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Question about my old dell 'want to update a bit'

Q: Question about my old dell 'want to update a bit'

So my question is will the standard dell LGA 775 support this cpu ?:

Intel Pentium 4 670 3.8GHZ LGA 775 2M/800M SL7Z3 | eBay

The question is will my Bios recognize this cpu ??
Will it work ?

Thanks in Advance my Current CPU is a Pentium 4 HT 3.00Ghz

A: Question about my old dell 'want to update a bit'

Quote: Originally Posted by GianniDPC

So my question is will the standard dell LGA 775 support this cpu ?:

Intel Pentium 4 670 3.8GHZ LGA 775 2M/800M SL7Z3 | eBay

The question is will my Bios recognize this cpu ??
Will it work ?

Thanks in Advance my Current CPU is a Pentium 4 HT 3.00Ghz

What bios rev?

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I have added some details to clarify the post after reading the first response( in a different font )I am fixing a system for a friend.The machine he brought to me was a Dell Dimension 8400 loaded with XP PRO the last time I saw it running. ( It probably wasn't legal and there was no install cd for it. )The hard drive in it crashed fatally.I bought a Dell XP Home edition Reinstallation Disc to match the coa on the side of his case ( It is for Home Edition ) thinking that he would just need to update the coa in the OS install at some point to match his.I have installed all XP updates and at no point have I been asked for a coa key. The machine is already activated as far as I know from installing MS Security Essentials and previous updates. It was a requirement.The coa code I found using Belarc Advisor doesn't match the one on the side of his case.Should it?If so do I need to use the microsoft site to change the key information or some other tool?

A:Dell xp home Coa update question

You cannot legally install either XP Home or XP Pro...without the respective license for each.

Home licenses are not transferable to Pro installs...and Pro licenses are not transferable to Home installs.

Been that way for years, they are different versions.


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I replaced the hard drive in my Dell Dimension E521, with a new 320GB (non Dell Specific) WD unit, and loaded Windows 7 Pro (again, non Dell specific version). The old hard drive was bad.

I downloaded the 1.1.11 BIOS update ( to a bootable USB flash drive. When I boot the computer off of the flash drive, it comes up with the C: thing and does nothing else.

Am I supposed to type something in there, to get it to update the BIOS or access the file on the flash drive?

I'm kind of new to this stuff, but learning...

I want to update the BIOS, to be able to install the AMD Athlon 64 X 2 6000+ processor. The current version is 1.1.6.

Thanks in advance for any advice...


A:Dell E521 Bios Update Question with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

i believe you are suppose to run the bios update program from within windows. So when you have windows running; try running the bios update there.

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I am picking up the XPS 15 this week and currently have two P2815Q monitors I am using with the Microsoft Surface Book.  Currently these are connected to the Surface Book via a single mini-display port cable with the 2rd 4K connected to the first via mini-display port.
So my question is how do I connect these monitors to the XPS 15.  I understand the XPS has Thunderbolt and a single HDMI 1.4 port.  While HDMI 1.4 is not capable of driving 4K at 60hz, I'm also wondering what the new Dell Dock is going to bring to the game here.
Would love some help, so thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 and Dual Dell 4K P2815Q Monitor Hookup Question

Did you find out the answer to this? I'm killing myself trying to find a solution.

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I have a nasty nasty infection on my pc. I've tried several things to remove it myself and I can see that the forum for HJT logs and malware removal is swamped here...

So, I'm considering a reformat. My Dell Dimension came with a utility called the DSR--Dell System Restore. It's a hidden partition users can go to to easily set the OS (Windows XP in my case) to it's original "from the factory" state.

I haven't been saving a lot of my files to disc the way I should have been. And now this infection has disable most of my operating system's peripherals--I can't burn cd/dvd, can't print, I don't even have audio right now. I'm in Safe Mode With Networking because it's the only way I can get onto the net.

I've read a few good turtorials about using the DSR but, none of them mention whether I can just re-install my snapshot to my main drive (C and leave some files I backed up to D: or, if all my disc will be wiped clean--including the files I moved to D: ?

Does anyone know anything about this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Dimension DSR (Dell System Restore) question.

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Hello,first of all I am sorry for my bad English. Now about my problem. I have Dell Latitude 3350 laptop and everytime I search for drivers updates in Dell command update, Intel chipset device software update appears. I installed it, it says "succesfully installed", I restarted the laptop and then it appears again in Dell command update. Details of update: Version, A01, release date 17 Jun 2016, filename: Chipset_Driver_320CP_WN32_10.1.1.9_A01.EXE. Filesize 10 MB.And the same problem in Dell shows again and again Intel management engine components installer, version,A00. Filename: Chipset_Driver_78C1C_WN32_11.0.0.1158_A00.exe. Filesize: 98 MB.So can anybody help me to resolve install problems of these updates, please? Thank you in advance for you reply.

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I've noticed broken fonts in Dell Command Update on my Latitude E6440, so I can neither update software or drivers nor uninstall command update. 

Could anyone help me resolve this issue? 
Additionaly, I have WiDi issues, but I'd like to resolve them by driver update. Unfortunately, I can't update anything using provided utility due to broken GUI.

A:Can't update, repair or uninstall Dell Command Update on Windows 10

victor.istomin,Thank you for notifying us about this issue. I have sent an email to the drivers team to resolve the page. For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.You would click my name in blue, then on the next page in the upper right corner, click the words "send private message"

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After compiling all my drivers, I noticed that the video driver page offers to downloads as seen here Intel GMA High Definition Graphics Driver Driver Details | Dell US

Do I just need the update package or will I need to install the hard drive option below it as well?

A:Dell Video Driver update or hard drive update?

Hi ... That is just a Driver for your Graphics Installs on the Hard Drive ...

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is it better to install major updates like new windows builds through windows update or download through the media Creation tool and install them that way i have been using the media Creation tool but i find its such a pain

what do you think?

A:Windows 10 update question - Install via Update or Media Creation Tool?

You can try:Windows 10 ISO

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Hey Everyone my Dell Inspiron 15 failed to upload an update, and then rebooted. 
Then it got stuck on the "Dell" screen and wont boot up Windows 8. I can get into the Bios, but nothing seems to help, and the Diagnostic test says that it cannot find the Hard Drive. 

Any help?

Peter Hamm

A:(Redirected) Dell Inspiron stuck on "Dell" screen after failed update...

As you have a laptop, best to post this in the Laptop Forum here: 

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Hey guys, I just joined up as you can probably tell lol,


I just got given a dell xps 600 and the PSU is just what I need to power my other build, only thing is, the Dell PSU is underneath the actual tower itself on the XPS.. Is there any way I can take it out and put it in my other build. I've seen no access to it at all..

Please help me guys, I really need to game!!! xD Thanks all!

A:Dell XPS 600 PSU Question

Hi there, it's been a while since I've seen one but if I remember correctly, the upper portion of the PC slides off the lower where the PSU sits (obviously after the cables are disconnected). You need to look for the fasteners which hold the 2 parts together. Not really a good design because all the heat from the PSU spreads upward to all the boards.

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Does anyone know what brand of cd\dvd roms are compatible with DELL, specifically Dell Dimension 8100, my drive is a lg .

A:question on dell pc's

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Hello, Does my xps 420 have the capability with it's bios to run the ssd in AHCI ? I can not find the setting. Here is a pic for my Samsung 840, thanks for any help.

A:Dell xps 420 and Ssd question


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my friend has a dell dimension e521, and he wants to upgrade his RAM. but he doesn't know if a particular brand fits. he wants to fit it with some dual 2 gig Corsair Ram cards.

does his dell support that kind of card? if it doesn't, what will fit?

A:question about RAM and Dell

Any DDR2 non-ECC Unbuffered memory can be used. For best results use the same make, speed and technology DDR2 modules. You have 4 DDR2 memory slots in that model Dell

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I have a Dell Latitude CPi 300 mhz. How high can this motherboard go on processor speeds? I'd like to get as close to 1ghz if I can.

A:Another, another, Dell question!

Don't waste your time with this... Buy a new system. Your money and your time will be better spent on a new system

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Since the pc I'm using right now XP Pro has a dying power supply
A friend saw this & asked me how it sounds. Your thoughts are welcome. I told her it sounds great.
OPERATING SYSTEMWindows XP Professional with SP3 installedDESCRIPTIONDell Optiplex GX270
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.2 GHz
Memory 2GB of DDR (4 x 512MB)
Hard Drive 80GB
Intel 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
8 USB 2.0 connectors.
Printer PortVGA Port - this has an addon video card with dual VGA outputs
Headphone Jack
Microphone Jack

A:Question about a used Dell

So are you planning to use this, buy this, or sell this computer?

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Is it possible to buy a motherboard for my Dimension 3000. Im doing this so i can have AGP 8x or even PCI-E. If anyone has done this before or knows what mobos are compatible that would be great.

A:Dell Question

You will need more than just a mobo. the foint panel connectors on the dell case are proprietary and probably wont fit correctly on a standard mobo. the Power supply in your dell may or may not work with a standard mobo since Dell used to use special connections which were reverse of standard PSU mobo connections. and last but not least, your gonna need Windows because that hard drive with the dell installed XP isnt going to boot on a mobo without a dell bios. and any recovery disk you may have will not install on a non dell mobo.

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Im wondering if I can use a Dell XP home desktop disk on my Dell inspiron 9300 (laptop) . My laptop is really slow and iv'e cleand it, virus scanned , and every thing else.

A:Dell xp question

Hi how much disk space have you got left ? also see this Is your PC running slow...?
is your laptop xp home

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600. I upgraded the monitor to a 22' widescreen. It turned out the video card wasn't compatible. I picked up a GeForce 7600GS even though the 7600GT was suggested. I figured I'm not a gamer so why spend the extra money. It's bad enough they charge more for video cards that use an AGP slot. Anyway, after I installed the new card the pc wouldn't boot up all the way. Now I figured i had a power supply problem since the Dell supplied one is only 250W. I did buy a very cheap 450W that didn't even work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also wondering if I could transfer all the hardware to a larger case. I would like to add another HD and a DVD burner.


A:DEll Question

You can transfer everything to a larger case without problems. As for the video problem, are you sure the card's seated properly? Also, you'd need a good-quality, inexpensive PSU (Power Supply Unit) like this one.

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Hello All,
I have recently purchased quite an old Dell Dimension 2400 which I think is about 3 years old. It currently has 768 meg of RAM installed and im looking to upgrade it with this :

But I am unsure wether or not it will fit...I know that the Dell manual tells you what RAM is compatible but I purchased this second hand and have no manuals to go by. I do want 2GB so that I can run Vista smoothly so if this doesnt fit can anyone point me to somewhere I can get a 2GB RAM stick for Dimension 2400 if at all possible, if not well then second best will do.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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I have a 17" Dell flatscreen LCD and wonder if I can hook up 2 inputs (Vista using VGA cable and laptop using either DVI or USB). The vista machine is hooked up to it now, just want to see if I can utilize other inputs from the laptop docking station. Thanks.

A:Dell LCD 1704 question

You probably can, there's likely a button on the LCD to switch between the two inputs. Not sure what the USB is for but it wouldn't be for video, maybe for a built in USB hub?

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Hi All,

Does anyone know what the differences between 9350-4846 AND 9350-5132 are?
Both seem to be an entry level i5 6200U, non-touch scr laptop.
Pricing is somewhat the same, but I want to go for the better bargain out of the two.

Thanks for your help,

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I have a Dell XPS 410 currently equipped with a Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz CPU. I want to upgrade it to either a:

HU585 Kentsfield Quad Core Q6600, 2.40G, 8MB, 1066FSB, B30


MP626 Kentsfield Quad Core Q6600, 2.40G, 8MB, 1066FSB, G0

My question is this: will I also have to upgrade the RAM when I upgrade the processor?

Currently I have 4x512MB (2 GB Total) of 240-pin DIMM DDR2 PC2-5300 installed. Will this ram continue to function after the CPU upgrade, or will I need faster RAM?

Specifically, I was wondering if this RAM would work in my system after I upgrade the CPU:

4x1GB (4 GB Total) - 240-pin DIMM DDR2 PC2-8500 ? CL=7 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR2-1066 ? 1.8V ? 128Meg x 64

Any help with this question is greatly appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 410 CPU/RAM Upgrade Question

What is your motherboard?

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Hello, new guy here and not completely computer savy. I picked up a used Dell D610 for my kids to play games on and to use as a second household computer.It works fine to get on line, check emails and for the kids to play some online games (non violent of course). A problem that we are having is that if my son tries to install his game the computer will install it and finish the install. We have an icon on the desktop, when we click the icon we will get a quick flash like it's going to open but as fast as we see the screen try to open we get our desktop page. So it's like a fast blink on / then back to the desktop. I do not get a box that ask for a password like on my other computer if the kids want to put something on the computer they get a box asking for an administrator password. Any help here will be appreciated.
The service tag on the back is 1698y91 if this is needed.

A:Dell D610 question

Hello xsdbs, :wave:

I am not a mod, but
Welcome to :grinthumb

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My son has finally had enough and is going to build his next comp'.
I will get his cast off Dell Dimension.
The question is... if I replace the mobo, will I eliminate the DELL from the computer?
As near as I can figure all the Dell sh__ is in the BIOS (?).
The processor, power supply, case are okay (as ok as a dell can be) and I have an extra HDD. I will need to replace the optical drive.
Thank you

A:Another Dam_ Dell question!!

are u sure u can replace the dell bios? if the MB stays the bios will still be there unless u can replace the chip it is on which is no little job. the extra HDD u are talking about adding could be put as C: or D: but a new windows cd would need to be bought for the OP System if u want to stay legal.

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My 8500 has been really solid since I bought it years ago. The vid card went 86 today. I know Dell has a nasty habit of using proprietary hardware. Is the 4200 Go just a Dell part? I see a few on Ebay but none where I normally buy my parts.

A:Dell laptop question

i love my 8500.

are you sure it's the vid card and not a driver issue?

will a 2nd monitor power up off the vga port?

could you see 2 monitors when you rt click desktop/properties/settings?

which vid card? i've got the ati radeon 9000.

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i just got a dell E1505 notebook PC. right out of the box the PC has so much unnecessary crud. 10 minutes after i turned it on for the first time i was sick of its slowness. why does dell stick so much crud on there PCs? how do other people deal with it that dont have the comfort of formatting the entire drive and reinstalling windows? it t0ok like 4 minutes to shut it down until i decided to format the dang thing. now its nice and fast.

A:Dell Laptop Question

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Hi, I recently bought this new Dell Optiplex 745 SFF computer off of my brother and I really need to upgrade this damn video card. I can't stand integrated. But since it is a Small Form Factor case, I am supposed to get an SFF video card. Well, I don't want one. So I was wondering if I can just modify the innards of the case and leave the door off and will it be fine to just use a normal non-low-profile Video Card in this case? It is PCI-E so if you know of any good cards for under $75 throw them at me, I just want to play The new Borderlands game. Thank you all.

A:Dell Optiplex 745 SFF Question

Sure, leave the cover off. The motherboard is the same as the full width Optiplex 745, so if your office space is secure to prevent a cat or a box of Oreos from getting in there, you can do what you wish. I would cover the opening with a treated cheese cloth or other dust and lint preventative.
You can also find a lot of video cards where the only change need is the size of the install end. Take the hardware off an old junker card with matching components, you will be happy.
The real problem is that Optiplex power supply will not work well with some video graphics cards due to power demands.

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Hi, i know this gaming laptop isnt that new any more, but i was wondering can it still run todays games at medium settings atleast? How does this laptop do in terms of cooling? Bare in mind im not a heavy gamer, i play MMO's and things like LoL.


A:Dell XPS M1730 question

Download and save the

TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe)

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


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Hello Fellows,

Got a question, just recently my Dell XPS5 has been experiencing issues starting up. I am sure this is hardware related.
When I push the power button, it blinks yellow and doesn't power up.
It will continue to blink yellow steadily for an amount of time (the time seems to vary but seems to be getting longer).
With the blinks, I hear something out of the box that sounds like something trying to "fire up" or "ignite"(probably bad choice of words).
Then all of a sudden it powers up briefly and then shuts off.
When I press the power button again, away we go. It powers up just fine and runs without issue.

I have tried holding the button for an amount of time with no results.
I unplugged the PC and then pressed the powerbutton for about 30 seconds (read it on another site), still nothing.

Anyone have any ideas what might be happening.

The PC is about 6 years old now.

Thanks for reading!!

A:Power On Question Dell XPS

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Howdy folks... My Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop is doing a strange thing. Immediately following POST (i have the diagnostics screen enabled) and before the Dell blue bar, I get a message that reads something like this. "WARNING. The battery is not recognized and it may not be able to be charged. Press any key to continue" It will just hang there until a key is pressed.

I've had this once before when the original battery was dying after about a year and a half. At that time it would charge OK, but would only last about 30 minutes. Purchased a new battery (not from Dell) and warning went away with normal boot into XP. That was about 6 - 8 months ago.

This started happening when recently I unwittingly unplugged the AC adapter with the machine on and the battery ran completely down. Been doing it ever since. The difference between this event and the last time is again the battery charges normally, but now lasts over 2.5 hours when running on battery power. So it does not constitute a functional problem, just a pain in the butt to have to remember I have to hit a key to boot.

Anyone got a clue other than to buy another battery. (hardly seems worth it)


A:Dell Battery Question

Dell has a battery calibration utility on some machines
I would goto the dell website and support and enter your TAG number into the site and see what that says about battery calibration

heres some links re - battery calibration
Have a read here

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I have been buying Dell XPS computers for the past 15 years (I have 6) and I don't understand the new XPS tower.

Why does the Dell XPS 8910 have a laptop optical drive instead of the standard 5.25 desktop optical drive? I always thought of the Dell XPS as the top of the line consumer computer, but laptop optical drives are less reliable and have poor read/burn quality compared to desktop optical drives.

Did Dell really remove the front 5.25 bays from the tower? Why would they do this on the XPS tower?  I need the front bays to install two 5.25 optical drives.

I see the XPS 8900 has the standard drive and bays, but is that model discontinued? Are there other Dells that have the front 5.25 bays? It appears Dell also removed the bays from the new Inspiron desktop line.

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i just got a dell dimension 2350 computer, and i have a few questions about it. question 1. i have no idea if it has a wireless card or not which leads into question 2. my next question is i have a belkin wireless router (150 model i think) and for the computer do i have to use belkins wifi drivers, or use one of dells website drivers if so which one?(keep in mind its running xp sp3)

A:dell internet question

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I am reading the specs for the Dell D630 and it shows this laptop has bluetooth.
How can I turn on bluetooth on the laptop or check to see if it turned on?
With bluetooth turned on can I trade files from laptop to iphone or from iphone to laptop?

Here are the specs:

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According to windows diagnosis, The ram has gone out in my dell e310 desktop. I was about to order 1g from dell and there note said it had to be installed in pairs. It can with one stick of 256mb. Pricewatch and other places does not mention pairs. should I buy (1) or (2)?

A:Solved: Dell ram question

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Hi, I am interested in moving my premade dell mobo to a new case with a new psu/gpu/hdd etc. I tried talking to a dell rep about it and he just kept saying things like "I don't reccomend it" and "It will void your warranty." However, I need to do this until I can procure the funds for a new mobo/cpu later on. Hoping someone here can tell me if I am able to move this mobo to a new case or not. It is a full size tower. The mobo model number is: dell inc. 0R849J Thanks.

A:Dell Mobo question.

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I'm new here, but I figured I might as well skip introducing myself and get to the point:
Until I have the money to get working on my own computer, I'm trying to make using my family's Dell E310 more tolerable. It only has a 230w PSU, and if I can, I'm looking to upgrade. I haven't called Dell, and I don't intend to given all the horror stories I've heard about their customer support. I don't need anything crazy, just an improved PSU. But if something crazy is the only thing, which wouldn't surprise me given that Dell likes to make you buy everything from them, that's fine too. I just need a stronger power supply that's compatible with the computer and won't cause any harm.
Thanks to anyone who helps.

A:PSU question about Dell E310

So contact Dell and ask them directly. Dell's can be tricky if you try to use third party upgrades

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530 that I wish to sell and I want to know if the restore option of setting back to the original state (at time of sale) will make all of my data and files unuseable to a new owner. In using the restore are their any pitfalls to watch out for?

Also will the operating system only have the updates from 3 years ago and the user will need to run all of the later updates? The system (currently) is now Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2. I want the new owner to have a minimum of getting started problems.


A:Dell Restore Question

Did this computer come with Win Vista Home Premium? Or was this installed as a replacement to XP?

Doing a Factory restore will Erase everything on the System drive. It will be restore to exactly the way it came from the factory. No later updates or Service packs those will have to reinstalled. Of course you could do all the Windows updates after doing the factory restore saving the new owner the trouble.

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I have a Dell Dimensions 4600 that I want to nuke the hard drive on. I was about to use DBAN when I had this flash from the past. Didn't Dell used to put their BIOS in the hard drive? I would hate to nuke this then be unable reinstall something afterwards. Any of you old timers (and I mean that in the most positive sense of the word) remember this? and how would I find out if the Dell 4600's BIOS is on the hard drive or motherboard? Thank you.

A:Question: Dell and BIOS

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I have a dell laptop that the LCD screens seems to have stopped working on. I have a question though. The screen appears to be blank although when I shine a light like say a flashlight against then screen you can see all the icons. What could be wrong with it. Do I have to replace the LCD screen or just replace a bulb?

Any thoughts or comments.

A:Dell Laptop LCD question

Sounds like the backlight has failed.

It's not usually "a bulb" though, its often integrated with the LCD panel itself.

It could be the electronic ballast that drives the backlight as well.

Sounds like a service call.

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Dell Automated update ran and now my screen resolution says it is the same but everything is bigger and I can't get it back the way it was. it also changed how one of my programs works and erased all my projects I had completed since I installed it. where can I find the DELL update history and reverse it?

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Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 5759.
May I ask if it's possible to view a list of what has been installed by Dell Update?
If I type 'Dell Update' in to Windows 10 search bar, I am informed that this is a desktop application.

But selecting this does not open an application, instead a desktop message appears "Dell update: Get the latest updates from Dell".
The application "Dell SupportAssist" is nice but I don't see an option to see which Dell updates have been installed. Is this possible? I'd really like to see what has downloaded to my computer.
Thanks in advance for any info.

A:Dell Update

I have just updated "Dell SupportAssist" and it does appear to show more details about updates.
I'm still not sure that it's possible to see a clear list of what Dell Update alone has installed.

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I have an Inspiron One 2320.  I was trying to connect a TV as a second monitor.  To my surprise the HDMI port on the computer is a HDMI input port.  Am I reading correctly?  Can someone please help me and confirm that I can't use that HDMI port for connection to the TV ?
If it is in fact a HDMI input, what is it really for?  What devices that need a HDMI port to send signal to the computer.
I am so confuse with it and to why even make a HDMI input and not a HDMI output? 
Thanks in advance 

A:Dell Inspiron One HDMI question

I have an Inspiron One 2330 Touch.
It also has an HDMI port ... A HDMI-IN port. That would be for something like a Blu-Ray player, Cable Box or DVR, HDMI amp output, tablet ... something like that ... like the Inspiron is a simple monitor or a HDTV.
I was also surprised the only video output was a 15-pin VGA. Maybe the next model will have a DVI output. At least that way, either natively or with an inexpensive converter ... you can drive DVI, VGA, or even HDMI (with no sound). DisplayPort would be another versatile possibility.
In your case ... if your model doesn't have a VGA output (or your second monitor doesn't have a VGA Input) ... you should be able to get a "USB video card".

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Hi guys,

I've come into acquisition of a Vostro 200 that may be decent enough to replace my current HTPC with. It's running the junky 1.6gHz Celeron processor that comes stock with this model, but I'm almost positive I can upgrade it to at least a Core 2 Duo. Can anybody confirm that? It seems a waste to have a newer computer as that go to waste when a simple processor upgrade can make it fairly competitive. I've looked everywhere and can't find the supported processor specs for this Dell CU409 board, but I did find a link from Dell with the recommended upgrades for the computer under my Service Tag.

The service tag = J5LMHD1
Thanks in advance if anybody has any input!

A:Dell Vostro 200 Motherboard question

Sadmaster12 has an ongoing active thread for this computer, so I'm posting the link here so it can be referred to by whoever replies to this thread.


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Hey everybody,

I have a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M6400 in my office that we are currently looking to add RAM to. Dell sent a 2GB RAM Module (PC3-8500, which is correct for this computer), and the computer has 4 RAM modules already installed. On one of my old laptops I was able to go from having 2 - 1GB modules to 1 - 1GB and trading the other out for 1 - 2GB module, effectively giving me 3GB of RAM. This machine has two areas where the RAM is placed: under the keyboard and under the back panel. The machine currently has 4 - 1GB modules installed and when we swapped one of the 1GB for the new 2GB the computer would not boot. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

A:Memory Question Dell M6400

Sparticus039 said:

Hey everybody,

I have a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M6400 in my office that we are currently looking to add RAM to. Dell sent a 2GB RAM Module (PC3-8500, which is correct for this computer), and the computer has 4 RAM modules already installed. On one of my old laptops I was able to go from having 2 - 1GB modules to 1 - 1GB and trading the other out for 1 - 2GB module, effectively giving me 3GB of RAM. This machine has two areas where the RAM is placed: under the keyboard and under the back panel. The machine currently has 4 - 1GB modules installed and when we swapped one of the 1GB for the new 2GB the computer would not boot. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thanks in advanceClick to expand...

Try running just the 2gb stick in slot 1 and leave all other slots empty.

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Hi, I recently ordered a xps 15 9550 1080p with 256gb SSD and 8 ram. Still haven't received it yet but 256gb isn't enough for my use. I'm planning to add extra Hard disk to store my games and files on it (doesn't matter whether it's HDD or SSD) but I have a ZERO experience and knowledge about upgrading it.
Is it possible for my configuration to add an extra HD? And if it is possible: Do I just open the back of the laptop and put the hard drive and it will work or do I have to do other things?
And do you suggest any specific hard drive? 500gb will be enough or I could wait until the Black Friday and get a 1 TB ssd.
Thanks in advance

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Hi, Sorry if Ive posted on the wrong forum but laptops looked like the closest option. Yesterday I clean installed the Dell factory image using reset PC.
All went well but when I checked Reliability History it showed an unsuccessful application reconfiguration warning for Dell Data Vault when Dell Support Assist was installed. During Dell Support Assist installation there was an earlier successful application installation and reconfiguration of Dell Data Vault (version but that was successfully removed 15 minutes later for Dell Data Vault (version ...this was when the unsuccessful application reconfiguration warning was flagged.At the same time  a successful application removal message for Dell data Vault (version is also shown. Im not sure if that means now that I don't have Dell Data Vault installed.
Is this anything to be concerned about? Im not even sure what Dell Data Vault does. Is there anything I need to do or will it successfully update itself later on?

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Hi All,
I have a dell inspiron 9200, and the power connector is loose, so I opened up the unit to see if I could fix it. Well, I couldn't do anything, so I put the laptop back together, making sure everything was correctly connected,. etc.....
Heres the issue:
When I try to turn it on, one of the icons on the unit blinks, and thats it. It won't do anything else...
The icon looks like a lock with a capital "A" in it.
Can anyone help me out?

A:dell inspiron 9200 question

That's your Caps Lock icon - and when its blinking, you probably didn't put the keyboard back on right.

As for the power connector, if it's a motherboard mounted one, you've probably melted the solder off the terminals - unless you know how to handle an extra-fine soldering iron, I'd let a pro handle that fix. Sometimes, if you can just give them the board and ask them to solder that piece, you can swing a deal on the costs (since having one of them open a case and do the entire deal would be expencive).


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ok, so I know it's a long-shot that anyone out there has one, let alone has swapped out the RAM but I have an Inspiron 1545 (hey, it was cheap, wasnt even sure how much I'd use it), came with Win7x64 and 4gb RAM, my manual says 8gb max, nothing else does, everything else (crucial, dell upgrades, etc) says 4gb max.

Now, not sure I even really have a need for it but since I'll probably end up editing video from my camcorder on the laptop, maybe that would use it (plus, I figure GiMP probably likes as much RAM as it can get).

So, anyone know if it will take 8gb? I mean I suppose I could just order it and if it doesnt work, pay the restocking fee and return it. cant even imagine the desktop one could build these days.

(on a side note, we may be switching to Revit at work and if we do, I'm pushing for at least 12gb and quad core)

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 RAM question...



4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz
2GB DDR2 at 800MHz
6GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz
8GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz


Looks like it will quite happily handle 8gb

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Can i put any power suply in it?

A:Dell demension 4500 question

Hi gaming_wiz,

May I ask, what is the issue with your computer?

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dell dimension e3100 question?
i have that for 2 years.
i have a video card chipset family ect.
i want to know if i can upgrade it. or do something , i cant play new games.
or its better to save money buy a new one, or buy playstation3?

A:dell dimension e3100 question?

i have dell dimension e3100 need help i need to know how can i upgrade it to ply toda

i have dell dimension e3100 need help i need to know how can i upgrade it to ply todays game

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I have an old Dell C610 which is quite in good shape and I wonder if it would be possible to have a wireless lan module working in it.
I am sure I could use the MiniPCI slot for a Dell wlan card but how about the antenna? Thinking about that raises another question. What are those two black covered wires with the small and round connectors for? they seem to belong to the MiniPCI port.

Thanks for your help!

A:Dell C610 MiniPCI question


you can buy a wireless lan card for the c610, however you need to purchase the connecting wire, that links the card to the internal aerial,

I found them on ebay here

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Just saw this machine in the shop going for 40 quid, with a 3Ghz processor, but completely forgot about the ram, would and could anybody tell me if it can handle up to 4gb?.

Urgent as i need a computer for work.

CHeers guys!

A:Dell Optiplex gx5200 question..

See link below but it appears it should and can handle 4gb.

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I have heard from several people that with Dell computers you need to buy ONLY Dell memory for upgrades! Is this true or can I get the same two 1 gig modules for upgrade with the exact specs from a different source other than DELL? Thanks...

A:Dell XPS m140 memory question!!

No, you do not have to buy Dell memory. Crucial has guaranteed compatible memory.

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I have a Dell Precision M70 laptop. My question is about my battery. The battery is brand new and it holds a 3 hour charge for quite a while. My question is that when I shutdown my system and then try to start it up using the battery and no AC power it won't turn on. If I plug the AC power cord in with power, then the laptop will boot up. While in windows I can unplug the AC cord and run on the battery which has a full 3 hour charge. Should I take the battery out and use an eraser on the contact points? Or is there some setting I have overlooked? Or should I shutdown the laptop with the AC cord unplugged to boot up with the battery? I am lost at this point because the battery is good. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you,

A:Dell Precision/M70 Battery Question

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Hello guys! Hope this isn't too rediculous of a question but here goes...

I'm waiting for a new Dell xps420 with a raid 0 (2x 500GB) set up and I'm afraid I may have made a big mistake. My question is- For back up security, can I just set it up to back up my whole system to an external hard drive? I'd like to back it up whenever necesarry. I like to keep all of my important files on an external anyway, that way if my computer ever got scorched or crashed I'd be OK once I got my system back up. I actually have two externals, one I use to back up the other just in case. I'm not quite sure how I could make this work with the new system being 64bit Vista. I've been reading about people having a hard time backing up a raid 0 system with vista and now I wish I had done a little more research. Time was a factor though as my current system is 6 years old and its on its last leg. I need it to be a reliable backup. Also, can I reboot from a disk with raid 0? I will be using my system for some work/ college and for all around general use. Please let me know when you can. Here's the specs of the new system:

- Intel Core2 processor Q8200 (2.33Ghz 1333FSB) w/Quad Core Tech and 4MB cache 375W Power Supply
- 8GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4X2GB
- ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4
- Video ready option w/o monitor HMGA 16A
- Serial ATA II RAID 0 With Dual500GB Hard Drives
- Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup
- Dell Dock Consumer
- Micro... Read more

A:Raid 0 backup question for new 64-bit Dell

Issues: Backup System vs User Data option.

The User Data option has many advantages:
PRO:including faster to complete and less media (ie: backup storage) required.
CON:the system would need to be made operational (maybe a full install) and all the applications reinstalled too.

System level backups is a farce in my opinion, as most people ASSUME that it is
a trivial matter to 'just restore the backup' and everything will be fine -- WRONG!
The prerequisite to restore is a running system -- and now you're in a catch-22;
you need the system but you're trying to restore the system.

Two products give the ability to properly restore a system-level backup,
Acronis and Ghost. Each allows a boot from CD and then a restore of the backup
over the HD and 'hopefully' creating a bootable HD in the process.

The object of backups is to reduce the lost of data, which means you need to
periodically perform the backup task -- creating multiple backup files.
Clearly, backing up the entire HD is very wasteful in time and media.

My plan would be to take a system image (using Acronis or Ghost) once a year
and then use User Data option to capture the important stuff more frequently.

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So I'm going to be buying something from them in the near future (I know, I know...), and I'm looking at their current offer of free shipping, something like 450 dollars off the system, and a free 17" flat screen monitor, and I'm thinking that's pretty good.

But then I find out they had a half priced laptop sale on the 19th I missed.

Is the current promotion they have going good for them, or is it just sort of par for the course? I'm not in a serious rush, so I can wait a little while to catch a really good one.

A:Question regarding Dell sales promotion

do the research man. try or
both have very good setups for the price more often better than what dell has to offer.

a high plus in my book is if you ever have to call tech support for whatever reason, you won't be talking to somebody that has to read from a computer generated script.

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my modem has worked fine since I purchased my laptop until four month ago, I used MODEM HELPER, which said RESOURCE CODE 70 MODEM CANNOT HEAR DIAL TONE. I took the laptop for repair thinking the modem shot, repair person said modem wasn't switched on, it has been three months since last service, now I'm having the same issue again and repair shop I took it to is no longer in business. Modem shows as enabled, I've gone through the through the troubleshooting steps. So can anyone tell me what the repairman meant by (switched on), how is it getting switched off? Thanks, WB

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I recently bought this laptop - I since found out the optical drive doesn't seem to work or recognize discs like games or DVDs . I was wondering if theres a fix for this? I understand its a common problem with this model
Also I was wondering if the computer would play blurays if I bought an external bluray drive - I know id need to download something like powerdvd for blurays but I was wondering if the optical drive not working would matter if I was using an external drive - also I still have abluray drive from my old dell n5110 and was wondering if it might be possible to use this in the new computer? Like could I actually remove the optical drive and put in the old blray drive if it would fit and it would work?

A:dell inspiron 15 5000 question

Drive can be renewed easily enough if its a hardware failure.
it might be worth trying one of these fixes first :-
No CD/DVD or CD-ROM access is missing error Code 19, Code 31, Code 32, Code 39, or Code 41
Try this if the optical drives are not appearing in My Computer or Device Manager.
(This is sometimes caused by the removal of Roxio or other writing software.)
click here and save this file to your hard drive. Navigate to where you saved it and double click the file to extract the contents. Locate the EXE file you extracted and double click it. A confirmation dialog will appear when the script is done. You may need to reboot for the change to take effect.
This utility is only intended for Windows® XP, but also appears to work for Vista and Windows 7.
You may need Administrator level access to use this utility. If you do not have Administrator level access, the program will say it is finished, but will not have made any changes.
Similar fixes
click here works for W7 Vista or XP
click here manual fix
Run regedit and navigate to registry key
HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
Highlight it and in the right pane, find the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values.
Highlight each one in turn, right click and delete them.
Close regedit and restart the computer.
If in doubt make a restore point before making changes.
It will make no difference to the working of an external USB connected extern... Read more

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Hey guys, I'm a first timer on this site and need some of your help. I am an active duty marine and was given a dell inspiron laptop by my roomate who was leaving for Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I did not know that the laptop was secured with a password and I did not ask him for it. Now when I start the laptop up, It goes to a white screen saying that "this computer system, #JWFNBH-1, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password. Please type in the system or administrator password and press enter." Is there any way to figure out how to go around that so at least I am able to change the password? Thanks again for your help! This has been driving me crazy

A:Dell laptop security question! HELP!


It's against the forum rules to assist with a password-protected computer because we have no way of knowing your intent for accessing it.

If Windows is password-protected, a clean reinstall of Windows will resolve that issue.

If the BIOS is password-protected, you won't be able to do a clean reinstall of Windows.


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Was wondering in a Dell Dimension 4600 do you have to have matching sticks of Ram, like if it has one stick of 256 should you run another 256 or can you add a 512 to a 256 so you have a total of 768, didn't no. and if someone knows of the top of there head what kind of ram a Demension 4600 has in it from the factory I would appreciate it. I was on the dell site and it didn't say. It came with 256mb stick in it but I couldn't fine what kind like pc2700 or 3200 or what, I haven't got the computer here so I can't run a program on it to find out but I thought dell site would say but couldn't find it.

A:Solved: windows xp sp2-question about RAM in a Dell

That pc uses PC3200 DDR or PC2700 DDR . . The DDR means Dual Data Rate which will only work when both sticks are the same. You can mix different sticks, but you loose the extra speed of DDR ( around 25 % as a rule )

You can find your memory here

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Hey guys, I have a question before it is too late to return my tablet. I have a 64 gb Venue and it is intel atom bay trail processor. I was playing Far Cry 2, and had to alt-tab out to use my trainer program. It stalled a few times alt-tabbing, and I had to go to Start, Switch Users with windows 8 a few times to log out and come back in and restart the game.

Anyways, after alt-tabbing too much, I must have hiccuped the pc and the heat was too much, and it shut off from overheating. I panicked and let it cool for a while, but first I turned it on and ran HWMonitor. I will upload a screen, but it shows a temperature of 191 degree Celsius which is outrageous. This thing was very very hot, it took ten minutes or so and it still felt a little hot.

Anyways, also, from the sleep state, I tried to log in and when I typed my correct password, it said there was not enough resources to log in another user. I tried and after the third time it logged me in. Is this resource problem because of the heat and things were acting funny, or is it because I went to Start, Switch User a couple times to un freeze my game from alt-tabbing.

The tablet works fine, but that 191 degrees bothers me. I played Far Cry 2 for a half hour just now, with the trainer, and all was fine.

Should I return it because it overheated and had the error logging in, or are these known issues? I have another week to consider keeping this. I know the thermal shut off is designed to prevent damage, b... Read more

A:Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet question

by the way, this screen shot is from today, not when I overheated it. for some reason, the 191 goes away and comes back. if i reset values or shut down, it always still comes back to 191, so it can be an error with HWMonitor. I used this screen to show the 191, but the time it overheated, the processors were much hotter.

This screenshot if after a half hour of playing Far Cry 2, so that is what these temps are from.

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If I configured my XPS 600 with a Pentium D 830 processor instead of the Pentium 955ee would I really be able to tell any difference in performance with gaming?

A:Buying a Dell XPS 600-- Processor Question

Yes. The Pentium D 830 only runs at 3.0Ghz with an 800Mhz FSB, 1MB cache per core, no Hyperthreading, and they share the same die on a 90nm manufacturing process. The 955EE runs at 3.46Ghz on a 1066Mhz FSB, has 2MB of L2 cache per core, supports HyperThreading, and is built on two individual dies with a 65nm manufacturing process. The result is a faster processor with greater overclocking potential. Expect to see UP TO 20/30 fps less with the D 830 then with the 955EE.

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I been wanting an alien wear computer for years, but now that I can finally afford one, they've been taken over by dell. and I don't like dell. so my question is, Are alien wear computers still being made by the same people who always made them, and just being sold by dell, or are they made by the same people who make dell computers? If they're made by the same people who make dell computers, then I don't want them.

A:Question about Dell and Alien Wear

Ailenware is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell.
They must answer to the managment of Dell and the Dell shareholders. Day to day decisions are made by Alienware. Mfg techniques are still that of Alienware.

I know how corporations work, from many levels. When a company becomes a subsidiary due to a take over. The office staff is cut to save money ie tax dept. legal dept etc. But the manufacturing stays the same. That is why they take companies over, its to get their expertise and kill the competition.

To save money Dell may purchase the plastics, etc to make the computer because they can buy in bulk to save money, but the actual manufacturing is done by Alien

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Does anyone know if whether or not I can take the harddrive out of my Dell Inspiron 2650 and put it into another Dell and FORMAT it, install XP, and put it back into my laptop? I dont see why not but I want to ask first...


A:Question about DELL INSPIRON Harddrive??

The drive is a common laptop drive. So technically it could go in any laptop or even a desktop.

You will run into a problem if you install XP, or any operating system, on it and then trasnfer it to another system. If the hardware is different you'll get errors, have to reinstall drivers, or it won't boot at all. If they are the same then you should be OK to do that, although don't activate XP until the drive is back in the system it belongs to.

Now for my question. Why do you need to do this?

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I have recently acquired an old Dell 1720 laptop that didn't come with a charger. I did have one for an HP that has the same specs as the Dell (19v @ 20watts) and plugs into the Dell ok. It runs the laptop fine and it shows "charging" but the battery shows only 2 lights (partial charge) and is stuck there. Any thoughts?

A:Dell 1720 charger question

Your best bet is to buy a genuine Dell AC adapter, however you can check the status of the AC adapter and battery in the BIOS.

1. Power off computer, and then make sure AC adapter is connected to computer well
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping the F2 key continuously, you should be in the BIOS screen.

Under the main screen, look for the AC adapter type. If the adapter says None or Unknown then it's an issue with the adapter. Suggest you replace AC adapter.
Under the Advanced screen, look for Battery Health, it should say "This Battery Is Performing Normally". If there's any other message, it could mean that the battery is faulty and needs replacement.

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I found 2 Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop's in a yard sale (they are identical). I got a good deal on them. 1 did work 100%. The 2nd one worked 100% but only on the battery. The 2nd one has a problem with the charging circuit, the 2nd laptop won't charge the battery and won't run off the ac power pack.
The 1st laptop the video has stopped working. There is nothing on the lcd screen or an external monitor. But the cpu fan turns, the dvd drive does it's thing on start up, I can hear the hard drive working and the lights are normal. I tried swapping out both the video card and the cpu from the 2nd Dell laptop. That didn't fix the problem. I ordered a 1100 mother board from Ebay (old stock, never opened, never used) That mother board arrived Sept 3rd. Still the same problem. Nothing on ether screen. But the rest of the laptop works. The Ebay seller sent an other mother board out. That mother board arrived today (Sept-9th). I still have the same problem. I am beating my head on a brick wall on this one. I need some help.

A:a question about a dell inspiron 1100

Considering the fact they are both 10 years old it would of been a much better deal if they were both in working order.due to the ages i really dont think either one is worth fixing and putting more money and parts into them might be a lesson in futility.i think all you can do is either save or sell the ram, hard drives, and cd drives and any other parts if they still work to maybe use in another dell laptop in the future.

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Is it possible to over clock my Dell Inspiron 1150, i underestand that the motherboard might only be limited to a 2.8 Ghz
CPU, is there a way to over come this limitation? If so how would I go about doing so????

thanks in advance...Pete

A:Question s about overclocking a dell Inspiron...

I've edited your post. Your color, font, and URL code was incorrect and as a result was just cluttering your post making it hard to read. If you wish to use code the easy way to do it is to use the icons above the Reply box or go to the Advanced message composer if you wish to use different fonts. But in most cases extra formatting is not needed.

As for upgrading the CPU or overclocking the CPU, both are not a good idea on a laptop. There's no guarantee a CPU will be supported by the motherboard or BIOS, or that the existing cooling will be adequate, or that the laptop will be able to supply enough power for a higher end processor. Laptop manufacturer's generally do not support such upgrades or offer limited upgrades early in a systems production, your laptop is quite old, from 2004. So yes its very likely that the laptop will not support anything over 2.8Ghz or much anything even clocked lower if Dell has chosen not to support it. Be aware that there can be several models of what seems to be the same processor, and some may be supported and others not. Here's a site I found that lists parts:

Will this upgrade be worth it? Not likely unless its really cheap, you go to the max or very near to it, and you do the install yourself.

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Hey guys! It's been a while since I have been on here. Recently I have been having an issue with my old Dell XPS 410 that I have traced back to the graphics card. This is my current setup.

It's a Dell XPS 410 running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with Service Pack 1, 2.66ghz Q6700 Core2 Quad, 8gb DDR2 PC2-6400 Ram, Two identical 7200rpm 500gb Seagate Barracuda Hard Drives and an Nvidia GeForce GT 120 with 1gb DDR2 for the graphics card. I have never had any trouble with this set up, but have recently been getting blue screens and believe the graphics card is the cause.

I don't do any major gaming. Emulating Gamecube games (That I actually own but am too lazy to play on the actual Gamecube system) is about as far as I go, so the Nvidia GeForce Gt 120 has actually worked very well for me up until now. Here is a picture of my exact card.

I have been told that the best card that I can currently upgrade to will either be a ATI HD 7750 or an Nvidia GTX650-E. I did a comparison, and out of the two I like the Nvidia better for my own personal reasons.

I'm sure it's probably much more than I actually need, seeing as I don't do any real gaming, but if you can't tell from my current set up, I like the biggest and the baddest. This computer definitely did not come with a Q6700 Core2 Quad in it, and it's definitely more processor than I need.

Anyways, getting to the point. I was told that the Nvidia GTX 650-E was the best my computer could handle because of my power sup... Read more

A:Dell XPS 410 Graphics Card Question

Your power supply does have the PCIe power connector. I had a "cousin" of the XPX410, a Dimension E510 which was also BTX style. The XPS line was the top line Dell consumer models back when they were sold.

The general consensus on the Dell forum by the techies on there was that Dell also tended to underrate power supplies in that era, thus your 375 watt is more like a 400 or 415 watt commercial power supply.

I used to do a lot of support on the Dell forums, thus my familiarity.

As far as what video card to get, you can get many suggestions on that. I've had systems with NVIDIA cards (I currently have one with a GTS450 OC) and ATI Radeon cards. Both worked well. But, I'm not a gamer.

If you want more specific Dell help, here is the link to the Dell Desktop hardware forum, which is mostly users like this forum.

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Apparently, Dell doesn't support Win 7 32 or 64bit drivers for my 2405FPW monitor. No support Vista either. What is installed is a Microsoft PnP generic (version 6.1.7600.16385 dated 6/21/06). So, can the original Dell Win XP driver be installed in Compatibility Mode for XP SP3 & as Administrator? Or, what's the chances of drivers for Dell's latest monitor (2408WFP) working with my 2405FPW? Could installing that be a disaster or is it best to leave well enough alone? I'm asking because some graphic monitor software I'd like to use doesn't recognize the generic monitor driver.

A:Dell monitor driver question.

You can try installing it in XP compatibility, but I don't know if it will work.


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GM, i have a dell inspiron 531 when turned on it goes into f1 to boot or f2 to set up
how do i fix this. running windows vista

A:Dell BIOS screen question

Try repairing Vista startup by booting from a Vista install DVD and selecting the repair options. If you press F1, will Vista start, or do you get a black screen?

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I have this laptop but there seems to be some problem with the optical drive - it doesn't play/recognize discs. I downloaded a media player to play DVDs but games still don't play. Does anyone know a way to get physical game to work on this make of laptop?

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dell dimension e3100 question?
i have that for 2 years.
i have a video card chipset family ect.
i want to know if i can upgrade it. or do something , i cant play new games.
or its better to save money buy a new one, or buy playstation3?

A:dell dimension e3100 question?

You could upgrade the 512M to 1 or 2 GB but as for the gfx card, you are stuck with the crappy on-board Imtel GMA 900 which is ok for Office stuff or playing video but not much else.
So, either buy a new PC or get a PS3 for playing games.

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I got this computer like 5 years ago I think and I just upgraded my computer ram to 2GB and on the dell spec's it says it can only hold 1GB of ram. Did 1GB sticks not exist 5 years ago or what?

Sorry I didn't know where else to post this at if this is the wrong place.

A:Question about my Dell Dimension 4550

If you right click on my computer and go to properties does it show 2 gigs?

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Hello all.. When using Internet Explorer on this Dell Vista machine at the top of all web pages it says "Internet Explorer provided by Dell".
Anyone know how to remove the "provided by Dell" at the end? Thanks.

A:Solved: IE provided by Dell question

Sorry, for taking anyone's time..Should have looked before I leaped.. It was a simple renaming of the registry value.

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Hello, I bought the Dell XPS 9350 Intel core i5 model on Amazon less then a month ago and it worked perfectly until I started noticing a very annoying buzzing coming from the fan with little pressure on the internals. I contacted two different del support reps and they both suggested sending it to the Dell depot. I already shipped it and it is en route but my question is regarding their part replacement. In the notesI requested that they only use brand new parts in my system and not refurbished or used parts. I have a good amount of doubt that they will do that but I am wondering if there is a way I can tell if they put a refurb part in or not? And after reading the horror stories of the depot if my laptop continues to have issues what steps can I take to get a full refund or replacement? (Dell warranty is good for around a year still, Amazon return is not possible anymore)

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I have an old Dell 4600i P4 which has two integrated HDD controllers on board. It has 4IDE (2HDD+2CDROM), and optional 2SATA. I've had no luck configuring for mixed drives (Boot SATA and Slave IDE). Runs perfectly and sees two drives if both are the same. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick to this? Is it possible to mix drive types on this machine? I've flashed the BIOS for the latest version but of course this is obsolete stuff. I've still got a couple of IDE HDDs with two-three yrs usable life span on them. Great machine, a perfect media player. Thanks, Wil

A:Dell P4 HDD BIOS Config Question

I have one of those. I believe it will not boot from an IDE disk if it has a SATA disk connected, but will from SATA with IDE connected. In both cases once booted, all can be used.

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Windows 10 on a Dell XPS8900 desktop tower. I am getting a message telling me there is a Dell BIOS update available and recommending that I do it.

In the systray, there is a Dell icon that says my system is up to date.

Should I ignore the BIOS update? Sounds major and I'm nervous about it.
Thanks, cb

A:Dell BIOS Update - Should I ?

How is your PC working?? If it's not having any issues I wouldn't.

Even BIOS updates make me nervous..

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Hi, my sister has a Dell XPS 410 running Windows 10 and I was wondering if you could update the BIOS on Windows 10 or just make a temp XP install and update it that way instead.P.S Reason I want to update the BIOS is so I can put a Core 2 Quad in it.

A:Dell XPS 410 BIOS Update

Yes, when you have Windows 10, the BIOS can still be updated.
NOTE: BIOS version 2.5.1 is required, when new CPU Support was added.

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Windows 10 on a Dell XPS8900 desktop tower. I am getting a message telling me there is a Dell BIOS update available and recommending that I do it.

In the systray, there is a Dell icon that says my system is up to date.

Should I ignore the BIOS update? Sounds major and I'm nervous about it.
Thanks, cb

A:Dell BIOS Update - Should I ?

How is your PC working?? If it's not having any issues I wouldn't.

Even BIOS updates make me nervous..

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Just looking around the Dell site and noticed a number of hardware driver updates are in the "Recommended" category. Things like the DVD drive, Broadcom card (Ethernet adapter), Dell wireless (WLAN) card, and a couple of others.

My computer is working just fine and being a fan of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", I'm inclined to leave it alone. Would just like some opinions....

A:Update Dell Drivers???

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One of my coworkers brought in one of her personal machines, which is completely new (still packaged up and everything); an HP ProDesk. After going through the initial setup and installing AVs, changing IE settings and all that good stuff, I ran Windows Update. For some reason, a Dell, Inc. update showed up.

Should there be any reason for this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Dell, Inc. Update on an HP computer??

Are there any Dell peripherals attached to the machine? I'm thinking something like a monitor, mouse or keyboard.

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what is feeling on updateing bios thru harddrive ?

A:Bios update for dell

If you are referring to the BIOS update that works thru windows as opposed to a floppy in DOS, I have used the Windows version several times and it seems to work well


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About six months ago, I upgraded the hard drive for my Dell Inspiron 2200 from the original 25 GB to a Western Digital 120 GB. Two weeks ago, the drive failed and I returned the drive to Western Digital for replacement. Today I received the replacement drive and Western Digital has sent me a 250 GB drive. My problem is that the original BIOS (1.10 A03) supports a maximum drive size of 120 GB. I've checked Dell's website and as far as I can determine, none of the BIOS updates address a larger hard drive. Can anyone verify that I am correct about this? I can't email Dell about it, since my warranty has expired. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Dell BIOS update

I found this

"The BIOS will support a 120G EIDE (NOT SATA) drive. Larger drives will show 137 G"

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I have been trying to install the latest version on a xps 410 but the problem is i need to do it in ms dos because windows won't update the bios with the downloadable bios update file from the website and ive tried to do it with ms dos boot but I need to input the file name in the command line but it will not accept it im using rufus should I be using it or do I use something else.

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I want to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 6000 OS from XP Pro To Win 7 home Premium. I heard you can do it but there's drivers issues. Dell says the 6000 is not able to run Win 7. Well I've already bought the Win 7 OS. Can 7 be installed on the inspiron 6000 and run well?
I've already upgrade the ram to 2 gigs but the drivers problem has me worried.

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 OS Upgrade Question

If dell does not have drivers, then I would strongly urge you not to try to upgrade. You will have problems.

check the following tests.

Windows 7 Readiness Test
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

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I have a temperature sensitive dell E173FP 17"monitor. I want to replace the inverter/power supply board. It takes 2 different kinds, one a 2 connector CCFL lamp board and one a 4 connector. Is there a way to tell what board I have without dismantling it? Thanks for your help.


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I was just wondering if I am able to upgrade the HDD. There are currently 2 500GB HDD built into this machine. The information I have been looking for wasn't accurate enough for me to be sure that the HDDs are removable. And if so what type of HDD is it?
Example: SATA 2.5" .

A:Alienware M18X Dell Upgrade Question

Alienware M18X Hard Drive Replacement - Manual

HDD Replacement on the M18x

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I am new to the forums and am not sure if this question has been asked yet. I've done a lot of googling and have yet to find a definitive answer to this question. Are the OEM Dell Windows reinstallation discs interchangeable? Let me be more specific:

I do a lot of computer repair for people and work on many dell machines. Oftentimes, a system reformat is required and the people I do work for don't have the Dell Windows reinstallation CD's that came with the computer.

The discs that I have seen don't have anything specific on them like a model number for a certain machine, just which version of Windows it is (ie. Home, Professional, MCE 2005).

I decided to do a little test of my own. Some clients dropped off computers to my place for me to fix (Both Dell's)

The first one was a laptop: Dell Inspiron 5100
The second was a desktop: Dell Dimension 2400

I used SIW for Windows to locate the CD key on each of the machines only to find that they both were using the exact same CD key. This CD key doesn't match either of the ones found on the COA sticker on the side of the machines. Both machines seem to connect to windows update just fine even though they have the same CD key.

While the CD key's were the same, the Serial numbers (xxxxx-OEM-zzzzzzz-zzzzz ) didn't match. I don't know if this matters or what these numbers actually mean.

This little test leads me to believe that all of the Purple OEM Windows XP Home Edition Reinstallation CDs that Dell shipped ... Read more

A:Question about Dell WindowsXP Reinstallation Discs

It is legal as long as the computer has its own MS product key sticker. In particular, I think any dell OEM disc can be used on any other dell computer and it should work. I am not sure about using one manufacturer's disc on another manufacturer's computer (it is legal, but whether it will work without causing any problems is what I am not sure about). An OEM disc can not be used to install windows on a machine with no XP sticker (that is, a newly built computer on which windows was never installed, for example).

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As the title states I have a inquiry about my Dell Dimension E510. Heres the situations..

1.) In order to turn my comp on from being completely powered off I must remove all USB connections, monitor, Ethernet connection, and audio cables. Then I wait for a minute sometimes up to 15 minutes for the blinking light to finally turn to green and for the comp to start up to be able to plug everything back in.

2.) When the computer is hibernating however it doesn't have this problem turning back on unless I have my external hard drive plugged in and at that point I have to go through the steps I took in (1.)

..So I guess my question comes down to .. is my power supply not pumping out enough power, or could it be malfunctioning, I changed out the lithium 3v battery already however still intermittently having these issues. If anyone believes it is this small battery most definitely causing the issue, I can run out and spend $5 on a brand new one from radio shack.

By the way..

1. Ive upgraded ram memory to 4g
2. Installed a new Nvidia GeForce GT 220
3. Use a USB hub with 6 USB's plugged into that which uses its onw dedicated power cord and 2 other USB's plugged straight to comp.
4. I used to be quite ignorant to my computers feelings and would unplug power supply from power strip before it would fully power down and a few surges have gotten to it. (Ive recently fixed this problem by purchasing a $200 Back-UPS BX1500G surge protector / battery b... Read more

A:Dell Dimension E510 powering on question

If you have access, I recommend simply trying a new power supply to determine if that's the issue. I'm sure you've considered this, so I also must ask, are you talking about the CMOS battery?

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I have a dell dimension 4600i with 2.80 ghz processor running windows xp and 3 gigs of ram. Also has Nvidia geoforce fx 52 with 128mb onboard. I just added the additional ram. It has a dell motherboard OF=4491. Is there thing I can do to upgrade it further in order to run vista or windows 7.

A:Dell dimension 4600i upgrade question

How old is the machine? Some of the older ones came with a 5400 rpm hard drive. This won't specifically help with Vista, but a 7200 rpm drive would help overall performance.

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