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Audio right channel not working at all after installing windows 7

Q: Audio right channel not working at all after installing windows 7

Hi guys!

First i want to apologize for my bad english since i'm italian

So.. I just installed windows7 ultimate and suddenly the right audio channel is not working.

1) I want to make clear i've tried different cables and headphones/speakers (i'm a producer so i've got plenty..) and i can't hear the right channel at all.

2) I tried to download latest version of Realtek and it didn't help

3) On audio configuration when i press the configure button and it starts helping me configuring it, when i tried the right audio channel i could hear it very low (like the left channel is at least 10 times higher). that is the only situation in wich i can hear something coming out from my right speaker (and is like a 90w monitor.. so i think i'll hear it otherwise)

4) Since i just installed everything i tried to format and re-install, but i got no results

5) I tried the bit/hz thing but with ANY configuration i don't get any result

6) And now a very odd thing: since i got an external audio interface i tried even with that. right channel still not working.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand now some hardware things that may be helpfull to help me (hopefull)

DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2500 MHz (12.5 x 200) 4800+
2gb RAM ddr2
MB: Asus M2N-MX SE Plus
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Audio Interface: nVIDIA nForce 6100-430 (MCP61P) - High Definition Audio Controller PCI (RealTek ALC662)

Did i forget anything?

I really hope someone could help me since i'm stuck with my producing work (i don't want to work in mono or with just a channel )

Thank you in advance

A: Audio right channel not working at all after installing windows 7

Update: now with the external audio interface is working on both channels in stereo

Now i wonder why without this isn't working fine on right channel.. :/

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Can someone please help me try and figure out why my audio isnt working the way is should be?

Playing a blu ray disc (Tron Legacy) using PowerDVD 11 and there is no sound from the side speakers.

On the weekend I hooked up my next door nieghbours PS3 and it played all 8 channels perfectly.

I have been trying to figure this out for 6 weeks now and I am not getting anywhere at all.

A:Audio Problem - 5.1 & 7.1 channel not working with Realtek HD audio & ATI HD4670

Does this only Happen in PowerDVD 11? Have you tried Windows Media centre?


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I got a new computer, and it appears the integrated sound card does 100% well on my 5.1 speakers. The new motherboard's integrated soundcard has 6 audio jack-ports in the back (the typical multi-colored jacks for front/back/center/side speakers). Problem is that my speaker system only has 1 audio jack for it to go out.

Now when I test each individual speaker, it only works for the front left/right speakers. Center/Back left+right do not work.

However when I play my music (and set my speaker to "Surround" mode, sound comes out of all speakers, but more of the volume comes from the front left/right speakers.

I've tried fiddling around in the sound settings int he Control Panel to find no solution. I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem to this or not and if they managed to fix it.

I've thought about getting an optical cable and connecting it to the speaker sytem and to the computer, but I don't know if that'd help.

-Asus M4A785-M Motherboard (ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M4A785-M)
-VIA VT1708S High Definition Audio 8-Channel Sound card
-Windows 7 64-bit
-Durabrand HT-395 Home Theater System (can't find a URL to this sytem since its pretty old)

A:VIA HD Audio Not Working w/ 5.1 Channel Speakers

This has nothing to do with Windows or the onboard audio, and everything to do with what and how you are connecting too. Found the manual for it here,

Durabrand HT395 Home Theater User Manual

If you are connecting to it using only a single cable from the computer to the HT, then you need to set it to stereo in the Windows settings as that is all that will be output. You then need to use the HT to upmix the stereo signal to surround.

Another option would be to use an optical cable from the motherboard to the HT and run it that way. At least using the optical connection anything that is native 5.1 will/should play back in 5.1 on the HT.

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I've just installed a e-GeForce FX 5200 in my computer. Previously, I was running my video from the on-board nForce2 chipset. I am also running my audio from the nForce2 chipset. Everything was working fine until I installed the video card and updated the display drivers. When I noticed the right channel not working I uninstalled the audio drivers and installed an updated version, to no avail. I tried a different set of speakers, yet had the same problem. I'm about at the end of my rope here; anyone know what could be wrong with this PoS?

A:Right audio channel not working after video card install

Maybe you have a loose plug somewhere?

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I recently installed Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion dv2000 notebook. I did this without noticing it was muted. Now I have no audio. I have tried downloading a variety of vista compatible Conexant High-Definition Audio drivers and as yet none have worked.

The audio icon in my taskbar has a red circle with a white cross in it. When I try to install the latest driver through windows task manager it says I have the latest one. When I do a windows update I get no difference. Not really sure what I should do now. I'm out of ideas. Help? Please?

A:HP Audio isn't working after installing Windows 7

Have you tried downloading the dirvers from the HP website? I had to do that in the past..?

Select software and drivers HP Pavilion dv2000 CTO Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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I have the X-Fi SupremeFX PCIe card that comes with the Asus Rampage II Extreme. Its hooked up via Digital Coaxial to a 5.1 HTS Receiver.

I don't have any issues with 5.1ch Dolby Digital when watching DVDs that support it. But all my other audio only comes out the 2 front channels as PCM. On my older computer with a Sound Blaster Audigy card, I was able to get 5 channel stereo through PCM by hooking up through the digital out mini jack and out again through a Digital coaxial cable into the Receiver.

Is there any way to be able to send the 2ch audio to the surround speakers using the SupremeFX card cabled directly to my receiver?

Thanks for any input.

A:Faking a 5 channel signal with 2 channel audio?

Dolby Pro logic supposedly responds to the directionality of a signal, and that's how it synthesizes(or perhaps extracts) the 5 channel info. Well that's great, but I have found that it sounds like s*** on a 2 channel music source, So, I just use the surround modes and allow myself to be entertained with rear channel surround. If the front channel speakers are imaging correctly, there is no need whatsoever for a center channel with music.

Plan "B" is obviously a brand new receiver with discreet 5 or 7 channel inputs. And that pins you to 1 specific listening position, or the effect is lost.

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Hey everyone

I got a bit of a problem here, and I'm at a loss on what to do to fix it.

Some background about the situation would be a good place to start. A few days ago I came home from work and found my PC in a "lights are on, but no one's home" state. The power button was lit up and the fans were in motion, but the monitors were in power saver mode, not the normal on state with the blank screen saver. I tried moving the mouse, mashing on the keyboard but nothing happened. So I reset the machine and it just went to a blank screen, no beeps, or messages, just the same ole lights on no ones home deal again.

Now before this I had been having memory problems, with blue screens saying "memory management" and "IRQL not less than or equal". So I thought it might be a bad strip of ram, and even bought two more strips to replace the ones I had removed. In the process of testing each strip I discovered that one was bad. (That was not the fix by the way)

After putting in the new ram in for a total of 8GB's of ram (figured if I'm gonna buy new ram might as well increase the total amount) it booted up and no more blue screens after loading into windows, YaY it was fixed or so I thought. A few weeks later the above incident occurred and the only way to get the PC to boot up was to pull two strips of the ram and insert the remaining strips into slots 1 and 3 for a single channel configuration. Didn't matter which set of ram I used, ju... Read more

A:Dual Channel Suddenly Stopped Working, Only Single Channel Remains

Britton, go to the asus site for your motherboard. Download and install the latest drivers. Download a copy of your manual and review the bios settings. If need be manually input the correct timings for your ram. Also make sure to follow the ram installation documentation for which slots to use to enable dual channel.

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Windows 10 beginning with windows update 1511 the Bluetooth audio channel opens when sound is detected and closes after 2 or 3 seconds when no sound detected causing pop sounds. This has been tested with various Bluetooth speakers and headsets on 4 devices, two desktops with Bluetooth dongles, a surface pro 2 and a windows 10 laptop. All audio and Bluetooth device drivers have been updated. Tested various device manager setting such as power management modes disabling power saver feature etc. Audio property setting have also been changed such as disabling enhancements etc.
From extensive testing I have concluded that windows 10 (currently all devices running anniversary update), open audio channel when sound is detected this slight delay causes device to pop, 2 - 3 second after audio has ceased focus is directed away from Bluetooth devices causing closing pop sound through speakers and headsets. Games, music, movies experience no popping after initial start as focus for Bluetooth audio device is dedicated to that device.
The problem is annoyingly apparent when navigating though file explorer when opens folders causes pop sounds due to folder opening sound only lasting less that a second.
Initial windows 10 upgrade did not have this problem nor did windows 7, only occurred from update 1511 and above when Bluetooth networking features were introduced.
Is there any resolution to this problem that anyone has found?

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Ok I have the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard. I am trying to figure out how to put it in the case. I have the processor in and its ready to go in the case. I am just not sure how to put it in. In the directions it says “Remove the I/O plate from the back of the case and replace it with provided motherboard I/O plate.”. What does that mean? What’s an I/O plate? The problem I am running into is the case has like 50 holes in it to put those gold screw things that space the motherboard off the case. Well I am not sure what holes to use. There are like 10 different holes on the motherboard. Are they all for screws? I noticed there are two type of holes. Just normal holes then there are holes with 8 golden metal circles around them. I was not sure if they were for screws. Here is what I am talking about:

Also the manual for my motherboard said it has the ability to support dual channel technology. What is dual channel technology? It said it doubles the bandwidth of the memory speed or something like that. Anyway I have two gigs of Corsair XMX2 memory. The manual said I need to put the memory in the same color channels for the dual channel to work. So I put the two sticks of memory in the same colored slots not the slots grouped together right? Does it mater if I choose the red or yellow ones?

A:Need help installing mobo into case and installing RAM for dual channel config.

Attached is a picture and description of how to remove and install the I/O shield.

The screws that secure the motherboard to the chassis go through the holes with the metal circles around them.

The "gold screw things" you are speaking of are the motherboard standoffs. You install the standoffs in the case to align with the holes with the metal circles around them. MAKE SURE that you only have installed the number of standoffs for the holes on the motherboard. If you leave an extra standoff installed it can cause a short circuit in the motherboard.

For dual channel memory install one stick of memory in each of the YELLOW DIMMs.
Push the white clips on the DIMMs into the open position (in the photograph you attached they are in the closed position). Insert a stick of memory in the DIMM slot making sure it is aligned. Then with your thumbs push down firmly on each end of the memory stick until it is firmly seated and the white clips close by themselves to lock the memory in place. If the memory is installed correctly, you should not have to move the white locking clips manually. Again, they should "pop in" and lock themselves.

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I have three audio devices on my pc (ATI HDMI, Via HD onboard and steelseries usb soundcard) and through all devices I only get audio out of the left channel. I have tried two pairs on headphones and my tv speakers all with the same results. I have looked at all the balancing end everything is set to even on both channels.

Windows 7 X64 ultimate
M4A78 PRO Mobo Via HD audio
Steel Series Usb SoundCard

A:Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

As you have three devices, each one separately generates the sound. The only thing common would be the sound itself, such as a wav or mp3 file.

When you use the PC's sound chip (VIA HD) that is one hardware device and the wired on the motherboard output jacks. If you use a USB connected sound device then you are using that device to generate the sound and that device's physical jacks. If you use the ATI HDMI, most video cards have their own built in audio chip (unless this is an old video card that uses S/PDIF connection to the motherboard) and thus again everything separate for audio generation and connection.

One comment, if you have both the Via on board audio and the usb connected sound card enabled at the same time there can be conflicts and sound problems. Not the balance problem you have but there can be problems. If you want to use the VIA then physically disconnect the USB. If you want to use the USB, disable the on-board audio in the BIOS.

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Here's the problem, I'm building my new PC as we speak and I bought this mammoth cpu cooler (which while I knew it would be big I didn't read any reviews stating it covers a memory slot) which fully covers up my first ram slot and the heat spreader is too tall on the memory to try and weasel it in there. The Gigabyte's instructions tell me that there are two "dual channels" one using 1 and 3 and the other using 2 and 4. I installed the RAM into 2 and 4 because there is no other way for it to work. Is there any reason I wouldn't get the same performance out of slots 2 and 4 as opposed to 1 and 3?

A:Solved: Can dual channel memory be installed in channel 1 rather than channel 0?

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Hello, i was trying to fix my microphone problem after i stumbled on a thread on this site, that advised to install audio driver from acer support downlaods. i did that, now my speakers dont work anymore. i need someone to help me pls. i have un-installed the high definition software but same problem.

A:acer 5552 speakers stopped working after installing audio driver

Are the "Speakers" set as the default audio playback device?

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good day experts!

i have a simple question:what does 6 channel audio mean?

i have an ecs board K8T800-A (1.0) with that kind of on board audio capabilities,and i'm planning in buying a creative inspire 6.1 speaker system.

would that work,or would i need to purchase another pci
audio card from the same company.

thanks for your help!

A:what does 6 channel audio mean

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I have a laptop (Win XP SP2) which has 2 speakers connected to it. Lately, I noticed that sound in the right speaker was missing. (Left channel is OK.) I took the audio amp and speakers to another PC, and the sound was fine, so it's not the speaker. If I listen to just just the laptop's internal speakers (unhook the external ones), that sounds mono also. Investigating further (after I attached the speakers back to the laptop), I found that the right speaker didn't work (it has just a tiny hum) when I was listening to internet radio, mp3 and wav files. But it did work when listening to midi files. For all listening, I use Windows Media Player. The volume control shows Balance set correctly, and will turn off the left channel when moved to the right. Just to be sure the problem wasn't the Media Player, I updated from WMP 10 to WMP 11. Same results. Just the left channel heard. Anyone know what could be the reason? Is there a setting somewhere deep in Windows that somehow changed from Stereo to Mono?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Audio Out In Only One Channel

Have you tried updating your sound adapter's driver?

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I have a laptop which has 2 external speakers connected to it. Lately, I noticed that sound in the right speaker was missing. (Left channel is OK.) I took the audio amp and speakers to another PC, and the sound was fine, so it's not the speaker or hardware. If I listen to just the laptop's internal speakers (unhook the external ones), that sounds mono also.

Investigating further (after I attached the speakers back to the laptop), I found that the right speaker didn't work (it has just a tiny hum) when I was listening to internet radio, CDs, mp3 and wav files. But it did work when listening to midi files. For all listening, I use Windows Media Player.

The volume control shows Balance set correctly, and will turn off the left channel when moved to the right. Just to be sure the problem wasn't the MediaPlayer, I updated from WMP 10 to WMP 11. Same results. Just the left channel heard.

Anyone know what could be the reason? Is there a setting somewhere deep in Windows that somehow changed from Stereo to Mono?

A:Audio Out In Only One Channel

I have exactly the same problem.

Does anyone have a solution???????

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i am looking for a audio channel mixer so i

covert stereo to 5.1 or 6.1 is there a plungin

i have been working with a member who told about foobar2000

and a 3rd party plungin channel mixer but vista must have a compatable issue

or maybe i do

anyhelp would be great

A:audio channel mixer

no response by anyone


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hi. my left channel plays both left channel and right channel while nothing comes out of the right speaker. it is not my speakers fault because i used headphones and same thing happened but when i used the headphones on another computer sound came from both channels. when i go to the 5.1 surround sound speaker test when the picture of the front left speaker lights up the voice says front left and it comes from that speaker, but when the front right speaker picture lights up the words front right come out of the front left speaker. this happened a few days ago and i didnt change anything. i tried system restore and updating the sound drivers but no luck. i would really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.

A:left and right channel audio

anyone? i just want to know why my right channel sound comes from the left speaker instead of coming from the right speaker.

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i have no idea why, but whenever i listen to music or use headphones on my speakers, i only recieve one channel. I checked device manager and everything is installed properly.

A:audio only playing on one channel

First check your audio properties and make sure your balance is centered. Then look at the connector. Maybe it's not plugged in all the way?

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Hi guys,

I'm new here and I need some help with Windows 7. I have a HP Pavilion dv5-1234ca. I'm using IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. But if I go Properties > Levels > Speakers > Balance, when I want to listen to only the left channel, even if I turn down R channel, the audio i get from the left channel is a mix of left and right audio.

Sorry if it's really confusing, here's a scenario:
When one turns down right channel, you should be hearing 100% left audio on the left speaker.
but when I turn down right channel, I hear 50% left and 50% right audio on the left speaker.
I hope you guys get what i mean.

I want it to work because, for example, I want to listen to karaoke videos (this is a chinese karaoke video YouTube - ??? - ?? ktv)that has a left channel of music only, and a right channel of music + vocal.
right now it isn't working for me because no matter which channel i choose, it plays a mixed audio of both channels ):

please help me thanks!

A:Audio Left/Right Channel

It sounds like your driver/software isn't able to differentiate from left and right channel sound. Are you sure that you have your speakers set up for this? You may want to check for the newest drivers via the HP website.

This driver is from September of 2009, it's version 6.10.6225.0
IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver HP Pavilion dv5-1234ca Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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Hi Everyone,

I just noticed that i hardly get any sound out of the left side of both my speakers and the headphone/line out. I checked the volume control panel and it is faded to the middle. Is there anything else I can try, otherwise i guess its hardware.

A:Low Left Channel Audio

Try turning the speaker wire, assuming it is a 3.5 jack. Also, try pushing the cable in a bit, not were the metal bit goes in, but where the wire goes to the plastic bit, which then goes to the metal bit. You may just have to adjust the balance.

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I recently upgraded to Vista (something that I still don't know if I regret) and I am having problems with recording. I am using audio recording software to record in real time through the mic i/p. However only one channel is recording. I know that the problem is not with the software because I used "sound recorder" in applications and that had the same problem.
I tried both the front and the rear mic i/p and checked everything in:
control panel>>Sound>>recording
and it seems fine.
Any ideas?
I would also like to hear what is coming through the mic through the speakers. anyone know how I do that?
Thanks guys

A:Only one audio channel recording?!

Is this software made for XP or Vista?

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hello, just purchased Acer AX3950-U3022, trying to determine if 5.1 channel audio is put out. It's a refurb from SenecaData; two requests in to seneca data tech support ; so far, they cannot tell me. Other than one HDMI output, the only audio output is what looks like standard green analog jack; one on rear, one on front panel; plus blue and pink on rear. front has a mic input jack.
This pc is replacement upgrade for original purchase Acer AX3910, which did have separate channel audio output jacks on back panel; 6 of them. i believe it also had s/pdif; and HDMI output. But imaging problem meant they had to repair all of this model, and they replaced original with upgraded ax3950, assuring me it had all features and more of original AX3910 i bought; and i specifically asked about 5.1 channel audio out, that tech support rep said yes it had it.
the AX3950 has upgrades; 6 GB ram instead of 4; i3-550 dual core processor instead of E5800; hyperthreading; but 3910 has HDCP support, 3950 doesn't list yes or no; both models have one pciexpress x1 and x16 slot.
Realtek HD Audio Manager on board; if 5.1 audio out is selected, it shows Analog outputs but hovering cursor over three rear jacks shows front speaker out, rear speaker out, center/subwoofer out. If stereo audio is selected, same three jacks just show standard settings of mic, line in, and audio out.
there is not product manual for either pc! just a 30 page setup manual.
please can you advise me what the AX3950 is capa... Read more

A:pls do I have 5.1 channel audio output?

hi and hello to the seven forums

just had a look at the pc specs AX3910-U4022 | Product Model and it states what you ask (see my snapshot)

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I was just wondering, and I hope this is the right place to ask this....

Would this be wasting my 8 Channel onboard audio card?

Using Formula IV motherboard with...

Onboard Audio
Audio Chipset
SupremeFX X-Fi 8-Ch audio with EAX Advanced HD 4.0 support
Audio Channels
8 Channels


Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 Open-air dynamic headphones

This is a website that sells them...

And also...

What I mean tho is, would this be 8 channel or crappy 2.0?

If so, I want the best gaming headset available that would make use of my sound card for the money. (don't got loads)

Thanks again for your help!

A:8 Channel Audio with these headphones? Yes?

No one?

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Can someone explain to me please? i just change my mother board to foxconn
661 MXPRO. based on SIS661 chipset,support FSB 800(over clock)/533/400MHZ. socket 478 processor: support DDR 400/333/266 MHZ AGP 8x.
The manual says:
The mother board is equipped with the CODE ALC655 chip, which provides support for 6 -channel audio output, including 2 front, 2 rear, 1 center and 1 subwoofer channel. ALC655 allows the board to attach 4 or 6 speakers for a better surround sound effect. To apply this function, you have to install the audio driver in utillity CD as well as an audio application supporting 6-channel. Connect the front speakers to green audio output; connect the surround speaker to the audio output and connect the center speaker/subwoofer to the red microphone output.
Is that mean i can connect any speakers meaning stereo speakers not pc speakers to the pc without the help of an amplifier.
thank you

A:6-channel Audio Effects?


If you're talking about amplified speakers, then yes.
If you're talking about darned old common speakers, certainly not.
The computers outputs are at "line potential". This is the same signal level as say, a cassette deck, would output to your home receiver.
If your home sound system has multichannel sound line inputs, you would jump from the computer to the receiver which would power the (UN-Amplified) speakers.

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Anyone here have a motherboard with a Realtek Codec and has 6 channel audio working?

Oddly the driver from the Microsoft Windows Update installed OK but then when launching the Control Panel it came up with an error that the Realtek driver is not compatible with Vista. The latest 6201 driver from Realtek installs fine but only the 2 front channels work in WMP and Winamp - all 6 work during Vista's speaker test though...

Seems a few people are having this issue with no apparent solution.

A:Realtek audio, only 2 channel

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i have a sabertooth 990fx r2 mother board with a Creative? Inspire M5300 - 5.1 Channel Speaker System

Today My auxiliary rear black cable's tip broke off inside my rear black auxiliary jack

I used a metal skewer to try to get it out finally i used a ink cartridge from a pen to get it out
i used a dab of glue to glue the tip back on the black auxiliary jack

after a hour or 2 of drying i plugged in my 5.1 audio cables into my 8 channel rear audio ports and all my speakers work except the rear left one my rear right one works fine i switched the speakers to see if it was them but it wasn't.

Do you think my audio port on my mother board is broken from me trying to get the tip out cause only one rear speaker is getting sound the other rear speaker works fine and it uses the same black optical port

or do you think its just the speakers since the rear optical tip broke off and i had to glue it back on the tip fell off again and i plugged it in with the tip missing off the black rear audio cable with the same results

im worried which part is broken hopefully its the speakers

could the tip breaking off the black rear auxiliary 3.5 mm jack cause this issue im not sure what its purpose even is

A:rear channel audio issues

It is most likely the plug that you fixed. Gluing back on probably is not making electrical contact. You will have to replace the plug.

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sorry if this sounds stuiped but what is a 8-channel High Definition Audio?? I have brought a pc with an intrigated 8-channel High Definition Audio soudncard on the mother board but i dunno if i will be able to add some 5.1 Speakers to the pc? Anyway thanks for any help you can give - Adam

A:What is a 8-channel High Definition Audio?

8-channel refers to how many different.... channels... your sound chip can split sound into. Your motherboard allows you to have 8 speakers set up, and each one will function on a separate channel, which means making their own sound appropriate to the music/game/sound effect etc.

Your motherboard also comes with software for controlling the sound chip. In this software you can configure it to work with varios setups, including 5.1 speakers. Just mess around with your settings, and you'll find it in there somewhere.

If you can't find it, tell us what your motherboard is, and someone can help you make the adjustments.

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is it possible to change an audio output with hot keys?

for eg to play music through my headphones i use my xfi elite sound card and when i use my hifi speakers i use my onboard cards spdif out,

to do this at the moment i have to go into playback devices and change default play back device, is there a way i can use say ctrl+alt+Q to do this?

A:change audio channel with hot keys?

This has been asked before and I don't recall anyone posting a way to do it. May be, but not that I remember. Have you tried doing a google search for this?

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Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?


A:Right Channel Audio To Left Speaker: How Please ?

Quote: Originally Posted by Robert11


Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?


I know exactly what you mean. On my media PC the on board audio was backwards so I reversed the connections so it sounded correct. I then put in a Audigity 2 and that was wired correctly.
The only suggestion I have is to check out an electronics store or Amazon for a couple of cables so you can reverse the wiring.
and then one of these if your speaker system has a socket on it, if not search for a cable with a socket on it.

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Hi audio people!I'm attempting some housekeeping and problem solving at the moment herebut it might be best to seperate my 2 sound issues and post in this forum.It's a bit confusing so pls bear with me ....L/R channelsMy speakers play both channels fine but using the headphone socket gave me just the right channel. It wasn't a huge issue so I just ignored it - I thought it might be the socket: the end of the hphone jack not touching a plate or something (BTW this is a HP Pavilion notebook & with not much room to lever something back into position I wasn't going to try it)around the time I posted about my fujacks virus I tried to play an old game (IL2)and I got both channels - weeeeeee just for a short while 2-3 days after that, I got full stereo again (on a different game) but again it was short lived (less than 2mins) I'm back to just 1 ear on the headphones again whatever I listen to. The headphones ARE fine and given that I did get both channels however briefly - it's not the socket is it? any thoughts? Choppy...sometimesRecently DVDs & CDs got choppy (can't pin it down to any action (e.g. install, Windows auto update virus warning) as I rarely watch films on the HP (and I don't play audio 'coz of the missing channel) Gameplay sounds absolutely fine - if I forget that I've only got 1 channel Same with Ableton which also bleeps away smoothly in 1 ear.While watching/listening I also notice the HDD indicator lamp flashing away 'in sync' with the dropou... Read more

A:Choppy Audio & Missing Channel

What kind of speaker system do you have, just a two channel stereo?

Is there any way to reverse the left and right channel speakers to determine if the speaker is the problem?

If not, can you test your speakers on another computer to rule out the speaker being the problem?

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Hi all i have a question regarding installing 3rd RAM on a dual channel motherboard. I have already installed and running a dual channel kit by Kingston HyperX 1866 4GB x2. If I install another module of same speed will it unstable the performance? Or crash apps as it wont be running on dual channel mode.

A:Installing 3rd RAM on Dual Channel Motherboard

If you look at the motherboard manual, there may still be a way to run in dual channel with only 3 sticks, if it`s possible the MB manual will show you which slots to populate.

Only you will know for sure if performance is slower.

But, why not just wait and fill all 4 slots ?

Best desktop and notebook memory | Kingston Technology

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I had a hard time finding this driver so here it is if you happen to need it.

[email protected]

Hope it helps some body's head ache

A:Emachine w 3107 audio driver 6 channel ac 97 5.1

Always willing to help some one

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Hi there, just upgraded to Windows 7.
My front sound jack works, but when I connect my speakers to the on-board sound card I only get the left channel. So I figure it's the drivers.
Well, Windows says my audio drivers are up to date, so I manually downloaded the W7 32-bit drivers from Realtek. When I try to update the drivers, telling windows to use this folder, it still says the latest drivers are installed. I resorted to running setup.exe in the driver folder and that seemed to be going alright until:
Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software
<press Install this driver software anyway>
installation hangs at about 90% and the security message continually pops up.

what do?

A:W7 refuses to install AC'97 - only left channel audio

Right click on the setup exe and select "run as administrator"


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I've been running on W8 Consumer Preview since release without any trouble at all. Yesterday I installed the Release Preview and I've encountered a problem. My PC outputs to the amplifier via HDMI on my graphic card (Radeon HD 6700). The problem is that in the speaker configuration from playback devices only allows me to select 2 channel audio, and has no option for 5.1, so anything which tries to play 5.1 audio will result in no sound output.

I've installed the latest release of the Catalyst Control Center released 31 May (for Windows 8 RP). This was all working perfectly under the Consumer Preview.

Any idea how to get it to work?

Edit: I know HDMI is not selected as default device in the screenshot above. That's not an issue as XBMC always outputs from HDMI irrespective of my default choice.

A:Digital Audio (HDMI) only has 2 channel option

this is quite normal.

all digital outputs cannot be configured in windows - this is why you can only see 2 channels. this setting applies only for analog audio as it is processed by windows. As it is digital signal streamed to external decoder - windows setting doesn't mean anything, correct format is encoded by source app and decoded by ext. device.

i tested it on 2 different computers, with hdmi, digital coax and spdif.

if u get no sound over hdmi at all - try to install different driver.

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Hello, in need of something to do I decided to post a few problems having with my computer. So here's the deal: I have this 3-5 years old homebuilt rig, which I'm going to replace quite soon. It has Asus P5GPL motherboard, with onboard audio, Intel Celeron D 2.66 GHz, stock fan, unclocked, 2x512 Mb DDR400 memory, Club 3D Radeon X800GT 256 MB, 80 G SATA2 HDD, 350W PSU that came with the case, Codegen. I'll fill this thing up in the morning, can´t make the noise of opening my case to check the PSU specs right now.

The problems are: I cannot get my 5.1 speakers to function properly, only subwoofer and front speakers give sound. I lost the included driver CD after installation and I had to format and reinstall because of virus trouble and stuff. I received my 5.1s only after that. I however found Realtek Sound Manager bundle, that was installed as/with the sound driver from the original CD (This made the 5.1 work as 2.1, before that I couldn't get any sound whatsoever). I'm yet to find any other driver for the board's sound card.

The memory problem is that my two memory stick do not work when installed to work as dual-channel pair. I have tested all the slots and they work fine. I will fill this too in the morning, as I haven't tested the memories out for 3-5 years, I never tried to install them as DC again after the initial build. (I'll test and see what it does with the memories installed dual channel way, I can't remember what ... Read more

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Hey guys,

I seem to be having an issue with my onboard sound card. It's a VIA card built into the Asus M4A785TD-M EVO motherboard.

It seems to be that my left channel is roughly 20% of the volume of the right, even at 100%. The channel works because I can hear it, but it's not nearly as loud as the right. I have checked the levels in the VIA control panel and everything is fine and dandy.

I have this issue with my speakers hooked up to the back of the PC via 3.5mm as well as my headphones hooked up to the front of my case via 3.5mm.

I had this issue once before but I was using my USB headset mostly at that time (which by the way, works just fine) and one day I discovered it worked. I don't know what I did or if I did anything.

The drivers are currently up to date.

Any ideas? (Specs are current)

A:Left Channel Very Quiet with Analog Audio

You've essentially limited down the potential causes to a chip problem, and a software issue. Try disabling or uninstalling the VIA control program, and then uninstalling your sound drivers in Device Manager. Reboot, and Windows should automatically install some drivers of its own.

If that doesn't work, I'd suspect the chip itself is bad. Before spending money on a new card, though, it may be worth it to test another OS. Make a live Ubuntu CD, and see if the problem is there.

Download | Ubuntu

If the problem exists there, purchase a new sound card.

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I am having a problem setting up my speakers to 5.1 option in the control panel in windows vista 32- bit. There is only the (stereo) option in the control panel sound settings ,there are no 5.1 ,7.1 etc. options in the configure option in sound option of control panel . i'm going mad with this problem without my speakers set to 5.1 i get bloody crackling music. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone help me .im sick of searching out for the solution coz many people are having the same problem.

A:problem with 5.1 channel audio selection in vista

k_akhil47 said:


I am having a problem setting up my speakers to 5.1 option in the control panel in windows vista 32- bit. There is only the (stereo) option in the control panel sound settings ,there are no 5.1 ,7.1 etc. options in the configure option in sound option of control panel . i'm going mad with this problem without my speakers set to 5.1 i get bloody crackling music. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone help me .im sick of searching out for the solution coz many people are having the same problem.Click to expand...

What brand is your motherboard? Are you using onboard audio or a PCI audio card?
How old is the pc?

Have you updated your audio drivers?

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I have the front panel audio connectors on the A7N8X-E Deluxe connected to the front speaker and mic jacks of my case. I love this feature because I have speakers connected to the back audio jack and when I want privacy, I plug-in my headphones to the front audio jack and the speakers go silent. However, I recently noticed that the right audio channel from the back motherboard jack was mute. I don't remember this ever being an issue as I have used this configuration for some time. When I plug in my headphones in the front, both channels are present. I thought this was a motherboard issue and got my it replaced from Asus, but again ended up with the same problem. Is it possible that the Return R and L audio leads from the case audio jacks might be defective? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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One of my audio channels - the left one, I think - is fuzzy and barely recognizable, while the other channel is fine. I determined that it's a software problem by unplugging my amp and plugging earphones directly into the audio jack, and seeing that the problem persisted.

I've had this issue before, but after fiddling with a bunch of settings, I finally stumbled upon an option the Realktek HD audio driver gives you: when you plug something into the audio jack, a little dialog appears asking whether you just plugged in speakers, or headphones. If I selected headphones instead of speakers (regardless of what was actually plugged in) the fuzzy channel would pop back, good as new. But if I selected speakers, one channel would be fuzzy again.

The problem is: I want to play a video game that (for some unfathomably silly reason) doesn't work right if Realtek drivers are being used. So I uninstalled Realtek, and ordered Windows to install the default drivers, which it did. But now one channel is fuzzy again, and I can't find a Windows option similar to what Realtek gave me that fixes it. Or any option that fixes it.

So my question is: is there a fix, a workaround, or a different, reliable sound driver which allows you to switch between "speakers mode" and "headphones mode"?

A:One audio channel is fuzzy/distorted, other is fine

There is no Control Panel like the RealTek HD Audio Manager. The Windows installed HD Audio Driver is a generic basic function only driver.

What does the game tell you if the RealTek is installed?

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Hopefully someone can help me here. I have a Gateway GM5474 with ntegrated 8-Channel (7.1) High Definition Audio. How do I use it? What kind of cables do I use to hook my speakers up to it? Do I use 3.5mm mono or stereo plugs for each input directly to my speakers or do I need some kind of mixer? Can I simply plug my subwoofer into the subwoofer jack and so forth? I can't find anything on the web to explain this to me. I want to use my speakers from my 7.1 home theater system that no longer works and plug them into my computer for surround sound. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Integrated 8-Channel (7.1) High Definition Audio

Make sure you have the latest audio driver from Gateway. The rear sound jacks are programmed by using the Realtek Audio software in the control panel. Each colored audio plug will have a place for front, rear, and subwoffer speakers. It is customary that Home Theater systems have a separate amplifier. You may not be able to get surround sound without using an external surround sound amp

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Hello folks,

I intend on installing additional RAM to a PC which is getting a bit long in the tooth. It currently runs the following in dual channel mode:2x2GB G.Skill DDR3-1600 F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL

The RAM I'm looking to add is:2x2GB G.Skill DDR3-1600 F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL

As you can see from the above, the two sets are not exactly the same. The RAM modules within each set however are matched. Do you think this might cause any problems?

Many thanks for your assistance

A:Installing non-identical RAM in dual-channel mode

Anytime all ram is not matched it can cause problems.

You have a good chance your rams will work together because they are so closely match but you won't know until you try.

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I am pretty sure this is a hardware issue. The front headphone jack only produces sound from the left channel, right channel is completely dead. The rear audio out works perfectly, audio out via usb works perfectly. Any headphones I plug in to the front jack only produces sound in the left channel only and I've tried multiple headphones.
I've removed the front face and wiggled all the connections even unplugged and reconnected the cables on the motherboard hoping it was just a loose connection but no improvement.
My Dell is still under warranty but I'd hate to be without it for any time is there any chance of having the offending part mailed to me so I can replace it myself? Any tips are appreciated.

A:Inspiron 3847's front audio has a dead right channel?

If you only purchased the 1 year Limited Hardware warranty, then mail in is the only option after you have troubleshot with Dell Technical Support. If you purchased the 1 to 4 year Premium Support warranty, then onsite service is available after you troubleshoot the issue with Dell Technical Support. While on with them, you could ask if they can setup a "parts only service" once they have verified which parts are defective.

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Dear all,

I have been reading 1000s of posts on the net for 5.1 Channel speakers giving outputs only through the front left and right speakers. Well, I am no exception

- Connected all the cables correctly to the respective jacks... but still...
- Tried atleast 5 different of HD Audio Drivers (including the latest by the onboard device maker VIA - v10_1200a, as well as the Microsoft generic HD Audio driver)... Installed, Completely wiped, Reinstalled, all possible combinations... but still...
- Tried adding the Sound Blaster 5.1 Channel PCI Card (SB 5.1 VX)... but still...
- Tweaked all possible 'Playback Devices' options... but still...
- Tried different 5.1 Channel testing audio files... but still...

But still still my speakers (brand new iBall MJ04 - iBall's latest model) doesn't play 5.1 Channel Audio

Following is my system specifications:

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66GHz
Package (platform ID) - Socket 775 LGA
Mainboard Model - P5KPL-CM
Northbridge - Intel P35/G33/G31 rev. A2
Southbridge - Intel 82801GB (ICH7/R) rev. A1
Onboard Audio - VIA VT 1708B, 8-CH High Definition Audio
Memory Type - DDR2
Memory Size - 4096 MBytes
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bit)

Though this board supports 8 Channel audio, even 5 Channel is not being played.... when an audio file or video file is played, all speakers flare up.... playing the audio is all speakers... this is NOT 5.1 channel audio... this is just 'Speaker Fill'.... playing the same sound in all the 5 speakers.... tr... Read more

A:5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers

I assume you are using something like this,

or similar cables to connect from the 6 RCA input jacks on the system to the 3 mini jacks on the computer (one each for the front left/right, sub/center and rear left/right).

Also is the audio you are trying to play stereo or 5.1? If it is only stereo then it requires using speaker fill to get sound from all speakers.

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I have an ASUS P5B mobo and Im using the onboard audio jack to connect me GX Gaming audio system. It was working well until I unplugged it for a party. When I returned I noticed a constant light clicking in the Left channel both in my speaker system and when I plugged in my own headphones.

The sound continues throughout the booting process and in bios and only turns off briefly during the end of a reboot sequence. It does not override any audio but does maintain the clicking in the background.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

A:Left Channel in Audio Give Constant Clicking

Welcome to the Windows 7 forum. We'll try to help.

Is the clicking ONLY with the GX Gaming audio system, whatever that is, connected?

Have you reseated all audio cables? (unplug then plug back in making sure they are fully inserted).

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I am doing some transcription work and have the integrated 8-channel high definition audio on my Gateway GT5628 computer. I have tried a couple of different headsets and am still not totally excited about things I don't hear clearly.
I was looking for a place to adjust the sound--a configuration place for vocal or a graphic equalizer. I have the feeling that is not available on this sound setup. Integrated tells me that, I think. It is not a real sound card.
Ok, no laughing here on my lack of knowledge but if there are any adjustments I can make, I have no idea where they might be. Under sound in the control panel I see Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC. Nothing there under properties. Is my sound just the way it is?
Thanks for any help. I can spell though!

A:Integrated 8-channel (7.1) High Definition Audio question

I have the same onboard video, they have a graphic equalizer.

Go to start, run and type in msconfig, make sure that option is check as highlighted which i shown.

When you restart, you should see a new icon in the bottom right corner, open it up and you should more options.

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I will try my best not to confuse you.

On my laptop (hp-dv7) the audio on my headphones only work on the right channel. However, this surprisingly corrects its self when playing Starcraft 2, full stereo on both ears. This problem returns when I play DeusEx or use computer regularly, right channel only.

I did re-install my driver for audio, if those would ask. I also tried another pair of headphones, same thing.

The audio from the laptop, the main speakers work as they should.

I cant seem to find this particular problem online.

Anyone know what is going on?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey. I have the Logitech LS21 speakers. I know they are cheap speakers. When I first set them up, I was actually very impressed with the volume and quality of the sound and bass. It was enough to fill my modest sized room with loud clear sound and rich base when listening to music. I had them connected to the audio jack on my ASUS M5A78L LE using the Realtek audio described in the title.

At some point I chose to reinstall Windows. I installed and updated all the drivers, etc and set the speakers up the same way as before. Only this time the audio was around 20% of the volume it was previously with volume up full. In games it's barely audible at all unless I put my ear to one of the speakers.

I first tried using different Realtek drivers including the ones shipped with the motherboard, the latest on the ASUS web site as well as the latest from Realtek's site. All of these drivers yield the same results. I also tried tweaking many settings in Windows and with Realtek's audio manager. Nothing seems to raise the volume.

So I decided to test the speakers out without the Realtek audio. Plugging the jack directly into my monitor and using an AMD HDMI Driver. Surprisingly, the speakers were now much, much louder. However, without the use of the sound card, the audio became quite distorted when the volume or base was raised. And in general, just wasn't as good quality.

I'd like to get back the loud clear sound and deep base I had originally, but I do not know what else to try.

... Read more

A:Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio Very Quiet

What do you show in the Device Manager, for sound devices? You should only have two, the AMD HDMI and the RealTek. If you have the generic Windows installed HD Audio Codec, uninstall that, then restart the PC and see if that changes anything.

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actually havn't got the chance to read zillions of replies my question is:
got the r5.21 version of Realtek HD audio driver and i'm still facing this problem that the right channel speaker is not functioning at all!
does this version solve this problem?
and do u have any suggestions to solve it while still on the same R 2.51 version?
Thanks Alot,

A:Right Channel Not Working !

hi stratilatis
and hi for all the men from syria
im from jordan your nabbers
and sorry for going out of topic
what is your laptops model
i hop acer thats better for me

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I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer after reformatting it.
The installation is successful but there is no Audio.
When i click on the properties of the Sound & Audio,
the error says: "Cannot start this device. Code 10".

I have tried to update it through Windows update, but there is no update for the audio driver,
it always says 'Your Audio Driver is Up to Date'.

I have manually tried to download and install the Audio Realtek HD sound Driver,
Still does not work.

Please Help!!

A:No Audio after installing Windows 7

Let's make sure that your playback devices are enabled.

Right-click the speaker icon on your taskbar > Select 'Playback Devices'
In the empty space, Right-click and select both 'Show Disconnected/Disabled Devices'
Do you see icons for your speakers and headphones now? You may need to enable both of these.

You can also try the troubleshooter to discover any connection issues that may exist, instructions are below:

Click 'Start' > Select 'Control Panel'
Type troubleshooting in the top-right search field > Select 'Troubleshooting'
Click 'Hardware and Sound' > Select 'Playing Audio'

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What seemed like right after my IE auto updated to ver. 8, my audio would just stop functioning. I found that it was because the wave gain slider had been turned to 0 on my volume controls. Then I noticed a constant clicking like when exploring with IE except I wasn't using IE and no widows were open, and the wave volume would go back to zero after a few minutes. After checking task manager I found two iexplorer.exe processes that would restart as soon as I tried to stop them. Researching for the problem brought me here and I followed the instruction guide for posting.I run avguard antivir, WinPatrol, and Spyware gaurd, all of which were disabled during DDS and GMER scans. Thanks for your help!DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Jaime at 13:58:21.87 on Wed 07/14/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_15Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.503.78 [GMT -7:00]AV: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {804FD0EC-FFA4-00C8-0D24-347CA8A3377C}AV: AntiVir Desktop *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {AD166499-45F9-482A-A743-FDD3350758C7}AV: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {7C910732-0013-0000-180A-850000008500}AV: *On-access scanning disabled* (Updated) {84B5EE75-6421-4CDE-A33A-DD43BA9FAD83}AV: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic *On-access scanning enabled* (Outdated) {804FDC1E-FFA4-00C9-0D24-347CA8A3377C}AV: Avira AntiVir Pers... Read more

A:IE hijacked, running in backgroud cycling through ads, muting audio (wave channel)

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Options. If you click on this in the drop-down menu you can choose Track this topic. By doing this and then choosing Immediate E-Mail notification and then clicking on Proceed you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.In order for me to see the status of the infection I will need a new set of logs to start with.Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.DeFogger: Please download DeFogger to your desktop.Double click DeFogger to run the tool. The ap... Read more

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The only program I've downloaded recently is Mozilla firefox, the very next day my computer greets me with audio, sounds like pop with a lot of adds, open audio mixer notice an audio channel with name not available. I open processes, notice a svchost process running like crazy, close it and audio stops. within 2 minutes, the process is restarted and the audio is back with another channel as before. I ran malwarebytes and it found nothing, I'm not sure where to go to directly disable and prosecute this unwelcome intrusion. Read in another forum the report a fellow posted from his malware killer and checked for similar such files, but have not found them yet.

A:Music plays via net in audio under unkown channel, connected with a svchost process

Update on the issue. I ran Malwarebytes to no avail, read up and a few people were praising TLSSKiller as the second coming concerning this exact issue. According to log it seems to have been a root kit, two threats similar to each other, both eliminated in under 10 min with that program. I will do a few reboots and rescans to make sure the system is clean. If the issue resurfaces, I will post a continued plea here for assistance, but so far looking good on second rescan and reboot!

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When i try to run Insane 2 (in2ane) and Lord of the rings War in the north on my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 I hear no sound from the mentioned sound codec.If I try to run GTA 4 or any other game it works very fine.So...Is there a fix for this?Can someone help me?

A:Sound problems using VIA VT1708S 8-channel High-Definition Audio Codec

Since this is primarily an issue with Games, the Gaming section may be a better place to start with this. The sound apparently works properly for other applications.

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Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted. Unfortunately the reason I came back is that I'm having a problem with a friend's PC. I am helping them set it up and the hardware assembly seemed to go along with no hitch. However, during the POST it says "hardware monitor found an error enter power setup menu for details." I do this and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. By doing my own Google research it seems that it is a fan. This reminded me that I noticed that occasionally the power supply fan readout went down into the red and then said N/A but soon recovered. I then checked ignore on this and it still found an error. I decided to deal with that problem later and just hit F1 to continue.

On to my main problem. Neither the DVD-ROM or the CD-RW drives are being detected. I tried my different ribbon cables and tried just one drive at a time. The lights come on the drives but the computer doesn't seem to "see" them. Both drives are Sony, and I did check to make sure that the second IDE channel is activated in the BIOS. The motherboard is an Asus with a P4 1.8 ghz and 256 mb of RAM. I got Windows XP installed by hooking up the DVD drive as the slave on the primary channel but still it doesn't detect either drive! Any help or suggestions on either problem would be greatly appreciated!


A:secondary IDE channel not working

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I've got today a new corsair memory stick, after I sold one to my uncle, who REALLY needed it.
But, then I fired up my PC, started CPU-Z, and it tells me that I have only one RAM channel. I have two Corsair Value 512Mb sticks.
Something that I didn't like about the new stick, is that is single sided, and my "old" one is double sided. Is that the main issue??

My mobo is a Biostar tforce 6100-939, and I have one RAM on the green slot, (aka DIMMA1) and the other on the other green slot (aka DIMMB1). I tried to change them, and no luck.

Any advice would be well-taken.


A:Dual Channel not working :(

are they both the same speed? I would check the sticker on the ram to make sure they are the same.

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I re-installed windows and my speakers no longer work, I have been told by friends i need to install sound cards, drivers, etc. But I dont have a clue on exactly waht to download and where to download it from. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Additional Imformation

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name K-C8070B56C99D4
System Manufacturer AOPEN_
System Model AWRDACPI
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1470 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix/Award Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 11/22/2004
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
User Name K-C8070B56C99D4\Kel
Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time
Total Physical Memory 1,024.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 477.54 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 2.90 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

aavmker4 avast! Asynchronous Virus Monitor c:\windows\system32\drivers\aavmker4.sys Kernel Driver Yes System Running OK Normal No Yes
abiosdsk Abiosdsk Not Available Kernel Driver No Disabled Stopped OK Ignore No No
abp480n5 abp480n5 Not Available Kernel Driver No Disabled Stopped OK Normal No No
acpi Microsoft ACPI Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\acpi.sys Kernel Driver ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] No Audio After Re-installing Windows, Please Help

and welcome to the Forum

Is this a branded PC? . . if so, what brand and model

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Background: A little while ago, the audio on my Windows XP Pro SP2 system
stopped working. I was using the on-board audio card and never had a problem
before. Then, the audio device just wasn't recognized by windows anymore.
When I went to the "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" window from the
Control Panel, it would tell me that no audio device was detected. Looking
in the Device Manager, however, under the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers"
section, all drivers were installed properly, with no IRQ conflicts, and no
yellow exclamation points on any of the sound devices or codecs. I also
verified that my speakers were working on another system, obviously, and
ensured that the audio card was enabled in my motherboard's BIOS. I
downloaded the latest drivers for my motherboard (and on-board audio card),
uninstalled and successfully re-installed those drivers multiple times.
Still no sound! I even went out and bought a new PCI audio card, installed
it, downloaded and installed the latest drivers for it. STILL no luck. This
is when I really began to scratch my head.

Next, I tried a to do a non-destructive "Repair" of Windows using that
option from the Windows XP setup CD. I got errors doing that , and I gave up
after several attempts. Finally, on a cloned backup hard drive, I
re-installed Windows completely. Lo and behold, the audio worked fine!

This leads me to believe that some part of the Windows XP audio "su... Read more

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I am really hoping if someone could help me with this issue that I am facing ever since I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (32 Bit).
I was using Windows XP Home edition prior to this.
After the installation of Windows 7, I saw in the Device Manager under the section "Sound" : Multimedia Audio Controller. This also had a yellow exclamation mark.

On my desktop, on the bottom right hand corner, if I click on the speaker icon (It has a red cross on it), it says "No audio devices are installed".

I have integrated sound card.

Can someone please tell me how to check what sound drivers I need and from where to install it?

I would really appreciate the help.

A:No audio after installing Windows 7 Ultimate

You find your driver at the mfgr's website.

Tell us what hardware you have and we can be helpful.

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This issue occurs with unit with skylake processor.(Eg: HP ProBook 430, 440, 450, 470 G3) Please follow  these steps to try resolve the issue :  1.Disable Intel Smart Sound (ISST) option in BIOS before installing Windows 7. 2. Restart the unit  3. Uninstall the unknown device from Device Manager. 4. Restart it once again.  

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Hi all,

I'm pretty sure this is a Win 7 issue as someone else I've spoken to at work has had pretty much the identical issue as I'm having now.

I had an issue with a USB printer, I kept getting a USB Device Not Recognised error, this was on my main pc, and also 2 different laptops, I was making sure it wasn't just my pc! Eventually after I completely unplugged my printer power, it came back on and the drivers installed with no problems.

But now this has given me another issue. Straight after that began working fine again, the right channel stopped working. If you turn the speakers up you can just about hear something, but it's so faint. I have checked my balance settings and they're all aligned correctly, so that isn't an issue. I've even reset my bios settings just in case. Nothing seems to work!

Any advice or help is gratefully appreciated!

Just for info: Mobo Asus P5K-Pro with Realtek onboard sound.



A:Right channel suddenly stopped working

Jus to check, make sure the plugs are all in tight. Especially any headphone jack type plugs, those have 3 connectors and if it is slightly popped out you can lose a channel.

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Secondary IDE channel is not working correctly?

My secondary IDE is not showing my DVD burner or my CD ROM. Hardware manager can see it but it has a yellow Exlamation point on it.

Whazzzup withat??

Is it possible that it is the actual ide male on the motherboard? I tried switching the ide cable but it is just the same.


Please help. I know nothing about mommy boards.

A:Secondary EDE channel is not working correctly?

It's because your lower and/or upper filters are corrupt. Do a Google search for a tutorial on how to edit the registry. I won't type it out here because I don't want to be responsible if you mess something up.

Anyways, delete those filters, reboot, let Windows reinstall the drivers and you'll be fine.

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Answer Match 48.72% there some sort of adjustment for this?

I'm using on-board Realtek AC'97 and had the same problems that everyone else does until I did a format, reinstall, and bought new speakers.

Now I get sound, but it only plays out of the left-hand speaker. Is this common and is there a way to fix this?

A:Solved: Sound - Right Channel not working...

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A couple of months ago I bought a new motherboard, processor, PSU and a stick of 1GB ram. I didnt know the MB was dual channel and I didnt understand the concept of it at the time so I didnt bother with getting matching pairs. Recently I ordered a matching stick which had the exact same Tiger Direct Part number. I just got it today and plugged it in and it wouldnt work in Dual channel, it works in single just fine though. I have CUPZ and the only differences that I can see are as follows:

New RAM Manufacturer:"7F7F7F7F7F3E0000"
Older Ram Manufacturer:"PDP Systems"

Timings table for the New RAM has 3 speeds (133/166/200) and the older has 2 speeds(166/200), attaced is the .txt dump from CPUZ, please see the Memory SPD section.

I called the ULTRA Tech Support and the guy said they should be compatible and he gave me an incompatibility code to return and try a different chip. I thought maybe someone here might have some info to help me.

Another question, if the chips aren't compatible then should I send the older one back in the new ones package to get a more updated one, or should I send the new one back?


A:Matching RAM not working in Dual Channel.

First question is what mobo do you have. Second question is did you place the sticks of RAM in the correct slots?? Your mobo manual should tell you which slots to use.

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I have a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro w/ an AMD 3200+, and 2GB Dual Channel DDR Ram (4x512). Does anyone know why only half my RAM shows up? Can it be from different latency or something? Here's the RAM I have: 2x512 of GeIL DDR3200, and 2x512 of Mushkin DDR 3200.
When I had the two OCZ sticks in, and another 512 (1.5GB total) it worked fine. Why doesn't the system recognize the other two sticks? Plus, I know it's not registered RAM. Both sets (2x512) are unbuffered.
If it's the RAM latency settings (not sure that's technically correct), then what should they be, and is there an easy way around this problem?

Please help! & Thanks,


A:Half of Dual Channel RAM working

Hi, Im quoting here from an article in a computer magazine Im reading,dont know if it will help...."Now for dual channel both banks need to contain the same amount of memory" from what I can see its all to do with balance,if it doesnt balance it disables the dual channel function of the chip set

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i intalled the windows 10 to HP Core I3 laptop. So after installing I installed the Skype and conected my freinds in UK and Canada. so when we started the dialog I can hear very well my freind talking but he is not hearing my voice (audio is not working) thats the issueplease resolve, i downloaded drivers and installed again but still it does not help  please giude me how to resolve the problem thanks Sumathi.

A:how to resolve audio issue after installing windows 10

Sumathi1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about lack of sound and wanted to help -- but need more information. I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?If you did the upgrade, how long ago was that, and what was the prior OS? Also, please follow these instructions for finding the detailed product number of your laptop: Finding Your HP Product Model Number | HP® Customer Support And finally, I need to know what sound drivers you are using, so please open Control Panel --> Device Manager --> Sound. In there, you should see Speakers.  CLick on that and then click the Properties button.  In there, you should have a section Controller Information, click the Properties button. Then click the Drivers button -- and tell me what it says.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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I switched OS to Ubuntu for about a week, LoL didn't run well in Ubuntu so I reinstalled windows 8. When i open playback devices all I have is NVIDIA HDMI Output (port 0) and (port 1), both of which show unplugged and disabled. I have disabled and disconnected devices set to show, but those are all that show. I have reinstalled drivers, reinstalled windows, downloaded Realtek, enabled onboard audio in BIOS, but nothing has fixed the problem so far. When I boot into Ubuntu via USB, the audio works fine.

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I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on Toshiba Portege M500. However there is no audio came out although in the device manager it worked properly.

I have installed realtek audio driver but still no audio.

Could you please advise how to fix this issue? Thank you.

A:No audio after installing Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on Laptop

If you installed RealTek, it did not take. The generic basic function Windows installed High Definition Audio Device is all that is showing for sound. Are you sure this PC has RealTek?

Looking at the Device Manager listing, this PC has other unidentified device problems. If there are motherboard chipset drivers for this model, install them as a first step.

More on the specs of this PC is needed. I looked at the Toshiba site but there are many different Portage M500 models.

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Toshiba A105-S4211

After installing Windows 7 on my laptop (clean install), everything's good EXCEPT when playing music. There is an intermittent loud buzz which lasts for a second or so - this happens only once every 5 minutes or so, but is very annoying. I tried updating the drivers to Realtek, which came with the computer originally, but it did not help.

Can someone help?


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I just installed the GameMuse DVD 5.1 driver to my Windows XP Pro because my sound wasn't working and now I can't get past the "Windows Is Starting Up" Screen. It will say video resolution not supported and then the only thing I can do is reboot.

This never happened before when I installed this driver, but it happened now after I installed and used Driver Genius Professional.

Please advise.

A:windows not starting right after installing new audio driver

Try these:

1. During startup, press F8 repeatedly (could be a different F-key, usually F8). If done right, you should come to a black screen with multiple selections, such as starting in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, networking, etc. Select the "Start with last known good configuration" option and press enter. See if that helps.

2. In the event the above does not work, then do the same thing again and start in safe mode. If it allows you to do so, go into the device manager (right-click on "My Computer", properties, click the Device Manger button), select the device you installed the driver for, and roll-back the driver.

3. In the event neither of the above worked, do the same thing again, and start in safe mode. This time, try system restore. Try restoring to a point BEFORE you installed the driver.

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I have the Logitech 5.1 X-540 Speaker System hooked up properly to my Creative Audigy ZS 2 sound card. I don't get any sound coming from the center channel when ever I watch DVD in and have it play in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

I have checked to make sure that my center speaker actually works by plugging the input into my ipod and playing some music. The speakers work fine.

My computer is currently set to "5.1 speakers". Anyone know how to fix this?

A:5.1 Surround Issue: center channel not working


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ok so had to register to reply to this thread

only to find out it was closed
i couldn't find a way to pm that poster either , so hopefully someone else can contact him to this to help with my problem , as i am having the exact same one but idk how he got his fix to work , right speaker of logictech x240 wont work but isn't completely dead i can still get some audio coming out of it with random configurations but i assume that's just some speaker fill setting i have

but yeah the right channel from the speaker set is just completely busted , can't even get the sound when earpieces are plugged in , anybody have any idea how to fix this?.....

A:right channel of logitchet x240 speaker not working

I assume you are connecting the earphones to the speaker headphone jack?

Test the speakers connected to another PC or device. That will determine if you have a PC or speaker issue.

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i have a sony vaio, after i installed windows 7, it shows no audio output, diagnostic indicates driver problem. try to check the driver, said it is up to date. The sony support say they need to "install compatible windows components and reconfigure the settings in the computer", with a fee. I do not think it is worth it for this older computer to do that (A plan of one year service of $149.99).
Is there something we can do here to resolve the problem?
thank you very much

A:after installing windows 7 optimum, no audio out put, device is not installed

more info:
with the troubleshooting, it said:"SoundMax Integrated digital audio has a driver problem", maybe the driver is not compatible with windows 7. or do i have to get a new sound card?

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Guys, I have problem with Realtek HD audio when sound plays. The sound skippies on some areas.

Please reply.

A:Sound Skippies on Windows 7 after installing Realtek HD audio

Sound is always on a shared IRQ (Interrupt) with a higher priority device. Depending on what the higher priority device is it could be interrupting the sound.

Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the RealTek entry and then LEFT click "Uninstall" DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. Sometimes this puts sound on a different shared IRQ and fixes the problem.

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I have recently bought a creative inspire 5.1 5200 speaker set with creative sound blaster live sound card , when testing the speakers all speakers work but when playing music and games the front center speaker gives no sound output, What setting should i do - please help - thanks

A:front center speaker in 5.1 channel system not working

If you have a Creative soundcard I don't think there's much you can do to make it function in games and music. I used to have the same problem, but now I'm using the kit with onboard 5.1 sound and it actually works.

You could ensure that you've set the type of speakers in Windows to 5.1. I'm not sure if that will help but it's worth a try.

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I'm glad that you can hopefully help, because I've tried some things that don't help.

I've always been using the Weather Channel toolbar on the bottom right of my computer screen to view the tempurature, however the other day, my IE 6 was very slow and so I decided to restart the computer. When I restarted, I got a pop up script error window with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark inside. Every time I tried to close the window, I had to click it again and again for the new script error windows to close, and finally they did. I didn't write the whole error down, but it was a script error that showed the file destination and that included the Weather Channel folder (, so I know that has something to do with my problem. When I opened IE 6, most sites were looking normal as usual, but when I went to You Tube, MetaCafe, and even when trying to play streaming audio, the web pages for these sites looked very unusual, almost raw (like there weren't completely programmed correctly). Some pictures wouldn't show and they had red X's. The disoriented pages only happened on these sites (and possibly others), but Google, Hotmail, and other sites looked normal.

I tried running my Symantec virus scan with no results, then I System Restored my computer a few times to different dates, and I even upgraded IE to 7, with no luck. At this time, I did not get any script error messages anymoresd, but the w... Read more

A:IE - Some Pages Not Working - Weather Channel Script Error

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My spec is in my profile, but I will also list it here.... I just noticed today that my RAM was running Single Channel mode, so I thought I would change it to Dual Channel mode... so I did.

It completes the Windows XP loading screen, then reboots... constantly, until I change it back to Single Channel mode.

Is there something wrong with my RAM? or is it the motherboard? or my PSU not giving the mobo enough power? I dont have every power cable plugged in, I have a 20 pin ATX power in the 24 pin plug, and the 4 pin ATX power plug and a 4 pin molex cable plugged into the motherboard. Could this not be giving it enough power?
Many thanks, system spec =

AMD Athlon 64 4000+
DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
2 x 512mb Crucial Ballistix PC3200 DDR400
Connect 3D X1800XT 256Mb
2 HDD's etc.
Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU.

A:System reboots constantly, when I change my RAM from Single Channel to Dual Channel

Check your mobo manual, to see in which slots you need to put memory sticks to make it work in Dual Channel mode.
AFAIK you need 1 each of the same size/type in slots 1 and 3 (yellow) for DC.

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Hello I am looking for some help with installing Microsoft operating systems!
I want to use Windows PE or some other software that will meet my needs’!
Currently Microsoft Windows PE is not one on that list and it will not support my needs’!
Bart’s PE will not work as well!
Maybe DOS, Linux (Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.2. Linux Distribution) or other can work but do not know just started this project!
The installations that is going to be used is; USB, CD and Network install
The pre operating environment will need support for programs and software that are capable of supporting the same funcksions as the ones’ listed!
NVDA portable or software that supports the basic equivalent
Zoom portable, or equivalent.
The last one is the AUDIO support in the pre environment
This is only 3 requirements to be met can’t be to hard!

A:Installing Microsoft operating systems! Windows PE audio and drivers!

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Hi ,

I have Dell Inspiron 3521 , i5, and I am having tremendous amount of trouble with Bluetooth audio.
I downloaded original drivers from dell website but facing same trouble. I found a lot of solution from Google but all are useless for me.
I have windows 7 64bit service pack 1
I am using this window with administrator user
Do others have the same issue? Any work being done on this?

A:Windows Encountered Problem Installing Bluetooth Audio Driver

Did this work at one time and now does not and the reason for installing the driver? Or has this never worked? It does make a difference.

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Just like the title says, I don't want the realtek audio drivers as it completely messes with my audio and also doesn't correctly switch when i plug in headphones for example.
It also doesn't allow for the 'speaker fill' enhancement to be used when playing stereo content through surround sound.

Windows itself does a far better job as opposed to realtek.

Every time i uninstall realtek it automatically gets reinstalled.

Sorry Microsoft, you don't know best.

A:How to stop Windows 10 automatically installing Realtek audio drivers?

Stop Windows From Automatically Updating Your Hardware Drivers | Lifehacker Australia

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Single channel Nforce2 400 dethrones its dual channel stablemate

" ... ENTHUSIAST SITE discovered this unexpected anomaly, which could have far reaching Socket-A repercussions.

Soltek's bottom dollar SL-NV400-64 motherboard, which is based on the single channel nForce2 400 chipset, is the cause of all this news. What is amazing is that it beat Asus' dual channel flagship product - the A7N8X Deluxe, in the majority of benchmarks. Ryan Shrout, the reviewer, who put Soltek's motherboard through its paces, suggests that its performance lead in UT 2K3 is down to the additional overhead that a dual channel system board has to deal with. Looking at the rest of the results, I would apply that comment as a general across the board statement.

Soltek's motherboard retails at a new egg price of $76 - the version without LAN will apparently be sold for under $70. Asustek's $130 flagship adds an additional $54, which would buy you a Thoroughbred 1700+ and its cooling kit. Will this more for less attribute drive more enthusiasts to buy Soltek's better performing solution?

Soltek's overall performance lead is not earth shattering, but like everything else in this industry, perception is everything. Of the 14 benchmarks that were run, Soltek's board won 11 of them, drew 2, and lost only one. For the record:

Quake 3: Evenly matched results
UT 2K3: 5.5 to 11.1% lead
3D Mark 2K1: Wins by a nose
PC Mark... Read more

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I'm trying to decide what would give better performance, Dual Channeled 2x256 DDR400...or Single Channeled 2x256 DDR400 and 512 DDR2100 totalling 1gb RAM. I don't seem to notice much of a difference so far, but I haven't tried much. I figured I'd ask the pros at techspot for advice. :grinthumb

A:Dual Channel 2x256 DDR400 or Single Channel 1gb Mixed DDR RAM

& we are supposed to get your system specs how ? You could be using that Ram on a 600mhz Celeron for all we know.

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I have been battling this problem with my pc since I built it back in June, first with onboard sound now with my Xonar DX.

The problem is is that in certain games, but not all, there are no voices coming from my center channel. The other thing that strikes me odd is that it happens with different playback methods (pre-rendered and also real time gameplay).

For example, in Left 4 Dead 2's pre-rendered cinematic opening there are no voices coming from the center channel but the rest of the cinematic and game plays perfect 5.1 surround.

In Dirt 2 there are icons that represent someone talking to you, however there is no voice coming from my center channel despite the rest of the game being in 5.1.

Most recently, the Dragon Age 2 demo suffers the same problem, no voices from the center channel but 5.1 everywhere else.

Other games such as Stalker, Defense Grid, Monday Night Combat, Amnesia, and Crysis do not have this problem whatsoever. Also, DVDs, music, and Netflix all play fine.

Furthermore, when I go into Window 7's (64 bit) sound configuration, select 5.1 as my speaker configuration and press test, sound only comes from my L/R channels even though the equalizer is showing that there should be sound flowing through the rest of my setup. Pressing the speaker test button on my receiver yields sound from all 5.1 channels.

I want to believe that there might be an isolated common thread that runs through those three games that is causing this, but then I remember ... Read more

A:No voices coming from my center channel in games despite 5.1 sound otherwise working.


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This is probly a very simple question, but i'm after converting my ACER Aspire 5600 laptop from using Dual Channel RAM to Single Channel. I've been told you can do this in the BIOS, but i'm not exacly sure how. I've had a breif look on google but can't seem to find anything of any help.

Thanks a lot,
- Lee

A:Solved: Converting Dual Channel to Single Channel with RAM.

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Hi, I currently have 2x2GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz RAM which I had bought around 3 years ago. I am currently thinking of upgrading to 8GB. However, my vendor tells me that 2GB sticks are no longer available for Corsair and that I have to either get a 4GB or 8GB stick.

My current 2x2GB runs in dual-channel mode. If I buy an additional 4GB stick, it will run in single-channel. I use the desktop mainly for gaming purposes. So, I just need to know if mixing 2 modes will cause any problems?

A:Any drawbacks to mixing single-channel and dual-channel for RAM?

Shouldn't cause any problems assuming it is otherwise compatible.

The difference between single and dual channel is minimal for most usage scenarios. If the RAM you have now magically went to single channel 5 minutes from now, you likely wouldn't notice.

You could discard the 2 x 2 you have now and replace with 2 x 4 and get dual channel, but nothing at all wrong with instead spending that money on cigareets, whiskey, and wild, wild women. At least you'd have something to show for it.

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Hi.. So as usual im an idiot and i looked into my case and am still debating if my ram really should sit right next to eachother and i started Speccy and it said that i had single channel ram 2 different channels with 16GB total. I got confused becouse the motherboard manual said i should put the ram like i did.. So now i moved one ramstick, Whent into bios to check if everything was working like it should and now i have dual channel 16GB ram 8x2.
This started a question.. What performance boosts does dualchannel give over single channel.. I know its better but just. In what cases will it be "better" and will you notice it? And in witch scenario will you notice it?

A:Single channel VS Dual Channel RAM performance boost?

almost all mother boards that have 4 ram slots have colour coding. the 2 the same colour, normally a space in between is the dual channel setup.

dual channel effectively doubles the memory bandwidth and halves the cache.

in real world terms youll get a 5-20% performance increase with dual channel when running bench marks.. you probably wont notice it in terms of speedyness though.

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Would it just clock the ram down and if so would there be a huge performance hit?



A:Dual-Channel Memory in Single-Channel Motherboard

They would work in a single channel motherboard, and it wouldn't effect the speed of the actual RAM however it would effect the overall speed because the memory wouldn't be able to send data back and forth as fast as it could in Dual-channel motherboards.

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I'm facing an unusual predicament at the moment. I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my custom tower. The tower runs an Intel Pentium 4 2.80 ghz, the OS is 32 bits, and initially was installed with one gig of RAM (2 512MB sticks) dual channel (DDR [1]).

Windows 7 wasn't sluggish, surprisingly, and I used the upgrade advisor to determine if my system was ready and I found it was. I was hoping to add a little "juice" so I tore into an old system and found a 1GB stick of DDR RAM. Now, I can change the dual channel configuration to single channel operation and run 2Gigs of RAM or I can keep the dual channel at 1Gig.

I've read on Tom's Hardware that the difference wasn't noticeable in dual vs. single but I also know that my processor was built for dual channel. Are there any recommendations? Make the single channel upgrade or keep the dual channel configuration?

At some point I will likely purchase another chip but for the time being I'm curious about anyone who has been in my position or knows memory well enough.

Thanks for any input!

A:Solved: Dual Channel/Single Channel RAM Question

depends on you applications. When math is very important, dual channel might out weigh more RAM. If the system is generally sluggish, then more RAM is more important than dual channel.

Honestly, With Vista/ 7... I'd bump to 2GB period.

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Hi guys,
I want to purchase more ram sticks for my desktop. It already has 3GB in it. 2x1GB sticks and 2x512MB sticks. I would like to take it all the way to 4GB. If I replace the two 512mb sticks am I better off getting a matched pair of sticks for dual channel. A matched pair in most stores seems to be more expensive than just buying two sticks of the same type. What is the difference? My motherboard does support dual by the way.
I think when I bought the two 1GB sticks I just bought 2 of the same make in pc world, but not a matching pair.
I would like to know, does it really matter?

Posted via Mobile Device

A:Solved: RAM choices. Dual channel vs single channel.

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I have a problem and I think it's memory related.

I read the post about "Dual-Channel Memory in Single-Channel Motherboard." But it didn't help, plus it was from 2005.

Here's my computer (it's old, I know. I don't have the money to upgrade all of it):
- Intel Pentium D 820 2.80GHz
- EVGA GeForce 7300 GS / 256MB GDDR2 / PCI Express
- Intel D101GGCL ATI Socket 775 MicroATX Motherboard
- 1 GB (2 x 512MB) PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3 Memory
- Ultra 500-Watt power supply
- Windows XP 32bit

I recently bought a memory upgrade:
2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit

My computer worked fine (minus the small memory amount) before I installed the new memory. After I installed the new RAM, my computer posted, got to the windows splash screen, got to the log in screen, let me log in, then loaded the OS. While loading the OS and launching other start-up programs, my computer froze. I restarted many times and it fixed it. It never got past a few seconds after loading the OS and a few programs.

I reinstalled my old memory and it worked fine again without a hitch.

What is the problem? Is it the fact that the new memory is dual channel and the motherboard is single channel? I re-read the specs of my mobo and it said that dual channel is optional. However when I go to the BOIS menu (F2 on startup) it says "single channel mode" whith the new dual channel kit is in. Is there something in the BIOS I should cha... Read more

A:Dual Channel memory in single channel board?

Well, I can say I solved my own problem.

After I spent the last 4 hours trying to find the problem. I ran a bunch of mem tests, cleaned the mem slots, etc... It turns out it wasn't a hardware issue at all. I was wiggling my mouse on start up and noted the time it froze... and every time it froze an application was launching in the system tray.

Turns out it was Norton F'ing Anti Virus....

The second it launched the computer froze. So I booted in safe mode and disabled the start up and all other functions of Norton. Rebooted in normal mode, and sure enough, it worked! Without a hitch!

Now here comes the Beach of it. Since I couldn't uninstall Norton because I disabled it (i.e. nothing would run because all the extensions, shells and services for it were dead), I rebooted in safe mode to uninstall, BUT Norton doesn't work in safe mode... WHAT!? The damn program specifically states in a condescending dialog box that you "must reboot in normal mode to access Norton... blah blah blah"

What kind of Virus program doesn't let you access it in safe mode? Isn't that the point, to run a virus scan in safe mode? Piece of crap! But anyways, I digress.

So now I finagled a way to run in normal mode without Norton launching to uninstall it. Uninstalling as we speak, actually.


To answer my own question:
Yes, dual channel kits work in single channel boards (Just make sure you uninstall Norton before you put the new RAM in, haha... Read more

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I just installed windows 7 (new install) on a Sony VGN-FE660G Everything works great besides the sound. I spent hours trying different things, enabling disabling reinstalling the sigmatel high definition audio codec(Driver). But nothing helps. Device manager says the driver is up to date and resent but no sound, please some help me with this!!

A:Audio not working with Windows 7


Are you sure you have the correct device set as Default in Sound?

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All audio just quit. Sound card and external speakers were working, and now error says that no sound device is connected. Help!

A:Audio not working on Windows 98

Hi and welcome. Have you tried a system restore point back to when it was working?

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Hi, I've recently upgraded to Windows 10. Everything is good with it asides from the dang audio. When I first noticed it, it would only work through the headphones not the speakers. I searched for solutions and discovered it was a common problem with Windows 10. One solution suggested I update my laptop drivers, which I did, then the sound worked perfectly through both speakers and headphones and there was no problem. Today I start up my laptop again, and no there is no sound again. At all. Not through headphones or speakers. I have tried to update the sound drivers but Windows says they are all up to date. I have even switched to the generic High Definition Audio device Windows 10 offers, but that changed nothing. Uninstalling sound drivers and restarting my PC didn't work. Can anyone offer any other solutions? Please, this is doing my head in.... Thank you

A:Audio not working in Windows 10

Have you tried installing the recommended driver from vendor?

Have you ensured your audio card is compatible with Windows 10?

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