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Fuzzy Faded Lines on Monitor

Q: Fuzzy Faded Lines on Monitor

Issue Example:
Monitor: eMachines e15t4

So my issue is like the image I posted above - I have faded blackish lines moving all over the screen (kind of a fuzziness). It will gradually change as I change the monitor refresh rate, however it's always there. I have noticed, I can only see it in windows; if I'm in bios, It's not active. I can not try another monitor because I have no other monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

A: Fuzzy Faded Lines on Monitor

Welcome to Seven Forums ddbillsfan. If you pull up the monitors own menu (for adjustments), is the problem showing in the monitors menu as well, or is it behind the menu? A Guy

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Heyo, I've got a new PC (Her name is Iris). I've been using it for about 2 months now and it works really well.
I have a 23" LCD Monitor,
My computer specs are
Radeon 7750 HD
8g DDR 3
3.6 Ghz Quad Core processor (AMD FX 4100)
64 bit OS Windows
The graphics card is up to date, as well as the monitor.
Power Supply is 500 watts
Plugged into the monitor using HDMI. Im not Overclocking also.
This is my first actual gaming computer, she has not been damaged in any way that I know of. I checked to make sure all wired were plugged in and everything seems fine. Also she is custom, not pre-manufactured if that may help.

What happens is randomly horizontal fuzzy lines appear across the screen for about 10 minutes then disappear and re-appear randomly. Yesterday I recieved a BSOD that said DRIVER POWER FAILURE or something like that. It ended with 9F I believe.
It was only the first time that happened and hasnt happened since so it might have been a fluke. If the computer is not getting enough power, will plugging it into a different power outlet help?

A:Fuzzy Lines Monitor

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I went on vacation a couple weeks ago and came back to find these fuzzy lines being displayed on my computer. The computer was off the entire week. I've had my computer since last December so it shouldn't be an issue with compatibility. I reinstalled my graphics drivers and I also hooked the monitor up to my laptop using a VGA cable(my computer uses a DVI-D cable) and was having the same lines appear. So I have narrowed it down to a problem with the monitor itself. I have an ASUS VH242H monitor.

System Info:

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6950
Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Monitor Model: ASUS VH242H

Pics: there are lines from taking the picture of the monitor but these lines are best shown on the task bar with library, new, store, donate. They are very small and only go a couple pixels

A:very small and fuzzy lines on monitor display

Since you've already established it's the monitor and nothing else, there's not a lot more we can say other than you may have a good reason to claim a repair or replacement under warranty as it's less than 12-months old. We certainly don't advise you start messing with it's internals (even if you/we knew what we were doing) while a warranty claim is possible.

Contact ASUS and ask for an RMA under warranty (Returned Merchandise Authorisation) and what the procedure is for returning it. Worldwide telephone contact numbers for ASUS are here:

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This is my first post, but I will try to make it as descriptive as possible. I really appreciate any help I can get on this.

So, for the past two days, when I have come into work and turned on the computer and monitor, it starts but has lines or black spots, mostly lines and dots when the computer starts. I cannot see my log in screen or any images, just the lines and dots. I can still log in, since it goes straight to where you put in your password. Once I log in, a little bit of the desktop appears, but the rest of it is a white screen with some lines and I cannot see my mouse moving in that area. THen those lines slowly go away. And everything works fine after awhile, because the lines go away on their own. However, I have run a few virus scans and nothing has really shown up or helped. If I just turn on and off the computer now, it''ll be fine, it seems to only happen after a night of being shut off and then turned back on again. Because the monitor is fine and doesnt do any of that when I turn it on and off after a few minutes, only for the night. Does anyone know what this could be?


A:Computer Monitor Is Either Blank Or Has Fuzzy Lines!

You most likely have a hardware problem. The likely culprits are monitor and video card. I might guess at the monitor and the problem goes away when it is fully warmed up. If this is the case it will probably get worse as the component that is failing continues to die.

If there is another monitor handy, I would swap and see if problem goes away.

If not the monitor it is possibly the video card. This is a little more difficult, but the best way to test this is to open computer and install another card. You also need to remove the old video drivers before installing the new card, so if you want to try this on your own, I would look for a video card on sale, often you can find one for $40-$50 bucks, so you have the installation instructions and drivers.

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Here's my details:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 124496 MB, Free - 111248 MB; H: Total - 6550 MB, Free - 702 MB; L: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 160663 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Puffer
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I recently purchased an ASUS VH197D LED monitor, which is connected via VGA. I've been having problems with the monitor where there are vertical strips of blurry/fuzzy pixels across the screen. These move around when I auto-adjust the monitor, so I know it's not damaged or dirty screen. Here are some images:

I downloaded the most recent driver for the graphics card (Catalyst), which hasn't helped, and since downloading this it doesn't allow me to select the native screen resolution for the monitor 1366 x 768 anymore. The nearest option is 1360 x 768.

I've tried replacing the VGA cable, no joy.

I've contacted ASUS - they were a ball of rubbish, and suggested pressing the reset button.

Do you guys know what might be causing this? I'll be so grateful, as this has consumed my week!!
&nb... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor has fuzzy vertical lines on it

DO you have any device to test the monitor like notebook... or this is your only computer
and also can you lower the resolution to may be 800x600 is this option is there and see is still have problem or not.... We need to find out i sthe driver issue or the LED itself

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Hey everyone,

Yesterday I hooked up an external monitor to my laptop. It seemed fine until today (I used it one day with the laptop, today is the second day). Now when the screen is black I see fuzzy lines like waves running down the screen, not too apparent but enough where you can see them scrolling down from a distance. I can hardly see them right now as I am typing this since the background on this website is lighter.

However, when I go back to my desktop I see them. I tried adjust the power cord and VGA cords thinking it could be those. It is sitting on a table with nothing magnetic around. Any ideas?


Monitor Info: Hanns_G 19 inch LCD. About a year old.

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Greeting. I've been experiencing an issue, and I finally wanted to ask about it.
Thing is: Sometimes (typically "arrow" shapes) have a "fade" effect on their sides. I'd give an example of a popular website that shows these issues, but now that I'm looking for one I can't find any. (Typical, huh?)
Well I recently tried WaniKani and it's very pronounced there. I made a screenshot comparing it with IE. What I use there is WaterFox (my learning browser) which is basically FireFox, my main browser is PaleMoon, which is basically also FireFox and It has the same Issues. Only addon I use is adblock, plugin-wise I have the usual: Flash, Java, VLC.
Any Ideas what it could be, and how I could fix it?

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Please take a look at the pic above. Notice how my start menu as well as all my icons on the bottom right are all faded and theres lines going through them etc. I have no idea how this happened, and I have no idea how to fix it either. Please help.

PS: You can rule out the monitor being a problem immediately because i've tried different monitors. Also, the problem only exists on anything that is windows xp. Games, browser screens etc all look fine. My desktop backround as you can see...fine. Any help is much appreciated.

A:XP menus colors faded/lines

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I have a Brother 6050D Laser printer, which has started several faded vertical bands, these are especially bad when printing black areas, and less noticeable when printing ordinary text. I have changed the toner cartridge and the drum unit. but I am still getting these bands. Does any one have any ideas on how to get rid of them.

The following link shows a photo of how a page looks when printed using the printer

Yours - Antony

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My Hp notebook screen is shaking with lines and faded colours. Is still under warranty. How do i go about it for replacement or repairs. Eddy

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issue! -- whenever vista loads up i see fuzzy lines on the screen, near the sidebar -- anyonelse had this issue? thanks!

A:fuzzy lines at startup

I've not heard of that issue before, you may want to try updating your graphics drivers.

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How do I fix these fuzzy lines?? I have an Nvidia tnt2 32mb m64 video card. I know it's pretty old I'm getting a new one maybe next year but for now I need to fix this problem. I usually get these fuzzy lines when I'm playing Warcraft, Diablo, etc (most games) and also when I'm watching videos/movies (almost every type of video). I've had this problem for nearly 4 years and never found a solution to it. Maybe you guys can help me out. Thanks.

(Ignore the quality of the picture. I had to make it low quality so I could upload it. It's those fuzzy vertical lines dot lines that I want to fix.)

driver version : 66.93
Windows XP Home

A:Fuzzy Lines from my video card?

Replacing the card will fix them. Thats usually a sign of a faulty card, and a TNT2 is well past it expiry date.

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when going between screens on Diablo2-Whenever goin from lobby to joining a game and when quitting a game -I see a quick flash of fuzzy squares?--should I be concerned??

A:Split-second screen of fuzzy lines-

Run CCleaner

Then go here:
And confirm all your Drivers are up to date (especially Video)

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had the same issue awhile back so I did a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate and still getting the random fuzzy screen and bsod without having really installed anything It is really random. I can just surf the net and it happens. I don't have to do anything that stresses the computer. It's late so I don't have time to list my specs but I can when I get home from work if need be. I have upload my zip file Hopefully that will help for now. Thanks in advance.

A:screen gets fuzzy lines then freezes and/or bsod

How did you get your copy of windows activated?

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Iam looking at a PC for a friend and it has a symptom ive never come across before, I recently installed an extra stick of 512Mb into the old XP PC so it now has 1Gb, it worked fine while I had it but a few days after he got it back it started to have the following problems after 15 minutes of use.. snowy scrolling dots appearing on the screen, akin to interference... the computer would also reboot in a loop... so I asked him to bring it back.. when he got it here it worked fine for 90 minutes and I used Memtest+86 to scan the RAM which came back as Zero was when I reboot the PC after running Memtest+86 with the reset button that it all started..

it seems to be some interference of some sort, possibly? - maybe it needs to 'warm up' before it happens? I dunno, I can only speculate.

if anyone has any ideas what this may be I would appreciate it..

EDIT: I should say that I used my own monitor so its not that.



A:Solved: Fuzzy snowy dots and lines on screen

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I have a problem with my computer's display. If I let the computer start up normally the display is fuzzy, full of horizontal lines and I am unable to make out anything on the screen. When I use safe mode the display is fine like nothing is wrong.
I'm running Vista Home Premium SP 2 on a dell studio 540. I'm using an hdtv as my monitor. It is attached to the hdmi port on my computer. I don't have another monitor that I can use.
     This is what I was doing immediately before the problem started. I was running a live boot of Kali-Linux 1.06 but the display was cut off I couldn't see the full desktop. I was unable to shut down the computer because I couldn't see the shut down menu. I pressed the power button on the front of the computer to turn it off. When I turned the computer back on the BIOS screen appeared as usual but then the screen went blank and stayed blank. So I tried rebooting the computer a few times and a few hours later the screen started showing the fuzzy horizontal lines that I see now.
I did a system restore to the day before I ran Kali- Linux but it didn't do anything.
I reset the bios settings to factory default because I read that it might help but it didn't make a difference.
Thanks in advance

A:Fuzzy Blurry Display full of horizontal lines

If the problem doesn't reoccur in Safe Mode it would be your graphics driver.
When you boot into Safe Mode the graphics driver used isn't what you normally use, it is a driver which is native to the operating system.
I would suggest uninstalling the graphics driver, then download the driver from Dell Support.

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Hi everyone, I am getting horizontal lines on my monitor and i have no idea why!
I can boot the computer just fine (computer is not overclocked), and it'll work perfectly fine for about 10-30 mins, then all of a sudden - i get fuzzy lines. It'll last between 2-10mins. It renders the screen unusable and the only way to clear it is to either reboot (and let stand for a while as if the computer needs to reset - otherwise even during startup it'll display these lines) or just wait for it to fix itself (10min or so).

This is a YouTube link to illustrate the issue:
Computer graphics card problem? - YouTube

i have a brand new computer with the following specs:

Windows 7 Professional
Service Pack 1

SystemRating - 5.2 (graphics of Windows with Vero is the lowest)
Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz ~ 3.10GHz
Installed memory (RAM) - 8.00 GB (7.71 GB usable)
System Type - 64-bit Operating System

My graphics card:
Integrated Intel HD 2500

P8H 61-M LE series
Intel H61
its also worth mentioning this is ASUS......

A:Horizontal fuzzy lines periodically consuming my screen!

Check the VGA, or DVI cable to make sure it seated right. Check your graphics card to make sure it is seated right if you have one. Update the graphics drivers for your motherboard from

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Hi all,
I need a bit of help, as I'm slowly losing my mind over the following problem. I run Xubuntu Linux on a HP Elitebook 8460p. Some two weeks ago, the entire left 3 cm margin of my screen started to display black/green/yellow/blue lines, which seemed to move constantly. Wiggling the screen and pressing here and there solve the problem temporarily, but only temporarily. Furthermore, the next 3 cm seem to be following suit. I ordered a replacement screen from a company here in The Netherlands and got to work. After replacing the screen, and a fresh startup, the screen displays a yellowish sheen, plus that it seems like every second vertical line in the display is "greyed out", making the screen fuzzy and hard to focus on. I thought something was wrong with the replacement screen and send it back, requesting another. The next screen had the same, but with a reddish sheen. The next new replacement (the third by now) had a blue-ish sheen. All three replacements had the vertical line problem. Placing my old, defect screen back shows a good image, that is, all vertical lines work properly. Another odd detail is that both in the second and third replacement screen, there can be seen a collection of static pixels (dark-red coloured) in the lower left corner in the configuration of a capital "C", in mirror image. Does anyone have the faintest idea what is going on here ? All help is greatly appreciated, many thanks !

A:Thin vertical grey lines make laptop screen fuzzy

sounds like you had a bad connection or ribbon cable between motherboard and screen is failing.

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Hi all,
The screen of my Inspiron 3520 randomly becomes completely covered in white fuzzy lines; the entire screen.
There is no particular pattern for when this happens. It sometimes happens as soon as I log in and begin typing and/or clicking on the mouse pad, and on other occasions I can use the laptop for a good hour or two before it happens. Today, for example, I used the laptop for 5 minutes and it happened 4 times, with each occasion lasting about 20-30 seconds in duration. However, yesterday I used the laptop for over an hour and it didn't happen at all.
I imagine this is a hardware problem relating to a wire connecting the screen as it only happens when I'm actually using the laptop to type or surf the web etc (I can watch a film on the laptop for a straight 2 hours and it won't happen once, so long as I don't touch the machine). So I'm thinking that possibly the mild vibrations caused by me pressing the keys and/or mouse pad are causing a wire to disconnect or become lose. It doesn't matter if the laptop is 'hot' or 'cold: it's indiscriminate.
I have ran all the applicable tests on SupportAssist and no issue is found. I've also updated all drivers. About 6 months ago I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 and the problem stopped for a short while, so I was hopeful it had been a software glitch. However it soon started again and now it's happening so frequently the laptop is basically useless, other than for watching films/c... Read more

A:Inspiron 3520 screen randomly covered in white fuzzy horizontal lines

If that's the cause, then the image should be ok on an external screen - that would be the first thing to check.  
If it's not, the problem is with the mainboard.

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Fujitsu CRT monitor has a suddenly "faded" display, as if the screen has been whitewashed. It's also slightly out of focus, and there's a tiny black dot in the middle. It's still usable (using it now to post this). Tried degaussing a couple of times, no result, though at one point it displayed properly for an instant during one degaussing. Any help appreciated.

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hello. having problems with LCD montior. It is a quality monitor--NEC Multisync LCD 1830--but is about 5 years old.

For a week or so it was flickingering slightly. Then one day it faded to black for a minute, came back for 30 seconds, then went black for a long time. On subsequent days I tried it, no luck. Then one day I tried it again and it worked for a few minutes before fading to black again. When it works for brief periods, the image quality is perfect. But at any time it is liable to go totally black again.

Might it be at the end of its lifespan? Can anyone tell me the normal lifespan for LCD's?

Are they worth repairing, in general?

Note: i am quite sure the problem is with the monitor, not the CPU or anything else. i hooked up another monitor and it has been working perfectly for days.

A:Solved: LCD monitor has faded to black

Your LCD is history as in either or backlight,inverter and no it is not worth having fixed. Buy a new one.

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Hello. This is my first post on these forums.

Getting to the point, I have a Panasonic TV which I have been using as a Secondary Monitor for the past few months, and it has worked perfectly (with an S-video cable). One day I was using it for general reasons and the screen faded to black, and I knew it was on standby. Problem is, I tried everything, but it seemed to stay on standby no matter what. I have tried reconnecting the S-video cable to many places both on PC and Monitor, still same result.

I am using AV3 on the monitor, and am using the Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

UltraMon doesn't seem to be helping in any way with it, and yes, the monitor is enabled in Display Settings.

I honestly have no idea at all why it just went black one day, other things such as my Xbox and normal TV viewing works perfectly on my Panasonic TV.

A:Secondary Monitor faded and won't work again (Panasonic)

Oh great. It still doesn't work.

Hey Panasonic, make a monitor which can be taken out of standby.

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I have a maxtech(i know) 19' lcd that has a white ghostlike area around the edge of the screen that goes away after it is on for about 30m-1hr. The monitor is over 3 yrs old. Anyone know why it does this? Is it going bad?

A:White 'faded area' around edge of lcd monitor

Offhand? Given the age; I would first think that the fluorescent tube light used to backlight the screen is beginning to go bad. It starts off a little to dim with the edges worst, just like a fluorescent tube in a ceiling light. Once warmed up it reaches full brightness .
This is fixable, the bulbs are designed to be replaced .

But if it is something more complex like the internal electronics the monitor may be on the way to the junk pile.

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Hi All,
I have an external Envision flatscreen monitor that I have been using attached to my laptop for around a year. I have the monitor displaying on both laptop and the external Monitor. Just recently I had a pc issue which I have rectified and my external monitor since rectifying that issue now displays fuzzy. What can I troubleshoot to find out my issue. I've reviewed the Graphics and Display Properties. It is currently sitting at 1024 by 768, Color: True Color and Refresh 60HZ. The odd thing is that when I am in Display Properties, Settings tab, the left monitor in top is black (this should be my laptop) and the right monitor in the pic, which should be my external monitor is gr3y. When I have pressed on the black monitor, and press Identify it indicates 1. When I press on the grey monitor and press identify, it says it is not active, although I do have an image on my external monitor (fuzzy image). When I click the arrow on 'Extend my Windows Desktop this monitor' the right monitor then is black and when I press on it and press 'Identify' it says it is 1 as well. Is this correct. I know this has nothing to do with the fuzziness but still thought I might see if this is an issue or not.
When I right click on my desktop and go into Graphics Properties - I just get confused as to what this is all about. When I go into Display Tab the Monitor is checked, I can check on any of the others i.e. Notebook, Intel Dual display clone or Extended Desktop. Re... Read more

A:Fuzzy External Monitor - Laptop Monitor ok

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hi ,
i have 2 identical hp w2007 flat screen monitors. they are both installed on
identical gateway 3 yr old PC's with xp. one monitor is upstairs, and mine is downstairs. mine works perfectly .. they one upstairs.. lets call it monitor 1,
has developed a bright or washed out , bright horizontal line about 4" tall-going across the entire screen.
... along with this problem it doesn't have true black ,(more of a black brown faded) on all black screens...
Mine , monitor 2, is perfect.
monitor 1, started having issues ,with not holding, a preferred setting.. it wouldn't hold resolution, size or brightness , contrast and other settings.. i have uninstalled the new monitor and software and reinstalled it.. i have tried all the monitor adjustments , i have tried to match resolutions and setting to my perfect monitor 2..nothing works.. from day one , it only had one oddity... there was a white shadow
around the arrow pointer,cursor, my monitor never had that.. i couldn't even make my pointer/cursor , do that..
does anyone think it has a burned out
band " across the monitor? what are these new crystal clear view flat screens like inside? Anyone think there is anything i can do..
could it be a bad video card.. or just a blown new monitor?
thanks for all the help.. i can sure use it..

A:faded 4"horizontal line on hpw2007 monitor-need help !

Either take it in to have it looked at or buy another monitor. If it is under warranty you may be able to have it replaced

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I just got a LG L226WTQ 22" monitor. Some letters will have faded areas on them and also the screen saver will lock up the computer up solid, so I have it off (blank setting) right now. I have a Dell XPS 400 running windows xp. Any suggestions, I have a week and a half before I can not take it back. Thanks

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The bottom corner of my mitsubishi diamond pro 1000 21 inch montitor sometimes fades and this morning was highly redified. so I pressed the degauss button, and that fixed things up decently thought it is still a little faded. Strangely if I move the monitor around a bit it seems to get better, depending on how it faces, but the way I want it to face makes the bottom corner not so good. Is there something I can do, some maintenance technique that will improve this situation? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: faded and red spots come and go in the btm rt crnr of my 21 inch dmnd pro monitor

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My monitor is seemed to come on gradually At first I thought that my eyes were going bad...but then others noticed it too.

This may not be the right forum, but please help!

A:Monitor Fuzzy

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I bought a new Acer 20" flatscreen. It says it's made for 1600x900 resolution.
I have it on a 6yr old clone XP Pro machine. I don't know what graphics card I have because I'm not at the computer right now. Letters are some dark, some light, edges are blurred.
What gives? Do I need a new graphics card? They seem really expensive.
Please advise.

A:New monitor is fuzzy.

Upgrade the video card driver... if your system is six year old and the driver is never update a lot of wide screen resolution is not support at that time... upgrade driver "MAY" solve the problem...

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I have a problem with my monitor, for no reason that i can find my monitor has gone fuzzy. On outlines to things displayed on screen wavey lines appear.
I have checked the cables and conncetions and also tried the monitor on a different pc, which it worked without any problems. So it leads me to believe that it could be a fault with another piece of hardware.

Please does anyone know what might be causing this problem? :dead:

A:fuzzy monitor

Try this tool:

First, run PixelSharp, then launch MonitorsDirect ToolKit

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I just got a monitor switch to hook up two computers with only one monitor. Now the monitor has a fuzzy look to it. This is on both PC's - one has Win98 SE and the other is Win2K. Is there a way around this or is this normal? It is a pretty old and banged up monitor, but it was decent before this.




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I just bought a new 19" monitor, and it looks great when connected to my desktop (win xp), but when I connect it to my laptop (win 7), the screen is a little fuzzy. The text isn't the clearest - I can still read it and use the monitor just fine, but the display just isn't clear.

The monitor I purchased can be found here:

On the above link, it says that the max resolution is 1440 x 900, and that is the identical resolution my laptop is using when connected to this monitor. The hookup is via VGA cable.


A:Monitor display a little fuzzy

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I thought it was old monitor, so I bought a new one, but still have same problem. some text is crystal clear but some is very fuzzy. Graphics are the same way. I have a emachine T2245 an a new niko 20 wide screen monitor. Both this monitor and the old one work great on my laptop, so it must be my computer. I have reloaded the monitor driver from the install disk. I can send screen shots.

Anyone have any ideas?????


A:monitor problem -often fuzzy.

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Lenovo Thinkpad T60p - XP Service Pack 3 - no viruses or malware - newly IBM refurbished with all updates - lowering rs from 1400 x 1050 makes it worse - 16 or 32 bit color no change - when I restart there is a moment before it goes black when screen looks perfect.

Any help welcome.


A:Hi rez monitor - only the desktop is fuzzy

Lenovo Thinkpad T60p drivers -

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Hey all,

I have an HP Pavillion desktop that is a couple of years old and I have major issues with the display. In a nutshell while the correct screens are coming up everything is shaky and fuzzy to the point of making the computer unusable. I have connected the hard drive to my television and the problem is still there so this clearly isn't a monitor issue. I am really not a big tech guy but someone suggested to me that it might be a video card problem and I was wondering if that sounds correct.


A:Fuzzy Monitor Display

Bump. Anyone? Thanks

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I have now gone through 4 monitors and a new video card during my attempted transition from a 15 inch screen to a 17 inch flat panel. Despite adjusting resolution and refresh rates, the picture always gives shadows. In other words, after each text letter, there are multiple faint repetitions of each letter trailing off to the right. The monitors DO work on another, older computer. I have a 3 year old Dell running Windows XP. Any advice?

A:Fuzzy Monitor Picture

Have also seen this be due to a motherboard. Tried all of what you have done and since it was in warrantee, the motherboard got replaced which solved the problem.

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on this hercules prophetview 920 or something monitor the picture is fuzzy but it is still usable. its only noticable you look at it close up or the computer is black, like when xp is booting then its very noticable. i dont know if its a problem with the screen or the vga cable?

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I just upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP. On 2000 I had my resolution set to 640 x 480. Had a very clear picture with larger icons. Now that I've converted my screen is so fuzzy I can barely stand to look at it and have it set to 800 x 600 and highest 32 bit quality--which is the largest resolution I have now. I have also gone in and changed my clear type-which made no difference at all. My screen is still so fuzzy it's giving me a headache. My monitor is a CTX that I purchased back in 1998. This may have something to do with it. I just keep upgrading my pc, but not my monitor. Thanks for any help.


A:Fuzzy Monitor after XP Upgrade

Since you changed your screen resolution, have you tried increasing your refresh rate and ensuring your monitor is correctly installed (color profile and drivers), the higher the rate the clearer it will appear.

Right click desktop, click properties, click settings, click advanced;
click monitor tab, be sure "hide modes this monitor cant display" is checked and set your refresh rate as high as you can. You can also try to install your correct monitor type, by clicking properties beside monitor and choosing driver tab, update driver.
Last, choose a color profile that matches your monitor, click the color management tab,a nd then associate your color profile from your monitor by clicking add button, browse to your monitor drivers folder, and choose the correct profile.

If none of these work, it is possible your monitor is tired, or losing its clarity because of its age.

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I wanted a monitor larger than my 22 inch Samsung but reasonably priced 23 inch or 24 inch monitors wouldn't have made much of a difference and a 27 inch monitor was more than I wanted to spend.

I had read lots of articles about using a TV as a PC monitor so I was forewarned about the text issue but went ahead anyway, figuring I could deal with it if it wasn't exactly perfect.

I bought a 32" LC 32LN5300 (IPS panel) and set it up.

And, of course, the text is not perfect but it's passable unless I'm sitting at the computer for long periods.

I used the Clear Type tuner with no improvement.

I'm wondering if there are any other methods of tweaking the text to make it sharper.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit and my video card is ATI Radeon HD 2600 Series.

Oh, I still have my old monitor running so the difference in text sharpness is rather obvious.

A:Using TV as PC Monitor. Text is a little fuzzy.

A better video card might help. Also, if your video card is capable, use the "native" resolution of the TV as that may help too.

Then again, it may just be the TV set. How does it do on regular TV?

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Please help. I upgraded from ME to XP and now have a fuzzy monitor (MagView) monitor. I think it uses the Intel Graphics Technology. Not sure if Iomega or WildTangent has anything to do with it, but they were listed as "software that does not support Windows XP" before the upgrade occurred. Yes, the upgrade occurred without resolving these issues.

Can you help me resolve the monitor issue? I cannot seem to locate a fix without your help. The monitor seems to be more fuzzy in middle than around the edges.

Thanks in advance!

A:Upgraded to XP from ME, now Fuzzy Monitor

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I have a 19 inch Likom monitor that works great except recently it goes fuzzy every few minutes when viewing photos. If I reset the power to the monitor all is well for another few minutes then fuzzy again. What can I do to solve this problem.

A:Intermittent fuzzy monitor display

Is this a big fat, heavy monitor or a slim light LCD monitor?

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I just bought a LiquidVideo 15" TFT-LCD 1024x768/XGA from Circuit City. I've hooked it to my IBM ThinkPad 1411-411, and the text is fuzzy. When I change from 800x600 to 1024x768, the text sharpens, but there's a ghost image like on old TV signals. There are no XGA drivers on my computer. Is this what I need, and if so, does it have to be a driver from LiquidVideo, since I can
't find them on the web and Circuit City, so far at least, can't help?

If this isn't the fix, any other ideas are most welcome.


A:Fuzzy XGA flat panel monitor

Can you try it with another machine? It should be crystal clear with no ghosting

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I just reformatted my dell computer and then re-installed Windows 98. The resolution on the monitor is lousy and locked at 480x640. I tried downloading a driver for my monitor, but none was available. I then reformatted and installed Windows XP and everything worked great. I want to put Windows 98 back on, but also want to be able to adjust the screen resolution. What do I need to do??? Thanks!

A:fuzzy resolution on dell monitor

If things look lousy and resolution wont go above 480x, it means the video drivers arent installed, usually. With win98, you can get them from either Dell website, or possibly from the driver CD that came with the computer (browse the CD for win98 video adapter driver). The monitor may need its own "driver" usually an .inf file, get from Dell site, also, for make and model on the monitor. WinXP contains a lot more drivers than win98-
Check what is listed in Device Manager- will show what has been detected and installed for "Display Adapter" and under Monitor. You have to know the exact model, type of video you have, like AGP, and whether it is a card or onboard (integrated) chip to find the right driver. Check at Dell site, or in system paperwork if you have that...should tell you what you have.

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The desktop is crystal clear on my desktop and remote monitor but fonts, especially in office programs it seems, are fuzzy and if i adjust the zoom in excel for example to get max benefit from the larger screen it is very poor. Any suggestions??

A:Fuzzy fonts on samsung monitor

Are you running Windows in "Native mode" for what the monitor is, so you get the best resolution. It helps to know more about your system spec's, other than you are running Windows 8.1.

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Hello! Recently my monitor has been getting a little fuzzy/twitchy. Mainly just text. It kind of creeps up on the monitor, and changing the Hz of the display fixes it temporarily. I have a Hyundai L91A monitor (LCD). My video card is a 8800 GeForce GTX Special, and recently it has been asking for more power(going to fry's this weekend for it), but it says it's just going to run at a lower speed/power setting for now. What could be causing the monitor twitching?

(Odd note: Right now after waking up with my monitor being on all night, there seems to be no monitor twitching. No idea why it's not twitching.)

Also how do I Degauss this kind of monitor, I can't seem to find a "degauss" option in the monitor's menu, just an auto adjust which doesn't do anything to stop the twitching.

A:Fuzzy Monitior/monitor Twitching.

You don't have to degauss a LCD monitor
Exactly hoe is it asking for more power? Any error messages?

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My computer has been running really slow and freezing up and I wanted to make sure it was clean of viruses and other spyware before moving on to other file clean-up efforts. I have MalwareBytes which found nothing. I then downloaded and ran SUPERAntiSpyware. 415 cookie items were found. After I completed the process to remove all the listed malware, a reboot was required. After the computer rebooted, my monitor went fuzzy. There are now colored, fuzzy lines accross the screen and it seems to have reverted back to original settings (oversighted icons, etc). Did the program delete something it shouldn't have?

A:Ran SUPERantispyware and after it completed it's process my monitor went fuzzy

If the only thing SUPERAntispyware removed was cookies, I doubt it was the source of your issue.Cookies are text string messages given to a Web browser by a Web server. Whenever you visit a web page or navigate different pages with your browser, the web site generates a unique ID number which your browser stores in a text (cookie) file that is sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from that server. Cookies allow third-party providers such as ad serving networks, spyware or adware providers to track personal information. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and prepare customized Web pages for them.Cookies are NOT a "threat". As text files they cannot be executed to cause any damage. Cookies do not cause any pop ups or install malware and they cannot erase or read information from a computer.Cookies cannot be used to run code (run programs) or to deliver viruses to your computer.MS Article ID: 60971 - Description of Cookies

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Never had a problem with the monitor before.
now it is normal for a while then becomed fuzzy
then after a while,clear.It's a Dell M70.Says there are no drivers installed.Are there some settings that may help?I've had the computer for over 3 years.I have checked to see that the cable going from the monitor to the PC is tight.

A:Monitor is fine for a while then it gets fuzzy,then normal again?I never had a proble

Check your refresh rate. Also, you should have some driver associated with the monitor or it wouldnt work. Go to your device manager and check to see if you have a exclamation point listed (!). This means the device is not working properly. If you do then simply update the driver.

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I recently purchased a VGA Y Splitter to connect both my PC and my Xbox together onto one monitor. A 19 Inch Widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 923nw. Before I had connected my PC's VGA cable into the Y splitter, the picture quality was fine. I connected the monitor's VGA cable and the Y Splitter, the quality of my screen decreased significantly, and there was bad ghosting. So I took it out and connected the VGA cable back into my monitor, and the picture quality was better, but still not that great. The text is fuzzier than it was before, and I haven't seemed to find any resolve. I have updated the drivers of my graphics card and my monitor, yet the fuzzy text is still there. Is there any way that I can get rid of this blurry text problem?

A:Text on monitor suddenly become blurry/fuzzy?

check the cable on the monitor side ,
check if your graphic card is locked tightly with the screw ,

safest is to take out the gfx and re plugging it back in while making sure its

tight again.

you could test the display of your xbox without using the splitter as well to confirm whether its your cable / monitor is faulty

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I just bought a new Acer H243H. So far it's good. But one minor problem is I use 1600x900 for my desktop resolution since native res everything is usually tiny for me. 1600x900 everything looks perfect sized, but when I play Crysis or Age of Conan and the resolution is higher than my desktops and I quit the game or minimize, my text is all super blurry and stuff. To fix it I switch the resolution to 1440x900 and then back to 1600x900. I wanted to know if there is a way to stop that from happening since it gets tiresome to fix the resolution problem every time after gaming.

I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. I just updated the drivers and some Acer driver thing from Windows Update last night.

Oh, and I'm also using the DVI hookup if that matters.

A:Solved: Fuzzy text on monitor after gaming

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My father just bought a new "ProView" LCD 19 Inch Monitor. Since hes got it, its been fuzzy and pixley, the screen almost looks like the matrix; however, after about 15 minutes the screen all of a sudden just becomes normal. My father would return it, but it would cost a lot of money to send back and they won't send a new one, instead a "refurbished" LCD monitor. I told him that it may be due to the fact that his computer is in the basement and it often gets very, very, very cold down there. During the winter it can get about 20 degrees colder than the other floors in the house. I was hoping that you guys could verify that this is truely the problem or not, thanks.

A:Proview 19" Monitor-Fuzzy/Pixley

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Heya. I recently (for Christmas) received a new LOGIK monitor to accompany my old one and I'm having problems getting them both to run correctly. My old monitor used to be using a VGA cable with a DVI adapter at 1920 x 1080, where it worked fine. I plugged in my new monitor with a HDMI cable with a DVI adapter, however upon doing so, the resolution of the older screen was reduced to 1440 x 900 (or something like that) and my new monitor became fuzzy, as in, everything is out of focus and the colours seem dark / unnatural. I've tried using a HDMI cable with the older monitor, where I can get 1920 x 1080, however it too becomes fuzzy. I tried to use the VGA in my old monitor as that worked previously, but no longer does. The screens have their proper aspect ratios (dot to dot, full, whatever you want to call them) and are not using overscan. Sometimes I am able (after hours of playing with CCC and windows control panel) to make one of them display correctly, however after restarting it returns to being fuzzy. All of the cables are connected securely and my drivers are up-to-date (as of 01/01/14). I'll attach a screenshot for further reference (currently i'm just using 1 screen as I had to borrow the second HDMI cable - I'll be getting another in about a week). I've been browsing a wide number of forums for about a week now and cannot seem to get it to work. Sorry if I'm being vague, if there's any more information you need don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.

A:New monitor with hdmi giving a fuzzy screen.

Something that's just occured to me - should this thread be moved to Hardware and Devices? Only, I'm not sure whether the problem is with the graphics card, the cable, the monitor(s), the drivers or windows. :S

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I just installed a new 40 gig hard drive on my 4 year old computer, I'm running Me. Everything seems to be working but my display now looks like it's in safe mode- the backgound looks terrible (as do any digital pics) I have the m991 monitor 19" & it worked fine before my hard drive failure-- is it possible I messed up a card for the monitor? I've tried to change display settings & the computer doesn't offer any other settings. The graphics card is 32 mb Nvidia geforce2 -- Is there some other way to change verify settings besides the control panel? Am I missing a driver? any help would be appreciated.Thanks

A:Solved: monitor fuzzy/looks like safe mode

Update or reinstall your Geforce drivers.

Remove any current drivers first, through Add/remove programs.

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Recently, I have run into some issues with my computer, most of which were remedied by changing from a corrupted/bad hard drive. However, after afresh install of windows 7, everything seemed to be running fine. A few days later , the display issue returned, though the monitor displayed windows clearly through startup, then went "fuzzy" upon login. [ see photo ]. Then, the monitor started going into power save mode automatically on startup. I have tried using the onboard DVI port with the gpu removed, which earlier cleared the "fuzzy display problem" [in photo] but now has no effect on the powersave on startup. When the computer is turned on, nothing appears onscreen ( only Autodetect: Digital Input Entering Power Save Mode) and the computer does not make the usual startup beep. All of the fans run, and everything sounds normal. I tried hooking up the gpu dvi port to my tv with a vga to dvi adapter and a vga cable, but for both the gpu and onboard, the tv said " no signal". All of my RAM has been checked with memtest, so now I think the problem lies in the gpu, monitor, [possibly the connecting cables] or MB. Here are my specs (sorry for the additional "clutter specs" included)

OS: 7 Home 64 Bit SP1
HDD:500GB Seagate
Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DG45ID
GPU:Nvidia GeForce 9800 Gt
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E8400
Monitor: Dell SP2008WFP
PSU: Velocity Micro 550w
I know the next step would be to try switching the ca... Read more

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My laptop monitor is starting to show a fuzzy picture when I type or move my mouse. It does not happen every time that I type or move the mouse, but it is starting to happen more frequently.

Any ideas on what to do or how to fix it?

Should I be worried about a hard drive crash?


A:Laptop Monitor Showing Fuzzy Picture

Try updating or reinstalling the video drivers.

I wouldn't suspect a HDD crash, more likely a faulty/failing video chipset or monitor.

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I recently got a new laptop (Sony Vaio F series w/ Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) and today I tried connecting the laptop to my NEC MultiSync LCD1990SXi monitor using the monitor's VGA cable. It worked and I tested it out for a little bit and then disconnected the monitor from the laptop and plugged it back into my computer tower (Windows XP Professional SP3). When I turned my XP desktop back on the resolution was "off," as if everything was squashed/distorted or fuzzy and blurred. I went to Control Panel - Display - Settings and adjusted the screen resolution to every setting but none of them look right; none are clear or sharp. I don't know what resolution I'd always used before changing it around to all the other ones today but I'm pretty sure it was either 1280 by 1024 pixels or 1280 by 960 pixels. If I had to guess I'd say it was the 1280x1024. (The laptop uses 1920x1080 pixels if that makes any difference).

I also noticed in the Control panel - Display - Settings window that it says "Display: Plug and Play Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS"
I can't swear that it didn't say this before, but I don't think it did. I think it used to say NEC LCD1990SXi or something to that effect, so I don't know why it changed or how to change it back. I clicked the Advanced button in Display - Settings and clicked the Monitor tab and it just says "Monitor type: Plug and Play Monitor." I couldn't f... Read more

A:Fuzzy/distorted display on monitor after having used it with laptop

One way to determine if the monitor is the issue, is to try another monitor on the PC for test purposes...

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seems like the display is jittering back and forth...seen this now 2-3 times...what could this be? a reboot, it goes away.

A:turn on monitor, display EXTREMELY fuzzy and blurry

Quote: Originally Posted by eknirb

seems like the display is jittering back and forth...seen this now 2-3 times...what could this be? a reboot, it goes away.

have you tired another monitor?
also can you please list computer specs?
your specs only show your operating system.

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My picture icons for certain programs dont look like they are being displayed in the correct resolution (they look fuzzy). Specifically, MSN messenger picture icons. I'm running Windows 2000 with a Trinitron 200ES monitor. I've look at changing the refresh rate with no luck.

A:Monitor resultion? refresh rate? My Icons are fuzzy!

I'm no expert on this topic, but I have some questions.

1. Are the pictures of your own design/making?

2. Did you create them at the correct size/resolution for ICON images? If not perhaps they are "stretched to thin" so to speak.

3. Do you have the desktop properties set for Large ICONS, or regular?

4. What is your current Resolution Setting?

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i am at an army camp for the month and i brought my own, new computer the only monitor available was a 7 year monitor be in mind,at army camp,its required to reformat computers before first using internet isps.

i hooked up my freshly reformatted computer to the monitor and the dsl connection. the last person to used the same exact monitor and same exact dsl modem/connect had no problem but they also had a very old computer
when windows desktop opened up, instead of the monitor screen showing one windows desktop,the monitor screen showed 4 windows desktop. all fuzzy,all vibrating,all blury,all vibrating.i immediately thought i fried the computer cleaning out the dust earlier. then another person hooked up
his new and newly reformated computer to the same monitor and dsl connection and the monitor did the same thing as to his!,4 blurry desktops opened up.

a third person,without a reformated new computer,hooked up his computer and the monitor screen worked,no 4 desktops. he then reformatted his
computer,hooked up again to the monitor,this time he got the 4 blury screens like the rest of us.
(i will not be able to reply to replys to this thread til wednesday,thanks)

A:Monitor Shows 4 Fuzzy,vibrating,blurry Desktops

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I recently bought a desktop and monitor and plugged everything all in - all good. But randomly my monitor freezes or loses signal and turns fuzzy, sometimes resetting itself. When my monitor goes fuzzy like a TV screen, and loses signal, my desktop is still running normally, it's just nothing is being displayed. But recently everything seems to be freezing....
Im from the UK and I have a Lenovo X510 ( that I connect to a BenQ monitor ( via a displayport cable.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest drivers but to no avail.
Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to solve this issue.
Thank you
P.s. I realise there is a very similar post a year older, but none of those solutions worked for me unfortunately

A:Monitor freezes, turns fuzzy and forces me to restart

If all is well at the start and then the video goes bad I'd suspect the video card. Either it is failing or it's getting hot and can't work correctly.

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Ive got windows 7 and when my screen is woken up from power saving mode it has an irregular blue pattern often vertically striped and with a fuzzy white background. After a few minutes this gradually clears to a normal desktop and all icons are back to normal. I've dowloaded Driver Update and all my drivers are now up to date and used Norton 360 to clean the registry. Anybody got any other ideas please?

A:fuzzy blue and white screen on desktop monitor that slowly clears

I'd suggest that it's the monitor, not the computer itself. If you turn off the monitor for a little bit and turn it back on (while the computer is on of course) does it do the same thing?

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Win 7 Pro
When I click a web site, it come in sharp ,bold and clear text on the monitor.
About one / two seconds later , that web site will revert to a dull, slighty fuzzy text on the monitor.
Not all web site come in as sharp ,bold and clear text as this one site.
Reminds me of how and what Win XP used to do, where the monitor showed what I liked..
The 'sharp ,bold and clear text on the monitor' happens too fast so not able to capture a screen shot.
Tried adding site to the compatability list. Still happens.
Not tried other browsers. Do prefer to keep IE.
Some hints on what I can do/try to keep the 'sharp ,bold and clear text', appreciated.

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i hooked up old [3 years] view sonic vp150 monitor.everything looks good except very thin white horizontal lines stretching all the way across the bottom 2 inches of the screen. i've checked all control settings and tried upgrading the monitor driver. any and all suggestions are appreciated.thanx.

A:lines in lcd monitor

You have an electrical issue with the screen. If there are multiple even spaced lines, it's probably an electronic failure, if they're unevenly spaced, it's more likely to be a machanical connection failure to the FP display itself.

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i have black lines going in opposite directions just real light tho.. i tried to change my refresh rates but my minitors won't change from 60.

A:monitor lines

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Sometime over the past month I've noticed 6 thin, white, un-evenly spaced diagonal lines going across my monitor. I'm not talking about the kind of lines found in 21" CRT monitors at the top and bottom thirds of the screen; these are definitely something else. They really stand out against a black background. Does anyone know what this might be and if it's fixable? (Degaussing doesn't help btw)

A:lines on monitor

First thing is to find out if it the monitor or video card. Try a different monitor or try this one on a different computer. Need to do a process of elimination.

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i figured if i just purchased another monitor these vertical lines will go away. also, i updated my ATI Radeon drivers and that too isn't working that much. what could cause this all of a sudden?

i run an antivirus (BitDefender) and spyware (Spyware Doctor) in the background. so i'm assuming it can't me anything malicious. could it be my graphics card? this Dell PC is about 3-4 yrs old.

Could it also be that it may need another Ram chip. currently i'm running 512mb Ram along w/ two hard drives (200GB and 300 Gb) for storage. i had defrag my drives not too long ago so i might do that, hopefully that can make a difference

if you have any ideas please let me know. thx.

A:lines on my monitor...

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Sometime last year, eight thin, white, diagonal lines appeared on my monitor and never went away. They're most visible against a black backdrop, but they're always annoying. These aren't the same as the 2 horizontal lines found on larger CRT monitors (though my monitor is 21"). I fear the lines are a result of bumping the monitor against something by accident, but I don't know. Anyone have any solutions, if there are any?

A:lines across monitor

Sounds like "retrace" lines, which would indicate that the retrace blanking circuitry is not working.

Retrace is when the beam rapidly travels back to the start, after tracing one line. It should be blanked out during that transition.

That would indicate an electrical failure more than a mechanical one.

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Hi I have a Gateway desktop that's a few years old. Recently we have been getting these multi-colored lines on the screen & have to shut down. After a few minutes we restart & it may be alright for awhile. Today it happened several times (& we are not playing any games - internet & personal use only) each time it does this the lines are a different color than before and they are diagonal on the screen. Could this be the video card? Please help getting very frustrated with it!Thanks

A:lines on monitor

It certainly could be the video card. It could also be the monitor so an easy test would be to try a different one. A failing power supply is also a possibility.

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anytime i turn on a certain tv,no matter what socket its plugged in, (just regular cable)...anyways when i turn it on i get really thin lines on my monitor,looks like thier going upstream lol,but its fine when i shut the tv off,the lines are assuming its just the tv,can these lines wreck my monitor? or can this be fixed?

thank you - sorry for posting this twice..posted in OS forum by mistake

A:lines thru monitor...

Those lines are perfectly natural, and nothing to worry about.

You can find a bit of info about the how's and why's of it here...
Though it specificly deals with Sony Trinitron CRT's, it is the same with most other CRT's... (Or so I've been told)

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quick question, i have ripples going through my monitor. real designer like lol. obviously i will have to get a new one sooner or later. but i was wondering what causes the lines in the monitor. plus its next to a big TV. anytime something is fast fowarded or rewound on the tv, the lines go crazy

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I have 2 vertical coloured lines going down my laptop screen
which sometimes turns to 3 but it's quite rare
but usually one is turqouise and the other is white
it's quite annoying at times since I know it's not ment to be there
why do I have lines on me computer screen?
thanks in advance for any answers

A:Lines on the monitor

Hi Sound_Asleep

Several things can cause this:
1) you need a better video driver
2) Your embedded video adapter is physically going bad
3) the screen itself is going bad.

For a test can you do the following:
1. Power off the laptop
2. Plug in a external monitor to the laptop
3. Power on the laptop/monitor and let's see if these lines show up on the monitor or just the laptop or both.

Let us know.


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This isn't the biggest problem in the world, but I have 2 or 3 thin (very thin) gray lines horizontally across my CRT monitor. When I move the a web page up or down, they stay fixed on the monitor. Any idea what causes them?

A:monitor lines

Cat, sounds like you have a Trinitron tube. Inherent in the design of a Trinitron tube are two extremely thin horizontal lines which split the screen into approximately thirds. They're most noticeable on a white background, and there's nothing you can do about them. It's a trade-off for the sharper image of a Trinitron tube.

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I just added a second monitor to my system to enhance the video program I work in. Everything is perfect except for these faint rolling lines. The monitor on the left rolls up and the one on the right rolls down. Is this from interference, two monitors next to each other, two video cards, settings? Any ideas. Thanks in advance. Great website by the way. It has already helped me solve a few other problems.

A:Monitor lines

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Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to an 8800gt for my system but since doing so I have horizontal lines on my monitor when playing games. They are not massively noticable but they are there all the same which is really annoying.

The lines only appear when playing games though or when in a game menu, not when on the desktop or the net or anything.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be? I have tried wiggling about the video card but it seems to be in place. I have also tried taking away my speakers as I thought there might be some kind of magnet issue but still no joy.

Any assistance would be much appreciated!!!


A:lines across monitor

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I am not sure if this is my monitor or if I have some type of infection. Periodically, not always at the same time, I get horizontal white lines at the top of my monitor. They do not go all the way down. I have been runnning all types of antivirus and spyware and keep getting and deleting infections but it still happens. After a while, it goes away. Any suggestions? Do you need a hijack this log? I will add one just to be safe.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:23:13 PM, on 1/18/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16574)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Comcast\Desktop Doctor\bin\sprtsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\avgas.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\WINNT\system32\ctfmo... Read more

A:horizontal lines at top of monitor

Try taking a screenshot and see if it shows up in the image.

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Have a fairly new Dell S2740L monitor and all of a sudden it is showing horizontal lines on the right side of the screen.. They are black and evenly spaced apart. Ive tried updating the driver, trying different cables, resetting the monitor, running the lcd saver..... they persist. Does this mean my monitor is toasting itself?? I will try to attach a photo of the problem to give ya an idea what I am talking about . They go about half way across the screen then stop. It is really annoying. Ideas??

A:Horizontal lines on monitor

Hi Starzfan31 and welcome to 7 Forums. The issue could be your monitor or graphics system. The only was to tell is to hook the monitor up to another computer and also try another monitor on your PC. Good Luck.

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Hi recently purchased two HP - 27" IPS LED HD Monitor's , and I have one pluged in as hdmi and the other in VGA. The hdmi monitor works fine no problem , But the one with vga gets these lines either by scrolling on pages or watching videos. can anybody help me?

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Emachines T2958
512 MB, 80 Gig HD
Emachines monitor (7 years old)

I have horizontal shaking lines on the top couple inches of my monitor. It's just enough where all the top toolbars, address bar, favorites, etc. are a crap shoot to find with my arrow. This is not all the time. It may go hours without, and it may go all day with the problem. Sometimes and I mean only sometimes does turning off the monitor for a minute or so may fix it. Degauss does nothing for me as well. Just wondering if this is possibly virus related at all that this is happening or just time for a new monitor?

A:Horizontal lines on monitor top

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I have a

HP Pavilion dv9910us laptop
Nvidia GeForce 7150M/nforce630M display adaptor
driver version

It has done this 5 times today. The last time I was looking in my control panel and this is what showed up on the monitor.

I would like to know what is going on. The graphic card going bad.
The laptop is not hot.


A:Diagonal lines on monitor

Forgot. This laptop has Windows 7 OS.

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When I open up in regular mode, as it is setting up I get hundreds of small lines across the monitor. They are thin lines like on notebook paper but very close together. Then within a few minn. the computer restarts. My operating system is windows vista.
When I restart it in safe mode I don't get the lines and it works fine except for the programs that don't start up like sound and some of the programs I try to use.
Has anyone here had this problem and found the fix?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x64 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2045 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 147769 MB, Free - 68871 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WG864
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled


A:lines across monitor then shuts down

reinstall the video drivers
in the device manager uninstall the video card
reboot tapping f8 and choose low resolution mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

if this does not fix then it is likely the power supply is no longer supplying sufficient power

what power supply


does the bios list the voltages dell usually does not

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Ok, so I returned the old monitor that was giving me a weird brown spot near the bottom. However, the new monitor has white lines going down the middle of it (very faint mind you) and a discoleration near the edges. The monitor is a viewsonic (not great, but not terrible) and I doubt I would get two faulty ones in a row. AND, I do not notice these defects during the "windows Loading screen". So, is it simply video card settings? I have a new Radeon 9200. Any advice?

A:Vertical lines on Monitor.

Sound like it could be a driver problem.
See if u are using the latest drivers for the monitor and video card.

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my problem is i am getting a refreshing line flickers at top of monitor ie a white band flickers on and off on the top of the screen when i have anything open or just sat on the desk top can you tell me why this is doing it or do i have a dodgy graphics card or monitor. i hope you can help. Cheers

A:TFT Monitor refresh lines

Do you have access to another monitor? If so, try it. If the same thing happens you can be pretty sure it's the card.
Another thing, change the Refresh rate and see it that helps. Display Properties>Settings> Advanced.

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A friend of mine who recently finished moving noticed that on their monitor there are some vertical lines of varying colours on the right side of the monitor. It doesn't take up the whole screen or even most of it, but it is noticeable. Thinking perhaps it may be something else I hooked up the monitor to my PC and they were there as well.

Seems a bit odd to me as I don't think it was dropped or anything, maybe the screen was touched but that seems awfully insignificant to damage it the way it has been. But anyway I'm curious if anyone has run across this before and how repairable a problem it is.


A:HP Monitor - Lines Across Screen

You need to tell us more about the "HP Monitor", is it an LCD flat panel or older heavy CRT type?

Even the model number would help.

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I booted up this morning and there are white and grey lines across the screen. Where ever there is writing the line is grey across the screen. Tried a different monitor, same thing. I have a Dell nvidia GeForce 256 AGP video card and think this may be the problem. If I boot up to setup screen or safe mode same thing, lines across the screen. Its seems odd that it would work OK last night and then not work first thing in the morning. Anyone have any ideas. Thank you

A:{RESOLVED}Lines in Monitor

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I accidently dropped my monitor whilest carrying it down very steep stairs. After that it now has vertical lines across the screen. Also there's a part of the screen that looks darker. When you first turn on the monitor this area is small but then it goes bigger.

Is this repairable? Is it likely that I would have to replace the lcd module itself? It's a good few years old.

I suspect it also has an issue with the light source as well because sometimes it has trouble lighting up the screen. But generally as it heats up it's brighter.

To be honest I'm getting a new one but am just curious. Also I've always had an interest in electronics. Also is repairing this potientially dangerous? It's only 12V and at less than 5amps.

A:TFT monitor with vertical lines

For what you can buy monitors for these days, it's cheaper to replace-unless it's some sort of big screen. If you see vertical lines, that tells me the module is gone, which over time, LCD's do that anyway.

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I have horizontal lines that appear at the top of my monitor. I have an EV730. The lines appear at different times and stay for different lengths. They are not on the whole screen, just about a few inches at the top. I have downloaed and ran combofix, panda, avg, superspy, and spybot. Each of them seem to give me different infections that I have cleaned but hte lines still appear. Is it the monitor going bad or a virus of some sort? I posted a hijack log just in case.

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I have an old Gateway CRT 17" monitor. Recently it developed 8 or 9 faint horizontal lines along the top 2 to 3 inches of the screen. I assume that means my monitor is going out, but if it can be saved that would be just fine with me. Is that possible? And can a guy with 10 thumbs fix it? And, if so, how?

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I got up today and at the top of my monitor there are these small little lines. Where they came from I have no idea but any help would be appreciated.

If I can figure out how to screen shot it and send it to show what it looks like I will.

A:Monitor has small lines at the top?

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Hello all. I couldn't find a better place to put this, so I chose here. My problem is that when I first got this computer (specs are in my profile), I hooked it up to an old 19-inch monitor and I noticed squiggly lines. It did this with two older 19-inch monitors in two different places (completely different buildings). Purchasing an Acer X223W fixed the problem for about 9 months until I started seeing the same lines, but only when running hardware-accelerated 3D applications. The same games and other 3D applications I had been using the prior 9 months didn't have this problem before. At the native resolution for this monitor, 1680x1050, the games will start out usually okay (except for the thick vertical lines moving from left to right of screen when in menus), then in gameplay I will notice thin straight lines moving from the bottom left to the top right. After about 30 minutes, the lines will start getting more and more squiggly, thicker and more blurry, and then progress to the point that they're extremely random. When I close the game, they stay on the screen for about 3 minutes until they go back to the barely-visible 2/3-pixels-thick horizontal lines moving up or down the screen (it's hard to tell). When I first boot up after it being off for many hours, I notice the thicker vertical lines moving horizontally across the screen for a little while (they aren't visible enough to be too distracting, but pretty annoying). Now for the kicker. Screen... Read more

A:Squiggly lines on monitor

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Hi there,

I just bought a refurbished 22" Sony Multiscan G500. Looking closely, I noticed that two thin symetrical horizontal lines were always visible on the screen.

Could anybody explain why these 2 lines are showing? Should I return the monitor?


A:Horizontal lines on my monitor

This is normal for Trinitron monitors - I forget why they appear but I do know its perfectly normal.

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I am getting colored specks and lines on my monitor. They are not fixed as in a dead or a number of dead pixels, they move around (pop up here pop up there). Any ideas on this? If I am successful in doing so I have attached some images.

Video card: Radeon HD2400 Pro 512MB of memory
Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035WM connected via DVI


A:Specks and lines on monitor

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Hello everybody... Today i had a problem with my computer... My little brother clicked the turn on and off button about six times.. When i start my computer now in start mode it looks like this: see picture. What it can be? Sorry for bad english

A:blue lines on monitor

Hello iamtheking,

Looks like a video card issue.

What's the make and model of the system?

Does it have an add-on video card?


Also, please do the following.

TSG Information Utility

Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe).
After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.
Information about your computer will appear.
Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the entire text here.


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