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viewsonic display problem with windows 7

Q: viewsonic display problem with windows 7

During an upgrade from XP to Windows 7 I experienced a problem with my ViewSonic vx2235wm display and NVIDIA GeForce 8400gs video card. The display is powered and the blue light comes on when the computer is starting up. I get a couple of flickers of lighter gray on the display but no picture. I have upgraded the drivers for the NVIDIA card and the display but no help. The diplay is on a DVI-D single link connector with the video card. I can hook up a Sony display to the VGA connector in the NVIDIA card and get a picture fine. Neither NVIDIA or ViewSonic have come up with anything that helps. Any suggestions?

A: viewsonic display problem with windows 7

I finally got the driver needed from ViewSonic but it took two emails and a phone call. The driver is not listed on the site but is available at:

There is also a driver for 64 bit:

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I have a ViewSonic 19" TFT monitor after I formating my computer I am not able to get the display setting to 1400x900 i have tried installing the drivers first from the CD provided by viewsonic and then when i was not able to get the correct display i tried to download the drivers from their site as well... however, it didnt help!! Any suggestions???

A:ViewSonic VA1912w display problem

download drivers for your video card, the driver for the monitor that you get from the box with the monitor only tells your pc, you have a viewsonic 19" TFT

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Hi I have Lenovo IndeaCentre K210 system with 3GB RAM, 500G HD with the video adapter integrated in the Intel Chipset31/33.
I also have a Viewsonic VX2433 Model VS12324 monitor and the problem that I have is when I open some applications (like Taxcut), the lines on the display (screen), do not line up properly.
For example if there is a YES and NO box to be checked off, the YES box would line up next to the NO Box and the NO Box would line up under the NO box (next to nothing), instead of being next to the NO Box.

This is not only annoying but it is causing/creating problems especially when I work with with the Taxcut program becauses (with things not lined up properly), I am not sure where the correct entry should be made?
I updated the Viewsonic VX2433 driver and installed the most current Intel Chipset driver but the problem still continues.
I contacted Viewsonic and they advised me "the lining up of the boxes is coming not from the monitor but the incoming signal (video card issue)" so it appears that I may need to purchase a new video/graphics adapter and would appreciate your help.
My questions are:
- Do I really need a new video adaper?
- If so, WHAT video card would you suggest that I look at for a configuration of a Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 53134BU system with an integrated Intel Chipset31/33 (video adapter) and a Viewsonic display?

Thank you in advance for your help,

A:Compatibilty problem with Intel Chipset31/33 video card and Viewsonic display

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Just performed windows update on my Dell Inspiron Desktop 560MT - Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit. I have been using dual monitors on the system since purchase. After performing windows update today my second monitor (connected by HDMI) will no longer display. The other monitor (the working one) is connected via VGA. The system does not recognize it is even connected. At start up however it will display up until login window. I am using two ViewSonic VX2453 Series monitors. I am desperate as I have to have both monitors for work. I have tried unplugging and replugging, restarting it with it unplugged and plugged. I uninstalled the update and have tried autodetect on the system all to no avail. Help!!

A:After Windows update 2nd Viewsonic monitor will no longer display

KChristians, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Sounds like you have WU set to automatically download and install updates, and it updated either the video or monitor driver. If that is what happened check your update history and you can uninstall it from there and should get you back to the previous drive.

Also if that s what it was you might want to set WU to not download and install drivers automatically, step #4 here,

Device Installation Settings

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I need some help with a LCD monitor that I bought from a friend. When I hook it up, the screen will be scrambled or very fuzzy. Sometimes I it will work, then sometimes it won't. When I hook my 17" crt up it works fine. Could there be a problem with my video card that doesn't support the LCD? If so, why does it work at times and other times not? The monitor is a ViewSonic VG 175. I appreciate everyones help.


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I want to start by saying I have read a couple of threads on this site that have similar problems with their Viewsonic monitors and the threads have not helped so I am posting this as new.

Hardware: Viewsonic VX910, Dell Dimension 4700, Radeon X1600 series video card, old spare Dell lcd monitor

About 1 day ago the viewsonic monitor would not come out of its "black screen"
I usually leave my monitor turned off (It is a server that I leave running)

I plugged in my old Dell lcd monitor and it works fine on this system (Computer and video card are now proven good) - Viewsonic monitor is now the culprit and I need to find a solution.

I am asking if anyone knows about any components in the monitor that have been found to cause this problem. I have replaced capacitors on this monitor in the past to correct a prior problem and it has worked flawlessly for the past 9 months after the fix. Here is what I am seeing; can anyone help?

I turned my monitor on yesterday to check something and this is what I found:

1.) Upon turning on the monitor the screen lights up and displays what the video card is putting out (a desktop, or login box, etc.) for one second then the monitor goes back to blank.

2.) The led on the power button stays green the entire time indicating it is receiving something from the video card, but the monitor stays blank.

3.) If the monitor is unplugged from the video card the power lcd goes amber indicating no signal and I get the "no s... Read more

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I have a Viewsonic VG2230wm display that recently died. The blue light at the bottom center comes on, but the screen stays dark.

Thought I would take a look at the power supply capacitors. Removed the stand and the four screws from the rear panel.

How do I remove the rear panel? I see a hole on the back panel with a padlock symbol but no obvious way to separate the rear panel from the front panel.



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So, anybody used other one of these LCD displays? VIEWSONIC: ASUS: If yes, please, do post anything you have to say about it! I'd be forever grateful for not having to make a leap into a void of ignorance if I chose to buy one of these. They seem to be decent low-price displays, but you never know. I'd prefer the ASUS one, just because the web store is a new one to me, and I'd like to experience it and it looks a bit cooler to me.

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Hello I recently recieved a a90f CRT 19inch viewsonic monitor

When I plug it in and connect to pc, the yellow power light turns on. When I turn on the pc the yellow light turns to green as normal, but the screen stays black.

I have tried it on as low as 800x600 resolution and on 2 different PC's. Video card ATI radeon 128mb 9800 pro.

Is this a defective monitor? and is it able to be fixed? Or is is most likely a tube problem, or am I missing something in my ignorance. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Viewsonic a90f problem ?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The fact that you`ve tried the monitor on two different pc`s, would suggest to me that the monitor is faulty.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hey iv got a Viewsonic VX2260wm. I try turning my pc on and my monitor is dead. It was switched off the night before and wasn't touched in any way.
Iv tried switching power cables and dvi cables. Still no life. No power light, nothing on screen, totally dead.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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hello everyone.

I have a monitor viewsonic p220f that when I turn on, a thin blue horizontal line appears in the middle of the screen. Dont know if its broken or could be fixed or maybe video cable is broken.
Please advise
Thanks ahead of time for any help.

A:Viewsonic Monitor Problem

It sounds like the vertical deflection is gone. Try the monitor on a different computer or a different monitor on yours to see where the problem is. If the monitor is bad its better to bury a new one than to pay to have it repaired. New monitors are pretty cheap now.

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please computer is quite old in computer years......about 6 or 7 years old.................i've never had any problems with it until now.....after recently moving and not having it set up for a few months i finally got it ready to use was all running fine for about two days when i started having the monitor problem..........i have a viewsonic A90 screen..........the image on the screen will zoom towards the center and then the screen will turn black............if i turn it off and on it will just do the same thing and go black one point it started working again for a few hours but that's it......i had the whole computer running off an high grade extention cord which i thought may have been the problem but i have moved it off the extention and i am still having the problem......i have fiddled with the cords etc and it didn't help..................please help the screen totally gonners????? this is very strange..........i've never seen a screen do this

greatful for any help........thanks

A:old viewsonic monitor problem

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My monitor is 1.5 years old and has been working perfectly. (I take very good care of my monitor!) Yesterday, with no warning, the screen slightly dimmed and then went black. The "on-off" switch flickered. I tried disconnecting it from my CPU and unplugging it from the electrical source and I tried re-booting my computer. None of this made any difference. I have a new video card but connected the monitor to another computer just in case the new card was bad. Again, no results. I hate to think that a 1.5 year old monitor needs to be replaced. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Viewsonic VX910 problem...

Does it even go to standby mode ? If you simply connect the monitor to a power socket & not to a computer, when you turn it on it should go into standby mode. If it doesn't even do that then it is your monitor that's at fault (& probably needs to be sent in for repair).

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I have a ViewSonic A90F + that starts out with normal video and then as it warms up one side of the screen is darker than the other and the video is streaked. It looks like a bad capacitor and I was wondering if anyone had a similiar problem and which cap was the culprit?

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I have used it for two years and it worked really fine. However, in the recent 1 month, it started to automatically activate the "Auto Image Adjust" function (this function should have activated by pressing the button on the monitor or by sudden change in the monitor's resolution). It happen randomly so that it's hard for me to identify the causes.

I have tried to reinstalled the Graphic Driver, set the Hz to 60Hz, resolution exactly to 1280*1024. It's no luck ! I also checked the case with other LCD computer, it work fine so the problem is not from the case (I mean the output).

If any one has solved this problem before, please try to help me. I hope that nothing wrong with the hardware of the monitor.

A:Help ! Strange Problem with LCD ViewSonic VE710b

Maybe it's time to buy a new monitor

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My monitor seems to be experiencing some kind of problem.

The best way I can describe it is as a 'widescreen' mode. There is a black bar on the top and bottom of the desktop about 1 inch wide and extending across the entire length of the screen. I cannot move the mouse into this portion of the screen.

When adjusting the horizontal and vertical settings, 100% stops with the 1 inch black bars still in place. I cannot seem to make the desktop fit the screen. It seems to have shifted into some other mode of viewing.

I called Viewsonic tech support, but they didn't really know much else to do besides checking my settings. I am at 1024 x 768 resoloution, Radeon 8500 64MB graphics card, Windows XP and have installed the most recent drivers. Even when booting - the black bars are present, as if the monitor has somehow decided that is the mode it wants to be in.

If anyone has come across something like this before or knows how I might be able to fix it, I'd be MUCH obliged!



A:Viewsonic Monitor E771 Problem.

Might be starting to fail, 3 year warranty on those generally check the date on the back. Absolute easiest think to do would be to try it on another computer. On the other computer see if you square up the image with the screen if you can't then its the monitor, if you can it could be the video card.

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as said above i have a Viewsonic moniter. It is a LCD flatpanel as well. Last night i turned off my computer as usual and when i try and turn it on today, for some reason no video shows. Nothing has been wrong with my moniter, ever. There definintely power to my monitor, i checked that. Everything is plugged in like usual. I havent messed with any cords or cables for a while. Can anyone help me out?

A:Viewsonic 17inch moniter problem

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I have recently changed my hard drive and had to reinstall all the programs on my computer. Since doing so, the Viewsonic monitor has been stuck in troubleshooting mode. All the fonts and windows are very large, and the only resolution available is 680 x 460, with the only colour option at 16 colours.

What do I do to get a better resolution with this monitor. It worked fine until the hard drive was changed.

I have downloaded the driver for the monitor from the net which was unsuccessful.

I tried changing the adapter from standard to SVGA as recommended by windows, which was rejected by the computer and I had to change it back.

Windows is not accepting the driver that I downloaded.

A:[SOLVED] Viewsonic Monitor problem

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Ok, no laughing when you read this.....I just bought a new Dell 660 computer that has Windows 7 on it. I can't get my monitor to work on it. Ok, so don't laugh, but it has been a good monitor that was manufactured in 1997......Viewsonic know the old, bulky thing. I told myself that I would not buy a new one until this one died. I'm on my third computer with this monitor. Can I get this thing to work with my new Dell?

A:Windows 7 and old Viewsonic Monitor

Wow, does that bring back memories. I use to have one It's time for you to treat yourself to another Viewsonic monitor that will enhance your new computer

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Can Anyone gimme a win7 video driver of viewsonic

A:Need Viewsonic Windows 7 Driver

Read this: Driver Update Windows 7 - How to Update Drivers in Windows 7 - Device Driver Update
ViewSonic Support Information - ViewSonic Drivers - ViewSonic Manuals - ViewSonic Tech Support

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I am new on here so not sure which forum will best help me. I used a keyboard shortcut to change the display on my sony vaio laptop. Found it on a web forum. It was used to make viewing video downloads better quality.
it was something like cntrl upper case and f12 and then you pressed the same keys to revert back to original display. I have now forgotten the combination and my display is stuck in a lower resolution and has a purple and white display on my desktop.
cntrl alt and f12 just brings ups the intel graphics box. can anyone help? I have been told I will need to do a refresh if I cant find the answer and I want to avoid this.

A:display problem in windows 8.1 forgot shortcut and display is now prurple and white

Can change display setting using "Display" on control panel.

Go To: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display

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Dear All Experts,

Hello! How are you all doing? Well today, I came across this Viewsonic LCD Monitor which looks quiet appealing and of course, being manufactured by the leading display technology company of the world  Viewsonic! Heres the link to the product:

Viewsonic VX2433wm (24inch HD LCD Monitor)

Now here's what I need to know:

My main use of an LCD Monitor will be to:

* Watch Movies (Which should include a DVD & High Definition (HD) Quality Videos).
* Play 3D and Normal Games.
* Movies like Jurassic Park, Speed, Titanic, Action Movies, etc...
* Web browsing, doing back work on PC, Listening to music.

So, this in short will be the purpose of using a new LCD Monitor. So far, I am using CRT Monitor.

Once you have gone through the above link, could you kindly let me know how well would this Viewsonic LCD Monitor fair in terms of my above mentioned usage.

BUT NOW HERE's A TwIsT >>> While looking forward to buy an LCD Monitor, one question that kills my decision of buying it is that What if a Touch Screen LCD Monitor will be made available once Windows 7 releases to users. Then would all these LCD Monitors sold out today will be consider completely outdated not only in terms of technology but features as well. However, there are few things that comes to my notice for going with an LCD Monitor and not a Touchscreen one...

a) Touch Screen LCD Monitor is for sure goi... Read more

A:Viewsonic VX2433Wm's - Is it a good LCD Monitor? Should wait for Windows 7 Touch Scre

Hi, Viewsonic is a well known and trusted brand (in my experience) you will find that most modern monitors are well made certainly need to be FCC certified for US sale . Now there is one major element missing from your post. What computer specs have you and most important Memory, Video card and Power supply unit (PSU).

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My first problem is that, apparently, you cannot make the screen brighter on some lenovo laptops with windows 8. The Brightness- button is working, but once you make the screen dimmer, you cannot make it bright again using the brightness settings. I found out however that you can revert by rolling back some drivers. It worked every time when my screen would get dimmer for whatever reason. Yet, yesterday, it happened again and I forgot what to do about it and I ended up uninstaling the Intel Graphics 4000 driver from my computer by mistake. When I tried reinstalling it, it would display the following message:
"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"
I thought that I could undo all of this adventure of mine by using the system restore and revert back long before this all started. However, every time I tried to use system restore it wouldn't work, due to "error 0x80070005", recommending that I turn off my antivirus in order for the system restore to be able to access a certain file. I went as far as uninstalling anything reminescent of an antivirus from my computer and disabling windows defender. However, it is still not working, displaying the same error.

So, here is what I need help with:
Solving the error code 31 of my display adapte driver.
Solving the error 0x80070005 of the system restore

Any of these are appreciated. Thank you.

A:Display adapter problem AND windows system restore problem

If that Lenovo has the intel driver download on the Lenovo site - download it from there NOT the latest from Intel
Alternatively if Lenovo does not have it for your laptop try this one
checking that I have selected the correct one for your processor

Try that and when I return at 1800 hrs - I am in the UK I will come back to you to attempt to solve the other issues
Please post the full model of the Lenovo

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Hi windows 7 community,
I have a problem with windows 7 since the first day i've installed the OS (couple of years), and i haven't been able to solve it yet. The problem is that when i have a main application window, and different documents(windows) open in that main application window, when i minimize those child windows, they appear abnormally small,like the screenshot bellow. normally it should display minimize/maximize/restore buttons, but it only displays a small close button
The problem occurs with all applications that allow child windows. Does anyone else have this problem? How can i solve this issue?

I've tried the basic theme too, hoping it would solve the problem, but didn't help, still i don't have the buttons completely:

A:UI Problem/ minimized windows Display problem

Hi and welcome to the Forum
If you have had this problem since you installed Windows 7 then it suggests you have some corrupt files in your Windows 7 Ultimate Disc. Where did you obtain the disc?

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I felt like I got a virus, because my computer was going slower than usual, so I took the liberty of Downloading Avast antivirus while running one of the many scans it found like 3-4 viruses so I said to remove all four of them, but one of them was unable to delete, repair or put in the virus chest. I felt like the problem was solved because my computer speed was back so I didn't worry about it, today I was downloading a online game called Maple Story, and it is unable to play because of the Firewall, so I went to allow it and whenever I try to allow a program I get the error message saying Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows firewall settings. I am brand new to this so I don't know what to post like logs or w.e, please help me.

A:Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows firewall settings

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

a link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined below. Use a USB flash drive to download and transfer the tools to the affected machine, if necessary. You might like to run the Flash_Disinfector.exe on the clean machine and the flash drive first to protect against any possible transfer of infection via USB.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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running XP Home Edition service pack 2

Yesterday I ran into serious issues: Norton jammed up while I was trying to do a scan and I had to reset. Suddenly the computer had an empty boot sector, so I went through this long process running "chkdsk" and did some work using the Home Edition disc. Eventually I was able to get back onto my computer by loading up a new boot sector.

Minor problem: I now seem to have two Windows installs on my computer and have to choose between them when I am starting up.
I had a bunch of problems an hour later when I "misclicked" on a file which then proceeded to infect my computer.

I don't know which of the things I did yesterday caused this problem, but now when I try to adjust windows firewall I get this error message:
"due to an unidentified problem windows cannot display windows firewall settings."
I tried a registry fix I found on the windows site, it did nothing.
Any help would be much appreciated,

A:due to an unidentified problem windows cannot display windows firewall settings

Well I've disabled it, I think for good, by using this at the command prompt:
netsh.exe firewall set opmode mode=disable profile=all

Hope I didn't break anything.

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Yesterday, my Windows Firewall seemed to have turned off by its own and then I started get loads of spyware and viruses on my computer and it became really slow and I think I still might have some on it, even though I tried to get rid of today. Even now, when I try to go to my Windows Firewall settings to enable to firewall again, I get the following error, 'Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings'. I think it could be the viruses and spyware that caused, but I don't know how to get it back on again.

Here is a HiJackThis log, even though I think I have got rid of most of the spyware:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 21:19, on 06-09-27
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Distillr\Acrotray.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplo... Read more

A:Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings...

You have no active AntiVirus!

Get the free AVG 7 install it, check for updates and run a full scan

AVG 7 -

You may want to print this or save it to notepad as we will go to safe mode.

Fix these with HiJackThis mark them, close IE, click fix checked

O20 - AppInit_DLLs: e1.dll

DownLoad or

Restart your computer into safe mode now. (Tapping F8 at the first black screen) Perform the following steps in safe mode:

Double-click on Killbox.exe to run it. Now put a tick by Standard File Kill. In the "Full Path of File to Delete" box, copy and paste each of the following lines one at a time then click on the button that has the red circle with the X in the middle after you enter each file. It will ask for confimation to delete the file. Click Yes. Continue with that same procedure until you have copied and pasted all of these in the "Paste Full Path of File to Delete" box.


Note: It is possible that Killbox will tell you that one or more files do not exist. If that happens, just continue on with all the files. Be sure you don't miss any.

START RUN type in %temp% - OK - Edit Select all File Delete

Delete everything in the C:\Windows\Temp folder or C:\WINNT\temp

Not all temp files will delete and that is normal
Empty the recycle bin
Boot and pos... Read more

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Okay so here's the run down, I dont speek too much of the lingo, and dont know how to get any "logs" for anyone to follow. But when I open the controll panel; under security I click "Allow a program through windows firewall" and it prompts me to give administrator permission to do so. When I hit "continue" a box comes up that says "Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display the Windows Firewall settings." Any help is greatly appreciated

A:"Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings."

What security applications do you have installed?

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Problem: Computer will not stop using the default monitor. Also Computer will not change res or color. I think this is because of the default monitor.

Attempted Fixes: Reinstalled both monitor and video card drivers. Changed the default monitor's driver itself to the monitor I am using.

What Happens: Basically, nothing. I put in all these changes and even delete every monitor. When I reload windows, it automatically installs "default monitor" which I think my main problem is.

Solution: ? anyone?

ps. might have tried some more things but Ill tell you if I tried em if you post here..

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Problem with windows display....

Have you tried making the changes while in Safe Mode? Because in normal Windows mode it protects itself too much sometimes. Dan-O

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I wasn't sure where else to put this, so I decided to ask for help in the Graphics Card are as my problem probably pertains to my graphics card.

I recently installed Windows 7 and it went through without a hitch, except for some reason whenever I unplug my laptop from a power source the display becomes all screwed up; the gamma skyrockets and it looks like one big threshold effect.

Any ideas about what's wrong here? My monitor is an Intel(R) 915GM/GMS.910GML Express Chipset. I have the Intel Video Bios installed, and my total available graphics memory is 96 MB. I'm running on a 32 bit display at 1280 x 800 resolution.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Display Problem

HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC*-* Intel 915GM Graphics Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista - HP Business Support Center

^^ it's the highest version number for the 915 chipset on the net afaik.

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I have a machine that runs perfectly with Windows XP Pro, but develops an odd display problem as soon as SP2 is installed. The machine is a Dell Precision 330 with BIOS version A09. The video card is a nVidia GeForce 2 GTS running the driver version.

When SP2 is installed, pink vertical lines appear in a variety of locations scattered around the desktop and in windows that are opened. In particular, the unhighlighted background of many buttons and the perimeters of many display objects have the pink vertical lines. Otherwise, the machine seems to be fully functional - no crashes, etc.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

A:Display Problem with Windows XP SP2

check for updated drivers and reinstall

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Dear forum members,I am very grateful for this forum administration and to the very helpful people here.I have learnt much here and I have one question about my OS .Recently I reinstalled Operating system in my computer , I installed XP Pro. sp2, 2002 version.And the problem which occured is the display of icons and the menu in my OS. I can't see them clearly , they are somekinda very strange. My browsers and the Word files actually all I see is with some spots or not clear. I have attached the screenshot of this problems so that you can see by yourselves. Please give me your wise suggestions to solve this problem. I actualy have no idea why this is occured.Is smth wrong with my Video Card or anything else?! I think there's no problem with my video card.Thanks beforehand.

A:Windows Xp Pro.sp2 Display Problem

What type of monitor are you using - an lcd thin screen or a crt?

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Hi Guys

I was wondering if you might be able to help me out.

I used to have a HTPC running windows 7 64 bit and it run perfect.

I had a Nivida G-Force 630 Video card in it just to help with Video quality on the big screen.

I just did a fresh format and install on Windows 8 64 Bit today. Everything installed fine and I got all the latest drivers from the web etc.

When on the Windows 8 Welcome screen it all looks fine and great.

The second I click on the Desktop button it no longer fits my screen and its like the display is too big as you cant see the icons on the side (Just a tiny bit of them) and you cant see the taskbar, clock etc on the bottom.

The display is set correct too (1920x1080p) as I have it plugged into my Samsung Series 8 60" LED TV. It used to work fine on Widnows 7.

Again I did all the driver updates including the Nvida Drivers too.

I downloaded Windows Classic Shell to see if that would help and still the same, you cant even see the start menu button.

So any help at all would be so great as I am going crazy over this.

Many Thanks


A:Display problem on Windows 8 64 Bit

I have a GT630 installed in one of my rigs and that problem occurs at any resolution above 1280x1024 when it's on a DVI connection (digital), but no problem with VGA (analog) one. I had to use GPU-scaling and change refresh rate to 65Hz. Not the best solution at all, but worked.

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right now im in safe mode due to this problem. when i start my pc normally, it boots up fine until the windows user account screen. when i get to that screen i see alot of black lines, my moniter will ranomly shut off. what can i do to fix this?

A:windows display problem

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I am coming to Windows 7 from Vista 64bit Ultimate. On Vista I was able to get aero enabled and my system scored a 4.7 on the winsat tests. When I did a clean install and went to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, my aero doesn't want to initiate. I also cannot complete my winsat test because when it gets to hard disk it says could not measure storage performance.

I put in the latest drivers form nvidia's website and I got aero for a few seconds at start up only for it to change back to basic. I have tried forcing aero with those registry edits. I have also tried the troubleshooting transparency and aero effects and it gives me aero for a sec then goes back to basic. The problem it lists is the Desktop Windows Manager to be disabled. I have tried stopping and restarting the Desktop Windows Manager but it only does the same thing as the troubleshooter. I have also tried putting it to high performance in power options and setting it to best visuals but no dice.

My system:
XPS 200 w/ pentium D 2.8ghz with an upgraded 9500GT and 2GB RAM

This was just cleanly installed so application compatibility problems is not likely. I have done all windows updates.

Thanks for reading! The help is greatly appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Display Problem

You could try:
1.Press Win key + R
2.Type services.msc
3.On the right side find Desktop Windows Manager
4.Try messing with its options and you could get Aero working!

Good Luck ;)

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Hi Guys

I was wondering if you might be able to help me out.

I used to have a HTPC running windows 7 64 bit and it run perfect.

I had a Nivida G-Force 630 Video card in it just to help with Video quality on the big screen.

I just did a fresh format and install on Windows 8 64 Bit today. Everything installed fine and I got all the latest drivers from the web etc.

When on the Windows 8 Welcome screen it all looks fine and great.

The second I click on the Desktop button it no longer fits my screen and its like the display is too big as you cant see the icons on the side (Just a tiny bit of them) and you cant see the taskbar, clock etc on the bottom.

The display is set correct too (1920x1080p) as I have it plugged into my Samsung Series 8 60" LED TV. It used to work fine on Widnows 7.

Again I did all the driver updates including the Nvida Drivers too.

I downloaded Windows Classic Shell to see if that would help and still the same, you cant even see the start menu button.

So any help at all would be so great as I am going crazy over this.

Many Thanks


A:Display problem on Windows 8 64 Bit

I have a GT630 installed in one of my rigs and that problem occurs at any resolution above 1280x1024 when it's on a DVI connection (digital), but no problem with VGA (analog) one. I had to use GPU-scaling and change refresh rate to 65Hz. Not the best solution at all, but worked.

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Hey, Recently Upgraded to Windows 8, and been facing this Problem ever since.
Take a look at this picture.

You see how the display doesn't take up the full screen?
There's black borders on the left, right, top and bottom.
These are the Things I've Tried.
1. Messing with the monitor settings, Including pressing the "Auto" Button on it.
2. Updating the Drivers. I Updated it to the latest AMD Driver that supports windows 8 64 bit as per AMD's website [ I'm Running a HD 7850 ]
This never happened with Windows 7, it was perfectly fine, So I'm positive it's a software problem, and nothing to do with my monitor or VGA.
Any help?

A:Windows 8 Display Problem

Before I make any suggestions, does this also happen on an explorer view or just when browsing?

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this is a problem i noticed since my latest build a few months ago - i keep meaning to post about it here, but just haven't got around to it yet.

anyway, when i try to resize my MMC windows, such as services or disk management, they do not display properly.

sometimes the services window 'repairs' itself if i minimise then restore, but my disk mgmt window doesn't.

any one else have this problem, and/or know of a fix?

i've tried sfc, not sure what to do now...everything else seems to run fine - it's only these windows that are 'corrupted' if i try to resize them.

A:mmc windows display problem

Hello Mickey,

It looks like it may be some sort graphical issue possibly caused by corrupted video drivers. You might see if uninstalling your video drivers completely, then reinstalling them may help.

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I logged into my account on the computer, but as I did the monitor stated that it was going to sleep. I tried moving the mouse nothing happened so I pressed several keys on the keyboard. It came out of sleep mode but now the photo in the background and all icons were now displaying as if it was a negative look (so all dark colours are not white and vice versa). Plus the display seems to be in 800 x 600. I have tried changing this it doesnt make a difference. I restarted the computer but no change except now the login screen is displaying in 800 x 600.

thanks for help

A:Windows XP Display Problem

If the display resolution won't go any higher than 800 x 600 you may need to re-install the display driver for the graphics adapter. You can download that from your PC manufacturer's website.

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I can't seem to get ANY semblance of a good text/graphics size going. With Vista, it was start and go. Set my resolution to 1360 x 768, everything showed fine. Now with windows 7, I do the same, and the text is almost IMPOSSIBLE to read in Firefox. I increase the DPI in the control panel to 149, and it's TINY. At 150, it's HUGGEE. There seems to be NO balance between the two, and frankly, it's annoying. I either can't see or am blinded. I'll include a pic of both for reference. Small text is at 1360 x 768 resolution with 149 DPI, and large view is same resolution with 150 DPI. The small text actually looks LARGER in the picture then it does in firefox normally, to give an even better example.

A:Display problem windows 7

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I having problems with Windows 7. It's a little hard for me to explain but I'll do my best. An example of what's happening is I went on a website and clicked on a link to download and copy a employment application. When I clicked on the link it goes to another page where one should see the application. Instead all I see is a white blank page with a tiny little X in the upper left corner of the screen. I updated Abobe Flash player thinking that might help but it didn't. Does anyone know what I need to do to get this page to display correctly. I hope I've provide the necessary information. If I haven't please let me know.

A:Windows 7 Display Problem

That sounds like what you get when there is supposed to be an imatge but it didn't download for some reason.

Did you try refreshing the page? A different browser?

What type of document was it? If it was PDF, you need to have the needed add-ons installed to view it in the browser, but you should still be able to download it. You may have better luck downloading by right-click than left.

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I sometimes have interference problems with my VDU whilst using Windows XP. The screen tends to wobble a tiny bit most days. I have had to do a complete destructive recovery yesterday because the screen had very bad interference and then went into having an inch of black around the edges and a very fast flickering . The recovery has cured this problem for the moment. Can anybody tell me why this happened and why I have a slightly shifting screen on a 'good day'.



A:Display Problem On Windows Xp

Hi,and welcome to TSG

It sounds like you have a driver problem,go to the Device Manager and look for any yellow !'s or ?'s

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I've a Core i3 processor on Intel DH55TC Mother board with HD graphics. The system is new and I've installed Windows 7 with drivers provided with Intel Motherboard. But once I installed the graphics driver my monitor shows lot of dots on screen.

I've LG 16" Screen LCD Monitor. If I uninstall the graphic driver, the dots will go but the correct resolution for my monitor is not available.

What's the solution for this issue? Please help.

A:Windows 7 Display Problem

Board Model:
Intel(R) Desktop Board DH55TC
Board Version:
BIOS Version:
Operating System:
Microsoft* Windows* 7 Ultimate

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Hi have a problem with my grandads Pc,

I recorded so you know what is going on;

The monitor wont display the login screen. It stills on just wont display i.

Check everything is in tight

Graphics Card
Updated Drivers
Removed some unwanted programs
Disc clean up etc..

The computer works if it goes into safemode so I dont think its the monitor has the problem was still the same with a differnt monitor

Any ideas?


A:Display problem windows xp


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I can't seem to get ANY semblance of a good text/graphics size going. With Vista, it was start and go. Set my resolution to 1360 x 768, everything showed fine. Now with windows 7, I do the same, and the text is almost IMPOSSIBLE to read in Firefox. I increase the DPI in the control panel to 149, and it's TINY. At 150, it's HUGGEE. There seems to be NO balance between the two, and frankly, it's annoying. I either can't see or am blinded. I'll include a pic of both for reference. Small text is at 1360 x 768 resolution with 149 DPI, and large view is same resolution with 150 DPI. The small text actually looks LARGER in the picture then it does in firefox normally, to give an even better example.

A:Display problem in Windows 7

A DDC/EDID Emulator put between the display and your system will solve the problem.
What the emulator do is feeding the system EDID information all the time, so the system "think" there is right display installed all the time.

Hope this will solve the problem. Google search key words "DDC Emulator" or "EDID emulator".

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Hi ,
I recently installed windows 7 64 bit to my Sony vaio model vgnsz 430n was before vista 32 bit ,installation was fine but my screen shrink-ed ,

1)Display is smaller than before ( blank from sides ) cant make it full screen.

i try to adjust the display but the max i see is 1024 x68.

2)Mouse is not working , i cant slide the page up n down from touch pad , have to hold n drag from the side bar.

3)Skype Video & mic not working .

Im not very good on computer so please try to help with the video if possible .

Please help on this matter .
Thanks a ton .

A:Display problem after installing windows 7

Hi, have a look at this thread, see if it helps.

Sony VAIO vgn-sz430n drivers
I would say you need to head to Sony's website and download the relevant drivers.

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So I have reinstalled Windows 7 on my laptop. It went well. But I seem to me having some display problems.

This volume square also doesn't pop up::

It used to pop up whenever I adjusted the volume on my laptop's button. Another one also popped up when I pressed the caps lock and numbers lock buttons. I need to fix this :(

These seem to be simple problems, yet I cannot find solutions. Someone please help me out. Thank you.

A:Simple Windows 7 Display Problem. Please help.

Typically you would need to install specific software from your computer manufacturer for this function to work. Your Windows 7 installation is not likely to automatically install this software unless it was from a recovery CD.

Different manufacturers call this feature by different names -- I believe HP calls it SmartMenu. If you can provide details of your brand & model of laptop, perhaps there will be more help available.


Windows 7 In the News

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I put together a Desktop PC for a Friend who lives in a different State than I do. It is an older Compaq 400 MHZ with Windows 2000 professional. The Monitor I sent them was brand new.
The problem is they left the PC on over night and the next day the screen was dark, "No Display." They tried to reboot, they hear windows coming up and the power light on the Monitor is on steady green but still no display. I don't remember any sleep mode being set for this either. Since I am not close to this PC can anyone advise a good approach to getting the display to function? I am assuming the monitor could be bad but since it's new I have my doubts and without a display it is difficult to troubleshoot. If you have any troubleshooting idea's, please let me know, thanks in advance for your help.

A:Windows 2000 Display Problem

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I have:

Mother Board: A75MA-G55
Processor: A6-3650 AMD
Ram: 8 GB

The problem I'm facing is, It boots in CRT Monitor but as soon as Welcome Screen Comes it goes on HDMI.

CRT Monitor is of LG 700E
HDMI Display is Samsung 32 Inch LED

All the Drivers are Updated.

I was using this PC from last 1 Year but never faced this problem but today I installed Windows 7 again and facing this Problem.

It windows 7 64 Bit

Please let me know the solution


A:Installed Windows 7 Again but having Problem with Display

How long have you been using this PC?

When you do a complete reinstall, it installs the original drivers -- unless you also go to the trouble to do Windows Updates and/or Driver Updates.

So, how do you know all the drivers are updated?

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My HP laptop computer using Windows 7 SP1 Operating system was hanging up, so I performed a soft reboot (Alt. Control, Delete).ut when the computer rebooted the desktop display came up sideways, with the normal top being on the left6 side of the screen, with the bottom on the right side. I have no idea how or why this occurred, and am seeking help on getting my computer back to a normal operation.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 display problem


ctrl+alt+right key = screen rotated 90? to the right
ctrl+alt+down key = screen rotated 180? (upside down)
ctrl+alt+left key = screen rotated 90? to the left

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I'm using my laptop MSI GE60-2OE. When I first boot into the system, everything looks fine

But after using for a while, the display becomes odd. Every item becomes bigger than normal and the entire screen seems bigger than the screen size

Even worse, in the desktop mode, the taskbar change to strange state and the menu start is disabled

This problem happens when I set the screen resolution at 1920*1080. Things change back to normal when I reduce the resolution to 1600*900

Is there anyone encountering the same problem as me? Is there any solution?

A:Strange problem with the display in Windows 8.1

Welcome tcm2029. You don't give machine specifics but I assume you have a NVidia discrete graphics plus Intel HD graphics. First question has to be do you have latest drivers installed?

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I am currently running windows 7 on my newly reformatted computer and i cannot display a 1680x1050 resolution on my 22" samsung. I was able to run this resolution on xp but once switched to 7 my resolution management would not let me configure to this resolution. It does not even let me choose that resolution. The max i can get to is 1600x1200 which does not support my monitor. I downloaded and installed all new drivers for my NVIDIA 8800 GTS graphics card and it still did not let me display. I also searched for all necessary drivers with windows and said that i have latest updates.

Help would be greatly appreciated

A:Windows 7 1680x1050 display problem

How have you connected your monitor, DVI or VGA, if you are using VGA then I would suggest DVI as it will recognize your native resolution properly.

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Hi all,
Since I have updated it to windows 10, there is some problems with watching videos. Half of the screen is blur when I watch any video. Would be appreciated if anyone has suggestions to overcome this issue


Probably need to reinstall or update your video card drivers. What computer or graphics card do you have?

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Hi I just replaced a master hard drive on my computer after the two i had before burned out(probably virus related) and I am encountering some problems. After new hard drive was put in and a fresh copy of windows was installed everything seemed to be working fine. I noticed that after i set up the wireless card the problems started. After a randomly alternating amount of time of using ie or aim my computer's display will randomly go black and the monitor displays "out of range". I am also pretty sure that the whole system goes down also, but the computer still stays on. I checked the the temps inside my computer and all of them were very cool, so overheating is ruled out.Any ideas come to mind on how to fix it? If you need more specific details just tell me what you need and I can provide them for you.

Thank you for your time,

A:Display problem, may be windows and or hardware

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Hi, my computer suddenly reboot when I was browsing web page as normal.

And after that the screen shows 6 identicle screens at the same time!

It cannot get into windows normally but can still enter safe mode.

I thought it was display problem at first.

After I back up everything and planned to go fixing it, I thought better if I try to recover the windows to see if I can fix it myself.

Things get even worse, I feel like everything is normal during the recover process. After all routine works, the computer asks me to restart and after that I cannot log in to windows(even for safe mode). It can shows welcome screen but after that there is an error message coming out and if i click ok the computer restart and become dead loop like that. (during whole recover process, the screen still showing 6 windows)

I talked to my friends and they said the computer more seems like getting infected with virus as they said if it's display problem i should be only able to read blue secreen.

If anyone have idea what's going on please help me out! Thanks!

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I was going to update to Windows 10, but it said that my display NVIDIA GeForce7050/NVIDIA nForce 620 would not support Windows 10. My computer is 5-6 years old (Windows 7 HP), what do I need to do to get Windows 10 to work. Are the new components that I need to buy worth installing. I only use the computer for home use and do not play games on it.

Thanks Dave

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hi there,
ive been searching the web two day now and have come up with nothing to resolve my issue.
My issue is that the windows vista font is gone crazy! my notification dialog boxes and my display settings font are all too big and dont even fit in the window. here are examples of what i mean.
Please help!


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Really scratching my head on this one!
After just finishing a rebuild of my computer and installing the last few drivers, I've hit a problem.
I have no display. I can't see anything on my system. The monitor is fine as i've tested it on another system. I don't know how far my system boots, whether it boots all the way to desktop or not I can't tell.
The only thing I can think off is booting from my windows disk, but this means working blind and would mean firstly going into BIOS and then reinstalling windows.
If anyone can come up with a less challenging idea or pehaps an option I haven't thought of, I'd be most grateful.
Please Help.
One very frustrated Digital Phoographer, needing his Photoshop back!

A:Windows Boot Problem, no display=Catch 22?

Can you get into safe mode? Did you do a complete install of xp, after
formatting? What changes did you make...
List system hardware specs, including power supply brand and wattage

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I delayed my installation of 7 until tonight... I had the beta and never had this problem. This is a clean install on a clean HDD from the DVD of win 7 pro x64.

After the install everything looks fine, I could tell it had it set on max res. Updated windows, intel infs, ati 9.11, symantec EP 11 the works. After everything was done it was time to customize and personalize my windows. First thing i did was try to lower the res because the monitor is quite far from my face and iam tired of squinting. As i changed the resolution the first thing I did was change 1680 x 1050 to 1440 x 900. I noticed something looks wierd... essentiall the screen res looks the same just that the screen area got smaller... changed it lower to 1280 x 800 and the same thing happened. Went in for a closer look and noticed the res is the same just the viewable screen area just shrunk.... Tried to fix and research the problem and found out alot of people were having the same issue. After 2 hrs I am lost. If i input res of 4:3 that takes up the whole screen just stretched wierd but if i enter widescreen res of 16:10 it just makes black borders. It seems alot of these problems did not get solved mostly because they were not able to explain it correctly and I figured, I should take a picture, it would help explaining.

I am sorry if the solution has been posted elsewhere, if you can provide me a link it would be great.

Picture1: max res 1680x1050
Picture2: 1440x900 notice the black borders of dead space
... Read more

A:Windows 7 Display Problem - Black Borders

If you have aan ATI card...

I had a similar problem with my HD 4850 when switching from vista to win7. I actually found a fix inside the ATI Catalyst Control Center.

Open CCC and somewhere in the display configuration for your monitor ensure that there is no over/underscan. For some reason my CCC had a small degree of underscan turned on which led to the black bars you mentioned.

A word of caution, when you start your games up and pick the native resolution the underscan may show up again. Just turn on any options for windowed mode and/or full screen and then turn off windowed mode again and the black bars should go away. Hope that helps!

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I dont know how to explain my problem what is the name exactly ?

its happen when i change the theme to areo
when i open my computer icon in full windows its look like the uper bar cutting for 1 sec ( i mean open with cutting motion )
i have a good laptop with 512mb graphic card (nvidia 9600 m gt )
my laptop Sony vaio aw 4gb ram 2.6 9650 processor

i have update the driver of my card
i have also update the bios

i have change the rate to 60 no fix until now
i have also disable the UAC

Please I need help in this problem


A:Problem When maximize windows cutting display

Please Any Help

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In all OO applications, as well as in Firefox, buttons and other graphics aren't displaying properly. For example, text positioning buttons in OO Writer and OO Calc look greyed out but function. In FF, the form input boxes aren't visible.

All this seems to have started when I changed a display setting in my Windows XP control panel, but I haven't found the problem after trying to restore to the original settings.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay, so I just recently (today) installed Windows Professional 64 bit edition on my roommates computer. Before that, it had Media Center Edition, 32 bit. (it's an athlon 64bit proc. btw)

Anyways, install went fine, everything worked great and seemed a little faster until I tried to install the network, audio, and display drivers.

So first I tried to install the network driver that I had copied from the internet off an external hard drive off of . So that didn't work - long story short, it took me about an hour to find the proper driver just for the NIC, and I had to find it off of and pretty much just guess and check.

But there is a problem - whenever I go to websites, or even move windows around, it takes a second to sort of reiterate the image on the screen, and makes lines and then refreshes very slowly. It happens whenever I scroll down a page, restore a window or move like say display properties for example. I even turned off 'show window contents while dragging' and it still does it!

Now I understand that this might be a display driver issue, since it's running off the basic VGA driver. So I was trying for hours trying to find a new display driver that would work with the 64 bit edition of xp pro, and I can't. I'm pretty sure I even found some that said it was for this exact version, but no, still won't install.

The same thing happens with the Sigmatel 92xx onboard audio. I find all different types of d... Read more

A:Please Help! Windows XP Pro 64 bit Audio and Display Driver problem!

Well, I finally found the correct driver for the nVidia display, and now everything is rendering properly, computer is blazing away!

But I still can't find the correct audio driver

Here it what my device manager looks like. It says the device cannot start, and depending on what type of driver I install, it will say various different things.


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Trying to upgrade from W7 (64bit) to W10 on X1 Carbon. The W10 diagnostics come back with "The display is not compatible with Windows 10." All of the display drivers are huge downloads and I don't know which one to use. I am NOT a tech person. Help? Thanks.

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Hi all,

I have this weird problem with my sidebar gadget display in windows 7
since yesterday it seems to make problems and i cant see the gadgets...

I couldnt fine anything on the web that will help me,
i tried canceling the sidebar option from control panel and then turn it back on but no help.

please some help...

A:Windows 7 sidebar gadget display problem

Hi, welcome to the forums

I've noticed 1 thing, it looks like you're using Vista by the looks of the taskbar & sidebar. If not and it's just personal customization then you might want to try the following tutorials

Gadgets - Enable or Disable
Gadgets - Restore Default Gadgets

Hope they help


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after rebooting, the screen started displayig all the text weirdly, like windings

anyone know what caused this / how to fix it?

would do a system restore to a previous point - but there's no previous point to restore to



A:Windows 7 - 7600.16384 x64 display problem

Quote: Originally Posted by markeee

after rebooting, the screen started displayig all the text weirdly, like windings

anyone know what caused this / how to fix it?

would do a system restore to a previous point - but there's no previous point to restore to



What did you do last?

Install a language pack? Install a program?

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I am using windows xp sp2.
Recently I have been experiencing a problem in that my scrolling is extremely slow and jerky. This can be cured by uninstalling and reinstalling the windows xp display driver - nvidiaGeForce6200(TM).
Unfortunately I have to do this every time I reboot my PC. In other words every time I turn
on my PC and open the device manager it shows a yellow? mark against this driver.
Can anyone please tell me what the problem might be!
The other thing that I notice is that the green light on my CF reader remains on all the time - could this be related?
Thanks in anticipation

A:Solved: Windows Display driver problem

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I recently changed my screen resolution from 1024x768 to 720x576 temporarily. When I went to change the resolution back to 1024x768 the black screen with the blue box reading "Check PC dislpay settings" appeared, then routinely kicked me back to the Display Settings window, leaving me in 720x576. Please keep in mind that my OS is Windows 2000. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Windows 2000 Display Settings Problem

MTG, Welcome to TSG.
It may be your Display Adapter,(graphics card) drivers have become corrupted. Do you know what graphics card your PC has? If so, go to their web site and download and install the latest driver version for your 2000 machine and card.
If you aren't sure what card you have, you can find out by using this program:
It's free and will tell you nearly everything.
Look under the Display/ GPU and it should give your the info and a link to go to. Any problems you may have, post back to this thread and someone will be glad to help yousort it out.

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Hello folks,

I seem to be having multiple problems all at the same time (all of which may or may not be related) but let me start from the beginning.

This all started when I tried to connect my Inspiron 1720 laptop to our television. For some reason my laptop froze, the image on both my computer and TV had white lines across it, and so I turned off my system since it was locked up.

I restarted and began having display problems - first windows were not opening in the desktop area. They would open in the system tray, but were "unreachable" by the mouse. I played with display settings and got the screen to fit...but now seem to have 2 primary problems:


Whenever I play games, view pictures, or Windows Media Player, I see strange "plaid boxes." However, the desktop is fine and everything else appears to work fine. I contacted NVIDIA and I have installed different driver versions, as well as the OEM (Dell's) driver's - all did not work - I still saw the distorted images when playing games, viewing pictures, and videos.

I have also completed System Restore's to points prior to when I was having the problem - unfortunately that did not work.

Here are screenshots of what I am seeing:


This problem may stem from the original TV incident. When I click on Displa... Read more

A:Vista Display Problem (display driver and/or multiple-monitor related)

The first set of pictures that you put up look like classics examples of bad video RAM. In a desktop PC I would tell you to swap out the video card with a differnt one to verify that is the issue since in a few cases bad drivers can cause the issue but it's highly unlikely. Professional service by a local non big box computer shop is your best bet at this point.

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Hi, Ive been having trouble with trying to open my firewall settings, when I try to open them a message comes up saying "Due to an unidentified problem, windows can not display windows firewall settings". I've only tried merging a file to my registry entry and restarted my computer, but the message still pops up. Ive also tried typing CMD /K NETSH FIREWALL RESET, and rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection Ndi-Steelhead 132 %windir%\inf\netrass.inf, and still nothing. I havent uninstalled or reinstalled anything. Please help.


A:Due to an unidentifed problem, windows will not display firewall settings.

Hello,And welcome to, before we can assist you with your question of: Am I infected? You will need to perform the following tasks and post the logs of each if you can.Malwarebytes Anti-MalwarePlease download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Full Scan"... Read more

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Hello...I need some serious help.....My specs are Toshiba Qosmio G10 laptop running Win XP Media Center edition SP2 with Intel Pentium M 1.8ghz 1GB RAM, 100 GB HDD (2 drives, 60:40). I regularly download music for itunes using bittorrent sites and have approx 20 GB of music on my laptop.

Last night I watched a movie on a pirated DVD borrowed from a friend. If the following problem could possible be due to the DVD, pls let me know as this is the first time I watched a pirated DVD on my laptop and I am sooooo very angry at myself if this is the case.

I left AVG anitivirus running afterwards and went to sleep.

When I woke up, the blue screen was on and mentioned that there had been an error in the NVP_DISP.DLL file and a physical dump had to be executed. The computer waited until I woke up. Each time I rebooted the system went to the blue screen and had to be rebooted. I started it in Safe mode and eventually figured that I had to disable the display adapter which I did from the Safe mode in the Device Manager. Thereafter I am able to start but I have white vertical lines in sort of pairs in the beginning as well as in the Win XP logo (full screen lines) when the system reboots. I can see these lines on the desktop as well.

After disabling the display adapter, when Windows discovers new hardware, then it is unable to find the drivers. I also downloaded the uptodate driver of Nvidia from website. And as soon as I enable the display adapter, the blue scr... Read more

A:Display problem Windows Media Center Nvidia

Re-Install window XP, and install the drivers of the laptop
It will help.

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I constantly get a "Display driver has stopped responding and recovered" error ever since I upgraded to Windows 10.  The error references Windows 8.

This happens repeatedly at varying periods when I play a game, "Age of Empires: Castle Siege".  Even if the game is minimized in the background.  I contacted the game company's help desk and they indicated I needed to update my drivers to Windows 10.  I've used the Dell Support webpage and it indicates my drivers are current.  When I actually examine the driver information, it indicates they are Windows 8.1. Evidently, Dell feels the driver is sufficient for Window 10.   I've logged onto the Intel site and Intel has a new driver that supports Windows 10 for the card.  I cannot install it, however, because it indicates I have a "vendor-specific" Dell copy of the driver.  It won't let me replace it but Dell doesn't have a Windows 10 equivalent. 
Anybody got any ideas when Dell is going to support Windows 10 drivers for the Inspiron 14R or if there is some alternate solution?
"Help me Obi-wan.  You're my only hope!

A:Inspiron 14R 5437 Windows 10 Display Driver Problem

The Windows 10-64 bt OS drivers and downloads are on the Dell Website. You can click the link below to download the Video Card drivers for your computer as well as any other Windows 10 driver you may need.
Inspiron 5437 Drivers and Downloads-Windows 10/64bit
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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I recently purchased a new CPU AMD Athlon 1.6G processor. It has 256MB RAM and a Nvidia 16meg TNT2 Vanta Card graphics card. The monitor I am using is a Samsung Synmaster 753DF.

After installing Win 98 SE and the supporting drivers, I noticed horizontal bars appearing in the video. It is most notable when there is a white background with black letters.
I have done the following:

---- Updated the video driver with the latest available from Nvidia, without success.

---- Replaced the Nvidia 16meg TNT2 Vanta Card, with another Nvidia 16meg TNT2 Vanta Card, without success.

---- Run all the Win 98 diagnostics with no problems being detected.

---- Installed an updated driver for the monitor.

My research indicates that Data Digital Channel (DDC) automatically setups the display frequency without
loading video driver. The solution was to turn it off, or change settings of monitor type in your system.
I have not found away to turn it off.

I have run out of ideas. Any help solving this problems would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 98 SE Video Display Problem (Horizonal Bars)

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I purchased a laptop in Italy and all the display is in Italian language.

I followed the steps given in user guide. But the Keyboards and Languages tab does not show Display language dropdown list to choose a language.

I want to change the display language to English. Is there any way to do this ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi guys,
I am trying to install windows 8 on my computer.
First I wanted to do a clean install by booting directly from DVD, which resulted in 0x00000005D error. I tried several times and I got this error consistently.

Later I tried Windows 8 upgrade assistant which showed that my graphics card (ATI RADEON 9600 series secondary (Microsoft Corporation ? WDDM) is incompatible. The thing is I have only one graphic card. In the compatible devices list I can see ATI RADEON 9600 series (Microsoft Corporation ? WDDM).

Nevertheless I tried to upgrade from existing Windows 7 which also failed saying the display adapter (ATI RADEON 9600 series secondary) might not work properly.
I don't know what is wrong. As far as I know the computer software is up to date. I have also ran Driver reviver software and everything is up to date but I can't install windows 8.
Need help.

A:Windows 8 upgrade problem (Display adapter error)

Welcome to EightForums.

Windows 8 has incompatibility with older Intel/AMD processors, & some Video/Graphic Cards.

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Alright here's a good one, monitor less than a year old, I could never load drivers for it because screen would go haywaire, real wavy along the side edges. ok so I've been using the win98se driver, plug and play monitor ones, well now it's doing it even with them. I d/l the latest driver for win98 from Viewsonic, load them and it really goes berzerk, delete them, screen is still unstable. So, I do a print screen while it's doing this thing so I can post it for you folks to look at, and when I paste it into notepad the picture is fine in the file. what I mean is that to the pc the screen is normal, man am I confused. What does this mean???

A:Viewsonic Optiquest Q75 what the h***

Ether your monitor is slowly dieing, or your refresh rate is too high.

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I bought a viewsonic 1945wm 2 days ago and there is a continuous buzzing sound when it is displaying. Is it normal?

A:viewsonic vx1945

uh, how louds the buzzing?

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I was looking to go from my 22 inch NEC FE2111(too big) to an LCD monitor; However, I can't seem to make up my mind. I've narrowed it down to the Viewsonic VP191B ($449.00 at newegg) or the BenQ FP91G+ ($329.00 at newegg). I've heard nothing but good things about BenQ, and I already know the excellent reputation of Viewsonic. I do alot of gaming so that's an important factor. I know CRT has better visual quality than LCD, but I need to conserve space, so any input on these 2 monitors would be appreciated.

A:Viewsonic or BenQ

We use Viewsonic 17'' at my work & they r ok. Although I have a BENQ at home & I find it way better than the others. I had an LG one b4 & seriously the BENQ not only looks better but was cheaper too! they r owned by Acer or some other joint big organisation & are not crappy at all. others have said that because they haven't heard of them then they must be crap, but you just have to research them b4 judging.

Either r good ... but yeah thats just my opinion :grinthumb

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I have a suspected cold solder joint in the power supply of my Viewsonic VP2130b monitor that I could probably locate and fix myself if I could figure out how to get it apart. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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I've downloaded and gone through the Device Manager install of the Vista signed and unsigned drivers from Viewsonic. Choose the vx2835wm as the monitor and... "file not found". Viewsonic support sends me to a link that says "no drivers available" and then says to download their Vista 64 package I've been doing since day 1. (been doing this and all suggestions since Nov 2007)

Vista Ult. 64 uses its default non-pnp drivers where I have my 1920x1200 native res. with everything but gaming (the reason for purchasing this monitor). I can't get anything higher than 1600x1200 (in gaming) and well, its fuzzy. Can't use windowed mode, OS drivers stop functioning and reload frequently. I've set the res. in the nVidia panel to 1920x1200, set the game ini file to 1900x1200 but it still will only work at 1600x1200 although the games support the higher resolutions.

Is there anyone here that uses this monitor that has found Vista 64 drivers that work? If not, is there a 28", or even 30, that has Vista 64 drivers that will work at native resolution with any program or game?

I am ready to sail this monitor out the third floor window and buy another if I can't get a solution for fixing this one so need recommendations on other monitors as well.

Thank you

2x8800 nvidia ultra's sli'd
extreme core 3.0
4gb corsair
evga nforce 780i
thermaltake 1000 watt ps
sb extreme gamer fatality

A:Viewsonic vx2835wm

Dwarf I don't see your reply here although I did get an email that you posted.

The following link is to the signed standard Viewsonic monitor driver for Vista 64-bit. This driver should be installed with administrative privileges. For games, you might need to adjust your settings such as anti-aliasing in order to be able to use this resolution. The higher certain settings are, the lower the maximum resolution that is available. This is just a matter of trial and error, bearing in mind that higher resolutions require more working RAM on the graphics card and also a card of sufficient power to yield a decent frame rate at these settings.

I did download those many times each time it was updated by Viewsonic. It goes through the device manager wizard fine and then 'file not found'. However, someone did message and email me their driver folder from the monitor cd and it worked. Apparently my cd was a bad one. So all is well and working. Games are working great with the right resolution now.


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I got a new VA520 for Christmas and have noticed that @ certain times when scrolling pages or programs the images and text sometimes shimmers or jerks. Is this normal for LCD's monitors?

I've got lastest Driver for my Video card.



A:ViewSonic LCD question

anybody have a clue?

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My daughter's AOC monitor died, boo hoo, it was 6 years old so it was bound to happen. O.K., I buy a spanking new Optiquest Q75 plug it in, load the drivers and voila, it totally screws up her pc, I mean the screen was distorted like i never seen before in my life. It was like 2 giant magnets were going up and down the sides of the monitor. I brought the monitor up to my pc, it worked fine...those dam drivers screwed up her entire operating system, I could no get them off her pc so I reformatted her HD, 4 hours and many grey hairs later, (I mean if I still had hair that is), she has a new monitor. Imagine me thinking I was just going to plug it in.

A:Viewsonic hell

Hummm... seems you ran into imcompatable drivers! Had that happen on my matrox Etv video card and really had a ball straighting it out! I didn't have to reformat though!


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I'm trying to decide between the G90FB 19" or the P95F+B...
Here are the links:

The only real difference between the 2 is the fact the Professional one (P95F+B) has an aperture grille while the Gaming (G90FB) has a shadow mask

I know the shadow mask uses dots (dot pitch) while the aperture grille uses lines instead of dots...

Which monitor will give me the best picture for gaming and crisp clear text.

A:Which is the better Viewsonic monitor?

If you can afford it I'd get the Professional version. I had Philips 107P (Professional) monitor with a .25 Aperture grille and it was the best monitor as far as picture quality/clairity I've ever seen (I'm sure there are better, but not without paying major money).

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I have a ViewSonic 19" UltraBrite a90+ with a ati radeon 9800 pro....

When I play games like CS things far away and even up close kinda shine with this glare and its really annoying. Plus my monitor -- which i got last december -- has these lines going acrross it. On wallpapers and programs such as a game theres these strips that go all over.

I dont think its my video card and i have my fresh rate @ 120hz

any helpers?

A:ViewSonic A90+ Problems

These are the MAXIMUM refresh rates of your monitor, exceeding them will damage it. Your monitor does not support 120Hz.

2048x1536 maximum resolution

Displays a maximum resolution of 2048x1536; 1600x1200 optimal resolution at 87Hz flicker-free refresh rate for easy-on-the-eyes viewing.

2048x1536 @ 68Hz
1920x1440 @ 73Hz
1856x1392 @ 75Hz
1600x1200 @ 87Hz

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I was just wondering if I'm pretty much out of luck with my monitor or is it fixxable?
Whenever there is any spot for black its pretty much like the picture on the right in this link[email protected]@@@@@itaki_fade5.html
It makes watching things or playing games horrible.

A:ViewSonic Monitor

Your link doesn't work.

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About four months ago I bought a supposedly rebuilt Viewsonic P815. About one month after I hooked it up it started to not degause. The screen is pink.

Every once in a while it will correct itself and be fine for a day or two, then it goes pink again. I've replaced cords and plugs.

Any ideas?


A:Viewsonic monitor

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I run XP on a new box and a fairly new 19" (year old) View Sonic LCD monitor. The monitor worked as advertised on my old PC but when attached to my new one I frequently get a flashing green power indicator light and will get no picture.

This happens 100% of the time if I cold start the PC and I have to screw around with the restart button and on/off power button to get it to come back to life and in truth I do not know which combination of button pushing gets it to come back. I now use the power saver mode because that seems to be the most consistent way of bringing the monitor back to life but even that didn't work this am.

ViewSonic's web site wasn't much help.

Help here?

A:ViewSonic Monitor

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Hi guys,
I'm about to buy an 17 inch LCD screen Viewsonic VX715.Anyone familiar with the model?Anyone can give me their opinion on the model?

Thank you

A:Your opininion on Viewsonic LCD

lyam77 said:

Hi guys,
I'm about to buy an 17 inch LCD screen Viewsonic VX715.Anyone familiar with the model?Anyone can give me their opinion on the model?

Thank youClick to expand...

I have just bought the monitor and i must say it is great. Of course it is not intented for gaming. The price was really good too. 399$ CAN.
I am very satisfied with this model.

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Not sure whether I should have posted this in Hardware or Windows 8 or hardware.

Against my better judgement, I bought a Lenovo B540 all in one computer that ran Windows 8. It was beautiful, it ran well and fast... until 3 months later when my 2 year old took a metal hole punch to the side of the screen. For the first week, it wasn't a big deal. I could still use the mouse fine, I could even touch it if I wanted (But I figured that it was a bad idea). The crack was on the far left high corner of the screen, so it only ventured a hairline into the actual display and was not a distraction at all.

Nearing week 2, the digitizer started going out. It started pulling my mouse near the cracked corner of the screen when I tried to use it. I tried calling Lenovo tech support, and they were useless. They just read to me things that I had already learned from looking online. They are trained monkeys that know how to read and operate a mouse.

Apparently, Windows 8 has tied their display driver in with the one that operates the touch screen, so there is NO WAY to disable the display driver. I tried all that I could while the screen still worked. Nothing that I tried, or found worked in time.. Because when the touch screen went down for good (as I thought it might) it took the display with it.

I can turn it on, hear it work, but the main problem is that the two are tied together and my mouse is geared up towards the upper left corner and I cannot see it.

If I could just insta... Read more

A:Windows 8 Display + Digitizer driver problem (Lenovo All in One: B540)

And... I know that I can send it in to the trained monkeys to diagnose and repair it for a one time $85 fee. But they will not give me a quote on how much it will cost to replace the digitizer before I send it. The customer service rep said

" I know that it costs around $350 to replace a laptop screen, but I am not sure about a touch screen" * SMH... I could replace a laptop screen for $50-$100!!!. How much are they GOING to charge. I am not going to gamble $85 on the chance that they will charge me more than it cost to buy my computer in the first place.

I asked if I could buy the all-in-one case including the touch screen, digitizer, lcd.

"Well, no... repairing these is such a delicate process that we simply do not allow these parts to be sold"

FML!!! This is exactly why I have never bought an Apple. Lenovo is no better than Apple. They assume that you, the customer, are entirely dumb and cannot put the insides of your existing computer into a new screen/case.

Gah.. Should have bought a desktop. But there's my rant. Never buy an all-in-one if you have a child who might destroy the screen in the house. ESPECIALLY not Lenovo, because not only will they not quote you a price on repair, they won't even sell you the parts to repair it yourself.

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Whenever I log in to Windows Live Messenger 2009, the number of contacts displayed is like this:

[Example] (22/...

Sometimes this is slightly annoying because I would like to see the total number of contacts. =D

Is there any way that I can make it show the number of contacts as :

[Example] (22/200)


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I have a Viewsonic VA721 monitor that I was using up until earlier today when the monitor started acting like a scrambled cable tv channel when turned on.

I was wondering if anyone might happen to know as to what might cause that, what the technical term for it might be and as to whether or not it can be fixed.

Up until today I have never had any problems with the monitor. Every time I would walk away from the computer for a while I would shut the monitor off so that I could avoid any burn in problems with it thereby preserving the life of the monitor. Because of that I have never had any problems with it until today and at the moment I do not know what could be causing the problem.

I tried the monitor on two different computers with two different cables and got the same result. I bought the monitor in 2006 brand new and up until today it has served me faithfully without any problems.

I don't know if it can be fixed or even if it is worth it nor do I know if it is something that I can fix myself or if I would have to have someone else fix it.

What I do know is if there is anything that I can do to fix the problem myself and restore it to active service then I might choose to give it a try.

Until I have more answers though I cannot make an informed decision about any of it and that is why I am asking.

I am hoping that there will be someone here that will know about such things and can give me some straight advice and information about the monitor and the pro... Read more

A:Viewsonic VA721 Monitor

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Asus VW266H ($375) vs Viewsonic VX2640W ($399)
Both 25.5 viewable

300 cd/m^2 vs 400 cd/m^2

Viewsonic does not have DVI
both have HDMI

Image Contrast Ratio
20000:1 (dynamic) vs 1000:1 / 4000:1 (dynamic)

Color Support
24-bit (16.7 million colors) vs Up to 16.2 million colors

Gray Response Time 2 ms vs 3 ms

Which one would you choose? Any other ideas?

A:New monitor Asus vs Viewsonic

Come on and give us a clue what you want to know.

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