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Sharing files and printers through ethernet switch and router

Q: Sharing files and printers through ethernet switch and router

Because of the way my house is set up i have to have an Ethernet switch by my cable modem and then my wireless router is run off of that via a 50 foot ethernet cable. My printer is plugged into the ethernet switch along with my desktop (these are in the basement the router is in the center of the house). My desktop has no problem using the network to print but my laptop will not recognize the printer because it cant find the ip address through the switch. Is there a way to set this up or is my setup not going to work?

A: Sharing files and printers through ethernet switch and router


How is your network setup, Homegroup or Workgroup networking? If you have assigned a static IP to the printer you may manually assigned this IP address when adding the printer from your laptop.
This Tutorial has different options on adding a network printer from your computer.

Please let us know if it works or not.

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i have a router/ modem that has been able to share my internet connection between 4 computers. but i want to increase this number so i got an Netcomm np2005 switch. but now the networks dont seem to interact and the internet does not work on the computers connected to the switch. is it possible to do this or do i need something else to extend my internet sharing>?

A:Router And Ethernet Switch Internet SHaring

ok then yea i seem to meet all the requirements except it cannot detect an ip address on the pcs connected through the switch. and the net still doesnt work when i configure the ip manually? does anyone know what i could do?

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Hello. Do I need an Ethernet hub, switch, or even a router to have my Ethernet VOIP telephony box to be hardwired "separately" from my cable modem and NOT be part of my hardwired wireless router's ports???

My Objective/My Plan:

This is for home/residential networking. To have two (2) hardwired networking hardware items: 1. (1) VOIP box... ...and... 2. (1) wireless integrated router BOTH hardwired off of the same cable modem of my cable ISP. I need either a hub, a switch, or even a router to connect both networking hardware items to the cable modem. Also, I MUST BE ABLE to connect to the Internet at the same time for both the VOIP box and the wireless integrated router (the Internet) if necessary. My current wireless integrated router will serve as my wired/wireless networking device for a desktop computer, a laptop, an Internet streaming radio, and a Wi-Fi Smartphone; but the wireless router *WILL NOT* serve my VOIP telephony service. Why? See: "Reason".

For your information, the VOIP box offers an incoming Internet connectivity, an outgoing traditional telephone jack, and a power port for a power adapter. No Internet bypass Ethernet port on the VOIP box.

Also, be aware that my cable ISP company is NOT the same as my VOIP company. This does not make much different on the networking hardware setup. The cable modem itself has ONLY one (1) Ethernet connection too.

[*NOTE: I have learned that a two-way Ethernet "splitter"... Read more

A:Do I need an Ethernet hub, switch, or even a router to have my...?

Quote: Originally Posted by montecarlo1987

Questions to answer please:

1. What do you think I need? Do I need an Ethernet hub, switch, or even a router to have my Ethernet VOIP telephony box to be hardwired "separately" from my cable modem and NOT be part of my hardwired wireless router's ports?

2. Will an Ethernet hub or switch support more than one networking hardware to connect onto the Internet simultaneously or at the same time or not? (I am not familiar with Ethernet hubs' and switches' properties.)

3. Another router a "fair" idea or do you not agree at all for an integrated router to serve as a hub or switch? Will I have networking issues if I incorporate another router into this setup? Can it be "tamed" to not cause issues?

4. Do you have any suggestions, different ideas, or thoughts here?

Thank you!

1. You could complete this in two different ways however it is dependent on what the current router is for your main internet connection to client computers. One way is to connect a separate router to one of your main routers LAN ports. for example connecting the internet port to the LAN port. Then all you need to do is add the VoIP clients to the added router and it will be completely separate from your computers due to a technology called NAT.

Second option which could be cheaper is to get a managed switch (NEVER GET A HUB THEY EQUAL NETWORK DEATH) and then setup som... Read more

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My desktop computer connects to my router via an ethernet wire and my laptop connects wirelessly... I have a netgear router shown below.

I am running XP media center edition updated to the latest service pack on the desktop and I am running the latest service pack of vista on the laptop.

My desktop is connected to a HP All in one printer that i would like to use from the laptop but I have no idea how to set this up. I also would like to share files between both computers including letting the laptop access an external hard drive connected to my desktop.

Any help in setting this up will be appreciated..thanks.


A:Sharing Files and Printers

Here is a link to a pretty complete but lengthy tutorial on vista/xp sharing.
See if it helps.

Also,here is the TSG home grown tutorial.

Hints and tips from Terrynet on the Networking Forum

Printer and File Sharing

The following will set up a Microsoft Workgroup for File and Printer Sharing assuming the PCs are already networked via router, ad-hoc wireless or Ethernet (directly or using switch or hub).

In Network and Dial-up Connections (Win 2k Pro) or Network Connections (XP) right click on your connection and select ‘Properties.’ If not already there, install or add a check mark for “Client for Microsoft Networks, “File and Printer sharing …” and “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).”

Right click on My Computer and on the Computer Name tab make sure you have a unique computer name and the workgroup name that you want to use for all computers. Change if necessary.

Restart the PC.

You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine.

If using the XP SP2 firewall: Control Panel – Windows Firewall – on the General tab it should be “On” and on the Exceptions tab “File and Printer Sharing” should be selected.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders or printers you want to share, just right click on the... Read more

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I have 2 computers that share internet access through a router/hub via ethernet. #1 is WinXP #2 is Win98SE. Both systems have Norton Personal Firewalls.

What are the exact settings for each computer for file & printer sharing? Should I install the printer as a network printer on # 2 or what. I have tried several configurations none of which worked in both directions.

Can somebody walk me through this step by step? I have been told that I don't need the firewall while using a router, is that correct?

Thank You, Bob

A:Sharing printers & Files

Which computer is the printer connected directly to?

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I am setting up a wireless network and am able to share internet connection, but cannot get the two computers to recognize each other or share files.

One computer has XP, a wireless router and wirless adaptor with Cable modem.

The other has ME and is utilizing a wireless PCI card.

I have pinged, changed workgroup names, checked IP addresses, ran networking wizards, etc, etc, etc with no luck.

Any help is appreicated.


A:Sharing Files and Printers

Try setting the workgroup on both to something like MSHOME or WORKGROUP. Then, share the folders you'd like in their respective Properties. If the computers are named and have the proper IP's, they should show up in the network neighborhood.

ME sucks. Install XP on it, and it will work, lol.

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We have a cable modem. We have two computers, one running windows 98 and the other windows me. They are connected to the internet with a netgear 4 port hub. Both computers get online but can't share files or the printer through the network.

Any advice?

A:sharing files and printers

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I have an RJ45 cable run from my router to my component cabinet in the living room. The modem hooks into the router and then I have the four connections on it going out to two computers, a wireless router and of course the one connection to the component cabinet. I had a networked DVD player hooked to that RJ45 to access my computer's hard drive, but now I need to put an IR receiver in their so I can control my computer with my Universal Remote:

The question is do I need a router or will just a switch like this

work? I was thnking the switch is all I need since the router is necessary only for sharing an Internet connection, correct? What's the difference?

A:Do I need a router or Ethernet Switch to expand Network

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I have a brand new Windows 7 professional x64 system. I have just today established a wireless network between that computer and my old XP computer. The Win7 box has a wireless antenna and the XP box has a hardwired broadband modem that is capable of wireless. It all works fine. I can access the Internet from my wireless box through the broadband modem.

But now what I wnat to do is share files and perhaps even printers between the two computers. Can someone give me a step-by-step to get the two systems to see each other or point me to a previous thread or link. the one internet site I doesn't really explain how to set up the XP end of the connection. Or perhaps I am missing something...

A:sharing files and printers between Win7x64 and wp

Sharing files and folders with an XP system is not too hard to do.

There are some terrific tutorials here in the Network and Sharing forum.

In a nutshell:

1. Make both machines a member of the same Workgroup. Don't confuse it with Homegroup which isn't compatible with XP.

2. Have File and Printer Sharing enabled in the XP machine.

3. Right click on the printer on the XP box and click Shring, then enable sharing of the printer.

4. On the W7 machine, you'll probably want to disable IPV6. It's only used for Homegroups and can get in the way of other stuff.

5. On the W7 machine use the Network and Sharing Center, then Advanced Sharing Settings (On the left edge) to see the option on there. Look at File and Printer Sharing, Network Discovery, Password Protected Sharing, Public Folder Sharing, File Sharing Connections (you'll need to set it to 40/56 bit).

Give that a try and let me know how it goes.

Good Luck!

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I recently purchased a laptop (vista home) for a young friend and a Netgear DG834G modem router for her to set up a home network with her mother. Mum runs a desktop with windows XP SP2. Connecting the modem router to the desktop (by cable) was no problem, as you might imagine, and I eventually managed to connect (wireless) the laptop to the router. They now wish to share the printer connected to mum's desktop, and files. Every time I run the network wizard it fails at the final hurdle and gives me the message like "unable to terminate connection". Similarly, when i separately to share mum's printer and click on share this computer it comes back with "printer settings could not be saved, operation could not be completed"
On another and perhaps related problem, I am unable to adjust the settings of windows firewall. I can not access it at all.
grateful for any advice.

A:help needed on sharing printers and files

Your symptoms ALL sound like you're not logged in as the Admin and do
not have Admin privileges.

The firewall is the first thing to get working right. The Windows default FW
is easy; on the exception tab, enable Print/File Sharing.

If this is not possible, then the Admin comment applies. Try booting into
Safe Mode and then fix the FW.

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Hey, all. For a couple years now, I have been using a 5 -port Linksys Etherfast switch to hook a Panasonic blu ray player & DishNetwork Box to the internet via my home network. I had the switch plugged into a gaming adapter. Worked fine, until I had to replace my router. Was using a Linksys WRT54G router and the switch & router communicated flawlessly.. didn't even have to set it up manually when I first added the switch. Did all this to avoid dropping more wires into my back bedroom.

I upgraded to Cisco (Linksys) E3000 Gigabit router, and the switch will not "talk" to the new router. DHCP's enabled, and both the bluray player & Dish box tried to autoconnect using DHCP.. no dice. Tried several hard resets on all devices mentioned above, even firmware update on the new router. No dice.

So here's my question : do you think it's just an incompatibility question? If I buy an Gigabit ethernet switch, do you think that will fix the communication problem?

I was thinking if you go gibabit to gigabit.. It might be more compatible. I wanted some expert opinions though, before I go dropping another $30-40 on a new switch.

I read about creating ethernet bridges using DD-WRT firmware, but it seems daunting. I am not a complete noob, but it seemed beyond what I wanted to bite off.

Thanks in advance you guys & gals!

A:Solved: Question about using Using an Ethernet Switch with my new Gigabit Router

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Good afternoon,

I have a networking question.

Can I plug a 5 port Ethernet switch to my DSL modem, connect 2 PCs to the switch, run a cable from the switch to the far end of my house, connect a Wireless n router for WIFI access for my laptop/iPhone and connect another PC, one BluRay player and a couple DirectTV DVRs to the wireless router? Please see attached diagram.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


A:Solved: Ethernet Switch/WiFi Router Connectivity

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Hello everybody, I am in some distress, and would greatly appreciate your help

Here is my set up
Alright so my laptop and PCs (a) and (b) have the access to the internet. however my router sees only these three devices connected, as if my ethernet switch was not connected to the router. My problem is that the switch seems to work sometimes. Vonage is apparently having issues with the network setup so it doesn't work, same with my PS3, however the PC hooked up to the switch as well, sometime has internet and sometimes it doesn't. When it does have internet, Windows Xp pops out saying that there is an IP conflict with another PC on the network and then the connection is out. Any ideas of what is screwing up on my network? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

PS the ethernet switch is made by company Airlink
the modem is made by RCA
and the router is made by Linksys if that helps

A:Solved: ethernet switch possibly not recognized by my router

The exact make/model of the modem, router, and switch would be real useful here.

What you seem to be describing is a flaky switch or cable, not much can affect a simple switch in that manner.

As far as the duplicate IP addresses on the network, that could well be a different issue.

Turn off everything on the network, ALL the machines and any other network device like network printers and NAS drives.
Turn off the router and modem.
Turn on the modem, wait for a steady data light.
Turn on the router, wait two minutes.
Turn on the network devices and computers, one at a time.

This issue is usually caused by resetting a router without resetting all the network connected devices.

Another issue that will cause duplicate IP addresses is assigning static IP addresses to devices that conflict with the router's DHCP address range. If you require static IP addressed devices on the network, they should be configured to be in the same subnet but outside the address range defined for the DHCP server.

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I have two Vista PCs that are networked.

I have two ISPs (one cable and one DSL).

I use cable on PC #1 and DSL on PC #2. The cable modem is just a modem, the DSL modem is also a router, and I have a separate router for the network. I used to have this set up on Windows XP and if the DSL went down on PC #2, the cable connection kept running on PC #1. My DSL went down today and while MSN and Google Talk were still working on PC #1 with the cable connection, I could not use any of my browsers. They automatically went to the DSL connection error page. When I rebooted my PC, I couldn't get online at all.

I'm wondering if my setup is faulty. All I want to do is share files/printers etc. between the two PCs but let each PC have its own internet connection/ISP. It would be great if a solution would get rid of the extra router because it's old and slows my connection down a bit.

Is there a better way to do this so that I dont lose my connection completely when only one ISP is down?


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Description: Home network. (3) WIN98 machines and (1) WIN2000 machine configured by IT guys at work. All of the machines are connected to home router with DHCP. The WIN2000 machine has admin privledges but only for domains at work. When I try and open a netwrok connection from the WIN2000 machine to any of the WIN98 machines an error message says their is no domain server to validate password or privleges or something like that. I want to be able to attach my WIN2000 machine to my home network. Any help is appreciated.

A:Sharing files and printers between WIN98 and WIN2000

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I have three web servers, all using Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I used to co-locate them with an ISP that has since gone out of business. When they were in his facility, they were all part of the same work group and were able to share files between each other.

When he went out of business, I brought the servers into my home. I bought a block of static IP addresses from my cable provider, and managed to get everything set up. I can access these webservers from the Internet just fine, and all of that is working great. However, the ability to share locally between these three machines no longer works. I haven't changed anything in the networking except the IP addressing that came with the new static IP block. They're all set up on the same work group and use the same logins and passwords, so I'm at a loss.

The network is set up as follows:

My cable Modem is hooked to a switch
Each of the three servers is hooked to that switch and have static IP's assigned to them
I have a wireless router also hooked to the switch which grabs a dynamic IP
I have an XP Pro workstation attached to the router using DHCP
My printer is attached to the XP workstation

My most basic need:
I would like to have each server be able to share files. Since they are on the same subnet, I think this should be possible. If not, what hardware do I need to make this work?

In a perfect world:
I would like to be able to share files with all machines, but since the XP is catching it's I... Read more

A:Sharing files & printers when using a block of static IPs from my ISP

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Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to share a internet connection between two computers without using a hub, switch or router.

One of the computers has two network cards, is it possible to connect that computer to the internet, and then connect the other computer to the one that is connected to the internet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sharing connection between two computers without hub/switch/router

Yes; you need a cross-over cable between the computers unless one has an auto-sensing (MDI/MDIX) ethernet port. Read up on Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), starting in the Help and Support Center.

Why don't you want to use a router?

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Hi everyone:

I currently have two PCs networked at home using a crossover cable. One is running ME, the other is a dual-boot with 98/XP Pro. I have no problems at all with this network, but notice when both are on a dial-up they are slow. (No option of cable, unfortunatly - live in a rural area.)

My question is - I want to now add two more systems to the network. One being another system running 98SE and another a PowerBook running OS X (yes .... it will work. This PB also has Virtual PC on it).

I am confused as to the difference between a "switch" and a "router". Do I need a router to first split the internet connection so each system will have a stable internet connection running at about the same connection speed THEN a switch (hub) to connect them? Or just a switch/hub? I also realize I need to make new cables that are non-crossover.

I've checked online at some home networking sites, but just can't seem to find the answer. I'd appreciate it if someone here could tell me what exactly it is I need to buy.


A:Router & switch difference? Sharing dial-up

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Hi folks, got no help from the XBMC forums, so I'll post here.

here is the setup:

I have a Huawei HG532 router, with 4x ports, and wireless n. Connected in one port is a netgear 4 port switch.

My media PC is an asrock 330 connected to the switch.

My Xbox with Xbox is connected to another port in the router.

my laptop was connected via WiFi, now connected to the switch.

My media PC streams via SMB, to the Xbox.
Now here is the problem. All works, streaming etc. But if I access the media PC from my laptop to transfer some new files over; the Xbox then cannot access the media PC until the media PC is restarted.

This gets very tiresome as you might imagine.

Does anyone know why this is happening? it happens if my laptop is connected by WiFi, and it happens when connected wired to the switch.

Any help would be welcome.

A:Router/switch sharing networking issues

Well, this doesn't appear to have anything to do with the switch or router, but rather an issue with media sharing on the media PC. I'd be looking at the settings of the media PC.

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I have a 1mbps broadband connection without router in PC-1(direct ethernet cable of Act fibernet Broadband in India). So I shared it through another ethernet card from PC-1 to my friend's computer PC-2, and it works good. But it sharing all broadband speed to PC-2. I am getting very slow speed when he is downloading or watching youtube.

So I want to share only half of the broadband speed (512kbps), but how ?
Is there any free software to do that ? (without adwares and ads)

A:Limit the Net sharing through Ethernet without router

See if your NIC @ ethernet-2 has the option to enable QoS. This would allow you to cap the bandwidth on the link for specific protocols like streaming

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Simple Question...

This is just a simple problem that I just cant figure out. I attached a picture so I could explain better. The purpose is that I want to be able to share all my printers and also I want to be able to transfer files between the computers, so far I have been able to look from the 10.0.100.X network to the 10.0.10.X network but I cant seem to get it to work the other way.

I am no master of networking but! This is kind of my special project, my family is going to be really glad, the thing that looks like a lightning thing means that its trough wireless, the reazon I dont use only ONE router is that the G router is mine and I do a lot of heavy transfers between my laptop and my desktop and when I get mad I want to be able to isolate their lan more easily. I hope someone can help me out here :grinthumb

Thanks and just in case, I'm a newbie

- Title edited

A:Sharing files & printers over different networks ( Simple Question... )

Have a look here:

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Hi all i recently turned my second router into an Ethernet switch so that i could port forward a game. I am wondering if this will slow down my internet speed.

Thanks in advance

A:Will a router turned to a ethernet switch slow down internet speed for gaming?

Hello glaucun,

Technically speaking, yes. You've added another "hop" for the packets to have to travel to and from.

But it's not to any degree that you will notice.

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Hi all, what i am trying is to share my laptop's internet (i.e. USB Modem) through the ethernet port of my laptop to a wifi router, so i can use the internet on my other devices over Wifi.
i tried ICS nd selected Ethernet i.e. to share my internet with ethernet. Connected the router with LAN cable to Laptop's ethernet port. Setup Wifi on router sucessful. Connected my mobile phone on that wifi network and able to access my shared files (Homegroup) but no internet access.
What are the possible reasons for Wifi network not getting internet? IP configuration i suspect.
here are some screenshots of my network adapters:

A:sharing laptop's USB internet via ethernet to a Router

From your 3rd attachment it appears that you have not enabled ICS on the connection with internet access and that you have connected to, or configured, the router incorrectly.

You could connect to the router's WAN port. However, it's probably better to connect to a LAN port (as you have), but at a minimum the Dhcp server needs to be disabled. Here is the complete recipe ...

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channel... Read more

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Let me first start off by saying, My overall goal is to share my 3g connection with a LAN Card. Sounds simple right? not in my setup...
Let me explain, I have a 3g modem that is plugged into a rack mount server. That server has 2 Ethernet cards in it (1 built in, the other pci). I also have a Cisco Dual Wan Router. The first ethernet card in it going to one of the WAN ports of the router, and the 2nd is connected to a LAN port of the router. That is the hardware setup. Now, I need help with the software portion of my setup...
I want to forward everything from my 3g connection to the first ethernet card (the one plugged into the WAN Port) while being totally separate/isolated from everything else, including the 2nd Ethernet card on the LAN side. Why? So that I can use 3g with my dual wan router as a backup, and still be able to use the server normally with the other computers running on my network. In other words I need to be able to access Network Shares, NAS, UPNP shares, etc. all on the rack mount server. I have tried Internet connection sharing and that causes some looping issues. I also found out that the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Driver should work, but all I could find is how to use it to share WiFi and not Ethernet. I have also tried Nat32, and I couldn't quite figure it out. So, is there some sort of software router that I can use to share 3g and ethernet that is isolated from my other ethernet card? I also don't mind paying for a program as long as ... Read more

A:3G sharing with ethernet and some type of virtual router

Allright, so after a while of trying to figure out my original plan, I am giving up on it and getting a 3g Router. I just ordered the Teltonika RUT-105 from here and I will post results back on how it works after I receive it.

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Hello can you help me please? I would like to switch where to print the job using a switch. I have 4 printers, all printers are to same Vario II 107/12. I need some device that could do it. (control print via switch) (send data on active port) Image how I want it is here: click here try to use USB hub with 7 ports but still print only on one port although is no active this: click here
Thank you for advice

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I am trying to get ride of my satellite modem with a cable modem. The satellite modem is actually on cards inside my Dell. Anyway, I have an the satellite modem, a WinXP, and a 98SE networking fine through a Kingston KWS800/WG switch. I simple unplug the RJ45 from the satellite modem and plug in the cable modem -- then things get nasty. The XP can surf the net through the cable modem but now cannot see (or find) the 98SE system. If I unplug the cable modem and wait a few moments, then the XP and 98SE are able to communicate.
Any ideas how to remedy this awful mess?

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I have gotten blue screen of death and i'm just trying to find things that could be wrong. i stumbled across this unknown file in my device manager, and it is saying unknown and not allowing me to update the driver, Hoping anyone can help. I use a Belkin wireless router, but i have my internet through an Ethernet cord into my computer.
Thank you.

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Hi All,
I was wondering if you can help me out with this:
I have a Wireless router connected to cable internet and I have 2 vista computers connected to the internet through it. I have WEP key on it.
I need to share files between those 2 PCs and remote Desktop. How can it be done? I would also like to make it in a secure way so that no one can hack into my PCs via the Wifi Router.
Anyone has a guide for vista about this?
Thankyou kindly.

A:Sharing files via router


All the basics are shown in the following tutorial ....

Windows Vista Tips: Home Networking Setup Tutorial - WinPlanet Windows Software Reviews

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I have an ethernet cable run in my house. What I need to figure out is if there is such thing an ethernet switch that does not require a power source. (or something that can get this situation resolved)

Here is my situation:
I have a cable ran to my basement, and have a bedroom directly above the basement that needs an ethernet run. It is not possible for me to run a completely new cable from the original starting point, so I was somehow hoping to use the cable going to the basement, put a head on it, put it into a switch/hub/splitter and run a cable out of it to the room directly above, and use the other cable coming out to stay in the basement.

Is there something that can do this for me? Is there a better way to do so? What would you suggest? Thanks!

UPDATE: Please refer to post #4 for more details.

A:Solved: Such thing as an Ethernet switch that doesn't need power? Question about ethernet run

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When I read the specs and description of this router, it seems to only talk about internet firewalls and VPN related features and nothing about sharing files, and printers.

Does it do that as well? I'm confused.


A:Does this router allow sharing files, printer, etc.?

The operating system(s) does that, not the router.

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I have a wireless router tp-link wr-642g but files not working tell me what is proceger how to share file that my client can access my server or system which directly with the router.
plz help me in this matter

A:sharing files through wireless router

how i share files through wirless router

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I want to be able to share files from two location. I have a LINKSYS router on each of the office, and I would like to be able to share files between the two offices.

Please help.


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I want to be able to share files from two location. I have a LINKSYS router on each of the office, and I would like to be able to share files between the two offices.

Please help.


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So I have both a laptop and desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate. I use my laptop for classes or when I have to go somewhere etc... The problem I am now running into is that my laptop is becoming overwhelmed with files that I would like to copy over as is to my Desktop so i can edit them on either etc... When I try to delete files or something of that sort I get this message:

Is there anyway I can make it so that I could move, delete, edit or mess with any of my files from one comp to the other and vise versa? Also is there a more effective approach, such as saving them in one location (whatever that may be) and then accessing them from there?


A:Sharing Files Between Laptop & Desktop Through Router

All you really need to do is go into your network sharing properties and give your two PC's read/write priviledges on the folders you wish to use.

Right Click Folder > Properties > Sharing

You should be able to choose who gets to see that folder, whether or not they can write and execute it and all of that. It's easiest and safest to use one central folder on each PC, sort of like a mailbox so that you don't open up your entire computer to the world.

If you set it up correctly you should be able to modify, view, and delete anything within you desktop's shared folder from your laptop and vice versa.

Here's the microsoft website dedicated to file sharing, take special time on the permissions section, that should help you:

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I use the Neufbox Router supplied by SFR. Recently they introduced a new file sharing and media sharing service. I have consequently moved my 1000gb USB hard disk from this, my media PC and installed it on my router (USB connect) then turned on file sharing and media sharing on the router.

It works fine. All of my XP computers can access the data and I have true media sharing all around the house.

EXCEPT (of course) on my one Vista pc (it's Ultimate 32). This is my Vista Media PC (or was!!) It sees the router as a device and also as a file system (as far as I can tell).

When I try to access what I think is the file system object (It shows up in "Network"), I get this really frustrating message.

"\\NEUFBOX is not accessible. You might not habe permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol error occurred."

Typically infuriating Vista ... but I don't want to get angry, I want to solve the problem and have a proper media solution Chez Moi.

Network discovery is on
File sharing is on
Public folder sharing is on
Media sharing is on
Printer sharing is on
Password protected sharing is on

Can anybody help please

A:Accessing files on Router with file sharing

It's fascinating.

This is a major issue because it concerns the question of who actually manages Vista computers. Microsoft or the poor soul who purchased and installed the operating system.

Clearly it is Microsoft, since none of the 102 people who have viewed this thread are able or willing to offer any suggestions.

So either there is no known answer - or people regard this type of interference from Microsoft as acceptable.

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I need to share files on (4) Windows XP pro stations without a server and is currently sharing DSL on Linksys BEFSR81 router.

A:Sharing files: Linksys router, XP-OS, NO SERVER

No sweat. Enable file and print sharing on the XP box that you wish to share files on, in My Computer right click on the drive you wish to share and select sharing. You'll need to have an account with the same name and password as the machine that wants to access the files if you don't want to be asked for a password every time.

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i have recently purchased a netgear DG834G router.

got it to connect to the internet on all the computers connected to it. i also wish to transfer files between the pc's, aswell as share the printer, but dont know wher to start!!!
please could someone point me i the right direction?

many thanks

A:problem sharing files with netgear router!

For XP I had to disable the firewall to get mine to work. Hope that helps.

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Okay, I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and I have one computer hooked up through ethernet and one laptop hooked up wirelessly..

OS: Win XP SP2 on both

I used winxp home networking on computer and joined "workgroup" on the computer

I found the wireless connection on laptop and connected and joined "workgroup" on laptop

I did not set any static IPs I just left that alone..

The problem Im having is I share out my whole C: drive on both laptop and computer and I also shared out individual folders and files and made them all changeable by all users..
When I go to my network places and browse to the workgroup "workgroup" then browse to the computer from the laptop, it gives me access denied when i try to open any of the shared folders... when I use my computer to go to my own shared folders... i still get access denied oddly enough..
I do not know why..

The laptop can access its own shared folders when it goes through my network places but computer cannot ..

niether the computer nor the laptop can access the others files because they get access denied...

ive done this before and had no problems the only thing i can think of is that i have downloaded some windows update that added more security but i just have no clue what

anyone know?

A:Help with sharing files through linksys wireless router/wired..

Not sure - had this problem a long long time back and can't remember how to fix it.

First there's the most obvious... a reboot of both machines can sometimes help.

Then there's the firewalls - check that both XPSP2's firewall and any installed fiewall is disabled for diagnostic purposes, and to turn off WEP encryption.

Third is to have both computers "authenticate as guest when computer information is not available" on the connection properties.

Fourth, ensure that you have the TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Networks, and file and printer sharing for Microsof networks are installed on both machines (all three of them installed on each).

Failing this, with WEP encryption and your firewalls disabled, set static IP's to each computer (depending on which range the router is using, this might be, 0r could be, or or whatever. Hitting tab at the end of entering the ip will automatically insert the correct sun=bnet address into the next field). so....

on the desktop pc,
set (for example) IP to
set Subnet to
set Gateway to (or whatever your routers IP is)
set DNS to (or whatever your routers IP is)

on the laptop,
set (for example) IP to
set Subnet to
Set Gateway to (or whatever your routers IP is)
set DNS to (or whatever your routers IP is)

After this, run the network setup wizard on both machines again, reboot bot... Read more

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my company just changed our router from wireless WRT150N to WRVS4400N because of VPN implementation. After installing the WRVS4400N, it is realised that wireless hosts are not being found on the network nor share files unless they are wired. Both wired and wireless hosts can access the internet but the wireless do not share resources on the LAN network
an urgent response to rectify this issue is required. thanks.

A:Issues sharing files on wireless hosts on wrvs4400n router

I'm guessing that would be the configuration of the router. Does this router have a WLAN isolation feature? If so, it may be as simple as a configuration change.

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I saw that someone else had a similair problem, but I checked and mine is different.

We have a new dell computer at work, a new hp printer and an older laser hp. I got a switch box and connected everything-- yes the pins on the ends of the cable match

In the past, with the old computer I could use both printers simultaneously, but after hooking everything up today only one printer will work at a time.

The new HP color printer is the default using lpt1 and the older b/w laser uses lpt2.

I used troubleshoot but that was no help at all. Both printers work, even through the switch box, but I need them to print at the same time.



A:Two printers one computer and a switch box

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I just purchased a new Dell computer which has only one parallel port at the back. On my previous computer I had a second parallel port for running a second printer. I purchased a switch box and cable so I could attach the two printers (HP LaserJet and HP Inkjet). I successfully installed the laserjet and it is working but when I switch to the second printer the computer cannot find it to install it. It also can't find it if I change it to the other switch which the laserjet is running on successfully. What is wrong?

A:Switch Box 2 Parallel Printers

It might be that you need to Install each printer separately. First install one printer connected to the printer port on your computer. Make sure it is working. Then shut down. Disconnect the printer for the parallel cable. Then foloow the directions for installing the second printer. IE if it tells youto install the software first do so. but you are going to install it to the same port you installed the first printer. Once installed and verified that it is working. Turn computer off. Disconnect the printer. Connect your Printer switch. Connect each of the printers to the switch. Restart your computer. Now when you want to switch back and forth from one printer to the other you may have to go into yourprinters folder and set which one is default. If you want to print from the laser set the laser as default. And make sure the switch is set for the Laser. If you want to print from the other one the same thing set it as default. This is a change you can make without having to uninstall anything and reinstall.

What is your OS by the way?

The reason it is not recognizing it may be because it is not a plug and play printer. Also it needs its own set of drivers so probably wont do anything off the Laser printer drivers. Especially if they are 2 different brands. This is why you have to install both stes of software!

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Can anyone recommend an ab switch and cable that would work with my Nec P7 and HP Laserjet 6L. I understand fom a previous thread that HP printers have problems with AB switches. Please be specific about cable specs and ab switch manufacturer. Thanks folks.

A:Parallel AB Switch for HP 6L and Nec P7 printers

Well I don't use switches. How about adding a second parallel port so that you can keep both printers connected all the time? Something like this.

Or these

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Need to no if I have this right

they have a dsl modem going to a Linksys router to a 24 port switch then to a little 4 port switch. sure, so then Would it be modem to router then router to any port on the big switch or is there an uplink port on the big switch it should go to? then you would hook a cat5e from one of the regular ports on the 24 port switch and run it to the uplink port on the 4 port switch need to no if the whole sequence is right. Hope someone can help, john will told me the cable would go from the big switch to the uplink on the small switch but I am wondering if I have it all right or not and wonderiing about from the router to the 24 port switch does the cable just go in a regular port in the big switch or if there is an uplink port does it go there. Hope you can understand my rambleing here. Thanks (please don't send me to a link) just need to no modem to router to regular port or uplink port on 24 port switch then from regular port on 24 port switch to uplink port on the 4 port switch. Thanks

A:Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch?

Router to uplink port on 24 port switch, and then normal port on the 24 port switch to uplink port on the second 4 port switch. An auto-MDX port on a device negates the need to worry about uplink ports for that particular cable connection.

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Am a new Networking BEE I had built a small network of 20 systems at my office and there I had connected a switch and router.

All the switch ports have been covered by all the systems and one port is given to the router

And also I connected a HUB to the switch ..

It works fine for my internet connections to all the systems but how do i make authentication of passwords and username to my network systems from one server which I use server 2003 at one system

let me know the detailed step by step procedure to build.........

I would feel very happy If at all any Suggestions for me to make my Business grow.....

As early as possible ................

Thanks in Advance


A:Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

>>I use server 2003 at one system

you need to enable Network Login, but that requires that win2003 have

a domain controller
a DHCP service
and a DNS service.
the Domain Controller is just another name for LDAP and it becomes the control point
for all systems.

get some books on Configuring Win2003 Server

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I'm having trouble sharing printers

Question: do I *have* to have a 'network' installed?
i.e. have a domain and workgroup and have work stations assigned with static ip's?

I've google and have followed instructions - but I still can't get my printer working on the network

This is what I have:

3 PC's connected to an ethernet switch
The ethernet switch is connected to an outside source where I have internet coming in from
All of the PC's have dynamic IP's assigned
One is Vista Home and the other 2 are XP Professional

The printer is connected to the Vista Home machine
I have right clicked on the printer in Control Panel and have shared it out
I've then gone to one of the other PC's and have tried to add it

No luck

I've also tried sharing out folders from the Vista machine - no luck

Someone has told me to try and ping the machines from each other
I can't do this

OK: I can some problems why the printer can't be shared

But what can I do??

Someone has told me to turn of the virus checker and firewall
Please don't laugh: is it safe to do that when connected to the internet!!

Any replies to any of the above would be greatly appreciated


A:Need help sharing printers

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Hey guys!

I'm in a pickle here.

Now basically what i'm trying to do is I have one printer hooked to my other computer (comp. 1 ) and I want to be able to print things from the current computer I am using now (comp. 2)

Now I did the windows thing and it told me to use this wizard on the second computer, and I did that, but no luck.

Any ideas?

[edit] i'm using a wired router

A:Sharing Printers

Here is some information about how to connect to a networked printer:

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sorry about this long text..
im starting from the begining as ive put this on before but need to start again. im running 3 pcs all on xp home and i want to share the 2 printers that are connected to my pc what do i have to do im connected to smc router 7004vbr and on btrodband. can some body run thought with me/

im currantly the only person on my pc & im currantly the only user on my laptop and my wife is the only user on her pc. but need to be able to use the printers from any of the 2 pcs that are not directly connected to the printers help please

A:sharing printers

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I have an sbc wireless router; wireless laptop; desktop connected to router via ethernet cable; & TWO printers connected to the desktop.
Problem: sending stuff to either printer from the laptop is tiiiiimmmmeeee consuming (takes a long time to buffer). Laptop is older model with only 702 mb of space left on the hard drive.
Is there a "printer router" with RAM for buffering that I can connect to the sbc router and have the two printers connected to the printer router instead. OBJECT: to speed things up.



A:Sharing Printers

What Operating System is on both computers? XP?

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Network and sharing printer
how could I create a home network ?
sometime i create a home network and move to an other computer to join to the group .. the other computer didn't join .. but create a new one with new password ...
summary :
how to make home network in computer 1
and how to make computer 2 join to this network ... ??
i just want to share the printer among the computers ..
my printer is hp laserjet p1005

A:Sharing Printers

Homegroup - Create

Homegroup - Add Computer or Join

Homegroup - Change File and Folder Sharing Settings

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Hi folks

Now that people are moving from XP to W7 / W8 perhaps a little help on sharing printers between XP / W7 / W8 might be helpful. The method isn't intuitive so follow the instructions.

Printers attached to XP computers with either X-64 or X-86 versions of Windows 7 is SIMPLE. These instructions are for the Printer attached to the XP machine (but works in reverse as well).

For W8 the instructions are IDENTICAL as for W7.

("Stand alone" Network printers can be done slightly similarly

assume the computers are called XPMACHINE and W7MACHINE.

1) Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared - assume it's called

2) On the Network Browsing on your Windows 7 (or W8) machine
ensure you can "See" the Printer share.

Now on the Windows 7 / 8 machine do the following (doesn't matter if it's X-86 or

3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it's
on a Network but hold your horses -- what we are actually doing is
"Poodlefaking" the Windows 7 machine into thinking it's running the

4) Create NEW port==>Local port


6) Now Windows 7 will load a driver and you'll be able to print on the XP machine.


(For a "Network stand alone printer") at 4) chose TCPIP port
and at 5) enter the IP address.

If the printer is on the Windows 7 machine and you want
to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine --

port n... Read more

A:Sharing Printers XP / W7 / W8

Where I ran into weird problems was with Epson Stylus C88 Ink Jet. It had a Vista driver in the firmware.
When plugged into the USB on a Vista machine the driver would load and be served over the network.
However if plugged into an XP or W7 machine access from the Vista machine would only show a generic printer.

There were no downloadable drivers to fix it up. Long story short, if you have or are buying an Epson stylus USB
printer check the driver info on their site. If the driver is only on the firmware make sure you can plug it into a machine
with that OS to get full function.

I hope they fixed this issue on the newer Epson machines. It's a good idea to find out first though.

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I thought that I had this all figured out, but my dad just asked me a question about my setup, and I can't answer it.

The setup is like this:
[ip-phones + computers]-->[small switch]-->[managed L2 switch]-->[router]-->[modem]

I have several ip-phones and computers grouped into blocks of 8. Each set of 8 is a medley of phones/computers connected to a small switch

Each of these switches, in turn, will be connected to a managed L2 switch that will create 2 VLANS: One VLAN will contain all of the phones, and the other will contain all of the computers. In turn, each VLAN will have its own router and DSL modem, thereby separating the network traffic.

I know that I can use this L2 switch to make the VLANS based on the MAC addresses of the devices. However, the smaller switches do not support 802.1q [VLANs]. Will it be a problem that the smaller switches do not support VLANs? Essentially, will this setup work to split up network traffic?

Thanks once again,

A:Computer, switch, switch, router, modem

I have the same DELL switch for my phones. You PoE will not carry across the linksys switches, so that is the first problem.
Next are the computers attached to the phones? Or does each device get its own drop?

And whats this about 2 routers and modems? Thats a bit over kill!! QoS would do the trick.

I would run all the devices off the Dell and attach the computers to the Phones (most IP Phones have a passthrough port) Configure the Dell with trunk ports with the Computer VLAN passing untagged traffic making it the native VLAN. While having the phones on a Tagged VLAN(If you phones conig allows you to set the VLAN in its config great! If not you can bind the MAC to the VLAN). The you create a QoS policy giving the VoIP traffic priority!

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Hi Everyone.....
So, I just got Wireless Broadband hooked up in my business. I hooked the LAN to the Router and then hooked up a 16 port gigabit switch. I have three terminals coming out of it (in the bcak of the building) as well as a line running to the front of the building. At the front of the building I have the line going into another 16 port gigabit switch. I have 4 computer terminals coming out of that switch. I AM getting internet at the back of the building .....but nothing at any of the terminals after the second switch (front of the building). Can someone help?


A:Router to Switch to Switch.....No Internet at end terminals

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Hey guys,

I recently set up my new network, but in order to sufficiently cover the house in wireless, i needed 2 routers. After a LOT of fiddling, I was able to get the wireless working. There are 2 wireless networks (I'll call them A and B), as I wasn't able to make it work with only on SSID for both routers.

Now, the problem I am having is I can't share printers and documents between network A and network B. Network A provides 192.168.0.x and Network B provides 192.168.1.x ...

Is it possible to share documents and printers between these two networks??



A:Sharing Documents / Printers

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I have a pc running Ubuntu 10.4 and netbook running xp home. I have set up a network between them but it doesn't seem to be working right. Ubuntu can acess the files on xp but then asks for a password to open them, but i didn't set up a password so don't know what that is. I've tried my log on passwords for ubuntu and xp but neither worked. It would be good to get the file sharing working but what I really want to be able to do is print from the netbook. I have a printer connect to the pc via usb. The pc is then connected to my router/modem by an ethernet cable. The netbook connects to it wirelessly. I have been told it is possible to share the printer through the router/modem but the network wizard in xp says it can't find the printer, even if type in it's actual address on the network. Although the netbook is allowing me to share files and they show up on the pc, I can't see my shared files on the pc from the netbook, there is no network icon

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I have managed to network my 2 pc`s so they both recognise one another and can share files, but I cannot get the printer to be shared, both pc`s are using xp, can anyone please help me, Dojo

A:Solved: Sharing Printers

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I am not very converse with networking, etc., so will need step-by-step instructions - if someone out there can spare me the time!

Have just got a Thomson TG782T modem from Telstra and have connected it up to my desktop computer. It is working fine, have connected my laptop wirelessly and my son has connected his xbox and is working fine.

Just picked up 3 desktop computers yesterday (2nd hand from parents business) for my kids to use.

How do I set up so that they can access the internet? Can I do it wirelessly or do I need cables? Also, can I share the printer with them too?

Thanks in advance.

A:Sharing Printers and Internet

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every time i loss my connectivity sharing printers . and come again to re-setup every single time , on my Company .
i have around 60 pc and i shared some printers 
. my O.S windows 7 
. i used HP printers 
. i used Antivirus NOD32 
. All connected  via Ethernet 

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Im pretty "good" with computers, but this question has me stumped, which brings me here.

Problem: Client who owns a school (small pre-school) has 3 desktops that she uses in the office and wants to be able to print to 3 different printers. So each desktop has the ability to print to each of the 3 printers. Her reason for 3 different printers are if one is out of ink I can print to another, or if one just isnt working I can print to another.

Solution: No freakin clue. Would I use a USB switch(assuming they connect via USB)

A:Sharing 3 Printers between 3 desktops

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A little Background info:
I work for a school district that just purchased a bunch of Windows XP pro machines. In many of the classrooms we have deskjet printers connected to the teachers workstation that is shared to the rest of the student PC's. Our old computers were running windows 95. When you connect to a shared printer in windows 95 that printer is installed for all users. In windows XP pro is is only installed for the current user. An IP printer however is installed for all users.

So heres what I did. I shared out the printer which is a deskjet 3600. The share is named ctech_3600. On the client PC I went to add a printer, selected local printer attached to this computer, selected create new port, standard tcp/ip port. For the printer name I typed in the name of the computer that is sharing the printer. In this case it is ctechlab-11. For the port name I typed in ctech_3600. Next I selected custom setup. I selected the LPR instead of RAW and typed in ctech_3600 in the queue field(the share name) and selected "LPR byte counting enabled". Next it prompts me to install the drivers for the printer. I browse to the share where the drivers are and finish installing the printer. When prompted to print a test page I select yes. After a while the spool shows the error in the attached photo.

This exact setup works fine printing to printers shared from a windows 2000 server machine. Does anyone have an idea of what might be wrong? BTW, these machines are on a do... Read more

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Hi there guys!!
I currently have a samsung shared printer attached to a XP Desktop machine, I have a laptop which has Vista installed, im trying to connect the laptop to the Xp machine by going to add printer, and then connect to network printer, it does the search and finds the printer on the XP Machine but as soon as i try to connect to it, it says that windows cannot connect because the windows spooler service has stopped. Even if i restart the service as soon as i try to connect to it again the service keeps failing!! I have downloaded the vista drivers for the printer and installed them but the same problem still occurs, i have tried adding it as a tcp/ip port but it doesnt work!!! What am i doing wrong!!!??
Thanks guys!!!!

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Running win xp on both pcs.

I need a solution to get this lan going!

I have a smc router attached to a switch from SMC GS8 with 1gbps (8 ports).

I have 2 pcs connected to the switch and this switch is comnnected to router

I have cat5e cables.

I need an ftp or something good to get the gigabit lan working with gbps transfers. I have 2 pci cards from Surecom in (one in) each computer with gbps support.

So, i know i cannot get the gbps from the windows interface... so i need another solution.

My intention is to transfer files from pc to pc, what can i do, an ftp, what?
Thanks a lot!!!!!

A:Gigabit lan with switch gigabit and router - how to transfer files

you need a working router/gateway, and the computers have to have valid IP configs (can they ping each other). then you can do the 'ol \\pcname command in your exploreer windows to brose the other pc.

My intention is to transfer files from pc to pc, what can i do, an ftp, what?Click to expand...

FTP is an acronym for file transfer protocol and is used for internet transfers. you needn't worry about this.

unless you need the extra ports on the switch, you'd be able to plug the two computers right into the router.

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for the "correct" way to share printers using a Windows 7 Professional installation when a group policy turns off the firewall.

When I attempt to share a printer and apply the settings, I get an error that the operation could not be completed. I did some basic research and found it how to turn ON the Windows Firewall. Once done, I am able to save the printer settings. I then run gpupdate /force to get the firewall back "off" so it appears "red" in the firewall settings gui (control panel > windows firewall).

I keep thinking I am overdoing something. Is this really the professional way to have to do this?

This post is a precursor to a larger problem I am having... I am trying to share some HP printers via this Win 7 Pro computer. When an XP computer attempts to print, the print job never completes and stays "Printing".

Is there any documentation on sharing printers in Win 7 (on a domain) with XP computers? All their firewalls are off.

Thanks for any help. I've been beating my head against the wall with this.

A:Sharing Printers when Firewall is OFF (Corporate GPO)

Is Group Policy disabling the firewall PROFILES (Domain, Public, Private) or disabling the firewall SERVICE? Note the latter is not supported, and for good reason - it breaks stuff. Given the behavior you're seeing (red X in the firewall MMC), I'm believe the service is disabled.

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Can you configure a print queue to service more than one printer in NT server? If so, what steps need to be performed?

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I just installed WinXP on one of there PC's in my little home LAN. The other 2 PC's run Win98, and don't need the upgrade. I can get access to the printer that is attached to the Win98 PC from my XP PC, but can't share in the opposite direction.

In otherwords, the printer on my WinXP PC is invisible to the network.

On my Win XP PC, I have tried the following:
1. I have enabled printer sharing in the network settings:
2. I have right designated the XP PC's local printer as shared
3. I have attempted to install additional drivers for Win98 for the local printer from the Win98 installation CD that came with the printer. It doesn't seem to "take" in that when I go back under printer properties, the Win98 driver box remains unchecked.

The local printer is an HP Deskjet 932C, attached via a USB cable.

Any suggestions?

A:[Solved] Sharing printers between Win98 and XP?

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I have 3 desktop computers, 2 with an attached printer, 1 without. I want the 2 printers to be available to all 3 computers. Is this just a matter of turning both printers into network printers? If so, how do I do this, please?

I have somehow (without knowing how!) already done this with one of the printers but it only appears with "(Network)" after its name on one of the computers. If I try to add it as a network printer on the other computer, I get asked to supply a driver for it - which I don't understand because surely it only needs a driver on the machine to which it's connected.


A:Homegroup - problem with sharing printers

Welcome porton,

Make sure the printers are marked as shared on the computer they are attached to.

Yes the other computers need to load the drivers for the printers that they will be shared with over the network.

Windows will usually be able to search for the need drivers. But in rare ocasions, I have had to physically connect the printer to the network computer to load the correct drivers. Hope this helps.

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I have a desktop with vista , a desktop w/ XP Media center edition, and a desktop with XP pro all hardwired to my wireless router (WRT54G) and some laptops with XP home wirelessly connected to the the router.

the problem is with any of the comps to the vista comp when you goto \\VistaCompName is gives me an error:

"\\VistaCompName is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network reasource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The network path was not found."

it happens for some folders on the XP MCE comp but some of them share fine, but the error is:

"\\Whateverfolder is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network reasource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Acces is denied."

if i ping from the vista comp to any of the others (even XP MCE) it workes fine but when i ping to the vista form any of the other comps it times out.

A:Solved: Sharing folders and printers from vista to xp

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hi guys,

i have a brother mfc-7320 printer shared over the network by another xp machine
so its not a network printer its usb shared over the network

i cant see any scanner/scanning options via the printer settings in control panel
and windows fax and scan sees no scanner

the client im connecting into is a windows 7 machine

is this possible to do?

A:Sharing a shared printers scanner over the network

Printing yes, scanning most likely no.

It's a local printer (ie: local to the XP machine), so scanning controls may not be shared outside of the XP machine. I've seen where other machines can access the scan function, but the scans will only save to the local machine (ie: the computer to which it is attached).

Sharing a local printer/scanner is not always the same as having a network printer/scanner.

I've not used a Brother printer in many years, so I'm not familiar with how it should actually be working in your configuration.

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Hello, I am currently sharing 2 of my printers out of my desktop with the local wifi network. I was able to access these printers from other windows devices, but I'm having a bit of "fun" trying to access them from my linux computers.

Any starter tips? I did quite a bit of google search, most explain how to share Linux printers with windows computers, not the other way.

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Hey all, I have been stirring up a storm in my room the past couple of days trying to figure this one out.

I picked up these 2 babies online and they work great....individually. basically, i have developed an application and need to (eventually )setup 8 thermal receipt printers that run off of one laptop, and are each uniquely identifiable and are triggered by a user device.

For example, user device 1 triggers printer 1, user device 2 triggers printer 2 etc etc

So i connect the printers by ethernet to a router and my laptop connects to the router via wifi. It detects both but the printers have a problem working together. I have set a static IP, but when trying to configure through the provided driver software the second printer over-rides the computers IP address in its setup application, and then creates one out of thin air.

I'm lost, hungry and's been 2 long a brother out will ya

If you can't think of any ideas, please provide any alternate suggestions. Most importantly i only want one laptop computer.

A:Connecting two identical ethernet thermal receipt printers, to laptop through LAN

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I understand that a hub is more like a party line, where all devices hear and read data before sending it to next port, and a switch is advanced hub. But, what is a router. I know what a wireless router is, but they say a router is more advanced than a switch. Can you buy a non-wireless router?

Also, can you connect 2 switches together? So, Modem-----to Switch----to Switch----Computer

And both switches have other devices connected?

A:Hub vs Switch vs Router/ 2 Switch Story

you CAN buy a non-wireless router--but--the two I found on Amazon were only 10/100 (most modern systems use gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000) but wired are generally cheaper than a wireless router(the Cisco below is NOT cheap)--however--it's not necessary to use the wireless part of the wireless router as most have at least 4 ports (wired).

Yes you can connect switches together but they won't allow for multiple computers to connect to the Internet (at least not easily nor in a way that makes sense).

What devices are you trying to connect together?

wired routers: TRENDnet 4-Port Broadband Router TW100-S4W1CA (Black): Electronics Cisco-Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch: Electronics

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I have 1 desktop and 3 laptops in our home network and I recently bought a new linksys wireless-G WRT54G router to replace my old linksys ethernet router. All 3 laptops have wireless networking cards as well as ethernet built in. Anyway I have gotten them to share files but I can't get any of the laptops to access the internet. The desktop which is what I used to set up the router works fine. I made sure all pc's had dhcp turned on and tried the ipconfig /release /renew thing as well as half a dozen other things I can't think of at the momemt that I picked up on these boards. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions that might help please reply .

A:New Router - File sharing works but Internet sharing doesn't :(

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Ladies & gents,

I work for a smallish company that is about to expand. We're going from 4 computers connected to a Belkin 4-port router and adding 20 computers to a switch, which is connected to a D-Link DI-604 which is connected to the Belkin.

This reason for this convoluted setup is that the 20 new PCs need to be restricted in what they can access on the internet (2 sites and connect to a server). We don't want to restrict the 4 original PCs.

We picked up the D-Link due to its ability to control domains pretty easily. The problem is, I need an open connection to a specific IP address on ports 4040 and 701 for a program that the users will be accessing.

When I keep domain blocking off, the program connects to the remote server no problem. As soon as domain blocking is on, no dice. So now you're thinking: 'Just open the ports, idiot.' Tried it, no dice. I've opened the ports on both the D-Link and the Belkin (which isn't really necessary since the Belkin's firewall is off).

If you have been able to follow this long and arduous post and have any ideas as to where I'm screwing up, your responses will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

A:Dsl + Belkin Router + Dlink Router + 3com Switch

Since you can restrict by IP with the D-Link, why not lose the Belkin and just use the D-Link as the only router?

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Hi I have tried many resolutions and nothing. It all worked before with 2 cheap routers off of my cable modem (High Speed Cogeco Cable) but I couldn't password protect the routers because my wireless for laptop wouldn't log on at all?

1) So now I have a new rca cable modem (from provider) to a linksys ezx55w 5 port switch (not in the uplink port I assume since I have tried with and without from modem).

2) From switch to D-Link Di-524 (for wireless in yard and garage if I choose to bring laptop out here or around) to two computers in garage

3) From switch to 100+ foot of cat cable to house to an X-Micro also wireless for where laptop mainly stays) (cheap router but works great)

So all should be fine as I have researched and had replies to do it this way for ease of not conflicting hooking 2 routers together.


After reading I do not see if there is something in the settings I should do to each router still...since they (to me) are on seperate lines from the 5 port switch? Or maybe is this a cause from my provider not allowing me to use 2 seperate lines as I see it as well?

ANY HELP is greatly appreciated please been working on this for over 3 weeks now and read so much that all the scenerios don't make sense anymore.
Take Care,

A:HERE WE GO AGAIN...ROUTER, 5 port switch ROUTER off MODEM? and Wireless.

the linksys is not a router it switch it's not a managed switch
you can not give it a ip address
try the d-link first then the switch turn off dhcp in the x-micro
past that I don't do wireless

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I have no idea why but i can only get a connection with the internet with one computer through a switch router... i was told that its not possible to get internet to multple computers, and only to one computer. I have a Netgear Gs108 switch router... but it connects to a Gray fox router which runs through my walls which my modem is connected too. i have no idea how to get internet through all computers which i have been before, i just got cable modem and it this problem started. So before the problem it was DSL at&t. Mabey some can help me please..

A:Need Some Help with Cable Modem to Gray Fox Router to Switch Router

Do a search( upper right box) for cable modem to Fox router to switch router.

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Another thought for changing my network for printer only sharing.

All things being equal, which hardware item will be better for printer sharing - Hub or Switch. I don't want to have to redo my cabling.

I understand a hub or switch will change the direction internally, so I don't have to buy any cross-over patch cables, but just plug each computer in to the hub or switch - right?

The other alternative is to buy a second cheap printer, but that entails cartridge additions at a later date.

Comments please. . .

A:Ethernet - Hub OR Switch!

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Ok so i am trying to get on xbox live at uni but it failed at ip adress so i bought a wireless router and tryed connecting that way and it worked for abit and then didnt

So i have took the router back i was just wondering if i buy a ethernet switch and plug the two ethernet cables in the one from my laptop and the one from my xbox and bridge the connections would the test still fail at ip adress or would it be ok?

Just thought i would ask on here before spending the money and having to take it back again

Thanks Ross

A:Ethernet Switch

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Got an odd one for you, but someone might have run across it.

In addition to software security devices when accessing the Internet, I use hardware security as well. Since being disconnected from the Internet is the best possible security, I use an RJ-45 coupler in the Ethernet cable between my computer and the cable modem, keeping one or other side of the cable disconnected except when I'm actually using the Internet (downloading mail, etc.)

This is quite convenient, but the Ethernet connectors invariably break after 100 or so connect/disconnect cycles, and the cable segment has to be replaced.

The best solution, if anyone has ever seen or heard of one, would be an on/off switch designed to link two RJ-45 Ethernet cables. Not as good would be a little two-port Ethernet "hubby", such as used to be available for a while 10 or 12 years ago, with its own power supply; I could then use an ordinary 120V AC on/off switch to control the Internet connection by powering the hubby up and down. But I can no longer find any of these hubbies.

Any info on either of these devices, or suggestions of better alternative methods, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Ethernet On/Off Switch

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Can someone tell me: can I add an ethernet switch to an ethernet switch?

I've just bought a 4 port model.
I've qucikly realised I need more ports!

Can I just buy another ethernet switch and extend?


A:Can I add an ethernet switch to an ethernet switch?

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We have several computers on a network attached to a router. My son uses his PC and plays games on line using the Xbox. Everytime he wants to switch from one to the other, he has to pull the Ethernet cable out and put it in the other unit. He isn't close to the router so its impossible to set up two separate connections. Is there anything out there that would serve as an A-B switch where he can hook up the Ethernet line to the switch, then run another two shorter wires out to the PC and Xbox. It would be nice for him to be able to go back and fourth without having to crawl behind the Xbox and attach.

A:A-B Switch for Ethernet

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Can we connect Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter just like this one D-Link Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter Kit with any Ethernet switch ? I have a Belkin 5-port 10/100 switch can it be powered by PoE ?

How it will be setup.

A:Can I use Power over Ethernet (PoE) with any switch ?

If you are asking if you can connect this device to a NON-PoE switch and then have PoE on the switch the answer is no. If you are asking if you can connect this device to a switch and make one port PoE on the switch the answers is no. The D-Link device is PoE only on the D-Link device. I hope that helps.

If you need PoE on a switch you need to buy a PoE switch the electronics inside the switch are different. However, you can plug NON-PoE devices into a PoE switch without problems. -WS

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Hi All,

I have a laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad) that is mounted in a docking station. In my house I have wifi, the docking station is connected to the router via hard LAN.

I have prioritized my connections to give preference to LAN over wifi (as I obviously prefer the fastest connection).

The Network sharing center now tells me I am connected to both LAN and Wifi, but the system tray tells me Wifi. How do I know through which I am now connected and how to I prioritize LAN? Please don't tell me to manually enable / disable ;-)

Thanks a lot!


A:How to switch between wifi and ethernet

Try ipconfig and see what your lan ip is
and then try
and if it goes threw you lan card ip first you will know it's working the way you want

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I am designing a test system that has three 8-bit ethernet microcontrollers connected through FPGAs to some non-standard serial buses transmitting and receiving 16-bit serial data at 1Mbps clock, at some data rate (maybe up to 500 messages/sec each). A PC connected to the ethernet switch will send commands to the three microcontrollers, and will process the data they send. The PC is a Core 2 Duo at tbd speed with tbd RAM, and software to talk via ethernet will be an .exe compiled from C++ source code. Based on years of experience I think the PC can keep up, but I don't know about the ethernet switch.

I don't think a $50 5-port Linksys or D-Link home switch is going to handle this, it needs to buffer data so messages don't get lost. I don't need a router or DHCP server, just a decent switch.

Any ideas? This is for work so money is no object (but would like to keep it under $2000).

A:Ethernet Switch Recommendation?

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ok. here's the deal. i have 2 notebooks. and a dsl internet connection. i recently bought a switch so as to connect both laptops to the internet simultaneously. but it doesn't seem to work. i checked the other threads and the comments posted for similiar problems that others have.but the solutions don't seem to work for me.
i can only connect one notebook at a time. if i connect the other, usually a "ip conflict" balloon pops up. so HELP!

A:ip conflict with ethernet switch

Because you have residential service which will only give you one single public IP. By putting in a switch, you are causing both laptops to request an IP via DHCP. Frankly, I'm surprised you're even getting both laptops to get an IP from the DHCP server. You need a router which does NATing to allow simultaneous network connectivity for both laptops not a switch.

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As a security device I have an RJ45 coupler in the cable between my computer and internet modem, and I only couple the two cable segments when I need to be online. Needless to say eventually the cable connector breaks and I have to replace the cable segment. I could really use a simple inexpensive inline on/off switch to replace the coupler between the two cable segments, but can't find such a thing. Can anyone help? Thks.

A:Need Ethernet Inline Switch

For inexpensive you could disable the ethernet connection (in Network Connections) or use a firewall.

Next time you buy a modem look for one with a Standby button; all Motorola cable modems seem to have one.

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For some time now I have had the set-up outlined below (sorry for the granularity but as I don't know what the problem is I
thought it best to highlight all my connected devices).

Back room
- cable broadband router (operating in modem only mode)
- own wireless router connected to modem
- NAS connected to router wireless router
- Desktop connected to wireless router
- 500Mb passthrough Homeplug adaptor connected to router
- 5 port Gigabit ethernet switch( Tenda G1005D) connected to router
- Printer connected to switch
- Virgin Media TiVo connected to switch

- 500Mb passthrough Homeplug adaptor
- 8 port Gigabit ethernet switch (D-link go-sw-8g) connected to Homeplug adaptor
- HTPC (for XBMC) connected to switch
- TV connected to switch
- AV reciever connected to switch
- VM Tivo connected to switch

This set-up has worked fine with me receiving good wired and wireless connections throughout the house
However yesterday my wired downstream speed dropped dramatically in the lounge to the point where streaming video to my
XBMC box was impossible and even performing a LAN speed test proved difficult.

This morning I have ran several tests on the connection in the lounge and I have determined,buy plugging the cable from the
adaptor straight into my laptop, that the connection from the Homeplug adaptor in the lounge is good in that both a LAN
test and an internet speed test show the connection is capable of at least 90Mb...s... Read more

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I have a Hp pavilion a1130n running on windows xp. I have been trying to switch to ethernet from usb for the internet. I am using charter internet and I called them but they were no help. I can't get it to work can somebody help me?

A:switch from usb to ethernet problem

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hey guys i have a quick question bout a situation i have going on. the computer i am now on is hooked up into the internet via a wall ethernet jack, which is hooked into an ethernet switch (or hub i think) in another room where the cable modem is located. the tv that i play my xbox 360 on is a good 10 feet away or so, and i want to get connected onto xbox live from there.

i have an ethernet cable that is long enough to run from the xbox itself to the wall ethernet jack that the computer is hooked into.

what my question is is that if i buy another ethernet switch and hook it into the wall jack, and then from that switch run another ethernet line into the computer which is literally right on top of the jack and then another line from that switch into the xbox 10 feet away, if this will work since the wall jack itself is hooked into another ethernet switch in another room.

i can kinda guess that was kinda annoying to follow but i just wanted to explain everything to avoid confusion. help would be really appreciated . thanks guys

A:ethernet switch question

im not sure if theres a difference between a hub and a switch, but i do know that the wall jack is hooked into an 8 port linksys ethernet switch. if that helps at all

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Will be using two desktop PC's in house for the first time now.

Have always had a hard wired Ethernet cable between Router output and the one desktop pc.

New PC coming with, apparently, some "wireless" capability.

a. Can one of the PC's be connected to the Router wirelessly (and the other thru the Ethernet cable) ?

If so, where are the Settings to do it, and how would I go about it ?

b. Or, is it better to try and set up a GigaBit "Switch", and have both PC's use it ?
Would this be better than one PC wireless, and one PC thru the Ethernet cable ?
Why ? Any caveats or gotchas doing it this way ?


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Could use a little bit of help on this one...the guy at BB talked circles around my head when i asked how to set this up.....i have a DLink EBR2310 router that is currently all used up by 3 PCs and the XBox....i wanted to add the one lone printer to it so the kids can use it off of their pcs.....everything is hard wired to the router.....Question ...How do i hook up this Dynex 5 Port Ethernet Switch to the Router and where do all the cables go in what order???? again the guy at Best Buy talked circles around me.....Thanks all

A:Adding Ethernet Switch

You would disconnect one ot the PCs from the router. Then connect an ethernet patch cable between the disconnected port on the router to a port on the Dynex switch. Then plug the PC into the switch. If the printer is a networked printer, also plug it into the switch.

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I like to think I have never been beaten (reformat the system will fix it but thats to easy)DesktopVista Home EditionGigabyte series Mother BoardI have a user who has cleaned out his system rebooted and ever since then the system wont connect to the internet. Ethernet symbol bottom right hand corner with red cross.Steps I have taken to resolve this.Ran repair and diagnose, error "either driver or Hardware issue"Uninstalled driver and reinstalled lastest driver.Device Manager, uninstalled ethernet card reinstalled, disabled re-enabled. when disabled ethernet symbol should disappear but doesnt.Installed another ethernet switch still nothing.Ran Combo fix, malware bytes (found websearch) nothing major.Went through Hi Jack This filesChecked my internet connection lolAm wondering if there maybe something in BIOS however?Has anyone come across this before? I dont think it's the mother board.

A:Ethernet switch not working

I have a user who has cleaned out his system What does that mean?

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Hi everyone,

Before I begin stating my question let it be said that I am a dimwit in networking. I just learned from other people how to normally make it work and now the time's come that I actually have to do something and I can't really figure it out.

1. My home DSL is powered by an Aztech ADSL - DSL5001EN. Currently, the modem is set to PPPoE/PPPoA with a username and a password.

2. I have 2 PCs running on Wired LAN cards.

3. I do not want to purchase wireless adapters for either as I want to go wired on this.

4. I'd like to keep the Aztech as the DHCP server/router since it has a pretty good wireless range and all the features I need can be found on the GUI.

What exactly is the device I need and generally, what do I need to do to make it work the way I have it pictured?

Disclaimer: I may have mixed the terms a bit. I also know that I may not be making any sense due to the lack of knowledge I have in the subject. I wil not be held responsible for your brain and nose bleeds.

A:Should I purchase a Router/Switch/Modem/Router

The thing you linked is a modem-router, so it connects to the internet AND routes traffic between all the computers connected to it. Good.
Looking at the ports behind, it has only ONE Ethernet port. Bad, and where your issue is.

If you want to go 100% wired, you need an ethernet switch. It's a device that is smart enough to route the ethernet traffic from more than one PC through a single cable, but dumb enough that is plug and play.
Something like this is cheap and tiny (i've seen tons of exactly the ones I linked and their bigger 24-port collegues in all companies with decent internal networks). Plug the ethernet cables from your router and from the computers into any of its 5 ports, as it doesn't matter, and you are ready to go.

If you want to do something fancy like connecting ethernet (network cable) devices to your wireless modem router through wireless connection without buying wireless adapters, look for a Wireless Ethernet Bridge. These do need some setup to be integrated in your wireless network (as someone has to tell them the name of the wireless network they need to connect and the password), but it's usually straightforward as they are much simpler devices than the modem-router you have already.

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