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Unusual Wireless Internet Problem with Multiple Devices

Q: Unusual Wireless Internet Problem with Multiple Devices

Hi guys,

Our ISP has recently changed our router from Prolink H6300G to Prolink H5004N.
Our Prolink H5004N is wired to the phone line.
All devices connect to the internet via WLAN.
No devices are attached to the router via LAN.

The unusual problem is, some wireless devices connect to the internet just fine, others connect intermittently.
Below are the list of devices:

ASUS Notebook PCs x 2 (connect)
MSI Notebook PC (connect)
Apple iPad2 (connect)
LG LED SmartTV (connect)
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (connect)
RedFox Netbook (intermittent)
Samsung Tablet PC (intermittent)
Sony XPERIA Smartphones x 3 (intermittent)

It is not that the red devices could not connect, they do so, but a very irregular and on/off internet connection.

I am stumped by the variety of devices that constantly connect and those that do not.

Does changing from G to N may in any way cause this?

A: Unusual Wireless Internet Problem with Multiple Devices

All devices you listed are connected WIRELESS to the same Prolink H5004N?

Try to move these devices closer to the wireless Access Point (built in router). Just for a test
RedFox Netbook (intermittent)
Samsung Tablet PC (intermittent)
Sony XPERIA Smartphones x 3 (intermittent)

Does that fix anything?

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Last week or so, we had a storm, and devices got unplugged. Internet service was out briefly. Wireless internet came back shortly after, but my desktop and our PS4 both can't connect to the internet via ethernet, and I can't figure out why. I've done the usual stuff: power cycle, tried out other ethernet cords, etc. Comcast has said that it's not on their end, and our wireless signal is fine, so we're clearly getting signal through the modem and out through the router. My desktop is plugged into a different modem, but also won't connect to the one attached to the router. A hard reset of the modem didn't help, whether through the button or through the configuration settings. My desktop is claiming that there's no ethernet cable plugged in, though there definitely is. I'd suspect a broken port if the PS4 weren't having the same issue. I've tried a few things on the desktop, including installing the most recent drivers for the network adapter, rolling back the driver, disabling/renabling, and just deleting it and let it reinstall one on restart, and trying to reset the IP stack. I'm posting links to screenshots of some of the command prompt commands I've tried, and the results. They vary a little bit, I've gone into the registry to enable some permissions after access was denied. Any ideas you can send my way are greatly appreciated.
Link to my computer model:
My m... Read more

A:Wireless internet works, multiple devices not connecting via ethernet

Welcome to the forum on a none working of from a CNC prompt type ipconfig /all. Then tracert post both results

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Good Afternoon,

The small office where I work has 1 wired desktop, 1 desktop connected over wireless, 2 laptops connected over wireless and two iphones that are always connected to the internet. Until about 12:45 pm EST the wireless internet was working fine, at that time the wireless went down. However, the wired desktop has had no trouble connecting to the internet. Please help, we need to be up and running and our IT guy has disappeared off the face of the earth! Thank you!

The router is a Cisco WRVS4400N. It is one MacBook Pro, a Toshiba Laptop and a Dell desktop that is connected by D-Link DWA-131. Its a Comcast X-Finity 56 MBPS connection. (we're really close to an airbase).

A:Connection Problem - Multiple Devices over Wireless

Reset or power cycle the router. Can you still detect the wireless network? If so, can you connect to it? If so, can you communicate with the router via wireless?

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On entry to Windows XP (after logging onto my user), a Dos command prompt loads up and then I receive this error message:

The NVTDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction
CS:0f5c IP:fffd OP:0f 32 46 00 Chose "close" to terminate the application

My CD and DVD drives aren't showing up so I can't use them. Device manager says it detects the drivers but can't find the devices. System restore is not working.
Yesterday I quarantined two files using AVG (one was keenval I think, another might have been sui.exe) but after this started happening I decided to restore them.

1. Is there any solution anyone can give me besides "ur windows is corrupted, format ur hard drive" please?

2. My dad was planning to send it in to get another hard drive added (been working very slow for a 2.6ghz lately), so if reformatting is the only solution, would I be able to move some files to the new hard drive somehow and then reformat and reinstall windows?

A:Unusual Problem related to Windows/Devices/more

wupdater is spyware . . as is keenval and sui.exe.

you need to run AdAware, Spybot, S&D and fix everything they find. Then run another virus scan with your antivirus updated.


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On entry to Windows XP (after logging onto my user), a Dos command prompt loads up and then I receive this error message:

The NVTDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction
CS:0f5c IP:fffd OP:0f 32 46 00 Chose "close" to terminate the application

My CD and DVD drives aren't showing up so I can't use them. Device manager says it detects the drivers but can't find the devices. System restore is not working.
Yesterday I quarantined two files using AVG (one was keenval I think, another might have been sui.exe) but after this started happening I decided to restore them.

1. Is there any solution anyone can give me besides "ur windows is corrupted, format ur hard drive" please?

2. My dad was planning to send it in to get another hard drive added (been working very slow for a 2.6ghz lately), so if reformatting is the only solution, would I be able to move some files to the new hard drive somehow and then reformat and reinstall windows?

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Hi. As of the last month or so, I have been noticing very irregular problems with my internet connection. Sometimes at very random occasions, my computers internet is cut out. If I disable and re-enable my network LAN adapter, the problem automatically fixes itself. However, perhaps a day down the track or a few hours later, it may happen again. Lately the problem has been becoming increasingly abnormal. I've been noticing slower speeds on World of Warcraft (the online game I play) as well as random disconnects from it. I've also noticed as of late some disconnects from Ventrilo on its own (being unable to connect back to it for a couple of minutes). During these times, sometimes either all of the internet on my computer or simply some programs and websites wont load. (For example, during a time when I was getting extremely frequent disconnects from World of Warcraft, I was also finding it tough to get a good connection to the affiliated websites with the game). Today I logged into my router and had a look at the logs, and noticed that there were alot of very unusual pieces of information which said "DoS Attack". For example, here is just a couple from the log: [DoS Attack: RST Scan] from source:, port 49810, Wednesday, December 01,2010 10:55:46[DoS Attack: RST Scan] from source:, port 3724, Wednesday, December 01,2010 10:55:07[DoS Attack: RST Scan] from source:, port 44049, Wednesday, December 01,2010 10:54:52[DoS At... Read more

A:Multiple DoS Attacks in Netgear Router Log, Unusual Internet activity

I cant imagine why someone would attempt to DDOS you. Are you using any torrent or P2P apps?

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Hello, two days ago suddenly my Internet wireless connection stopped working. No Internet at all. After some research, it turned out that it was (and still is) working on one device (the iMac I am typing this message on), but has completely shut down for the other devices, for example iPads, a laptop, etc.

So far, I have unplugged the power of the wireless router, turned it back on after giving it a rest, pressed the WBS button, but there has been no progress. The connectivity is obviously up and running based on the one device. What actions should I take? Thank you in advance.

A:Wireless Connection Stopped Working for Multiple Devices

Make model of the router. If you plug laptop in via a cable can you connect, can devices see the router and what happens when you try and connect ie error message note if you have done a factory reset the password for wireless will go back to default or wireless could be disabled. Can you login to the router and confirm the wireless is active

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Hey guys, awesome site and thanks for the help in advance.

I have kind of a strange situation with my wireless. I have a modem and wireless router on my top floor, and I am trying to get internet access to my xbox 360 without buying the wireless adapter if at all possible.

Two things I want to know about, Internet Connection Sharing and multiple routers. I am not sure if the multiple routers is a possibility, but I know Internet Connection Sharing used to work, and no longer does now. So,

Internet-> Modem-> Wireless Router-> Laptop (Vista)
1.) I have a laptop connected to my wireless, and plug it into the xbox with a network cable. When I first got it, this worked perfectly after I simply enabled Sharing in the connection settings. After I reset the modem and router for some other stuff, it stopped working. ICS is still enabled in settings, and my xbox fails finding an IP address for some reason.

I tried the settings on automatic and it does not work. The xbox has an option to input custom settings like IP, subnet mask, gateway, DNS 1/2, and MAC stuff.

What could be stopping the ICS from working like it did before? What settings should I input and what steps should I go through?

2.) I have an extra old wireless router laying around... Can you connect a wireless router to the internet through wireless internet? Or can I share the connection from laptop->2nd router->xbox?
ICS sounds like the easiest option because it used to work with the same setup I have... Read more

A:Wireless Problem... Internet connection sharing or multiple routers possible?

Forget ICS and just bridge the two network connections on the remote box that is connected to the XBOX. It's much simpler and it will eliminate the NAT layer of ICS from interfering with the XBOX connection.

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This is driving me crazy. I am using to check my download speeds. When I'm connected wirelessly, for the past 2 days my download speed has been around 0.28 mbps. Connected to the modem via ethernet, they are normal - in the 20mbps range. Here's where it gets tricky:
My roommate isn't having the same problem (so it's not the router)
When I'm connected to my college's wireless network, my download speeds are in the 40mbps range (so it's not my computer)
My upload speed is where it should be - around 5mbps

Things I've tried

updating drivers
replacing router

My computer is a Lenovo X220 and I'm using Windows 7 Pro.


A:Unusual wireless problem

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I've read through a could of threads but have yet to find any answers for my problem. Basically my internet runs fine when a device is directly connected to my modem. However, when running through a router I get 2-10 second disconnects at random intervals on all devices hooked up to the router, be it wired or wireless. I've already tired three different router, all different brands, among other various things like updating/switch firmware and changing the router over to a new wall socket with no luck. I had my service provider come out and switch the modem, but that didn't help any. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Internet cutting out on multiple devices.

what cable is between the router and modem - has this been changed ?
you mention "wall socket"
As you have made a lot of changes to the modem and to the router(s) - i can only think of cable

Before making each connection , do a powercycle - see how below

connect with a small cable between the modem and PC - and that works fine
then with a 2nd cable - do the same
now you have two cables that you know work on the modem
Also while in that configuration post an ipconfig /all - see how below

then using the same cables - connect from the modem to the router
and using the known cable connect the PC to the router
Now test again and see if this time it works
ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above those entries

For Windows 8 or Windows 10
To open a Cm... Read more

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Hi there.
I am using my phones 3G to type this and it's a real nuisance since I cannot research information for essays and other important aspects that I need when studying for my A levels.

Anyway, it started last night around 11pm, everything died and I thought it was because of the bad weather.
I woke up to sunshine however the internet was still not working.

The router is a SuperHub 2 and it had no problems up till now, the lights for 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz are flashing and so are the other lights on the router - this the router is working.

The problem is the connectivity, I use my laptop, iPhone and computer all together when studying and playing games. All of which has the same problem. All have the 5 bars connectivity however they all say "no internet access" and no response from the DNS servers.

What is the problem then?

What I've done:
- I have release and renewed the IPs
- reset router numerous times
- turned on: off router numerous times
- fiddled with wires to make sure they're plugged in.
- turned on and off computers and laptops.
- set IvP4 to automatic.
- waited hours.
- went onto the Virgin Media router page via 192.168.0.X. Then I started the router up in factory status, starting I up a few times.

How do I fix this nuisance? I need the internet now, for work purposes.
Please help, since it's affecting me and my family members and all of our devices.

A:No internet access on multiple devices

Does the Virgin Media router page give you a status of the WAN?

We had a bad storm last week and it took a few days after power was restored for Comcast to repair their lines.

I was able to get to my router, but the WAN address was - can't get there from here!

If you have a WAN address, turn everything off (no power) then
power up your cable modem, wait a few minutes for it to cycle through what it cycles through
power up your router (if seperate) wait for it to cycle through what it cycles through
finally power up your machine and check the network status on the Virgin Media router

If you don't have a WAN address, report the outage to your provider. They probably already know about your area, but a call never hurts.


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Internet speed on my PC is slow. All other devices connected trough wireless have great internet speed. This started 2 days ago. Now videos on YouTube are loading very very slowly (It takes so much time that I even cant watch video). I called my ISP (or what ever is that called) provider and they said that all is right with my connection and that I should have fine internet speed. So what is the problem and how do I fix it?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6143 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 410865 MB, Free - 111703 MB; D: Total - 453867 MB, Free - 165623 MB; E: Total - 89032 MB, Free - 73582 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5QL/EPU
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Slow internet but other devices connected trough wireless have fine internet

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I am on a LAN that works just fine. I recently got something called a TMobile Rocket. It is a USB wireless broadband adapter that people most commonly use with laptops at remote locations to access the internet.

There are settings in the TMobile connection manager that are supposed to "allow simultaneous connections", which are set correctly. That is what is not working correctly. If I connect my cable to my LAN, the TMobile connection manager says it is still connected; but, it will not allow any throughput. Throughput is immediately restored as soon as the LAN cable is disconnected.

TMobile says this problem is due to a setting in my computer that is overriding the TMobile connection and it is therefore not their problem. They refuse to help.

Anyone have any advice on this kind of problem?

A:Unusual LAN / Internet problem

I know they can disable the internal wireless
what happens if you disconnect the rocket and have the LAN connected - does it work OK than

T-Mobile's Rocket 3.0 Laptop Stick USB 4G modem Click to expand...

user manual

Rocket 4G T-Mobile Connection Manager

it may have something to do with these settings
Auto Connection
When the Connection Manager is launched with Auto Connection enabled, the laptop stick will automatically connect to the T-Mobile Broadband network. Auto Connection is turned on by default. Click the check box to turn off or on.

Connection allows you to add, view, and delete custom networks and custom network connection settings. Connection does not allow you to change T-Mobile Broadband network settingsClick to expand...
To view enabled or disabled devices, use the following steps:

Open the webConnect Manager.
Click Tools and select Settings.
Click the Hardware tab.
Each device or network card under the Selection column will provide three options in a drop-down menu:

After making a change, click Apply.Click to expand...

sounds like a connection manager issue
however, can we see an ipconfig /all with the USB connected and the LAN connected

--------------------------... Read more

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Hello. I have a problem what makes me flip my table, so i would be really happy if you could help.

Before i moved i had no problems playing online games, but now i have a terrible problem with my internet when i try to play online games. From the beginning i thoth it was the games fault (bf3) but then i tried to play LoL, ns2 and i had the same internet problem.

The interesting thing is that my friend who uses the same wifi in the same room has zero problems playing online games, his ping is normal and he doesn't lag. I was thinking he was stealing wifi from me because he had a better laptop, but even if he turns his pc off it does not help me. Games are still impossible to play.

My wifi strength: down 18Mbps up 8Mbps (virgin media). I can watch hd videos on youtube with ease, and have no problems downloading other files.

My pc specs: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz , RAM 4 , Video card: GeForce GT 520MX and i guess this is what captures my wifi Wireless-N 130

Ive tryed changing locations, do some stuff in router settings and many other things what i saw on internet, but nothing helped.

I would appreciate any help.

A:Unusual internet problem.

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Yo dawgz,

Recently quite the frustrating and annoying problem has arisen with what I assume to be my internet. See, what happens is for no apparent reason whatsoever my Internet connection will enter a state where it is both "on and off" at the same time - I do not know how else to describe it. I can still access and successfully perform tasks with pretty much any program or software that requires an Internet connection (such as talk to friends on Steam), but when trying to load a page using any web browser at all, it hangs at an indefinite "Connecting..." phase. The only way to fix the problem is via restarting the computer completely, and after which loading pages will work without a hitch; until, eventually, the problem returns again and another reboot is required.

My computer is rather fast so this is not much of a problem, as I can restart in about 5 minutes - however, this does not stop it from being flat out aggravating since I would have to cancel the work I was currently doing, and wait. I have tried to disconnect and reconnect to my internet host, but this will result on one of two things:
1.) The reconnection is successful, but the problem persists
2.) The reconnection fails, and it becomes stuck trying to reconnect, goes completely unresponsive to clicking on the Network button, and requires a - you guessed it - reboot to fix

Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

-Signed: Batmann, CEO of Mann Co

A:Unusual Internet Problem

moved to networking

try a tcp/ip reset -see below

it maybe a DNS issue
can we see an ipconfig /all and ping tests
would you post the following tests when the everything is working OK, and then repeat ALL the tests when the internet browser disconnects.
Make sure you also indicate on the reply which tests are for what condition.

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

This should also work for windows 8
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those... Read more

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i have been looking through forums for days but cannot find a solution

I currently have 2 desktops running on ethernet cables and 3 laptops through wi-fi.

normally only one laptop is used, i get a pretty good speed when i am surfing the web or even downloading but whenever i turn my computer on which is connected via ethernet cable the internet speed slows down so much that it takes age to open a website. Whenever my computer is on the ethernet light keeps blinking really fast and the wireless light is very stable. then when i turn my comptuer off or unplug the ethernet cable, the internet speed just magically gets faster. it is obvious that my computer is the problem so i ran an antivirus and defrag programme, i found a couple trojans, i deleted them but the same problem remains, i scan for viruses everyday an nothing comes up, i have deleted all p2p programmes as the tech support guy from my internet provider said that my computer must be uploading something. my upload usuage is very high about 1-2gbs a day if i leave the computer on.

i am really frustrated and find it a waste of money as i am paying for internet i can hardly use properly.

i would really appreciate it if i could get some assistance with my problem


A:unusual internet problem

basically it looks like someone is using your computer to distribute viruses run DDOS attacks or something of the like. I personally recommend a reformat or ask for help in the virus/malware section.

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Recently the internet on wireless computers went out. It seems to come back occasionally if I hard reset the router, however its extremely tempremental.

The issue seems to be that I cant ping the Default Gateway.
IPconfig -all is below:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : seven
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-24-E8-11-97-B8
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::418b:e352:90f6:a7c1%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 19 December 2010 10:44:45
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 30 December 2010 13:58:34
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 234890472
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-13-08-9A-94-00-24-E8-11-97-B8
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled
Tunnel adapter isatap.{55B8B37E-6AE7-4529-8D94-55F9C06A7088}:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnec... Read more

A:Cannot connect to internet on Wireless devices, can on wired internet.

I don't see any wireless network adapter in the info you posted.

Regardless, if the same problem happens with multiple devices, then there's clearly something wrong with the router.

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As it says on the tin really! I am an absolute non technically minded person so have no idea how to even start trying to fix this problem. A few weeks ago our router quite happily let multiple devices attach wirelessly to the internet at once but in the last couple of weeks it has started only allowing one device at a time to connect to the internet. If say my partners work laptop is connected then our home laptop/iPad can see the wireless router but it will not allow them to connect to the internet anymore. Can anyone help me to try and sort this please...I can use my computer for basic things but am in no way technically minded so please be very clear and simple with any help you are able to give.


A:Unable to connect multiple devices to internet using Huawei EchoLife HG521 router?

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I use Mozilla Firefox.
I frequently play online MMO games, and other flash games. Often, I can't seem to load these games. When I try to load a game, it loads for a while, and then just stops. For example, today while I was loading a game, in 10 seconds, I loaded 30%. After that, it stopped loading and even after a few minutes, it remained at 30%.
Strangely enough, this problem doesn't seem to occur when I keep a software called Spotlux enabled.
Can anyone please tell me what's going on?

A:Solved: Unusual Internet Problem

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I have a 20FB running Win 10 with a Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard that I've been using with a corded mouse without any problems. I recently purchased M557 Bluetooth mouse and now, intermittently, but consistently, my keyboard stokes are inaccurate, with multiple repeating letters and extra spaces. If I turn my mouse off, the keyboard again works fine. Disconnecting and reconnecting both devices did not solve this problem. The Lenovo System Update utlility indicates that the device driver is up to date. The Lenovo supplied device driver version is 18.1.1546.2762. Nonetheless, I was able to solve this problem by updating the device driver from Window?s Device Manager to Intel?s latest driver, version 19.0.1621.3340.  

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Hello all.

To cut a long story short - we don't always have Internet connection (due to our lack of income) and 8 times out of 10 we only use 3G. For reference: ISP: Sky Router: Sagem.

Edit: here is a diagram that could help?
I bought an apple airport a while ago just for AirPlaying music use but I found it very handy for something different! Before I used to connect everything to the sky router and when the Internet went I keep having an error on use any devices, even those that don't need real Internet access but I attached my NAS to the Airport and lo and behold - the Internet went so I tried connecting to the airport and I had the sky router error so I just had a thought - why not power off the sky router?

I powered off the sky router and connect to the airport again and my NAS works without Internet! Only problem is - I have about 3-4 devices that I like to use at once but I only have 1 port in the airport express.

So I thought I should pop by here and pray for any help anyone can give me, preferably on the cheap too! I know you can get USB hubs, is there anything like that for Ethernet cables or maybe some kind of device to connect somewhere somehow?

Thanks and kind Regards,
Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

A:Connect to wireless devices without Internet help, please?

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Hello I have a laptop compaq presario R300 running windows XP. My wireless internet has stopped working. I looked in my device manager and there is a yellow question mark next to other devices and with in that, yellow question marks next to Base System Devices, Network Controller, PCI modem, SM BUS Controller and Video controller. I was wondering how I can reinstall them. Do I use the recovery CD 1 or 2 or is it something else. I was also wondering if those yellow ?ís are the reason my wireless has stopped working?
Thanks, Megan

A:Yellow ? next to other devices...No wireless internet

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I've configure my router that connects to my desktop modem. my LAN has internet access by not using "obtain IP adddress automatically " but the Wireless device has no internet access. if I use the automatic settings. both local and wireless has no internet connection.

please help me solve this problem. thanks in advanced!

here's my internet protocol settings



A:No Internet access for wireless devices

It is possible the DHCP server on your router is stopped if you don't get an IP address when it is set to automatic.

I would check that first.

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Hi, I've been having a problem for a week or so, where my internet will drop and become "limited" on certain devices, I own two laptops 1 on W7 and 1 on W8 and a Blackberry (this will never drop connection unless the router gets reset) The two laptops experience "limited" it is not linked to doing one specific thing when it stops working. if I click disconnect and then connect it USUALLY will come back instantly sometimes have to do it about 2 or 3 times, this is extremely irritating while watching shows or downloading because if I don't disconnect and re connect it will stay on "limited" for however long until I dis&re connect. This doesn't happen to my laptops at the same time, meaning that isn't likely a router problem (BB is always connected) I'm actually surprised that it has actually stayed connected this long.

I was reading a similar thread, and it didn't solve my problem but I did attach the cmd and xirrus.

noted: Casa is the personal internet for us and "instantlawns" is for my roommates' business. also my other roommates' internet does a similar thing where it goes limited but nowhere nearly as often as mine.

A:Limited access wireless internet on certain devices

Have you contacted Rogers to discuss this?

Also I would try using a public DNS instead of Rogers...They have had issues in the past

Free Public DNS Server

=> Service provider: Google
Google public dns server IP address:

=> Service providernsadvantage
Dnsadvantage free dns server list:

=> Service provider:OpenDNS
OpenDNS free dns server list / IP address:

=> Service provider:Norton
Norton free dns server list / IP address:

=> Service provider: GTEI DNS (now Verizon)
Public Name server IP address:

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Hello everyone. I'll try to keep this simple. Currently, whenever my IP lease expires (after 60 min), the internet drops on all devices for about 3 seconds. I lose connection on my PS4, laptop and PC. All of which are connected wirelessly through a wireless extender to my router. Sometimes the PS4 drops a couple seconds before the PC.

This problem has been ongoing since July 2015 when my ISP gave me a new modem and dualband router. I bought a brand new extender as well since my old one couldn't connect to the new router. I had faster internet speed but I noticed the internet would drop once an hour after a few weeks when I was online gaming. I didn't play much video games so the problem hasn't really bothered me. I spent one day back in October talking to my ISP provider and all he could do for me was deal with likely "interference issues" and tell me where to move the router and reset it for me over the phone. Anyways it's pissing me off so much and I've spent the last 3 evenings, when I can, trying to resolve this. Please HELP!

Ok, I don't feel the need to post my PC specs as the internet drops across all devices. I am running Windows 7 on a 5 year old gaming PC connected wirelessly via USB device.

Modem: Arris TM822G (Optimum)
Router: Sagemcom [email protected] 5260 CV (Optimum)
Extender: Linksys RE6500

- The problem occurs even when I am wirelessly connected directly to the router and not extender. My assumption is that it is NOT the ex... Read more

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Hi there,

I have been unable to connect my Netgear RangeMAX Next Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router (DG834N) to the internet, I have spent about three hours on the phone to Netgear and my ISP and both of them have not heard of the problem before and can't help me, hopefully you guys can, as I'm tearing my hair out after trying to set it up for 3 days

First my settings;

I have ADSL from in the UK
I have set the router up, as the ISP advised;

Multiplexing Method=VC Based
I have it set to find an IP and DNS address automatically, and I have also done this in the Internet settings.
I have do not dial any connection in my Internet settings also.

When I switch the router on the Internet, Wireless and Lan lights go solid green, but when I try to use the internet nothing.

I should mention at this point, that I can connect to the Internet, with the USB Speedtouch Modem that my ISP provided me, so I know I have the password and login name correct. This also rules out any fault on the ADSL line (I think!!!)

When I check the router I get the following messages;

Connection Status

Connection Time 00:00:00
Connecting to Server Failed
Negotiation LCP is allowed to come up.
Authentication CHAP authentication failed
Getting IP Addresses ---
Getting Network Mask ---

System Up Time 00:18:13
Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
WAN PPPoA 0 0 0 0 0 00:00:00
LAN10M/100M 866 760 0 351 84 00:18:08
WLAN11M/54M 63 5 0 13 0 00... Read more

A:DG834N Unable to connect to Internet (Unusual Problem)

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For a long time, I had issues using the internet on my ASUS Windows 8.1 laptop. Browsing would be very slow with a lot of lag and if I were to type something into the search bar it would take some time to respond.
A few months ago I managed to get around this problem by changing some setting (I think to do with power management but unfortunately I can't really remember). I use the software (that came with the laptop) power4Gear Hybrid and when the power setting is on 'Performance' web browsing is fine, but when it is on 'Battery Saving' it reverts to the original problem. When I'm using the laptop on battery I have to manually change the power setting to 'Performance'.

I want to upgrade to Windows 10 but am worried that it will revert to the original settings and since I can't remember how I fixed it am concerned the problem may return. However I am wondering if the upgrade to Windows 10 will actually fix the problem completely. I had previously reinstalled Windows 8.1 in an effort to fix the problem but it had no effect.

Also worth noting is that when I change all the settings (eg USB selective suspend) on the 'Battery Saving' mode to the same as 'Performance', this makes no difference and web browsing under 'Battery Saving' is still slow.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

A:Help needed with unusual internet problem and upgrade to10

Stick with 8.1. Too many issues are rearing their head on 10, as people are using it. Video lagging is the biggest problem, the other is no compatible drivers for hardware that works with 7 & 8.

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Hi there

Not sure whats happening here but getting multiple displays for the same devices !!!!

Any fix, or is system Broken.


A:Devices and Printers - devices being displayed multiple times

Looks like Ghosts of DLNA devices. Start by taking offline any DLNA capable gear, reboot the Gateway and also clear its IP Table.

Also clear out those ghosts from Devices and Printers.

For some reason this started in Windows 7, when Microsoft started to play games with DLNA and media Shares.

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So as of last night, my laptop has been having connection issues using the same wi-fi that I've been using for months.
My internet is part of my rent with the building I live in, but have never had an issue before this.

Most* websites will load instantly, or within a second, unless there are images or videos on the page.
However, all videos, images, and online games are nearly unresponsive. Videos on youtube immediately drop to the lowest quality, and will take a very long time to load fully (up to 30 minutes for a 5 minute video). Images also load incredibly slowly.
I've tried to do a speed test, but the test fails after the ping check due to lack of a connection.

All my other devices are perfectly fine, including phone, tablet, multiple gaming systems. Netflix on my PS3 also has absolutely no issues loading quickly with high quality. My friend's laptop, when using the same connection, seems to have full and proper speeds.

I've looked around on this forum at similar posts, and have already re-installed my wireless drivers. The problem persists.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
EDIT: Speedtest finally worked

A:Wireless internet Slow* on laptop, but fine on all other devices.

Lets see an xirrus screen shot please - see below

also try


Uninstall and allow windows to re-install the adapter and Driver
goto the device manager > Network Adapters > click on the [+] to show all the adapters

right click on the adapter and from the menu

remove/uninstall the adapter

Now restart the pc and allow windows to detect new hardware and re install the adapter and the driver

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file to the faulty PC and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
enter you details
Download this file "DOWNLOAD WI-FI INSPECTOR Vx.xx "
( the site now appears to allow webbased emails like gmail, hotmail, outlook and yahoo now )

There is also a xirrus gadget, But th... Read more

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I left my pc on over the weekend and when i returned, the wireless wouldn't connect and the sound was off. I went into settings for the sound and could only pull up the empty volume mixer that simply stated that there was no audio device installed. clicking sound, manage audio devices or change system sounds had no reaction. For the wireless in the network and sharing center it lists unknown where the network map should be with "The dependency service or group failed to start." below it. The last porgram I installed was a Youtube downloader two months ago and it had worked fine with daily use since this past weekend.

One additional note, the web and mail shields in Avast won't start but i don't think that matters since i can't connect to the internet.

A:Sound and wireless internet won't detect the devices; possible virus

Welcome to the forum Abzorbix! Is the wifi adapter listed in the device manager under network adapters? And have you run the free version of Malwarebytes?

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I have two PC's connecting to the Internet via my Dlink router and thence via a Motorola Adaptor.

The name of the router is "Dlink" which - at this time - has no security (to come later).

The iPads and two other iPhone5's continually connect to an unknown wireless connection called Dlink8a4b, which I have never heard of!

I have turned the router OFF numerous times, pulled it's plug out, pressed the reset button likewise and also the discovery button!

When I go to the Devices x General x Networking etc. and tap on this latter WiFi connection, I do not get the prompt to "Forget This Network". There are NO details at all on this connection - IP address etc - and there seems no way to get rid of it. It is locked and requires a password!

I have been all over the PC's Network and Sharing Centre but it says the Dlink is working fine so where has this other wretched one come from and how can I get it vanish and my Dlink reappear as it has been doing happily for years!!!!!

I have tried turning off the devices, resetting the Network Settings and most everything I can think of but no matter what I try this rogue wireless connection continues to be there all the time - driving me nuts!

Any help appreciated!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3400 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4... Read more

A:Problem(s) with Devices and PC wireless networking

from a wireless PC can you run an xirrus screen shot

whats the exact model of the dlink router - have you logged into the router itself and looked to see what the wireless is called under SSID

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply ( the site now appears to require a business email, so try the direct link below)
Direct link to the program is here

{If the above link does not work heres alternative links,77196-order,4/download.html

http:... Read more

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I consider myself an advanced user, but this one I've never seen, nor can I find info out for...

I haven't been able to plug a video camera or external hard drive into my computer via FireWire. I then tried a different cable, nothing. I then tried a different device and cable, nothing. I then tried a different computer with two devices, nothing.

My USB2.0 works fine with each device and computer. I also took the new computer into CompUSA and they tried their firewire device and all worked. I bought a new firewire cable, but I have the same luck with each device.

How can 2 external hardrives, and one sony camera not work, after working for a year. What happened? What do I need to do?

A:Multiple firewire devices on multiple computers not working

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I am currently using outlook 2013 for sending and receiving emails.

I have seen an unusual behavior on sending emails.
Whenever I sent email(s) but at the bottom of the screen, it seems sending more emails than what I was sending. I felt like hallucinating.
I see the same thing when I had used Outlook 2007.
That happens very often.

Just a few min ago, I sent one email to my children but I see that 5 emails were going out.
I could not find or identify 4 other emails. No trace of those emails on my computer. I have no idea what is going on.

Could someone explain to me why some emails were sending out without my knowledge?
I am sure that I am not under surveillance by PRISM.
I am nothing but a humble retired person.
(my OS is Windows 7).

A:Unusual behaviour of multiple outgoing emails

Do you have any other email accounts that Outlook may be synchronizing with?

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There are multiple websites that I cannot connect to, facebook, rottentomatoes, youtube, to name a few. Others seem perfectly fine. A few seem okay, but seem to be running slowly.

This is the case for both my computer (on which I am running Windows 7), which is connected directly to the router, *and* mobile devices which are connected wirelessly.

On my computer I have tried using several different browsers to no avail, but when I used the TOR browser to proxy, I was able to access them.

I apologize if this has been asked, but I haven't been able to find anything this specific.

Thank you.

A:Can't connect to multiple websites on multiple devices

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Greetings - thanks in advance for any help offered. Very much appreciated.

I bought a new computer the other day, and my wife and I have our desktop computers right next to each other. We're both using Cisco Wireless USB Adapters (terrible, I know) for internet. With my old computer, we'd have very little trouble outside the norm.

Now, however, we're both disconnecting literally every few minutes, with extremely awful speeds in between. When she turns her computer off, however, mine magically runs perfectly, even if we're not downloading anything or using much bandwidth in general. I know wireless blows, but it didn't used to do this - it was just a little slow on occasion. This is just completely unusable. It connects for a minute or two, then disconnects, and won't reconnect unless I pull out the USB stick and replug it back in.

Any advice as to why this might be? I looked into disabling static IPs or something, but that was already OK. Is there some other way they're clashing? Many thanks for any attention! Cheers.

A:Wireless Internet Disconnecting Constantly with Multiple Users

Hi there,

Can you please post a Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector snip?

USB Wi-Fi adapters can be a pain and can cause conflicts with other USB devices plugged in your computer.

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Hi everyone, I am currently trying to figure out how to share my laptops wifi connection with my Nexus 7. I tried picking one of the wifi adapters and doing an ad-hoc. But the network does not show up on my nexus.

My laptop has the built in wifi card and 2 usb external wifi adapters that I use to connect to wifi. Both of the external usb adapters are connected to the wifi and work on the laptop. I then made the ad-hoc using the internal wifi but again the nexus 7 doesn't see it.

I also then tried using one of the external adapters and made that into an adhoc picked share internet but nothing shows up in the nexus tablet either.

Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 Internet Sharing Via Wi-Fi Multiple Wireless Cards

Hi from Sevenforums,

If you have a wireless router you don't need to share the connection.

Using multiple wireless adapters you do not need.

If you need to share internet access with your Laptop use a virtual router which is a software router on your Laptop.

You do not need to do an adhoc connection.

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Here's what happened:

I wanted to set the computer to a static IP of I tried this by going into Network and Sharing Center, clicking Change Adapter Settings, right clicking Wireless Network Connection and selecting Properties, selecting Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and selecting Properties, selecting "Use the Following IP Address" and then setting the IP address and default gateway to the above Ip address, keeping Subnet mask at I set Preferred DNS server to and Alternate to

Well, that didn't work. I lost internet connection immediately. I later realised it was probably because my router had that in the range of auto-assigned addresses.

Anyway, I changed it back to Obtain IP address automatically.

Now I still don't have internet access. I have tried restarting my computer as well as resetting the router.

When I hover over the wireless connections icon, it says I am connected to both my home wifi connection as well as "unidentified network" both with no internet access.

A:Multiple internet connections with no access (wireless adapter)

Welcome to Seven Forums!

Have you tried the windows built in network troubleshooting tasks?

Troubleshoot Network & Internet Problems in Windows 7 & Windows 8

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In the last few days I have noticed my computer becoming very laggy as well as several pop ups when using my web browser, with occasional computer restarts with no prompting. I have ran the latest Ad-aware, Spybot S&D and the normal tracking cookies have showed up nothing other then that out of the ordinary. As soon as I run Panda active scan and it starts it immediately stops scanning and times out. I have tried this on my other computer and it works like a charm. Upon doing a HJT to post here I notices something that didn't seem quite right, I will highlight it in the log. Below is my HJT log. Thank you in advance for looking at this and taking the time to answer this concern.

Much respect to all you guys do here at the Tech Support Guy Website.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:44:10 PM, on 2008-07-25
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cmdagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil... Read more

A:Solved: Multiple Issues... very high latency, unusual pop ups computer restarts

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Our ISP recently updated their hard ware to work with the Sprint network. Note: our ISP is not Sprint, but the local phone company.

Our Hardware:
Internet: DSL 10.0 (highest speed available)
Modem: Comtrend (ISP provides)
Router: Belkin N
Computer: 10 yr old Dell running XP - service pac3 - wired connection
Kindle Fire (first edition, no HD, etc) - wireless connection
Xbox 360 - wireless connection

Xbox - went from constantly bumped from Xbox Live game by losing internet connection to not being able to enter a game at all
Kindle - went from occasional "network error' message during online tasks to having to restart download (multiple times) or refresh page for most any or all online tasks
Computer - have to click refresh to get most any page to load after the home page

What we've tried so far:
I have recently cleared the cache on both the computer and Kindle. XBox's new security measures have been met.

My questions:
Do any or all of these issues seem to be related?
Is there a piece of equipment or something we may be missing to make all of these things work? I am a networking novice.
Who should I call to get these issues corrected, my ISP or a tech service? Note: if I start with the ISP and they do not find an issue I have to pay for the call.

A:Multiple issues over multiple devices

First. You should try to NOT use a wireless connection for any type of gaming: PC, Mac, Console, etc. If you can hard wire the xbox you'll be waaay better off than using wireless.

Now... Yes, the issues could be related - there maybe an issue with the Belkin N router. I'd try to first reset the Belkin router to default settings, check on manufacturer website for instructions how, most routers you can press a "reset" button w/ a paperclip or ball point pen. Reconfigure the Belkin router, recreate the wireless network and see how everything works. If you are still having issues, humor me and connect the Dell directly to the DSL modem, bypassing Belkin router. See if you still have connection issues, if you do then it could be the DSL modem that is the problem and call your ISP to replace. If you don't have same issues then it's most likely an issue with the Belkin router. Replace it. Don't buy the dirt cheapest router at the store, but you most likely don't need the most expensive one either. Find a good middle ground router, ask sales associate to assist you accordingly.

Post back, Hope this helps!!

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Sorry for the vague title, but I am networking challenged and strange things that I can't explain are happening. Now I will try to explain them:

Edit: I think I should have been clearer: The primary problem is I am not getting an wireless access and need to reestablish it.

I have my cable modem connected to a Netgear router with wireless capability. Currently, my PC is plugged into one of the router's ports (which is how you're reading this). I use a Lenovo program called Access Connections (AC) to manage my wireless connections because I'm confused by Windows' tools and AC usually switches me automatically between networks (note use of the word "usually").

In Access Connections, I connect to the network "Home" when I am using the cable (like now) and the network "JeffNet" to use the wireless network. Currently, "JeffNet" does not appear when I click "Find" to find the wireless signals near me. If I try to connect to "JeffNet", AC tells me "Connection Failed". I click on "Help me solve this" and am told "DHCP server not responding." BTW, I am sitting next to the wireless router (and yes, it is plugged in! ). I have already tried resetting the cable modem, router, and laptop.

But this gets stranger. In the Start tray (the thing on the right of the start menu), is an icon with a yellow exclamation mark. If I hover over it, the icon says "NETGEAR 2, Internet access, Identifiying&q... Read more

A:Unusual Wireless Problems


Try uninstalling your wireless adapter's driver, and then installing the latest from it's website. Make sure you have all windows updates!

failing that, here are some troubleshooters:
Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Issues
Internet Troubleshooting Guide

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I'm a beginner. Sorry for the long post.

I have a Gigaset SE567 router with WLAN and Ethernet connections. It's only being used by my XPS 435MT desktop with a wired DSL connection, although the WLAN light is lit.

Under "Network Connections", the desktop says "LAN or High-Speed Internet (1)" and "Local Area Connection Network 2 Intel 82567LF-2 Gigabit Network Connection". The desktop is upstairs. The HT equip. is downstairs.

All I want to do is send firmware updates from a wireless network upstairs to my home theater (HT) eqip. downstairs. The equipment has ethernet jacks and I'm told ip addresses.

** Do I need to download a driver from Dell and/or buy a wireless WLAN adaptor for the computer if I want to set-up a wireless network upstairs.

Someone told me I need a device like this: Buffalo WLI-TX4-AG300N Ethernet Converter But I think that's for the HT equip. and assumes I have a working wireless network upstairs.

I don't want to install a wireless card in my computer. There must be a way to add a wireless network to my desktop without too much effort. If I can do that I'm guessing there's a way to use a bridge/converter downstairs which my computer's wireless network would recognize?

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Unusual wireless set-up?

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I have a D-Link DIR-655 wireless N router.
The hard wired ethernet speeds are OK using cable internet
(Download is 30,000 kbps )
The wireless speeds are awful.
Download speed is 2750 kbps and the upload speed is 5600 kbps.

A:Unusual Wireless speeds

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I have a user who is using a Sony Vaio laptop,W2K SP2 with a wireless Linksys WPC55AG card.

When he attempts to connect using the Linksys Utility the Site Survey shows 4 (APs) with different channels.

When he attempts to login he gets multiple login ppop-ups.

A:Wireless Problem Multiple Logins

That is cool.

What is your question.

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Two days ago, I lost the internet wireless connection on my laptop. I thought it was a problem with my laptop and asked a question about that here

However, I just read something on the GeekSquad site about a woman who had trouble making more than one wireless connection. And now I wonder if that's the problem I'm having. We have four computers, three of which use (or try to use) wireless connections.

Here are some facts:
My laptop has Windows XP. It has been working fine since I got it about 3 years ago, no problems connecting.

My son's desktop is 6 months old and used to able to connect at least wirelessly. Then it quit. We tried cable, but that didn't work either. We took it in to get repaired and it was supposed to be fixed with both cable and wireless access. Cable worked; wireless didn't. He has Vista on his computer.

My son got a laptop for Christmas. His wireless worked perfectly, no problems, although we didn't set it up for our secure network until a several days ago. His laptop has Windows 7.

Then as I said, my laptop quit being able to access the internet. I couldn't get it to connect at all, but now it will connect with a cable.

We used to have two desktops that connected to our router, but that was quite a while ago. My laptop would also connect then. All three of those computers had Windows XP. We had a linksys router then. Now we have ... Read more

A:Multiple Wireless Connection Problem

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Heya folks...

I try not to use this forum unless it's something that I just can't figure out. In hindsight I have actually dealt with this one day too long and I and my family are driven nutts by this issue. Any help to finalize my boggle would be a prayer answered.
We purchased a Linksys Wireless N (model WRT150N) from Walmart about 2 months ago. During those months, I have gone through misery. Don't get me wrong, I think this is one of the best routers, but something is causing the router to simply cut the internet connection at random.

It started 3 days after we hooked it up. My wife uses a wireless G card, (which for a while I figured was part of the problem,) and I am connected directly. I have a simple Motorola Vonage in/out voip router that goes into the router as well. The phone seems to work and the internet works fine for a while after a router reset.

Our internet connection is 6500/73 fast dsl. I have plugged directly into the modem to see if my computer loses the internet, but after 1 day of testing, I notice it doesn't. Then after losing the internet a few times, I restart the router and it fixes the problem...(, which is why I come to the opinion that this is the culprit.)

I notice the problem increases if I use any downloader programs, (emule, utorrent, etc) but it also happens at random. I have an encryption key set for the wireless, so I doubt anyone has hacked the network.

Does anyone have any ideas???

(thank you to anyone who ... Read more

A:Linksys Wireless N unusual problems

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Just got my new Acer laptop going.
Then I wanted to connect to my router with another laptop (running Win XP) but didn't get connected.
When I turned off the internet connection of the new laptop running Win 8, restarted my router then it was possible to get a connection. Also with another laptop running Linux, same problem because Win 8 was on the net.
So why does Win 8 prevent the other two laptops from logging on?
There is also an Ipod in the house, the three machines, (laptops running Win XP, Linux and Ipod) used to work together just fine, but the new laptop seems to hijack for some reason the wireless router?
How can I get this problem solved?
Yes, everything is DHCP.
Could this have anything to do with the IPv6 protocol from Win 8 maybe. or not?

Thanks, Cloggie

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My wireless connection goes down every 10min-hour and is usually down for 1-5 minutes. No matter where I am or what wireless network I'm using, it still does it. I recently reinstalled windows and put in a brand new hard drive but it still has the same connection problems. What do? I have a Lenovo T61 running Windows 7, don't have the specifics on the wireless card.

A:[SOLVED] Unusual wireless connection problems

and welcome to the Forum

Have you installed the newest drivers from Lenovo Support site?

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It started about a week ago. I have a Cisco/linksys e1000 wireless router. I must say it has been the best one I've ever owned, until recently... Over the last week It has started disappearing. I will suddenly lose connection for about 2-5 minutes until my network pops up again in wireless network connections. This isn't just my PC. Both laptops, kindle, and my smart phone all lose connection at the same time and have the same problem leading me to believe it is the router. We have a mac that is connected via lan cable and it does not lose its connection to the internet when the wireless signal is dropped.

When ever this happens, it's been about 20 times now, I goto check the lights on the router and everything seems to be normal. IT says wifi is on and that it's connected to the internet. This will happen about every hour until I go unplug my router(ie, powercable) and plug it back it. I will be free from this problem for about 24 hours and then it will start up again. It's getting really annoying, please help me.

Like I said before, it's like the wireless isn't even turned on, it completely disappears from the available wireless connections. Even when it comes back, usually about 5 minutes, it takes another few minutes to connect to the internet. My experience with this router is that as soon as I see it I am connected to internet.

btw, I lost my connection in the middle of writing this....

A:Unusual connection problems with my wireless router

Set the router MTU to 1492 to stop packet fragmentation and reassembly
on my netgear, it is found on the WAN side configuration.

When the wired systems retain connection and yet the wifi drop periodically, we suspect
interference from external sources. Google for inSSIDer and run as admin. This tool
will show you ALL station (visible) SSIDs, the channel they are on, the band (2.4 vs 5.0 GZ)
and the encryption (if any).

Find your SSID and move to a channel which does not conflict with any others seen.

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We've got 1 desktop and 4 laptops in the house. We have cable internet and a wireless router that all the computers connect to. Lately there have been some issues where when one laptop is connected to the Internet, another one won't connect, and vice versa. Today, the desktop and 2 of the laptops were connected, but when we tried to connect 2 of the other ones, it connected to the router but both got messages that the Internet has limited or no connection.

Is it possible that there is some sort of conflict between the computers? Or perhaps a setting in the router that needs to be changed? We're using a Linksys router with WEP enabled.

Appreciate any comments, as I can't seem to find the solution. Thanks!

A:Problem connecting multiple laptops to wireless router

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I recently purchased a new Thinkpad laptop. It failed to connect to my Belkin wireless router (limited or no connectivity message) even after I typed in the correct network key. When I turned off WEP protein through my old Dell, the new one can be connected. I then re-enact the protection through the new one using the same key. Now it can be connected under the encryption but the old one is left out. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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i have one main HD (IDE) and my OS on it

i added 2 new SATA dvices one HD and one DVD Burner everything work fine

but i dont understand why it apears on my removal dvices (just like it does when i conect USB dvice)

i think its because the new technology SATA uses (unlike IDE i can plug unplag it when the Pc is on) therefore it is shown as removal dvice

maybe its normal thing i dont realy know i see it only on my Pc

anyway i would like to fix it , if there any way to

here is the pic:

A:Sata devices problem apears on removal devices

I'm not sure that is a normal happening.. I have a sata harddrive myself and it does not show up in the remove devices. Only thing i can think of is make sure your drivers are completely up to date.

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i have a dell insperon 2500 from 1998 and a belkin wireless G card. i have spent about 3 hours on the phone with customer service with no success.

i installed the drivers and followed instructions and have had about 2 minutes of being connected with the rest of the time the computer is trying to "validate identity" or find a certificate to log me onto the wireless network.

if you need anymore information to solve this let me know and i will provide it

but i am not smart in computer language so i will need some instructions to find some things.

our router is a wireless n e1000 from linksys
and i need any settings i change to still work with an xbox 360 wireless n adaptor.
thanks ahead of time!

A:problem connecting to wireless internet with wireless card.

Hi:See if this link addresses your issue.'t_validate_identity_of_a_wireless_connection_using_windows_xp
And this one from TSG:

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I use w10 on 3 devices, a mid range gaming PC, linx7 tablet, and lumia640. On the whole the experience is pretty good, syncing works well, reminders, alarms, contacts etc. This was one of the reasons I opted for android early, using chrome on a PC gave a similar, yet skimmed down, one OS feel.
I've not had one BSOD since updating the 'rig', my mobile works great, and the tablet is amazing for ?49! I was talking to my father in law who uses all 3 main OSs every day, and we both agree that windows just feels more 'grown up' than iOS or android. He wants a win10 phone next to replace his android (he'll have to keep the company iPhone4).
So like I said, does anyone else have a similar experience?

A:Who else uses w10 across multiple devices?

yeah i have no probs with my Lumia 920, HP work laptop and 2 of table computers at home.

just pisses me off to have the same background on each computer and i seem not to be able to find a setting to keep that sync out

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I want to use the audio simultaneously from my ati 4550 HDMI, Sony blue-tooth speaker via usb BT dongle, 3.5mm jacks on my mobo, and also from a spdif and digital coax linked to the mobo via on board header to expansion bracket with ports.

I know this all may sound like overkill, however I don't have the funds for high end switches / replicators, etc. So manually changing them has been a hassle.

I have done some reading and I know se7en doesn't let you. I did this with xp x64.

Anyone know of a "work-around" or hack to enable all devices at once?

Intel E2140
Intel DQ965CO
4gb Kingston 667mhz
MSI r4550
Ultra MD3 Dashboard
Gyration RF MCE Universal Remote


From what I see, you can only have one "Default" Playback device so I doubt that what you want to do can be accomplished.

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I use laptop, with system speaker volume too low, almost inaudible.
It has inbuilt sigmatel HD audio, with 3.5 mm jack ( I do connect my headphone with it).
I also posses a bluetooth headset (DELL).

Is there any way I can get output to both the headsets?

I need this to watch movie, so that me and my room partner can easily listen via saperate sets fo headphone without difficulty.

A:using multiple sound devices

as far as i know you cannot output to two audio devices at the same time from one program unless the program alows this (eg. PCDJ)

To solve the problem you could get a 3.5mm spliter and another set of 3.5mm headphones but this would probably require a trip to an electronics shop unless you have one already.

also post what OS you are running in case someone else knows of another way.

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i have speakers connected to the hdmi and have a fm transmitter connected to the headphones jack. how do i get the soud to come out of both? Picture:


A:Sound from multiple devices

You can't have sound from both at same time - it's either one or other because the headphone jack is designed to mute the speakers when headphones are plugged into it.

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Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit. Home network. Already have 3 printer devices. One printer is All-in-One (HP). Want to keep that device installed and be able to use all functions. Want to add a desk top scanner for speed and versatility. The All-in-One is network cabled and also USB to my desktop computer. The desktop scanner is not network; would be USB to my desktop computer. I seem to recall reading somewhere (not sure of this - maybe HP literature to discourage buying other scanners) that you can't have more than one scanner. Doesn't seem logical. Is more than one scanner (using only one at any one time) OK?

A:Are Multiple Scanner Devices OK?

As far as I know you have as many usb devices hooked up to one computer. There is a theoretical limit of 124, but it really is determined on how many usb ports you have as to how many usb devices you can hook up. Each device has it's own driver/software package, so I don't see any real reason you couldn't. I know for a fact you can have a printer (all in one) and scanner hooked up at the same time. My dad did using XP, Lexmark all in one printer and an HP scanner.

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I would like to connect a variety of wireless devices in my house to my work VPN while allowing other devices in the house access to my home network as normal.

I was hoping to find a wireless ADSL router that allows me to associate a LAN port to a VPN connection, then connect a wireless access point to that port. I could then run two wireless networks in my house, one that would connect to my work VPN and the other that would not.

Is there such a router?

If not, is there some other way of doing what I need?

A:Connecting multiple devices to a VPN

Sorry for the bump, but would this do the trick?

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I have 2 x 24 port hubs uplinked to each other. I wish to introduce a switch.

How can I do this with the uplink ports on the hubs reserved.


A:Multiple network devices

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I have an ethernet connection running from a router to another room and I wonder if I could use that single connection for multiple devices (computer, game systems, etc). Will a hub work for a connection coming from a router?
Is it possible to have them all up and running simultaneously or does it have to be one device at a time?


A:Single IP, multiple devices

If it's a standard SOHO router, and not a switch or a modem, you can have up to 253 devices attached. (There are 256 addresses available, but you can't use the first or last address, and one is reserved for the gateway--the router itself.) Note that the 253 addresses includes wireless devices.


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We receive Email on Desk Top, Ipad and Laptop that is repeated each time we open a computer and look at the mail . Also have two programmes on the Desk Top that again repeate the mail : Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. This causes untold mail and most annoying. How can I just see the mail once on either of the computers. We run Windows 7 on the Lap Top and Desk Top, the Ipad is the current model.

Hope you can assist me please, my husband and self are not very computer literate.

A:Email Across Multiple Devices

The closest thing would be to set them all up as IMAP instead of POP accounts. That way you get all the same email, the same deletions and moves, and the same emails marked as read across all devices. It doesn't quite prevent you from seeing the email more than once unless you move that email to another folder or delete it in which case the same thing will happen on the rest of the devices.

You would have to check with your email service to see if they support IMAP and to get the correct settings. Or post your email provider here.

Also, I changed the title of your thread from your name to something more meaningful.

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My system has a sound card and two USB audio devices. I can click the speaker -> options -> propertied -> mixer device and select 1 device and reboot and play via that device. However I would like to have all audio devices work at the same time. Is there a way to do this? If not, is there a way to switch without rebooting? (Windows 2000).

A:multiple audio devices

..................err? why do you need/want multiple audio devices from the one PC??????

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So here's the setup:

Windows Home Premium X64, 8GB Ram, I5-3570K CPU

Recently built. I understand there's been an issue with Windows 7 using different devices for audio outputs. I was told by MS IT to use Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) for 'combining' my programs/devices into the same output.

My computer is mostly built for Audio recording (Audacity, Adobe Audition), and virtual instrumentation (Reason 5, FL Studio, Abelton, etc...)

My issue is that while some of these programs work well with VAC, key important ones such as Reason 5 do not. With my particular soundcard and driver, there is a degree of latency between the time I press a note on the keyboard to when I can actually hear it.

FL Studio automatically bundles ASIO4ALL - an awesome '0 latency' driver pack that comes with a easy to use control menu. ASIO4ALL is automatically selected as the audio card driver.

However I am unable to use VAC whilst keeping the latency low at the same time.

I need some help if you please!

A:Multiple Devices - VAC not working for needs.

I have a Sonar X2 (Producer) studio. Something like your questions would be better answered on a board such as where recording and DAW equipment is the topic of the forum.

I don't like ASIO4ALL, it can cause problems. I've had problems with trying to use it when I had a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. I've seen other posts (on other forums) about ASIO4ALL problems.

I have a Roland Octa-Capture and an MAudio Fastrack Ultra 8R and I only use the drivers supplied by Roland and MAudio.

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Hi, I recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv6974 Laptop, it came installed with Vista 64-bit. It works fine and all, just one thing I want to figure out.

The laptop has built-in speakers, a built-in mic, 2 headphone jacks and 1 microphone jack. I plugged my headset into one of the headphone jacks, my headset microphone into the microphone jack, and my external speakers into the second headphone jack.

What I wish to do is to set it up in a way that I can play music through my speakers, and Ventrilo through my headset.

The way I did this before on my desktop was that there was this option in the Realtek Audio Manager called "enable playback multi-stream" that separated the two audio jacks on the computer (one in the back, and one in the front). Then I was able to choose a different audio driver for Ventrilo, and use the default one for music. This was on XP, and I only had one sound card btw.

And now for Vista, I've tried looking through the Audio Device Manager and the Realtek Audio Manager but couldn't find anything that would help much, except in the Realtek Audio Manager there's this "tie up all input jacks something something, etc" that sounded like it was what I was looking for, but all it did was mess up my microphone.

To add more to this confusion, there is actually another audio device in the Audio Device Manager, but it's the Digital Audio Receiver, and I don't really know what that does.

I've asked about this problem elsewhere, and some peopl... Read more

A:Multiple Audio Devices

Hi, ForeverRen, and welcome to the forums.

I think HP would be your best bet in this they would be able to tell you for sure if that can be done with their hardware or not.

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Ok, this isn't really pc related, but I'm sure it's an issue many of you face every day. I have a PDA/GPS, cell, bluetooth headset and blackberry. I use each every day, which means every night I have to plug all four devices in to charge. Does anyone know of some kind of charging station that would house all four power adapters neatly and allow me to charge all four devices from one outlet? Is there some kind of travel charger that would let me plug all four devices in to charge at once? Such a hassle taking all four adapters every time I travel.


A:Any way to charge multiple devices at once?

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hi, i'm relatively new here, so i'm not really sure how to do this but alot of my games are having problems i.e. ? has cause in invalid page fault in unknown. I am led to believe it is a soundcard problem, i use an onboard sound card with the VIA VT1612A 2-channel audio Codec and i look in multimedia properties under audio devices, i had two different ones, Audio for via Ac'97 Enhanced Audio Controller(WDM), and Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM), i was told by a friend to uninstall the drivers and then reinstall to fix this, i did, now on top of those two devices i have a second Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM). I also have three MIDI for WDM-based Device. ANd Mixer for VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM), along with two Mixer for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM),this may be normal, but like i said i'm relatively new at this and it doesn't really look normal, so can someone please help me? Thank You

A:need help, multiple audio devices

Look at the back of your computer. Do you have onboard sound AND a seperate PCI sound card? If so then you need to disable the onboard sound in the BIOS setup and use only the PCI sound card.

Now go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall ALL VIA AC97, AC97, Vinyl audio drivers and anything else that looks like it goes to sound drivers.

Then go to Device Manager and uninstall/remove all remaining VIA/Vinyl/AC97 devices listed under the Multimedia heading. Reboot only after all are removed.

Then download the latest VIA Vinyl drivers. When you first run the new driver setup program it will look to see if there are still drivers installed, if it finds any then it give you the option to uninstall them. Do that and reboot.

Then run the VIA installation again and install the drivers, and reboot.

At any point Windows may redetect the sound card and want to reinstall the drivers - let it. Do NOT click Cancel on the Found New Hardware Wizard. If all goes well prior to install the latest driver the sound card should be detected as a PCI Multimedia Device and that means all the drivers will have been removed.

Here's the latest drivers:
They are in a ZIP file, once extracted you need to run the SETUP.EXE file to install the drivers.

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Hello everyone,

I was hoping somebody could give me a hand with a problem I have been having with networking. I have been trying to get a second computer hooked up to the internet. The hardware setup seems fine to me, I have the modem hooked up to a 10/100 Netgear switch, itself hooked up to two computers, both equipped with NIC cards with straight cables.

Here's the problem. Whereas the computer which had previously been hooked up to the modem directly works fine, the second one refuses to comply and gives me a "limited or no connectivity" message. I am puzzled because it worked fine when I installed the card and tested it with somebody else's modem.

Having changed switches, I have determined that the switch works fine.

I also opened up the computer case to make sure the NIC was secure in its PCI slot. It was.

I tried reinstalling the NIC's drivers.

I am still getting the same error message.

Help:'( I have exhausted every approach to the problem I could think of. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


A:Multiple Pc Internet Problem

Unless you have an account that gives you multiple public IP addresses, the one thing you haven't tried is a broadband router.

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Today my laptop crashed when I was waiting for a game for Dota 2. While I was waiting for a game, I plugged in a Belkin Mouse connector for my Belkin wireless mouse which I have not used for some time. It didn't come on quickly the first time i inserted it so i removed the connector and put it into another usb port. Windows then said it was installing driver software then the screen went fuzzy and crashed. A blue screen appeared with The CANCEL_STATE_IN_COMPLETED_IRP bug check which has a value of 0x00000048 that came up. Apparently this bug check is rare. I have attached the dump files. I really appreciate it if you can have a look to see if it was in fact the mouse driver which completed the IRP (I/o request packet) and then attempted to cancel it, causing a crash or if the crash was caused by two drivers each trying to access the same IRP in an improper way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Unusual BSOD Error when plugging in Wireless Mouse Connector Stop 0x48

The BSOD took place when drvinst.exe was in operation, that means the driver was being installed.

1: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

This bugcheck indicates that an I/O Request Packet (IRP) that is to be
cancelled, has a cancel routine specified in it -- meaning that the packet
is in a state in which the packet can be cancelled -- however, the packet
no longer belongs to a driver, as it has entered I/O completion. This is
either a driver bug, or more than one driver is accessing the same packet,
which is not likely and much more difficult to find. The cancel routine
parameter will provide a clue as to which driver or stack is the culprit.
Arg1: fffffa8009e7a198, Pointer to the IRP
Arg2: 05351bcf08000000, Cancel routine set by the driver.
Arg3: 0000000000000000
Arg4: 0000000000000000
This issue occurs because of a race condition between a thread of the Redirected Driver Buffering SubSystem (Rdbss.sys) driver and a thread of the I/O Manager.

When this race condition occurs, an I/O request packet (IRP) is processed by a thread while a... Read more

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Why do I have so many "base system devices" can I safely delete them ?

A:Multiple Base System Devices, why ?

first, we need to know your system specs, follow this tutorial

Second, why are you posting a Win 8 issue in sevenforums when there is eightforums?

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Slowly lost app's now have no control. Or admin privilege. The screen looks fake. There's drives listed I can't access. And every download was hijacked. Now theres no real Network or bios driver installed. after multiple attempts and no system functions available I want to use another computer and try to download virus software there. Noticed something strange happen and both laptops havea Dll bug long story short my Android, laptops, printer and router have all been hijacked and I do not know what to do at this point

I haven't seen or been able to find anything on something so expensive enedina have any other laptops that are accessible at this time so even doing it from my phone is challenging

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I have an Xbox One, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 laptop. I have Hey Cortana enabled on all of them. I use it all the time on Xbox to control my tv volume and channel. I use it while I'm driving on my phone. I don't use it that often on my laptop, but sometimes I will use it to change songs or something while I am working. The point is, I have fairly justifiable reasons to have it enabled on 3 devices.
So lets say I'm watching football. I have my fantasy stuff up on my laptop, and my phone is near bye because its always there. I decide I want to mute the TV, so I say "Hey Cortana, Mute". The result? My Tv mutes, my phone and my laptop both tell me that they cant perform that function. I do that same with volume up? Same result.
Later, I say "Hey Cortana, call Wife". The result? My Xbox and TV either try to open Skype or give me an error while my phone calls my wife.
So year, having the same "Hey Cortana" voice commands for 3 devices was a poor idea. "Xbox, Mute" worked fine. I mean, I do feel like Cortana does a better job of understanding what I am telling it to do, but couldn't it have stayed as Xbox commands rather than Hey Cortana? I could just turn it off on my laptop and be happy with it, but I actually use it for my phone and my xbox.
Imagine when people actually start buying Surface Phones (if that ever happens). What were they thinking?

A:Hey Cortana... multiple devices... what were they thinking?

Lucky sod, we have three Xbox Ones, two PC's two Surfaces and three Cortana enabled Windows phones in our flat, we have discovered the meaning behind the phrase "She who's name must not be spoken"

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I've googled this endlessly with no result and I'm guessing it isn't possible but I may as well ask.

My laptop has one audio/mic port. I'm cheap and had a splitter laying around, my headphones, and a set of ear buds with a mic on it I combined to use as a headset.

This works fine, however, since the sound output is being split to both my ear buds and headphones, it doesn't sound as good and some things are faint, which isn't good for gaming.

Is there a way to manage my audio devices so that my ear buds is mic only and no sound, and my headphones get all the sound? I've found no options in Windows, just playback (speakers) and recording (mic). I assume because it's only one jack it isn't, but it can't hurt to ask.

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I have a dell dimension 2400 that I think is going kaput. I've had to format one drive twice and an alternate drive once (merely to test that the first hard drive wasn't the issue.) My primary problem and reason for my first reinstall was an OS hanging issue probably due to some hardware conflict somewhere - various solutions such as safe mode, repairing install and fixboot would not work (scared to use fixmbr without first checking all my options.)

Three soft formats later and both of my hard drive installs are ticking my ethernet adapter, among other devices, with a question mark. As an example, I've used the OEM disks provided for the 3com 4011 integrated ethernet controller, selected the appropriate driver and ended up with a code 10 on it. I boot to safe made and check all the hidden devices for obvious conflicts but no such luck, there are no other NICs installed on my PC and the rest cannot be removed ("you need this device to boot" message on uninstall attempt")

Does anyone know where I can find out which resources my device wants to use?
quick edit: it is XP
could it be a ghost device driver sucking up resources from a previous install?

question the third: HAAALP! according to the utility partition manager my system is in full working order (ha.)

many thanks for your gratuitous help.

A:Solved: Code 10 multiple devices...

I'm adding an everest report of the hardware for your viewing pleasure.

it can be viewed here:

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So on my home network, we have your normal cable modem, router, and gigabit switch setup. The router is a high speed linksys model (gigabit), and the gigabit switch is an 8 port. The ethernet goes all through the house, but I've recently built a media room. In this room I have a Zensonic High-def network dvd player for streaming media, a gaming/media pc, an xbox 360, ps3, modded xbox 1 for more media streaming and a wii. The wii isn't really relevant to the problem because it is wifi, but I'm proud of my media room.

The problem was that I needed to network all of these, and when the house was built, we only ran one ethernet port into the room. No big deal I thought, because as long as I'm just streaming media, a 10/100 switch would be sufficient. So I pulled out an old hub (not a switch). All of these devices were hooked up and it worked great. Then one day, it all just stopped. The hub was old, so I ran out and got a netgear fs605 switch on sale for 5 bucks at office depot. This still hasn't fixed the problem, but has helped me diagnose it. When I plug in the uplink, I get a blinking response. When I plug in the next device, it works and is recognized. However, every device after that causes the switch to stop working and just start blinking. No activity, it looks like an error code of some kind. Have I put too much on this little switch? It was working just fine for months on just a hub. Any thoughts?


A:Network switch cannot allow multiple devices!

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I'm trying to use my speakers for everything except one program. I want to use my headphones for a chat program called Ventrillo. any ideas or suggestions?

A:Trying to use multiple audio output devices

I've tried just about everything I could think of and still nothing. Tried changing audio output settings on everything and still cant figure it out. Anyone know if its even possible?

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Under XP, when I played an MP3 it would come out of my headphones and my SPDIF port to my AMP at the same time. Under vista I seem to have to choose and keep changing them manually (setting one as default) . Also, when I change them, it doesn't seem to take effect till I restart that application, mp3 player, movie player or whatever.

I seem to have similar issues with mic vs line-in. and switching between them doesn't always seem to work if in use and Mute options also seem to not kick in.

I read some scare stories about DRM but I'm not sure that this is relevent or not .

In XP, this just worked. sound would go into the IN's and come out of the OUTs and could be muted where needed. Does this work differently now?

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I seem to have a bug in the USB drivers or such that I need help with analyzing. I have tried deleting the USB drivers and letting the system update the driver. I am rather a newbie at system diagnostics but somewhat proficient at computers so hopefully with your help I can iron this problem out. Thanks very much ahead of time

HP dm4 laptop
Intel i5
Toshiba 500GB HD

A:multiple BSOD USB bugcode USB devices not being used

You have both Norton Internet Security and AVG installed. Please remove one or the other and see if your system is then stable.
AVG Remover

Norton Removal ToolHaving two security programs that accomplish the same tasks can cause conflicts/freezes/hangs/crashes/etc. due to them using the same system resources simultaneously. If you had tried to remove one prior to installing the other, it may be that remnants remain and you should contact support for that product to get it properly removed now.

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I'm not entirely sure if this is a Windows Sound issue or a hardware issue, so I'm asking this question both here and in a Windows Community Forum. Is it possible to output audio to multiple devices (i. e., can one assign more than one "Default Device")?  For example, can I output to the USB-S/P-Dif device connected to my stereo and the bluetooth device driving my outdoor speakers simultaneously? I have an Envy dv7-7255dx, with the IDT Hi-Def audio codec, running 64-bit Windows 10 Home. Thanks!

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So my household needs to upgrade internet. Our internet speeds are slow (3mbps) and my mom works at home with various computer programs as she processes documents and claims.She cannot deal with the lag in her internet speed caused by my brother playing his new xbox one (which I've heard takes up the internet like no other) and me browsing the net all at once.

I'm asking because I don't know about internet speeds, our current plan in our area is the best one (I know 3mbps is not alot) but apparently that is the highest service AT&T U-verse provides.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows what would be a good speed for internet considering all of this, it know this isn't exactly a computer problem but I wouldn't know where else to ask.

Thank you for your help!

A:Would 5mbps be enough to support multiple devices?

Hi 12FindersKeepers,

12FindersKeepers said:

So I'm wondering if anyone knows what would be a good speed for internet considering all of this, it know this isn't exactly a computer problem but I wouldn't know where else to ask.Click to expand...

No problem, this is the right section to ask in.

Now I'm a bit confused as to whether your potential Internet speed would be 3Mbps or 5Mbps (conflicting information in title and post). Either way, you're right that that isn't very much bandwidth. Your mom should be able to do her computer work assuming the file transfers she performs involve smaller Word, PDF, and text documents. The primary factors here will be what you do while web browsing, and the Xbox One connection.

You likely won't be able to play Xbox and stream video well simultaneously - that isn't even taking into account possible file transfers of your mom's.

I'm not sure where you live, but most developed areas in the United States have Internet speeds much higher than this. I recommend doing some research online to find out if this truly is your only option. With modern Internet content, I would say ~10Mbps is a good minimum recommendation for a pleasant browsing experience.

If you cannot find/get an Internet connection with increased bandwidth, then you all may need to dedicate times for certain activities on the Internet.

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New box is together. Windows 8.1 64-bit.

When I look at my drives in file explorer, a couple drives have multiple drive letters...

For example, my data backup drive, which is only one partition, shows up as drive "Int data backup (T(T(T" - unfortunately, it keeps changing the colon and closing parentheses to that goofy smiley face.

Same for a couple others... I've never seen this before in Windows 7, so what is this? Do I need to do something about it?


Also, in "Devices and Printers" from the control panel, I have FOUR occurrences of "DIRECTV2PC Media Server" and FOUR occurrences of "DIRECTV Mediashare Renderer"

Do they have anything to do with the multiple drive letters? What the heck are they for? And can I delete them?

A:Multiple drive letters and odd devices

It appears your PC is connected to a media Share network

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Right now I have my computer hooked up to two sets of I/O devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor) and I was wondering if you can separate them so that for example I can surf the web on one set and have a friend play a game on the other. Currently they show and control the same things.

Both monitors are on the same graphics card, one mouse/keyboard is USB the other PS/2

Thanks for any help.

A:Using multiple input devices on one Computer

Nope, there is only one console manager. Since you already have the monitor and keyboard, why not find a cheap machine and just have two?

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Does anyone know if Windows 8 will intergrate multiple output devices to play at the same time? Windows 7 doesn't do it... which is stupid. Pirates will always find a way to bypass this, but I'm stuck without this important feature!!! This is absolutely CRUCIAL for HTPC (home theatre PC) people and/or DJ's or Music producers / Artists. I also use audio levelers like SRS audio essentials which is considered another audio playback device. This is truly ridiculous that I paid all of this money for Windows 7 and I can't play to 2 sets of speakers at the same time. And if I want to switch to headphones for a second for any particular reason, i have to go through a process... and make it the default device and when I want to go back to watching tv I have to go through the process again...... SO ANNOYING..... it's my computer, I should be able to play to ALLLLLLLL of my devices. That's why I buy all these devices so I can use them all simultaneously. This is so basic. Can you please update Windows 7 with multiple playback on all devices. I don't copyright infringe or rip dvd's to external sources, but even if I was a shady individual, which I'm NOT, I don't need multiple playback device to do this. You're only hurting ME, the consumer that pays for things I use. It's MADDENING. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PLAYBACK DEVICES TO INCLUDE SIMULTANEOUS OUTPUT PLAYBACK TO ALL DEVICES.... OR AT LEAST SEVERAL... I mean really... for this stage of technology, this is totally ridiculous.

A:Playback Devices - Multiple Outputs

better to ask this question here
Windows 8 Forums

The people frequenting there have more direct experience with windows 8 than the average user here.

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Is it possible to connect the ac511 to multiple devices?

A:connect ac511 to multiple devices?

The AC511 is USB Sound. Answer is no not ever.
So there is no splitting.  It cannot be attached to multiple usb ports.

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I realize this is a forum for Windows 7, but I don't know where else to ask this question lol.

Earlier I made a thread about my mom's computer being unable to reinstall Windows 7 after a factory reset. I think I've found a possible fix for this, but I'm not entirely sure.

I'm currently in the process of installing Windows 10 on my own computer via the Windows Creation Tool, and I noticed that it gave me the option to not only install W10 on my own computer, but another's through a Flash Drive as well.

So my question: after I've installed Windows 10 on my own computer, would it be possible to also put a copy onto my flash drive to install Windows 10 on my mom's computer as well? And if so, can I bypass the product key requirement to get to the desktop? I've got some code that I used to grab my own product key in order to install Windows 10 for myself, which I can also use to retrieve my mom's product key if I can get to her desktop to open Notepad.

I've never booted a computer via flash drive, so I don't know whether or not I can do this. I don't have her product key, and I can only get it if I can access her desktop (unless there's another way, because the product key on the back of her laptop is too faded to read).

Thanks in advance!

A:Installing Windows 10 on Multiple Devices?

Once you've made an install flash drive (or DVD or iso) from the Microsoft site, you can use it to upgrade any number of qualifying computers (genuine activated Windows 7 SP1) to Windows 10 without needing a serial. It must be the correct edition ie Windows 7 Home Premium needs a Windows 10 Home flash drive. A sneaky upgrade attempt from Home to Pro will appear to work, but won't activate (you will prob be nagged to buy the correct serial sometime in the future).

re : booting from flash - I found that the upgrade didn't work in that scenario. I had to run setup.exe from within Windows 7. If a clean install is your goal, once Windows 10 is installed, you can boot from the install media (flash, DVD etc) and install again, deleting all partitions. You don't need a serial for this, because MS 'remembers' the hardware and activates it accordingly. If you do this, all data and apps are deleted.

Edit - if your mom's computer isn't actually running, you won't be able to upgrade it to W10 for free.

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Hi! I am having a serious issue, or rather my aunt is (I am on her computer) with the internet. Earlier, when we signed in to IE, a bunch of porn sites would pop up from google. Now this is usually easily fixed, but there is also this annoying (and actually probably dangerous!) thing going on with text on websites. it turns light green and becomes underlined, parts of words, or single letters, etc. I'll post a screen shot in a moment.

Anyways, we have run a virus scan, nothing. a spyware scan, nothing. we went through the programs list, and nothing.

apparently the problem started when my cousin was playing games on shockwave.

but also, on the desktop, we get about 4 icons to sites of the above nature.

while I get the screenshot, this is the website that the green text leads to ""

so...any innitial ideas? I have no idea how to fix it!

A:Please help! Unusual internet issue!

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Hi. Thanks in advance for your help.

For the past few months my computer has been connecting to the internet whenever I open My Photos and My Documents. I don't know how this started and don't know how to stop it. It is driving me crazy. Does anyone know how to turn off this option?


A:unusual connecting to internet

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hi, i need help with my computer. my internet browsers became very slow. i am using a broadband. i scanned my computer with avast5 and there was some infections of win32 trojan gen and an infection of HTML:Agent-B in hiberfil.sys, i was able to delete them except the HTML:Agent-B which i did not delete i just turned off the hibernate feature. but still my browsers are loading very slowly. and sometimes the flash drive icon appears in the lower right part of the screen even if there is no flash drive plugged into the computer. i hope you can help me, coz im getting really frustrated its been almost two weeks since i got this problem,thanks. here is my hijackthis log,

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:25:15 AM, on 3/4/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18882)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtcmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Search Protection\SearchProtection.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\DellDock\DellDock.exe
C:\Program Files\Sigmatel\C-Major Audio\WDM\sttray.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe
C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Security 360\is360tray.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastU... Read more

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I am having Internet connectivity issues that only affect my computer and only affect it when I'm using a wired connection as opposed to a wireless connection.

I would just use the wireless except that it's too weak here at my house especially in the room where I'm working and thus it's slow or doesn't work. But now it's all I have unless I use another computer.

From my computer I can access the NAT router's settings page by entering into my browser and I can even reboot the router from it, but I cannot access the Internet. When I type into a cmd window tracert it works, and even when I type in tracert [my internet IP] it works, but typing tracert followed by any other IP fails saying Host Unreachable. My point is that it's obviously not the network connection because otherwise I wouldn't be able to access the router from my computer. And it's definitely not the DNS or DHCP servers since I can verify that both are working. But the icon in the system tray on my computer says "No internet access"

You might think it's the router or the ISP, but when I boot in safe mode the wired Internet connectivity is working and I can access the Internet normally. Plus I tried power cycling both the router and the cable modem but that didn't have any affect. And like I said only this computer is affected.

I noticed the trouble began after I installed Nero 8 and restarted my computer. Before that I was able to access the Internet normally. I ... Read more

A:Internet connectivity problem, affects wired internet but not wireless

Try reinstalling the LAN driver for your mobo or see if there is an updated driver for it.

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So, I've got two separate, but somewhat related issues. One has been going on for a year and still hasn't been resolved (posted about it before) but I have some updated info, the other one is new.
AsHere I go ....

1. Can't Connect to the Internet
I all of a sudden could not connect to the internet. As my wireless isn't working currently, I used a wired connection. I am using that wired connection right now on my work computer that I am messaging from, so I know it isn't a modem/router issue. I have removed all the anti-spyware that I had and only installed Avast!, I re-installed all the drivers, and I contacted my internet provider. In troubleshooting with the internet provider, we tested the ping for, which didn't work, but when we pinged the numerical ip address, it did. The same thing happened when I opened my browser. The representative said that the IP address was not being resolved by the DNS (is that correct)??? Anyways, that's where I am at - how do I resolve it so that the IP address is resolved?

2. First, for some extra background, please see the thread from a year ago that I had posted:
Here's what I posted initially before:
I have a Compaq Presario R3440CA with a Broadcom Wireless card. I used to be able to connect to my wireless just fine. Now when I try to 'Find network connections', the error comes up as follows:
Windows ... Read more

A:Solved: Multiple Internet Issues - Can't connect to website and wireless issues

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I am using Windows XP,HomeEdition Version 2002, Service Pack 3.
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.00 GHz, 3.43 GB of Ram
Firefox version 22.0.
We have noticed recently slow speed on our PC, Cell phones, laptop all connected to our wifi.
On this pc we have a search site called show up whenever we open a new tab.  There also an search bar and a search bar that has the icon of the site.   Occasionally we get a small window pop up in the lower right corner ( where the taskbar is) that will play a video commercial.
This is also new, within that last few months these two things have started.
We notice alot more pop ups while on you tube, the video is jumpy while trying to scroll to the bottom of the page.  When you go to click on a link it seems to move forcing you to click on a pop up. 
I tested at and got a ping of 245, download speed of .19 and upload of .42.  I've been noticing a lot of 404 issues (im not sure what you call says it cannot find where I wanted to go and leaves me at a search bar that says its powered by Bing.  (
Mostly though we get...
Server not found
  Firefox can't find the server at
 Check the address for typing errors such as inst... Read more

A:Multiple problems and slow speed on different devices

One computer per topic please.  Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* At the end, be sure a checkmark is pl... Read more

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I'll try to explain this as simply as possible... Currently, I have speakers, headphones and the headphone microphone plugged in. I'd like to record my Skype conversations using stereo mix, but stereo mix only picks up what goes through my speakers and not what goes through my headset. I've tried tinkering with the settings and haven't been able to get stereo mix to record what goes through my headset instead of my speakers.
How do I get stereo mix to record headphone audio instead of speaker audio?

For the past few hours, I've also been trying to get Audacity to record both stereo mix and my microphone. From what I've read, Audacity can't record two inputs at the same time, so is there a way to combine stereo mix and my microphone?

I'm using the latest Realtek HD drivers, if that helps any.

Thanks for your time.

A:Multiple audio devices, stereo mix and a microphone

You might want to check out VAC(Virtual Audio Cable). It is not a "free" program, so depending on you needs, it might help. here is a link to info about it:Virtual Audio Cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and here is a link to download VAC:
Virtual Audio Cable - CNET

I used it myself to share music I was listening to over video chats. The program can be used in a number of ways. I no longer use, since I currently have a laptop with Stereo Mix, and that meets my needs just fine. Hope this helps.

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