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Stuck on expanding windows files 0% PLEASE HELP

Q: Stuck on expanding windows files 0% PLEASE HELP

Ok, I am not a computer whiz but I had a corrupted hard drive in my laptop.

So, I purchased a new one and installed it into my laptop.

I got one that is 640 GB, I know there is plenty of room for the Windows 7 OS

This is the list of what happens:
I turn the computer on with the 64-bit disc already inserted and it says windows is loading files,
Then the setup language preferences screen pops up, I enter the US settings & click Next,
Then click the Install now button.
Once the Setup is Starting... screen opens it takes forever.
Finally gets to Accept Liscense terms, click on next,
Click Custom (Advanced)
Where do you want to install Windows? pops up with 2 partitions
Disk 0 Partition 1: System Reserved
Disk 0 Partition 2
chose my partition, formatted it, clicked next
Went to the installing Windows screen
Completed the Copying Windows files

And is now just sitting there saying Expanding Windows Files (0%)...

It has been sitting like this for about 30 minutes

I did do a complete wipe of the hard drive before I started.

I don't know what is going on.
So if anyone has any advice for me. PLEASE HELP!!!
It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A: Stuck on expanding windows files 0% PLEASE HELP

Wipe the disk clean then try.

You will need to get to a command prompt.
■Boot up from your Windows 7 DVD.
■At the first dialog window, press SHIFT + F10 key combo
■You will have a X:> command prompt
X: is a ram drive created by Windows 7.


Now you need to "clean" the disk. A clean all operation is going to write zeroes to each and every byte on the disk and can take a very long time.

Go get a beer at your favorite locale.

You MUST wait for this operation to finish.

Now here's how to clean the disk:

? type DiskPart, Enter key
? type List disk, Enter key
note the numeral of the disk you want to clean
for example purposes, I?ll be using the numeral 2
? type Select disk 2, Enter key
? type Detail disk, Enter key
this info will let you know if you selected correctly
? type Clean ALL, Enter key
your entire disk is being overwritten with zeros.
This can take a considerable amount of time
? type EXIT, Enter key (only after Clean is finished)
? type EXIT, Enter key (this gets you back where you were)

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windows cannot install required files

A:Windows get stuck on expanding files

Try a full clean & full format in command prompt.
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Hi all

I desperately need some help. I'm trying to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on my HP laptop. I'm using an ISO file burned onto a DVD disc.

The problem I'm having is that the installation stops at 'Expanding Windows files'. It stays on 0% for hours and refuses to continue. It still allows me to move the cursor around but nothing is happening.

I tried burning the ISO file using several different programs at different speeds but all with the same outcome.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Expanding Windows files stuck on 0%

Where did you get the original ISO file?
It could be faulty

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I'm trying to install win8 on my pc (hp pavillion g6) which its hdd is completely empty; but it gets stuck on expanding files at 98%
I'm installing it via dvd
please help

A:Installation stuck at Expanding windows files 98%

Is this a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8?

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I am trying to install Windows 7, things went smoothly until it got to "expanding windows files 90%" then the CD Drive kicks itself and high gear and spins fast, slows down, spins fast, slows down, spins fast, slows down, on and on and on and on and it HANGS at 90%!!

A:[SOLVED] Expanding Windows files stuck at 90% ; CD drive spins REALLY fast

It sounds like the drive is having a problem reading the disc, it may be damaged or the files on it may be corrupt.

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I wanted to install a fresh installation of windows 7 on my computer so I decided to load up my boot disc.

1. I deleted my partitions until I had a maximum of 233gb of free space.
2. I created a new partition from the free space. Windows setup suggested to make a primary partition of 100 mb.
3. System created two new partitions. One is primary partition (233 gb), the other is the system partition (100 mb)
4. Proceeded to install windows on the new partition created.
5. Copying windows files went from 0% to 100% instantly
6. Stuck at Expanding windows files at 0%.
7. Restarted my computer to boot up windows to see what's wrong.
8. Windows boot manager is missing, only thing I can do is reinstall windows but I can't
9. Can't do a startup repair cause it fails.
10. Did a cmd command for bootrec.exe /FixMbr and bootrec.exe /Fixboot and both operations are successful. However, still can't load up windows desktop.

Problem: I deleted my partitions and created new ones but I can't install windows onto the partition because the screen is stuck at expanding windows files at 0%. I got an error: 0x80070017. Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing.

I also can't load into windows desktop because bootmanager is missing.

What should I do? I also can't do an upgrade installation because it requires me to load into windows desktop before I can load the disc for upgrade installation.

A:Solved: Deleted partitions, No bootmanager, Stuck at Expanding Windows files 0%

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So I was trying to get the latest update on my Win 7 PC. My PC never would let me do a auto update or update with in the OS so I downloaded a copy of win 7 from Microsoft and burnt it onto a disk. Now I went to do that update an everything went well until after it did its first reboot. Once it started back up it has been sitting at 18% and says "Please Wait" and "Gathering additional information before exporting files" This had been going on for about an hour. Any help would be great.

A:Windows Update Stuck at Expanding Windows Files[18%]

The problem fixed it self

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Hi everyone.
I have recently bought a new PC and am trying to install the windows 7 release candidate on it but it gets stuck on expanding files at 0% every time and just won't budge.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been getting so exited about it coming, what with delays, and then i can't get the damn thing to work.

Quote: Originally Posted by jrandomguy

it gets stuck on expanding files at 0% every time

by the way the bit before the expanding window file: The "Copying windows files" bit it does really fast and goes strait from 0% to 100%.

Now it has come up with this error message :Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required are available, and restartt the installasion. Error code 0x80070015.

A:installation stuck on expanding files at 0%

Hi Jrandomguy and welcome to SevenForums,

The Error code 0x80070015 relates to a device not ready which would normally relate to the DVD drive

This may be simply that the install DVD is corrupted in some way or that the download of the .ISO is faulty in some way. worst case would be a hardware faullt

You could try re-burning at the 1x speed to give the disk the best chance of burning correctly, or maybe downloading again.

Other options are use of a USB stick to install from - if this is an option for you - there is a tutorial on this site if you want to try this method - at least the media is re-usable - I have used RW DVD media for the same reason in the past

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I torrented a windows 7 install disc iso. I burned it to a disc but when i tried to install windows 7 it gets to "expanding files" and freezes at 0% . After that i tried using the exact same iso but from a thumb drive, and it worked. I tried the disc on multiple computers and it always sticks at 0% on expanding files. I have also reburned the iso multiple times and it still doesn't work. If i use a jump drive it always works. I know someone is gonna say that its the iso because i got it from a torrent, but the same iso works from a usb drive so it cant be that. I know someone is gonna say it is the optical drive, but i have tried it on 3 different computers with optical drives that i know work but it still sticks at 0% so its not that. Its also is not that i haven't waited long enough because i have left it for multiple hours and it still didn't move from 0%. I suspect that its an little feature in the burning program that i overlooked during the burn process. Has anyone encountered this or know how to fix it?

A:Windows 7 install stuck at 0% on "expanding files" but works off USB

I assume it has to do with the burn speed. If burned at anything higher than 1x, there is a chance of the disc being corrupted.

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I've been trying to install Windows Vista Ultima for a while now. I'm trying to install to my D: which is a Seagate 320gb sata drive, which I've installed the drivers off the CD. I've tried several LEGIT copies and nothing works. Here's what happens when I try to install:

When I install by booting off the CD it just gets stuck at a blank screen with a backround on it, the only way I can get further is by disabling my USB 1.0. Once I do that it starts installing and gets stuck at Expanding Files.

When I install through windows it gets stuck at 8%. I've tried safe mode also, and get the same thing.

I've tried loading my hard drive drivers through the Vista installer by using the disk my Seagate 320GB drive came with (which is a sata drive) and it doesn't find any. and of course it's impossible to find Seagate drivers online for this hard drive i've tried for over 5 hours.

I've also done the Windows Vista memory test and it didn't find any errors.

I'm attaching a copy of my systems specs. Hopfully someone can help me.

A:Vista Wont Install Stuck At 8% or Expanding Files.

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Dear Sirs...

I've spent last 48 hours trying to fight the fate (and I know there's been a lot of discussions around this issues). But whatever I do my windows 7 64x would not proceed and is stuck at Expanding Windows Files Stage.
What I've Done:
- I have a pack of DVDs - both native one (OEM) and one from torrents (written at 16x - oh how stupid was I back then and how naive, 4x and finally 2x and 1x speeds) - in vain
- I also created a bootable flash drive to use instead of DVD - did not make any difference
- I tried testing and removing my RAM, one at a time, changed slots, etc. - nope. Memtest runs like a charm, 3 runs with windows utility (and in-bios utility).
- I tried to disable EVERYTHING in BIOS I could find - including support for legacy USB drives (not when I was trying USB though - it would not find it). Could not find any mentioning of Floppy, or Tech Bridge, Or K9 (which helped some other people).
- I tried to eject-reinsert the DVD drive while installing (as some people reported it helped).
- I even switched SATA cables, swapped SATA cables and switched off everything else except for PS2 Keyboard (even USB mouse was gone), HDD and DVD
- I formatted my HDD and I used both "delete partition" and "format partition" - on the dialogue where you choose where to install windows.
- I booted from Boot Disk Utility to check HDD for bad sectors and format it again.
- Finally I tried some vodoo magic which apparently proved ineffective as... Read more

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Hello, cheers to all of you who are trying to help!

Like the title says, I'm trying to install Windows 7 on Toshiba Equium and every time setup stops on the "Expanding Windows files (0%)". I've tried to google the solution but not a thing I tried helped.

Been there, done that list:
Complete disk format (filling with 0's)
Burning new DVDs
Using bootable USB
Debug mode
Reseting CMOS (default BIOS settings)
Selecting partition active with DISKPART
Do you have some other ideas other than what I've tried? In either way, I'm very thankful!

A:Windows 7 x86 and x64 installation stuck at "Expanding Windows Files"

Hello Cabbageman, welcome to Seven Forums!

The one thing you didn't mention is the probable suspect, where did the Windows installer you are using come from, perhaps that is the issue and securing another installer will sort it for you.

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hi, im having trouble installing windows 7. i burnt the disc and started custom installation, and it copied all the windows files but then it got stuck on expanding windows files. it didnt freeze, it just didnt get past the last 1%. and the worst thing is i cant use the computer with vista anymore, because when i try to boot it up it opens up some kind of system restore that doesn't work. should i just leave the install screen on overnight? does the last 1% always hang for like 2 hours?

A:expanding windows files (99%) ...

It might help to start over again after using diskpart commands to rezero the disk. The link below shows you how.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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hi , installations stops at " Expanding windows files 0 % ".....
and stuck there , does not go further , please tell me what to do ?!?

A:Windows Expanding files 0% ........PrOBLEM help ,please

What version of Windows 7 are you trying to install, and is it 32 bit or 64 bit? Where did you get the installation media?

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Alright, here is my issue. I have a Legit copy of W7, and all my hardware is new. The setup works fairly smoothely until the "Expanding Files" comes up. At which point, it doesn't proceed further than 0%, then after about 15 minutes, its pops up "required files missing." I have tried to remove a stick of ram, relocate ram, differant hard drive, everything disabled in the bios, over clock, under clock, manual set ram........ I even tried two other copies of windows 7, both 64 and 32. I can't figure it out. I need help!!!

A:Windows 7 Installation Stops at Expanding Files

Problem: Setup is stuck at X%What to try:
Disconnect all unnecessary hardware from the system. This includes hard drives, video cards, USB devices, and expansion cards. Remove all but one stick of RAM.

Use the VGA output on your card if possible.

These problems can also be caused by bad RAM. Run a memory diagnostic overnight, using Memest86 or something similar.

If nothing above works, you may have bad installation media. What condition is the disc in? Verify your copy of Windows came from a reputable source. Try burning a new DVD, using the slowest speed possible.

Common Installation Problems and Their Solutions

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I've just finished building my PC. I go to boot it up and installation of Windows 7 just freezes at "Expanding windows files 100%". It does not get to "Installing features".

My Motherboard is an ASUS Maximus Ranger 8. I have an SSD connected (Computer recognises it - After restarting and trying again some of my SSD space has been taken up, meaning that it is actually writing to it) 16GB DDR4 G-Skill RAM (Done Mem test, no issue, tried using less than 16GB, no change) GTX970 G1

I've tried memtest. Everything works fine. Tried taking out/putting in less RAM. No difference. The windows 7 USB drive does work, as I only used it a few weeks ago on another computer. I don't have a Windows 7 CD or a way to make one. After leaving the computer on "Expanding files" for 30-40 minutes it restarted on its own and took me back to the start of the installation process all over again.

I've read loads of threads and tried several things but nothing has worked. I've spent like £1k on this computer and I can't even get it to boot, so if anyone could give me advice or point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it as I'm getting pretty desperate.

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Just freezes, or it may get to 18% and stop. It even BSOD'd but that's another thread I currently have up which I'm trying to get help in.

I haven't tried anything, so suggest anything and I'll try it.

AMD Processors for Desktops: AMD Phenom My CPU if that has any relevance.

I'm going to try to swap my RAM sticks right now, which is probably going to cause my system to not boot up for a couple of hours so I'll be on the iPod later if this happens to occur.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit - Expanding Files 0%... then freezes

Where did you get WIn7? Did you burn the DVD yourself? If so, confirm ISO integrity or download another using ImgBurn at 4x speed, or write ISO or DVD to flash stick using Ultra ISO trial version: On FIle tab select Open ISO or DVD, On Bootable tab Write DIsk Image, Format, Write. Boot under USB, Removable, HD's using HP ESC one-time BIOS Boot menu.

Make sure you have the latest BIOS version from HP Support Downloads webpage for your model. If so, reset the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

While in BIOS setup set SATA controller to AHCI to try install, if that fails try IDE mode.

If install fails again, try wiping the HD: SSD - HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation then create and format partitions from booted installer.

Try removing all but 2gb of RAM to try install. Test RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Test your HD using maker's diagnostic/repair extended CD scan: HD Diagnostic

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Okay i can get the windows installion all the way to part 2 installing windows where it says expanding files it will get to around the high 80% or 90% complete then i will get an error that says windows cannot access the installion sources verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. And i restart and try again and it gives me the same thing. So any help would be apprecaited.

Thank you,


A:Installing windows 7 error when expanding files

I had similar problems when I first downloaded the W7 x64 Pro ISO image from MSDNAA...when I burned the ISO to DVD the burn speed was set too high and some files didn't burn correctly and this caused errors during installation...the problem was easily fixed by burning the DVD on the lowest burn speed...if you are using a retail disc and are getting these errors the disc may be defective

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Hi all,

I've had windows 7 RC on my computer, it was a 32bit version.
I chose to buy windows 7 because it's like a million times better then vista..., i bought a 64bit version.
I chose a clean install, but everything goes wrong:
Windows 7 doesn't seem to install on my computer, after a two-hour wait the "expanding-files" part was still at 0%

at first my installer was very slow, i had to wait at least 10 minutes before i could choose a language, etc. I solved this "slow" problem by disabling the floppy drive in my BIOS-settings, but mind you, this didn't change the fact that windows isn't actually expanding files, it was still breaking my balls here...

...anyway, is there anybody out there that can help me?

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 Install Problem - Expanding Files (0%)...

Have you run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (free here: )

Or, have you told the Windows 7 installer to check compatibility before you begin the installation?

If so, what were the results?

Please post back with the specifications of your system also.

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So I'm trying to install Windows 7 via XP SP2 but every time I try it gets to the expanding files part(27%) and cancels the whole installation saying Windows could not prepare the computer too boot into the next phase. I ran a chkdsk scan on the drive and unplugged all USB devices and some people said that Windows couldn't find the HDD Controllers so I installed my chipset drivers too but still nothing.
I can't really format these partitions(especially C: since I need the XP installation on it to install Win 7)
What could be cause of this? Can a damaged or missing bootsector(or bootmgr) be to blame?

A:Windows 7 install refuses to reboot at expanding files

Try cleaning the HD Drive first.
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Hello, this thing has been frustrating me for last one month. I am trying to install Windows 7 64 bit on my system and it freezes during expanding files. I searched all forums and information thats available online, tried everything that was listed but no solution yet.

My system is Foxconn P9657AB-8EKRS2H LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard, Intel Quad Core Processor, 6 GB RAM on 3 slots, I had a 250 GB before this process but i bought a 1 TB 7200 RPM HD thinking that it would solve the problem somehow.

I took out all USB items including mouse & keyboard and using PS2 mouse/kb now. Also took out 2 RAMs leaving only one 2 GB. Now the machine only has the mother board, processor, video card, 2 gb ram, ps2 mouse & keyboard, and the monitors.

I checked BIOS, and i have the latest update. Tried everything on BIOS from setting it to Safe Mode, Disabling all USB ports, Internal Audio Device, and pretty much everything that i found online. Im just yet to flush the BIOS, change DVD drive and install it from a flash drive.

Can anybody help me out?? Any suggestion would be appreciated..

A:Windows 7 64bit Installation freezes during expanding files

Hello poltoo, welcome to Seven Forums!

If the Windows 7 install disk is one you burned yourself it may be a bad burn and needs to be done again, if so this would be the first thing to try.

Use the free ISO burner at the link below to burn another at a speed of now more than 4x and select to let the program to verify the disk before it finishes.

ImgBurn Free ISO Burner

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I'm trying to get 7 to install and I'm having a bear of a time.† It has taken a tremendously long time to cycle through the steps and after a little more than an hour, it was only at 6% of Expanding Windows Files.I've taken a stick of RAM out bringing me down to 2gb, have tried three burns (one at the slowest speed and verified), neither has helped.† Please help.My system specs:5400+ Black Edition (non-OCed)Abit AN52 Motherboard (nForce 520)OCZ PC-6400 4gb (2gb during install)XfX Geforce 8800GTWestern Digital Raptor x2

A:Installation Extremely Slow - Hangs during Expanding Windows Files

I was having the same issue as the original above... "Windows 7 64-bit would hang at 0% when expanding Windows files"

I originally was getting the 0xc00000e9 error when Windows 7 64-bit was trying to load the installer, which lead me down the path of burning at a lower speed. †That worked!

After reading all of the other user's helpful tips, my issue was resolved by simply ejecting the DVD while it was stuck at 0%. †It prompted to retry the disc, so I popped it back in and it screamed through the install. †I couldn't believe it was that simple, but nothing to do with removing RAM or USB devices. †Hope this helps someone else! :)

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Hi guys,
I need some help. I am trying to load Windows 7 to a brand new HHD, but I am having problems loading Windows 7, as I cannot go beyond the "expanding windows file" step.
I will try to be brief with all I have try based on suggestions from other posts, but first my system:

Dell Vostro V13
Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 743 @ 1.30GHz
4GB of Ram (Kingstong I believe)
Hard Drive Hitachi - 320GB
BIOS Version A05
Board Name 0R45H1 Vendor Dell Inc.

a brief background: I was running windows 7 without any problem, but all of the sudden it was taking forever (like 2 hours) to load windows. Since I thought it could be a bad HDD I bought a brand new HDD. Since I didn?t have a copy of Windows 7 I decided to load Ubuntu 11.10 on the brand new HDD. Days later I decided to format the HDD and load windows 7, but I?ve been stucked in the "expanding windows files" problem.

Things I have tried on other Threads:
Switched and reduced (4gb to 2gb) RAM
Enable and Disable all the different options under the Advanced setting on my Bios
Flash my bios with the latest able option from Dell
Burned different copies of Windows 7 DVD and created a bootable usb
Format my HDD using some "low format" program

The funny thing, is that if I take my HDD and I put it on another laptop, I am able to install windows flawlessly...however, once I put it back into my laptop, I start getting memory problems (blue screens), specially if I am trying to save fi... Read more

A:Expanding Windows Files Error - Former Linux Hard Drive

First you say you Didn't have a copy of Win 7, then you say you are loading win 7. Where did you get your copy of Win 7?

If your Dell originally came with 7 then you had a chance to created the 7 install DVD from files originally on your drive. As you say you didn't have a copy of 7 I take it you never made that DVD when you first got this Dell.

I would suspect the DVD you are using and or the ISO you are using to create the DVD's and thumb drive. That and Dell may of included special software in their 7 DVD for use on that system.

If you call Dell you will be able to order a proper Dell 7 DVD from them for a small fee.

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I do a clean install. Delete all the partitions, make a new one, format.Then "Copying files" takes approx 1 second. Then it does to "Expand" and gives me the error.Exact message:"Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570"

A:Error at "Expanding Files": Windows cannot install required files. 0x80070570

I resolved the problem I had. It appeared to be a memory chip. I do not know whether it is a bad chip or just a compatibility issue.I had 2.5GB of RAM: 1GB 800Mhz and the rest 512MB 688Mhz. I took out the 1GB and the install went through fine. Windows 7 is running just fine with 1.5GB of RAM on a 2.8Ghz Pentium D.

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I am trying to put Windows 7 on my old MPC Client Pro 365. 2GB ram. I am following the Microsoft instructions for upgrading from XP to 7. It stops at expanding windows files at 27%.
Searching the forum, there seems to be more than 1 answer. Please let me know if you can help me. I really don't know why this change needs to be this problematic.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 Expanding windows files stops at 27%

What version of Windows 7 are you trying to install? Windows 7 32Bit (X86) or 64 Bit? The bare minimum of RAM on a 64 Bit OS is 2GB, we strongly suggest 4GB. This is a 10 year old computer. The hardware is too old to run Windows 7. This computer does not support or have drivers for Windows 7: ClientPro 365 System Drivers and Documentation
Did you run the Upgrade Advisor to see if your computer could handle Windows 7 before trying to instal it? Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Official Microsoft Download Center

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For the last two hours the update has been hanging at expanding files (18%)

It says windows needs to update the computer

A:Windows 7 update expanding windows files hangs at 18%

Hello dylan151 to TSF,

Looking at those two screenshots, you are doing a new installation of the Windows? 7 Operating System, correct?

If so, and after the length of time you have waited, it looks as though the installation is corrupt.
With a new installation, you must format thew Hard Drive Partition before you start the installation.
I would recommend that you abort this current installation, and start again, after you format the drive.
Having said that, if you are Upgrading to Windows? 7, what Operating System is already installed on the computer?
Please answer these queries.

Kind Regards,

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I have been getting this issue over and over, I have been reading tons of different posts for several days but the only one I haven't been able to try is ahci mode in bios? i cant find the option in there

A:Windows 7 Install Freeze on Expanding Windows files X%


Where did you get the installer from as that is the primary suspect, you are attempting a clean install, correct? where did the installer come from?

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I had this problem today and it took some of my time and I couldn't find anything useful on google except stuff like " :( your flash disk is dead..", "iso image is corrupted"
First I thought the problem was the image I used to write on my usb stick so I tried a new download..but that's not it..(at least in my case")

I think there was a problem with hard disk which I parted as "C:250 and D:250" I was quite hopeless so I divided one of 250's to 75.. and chose 75 to install the system...somehow it didn't stuck the process and it got installed.

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Yo guys
I'm trying to install Win7 on my mom's laptop. I got to the custom install and I selected the HDD. I pressed the button for additional options and clicked format.After about 4-5 seconds it said it has been formated (although it seemed a little bit too quickly for me) and I continued to install. It gets to the install screen and shows "Copying Windows Files 0%...". It quickly and somehow, without showing 100% done "skips" the step giving it a tick and moves to expanding the files. Expanding stays on 0% and nothing else. No indication of the DVD reading, no indication of the HDD writing. It just stays like that and... NOTHING!!! This Win7 is from a torrent and the exact same edition is running on my PC, installed just fine. I tried several other CD's and on one of them it just got to the second restart and IT DIDN'T REBOOT! Even after waiting about 10 minutes it just did nothing. I restarted the laptop manually and then the install started from the beginning... Got any ideas what to do??? Please help, this is very VERY important!!!

A:Install freezes on 0% of "Expanding Windows Files"


I know 10 minutes seems like a long time, but I do not want to move on until we can be more sure. Could you try leaving it for 30 minutes?

If nothing happens, we can go from there.

In the meantime, try reading my guide, and follow the tips such as disconnect all unnecessary hardware.


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Hello, this is driving me crazy so if you happen to know something or someone who knows something about this, please help:

this aftertnoon I tried to re-install some games on my desktop computer (a recently assembled computer with intel i3 cpu, kingston ddr 3 2gb memroy chip*2, western digital 1 TB HDD, and Pioneer DVD RW, running on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit) because I couldn't load my saved games properly, but I put my game disc in the DVD ROM, during the installation I had numerous instances of "corrupt data source" or "I/O Error" and the like. I had no such problem the first time I installed the games using these discs (about 1 month ago), I tried putting these discs in my other laptop everything went smoothly. I suspect it is something wrong with my OS so I started to re-install windows 7 (probably the worst mistake I made this week). i inserted the windows 7 disc, everything was fine at the beginning, computer loaded the files, went into installation screen, i selected the language & locations, accepted license agreement, selected the partition to install, then clicked next, this is where problem started: loading windows files finished immediatley, but expanding windows files took forever ! It stayed at 0% for like 10 minutes I thought maybe this is how it was supposed to be so I left it there and went to the market. I was back 1.5 hour later and it was at 1%. I thought this was rediculous so I powered off the machine and ran the installation di... Read more

A:Please help: Installation stops at "Expanding Windows Files 0%"

Here you read these two threads ?

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

Common Installation Problems and Their Solutions

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I wanted to install Windows 7 x64 Ultimate onto my brand new computer and the installer freezes every time at the "Expanding Windows files" screen, not always at the same time, e.g sometimes at 44%, sometimes at only 80%, or it also happened that the machine rebooted in the middle of the process without prompting or anything. Since I was unable to install the x64 version, I tried to install the x86 version, or e.g. Professional instead of Ultimate, with no success, because it also freezes the same way. I also tried installing from a different DVD, even from a pendrive, but this doesn't solve the issue, the setup just freezes at the same point. Unfortunately I'm also unable to install Vista instead of Win7, because the problem still persists. It seems that none of the above systems work...

To be able to use that computer at all I wanted to install XP then, but I also have issues with XP, because the machine also reboots sometimes without prompting, it also rebooted at the end of the installation process without any reason(when finalizing settings, such as users, automatic update, etc.) On XP, I'm also unable to install the graphics card drivers (ATi HD 5770), because after installing the Catalyst software suite, there is no picture at all after rebooting, after loading the system, the screen simply goes black, then the only thing I can do is to start up in safe mode, and to remove the driver.

Since I also encounter problems with XP it's likely that there's some... Read more

A:Setup freezes at "Expanding Windows files" and a little more...

I'm not sure if this will work, but this was my initial problem with Windows 7 installation.

Make sure to remove any USB device connected while installing.

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This is my first post here; so I hope I am not breaking the rules by posting a help thread immediately after registration. I'll basically describe what has happened today with my PC. I was originally running Vista, but then I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 with a new hard drive. My issue is that I can not install Windows Ultimate 64bit. I am able to boot from the CD/DVD and then enter the setup; but as soon as it begins it rushes through copying files in less than a second and then it hangs at Expanding Files (0%), the dots after it move, I've left it for as long as 30 minutes before realizing nothing was happening.

I've done a HDD diagnostic and a RAM diagnostic, both came back positive for no errors.

A:Windows 7 Installation frozen at "Expanding Windows Files (0%)"

Where did you get Win7? How is the disk burned?

Work through the steps for Overcoming Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I am installing Windows 7 from a bootable USB on my new laptop. I selected to install windows on the new SSD and the install went through "Copying Windows Files" and "Expanding Windows Files".. it then restarted and didn't continue, it seemed as if I haven't started the installation and it is now asking me where I want to install Windows again.

This time there is one more option: Disk 0 Partition 1: System Reserved (100.0 MB)

If I try to choose the SSD again (Disk 0 Partition 2) then it says "partition you selected might contain files from a previous windows installation" and stuff about Windows.old

What do I do?

A:Installing Windows 7 - Stopped After "Expanding Windows Files"

After the initial install when the computer reboots, you have to choose to boot from the HDD not the USB again, or it will start the reinstall again, and then put your first install in a Windows.old folder.

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I have recently decided to try Windows 7 and made the necessary preparations. I am trying to build a dual boot system with the OEM 32bit Vista Home Premium and 64bit Windows 7. My machine is far above the specs and I have 3gb ram.

I burned the image twice after reviewing the other posts in the forum. I burned the first on at 8x and after reviewing prev posts I burned again at 4x. Both freeze at the expanding files 0%. The first one would hang for hours until I told it to cancel. The new one hangs for a few minutes and then gives an error that there is a corrupt or missing file.

I also read that this may be a result of ACHI but my bios does not allow me to disable.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts and hope I can get pointed in the right direction.

Thank you all in advance.

A:Frozen at Expanding Files

Use only one stick of ram when installing. see how that goes.

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Ok I have noticed alot of people have had problems with this myself included, and the answer is almost too simple.

The problem I was having was once I got to the expanding files step it would get to 89% within a few minutes. Then it would hang for hours stuck at 89%. I tried restarting the installation 4 times. The first time it only got to 9% and stalled.

So on my fourth attempt after watching it hang for a good 2 hours I ejected the installation disk in the middle of installation and popped in another another Windows 7 RC installation disk that I forgot I had just to see what would happen. What happened is it immediately finished expanding from 89% and the installation was complete in about 20 minutes.

I should note that the first installation disk I was trying was a Memorex that had just been pulled from a jewel case prior to burning. The second disk I used was a Verbatim that had been burned some time ago and was actually pretty scratched up.

Both of the disks where burned using the same .iso downloaded from MSDN using the same burner and ImgBurn as the burning software.

Hope this helps some people.

A:Expanding Files Hangs at X%

i had to make an account to tell my story. After numerous problems and taking horus of my time i finally got it to install. Unfortunitely it hung at 31%. After like 3 hours of searching online i came across this web page. I then tried it and it worked! Well kinda. It hung again at 68% so i put in the other disc again and now it is on completing installation. Thank you very very very very fing much to op!

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I have no idea what is going on with my system.
I try to install a program and get an error message saying that it is unable to write to C:\Users\[MYNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp
So I open Windows Explorer and check the attributes for that address and all is OK but every time I click on the Application Data folder it seems to replicate itself over and over.
One error says that there is not enough space when I have over 65Gb free on that drive.
Any ideas?


My System details
Dell XPS420
Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1, v.721 (build 7601
2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
Not hyper-threaded
Bus Clock: 1066 megahertz
8126 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
2000.20 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
723.55 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series [Display adapter]
DELL E207WFP [Monitor] (20.0"vis, s/n G264H8770DZL, July 2008)
ATI High Definition Audio Device
Creative SB X-Fi
Webcam Pro 9000

A:Like the universe, my AppData Folder keeps expanding & expanding

The Application Data folder under AppData is a Junction point, which is just a pointer to AppData. So when you click on Application Data you are actually expanding AppData, so you are in a never ending circle.

Confusing for sure. From what I understand, this was done to support compatibility with older software that expects an Application Data folder to be available.

Here are two very good articles on Junctions as used in Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Confidential - Junction Dysfunction - Raymond Chen

Junction Points in Vista

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I am coming to you guys in complete and utter desperation. About 2 months ago I built my first computer. Here are my specs:

Mobo: Asrock X58 Extreme
Case: HAF 932
CPU: Core i7 920
Memory: OCZ 4gb Obsidian Series
Video Card: Radeon 5870
Hard drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB
OS: Windows 7 64 bit OEM

When i initially built it, i was attempting to install Windows Vista 64 bit. Every single time i tried to install it, it would freeze at different points of the installation. I tried using 2 different video cards, 2 different types of Ram, 2 different hard drives, 2 different DVD drives...and NOTHING worked. No matter what i did it would just keep freezing during the installation.

So after reading just about every forum on the internet and trying everything i could, i gave up for a few weeks.

Yesterday i went out and picked up a Windows 7 64 bit OEM disc and 4gb of OCZ Ram at micro center. I came home hoping to FINALLY get my new build up and running....But what happened? Every single time i try to install Windows 7, it STILL freezes during install. This time it's been freezing at the "Expanding Windows files" part of the installation. I am seriously at a loss for words. No matter what i do it just will not install an OS and I've lost ALL patience.

Please for the love of god is there anyway out there who can help me/point me in the right direction/give me any suggestions on what i should do? Thank You

A:Windows 7 Freezes at "Expanding Windows files"

well, i have the same problem and it is veryy ennoying...
i've found this on other forums:

disable any floppy in your main bios menu
disable hypertransport

this hasn't worked for me, but for others indeed
since it has been quite a while since you posted this, maybe you already found a solution... if so, could you post it here maybe? because i'm in the dark...

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Hi all,

after you guys solved all my problems i had with my old pc, i decided to take ur advice and bought a new one.

When i tried to install windows 7, the installation basically stops when it is 'Expanding Files' at 0%. Now i've tried to search this site for some answers, but the only thing i got was to reburn the dvd. Ofcourse i could try this, but the dvd never gave me any problems during previous installations on the old machine. im wondering what is going wrong and how to fix it

AMD Phenom x4 940, 2.5 gb ram and what not (its second hand )

thanks for ur time and help

A:W7 installation hangs at Expanding Files 0%

Hopefully, you are doing a clean installation. Assuming that you are, make sure everything is disconnect from the computer except the monitor, mouse and keyboard. Uninstall A/V and the firewall. Make sure that if you are installing a 64 bit, you have the required specifications and space. Actually make sure you have enough space for 32, also.

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Toshiba satellite c650
I was recently asked to look at a laptop that would not load windows. It booted past the BIO's but frooze getting into the login screen. Repair startup failed. Could not be repaired and told to contact my support team. A memory test allowed me to login to windows. How ever nothing would open. Start menu would work but no applications would start. The Hard drive said it was in a bad state.
I installed Linix Mint and managed to recover all needed files. I then tried to reinstall windows. Both CD's stop at expanding files 0% then errors can not be installed. Files missing. I have seen on the web in might be todo with the speed i recored the image iso at???
I then fired up a linix live cd and deleted the old windows and linix partition with gParted. Now not even Linux will install. If i allow the laptop to boot it will come up grub recovery(linuxs recovery).
seems i cant do any thing now. Have i not partioned the HDD right?
any ideas and thanks

A:Expanding files 0% Files missing

The Hard drive said it was in a bad state.
What reported the hdd to be in a bad state?
Most all hdd manufacturer's have diagnostic tools which you can download as an ISO file, you then can burn this to a CD and boot from it to run the diagnostic test.  If you will pull the hdd out and post the manufacturer I will post a link to a site where you can download the file.

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I have been trying to install Windows Vista on my samsung spinpoint sata II HD but when I get to expanding files its sooo slow and I got it to 19% after 3 hours or more and no further does anyone know how I can fix this issue I have tryed 32bit version and 64bit version

Please help

A:New Installation of Vista and cant get passed expanding files

Come on people any ideas?

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Hi guys, my friend had a laptop that crashed, it then wouldn't boot, giving irql no less than equal as soon as vista just got past to startup screen (the booting screen with the green status bar). He isn't computer savvy, so he didn't have any recovery cds made.

Tried booting into safe mode, first time it didn't work, it said something about the login screen system file not working.

Tried a system restore in repair mode, but that didn't work either, gave numerous BSOD screens when trying to boot into safe mode or normal mode. At one point after number system restores and repairs, I was able to get into safe mode, but only for a few minutes until it gave a irq no less than equal error again.

After backing up user files by taking teh hard drive out and using an external enclosure, I decided to do a clean install. It seemed to go smoothly, it goes to expanding files, and around 60%-99% (tried many times), it gives the same irql bsod (I got a cache manager bsod as well, but that was only once).

What the hell is happening, its frustrating beyone belief.

A:HELP. install gives bsod during expanding files process

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Yo just got back to my computer and I currently have 1mb left when i should have about 3gb left. I know it does not sound like much but i cant do anything with my computer like this.

I will go ahead and post a hijack this log hopefully someone can help me out.

Im currently refreshing my "Computer" window and watching the space on my C: drive slowly go away.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:00:38 AM, on 7/3/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18928)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nTune\nTuneCmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\RocketDock\RocketDock.exe
C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\ObjectDock.exe
C:\Program Files\Razer\Diamondback 3G\razerhid.exe
C:\Program Files\Razer\Diamondback 3G\razertra.exe
C:\Program Files\Razer\Diamondback 3G\razerofa.exe
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\egui.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Progra... Read more

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OK so I just bought a new SSD and a 1tb HDD.

On trying to install win7 64x on the SSD the install got stuck on expanding files before giving an error code saying that files where missing or corrupt.

Im trying to install from a USB because the DVD drive broke and I replaced it with the SSD.

Now when i try reboot and pick the USB from the boot menu it wont even reconize any of the drives in the PC. Just gives the option for the USB.

I cant see either the SSD or the HDD in boot menu and when I pick boot from USB they are not there either.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: It now says "windows cannot retrieve information about the disks on this computer" When I try to boot

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Try in install XP SP2 and after no sucess Vista but no joy. Had some problems in IE7 and Firefox I couldn?t fix. .So I formatted the hard drive and am trying to reinstalling Vista on the empty hard drive. I get through the first sections Ok during install. No problems loading first start up files, then it gets to the actual install and I get a green tick when copying Windows Files. Then between 7% and 11% of Expanding Windows Files the computer shut down. Tried to use another copy of the program. Same thing happens with XP. Bad sector on the hard drive. The hard drive was working fine last week I thinks its crashing while installing the file. Any ideas?? Very stuck. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Vista install crashed while expanding files.

and welcome to the Forum

You can test the drive by downloading and running the diagnostic that matches your drive manufacturer:

Western Digital

I would test the memory also ( see link in my signature )

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My setup is as follows:
i5 2500k @stock
Asrock z77 extreme 4
MSI 560 ti 448
8 gb ddr3 @1866 (2X4)
120 gb sandisk ultra ssd (windows drive)
1 tb 7.2rpm hd
650 watt seasonic x series psu

It all started a couple of weeks ago, I had switched out my p67 mobo for the new z77 one because the former died on me after 6 months of use. After making sure everything was in working order, I installed everything back into the case.

I had windows 7 pro 64 on my ssd at the time, and when I tried to start up windows on the new motherboard, a quick bsod would pop up about half a second into load and would never get past that. I figured I'd just do a clean install of windows and that would fix whatever was wrong.

Upon trying to re install, the installation would get hung up at "expanding files (0%)", even after moving ram, changing the ssd and disc drive from a sata3 port to a sata2 port, and various other suggestions I read on the internet.
I tried booting from a thumb drive and had a small amount of success; the installation would hang up at anywhere between 10-40% as apposed to 0.

I am using student upgrade media, which had worked fine for me on the initial install 6 months ago. I've tried re downloading the files, making a new iso and burning at various burn speeds (x8 down to x1), downloading the provided iso from the official microsoft site, and nothing seems to be working.

Last thing I tried was taking everything out except for the mobo, drive, cpu, 1 stic... Read more

A:Hang up at expanding files (various percentages, various error message

There is no point in buying full retail if you qualify for Student Upgrade as the installers are exactly the same - it's only the key which determines which will activate.

Is your BIOS EFI? If so remove EFI Boot disk from boot order, enable Legacy BIOS and install to wiped MBR disk. Set SATA controller to AHCI first to try install, then IDE mode.

Try wiping the SSD first with Diskpart Clean Command before install.

Will it install to HDD?

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Hi everyone
I am trying to install windows 7 64 with a new M3A79-T. It keeps freezing at expanding files with error 0x80300001.
I figure this might be due to missing sata drivers but when i click load drivers during the installation
windows doesn't recognize anything. I tried with the mobo support dvd and i tried burning drivers from the mobo website and using that dvd. In either case i can browse to the dvd but all the folders
in it are empty, so nothing to install even though the driver are definitely there. when i click on scan
i get a message that no signed device drivers were found.

I have no idea where to go from here.

A:installation freezes at expanding files and doesnt recognize drivers

The error is almost always a bad installer. Where did you get Win7? Did you burn the DVD yourself? Confirm the ISO and burn another using ImgBurn at 4x speed, or write confirmed ISO to flash stick using Universal USB Installer with Win7 in dropdown menu.

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So I have a server that is running a WDS server in which we have made images for a computer lab in the past. I recently have been working on setting up a new image, and I sysprepped and captured it from a computer. After uploading it to the server then
attempting to install it on a client PC, it will expand files until 99% then give me an error "Windows cannot install required files....error code: 0x80070714. I have mounted this image through imagex to check if there were any lingering file problems,
and did not find any. I took a default installation wim from an Enterprise disc and installed that through the server which worked fine. I even recaptured the image from the same computer to see if it was corrupted. I am unsure of what else to try. Thanks
for any help

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Hey folks,

I've had my Gateway T1628 laptop for a year. When I first got it, it came with Vista installed, but I wiped the drive completely and installed Linux instead. I've been happily using Linux for the past year and have no reason to think there are any hardware problems.

But, now I want to dual-boot Vista/Linux -- installing Vista from the re-installation disc that came with the laptop. I tried using this guide: But alas, when I get to the "Installing Windows" screen, it hangs at "Expanding files (0%)". When I leave it overnight, it shows an error screen with error number 0x80070017 (and a message saying that the installation failed due to file transfer problems -- sorry, I did not write down the exact message).

Googling this error I find a lot of people who were installing from a badly burned iso -- but I'm trying to install from the disc that came with the laptop, not one I burned myself. People have also suggested removing some RAM if you have more than 2G (I have 3) -- but this is a laptop that I don't really want to open up (not sure I would even know how to take out RAM), and you'd think that since it came with Vista its hardware would already be suitable.

So the other option that seemed likely based on my searches was a problem with the partition I'm trying to install to. I've spent the past few days trying about fifty bill... Read more

A:Dual-boot install problem (Expanding Files 0%, error 0x80070017)

I'd call the company and ask for a new set of disks. They can burn bad disks too. Jazz

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Hi I wanted to format my pc and while i was trying to install it stucked in getting files ready for installation.. Also when it stucks i cant even move my mouse + I have tryed also with windows 8 and still same problem. What to do?

A:Windows Stuck in getting files ready for installation...

Where did you get WIn7? How is it burned to Disk or flash stick?

Work through the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Ever since I got a power outage friday my PC has been stuck at loading files, so today I managed to get my hands on the Windows instalation DVD, the problem is that I simply can`t run the repair, not even using the DVD, directly through Windows it simply gets stuck on loading files, no mater what choice I select on the boot manager, and through the DVD it gives me an kernell dll mising error, again no mater what choice I select on the manager it is the same error.

I`ve managed to ran an disk check through gParted on a Ubuntu LiveCD and it`s giving me these errors:

GParted 0.11.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid
Libparted 2.3
Check and repair file system (ntfs) on /dev/sda1 00:00:45 ( ERROR ) calibrate /dev/sda1 00:00:00 ( SUCCESS ) path: /dev/sda1
start: 2,048
end: 1,953,523,711
size: 1,953,521,664 (931.51 GiB) check file system on /dev/sda1 for errors and (if possible) fix them 00:00:45 ( ERROR ) ntfsresize -P -i -f -v /dev/sda1 ntfsresize v2012.1.15AR.1 (libntfs-3g)
Device name : /dev/sda1
NTFS volume version: 3.1
Cluster size : 4096 bytes
Current volume size: 1000203088384 bytes (1000204 MB)
Current device size: 1000203091968 bytes (1000204 MB)
Checking for bad sectors ...
Checking filesystem consistency ...
Cluster 807535 is referenced multiple times!
Cluster 807536 is referenced multiple times!
Cluster 807537 is referenced multiple times!
Cluster 807538 is refere... Read more

A:Windows stuck at loading files, can`t run repair

Try resetting BIOS to defaults: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Do you receive a prompt to "Press any key to boot disk" when DVD drive is set to boot first in BIOS setup?

How about if you tap the key given on first screen for One-time BIOS Boot menu? Try it now.

If you receive prompt and disk won't boot then disk is bad, so download another ISO and burn another from Steps 1/2 here: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

If that fails try flash stick boot also from Step 2. If it fails unplug DVD drive to see if it's interfering.

If those fail, try the Partition Wizard CD repairs from Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot . Post back a camera snap of the drive map with listings.

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Ok , I have just bought a new PC 5 hours ago .. I have bought everything GPU/CPU/MOBO/RAM/PSU/CASE .. only thing I did not buy was a HDD and DVD-Rom.. Because I own both and both are only 4 months old.. So I have put the new Parts together.. Then went to old PC , Formatted C drive.. Then added HDD and DVD=ROM from old PC to New one .. Booted and everything was fine except ofc no windows so gave the boot.msgr is missing thingy .. So I put in my Windows DVD .. Set it to boot from DVD .. It boots .. Goes through the "Loading Files" Then it shows me the Windows logo and stays there for a small while.. Then it suddenly turns black with a small gray bar at the bottom... and thats it .. it stays there forever and after some mins I can even here the DVD stops running.. I have uploaded a PIC to help u understand.. Also I tried installing from USB flash drive and same problem.. Help?

Here is the PIC of where I am stuck at *Notice the barely visible gray bar at bottom? :

Here are the parts I bought : (Sorry for it being sideways but not much to be seen anywayz )

XFX Pro 550W
ATI 6850
AMD FX6100
AsRock 970 Extreme 4 Motherboard
Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I Case.

A:Windows 7 installation stuck after loading files

Make sure you have the bios set to the default settings. Is the hard drive SSD or SATA?

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I just replaced my old hard drive with a new 1TB due to a hard drive because my old hard drive failed. I am attempting to run an installation of Windows 7 and once I set my #1 boot device to my DVD drive and insert boot media, it begins to load at the "Windows is loading files" screen with a full progress bar. It stew,s to be stuck at this screen. What should I do?
I have tried:
-Removing 1 Ram stick
My specs are
Processor: Phenom ii x4 965 BE
GPU: Radeon 7770
Corsair 650W
8gb Ram
ASRock 970 E3 Motherboard
New Hard Drive: WD Black Desktop Hardrive 1TB

A:Installation stuck at "Windows is loading files"

Prevfious posts on this matter...have been merged into one topic.
You can pursue that topic at .
This topic is closed to prevent confusion.

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Ok , I have just bought a new PC 5 hours ago .. I have bought everything GPU/CPU/MOBO/RAM/PSU/CASE .. only thing i did not buy was a HDD and DVD-Rom.. Because i own both and both are only 4 months old.. So i have put the new Parts together.. Then went to old PC , Formatted C drive.. Then added HDD and DVD=ROM from old PC to New one .. Booted and everything was fine except ofc no windows so gave the boot.msgr is missing thingy .. So i put in my Windows DVD .. Set it to boot from DVD .. It boots .. Goes through the "Loading Files" Then it shows me the Windows logo and stays there for a small while.. Then it suddenly turns black with a small gray bar at the bottom... and thats it .. it stays there forever and after some mins i can even here the DVD stops running.. I have uploaded a PIC to help u understand.. Also i tried installing from USB flash drive and same problem.. Help?

Here is the PIC of where i am stuck at *Notice the barely visible gray bar at bottom? :

Here are the parts i bought : (Sorry for it being sideways but not much to be seen anywayz )

XFX Pro 550W
ATI 6850
AMD FX6100
AsRock 970 Extreme 4 Motherboard
Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I Case.

A:Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit gets stuck after loading files.

Hi hitman47222,

Have you checked all the connections just to make sure everything is okay? Are all the parts brand new with the exception of the hdd?

Maybe try running something like ultimate boot cd to run some diagnostics.

Also how did you format the drive? Did you do a quick format or full? Did you make sure you backed up important files?

Ultimate Boot CD - Overview

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Hello BleepingComputer forums
Laptop: HP ProBook 4730s
OS: Windows 7 x64 Bit
Warranty: Didn't buy from HP, bought from a guy that was selling the laptop
Yesterday, my explorer got stuck so i had to restart the laptop by pressing the power button, i turned it on, and then, Startup repair appeared, i left it to complete and then i went to sleep.
The next day i woke up, i opened my laptop, and then "Windows is loading files" appeared and afterwards a black screen appears and it stays there forever.
I read many solutions but none of them seemed to work
Such as:
-Removing the battery and the AC adapter and then press power button for 40 seconds.
-Entering safe mode and doing a full recovery (I cannot access safe mode using F8)
I can only access the ESC which is the bios and these stuff.
If anyone can help, i would be grateful because ill probably pay $200 and up.
I just found out that i have the recovery disk, so when i put it in, the menu dosen't show up (System Recovery and Startup repair, etc...) But when i put the disk in, i can now access Advanced Boot Options including the safe mode and all the other things.
So now that i can access the safe mode, is there any way that i can have any access to my laptop?

A:Stuck at black screen after "Windows is loading files"

for hp PC's you can start a system recovery (fresh install of the OS) by pressing the f11 repeatedly when booting up the pc, it will take you into the recovery manager in there you can do a system recovery with or without backing up files
you can alternatively go into f2 for a diagnostic test to see what is failing (run all the tests)

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Hello HP forumsYesterday, my explorer got stuck so i had to restart the laptop by pressing the power button, i turned it on, and then, Startup repair appeared, i left it to complete and then i went to sleep.The next day i woke up, i opened my laptop, and then "Windows is loading files" appeared and afterwards a black screen appears and it stays there forever.I read many solutions but none of them seemed to workSuch as:-Removing the battery and the AC adapter and then press power button for 40 seconds.-Entering safe mode and doing a full recovery (I cannot access safe mode using F8)I can only access the ESC which is the bios and these stuff.If anyone can help, i would be grateful because ill probably pay $200 and up.

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Up until about 3-4 days ago, I could run, edit, and save documents from a folder on my second hard drive just fine. Now, I can't edit a word doc/text file/excel file unless I run the editing program as administrator. I've found that it's because the main folder where all these files are located is stuck in read-only mode. I can save files that aren't in this folder just fine. I try to turn off read-only, and it goes through the motions, but the change doesn't take. There are fixes to this I've found, but they just seem like hacks. I was wondering if someone could explain why this is happening and maybe provide a solution.

This folder is shared over my private home network. Is that a factor? It never stopped me from being able to do stuff before, but maybe an update knocked something out of balance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3982 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1799 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 99020 MB, Free - 59977 MB; D: Total - 14999 MB, Free - 10005 MB; F: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 154610 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, H61M-P31/W8 (MS-7788), 1.0, To be filled by O.E.M.
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Files in Windows 7 suddenly stuck in read-only mode.


Did your user used to have Admin privileges and has it some how changed....check on the second hard drive right click and choose Properties and the Security and see who can access the drive and do they have Full Control.

If it is just one folder then right click on it and choose Properties and Security and see who has Full can always change the Security if you have Admin Rights.

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To the mods locking/merging my posts. This is an entirely different problem than from my previous posts.
I just replaced my old hard drive with a new 1TB due to a hard drive because my old hard drive failed. I am attempting to run an installation of Windows 7 and once I set my #1 boot device to my DVD drive and insert boot media, it begins to load at the "Windows is loading files" screen with a full progress bar. It stew,s to be stuck at this screen. What should I do?
I have tried:
-Removing 1 Ram stick
-Loading BIOS Defaults
-Using an external CD Drive
My specs are
Processor: Phenom ii x4 965 BE
GPU: Radeon 7770
Corsair 650W
8gb Ram
ASRock 970 E3 Motherboard
New Hard Drive: WD Black Desktop Hardrive 1TB

A:Stuck at "Windows is loading files" screen during installation

You are missing the point...that being the origin and ensuing actions that you have taken regarding this one computer.
IMO, in order for anyone to properly respond to your situation...they need to see the complete story.
The complete story is available and summarized as told by the original topic.  The fact that you initiated other topics about the same issues regarding this one misleading, IMO, to anyone trying to answer intelligentlyt.
The fact that you repeat the same data 1,000 times...won't change my belief that all your attempts reiterating the same facts about this one system...need to be in one topic, as it is currently.  That topic remains open for the benefit of all who would attempt to get the complete story, not just part of it.
I don't know why you should object to such, seems that you do.
This topic is now closed, since it amounts to duplication of the topic at .

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Just switched from an old Gateway Win 98SE (that worked just fine until all the new software revisions started to obsolete it even more than it was). Bought a refurbished Dell GX620 with a very fast 3.4 Gig processor. The computer came with a certified version of XP Pro. I have hunted and pecked my way through most basic operating procedures but I can't find the way to expand all the different places I go on the computer. If you're in a window and manually expand it to full screen, the next screen you go to is the small minimized size. Someone told me to go to the next small screen, expand it by pulling out the corners until it reached full screen size and then, instead of hitting the X in the upper right corner, go to the file menu on left side of the screen and hit "exit" to get out of that window. I have tried this on both applications and Web stuff and it doesn't work. Is there a way to do this or am I stuck with having to expand every new window I go into?

Buzz Jameson

A:Expanding new windows automatically,2817,2339650,00.asp

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to set my new desktop computer to extend open windows in taskbar, while leaving my pinned programs in a smaller box; but I can't find any settings for it. Could somebody please help me? The left image is what I have; the one on the right is what I'm trying to achieve. Thank you for any information provided.

A:Expanding windows in taskbar

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Use this tutorial Taskbar Button Grouping - Enable or Disable and change it to Never Combine that should give you what you want.


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Hello all,

I'm in the process of trying to expand my Windows 7 partition. However, I'm not entirely sure how to go about it in my particular circumstances.

I have about 7 gigs of unallocated space immediately prior on the drive to the System Reserved boot partition, with Windows 7 itself immediately following that.

Due to this layout I can't expand the Windows 7 partition directly; the partitioner also doesn't seem to offer any option to move either the boot or the 7 partition in front of the unallocated space to at least place the Windows 7 partition next to the unallocated space.

I would move the partitions with a different tool such as GParted, but I'm concerned that this may make it impossible to boot Windows 7 once again, as moving a Windows Vista partition once did.

I wonder whether anyone could offer some advice?

A:Expanding Windows 7 partition

Well..... we go again.....

A couple of questions.

1) Is it a multi boot configuration?

2) How manny physical HDDs do you have?

3) Do you have a disk imaging tool and are you comfortable with it?

IMO the first step is to get rid of the "System Reserved" partition.

There are a couple of options available.

There is a thread that expands on the topic, the cause and corrective steps:

You can peruse it for info but the exact method for your case may depend on the 3 questions above.

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Hey everyone,

I am having trouble with windows 7 installation. Every time I try to install windows 7 professional, it goes to expanding windows files and stays at 0% and I tried this with 3 dvd-rs that I put windows 7 on through Microsoft dreamspark, and I keep trying to put it on my new western digital blue 750 gig hard drive

Can someone please help

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OK, I've looked at a lot of info on these excellent forums, and don't really know where to start. I get as far as Step 2 "Expanding files" using the OEM DVD, then install just stops or wants me to press any key to boot from CD drive.
Am I better off trying an ISO install instead of the OEM DVD? I'm installing to a new HDD with 2 partitions (100Mb reserved and 975 Gb partition, with the rest unallocated). Sata is set to ACHI, RAM seems to be OK (thru 18 passes), everything seems good until Step 2 (as above) stalls or reboots to initial "copying files" step after pressing any key...
Can someone suggest where to start to find the problem???

Thanks for any advice!

A:Win7 Pro stalls during "Expanding Files" or won't restart

Always delete all partitions during the booted install.

If that isn't enough then Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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So I'm reinstalling Vista because I'm getting fed-up with all these viruses I'm getting. I've taken that off with multiple AntiVirus Programs but they always come back (and more!.

I tried reinstalling windows, but on the part "expanding files" at 27% (right after it restarts the computer for the first time) it gives me an error saying "windows cannot install required files. make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation".
I really want to know how to resolve this issue. (BTW I'm using the Vista re installation disc that came with my computer from Dell)

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I've recently added a couple of drives to my existing Storage Pool which is made up of the following drive sizes:


The pool is set for parity.

The total pool capacity showing is 18.1TB and currently using 8.27TB however when I check the drive within Windows Explorer it reads:

Storage space (drive V) 2.76TB free of 8.26TB

Please note that I have optimized the pool.

Am I missing something here as I would assume that the 8.26TB would increase to what the total pool capacity is (18.1TB)?

Please note I can increase the "Available pool capacity" from 9.91TB to 18.1TB but I'm concerned that I'll lose all my data.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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I'm trying to install 7 on my older laptop as an upgrade from XP on a clean installation (bought a new hard drive and put XP on it first that I intend to wipe out in the 7 installation) but when I boot from the 7 disk it takes about 10 minutes to get to the installation. The graphics are funky and when I get to the point of expanding Windows files it takes a very long time to get anywhere. I figured I'd leave it overnight, and when I woke up the computer was at the XP desktop, so it had obviously reset itself.
I read somewhere that I should remove all hardware except a stick of RAM,'s a laptop. Are there any other suggestions?

A:Expanding Windows File hangup

Install from USB Key.

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I have been attempting to install Windows Updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade over the last few days but each time the Update gets stuck at "Checking for updates". I haven't seen any error codes however it was stuck at this status for 8+ hours today. I have attempted to install updates via the standalone installer as well and that gets stuck at "Searching for updates on this computer".

Link for CBS .zip file. -->

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Windows Update Stuck at Checking For Updates - Missing Manifest Files

Am getting the same and mine is for a fresh installation of 7 as I had a problem with mine so have nothing installed yet apart from the IE11 upgrade.
Someone mentioned in another forum that there are some fixes (in the shape of some KB to install first) but I don't seem to be able to find them.
Will do more research.
Could be the servers are having problems of course..

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I'm stuck in Windows 7 RC1 x64 installation. It always hangs at "expanding files", usually at 19% but not always, sometimes at 11%, 5%, ....
No error, no BSOD, computer only stops copying files.

After reboot (Vista x64) file "setuperr.log" is empty.
Last line in file "setupact.log" is always:

2009-05-14 18:40:52, Info [0x0606cc] IBS Calling WIMApplyImage (flags = 0x184)...

No errors in log.
All hardware recognized succesfully and drivers installed fine. Or so "setupact.log" says.

Intel Core2 Duo E6600 2,4 GHZ
Motherboard DFI Infinity 975 X/G
4GB RAM DDR2 800 in 4 slots of 1 GB each (dual-channel)
Hard drives: 2 Seagate SATA in RAID 0 ICHR-7 (volumes: C: (Vista x64) primary active, D: and E: extended partition both drives logical)
2 Western Digital SATA in RAID0 ICHR-7 (volumes: F: and G: extended partition both drives logical)
2 IDE HD over a SCSI IDE PCI Card (volumes H: and I:, both logical
DVD: 2 units IDE
Graphic: nVidia 8800 GTS
Monitor: Samsung T220
Creative Audigy 2 PCI
Keyboard and mouse: Logitech MX5000 Bluetooth

I want to install Windows 7 x64 RC1 in a new primary partition, formated NTSC, no problem at all.
Looking for dual boot systems.
Ithink I have tried all posible options:
- From ISO DVD (2x speed record). Image downloaded is OK (MDS checksum OK).
- Directly extracting files from ISO in C: and in the new partition.
- Manually unplugged all other hard drives
- Deleting all partitions except C: a... Read more

A:Installation stops "expanding files" - Help please !!

Hi supermanho, welcome to the forums.

What speed did you originaly burn the DVD? Because of the size of the install.wmi (or .wim i can't remember) file (over 2GB) a higher burn speed can cause write errors that will only be detected when reading disks. Try the slowest speed and see if that helps.


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Okay, I had another thread that was apparently going nowhere, probably because of the way that I, poorly, worded it.

I am attempting to install the latest Win7 ISO from the Microsoft website. I am attempting to install the 64-bit version.

I will get past the first reboot, and get to 30-33% of the expanding files stage, and will lose video. I am 100% sure it is a video loss.

I am trying to install it by having my main 250GB HDD as the OS with XP on it, and using my other 250GB as my formatted and partitioned HDD in which Win7 will be installed upon. I am not trying to install it from inside XP onto my current HDD, it is being installed inside XP to another, formatted, and partitioned, HDD that is connected.

I apologize for the confusion in my last thread, as I really wasn't being clear.

A:Video cuts out during "Expanding Files"

No one?

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This post is in reference to a Dell Dimension 9200 XPS 420 desktop with Core 2 Duo. 
Formatted hard drive and attempted to re-install Windows 7 SP 1.  Installation never gets past "Expanding Windows Components" at (0%).  
I have swapped the DVD drive, went from 3 2GB DIMMs to 1 2GB DIMM, 3 Hard Drives to 1, and cleaned the entire motherboard/cooling systems.
No improvements after performing the aforementioned adjustments.

A:Windows 7 will not install: Expanding Windows Components never goes past (0%)

How are you installing Win 7?
If you're using a DVD, could it be damaged or defective?  Can you try another disk?  You can use any Dell Windows Reinstallation disk as long as it's the same version of Windows that was factory installed, or any retail disk as long as you use the product key from the original disk.

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Alright guys, here's my problem.

My laptop was running wingows 7 and then crashed. It was getting slower and slower, then crashed during a virus scan in safe mode. After that, it wouldn't boot up windows. It said something like disk error, press ctrl alt delete to restart. Safe mode doesn't work either. So now I'm trying to reinstall windows 7, and the installation fails when at expanding files. It says the files are corrupted and can't be installed. I've tried 3 diff windows 7 cds. It gives errors at different points during the expanding every time. Now its just hanging at expanding windows files (0%). Its been here for 20 mins so far. Please help!

A:OS crashed and cant install windows 7. fails during expanding windows

Quote: Originally Posted by mavsynchroid

Alright guys, here's my problem.

My laptop was running wingows 7 and then crashed. It was getting slower and slower, then crashed during a virus scan in safe mode. After that, it wouldn't boot up windows. It said something like disk error, press ctrl alt delete to restart. Safe mode doesn't work either. So now I'm trying to reinstall windows 7, and the installation fails when at expanding files. It says the files are corrupted and can't be installed. I've tried 3 diff windows 7 cds. It gives errors at different points during the expanding every time. Now its just hanging at expanding windows files (0%). Its been here for 20 mins so far. Please help!

Hi and welcome.
That is a fairly new Laptop.

With what you have done and said it sould like your HD went bad and failed.
I would try to find a DOS run HD tester that could run from your CD/DVD drive to check format. What brand of HD? Many manuf. have a special utility disk to check and format HD.

Next step if it is a trashed HD is to buy a new one. $50 - $60 for a 2.5" laptop drive.

Hope this helps a little.

Have you contacted where you purchased it from about a warranty or Toshiba

Technical Support: 1-800-457-7777

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just made the transition from Win2000 to seven with this new computer, there are a number of things I am having trouble with.

In Windows Explorer there is no way to expand the download folder (there is no little triangle to click) in the left hand pane, I am used to sorting files in the download folder by dragging them to their appropriate folder in the left pane, if there is a way to expand that folder in the left pane I haven't figured it out, thanks.

A:Expanding the downloads folder in Windows explorer

Try right clicking in the Navigator pane (left pane) and setting the options found there to your liking.

If there are no folders in the download folder - there is nothing to expand.

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Hey Peeps,

I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed on my system. Had to do some Windows Updates recently and since Tuesday I have noticed that the Open With context menu does not expand.

I have not installed anything funny or weird, had no virusses or malware, and it just does not make sense at all.

As can be seen in the screenshot attached, I do a normal right-click (tried Shift+Right Click - does the same) hover over the 'Open With' item and then....nothing. This is a major pain in the neck as I open several files using Notepad.

I prefer not to perform a repair install of Windows 7 as the repair install usually overwrites installed updates. Any advice or tricks I can try will be greatly appreciated!!


A:Windows 7 'Open With' Context Menu not expanding.

What about doing a System Restore to before the problem started? See if that fixes it.

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Hi Guys,
I am busy selling an old Acer eMachine and an HP Resario laptop (my new boss is buy me a Macbook Pro)
So I managed to format and reinstall W7 on the HP.

I started with the Acer, formatting the hard drive before installing and then ended up waiting and waiting for windows "expanding installation files" or something along that line, even left it overnight but nothing.
I ended up stopping the installation.

Now I have 2 copies of W7, the one keeps on saying "bootmanager missing" and I can't use that disc to install.
The other stops at "expanding installation files"

So I am left with a useless PC that I need to sell, but can't because no OS installed.

Any advice would help guys.

Thank You

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I am trying to install Vista 64bit onto my laptop (Acer V5 171) which has Windows 8 preinstalled. I could not find a tutorial on how to make a UEFI USB for Vista so I followed the one for Windows 7: UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

I have disabled secure boot and set the USB drive at the top of the priority boot list. When I come to select the boot devices it only gives me two options: The boot manager (main HDD) and the USB HDD. It does not seem to recognise the USB as a UEFI boot device as shown in the tutorial.

When I do select to boot from the USB the screen says windows is loading files and after the bar has filled it gets stuck on the same screen until I power off.

Does anyone know how to get Vista to install via UEFI USB?

I'm not by the machine right now so if you require any more information I can post it later.


A:VIsta 64bit UEFI installation stuck on screen 'windows is loading files'

Did you disable ( CSM)Compatibility Support Module - it should be somewhere in bios settings.

It should then show as something like this:


If you have done that - you might need to try plugging it into a different usb port - one on the back of the machine, for example. Lord knows why.

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Hi guys,

I'm having an issue with my system that I hope someone will be able to help me with.

Basically I am stuck on a 'Startup Repair' loop. I am running Windows 7 64bit and did not have any startup / booting issues up until a few days ago.

When I was last using my system it was working perfectly. I left it for an hour or so and when I returned I was bemused to be greeted with a message from Startup Repair saying that it could not fix problems with my computer. Obviously it had crashed in my absence and upon automatically restarting began the startup repair process.

So I restarted it myself, and before having the option to hit F8 and open Advanced Startup Options (such as safe mode, I usually suspect dodgy drivers in such circumstances) I was instead greeted by "Windows is Loading Files ... " followed by Windows immediately attempting a startup repair that it fails. It said it was 'Attempting Repairs' but ultimately was unsuccessful in the end.

So I read up on the following threads here ...

Windows stuck at loading files, can`t run repair
Windows 7 crashes on startup. Can't restore, repair or repair install

... along with some other similar ones and tried the solutions.

I tried using my Windows 7 installation disc to use CMD to run bootrec /FixMBR /FixBoot /FixBCD. When I used /ScanOS it said "0 Windows installation found". After trying this a few times I was eventually presented with the "The Windows Boot Configuration Data file is miss... Read more

A:Stuck on Startup Repair Loop (Windows is Loading Files ; no safe mode)

The more I think about it, the more I suspect this could be related to a dodgy Windows update having installed itself on my system.

A - when I left the system the system prior to the first crash it was scheduled to install a group of updates, which I suspect it did followed by an automatic restart which led to the Startup Repair loop that I arrived back to.

B - when I shut down the system last night it was installing the latest updates again (after installing a few hundred during the day) to bring it back up to date - and when I restarted the system this morning I was greeted by the Startup Repair loop. I have a feeling that a Windows update released in the last week or so is causing the issue.

Does anyone know how I can go about finding a list of Windows updates and uninstall them via command prompt?

(EDIT: In the meantime I have run sfc /ScanNow twice via command prompt. Both times it reports that it found and fixed issues, but the Startup Repair loop continues upon restart.)

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I'm new to your forum, but not a newbie computer user. However, this problem has me completely stumped and I can't find any info about it in a search of Google or of this forum. Here's some abbreviated system info:

Windows XP SP1
Intel P4 2.8C
MB = MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R

Here's what I just changed today that started the problem:

I installed a new Hitachi 160Gb SATA HD, but only as additional storage, not as part of a RAID setup. I already have two other HD's and (2) ATAPI drives using up my primary and secondary IDE positions. Therefore, I connected the new SATA HD to the onboard Promise SATA controller. It installed and formatted just fine and shows up correctly in Windows Explorer. I have already moved about 30Gb of files to it. The files transfered quickly as expected.

But here's the one annoyance: Each time I start the computer, then open Windows Explorer, there's a LONG delay expanding any of the folders for that new drive (and ONLY that drive - the other drives are not affected). The delay is always at least 30 seconds but it's usually closer to 2 minutes!! Once each folder has been expanded once, it will open quickly from then on, even if I close Windows Explorer then come back later. But if I reboot, I have the same delay expanding the folders again.

Things I've tried or verified:
1. Hitachi Drive Fitness Test veries the drive is OK.
2. All BIOS settings are correct, and I've even experimented with some of them just to be sure.
3. The computer is fre... Read more

A:LONG Delay Expanding Folders in Windows Explorer (But Only on New HD)

I tried some more things today:
1. Flashed the BIOS on my motherboard.
2. Updated the .inf file for my motherboard.
3. Verified that DMA, not PIO is enabled for the drive.
4. Changed the SATA cable.
5. Moved the conntection from the onboard Promise controller to the Intel ICH5 southbridge controller on my motherboard.
6. Disconnected my CD-RW and DVD drives to verify that they were not conflicting with the new HD.

That's it. I'm out of ideas. I could use some really good tech support!


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Ok, so I installed windows 7 64bit RC on my computer last night. Everything is going good. All of my programs work.

On the top of the start menu is the Getting Started Folder <startmenu1.jpg & startmenu2.jpg>

I like how the folder expands and I'd really like it if there is some way for me to make my own customized folder on the top of the start menu in place of the Getting Started Folder with my own shortcuts inside. Is this possible?

A:Windows 7 Pinned Expanding Folders on Start Menu

Hello Fuzorsilverbolt, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I have not tried this myself, but this may help you in creating a jump list (expanding part from arrow) for it.

Developing for the Windows 7 Taskbar ? Jump into Jump Lists ? Part 2 - Windows 7 for Developers - The Windows Blog

Hope this helps,

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Yesterday I finished downloading from MSDN the WIndows 7 Ultimate N x64 to burn the ISO I used imgburn to burn it's ISO and make it bootable. After creating the bootable CD I Install in on my PC and suddenly i encounters some hang-up which is i didn't encounter some of x64 and x86 Win7 OEM Editions. So once again I try to install the Windows 7 Ultimate N x64 Edition on my PC but Im only stuck up Expanding Windows Files I just leave it for 1 hour but still 0% on the progress. Is it possible that the problem is with the Windows 7 Ultimate N x64 that i have created?

A:Windows 7 Ultimate N x64 Hang Up in Expanding Windows F

First thing to check is the burn. Download ImgBurn put DVD in drive and Verify disk. Best burn is ImgBurn 4x wth Verify - it never fails.

Verify the HASH checksum for the ISO from MSDN. Compare it to your downloaded ISO using Attachment 40269.

Look on your computer manufacturer's website Support Downloads page for your model for a newer BIOS version update. Current version should be given on BIOS screen on bootup or by entering BIOS setup using F-key given on first screen.

WHile in BIOs, check how your SATA controllers are set. Try AHCI, unless iDE drives.

Also in BIOS make sure DVD is set to boot first.

Boot from the WIn7 DVD and select Custom install with Advanced drive tools to format first

Download Seatools and check your HD.


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Afternoon, I'm a bit boggled by this issue we are having on a PC at our office. It seems that the PC normally will boot up and the memory usage will be low 2 GB / 16 GB until 10-12 minutes go by then it shoots up 11 GB / 16 GB. It's really odd and I can't explain it, since no applications are started.

I took it upon myself and downloaded RamMap. Using RamMap I was able to determine that the memory is caused by "mapped files" under "file summary" I can see the two large files which are to blame. But I'm not able delete these currently until tomorrow to confirm the user doesn't need them.

What I'm looking for is an answer as to why these files seem to be singled out? Thanks in advance. I've included a screenshot to the RamMap findings and my understanding with how memory is handled is limited.

EDIT - I can see now only 1 large file is being selected for "mapped file".

A:Windows 7 Large files stuck in "mapped files" / "stand-by"

Attachments -

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EDIT: Should be aswRVRT.sys
Computer worked fine in the morning. Then I turned it off later (had windows update)
then when I came home in the afternoon to open my PC it just didnt work.
When I try to go to safe mode it just gets stuck at aswRVRT.sys.
If it helps I already ran FRST.
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 31-10-2013
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-FK8MU7P on 03-11-2013 12:38:52
Running from K:\
Windows 7 Home Premium (X64) OS Language: English(US)
Internet Explorer Version 10
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001
ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
HKLM\...\Run: [GamecomSound] - C:\Program Files\Plantronics\GameCom780\GameCom780.exe [777448 2011-12-01] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0] - C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\UWA\updaterstartuputility.exe [472984 2013-06-03] (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
HKLM\...\Run: [MSC] - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\msseces.exe [1356240 2013-08-12] (Microsoft Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [MsmqIntCert] - regsvr32 /s mqrt.dll
HKLM\...\Run: [Nvtmru] - C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA Update Core\NvTmru.exe [1028384 2013-10-17] (NVIDIA Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [UMonit] - C:\Windows\SysWOW64\UMonit.exe [49152 1999-12-31] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [RTHDVCPL] - ... Read more

A:Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe

Anyone please?

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I'm using laptop lenovo T430U, when doing system recovery process until half ways my laptop no battery then shut down. After that Windows failed to start. A Recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your langugae settings, and then click next
3. Click "repair your computer."

Can someone help me or tell me how to get it past the windows is loading files?

A:Stuck at "windows is loading files" when doing a system recovery

How do you know your battery caused it to shut down? Does it complete Recovery? Are you using disks or Lenovo One-Key Recovery? How do I recover my system using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery

Make sure you are on AC power and try again.

If Recovery won't run you can get a much better install doing a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything is provided in the blue link to get and keep a perfect install.

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Hello Sevenforums

Notebook: HP ProBook 4730s

OS: Windows 7 (x64 bit)

Did not buy from hp, bought from a guy.

Yesterday, my explorer got stuck so i had to restart the laptop by pressing the power button, i turned it on, and then, Startup repair appeared, i left it to complete and then i went to sleep.

The next day i woke up, i opened my laptop, and then "Windows is loading files" appeared and afterwards a black screen appears and it stays there forever.

I read many solutions but none of them seemed to work

Such as:

-Removing the battery and the AC adapter and then press power button for 40 seconds.

-Entering safe mode and doing a full recovery (I cannot access safe mode using F8)

I can only access the ESC which is the bios and these stuff.

If anyone can help, i would be grateful because ill probably pay $200 and up.

Im extremely sure that this problem happened because of AVG free antivirus that i installed, i installed the antivirus about 1 week ago, and i never restarted the pc until then, only putting it into sleep mode. But this time it got restarted with some strange things happening when it was restarting, and it mentioned some of the AVG files deleting stuff
I dont know im really in need of help!!

A:Stuck at black screen after "Windows is loading files"

Hello and welcome Majd have a read throughtis and see if there are any thngs you can use . Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

If you can get into safe mode at all get rid of the AVG - it is crap.

Did this bloke give you any recovery media ?? and usually factory installed machines have factory restore partitions so can you let us know exactly what model this machine is please - I know you have quoted a number but have good look underneath and look for yourself before we go any further .

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After a power outage 3 weeks ago I was having issues with the system going down at around 5 minutes and then less and less time after that. I was told it was a display issue and to uninstall and reinstall my display drivers. I uninstalled my drivers and it was still the same. I felt like it was temperature related. I found my graphics card (Radeon 5700) was dirty. I cleaned it and thought I was back in business. Everything was back to normal, all I needed to do was update my graphics drivers. Once that was done, my computer would no longer load past the Windows splash screen.

I used Puppy Linux on a flash drive and I have access to everything. I can use the internet and access all my files. This to me says that it is not a hardware issue.

The fact that when I try to go into safe mode it gets stuck for more than a day on classpnp.sys (when I finally give up). I understand that classpnp.sys has loaded but, there is something after that that the computer can't load. I have seen some people have atipcie.sys load after classpnp.sys and it makes sense to me that it would be a graphics driver that is causing the issue.

I need my Windows 7 up and running for school and work projects. Any ideas, thoughts, or help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys

Hi ,
Follow this tutorial to run SFC /Scannow at boot.
SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot
If you want to run the command from a USB drive follow this tutorial.
Boot Windows 7 System Repair Disc from USB Using Grub4Dos
And apply it to the first link instead of the ERD (Emergency Repair CD).

Generally a good tutorial to read.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hi yesterday I decided to format my Hp pc with an USB because my DVD Room is not working. First It worked but at select partion where to install OS it didn't work and I restarted PC and it stucked at windows is loading files. The problem is that I formated C and now I cant do a shit. Help please.

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Hi all!

Wanted to do a nice clean installation on a HP Compaq dc7800 Convertible Minitower. Using known good Windows 7 volume USB which I have used a dozen+ times with no issues.

I get stuck at "Windows is loading files..." as I don't think that screen is ever supposed to be there over an hour or so.

Linux mint live USB boots just fine.

Using Windows 7 OEM disc (not legal on that rig, but I was testing), I got past the loading screen and reached "Windows 7 cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk." error instead.

I toyed around with ram sticks. They're installed as they should be. Then tried both of them in the correct black slot to see if one of them might be bad. Then installed two additional sticks to see if it had enough memory to load the OS. Same result.

I've reset the bios. The SATA settings aren't on RAID. The original OS that I'm trying to replace also boots just fine.

Just running out of ideas here.

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I am trying to move files from one external hard drive to another but it has been stuck on 'Preparing to move' 'Time remaining: Calculating. Items remaining: Calculating Speed: Calculating' for 20 minutes now. It has not moved on from that.

Google shows only results pertaining to Mac OS on this problem, when searching the message in quotes, it still doesn't give that exact match (come on Google, we search in quotes for a reason), instead what Google provided was results for 'Preparing to delete'

There seems to be no info let alone anybody having this message when moving files.

Can anybody help me get the ball rolling?

A:Windows 7 stuck 'preparing to move' when trying to move files

I have Windows 7 pro over here on three computers, and yes I too sometimes but not always get that long long long wait time for either copying or moving folders/files from source to target. For now, I recommend you only copy folders/files from source to target. And after you looked at the target, making sure the copies made it over safely, then delete from the source. I'm trying to recall what and where I saw some good answers, will post back if/when I find those URLs.

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hey guys, im not sure if this is actually a problem with vista or my pc, so if im wrong feel free to move this thread....

so im having lately problems with my pc\vista, i donu.
i leave my pc alone for a few minutes and when i get back its Frozen, i see whatever was on the screen the moment it gut stuck and i cant move the mouse, and the LED at the Front of the PC, the one thats on when the computer is "thinking" is Switched ON and stays that way.
this started happening a few weeks ago, i dont think i installed anything new that might have caused this.
and one other thing, im almost sure its related, i tried installing the beta version of windows 7 and in middle of installation it gets stuck the same way i described before, i tried different versions of the Windows 7 and a few times each and it gets stuck every time and each time in different progress of the installation...
please help me.

A:Vista Gets Stuck, and Stuck on windows 7 install

I'd suggest starting with running a memory test ( ); then following that with a bootable hard drive diagnostic:

Here's a description from my blog:

What you'll need:
- a blank CD
- a computer with an internet connection where you can download a file, install a small program, and burn a CD (doesn't have to be the computer that you'll be testing).

1. Determine the make and model of your hard drive

- In Windows XP - Go to Start...Run...and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Click on the + sign next to Disk Drives and use Google to search the information listed there)

- In Windows VISTA - Go to Start...and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Click on the + sign next to Disk Drives and use Google to search the information listed there

- From outside of Windows: Unplug the system from the wall, remove the battery (if it's a laptop) and crack the case open. Look inside to locate the hard drive and write down the make and model number (although the model number isn't required for the test, it will help you to identify what sort of drive to replace if the test says that the drive is bad).

If you're unable to see the hard drive info, follow the steps below for the Hitachi DFT. At the screen where it asks you if the list is correct, the model number of your drive will be there. Use Google to search for the model and that will let yo... Read more

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Hi all

My problem is the Windows Explorer Search bar, which is to find in the upper right corner of every Explorer Window (BTW, my OS is Windows 7 home premium SP1).

This image url example.png - explaines my question with one quick view

The WindowsExplorer search bar provides a Choice for only the latest 3 search terms, typed in, for a lookup, recently. These 3 terms show up as a list, in the moment you start to type-in a term. Problem is, you NEVER see more than only the latest 3 search terms. Every newly entered search term would overwrite one of the latest 3 terms.

It would help strongly if I could rely on, say, the latest 10 (recently used) search terms.

Is there a way to expand the Explorer list (of recently used terms), to a higher count?

Big Thank you in Advance.

A:Expanding "recent Entries" within Windows Explorer Search bar

First we need to be sure that you can get 10 searches.... do you know for sure you can

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So I downloaded the Release preview from Microsoft website. I burn it onto a DVD and boot it, but when it got to copying files, it stucks at 95% and won't go further. What might happen?

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Hi all - So I have a 1GB 'Ultra Flydrive', and for some reason it got some corrupted files on it that I can't delete. They're these files where the file-name is just a little rectangular box kinda thing.

When I try to delete it I get this error:' The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable.'

I know that some USB drives have a little switch-thing on the hardware that you can press with a pencil, etc in order to wipe it, but this one doesn't have that feature.

I tried to delete the files through the Prompt, but no luck.

What to do? Thanks

A:Files stuck on USB thumbdrive

Repartition and reformat with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

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Now, the title might sound like thats whats meant to happen, but whenever I open a .bat file it just launches the regular command prompt.

This all happened when I went to the "Associate a file extention with a program" section of Control Panel and set .bat files to launch with C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe.

Can anyone help?


A:.bat files stuck with opening with cmd.exe

Try this - Default File Type Associations - Restore

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