windows XP disc and installed XP home edition without issue. With the computer connected by ethernet cable to my router I am not able to get onto the internet. I have spent approx. 2 hours with ISP who has not been able to help. They have determined that the internet is working but my computer is not. They had me go to run and type cmd, then ipconfig, and they kept wanting to know the IP address which is always

Any help is appreciated. Oh, the router is providing internet access for a desktop connected with ethernet cable and a laptop by wireless without any problems.

A:[SOLVED] Changed hard drive, now can't get internet

Tools, internet options, connections , set never dial default connection, down to lan connection open set "auto detect".

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The current hard drive is a 200 GB, 5400 RPM Toshiba. Wish to replace it with a Western Digital Black 320 GB, 7400 RPM. First, mounted the WD HDD on an external case and cloned the partition where the OS is located. Next I changed the priority order in the BIOS to boot from the external drive to confirm the cloning was successful. However, when I installed the new WD hard drive into the laptop, the system won't boot it can't find the operating system. Did I miss something? Maybe some one can help? Thanks.  

A:I changed the hard drive on my extensa 5620, got a...

Hi, Were you able to fix your problem?

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I made a mistake by changing something I should not.
My system is dutch so I must translate, which is probably not always clear, sorry for that.
Here is what happened:
I opened filebrowser and I saw a little icon with two heads under my external hard drive. I thought that has something to do with sharing. I right clicked on this external hard drive and chose 'sharing with'.
Then on 'advanced sharing' and a new window opened.
I choose the label 'security' and there I saw three user groups to have acces to my hard drive. The first was EVERYBODY (or everyone) which surprised me so I changed it. Now I do not have acces to my harddrive at all and I can not change it back either. It says 'you should have reading permission to see the properties of this object', (or so).
Can anybody guide me through the process to reverse my misstake?
looking for a sollution I found out that I never enabled the possibillity to restore the last systemchange. Well they say one learns from ones mistakes.

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I just finished reformatting my computer. I have a 20GB hard drive and before I reformatted I had 12.56GB free space on my drive. The last time I did this was a little over a year ago so I know that when I completely reinstall my system I'm suppose to start fresh with 20GB (18GB minus the 2GB needed to run XP). All my files are gone. The system is completely clean of everything I had on my hard drive but for some reason I only have 12.89GB of free space now. I know this isn't suppose to happen. Whats going on??

A:Hard Drive space never changed after reformat.

Welcome to TSG! It sounds as thou you may have re-installed XP over the top. Have you looked in Windows Explorer to see what files may be there? If you do a install over the top, your orignal software programs will remain in the Program Files folder but most will not work as the registry hooks for those programs does not exsist. That is why no Desktop icons will appear for your software. XP will look like a "clean" install. You then have to re-install your software to make them work properly. Please check Windows Explorer and see if this is what has happened.

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Hi, not sure if im in the right place..but, Vista seems to have changed my second HD where I keep all my media into a CD Drive, the icon has changed to a CD drive icon in My Computer and the desktop shortcut now asks for a Disc to be inserted when I try to access it... The C drive remains unaffected. Anyone got a fix for this?.
Thanks in advance.

A:Vista changed Hard Drive icon...

Are you sure your HD is still attached to the PC?

Check in Disk Management if the Drive Letters haven't changed.

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What have I done? I got advice on adding a new hard drive and took the computer apart, put the new drive in and now can get no power to the computer. I made the mistake of trying to slide the boards out the back and I may have pulled out the small wires that hook up the front power switch and LED. I tried to hook them back up as best i could do by the labels but nothing fits quite right, ie connectors are four liitle bars, connection is only two. No other reason other than I fried it somehow with static electricity. I did have to vacuum out a lot of dust and such as it was really dirty (home renos). I did grab what seemed to be a spare power connector that was split from the existing hard drive and used it as the power supply for the new hard drive. I thought that would work OK but I guess I am in over my head. Other than that, I plug in the power cord, switch it on on the back and then try to press the on switch on the front of the computer....nothing. No fan, no boot nothing. Not sure what I have done all I know is I have done this before. I took it apart a few years ago and couldn't get any power. It ended up being something very simple but I didn't end up fixing it all I know is it was a laughable problem. What the heck have I done!!!! Computer is a P3 600 mgz. 250 watt power supply. No fuse switch that I can see. Will the computer not even go on if something is connected up wrong? No idea what I have done wrong. Any trouble shooting suggestions would help.
&nbs... Read more

A:Changed hard drive, now no power to computer at all

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I have an Toshiba notebook with OS Windows 7 home Premium 32 bit.

I have external hard drives attached via a usb hub. I recently had to remove the hub and now that they are reconnected, the letter desination have changed ie. F:\ is now G:\.

How do I get the drive designation to change back to there original paths?
I have my iTunes music saved to one drive, but as the path has changed, iTunes cant find the music.

How do I prevent this from happening in future when I need to disconnect again?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:external hard drive changed designation

Drive letters for external drives are assigned consecutively according to the order in which they are detected by Windows. They won't change until you unplug all of them then re-connect them in a different order - which is evidently what you've done when you removed the hub.

You can't force Windows to assign the same letter to each drive after you've disconnected them. Just avoid doing it or save your iTunes music files on the internal drive instead.

Use the external drive only for backup copies of your music files.

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I have reinstalled my OS several times in the past year due to some problems with my DSL and my external drive has always been been given "F". Now my floppy is "A", hard drive "C", DVD player "D" and DVD recorder "E" and now the external is "G". I know this is correct but why was it "F" before?. Will this cause any problems with the files in it?

A:Solved: External Hard drive changed

It won't cause problems with the files, however it will cause problems with links as they will all be broken. If you have no links to the harddrive then don't worry about it. For example if you have a program that you installed onto the hard-drive instead of the C:\Program Files directory, or you have a JPEG or document on the hard-drive that you open clicking on it's shortcut somewhere else. Links will have to be changed, but that's no biggie

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I have an external hard drive that used to be associated with my computers J drive for the longest. One day I turned my EHD off and when I turned it back on it had switched to being the F drive. This is mainly a big problem because all of my Itunes music was backed up to the J drive and now my Itunes can't find my music because the drives switched. How can I switch my EHD from F back to J?

PS. I already tried Googleing the answer and I tried this one:

Using the Windows interface

1. Open Computer Management (Local).
2. In the console tree, click Computer Management (Local), click Storage, and then click Disk Management.
3. Right-click a partition, logical drive, or volume, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.
4. Do one of the following:
* To assign a drive letter, click Add, click the drive letter you want to use, and then click OK.

Unfortunately there was no J drive available in the drop down when I tried this. I'm also using Windows Vista and any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:External hard drive changed drives

You are on the right track. You only need to remove the drive letter J from the the drive that it is currently assigned to by clicking remove. Then assign your external the drive letter J. Then go back to drive that you removed it from and assign any letter (F) that is now available.

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Hello Forum's member.

I have noticed path of my external drive is changed from F to E and therefore, the Music Program can not read audio files.

I wonder how come path can be changed and
How can I correct the path from E to F
is there any way?

Please reply.

Thank you

A:Help please! why would external hard drive path changed?

Hello ,

Right click on my computer, select "Manage". on the left side go to disk management in storage section here u can change drive letter. Just select the drive which you wants its path to be changed. Right click on the drive, and go to "Change Drive Letter and Partitions".


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I am running an AMD Duron 1300 mhz with Windows XP. This morning I got up and turned my computer on and it cannot find the hard drive now, the bios doesn't even register it.

Here's how it started:
I upgraded my memory from 1 256 meg PCI 133 to a 512 meg DDR. Upon booting up, everything worked fine through bios and then the sceen was simply blank (black), when it tried to load Windows XP. I reset the machine, and it said it registered a failed attempt to boot, and asked whether or not safe mode or normal. So I did safe mode, everything seemed to be working fine, so I restarted and it booted up just fine.

I then changed out my AGP video card, and it did the same thing, except this time I just told it to boot normally, no safe mode, and it started just fine. I loaded the drivers and everything without any problems.

So, now every time I boot up over the past 2 days it goes through bios and then gives me a black screen. I reset the computer and it registers a failed attempt to boot previously, and I tell it to start normally, and I leave it on all day without any problems.

This morning I booted up and jumped in the shower, forgetting about the need to reset, and it sat there on the blank screen for about 10 minutes, then I reset, but this time it couldn't find the hard drive and started scanning the CD roms and floppy drive for a master boot record. I had just run a scan with Norton the night before, and it auto-updates from the web, so it should be pretty accu... Read more

A:Changed out memory - cannot find hard drive now.

I'd reseat ALL of the cables, since this started right after you were in the machine.

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The current hard drive is a 200 GB, 5400 RPM Toshiba. Wish to replace it with a Western Digital Black 320 GB, 7400 RPM. First, mounted the WD HDD on an external case and cloned the partition where the OS is located. Next I changed the priority order in the BIOS to boot from the external drive to confirm the cloning was successful. However, when I installed the new WD hard drive into the laptop, the system won't boot it can't find the operating system. Did I miss something? Maybe some one can help? Thanks.  

A:I changed the hard drive on my extensa 5620, got a...

Hi, Were you able to fix your problem?

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When I plug my external drives into my computer it comes up as a folder. I have plugged a couple of my friends external drives into my computer and their hard drives now open as a folder as well. I have ran Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition with the new definitions and it does not detect a virus. I have ran Spybot Search & Destroy 1.62 and Window Defender and neither one detected any spyware or malware. My computer is operating with Windows XP Pro SP3.

Also, with my internal drive and external drives when you go to My Computer and click on C drive or the external hard drive, it opens as a search. I have to right click and go to Open or Explore in order to view the contents. I asked someone about this and they said it was a VBS.runauto or VBS. autorun virus. If you have a program or a suggestion that might work to not infect anyone elses drives and fix my current problem I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Hard drive Icon changed to a Folder

Please download Be sure to hold down the shift key while attaching the portable drivesFlash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it and follow any prompts that may appear.The utility may ask you to insert your flash drive and/or other removable drives. Please do so and allow the utility to clean up those drives as well.Hold down the Shift key when inserting the drive until Windows detects it to keep autorun.inf from executing if it is present.Wait until it has finished scanning and then exit the program.Reboot your computer when done.Note: As part of its routine, Flash_Disinfector will create a hidden folder named autorun.inf in each partition and every USB drive that was plugged in when you ran it. Do not delete this will help protect your drives from future infection by keeping the autorun file from being installed on the root drive and running other malicious files.---------------------------------------Then run mbamThe process of cleaning your computer may require you to temporarily disable some security programs. If you are using SpyBot Search and Destroy, please refer to Note 2 at the bottom of this page.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to ... Read more

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Hi everyone.. I suddenly encountered this problem out of nowhere.. my main hard drive's icon has changed when you open my computer.. It doesn't look like the other hard drives' icons anymore.. heres a screenshot..

so yeah thats how it looks like now.. also.. when i open my drive D: here is how the WINDOWS32 folder looks like.. exactly like the drive icon..

I have no idea how this happened.. i just opened the pc one day and it was like that.. other people use this pc too but none of them are that knowledgeable with computers and may have done something accidentally without realizing it..

anybody know anything about this? what may have caused this and what can be done to fix this? i was worried it meant like an error of some sort and was a cause of concern.. like something might happen to my files or something like that..

i hope somebody can help me.. thanks a lot in advance!!!

A:Hard Drive Icon in My Computer Changed.. What should I do?

Can you please right click it and look at Properties then open My Computer in another window and do the same to C:\. Compare the two and post back any differences.

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Hi guys

Hope you can help, i recieved my new budget rig today but im having trouble installing windows to the new HD i think it could just be a dud.

Everything booted up fine on 1st boot apart from when i forgot to plug in the molex connector for the sata HD . Anyway i boot up the windows 64bit cd and when i get to the partition part there is an error in the corner saying....

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk, the computers hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk controller is enabled in the bios menu"

I know i have connected it all up properly, sata cable to the board, sata cable from PSU and a molex plugged in as well. I did also notice when i went into the CMD prompt and tried diskpart sometimes when i typed "list disk" it would come up "no disks attached"

I have listed the setup i bought below but am i right in thinking i've been sent a dud HD?

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit - OEM (GFC-00599)

Asus M4A78LT-M 760G (Socket AM3) DDR3 Motherboard

AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core 250 3.00GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail

OCZ Gold 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Low-Voltage Dual Channel (OCZ3G1333LV4GK)
Western Digital RE2 500GB SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (WD5000YS)

Logitech K200 Media Keyboard (920-002733)

OcUK 22x DVD?RW SATA ReWriter (Black) - OEM

Coolermaster Elite 430 Windowed Case - Black (with 500w Elite Power PSU) [RC-430-KWP500]

Hop... Read more

A:Cant install windows to new builds hard drive

Can you try the HD in any other computer to see if it is recognized ?

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I am trying to install windows 7 on an usb attached external hard drive, into a secondary partition. I've tryed installing from an ISO file mounted as a virtual drive, by extracting the files and running the setup file and by booting from the ISO file of a DVD/DR disc. I choose custom install and everytime I get to the point of selecting my installation drive, I get the message "Windows 7 cannot be installed to a USB partioned Hard drive"

I've searvhed help sites and discussion grouips for hours and have not found a single reference to this problem.

I'm currently running Windows 7 beta, but do not want to do an upgrade as I have several existing problems (virus and registry related) so when I'm ready to do the install I want it to be a new install vs an upgrade. Before I wipe my entire drive for the new install, I wanted to install and run the latest win 7 OS on my secondary hard drive to make sure I like it, and if I have any major issues.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

A:Install windows 7 on USB external hard drive

I think the message speaks for itself. Windows cannot be installed to a USB hard drive.

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My old IDE system drive failed so I bought a new Seagate SATA drive and windows wont install. During the installation process I get the dreaded 'setup was unable to create a new system partition...' message and I cant escape it. I currently have no windows installed so I only have the CMD to work with...please assist me.

A:New SATA hard drive, cant install Windows.

And when you get to the partition page it shows the hard drive as unallocated space, correct ?

Follow this tutorial.

Clean Install Windows 7

and look over Greg`s

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question. But I wanted to know how do I install Windows XP operating system on my external hard drive. I am currently running Windows Vista Premium on my desktop. Please advise me regarding this question.

Thank you to anybody who can help me.

A:Install Windows XP on External Hard drive

Hi there, what is your mission? Dual booting?

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I replaced a failed HDD and when installing Win8 from from Dell's Windows 8 Recovery Media disk I get asked for the product key. There is no option to skip the key. Dead in the water. 
Posts similar to mine end up with a DELL support asking for a PM of the service tag. I can do that but need to know who to PM.

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I have a portable hard drive 270gb. I want to install Windows 7 on it. Anybody knows? I need help. Thanks

A:How to install Windows 7 on a portable hard drive

As far as I know.

All the Windows iterations I've tried will not boot from an external drive.

If anyone can get Seven to do it- I want to know how

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I recently dropped and broke my motherboard and decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to an overclockable setup, so I got myself an i5-4690k CPU and an H97M-GAMING 3 mobo and physically installed them without any issues.
On my first boot, I went directly to the BIOS to check all my components were working and changed the boot order so I could install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on my SSD.
On my second boot (with the Windows 7 installation disc in my disc drive), everything seemed to be working fine up until the point where I attempted to install the OS and got this error (same thing with every other disc).

So I took my SSD over to a friends house, converted it to GPT, took it home to try again, and got this error instead.

I'm getting a bit frustrated here. Does anyone know what's going on?

A:Unable to install Windows 7 on any Hard Drive?

Hey sraldleif,
the issue on screenshots should be fixed with the deletion of partitions using the installer built-in partitioning tool, are you installing windows 64 or 32 bit ?

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here is my story. abot 3 weeks ago i've bought a new SATA hard drive. i have old P4C800-E mb and IDE harddrive with XP running. so i unplugged IDE disc and was able to install windows xp on sata drive,-later got all the updates including service pack 3. few days later - the blue screen of death appeared on my new hard drive. i formatted and tried to reinstall for nada. most of the the time - it didn't show the hard drive in the bios at all. than i read on this forum that i can't install XP on SATA drives because of no drivers there for SATA (somehow i did though). i got desperate and have bought brind new windows 7 ultimate - now - first time it went up to "completing installation" - then rebooted,-then again everything from beginning... after the second time - it gave me a message - no hard drive:(( so my question is - is it possible that the SATA hard drive is defect?it's pretty warm when i touch it? or - my bios is outdated? o shuld i just buy another IDE hard drive and get rid of SATA? thank you!

A:can't install windows 7 on new SATA hard drive

another thing is - could it be that my psu has not enough watt to power that SATA 500mb

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I have an asus laptop. This is my only way of doing my school work. I was a windows 8 laptop origionally but it automatically updated to windows 8.1 and i installed windows 7 on it myself. recently I have expreienced a problem with it to where it would not boot up at all. I continued with an endless loop and would not boot up to anything. My warrenty ran out last month so I can send it in for repairs unless I pay $80. I have a windows 8 product key and before I make a bootable usb flash drive I want to completely wipe my hard drive. Can someone please tell me how I can completely wipe my hard drive befor installing a new operating system. I want to make sure I do everything correctly before I start. I do not have a cd burner and my home desktop is an xp so it is limited to what it can even do at all. I just need a way to make a usb flash drive that can completely wipe my system so I can clean install windows 8. 

A:How to wipe hard drive and install windows 8

You said it was originally installed with Windows 8. The recovery partition should still be there with Windows 8 unless you
intentionally deleted it or replaced the hdd.
Is it still there or not?
If it is you can perform a clean install of Windows 8 without downloading anything.
Windows 8-How to restore the system to factory default settings if I can't enter the system?

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How do I completely wipe a hard drive and install a fresh XP? A computer someone has is just totally messed up. When you restart, nothing opens, you can't do anything except try to get something to open manually through the task manager. AIM is about the only thing that will do that. His browsers and everything won't open. Windows doesn't really work either...the background is the only thing that shows up. Hes messed the thing up bad with viruses and what not over the past year. And it randomly restarts itself so it just crazy.

Wiping it clean and re-installing windows will basically make it brand new right, or am I wrong about that? If thats what needs to be done to it then what program do I get, and if it can be fixed somehow without wiping it then how can I do that?

The computer was tweaking a while back and I went and ran spyware, adware, virus scanners, basically anything I could think of and found a lot of stuff but it still had problems. I'm thinking now nothing short of a clean install can help it.

A:Wipe a hard drive and re-install windows?

Oh and there are no restore points ever. That could have helped!

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Hi, I have an HP Pavilion x2 10-n100ns which has a 32Gb eMMC drive and a 500Gb SATA hard drive. It came with Windows 10 Home 64bit preinstalled on the 32Gb drive. When the Windows 10 anniversary update was available for install, it started but failed saying that there was not enough space. First question - how can I install the update? Is it possible? Second question - I would like to install and run Windows 10 from the SATA drive.I have made an image of the eMMC drive so that I can restore back to factory if required.When I run the Windows 10 setup from a USB installation stick and select clean install, I get the option of which disk to install to and I can see both the eMMC and SATA drives.I have deleted the partition off of the SATA drive which now appears as unallocated space.However the installation cannot continue on the SATA drive as I get the following message: -"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disks connected through a USB or IEEE 1394 port."How can I install (and run) Windows 10 on the SATA drive? Thanks

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I need to replace my internal hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. I do not want to copy anything from it. I bought the new hard drive, but I am not sure how or what order to install everything. I have the 'Reinstallation CD MS Win XP Home' from Dell, SP2 & SP3, and the Drivers & Utilities cd 'for reinstalling dell inspiron system software'. Since these are all 'reinstallation' cds, can I use these? Is there a website or other link that you can point me to that may have step by step instructions/pictures of this entire process? I am not doing an actual reinstall, but that's what the cds say. I am installing a NEW hard drive. Please help! I'm pretty sure I can get the actual HD in the laptop. It's just a matter of what to do next to get Windows XP on it. Thanks!

A:Solved: Install Windows XP on new hard drive

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Hi, my computer about 5 years ago, it came with Windows XP Home edition preinstalled. The manufacture did not include a windows XP Home disc - instead there is a Windows XP Home code sticker on the back of the computer.

I have to replace the hard drive and do not wish to pay the retailer to reload windows XP Home -have installed other Windows operating systems and hard drives so I have the skills for this task. Now my million dollar question - Product key codes with Windows XP; f I borrowed a retail copy of Windows XP Home can I use the Windows code from the Microsoft Windows XP Home sticker on my computer to reinstall Windows XP Home on my system and activate it or do I need a new key code? The copy of XP Home I am borrowing is has already been installed on another system and I would like to keep my system legit, and be able to activate my windows system.

Thanks Scott

A:Windows XP Home install on new hard drive

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I've downloaded the ISO for service pack 3 but XP will not install correctly on my PC because the hard drive is too big.  How can I install it on my PC with 500GB hard drive?
Please respond only with step by step instructions.

A:how to install Windows XP on a PC with 500GB hard drive?

What error did you get?

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I have an Inspiron 17R SE 7720 with a dead 1T HDD and the 32GB SSD. The hard drive is a total loss and out of warranty so I have to install Windows on a new hard drive.I don't have a recovery disk so I am installing Windows 8.1 from an original DVD I ordered from Microsoft some time ago. My problem is that the laptop doesn't seen to be able to boot from the DVD. I get a message "No Operation System Found." I have changed the boot list in the BIOS to have DVD first. I have tried f12 to chose the DVD for booting but nothing works. I checked the disk in another computer and it is good.I have read something about the mSATA SSD causing problems and also about the Intel Rapid Storage being a problem. Please help if you can, I need the laptop for school.

A:Inspiron 17R can't install windows on new hard drive

Does (or did) the DVD drive read any other discs?

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Hi everyone, please help! I purchased a laptop on ebay but it has a blank drive. I have inserted a Window ME CDR into CD rom and started the laptop but CD doesn't start and I get a black screen only!!!! (No floppy drive)

I have been said i need to set the laptop to boot from the CD drive in the bios setup. How do I do that? What is bios setup? Where I find it? How do I install Windows Me to a blank drive laptop that doesnt have floppy disk?

A:How To Install Windows To A Blank Hard Drive

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My friend's computer seized up in the middle of the boot. Tried recovery, but it isn't able to go forward. The hard drive seemed to be spinning tho, so chances were good we could recover the data. I removed the hard drive and copied everything to a back-up external drive using my own computer. Replaced the hard drive in the disabled computer. Question is how do I install Windows XP? The recovery files on the hard drive are not accessible, I assume, so we can't use those - right? We misplaced the disks that came with the computer, so I'm buying a new copy of Windows XP. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Maggie

A:Solved: How do I install Windows XP onto new hard drive

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New Member, First post.

Recently changed out hard drive and memory cards, as per Dell Tech support. After completing install of HD and memory contacted support for
Windows install. Windows XP Professional SP2 install CD purchased from Dell was used. Sorry cannot give error messages at this time, will be away from computer for several more days. Windows would not install, gave Blue Screen and error codes. Tech support contacted again, made me remove two new memory cards, made several attempts to load and recognize HD, once it did, completed format, and several more steps. Once Windows copied and loaded files, and i got past time zone and nameing computer, Windows started Installing, but failed again with same message. Tech support determined this new hard drive was bad as well.
New HD arrived next day. Went through same setup, at one point I removed the install CD, rookie move, interpeted message the wrong way.
Install restarted and windows went through steps again. Once again got error messages. Now tech support says i probably have a mother board issue and the cost would be greater than a new computer. Computer is 5 yrs. old, Dell 8400, standard equipment, not used at all for gaming, just internet searching. I can give more information once i return home. I thought that replacing the HD and adding memory and OS install with new
supplied CD's, including driver CD, would be a peace of cake, wrong!! I have read several posts on this sight and on dell forums. I have came a... Read more

A:New Hard Drive - Windows Install Issue

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I have 2 windows installs on my PC - both of them are on separate hard drives. One of them is 32 bit, the one I'm currently using is 64 bit. I never use that install, so I figured I should go and format the hard drive it's in. The problem is, Windows is not letting me do that. Can anyone help? I don't really want to use boot-time CDs and stuff, but if it's the only resort then I'll have a go at it.

A:Format hard drive with another windows install

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Hi, thanks for all the help you have been giving me!

Can i install windows 7 or 8 to an external hard drive so i can take it to another computer, select it from the boot menu and it will boot up?


A:Install Windows to an External hard drive?

Take a look at
Windows To Go - Create in Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 8 To Go - Setup on a USB Flash Drive or USB Disk

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hey every1 my names jack new to techguy

few days ago my pc specs were like this

partition 1: NTFS (windows operating system) 39gb
partition 2: ext3 (ubuntu) 8gb
partition 3: swap (ubuntu) 1gb
partition 4: NTFS (all of my documents videos and music) 150gb

this was after i was currently running windows as my only operating system (working perfectly) and decided to try out ubuntu. afterin installing it i decided i didn't like it so i put in my windows CD and deleated the 1st 3 partitions and combined them into a 49gb partition, formatted it and installed windows on it.

partition 1: NTFS (windows) 49gb
partition 2: NTFS (all docs videos and music)150gb

this worked fine, it formatted correcly and then started copying the setup files onto partition 1, but then after it restarted it wudnt see that windows was there and wudn't continue the installation. it would just go back to asking if i wanted to install from the CD again. i was installing windows xp (no service pack) but i have done this many times with this CD and hasnt stuffed up yet

could some1 please help me out??

A:windows wont install from hard drive

what a pity you didn't just delete the ubuntu partitions. in your windows system using disk management. then used the free space for a second ntfs partition..
then if you have a floppy drive and get hold of a win98se system boot disk boot off it and at the prompt A: fdisk /mbr the grub loader would be removed and a new master boot record written so you can boot windows..

You may still have to rewrite the master boot record to rid the hdd of the linus boot loader.

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I am building a new computer, moving my SSD and one of my hard drives to that new system. I plan on upgrading that to Windows 8, since I already have a Windows 7 install on it.

I have created a system image of my current Windows 7 install hoping that I can use an Install DVD to make the system image work. Do I need to have another key for the image? I bought the family pack of 3 upgrades, and all of those have been used up. The Windows 7 install will just be on a different hard drive but all of the other hardware in the computer will remain the same. The original install of Windows was an OEM copy of Vista Ultimate 64bit if that matters. Will there be any problems in doing this, or will the key remain registered, or will I have to call up Microsoft?

My other question is can I just do a clean install of Windows 7, deactivate the current key and then reuse it on the same system?


A:Windows 7 install to a new hard drive, will the key be registered?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

What are you using to make a image of your Windows 7 install?

If all you are changing is the hard drive you should be okay with that key.

And if you decide to do a clean install then yes deactivating it and reusing it on the same system will be okay.


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I have a new HP envy t215 desktop with intel I7 Processor on a Megatrends MB with an EFI partitionThe computer came with windows 7 pro but I want to temporally installWindows 8.

I want to remove the hard drive with Windows 7 Pro and insert a new 1TB Sata drive for a fresh install of windows 8. I have an almost new 1TB Sata WD hard drive formatted GPT/NTFS.I have completely wiped the hard drive. I will have to have the EFI partition on the windows hard drive.

The real question is will the windows 8 OEM software create the correct partitions when the system is installed.I know I need the EFI partition and the operating system partition at a minimum.

Any help would be much appreciated


A:Windows 8 and 7 install EFI partition new hard drive

If you want to install to UEFI and the PC is already set that way for Win7, then you need to boot the Win7 DVD as a UEFI device, since the HD is blank it should not be a problem for the installer to format it as a GPT disk and include the EFI System partition.

Let us know if there are any problems.

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I am attempting to install Windows 7 to a external 1TB hard drive. I am following instruction at
I have installed the windows automated install (WAIK), and copied the Windows 7 CD to a folder on the hard drive as instructed. I found and placed the Bcdboot.exe, Bootsect.exe and Imagex.exe files as instructed.
It next has an instruction to run "Installer.cmd" which I assume it's supposed to be located in the Windows 7 CD folder. I cannot find "Installer.cmd", and searched the entire drive. Does anyone know of where this file or proper file can be found?

A:How to install windows 7 to usb external hard drive

That file should be listed under your WAIK directory according to the website.

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I reinstalled WIndows XP SP 1 on my old Dell Desktop. I added a Hitachi Desktar 250gb hard drive to it a couple of years ago and was working fine until the reinstall; now the hard drive does not show up (Neither in Disk Management nor in BIOS). It is like it isn't there at all. Unfortunately, Hitachi doesn't give out the drivers for the hardware because they are compatible with XP. Any suggestions on how I can get my hard drive back?

BTW: The hard drive has data on it but I don't need it; I was planning on wiping it clean after reinstalling XP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Second Hard Drive not found after Windows XP re-install

It should show up in the BIOS; if its not showing there its a trouble sign; check all cables (power + data cable)

Check if you have "IDE Emulation" or "AHCI" enabled so XP can see it; also its good idea to update your xp installation to sp3/newer updates.

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